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Small Paws

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Explosions allowed for distance to be kept between the two purebloods. They went back and forth with Yaoyorozu charging and Bakugo countering before she got close. The only reason Bakugo wasn’t facing Yaoyorozu head-on was due to the two silver knives she was wielding. Even a slight graze from one of these knives would take hours to heal, since silver was lethal for werewolves, especially pure bloods.

“Momo, you dumb or something? If you slip up even once with those knives, you’re–”


Momo stopped charging, looking down at her hands. She clutched the knives with a tighter grip. She looked up at Bakugo in desperation. Bakugo’s usually stern expression softened, and he looked over to her before he began to speak what he had found out when their first year at UA started.

“Momo, I don’t want to fight. I don’t want to hurt you. But, the stuff the Council is saying is not true. Their information isn’t valid. The purebloods I was sent to kill were already killed years before by hunters. The Council hadn’t sent out a scout in three years. Who knows what else they’re lying about!”

Momo didn’t move. She never once doubted the words of her higher ups. ‘Sure, a few mistakes were made here and there, but three years?’

“There must have been some mistake. The Council must have sent out scouts. They must have been killed.”

“They’re wasn’t a trace of any Council scout. I checked the parameter multiple times Momo.”

Bakugo controlled his growing temper, looking up at Yaoyorozu with rageful eyes.

“They weren’t killed because they weren’t sent. The Council stuck me out their as a sacrifice. ”

“They wouldn't. You’re their best warrior–”

“Was. Not anymore. Tell the damn Council to stay away from me and my packmates. I left and am never coming back. I don’t give a shit about your rules on turns, I’m protecting my family, got it?”

Yaoyorozu at that moment stopped being Bakugo’s friend and even the gentle and intellectual mother-like guidance of Class 1-A. She became the Council’s best fighter, and she wasn’t going to give up on the mission she had sent out to complete.

“Bakugo Katsuki. Did you or did you not take in yet another turned werewolf into your pack?”

“None of your damn business–”

“Answer the question.”

Bakugo paused, before he eyes narrowed and expression darkened.

“Like hell I did. I can’t let a damn turned go around with the fucking Council’s guard dog around here.”

“With these actions, your pack have been marked as traitors, along with you. You are now on the wanted list of the Council of Lycaon. Prepare to face the punishment of treason.. Death.”

Before Yaoyorozu could create another weapon, she found herself unable to do so. A pair of glowing red eyes shown from the shadows. The figure stepped out to reveal the homeroom teacher of the pair, who didn’t seem pleased with the events that were occurring right in front of his eyes.

“None of my students are killing each other on school property. I don’t care if it’s some werewolf death-battle, no one is fighting to the death on UA property, got it?”

Both students responded with apologies, bowing in forgiveness. Yaoyorozu would never do such a thing for a human, but school’s a domain all its own. Plus, the faculty’s only pureblood was looming over their teacher.

“On school grounds, humans, werewolves, hunters, and all creatures alike are welcomed and not discriminated, targeted, or threatened.”

Midnight glared at Yaoyorozu, a pure look of disappointment and disapproval.

“Yaoyorozu, when you were to be sent to UA by the Council along with Bakugo, it was agreed that no pureblood, halfblood, or turned would be harmed on school grounds. Packs would remain peaceful and neutral to Council stereotypes. There could also be no death threats.”

Yaoyorozu looked down in shame, slightly moving away from Midnight. The only representative of the Council had just called Yaoyorozu out for her offense, and honestly, she hated it. Of course, the school had no idea why she was really sent, only Midnight knew. She knew that Yaoyorozu was sent to fulfill her mission, and that if it was to be done, it couldn’t be on school grounds.

“I apologize–”

“You’ll have to take that up with the Principal. From my experience, this will most-likely end in a suspension. Probably going last till next week at the very least.”

Aizawa didn’t seem to help the situation, and Yaoyorozu began to fear for her life. This could break her perfect record; this could completely destroy her school reputation.

“Aizawa Sensei, if Mo- Yaoyorozu gets suspended, suspend me too. I also engaged in the fight and deserve equally as much of a consequence.”

Bakugo had a few detenetions on his records. A suspension wouldn’t be that harmful, and it would give him the chance to have more time to figure out what the hell was going on with Deku.

“Then I guess I’ll tell Nedzu. Yaoyorozu and Bakugo both have week long suspensions for starting a fight and going against school policies.”

