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You XiaoMo didn’t notice it at first.

Thanks to the spirit water transforming his body, which had always been very sensitive, he just thought that when they were tossing Ling Xiao was pressing some special button he’s never pushed before. Setting him off more intensely than ever before, thus making his number of surrendering per romping growing twice fold.

That also, because his cultivation level was so high that it made sense he was overly aware of certain things; that was normal after all.

It wasn’t until he stood up after having been refining pills and sitting down all day that he felt light-headed. He swayed with the effort to not to fall, but he had just chalked it up to a head rush upon rising too fast.

However, everything changed one day when the two of them returned home from shopping in White Bone City.

You XiaoMo had wanted to acquire some more books for his study, so he and Ling Xiao left early and were coming home around ten in the morning.

When they passed one of the leading entertaining areas, the majority of his contract wicked and even Lin Ming were lazing around chatting and laughing. A few greeted him, and they talked briefly, but You XiaoMo was anxious to hurry and make Ling Xiao help him unpack his and fill his shelves before the man ran away with an excuse.

Before You XiaoMo could go, he couldn’t hold out any longer and had to ask, as it was driving him crazy.

You XiaoMo’s eyes looked all over the room, with an almost drooling expression and curiously ventured to ask, “What is that smell?”

SheQui who was leaning against the couch, spoke up first, and in a lazy tone, replied, “What smell?”

“You know, the very sweet one. It smells almost like honey water and with something I can’t put my finger on…” You XiaoMo slowly said, he gave a facial expression as if he was confusing even himself.

Brushing a hand through her hair, MaoQui said, “Master, I’m not sure what it could be, as we are only eating Demon Fruit here.”

Just about everyone knows only Wicked Beasts can smell and enjoy the taste of Demon Fruits, so obviously a human such as You XiaoMo it wouldn’t affect.

Hearing this, Lin Ming’s face suddenly changed entirely. No longer was it one of a lazy and smug smile, but one of instant alertness as he sat up straight in his chair. He was intently staring with a hard gaze up and down You XiaoMo’s body.

This startled not only You XiaoMo but also his Qui Team in the room.

You XiaoMo was profoundly confused. He didn’t say anything offensive, did he? He was asking a simple question. Why the overreaction?

Lin Ming’s eyes shifted to Ling Xiao standing beside You XiaoMo, in his gruff voice he simply said, “Xiao Child.”

You XiaoMo lifted up his head to peer at the man. When he looked up though, Ling Xiao’s face was expressionless, his dark eyes deeply staring at him, swirling with emotions You XiaoMo could not pinpoint.

You XiaoMo’s eyes widen, in a nervous and small voice, couldn’t help but ask, “W-what?”

At the nervous tone his wife used, Ling Xiao’s eyes softened a little, and in a bored like manner, he calmly replied, “Nothing, let’s go. Didn’t you want to put your new books up?”

Then not waiting for him to agree, Ling Xiao put a hand on You XiaoMo’s back and walked forward, pushing him along down the hall.

You XiaoMo was now even more confused than before, why did no one answer him? He tried to look behind him at his contract wicked, but Ling Xiao’s speed was too fast to handle and he couldn’t see a thing.

At the same time, You XiaoMo was given an enormous surprise.

Which was in the form of Ling Xiao not trying to dodge him helping with filling up his bookshelves. The man even went so far as to offer placing them up for him, all You XiaoMo had to do was hand them over to him. He was sure it wasn’t his birthday or anything, so this was adding more mystery to this day.

When they were finished, the two went back to their bedroom. Walking past the screen, You XiaoMo felt his body pressure suddenly lift up, as Ling Xiao had scooped him up in his strong arms and they were heading in the direction of their large and soft bed.

Ling Xiao placed him down across his lap, then looking at his wife, he cryptically said, “My wife, I have some questions for you, and I want you to really think about the answers and speak honestly.”

You XiaoMo’s scalp instantly went numb. Such a line of questioning, it sounded so serious, but he still nodded slowly.

Seeing him so frightened already, Ling Xiao had a hint of a smile in his eyes, rubbed his head gently, “Don’t be so nervous, it’s fine.”

“Lady, have you felt odd lately? Anything recently that’s stood out in your head? Any little detail.” Ling Xiao’s eyes were full of deep thought, carefully reading his face for any tell.

You XiaoMo’s head instantly went to their love sessions, he then blushingly said, “I-I mean, maybe.” He couldn’t continue his words as he was so embarrassed that he had to stop after that.

When he felt he wouldn’t continue, Ling Xiao poked his cheek and urged him, “Go on.”

Rubbing his cheek, You XiaoMo in a shy manner turned his head away, his blush deepening as he jerkily confessed, “In the - the bedroom at night, it’s been, more sen-sensitive…”

Ling Xiao gave a cocky grin at that, tenderly touching his cheek while saying in a sensual voice, “Ohh. We’ll go back to that later. For now, anything else?”

You XiaoMo bit his lip as he thought it over, then suddenly a few things did stand out, they were just so small that it didn’t matter to him.

Looking up at him, You XiaoMo gave a thoughtful expression before helplessly shrugging his shoulders and explaining, “I guess there is actually. Lately, I’ve had some light-headed spells after getting up.”

Ling Xiao squinted at him, his deep voice quickly asking, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just think I’m getting up too fast is all. Nothing to worry about, simple head-rushes.” You XiaoMo smiled and nonchalantly said, waving his hand in a carefree and dismissive manner.

Ling Xiao stared at him for a while longer, and when You XiaoMo start to squirm, he pressured on, “Is there anything else at all?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, “Not really.”

Having finished his line of questioning, Ling Xiao was silent for a few lingering moments. Then grabbing both of You XiaoMo’s hands in his, Ling Xiao’s unfathomable eyes stared at his wife before earnestly saying, “Lady, I don’t want you to think I’m joking this time with you when I say this.”

You XiaoMo’s confused eyes were fervently searching his, and when Ling Xiao had paused to take a breath he impatiently rushed to interrupted him, “What are you talking about?”

Ling Xiao gripped his hands tighter, clenching the small ones within his as he straightforwardly said, “XiaoMo, I think you might be pregnant.” At the end of his words, he observed his wife’s face, waiting with bated breath.

Of course, he would toy with him! You XiaoMo wanted to yank his hands away in anger, but in Ling Xiao’s grip he wasn’t able to. Again with this joke, how many times a year is he going to hear it?

With black lines across his face, You XiaoMo snappily shouted at the man, “Ha, Ha. Whatever. You’re pregnant, your whole family’s pregnant!”

Ling Xiao’s eyes had a hint of a smile in them, he tilted his head to the side and slowly retorted back, “I mean, I guess my family is now.”

That was a new response…..You XiaoMo’s back instantly stiffened in alarm, he was rapidly getting frustrated and unhappily said, “You, this is taking it too far. Men can’t get pregnant.”

Ling Xiao gave him a look of vague contempt, and in a dull tone, he sternly questioned, “Oh, then what about my parents?”

Feeling the rock land on his toes, You XiaoMo’s eyes grew twice their size, and his voice finally showed his inward nerves as he meekly said, “That-that’s different, Lin Gu, he-he had special circumstances, didn’t he?”

In fact, he had no clue, as he never really thought to ask. The thought honestly never crossed You XiaoMo’s mind as plausible. Although, with Ling Xiao’s current attitude and words, he’s starting to give a sliver of belief to it and it’s scaring him senseless.

Ling Xiao looked him in the eyes while he patiently explained, “I never once told you it was impossible for men. In fact, the rules of our realm don’t even forbid it, it’s just so extremely rare it’s considered highly improbable and need for the exact and right conditions to occur. Couple that with the fact Emperor Beasts progeny rate is so low, it’s astounding to have the two factors collide and still make it happen.”

You XiaoMo’s face paled, mouth agape as he was left speechless, brain function crashing down into pieces.

Ling Xiao picked up his face, this thumb caressing his cheeks while he softly said in a voice as light as down, “Lady, don’t shut down. Listen to me. I said there is a possibility, we can double check to make sure.”

You XiaoMo’s mind still refused to comprehend even the idea of a possibility. How? The idea of his body even being capable, let alone to take care of a child…….

You XiaoMo slowly blinked up at Ling Xiao’s face, in a weak voice he managed to faintly say, “I think I’m gonna…” But before he even finished his words, his eyes already closed shut, as You XiaoMo had fainted on the spot.

Ling Xiao caught his passed out wife, shocked, his eyebrows slightly raised up. He knew his wife’s response wouldn’t be a great one but never did expect this…

Ling Xiao sighed, his workload of worry just possibly grew significantly.

Since they went shopping early in the morning, it was only noon when You XiaoMo woke up from his nap of fainting, tunneling out of the quilt and rubbing his still asleep eyes. Instantly the events prior were running through his mind like a train and he was frozen solid already feeling off the rails.

“Is my dear wife awake?” Ling Xiao’s deep and melodic voice filled his ears, it was a tone pleasant for the listener to hear.

Craning his neck, You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao sitting down in a chair near the bed, he couldn’t help but meekly ask in a hopeful manner, “Was I just dreaming?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes held a hint of a compassionate smile, laughing he answered, “I’m afraid not.”

Deciding to just get it over with, You XiaoMo felt the sooner he learned it was not true, that the faster he could breathe easier. To let it all go in the back of his mind, hidden away to be shelved and forgotten.

You XiaoMo gnashed his teeth and bitterly said, “Let’s just get it over with, how do we test?”

Ling Xiao leaned forward in his chair toward him, “I believe the necessity stores sell them. You pee on a special material stick and after a certain duration it will tell you either way.”

You XiaoMo blinked rapidly, it actually sounded close to those of the modern twenty-first century Earth. Even though he’s very against this whole... thing, his curiosity had been piqued.

You XiaoMo pulled back the blankets and rose out of the bed as he stubbornly said, “Fine. Hurry before I lose my nerve.”

Ling Xiao followed him out, a slight smile on his lips as languidly spit out the words, “Whatever you want.”

As he was not in the best of moods, You XiaoMo directly ignored everyone and everything in his path as he stomped his way out of the palace.

They made their way inside White Bone City. It was packed like usual, but since it was lunchtime, most of the people were luckily held up in restaurants and businesses.

Finding and walking inside the necessity store, You XiaoMo was at a loss on where to find the item they needed. It’s not like he ever thought of going to that kind of area to look around.

Seeing him stall, Ling Xiao grabbed his hand and yanked him toward the back right side of the store. Here, they were out of view of others but they were also able to see the aisles better. A win-win for You XiaoMo’s nervous state.

You XiaoMo was soon pulled again, this time toward an area of many different types of items. When he saw stuff normally meant for women care, he immediately started to blush and hide his face behind his loose hair.

Within a few moments, You XiaoMo was brought face to face with a shelf full of products for pregnancy. It was different than something you’d see on twenty-first century Earth, everything was tinted with mysteriously magical materials and or uniquely made from substances only the advanced planes could produce. You XiaoMo honestly didn’t understand 98% of anything he saw.

Ling Xiao’s eyes quickly glanced at the shelf, finding the item, he picked it up and tossed it to his wife, saying, “Here. We can go.”

You XiaoMo fumbled to catch, and when he finally stabilized it in his hands he realized Ling Xiao was already on the move, panicking, he rushed to grab his hand, “Wait-wait.”

Ling Xiao turned around, eyebrows raised up and looking at him questioningly, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo’s eyes quickly dropped to the floor, a blush was slowly painting his fair and delicate cheeks as he nervously said, “What if someone notices us? Won’t we.. spread rumors?”

Ling Xiao half-squinted at him, with an attitude as if it didn’t matter, he lazily replied, “If you are pregnant then it’s not a rumor.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth smoked as he gawked at him. Did the man really not understand?

Taking a deep and calming breath, You XiaoMo forced out the words and firmly demanded, “Change our faces.”

Ling Xiao reached out to hold his face between his hands, and with a mischievous glint in his eyes, he smilingly said, “Okay, okay, calm down. Whatever’s momma wants.”

You XiaoMo’s face went livid. Immediately, he kicked an angry foot toward Ling Xiao, but the man had already dodged him while laughing exuberantly.

You XiaoMo was going to kill him!

After having dodged a few more kicks, Ling Xiao finally reached out to gently pull and encase his wife tightly within his embrace, stopping his violent movements securely before saying in an amused voice, “I get it. I get it. Your face has been changed. We can buy and leave now. Come on.”

Thus, a still steaming You XiaoMo was then dragged by his husband to the front counter. And luckily when they got there they didn’t have to wait too long.

There was only one other in front of them, and You XiaoMo felt like some type of funny joke was being played on him.

In front of them, was a husband and wife couple with their two young children standing obediently behind them. The children were two boys, one looked to be under the age of four while the other seemed to appear at least two-years-old. They were curiously looking at them both, each holding their Mom’s coat while she was busy checking out.

When the kids looked up to Ling Xiao, it was almost comical. As the kids were so short that just the act of looking up at this tall man had virtually tipped them backwards.

Despite You XiaoMo’s bad mood, he couldn’t help but crack a soft laugh.

This immediately got the little kids’ attention and they ended up seeing You XiaoMo’s smile before he was able to wipe it off. This made the kids giggle back as if they just realized it was funny too.

You XiaoMo gave a helpless look. Embarrassed, he turned his face away, but this was a wrong decision though, as Ling Xiao also caught sight of him.

Immediately, he felt Ling Xiao’s hot breath whisper in his reddening ear, “Having fun?”

You XiaoMo blushed as he pouted, shoving the man away while he breathlessly refused, “No.”

When it was their turn, You XiaoMo embarrassedly put the box alongside the preempted amount of money on the counter. He was purposely avoiding the salesman’s gaze as he was ready to run and book it the moment he possibly could.

Once the transaction was done, You XiaoMo grabbed the box and speedily ran out, dragging Ling Xiao’s behind him by the hand.

Ling Xiao had an expressionless and seemingly bored look on his face as he allowed himself to be pulled around.

Transporting the item immediately into his dimension, You XiaoMo finally allowed himself to pause and take a breather, sighing in relief at that part being over. Since that whole ordeal was over, the two of them then started to make their way toward the exits gates of the city to leave.

On the way there though, something caught You XiaoMo’s attention, or more like a smell to be exact. Slowing down his steps, You XiaoMo curiously looked around for that scent again, as the greedy saliva was already increasing inside his mouth. It made him realize he was suddenly becoming increasingly hungry. He consoled himself by saying it was lunchtime, and after all, nothing different about this type of behavior at least. People got hungry.

Ling Xiao noticed his wife had stopped following and turned around, “What’s the matter?”

At his voice, You XiaoMo was brought to his senses, jolting with the realization of being asked. He started to open his mouth to tell Ling Xiao, but then it hit him, smelling things was what started this adventuring trip out and so he abruptly shut his mouth.

Shaking his head, You XiaoMo gave a toothless smile, “Nothing.”

Ling Xiao had a skeptical look, squinting at him, “Are you sure?”

You XiaoMo felt like if he didn’t give some answer, that Ling Xiao would for sure keep at the topic till he confessed. So instead, he offered the other bit, saying in a charmingly sweet voice, “I am hungry. Can we pick up something to eat?”

Looking at him for a long moment, Ling Xiao eventually decided that it really must have been nothing, and so he easily agreed, “I don’t see why not. Pick a place.”

You XiaoMo smiled happily, while at the same time, he secretly did a victory pose in his heart.

Since it was still around the lunch`time rush, You XiaoMo had a difficult time picking an easily enterable restaurant. He finally settled on a medium sized establishment, and although it was rather busy, it still had a few tables available.

Rushing to snag a table, You XiaoMo hurriedly scooted into a wooden chair. Grinning silly like, he waved excitedly toward Ling Xiao, calling out, “Here, this spot.”

Glancing at his eager manner, Ling Xiao casually came and sat down with him at the table, all the epitome of calm.

After having settled down, an attentive waitress quickly came over and took their orders. Then as they waited the two of them held simple and relaxing conversations.

After five minutes, You XiaoMo was about to say something to Ling Xiao when their food arrived. With an excited face, he dug in enthusiastically, his worries for the moment pleasantly flying out the window.

