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I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.

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“To the future groom!” someone cheered a toast from somewhere in the bar. They had all decided to celebrate Izuku Midoriya’s last night before wedded bliss swept him off his feet. Beer bottles and shot glasses were raised and clicked together, whistles and catcalls followed by silence as they chugged their drinks.


All but one.


Katsuki Bakugou had agreed to come along since Deku had invited him personally. It had been one thing when Izuku had told him that he’d started seeing the guy, it had been one thing when he’d told Katsuki that he had said yes, but it had been a whole other story when Katsuki Bakugou woke up this morning realizing that tomorrow morning the love of his life was going to get married.


Deku was going to be married, meaning he would never be Katsuki’s.


He hadn’t meant to sulk. That wasn’t his intention when he had strolled into the bar with Kirishima and Kaminari close at hand. Both of his friends sent him pity looks, Kirishima having a bit more frustration than anything. Countless times Kirishima had told Katsuki to ‘man up and tell him how you feel’.


Like it would be that simple?!


Katsuki and Izuku had finally gotten to a great place with each other. They were best friends, were there for the other, so how was Katsuki supposed to break the news to Izuku that he was in love with the nerd?


He wasn’t, or at least that was the goal.


“You aren’t even drinking?” Kirishima asked, sitting down next to Katsuki at the end of the bar.


“I’ll do something stupid if I do,” Katsuki growled his comeback. He had no intention of messing this up for Izuku. The other was happy, he was getting married for crying out loud. Katsuki was not going to add this to his list of fuck ups with Izuku.


“Stupidly romantic, probably,” Kirishima rolled his eyes. Katsuki could tell the other was completely over his ‘bottling up my feelings’ routine. “He’s still upset you turned down being his best man, you know,” Kirishima began.


“I’m not standing next to him to hand him off to somebody else,” Katsuki glared.


“No, you’ll just be sitting down and watching it happen. You’ve been in love with Midoriya since we were seventeen!” Kirishima sounded exasperated, arms flinging out to his sides to emphasize his point.


“Keep your voice down,” Katsuki hissed, taking a quick glance in Izuku’s direction. He was distracted by Shouto and Iida, he hadn’t heard.


“Are you really okay with this?” Kirishima sounded concerned. “If you aren’t going to stop this and go have your happily ever after with him, you should tell him how you feel. You need closure, man.”


In a way, Katsuki knew Kirishima was right. He was going to regret not telling Izuku the truth the rest of his life. He would have to suffer through watching Izuku get married and being with someone else knowing that he’d never had the guts to tell that useless nerd he was in love with him.


He supposed he’d always just assumed they would be together. Izuku had chased after him for years, then walked beside him their entire lives. Katsuki took it for granted and just figured Izuku would always be there, would always want to be there.


“I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but you know I’m right,” Kirishima finished what he had to say then stood, leaving Katsuki to continue to stew in his self-pity.


They’d been there for hours, all their friends getting drunk and slowly one by one they all trickled out needing their rest for the big day tomorrow.


“Come on, we should call you a cab,” Shouto told a hammered Izuku. Shouto honestly wasn’t looking too good himself.


“I’ll get him home,” Katsuki spoke up before he could stop himself. He was the only sober one at the bar out of all of them, and he had come to a decision. Shouto stared at him for a few moments, eyes searching and apparently finding the answer he was looking for. Nodding to Katsuki, Shouto gently nudged Izuku into him.


“Best of luck, call me should anything happen that would cause a change of plans for tomorrow,” Shouto’s tone seemed bored, but the look he gave Katsuki said everything.


Of course IcyHot knew what Katsuki was about to do.


With a beyond drunk Izuku Midoriya draped over his shoulder, Katsuki Bakugou made his way home.


“Where we goin, Kacchan?” Izuku asked cutely. Katsuki wanted to hurl.


“My apartment is closer, and I ain’t draggin your sorry ass to that guy tonight,” he glared at the pavement, “not tonight.”


