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Small Paws

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Izuku Midoriya was, to say the least, one of the most bubbly, positive faces in all of class 1-A, only seconded by Kirishima, because he’s an actual ball of sunshine. Still, he was rarely upset, and if he ever really was, he only expressed it after being harassed to a breaking point by his friends and classmates. So, one can expect that 1-A had no idea how to handle Midoriya being openly antisocial and inactive in class. Even All Might was alarmed when Midoriya didn’t start writing like crazy in his notebook during the fights between students, which he usually did daily. Something was also off with Bakugo, who hadn’t said a word to him all day, keeping his distance. No one was gutsy enough to ask, except for one.

“Hey Midoriya, are you okay? You seem to be talking less, and you didn’t even pick up your notebook during hero training.”

Everyone silently let out sighs of relief. Leave it to Todoroki to speak when everyone else can’t. Others began to chime in with their concerns, but the small boy looked away from the crowd of students.

“It’s nothing. I’m just tired; I didn’t get a lot of sleep- “

“Bullshit.” Bakugo spoke breaking Midoriya’s words, which caused Midoriya to obviously cringe and tense slightly. “That’s total bullshit and you know it.”

“Hey Katsuki,” Kirishima whispered into Bakugo’s ear, “I don’t think you should push it. Midoriya looks tired.”

“It’s bullshit. Deku, tell them the fucking truth nerd. They actually asked because they care about you. Don’t feed them bullshit.”

Midoriya looked up at Bakugo, a mix of anger and sadness reflected in his eyes.

“Kacchan, I don’t- “

“Oi, shitty nerd. I told you once and I don’t want to say it again. Fucking tell them.”

Midoriya hesitated, but the second he turned to face the class, his eyes met Todoroki’s, and he visibly relaxed.

“It’s the anniversary of my father’s death. I’m just, worried about my mom. I usually stay home to keep her company, but she refused to let me stay home. I just–I don’t like leaving her by herself today. She misses my dad a lot, and I don’t want for her to go through today without me...”

“Midoriya, we had no idea...”

Kaminari spoke up, looking sincerely at the boy. Everyone else seemed to feel the same, and Uraraka came in to hug him.

“You should have told us before Deku. We would have copied notes for you; you could have stayed home with your mom...”

Midoriya shook his head, looking up at the entire class with tears forming in his eyes.

“I wouldn’t want to be too pushy with my mom. She needs her time and space. The only one who actually knows about today other than her is Kacchan.”

Suddenly, the events from the entire day seemed to all fit into place. Everything from Bakugo ignoring Midoriya to the boy’s behavior made sense.

“Hey Midoriya,” Todoroki looked over to meet the boy’s green eyes, “Stay home next year, okay? Whatever happens, one of us will make sure you don’t miss anything, okay?”

He nodded, tears flooding from his eyes.

“Yeah, I promise.”


When the bell rang to let everyone out of class, Midoriya walked out with Iida and Uraraka. After hearing what today was, those two hadn’t left him alone, always being there to comfort him, though he didn’t need it.

“Deku, it must have been hard losing your dad.”

Midoriya shook his head, responding truthfully to his friend’s question.

“To be honest, my father died when I was really young. I barely remember him. Today affects my mom more than it affects me.”

Iida paused, looking over to Midoriya sternly.

“Just remember that you can count on us, okay? We’re your friends, we’ll always be here for you...”

He smiled and nodded, linking arms with his friends.

When the three came to a crossroads, Uraraka hugged Midoriya before continuing, and Iida gave his final condolences. Midoriya headed home, though he came across a shortcut that would get him home faster. It was through a back alley, and he tried to never go near one since the whole “Sludge Villain” incident, but he didn’t want to leave his mother home alone longer than he had to. So, Midoriya veered to an alley, walking speedily. He had to get home, and that one thought was solely where his focus lied. He was so focused, that he didn’t even notice the attacker behind him.

Sharp claws sunk into his arm, sending extreme waves of pain flaring through Midoriya’s arm.

“AARGH!” The boy let out a scream of pain, staggering away from his attacker. He sent 5% of One for All through his entire body and charged. Still, he was out maneuvered, and in his time of fault, a set of teeth bit down on his shoulder. A worse pain than the claws pulsed through Midoriya’s body, causing him to fall and roll in pain. His attacker stood tall above him, and readied themselves to land the final blow. That attack never arrived though, and was sent flying from a large-scale explosion.

Midoriya only heard three words before he blacked out, “Stupid-ass Deku...”


Midoriya stirred to find that he was in his bed. Surrounding him were three familiar faces.

“Kacchan? Kirishima? Kaminari? What are you guys doing here?”

Midoriya tried to sit up, but the second he even thought of moving, pain spread like wildfire.


He was steadied back onto his back by Kirishima, who kept looking over at Bakugo and Kaminari anxiously.

“Katsuki, we can’t leave him in the dark...”

Kirishima could almost feel Bakugo’s glare burn holes in his head. Kaminari seemed to agree, shaking his head, since he opted to keep his mouth closed. Bakugo let out a sigh, motioning for Kaminari to close the door.

“Listen up Deku, because I’m only saying this one time, and then we’re outta here, got it? That thing in the alley bit you, right?”

Midoriya nodded, causing a pissed reaction from Bakugo.

“Dammit. Look, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. That thing that bit you isn’t human. And all the pain that your feeling? It’s from the bite. It’s turning you into something that isn’t human. It’s turning you into a werewolf, and making you just like us...”

Midoriya wasn’t sure what shocked him more. The fact that he was turning into something inhuman, or the fact that his childhood friend just admitted he wasn’t human. Or maybe the fact Kirishima and Kaminari weren’t as shocked as he was by this. He was just shocked silent, until his mother walked in.

“Izuku! Oh, thank god! When Katsuki said you passed out in an alley, I was terrified! I’m so glad nothing happened... I don’t know what I would have done...”

She ran over to hug her son, who tried his best to not scream in pain.

“Mom, I’m so sorry that I made you worry. I didn’t want to worry you... I know how hard today is for you...”

Inko shook her head, looking up into her son’s beautiful forest green eyes.

“Izuku, your father would be so proud of you... I wish he could be here to see you...”

The three other boys in the room only watched, though Kaminari and Kirishima wouldn’t stop grinning.

“Thank you boys so much for bringing Izuku back. Please, stay for dinner.”

Bakugo nodded, followed by even wider grins Kirishima and Kaminari.

“Thank you Inko, that would be great.”

She left the boys alone again, and Bakugo’s tone turned dark.

“You’re a werewolf now Deku, no changing that anymore. There’s only one way to even deal with it, and these idiots were fighting me on it the entire way here. We’re a pack; a family that stays together no matter what. A turned werewolf would be killed in seconds by a pure-blooded werewolf, or even a half-blood–”

“Geez Katsuki, I think you're scaring him– “


“Make me, ‘Alpha’.”

“You’re so asking for it.”

Bakugo, in an enraged fit of anger, kissed Kirishima, leaving Midoriya dumbfounded. Kaminari on the other hand, wouldn’t stop laughing.

“HOLY SHIT! I think you guys broke Midoriya!" He wheezed between words

Midoriya just sat up in bed, taken back completely by what just happened.

“I KNEW IT! Mina totally owes me. I knew that you two were a couple!”

That comment now shocked the two boys silent. Kaminari only seemed to laugh harder.

“This shit is comedy gold! Midoriya, how- what were you guys betting?”

“Well, if I lost, she got to put a full face of makeup on me, with help from Uraraka, Tsu, Momo, and Jiro. But if I won, she wouldn’t be allowed to tease or even talk about you guys being a couple for a month. I knew I was going to win, so I let her choose whatever she wanted without fear.”

