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Huntress of Love

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Huntress of Love: Chapter 10


Eis is exhausted. He has just finished one of the most grueling Anatomy tests he has ever taken, and all he wants to do now is go back to the dorm room he now shares with Yatsuhashi and sleep for a week. He had been surprised when the giant young man had approached him after the incident with Velvet and asked if he would be willing to share a dorm with him, but Eis had agreed. He actually grew to enjoy the quiet young man’s presence alone in their room. It made it feel a little less empty. At least until Velvet had come back to school after her almost month long suspension.


She had shown up out of the blue clutching a box full of ashes and melted plastic and sobbing. Coco had kicked her out of their shared room and burned all of her belongings. And then the terror campaign had begun. It had been innocent enough at first, just whispers and rumors. But soon enough it ramped up greatly. Coco had created a fake BoH profile for her and had filled it so full of bullshit that soon Velvet had been forced to change her phone number and email. It simply got worse after that, but Eis and Yatsu both couldn’t leave the chocolate brown haired young woman to suffer alone. Eis had gone out and bought her a small bed and a few basic pieces of furniture, and Yatsu hung up curtains for her to have a bit of privacy in the common room. But they both could hear her crying late into the night every night.


He is halfway back to the dorm when he hears the first scream, stopping him in his tracks. Looking around, he starts running as he hears a second scream. In the two weeks she has been staying in the common room, he has gotten to know her voice very well.


“LEAVE ME ALONE! SOMEONE HELP ME!” Eis pours on the speed now, sliding around the corner of the gym to see that Cardin Winchester and his little cronies have cornered Velvet.


“Oh c’mon Bun Bun, your profile says you enjoy gang bangs. And me and my boys could use some of that southern ass.” Cardin sneers as he towers over the cowering young woman. “Even says you like to play hard to get.”


“Please, please just leave me alone! For the love of God, please!”


“Winchester! Leave her alone!” Eis pushes his way through the four men to stand protectively over the young woman.


“Get lost Schnee! We just want to see what’s so special about the piece of trailer park trash behind you.”


“The only piece of trash I see is you Winchester! Now leave her the fuck alone!”


Cardin snorts as he tries to push Eis aside. “Quit hogging all the pussy, Schnee. All I want is a taste.”


Eis body checks Cardin as he tries to move past him. “I told you to leave her alone Winchester!” Eyes flaring in rage, Cardin rears back and connects with a solid punch to the face. But Eis is too furious to care right now. Tackling Cardin to the ground, he starts connecting with solid punches to the face while he can hear Velvet start screaming once more.  Before he can continue to try to rearrange Cardin’s DNA with his fists, he feels someone grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up. He feels another punch connect solidly with his right eye, and he starts to kick out, hearing a squeal when he connects solidly with flesh.


“Schnee, by the time I’m done with your ass, even your dad isn’t going to recognize you.” Cardin stalks forward while cracking his knuckles. Eis glares defiantly back with his good eye as he struggles against the two cronies holding him by his arms. But before Cardin even has a chance to finish rearing back to throw his first punch, a giant hand suddenly grabs his and pulls him away.


“That is quite enough.” Yatsuhashi states calmly as he keeps Cardin bent almost in half. “Are you alright Eis?” Before Eis can answer, he oomphs as he gets kicked in the gut by one of the cronies before the idiot lunges at Yatsu to get him to let go of his leader. Eis watches in astonishment as the taller man simply grabs the idiot by his head and tosses him away like a rag doll. The other two cronies decide that they have seen more than enough and run off, leaving Eis, Yatsu and Cardin all alone.


With barely a grunt, Yatsu picks the bastard up and slams him heavily into the wall while Eis watches in wide eyed shock. He has never seen the other man angry before, and now he sees why. Yatsu’s face is one full of rage and more than a little hate as he glares at Cardin, who is turning blue from a lack of air.


“Do not come near Velvet Scarlatina again. If you do, I shall end you. I am I clear?” Eis watches as Cardin shakes his head frantically as he kicks his legs trying to free himself. With a satisfied nod, he drops the loathsome young man on the ground who scurries away as quickly as he can manage. Before Eis can say anything, Yatsu looks down at him with a grim smile.


“We need to see to your eye.”


“No, we need to find Velvet. She was terrified.” Eis counters as he moves to start the search for the Georgia girl. Instead he suddenly cries out as Yatsu lifts him up effortlessly and begins to carry him in the direction of the school’s infirmary.


“She has more than likely returned to the dorm room. I will drop you off at the infirmary and go and see.”


“Very well. And must you carry me like a sack of potatoes?” Eis grumbles as the larger boy simply goes silent as they continue on. All he can do is hope the older girl is alright.




