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Tounge tied

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Bakugo and Todoroki were very protective and no doubt some of the most intimidating, (handsome) and territorial alphas in Yueei, ESPECIALLY over their omega, Izuku.

Although the two had already found their fated mate that didn’t stop the media and paparazzi (don’t even get me started on the fan base) from giving the two powerful and handsome hero’s in training any alone time in public
Then there was Midoriya Izuku. A ‘Prized Omega’, after all. It’s not every day an omega gets into UA, the top hero school. And for this he was incredibly sought after not only for his power but his adorableness as well (despite having already found his mates).

Katsuki and Shouto has been used to the attention they got, they paid absolutely no mind to it anyway ((unless of course, izuku, their adorable omega, gets distressed or jealous at all the attention because Bakugo will certainly kill any bitch who makes izuku uncomfortable)).However, The two alphas could NOT handle THEIR lil cinnamon roll getting that kind of attention. Even if that meant simple catcalls on the street or interested looks from other alphas in a store.

They could control themselves enough but trust me if needed either of them would take on an army of any size in a heartbeat and no doubt win if it was for their Izuku in anyway.

—————-(backstory over)——

Katsuki, Shouto and Izuku all walked into the class 1-A dorm party hand in hand

“IZUKU! COME HERE!” yelled a cheery (as usual) Urauka from across the room

Izuku looked behind at his two fated alphas for the ‘okay’. Todoroki gently wrapped his intimidating arms around their freckled omega and subtlety scented him “just don’t wander off by yourself, we’ll be over here if you need anything Bunny~”

“Kay!” Beamed the greenette before running off to his excited friend In the corner. ‘GOD HES SO ADORABLE’

“Hey bakubro, Todoroki! You made it!” Shouted kirishima from the doorway to the living room

“Tsk, not that I wanted to be here anyway” spat the angry blonde.

Half the reason he and Shoto were even at the stupid party anyway was, well for one, their adorable little izukus pleads, the other half was the fact that their alpha instinct NEEDED to make sure their omega was okay and safe at all times. the third reason was because Omegas were built differently therefore they needed lots more socialization and active time than alphas and betas (their body builds up crazy extra amounts of unnecessary energy to store for heats) so alphas of class 1-A would often lowkey throw parties or get togethers for their Omegas.
(Mid story explanation over my dudes!)

“Uh huh, we all know the real reason tough guy” said kirishima giving Bakugo a little nudge and wink “WHAT DID YOU SAY SHITTY HAIR-“ “hey bakugo! Todoroki! You made it! Come into the living room it’s where the alphas are hanging”

“Oh, hey Momo! When did you get here?” Asked a puzzled kirishima still stuck in bakugos choke hold.

“I’ve been here the whole time rock boi.”

“Oh shit, really? Hah my bad I guess I’ve just been so focused on greeting everyone I got carried away..” stated Kirishima rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly



Living room POV (aka alpha hangout spot)

The living room may or may not be a total wreck due to the alphas wrestling and roughhousing.

most of the alphas were spread out around the large coffee table discussing their Omegas and life where as some *cough cough* Bakugo, sero, kirishima and Fumikage were wrestling in the background while Iida was running around trying to get them to stop

*sigh* what can I say? Alphas will be alphas, amirite?


Kitchen POV (aka omega hangout spot)

Little did any of the alphas know, the Omegas may or may have not innocently found the Liquor stash above the pantry.

“And then I was allllllll BOOMMM And then kacch-*hic* kacchan was like ‘I swear to god izuku blah blah blah’ so I was all “sure thing, porcupine” said the drunk greenette making exaggerated hand signs

The table burst into a fit of drunk giggles and hiccups.

“Heyyyy do you know what would be fucking aweeesome!?”

“What would be aweeeesome, Denkii *ribbit*?”

“ if we went *hic* to the ice cream place down the way”

“WuAh! Pikachu boy you’re a genius!!”

“I *hic* I know!” denki proudly puffed out his chest before wobbly standing and pointing toward the door

In the back of their minds their still sober omega (or what they had left of it at least) was begging to go get their alphas for protection. They were no idiots but everyone knew a drunk omega, Claimed or non-claimed was a venerable omega, and where there was a venerable omega there was sure to be some kind of crazy horny alpha regardless of IF they were student hero’s in training.

“Wait guys *hic*”

“Whattup izuuuuchan!” Smiled Uruka

“I feel like we’re forgetting something... hmmm” squinted izuku staring at the ceiling like he was lost in deep thought.

“Hmmmmmmmm” repeated the rest of the Omegas trying to figure out what was eating at the back of their minds.