This only caused Kirishima to join in Kaminari’s laughter, which blanketed over a feeling of calm. Bakugo seemed to be the only one that didn’t get covered by the calmness.

“Not to ruin your fun, but I still didn’t finish. I’m the leader of our pack, and I don’t want for you to go through this alone. We made this pack to help turned werewolves for as long as we can. Deku, will you join our pack? And before you answer, let me say this. I would be your Alpha. What I say goes. Unless you want to challenge my authority, you respect what I say. Understood?”

Midoriya didn’t even hesitate.

“I know that you aren’t as mean as you act, Kacchan. With Kirishima, you’ve been calmer. Others might not see that, but I noticed it right away. I would like to join your pack.”

Kaminari tackled Midoriya into a hug, forgetting that he was in fact, feeling pain simply from sitting up.

“Sorry man, just wanted to welcome you to the pack. From now on, your family.”

Kirishima nodded, following for a softer hug then Kaminari’s tackle hug.

“I know that the situation isn’t the best, but I’m happy that you’re going to be with us.”

Bakugo didn’t say anything more, but a rare genuine small smile appeared on his face, and for once, everything was peaceful.


Of course, it had to be Katsuki. Ever since he left, it was always Katsuki who was caught in the Council’s crossfire. But this time, he really did do something out of line. Taking in yet another turned werewolf. This time, the punishment was death to all four. And their executioner? None other than Bakugo’s former packmate and current classmate. As much as Yaoyorozu didn’t ever want to, she had to kill him. But she wouldn’t do that before convincing him to come back…

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Bakugo didn’t really know how to feel after everything that happened the day before. The one person who he bullied to the point of him to “take a swan-dive off the roof” back in middle school was now under his care as a packmate. Nothing stung more than looking into Deku’s eyes and seeing only the fear that once resided in them daily when Bakugo even looked his direction ever so slightly. It was sick; the worst feeling in the world. Kirishima seemed to sense something uneasy going on with his boyfriend, and lifted his head from his shoulder and snuggled closer to him on the couch they were resting on.

“Babe, I know that face. What’s on your mind?”

He grumbled at the comment from his boyfriend. It mildly scared him how well he could be read by the red-eyed boy.

“Just thinking about Deku. I feel bad looking back at the shithead that I was to him. Those damn pureblood ideals were drilled so deep into my skull that I gave no shits about humans. Deku still followed me, like I was his alpha or something. I treated him like crap... DAMMIT! I don’t deserve to be his Alpha. What do I do, Ei?”

The red-haired boy looked over at the couch adjacent to them, eyeing a certain Pikachu-blonde that had shifted into a wolf to curl up on the armchair.

“Remember when you were supposed to kill me, my moms, and Denki? You remember what you did when you told me what you were sent to do?”

“I told you I was sorry... I held you close and apologized...”

“And that’s what you need to do for Midoriya. Tell him that you’re sorry. It might end up scaring him more than being accepted as forgiving, but the point will come across, one way or another...”

Bakugo looked as if he was going to explode, and to be honest, he probably would have, it had not been for Kirishima’s calm hands that cupped his face.

“I’ll go with you, and I’ll hold your hand as you tell him. Would my little puppy want me to do that?”

Bakugo immediately turned beet red, and turned away from Kirishima with a grumble.

“Goddammit, you’re a fucking mess, Ei...”

The boys snuggled closer, looking out the windows at the slowly filling moon. Bakugo looked down to the now asleep redhead in his arms, thinking back to what he was originally sent to do to his boyfriend.


Bakugo, being a pure blooded werewolf (meaning that he had a mother and father who are descendants from members of Lycan’s original pack) who had a strong sense of duty to the Council. He served as one of their best, completing every trivial task assigned to him. Then, it came down to one of his biggest tasks yet... killing two rouge purebloods. The two women had fallen in love, and ran away from the Council. In addition, they also saved a halfblood (a werewolf who is the child of a pureblood and a human or turned werewolf) after the council had already killed the child’s family. Apparently, the two were raising the child as his mothers, and Bakugo was sent to go and kill all three. He was to get close to the half blood; so close that the young werewolf would lead him to his home and easily allow Bakugo to kill them all and clean up the murder without a trace. When Bakugo “accidently bumped into” the young halfblood, he mainly didn’t push him away for the sake of his mission. He soon began to realize the real reason he didn’t push him away was because he cared for the halfblood. More than cared, he had fallen head-over-heels in love with the red-head. He then found that Kirishima had fallen for him too, and he was confessed to. Bakugo accepted his confession, and the two began to date, though he reminded himself that it was all solely for the sake of the mission. When Kirishima led him to his apartment, to his surprise, he wasn’t met with the scent of two purebloods, but the scent of a turned werewolf. Bakugo tense, his guard raising ever so slightly, as the two entered the house. When they walked into an empty house, Bakugo was caught off-guard and jumped from behind. He was so dazed, that the attack managed to knocked him unconscious.

“Kami, I’m not sure about this. What if he isn’t a werewolf? What if he’s a human and we just knocked him unconscious and wrapped him in silver chains. What if he breaks-up with me?!”

The one who he had assumed was 'Kami' let out an exhausted sigh.

“Jeez Kiri, put at least a little faith in me. I think I know a werewolf when I see one. I mean, I realized you were a werewolf when we first met-”

“That was my own fault! I didn’t think you would catch me shifting back!”


“Well, you two sure don’t know how to keep hostages.”

Bakugo attempted to look up, but it seemed that his eyes were blindfolded. He could still smell them though, and he could smell the shock and fear from the turned one, 'Kami' when he faced his direction exactly. Kirishima seemed more surprised than the other, not really believing what he was seeing.

“So, not only are you a halfblood saved by two rouge purebloods, but you also took in a turned? Well, the Council won’t like at all... plus it totally messes with my plan...”

The look on Kirishima’s face was one of shock and betrayal. Bakugo couldn’t look at him, but he could smell him. Betrayal, it was a potent smell, a smell that made him want to break through the silver chains, even if they burned through his skin, and hold him tight. From that moment on, Bakugo silently pledged his life to Kirishima, promising to protect him, and never have to smell that horrible scent again...

“Kiri, I want you to back up. I’m gonna sent an electric current through his body that leave him as close to dead as possible. After that, we run. We leave the country.”

'Kami' began to walk over to Bakugo, fingers crackling with electricity. He probably would have done what he said he would if it wasn’t for Kirishima.

“Denki, we can’t do this. Sure, he might have been sent here to kill us, but he cares for me. He had all the time in the world to hold me hostage and kill me, but he didn’t! We can’t do this, it’s not right. What if my moms saw this? What would they say, Denki?”

'Kami' or 'Denki', at this point Bakugo was still trying to pin a name to the face, looked up at the red head, eyes beginning to water.

“God Ei, they’d kill me. Tell me "what are you thinking Denki? We didn’t take you in to do bad things to people. We taught you better." God Ei, they’d kick my ass... Still, what do we do with him?”

Bakugo looked up, and chose his next words carefully.

“I won’t go back. I’ll stay here; you can watch my every move. I won’t sell you out.” He looked in the direction of Kirishima’s warm and gentle smell. “I’ll gain back your trust. Maybe then, we can start over. I promise you, Eijiro Kirishima, I will win your heart.”

The blindfold over his eyes was removed, and he saw an almost crying Kirishima.

“God, you could never do anything to hurt me. You won my heart the second that you first talked to me...”

He removed the chain, and leapt into Bakugo’s arms, holding his close.

“I will protect you with my life Eijiro...”

“Don’t think that I’m not going to protect you with my life Katsuki...”


Bakugo’s heart warmed with the memory of the first time he uttered his boyfriend’s first name. And that promise, he held true. He protected him with his life, even if that meant that he could never go back to his old life, it was worth it for his smile. It was worth it all to see his Eijiro safe and sound in his arms...


