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The Worst Candlenights Ever

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Taako tried to fight back the smile that kept trying to worm its way into his face. Okay, he was in a good mood, so sue him. He’d stayed out on the porch with Kravitz until it was way too fucking freezing to stand anymore and they headed back in. They spent most of their time outside as a chance to talk about the shit that had gone down inside. Taako explained how they had shoved all the bushes up the chimney for them to catch fire, and he was kind of worried that the whole thing would spook Queen, so he found a reason to take her upstairs. Which turned out to be a good thing, because she got freaked even that far away.

Taako could’ve very happily stayed out there laughing about all the chaos for hours. After a while though Kravitz noticed him starting to shiver or whatever and suggested they go back inside. It was actually pretty sweet and also not an act or how he was with everyone apparently, and yeah okay, Taako couldn’t argue with that. Besides, they only had a bit longer to squeeze out of fucking with everyone, might as well not waste it.

From the yelling they’d heard earlier at some point while everyone grilling Lup and Barry over their ‘engagement’ someone had noticed the windows were cracked open. It was still cold as fuck inside, but it was starting to get better than it’d been before. They’d managed to close most of the windows at that point, although he kind of doubted they’d caught all of them yet. At the very least, they probably missed the bathroom ones.

“Hey, sorry about ghosting off like that, I got a little overwhelmed there. Lup, I’m so happy for you,” Taako said as he came back into the room, putting on a show a wiping at his face even though all of the laughter induced tears had gone away a while ago. That or got permanently frozen to his face, one or the other.

“Aw, thanks Koko,” Lup said still smiling proudly, her hands deliberately positioned to ‘casually’ show off the ring. It actually looked pretty nice, the band intricate carvings in silver with a bright fiery red gem set in it. Taako figured it was Barry’s legit Candlenights gift and they decided to use it for the prank.

The house continued to heat up again as they managed to close most of the windows and blare the heat. As soon as it started to get above freezing all of their relatives found excuses to take off the scarves. That was a shame, but they’d got them to wear em longer than expected anyway.

Sitting back on the couch with Kravitz, Taako could see Lup looking the two of them over. They weren’t acting any differently from the way they had been this whole time, except for the whole fact that it wasn’t like, an act anymore. These were actual legitimate couch cuddles with his boyfriend.

Which was cool. Real cool but like, no biggie. He was absolutely chill about this fact and barely even surprised. Sure he gave Lup a whole spiel the night before about how Kravitz didn’t like him and all, and he hadn’t been lying then. He’d figured Kravitz had agreed to all of this without thinking and then felt like he couldn’t back out of it and so figured he might as well give it his all. Taako hadn’t even been sure if he was completely over the whole fiasco from last year, but hey, Taako had never claimed to be an expert on people. He was clearly wrong in this scenario.

That didn’t matter though, because he got an unfairly adorable new, real boyfriend out of it and he was only a little bit giddy over that fact. It wasn’t anything noticeable enough for Lup to be giving him that look. Maybe Kravitz was being super obvious about it, that was probably it.

Whatever was tipping her off though, Lup couldn’t call them out on it now because of the ruse and all. She’d pounce on him the second she got the chance he was sure, but at least he had the time to prepare himself now.

Once things seemed to have settled for the moment a few people retreated to the kitchen to help make dinner. Taako and Lup both offered their services extensively, but they were told to ‘oh no, you two relax. Lup you just got such uh, wonderful news, we’re not going to make you work after that.' So they were left in the living room making small talk again. Most of it ended up being vague plans for the ‘wedding’ everything they said absolutely ridiculous, and pretty damn amazing.

It was just as incredible seeing everyone’s reactions to the plans they threw out. Barry suggested hand sewn outfits they made themselves, ‘out of something comfortable, like maybe denim.' Lup wanted a pyrotechnics display, preferably hooked up to the cake in some way. Kravitz casually offered to take care of the music for them. Taako was pretty damn sure the idea of getting invited to this event was forming in their relative’s minds as a waking nightmare vision of horror, and he was loving it. Taako would go to that wedding. Taako would be in that wedding.

