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The Pet-Sitter

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Liam walked along the path on his way out, having finished with uni for the weekend. It was a sunny day in Birmingham, Liam was waiting on a phone call from work telling him where he was to go for his duties today.

“Liam, LIAM!!” Harry shouted, running after Liam who sighed, turning to face the curly haired male.

“Hi Harry, what's up?” he asked.

“You are coming to the party tonight right Liam? There's going to be so many hot chicks there.” Harry enthused

“Nah, can’t come today, i’ve got to go to work.” he replied.

“You work? What as?” Harry inquired.

“A pet sitter” Liam smiled.

“Seriously Liam?” Harry deadpanned.

“What? What's wrong with it, the little puppies and kittens are adorable.” the older lad said.

“You’re seriously picking animals over hot girls? Wow Liam.” he shook his head, a mockingly serious expression on his face, “It’s a part time job, i’m sure you could skip it for one night!” he continued in an attempt to convince Liam to come with him.

“No Harry, i take my job seriously. Plus the puppies and kittens are admittedly a lot more bearable than most humans.” Liam retorted, walking away, leaving Harry dumbfound staring after him.


As Liam walked along, his phone rang, he answered straight away knowing it would be work with a pet sitting gig for him.


“Yes…..Yes….. I confirmed the address by mail. The owners gone until tomorrow.” Liam answered to the person on the phone.


He was ecstatic, he got to baby sit a rabbit today, they were easy-going so this would be a breeze.


He looked up at the block of flats questioningly, ‘they keep a rabbit here, hmm’.

He arrived at the door of the flat, the owner said the key was under the plant pot by the door, he lifted it and opened the door, walking into the flat- checking his phone for any extra details.

The rabbits name was Zayn, so it’s a boy. The owner said it gets very lonely.

He walked into the room, calling out for the bunny.

“Zayn! Zayn!” he called, looking around the flat curiously. Not a bunny in sight.

At this point Liam grew concerned, ‘where is that rabbit?’

“Where are you?” Liam asked as if it could respond.

“Eh? Not here?” He stood scratching the back of his neck.

Then there was a faint thud on one of the closet doors.

Liam's heart sank. No way. ‘No way was someone keeping their pet in there.’ Liam thought, horrified, staring at the cupboard in alarm, moving hastily towards it.

“Don’t tell me he’s keeping his rabbit in here” Liam whispered, horrified at the thought- slowly opening the door.

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This was no rabbit.

A male before him lay naked, gagged and bound.

Still- lifeless.

“A CORPSE” Liam half screamed out, stumbling backwards onto the hard wooden floor.


Much to Liam's relief, the body before him twitched.

“He’s alive” he sighed, little above a whisper.

“Are you okay?!” Liam exclaimed. “I’ll take this off for you now?” Liam said removing the gag from the boy’s mouth.




Liam sat with the boy on the floor, having removed the ropes from around his body.

“Umm, where are the keys to the cuffs?” Liam questioned the boy.


“Look, if you’re gonna do it, just hurry up and get it over with.” the boy deadpanned, looking at the floor in anger.

Liam looked at him in confusion. “Huh?”


“He sent you, didn't he?” the boy said, frustratedly moving his hair out of his face.


“H-he?” Liam stuttered.


“You were calling my name. You heard it from him, didn't you?” Zayn muttered, still looking at the floor.


“N-no! That's the rabbits name. I’m just a pet sitter!” Liam assured, slightly panicked.


“So that's it then.” he said, “That guy really likes these games. Sorry, just considered yourself having got bitten.” he continued.


Zayn snuck a glance at Liam. He was good looking, much better than the men NB had sent before. This one was soft, almost innocent. He had softly chiseled features, dark honey-like eyes and chocolate mousse coloured hair. He was tall and well built with tattoos going up his rolled up sleeves.

Zayn hadn’t had much as a teenager, he came from a poor family and when his mum died when he was 14, Zayn was left with no one. This guy had found him one day and offered him a place to stay- Zayn later grew to learn this came with consequences.


