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Chapter 8: Burst

Tenya is positively vibrating in his seat. And he means that literally: with how his Quirk reacts very well with any kind of excitement, a fact that he knows has saved his older brother’s life many times over with how Engine could kick off in a moment, he is physically humming in energy even as their teacher introduces the new student.

“ he’s shifting to our school in the meantime. Everyone, take care of him-”

With how amped up Tenya is getting, some of his classmates are already edging away slightly just in case Tenya might end up bursting from his seat.


The teacher calls out his name, and Tenya basically jumps to attention, “Yes, sir!?”

“You’re the Class President, so I’m leaving the job of introducing Midoriya-kun here to Soumei Junior High to you.” Tenya barely keeps himself from showing any overt expressions of joy at that; if anything, this was basically what Tenya wanted, a chance to meet the one and only Midoriya Izuku! “I can already see your enthusiasm, but could you curb it down a little? You’ll spook Midoriya-kun with all of your excitement.”

Tenya slows a bit at that, but then the object of their conversation only rubs the back of his head, “Ah, no, I wouldn’t mind really. N-Not that I think I’m that special, just that I think I’m better than getting scared by someone else’s excitement, All Might knows how much I tend to mumble to myself all the time...”

As if to prove his own words right, Midoriya devolves into a bout of mumbling, prompting interest from everyone else in the classroom.

This was certainly not who they were expecting from all of the news feeds.

Their teacher just smiles oddly at their new transfer student for a moment before he then decides, “Alright, I guess that is enough introduction for the meantime. Midoriya-kun?”

Midoriya snaps out of his trance, “Uh, right, I was- yes, sensei?”

“You’ll be seated right there, in front of where Iida is seated. Now, I know I’ve already mentioned this to you, but don’t expect any allowances from us here, alright? Just because of who you are won’t change the fact that you are now my student, and so I expect nothing but the best from these coming six months. You’ve got that?”

Instead of being intimidated by their teacher’s stern words, Midoriya only gleams with what is perhaps the acceptance of the challenge behind them. “Of course, sensei. I expect nothing less.”

“Everyone get to your seats then so we can finally get this class started,” There is some shuffling, and once everyone, including Midoriya, is in their places, their teacher then begins with, “Alright, everyone please take out your English books to page 35, we’ll be discussing infinitives today...”

It takes all of Tenya’s willpower to keep his attention on the lesson instead of repeatedly glancing at Midoriya’s way. It is made all that harder by the fact that Midoriya is directly in front of him, but at least Tenya is doing better than most of his classmates, whose gazes are drawn like magnets to metal to the newest member of the class.

Still, as Tenya considers all of these odd English grammar rules, Tenya lets himself wonder about Midoriya’s response earlier:

When their teacher had treated Midoriya like any other student earlier, Midoriya had almost looked relieved. Like Midoriya had been expecting, no, dreading special treatment to come his way once he arrived, and if that was how Midoriya was going to react at being treated special?

(Tenya’s vibrations slow down to a stop without him noticing.)

Maybe the teacher was right, in telling Tenya to curb his enthusiasm. Tenya is excited to get to know the Midoriya Izuku in the flesh, yes, but that doesn’t mean he would be driving Midoriya to discomfort just because. After all, to do so would be to bring shame to the Iida name, and Tensei wouldn’t ever let it go if he heard Tenya had run off Midoriya Izuku of all people.


Alright, so earlier Tenya had decided to not treat Midoriya too special, at least to the best of his ability.

However, maybe that determination is all in vain because everyone, as in everyone, has been giving Midoriya odd looks ever since Tenya started walking him around the school. Apparently, their English teacher was the exception, not the norm, because Tenya has even seen a few of the school staff loitering in the hallways just to get a glimpse of their newest celebrity.

“So, this is the clinic. Midoriya-kun, whenever you are feeling unwell in class, I expect you to tell either me or the teacher about it so you could be accompanied towards this place. Do you understand?”

As Midoriya peeks a bit into the clinic, apparently taking in all of Soumei’s medical facilities, Tenya takes advantage of his distraction to shoo away some of their onlookers.