Or well, he will be, but in like ten fucking years because holy shit, this was a great goof, the best goof, but he knew Lup and Barry. Those two moved at a snail’s pace in their relationship, there was no way they were putting marriage of all things on the table yet.

When Seransie came back into the room after a few minutes Taako knew that the food wasn’t done yet. Unless they were even more incompetent cooks than he thought, which was saying something. He was very aware of how shitty of cooks they were after all.

“Daelar could you come and take the trash out for us? There’s an odd smell in the kitchen,” she said, and something about the way she said it felt like she didn’t think the trash was what was causing the smell. Taako was pretty sure she would be right about that. He saw her eyes glance over at Barry, who had gone back to being totally uninterested in anything after the whole engagement thing.

“Erm, dear? Do you think the um, items you left in the fridge are going bad?” she asked, and Barry just kinda shrugged.

“No? I mean probably not? Dunno,” he said simply. She did not look too thrilled with that answer, but she also didn’t look surprised at this point.

“Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to take them out when we leave,” Lup said, and that seemed to sate their aunt for the time being. Daelar got up to go take out the trash anyway, and talk of the future wedding seemed to be dying down some.

“Those earrings new babe?” Lup asked, and Taako’s hands went up to the ridiculous tentacle earrings Kravitz had given him. Well, ridiculous in the best fucking way possible. He hadn’t expected her to mention them, but he guessed her curiosity was starting to get to her.

“Yep,” he said simply, a large smile stretching across his face. There wasn’t any reason for him to say anything more than that, and the longer he could go without Lup being able to say I told you so the better.

“So, what about you two, hm? When are you and Krav gonna tie the knot?” Lup asked, and fucking rude. They were supposed to be torturing their relatives, not each other.

“I uh, I think it might be a little early for something like that,” Kravitz said. Taako nodded in agreement, although he definitely wasn’t going to bring up the fact that Lup and Barold were supposedly three weeks into dating. God, fuck he couldn’t think about that for too long or else he’d start laughing again.

“Yeah, I think we’re gonna take that particular milestone slow,” he said. Joking about getting married as well could be funny, but he was kinda worried it would freak Kravitz out since they'd started actually dating and all.

Fuck, they were actually dating. That was wild.

“Aw, no double wedding?” Lup asked, and okay, that idea if nothing else was a little bit tempting, but yeah still nope.

“Sorry if you think I’m sharing the spotlight with anyone on my wedding,” Taako said, and Lup didn’t look surprised by that in the slightest.

“Yeah okay, that’s fair,” she said. Soon enough after that everyone else finished dinner. There was a pretty decent amount of food, for all that the shit was bland enough to only technically count as edible. Still, he got a plate of food without much fuss. While moving around the kitchen underneath the smell of the dinner he could tell there was the start of something foul. None of the eggs had been found yet, which was oh so pleasing.

They were only staying here one more night, so Taako casually ripped into the cooking. He only slightly masked it as ‘helpful tips for next time’ and ‘good, but have you considered.' Kravitz also let him feed little bits and pieces to Queen, which was satisfying as fuck.

Really though, after the initial explosive morning, the rest of Candlenights was pretty chill. He’d give little jabs here and there, Lup ran into Larinya when she was coming around a corner holding a drink and a plate for food, things like that. There was a slight air of anticipation around everyone else, like they were waiting for the other shoe to drop with them. It was pretty obvious they had managed to figure out at this point that shit wasn’t exactly safe.

Still, soon enough it was time for bed and he and Lup were wishing everyone a good night and saying how they’d had such a good time seeing everyone again before heading up to their rooms. Even Kravitz looked a little confused once Taako shut the door behind them, but he flashed a smile at him before going to collapse into the bed.

“Don’t worry homie, we got a pretty spectacular finish planned, just gotta wait for everyone to get to sleep first,” Taako told him. Kravitz chuckled, setting Queen down in the spot on the vanity she’d taken as her sleeping perch and nodded.

“I never had any doubts,” he said, coming to sit down on the bed as well. “How soon are you planning on putting those plans into motion, is it worth it to try to sleep any?” he asked, which was a fair question.