“This guy is Zayn?” Liam questioned to himself, hands in his hair-
“Then, where's the rabbit? The rabbit?!” he panicked.


In the midst of Liam's panic, Zayn purposefully fell on top of Liam's lap, placing his head near Liam's groin.

Liam grunted in shock “UHH?!”


Zayn then said, calmly, “You see, when things don't go the way he's planned, he goes crazy.
And if he does, you’ll be in trouble too.” not looking up at Liam, “Don’t worry, i’m not carrying any diseases and i’ll show you a good time.” he assured Liam, as Liam looked down, almost horrified as the older lad unzipped his trousers.

“If guys aren’t your thing- close your eyes.” Zayn muttered.

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Liam was terrified, he’d only ever been with one girl before and now here he was with a guy offering himself up to him and he didn't have it in him to refuse, it had been so long.

Before Liam had even truly had a chance to grasp the situation, his zipper had been undone and his semi-hard cock was already melting into the smaller man's mouth.

Zayn lapped his tongue up and down the shaft watching in awe as it grew bigger with every lick of his tongue.

Liam tried to suppress his groans as Zayn licked his sweet spot just underneath the tip.
‘Shit it's getting hard”’ he thought.

“Fuck your huge,” Zayn said, revering Liam's bulging, thick, long length.

Liam couldn't help but be pulled in by the man's soft voice.
He barely even registered when Zayn hoisted himself up in line with Liam's raging hard-on.

“Looks like it’ll be a little rough, there's no lotion.” He said as he impaled himself on Liam's thick cock.

Zayn began riding Liam, slowly at first trying to adjust to his size, never before had he come across anyone who was so handsome with such a huge dick to accompany his good looks.
He whimpered softly, as Liam’s cock expanded within him.

Liam had been totally sucked in by Zayn's tight, hot hole.
‘Fuck, this actually feels so good.’ Liam thought to himself as he took in Zayn's image properly for the first time. The man was gorgeous, quite possibly the most handsome man he had ever seen. He had sharp features, probably from a lack of nourishment as his overall body seemed quite underweight, it didn't take away from his beauty nonetheless. He had slightly shaggy raven hair, thick eyelashes and the most beautiful eyes Liam had seen on a person, period.

‘Shit, this is dangerous,’ he thought to himself as he found himself getting lost in the man. Not even realising when he reached for his dick until Zayn moaned deeply at the touch.

“Y-you don't have to do that,” Zayn whispered breathlessly, pressing his hands into Liam's chest, the man continued jerking him anyway, wanting to show him the warmth and pleasure he seemed so desperately in need of.


Zayn knew he wouldn’t last much longer, Liam's touch mixed with his length pumping in and out of him caused sensations that left Zayn feeling like he was melting into the man.
Instead, he took all his strength, removing himself from the man as he turned around and got into his most vulnerable position, one that he would never present himself in unless the man he was with initiated the move forcefully himself.

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“Please. Leeyum.” Zayn begged, sticking his ass in the air, presenting himself to Liam.
‘Shit this is dangerous he thought to himself, struck by the way Zayn had said his name.
‘He's really hot.’ he thought to himself as he gave the man what he wanted, thrusting himself back in, in one swift movement.

Zayn's body was beautiful, it was delicate, and had curves almost like a woman's.

He wanted to see more of the man, so he changed positions so he could see every erotic face the beautiful man made as he writhed beneath him.

“You're amazing,” Zayn said as Liam began pounding into him on the sofa, the compliment filling the taller man with warmth. He looked into his eyes as he hit Zayn's prostate. The older man putting his cuffed hands around the youngers neck as they pulled each other in for a kiss.

The kiss was utter bliss. It sent shivers down their entire bodies as they moulded into one. It wasn't desperate or rough, it was the perfect mix of need, want and desire.
Liam had never felt anything like this before. His heart hammered and flipped in his chest.


