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melodies of bliss

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Izuku stretches after completing the last word of his assignment, thankful to have finished it a few days before the due date. He doesn’t have anything else to do anyways, and it feels good to not have any assignments waiting to be done anymore. That’s when a soft but beautiful melody reaches his ears, and he turns in an attempt to find the source of the sound. Or whoever’s creating it.

Almost immediately, he realises that it probably comes from the common room; some people came in today to install a new piano in their dorm building. Perhaps someone in their class knows how to play it? An odd interest for a hero, but a good one nonetheless.

Out of curiosity, the boy makes his way to the elevator. Sure enough, when it reaches the first floor, the piano music becomes louder to Izuku. Gingerly, as an effort to not disturb the person playing it, he walks to the common room.

But the silhouette seated at the piano, under the dim lights, almost had him gasping out loud.


Izuku hurriedly covers his mouth, as he takes a good look at the other boy playing the instrument. From this angle, he can see his fingers moving gracefully, as if having a mind of their own. Soft melodies dance around the room, around them.

He doesn’t recognise the piece—Izuku doesn’t play the piano, after all—but when it’s coming from Kacchan, of all people, it feels a little more special. Maybe it’s because he himself is one of the few people to see the relaxed side of Kacchan.

Izuku has the agree, when Kacchan isn’t raging or blurting out curses—very rarely—he feels the calmest around him too. Ever since they were in middle school, he didn’t get to see this side of Kacchan much anymore, what with his constant bullying and them becoming more distant in general.

Sometime, Izuku wishes they could go back to being kids. Back to the time when it was innocent.

He almost doesn’t notice that Kacchan is done with this piece until said blond calls out of him.

“Deku, I know you’re there. Just come out already, shitty nerd.” He huffs.

Smiling sheepishly, Izuku walks out from where he was secretly listening to Kacchan’s playing earlier. “Sorry.”

“I didn’t know Kacchan played the piano though. It’s really nice to listen to, I really liked it.” Izuku shoots the other boy a grin, and—he thinks he imagined it—Kacchan turns away, pouting lightly.

“My dad wanted me to learn it so I’d become quieter. Didn’t work.”

Izuku laughs. “How long have you been playing for?”

“Since elementary school, I guess. Didn’t really give a shit about this at first, but it’s a way to relieve stress for me nowadays.”

A year ago, Izuku would not have ever imagined that he would be having small talk with this  person, in the middle of the night. But here he is, smiling because of him.

When was the last time he had smiled in front of Kacchan?

“Are you gonna keep playing, Kacchan?”

“Planning on one more, then I’ll sleep.”

Izuku takes a seat closest to the piano, getting ready for a mini recital by possibly the most hot-tempered person in class 1-A.

“Clair de Lune by Debussy.” Kacchan announces. “One of my favourite pieces.”

The first notes land, and soon Izuku finds himself entranced by the gentle, rolling melody. Kacchan’s silhouette sways with the music, and he decides that he wants this to last forever. Kacchan, playing the piano, and him, sitting here and listening quiet. No fights, no arguments, just a shared moment of peace between them.

Unknowingly, Izuku’s eyelids lower on their own, and he’s almost asleep. Not quite yet, or at least awake enough that he can tell when Kacchan finishes. Then, surprisingly gently, the smaller boy feels himself being scooped up by strong arms.

“Stupid nerd.” But the words don’t carry their usual sting, just a soft resignation, perhaps even a bit of concern. 

Izuku smiles to him, right before he falls asleep in Kacchan’s arms. 

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Izuku walks out of his room, eager for a refreshing drink. Along the corridor, bright sunlight streams in from the large windows. If one looks out and stares hard enough at the air, one can see the heat waves distorting their sight. Ah, a nice, cold can of Coke will probably do the trick.

Turns out, Izuku isn't the only one with the same idea.

As Izuku makes his way to the kitchen, he spots a familiar blond pouring some cold water from the dispenser. Kacchan leans on the counter top, and sips from the mug. As usual, his brows are knitted together, deep in thought.

"Hello." Izuku says.

"Hey." Kacchan mumbles.

After what happened that night–what with Kacchan letting Izuku stay while he played the piano, and also bringing him back to his room–they have been on civil terms. Not exactly friendly, but it's a start.

Since then, Kacchan stopped yelling at him every time they met, and actually returned his greetings normally. Izuku thought it to be quite surprising, but, well, he's definitely not complaining.

Quickly, Izuku opens the fridge and grabbed a can of Coke. He cracks it open, and upon taking a gulp, he lets out a sigh. The summer heat seems to dissipate from him almost immediately, and Izuku downs the rest of the can.

"I'll go back first. See you!" Izuku waves, throwing the can away. Kacchan simply nods in response.