“Eh, it’ll be a while, gotta make sure everyone’s deep in mediation and all,” he said, lying down for good measure. He was certainly going to catch a few Zs before getting down to business after all. “I’ll set an alarm, and Lup’ll come wake us up if we take too long,” he added.

“Alright then,” Kravitz said, seeming to hesitate for a moment. “Um, you’re alright with sharing the bed again tonight?” he asked, actually sounding uncertain which was ridiculous.

“Of course my dude, I’m definitely not less okay with it than I was last night,” he said, Kravitz smiling at that and fucking hell. Dude did not have any right being that cute and shit.

“I’m glad,” Kravitz said, and Taako had to fucking shift so he could pull the blanket up over him some more. He wasn’t used to people sounding so sincere and shit.

“Cool, good to know. Uh, don’t bother getting changed, we’re gonna go outside and it’ll be cold as fuck,” he said. Kravitz laughed at that before lying down, and he still seemed a little nervous, but not quite as stiff as the night before. Before he could think twice about it Taako curled up against him, because why the fuck not. Kravitz didn’t seem to mind, wrapping his arms around him after a moment, and it was nice.

Yeah, he could get used to this.

He didn’t get a chance to get used to it, because it felt like fucking no time at all before his alarm started blaring and woke them both up. Taako groaned, flinging his hand around to try to find the thing so he could turn it off. By the time he managed to find it and make it shut up he was pretty much awake, which was annoying. This was gonna be great and all, but he wanted to sleep.

“Hey, you awake?” he asked Kravitz, trying to fight back a yawn.

“No,” he answered simply, and Taako chuckled against him.

“Well sorry, but you’re gonna have to wake up then, need all hands on deck for this,” he said, starting to untangle himself somewhat from Kravitz. For his part, he groaned and halfheartedly tried to cling to him some.

“And here I thought you liked me,” Kravitz mumbled dejectedly.

“Sorry babe, but the mission came first,” he joked, and after that Kravitz reluctantly started to get up. “We can go back to sleep once we’ve got everything done,” Taako promised.

“What exactly are we going to be setting up?” he asked, but Taako waved that concern away, starting to put on his shoes and coat.

“Don’t even worry about it,” he said, figuring he was good for now and sneaking out of the room. Kravitz followed after him, leaving Queen sleeping on the vanity this time, which was for the best. Taako wasn’t surprised to find Lup and Barry already out of their room.

“There you two are, took ya long enough,” Lup joked as they came down the stairs.

“Perfection takes time Lup,” Taako said easily. His sister raised an eyebrow at that, giving them both a quick once over.

“You slept in your clothes again. Taako you didn’t even take out your earrings,” she said and oh shit, he hadn’t actually realized that.

“Perfection,” he repeated instead of trying to defend himself in any way. “And whatever, we starting with the cars?” he asked, Lup nodding.

“Yeah, it’s the biggest thing and should take the longest,” she said, and that’s what Taako was thinking. Kravitz gave him a very curious look at that, which he guessed was reasonable.

“And what in the world are you planning to do with the cars?” he asked, but Taako just patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry your pretty head over it. Why don’t you and Barold start filling up pots of water, we’ll go see if we can find the hose and get it to work,” he said. It didn’t answer Kravitz’s question, but he seemed more than content to go along with it.

“Sure thing dear,” he said, him and Barry heading to the kitchen while Lup lead them into the garage, saying that she’d seen some garden supplies in there when taking away chair parts.

“Fuck it’s cold in here,” Taako said as they went in, and it’d be even worse once they were outside, but that was fine. That would help with their whole plans.

“Mhmm, right, anyway. I think you were saying something last night about how goth nerd extraordinaire out there doesn’t like you?” she said, picking past boxes of old clothes and discarded lawn furniture to reach the garden supplies. Taako huffed, looking through a box to see if there was anything inside they could use to fuck with shit last minute. Nothing much in that one, just old sheets and shit.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Barold’s my best friend of course he likes me,” he said. Lup rolled her eyes at that comment, having finally reached the garden supplies. She handed Taako some hedge clippers as she began looking for the hose.