“Okay, Kacchan,” Izuku complied, no hesitation in his voice or movement. The two walked, one mostly stumbling, back to Katsuki’s apartment complex and made their way up to the door and struggled their way into the apartment.


“Get comfortable, I’m going to get you some water,” Katsuki instructed. He hovered a bit seeing Izuku almost trip over the couch, but once the other was settled Katsuki made his way to the kitchen. He took a few deep breaths while getting the glass of water. He was going to go through with this, end result be damned.


He was going to tell Deku he loved him.


He had to put a pause in his plan, however, when he walked back into the living room seeing Izuku sobbing on his couch.


“Oi!” Katsuki couldn’t really form an intelligent sentence with the shock he was feeling. He moved to sit on his knees in front of Izuku, placing the glass on the coffee table, he reached up to hold both sides of Izuku’s face. “What’s wrong?”


“Kacchan … I’m getting married tomorrow,” Izuku sobbed. He was supposed to be happy, thrilled about this.


So why did Izuku look like his world was ending?


“Let’s-” Katsuki had to pause to collect himself- “don’t talk about it.”


“Kacchan, why wouldn’t you be my best man?” Izuku whined, fat tears still falling down his blotchy cheeks. “I wanted you to be my best man, I wanted you in my wedding.”


“Stop it, Deku,” Katsuki warned, trying to conceal his anguish.


“You’re my best friend, Kacchan. Why? Why did you say no?” Izuku reached out to place his own hands onto Katsuki’s face. The engagement ring on Izuku’s hand burned his skin. “You mean everything to me, Katsuki.”


“ENOUGH, IZUKU!” Katsuki roared, pain ripping from his throat before he could contain it. It was too much. That wasn’t what he wanted to hear. He couldn’t take this. He should never have brought Izuku back here. His own feelings be damned, he couldn’t do this!


“NOT UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHY?!” They were screaming at each other again, just like old times. Katsuki thought they had gotten passed this.


“You want to know why?” he growled. His voice was dark, a warning to Izuku to back away, to not push him, to not hurt him like this. Even through the nerds tears, Katsuki could see how determined Izuku was.


He wasn’t letting this go.


“Fine,” Katsuki let go of Izuku’s face, let go of his pent-up pain, and let go of his stubborn resistance to admitting his feelings. “I can’t do it, that’s why I said no. I can’t stand next to you, be right there, and watch you marry someone else.”




“I love you,” Katsuki didn’t let Izuku continue. If he was going to confess, he was going to get it all done in one big swing then handle whatever came out of it. His chest burned, his eyes stung, and he felt like he was choking on air.


“I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you,” Katsuki continued, tears threatening to spill. He reached out to take Izuku’s hand, his fingers felt the metal of the ring, and a desperation took over. Katsuki wouldn’t have been able to stop it if he’d tried. “Please don’t get married.”


The punch to the jaw took him by surprise, the sobbing mess of Izuku screaming at him, not so much.


“Why?!” Izuku howled. “Why now?!” Izuku was hauling Katsuki to his feet, shoving him onto the couch, and glaring daggers at him. “I WANTED IT TO BE YOU!” Izuku’s forehead met Katsuki chest as he screamed in agony. “IT WAS ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO BE YOU!!”


Katsuki laid there, letting Izuku sob above him. He had been the one to put Izuku through this, so he was going to take the consequences.


“SAY IT AGAIN!” Izuku demanded, his fingers working quickly to hurl the engagement ring somewhere into Katsuki’s living room.


“I love you, Izuku.” Katsuki complied.




“I love you, Izuku.” Katsuki reached up, pulling Izuku into a tight yet comforting embrace.


“Why didn’t you say anything?! Why did you let me have those moments with someone else?! They should have been with you!” Izuku’s voice was much quieter muffled into Katsuki’s collarbone. He waited out the storm, allowing Izuku to get everything out that he needed to.


“I’m sorry, Izuku,” It was the only thing he could think of to say.


