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Huntress of Love

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Eis wakes to the sound of his alarm clock. Reaching and shutting it off, as he checks the time. 5:30am. Time to get up and jog, grab a cup of coffee on his way back. Now thinking back on his conversation with Crescent Rose, she likes to jog through the trail around the school. Thinking this was a purrfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of her.

Changing into his running clothes and tying his running shoes on. He heads out to the trail. It was still a bit cold out. The sun was still raising causing the colors around the place in a bright orange and yellow. Running through the trail, he had noticed a few other students running by.

On the other side of the trail, something caught his eye. Pausing in shock and staring at the woman on the other side. Black hair with red streaks on the tips, and fair skinned, but what caught his real attention was her bright silver eyes.

“Ruby?” he muttered. Still staring as the woman run past him, he follows her with his eyes trying to make sure it was real. All his time in Beacon University, and he didn’t know Ruby was there as well. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he looks once more and sees the young woman’s back. It was real, his greatest regret, had just ran past him not even looking back.

As he stands there, he didn’t notice another young woman come up to him and tap his shoulder. Turning to the source, he was greeted by a pair of aviator sunglasses.

“Hey Eis.” Coco Adel greeted him. She is the captain of the softball team, the daughter of two famous fashion designers, leader of the school famous group CFVY and one hell of a bitch. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”

Eis shakes his head. “No it’s nothing, Coco.” he said before he continues his jog once more.

The rest of the day was normal for him, or so he’d say. After seeing Ruby that morning, Eis hasn’t been able to focus on anything. Coco had joined him the rest of his jog, they had small talks and nothing much. During his first class, Fox Alistair, one of Coco’s peers, was with him. Fox is the University’s Kicking Boxing captain. Eis had seen him beat the crap out of someone before. Aside from that Fox was very quiet, he’d only speak if you speak to him, but you’ll always have to watch out.

Half way through the day, Eis had decided to head into a cafe for late lunch. He had been busy reading one of his books, even if he barely caught on to anything in it. Walking towards the cafe he once again spots Ruby, but this time she was with someone, a tall blonde man. They were seating by the window of the cafe having some snacks. Ruby was laughing and smiling at him.

The last time Eis saw Ruby smile was back in middle school. Looking closely now, Ruby had grown. Her hair was longer now, her body had filled her quite nicely. Her smile was brighter now, than the last time he saw her. Unconsciously, he reaches for the burning rose pendant hanging around his neck. She’s a lot happier than before.

Eis lies on his bed, staring at the ceiling. After seeing how happy Ruby was without him in her life, the rest of the day was a blur for him. He spaced out so much that he barely noticed his phone blinking. Turning to it he reaches and checks. It was a notification on Beacon Hearts. Tapping and opening the message, it was from Crescent Rose.

Crescent Rose: Hey! How was your day?

Eis smiled at the message.

SnowPrince18: It was...normal.

Crescent Rose: Normal good? Or bad?
I haven’t receive a reply like that before.

SnowPrince18: Normal, as in uneventful. What about you?

Crescent Rose: Ohh..
Well it was great. I went for a jog this morning, met with my brother in the afternoon
and i just aced my major’s pop quiz.

SnowPrince18: Well, that’s good…

There was a pause between them. Eis stares at his phone, waiting for a response. It was so weird for him. They had just started talking to each other, but he feels so comfortable with her. It was like they’ve known each other for a long time now. Seconds turn to minutes. She was taking awhile to answer him now.

SnowPrince18: Are you still there?
Fell asleep?
Answer me!

Crescent Rose: Sorry!
My roommate played a prank on me.
Anyways, you sound sad.
Did something happened?

Staring at the question, Eis wasn’t sure if he should answer it. For one thing, they had just met yesterday, but she does feel close to him. Closer than anyone else before.

SnowPrince18: just a ghost from the past.