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"You know, Takahiro is my friend but I kind of hate him right now," his boss, Sueyoshi Shuta, stated as they walked to the park. They are checking the area that the famous Japanese singer Nissy wanted to use as a venue for his anniversary celebration. The singer decided to make a free public performance in the park. Suffice to say that their team has been stressed about the preparations, security issues and many more.

"You love him, Senpai. He's practically your brother. Besides, it's actually very nice of him to make a free public performance," Daehyun smiled.

"I know it is. But you know his fans. You'd think they'd be calmer once he announced that he has found his Fated but no, they decided to be fans of his partner too. Do you remember that fancam of his partner? She was singing in a dimly lit karaoke and it went viral so the fans demanded them to sing together. She's a doctor and they want her to be a singer! The fans are so energetic, we can't keep up. I'm just glad that Takahiro did not blurt out about this venue or else the fans would camp out for days in here," Shuta ranted.

Daehyun thought about it. Nishijima Takahiro has been crazy about this. The singer announced his plan on Twitter before telling the company. The bosses in Avex Trax loved him though and told the managing teams to do what the singer wishes. Daehyun smiled at the memory of Nissy begging Shuta for forgiveness for the sudden plans.

"I'm sorry, by the way. I know you wanted to go home to your parents but this schedule ruined your plans," his boss sighed again as he led them to a vending machine. He quickly purchased two cans of soda and handed one to Daehyun.

"It's okay, Senpai. My parents knew we are busy and you moved my leave so I can go after Nissy's anniversary anyway," Daehyun answered, thinking about his plans and his parents in Busan.

"This is why I really like you. You're always doing your best and you are willing to change your personal plans. Just. Don't work too hard--"

His boss' phone rang cutting his speech off. He immediately looked at it and sighed.

"I need to answer this. It's the head producer again. I need to get my tablet in the car. Just walk around a bit. I'll find you after this."

Daehyun nodded and bowed as Shuta walked away with the phone on his ear. He can see how busy his boss is. They are working on Amuro Namie's concert tour too and then there's the pending partnership with Korea's Kim Entertainment.



While he was walking, he realized that the park is a really big one. He has passed by families, couples and friends who were enjoying their Sunday. It is autumn and everything looks peaceful and calming.

He walked deeper into the park where there were only few people. He does not know why but his feet seem to have a mind of their own.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket to check if he received any messages when he caught sight of his Red. The string of Fate seems longer and it is leading to a certain direction. His heart pounded at the realization. His Fated is in this park somewhere.

He tried to calmly follow the string but his heart is filled with nervousness and excitement at the same time. As he neared a small pond, he heard someone singing.

His Red led him to someone, a young male, seated on the bench in front of the small pond. The male was singing an acoustic version of Nissy's 'Gift' with his eyes closed. Daehyun can see their connected strings of Fate so he slowly approached the bench. The male stopped singing, and opened his eyes when he heard the footsteps.

Daehyun waited for the male to look at his hand, notice their Reds and turn to him. But no. The male just stared at the pond in front of him.

"Mitsuhiro-kun? Is that you? Were you able to catch Choco?," the male asked, his sweet voice is like music to Daehyun's ears.

The young male did not turn to him. The young male is not looking at the pond. He's staring at it with unseeing eyes.

"I.. I am--"

"Jae-kun!" a voice called, cutting Daehyun off. The male on the bench turned to the sound of the voice. Daehyun saw another male running to them with a dog on a leash.

"I'm sorry for leaving you for a while. Choco ran so fast but I got him now. We can now go home." The male then turned and looked at Daehyun suspiciously then walked between Daehyun and the male on the bench. "Are you bothering him?"

"I'm sorry. I just.." Daehyun does not know what to say.

"He did not bother me, Mitsuhiro-kun," his Fated said to his companion and then, "Hey, I'm sorry. I thought you were my brother Mitsuhiro."

His Fated is bowing a little though he did not know where Daehyun was. 'Mitsuhiro' is still looking at him suspiciously since he was just staring at 'Jae-kun'.

"Hey, it's rude to stare at blind people," Mitsuhiro snapped. Daehyun turned to him. His heart ached at the protectiveness of the other male. His heart ached realizing that other people might have taken advantage of his Fated because he was blind.