“You’re the worst, Kacchan,” Izuku mumbled. He pulled back enough so he could sit up to look Katsuki in the face. “I love you, Katsuki.”


“Marry me, Izuku,” Katsuki said before he could think about it. Izuku laughed through his tears.


“Tomorrow, everyone is expecting a wedding, we might as well give them the right one,” Izuku’s smile was bright, even through his tears. Izuku slumped against him again, mellowing out his anger in favor of sleep.


“Tired?” Katsuki asked recalling just how much Izuku had to drink.


“Yeah,” Izuku yawned. Katsuki chuckled, ruffling Izuku’s hair.


“Come on,” Katsuki grunted, lifting Izuku and carrying him back to bed. He made sure to leave a glass of water on the end table, along with a trash can, next to the bed in case Izuku got sick. He shifted Izuku onto his side and propped pillows up to keep him that way.


“I love you, Katsuki,” Izuku tiredly whispered before finally succumbing to sleep.


“I love you, Izuku,” Katsuki said. Izuku’s light snoring followed him out into the living room. After a few moments of searching, he found the offensive metal band that had been so easily tossed aside. Katsuki didn’t know what possessed him to find the thing, but the gnawing, twisting feelings in his stomach may have aided it.


When the vibrant shine of the mid-morning sun came through the blinds, Katsuki received his answer.


The painful groan Izuku let out, face contorted in agony, and his hand holding his head, Katsuki felt like he’d had his heart ripped out and was being left out to bleed.


“W-what happened last night?” Izuku blinked his eyes open. “Kacchan, what am I doing in your apartment?” Another blink.


“What happened to my engagement ring?”




Fuck, fuck, FUCK!


He was being punished. This was his punishment for waiting so long, for never stepping up and telling Izuku he loved him since the beginning. Izuku didn’t remember anything from last night.


“Kacchan, where is it?” Izuku was beginning to panic through his pain. He was sluggishly scrambling around the bed to try and find the small object. Katsuki’s throat went dry, unable to speak. A pained sound escaped Izuku, snapping Katsuki out of his growing anxiety.


“I have it, don’t worry. You were a bit of a mess last night and took it off like the drama queen you are,” Katsuki stepped forward to gently move Izuku into a sitting position again. “How are you feeling?”


“Like we went toe to toe and I lost,” Izuku confessed. The two shared a weak laugh.


“Let me make you breakfast? It will help with the hangover,” Katsuki grunted. He needed a distraction, something to stall Izuku while Katsuki figured out what he was going to do. Should he tell Izuku again? Would Izuku even want to hear it?


Had he meant everything he said last night? Izuku was pretty drunk.


“Thanks, Kacchan,” Izuku smiled, and Katsuki felt his chest tighten. How had he managed to fuck that up so badly?!


“Drink the water and relax, I’ll come get you when it’s done,” Katsuki instructed. He helped Izuku get comfortable again and handed him the glass. Izuku still looked a bit out of it, and Katsuki was going to use that to his advantage. He still had some time.


“What time is it?” Izuku asked when Katsuki was almost out the door.


“We’ve got time,” he wasn’t sure if he was reassuring Izuku or himself.


Katsuki retreated to the kitchen, busying himself with making Izuku something that would help with the hangover he very clearly had. Once prep was done he chanced a look at his phone.


WeirdHair: You haven’t picked up?! You good? You aren’t skipping out today no matter how much you sulk! You need to be there for him!


Bolt4Brains: Kirishima says you’ve been ignoring your phone. We’re going to pick you up and drag you to the ceremony.


IcyHot: How’d it go?


Katsuki opened the message from Shouto. 


Me: Izuku doesn’t remember last night, he’s hungover.


Katsuki hit send. Almost instantly his phone began to ring.


“What happened?” Shouto’s voice wasn’t angry, just blunt. Katsuki ran a hand through his hair, the other holding his phone tightly. Where to start?

