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"Ohayou! You two are just in time! Misako-neechan is already inside," the lovely nurse greeted them.


"Ohayou, Chiaki-neechan," he greeted back as he carefully helped his Fated walk into the private clinic.


The nurse led them to the doctor's office after quickly checking his Fated's vital signs and keeping record of their visit today. She knocked on the doctor's door and opened it after hearing the soft "come in".


"Ohayou, Uno-sensei," he smiled as the doctor stood up to greet them. He squeezed his Fated's hand a bit and the silent boy beside him tentatively bowed in greeting. He noticed the doctor's expression soften as she looked at his Fated.


"Ohayou, Daehyun-kun, Youngjae-kun."




"Wow! So we'll get to visit you more! Where are you staying again?" his mom's excited voice made him smile.


"I was able to get an apartment near the hospital. We'll be with 2 other guys as roommates but the price is good considering the space and the time we need to immediately move in. I've talked to the guys and they seem friendly. One of our new roommates is even willing to pick us up at the airport."


"That's good to hear, Dae. We'll go visit you as soon as we can. I'm just so happy that the two of you will be geographically closer to Busan now. Maybe you two can move here in our hometown after Jae's surgery," his mom sighed wistfully. He smiled as he listened to his mom's sweet voice.


"We'll think about it after all of these. For now, I just want Jae to have a successful surgery," he stated as he looked at the sleeping boy on his bed. Like this, his Fated looks calm and peaceful. The younger is very nervous about all these and the older just want him to be happy.


"Of course, Dae. We all want the surgery to be successful. I've checked and confirmed that Seoul International Hospital is the best. I really hope you can get an appointment with Dr. Kim. He just got married so I'm not sure if he's back full time."


"Don't worry, Mom. Dr. Uno already help set up an appointment. That's why we needed to move and fly out to Seoul soon. I didn't know you'll research to the point of knowing that our new doctor just got married," he teased. He really missed talking to his mom.


"I didn't research on his personal life. When you told me his name I just realized that he was that handsome doctor who married a politician last month. Their wedding was "Wedding of the Year" or something," his mom answered. He smiled knowing how his mom is really a know-it-all when it comes to news and gossips.


"I've read his profile and I'm expecting a lot from him. I just hope he'll agree to perform the surgery."


"I'll pray for both of you as always. I know how important this surgery is for you and Jae. I trust Dr. Uno for recommending Dr. Kim so believe that everything will be alright, okay?"


"Yes, Mom. Thank you for all your support."




"Thank you for coming today. I didn't know if you'd be free but I really wanted to discuss something with the two of you," Dr. Uno stated when they all sat down.


"You've been helping us, Uno-sensei, of course we'd come at your request. Is something the matter?" he asked as he held his Fated's hand. Their Reds glow as he gave his Fated's hand a comforting squeeze.


"There's no problem, in fact I have good news for you," the doctor smiled. "I've been reviewing Jae-kun's records and his last test. I have concluded that the new surgical procedure that was recently approved and proven successful in the USA would be the answer to get Jae-kun sight back."


He was stunned. He did not expect something like this. Youngjae lost his sight years ago and all other doctors advised them that getting his sight back is a hopeless case. All other doctors except this amazing woman, Uno Misako.


"A-are you sure?" he asked, feeling a lump on his throat. He can feel tears of joy in his eyes. He turned to his Fated and saw the younger's tears too.


"Yes, I am certain. I am just sad that I am not yet certified to do the surgery. But I have the best option that I want to discuss with you," the doctor smiled as she handed a box of tissues to him. He smiled back.


"W-what do you mean, Doctor?" the timid voice of his Fated asked.


"This type of surgery was just recently successful in the USA. Two surgeries, both 100% successful. I am yet to study the procedure of the surgery but I know the doctor who created this surgical procedure. He's also the one who performed the surgery in the USA. He's a friend of mine. I have been exchanging emails with him because your situation is similar to his American patients. Due to patient's confidentiality, I cannot give him your information so I did what I thought would be the best option for now. I asked if he can see you for a checkup. And he agreed."


"He agreed? When is he expecting us? Where in the US should we go?" he instantly asked, not wanting to miss the opportunity to help his Fated.


"He is Kim Minseok of Seoul International Hospital. He is On Leave right now so he agreed to see you 30 days from now. He needs to check Jae-kun personally but if you will agree I can send Jae-kun's medical records to him so he can review them too. He advised me that once everything is checked, he is very much willing to do the surgery."


"He's Korean?"


"Yes. A very intelligent Korean surgeon. Very kind too. I advised that the patient is actually Korean so he said he's definitely happy to be your doctor. He's even worried about your life here in Japan."


"Why is he worried?"