Good god, it was as though they’ve never seen a new person in their whole life.

(Tenya misses the whole irony of how these unappreciative thoughts are compared to his own excitement earlier.)

“Understood,” Midoriya smiles at Tenya’s words, and unconsciously, Tenya ends up mirroring the expression on his face. “I’ve been wondering about where the clinic was too, considering my own Quirk...”

Midoriya trails off at that, and while it piques Tenya’s curiosity – Quirk, why would the clinic be relevant to Midoriya’s Fire Quirk, could it be that it had some rather constrictive medical requirements like some Quirks Tenya knew? – when Midoriya’s intent to not explain any further becomes clear, Tenya decides that he could live not knowing.

“Alright then, if we’re done here we’ll move on to...”

As Tenya continues to list off the rest of the important places in Soumei, he feels Midoriya smiling from behind him the entire time. But in his reverie of playing the good guide and act of keeping Midoriya away from public scrutiny as much as possible, he never quite manages to focus on the sensation.

When Tenya is just about to finish his tour of Soumei though, he is surprised by who he meets:


His older brother lackadaisically waves a hand towards their direction, “Hey, little brother. Nice to see you here.”

“Why are you here!? Don’t you have a patrol to be on?” Tenya shoots back, before he remembers that a certain someone is watching them both. Fighting down the urge to blush, Tenya reaffixes his glasses in an attempt to hide his face, “N-Not that I don’t mind seeing you here, Tensei, in fact I’m happy to see you, older brother. Still, as to why you’re here...”

“Let’s just say I have a different assignment this time around,” Tensei smiles at Tenya before directing that same smile towards Midoriya. To Tenya’s surprise, his newest classmate smiles back, in what is visibly recognition. “Good to see you again, Midoriya-kun. Has my brother been treating you well?”

“He’s been nothing but great since we’ve met! I’m so glad that I met Tenya-kun!” Midoriya praises, and this time Tenya fails to keep down the infernal blush from reaching his cheeks. Midoriya then tilts his head, a troubled expression on his face, “ you’re the one assigned to me this time, Ingenium-san? I hope it doesn’t bother you though.”

“Who are you kidding, a chance to see such a bright kid as you again while also managing to keep an eye on my little brother? I’ve been the target of envy among the other Pro Heroes, let me tell you!”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Tenya valiantly fights to get the attention on himself. First, to Tensei, “Tensei, you know Midoriya?”

Tensei’s smile dims as he grows serious, “Yeah, and it’s a good thing that I know you would pick this place last, Tenya, because we do need the privacy this place gives.”

This place being Soumei Academy’s pride and joy: the Quirk Training Field.

“The Quirk Training Field. A private place filled with all a person might need to train themselves.” Midoriya says beside Tenya, and in that moment, Tenya considers that perhaps Midoriya knew more about Soumei than he initially reckoned, because the other teenager speaks and speaks, “If there is one thing that Soumei Junior High is different compared to most other schools, it is its capability to teach its students how to use their Quirks. The facilities are nothing compared to real Hero Schools, and the prices involved are what makes the tuition so expensive, but Soumei Academy with its security and ability to allow me to covertly train my Quirk is what made All Might choose this as the school I would be in before I enter Yuuei.”

Yuuei? Training? All Might?

Just what was happening here?

“Tenya,” Tensei places a hand on his shoulder, “As my little brother, I’ll let you in into a little secret of ours...”

Before the afternoon is over, Tenya’s head is swimming with information.


So, apparently, Midoriya Izuku was an individual targeted by Villains and a person who needed a near-constant watch just so he wouldn’t get kidnapped.

In retrospect, Tenya should’ve realized that by himself. Even without knowing everything that he knew now about Midoriya’s Quirk – as ridiculous as said Phoenix Flames turned out to be – just the fact of how Midoriya’s name reached international awareness should have made that quite clear.

Still... “Tensei, you knew that my tour would end here? Or that I’ll even be the one to deliver to Midoriya his tour around the school?”