“I told him I loved him, Izuku said he loved me too. He got pissed that I let some other asshole have all the important moments happen with them and not me,” Katsuki started to laugh bitterly. “I fucking asked him to marry me, and you know what he said? ‘Tomorrow, everyone’s already expecting a wedding, we might as well give them the right one.’ Like he knew!” Katsuki had to take a deep breath to control his volume. He couldn’t let Izuku hear him on the phone with Shouto. “First thing he asks me when he wakes up is where his engagement ring is.”


“Tell him again,” Shouto deadpanned.


“Shouto . . . I,” Katsuki struggled for a moment with his emotions. They were hitting him hard and fast, each one shoving him back into a corner to keep quiet. “Izuku was drunk last night, he asked for the engagement ring, I can’t just-“


“Katsuki, I swear if you do not tell Izuku that you love him I-“ there were muffled voices on the other end of the phone. “No, he’s being difficult.”


“Who the hell are you talking to?!” 


“Momo and Shinsou, we’re already at the ceremony. You do know what time it is, right?” Shouto asked. Katsuki cursed looking at the clock in the kitchen. He really should be getting Izuku around if he wasn’t going to be late.


“I’ll get him there on time. He just needs to eat something before-“


“We’re all ready to announce the wedding’s off,” Shouto interrupted him again. Katsuki stopped breathing for a moment. Why? Why was everyone pushing him towards this? Wouldn’t this make Izuku unhappy? Didn’t everyone want Izuku to be happy?




No . . . he couldn’t do that to Izuku. Not after seeing how happy Izuku had been when he’d told Katsuki he was seeing someone. Not after how he’d cried tears of joy when he’d burst into Katsuki’s apartment to tell him that he had been asked to marry the guy and had said yes. He couldn’t take that away from Izuku.


Katsuki didn’t deserve Izuku.


“I’ll get him there,” Katsuki said before hanging up, not bothering to listen to whatever Shouto was going to yell at him next. Katsuki quickly finished up Izuku’s meal and headed back to the bedroom, a fresh glass of water in his hand.


“Headache going away?” Katsuki asked casually, handing over the bowl to Izuku. Izuku nodded slowly, just looking at the food with an odd expression. “What? My cooking not good enough for you anymore, nerd?” Katsuki attempted to being some normalcy back into their morning.


“Huh?” Izuku blinked up at him before smiling. “Sorry, Kacchan . . . ummm . . . I guess I’m just still trying to wake up, you know?”


“Well hurry it up, you’re getting married in two hours,” Katsuki brushed it off. He had to be stubborn about this. He had to.


For Izuku’s sake.


“Two hours!? Kacchan, you said I had time!!” Izuku whined, starting to eat without further complaint. Taking a quick glance at his phone, Katsuki ignored the angry texts Shouto sent until he saw that Shouto had Izuku’s wedding attire at the ceremony, the two could just go right to the venue.


“Finish up, I gotta change,” Katsuki instructed, grabbing his tux from the closet and headed for the bathroom. He’d let Izuku eat in peace. He tossed his shirt and pants into the hamper before a tiny clang on his bathroom floor caught his attention.


Right . . .


Katsuki bent down, the stupid metal band feeling like it weighed a ton in his open palm. He was almost tempted to blow up the damn thing and be done with this. No, he couldn’t do that. Izuku was happy. Izuku was going to be happy. Izuku didn’t remember last night, and never would. Katsuki would just have to pretend that he never heard what he did, that he’d never almost had Izuku the way he’d always longed to. He could live with that.


Katsuki got ready, avoiding Izuku for as long as possible. He didn’t know how much time he could spend in his presence without letting something slip. He found Izuku in the kitchen, putting the bowl and glasses in the sink. The two stood a few feet apart, just looking at the other, unsure of what to say.


“You look really great, Kacchan,” Izuku’s voice was tight. Was he still not feeling well? Katsuki shrugged.


“Gotta look decent for your big day, Deku,” Katsuki said, unable to meet Izuku’s eyes.


