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Get him NOW!

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The man on the table screamed with his already hoarse throat, until the three men and one woman could hear fresh blood, muting his despite cry. Each one swallowed forcing down there own pained emotions, for this was looking like it was going to turn into a rather long and frustrating night. The normally gentle man turned his head to spit the blood build-up out, as he once more pleaded with them too be released. He would do anything if only they would stop the pain racking through his body in agonizing waves. Let him touch the object of his desperation, each person hardened their heart and turned away to speak among themselves.

"This is not something I take lightly or even had to say to you before Ibiki, but use any means at your disposal to buy us the time we need. The village can't afford to lose valuable shinobi and I don't want to bury another young friend." The blond hokage walked out, the twin tails down her back swaying as she shook with suppressed anger. Someone or even a variety of somebody's were about to get the full blunt of her legendary unrestrained emotions.

Those left behind could feel the chakra rising in Iruka as it backed up seeking a means of release but found none. It remained firmly blocked, contained within the suffering body laid on the flat, cold surface wearing nothing but heavy reinforced chains. The steel table shook with the effort of his flexing muscles, desperate to find the one thing that could make this all stop. His life-mate and once their bond had been completed Iruka's chakra would once more return back to less life threatening levels. Normally no chunin had this amount of raw power, yet now was not normal circumstances, more like a nightmare for any of Konhmura's ninja.

Three sets of brown eyes looked at the pain-crazed ones, as once more Iruka started screaming wordlessly. It pained them to see him as a guest of Ibiki, but it could not be helped, oddly enough the I&T department building was best equipped to hold the suffering chunin. Heavy jutsu-enforced walls designed to hide the more dark work that had to happen within, could also serve to shield one of there own. This was the only place they could keep Iruka and stop the rest of the shinobi rushing to their distressed comrade's aid. Outside two ninja scrabbled to put Tsunade's hastily thrown together plan into action.

Ibiki gave a long suffering sigh; he had been here in the same room since just after lunch, when a violent and babbling shinobi was bought to him. He had not been prepared to see Iruka's drugged state, or the normally placid man still able to fight the ANBU back ops that had been called in once the alarm was raised.
The sweet school teacher having missed his morning class, so the academy had sent someone to investigate his unusual absence, they found the young man collapsed in the small flat he lived in, a pool of various fluids spreading outwards.

Pinching the bridge of his scared nose the tall frightening man looked over at the two half dressed ninja who looked just as haunted as himself.

"You're his usual play partners." Both nodded in unison. "And up until now he's showed no preference for a life-mate?" Again the same unison of action this time, a shrug.

"Fuck. Iruka you're one tough little chunin. But stupid to try and ignore this of all things." The deep tone is caring as Ibiki's hand rests on his newest and most unwanted guest's sun kissed upper arm, gently patting in reassurances.

Once more the torture expert studied the bindings, tightened the ones holding legs and wrists immobile, bruising the skin in the process. They could never let
Iruka escape in the state he was, he was not only a danger to himself but also anyone close by.

Wild spiky brown hair controlled only by the hiate shook sadly from side to side, Raidou's upper body was bare, so too was his life-mate Genma. Like twins they had the same black stretchy workout shorts on, having been rudely interrupted in one long sweet love-making session. The shorts being the closest things to grab when summoned by an ash faced Suzume, to the grey stone torture room they had been standing in for the last hour, watching helplessly as their playmate writhed in agony. Annoyance of having a rare day off together trashed was now long forgotten as the full severity of the situation sunk in.

"Can't we distract him until they get Kakashi? " Genma took his trademark senbon out his mouth, hoping to do more than just watch. Spinning the thin long metal needle over the back of his knuckles, looking nervous.

Ibiki looked at the weeping angry red cock standing ridged, flecks of dried blood still clinging to the shaft stuck in the pre-cum. Iruka would have been masturbating till he was cumming blood, and then would have only stopped when he passed out from the unbearable pain. By his estimation, Iruka had been in life-mate heat for coming up on 24 hours, another 24 and he would be dead, or if by some miracle, survived, he would be so badly damaged it would be kinder to put him down like an animal. If they did not do something soon he would breach the line, even then Tsunade could no longer heal him.

With his famous interrogator cold voice "He needs relief, but I can't risk unblocking his chakra or restraints. Until his mate arrives that hard-on will not go down, no matter how often he cums." Ibiki reminds.

Genma looked fleeting at Raidou and both turned to look at the taller man leaning against the wall hands stuffed in his trench coat pockets, looking menacing even as he tried to look relaxed for the nervous pair.

"It's cool?" the lovers said together. Assurance given, both move closer to the table, fingers touching the over heated exposed skin. Feeling the sweat running on their own abs. Each stood on opposite sides of their friend, as his wild eyes tried to track what was going on about him.

"Ru, Ru, love." Both lovers tracing the kanji for hope over the broad chest of their playmate as if he were tied to their bed at home not here, not in a place designed to bring cold hard pain.

Again chakra rose up ripping through Iruka's system and pooling in his balls. It was more painful than being kept waiting for an orgasm that had been denied most of the day.

Genma took one more look at the wild eyes, messed up hair half out its usual high tail and just opened both his mouth and throat wide; suppressing his gag reflex he takes the rock hard sex of his friend fully to the dark curls about its root. Suckling slightly as he rose his head back off so he could lick the tip.

Raidou watched his partner deep throat Iruka in one go and felt his own desire twitch. Tearing his eyes away he also set about distracting the hurting man with pleasure, lips and fingers mapping the bronzed body held at bay with shiny silver chains. Another time and this would have hit Raidou's own kink fetish off nicely, but tonight would be all about trying to keep a very dear shinobi sane.