Soon they were back on the floor again, both men completely lost themselves in each other.
Zayn knew he was close as Liam pulverised him, he moaned quietly as Liam pulled him close.
“What should I do?” Liam whispered as he let out soft grunts.
Zayn wanted to feel all of the man for as long as possible.
“Inside, come inside of me.” He instructed.
If it was any other man, Zayn would've been disgusted at the thought of having another mans juices flowing within him. But Liam, he was special.

Zayn and Liam groaned simultaneously as they both reached their limit, falling over the edge together. Liam was buried deep within Zayn and released a thick load within in him, the man's hole constricted around him as he reached his own high, spilling all over his own stomach.
Zayn lay there on the ground, feeling the most alive he had in a long time as he felt Liam's juices flow out of his abused hole, he had never felt a high so deep.

As Liam composed himself getting dressed, he turned to Zayn.

“Um, will you be alright?” Liam questioned, genuinely concerned for the man’s wellbeing. He felt protective of the man for some reason unbeknownst to him.

“You better go, he’s probably nearby,” Zayn said, trying not to look at the man.

Liam couldn't resist as he kissed the man farewell, needing to know the sensations his lips brought to him one last time.

Zayn turned away, knowing that his tears would fail his resolve if he continued, not facing the man as he picked up his things.

“Well, i-” Liam didn't know what to say. Zayn had taken his sense away.

“I know it may be odd, but. I just want to know. Will you be ok?” Liam asked.

Zayn was taken aback, Liam truly was special, no man in the last 5 years had once thunk to ask him about his feelings. He could feel the tears as they pricked his eyes.

“Thank you. It felt good.” was all he said, knowing any other words would fail him right now.

Liam gave the back of the man one last longing stare, squeezing his balled fists as he turned around and left.

As he approached the elevator he was in half a mind to go back and bring the man with him. But judging by what the man had told him, they would both be in real trouble if he tried that, and he didn't want any excess harm to be caused to Zayn.

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Zayn lay there on the floor, Liam's juices still keeping his insides warm.

He decided enough was enough.

He needed to leave. There had to be more to life than this and Liam had shown him that.

His captor was less than pleased and in turn, left Zayn with a rather nasty parting gift.




Liam was fired after that. Not that he minded much. Little else was occupying his brain over the last 3 weeks other than thoughts of Zayn.

He wondered if the man was ok, what had happened after he had left.

Part of him longed desperately to see the man, the other part was just confused.
The feelings he harboured towards Zayn felt a lot like the feelings he had had towards his previous girlfriend and he wasn't entirely sure of how to deal with that, given the tragic fact that he would probably never see the man again.

As if someone had read his mind. A man came and sat opposite him in the cafeteria.

He looked up confused at first, it took him a second to look past the bruises and bandages but there, sat in front of him, was the man he had longed so desperately to see.

“H-how?” was all he could coherently get out as he studied the man, a perplexed expression on his face as he took in the extensive damage.

“What do you mean? I'm a student here after all,” he said shocking Liam out of his chair.





Liam decided it was best they took this conversation somewhere more secluded as he led him out into a quieter hall.

“Did that man do this to you?” Liam questioned, feeling anger rise up at whoever had harmed Zayn so extensively.

“Yeah, it was his parting gift for his defiant pet. Along with throwing me out” was all Zayn replied.

Liam stared at the man aghast about his nonchalant demeanour.

Zayn started to walk as Liam followed.

“So do you feel like treating this poor little rabbit to lunch?” Zayn flirted with the younger man.

“Like a- a date?!” Liam asked.

“Yeah, I’ll let you do it again Zayn said stopping Liam in his tracks as he brushed his good arm over Liam’s now raging hard-on.

“You can't do that here!” Liam exclaimed as Zayn dragged him into an empty room, pulling down his trousers to suck him off.

Before Zayn got the chance to put his lips anywhere else, Liam pulled him up into a tight embrace, careful not to hurt him as he gently planted a kiss on his lips.