“Right . . . my big day,” Izuku mumbled. Katsuki was just imagining the emphasis, right? Izuku retreated to the bathroom to at least freshen up before they left. They were cutting it close, but Katsuki knew a shortcut and would get them there with enough time for Izuku to calm down. Katsuki played with the ring in his pants pocket, chest constricting, but his mind made up.


“Oh! Kacchan, that reminds me, where’s my ring?” Izuku called from the living room, putting on his shoes from his seat on the couch. Katsuki walked in, seeing Izuku’s hands shaking as he tried to knot the laces.


“You’re a mess,” Katsuki chuckled, kneeling in front of Izuku to help get his stupid red shoes in order. Katsuki looked up seeing Izuku’s face close to his, small smile on his lips.


“Thanks, Kacchan. I don’t know what I would do without you,” Izuku’s voice was soft. Katsuki almost had a hard time hearing him. His throat was tight again. The look Izuku was giving him sent his mind back to last night. Izuku above him, tears in his eyes, bright smile on his face, telling Katsuki that he loved him.


“I’m not going anywhere, nerd,” Katsuki reached up, fingers brushing away tears that neither of them had fully realized had started falling down Izuku’s cheeks. “Here,” Katsuki didn’t break eye contact with Izuku while he gently took his hand, his fingers softly brushing over the skin before pulling out the ring from his pocket.


“Katsuki, wait-“ Izuku’s eyes widened.


Katsuki slowly slid the engagement ring onto Izuku’s finger, holding his hand tightly, not enough for discomfort, but sturdy enough to make an impression. He couldn’t look away from Izuku the entire time. Katsuki would never have this moment again. This would be his last selfish act towards Izuku, let him pretend, just for a moment, that the ring he put on Izuku was one that he had gotten him.


He could dream, couldn’t he?


He was startled back to reality when Izuku’s hands held this face, pulling Katsuki forward until their foreheads touched. Katsuki’s eyes widened in shock, Izuku’s clamped shut, brows frowned, and his teeth were clenched tightly. Izuku was crying again, not heavily, but a slow steady stream of tears. Alarms were going off in Katsuki’s head. Izuku was too close, too emotional, it reminded him too much of last night.


He desperately wanted to close the breath of space between their lips.


Their noses were touching, Katsuki only had to speak and his lips would be against Izuku’s. His own cheeks getting wet from Izuku’s light tears.


“I-“ fuck! Izuku’s voice was filling with pain, uncertainty, and longing. Katsuki could hear it. “Why did you do that? Why? I-I would have p-put it on myself.” Katsuki reached up, covering Izuku’s hands with his own.


“I needed to,” Katsuki admitted. Izuku bolted upright, biting his lip to the point that Katsuki was afraid he was going to split it open. “Breathe, Izuku, breathe for me,” Katsuki pleaded softly. Izuku took a deep breath in, fighting off the panic that was evident on his face. “Come on, you have to pull yourself together. We’re going to be late.” Katsuki broke away first, he had to. He would fuck this up even worse if he was alone with Izuku for another second.


He waited by the door, fighting back his own tears.


Izuku finally came up beside him, the two of them standing by his apartment door unable to look at the other. They were quiet, neither really sure what to say after what had just happened. Katsuki hesitated, the moment he opened the door it would all be over. Izuku would get married and that was it.


“Ready?” Katsuki dared to ask, finally breaking the heavy silence.


“As I’ll ever be,” Izuku mumbled, voice quiet and subdued.


The entire way there was like a death march. Neither of them spoke, not knowing what to say, both lost in their own thoughts. Katsuki was determined, however, to make sure that Izuku wasn’t going to be late. They would make it in enough time for Izuku to get changed and calm down before the ceremony would start. Not a good length of time, but enough. He wasn’t a complete asshole. Katsuki walked Izuku into the building, both of them spotting Shouto and Shinsou easily at the main entrance to the venue.


“There you are,” Shouto marched over to them, annoyance clear on his face. “Did you two finally-“ Katsuki gave Shouto a pointed look, silently telling him to kindly shut up.


