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October - "Halloween"

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Something moved in the shadows. Something big; something deadly. She scrambled to find something to use as a weapon – anything – but came across nothing.

They had just landed when the lights had gone out, the power seemingly down. In the pitch black, she had lost sight of the Doctor and had been trying to find him ever since. It had been difficult, in the pitch black, but eventually, her eyes had adjusted and she had found the torch setting on her mobile.

That was when she had heard it. A noise coming from within the depths of the TARDIS herself. Something had gotten in. Something that was now currently after her and, with no sign of the Doctor anywhere and the battery on her phone now long since dead, she was powerless to do anything.

She was so sure that this was it; that this was the moment she would die. The creature following her was closer now – so very close – and she knew she couldn’t run forever. She felt like crying, but knew that that would achieve nothing. So instead she braced herself, prepared for death and…

…the lights came on. She turned around and nearly screamed.

“Trick or treat!”

In the end, it wasn’t her who nearly died that day…