“Okay, he’s also a goth nerd, I’ll give you that much, but you know that wasn’t what I was talking about,” she said. Taako had started to casually go around the garage, cutting random items with the hedge clippers. He snapped the cords off of a few lamps and radios and such, tore holes in sheets. Pretty much just fucked with anything that looked like it was in good enough condition and on top of piles that it’d be likely they’d try to use them again sometime.

“Okay, cha’boy might’ve been wrong on that one, I’ll admit,” he relented. Taako wasn’t sure if the huge smile that spread across her face was from him admitting that or because of the hose in her hands.

“Of course you were. He have those earrings picked out the entire time or did he sneak out or what?” she asked, starting to work her way back to the garage door.

“He brought them when we were in that goth store,” Taako told her.

“That’s fucking adorable.”

“I know! And I didn’t have shit for him, do you know how lame that is? I mean, technically I guess he did get me as a Candlenights gift, and you can’t do much better than that, but still,” Taako complained.

“I”m sure you’ll find some way to make it up to him.” Lup said before leaving the garage and heading over to the kitchen. In the time they were gone it seemed like Barry and Kravitz had managed to find most of the large bowls and pots in the house and had filled a lot of them.

“Hell yeah, this is a good start, let’s take these bad boys outside and get to work,” Taako said, grabbing a full pot and starting out. Everyone else seemed good to go along with it, Lup slinging the hose around her arm before grabbing one and following him.
He was right about it being even colder outside, and there was even a bit of snow falling. A dusting over the current layer on the ground, but that was honestly perfect.

“This one’s uncle Vividar’s car, right?” he asked, heading over to one. Lup nodded, and they both started to slowly pour the water over the car. Some of it was definitely freezing, but it was good they got the hose because only doing this with pots of water would take forever.

“Hey babe, you wanna start packing some snow onto it too? That might help with the freezing,” Lup suggested. Barry started shoveling snow onto the car for them to pore cold water onto and Kravitz practically doubled over laughing as he realized what they were doing.

“Remind me to never get on your bad sides,” he said, but there was a huge smile on his face.

“Pretty sure you don’t need a reminder after all this. Go hook up the hose for us?” Taako asked. Kravitz nodded, and yeah okay, he was definitely the one being all obvious. Before he went to set up the hose he pulled Taako into a quick side hug and gave him a kiss on the head, which hey, Taako wasn’t going to complain about. It was freezing out here so hugs were definitely welcomed and he couldn’t blame Kravitz for wanting to get all up on this.

It was also real sweet and cute and when Lup snickered at him he flung some snow at her.

After that they started to really get down to icing each of the cars. The most effective method seemed to be covering them with layers of snow and then spraying them down with water to form thick shells of ice.

It took over an hour to get all of the cars completely encased in ice. It would take a hell of a lot of work to get them all free, which was so satisfying. You couldn’t even really tell which car was which unless you remembered where you parked. Of course, their car was spared from this fate, just covered in the light dusting of snow that had fallen so far.

By the time they headed inside Taako was fucking freezing. His hands and feet had gone numb about fifteen minutes ago and he was shivering like crazy, but fuck it was worth it.

“Are you alright?” Kravitz asked as he kicked snow off of himself in the doorway. Both him and Barry seemed a bit better off than the shivering messes Lup and Taako were, despite how pleased the twins looked with their work. Damn shitty elven constitution.

“Fuckin perfect my dude, ain’t gonna lose any toes,” Taako told him. Sure, he wouldn’t complain at the thought of climbing under a million blankets right now, but he was good. Despite his reassurances, Kravitz still came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Taako, which was admittedly really nice. He wasn’t much warmer than Taako was, but it was definitely better than not having him.

“So, is there anything else you want to set up or are you two satisfied for the night?” Barry asked, rubbing his hands together to get the feeling back into them.

“Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?” Lup asked back, and Barry didn’t seem surprised by that answer in the slightest.

“Maybe someday I’m hoping you’ll actually take a break?” he said, but Lup shook her head.

“Nope, you know you love this.”