The next day, Midoriya could handle the pain. He had broken almost every single bone in his body. What was a little muscle and bone pain going to do? It seemed as normal as it would get at a high school full of trainee heroes, and that made the slight pain ease away. The only thing that could change that was maybe a really cute boy heading his way.

For those who didn’t know, Todoroki was hot, which wasn’t just a pun for his quirk. He had the smoothest and most beautiful hair, and his face was like an angel’s. His voice was clear as crystal, and only icy went he was pissed or serious. Midoriya also had a huge-ass crush on him.

“Hey Midoriya,” Todoroki had approached him after Present Mic’s English class, “Are you feeling okay?”

Midoriya nodded vigorously, face turning a bright pink.

“Yeah, I’m okay Todoroki. I was just spacing out. Yesterday was pretty rough...”

Todoroki was never good at expressing himself, but around Midoriya, he had turned into an open-book. His eyes shun with concern as he reached out to hold Midoriya’s hands.

“Midoriya, you were there to support me during the Sports Festival and we both stood and fought together against Stain. You had my back then, and you still have it now. I’m here if you need me. How about we meet up outside school? There’s a new café that just opened and I’ve heard good things from Fuyumi. Are you free tonight?”

Midoriya just stopped. He just got asked out. Todoroki just said that he would always support him and then asked him out... The anxiety was almost tangible– wait. Midoriya could smell it. He could smell pure anxiety and embarrassment. He could smell emotions?

“What the hell?” Midoriya spoke quietly under his breath, too low for Todoroki to hear. When he straightened up, he was Todoroki anxiously fiddling with his finger, as if he was wanting for an answer... Midoriya looked up in mild horror. HE IS WAITING FOR AN ANSWER!

“I’m free today Todoroki. I would love you–TO! I WOULD LOVE TO! TEXT ME THE DETAILS!”

With that, Midoriya made a mad dash for Kirishima, Kaminari, and Bakugo. He heaved as he reached them, panic painted on his face.

“Hey,” he heaved heavily, “I was talking to Todoroki. And this weird thing happened and my sense of smell was weird and yeah.”

“What did you smell? An enhanced sense of smell is obvious in turned, but it usually gets powerful over time...”

“No, I was just talking to him and he asked me to meet him at a café after school and it like... it smelled weird. A sense of embarrassment and anxiety could almost be touched, but like, touched with my sense of smell. Does that sound weird or is this like, not normal?”

Kirishima and Kaminari both looked back to Bakugo, whose face was impossible to read. It was a blank expression, and he spoke most likely without thinking.

“You smelled emotions...–”


Kirishima easily recognized the lack of emotion on his boyfriend’s face, and replied to Midoriya.

“That must be it! We’ll head to lunch in a sec, go before us to talk to your 'boyfriend'.”

Midoriya blushed, nodding slightly and heading off. When the three were sure he was out of the distance of his hearing, they dropped all of their masks.

“Katsuki, no turned should have that ability.”

“I know, Ei. I have no idea how, but he has pureblood abilities. It doesn’t make sense.”

“I wasn’t like that. Sure, my hearing was enhanced to rival Kiri’s, but my abilities as a turned don’t even come close to yours Bakugo–”

“–You know damn well that it pisses me off when you guys call me by my last name. Katsuki, dunce face–”

“–Sure thing Alpha!”

“He’s just trying to piss me off now, isn’t he?”

Kirishima only smiles, shrugging his shoulders.

“Kami’s a real unique person. My moms knew that better than I did...”

“They sure as hell knew!”

Kaminari smiled like an idiot. This bliss was enough to slightly distract the boys. Still, something needed to be done for the whole Midoriya situation.

“We’ll follow him on his date. If anything goes down, I’ll step in. I leave finding the place to you, Eijiro.”

“You’re a lucky man Katsuki–”

“–That much I know–”

“–And you’re lucky I love you.”


Bakugo was waiting behind the school, knowing damn well that she would show. When he smelled her approaching, he took no time to speak up.

“So, the Council sent their strongest to go after me. I have to admit, I’m surprised you agreed.”

“Katsuki Bakugo, by order of the Head Councilman of Lycan’s Council, you are officially a rogue pureblood. Come peacefully, and I can attempt to spare your life.”

“Yeah, I knew what I was getting myself into when I left the Council, Momo. I’m not going back.”

“You could have just said, ‘Yeah, I’ll fight you’.”

“Yeah, but I’m serious this time. Not only will you and those dumbass Councilmen come after me, but you’re also gonna come for my pack. Hell no.”

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Explosions allowed for distance to be kept between the two purebloods. They went back and forth with Yaoyorozu charging and Bakugo countering before she got close. The only reason Bakugo wasn’t facing Yaoyorozu head-on was due to the two silver knives she was wielding. Even a slight graze from one of these knives would take hours to heal, since silver was lethal for werewolves, especially pure bloods.

“Momo, you dumb or something? If you slip up even once with those knives, you’re–”


Momo stopped charging, looking down at her hands. She clutched the knives with a tighter grip. She looked up at Bakugo in desperation. Bakugo’s usually stern expression softened, and he looked over to her before he began to speak what he had found out when their first year at UA started.

“Momo, I don’t want to fight. I don’t want to hurt you. But, the stuff the Council is saying is not true. Their information isn’t valid. The purebloods I was sent to kill were already killed years before by hunters. The Council hadn’t sent out a scout in three years. Who knows what else they’re lying about!”

Momo didn’t move. She never once doubted the words of her higher ups. ‘Sure, a few mistakes were made here and there, but three years?’

“There must have been some mistake. The Council must have sent out scouts. They must have been killed.”

“They’re wasn’t a trace of any Council scout. I checked the parameter multiple times Momo.”

Bakugo controlled his growing temper, looking up at Yaoyorozu with rageful eyes.

“They weren’t killed because they weren’t sent. The Council stuck me out their as a sacrifice. ”

“They wouldn't. You’re their best warrior–”

“Was. Not anymore. Tell the damn Council to stay away from me and my packmates. I left and am never coming back. I don’t give a shit about your rules on turns, I’m protecting my family, got it?”

Yaoyorozu at that moment stopped being Bakugo’s friend and even the gentle and intellectual mother-like guidance of Class 1-A. She became the Council’s best fighter, and she wasn’t going to give up on the mission she had sent out to complete.

“Bakugo Katsuki. Did you or did you not take in yet another turned werewolf into your pack?”

“None of your damn business–”

“Answer the question.”

Bakugo paused, before he eyes narrowed and expression darkened.

“Like hell I did. I can’t let a damn turned go around with the fucking Council’s guard dog around here.”

“With these actions, your pack have been marked as traitors, along with you. You are now on the wanted list of the Council of Lycaon. Prepare to face the punishment of treason.. Death.”

Before Yaoyorozu could create another weapon, she found herself unable to do so. A pair of glowing red eyes shown from the shadows. The figure stepped out to reveal the homeroom teacher of the pair, who didn’t seem pleased with the events that were occurring right in front of his eyes.

“None of my students are killing each other on school property. I don’t care if it’s some werewolf death-battle, no one is fighting to the death on UA property, got it?”

Both students responded with apologies, bowing in forgiveness. Yaoyorozu would never do such a thing for a human, but school’s a domain all its own. Plus, the faculty’s only pureblood was looming over their teacher.

“On school grounds, humans, werewolves, hunters, and all creatures alike are welcomed and not discriminated, targeted, or threatened.”

Midnight glared at Yaoyorozu, a pure look of disappointment and disapproval.

“Yaoyorozu, when you were to be sent to UA by the Council along with Bakugo, it was agreed that no pureblood, halfblood, or turned would be harmed on school grounds. Packs would remain peaceful and neutral to Council stereotypes. There could also be no death threats.”