“You’re the Class President of your classroom, plus Midoriya-kun practically fought to be your classmate once he found out about you from me, little brother. There really was no question that you’ll be the one giving him his tour.” This has Tenya turning open-mouthed at a suddenly tomato-red Midoriya. “And as for ending your tour in this particular destination, it wasn’t just me who figured that out.”

Catching the implications, Tenya’s eyes go wide at Midoriya, “You...”

“From what Ingenium-san told me, you’re the kind of person to try and treat me normally once you’ve figured out my situation, and once I’ve met you in person, I knew you’ve proven him right,” Midoriya is scratching at one cheek, his face still a little red. “Since that was the case, I knew you’d probably end the tour in some place with the most privacy, and what place was more private in this school than the Quirk Training Field?”

If Midoriya was aware of Tenya’s efforts, “ were aware of how I was keeping away other people’s attention off of you, weren’t you.”

It is not a question, and with the way Midoriya is turning away from him, Tenya feels the need to fight down the blush from reaching his cheeks again.

Watching the two of them, Tensei only grins, “Now then, since we’re here, why don’t we use the facilities right here? I’ve already booked this entire place for the two of you.”

Tenya has never been so relieved at the idea of more training before.


Skip forward a few months.

Tenya has lived being Midoriya, no, Izuku’s classmate at this point, and to call it an experience would be an understatement. There are some negatives – especially in regards with taking care of the shorter boy, Tenya has never had a more reckless person in his life, and that was something considering Tensei was his brother – but most of it is a joy to experience and something Tenya wants to continue experiencing even in Yuuei.

Even most of Soumei has gotten used to Izuku’s presence, something that Tenya is simply glad for. It took a while, but after a month nearly all of their classmates finally managed to see past the fame and started treating Izuku just like any other classmate, though that in itself was a bit of an impossibility.

Because really, in the end, Izuku wasn’t normal, no matter how humble the other teenager could get.

Izuku was inspiring. With his manners, charisma, and determination to become a Hero, it was all too easy to admire the other teenager, and Tenya likes to think that most of Soumei at this point felt that same respect.

It wasn’t as though anybody could grudge the boy’s academic standing either. Izuku was practically the perfect student – alright, he had his flaws, like his habit to mumble or to go off-tangent on Hero-related subjects, but Izuku always worked with others, did his requirements, and scored high on the exams.

Combine that with the teenager’s natural talent in regards with most other things, really was there any wonder that Izuku had a little fanclub – something that was even outstandingly rare in such a strict place as Soumei?

“Where’s Midoriya?” One of their classmates asks one day, and Tenya lifts his head from several sheets he had been reviewing. “He let me borrow his notebook so I could copy his notes, but I can’t find him so I could return them. Any idea where he is?”

“Doesn’t our Pres usually know where Midoriya-kun is?” Another one asks, and the hairs on the back of Tenya’s head rise up as everyone turns to him. “Pres?”

Tenya glances hesitantly at his worksheets. He had been nearly done too... “Are you sure that you can’t just leave it on his desk?”

“Not if you want to leave him without his notes when the exam is just a few hours away.”

Izuku never crammed or procrastinated on his work, such was the other boy’s work ethic and everyone in the classroom knew it, but they also knew that their classmate would appreciate the chance to review one last time before the exam.

(Also, it would be just like Izuku to let someone else have his notes anyway even if he hadn’t managed to review.)

“Alright, I’ll get these to him.” Shuffling his own papers back in order, Tenya takes a moment to return his worksheets into his bag before he stands up to take Izuku’s notes from his concerned classmate. “I’ll be off now, but don’t make come back to you guys making a mess. The teacher gave us this study period for a reason.

Tenya leaves to a chorus of ‘Yes’ – some even going as far as sarcastically saying ‘Yes Mom’ – and with only a moment’s thought, he heads to the Training Grounds. There were only two things that Izuku tended to do in his free time after all, and Tenya explicitly knew that Izuku tended to do his Hero Fanboying late at night and online.