Aizawa began to walk away, but was stopped by the hand placed on his shoulder.

“Shota, I think this time you’re being a little hard on them…”

“Nemuri, I know what I’m doing. I might not know about werewolf customs, but I know a bloody fight when I see the startings of one.”

“But Shota–”


The three werewolves physically winced from the loud call. Yaoyorozu flinched when she saw the face of who the voice belonged to. Hizashi Yamada, mostly known as Present Mic, as well as a hunter. The sole purpose of a hunter is to take down werewolves, especially purebloods, and having their English teacher be one of them was not the calmest thing.

“HEY NEMURI! SHOta! woah, thanks. I’m just excited! Isn’t it movie night?”

Aizawa had used his quirk to stop the loud amplifying voice that is Present Mic, and brought him down to normal people vocal range.

“Yeah, it’s Shota turn to pick!”

Midnight looked over at the students before her, and walked a few paces closer before beginning to whisper.

“Okay, so you two can obviously get along. If I can be friends with both a human and a hunter, two purebloods can put aside their differences and make up. No, this won’t take away your suspensions. Those are going to happen. But in that time, think about why you drifted apart and how you both can come back together.”

She turned and began to run over to her colleagues.


Both purebloods watched as their three teachers walked away. Each grew up in a different life, and in some cases those morals told them to hate each other. Still, they could laugh and talk like there was no difference. It was…amazing to say the least.

“This fight isn’t over.”

Yaoyorozu walked away, hands in fist, and face hidden from view. Bakugo didn’t need any for of supernatural abilities to see the tear that fell off her face. She then quickly ran, and Bakugo couldn’t even stop himself when the tears began to roll down his face. Maybe their teachers could get along, but there was no way that they could...not after everything that drove them apart…


Eijiro had begun to get worried when Katsuki didn’t show up. It wasn’t like him to set a time to meet up and be half an hour late. He looked around, and faintly saw a familiar ash blonde in the distance.


He ran when the blonde was close enough, and embraced him in his arms. Katsuki visibly relaxed, as he melted into the comforting and safe arms of his boyfriend.


He began to cry, his arms wrapped tighter around Eijiro with every ounce of energy he had left. He didn’t even hesitate to grasp onto the blonde, gently running his fingers through his hair. Luckily, they were in a part of the park that anyone barely came to, so this entire display wasn’t even seen.

“Katsuki, what’s wrong?”

He looked up with tear filled eyes, something that Eijiro never thought he would see. Tears welled at the ides of his eyes, and ran down his cheeks like waterfalls.

“M-Momo. She-She’s coming after us. All of us. Ei, I-I don’t know what to do. It’s different with Deku, we were always tense like this as kids, but Momo? We were close–really close. No one knew me better than her, not even Deku.”

His tears flowed harder and heavier when the next sentence left his mouth.

“I-I don’t want to hurt her Ei.”

“It’s okay, love. I’m here, I’ll always be here. I’ve got you.”

Eijiro didn’t really know how to react. He had never seen Katsuki in such a vulnerable state. All he knew was that Katsuki needed him, and he would be here.

“Babe, look at me.”

He pulled Katsuki’s face to meet his own. He pressed his forehead to the blondes, looking directly into his crimson eyes.

“You won’t have to hurt her. Whatever happened or is happening to Yaoyorozu can be solved. None of us will get hurt, got it? I don’t ever want to see you cry like this, babe. I will always be here for you.”

He pressed his lips against Katsuki’s, who kissed back with a need for love and tears still streamed down his face. He pulled away, looking at Eijiro with a broken smile.

“I love you Ei, and I have no idea what I would do without you…”

“I love you too Katsu, and you will never need to know what would happen if I’m not by your side. I will forever be with you.”

Katsuki managed a real smile, and he pulled Eijiro closer.

“We should probably go follow Deku to make sure he doesn't do anything dumb on his date with Icy-Hot.”

“Yeah, you’ve got a point.”

The two stood up and linked arms, walking to make sure their newest packmate didn’t out to the world that werewolves existed.


Todoroki knew the risks. When he was accepted into UA he knew about the werewolves that were attending. Two purebloods, a halfblood, and a turned all in his homeroom. What he wasn’t ready for was for the one human classmate that he had fallen for to be turned into one of the creatures that he was forced to kill. He’d tell him. Explain everything, and still show that he loved him with all his heart.