Perhaps it's because of his mood, or perhaps it's because of something else, but when Izuku walks past the piano again, he actually wants to take a closer look at it. Before he knew it, he's pulls the piano bench out and admiring the beautiful instrument.

The piano isn't too big, just the regular size that he's seen in the music rooms of middle school. Its wood is well-made, and the surface shines as rays of sunlight reflect off the polish. In fact, Izuku could see his own reflection on it.

Izuku gingerly opens the cover, revealing a neat row of black and white keys. As someone who has never touched a keyboard in their life, he's slightly intimidated by the keys which had no marking. Silently, Izuku applauds Kacchan for being able to play this.

Carefully, he presses down on a random key. It produces a clear, crisp sound, and Izuku lets a soft gasp escape. He repeats the same action multiple times, each time making him more amazed than ever. In fact, he wished that he got to learn the piano when he was younger.

Izuku hears footsteps, and he jumps in his seat, scrambling to try and close the cover. Before he could, however, a voice speaks up.

"Damn. I thought it was someone else, but it's just you." Kacchan says, arms crossed.

"Ah…sorry…" Izuku says. "I didn't break anything, I promise! I'll definitely go up–"


Only one word, something that Kacchan has never said to him. Until today, that is.


"Stay, you idiot." Kacchan grunts.


Kacchan doesn't respond, instead taking a seat beside him. Izuku quickly stands up, moving to the right of the piano.

"Hey, Izuku."

The use of his real name–especially from someone like him–takes Izuku slightly aback.

"You know, I don't really know what's going on with me right now."

"How so?"

"After that night, well… I became conflicted about…things."

This calm Kacchan is starting to make Izuku slightly anxious, dammit!

"Honestly, I had no idea why I even bothered to bring you up to your room that night. Hell, I had no idea why I did that until I left your room."

Izuku swallows spit. He hears blood roaring in his ears. Kacchan's fist hits his own leg, which makes Izuku shriek softly.

"My brain went haywire. Every fucking time I walk past you, my heart rate increases by tenfold. Every time I yell at you, my cheeks burn, and I /knew/ it wasn't because I'm really /that/ angry." Kacchan grits his teeth together.

Wait a minute…

Could it be…?

"It was all fine and dandy before, so why now? Huh? Fucking Deku, you have an idea?"

Kacchan reaches out to grab Izuku's collar, but stops himself before he actually does. He sulks in his seat.

"Never mind. Go up to your room, stupid Deku." Kacchan snaps, turning to the keyboard.

"No. I want to hear Kacchan play the piano again." Izuku settles down at the same spot. This surprises him: from where did he get this conviction? Perhaps he will never know.

Kacchan rolls his eyes, but doesn't shoo him away.

"Liebestraum, by Liszt." Kacchan announces.

This time, Izuku has a proper view of him playing, and it is truly mesmerizing. The soft, soothing melody fills the common room, as if the musical notes had souls of their own. Kacchan's fingers move gracefully and skilfully across the glistening keyboard. At the soft parts, the music seems to be light breezes skimming across his skin; at the loud parts, passion simply oozed from the melody.

Under the softer afternoon sun, Izuku would dare say that Kacchan looks…angelic.

Izuku closes his eyes, letting himself be enveloped by the music. Surprisingly, no one came to disturb them, and Izuku almost falls asleep again until the piece ended.

"Oi, Deku, don't fall asleep again. I'm not gonna carry you up again." Kacchan says, and Izuku thinks he sees a slight smile tugging at he corner of his lips.

"Kacchan." Izuku says, smiling brightly. "Now I think I know why you feel like that."

He's sure of it now.


"I'm only guessing, but…do you love me?"

Instantly, Kacchan's face turns a bright red. Izuku bursts out laughing, which makes him even redder.

"Oi! Why are you laughing, idiot?" Kacchan yells.

"Hahahaha..." Izuku wipes a tear from the corner of his eye, clutching his stomach. "Sorry, but you were too cute."

"I'm not cute!" Kacchan turns away, positively flushed.

After Izuku finally calms down, he stands up. "So, you're not denying what I said? About you loving me?"

Kacchan mumbles, refusing to look up.

"What was that?"

"I said I think you're right! Damn…"

Ah, so even Kacchan can be so cute sometimes.

Izuku chuckles, cupping Kacchan's face with both hands. "I'm happy."

"Huh? You don't think it's weird?"

"Of course not." Izuku inches closer.

"After all, I've loved you ever since I met you." 


Izuku doesn't give him a chance to respond, and he gives him a kiss right on his lips. Quickly, he lets go of Kacchan.

"I love you too, Kacchan."

Kacchan smirks, and pulls Izuku in for another kiss, knocking the breath out of the green-haired boy.