Within ten minutes, he arrives at the grounds, and what he sees gives him a shock.

A bruised and bleeding Midoriya Izuku.

“Izuku-kun!” The notes forgotten, Tenya runs to his friend’s side, checking up on Izuku’s physical condition as soon as he comes within physical range. “What happened, did you get attacked, how did Tensei not notice this, did an invader get past the security, are you alright- of course not, you are bleeding and I believe an arm should bend that way-“

“C-Calm down, Tenya-kun!” Izuku tries to put his hands on Tenya’s shoulders to calm him down, only to wince at what was clearly a broken arm. Tenya only gasps in horror as he watches said arm suddenly begin knitting together in what was obviously an exhaustive process of Izuku’s Phoenix Flames at work. “S-See? I can heal myself, and it’s fine, it’s fine, I wasn’t attacked, it was just a training accident-”

“A training accident!?” Tenya yells in outrage, before immediately scolding his friend, “Midoriya Izuku, I know you can heal yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can just injure yourself like this because you were training! Have you even forgotten that your Flames can’t cure exhaustion, especially your own? And what if you knocked yourself unconscious with what you were doing!? Who would heal you then, especially with nobody watching over you!? Izuku-kun, you really-“

Apparently, seeing that Tenya was now more angry than worried, Izuku idly comments, “Tenya-kun, you sound like Mom.”

Undeterred, Tenya concludes, “Good, because Inko-san needs all the help she can get with how reckless you are! Good grief, Izuku-kun, please take care of yourself more! Don’t you know how much you worry us all? At this point, I’ll be getting grey hairs before I even become a Pro Hero!”

Tenya’s friend pouts at that, looking scolded. Satisfied with the result of his lecture, Tenya then continues to ask, “Now then, Izuku-kun, what were you trying to do that got yourself so injured?”

Izuku mumbles something beneath his breath, but it is too soft for Tenya to hear.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

Izuku mumbles again, a little louder this time and looking a bit red.

“...was ‘rying to fly.”

Tenya can’t quite believe his ears. “I’m sorry, did you just say you were trying to fly?

“Um, yes.”

Deep breaths, Tenya, deep breaths. You can handle this, this is not the first time you’ve had to handle your friend’s recklessness, especially combined with his sheer creativity and just how the hell did Izuku even arrive to the conclusion that he needed to learn how to fly-


Izuku looks a lot better now, apparently having finally healed himself fully, but the other teenager still manages to keep that ‘injured little animal’ look. And despite Tenya’s best efforts to resist it, he softens against his will at his friend’s appearance.

“Tenya-kun, you of all people should know how mobility is key to becoming a successful Hero. And while yes, I can probably simulate at a lower level the same kind of super leaps All Might is capable of doing with my Flames reinforcing my legs, it still doesn’t quite compare to the sheer control true flight provides.”

Tenya could really see his friend’s point, really, but, “How did you get so injured then?”

Izuku goes bright red. “As it turns out, while thrust is easily achievable, controlled and directed thrust is another matter entirely. I’m already thinking up of ways to fix it, but it either needs more Flames than I could use without it being overly energy-intensive, or reflexes that I plainly don’t have.”

Tenya imagines Izuku suddenly blasting off the ground only to hit the ceiling aaand, yeah, that would certainly explain all the injuries, especially with how stubborn Tenya knew Izuku could get. His friend probably repeatedly made a few failed attempts before he even considered taking a break.

Izuku then whispers, “Maybe that’s where the whole Intuition thing kicks in,” but it is too soft for Tenya to hear again.

“What was that?”

“Nothing.” Izuku says hurriedly, before changing the subject. “Anyway, why are you here, Tenya-kun? Are you planning on training your Engine too?”

Tenya sighs breezily before picking back up the notebook he was carrying so he could smack his friend in the face with it. “Midoriya Izuku. We have an exam in a few hours, have you forgotten?”

Within a moment, Izuku goes pale, “Wait, you’re right!”

“You’ve reviewed your notes already?”

“Yes, of course, but another review wouldn’t be remiss...”