Yaoyorozu looked down in shame, slightly moving away from Midnight. The only representative of the Council had just called Yaoyorozu out for her offense, and honestly, she hated it. Of course, the school had no idea why she was really sent, only Midnight knew. She knew that Yaoyorozu was sent to fulfill her mission, and that if it was to be done, it couldn’t be on school grounds.

“I apologize–”

“You’ll have to take that up with the Principal. From my experience, this will most-likely end in a suspension. Probably going last till next week at the very least.”

Aizawa didn’t seem to help the situation, and Yaoyorozu began to fear for her life. This could break her perfect record; this could completely destroy her school reputation.

“Aizawa Sensei, if Mo- Yaoyorozu gets suspended, suspend me too. I also engaged in the fight and deserve equally as much of a consequence.”

Bakugo had a few detenetions on his records. A suspension wouldn’t be that harmful, and it would give him the chance to have more time to figure out what the hell was going on with Deku.

“Then I guess I’ll tell Nedzu. Yaoyorozu and Bakugo both have week long suspensions for starting a fight and going against school policies.”

Aizawa began to walk away, but was stopped by the hand placed on his shoulder.

“Shota, I think this time you’re being a little hard on them…”

“Nemuri, I know what I’m doing. I might not know about werewolf customs, but I know a bloody fight when I see the startings of one.”

“But Shota–”


The three werewolves physically winced from the loud call. Yaoyorozu flinched when she saw the face of who the voice belonged to. Hizashi Yamada, mostly known as Present Mic, as well as a hunter. The sole purpose of a hunter is to take down werewolves, especially purebloods, and having their English teacher be one of them was not the calmest thing.

“HEY NEMURI! SHOta! woah, thanks. I’m just excited! Isn’t it movie night?”

Aizawa had used his quirk to stop the loud amplifying voice that is Present Mic, and brought him down to normal people vocal range.

“Yeah, it’s Shota turn to pick!”

Midnight looked over at the students before her, and walked a few paces closer before beginning to whisper.

“Okay, so you two can obviously get along. If I can be friends with both a human and a hunter, two purebloods can put aside their differences and make up. No, this won’t take away your suspensions. Those are going to happen. But in that time, think about why you drifted apart and how you both can come back together.”

She turned and began to run over to her colleagues.


Both purebloods watched as their three teachers walked away. Each grew up in a different life, and in some cases those morals told them to hate each other. Still, they could laugh and talk like there was no difference. It was…amazing to say the least.

“This fight isn’t over.”

Yaoyorozu walked away, hands in fist, and face hidden from view. Bakugo didn’t need any for of supernatural abilities to see the tear that fell off her face. She then quickly ran, and Bakugo couldn’t even stop himself when the tears began to roll down his face. Maybe their teachers could get along, but there was no way that they could...not after everything that drove them apart…


Eijiro had begun to get worried when Katsuki didn’t show up. It wasn’t like him to set a time to meet up and be half an hour late. He looked around, and faintly saw a familiar ash blonde in the distance.


He ran when the blonde was close enough, and embraced him in his arms. Katsuki visibly relaxed, as he melted into the comforting and safe arms of his boyfriend.


He began to cry, his arms wrapped tighter around Eijiro with every ounce of energy he had left. He didn’t even hesitate to grasp onto the blonde, gently running his fingers through his hair. Luckily, they were in a part of the park that anyone barely came to, so this entire display wasn’t even seen.

“Katsuki, what’s wrong?”

He looked up with tear filled eyes, something that Eijiro never thought he would see. Tears welled at the ides of his eyes, and ran down his cheeks like waterfalls.

“M-Momo. She-She’s coming after us. All of us. Ei, I-I don’t know what to do. It’s different with Deku, we were always tense like this as kids, but Momo? We were close–really close. No one knew me better than her, not even Deku.”

His tears flowed harder and heavier when the next sentence left his mouth.

“I-I don’t want to hurt her Ei.”

“It’s okay, love. I’m here, I’ll always be here. I’ve got you.”

Eijiro didn’t really know how to react. He had never seen Katsuki in such a vulnerable state. All he knew was that Katsuki needed him, and he would be here.

“Babe, look at me.”

He pulled Katsuki’s face to meet his own. He pressed his forehead to the blondes, looking directly into his crimson eyes.

“You won’t have to hurt her. Whatever happened or is happening to Yaoyorozu can be solved. None of us will get hurt, got it? I don’t ever want to see you cry like this, babe. I will always be here for you.”

He pressed his lips against Katsuki’s, who kissed back with a need for love and tears still streamed down his face. He pulled away, looking at Eijiro with a broken smile.

“I love you Ei, and I have no idea what I would do without you…”

“I love you too Katsu, and you will never need to know what would happen if I’m not by your side. I will forever be with you.”

Katsuki managed a real smile, and he pulled Eijiro closer.

“We should probably go follow Deku to make sure he doesn't do anything dumb on his date with Icy-Hot.”

“Yeah, you’ve got a point.”

The two stood up and linked arms, walking to make sure their newest packmate didn’t out to the world that werewolves existed.


Todoroki knew the risks. When he was accepted into UA he knew about the werewolves that were attending. Two purebloods, a halfblood, and a turned all in his homeroom. What he wasn’t ready for was for the one human classmate that he had fallen for to be turned into one of the creatures that he was forced to kill. He’d tell him. Explain everything, and still show that he loved him with all his heart.

Chapter Text

Midoriya looked over himself yet again in the mirror. ‘Come on Izuku, nothing’s going to change. You’ve spent a decent half hour doing this…’


Midoriya walked over to the bathroom door, opening it slightly.

“What’s up Mom?”

“Katsuki’s outside with two of your classmates. They’re coming up now, is that okay?”

Midoriya barely even hesitated before responding, “Yeah, it’s fine Mom, thanks!”

He knew that if Bakugo was coming over, it was for something werewolf related. From outside the bathroom door, he could hear his mom answer the front door and hear Bakugo walk in with Kirishima and Kaminari. He was about to walk out of the bathroom to see them, when a hot flare of pain shot from his shoulder to his eyes.


Out of pure reflex, he slammed the bathroom door shut, falling to his knees in pain. Footsteps rushed down the hallway. He could hear the static sound of his mother's voice, but didn’t understand the words she was saying. One voice did seem to cut through the noise of the others.


Bakugo’s stern yet concerned voice was the only one that reached Midoriya’s ear.

“Inko, I think we can handle this. We’ll be fine, and we’ll make sure everything is fine. Don’t stress, we’ve got this.”

By some means, Midoriya heard a static response from most likely his mother, and footsteps rushing away.

“Izuku, open the door. We’re here to help, promise. No one will hurt you or judge you. Open the door for us.”

Midoriya was frozen from hearing his name fall out of Bakugo’s mouth. ‘Izuku. He hasn’t called me that in years… and he didn’t even hesitate.’ The door clicked open and three familiar scents filled all of Midoriya's senses. His hearing began to clear up, and he heard Kirishima call out for him.

“Midoriya. Midoriya, hey, stay with me. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, hurts...everywhere…”

“Take deep breaths. Focus on something that grounds you to your humanity. A person, a place, or even a memory.”

It was Kaminari talking now, kneeling down to meet his eyes. He took one look at the green-haired male and turned back to Bakugo.

“Your guess was right on the money, Alpha. He’s still shifting. His eyes are trying to adjust to his heightening vision. They're gold.”

Bakugo cursed under his breath and pulled out a container. Inside laid a bracelet which he pulled out gently. It was a braided thread with a red crescent-shaped stone on it.

“Izuku, this should help with the symptoms of turning. I would be given to you sooner, but I didn't know you'd get your ass turned. A witch who actually doesn't hate or want to kill us was able to whip this up as fast as she could. Your damn lucky too. She did this one out of the kindness of her heart.”