Ruby is tired. Ever since Blake got pregnant, she has been volunteered to become her brother’s spotter and training partner in the gym. The workouts aren’t that big of a deal, since she can easily keep up with him in most everything, but it’s his taste in music that she hates. What kind of human being likes to work out to opera?!


Entering the women’s locker room, she pauses when she hears the crying.


Curious and concerned, Ruby followed the sound to the showers.

Seeing that only one was activated, she slowly opened the curtain to see who was crying.

As soon as she saw that it was Velvet, did she turn away. Not wanting to have anything to do with her after what she did to Neo.


But something caught her eye.


In her hand was a K-Bar knife. She was pointing the sharp side at her wrist and was about to cut herself.

Taking a deep breath, Ruby pushed away her dislike for the girl, to save her from doing the same mistake she did. Making her presence known to the distraught girl with a soft call of her name “Velvet”


Raising her hands Ruby makes slow steps closer to the girl.


“Velvet, You don’t need to do this.” Ruby moves closer, inch by inch as slowly as possible. Velvet is too close to pulling the knife downward. She can see blood already welling up where she’s already pierced her skin with the razor sharp military knife.


“Yes I do! I hurt Neo because I was too weak to stand up to her! I swear to God I didn’t want to do it, Ruby! And she ruined me anyway! If they hadn’t shown up, that bastard Cardin was about to rape me!” Ruby feels the ice cold water hit her as she pulls slowly closer to the older woman. God but this too familiar to her. The feeling of the cold water, the crying like all hope is gone.


“This isn’t the answer Velvet. Trust me, I know.”


“How would you know?! The entire school thinks I’m nothing but a whore! I could have killed a girl that did nothing to me! I don’t deserve to live!” Ruby’s eyes widen as she sees Velvet’s arms tense, so she lunges forward faster than she ever thought possible and grabs ahold of her wrist. The two of them struggle for a moment, Ruby marveling at how strong the older woman is even as she finally manages to pull the knife free of her arm.


“Stop! Please stop Velvet! Killing yourself isn’t the answer!”


“Please! Please just let me die!” Ruby’s blood turns to ice at hearing the same exact words she would scream at anyone who was listening in the hospital. Grabbing a firm hold of the struggling woman, she sinks to the floor with her, supporting her as she finally breaks down and starts sobbing into her soaked t shirt. She starts to rock her back and forth as the waters from the showers start cutting off, one after another from the timers expiring, simply holding the sobbing woman closely.


Noticing that Velvet finally cried herself to sleep, she stands up slowly and picks her up gently. Velvet needs help. She knows that much, and Ruby only knows one person who can honestly help her. Stopping long enough to get her purse and car keys, she walks out of the gym and to her red and black Civic del Sol, grateful that it is a nice clear evening now. Getting the older girl loaded and buckled up easily, she gets into the driver’s seat and gets the small vehicle moving.


Hopefully he won’t be too mad.


The drive to Dr. Ozpin’s house takes a while, since he moved out to Puget Sound after he retired. But Ruby, Xiang and Tai helped him move out there as a way to say thank you for everything he did for her. Smiling as she finally pulls into the gravel driveway, she stops the vehicle and waits a moment. Sure enough, the outdoor flood lights suddenly come on, and Oscar comes out to the porch. Waving from her window, she watches as Ozpin’s youngest son walks up to her car, rubbing his eyes sleepily.


“Ruby, it’s two in the morning. No offense, but what is so important that you had to show up now?”


“None taken. I just stopped her from killing herself Oscar.” She states as she points her thumb at a still sleeping Velvet. “I was hoping Dr. Ozpin could help.”


“Door unlocked?” She watches Oscar come around to the passenger side and lift Velvet back out gently, taking a look at her cut arm. “You got to her just in time. Come on, You can stay the night. Way too late for you to drive back now. Dad can talk to her in the morning.”


“I really am sorry for coming so late Oscar.”


“It’s fine Ruby.” He smiles as he looks at the young woman his father fondly thinks of as a daughter now. “You can just cook everyone breakfast in the morning.” Ruby groans as she follows Oscar to the house. Maybe she should have thought this through a bit better.




Velvet awakens slowly. Something doesn’t feel right. And her arm hurts like hell from where she….


Oh God, she tried to kill herself last night. If Ruby hadn’t found her…


She can hear someone crying nearby, someone that sounds familiar. Getting up, she hisses in pain as she puts weight on her left arm. She deserves it. But where is she? Walking towards the door, she stops as she hears her daddy’s rumble. Flinging open the door, she runs down the hall and slides to a stop in front of the kitchen, where she sees her parents sitting with a pair of strange men. Trembling in fear, she releases a bent up sob as her momma opens her arms.


“Come here mah baby bunny.”