“Good, because you can do it by yourself now, as I won’t be helping you. Good luck reviewing on your own with your exhaustion!”

“B-But, Tenya-kun-!”

“Consider this to be negative reinforcement!”

As Tenya drags his friend out of the Quirk Grounds, he considers how Izuku is still so insistent on becoming stronger and more skilled for all that he could already do with his Quirk. Izuku could already selectively burn targets, heal people, or even freeze objects in unmeltable ice, but still Izuku wanted to become better?

Tenya’s lips thin.

That certainly meant that Tenya had to work so he could keep up with his friend. There was no way he was willing to be left behind.  Maybe Tensei would be willing to teach him a technique or two...


“Class President, there’s a commotion just outside the classroom!”

Immediately, Tenya turns away from his notebooks to look at the seat in front of him. At this point, it had become an enforced habit to check on Izuku first whenever something came up – because Izuku usually was the center of these messes anyway – and when it turns out to be empty, Tenya isn’t even surprised anymore.

Standing up, he rushes to the door, and as soon as he peeks his head out of it he sees exactly what had everyone so amped up.

What he sees makes him freeze.

“M-Midoriya-san, I’ve always admired you from a-afar, and I-“

Izuku has never looked so uncomfortable. At this point, Tenya knows that his friend has gotten used to the staring and fame, mostly out of necessity, but in the end he also knows Midoriya Izuku would always be at his core an awkward but endearing teenager with far more humility than most people would be in his position.

Nothing could probably be worse to Izuku, Tenya knows, than having to handle someone with an actual crush.

So as soon as Izuku catches sight of Tenya’s face, Izuku starts sending helpless looks at his way. And Tenya wants to help, really he does, but in the end Tenya just hesitates.

After all, what could Tenya do in this kind of situation? He never had the experience of being confessed to by someone himself, and just inserting himself into this could only makes things worse. For one, it could end up wrecking the images of everyone involved, and their underclassman would be surely be shamed in front of all these people if Tenya just barged into her confession.

Plus, with this little slip of a girl continuing to struggle with what was clearly becoming a confession of love, was it right to spit on the courage it clearly took her to get this far?

So, in the end, Tenya can only watch quietly and leave Izuku to handle this.

“-please, Midoriya-san, will you go out with me on a date!”

She finishes, bowing her head and holding out two movie tickets.

For a moment all is silent. It is clear that everyone is holding their breath to see how Midoriya Izuku would react, and as shameful as it makes Tenya feel, he is one of them. Tenya wants to see how his friend would handle this, considering all he knew about Izuku.

A few seconds of more silence and still no response. This goes on for longer, until the girl looks close to breaking into tears, but then finally Izuku begins to move.

Placing his hands around their underclassman’s preoffered tickets, Izuku smiles sadly before speaking, “Wakamatsu-san, I’m sorry but... I’m afraid I’ll have to reject your offer.”

Her breath hitches, and that’s when Tenya finally finds his moment to intervene, especially once Izuku nods at his direction with an unspoken signal.

“Everyone, what are you doing here!? You’re all loitering outside our classroom; everyone return to your respective classes immediately if you have no business to do here!”

As to be expected, there is some outrage to that announcement from Tenya, but Tenya doesn’t give anyone ground before he is already pushing everyone else away and giving Izuku and his admirer the privacy they needed.

Izuku shoots him a grateful look before returning his attention to the girl who was breaking down in front of him, and the last thing that Tenya sees before he leaves is his friend talking to Wakamatsu in quiet tones.

When Izuku finally enters the classroom, fifteen minutes later and looking absolutely tired, Tenya is there, waiting for his friend and ready to give him companionship.

(“I couldn’t accept her offer,” Izuku somberly explains to Tenya later. “Not only did I barely know her, if I get into a relationship with someone they’ll just get targeted. As much as I knew it would hurt Wakamatsu-san, I couldn’t put her in that kind of danger.”

Why do you seem to be in so much pain then, Tenya wants to ask, but looking at that expression on his friend’s face keeps him quiet.