As gently as he pulled out the bracelet, he pulled it around the newly turned wrist and tied it to it would stay on. After he did, Midoriya looked up to a smiling Kaminari, who held up an almost identical one on his wrist.

“Awesome dude! We have matching bracelets!”

Midoriya smiled, looking down to the bracelet that would forever have to remain on his wrist.

“And the fibers used to make the bracelet are infused with magic. When you eventually do shift, that bracelet will shift shape to fit around your form.”

He examined the bracelet closer, looking at the deep green twine that wrapped around the red stone with care, fidgeting with the stone.

“Thanks Katsuki. Now, Todoroki should be here any second-”

As if it was perfectly planned, the doorbell went off, and Inko answered the door.

“Hello Todoroki! Why don't you look handsome!” the woman walked over the the hall become calling out, “Izuku! Todoroki’s here!”

The greenette turned beet red, and looked himself over one last time in the mirror.

“Guys, I look okay, right? Please tell me I look okay?”

Izuku began to fumble with the bracelet on his wrist, and the three boys quickly realized that it would become a habit.

“Izuku, you look fine. Now, don’t keep Half n’ Half waiting.”

Midoriya shined his iconic smile, and ran out of the bathroom and skidded down the hall. He tripped at the last possible moment, and landed in Todorki’s arms.

“Ummm, Hi?”

The three behind the greenette mentally face-palmed.

“Hi Midoriya. You ready to go? The cafe just opened an hour ago, so it should still be barren.”

Todoroki helped Midoriya to his feet, the blush that dusted his cheeks quickly disappeared.

“Oh!” The greenette looked over to his mother, “I almost forgot! I wanted to give you something Izuku. Come with me for a minute…”

The turned werewolf followed after his mother, leaving his packmates and Todoroki by themselves. The second Midoriya was out of view, glares were sent between the ash blonde and the bi-colored haired boy.

“Look, you better not pull anything you damn hunter. If even a fucking hair on Izuku’s head is hurt, your fucking dead–”

“You’re not in the spot to be making demands, pureblood. As for Midoriya, I just plan on going to the cafe with him, nothing more.”

“That better be all you’re doing…”

Kirishima glared at Todoroki like a worried parent, being completely overprotective of their child.

“He doesn’t even know that hunters exist, and he better not find out tonight.”

“Damn turned, you have less of a right than the pureblood–”



Midoriya entered the awkward conversation around his front door, not truly understanding what was really going on.

“Have fun tonight Izuku!”

Mrs. Midoriya pushed her son and Todoroki out of her house and waited until they were well down the hallway before turning back to the three werewolves still in her house. Her gaze narrowed on Bakugo, who went stiff with shock from the next statement he heard.

“Katsuki, you have some explaining to do. First, you didn’t think I would notice the second that my son was turned? God, I’ve been around the supernatural my whole life. Second, why is Izuku with a hunter?”

The three boys could only stand there, mouths agape.

“Um, Mrs. Midoriya, how did you know?”

Bakugo pinched the bridge of his nose, cursing himself.

“I almost forgot you’re a witch. Of course, you could sense that Izuku was turned, I wouldn’t have even tried if I remembered…”

“Katsu, mind explaining? Or, are we just not going to understand what’s going on?”

“Yeah, I probably should clear this up. Ei, Denki, meet Inko Midoriya, the personal witch of the Council of Lycan, but also, secretly an advocate on the rights for turned werewolves.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya shuffled next to Todoroki, his nervousness getting the better of him. He could feel his eyes trying to mess with him, but luckily, he had his bracelet snuggly wrapped around his wrist. This was most definitely going to be a weird date.

"Hey Midoriya, are you feeling alright?"

Todoroki looked over at the greenette, once again with an expression filled with concern. God, that look made Midoriya swoon and want to actually faint.

"Oh, I'm fine. I've actually never felt better. I'm just, um… nervous…"

God, Midoriya could basically hear himself sigh in his own mind, I had to let that slip out. Of course, he was not feeling fine. He beyond nervous, and his entire body was still on fire. His quirk helped regulate the changes in his muscles, but that didn't mean that there was no pain. Todoroki didn't know that though. He had no idea that werewolves existed as far as Midoriya knew. He also couldn't just, openingly say 'Yeah, I'm turning into a werewolf. And apparently, that's the worst kind of werewolf. But NO ONE'S TAKEN THE TIME TO EXPLAIN WHY!'. Yeah, you just don't do that on a first date, or any date.

"I was just worried. With the anniversary of your dad passing and then getting injured that day, I just want to make sure that you're okay."

"Wait, how did you know I got hurt yesterday?"

No one knew about that. His mother didn't even know that he got hurt. She thinks that he fainted.

"Oh, um… Bakugo told me. Yup, when you went off with your mother for that split second, he explained that he didn't want you getting injured again and that to be careful, because of the injury from yesterday. Well, less of telling me and more of demanding."

"That sounds like Katsuki. He's just worried because he was the one that found me injured yesterday."

It made sense in Midoriya's eyes. That's why Todoroki and Katsuki were arguing, he thought, Katsuki's turned into such a worried mother-hen in just one day.

For Todoroki, he had learned from his lessons on werewolves that being turned was a whole process and a painful one at that. He assumed that Midoriya was attacked and turned, which was accurate by the greenette's response. And Bakugo saved him. With the protective demeanor that Bakugo, Kirishima, and Kaminari had all taken with him, it could also be assumed that he's become a member of their pack. Great, Todoroki groaned mentally, packs are always a pain to deal with. If Midoriya's already with them, that death threat Bakugo gave him would have a follow-through. Fantastic.

"Oh," He broke free from his thoughts, looking down at his phone to make sure he got the address right, "There's the café."

Midoriya finally realized that in the time they were walking over, he was just staring at Todoroki. The taller boy seemed lost in his thoughts on the way there, and his expression was just divine, like a gift from a god. He blushed at his realization, and quickly turned away, facing the café instead of his date.

"Wow, this place looks amazing!"

The two entered the café, but so did three other people. Midoriya, of course, knew before Todoroki. He could smell the burning gasoline smell that he knew was—

"—Bakugo. You could have just asked to tag along."

Bakugo's glare was terrifying. Even Aizawa was slightly shaken when he dished out a sneer as serious as that one.

"Look Icy-Hot, we aren't here to crash your date. Inko asked if we could bring home some sweets from this place. That's all. We'll be gone soon, we're just gonna enjoy this place too, so calm down."

And that was that. Bakugo grabbed some sweets and retreated to the opposite side of the café. Kirishima kept his eyes on Todoroki, and munched on a vanilla sugar cookie. Kaminari was nursing a latte and had his full attention on Midoriya. The dual-haired boy and Midoriya both could feel the anger and eventual argument beginning to brew from the table, but yet another smell drifted back to Midoriya's nose. Of course, Todoroki's scent of a burning fire in the middle of a snowy day was still there, and he was basking in it completely, but a familiar scent came as well. Anxiety; Anger; Fear. It all jumbled together and was incredibly potent to the newly-turned werewolf's nose. He reached out and placed his hand on Todoroki's, something he didn't even realize he had done until he did it, and looked up to him.

"Are you okay, Todoroki?"

The taller boys face melted into a smile, ad he nodded. It would be better not to say anything, Todoroki thought to himself, at least not while Bakugo could hear…

"So, other than that injury from yesterday, how was your mother? You did say yesterday was hard on her…"

"Oh, well, she was worried sick and I just… I felt horrible. She was already feeling down thinking about my dad, but having to worry about me on top of that just made me ashamed. I was supposed to be there for her, and all I managed to do was make her worry…”

Todoroki could see Midoriya’s visible mood and expression drop, and he could basically feel his self-hate beginning to fester.