“*hic* haha! What does it matter? I don’t rememberr lets gooo!!” Cheered Mina, the pink haired girl. She clung onto izukus arm and pulled him clumsily to the door along with the rest of the Omegas

Before anyone could fling the door open Jiro shoved herself in front of the handle “shhhHHhhHhHhhHh you *hic* morons! We need to be QuIeT if we want that ice-*hic*-cream!”

“Ohhhhh!” Said the Omegas in unison lowering their voices.

Once they were outside in the chilly autumn air the pack immediately began their loud chatter and overly exaggerated giggles once again while they (slowly) but surely made their way toward the baskin robins located just down the block.

“Hey guys *hic* I’ve been wondering..” asked izuku like he was lost in deep thought.

“Hmm what issss it?” Asked the Omegas slowly coming to a curious halt around their friend

“How do *hic* towels become dirty if you get out the the shower clean???”

“....holy shit” Denki fell to the ground with a hand over his heart while Jiro in the back could be heard whispering a prayer to whatever holy figure above.

the rest of the class just stood in total shock before a panic clearly ran over everyone “OH MY GOD DEKU, TOO EARLY! TOo EaRlY!” Yelled Mina

“TAKE iT bACk!” Cried uruaka

And Tsyu was literally crying actual tears in the back of the pack.

Suddenly their emotional crisis about dirty towels was stopped when a group of around 5 men, clearly alphas approached the drunk Omegas.

“Well well well. What do we have here?” Said a man whom smelt strongly of gasoline and cigar smoke laughed.

“What are a bunch of lovely Omegas doing out here this late at night for? Huh?” Said another raspy voice from behind the group.

“None of your business” growled izuku

“Oohhh feisty hehe. Tsk, Tsk It’s dangerous out here without your alphas little Omegas. Why don’t you come with us eh?” All of the threatening alphas surrounding the Omegas laughed which sent chills down everyone’s spine.

“Hell no” barked Denki

“S-stay back” Warned Uruaka attempting (and failing) to sound intimidating.

The dangerous groups laughter only grew louder. “Haha! Get em’ boys” said whom they could only assume would be the leader of the gang

One of the men grabbed izukus Head and forced it to the side so he could bury his nose roughly into his scent glands.

Before even Izuku had anytime to react denki, Tsyu, Mina, Jiro and Uruaka were already on it by shoving the man away and sending warning growls his direction.

“Are you okay izuku??” Uruaka quickly looked him over for any injuries before standing back up with the rest to take on a defensive pose around Midoriya.


Tears were pooling at the greenettes eyes ‘god he was so weak, he couldn’t even activate his stupid quirk, none of them could. Stupid! It’s all my fault we even drank! Omegas can’t handle alcohol at all! It’s my fault we came to this stupid ice cream place without our alpha-‘ “hey deku are you okay Down there?”

“I’m fine, thanks Denki. We *hic* ‘god I even sound drunk’ we need to make sure they stay back though” said izuku taking his stance along with the others.

One of the other men shot forward and pinned tsyu to the ground which not only forced the omega group into full protective mode but instinctively forced a pitiful noise to erupt from their throats.

A whimper.



Back to Kitchen POV (aka alpha hangout)

“I dare you to say that one more time shitty hair!”

“Hah!! Watch me-“

That’s when they felt it. A a deep feeling from inside that made their hearts drop and their inner alphas want nothing more than to go into a murderous fit and literally destroy anyone and anything in their path.

A whimper from their omega. An instinctive whimper calling to their mate for protection.

Without thinking all the alphas ran into the kitchen (aka omega hangout area) only to find empty alcohol bottles scattered among the floor in various places.

Complete territorial rage filled their eyes. And a growl with enough danger behind it to kill an endless amount of people erupted from deep within their throats.

Ladies and gentlemen there are three things you don’t mess with if you enjoy living on this planet.
1.An alphas mate.
2.A pack of alphas and their mates
3.A pack of alphas and their fated mates.

And the forbidden fourth.

4.A pack of powerful, overprotective, dangerous almost pro hero alphas and their fated mates (which, as luck would have it this seemed to be the case).

Even Satan himself was praying to Jesus. Lord help EVERYONE

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The group of Omegas reacted in a blink of an eye by shoving the threatening man off of Tsuyu and yanked her back safely into their arms.

“Are you okay??”

“I’ll be fine, ribbit”

Before any of the other group members could take action a very loud voice, an alpha command, came from the bulky guy in the front “DONT MOVE”

Immediately the Omegas stopped unable to do anything but growl and glare at the men.

Izuku had never hated his secondary gender more in his entire life ‘stupid instincts! This is bad!!’