“Come on, Izuku. Let’s get you changed,” Shinsou rolled his eyes, dragging Izuku away. Izuku looked back over his shoulder at Katsuki, his eyes looked panicked, like Katsuki was going to vanish or something. Katsuki really wished Izuku hadn’t looked at him that way.


“You’re an idiot, no worse than that, but I’ve been awake since eight and can’t insult your properly at the moment. He looks miserable, what did you do?” Shouto vented.


“I put his engagement ring back on his finger,” Katsuki was still staring in the direction Izuku had gone.


“You didn’t?” Momo suddenly said, coming up to stand behind Shouto. “Geez, Bakugou, why did you bring him here?”


“What? Were all of you expecting me to just . . . just elope with him?!” Katsuki barked.


“Yes,” the two answered simultaneously. Katsuki didn’t really have a comeback for their blatant honesty.


“Just . . . just go get him ready,” Katsuki turned on his heels and headed back for the entrance.


“Where are you going? You aren’t leaving, are you?” Momo asked in a panic. Katsuki clicked his tongue at the very idea. He wasn’t going to be selfish, but like hell he was going to be a coward.


“I’m just getting some air, I’ll be there for the ceremony,” Katsuki threw over his shoulder, walking back out into the fresh air.


“Stall for time, I need to check on Izuku,” Shouto told Momo. She nodded before taking another glance in the direction Bakugou had gone.


“Why are they both being so stubborn?” Momo threw her hands up moving back to the main hall. She’d figure something out. Shouto shook his head before hurrying towards the room Izuku would be getting ready in. He hoped Shinsou had been able to calm him down.




“You still can’t tie a tie properly,” Hitoshi reprimanded in a teasing way. He’d helped Izuku get into his tuxedo and calmed him down from his emotional morning. Izuku was getting married, he should be having the best day of his life, but that wasn’t the case.


All he wanted to do was cry and go back to Katsuki’s apartment.


“Thanks, Hitoshi,” Izuku mumbled. He hadn’t been able to get his voice to do more than that. His head still hurt, his stomach was still doing flips, and he was having more second thoughts about his life choices than he had ever had before.


“Do you love him?” Hitoshi asked suddenly, throwing Izuku off guard.


“I’m marrying him, aren’t I?” Izuku tried to smile.


“I’m talking about Bakugou,” Hitoshi didn’t sound harsh, and his eyes were kind. Izuku really did have the best friends.


“He did something cruel,” Izuku whimpered, the memory still flashing in his mind. Izuku had thought his heart would stop when Katsuki had grabbed his hand and put a ring on his finger.


How long had he dreamed of a moment like that? How long had he desired it to be real? Izuku had almost kissed Katsuki out of joy from just seeing it. He’d been a mess ever since he woke up.


That dream had really messed him up.


It was stupid really, to think that Katsuki had taken Izuku home and dramatically admitted that he’s always been in love with Izuku. Katsuki would never, and his dream even had the balls to slap Izuku’s greatest fantasy in his face by having Katsuki ask him to marry him. It had been too cruel. Katsuki had mentioned that Izuku had been a mess last night. He could only imagine the embarrassing things he had done or said.


Had he accidently told Katsuki how he really felt?


No, Katsuki hadn’t mentioned it. If he had, Katsuki would be teasing him relentlessly about it. Confessing his love for his best friend the night before his wedding, how ridiculous. Izuku shook his head to try and clear it. He needed to focus. He was getting married. He didn’t need to fill his head with silly fantasies that would never be a reality. He had come to the bitter conclusion that he would never have Katsuki the way he wanted, so when someone came along that did want Izuku, he had agreed.


“Izuku?” Shouto entered the room after a quick knock. “Are you alright?” Both of his friends looked at him with concern. Izuku was silently glad that it was only the two of them, and not all of the others.


“Sorry I was so late,” Izuku apologized. He must have had everyone worried.


“Izuku, what happened? You seem depressed,” Hitoshi pushed. They weren’t going to let this go.