“You know that it’s not your fault, right? You just wanted to get home to your mother, you had no idea that you would get injured.”

Midoriya looked up with giant eyes, and his gaze alone melted Todoroki’s icy heart, and it made Bakugo furious. 'No hunter should receive that kind of love from Izuku' was the only thought that passed through his mind. He promised Inko he’d keep him safe.

When she confronted the boys at her apartment right after Izuku and Todoroki left, Bakugo felt like an idiot. He completely forgot that Inko does business with magical creatures, including his own parents. Of course she’d notice that her own son turned. He was just so caught up in it being Izuku that got turned that he forgot who his mother was. Kirishima and Kaminari were shocked, one reason being that they had never met a witch before, other than the one who didn’t actually hate them, but the other thing was that they couldn’t even differ that she wasn’t human.

“Inko,” Bakugo had asked her, “Are you going to tell Izuku about his lineage? That you’re a witch, and that he has witch blood running through his veins?”

Inko paused when he asked that question, looking away from the three boys towards Izuku’s room.

“There’s a lot more about Izuku’s ancestry that doesn’t come from my side alone. Once he’s ready to hear and understand who he is, I will tell him. Now does not seem like the right time though…”

With that, she had sent the boys out to make sure Izuku was safe on his date, although she had a feeling they would have followed the pair regardless.

“So, who or what do you think Izuku’s dad was?”

That seemed to be the one question that all three of the werewolves had on their minds, yet no one wanted to think about it.

“He was probably a witch. If he was anything else, the Council would have never let her work for them–”

“–Yeah, but what if she lied? What if she was with another creature that wasn’t human? I mean, she's an activist for equal treatment of all magical creatures and the Council still has no idea...”

“How would she be able to hide it? For a witch, it's easy. They look exactly like humans, but if Izuku’s dad was a different creature, we would know. HIs scent and appearance would be different for sure.”

For now, that topic would be put on ice. The main reason they were here was escalating quickly. Bakugo had never seen Izuku so happy. He was smiling and blushing like an idiot, but his smile was bringing one to Todoroki’s face. Todoroki. He was definitely a mystery as well. Hunters were hard to come by. Only a few people in Japan were even hunters, at least, from hunter families that the Council knew existed. The Todoroki family is an old one, but everyone thought that they stopped worshipping Artemis 50 years ago… If anything, he’s not as strong as the old pureblood hunters. There weren’t enough hunters left now to have a pureblood hunter family like how the Todoroki's used to be…

Chapter Text

Midoriya was a beet-red mess, and Todoroki knew that even when the boy attempted to hide his face behind the café’s menu. It didn’t bother Todoroki anyway, the greenette was just that adorable. That thought caused a blush to run across his cheeks, as he attempted the same feat of hiding his red cheeks.

“So, Todoroki, what else did you want to talk about?”

The heterochromic boy looked over his menu, finally gaining the courage to speak without blushing.

“You seemed a bit...different, strange even. I don’t want to assume anything, but from the way that Bakugo has treated you since the beginning of the school year and after what happened during our first training exercise and how aggressive he was at the sports festival, I was under the impression that the two of you did not get along. Yet yesterday, he bumped into you and nothing occurred. Did something change between you two this week?”

The greenette really wasn’t sure how to respond. He couldn’t flatout explain ‘Well, I got turned into a werewolf and Katsuki decided to be nice to me because he’s my alpha now’. Yeah, that seemed surreal, even to him and that was exactly what had occurred in the past two days alone…

“Well, you could say that we’ve grown close. Katsuki changed and so did I. Our relationship as friends hasn’t been this loving since we were kids, and I’m just so happy that we’ve gone back to that…”

He honestly was, and unknown to him, the ash-blonde who heard the whole thing was happy too. Bakugo blamed himself for everything that happened up to the sports festival. Sure, he was already with Kirishima at that point, but he was trying to make it seem as though nothing had changed. Between their first hero exercise and sports festival, so much had changed in the teen’s life. He realized how wrong his view of the world was, yet he had to keep up his act.

“Well,” Todoroki reached out to bring Midoirya’s hands from the menu and held them in his, “If that truly is all that happened, I’m happy for you Midoriya.”

Even though the dual-haired boy spoke as if he was happy, a strange scent carried itself into the only two that could smell it. Immediately, Midoriya’s eyes caught sight of Bakugo’s, and the blonde nodded. He smelt it too. The sadness and disappointment. What did he want him to say? Why was he disappointed? What did he say that made the dual-haired boy sad?

“Hey Todoroki, I’ll be back in a second.”

He wasn't really sure how to excuse himself. He just… didn’t understand? Was that the feeling in the pit of his stomach? If he didn't understand, why did he want to cry so much? Why were his emotions now too much to handle?

“......what’s happening to me?”

He crouched down in one of the stalls, crying in an empty bathroom. The bracelet loosely tied on his wrist gleamed in the bathroom lights, and Izuku began to fumble with the red crescent stone in the center once again. The braided green fibers holding the stone were ruff to the touch, yet comforting all the same. It felt perfectly natural on the turned werewolf’s wrist, as if he had always had the bracelet his entire life.


Katsuki’s voice carried through the empty stalls, and the only indication that Izuku was even there were hiccups that he was trying to hold back from crying. What the pureblood wasn’t expecting was for the turned to rush out of a stall into his arms, wrapping them tightly around him.

“You smelt it too, right? He was sad, Katsuki. He was sad that all that happened was that we became friends again. What else did he want me to say? Was he dissapointed that I became your friends again? What am I feeling Katsuki?”

The tears streaming down Izuku’s face were by the gallon, and he could feel them gradually dampening his shirt. The greentte’s eyes were hued red from the sheer amount of crying he’d done, and that broke Katsuki’s heart. Izuku never did anything to be crying this much. What was Todoroki expecting Izuku to do, just admit he was a werewolf? That damn half-n-half bastard…

“Hey, Izuku, it’s not your fault. Todoroki just doesn’t understand. He thinks that there’s something else going on and that you’re not telling him. He’s just sad because he’s worried. He wanted you to tell him because he cares about you.”


Izuku’s voice was soft and broken, reflected by his puffy eyes. All Katsuki could do was nod, which allowed a small smile to appear on the turned werewolf’s face. The greenette also let out a small laugh, hugging Katsuki with some extra force.

“I can’t even remember the last time he had a heart to heart like this. Thanks Katsuki.”

The greenette let go and quickly ran to the sink, attempting to dissipate the effect of his crying before rushing back to his date. That last comment drilled it’s way into Katsuki’s heart. ‘"I can’t even remember the last time he had a heart to heart like this." Just how badly did I treat him?’


Todoroki knew he blew it. Of course Midoirya wouldn’t say anything. He thinks he’s a human! He wouldn’t tell a human that he’s a werewolf. He pushed too much. That look he received from Bakugo didn’t seem to help. The second Midoriya came back, the ash-blonde glared the sharpest of daggers at the heterochromic boy he had ever seen, and yet he barely flinched. He knew what he did. He pissed off an alpha werewolf. Shit. Midoriya showed no sign that he had even shed a tear, yet the residual redness in his eyes and puffiness around his eyes told a different story. How did Midoriya even see past his words? Maybe he wasn’t as good at hiding his emotions as he thought he was. Or maybe, the greenette could easily read him after what happened between the two of them at the sport’s festival.

“So Todoroki, there’s this really nice park down the street, plus, there’s such pretty flowers blooming now. Would you be up to seeing them?”

That caught the hunter to look up, not expecting what the greenette had said. He hadn’t ruined their date to the point that Midoriya wanted to go home? Good. That only made him smile, taking Midoriya’s hand with his as he stood on his feet.