He was only mid-way through his meal, when a large group of burly and roughed up men happened to pass their table, choosing to occupy the open spot behind You XiaoMo’s chair.

Not long after, You XiaoMo’s face soon stiffened and his eating movements came to a halt. The stench of old and new blood along with a mixture of rotting soil started permuting to his nostrils in an abrasive way. Already a disgusting smell itself, but it felt as if someone was shoving his face inside it.

Swiftly covering his mouth and simultaneously holding his nose, You XiaoMo craned his neck to look at the suspected culprits. They didn’t seem to be covered in filth and only showed some obviously dirty spots on their outfits and faces. Nowhere near the drenched smell You XiaoMo felt it should be appearing by the strong smelling odor wafting off them…...

Ling Xiao was watching his expressions and finally couldn’t help but question, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo grimaced, asking in a whisper of a voice, “Do you not smell that?

Of course, Ling Xiao had terrific senses, so he knew exactly what You XiaoMo was talking about. But his dark eyes instead looked thoughtful while saying, “It’s not that strong. Why, does it bother you?”

You XiaoMo felt like he was in a small locked room with that suffocating stench. Feeling like if he stayed for another second that he was inevitably going to either faint or throw up, possibly even do both. He needed to escape!

Rising up out of chair abruptly, You XiaoMo’s face was awkwardly stiff as he hastily said, “You pay. I need to go to the restroom. Let’s leave.”

Before Ling Xiao could even have a word out, You XiaoMo was already running toward the back of the restaurant, rushing down the hallway and barging into the bathroom facilities.

Luckily, You XiaoMo was able to withhold the impulse to do both of those actions by the time he leaned against the closed bathroom door. He was steadying his breathing while safely standing inside the locked room that was far away from all the smells of that table. Inwardly happy that he made his timely escape, as he thought at any second there he was going to lose it.

At this moment, in the back of his mind, there was a small part of him that was waving a bright yellow sign. That of which was blaringly yelling at him to look at it.

It basically said, if you aren’t pregnant, then you’re just plain stupidly overly sensitive for no reason.

You XiaoMo sucked his cheek in as he thought maybe he was just now overly keenly aware of certain smells? Like an allergic reaction type of thing. Right! Yeah, like how some people get a headache from certain smells or tastes. It could happen….

Sighing, You XiaoMo turned around and went to the sink. Splashing water on his face, You XiaoMo dried himself off with a towel from his dimension before exiting the bathroom slowly. He was only five steps into the dimly lit hallway when he spotted Ling Xiao’s tall and slender figure lazily leaning against the wall, the man’s face was also expressionless.

Ling Xiao immediately saw him when he walked out, his keen black eyes were following his wife's every movement. And when You XiaoMo arrived next to him, he looked him up and down before asking, “You okay?”

You XiaoMo lifted up his head to look at him, giving him a sincere smile while nodding, “Yeap.”

He was feeling much better after getting away from that table.

“Then let's go.” Ling Xiao said before grabbing his hand and leading him out of the restaurant.

They didn’t dawdle or make any stops the rest of the way back, straightforwardly flying back to their palace.

On the way to their chambers, You XiaoMo made them go the extra effort to avoid any locations where they might have any run-ins with people.

Ling Xiao thought that he was overly making a fuss about it, but seeing as his wife had been on edge already, he decided to not say anything, and let him be for now.

Locking the door behind them, You XiaoMo then quickly went to their adjoining bathing room in their master bedroom quarters. Opening the plain looking box they bought earlier, he saw there was a small piece of parchment inside, thinking that must be the instructions and what not to it.

Reading the note, it turned out to be closely like Earth’s after all, pretty straightforward instructions.

It only needed a few drops at the bottom of the white stick, there was even a cap to cover it with later for convenience sake. When the five minutes of waiting were done, the top of the stick will change color. Red if negative, blue if positive.

Although a difference between Earth’s was, since this one is magically made it said its accuracy rate was that of 100%. There is even a line for if positive, it will highlight indicating the weeks you are far along pregnant.

Amazed, You XiaoMo still solidly believes that there are items in this world that are beyond anything technically advanced modern tech will ever be able to touch.

Standing in the bathroom, You XiaoMo was staring at the stick within his hands with the feeling akin to panic and dread and..he didn’t even know. He didn’t realize he was shaking until Ling Xiao’s large, warm hands reached from behind to hold his own steady.

Feeling his presence, You XiaoMo released the breath he’d unconsciously been holding before his big and wide eyes moved to look up at the man.

Ling Xiao placed his chin on his shoulder, and in a flirtatious tone, softly whispered in his ear, “Do you want me to help you?”

Blushing, You XiaoMo glared at him and wacked his elbow back behind at him. They are in this situation because of that flirty tongue, so in an irked-like manner, You XiaoMo dismissively said, “I’m good. Go away. I’ll let you know when I’m done.”

In a relaxed and carefree manner, Ling Xiao touched his hair while suggestively saying with bright eyes, “Oh come on, I’ve already seen everything of you and been inside you. I can’t watch you pee?”

You XiaoMo’s heart bursted, his face instantly turning the color of blood as he blushed even harder. Dumbfounded, his mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. His man, he will never comprehend how Ling Xiao can easily say such explicit R rated things.

You XiaoMo was so embarrassed, he shoved him and yelled, “No!”

Easily taking the hits, Ling Xiao laughed lightly while deciding that for the sake of his future happiness, maybe it was better to surrender this time, thus he lazily walked to the door and left his wife to himself.

Watching the door latch itself closed, You XiaoMo huffed a breath before the silence of the room reminded him of what he had to do. His gaze dropped once again to the stick in his hands. Such a small and non-threatening item, but to him, at this moment, it never looked so scary and powerful as right now.

Ling Xiao was resting against the door frame when You XiaoMo walked out past him. Reaching out a hand he smoothly grabbed his thin waist, yanking him toward him with ease and hugging him tightly, his hands roaming to molest him in his wake.

Ah! I missed you.”

You XiaoMo that was imprisoned in the man’s iron hold, heard Ling Xiao’s voice above him speak, laughing, he pushed on his chest, “I was only gone for a minute.”

Ling Xiao grinned at him, all his perfect and pearly-white teeth showing as he wistfully stated, “So long!”

You XiaoMo was speechless and couldn’t help the silly smile that escaped him.

“Come, we wait.” Ling Xiao’s magnetic and rich voice told him, already starting to shuffle them toward the couch in the outer room living area.

When You XiaoMo got situated, he was so nervous and stiff, he couldn’t help but sit up so straight that his back didn’t even touch the couch. That didn’t last long though, as he was soon pulled into Ling Xiao’s side and a long arm was wrapped around from behind him, keeping him securely tucked in.

After an agonizing minute, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but wonder something that’s been on his mind, especially after earlier.

Peeking his head up from Ling Xiao’s chest, You XiaoMo stared intently at the man’s face. He still looked the same as usual; lazy posture, indifferent attitude and surrounded with his elegant and noble air to him.

“I don’t understand you.” You XiaoMo’s puzzled voice couldn’t help but say out loud in his internal musings.

Ling Xiao looked confusedly down at him, “What does that mean?”

You XiaoMo felt his heart get extremely nervous, licking his lips slowly before he summoned the courage to finally say, “I don't get you. Why are you so calm and not taking this seriously?”

Ling Xiao slightly narrowed his eyes at him, asking in an irritated manner, “Who says I’m not taking this seriously?”

Suddenly feeling flustered and on the defensive, You XiaoMo rapidly rambled, “You’ve just been so easy about it all, and meanwhile I’m-I’m… ugh! Do you even want a baby?”

At the end of his sentence, his usually bright eyes were so wide with pure fear. You XiaoMo was so nervous and scared for his reply, as well as the outcome of the results, especially so after hearing his answer, because that could also change everything. He immediately regretted asking.

Ling Xiao sighed deeply, touching You XiaoMo’s cheek, he made sure he had his attention before he patiently said, “To grow in cultivation is the basis of practicing with an open mind, and besides, let things come naturally.”

Ling Xiao paused for a moment, and eyes held a hint of a smile as he continued with a melodic and calming tone, confidently telling his wife, “Most importantly, as long as it’s with you, I don’t care what we do or make.” When he said the last word, a wicked and lewdly suggestive smile spread across his handsome and elegant face.

With a deep blush, You XiaoMo felt his heart stutter at that breathtaking face, even though his man was being cheeky, it softened him completely inside and out. So much so, he didn’t even realize the time had passed already as all he wanted was to hold his man, rushing to hug him tightly.

“It’s been five minutes.” Ling Xiao lazily said, idly stroking You XiaoMo’s arm.

With his face buried in Ling Xiao’s chest, You XiaoMo peeked out, his gaze shifting toward the bathroom. Biting his lip, he dived back into the fabric, before saying in a muffled voice, “Not yet.”

Ling Xiao laughed, the movement making You XiaoMo bounce with him, “Lady, ten minutes or twenty minutes, it will still be there. Do not be afraid.”

You XiaoMo slumped his shoulders, realizing his defeat, dejectedly muttering, “Then you go, I’m staying here.”

“You want me to tell you what it says?” Ling Xiao questioned, bowing his head looking at him, fingers brush across his soft cheeks.

Sitting up, You XiaoMo replied, “Sure.”

Getting an affirmative answer, Ling Xiao then gracefully rose from the couch, he didn’t give You XiaoMo any time to change his mind as he directly walked straight into the bathing room.

As You XiaoMo watched him go, he felt every footstep the man took was also his heart, pounding and pounding away, as it slowly climbed his throat.

When the man came out, You XiaoMo couldn’t tell what the outcome was. As Ling Xiao’s face was schooled with a neutral expression, not giving anything away as he searched carefully over and over again.

A small part of You XiaoMo was starting to run a scenario in his head, that maybe this was all some substantial elaborate prank of Ling Xiao’s.

You XiaoMo swallowed thickly, nervously asking, “Well?”

Ling Xiao didn’t say anything, and he continued to the couch, bending over, he picked up You XiaoMo and placed him to straddle on either side his lap.

You XiaoMo was holding false hope, expecting the man to go ‘got you’, and smile his devilish and charming smile at him any second now. Maybe?…

Ling Xiao held his thin waist firmly in both hands, his eyes looked unfathomable as he gently said in a smooth as jade voice, “My wife, we’re going to have a baby.”

You XiaoMo took a slow breath in, the hands on the other’s shoulders tightening their previously slack grip. This was it, the final confirmation. He denied it because he knew, knew inside his heart, knew that he felt something deep within his soul told him he already sensed the answer, but still thought maybe…

After all the panicking and doubt, You XiaoMo suddenly felt that this moment was the quiet before the storm. That finally all the nerves collided together to simple leave a calmness. It was said out loud, so now they can face it head on at least.

Ling Xiao was watching and waiting, ready to catch him if he had the same reaction as earlier. To his surprise, his wife was rather relaxed, looking stunned but at least not pale.

For some reason, You XiaoMo could only think to voice, “How far along?”

Ling Xiao’s thumbs massaged his hips, faintly answering back, “Three weeks.”

You XiaoMo’s mind unconsciously went to that time frame, scanning his memory until he finally found it, the fiery night of passion. In an accusatory glare, he insolently scolded, “This is all your fault, that night you didn’t know when to stop!”

With Ling Xiao’s endurance, they kept at it until the sun came up, You XiaoMo remembered passing out from exhaustion.

Ling Xiao gave him an amused look, the corners of his lips raised to reveal a charming smile, correcting him lightly, “Even if it wasn’t that night, it could have happened at any time. Timing doesn’t matter.”

You XiaoMo licked his lips slowly, with his heart starting to pound he softly whispered, “What do we do now?”

Ling Xiao adjusted them to where You XiaoMo was flushed to his chest, holding the back of his head, in a voice filled with satisfaction he said, “Now, we take it one thing at a time. No need to rush or think all at once. Whatever pace we want, we can set it.”

You XiaoMo numbly nodded, that made sense, he liked that idea very much, “Okay.”

Ling Xiao looked at him with a smoldering gaze, laughing and pleasantly saying, “Lady, ah, there is one thing we need to do first.”

You XiaoMo curiously raised his eyes, innocently asking, “What?”

Ling Xiao moved in close, to where their eyelashes were almost touching, his usually hot breath caressed fair and delicate cheeks, before he slowly declared in a low and happy voice, “We kiss.”

The next second, You XiaoMo didn’t have a moment to process, as his lips were completely covered by the man’s forceful and passionate kiss.


Chapter Text

After five minutes of intense kissing, You XiaoMo finally felt like if the man’s tongue stayed in any longer, it was going to burn a hole in this throat. He pushed against the strong and firm chest, hinting that he needed a break.

When Ling Xiao felt the body in his arms was on the verge of losing breath, he finally released the swollen little lips. His eyes grew deeper in desire when seeing them turned red from sucking.

After the kiss, a panting You XiaoMo’s cheeks were red glowing down in the arms of Ling Xiao. When he felt the man’s chest shake with low laughter, he raised his head, shy mind staring at him, “What are you laughing about?”

Ling Xiao licked the corners of his lips evilly, as if he was still not satisfied and wanted another bite, one hand touched his cheek, “Lady, you still, as always, taste so delicious, and now even extra savory. Pregnancy agrees with you.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth smoked as his mind blew a fuse, blush deepening, he smacked the hand gently away, “Agrees with me? Whatever. Stop saying nonsense.”

Although he said that, he couldn’t help but wonder something…

You XiaoMo looked at him curiously, “Since I could smell the Demon Fruit, does that mean the…our baby is Wicked?”

Using the word ‘baby’ when it involved them was so odd to say. It was going to take him a little while to get used to it.

Ling Xiao rested his hands to loosely hold his thin hips, “It is a definite sign, yes, but that could also mean half-wicked though.”

You XiaoMo blinked as his mind instantly went to Silver Ge, he’s the only other half-wicked he’s ever met, sincerely asking, “Is there many half-wickeds?”

Ling Xiao knew where his mind went, smiling slightly, he patiently explained, “Not very many, no. If there is, they mostly stay hidden in their clans or from the public view and remain anonymous. Some even hide their true selves, choosing to suppress their blood as much as possible.”

You XiaoMo mulled that information over, but he didn’t understand one thing, tilting his head, he curiously asked, “Why would they want to suppress their bloodline?”

Ling Xiao relaxed back against the couch, in a dull tone, indifferently said, “Not all communities or families are without prejudice. Just like how the Kirin and Ancient Phoenix clans valued purebloods, there are many others that act the same way.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes widened hearing this. That’s precisely the way Ling Xiao was treated. Neither clan wanted to acknowledge his existence, both casting him out and seeding unwarranted hate for him.

You XiaoMo suddenly felt something in his heartache fiercely, just the thought of an innocent baby, their innocent baby ever being treated that way… it left him feeling so extremely saddened.

Seeing his crestfallen appearance, Ling Xiao sighed, he leaned forward and held him in a tight embrace. In a reassuring tone, he confidently said, “Lady, I know what you’re thinking, but do you think even for one minute, our child won’t be protected or loved? Who are its parents, huh?”

You XiaoMo peeked up at the man, seeing how Ling Xiao’s face held a playful and questioning expression, he embarrassedly mumbled, “We are.”

Getting an answer, Ling Xiao’s smile grew even bigger and brighter, his elegant face held a triumph manner of victory, “That’s right. No one seeks death fast enough to want to bother the Supreme and the only rainbow seven colored mage’s child.”

You XiaoMo noticed when Ling Xiao said the word ‘child’, he said so with a sweeter affliction. He couldn't help but blush, hearing the words and acknowledging it. It felt so intimate, that they to created something like life together by their act of love.

You XiaoMo couldn’t handle it, he was starting to hear the pounding of his heart in his ears. As to hide from the man’s teasing as soon as possible, he quickly buried his face in Ling Xiao’s chest.

Ling Xiao, of course, noticed, as he did it on purpose. Seeing him want to escape, he laughed unbridledly as he held his steaming wife.