Two of the men walked forward grabbing izuku and Denkis neck “good boys”

Twisted laughs could be heard from the group of thugs and louder more threatening growls could be heard from the stilled Omega pack.

Izukus vision became blurry from lack of oxygen, slowly he looked over at the yellow haired male next to him whom seemed to be having the same struggle.

Izuku looked back up to the man with pleading eyes. Except there was something different about him this time, a perfect picture of fear was painted into his tormentors eyes.

Realization hit him. This aura. This feeling. It was the feeling of pure anger. Death. Except it wasn’t coming from Omegas nor the group of thugs..

Izukus eyes widened in fear, ‘This.... this aura? It’s not coming from them. It can’t- it can’t be stain. He’s in jail’


‘Oh’ Normally the voice and scent of his alphas would have a calming affect but this time it was different. This feeling and demanding dominance from the pack of UA alphas was no doubt enough alone to force even the toughest of hero’s to instantly roll over and bare their neck. Danger.

Forcing his eyes to look up he barely caught a glimpse of all the alphas. He had never seen such a terrifying sight in his entire life. Their eyes radiated nothing but pure feral hatred and danger, Izuku was positive that if the league of villains were here they would submit without hesitation from the sight alone.

The two men instantly released izuku and Denkis necks unable to do anything but whimper and bare their neck in submission.

‘It was at this moment the thugs knew they fucked up’

“P-pleas ACK” bakugo smashed a fist down onto the pleading mans windpipe. The rest of the alphas growls got louder like they were daring any of the men to say something else.

Acting out of pure instinct the Omegas huddled closer together for protection and comfort. Not from the thugs but from their alphas, even uruaka (whose alpha was Iida) could sense the pure anger radiating from the usually calm man.

These alphas were ready to kill if they felt their Omegas get anymore distressed or if the men made any noise. ‘This is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad’ it was the Omegas duty to keep their alphas temper in check but with the alpha command still holding them down they couldn’t move or speak, not to mention the alcohol and alpha pheromones still messing with them.

“Move!” the alpha command was reversed. Everyone whipped their heads around to find All Might, Eraser Head And Cementos standing side by side.

The thugs and the pack of Omegas both felt like rejoicing to whatever god there was above until they heard more growls from the alphas in front of them.

They weren’t themselves right now. They were feral, wild beasts who weren’t thinking straight. That means they would probably also not hesitate to kill the heros in front of them too if they posed any threat to their Omegas.

“Hey problem children! Contain your alphas now!” Immediately izuku + the rest of the students lunged forward grabbing their alphas. Izuku quickly both todoroki and Bakugo into his embrace “shhh shhh it’s okay, I’m okay, I’m not hurt” the two males visibly relaxed and regained their thought process.

The three just sat there in eachothers embrace until they they were convinced this was real and they were okay. They were okay.

Since they knew their omega was okay. Now was the protective side of the alphas to come out. An angry snarl came from inside bakugos throat which sent Izuku backward in surprise “deku. We told you not to leave without us”

“you almost got hurt” added shouto
“Do you know what would’ve happened if you got hurt?? Do you know why we would’ve done? Izuku”

The greenette bared his neck and tried to make himself small as possible, his eyes were swelling with tears and there was a terrible pit in his stomach ‘I disappointed my alphas’

Izuku turned his gaze to the side slightly to see the rest of the class 1-A Omegas in the same state.

“I-I’m sorry” there was no reply. ‘A-are my alphas mad ? Are they I-ignoring me?’ The thought of it made Izuku whimper

“C’mon were going home” was the only thing said before todoroki picked Izuku up and headed for the car

The way home was deafeningly silent. Once inside Izuku could no longer hold all the distress that was trying to come out, he was a whimpering mess, “I-I’m sorry Kacchan, Shocchan. I-I didn’t mean to g-get myself into trouble and I-i I’m- im sorry. So yell at me o-or be mad but please, please talk to me”

The small boi ™ looked up at the two through watery eyes. The alphas wanted to stay upset but they literally couldn’t, they needed to take care of their omega first

“hey Bunny, we aren’t mad, just worried. We were scared” crooned todoroki sitting on the couch and pulling izuku into his lap

“Yeah shitnerd, I almost killed everyone there, I was scared they hurt you”

Bakugo sat down next to todoroki on the large couch (thanks to Shotos rich ass) and kissed Izukus scent gland right where his mark was. Katsuki growled territorially “these marks mean you belong to us”

“Do we need to show you who you belong to” whispered todoroki huskily into Izukus ear


No way would Izuku be walking tomorrow. But it’d be worth it.