"I'm really sorry. I just can't believe I'm meeting him now."

"Why? Do you know him?" Mitsuhiro raised an eyebrow at him, challenging him to gauge if he really knows his best friend.

"No, I don't. But I would like to know him. I'm Jung Daehyun. I am.. He's my.." he does not know what to say and if this protective Hidaka will believe him. "He's my Fated."

"What?!" Mitsuhiro asked in disbelief. He can see his Fated stiffen behind his friend.




"I'm scared," Youngjae said he squeezed his Fated's hand.

"I am too but don't worry. Both Uno-sensei and Dr. Kim will take care of you," Daehyun answered.

They were in the hospital room, waiting for the nurses to come and get Youngjae for his surgery. It has been a month of preparation and finally the surgery will happen.

"I'm not afraid of the surgery."

"What are you afraid of then?"

"I'm afraid of disappointing you. I'm afraid of the hope we put in this. I'm afraid that if this is not successful, everything that you worked hard for would be in vain," Youngjae stated.

"Hey, don't say that, Love. Whatever happens, we'll accept it. I just want you to be happier."

Daehyun kissed him softly on the lips and Youngjae felt like crying some more.




"He was here again. He left a bouquet of flowers and some Korean food," Naoya-niichan said as they sat for dinner. He can hear Mitsuhiro sighing as he sat beside him.

"This is what he left for you. I forgot what it is called but he said he hoped you will like it," Naoya continued speaking, ignoring Mitsuhiro. Youngjae felt a bowl being set up in front of him. A jiggae? It smelled nice. His niichan guided his hand so he can spoon the soup. A burst of flavors touched his tongue when he tasted the soup. He wondered where the soup was purchased. He is so used to Japanese food so this is the first time he is tasting Korean jiggae in a long time.

"I don't know why you allow him to come by. You're encouraging him. I don't like him," Mitsuhiro told Naoya as they eat. When Jung Daehyun claimed that Jae is his Fated, Hidaka Mitsuhiro immediately called Urata Naoya because he did not know what to do. He was sure that their older brother will know what to do. When Naoya came, he calmly spoke to Jung Daehyun and asked him to give Youngjae time. Since then, Mitsuhiro has been saying that he regret calling Naoya because he is too nice.

"I can see that he genuinely cares for our Jae-kun," Naoya-niichan simply stated. "And Jae-kun has not decided yet. If he says he doesn't want Daehyun-kun, then we'll push the guy away."




That night, Youngjae made his decision. He decided to talk to Naoya after Mitsuhiro locked himself in his room.

"Niichan, do you think I should.."

"Give him a chance?"


"I think you should. He is a nice guy, I can tell. He's nervous about what you think about him."

"He is?"

"Yes. He's even worried if you'd like the food he cooked."

He cooked that? For him? Youngjae felt a weird warmth on his chest. "I want to talk to him but I am afraid it would be very awkward."

"You can talk to him in here, with us around. It will still be awkward but I think it would be better with us around, right?"

"Yes, I think that is a good option.. Niichan, can you please call him? Tell him I want to talk to him?"

"Sure," he can hear the smile in Naoya's voice.

This is why he is so thankful to his brothers, his adoptive family. They always look after them and care for him.




"That's the last box, I think. You guys better have lots of food for me. I'm tired," Mitsuhiro said. Naoya chuckled. They helped Youngjae finally move in with Daehyun after a year of courtship and dating.

Through the months of knowing Jung Daehyun, Hidaka Mitsuhiro finally gave his approval. He was surprised that Daehyun proudly introduced Jae-kun to his family, friends and collegues after Jae-kun agreed to date him. He saw how Daehyun moved around Jae-kun, adjusting himself to fit Jae-kun's needs and protecting him at all cost. Daehyun was there at all of Jae-kun's checkups. The guy even looked for an eye specialist who can help his Fated better. He also introduced Jae-kun to his idol Nissy and the other artists he worked with. What else can Mitsuhiro complain about?

"Don't worry, I have ordered a lot of food for us. Thank you so much," Daehyun smiled.

"You better take very good care of our brother or else," Hidaka Mitsuhiro threatened, smirking.