In order to deviate a change the subject sort of, You XiaoMo thought of another problem, “What are we going to do about the others? Your father obviously figured it out, and thanks to him, my contract beasts probably did.”

Ling Xiao idly played with a long strand of You XiaoMo’s hair, lazily said, “At most he told the Old Gu, besides that, I think he knows better than to spread it out.”

You XiaoMo cringed, sinking down farther into his arms, with a miserable expression: “Ugh, what’s my dad going to do once finding out?”

Ling Xiao gave a thoughtful expression for a moment, laughed, “Could go either way. He’ll either cry or just give me a resentful look like normal. Could even be possibly both!”

You XiaoMo gave him his own resentful look, in a spiteful manner said, “I’m glad you seem to think it’s funny. Then you’re telling him.”

Ling Xiao’s eyebrows slightly rose at the challenge, gleefully accepted, “Fine.”

Seeing his mischievous expression, You XiaoMo’s eyes widened slightly with worry, he never knows what his man will do.

After a few minutes of relaxing in each other’s arms, You XiaoMo looked forlornly at their door, in a pitiful voice, asked, “Do we have to do it today?”

Ling Xiao raised his hand to stroke his back soothingly, “I already told you, we go at our own pace.”

You XiaoMo questioningly looked at him, “Our parents and the others might come knocking to bother us though. What if they are waiting?”

Ling Xiao shrugged in a nonchalant manner, smoothly stated, “Then let them wait, whenever you are ready, we’ll go. They’ll have to deal.”

You XiaoMo grinned. His man, as always, in with the tall block from above to protect him.

The rest of the day went uneventfully. They didn’t discuss the topic any farther, nor did they leave their bedroom quarters, instead choosing to idle and relax.

You XiaoMo was currently curled up next to Ling Xiao’s side, holding a thick book between his hands. The book was leaning at the end of his ribs, and near his stomach, as he turned a page a thought finally hit him.

Lifting up the book, You XiaoMo stared puzzledly at his stomach.

Ling Xiao opened his micro-closed eyes, having felt his movement, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo’s voice was full of wonder and doubt, still staring at his stomach, honestly said, “It doesn’t feel real or logical, that there is a baby inside my belly.”

After he said that, the hand that Ling Xiao had wrapped around him moved, You XiaoMo watched as the man’s hand slowly went to touch his lower stomach, with big wide orbs, he turned his head to look at him.

Ling Xiao’s lips had curled up into a gentle smile as he softly said, “When you start to show, it will feel more real to you.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t help the blush that painted his cheeks. Having the man touch him there had a different meaning now, his heart was pounding.

When the pounding subsided enough, he finally registered his words. You XiaoMo pouted in realization, shaking off the goosebump that ran up his arms in disgust, in a sulky manner, he complained loudly, “I don’t want to look forward to that. I’ll look like a man that ate a beach ball!”

You XiaoMo wildly shook his head trying to push such gross images out of his mind.

Ling Xiao rubbed his face against his hair, in a pleasant voice, said, “You’ll be my beach ball of a wife though, so sexy!”

You XiaoMo glared at him, pouting, he hastily said, “Of course you don’t care, it’s not your body that will look weird and ugly!”

Ling Xiao with a serious expression, and looking intently at him, patiently said, “I do too care, I just don’t mind however you look. Especially a temporary one that is to make room for our growing child. Afterward, you’ll be back to the same as you are now. You don’t need to be upset.”

You XiaoMo took a few deep breaths. He was right, it was only temporarily, and he’s not even that far along yet. He should just stop thinking about it, they already said at their own pace.

Seeing him suddenly retract his claws, and instead of looking left and right. Ling Xiao revealed a crafty smile when he wasn’t looking.

Thinking like this, Ling Xiao moved in next to his ear, saying in a sensual deep voice, “Besides, I think my wife with a heavy belly, swollen with my child, isn’t weird at all. In fact, it’s a very hard turn on.”

You XiaoMo was momentarily frozen, not sure how to react, being left speechless.

His man, as always, a serious topic and he goes straight to that corner. He was caught between mad and highly embarrassed. Finally, he couldn’t decide which to be and just turned his head away, intending to ignore his existence and go back to reading.

Ling Xiao watched him with a brilliant smile, his wife was so easy to read.

That night as they went to sleep, You XiaoMo kept unwillingly looking toward his belly. He had the urge to touch it but then would stop mid-air and remove it back to his side. His mind kept unconsciously thinking thoughts like; there were now three people in this room, and soon, would he still be able to sleep on top of Ling Xiao like this when he was huge?

As if sensing his thoughts, Ling Xiao pushed his hand through You XiaoMo’s hair and faintly said, “Go to sleep.”

The next day they decided to get the family announcements over with.

Ling Xiao had asked their parents to meet them in a small and humbled decorated entertaining room.

When You XiaoMo saw Lin Ming and Lin Gu, he felt they had very knowing smiles on their faces and the only clueless looking one was his dad. He internally sighed just thinking about the following, at least he was making Ling Xiao say it out loud.

You Xu rushed up to You XiaoMo standing at Ling Xiao’s side, opening his arms, giving him a big hug, smiling widely as he said, “Child Paper, what’s going on? Why did you call us all here suddenly?”

You XiaoMo with reddening cheeks, choked out a deep breath, embarrassedly pushed at his chest, trying to get some breathing room, “Daddy…”

He luckily gets a savior in the form of his said husband, Ling Xiao pulled his arm out of You Xu’s grip and closer to his side. To which You Xu immediately gave a sad and resentful look in response.

You XiaoMo had to quickly lift his hand up defensively when You Xu looked ready to pounce again, hastily saying, “Dad, we got business first.”

When he finished speaking, his eyelashes fluttered rapidly in a bashful manner against fair cheeks, gaze lifting up to Ling Xiao’s expectantly.

“Do you want to sit down?” Ling Xiao asked, facing the three of men. His manner was relaxed and casual, not giving anything away.

Lin Ming grunted and impatiently said, “I’m fine to stand, just out with it already, hurry!”

Lin Gu had a gentle smile on his face, nodded, “I’m also fine.”

You Xu crossed his arms over his chest, obviously smelling something fishy, looking at the two Lins before stubbornly saying, “I’m the same.”

You XiaoMo sighed audibly this time.

Ling Xiao put his hand around You XiaoMo’s waist, in a composed manner, he smiled while saying, “We called you here to announce that we are currently with child.”

The room was suddenly quiet.

You XiaoMo’s face was flushing a darker color by the second, nervously leaning closer and closer into Ling Xiao’s side.

This was to embarrassing!

While You Xu’s face turned a pale white color, Lin Ming’s was exuberant with a smug smile upon it.

Walking the distance, Lin Ming clapped a heavy hand on Ling Xiao’s shoulder, that of which would probably make You XiaoMo fall to the floor, the man confidently said, “I knew it! Congratulations you two! Let’s hope your kid doesn’t have your bad temper.”

Ling Xiao with a cool attitude, replied in a dull tone, “As long as it’s nothing like you, we’ll be fine.”

You XiaoMo gripped Ling Xiao’s sleeve tightly, this was getting more awkward by the moment. Luckily, Lin Gu came in with the calm save, walking up to them he gave them a warm smile while saying, “Congratulations. I know you’ll both be great parents. You’ll have many exciting trials to go through.”

“Wait-wait-wait… wait, you’re having a baby?” You Xu’s stammering voice finally found itself, shouting, he rushed past to stand in front of them. His face was one of extreme disbelief and doubt.

You XiaoMo had the urge to hide as his Dad was looking at him like a strange item on exhibit. Swallowing hard, he meekly answered, “Yes, I am.”

You Xu exclaimed with shock, “How?”

You XiaoMo dry coughed, his gaze shifting to anywhere but the people in the room, pulling on Ling Xiao’s sleeve.

Instead, Lin Gu answered for him, patiently telling You Xu, “I’ll fill you in later, but now is the time for celebration.”

You Xu, much like a lot of things, only cares for his son. He quickly switched gears at that, and to make sure his son was happy, eagerly said, “Yes, yes. Congrats! Child Paper, whatever you need, you let Daddy know okay? You can rely on Daddy to do whatever.” He patted his chest in a confident manner, nodding very quickly to himself.

You XiaoMo was feeling at loss. The mood and atmosphere were bouncing in all different directions to fast, he couldn't’ keep up. Nodding numbly, You XiaoMo absentmindedly promised him, “Yes, Dad, of course, I will.”

To which You Xu’s face lit up like a night star, a huge grin plastered on his face.

After a few more polite words, Lin Gu asked, “May I ask how far along are you?”

You XiaoMo was momentarily frozen, everything was still so new, it was weird to be asked this question. Stealing a side glance at Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo blushingly replied, “Three weeks.”

Lin Ming’s tough voice sounded, “Ah, not far at all. You probably will have morning sickness soon if not already.”

Lin Gu interjected him with a warning look, “Hush, don’t scare the child.”

You XiaoMo was thoroughly scared though, he forgot this little fact about pregnancy and it sounded very unpleasant.

Lin Gu gave him a comforting smile, “If you have any questions, I’m more than willing to sit down with you.”

Seeing his wife overwhelmed, Ling Xiao answered for him, “Thank you. I think though, that’s enough for today, if you’ll excuse us.” Keeping his hand on his waist, Ling Xiao lead You XiaoMo out of the room and down the hall.

When they went down enough halls and corridors, You XiaoMo leaned up against a wall, letting out a deep breath he was unconsciously holding, “That was better than I thought it’d be, but at the same time, equally exhausting.”

Ling Xiao touched his head, giving him a brilliant smile, gloatingly said, “See told you.”

You XiaoMo pouted at him, but it ended up turning into a small smile, “Yeah, yeah. I get it.”

Next up was his contract wicked.

For some reason, he was less nervous telling them than with his Dad. He guessed because most of them had very laid back attitudes and were actually mature acting… At least the majority of them were.

They had already asked them to meet in a separate entertainment room, this one was closer to where most of his contract wicked lived. After Ling Xiao and he arrived, they hushed their small conversations and turned their attention toward them.

With all the expectant eyes staring at them, You XiaoMo nervously shifted from foot to foot, clinging to Ling Xiao’s sleeve he gave it a pull.

He obviously wasn’t going to say it.

Ling Xiao had a very lazy posture, as if this was something said every day, announcing with a slight smile, “We’re going to have a baby.”

You XiaoMo then watched the range of emotions fluttering across everyone’s faces.

Most were all undeniably shocked, some even directly looked at him in a confusing and doubtful glance. Even the SheQui was slightly shocked looking, a doubtful expression on his face before it calmed down into a pensive one, turning his gaze to also stare at him.

You XiaoMo felt his cheeks heat up at all the attention.

Preciously naive PiQui was the first to speak up, excitedly asking, “Is Master going to get another wicked contract? More companions?”

HeiQui interjected before he could, in a voice filled with disdain, “Idiot, it’s obviously not that.”

MaoQui curiously looked back and forth between them both, with an intrigued expression, “Are you adopting?”

SheQui with a lazy and knowing smile on his face, leisurely leaned back against the chair, and kindly cleared it up for them all, “No, the master is with child.”

With his power and insight, once he really looked with his gifted vision, Snake found a flickering power hidden deep, barely and faintly inside his master’s stomach.

You XiaoMo jumped slightly with surprise, SheQui can tell? Or, maybe he figured it out from Lin Ming’s hint?

Even so, he nodded with blushing cheeks, readily answering them, “Yes, it’s what he said…”

“There’s a baby in master’s tummy?” CatQui's melodic voice spoke up with surprise, curiously staring straight at his said abdomen.

Hearing his words even PiQui, Little Gold and XiaoJi joined in at rudely and blatantly staring.

You XiaoMo had to restrain the urge to fold his arms in front of him. Could he be made to feel even weirder and on display?

Ling Xiao laughed before he replied, “Yes, there is.”

“A new little master. So exciting! Oh, will it be a Wicked?” XiaoJi excitedly asked, staring happily at them both, his hands pushed together in a curious manner.

Feeling at ease with how easy his contract wicked family were taking it, You XiaoMo relaxed immensely at the question, with a small smile, “We think so yes. Although, Ling Xiao said it could most likely be half, but it’s for sure a Wicked.”

“Your child will for sure be very powerful. Congratulations Master and Ling Boss.” LanQui said politely from the back of the couch.

At that cue, the rest of his little family all rejoiced quickly in giving him their congratulations.

You XiaoMo smiled sheepishly at them all, “Thank you guys.”

After a few more minutes of chit-chatting, MaoQui asked, “When is the baby due?”

You XiaoMo slumped his shoulders slightly, poutily mumbled, “Why does everyone ask this question? Does it matter?”

SheQui laughed, tilting his head as if very amused, explaining to him, “They’re asking so they know when to hide. If it’s half-wicked, then all the mundane human-like qualities will follow with it. They just don’t want to help on diaper duty.”

You XiaoMo blinked in surprise. Switching his gaze to some of his contract wicked, watching the way they avoided his face guiltily, it gave him the answer he needed.

Sneaky little bastards, and after he was feeling so touched…

Night time, when You XiaoMo was climbing into the bed, a question kept ringing in his head.

Looking up at Ling Xiao who was taking off his outer robe, in a nervous voice, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but voice it, “Will you be disappointed if it’s half-wicked? That there will be like they said, diaper duty and all the human qualities to it.”

Ling Xiao hung his clothes on the shelf near the wardrobe, turning to look down at him, in a deep voice, smoothly said, “I will not be disappointed.”

You XiaoMo quickly rushed to add more, “Even if it’s three meals a day and on the clock clean up? You know humans aren’t born immensely powerful and self-sustaining like some Wickeds are. He or she will be weak for many years, fragile, relying only on us!” By the end of his sentence, You XiaoMo was practically ranting hysterically.

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows in slight surprise, elegantly walking forward, he reached out to hold his face in his hands, staring into You XiaoMo’s eyes as he smilingly said, “I am well aware of human nature and growth. I’ve understood and accepted the possibility since the moment we found out.”

You XiaoMo’s heart felt at ease hearing him say the words.

Once he calmed down enough, he was reminded of something else, both of his wide and big orbs stared at Ling Xiao, with an open expression said, “I just had a thought. Since it’s for sure at least half-wicked… what blood will it have? You have at least four to five types in you. Do you think Kirin, since your dad is a full blood and that’s your majority portion?”

Even though this whole baby thing was new and scary to think about, You XiaoMo couldn’t help letting his curious side from taking over, face pensive as the gears were over-turning.

Ling Xiao chuckled lightly, getting in the bed and under the quilts with him, he hugged him to his body, replying in a smooth and melodic tone, “It’s a large possibility. Then again, could not. We won’t know till it arrives.”

Laying his head on Ling Xiao’s chest, You XiaoMo pouted, that wasn’t good enough an answer for his curiosity, and thinking that far was too unwanted thoughts.

It was only two days later when Lin Gu came to find You XiaoMo as he was leaving his Alchemy room. After being handed a large piece of paper, You XiaoMo looked blankly at the names written on it, before lifting his questioning glance toward him.

Lin Gu lightly laughed, explaining, “These are names of midwives, they are all discrete and very professional. I don’t mean to push this on you, but the sooner you find one you like, the better and easier it will be on you.”

You XiaoMo mouth goes in a silent exclamation ‘oh’, before he numbly and politely said, “Thank you, that’s very thoughtful of you.”

Lin Gu, noticing his behavior excused himself, stating some business to attend too, saying he’ll visit again later.

As You XiaoMo watched his in-law leave, he finally gained a tint of pink to his cheeks.

Such thoughts really did not pass through his mind.

He’s just been in an ‘out of sight and out of mind’ mindset. That first day, Ling Xiao and he had established their own pace rule, yet, he’s starting to feel like he’s neglecting things this way. Especially when Lin Gu throws facts like this in his face, and if You XiaoMo was completely honest with himself, he has a few questions about it all too…

Looking back toward his Alchemy room, You XiaoMo had flashes of a random thought. When the baby arrived, will he get to do pill refining whenever he wanted?

Probably not.

So many things that will change.

Sighing, You XiaoMo decided to go back to doing more alchemy.