“It’s nothing, just something stupid.” Izuku waved his hands in front of him. He didn’t need to explain this. It was pointless and something he would tuck away in the back of his mind and dream about every once in a while.


“You said Bakugou had done something cruel, what was it?” Hitoshi was looking more annoyed by the second. Shouto stepped forward.


“What did Katsuki do?” Shouto didn’t look annoyed, but almost . . . hopeful?


“He was just trying to be nice, I guess? It’s stupid really,” Izuku began, looking down at the engagement ring that finally felt right on his finger, simply because of who had put it there this time. “He put my engagement ring on my finger for me, and after the ridiculous dream that happened last night . . . it’s sort of . . . well-“ Izuku couldn’t finish, tears bubbling in his eyes again. He needed to get a hold of himself!


“What dream?!” The two of them were leaning closer now. Izuku had never seen his friends this interested in something like this before.


“I . . . I can’t say. It was just a dream and its really embarrassing and-“


“Izuku, what happened in your dream?” Shouto demanded. Izuku paused seeing the glare on his friend’s face. Why were they pushing this so hard? Didn’t they realize how much this was hurting him?


“It . . . it was stupid. I was drunk and my mind just fed me what I wanted to hear, that’s it. Katsuki took me home to his apartment and we were talking. He . . . I started getting upset and asking why he didn’t want to be in my wedding. He got angry and we were yelling, but then he suddenly told me that he was in love with me, that he’d always been in love with me. He sounded like he was begging when he asked me not to get married. I-“ Izuku started crying again. “I’ve just wanted to hear that for so long! He asked me to marry him! I just . . . I know that’s what I really want and what I’ll never have, but this morning he put the ring on my finger and I remembered my dream! I almost kissed him! I could have ruined everything over a stupid dream!”


“Izuku, Izuku breathe!” Hitoshi gently held Izuku’s shoulders, trying to stop him from hyperventilating.


“You two are hopeless!” Shouto shouted in real anger. Izuku jumped, startled by the honest anger coming from Shouto’s voice. Shouto turned heading for the door. “That idiot!” Shouto slammed the door leaving a startled Izuku and an exasperated looking Shinsou.


“W-where is Shouto going?” Izuku was horrified. Why was he leaving? Where was he going?!


“He’s going to get Bakugou, obviously,” Hitoshi honestly sounded bored. Izuku whirled around on the other. No, no he couldn’t! If. . .  If Shouto told Katsuki what Izuku just said . . . everything would be ruined! Katsuki would hate him!


“SHOUTO! SHOUTO COME BACK!” Izuku was wailing, racing for the door.


“Izuku,” Hitoshi began.




“I’m sorry, Izuku. I know you hate this,” Hitoshi walked over to him, his body motionless in the middle of the room. “Geez, this is such a hassle.” Hitoshi looked at the clock realizing that this was going to get very dramatic. Oh well, it would be a show at the very least. “Let’s get you to the alter, huh?”




Shouto ran.


He had no idea where Katsuki had wandered off to in the half hour they had been listening to Izuku. Shouto could hear the beginning of the ceremony, but from the look Momo had given him when he’d raced to the entrance, Katsuki hadn’t returned.


“Katsuki!” Shouto yelled, eyes trying desperately to locate his overly dramatic friend. Honestly, if he didn’t care about the two of them so much-


“Oi! IcyHot, where’s the fire?” Katsuki had the balls to joke. He was over by the grove of trees, leaning against one like he didn’t have a care in the world.


Shouto didn’t feel bad in the slightest when he punched the other to the ground.


“Shouto! What the hell?!” Katsuki growled, hand cradling his already abused jaw. This was the second punch in less than twenty-four-hours by the two closest people to him. What had he done now?


“Izuku remembers!” Shouto panted out, trying to catch his breath from the mad dash he had just done. They were running out of time, Momo and Shinsou could only stall for so long. “We need to go!”