“Yeah, you got me there,” Barry said, smiling all dumb at Lup. Normally Taako would make some smartass comment at this point about the two of them being sappy fucks. Considering the fact that he had Kravitz slumped over his back like a human blanket though he figured it was best to hold his tongue. Maybe that was why Lup had been all insistent that he make a move already.

“So uh, what else are we doing?” Kravitz asked, and Taako perked up as he got an idea.

“Oh shit, where’d I leave those hedge clippers?” he asked, and instead of pulling away from Kravitz he dragged him along with him into the kitchen. The clippers were lying on the counter where he left them and Taako grabbed them up. He made sure to unplug the microwave before snapping the couple of exposed wires in the back before setting it normal again. “What else can I cut?” he asked, definitely the most excited to use gardening tools he’d ever been.

So he and Kravitz went around snipping random items while Lup and Barry set up their own shit. Once he was satisfied at the number of holes he put in the backs of fancy decorative pillows and cut off the string that pulled the blinds up for every window that had one Taako threw the clippers back into the garage.

Nearly falling over himself laughing, Taako got that jelly he’d seen before and started going around the house. He made sure to put just a little bit of it on doorknobs and other little odds and ends. When Kravitz tried to ask him what was so funny about jelly Lup told him not to question it. Taako asked him what wasn’t funny about jelly.

As for Lup and Barry, he saw them taking the dead things in jars and just sort of scattering them around the house. He caught them hiding the things in closets underneath towels and in lower kitchen cabinets, whatever little out of the way nooks and crannies they could find. Taako hadn’t looked too close at the jars, but he was pretty sure now that Barry had made a bunch specifically to bring along and do this shit. He also saw Barry messing around inside of the fridge, and he wasn’t sure what he was doing but was pretty sure it would be glorious.

It was maybe four am when they’d finally finished everything and Taako was more than a little exhausted. They all looked pretty damn tired and so when Barry suggested going to bed this time no one argued with him about it.

Sneaking back into their room, Queen looked up at the two of them before going right back to sleep. Such a smart bird.

Taako was too tired to bother with shame, quickly stripping off his damp clothes from being outside and changing into warm dry pajamas. Kravitz for his part still looked in any direction but Taako before getting changed himself, and damn it that was cute. He was going to get Taako liking cute thoughtful shit like that, wasn’t he?

“Come here, I need warmth,” Taako said once they were both dressed, grabbing Kravitz and pulling him into the bed with him. He didn’t seem to mind any, laughing slightly and wrapping Taako up in a hug. It was nice until one of his hands brushed Taako and he nearly jolted away from the chill. “Fuck, those are cold,” he complained.

“We were out in the snow for like an hour, I’m not too sure what you expected,” Kravitz said and yeah okay, fair enough. “We should get some sleep, you want to be up to see everyone’s reactions after all,” he added and Taako sighed because he had a point there.

“Yeah alright fine, I do wanna see as much fallout as possible before we skedaddle,” he agreed, snuggling into Kravitz a bit more. It took almost no time at all after that to fall asleep.

Taako got woken up because there was a bird on him. Before that revelation could properly startle him the bird jumped over onto the other person in the bed. Then Kravitz had a bird on him and that was less startling and more hilarious.

“Noooo Queen,” Kravitz mumbled sleepily when the bird started to jump around him, cawing and tugging at locks of his hair every so often.

“Pretty sure you can’t just say no to the Queen,” Taako said, forcing himself to wake up. After a second’s hesitation, Taako leaned forward and pressed a real quick kiss to his lips before starting to untangle himself, because like, he was right there and he could. It seemed to wake up him some, Kravitz looked confused for a few seconds as he blinked awake. Then he smiled at him in that same dumb way Barry was always smiling at Lup and fuck. Taako quickly started digging through his bag of clothes, pulling out an outfit for the day and shoving everything back in for when they needed to leave. Like, he was still going to tease Lup whenever she got all mushy with Barold, but he could kinda understand now.

“Alright, time to get ready to make our glorious exit,” Taako said. He didn’t take too long getting dressed and put together this time, pretty jived to get shit popping off. Kravitz was moving pretty slow, and he guessed it made sense with how little sleep they ended up getting. He ended up finished with getting dressed and packing about the same time as Taako was.