Six hours later, Ling Xiao walked in to find his little wife still in concentration, forehead covered in a thin layer of sweat with his lips tightly pursed together.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath, finally relaxing his shoulders as he finished forming the magic pill inside the cauldron, ready to reach and grab it from the ban cap. He decided to make a single colored-level magic pill, at his level of skill he was able to shorten the time needed to only eight hours.

As his hand took the magic pill out, You XiaoMo was finally aware of another presence in the room with him, with a startling jump he looked toward the person across from him, jittering at Ling Xiao, “Wh-what, what are you doing scaring people?”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow at him, with a frivolous expression, contemptuously saying, “It’s not my fault you’ve not been paying attention.”

“How long have you been sitting there?” You XiaoMo asked, standing up off his mat on the floor, straightening his clothes as he went to the shelf and deposited this magic pill with ones of its similar level.

Ling Xiao’s keen eyes followed his movements, rising from the chair to meet him in the middle of the room, voice low as he said, “Two hours. Have you been busy today?”

You XiaoMo stopped when Ling Xiao blocked his path, feeling the man touch his forehead, a soft blush painted his cheeks when he wiped the sweat-slicked hair off his face, “Not really. Just, just trying to stock up on magic pills. There’s a lot to do, I have to start planting more fields to compensate now as well…”

Ling Xiao’s eyes narrowed, interrupting him, “Why the urgency?”

You XiaoMo turned his head and softly huffed a breath, “When the baby gets here, I just wonder how much of our lives will change. If I won’t have time to make magic pills like I do now…” His words faded softly as he felt the man move closer to him.

Ling Xiao’s hands moved to rest at his slim hips, eyes were bright as he lightly mocked him, “I believe you’ll have time. You’re overthinking things.”

You XiaoMo gripped the man’s robes tightly as he snappily replied, “Oh? Then can I do a six colored magic pill? Spend eight days in alchemy while I got an infant in the background?”

After a moment of heavy breathing, You XiaoMo realized he started yelling at the end of his sentence. Feeling like he overreacted a tad, he lifted his gaze up, staring into the profound and deep eyes of Ling Xiao’s, the man was looking back at him calmly.

You XiaoMo twisted the fabric in his hand, guilty whispered, “Everything is going to change.”

Ling Xiao gently smiled at him, hugging him close to his body, “We’ll still be the same, so will everything else about us. The only thing changing is a new addition to our lives. Maybe at the start, you won’t be able to do high-end alchemy, but that doesn’t mean always.”

You XiaoMo leaned his head against Ling Xiao’s chest, mumbling, “I understand that. I’m just a little scared.”

Ling Xiao ran his fingers through You XiaoMo’s hair slowly, in a smooth voice asked, “Does it have anything to do with the paper I found? You were fine when I left this morning.”

You XiaoMo nodded against the soft material of Ling Xiao’s robe, “Lin Gu dropped it by earlier. He didn’t stay long though, I think he figured out he scared me. He told me the sooner we pick one, the smoother the rest will follow.”

Ling Xiao calmly said, “Then we’ll do that and let it be so. Until then, I know a way to distract you better than alchemy.”

Upon hearing this, when You XiaoMo peeked up, he saw the man’s face had a wicked and widening grin across it. The next second, his body was being lifted up and carried, You XiaoMo hastily caught Ling Xiao’s shoulder, stuttering out, “W-what do you think you’re doing?”

Ling Xiao turned his perfect and pearly-white teeth toward him and happily answered, “You.”

You XiaoMo suddenly had a sense of deja vu, falteringly said, “Wait, wait… Isn’t it… it…”

Ling Xiao had already walked them into their bedroom quarters, glancing down at him, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo blushed scarlet, whispering, “Isn’t it weird… Won’t you be - and then - a baby…” He couldn't get the words out properly.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, in a confused expression, as if hearing such ridiculous things, “What is there to be weird? We’ve had sex the past three weeks and it made no difference. Why should it now?”

You XiaoMo could concede that part, but still… “Yeah but then we didn’t know.”

Ling Xiao placed him on the bed, taking off his outer robe while he said, “It makes no difference to me if you’re with child or not. I still want you, and I don’t want to wait nine months to have you.”

You XiaoMo felt his heart pick up at the passion in Ling Xiao’s eyes as he said those words. The next moment, Ling Xiao was pressuring him down into the bed, hand holding his chin as he kissed him intensely. A hot and flexible tongue easily slipped past You XiaoMo’s teeth, catching his retreating one, forcing him to dance with his.

It was as if Ling Xiao wanted to devour him and show him he meant his words, he kissed him until the small body was limp and breathless in his arms.

You XiaoMo was left blushing against white linen, clothing being removed as he was assaulted with pleasure that made his toes curl.

The bed was creaking, hot breath mingled together as two bodies tightly tear at each as if in heat.

Chapter Text

The next three days pass by uneventful.

You XiaoMo was laying across Ling Xiao’s chest, arms and legs wrapped tightly around him. In the midst of a beautiful and restful sleep, he vaguely felt the signs of Ling Xiao waking up and unraveling him from his hold. You XiaoMo stubbornly and defensively held tighter, making an unhappy noise in the back of his throat, nestling in deeper.

As You XiaoMo was being overpowered and adjusted back in the covers, he suddenly felt a sensation overwhelm him. It was as if someone had just punched his stomach and the bile wanted to run up his throat.

Abruptly he released his hold on Ling Xiao, holding his mouth and sitting straight as a board as he crawled hastily across the man. You XiaoMo rushed to kneel on the floor, grabbing the nearest trash can and emptying his stomach of all its contents.

Ling Xiao was immediately at his side, a hand brushing the hair out of his face. Afraid that he couldn’t breathe, he started to stroke his back in helping him to calm down, gently asking, “Is it getting a little better?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, eyes shut tightly as another wave of nausea strongly hit him, gagging as he was now just spitting out bile.

After another minute of this and Ling Xiao seeing him finally start to calm down, he got up and wetted a washcloth bringing it back toward his wife on the floor.

You XiaoMo was resting against the trash can as he felt himself being pushed back, face being forcefully wiped of its thinly veiled sweat and leftover mess around the lips.

Ling Xiao gently asked him, “Better?”

You XiaoMo feeling powerless, nodded, speaking in a slightly hoarse voice, “Water?”

“Here, get up first.” Ling Xiao scooped him into his arms and off the floor, taking him back the few steps to their bed. After sitting him down he went to get the requested water.

When You XiaoMo took the offered water, he graciously said his thanks before carefully nursing it. Letting the few sips hit his stomach, You XiaoMo grimaced, his stomach still didn’t feel great. With his movements having a stagnation to them and the water precariously froze in his hands, he barely managed to squeeze out, “Bucket!”

Ling Xiao quickly moved his feet, taking the trash can from the floor and placing it in front of him, You XiaoMo rushed to grab the edge, proceeding to vomit up the previously swallowed water into it.

Ling Xiao took the water out of You XiaoMo’s hands, while using his other to soothingly card his fingers through You XiaoMo’s hair and away from the trash can.

When a few long moments passed, and You XiaoMo was only spitting out mouthfuls of nasty taste, he took the glass back to swish his mouth out. He looked at the bucket in his hand, face contorting into disgust and nose wrinkling.

You XiaoMo was struggling to breathe while controlling his gag reflex, covering a hand over his mouth, he weakly whispered, “Please get rid of this.”

“No longer feel sick?” Ling Xiao asked, profound eyes sweeping over his face carefully, seeing he was still somewhat pale and not great looking.

You XiaoMo quickly shook his head, in an uncomfortable tone said, “Hurry before I throw up again.”

Ling Xiao didn’t need to be asked twice at that, he looked at him once more before leaving.

You XiaoMo wasn’t sure what the man did with it, as he immediately returned to the room two seconds later. Feeling horrible and now exhausted, You XiaoMo fell back to his spot in the bed, moaning miserably into his pillow.

Ling Xiao sat down in front of him, hand touching his head, a smile in his eyes, “I guess your morning sickness kicked in early.”

You XiaoMo grumpily and satirically mumbled against the pillow, “Just wonderful.”

Ling Xiao lightly chuckled, calmly asked, “Do you want anything?”

Peeking out from the pillow, You XiaoMo pouted exaggeratedly. Reaching for the man’s hand, he grasped it in his and pulled down, hinting.

Ling Xiao’s lips slowly curled upwards, in a smooth and rich voice said, “Me? Ah, the wife flatters the husband.”

As he said so, Ling Xiao once again laid down on the bed, hugging and pulling his wife to his chest. He watched as You XiaoMo’s breathing slowed and steadied as he dozed back to sleep in his arms.

The following morning repeated pretty much the same, this time at least You XiaoMo was able to keep the contents of his stomach inside, instead was purely gagging and laying pitifully in bed.

Around two in the afternoon, Ling Xiao learned he could no longer drink one of his favorite teas near his wife. As he was keeping him company, Ling Xiao started steaming a pot of tea in the room, not within one minute, You XiaoMo’s head snapped off the bed with a face full of disgust, screaming to get that away from him.

You XiaoMo eventually felt up to getting out of bed later in the day, choosing to spend his time in alchemy yet again. Ling Xiao decided to stay close by, not going to Weeping Ghost Shore and instead watched his wife or napped in their bedroom.

Three more days passed by the same way, You XiaoMo would wake up sick and end up sleeping in. To bypass throwing up the contents of his stomach, he’d just go without eating anything, even though he was hungry, it was enough not to have that queasy feeling. Besides, with their cultivation level it was not necessary to eat every day to repair the internal organs, so he thought it would be fine.

You XiaoMo was spending this day in alchemy once again. Ever since he realized they would be too busy once the baby came, he was fixated on stocking up on resources and materials. Today alone he made numerous high-quality level ten magic healing pills for emergencies. As You XiaoMo would always feel more at ease when his contract wicked carried a decent number of healing pills on them.

The cauldron was in its bright red glory, standing at two feet and a half tall, You XiaoMo just got up from his spot on the floor to reach for the ban that sealed the magic pill from escaping.

At that moment the world starts to sway, and his feet felt like jelly. You XiaoMo quickly caught himself on the edges of the cauldron and managed to stabilize his footing. He didn’t realize his head rushes were back in full swing again, You XiaoMo closed his eyes and waited until the world stayed put before grabbing the magic pill in his hand.

Feeling better, he started to make his way toward the cabinets where he stored some of his magic pills. Too late to realize he made a miscalculation, as You XiaoMo took three steps and the world didn’t tilt so much as it did go dark.

Feeling the energy leaving him, You XiaoMo fought to keep the black dots growing in his vision sitting at bay. Starting to panic, his breathing began to quicken and he reached out toward the shelf in front of him. You XiaoMo finally managed to grab hold of it when he the dark dots overtook him, he only saw flashes of light before closing his eyes and taking the shelf down with him.

Having spent most of the afternoon at Weeping Ghost Shore, Ling Xiao was just on his way inside the palace when he heard the faint sounds of glass breaking and his eyes at once narrowed. He disappeared from his place and reappeared down the hallway, rushing to the door of the alchemy room where You XiaoMo told him he’d be all day.

Ling Xiao’s eyes widened, startled at the scene inside before he flashed to his wife’s side.

You XiaoMo’s eyelashes fluttered against his fair cheeks, struggling to open them, he felt like something was waking him up urgently. Like a faint thread in the dark wind, light at first, then gaining in volume, until where finally You XiaoMo grabbed it and followed it. Groaning, he finally opened his eyes and the sight before him made him even more confused.

He found himself on the cold floor wrapped in Ling Xiao’s arms, the man’s face was tense and looking worried. You XiaoMo only closed his eyes for a second didn’t he, what was going on?

Ling Xiao sighed with relief, his stiff face finally softening as he leaned forward to bury his head in You XiaoMo’s neck, “Lady, you sure know how to cause trouble.”

You XiaoMo blushed at the hot breath hitting his neck, faintly remarked, “What are you talking about? Why are you here?”

When he tried to raise his arm to push him back a little, he hissed in pain as it lit a burning sensation across his arm, in a confused voice he mumbled, “What-what happened?”

Ling Xiao pulled back to look at his face, profound eyes gazed into his intently, “I found you on the floor, covered in broken jade and passed out.”

You XiaoMo looked down toward his painful arm, seeing the light scrapes and a few cuts across it. He shifted his gaze and surveyed the floor to where he was prior, eyes widened at the scene’s mess. He apparently took out a whole shelving unit; thousands of broken jade and glass pieces along with hundreds of magic pills scattered across the floor, his heart ached at the visual.

You XiaoMo nervously squeezed out, “My-my magic pills!”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, in a deep and low voice filled with disdain, reprimanded him, “That’s not what you should be focusing on right now.”

Returning to his senses, You XiaoMo guiltily looked back at him, trying to recall the events, he started to explain, “I don’t remember what - oh, I remember now… I got up, was feeling light-headed. I closed my eyes for a moment and then… that’s all I remember.”

You XiaoMo shook his head at the end of his words, only to end up grimacing at the movement. Lifting up his non-injured hand, he touched his forehead and found a small and sore bump forming on his right side temple.

Ling Xiao was already standing and carrying him in his arms, noticing his expression, in a dull tone he slowly informed him, “It seems you hit your head on the fall. We need to go to your dimension so you can heal.”

They were just walking past their bedroom door when You XiaoMo gave a low cry of shock. Fear landed heavy as a rock into his stomach, with a rapidly paling face, You XiaoMo with his big wide orbs faced Ling Xiao, in a voice laced with scared panic, quickly said, “The baby!”

Ling Xiao's face was expressionless for a moment before speaking in a reassuring tone, “It should be fine. I didn’t see any debris touching your stomach, and you seemed to have landed on your side and back.”

That answer wasn’t good enough for You XiaoMo, with a pounding heart, he hastily demanded, “You have to check, right now!”

Ling Xiao was slightly dumbfounded, asking, “How?”

You XiaoMo was stumped for a moment before saying the first thing that came to his mind, “Can you listen for its heartbeat? You have amazing hearing and you’re the Supreme.”

You XiaoMo didn’t realize at this moment, but as he has been in a previous state of apathy about the baby, he’s suddenly very concerned for the welfare and fully accepting the child’s existence now.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly, he hesitated before answering, “I’m not sure I can.”

Using his uninjured hand, You XiaoMo tightly gripped Ling Xiao’s robes, with frightened eyes he pleaded with him, “You won’t know until you try. Please?”

Ling Xiao felt his heartache at his wife’s distress, so with a reluctant nod, he said, “Okay, I’ll try, but don’t be upset if I can’t. We’ll go to the doctor as soon as we heal you up.”

Calm words aside, Ling Xiao was also highly worried about the baby.

Ling Xiao sat You XiaoMo gently down in the middle of the bed.

It all felt so rushed and overwhelming, You XiaoMo knew that if he weren’t so nervous for the baby right now, then he’d be even more embarrassed at Ling Xiao doing such an act for the first time, but he didn’t care.

Ling Xiao kneeled on the bed, leaning forward he slowly positioned himself over his wife’s lower abdomen, moving the fabric in his way aside and pushing his pants down a bit lower, he pressed his ear to the skin.

With a hand over his heart, You XiaoMo was trying to calm his breathing down as he watched Ling Xiao.

He saw the other man close his eyes in concentration before the handsome face seemed as if in deep thought and yet also calm. Seeing this, You XiaoMo knew straightaway Ling Xiao must be entering the state of the Supreme, where the rules and lines of calculations were complex and blindly vast. You XiaoMo willed himself to keep quiet and not ask any questions to bother his focus.

After what felt like forever to You XiaoMo but it was only in actuality five minutes, Ling Xiao finally opened his dark eyes, and the look in them was something he couldn’t pinpoint or describe. It looked of complex emotions all at the same time; of doubt, confusion, amazement, and wonder all muddled together.

You XiaoMo licked his lips, fingers twitching nervously together as he anxiously asked, “Well?”

Ling Xiao’s gaze slowly lifted up to his face, naturally recovering to a calm expression, his eyes flickered back to the fair white planes of You XiaoMo’s still flat stomach, he gently caressed it with his palm as he smoothly said, “I think I heard it. I’m still not sure myself, but, it was very faint and yet there.”