So instead, he keeps himself focused on the jogging they are doing, once more within the privacy of the Quirk Training Grounds. And really, did he have to ask? From what he had heard of Izuku’s past, both from outside sources and the boy’s mouth himself, for Izuku the idea of somebody liking him romantically would have been something out of a dream.

Even if Izuku had no actual interest in a romance, the mere fact that he had no choice but to reject the offer must hurt.

Still, when Izuku manages a smile after their jog, Tenya thinks that he’s done something right, just providing his friend with companionship and a listening ear. That while he might never have the right words to say, just by being there he could help Izuku.

“We’ll become Pro Heroes,” Izuku promises before the day ends.)


Even more weeks pass.

“So, tomorrow’s the Exam, right?”

Tenya immediately knows which exam Izuku is talking about. After all, what else had Tenya had been preparing for the past month, and what other school could ever catch their interest than Yuuei? “I will most certainly pass, Izuku-kun.”

Tenya says this with utmost certainty, and Izuku chuckles good-naturedly.

“That, I have no doubt you would, Tenya-kun.” Izuku grins at Tenya sunnily, and Tenya can’t help but smile back. “I know that I should consider myself lucky, to be able to get in with just a recommendation, but really I almost envy you in that you could actually take the Yuuei Entrance Exam.”

That, Tenya is surprised to hear, “Really, Izuku-kun?”

“Yeah. I mean, it was always my dream to enter Yuuei, and of course that included me managing to pass the Exam. I had no idea what the exam entails, still don’t, but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing it from time to time.”

Izuku’s smile wavers, and immediately Tenya knows what passes in his friend’s mind at that point. After all, what else could bring down his friend’s mood?

I’ve been wishing it, even back then when I was still Quirkless.

“What kind of examinations did you imagine? And by that, yes, I mean the practical.” Tenya asks, both to change the subject and because he is honestly curious what Izuku thought could be in the Exams.

That immediately causes his friend to brighten. “Ah, about that, there was this running theory online...!”

Tenya listens carefully as Izuku continues to detail theory after theory, from the most realistic to even the outlandish that actually gets some chuckles out of Tenya. After all, while the idea of having to spar with some of the Heroes that worked as staff in Yuuei made scary sense, the theory of exam applicants being trapped in metal cages and dropped into the ocean as a test just from the rumors of Yuuei ordering a lot of steel prior to their exams was just ridiculous.

(But really, nothing was more ridiculous than the theory about giant robots.)

Their conversation goes on just like that, passing on theory after theory, Tenya even adding some of his own, and before Tenya knows it, the day is over.

In less than 24 hours, Tenya was going to have the most important exam in his entire life.

“I’ll be at the Todoroki’s again,” Izuku says before Tenya has to leave. “Since Shouto-kun wouldn’t be participating too, All Might thought that it would be a good idea to leave me there for tomorrow while he observes the exam. We’d be training for the entire day.”

“I’ll tell you how it went,” Tenya promises.

(In the end, as it turns out, it is giant robots. As soon as Tenya manages to stop laughing at the sheer irony of that fact, he is besieged with glares by rest of those listening to Present Mic’s explanation of the Exam, and no one glares better than a certain explosive blond.

Said blond manages to catch Tenya’s eye for the rest of the exam, first in abhorrence at the sheer lack of respect the blond showed for everyone, but when the Zero-Point came and a purple-haired boy needed to be rescued after he saved a girl from the Zero Point’s path?

Tenya’s abhorrence turns into respect once the blond drives his way between the other boy and the Zero-Pointer, blasting the Zero Pointer off its mechanical feet with one supremely massive explosion.

Of course, the respect is lowered a bit when Tenya has to step in himself just to rescue everyone else from all the resultant shrapnel, but that gives Tenya the chance to use his Recipro Burst for the first time, so there’s that at least.)

When the exam is over, Tenya immediately makes two video calls. The first, to Tensei so he could tell his family everything, and the second to Izuku to fulfill his promise.