“I’d love to. I’ll just pay for this–”


The greenette attempted to grab the credit card from the boy’s hand, slightly tempted to one-for-all him in the chest, but the heteromeric-eyed boy responded before he could.

“Sorry, Endeavor will be paying for this.” Todoroki corrected.

Todoroki smiled devilishly as he credit card’s name. ‘Enji Todoroki’ was engraved into it. As Todorki slipped out of his home, he made sure to snatch his father’s credit card off his desk. If Endeavor had any new payments on his card, oh well. That wasn’t his problem.

Midoriya laughed after their outing at the café was paid for, and the pair left hand in hand. Bakugo on the other hand, headed out with Kirishima and Kaminari in tow as the trio rushed to the Midoriya household. Inko stood waiting for them at the opposite side of the front door, smiling at the cookies.

“Thank you boys, how was Izuku’s date?”

Bakugo didn’t want to say a thing, yet Kirishima was the first to speak.

“Todoroki was trying to make Izuku reveal to him that he was a werewolf, and when he didn’t, Izuku could smell that he was disappointed. Katsuki managed to explain to him why Todoroki was sad without revealing that the heterochromic boy’s a hunter. The two left to walk in the park, but the thing is, he smelled emotions. No turned that any of us have known has been able to do that.”

Inko shifted in her seat on her couch, avoiding eye contact with the three werewolves on her other couch. She knew why, at least, she could speculate a reason as to why.

“It could be because of his lineage. Not mine, but his father’s.”

That question, once put on ice, thawed itself with that statement.

“Inko, who was Izuku’s father..?”

The worried mother continued to avoid the gazes of the three boys, yet those words lingered in the air.

“Inko, if we knew who his dad was, we could help him. We could find out why he’s able to do these things.”

Bakugo locked eyes with Inko, as she spoke one name he immediately recognized.

“Hisashi Nakamura.”

The pureblood froze at the name, repeating the name so that Inko could confirm what he had heard.

The Hisashi Nakamura, one of the Council’s strongest purebloods to ever exist who mysteriously went missing without a trace about a decade and a half ago?”

“Well, I knew him as Hisashi Midoriya, a supernatural regular at my family potion shop. He was attempting to get a moonshade potion to hide the scent of werewolf on him. It was love at first sight. The only thing was, Council members are never allowed to intermingle with even halfbloods most of the time, much less other magical creatures. We were just like those star-crossed lovers from the romance novels." Inko explained, then continuing.

“Hisashi knew that if we were to be together, the Council would come for him immediately, so he dropped off the radar without a trace. With the help of some of my potions, we were able to mask Hishashi’s scent and keep his identity a secret. Your mother and father didn’t even suspect a thing Katsuki. She couldn’t recognize his scent or voice, yet the Council still found him. Right around the time Izuku was born, they found us. They forced Hisashi to come back, saying if he did they wouldn’t lay a finger on me or Izuku. They sent him on a suicide mission and in excahnge for Izuku’s safety and to keep his lineage a secert, I was forced to continue to work specifically for the Council. Only the head members know, so Mitsuki and Masaru have no idea.”

The three werewolves were shocked silent. Katsuki knew who Hisashi Nakamura was, everyone did. One of the strongest purebloods the council has ever seen in Japan, yet he managed to just up and disappear without a trace. Many thought he was on a covert underground mission, yet others suspected that he had betrayed the Council. Never would he have thought that Hisashi was sent on a mission that the Council knew would lead to his death.

“Mrs. Midoriya, if you don’t mind me asking, what was the mission exactly?”

She visibly tensed more, yet still gave her response to Kaminari’s question.

“Kill the child of two pureblooded hunters. Hisashi wouldn’t do it though. The child was a newborn baby. He couldn’t bring himself to carry out the act, and the child’s father caught him…”

“Who was it, Inko?”

Her voice was deathly quiet, and anyone with a normal hearing range would never have heard her, yet all three boys managed to.

“Enji Todoroki’s youngest son, Shoto Todoroki.”

Chapter Text

Saying that the next school day was different was an understatement at most. Barely no one noticed, but Todoroki was keeping his eyes on Midoriya throughout the entire homeroom period, while Kirishima and Kaminari were glaring at the dual-haired boy.

“What’s going on with Kirishima and Kaminari? They look so angry at Todoroki!” Uraraka barely managed a whisper as she placed her elbows on the back of Iida’s chair.

The teen just shrugged, obviously at a surprising lack for words. Being class president, he would usually stop homeroom and demand an answer, but this seemed personal.

When the bell rang for homeroom to end, some of the pairs' questions were answered when Midoriya approached them.

“Well, Todoroki had asked me on a date yesterday when school was over and I kinda said yes?”

To put it lightly, Midoriya’s newly adjusting ears were not prepared for the high-pitched squeal that escaped Uraraka’s mouth. Neither noticed the werewolf flinch from the noise, yet they still congratulated him. After doing so, the brunette ran over to the group of girls consisting of Tsuyu, Ashido, Hagakure, and JIro immediately grabbing the arm of the pink-skinned teen.


Ashido was shocked silent, looking back at Midoriya, then Todoroki, and the back at Midoriya before settling her gaze on Uraraka.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…”

The group burst out into laughter, Mina hesitating slightly as she took out an enclosed envelope, giving it to Uraraka, who opened it and squealed in delight.

Midoriya, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to fully comprehend what just happened. Of course, he’d expect a bet, he was very obvious when he displayed his crush for Todoroki, yet he was hurt.


At that, the whole room burst into laughter, except the three who were not present. Bakugo and Yaoyorozu were suspended until next week and Mineta had a month-long suspension after what the girls reported to Nezu…

“Alright, but just stating the obvious, where are Bakugo and Yaoyorozu?”

Almost as if he was cued in, Aizawa walked through the door and all of the students rushed to their seats.

“As many of you have noticed, Bakugo and Yaoyorozu are both not present today, along with another student who has been suspended for obvious reasons. The two have also been suspended for engaging in a fight after school on school property. While we, the staff, have no idea why this occurred, they each are staying home until next week. If you have questions, ask them once they get back.”

Midoriya attempted to look over at Kirishima or Kaminari, in which the red-head caught eye and gave him a look that read tell you later . ‘Of course Eijiro would know.’ Midoriya hated how little he actually knew about all this werewolf stuff. He still has no idea what was so bad about being a turned werewolf, or why Katsuki had said that a pureblood or halfblood would kill him. He knew nothing about this witch who made his bracelet, or why Katsuki was suspended along with Yaoyorozu. ‘Why would they fight? Was Yaoyorozu a werewolf? Was she the witch friend? Was that why Jiro kept her gaze focused on Denki the entire class, to which the blonde could barely meet her gaze?’

The day seemed to pass by faster as he thoughts grew and grew as he robotically wrote notes, and luckily All Might did not have them do any physical simulations but rather, he talks about the upcoming finals, to which Midoriya attempted to move himself closer to Kaminari.


He tries to speak as softly as possible, not knowing if the other turned would hear him, yet he does and immediately turns around to face him.

“what’s up?”

Kaminari never really acted like it, but he always focused in his classes, including All MIght’s. He was still listening, yet he could see the look in the boy’s eyes. He wanted answers.

“what happened to Katsuki? why was Yaoyorozu suspended along with him? why did they fight? is she the witch friend, or is that Jiro, cause she kept giving you a look the entire day and you barely looked at her…”

He should have expected that. After finding out the greenette had a notebook with deep analysis on all aspects of their quirks and how to use them, he wouldn’t expect anything less than for the boy to be suspicious. Still, he couldn’t out Jiro just yet. She had her secrets to keep, and he’d tell her to knock off the staring to keep her identity under wraps.

