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(CANCELLED) Just Let Out Your Feelings

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Monika blinked the sleep out of her eyes as she slowly woke up. It was dark, so it was still nighttime. In that case, why was she awake?


She looked over to see Natsuki clinging to her desperately, muttering in her sleep.

Right. Monika forgot she had Natsuki over.

Natsuki grunted, pushing her face into Monika’s side. She had a serious case of bedhead, her hair sticking in different directions from tossing and turning.

Monika gently hummed as she ran her fingers through Natsuki’s hair, messing it up even more. She wouldn’t notice the difference, anyways.

Natsuki grunted again in her sleep.


Oh. She’s talking in her sleep. That’s pretty cute-

“Stop that.”


“Papa, please stop.”

Oh no.

Monika looked at Natsuki awkwardly as she muttered alarming things, begging for something to stop. Monika didn’t exactly want to know what.

“Nat.” She said as she gently patted Natsuki’s head in an attempt to wake her up, “Hey. Hey, Natsuki. Wake up.”

Natsuki did not wake up, instead clinging to Monika like she was a rock in a stormy sea.

Okay, fuck waking her up gently, this is really sad.

“Natsuki!” Monika whisper-shouted as she shook her, “Natsuki!”

Natsuki snorted as she woke up, resting her head on Monika’s chest. Her dull eyes lit up as she remembered where she was.

“Monika?” Natsuki mumbled, still sleepy, “Why… Why the hell did you wake me up?”

Usually, Monika would tell the truth.

There was nothing wrong with having a bad dream, obviously. It wasn’t something you could control. Monika could have told Natsuki she realized she was probably having a bad dream.

But, this time felt different.

Some people think you can tell the future via dreams. That, of course, is bullshit, but there is merit and worth in interpreting dreams. It is a manifestation of your brain activity without you directly controlling it, anyways.

That’s the scary part. Knowing that your brain can psychoanalyze itself and bring your weird little head demons to the forefront without really trying. Knowing that, no matter how hard you repress it, it’ll come back eventually. Knowing that… well… knowing that maybe Natsuki doesn’t have a good papa.

Sure. That’s a big stretch. You could always have a weird dream that in no way reflects real life. Maybe Natsuki’s dad is a great guy, who knows, but… Monika wouldn’t know unless she asked, right?

What kind of daddy issues does Natsuki have? This isn’t a conversation Monika wanted to have. This isn’t a conversation Monika felt capable of handling.

Monika wasn’t capable of much, emotionally. She left all that to Sayori. Sayori would know exactly what to say and it killed her.

What if she said something wrong? What if she ruined one of the few friendships she had?

And if something bad was happening… Would Natsuki even admit it to her? If it was happening, why would Natsuki admit it to her of all people?

Like usual, Monika took the cowardly way out. Like usual, Monika was selfish. Like usual, Monika decided to turn a blind eye like the absolute sociopath she is.

“I…” She said, “I kind of need to pee and you’re holding me down.”

Absolutely pathetic.