"Once we've proven that the surgery will be the best for Jae-kun, it will be done in Seoul. And it would require constant check for progress. So, you may need to stay in Seoul for months until the after-surgery therapies are completed."


So they would need to move to Seoul? His mind is already computing his savings and listing down things to do like searching for an apartment and researching about the hospital.


"D-do you really think this is the best, Sensei?" Jae quietly stated.


"Yes, I do, Youngjae-kun. I know you've always wanted this so I did my best to help. Don't worry, I will be with you during the surgery if ever. I am still your doctor so I wouldn't let you go until you can open your eyes and see my beautiful face," the doctor jested as she reached for the patient's other hand to give it a comforting pat. The younger silently cried more.


"Thank you for this chance, Sensei. Please do send his medical records and our sincere thanks for his consideration to take care of Youngjae. I can't thank you enough," he beamed at the doctor, determination and resolve blazing in his eyes.


"I'm just doing my job as a doctor, Daehyun-kun. Thank you for listening to this suggestion of mine. I am assured that Jae-kun will be in good hands."




"I am so sad about this, Jung," his boss, Sueyoshi Shuta, stated.


"I'm really sorry about this. I know this is unexpected but I don't want to miss this chance."


"I know how important this is for you. And I thank you for personally presenting your resignation letter to me. I just regret losing a good worker like you, Dae-kun."


"I learned a lot from you, Shuta-senpai. I wish I'd be able to get a job with a good boss like you."


"Moving is a hassle. Moving to another country to start again will be definitely difficult. Yoo-kun's checkup and surgery is your priority, right? I wish for the success of the procedures. Just.. Once he recovers, you can always go back here. I don't care if it take months or years, you're always welcome here as long as I am here. Remember that, okay?" his boss gave him a cheeky smile.


"Thank you, Senpai."


"Now, we need to maximize your last 2 weeks here. Are you ready to slave over managing GENERATIONS from EXILE Tribe's upcoming Japanese tour?" the boss stated as he smirked at him.




They were slowly walking through the Arrivals area of Incheon International Airport when he spotted a guy who was dancing while waving a huge banner with his name. He can't help but chuckle. He can feel Youngjae's nervousness when he turned to the sound of his chuckles. He held his Fated’s hand firmly and guided him to the guy with the banner.


"Hi, I'm Jung Daehyun," he introduced himself when he was in front of the banner guy. He felt weird speaking in Korean to strangers. He can feel his Busan accent slipping.


"I'm sorry about him, he's so embarrassing," the tall guy beside the banner guy stated. "I'm Choi Junhong, by the way. And as embarrassed as I am to admit, this is Moon Jongup, our other roommate."


"Yah," Jongup lightly hit Junhong with the banner. "Don't listen to this giant maknae, he's a menace."


"Nice to meet you both. This is my Fated, Yoo Youngjae. He was born and raised in Japan so he's still learning Korean. Thank you for picking us up," Daehyun smiled then bowed. Youngjae bowed too.


"No big deal. I am excited to live with other people aside from this embarrassing hyung I'm stuck with," Junhong joked, earning another hit from the shorter guy beside him.


"Well, whatever Junhong. Welcome to Seoul, Daehyun-ssi and Youngjae-ssi. Let us help you with your bags so we can all get back home. Our Himchan-hyung prepared food for all of us," Jongup beamed.




"Thank you for the warm welcome," he stated as he quietly helped in cleaning the kitchen.


"Awwww~ All is good, Daehyun-ssi~ We just want you both to be comfortable," Jongup smiled at him. He is mesmerized by his new roommate's friendly way.


"You've helped us a lot, you know. Moving to Seoul is a really big decision for us."


"You told us over the phone that you need a place near Seoul International Hospital, right? Can I ask why?"


"Youngjae will have a surgery soon. This is his chance to be able to see again," he answered. He appreciated that their new roommates were respectful about Youngjae's blindness. They treated him like a normal new friend and tried their best to communicate despite the language barrier. Youngjae even giggled at their attempt at Japanese by using terms in animes and mangas.


"Oh.. I wish his surgery would be a success. Well, Seoul International Hospital is the best hospital in Korea now. They have the best doctors," Jongup stated positively.


"I'm looking forward to meeting Dr. Kim Minseok. He's the one who will help, Jae."


"You mean, Minseok-hyung?? He's Park Minseok now, I think. Or Kim-Park Minseok.."


"You know him?"


"I work as a theater dancer. I'm friends with Kim Jongin, Kim Minseok's youngest brother. Minseok-hyung is a really good doctor and a really cool hyung."


He was surprised at the information. Just months ago, he was one of the managers who handled Kim Jongin's 'Andante' tour in Japan. He never knew that the famous dancer has a doctor for a brother.