“What?” Katsuki’s voice was strained, completely in disbelief. “No . . . no this morning, he-“


“He thinks it was a dream, you idiot! We need to go, now, or both of you are going to make the biggest mistake of your lives!” Shouto didn’t have time for this. He hauled Katsuki back onto his feet. “Do you want to lose him or not!? He loves you, Katsuki! He always has! Do I have to tell you how many times he’s come to me crying because he doesn’t know what to do? How many times you’ve come to me being stubborn during this entire engagement! I’m sick of the both of you! I just want you two to be happy, together!” Shouto had never yelled this much in his life.


Katsuki took off, Shouto hot on his heels.


Izuku remembered. That nerd! Why the hell hadn’t he said he did? Why the hell?! Katsuki tried to focus on running. They were a bit away from the venue, it would take time to get there. He needed to make it! Izuku remembered, Izuku loved him! Screw being unselfish, screw letting Izuku slip through his fingers.


This was happening!


Katsuki could hear the echoed voices coming from the main hall, they were on the vows, he was going to be late.


“Shouto!” It was the only warning he would give his friend.


“DEKU!!!” He roared, an explosion rocketing him into the hall, cutting off everyone else. The right side of the venue gasped in shock, Izuku’s dumbass fiancé looked pale and about ready to pass out, the entire left side of the venue cheered.


Izuku looked about ready to kill him.


“KACCHAN?!” Izuku sounded both shocked and pissed off at the same time. Katsuki wouldn’t give him the chance to figure it out.


“Don’t marry him!” He got right to the point. “He won’t make you happy! Izuku, please don’t marry him!”


“You . . . last night was?” Izuku was floundering. Katsuki could see that lovable nerd brain trying to wrap around everything that was happening.


“I love you, Izuku! I’ll say it as many times as you need me to, just please don’t marry him!” Katsuki didn’t care that he was making a giant ass of himself. He didn’t care that the right side of the venue was glaring daggers at him, they could shove it. All that mattered was Izuku.


“WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY ALL OF THIS BEFORE WE LEFT?!” Izuku roared. He was at Katsuki in a second, probably only using about five percent. “WHY DO YOU NEVER SAY ANYTHING?!”




“Say it,” Izuku demanded, grabbing fistfuls of Katsuki tux.


“I love you, Izuku,” Katsuki pulled him closer, meeting the challenge in his eyes.


“Again,” Izuku reached up with one hand, grabbing the back of Katsuki’s neck.


“I love you, Izuku,” Katsuki let one hand get lost in Izuku’s hair, the other forcing him to stay flush against him.


“You really are the worst, Kacchan,” Izuku brought them to the same distance as this morning. “I love you, Katsuki.”


“Marry me, Izuku,” Katsuki said against the others lips, both struggling to hold back.


“Yes,” Izuku practically melted into him, lips coming together in a rush of emotion. Their friends were screaming, thankfully drowning out the sounds emitting from the two in the center aisle. No reason to completely embarrass themselves. They had a hard time pulling away, both desperately wishing they could go back to this morning, back to Katsuki’s apartment, and start from there.


“I need to talk to him,” Izuku panting was driving Katsuki wild, but they needed to be rational. They had caused a scene. Izuku owed it to his fiancé to explain what had just transpired. They could handle everything else later.


“I know,” Katsuki tried to not sound disappointed when he had to stop kissing Izuku. Another, then another, a throat being cleared finally did pull them apart.


“I need to talk to him, we’ve got time now,” Izuku said, face flushed but eyes bright with joy. Katsuki never wanted to see that look leave the others face again.


“I’m not going anywhere, nerd,” Katsuki smiled, pecking Izuku on the forehead before breaking away. Izuku gave him a pointed look, almost silently ordering him to not move an inch, before hurrying over to his ex-fiancé.


“Could you have been any more dramatic?” Shouto asked, stepping up behind him watching all of their friends excitedly yelling about what had just happened.


“Shut up,” Katsuki replied, but he never moved, and his eyes never left Izuku watching him return that metal band.


Katsuki would get him a better one.