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Get him NOW!

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Lady Tsunade's was trying very hard not to let her mind wonder into the wrong kind of places, places that it had no right turning up to, while she was performing her current and hopefully last medical check up of Iruka.
It was unprofessional of her to think of him lax on a bed from being made love to, skin tacky as it cooled in the night air. Hair unbound. NO. stop it. Tests only medical information damn it brain she cursed silently.
The lungs was sounding good and she made a note in his file of the blood pressure numbers. Both Iruka's brown eyes tracked her as she ran through her boring and mostly needless tests.
Her mind tried again to show her black rope patterns, yes black would be nice but also to 'normal' for the prince of porn. No white would look more stark against Iruka's warm skin tone.

Damn him.

No. No the blame was to be laid firmly at that porn addict brat's feet. Yes, it was no doubt all his idea to play kinky games, leaving all those delightful rope marks behind, when he knew SHE would be seeing Iruka today.

Really she should have burned Jiraiya alive when he came out with his first Icha Icha book of smut. The very same ones Kakashi read in public daily. Trashy books! Books that Tsunade owned and each held loving messages from the author, books she kept more hidden than her sacred Sakai store. Perhaps next time the self proclaimed wondering hermit came back to the village, she'd bar him from the woman's bath house and strap him in a cock cage for a month. But then she'd never know if all the orgies that had been hinted at was going to happen in the next book. Fucking cliff hangers.

Once more she ran her glowing hands along Iruka confirming that his chakra pathways was almost back to normal. Tsunade disliked having any of her ninja, no matter the ease of their job, at anything less than full health. Should Iruka wish he could go back to teaching all the little hellion's at the school.

“you are fully healed.” she gave a meaning full look at the rope lines. “which means your now cleared for work, but I'd still like you to do it in stages, a couple of weeks at school and then you can return to the mission desk. Heavens knows the temp teacher will be thrilled to have you back, he keeps saying something about small demons in human form.” She smiled at the soft brown eyed man's look of joy. Iruka really did dote on those school kids.

“Thank you so much for you and your staff's hard work.” He said with gratitude making Tsunade feel like she was a goddess performing sacred activities and not her boring job.

Iruka could do that, make a old woman feel young or everyday things seem like treasured moments in time. His emotions spread like wild fire infecting those about him. His love soothed hurt souls, his anger burned the wrong to ash, his praise lifted and gave people hope. Iruka was a very special ninja to any Hokage that could see his true skills and talents. With him guiding the next generation on ninja she'd have a strong army that thought for itself, and not just blindly followed orders like some she had seen.

Bowing in his usual plight manor Iruka left the hospital with a huge smile on his face, a light step as he began to greet villages. Shaking her head with fondness and smile forming, her hand was already placing his folder in the discharged pile for filing. Luckily Iruka was not one of the ninja that they had to keep his records to hand in the red box just below admissions desk. Not like the gentle sensei's life-mate, his rather large file lived at the top it seem.

Tsunade would have thought she'd had a battle on her hands to keep Kakashi away from active duties and give his body for once a chance to heal properly. However it had come to light and sound. That sex was one thing that tended to keep Kakashi distracted, rained in his need to be on the move, and content to stay within the village.

She had unabashedly used this unexpected information to her advantage. Making it very clear that both men should use this time to strengthen their bond. However both men interpreted this piece of advice rather differently.
Iruka the more level headed of the pair. Wanted to take walks about the village, have meals out and do romantic things like normal lovers. His well meaning plans would be sabotaged by Kakashi trying to turn things into a x-rated film. She felt for Iruka, really she could, what with her own life-mate problem.
Kakashi was another matter. He took her words as a free license to be his usual self, only now instead of the reading porn, he was making it himself. A lovely normal lunch out on a sunny day would turn into Kakashi ravishing Iruka. Sure his skin looked good enough to eat off, but really that did not mean you smeared cake over your lover chest and licked off.

She'd had to have more than one head-locking talk with Kakashi about these kind of scandal's happening about the village. The villages accepted that most ninja had odd behavior patterns, after all who could miss Might Guy and his green spandex. Angry mothers made Tsunade's head hurt and so raking Kakashi over the coals was just revenge. Each of her talks he will-fully ignored or purposely upped his kinky actions.
Well that was until she discovered a secret weapon. Iruka.
It seemed he was able to curb his life-mates choices to something more publicly decent.

She had found quite by chance. After a very trying day, she'd gone to pick up some comfort food, moaning as she was served about Kakashi and his antics. The very next day there on her desk was a small box of fudge. Hand made dreamy delightful fudge. Inside was a small note in Iruka's perfect penmanship, apologizing and promising to deal with the matter. This gift alone surprised her, however it was the fact Iruka had left the gift without setting off any of the traps set about her office that really took her breath away.

Now Lady Tsunade would sent word of her 'displeasure' to Iruka through various shop keepers he spoke to daily. Gossip to the right people clearly worked. Making it look like she had never intervened on the matter. Oh she still liked to hall Kakashi into her office, yelling enough to rattle windows over silly things, he'd coolly take it all in his aloof stride. Once he'd left her office, by the same window her voice had rattled, she'd open a bottle of Sakai to ease her throat. Yes this arrangement seemed to be working. Like water she could flow and gently mold him into a better person.