As he said so, Ling Xiao’s were glimmering with a spark of fascination.

You XiaoMo released the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. Instantaneously all his body felt so light, it was as if a heavy weight had been untied and the muscles in his back unwound so wonderfully that he felt the urge to cry.

You XiaoMo closed his eyes, stubbornly fighting the moisture and keeping it at bay. He felt the pressure in the bed adjust and Ling Xiao’s head leaving his stomach, a moment later a warm hand was on his cheek, he leaned into the comforting touch letting out a sigh.

Ling Xiao stared at him with unfathomable eyes, “Lady.”

You XiaoMo still refusing to open his eyes, made a humming noise of understanding before saying, “Yes?”

Ling Xiao’s voice was gentle and as smooth as jade as he softly said, “My wife, it’s okay, everything is okay. Open your eyes.”

You XiaoMo just shook his head defiantly, squeezing them tighter together in reply.

Ling Xiao eyes shined with slight amusement, inquisitively asking, “Why not? You know you fainted earlier on me, I’d rather you keep your eyes open.”

You XiaoMo scowled.

That was a low punch, hitting him where he felt guilty.

Sucking in a deep breath in, You XiaoMo summed up the courage to jerkily confess, “Because, if-if… something did, did happen, it would’ve been my fault…”

You XiaoMo against his will and to his horror, felt crocodile tears escape his eyes, slowly trailing down his puffy white cheeks. He had to quickly bite his lip to stop it from quivering with the emotion.

Ling Xiao sighed imperceptibly, leaning forward he pressed his forehead against his, making it to where they were nose to nose touching each other, in a patient tone, he both patiently and mercilessly said, “Ah, Lady, how could you be more wrong? I really hope you don’t pass your stupidity down to our child.”

In his shock and anger, You XiaoMo blinked open his tear filled eyes to look at the outrageous man above, his mouth was left open and agape as he was not sure how to retort to that.

Even though it was said in a teasing manner, You XiaoMo thought it honestly would be a bad thing though, he’d much rather the child have Ling Xiao’s overly gifted IQ. As he really got the short end of the smart department in life, clearly wasn’t fair…

“Lady,” Ling Xiao smiled devilishly down at him, beaming as he said, “there you go, that’s much better.”

You XiaoMo shrunk his neck, he felt highly played.

Ling Xiao stroked his hair as he said, “My wife, my wife, you wouldn’t last a day without your dear husband around. So let’s now go and treat your wounds.”

You XiaoMo guiltily turned his head away, grabbing the man’s strong and firm arm, sending them both into his dimension.

After entering, Ling Xiao steadily took them toward the lake’s cabin, You XiaoMo was confused at first as the lake was that way and not this way, then it hit him…

You XiaoMo’s face was reddening with embarrassment, quickly lifted his head to look up at him, pitifully said, “Why in here? This is the tub I use for after…” He wanted to say ‘tossing’ but quickly shut his mouth, as Ling Xiao gave him an attitude of he was going to do whatever he wanted.

“It will be easier this way.” Ling Xiao simply replied, continuing to place him down on the cabin’s bed, and start helping to undress him before You XiaoMo could argue, with a warning look, he said, “You were just upset not five minutes ago, try to behave.”

You XiaoMo pouted but allowed the domineering actions and a minute later was being placed to soak in the tub.

After five minutes he was already starting to notice the stinging on his arm subsiding, as well as the bruise forming on his shoulder lessening. His gaze kept flickering to Ling Xiao standing near him, the man was expressionless watching him while leaning up against the wall.

Feeling awkward, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but shout in embarrassment, “Are you just going to watch the whole time?”

Ling Xiao, “...”

The response was deep and profound eyes narrowing dangerously at him.

You XiaoMo had the instinct to shrink his neck, realizing he overreacted a tad, he tentatively said, “How was Weeping Ghost Shore? Everything fine?”

Ling Xiao gave him a ridiculing look, he laughed before smilingly saying, “It was fine. Don’t try to change the subject.”

Having been caught, You XiaoMo poutily defended, “I’m not.”

Ling Xiao crossed his arms over his chest and contemptuously said, “Oh? Okay then, then I won’t either. To your question, yes I will. I found my wife on the floor and until we get you checked out, I’m staying.”

You XiaoMo mulled over his words, glanced at him and curiously asked, “Get me checked out?”

Ling Xiao suddenly raised the corners of his mouth, revealing a cynical and sardonic expression, “Did you already forget? We’re taking you to a midwife.”

You XiaoMo sluggishly blinked before jolting with realization, that’s right, he forgot about this fact.

“It seems you did forget.” Ling Xiao smugly said, smiling until his eyes turned into slits.

You XiaoMo put on a tiger face and said indignantly, “Whatever.”

After a few more minutes, Ling Xiao walked from his spot on the wall to sit down next to You XiaoMo. Ling Xiao grabbed a small towel and dunked it in the spirit water, lifting the soaked towel up to the swollen bump on his wife’s head and holding it there.

You XiaoMo flushed, clumsily reaching up to hold the towel while saying, “I can hold it…”

“It’s fine.” Ling Xiao smoothly said, amusement glittering in his dark eyes. In a lazy manner, held his smooth chin in the other hand as he rested his elbow on the edge of the tub.

You XiaoMo let his arm fall back under the colorful transparent water, gaze following across the ripples it made in its wake. He rested his arm near his stomach, he cautiously touched his lower abdomen, stroking a hand across it, marveling at the idea of life underneath there.

He was glad the baby was okay.

“It’s so weird.” You Xiaomo’s voice broke the comfortable silence that had enveloped them, he took a deep breath he continuing, “I still don’t understand the how or why, and yet now, the idea of losing something we don’t even have yet…” Terrified him.

It was something so hundred percent on instinct that drove You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao’s keen eyes watched his movements, unconsciously softening his voice, “It’s because it’s something that is purely ours, wanting to protect it is natural.”

You XiaoMo looked thoughtful, he could concede to that. It was theirs. Something they magically out of love made together.

After close to an hour, a pruny You XiaoMo was allowed to exit the tub of water, via being fished out by Ling Xiao.

In You XiaoMo’s observations, the overbearing man seemed against the concept of him walking on his own two feet.

Fifteen minutes later, a dry and freshly clothed You XiaoMo was held out of his dimension by Ling Xiao arms.

Standing back in their bedroom, You XiaoMo was once again placed down on their soft quilted bed. He watched as Ling Xiao walked to a corner of the room, picking up the piece of paper Lin Rin had given them and scanned it with deep thought.

Glancing at the window, You XiaoMo noticed it was already dark outside. He figured they wouldn’t be leaving tonight anytime soon, so with that thought, he leaned back against the pillows and got comfortable.

You XiaoMo lightly sighed, running a hand absentmindedly over his stomach, “How do we pick? Wasn’t there like five names on there?

Ling Xiao let the paper fall to the table before starting to pour two cups of water, “We’ll just go to the closest one for now. If you don’t like them, we can go to the next midwife.”

You XiaoMo nodded, reaching for the blankets at the end of the bed and covering up his lower body.

Chapter Text

The next day You XiaoMo was finally allowed to move around on his own, but he was only up on his feet to pack their things for the trip. The closest one on the list with high recommendations and to have seen cases like theirs before was currently practicing in the central continent - Zhong Tian.

You Xu had wanted to go with them, but You XiaoMo was tired and had enough of his smothering him and kicked him back inside the palace to wait for their return.

Passing by their palace gates, You XiaoMo turned expectantly toward Ling Xiao. He wasn’t sure of their method of travel this time, he was accepting of whatever the other wanted.

Ling Xiao bent over to hold him up, as if reading his thoughts, he informed him saying, “I’ll take us out of Xi Jing.”

As he said the words, they both instantly flashed and disappeared in place.

With Ling Xiao’s ability as Supreme, with a single thought he can teleport to any location in that plane as he wants; pretty similar to You XiaoMo’s abilities in his dimension, as he only needs to think it and it can magically happen.

That said, they didn’t use this method often as it required Ling Xiao to know the area and picture the location beforehand; which still wasn’t hard if he tapped and used his Supreme abilities as the master of all living things.

As with a Dimensional Seal means of travel, depending on the level of low, medium or high, it will take you a certain length of distance to a random location in the direction you originally faced.

The two of them either use both or just Dimensional Seal depending on the need. Since today they were in a hurry to get You XiaoMo checked out, Ling Xiao will take this method to rush things along.

Half a day later, the two of them were walking in the vast area of the central city of Zhong Tian. The hustle and bustle of the never sleeping city were in full roar. The location that was listed on the paper, they found out was towards the west-central area of the city. They took a short transport circle and a Lion Beast to reach the building in the quickest time.

The building was of an excellent foundation, apparently well built and maintained, even had elaborate designs and flowers flourishing around and on it. It was upscale yet not intimidating enough to the average eye.

You XiaoMo got a bit jittery in his toes when he saw the jade sculpted plague on the outside door. It read in big gold letters with beautiful handwriting, Jia Wen - Midwife and Obstetrics.

They didn’t linger long, but as they got up close, a woman who was heavily pregnant with two small children were walking out of the door at the same time. You XiaoMo felt out of place already, and he hadn’t even stepped in yet.

Seeing that his feet remained frozen, Ling Xiao put a hand on his slim back and guided him toward the door.

You XiaoMo took a big gulp of saliva upon entering. The lobby in the entrance wasn’t big, but it resembled those close-knit small family doctor style settings. He felt the hand on his back release its pressure, and instead, held his hand and pulled him toward an open counter where a young lady stood.

The young lady politely smiled at them in greeting, “Welcome, may I help you?”

You XiaoMo felt his cheeks heat up, willing his voice to be firm while he said, “I would like to make an appointment to see Jia Wen today.”

Ever the professional, the woman’s facial expression didn’t alter at all, quickly relaying the information, “That can be easily arranged, but as she does have two clients ahead of you, you’ll have to wait.”

You XiaoMo nodded immediately, in a respectful tone replied, “That’s fine.”

The woman politely smiled, “Then while you wait I’ll need you to fill out this form and you’re welcome to take a sit in the lobby.”

“Thank you.” You XiaoMo said, taking the offered papers on the clipboard and blankly turned to stare out in the area.

Once again, Ling Xiao took the lead, already on the move and heading toward two open chairs near a wall, You XiaoMo quickly made his way over to follow.

Sitting down, You XiaoMo’s eyes flickered toward Ling Xiao’s face before looking down at the paper in hand.

It seemed to be simple enough requested info, mostly name, and other similar contact details.

He started to fill it out easily, then he started to finally stall as he noticed some other questions that he had to fill out. Questions like, how far along he was and inquiring about his condition thus far.

You XiaoMo was in the middle of filling out information when Ling Xiao interrupted him saying, “You didn’t mention what happened yesterday.”

You XiaoMo lifted his gaze up, quietly laughed, “I, uh, thought it would be simpler just to tell her in person.”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrow, gently saying, “I still think you should at least vaguely mention it.”

For some reason, You XiaoMo felt an edge of danger in that soft tone, so feeling like not dealing with it today, caved in and jotted it simply down in a summarized format.

When he was done, before You XiaoMo could make the move to rise up, Ling Xiao had already taken the papers out of his hand and was walking up toward the counter to turn them in.

You XiaoMo stared mindlessly for a moment before a smile appeared on his youthful and tender features.

Upon Ling Xiao’s return, You XiaoMo promptly leaned forward against the man, resting his head on his shoulder in a natural manner. Determined to avoid any and all line of sights of the surrounding people. While he didn’t assume they’d be judgmental, he didn’t want to see their probing stares.

You XiaoMo eventually stopped idly playing with the fabric of Ling Xiao’s robe, getting bored enough to start flickering his gaze around the room curiously. He wasn’t aiming to look at the people in the room, but he couldn’t help it as his peripheral would skate across them.

There were two pregnant women in the room waiting, both without their spouses or husband; one was by herself while the other was with her infant toddler. The little boy was being placated as he bounced on his mother’s knee happily with obvious stains of spit up on his clothing.

You XiaoMo lifted his gaze up to glance at Ling Xiao, the man’s eyes were closed, posture lazy and yet still held that noble and elegant air to him.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help it but wonder about the future, would that be them later on? Would Ling Xiao even do such a thing? Honestly, the thought of Ling Xiao dealing with children never crossed his mind. He’s also never seen Ling Xiao around kids and has no idea how the man will react.

Ling Xiao sensing his stare, opened his eyes to catch his wife’s thoughtful gaze, with a slight smile, he lazily said, “Lady, what is it?”

You XiaoMo stiffened at being caught, those deep black eyes drew him in, and he spoke without thinking, “I was just curious as I’ve never seen you around children, will that be you over there?” As he said it, he briefly moved his gaze over to the woman and toddler.

Ling Xiao followed the line of sight, it lingered for a moment before shifting back to his wife’s face, in a teasing tone, he dashingly answered, “You’ll have to just patiently wait and see.”

You XiaoMo exaggeratedly pouted in response. That was mean, Ling Xiao knows he is a very inherently curious person, to not answer was just too evil.

Around the twenty-minute mark, the woman who was by herself was escorted to the back by the receptionist. Not three minutes later, leaving from the same door was a woman who seemed about to pop, she was so swollen belly she waddled when walking out of the building holding the hand of a five-year-old child.

You XiaoMo frowned as he finally noticed a pattern that was obvious since they arrived here, and it was leaving an irate aftertaste in his mouth. He couldn’t help but cross his hands defensively over his stomach.

Ling Xiao noticed his odd behavior, bowing his head he calmly asked, “What’s the matter?”

You XiaoMo returned to his senses, quickly looking up at him and hurriedly waved his hands, slightly smiling, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes as he pulled You XiaoMo closer to him, mercilessly threatening, “If you don’t want to talk, I have ways to make you speak up.”

You XiaoMo gave him a flat exasperated, mumbling under his breath, “I just noticed something is all.”

When Ling Xiao saw him seemingly not wanting to continue, he nudged him gently while urging, “Go on.”

You XiaoMo gave a frustrated noise, said somewhat unwillingly, “Just noticing that all these mothers are here alone, why are the fathers not here with them?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes vaguely scanned the room before he said, “That’s a good question.”

You XiaoMo felt himself starting to get angry for these women. He’s not sure how this world’s customs completely work or the way other couples act, but he knows for sure, that without Ling Xiao’s presence he’d be very upset and lost right now. Why are these women so okay with it? It obviously took two of them to conceive.

It wasn’t until Ling Xiao’s hand went to cover his knee, that he realized he’d been anxiously shaking his leg up and down in his thoughts.

“Calm down.” Ling Xiao said unhurriedly, his voice as gentle and extremely pleasant to the ear.

You XiaoMo exhaled a deep breath, leaning farther into him, mumbling, “I know.”

When they waited an hour and the room was finally empty except for them, the receptionist called and went to retrieve them.

They went down a mild colored hallway, the woman stopped at the second door to the left, signaling for them to enter and saying the midwife would be with them shortly.

You XiaoMo watched her close the door before turning to survey the room. It was relatively small sized but you didn’t feel crowded. The walls were painted a pale yellow, not overly decorated but gave a relaxing feel to it. He made to follow Ling Xiao in the two chairs pressed against the wall.

Ling Xiao looked at him, raising the corner of his lips charmingly, “She’s just going to make you sit on that table.”

You XiaoMo paused mid-step, eyes shifting inadvertently toward the recliner like table in the middle of the room. It was in the middle of the room and laying inconspicuously there.

Feeling his face heat up, You XiaoMo indignantly said, “So what. I’ll still sit here.” Making a point to confidently sit next to him.

Ling Xiao’s smile only grew brighter, he opened his mouth to speak but the door opened next to them.

A woman who looked in her late forties came into the room, with her hair pulled away from her face you could see her eyes were kind and honest. Closing the door she faced them with a warm smile, she sat down adjacent to them before saying, “My name is Jia Wen, it’s a pleasure to meet you both, as I have heard a number of great and many things about you. Now, I’ve read the information you provided earlier, is there anything you’d like to ask me today?”