Taako made a point to bring their bags down with them, since there was a very real chance that once shit started to hit the fan they should make a run for it. Kravitz was quickly on board with that plan, making a comment about how at least they won’t be able to go through with a car chase.

Aunt Seransie was up and in the kitchen when they headed downstairs, and Taako was pretty sure he saw some relief in her eyes at the sight of their bags by the door.

“You’re leaving soon?” she asked, probably trying to sound disappointed but only managing to come across as indifferent.

“Oh yeah, you know how it is. Gotta get back to work and all that, never enough time for family,” he said casually. She nodded and seemed like she was about to say something, but as she opened the fridge door the selves inside collapsed, food and drinks and fucking everything crashing loudly to the floor. Huh, so that’s what Barry had been up to with the fridge. Impressive. Taako didn’t bother to hide his snickering now, earning him a very heated glare from his aunt once she got over the shock.

“It looks like Lup and Barry got their jars out of there already, that sure is a relief isn’t it auntie?” Taako said, leaning onto the counter with a smile. Seransie looked speechless for a moment before managing to pull herself together and start inspecting the fridge, trying to see what had gone wrong. Taako couldn’t be any more pleased when Lup and Barry came down the stairs just then. Barry was still wearing that fucking glorious curtain cape and both of them still in the same goddamn outfits they wore since the second day.

“Oh dern, what happened here? All those leftovers wasted. Well I mean, no one was going to eat them anyway, so I guess it’s not that much of a waste,” Lup said as she took in the scene. A few other people had started to come out now, most likely due to the loud noise.

“What in the world?” uncle Dealar asked, taking in the sight.

“The entire thing just collapsed, I haven’t the faintest idea what happened,” Taako said, pushing past him and the small crowd that had gathered.

“What did you two do?” Seransie snapped, and that wasn’t surprising. Neither of them were trying to hide their intentions anymore, because fuck them.

“Auntie, I don’t have any idea what you mean,” Lup said, sounding about as sincere as drywall.

“Oh would you two stop it already? You’ve caused nothing but trouble since you’ve got here,” Larniya snapped, sounding completely done with their bullshit. Taako huffed, putting on his most offended look.

“Why would you say something like that? We thought you wanted us here, considering all of the letters you kept sending us nonstop,” he said.

“We thought seeing you two on the news maybe you’d gone and grown up some, but you’ve gotten even worse,” she said. Taako didn’t bother responding, turning on his heels like to march towards the front door. He made sure to swing the one bag he was carrying over his shoulder in a suitably dramatic fashion. It knocked perfectly into the dumb vase full of glass balls, the whole thing crashing to the ground, vase and balls shattering into a million tiny pieces across the floor.

“Oops, knocked over your bouncy balls,” Taako said as flatly as possible. Lup was fucking doubled over laughing, and it was making it incredibly hard to keep a smile off of his face.

“Get out of here, now,” uncle Daelar said, sounding a fucking hair away from completely losing it.

“Uh, before we go, are you gonna like, use this or can I have-” Barry started, picking at something in the mess of food and junk in front of the fridge.

“Out!” Daelar yelled before Barry could finish. Queen let out a sudden loud croaking caw at him from Kravitz’s shoulder. It sent most of them scrambling back a few steps and Taako into absolute stitches of laughter.

“Queen doesn’t appreciate screaming, so if you could refrain from that it’d be much appreciated,” Kravitz said, still using the goddamn accent.

“All of you leave this instant,” Vividar said, not yelling for what it was worth, although still sounding pretty damn enraged. Yeah, this was the point where it was best to cut it and run. Knowing there was a whole bunch of bullshit left for them to uncover was satisfying even if they couldn’t stick around to see the reactions.

“Wedding’ll be next spring! Make sure to RSVP!” Lup called back as they all ran out to the car. Taako thought for a disappointing moment that no one was going to notice their work on the cars as they ran out. They’d just managed to shove all their bags in the trunk though when Zinlen ran out the front door, a few of the others following after him, all of them looking horrified.

“What did you do?” he yelled, running up to what was probably his car and trying to get to the door handle. They’d made sure to make the layers of ice extra think in those spots.