"Are you excited?" Nurse Bang Yongguk's deep voice asked in Japanese as he pushed his wheelchair. They are out on their morning stroll so Youngjae can catch some sunlight.

"I am," the patient answered. He can feel the sunlight on his face.

"I'm excited too, for you to properly meet everyone. I bet there are a lot of people in your room now. Anyway, we've already made arrangements for dinner tonight."


"Yeah, Himchan planned it. The kids are so excited about it. Too bad Dr. Kim has another dinner to attend to."

"What if I still can't.."

"Don't say that. Everything was successful. All we need to do is removed that bandage on your eyes and you would see us," the nurse soothingly stated.




"Okay, Youngjae-ah, I will now remove your bandage. Once it is removed, just slowly open your eyes and tell us what you feel, alright?" Dr. Kim asked.


He can feel multiple layers of cloth being removed form his eyes. He can feel Daehyun squeezing his left hand again as Dr. Kim move around his head.

"Okay, now. Slowly open them."

Youngjae slowly opened his eyes. He was met with light and blurry images but as his vision focused, he is able to make sense of his surroundings. The room was quiet, everyone waiting for him to make a reaction.

Two people in white coats are standing beside his bed. One young looking male and one very pretty female. Another person wearing full white and holding a clipboard was looking at him expectantly. He then felt a squeeze on his left hand and he glanced at it. The red strings caught his attention and he started crying.

"Youngjae?! Hey?! Are you okay? Are you hurt?!" a panicked voice, very familiar, and then a handsome face filled his vision. The male was tenderly holding his face with his right hand, his left hand still holding his, while he frowned in worry. The red strings caught his attention again.

This is him. Jung Daehyun. His Fated.

Youngjae slowly moved his right hand to caress Daehyun's cheek. His hand is shaking.

"Daehyun, I.. Finally I.. I.. I can see you, Love.." he cried and his vision became blurry with tears. Daehyun wiped his tears away and Youngjae noticed that he is crying too.

"Oh my, I thought your eyes hurt. Thank goodness," he was still wiping Youngjae's tears, uncaring about the tears on his own face.

"Congratulations to both of you!" a female voice exclaimed.

Youngjae turned to the doctors. "I can see why Takahiro-niichan is always gushing about you. Arigatou, Uno Misaki-sensei." More tears.

"Hey, no need to thank me. Both of you are like family to me," Dr. Uno smiled.

"Thank you, Dr. Kim. I owe you a lot too.."

"No you don't. We pledged to help people so I am glad I was able to help you," Dr. Kim smiled too, making his face more youthful.

"Congratulations! Oh my gosh. I'm--" the male nurse looked like he was crying too. "We'll see you at dinner tonight. I'll start on your discharge papers. Bye." The nurse hastily left the room. That's Kim Himchan-hyung?

"Nurse Kim can be really emotional at times. I understand since he's your friend. He must be crying while happily telling Nurse Bang," Dr. Kim chuckled.

"Well, I guess we'll leave you both for now. We'll see you before you get discharged. Take a rest, okay?" Dr. Uno stated before smiling to Dr. Kim and dragging the other doctor out. Youngjae thought he heard Dr. Uno said "Let's give them their moment." Dr. Kim gave a short wave before they're out of the door. Both he and Daehyun bowed but he's not sure if the doctors noticed.





He turned to his Fated and was surprised to feel lips on his own. He easily responded to the kiss. He can feel tears on their faces again.

He slowly pulled back and wiped his Fated tears again. He looked at him in the eyes like he always does but today it is different because those beautiful eyes are staring at his in wonder too.

"Is this how you feel when you look at me?" Youngjae asked without breaking eye contact.


"Dae, I.. I can't thank you enough.."

"You shouldn't thank me. I wanted to show you--"

"I can see our Reds now, Dae. But I want you to know, I can feel them. I knew you were telling the truth about being Fated the first time you held my hand. I.. I didn't need to see to be able to feel your love. But you still gave me more happiness anyways, you still gave up a lot of things to show me you love me. So thank you, Love. Not because I now have my eyesight back but because one look at you showed me how lucky I am to have you. Saranghae."

"Youngjae-ah, you deserve everything. I am the one who is lucky to have you. Nado saranghae," he answered and then leaned to kiss his Fated again.