You XiaoMo blinked. The gears in his brain turning slowly, as he did have questions, but at the same time, being in this moment he couldn’t get the words to form coherently fast enough.

Ling Xiao calmly spoke ahead of him, “He’s been having dizzy spells. Yesterday he blacked out.”

You XiaoMo eyes flickered to the man before zipping back and landing on the woman’s face.

Jia Wen nodded her head, with a contemplative expression zeroed in on You XiaoMo’s body, “Did you injure yourself or fall?”

You XiaoMo’s gears finally got pushed as he answered readily, “I, uh, I did fall but was only minor bruising and I’m better now.” He, of course, won’t tell her that he used the spirit lake water to heal himself last night.

Jia Wen nodded in understanding, shooting off more questions at him in a firm voice, “Are you feeling any pain or discomfort now? Any dizzy spells today?”

You XiaoMo licked his lips, hands rubbing his thighs as he said, “No and no. Not today, it usually only comes after I get up or walk too much, but even then it’s random.”

Jia Wen had a pensive expression on her face, slowly said, “You’re four weeks correct, almost five?”

You XiaoMo said, “Yes.”

“Did the spells get worse as you went along?” Jia Wen asked, leaning slightly in her chair toward him.

You XiaoMo paused to think about it. It had never previously been that bad before and he’s never had his vision go dark like that. He said with some uncertainty, “Maybe.”

Jia Wen’s calm expression had a whisper of a smile tugging at her lips as she asked, “Tell me, have you’ve been eating regularly?”

You XiaoMo’s eyes widened as he was confused in her change of expression, he flickered his gaze on Ling Xiao’s face before answering, “No, I haven’t. I have been waking up sick, so I’ve avoided it.”

Jia Wen said, “Ah, so your morning sickness has already kicked in. I think I might know why you’re possibly having the fainting spells to this level.”

You XiaoMo’s face was etched with shock at her cryptic answer, and yet surprised she already figured out what was happening, he curiously interjected, “Why?”

Jia Wen leaned back in her chair, in a relaxed manner explained, “When one is as high as your cultivation, you, of course, do not need to eat every day. However, that changes when one becomes pregnant. The baby is taking and using your energy to form and grow, if you’re body is being constantly withdrawn of its nutrients don’t you think you’ll tire and break down?”

You XiaoMo face lit up with understanding, making a silent ‘oh’ exclamation.

Jia Wen went on to continue solemnly, “You need to take care of your body to its utmost care. Regular meals and sleep every day if possible. For yourself and for the child.”

You XiaoMo then thought of a problem, in a confused expression inquired, “Then how do I combat the nauseous feeling?”

Jia Wen gave a gentle smile in reply, “I can give you some lists of home remedies that might help alleviate it some, or it could possibly not. Not every mother-to-be is the same, just as when or if morning sickness hits.”

You XiaoMo felt slightly uncomfortable at her choice of wording, while pushing past the feeling, he politely said back, “I’d much appreciate any help, thank you.”

Jia Wen then said, “If you're comfortable with it, I’d like to examine you if that’s okay.”

You XiaoMo was taken aback a bit, he already got the majority of their problems fixed without doing so, why have to go to that step?

Seeing his reaction, Jia Wen gave a knowing look, patiently explaining, “I figured you’d want to check on the baby, as I would also like to gather your vitals.”

Ling Xiao’s hand went to touch his wife’s head, when You XiaoMo turned to look at him, he gently said, “Go on.”

You XiaoMo swallowed and nodded.

Jia Wen stood and said, “Then please get on the table for me.”

You XiaoMo, with awkward movements, got out of his chair and toward the table, turning around and hopped backwards to scoot up on it. Jia Wen then started to take his pulse, check his breathing and the whole nine yards. When she was done, she told him to lay down.

You XiaoMo did as instructed, nervously playing with his fingers across his chest, watching her dig around in one of the drawers on the other side of the room. Out of his peripheral vision, he noticed there was an empty chair next to the table, he quickly looked toward Ling Xiao with a clear expression.

Receiving the hint, Ling Xiao’s lips slowly curled at the corners, he got up and moved the few step difference to sit beside him.

At the same time, Jia Wen had returned and wasn’t at all surprised by Ling Xiao’s sudden appearance nearby. Instead gave him a kind smile before explaining to You XiaoMo, “This device is made out of Mintex crystal ore, with this we can monitor the baby’s heartbeat. I’ll put some liquid gel at the area before I run this crystal over it, it will feed into this dias through here, and much like the Sound Stone, at this end you’ll be able to hear the amplified version of the sound waves.”

As she explained, she held up two yellow, smooth and round oval crystals, both of which were almost sparkling with its luster. The Mintex crystal that was denser in color was used to find the sound and the more transparent in color one was the transmitter.

You XiaoMo who was deeply impressed with the materials, swallowed thickly, stating simply, “I understand.”

“I’ll need you to move your clothing out of the way and pull your pants down just a tad for me.” Jia Wen said, speaking in a calm voice.

Red-faced and with a nervous heart, You XiaoMo did as instructed. Slightly wiggling his pants down to hug his hips, nothing was showing but at the same time, he felt very exposed.

It was all very bizarre.

You XiaoMo jolted a bit when the cold gel hit him.

Jia Wen laughed lightly and apologized, “I’m sorry, I know it’s a bit cold. It might take a minute to find the little one since you’re still early, so bare with me.”

Then quickly moving the cloudy end of the crystal over his lower abdomen, she ran it back and forth gliding across his fair white skin.

You XiaoMo felt so odd laying there doing nothing. He wasn’t sure what to do with his hands and startled fiddling with his clothing. Patiently waiting for other people to speak.

After thirty seconds, You XiaoMo had just begun to study the golden patterns on Ling Xiao’s clothing when the sound of static rang loudly from the crystal stone.

His heart jumped at the sudden noise, inhaling sharply, as the next moment a loud thumping sound came over his ears. You XiaoMo realized slow-movingly, that this wasn’t his heartbeat he was hearing…

You XiaoMo’s eyes widened as he reached out and fiercely clung to Ling Xiao’s arm.

He faintly heard Jia Wen say ‘found it’, and both his shock filled, big wide orbs lifted to meet Ling Xiao’s dark and profound ones.

You XiaoMo face was one of both doubt and marvel as he faintly asked Ling Xiao, “Is this?”

Holding his hand in his, Ling Xiao’s eyes held a bright smile as he calmly said, “Sounds like it.”

You XiaoMo’s cheeks were tinting pink with excitement, this was even more realism hitting him. The baby was real and also very much safe. He smiled endearingly, with slight jealousy lacing his tone, questioning him, “Is this what you heard last night?”

Ling Xiao’s voice was smooth as jade, replying with a warm smile on his enchanting features, “It wasn’t this loud but yes.”

You XiaoMo pouted playfully, muttering, “Not fair.”

Ling Xiao grinned devilishly down at him, “You begged me too.”

You XiaoMo ‘shhed’ the man. Because he wanted to listen more, at the same time, he was willing his own heartbeat to not be so loud.

When she saw they were done talking, Jia Wen confidently informed them, “The heartbeat is very normal and strong.”

You XiaoMo had to bite his lip, as he felt an overwhelming sensation rush over him, and tried to blink rapidly to keep it at bay. He didn’t understand why he was so overly sensitive lately to his emotions, but the tears were strongly fighting him, wanting to escape.

You XiaoMo felt the side of his face being touched, as Ling Xiao’s other hand had suddenly moved to comfort him. The light caresses just made the tears want to trail down even harder. Opening his eyes, You XiaoMo let the salty water slide down the side of his face, ultimately being caught by Ling Xiao’s slender fingertips.

Ling Xiao’s handsome face held a gentle and stunning smile. You XiaoMo took comfort in seeing him look his usual blindingly radiant, the man didn’t even have to speak, he felt Ling Xiao understood him and what they both felt at that moment.

After a long minute of listening, Jia Wen asked if they had heard enough. You XiaoMo felt like he hadn’t but kept the words to himself and reluctantly gave a nod.

Even though the sound itself was weird with fuzzy-distorted thuds, he was transfixed at knowing that beating noise was inside him. It also gave You XiaoMo a sense of calmness, although Ling Xiao had quelled his worries yesterday, when having heard and confirmed it for yourself it was different.

You XiaoMo squeezed Ling Xiao’s hand before asking her, “Is there a way we can find out the gender early?”

Handing him a towel, Jia Wen cupped her hands in front of her and replied, “To find out the gender, we can use a similar method once your sixteen weeks pregnant. But if you really want to find out earlier, when you’re eight weeks we can do a simple blood test and use a special refining process to get a reveal.”

You XiaoMo was wiping off the gel as he let out a surprised sound. Once again, he was confoundedly shocked at this world’s amazing and limitless items, above and beyond 21st Century Earth’s. He made a move to sit up, and she quickly interrupted him.

“I need to measure you before you get up.” Jia Wen apologetically said, hands motioning him to stop.

You XiaoMo was suddenly confused as this wasn’t the tailor’s shop, he absentmindedly blurted out, “Why?”

Ling Xiao’s smooth voice was laced with a teasing ridicule as he said, “Stupid, it’s obviously for the baby.”

You XiaoMo’s glance shifted up to the man’s, saw him looking down at him with an amused expression and mirthful eyes. He shrank his neck down in embarrassment, okay, he gets it now…

Seeing his expression, Jia Wen softly said, “Like he said, it’s to keep progress on the baby’s growth. Today we’ll just take your base size and then afterward we’ll measure your stomach everytime you come in for a checkup. Using it to compare and make sure everything is going smoothly.”

Laying back down, You XiaoMo said, “Oh, okay, go ahead.”

She then took a measuring tape and laid it across You XiaoMo still slightly exposed stomach, with smooth strokes marking the number on the paper beside her.

When Ling Xiao saw she had finished and was slowly retracting her hand over his wife’s stomach, he made the move to help pull him up into a sitting position.

After a moment of adjusting his clothing, You XiaoMo remembered a few things he wanted to get off his chest. At the same time though, he really didn’t want to ask these questions, but he also feared being left in the dark with surprises happening in the future.

You XiaoMo with a red and embarrassment face, uncomfortably declared, “I, uh, have a few questions.”

Jia Wen gave a kind smile as she gently urged, “Go ahead.”

Dropping his head down shyly, You XiaoMo side glanced at Ling Xiao before falteringly saying, “Will I - um, will I necessarily have to do the things women do?”

Jia Wen looked slightly confused, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth went dry and had the very strong urge to jump into a pit and hide.

Voicing these concerns out loud is something he really rather not do, it’s too embarrassing!

You XiaoMo swallowed thickly and decided to bite the bullet, in a somewhat unwillingly manner, he asked, “Will I be breastfeeding?”

When he said that, You XiaoMo could’ve sworn he saw in his peripheral, the corner of Ling Xiao’s lips twitching in a barely noticeable smirk.

Jia Wen gave a sound of understanding, “Ah, you mean will you have the ability to lactate? Probably. Although most milk does not come in until the child is born, so you’ll have to wait and see. That said, even if so, I doubt with your size and circumstances you’ll be able to produce a lot.”

After pausing a moment to let him digest that, Jia Wen continued to say, “If you really do not want to, I’m sure there are locations where you can purchase bottled breast milk from others.”

You XiaoMo face was contorting into something nasty.

Both ideas were making him feel horrible and sick.

The thought of just being able to produce such a thing, and to do an act like that, made him want to hide his face forever. Then on the other side of the disgust, he was appalled at the idea of someone else, a stranger and not the parent, providing their child with something so important. It was the equivalent to feeding them mysterious food, when he didn’t know anything about that person. It could be tampered with who knows what…

“Another question.” You XiaoMo flushed, looking a little distraught as he squeezed out the words, “How will the baby… come out?”

Jia Wen put her notepad down on the table as she informed him, “Your body will push the baby out naturally. When the time comes, it will automatically know and adjust you to adapt and help let it out. Because of your special circumstances, to help with the process, the baby will most likely arrive a little bit early, as the bigger it is, the harder it will be on you.”

You XiaoMo felt like someone pushed down on his chest as his breath left him hard. Although he had a feeling it’d come to this answer, he still was very startled. Something so large… he could barely handle Ling Xiao’s fierce giant at first.

Seeing his panic, Ling Xiao’s hand went to touch his head, his eyes were clearly seeking to comfort him, “It will be fine.”

You XiaoMo was slightly irritated and thought it was easy for him to say, but when his eyes landed on the man’s and saw his gentle and affectionate expression, he instantly softened inside. Taking a few calming breaths, he nodded in understanding.

He’ll worry about that later.

Pursing his lips tightly, You XiaoMo looked at the table, with a shy and shame-faced expression, he asked the next question that was weighing on him, “Does that mean I have a uterus?”

Jia Wen looked at him interestingly, “Yes and no. You do have one inside you that majority of men do not, yet not hundred percent exactly like a woman’s. It’s not a birth defect but an added detail that the realm allows. Over the course of trillions of years, and it not being used, much like things we don’t need, people evolve and get rid of it. You were one of the lucky ones who was blessed, there must be a reason.”

You XiaoMo squirmed uncomfortably, feeling very odd, both at hearing her explain how he’s different and also poetically romanticising his situation. If this was before hearing the baby’s heartbeat, he would’ve mentally scorn her for saying such a thing, but now he didn’t have it in him to do so.

After a few moments, Jia Wen looked back and forth between them both, “Is there any more questions?”

This time it was Ling Xiao who spoke up, his gaze moved from his wife to her, calmly asking, “Is there anything he needs to avoid doing?”

Jia Wen nodded readily, “There is, and before you leave I can give you another pamphlet of information. To put some things out simply and real quick; firstly, to not overdo himself. He needs to rest and maintain a non-stressful environment. I know it’s difficult to say so with a first child approaching, with all the excitement and nerves, but unconsciously it will take a toll on both mother and child. Secondly, to remember that whatever you take, the baby also does. If you consume a magic pill, the efficiency will most likely be lowered as it’s being split between the both of you into portions.”

You XiaoMo’s eyebrow twitched at hearing her refer to him as such again, but he did listen intently to her advice nonetheless.

She went on to describe a few more examples before telling them about her services offered. How she could either help in the delivery process as hands-on or be present as a coach and on standby, as well as teach a family member to help with the delivery itself.

At this information, she pointedly looked toward Ling Xiao, to which You XiaoMo’s head exploded in just imagining it.

Ling Xiao to deliver their child?

You XiaoMo’s mouth was left hanging open speechless. He watched the man’s face for clues on his response, but it was expressionless and neutral, not giving anything away on his handsome and elegant features. Looked like You XiaoMo would have to see and ask his answer later, as she said they had time to decide.

Awhile later they were exiting the building, finishing their following up paperwork and scheduling his next appointment to possibly check the sex of the baby.

After that appointment, the day was instantly made to feel very heavy and informationally loaded.

You XiaoMo reached for Ling Xiao’s hand as they walked down the crowded streets, mulling over his thoughts and the facts gathered.

Ling Xiao also didn’t speak much, comfortable in letting his wife sort and process things out as they walked.

They walked for about twenty minutes until You XiaoMo felt Ling Xiao start to slow down his pace. You XiaoMo stalled his steps to match and lifted his head to look around. They ended up in front of a decent scaled restaurant packed with business. The smells wafting out of the place made You XiaoMo’s mouth start to salivate instantly.

You XiaoMo was about to ask what they were doing when Ling Xiao smirked down at him, tolling them directly inside the establishment wordlessly.

Even though it was busy, the restaurant still had plenty of good seats available.

After getting a good table and placing their orders, You XiaoMo was sipping on his water, idly scanning the room as he absentmindedly said, “I suppose we should go grocery shopping and stockpile up while we’re here.”

Ling Xiao had poured himself a cup of tea, blowing on it before replying, “No rush. We can stay overnight and do that tomorrow.”

You XiaoMo fiddled with the cup on the table, “I guess it is getting late. I didn’t expect our appointment to last so long.”

Ling Xiao looked him up and down before earnestly asking, “Do you feel better now? Getting your answers.” Even though he didn’t voice it, he knew his wife was fretting over the unknown before.