“kiri’s gonna explain everything, I swear. after all might’s class we’re out of here so just hold on…”

“Young Kaminari, would you like to repeat back to me what I just said about finals?”

All they had to do was get through All Might’s class. Yup, right now, he wished it were that simple…

“Well, you were saying something about how we are going to have the written exam for our finals but also a physical aspect as well.”

“That is correct! Well done Kaminari, just make sure to pay attention…”

And after that, the #1 hero continued his rant about their tests. Kaminari gave Midoriya a look and focused back on class. That left the teen to think about the one thing he didn’t get the chance to ask Kirishima. Does he tell All Might that he’s a werewolf? Would it expose the heroes to the werewolf world, or do they already know?

All Might seemed to see that distressed look in his eyes, so after the bell rang he motioned for the boy to stay behind. Kirishima caught his eye before he left and Midoriya looked up at him. Clearly distressed by their teacher wanting to talk to him, yet the redhead seemed to know this. He nodded his head and left with Kaminari, though he knew that they would most likely wait for him. Well, at least he knew what the nod meant. He could tell All Might that he’s a werewolf…


Katsuki was not happy that he was forced to stay cooped up in Eijiro’s apartment all day. Of course, he studied, blasted music once he was bored with his work, and continued the cycle once he got tired of the music and the work. He also seemed to rummage through the cabinets, thanking his past self for having gone out that weekend to get baking supplies and managed to bake two cakes, roughly 3 dozen sugar cookies, and even made a pan of blondies with butterscotch. Since chocolate was a big no-no for all werewolves, he never baked with it. He knew that Denki and Eijiro would love the sugar cookies, and Izuku would enjoy anything he baked. Even if the two of them never got along in the past, Izuku had eaten the blonde’s cooking many times and it was one of the few things that the left them not terrified or yelling at each other.

His mind wandered to his parents. He never went back to tell them goodbye. Once he figured out that Council sent him out on a suicide mission, he never looked back. Still, his mind wandered to them. Sure, his mother was strict and loud, but she really did love him. Inflating his ego didn’t seem to help him though, but his father was there for that. His dad kept the two of them from ripping each other’s throats out, he really was the glue that held the family together. Katsuki felt the wetness around his eyes after he was already crying. He had never regretted what he did. Eijiro, Denki, and Izuku are his pack; his family. He loved his new family, yet that didn’t mean that he hated his parents. He missed them and wished that they could see that there is no difference between werewolves, or even humans or any magical creatures.

He missed the smell of his mother’s scent covering perfume and his father’s basic scent that never really drew attention to him. He missed all the time he spent with Momo and everything they went through. He missed when it was just the two of them, then the three of them. Once Jiro’s parents were blackmailed roped into doing magical work for the Council, it was the three of them. Then, Jiro left her parents to live with her grandmother, since he wanted to further her studies in magic while her parents refused to teach her. It made sense, seeing as how their magic got them dragged into the Council and that they wouldn’t want their daughter to study it as well.

Still. Jiro was the only witch that even tolerated Katsuki. She made Denki’s turning bracelet and even made Izuku’s. She was the first out of all the werewolves and Inko to know about what happened to his newest pack member. She couldn’t choose between him or her girlfriend though. She loves Momo, and she still stood by her while standing beside him. God, it hurt so much just thinking about that. She stood by the people she loves, and Katsuki couldn’t even bring himself to tell his parents goodbye– and then the idea hit.

The blonde quickly looked up at the clock, seeing that he had a few hours before the rest of his packmates would be back. He would do it. He’d visit his parents.


Katsuki knew the way to his childhood home. He knew each curve and bend that lead to his old home. He also knew the perfect spot to watch his parents before approaching. Mitsuki and Masaru haven’t changed one bit since the last time he saw them. His mother still has her perfect complexion and her booming laugh. His father was still laughing quietly and smiling at his mother, and to the naked eye, they looked like a normal couple. No one would have expected that they blackmailed countless magical beings and killed so many more. His parents were killers, and they made him one too. Still, they are his family. He couldn’t just leave them…

Yet he did.

He had an amazing mess of a family, and he could never ask for anything more. His pack, his love, and his family.

“Goodbye Mom. Sorry I always called you a hag, but sometimes you really did act like one. Bye Dad… I’m sorry I never listened to you. You were right. I should have just laid low and not offer myself to fight for the Council, and yet I don’t regret it. I would have never met my family. I would have never made amends with Izuku, or learn what love feels like. Maybe, once the Council changes their ways, I’ll introduce you to him. And Denki of course…”

Bakugo looks longingly down one more time, watching his parents continue to walk back to their home, and he swiftly left before he could change his mind.

What he didn’t see though were the eyes that looked up to where he was hiding the second he left, and the smile that spread across his father’s face.

“Masaru, honey, are you coming?”

“Oh, I’ll be right there Mitsuki…”

He watched as the flash of blonde hurried away, the smile never leaving his lips as he began to walk after his wife.

“I do hope that we can meet them all some day, Katsuki…”


Jiro’s hands swept over her cards and that did not seem to help clear her mind. The High Priestess kept speaking through her thoughts, telling her to follow what she was feeling deep down, but Jiro argued back that she honestly had no idea what she was feeling. The Lovers always told her to follow her heart, and her heart was yearning for Momo’s soft touch, yet at the same time, she really wanted to talk to Katsuki and Denki again. When he rushed over to her with a half-assed excuse as to why he needed another shift-controlling bracelet, Kirishima was the one to answer as to why and not one of the two blondes. Midoirya was turned, and she knew that exact reason why the bracelet was needed. It took quite a bit out of her system, but she owned a lot to Katsuki. He was the only one who told her after he left that Council the real reason her parents didn't want her to study magic. They were blackmailed into helping the Council and they wanted to protect her.

The bracelet itself was an unsuccessful attempt to keep him being turned a secret from her girlfriend, one of the most terrifying and loyal of all the Council’s members. She knew it was unsuccessful due to her best friend and girlfriend not being in school due to them fighting on school grounds. She glared Denki down the entire day, wanting to make sure her assumptions were right, to which they were. Soon, Momo would know that she was studying magic again, even after Jiro told her girlfriend she stopped once junior high started. She’d know that Jiro was lying to her.

Death just seemed to laugh at the teen’s misfortune, to which the Star just stated that all would turn out well. She always loved when the Star poked into a conversation, but the major arcana were just driving her crazy at this point. She just needed to think for herself. The Magician decided to reach out to her mind at that exact moment, and reassure her that she should take time to figure out what she needed to do. Jiro always was partial to the Magician, since it was the first card to truly reach out to her, and had always seemed to guide her in a sense.

She decided to take the card’s advice and placed all of her cards carefully into her well-worn velvet bag embroidered with her grandmother’s initials. It was the first gift passed onto her after she left her parent’s place to continue to study magic.

“If I do tell Momo, she’ll think I was lying to her, which I was, but she’ll just get even more mad. I could try and hide out with Katsuki, but then she’d come after me and run into Midoriya and Denki and kill them at the very least, before maybe killing Kirishima and definitely taking Katsuki into custody. I would mess everything up by going with either of them. Ochaco would let me lay low with her, but I could out her as a witch and then she could get blackmailed into having to help the Council too. I couldn’t do that to her…”

Her mind flashed to asking Katsuki for help. Knowing him, he’d probably get super protective and end up actually fighting Momo. But if she went to Momo, Katski would be broken and her girlfriend would kill him. That left literally no one, except for a number that Katsuki had given her for emergencies. ‘If you ever need someone to lie low with, just call this number and tell her you’re a witch friend of Katsuki’s. She’ll take care of you.’ Of course, how could she have forgotten that! Katsuki literally gave it to her for emergencies like this! She quickly pulled out her phone and dialed the number, anxiously tapping her foot as the phone rang.

“Inko Midoriya, who is this?”