Tensei, of course, reacts with excitement to Tenya’s news, saying that Tenya most certainly got in with how he behaved during the Exam, but as for Izuku?

Izuku looks a little battered through the video call, with his hair even covered with a bit of soot. Upon seeing his friend’s state, Tenya immediately forgets about the exam entirely to express his worry, but Izuku only waves away Tenya’s concern.

“It’s fine, it’s fine Tenya-kun. I’m fine, I promise.”

“What happened to make you look like that?” Tenya presses. “Are you training yourself too hard again? Shouldn’t Endeavor be watching over you?”

“It’s nothing like that, really. This wasn’t from the training, just,” Izuku pauses at this, visibly grasping for the right words, “I think... I think I just changed someone’s future today. No, not just one, but the lives of two good people in a bad life.”

Tenya can feel the honesty and satisfaction in his friend’s words, so he lets it drop when Izuku doesn’t seem to want to explain any further. “If that’s what you really think, then I’m sure you have. You do have that quality in you, to help other people grow.”

“Nevermind that,” Izuku blushes at the compliment for a second before forging on, “About the Exam! Just what happened!? Shouto-kun seems to have an idea how the Exam works, but he refuses to tell me about it! Please, tell me everything, Tenya-kun!”

And just like that, Tenya shares the events of his exam to Izuku. Izuku expresses surprise to some parts of Tenya’s story – the mention of the blond in particular has his eyes go wide for some reason – but in the end Tenya enjoys the entirety of the call, even when Tensei arrives to pick him up and he has to say goodbye to his friend.

(It is only later on that night, just before Tenya goes to sleep, that he realizes that Izuku’s left ring finger had a new ring around it during the video call.)


All Might himself delivers the letter to Tenya.

“Little brother, do you even need to open it? We could just leave it closed, you know, considering we know just what’s in it.” Tensei says, and Tenya has to smile when Izuku expresses outrage beside him.

Tenya really should feel disturbed, really, that Izuku is trying the live vicariously through him for the experience of the Yuuei Entrance Exam, but somehow the entire thing only makes him feel warm inside.

“Settle down, Izuku-kun!” Tenya laughs at his friend before holding out his letter, “Ignore what my brother says! There is no way I want to miss the experience of opening this myself, and I’m sure you feel the same thing as well! Now then, to open it!”

Tenya rips the letter open and...

Oh. No wonder All Might was trying to leave the vicinity before he was stopped by Tensei. Because even though a holographic All Might is currently telling Tenya that he passed, and not only that, that he passed as the second highest scorer of their entire batch, none of them pays any attention to it, not when a very real All Might is beet-red and trying to seem unaffected before them all.

“All Might...”

That coming from Izuku seems to be enough to break All Might’s facade. Immediately, the Number One curls up into a small ball, the absurdly large man clearly trying to hide himself.

“How ostentatious, it’s so embarrassing...!”

That’s true, everyone nods as they glance at the hologram. With the bright colors and the entire stage behind All Might, it made for a rather embarrassing sight. It might have been different, yeah, if the real All Might hadn’t been here when Tenya opened it, but as it was everyone couldn’t help but just compare the holographic All Might with the real one and find it funny.

In fact... “Tensei, stop laughing, you’re acting disrespectful to All Might!”

Tenya’s brother merely ignores his scolding, tears forming in his eyes in his hilarity. “B-But, the colors! The stage!”

“Am I looking at the right camera?”

That question from the holographic All Might just sets Tensei even further into his laughter, while the real All Might somehow gets redder. Izuku too, has a big smile on his face as he laughs, and really in the face of that?

Tenya manages to laugh as well, deep and continuing long after the hologram has finished delivering its message. Even All Might himself manages to get in a few chuckles near the end.

“So, you’ve got that, young man?” All Might finally speaks again, once they’ve all finished laughing at his holographic self. “Will you be joining us in Yuuei!

Tenya glances at Izuku. Izuku nods.

We’ll become Pro Heroes.

“Of course, All Might!” Tenya thumps his fist over his chest. “I’ll be glad to make Yuuei my Hero Academia!”