You XiaoMo thought about it for a moment, surprising himself and answered with, “Yeah, I guess so.”

He still kind of taken aback by it and might need a bit to digest, but overall, he had a sense of calm and resolve.

“After hearing the heartbeat, I’m feeling more solid I suppose.” You XiaoMo surmised out loud, cheeks gaining a small pink blush as he recalled it.

Ling Xiao’s lips slowly curled into a wide grin, faintly said, “That’s good.”

They ate their meals and then sought out an inn for the night. Planning to take a shopping day tomorrow around town.

By the time You XiaoMo woke up, he could smell the aroma of tea brewing. Feeling Ling Xiao was already out of the bed, he groaned against the cold side of the pillow as his stomach was already flipping. You XiaoMo sluggishly opened his eyes and saw Ling Xiao pouring the hot liquid into a cup on the table.

“I regret eating last night.” You XiaoMo pitifully whined, curling into himself as he covered his face with the blanket.

Ling Xiao let out a low laughter, carrying a cup to him as he sat on the bed, “Here, drink this.”

Peeking out from the blankets, You XiaoMo held nausea at bay to ask, “What is it?”

Ling Xiao calmly answered, “It’s a peppermint tea.”

You XiaoMo nose twitched, now interested, he curiously asked, “Peppermint? Like the candy?”

Ling Xiao gave him a mocking look and mercilessly clarified, “Like the herb.”

You XiaoMo guiltily laughed, “I know, I know that.”

When he sat up and took the offered drink, You XiaoMo took steady breaths before cautiously sipping at the liquid.

So far so good.

It was a tad strong but could be adjusted, felt refreshing first thing in the morning too, like the eating of toothpaste feeling.

You XiaoMo giggled at the imagery, with sparkling eyes looked up at the man, admiration painted his voice, “How did you find this? It’s good.”

Ling Xiao casually rested his hand on You XiaoMo’s thigh, thumb massaging it through the blanket, as he spoke nonchalantly, “I saw this tea mention on one of the hanging posters yesterday.”

You XiaoMo blinked. He didn’t even realize Ling Xiao was paying that much attention yesterday. He suddenly felt very touched, not being able to stop the flush that crept up on him.

Even though You XiaoMo still felt mildly nauseous, he at least didn’t hurl up the contents of his last night’s supper. This was an improvement thanks to the soothing tea, thus You XiaoMo kept sending grateful glances at Ling Xiao’s direction.

Ling Xiao, of course, noticed them all, smirking to himself when his wife didn’t see.

They took their time getting ready and didn’t reach the streets until around half past ten in the morning.

As the food market was close to their inn, they went straight there after leaving.

Since they both have dimensions and any food placed inside would remain fresh, they didn’t have to worry about it going bad or rushing to store and contain it. All they had to do was put and hide away the items in their magic bags, then using a single thought transport and send it there.

You XiaoMo felt like they cleaned up the market pretty solidly, buying almost whole tracks of carts. They purchased easy to cook meals as well as large amounts of ingredients and new seasonings for You XiaoMo to try. There were plenty of sizable magic bags filled to the brim with low-level non-spiritual Wicked meat, as well as You XiaoMo’s favorite vegetables and fruits.

They had finished buying catties and piculs of tea as You XiaoMo started happily snacking on a spirit fruit.

Walking out of the market, a brightly colored stall caught the corner of You XiaoMo’s attention. It was covered with odds and ends of different kinds of foods, but what got his attention was the large bright red Demon Fruits on display.

Slowing his steps, You XiaoMo curiously looked down at his own half-eaten fruit in hand before glancing back to the Demon Fruits with a strong craving.

Ling Xiao detected him falling behind and followed his line of sight, impreptively laughing. With a treacherous smile forming on his face, Ling Xiao moved in next to his ear, hot breath tempting him, “Do you want one?”

Jolting back to his senses, You XiaoMo blushed at the closeness and realized he was staring, he guilty waved his hands, “Nah, I already have this one.”

Ling Xiao gave him a strange look, turning with assertive and majestic movements, he went toward the stall and straightforwardly purchased two Demon Fruits.

You XiaoMo went and stood behind him as he made the exchange.

When Ling Xiao had finished paying, he dropped a Demon fruit into You XiaoMo’s empty hand and took the old half-eaten Spirit fruit away.

You XiaoMo sniffed the very brightly red colored fruit, it still smelled like the first time he scented it from far away at the palace.

Ling Xiao tapped under his hand, eyes bright, enticing him, “Try it.”

You XiaoMo brushed the fruit against his robe a few times before lifting it up to his mouth. He took a gingerly small testing bite, as he still remembered how unpalatable it was when he tried it back at the Heart College.

Ling Xiao watched his face, asked, “How?”

You XiaoMo’s face lit up with delighted surprise, excitement filled his voice as he said, “I can taste it! It’s not as prominent in flavor as the spirit fruit though, but it’s still sweet.”

Ling Xiao looked thoughtful and intrigued as he mused, “Must be because you’re still just a human.”

Ten minutes later they were still leisurely and comfortably strolling down the street.

As they kept walking, You XiaoMo nibbled away at the Demon Fruit in hand, he licked the side of his lips and pondered out loud, “I wonder if this will be my craving? I heard you can crave weird things when pregnant.”

Ling Xiao laughed, having already finished eating his own, he jokingly replied, “Then we should turn around and get more.”

You XiaoMo giggled, leaning closer to the man and nudging him.

The two of them had a light lunch and Ling Xiao made sure You XiaoMo sat down and rested before they were once again on their feet traveling to shop. This time for more of their usuals, practical items and magic herbs.

An hour later, You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao’s hand toward a clothing store.

When You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao’s look to him, he quickly said in an accusatory tone, “Someone keeps ripping my clothes every month, I only have so many left!”

Ling Xiao’s reply was a devilish and proud grin, looking not an ounce apologetic.

You XiaoMo wasn’t too picky today, as he picked outfit sets that looked like it felt good and was in his size. Afterall, having lots of spare clothing was handy and needed around Ling Xiao’s lecherous hands. So You XiaoMo soon had a large ever growing pile in his arms, all in different colors and patterns.

It wasn’t until he randomly picked up the eighth set piece did he realize something.

You XiaoMo’s chin dropped as he lowered his stare to his flat stomach, what was he going to do when he started to show?

Ling Xiao looked his shoulder and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the matter?”

You XiaoMo turned around, in a deflated tone of voice, poutily said, “What am I supposed to do when I start to show? I don’t want to wear women’s clothing, should we hire a tailor? Or how do we go about things?”

Ling Xiao glanced at him, speaking in a laid-back manner, “Calm down. We have a few long weeks to worry about that. You can just make do with long and loose shirts for awhile, in the meantime, we can order specialty clothing for you.”

You XiaoMo was thinking along the same lines. Quickly throwing the clothing in his arms to Ling Xiao, he smilingly told him, “I’ll go do that right now.”

As he said so, You XiaoMo was already speeding off to look for baggy shirts and long robes that could stretch.

Ling Xiao calmly looked down at the large pile of clothing in his arms, sighing, he followed his little enthusiastic wife.

Thirty minutes later, with a magic bag filled with soft fabrics and a lighter coin purse, they were leaving the clothing store.

You XiaoMo started doing the calculations in his head and his heart ached, as they really had spent a lot of spirit gems today. But he consoled himself when thinking of it all as an investment, somewhat lessening the pain, and the Midwife did recommend a lot of the things they had bought.

Around four in the afternoon, You XiaoMo struck a yawn, moving a hand to cover his mouth.

Ling Xiao glanced at him, “Tired?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, “No.”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, taking his hand and directly walking out of the shopping district.

You XiaoMo’s juvenile face held a small smile on it, amused at his man for being so overprotective.

They took a Lion Beast back to their hotel and ordered their dinner in the room.

You XiaoMo was not really hungry but as to not be fussed at, he ate as much as he could muster.

Although he didn’t think he was tired, after eating, You XiaoMo suddenly felt so sleepy and crawled into the bed. It was by Ling Xiao’s hand that he was undressed and situated for bed.

When Ling Xiao was ready to sleep a few hours later, he removed his clothing and made his way into the covers with him. Picking up the small body and holding his wife tightly to his chest, as he laid back comfortably, falling asleep contently and soundly within minutes.

Chapter Text

The next day, although they had wanted to leave early to head home, You XiaoMo’s morning sickness prevented them from doing so. Even though he tried to drink the tea to soothe his stomach, he eventually ended up hurling the contents of his dinner up in the trash can.

“I’m miserable.” You XiaoMo sobbed in Ling Xiao’s arms.

Ling Xiao quickly pat him lightly on the back, helping to alleviate his frustration, afraid that he would choke if he cried too forcefully. He looked down at his mop of black hair, gently saying, “Be good. Don’t cry. You only have another eight weeks until it passes, maybe.”

You XiaoMo suddenly sat up, both his big wide orbs glaring at Ling Xiao, “Only? Easy for you to say, it’s not you who feels horrible.”

Ling Xiao felt that the You XiaoMo right now was especially cute. Looking at the face fuming with anger along with that pout, he wanted to lean forward and bite the bottom lip so badly. But for the sake of his future happiness, he had to hold himself back though, as his wife did not look happy enough for such actions.

Ling Xiao gave him a warm smile, putting on a torn expression and wistfully said, “I am also suffering here.”

When You XiaoMo gave him a look of aghast, Ling Xiao quickly caressed his youthful face, and in a smooth as jade voice, slowly said, “I don’t want to see my wife so uncomfortable, it pains me as a husband.”

You XiaoMo whose feathers were ruffled and spikes were up, suddenly got smoothed down by that.

Seeing him retract his claws and instead look left and right, Ling Xiao gave a treacherous smile and continued to say, “Not only that, since you’ve not felt well, we’ve had less sex.”

You XiaoMo was speechless, and in turn, quickly caught the hand on his face, giving it no mercy as he powerfully bit down.

When he was feeling better enough to eat some light crackers and snacks, they headed out of Zhongtian and on their way home.

Using the same method, they made ample time home even with the delay, arriving just after dark. They could’ve stayed at an inn, but You XiaoMo was eager to go home and into his own soft and fluffy bed.

As soon as they hit the palace walls, You XiaoMo was elated and ran to their room, rushing to their large and soft bed. He rolled a few laps back and forth before releasing a comfortable sigh, wiggling into the sheets.

Over the next three days, they continued life as usual. Except for this time, they made sure You XiaoMo wasn’t skipping any more meals and no longer in continuous pill refining moods, making sure to take adequate breaks and rests.   

It was early in the afternoon, and You XiaoMo just exited his dimension and landed on the bed. He had just finished sorting a pile of magic herbs he collected and dug up last week. Craning his neck, he noticed Ling Xiao wasn’t in the room, and that the palace was rather quiet.

Deciding just to relax a moment, You XiaoMo got comfortable on the blankets. In his idle thoughts, he moved his hand that was absentmindedly resting on his chest to stroke over his belly. Although he hasn’t neglected the topic any longer, he hasn’t been overly obsessed with it. This was the first time he has really curiously and lingeringly stroked his belly since the accident.

After a few moments You XiaoMo’s head lifted off the pillow in surprise, he could’ve sworn the area felt denser and more firm, almost visually protruding up when laying down like this.

You XiaoMo gasped. He climbed hastily up and ran straight toward the door to go find Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo skidded out of their bedroom quarters, looking up and down the hallway but also didn’t spot the man approaching. He jogged down the corridors and checked all the entertaining rooms, still no sign of him.


When he was going toward one of the pavilions, he heard SheQui’s voice call to him. His feet hitting an immediate stop, You XiaoMo looked to his left and found that he passed his Contract Wickeds, SheQui and HeiQui. They both were giving him semi-alerted and curious glances.

You XiaoMo didn’t give them a chance to ask, quickly saying, “Have you seen Ling Xiao?”

HeiQui, in his usual cold voice, replied, “He was at Ghosts Crying Career earlier, we just left there ourselves.”  

You XiaoMo nodded, with a grin, happily said, “Thanks, gotta go!”

His two Contract Wicked blankly watched him go, then suddenly SheQui's lips curled into a lazy smile, “Ah, probably something to do with the baby.”

HeiQui slowly looked to him, commenting, “Things will certainly get wilder around here.”

Taking the transportation circle built outside their home that directly leads to the Tengyu headquarters, You XiaoMo was rushing up into the skull-faced building within twenty minutes later.

You XiaoMo opened the doors, not caring if he looked impatient or impolite. There wasn’t anyone around to scold him anyways, all seemingly doing their own things or in meetings probably.

Walking in and past a few doors he continued until he found the Laughing Court. The doors were shut closed and he could vaguely hear voices on the other side. Finally, his excitement subsided, he wasn’t rude enough to waltz in and interrupt them. 

When his feet stalled, he suddenly felt kind of silly.

He supposed it wasn’t that big of a deal, it’s not like he was entirely round and showing or anything.

You XiaoMo, feeling kind of dejected, carried himself back to an open lobby area to wait for Ling Xiao.

He was staring out a large open pane window, hand cupping over his lower abdomen, fingers gently pressing across it, when he heard footsteps.

You XiaoMo turned his head, saw Ling Xiao walking out from behind him, he wasn’t sure how long the man was there, his handsome face held a relaxed air and glint of a smile in his eyes as he watched him intently.

“I didn’t mean to intrude if you were busy.” You XiaoMo said a little uncomfortable, his face revealed a trace of apology as he turned to face the tall and slender man.

Ling Xiao’s hands went to hold his waist, pleasantly said, “It’s fine. What are you doing?”

You XiaoMo’s eyes flickered across the room, “Nothing. I forgot what it was I came here for.”

Ling Xiao’s arm went to hook him closer, narrowing his eyes at him and teased, “Was it not for your husband?”

You XiaoMo blushed, huffing, finally conceding with a small smile, he cryptically answered, “Yes. Here follow me…”

As he said so, he grabbed the man’s large hand resting on his waist and dragged him to the nearest available and empty room.

Once Ling Xiao was inside, You XiaoMo stuck his head out the door looking back and forth, before closing it and facing a highly amused Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao eyes were sparkling something bright, with a low voice said, “Oh, does my wife want me so badly we’re doing it right here? Husband is more than willing.”

You XiaoMo’s face had blank lines across it, angrily said back, “No, that’s not it! Here, sit down.”

Even though he was shouted at, Ling Xiao complied with his wife’s request and elegantly sat down in a chair.

You XiaoMo took the remaining few steps to crawl and sit astride Ling Xiao’s lap.

Ling Xiao smirked, hands circling around his thin waist, beamed, “You sure? Seems like it.”

You XiaoMo sarcastically mumbled under his breath, “Ha, ha.”

At the same time, he took Ling Xiao’s right hand, putting it palm side facing his stomach and pressing on his lower abdomen.

You XiaoMo was watching Ling Xiao’s reaction very carefully, seeing if he’d notice what he did. With sparkling eyes, he curiously asked, “Do you feel it too?”

Ling Xiao's eyes went down to his hand and narrowed briefly before he lifted them back up to his wife’s. He had already noticed it was ever so slightly changing, he smiled, showing his pearly-white and perfect teeth to say, “You’re starting to show.”

You XiaoMo nodded, excitedly explaining, “It’s firmer down there, you can slightly feel the baby now.”

While he was in no hurry to get huge and swollen, because in his opinion he would look very odd, it was exciting to once again feel substantial evidence of their child.

Ling Xiao looked back down at his stomach, hand caressing the area, “I feel it. It’s very sexy.”

You XiaoMo let out an exasperated breath, but he couldn’t stop the soft blush that tinted his cheeks.

Ling Xiao’s other hand raised up to hold and lift up You XiaoMo’s little chin, hot breath hitting his quivering lips, he says meaningfully, “We should celebrate.”  

The next second You XiaoMo’s lips were being covered, his sound of surprised was muffled completely, and Ling Xiao took the opportunity to easily slip past his teeth and inside his mouth. A hot and humid tongue exploring every spot of his mouth, Ling Xiao’s kiss is neither gentle nor lingering. He pushes and shoves straight in much like his character, forceful and overbearing.