Velvet flies into her momma’s arms like a missile. “Ahm so sorry momma! I need help, ah cain’t do this anymore.”


Alex sighs as he looks at Ozpin. “Who can you recommend Doc? Money ain’t no object. Not when it comes to our baby bunny.”


“Miss Rose appealed to me before she left this morning, Alexander. If your daughter does not mind withdrawing from school for a short time, I shall be more than happy to council her right here in my home.”


“How much then Doctor? Ahm tired ah seein Velvet so sad.” Carol asks once more as she holds a sobbing Velvet close.


“I have no need for money.” Ozpin answers calmly. “But I can see that the two of you are salt of the earth people. If you daughter does not object to assisting with small tasks about the house, I shall consider that payment in full.”


“And cooking. My dad and I can’t cook worth a damn.” Oscar chimes in as he sits down with a cup of coffee.


Carol looks down at the top of Velvet’s head. “That sound good to you bunny?” She smiles as her daughter nods her head. “Ah believe tha’s ah yes.”




Eis looks at anything and everything in the room to avoid looking at his father. He knew the second Klein showed up at the dorm room he was once again in some kind of trouble with Jacques Schnee. Which is nothing new. He is constantly doing something to displease the powerful CEO of the Schnee Medical Services. But as soon as his father pulls out an unmarked folder from his desk and throws it at him, he knows something is truly wrong.


“Care to explain these pictures Eis?” Picking up the folder from the floor he opens it and gasps. They are pictures of him working in the free clinic. One after another, he looks at himself helping one person after another while he is smiling and laughing.


“It should be obvious father. I am already performing my duties as a doctor in training.” He steels himself for the hellstorm he has just summoned himself.


“Your duties are to this family and this company Eis, not to those commoners who infest a once noble learning institution such as Beacon University. And I do not approve of you wasting your time when it could be far better served by focusing on your studies as well as the business of the company.”


“Every medical student is required to work a prerequisite amount of hours in the clinic father.”


“Yes, third and fourth year students Eis, not a foolish young man who is clearly doing this as an act of defiance to my wishes.” Damn, so much for that argument. He was hoping his father hadn’t looked that far into the medical program and it’s requirements.


“Also, I received a very interesting phone call from Isaac Winchester.” Shit. Shit! Of course that monumental ass went running home to daddy. That’s what cowards like him do. “Apparently Cardin is the one that managed to blacken your eye?”


“He is as big of a liar as he is a coward Father. It was one of his little cronies that managed to blacken my eye.”


“It does not matter Eis.” His father cuts him off so coldly he feels the ice in his words. “Once again, you failed to prove your superiority to a fool. Even I admit Isaac Winchester is a bug, but even insects have their uses. And when they do not, it is up to their betters to squash them. And once again, you have failed to do so. You had to be rescued by an outsider. And not just an outsider, but the son of our largest rival.” Damn! Damn damn damn! That weasel Winchester spilled everything! But once again, before he can try to defend himself, Jacques raises a hand to silence him.


“The only saving grace we can hope to salvage from this is you did save the daughter of the Police Commissioner and the District Attorney from some kind of foul fate. And that places them in our debt. Now,” Eis watches as his father stands from behind his desk and walk around to stand toe to toe with him. “I do not wish to hear of any more of these incidents Eis. Nor do I wish to hear of you working in that filthy clinic until such time as it is expected of you. You will focus on your studies as well as those duties I see fit for you to begin to conduct for this family as well as this company. Am I understood?”


Eis grits his teeth as he tries his best to not glare at his father. “Of course father. I shall comply of course.”


“Excellent.” Jacques moves past Eis and towards a wall filled with several different liquors and glasses. Before he unstoppers one, he looks back once more at Eis. “Because if I hear of one more incident, this foolish dream of yours comes to an end, and you shall be attending a business school of my choice. Am I clear Eis?”


“Of course father.” Of course not. Jacques is the one that made it a huge bit of publicity when Eis chose to attend medical school. For PR purposes of course. But obviously his father already planned ahead there as well, and no doubt already has his tickets set to attend some horrid business school on the east coast. Gritting his teeth, he waits patiently as his father fills a brandy glass and takes a sip before addressing him once more.


“I am glad to see we understand each other Eis. You may go.” Jacques Schnee does not repeat himself, that is for lesser men. Eis knows his father does not make idle threats, and as he walks out of the older man’s study, he is secretly enraged. Pulling out his phone, he quickly pulls up Beacon of Hearts and starts reading the messages between himself and Crescent Rose. Those always make him feel a bit of peace.


He stops at the last message she sent him, having not noticed it until now.


Crescent Rose: I think I’m ready to meet you face to face.


Could he really do this? Could he really meet the young woman even he has to admit he has more than a passing attraction to? His fingers begin to shake as he starts typing….