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milk + tea {gfriend oneshots}

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In a world far away there were six roses, each rose was beautiful in one way or another. Except there was one rose, let’s call it Umji, that was seen as inferior to the others, not as pretty.
And everyday Umji would see a rose the knee get taken.

On day 1 a rose, Sowon, was taken by a girl who was in love with the deep crimson petals she had.

On day 2 another rose, yerin, was taken by a boy who wanted to confess to his crush.

On day 3 Eunha was taken along with sinb to lay on a couples grave.

And on day 4 a strong rose, yuju, was taken as part of a wedding bouquet.

However, Umji was not taken. But that was all she wanted. All she wanted was to be useful and needed and so she’d try everything she could to grow taller, make her petals prettier until one day she was taken.

On that day she realised being taken was like being killed.


In another universe, not too different to our own, a similar thing was happening.

Umji and her friends had wanted to be idols since they were mere toddlers. And slowly one by one each of umjis friends were consumed by the fame they wanted so much.

Sowon was taken into modelling due to her height and proportions.

Yerin made it to hosting her own variety show due to her bubbly personality.

Sinb became a main dancer in a popular girl group.

+ yuju and Eunha became a famous singing duo.

Umji didn’t get any of this. She tried and she tried and she tried. She changed herself to get the fame. Except when she did and she reunited with her friends she realised they were no longer the same,, they were broken. And she looked in the mirror to see that she was broken too. But society and fame hadn’t had a chance to break her yet surely?? Well no. But they had driven poor innocent Umji to do it to herself...