“Freaky storm last night huh? Well, hope y’all have fun with the extra family time!” Taako called before ducking into the car. As soon as they were all inside Barry started driving off, all of them laughing hopelessly.

“Holy shit, oh damn, that was perfect,” Lup finally managed after a moment, wiping tears from her eyes. Taako nodded in agreement, slumped against Kravitz as he slowly managed to get a hold of himself.

“I don’t- I don’t think we gotta worry about them bothering us anymore,” Taako said, a wide smile still plastered on his face.

“Oh hell no, mission fucking accomplished bro bro,” Lup said, reaching her hand back for a high-five that Taako happily gave.

Things started to calm down after that, the four of them settling down some for the long car ride back home. Taako stayed snuggled up against Kravitz as they rode, and it was starting to feel real that this was actually a thing. It was going to keep being a thing when they got back home and it was kind of insane. In a good way, a really fucking good way.

Instead of actually thinking about that though he joined in on the conversation they were having mocking everyone back there. He had plenty of time to think about him and Kravitz later after all.

“Okay like, obviously Barry wins right? Babe, you were fucking incredible. I’m taking that cloak and mounting it onto the wall when we get home,” Lup said, and yeah, Taako couldn’t argue with that one.

“Yeah no, you two won the second you did that fake goddamn proposal. I would’ve either broken or died if Krav hadn’t gotten me out of there,” he said with a smile. He expected bragging from the two of them, an explanation of how they’d came up with the whole idea and shit. Instead, there was a nervous laugh from Lup as she turned to look out the window and pointedly not into the backseat.

“Right, that was pretty good, uh, yeah,” she said, and the smile that had pretty much been permanently welded on Taako’s face started to fade.

“Uhuh, it was hilarious. A great prank, right Lup?” he asked, sounding a lot less giggly about it. She didn’t answer him, staring out of the window like her life depended on it. Taako turned to look at Barry, and with his hands on the steering wheel it was very easy to see the ring he had on. It was one Taako hadn’t seen before, a silver band very similar to the one Lup was currently wearing, but this gem black with ribbons of colors strung throughout it.

“Barold!” he yelled, not feeling like he needed to explain himself any further.

“Taako, I am driving this car. If you attack me, you doom everyone in here,” Barry replied easily.

“Um, please don’t doom us all dear, I’d really like to date you for longer than a day,” Kravitz said. Taako let out a wordless groan of frustration before slumping even further into Kravitz.

“You all are just lucky my daughter’s in the car,” Taako grumbled, picking up Queen from Kravtiz’s lap and snuggling her to deal with some of this absolute betrayal.

“I mean, we were gonna tell you,” Lup said, but Taako pouted at that anyway.

“It doesn’t make sense! You two haven’t even been dating for a year. It takes three years for you idiots to say ‘I like you’ but ‘hey let’s get fucking married’ is no big deal?” he whined.

“Hey, you were the one who was always complaining we didn’t move fast enough,” Lup said. Which okay, she had a point there, but also no. He knew for a fact his teasing had nothing to do with their actual decision making.

“Babe. Kravitz, my hot as fuck goth prince boyfriend, promise me you won’t do me dirty like this. I need to know now that I’m not dealing with an absolute maniac because apparently I can’t tell when it’s my own goddamn family whom I love and trust,” Taako said. Kravitz laughed, wrapping an arm around him and nodding.

“Uh, it’s a little early to talk about anything like that, but um, how about I promise to let you be the one to propose?” Kravitz said and Taako quickly nodded.

“Yes, good, the only one I can trust is myself,” he joked. “And Uh, congrats or whatever, that’s really cool and it’s nice to know you two at least have some initiative,” Taako said to Lup and Barry, sounding quite a bit more serious then he did before. “Like, I knew it was inevitable but I figured you’d two would be slow as fuck like always.”

“Nah, making up for lost time or whatever,” Lup said, relaxing once again. “And thanks Taako, that means a lot,” she said, all hopelessly sincere and fucking hell, everyone in this car was too goddamn sappy.

Relaxing against Kravitz for the rest of the ride home, Taako was pretty sure he couldn’t be happier.