Driven by the lust at the exposure of his wife carrying his child, the passion in Ling Xiao’s breath was increasing substantially by the second. You XiaoMo’s tongue was given no choice but to dance with his, while his lips were being flirtatiously nibbled and sucked on, the burning temperature coloring his lips red and becoming unbearably swollen.  

You XiaoMo couldn’t hold the moan that slips past his lips, hands instinctively circling around Ling Xiao’s neck. His body is already limp and soft against the man’s powerful one. When You XiaoMo felt a hand slowly slide across his hip and toward his bottom, he tensed as his awareness was returning to him. Gasping, he pulled back enough to say in a small voice, “We can’t.”

The door wasn’t locked, nor was it in their own room, and it was daytime!

Ling Xiao smirked against his mouth. Lifting his other hand, he snapped his fingers, and instantly a energy covered around them as he set up a thick enchanted barrier. He lazily smiled down at him, in a voice thick with affection, slowly said, “Now, no one can hear us or enter.”

You XiaoMo gave a silly smile. The next second, a loud ‘kacha’ sound rang out loudly in the room, as his clothing was being ripped. You XiaoMo didn’t have time to react as the center of his pants were torn straight down the center, and his soft-sleeping-things and buttocks were exposed to the cold.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but hit a hard shiver, his wide big black orbs lifting up to lock onto Ling Xiao’s storming and darkening ones.

He felt the hand continue to pursue what it wanted earlier, grazing softly over the backside of his bottom, coming between the seams, a finger pressed gently at his fold entrance, and the fingertips slowly pierced into…

“Ngh… Ah…”

You XiaoMo took a deep breath before moaning, there was no pausing, the fingers were already on the move. They were pushing in and withdrawing from his body at a fast pace, Ling Xiao was so enthusiastic he could’ve sworn he felt the man’s knuckles, the very thought made his blush deepen.

You XiaoMo couldn’t control the moans that escaped his clenched teeth, he was so overly sensitive the feeling was amazing. It didn’t last long though, soon the fingers left his body and a burst of emptiness hit him. He wasn’t left confused for long, as he dropped his gaze down and watched as Ling Xiao faded half of his pants, and the ferocious giant of a stick sprang out. You XiaoMo felt his scalp go numb at the sight, hard cannot be this hard, as it was fully awakened and pointing straight at him.   

Ling Xiao smirked as his hands went to circle his hips and You XiaoMo felt his body weight being lifted up, and then realization him that he was being placed over the scolding hot member.

“I’m coming in!” Ling Xiao said as he hit his limit, positioning his swollen member he arrived at the entrance, and without waiting for You XiaoMo to speak, he sent a strong forward thrust, pushing the barrier and rushing in.

Ling Xiao pressed You XiaoMo’s hips down, making his wife bear down and meet him, successfully and smoothly entering as he sank deep. He heard his wife’s deep intake of breath as he reached and bottomed out.

Being entered so ferociously, You XiaoMo gasped, feeling breathless as he panted heavily. That familiar sensation of being filled and stretched to the limit by Ling Xiao’s manhood was overwhelming, leaving his body only twitching and clamoring in response.

You XiaoMo unconsciously arched his back, leaning powerlessly against Ling Xiao as his hands clung to his arms tightly, willing his body to relax to the man’s growing desire. Luckily Ling Xiao still had a sense of self-left and gave You XiaoMo some time to adapt.

“I want to move.” Ling Xiao spoke into his ear with a hoarse voice.

Words fallen, Ling Xiao didn’t wait for You XiaoMo to speak as he let go of his control and started a mad storm of thrusting in and out, plunging in with a veracity.

You XiaoMo’s little body started to bounce up and down, swaying violently with the man’s tyrannical action, gasping and hair wildly whipping across his face with every entering.

Tormented by the intense pleasure coursing through his veins, You XiaoMo couldn’t stifle the sounds that fell from his lips. The blissful emotion came over him made his cheeks flush with gratification and toes curl.

Like he said before, something inside of him felt like the sensitivity levels were on a major high, and the man’s thrusts were making him let out a few brokenly loud shouting cries.

Shame filled his ears as he didn’t recognize his own voice, and the ‘pa pa’ sound of his behind continuously swallowing the man’s giant manhood grew louder as the advancing actions increased in strength.

Ling Xiao’s eyes would immerse deeper at hearing and watching his wife’s face get lost in ecstasy. He thought his wife looked so flawless and beautiful when absorbed in the feeling of him and pleasure. Ling Xiao couldn’t help but feel his desire rise and boil as he aims deeper and harder every time.

This position made their intimate connection extremely deep. The sensitive place inside him was battered so exquisitely and pleasure rose like a flood, making his eyes tear up with the feeling.

However, You XiaoMo couldn’t deal with such savage and wild desire. There was no parry and only passive acceptance as he clung tightly and desperately to man’s neck, withstanding pound after pound of thrusts. Without Ling Xiao’s hands tightly dragging his waist, he’d be unable to bear down on the man’s enormous stick and would’ve been unable to keep straight up long ago.

You XiaoMo with a flushed and glistening face, couldn’t stop the embarrassing noises coming out his mouth. He leaned forward to press his mouth to Ling Xiao’s shoulder, using it to block the sounds. With surge after surge of painfully wonderful and heart-stopping pleasure assaulting him, he couldn’t withhold the urge as he bit down on him and shook non-stop.

You XiaoMo legs and body were twitching with spasms as bowed his back and released across his and Ling Xiao’s clothes with a loud cry.

Ling Xiao’s frequency of a rampage increase even wilder at this, You XiaoMo thought the man would want to wear him the same, as his thrusts were going so deep and hitting him in the most sensitive spots. The after effects of his climax was still sending shockwaves through them both.

Feeling that warm and soft place tightly clings to his member, Ling Xiao grunted as he felt his wife’s body twitching so comfortable around him, making the pleasure rise even higher for him. He thrust with a bruising rhythm seeking his own crescendo.

You XiaoMo doesn’t know for how long before accompanied by a man’s suppressed roar, a stream of heat sprayed in his body. His body shook with the sensation and fought to open his eyes to watch the other. The burning liquid powerfully painted inside his body, and You XiaoMo couldn’t hold the moan as the man’s essence was filling him. His hips were still being dragged to ride as Ling Xiao pumped in and out with fervor, adding more and more at an alarming rate.  

Ling Xiao’s forehead had a thin layer of sweat across it, he reached out and grabbed the back of You XiaoMo’s head, bringing their lips together in a loving and passionate kiss. Devouring his mouth with hungry sweeps, kissing him until he was breathless and dizzy in his arms.

After that kiss, You XiaoMo was panting and glowing down in Ling Xiao’s arms, body fully resting on the robust chest.

He was suddenly very tired.

With such intense lovemaking, his limbs and eyes were so heavy. You XiaoMo’s mind flashed an idea of sleep and instantly dozed off as he obeyed it.

Ling Xiao eyes shined with amusement, lazily smiling down at his wife sleeping on his chest. He ran a hand through his hair, chuckling lightly at being left like this.

It looks like it’s up to him to get them back to the palace.

The next time You XiaoMo wakes up, it’s in their own bed, and his clothing is fresh and new. Ling Xiao naturally brought him here and helped clean him off, since earlier his pants and clothing were ripped and dirtied. Remembering the events of earlier, he clutched his face as it reddened a scarlet color.

He didn’t expect he would pass so quickly, he must’ve really been tired.

You XiaoMo pulled the blankets back and lifted his neck up to look at the window. It seemed like it was still in the afternoon and he didn’t sleep the whole day away at least.

Sensing he’d woken up, Ling Xiao came in from the outer room. Seeing his dry lips, he went and poured him a cup of water.

You XiaoMo crawled to push himself to sit up, his throat was very dry, too much calling out earlier. He took the offered cup with a grateful smile, sipping greedily at the cooling liquid down his burning throat.

Ling Xiao sat down beside him, his fingers reaching out to brush across his cheeks lingeringly, “Have a nice nap?”

You XiaoMo removed the cup from his lips to nod, poutily replying, “Yeah, but now I’m both nauseous and hungry.”

Ling Xiao laughed, “Then maybe drink some tea first, then eat something.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up and happily said, “Oh, good idea.”

After doing a few lazy stretches and kicking off the remaining blankets, You XiaoMo got up and went to start making some tea. Going into the outer room he went to their dining table, pulling a small bucket of water out of his dimension he placed it down and dunked the teapot into it. Once it was filled up, he brought it to Ling Xiao who followed him and was lazily leaning against the door watching him.

You XiaoMo smiled endearingly at him, wordlessly offering the teapot up high.

Ling Xiao, “...”

Ling Xiao squinted at him, and after a moment, smoothly took it from him.

His left-hand index finger straightened up, and with a ‘puchi’ sound, came a small wisp of a red flame appearing on top of it. Ling Xiao placed it under the teapot and the water heated up to a boil within five seconds.

Having the pot handed back to him, You XiaoMo smiled cheerfully at him and said, “Thank you!”

You XiaoMo took it back to the table and started going through their small cabinet of tea canisters. They recently just bought a bunch of new types for You XiaoMo to try as well as Ling Xiao’s favorites.

You XiaoMo’s hand finally found the bright yellow one he was looking for. It was a lemon and ginger herbal tea mixture. It was kind of expensive to buy at the time, but the seller recommended it for stomach nausea and said it was good for your health. As he’s also vaguely heard that kind of stuff, he grasped at straws and purchased it.

After letting it simmer for ten minutes, and very eager to feel better, You XiaoMo got off the couch where he was lazily resting on Ling Xiao to retrieve it.

He came back to the couch and sat back down against the reclining man, breathing in and sniffing around the cup.

Watching him, Ling Xiao’s lips curled into a smile, teasing him, “It’s meant to drink, not sniff.”

You XiaoMo choked on his spit, mouth hanging open before he glared at him and said, “I know that. I was testing it.”

Taking a few careful sips he found it to be very gentle tasting, the lemon complimented it very well and it had a few subtle spices to it. It even smelled of delicate lemon drops, very calming all around.

Ling Xiao saw his wife looking pleasantly happy, slowly narrowed his eyes at him and lazily asked, “Is it good?”

You XiaoMo nodded, putting the cup towards him, “Here, have a sip.”

Ling Xiao smiled and shook his head, “I’m fine, you have it all.”

You XiaoMo’s big wide orbs looked at him doubtfully, cautiously said, “You sure?”

Ling Xiao touched his hair, watching the lustrous and silky strands in his hand, with a satisfied tone of voice, smoothly said, “I’m very sure.”

Chapter Text

By his sixth week of pregnancy, You XiaoMo was becoming mesmerized at his stomach gradually looking permanently bloated. Then, also came the dull headaches during the day. He’d try to sleep it away in bed, but Ling Xiao would force him to walk around and not stay in bed all day long.

They still have yet to let anyone besides their family and his Contract Wicked know of his pregnancy. It wasn’t that they were trying to keep it a secret, it just wasn’t brought up in conversation nor thought of to spread the news around yet.

This day You XiaoMo fought his morning sickness enough to get up and around early. He’s got a lot of his to-do list done lately. Organizing and sorting his dimension has been his busy work and he’s finally caught up, and until the new fields fill up and mature, he’s able to take it easy in that area.

He was already out of his favorite fruits and candies. As he was currently craving sweet things, and doing nothing but continuously snacking on them when the nausea was at by.

You XiaoMo was once again walking through the Weeping Ghost Shore Cliff toward the Laughing Pavilion. He wanted to go to White Bone City to pick up some food and along the way invite Ling Xiao to come join.

Walking down the hallway he saw a familiar face fastly approaching, it was Tian Xiu, his long robes were fluttering as he walked. He greeted You XiaoMo with a surprised expression, quickly saying, “Young Master, do you need something?”

“I’m just seeing if Ling Xiao is busy.” You XiaoMo replied back cheerfully, slowing his walking pace.

Tian Xiu looked hesitant and said, “I believe representatives from the Long Real Dragons have arrived and asked for his presence. It might be a little bit.”

You XiaoMo was a little taken aback, what did they come to see Ling Xiao for? Recovering, he looked back at him and said, “Oh, well then, could you tell Ling Xiao I am going into town for a bit?”

“Do you want someone to go with you?” Tian Xiu quickly asked, stepping forward slightly.

You XiaoMo smiled, confidently saying, “I’ll be fine.”

He was pregnant, not a weakling.

It was a nice gesture but he could handle a trip to town alone.

Before Tian Xiu could interject and insist on a babysitter for him, You XiaoMo turned around and rushed out of the Pavillion.

He left the skull-faced peak and was already soaring across the sky with soul powered lustrous black wings on his back.

You XiaoMo sped across the swampy areas and mountain peaks, flying eventually over the black fog of purgatory. The area always gave him the hibijibis when alone, hitting a hard shiver every time he crossed it.

Because of his steady speed, in just an hour and a half later he was walking through the opening gates of White Bone City. The city had grown exponentially over the last ten years, it wasn’t nearly as big as Transit and other cities but still decently sized nonetheless.

Within fifteen minutes he found the food market, zoning in toward the stalls actively selling different varieties. He picked a lot of daily rotated bargains and some odds and ends on sale. After looking around for a very long time, he still couldn’t find what he was curiously and secretly looking for.

Seeing him stall in the middle of the street, an elderly man called out to him, “Young man, you looking for something?”

You XiaoMo quickly shot his gaze to the man, surprise lighting his face before he regained his composure to say, “Ah yes, I’m looking for Demon Fruits. I don’t see any being sold.”

Which he thought odd, as the town was the high majority of Wicked.

Elderly man smiled, hands folded and hovering over his chest, “The whole area is sold out already.”

You XiaoMo gave a shocked expression.

The elderly man laughed, understanding his mood and saying, “I know what you’re thinking, but the location that people usually pick it was under attack and has been plundered to the ground. If you really want some, you’ll have to venture more to the far west side of the area.”

You XiaoMo scowled at this information, it seemed that his craving for some Demon Fruit was gone to fail. Huffing, he put on a polite smile and gratefully said, “I thank the Elder for telling me.”

The old man laughed and waved his hand as he was already walking back to his booth.

Leisurely walking through town, You XiaoMo’s gaze idly went to the bookstore, since he got the majority of what he wanted, it wouldn’t hurt to stop by.

The door made a ding noise as the bell rang and the door creaked at his entering. There were only two other customers in the very library-like atmosphere, the smell of old books heavily assaulted You XiaoMo’s nose. He had the urge to sneeze and his head was already feeling stuffy. The smell of such didn’t use to be so strong, but since he’s been pregnant, he’s been so overly sensitive to everything.

You XiaoMo was casually walking and picking up books as he skimmed them. Although the store itself wasn’t very big at all, the shelves were tall and fully stocked. As Wicked generally don’t seem overly interested in reading, You XiaoMo was actually surprised there was a bookstore here at all.

He was just putting down one of their very few fiction stories when the self-help area caught his attention.

More noticeably, a book on pregnancy.

Since they went to the Midwife and asked his questions, he was mostly satisfied. Then again, the extra knowledge he supposed wouldn’t hurt, as he still didn’t know a whole lot actually.

You XiaoMo checked both sides of the aisle, making sure the clerk at the counter wasn’t looking either before he walked toward the shelf. He quickly picked up the book, but when he turned it over and saw the full title, he was frozen.

What To Expect When Expecting.

That title summed it up very nicely.

You XiaoMo steadfastly walked a few steps away from that area, pretending to be reading a book in the magic herbs area, then curiously and guiltily opened it.

At first glance, the words inside were very warm, empathetic and had humor. Was pretty much like, ‘ Welcome to your new life and here’s what’s happening to you’ . Skimming and flipping the pages, You XiaoMo was transfixed and curious, it was hitting a lot of topics he felt were awkward and maybe not all attached to him, but the general information did.

It explained the whys and wherefores of your body getting ready for the baby, including pregnancy prep for both moms and dads to be. It even had exercise, diet and lifestyle suggestions for while pregnant you’ll want to consider. Plus even more, topics he hadn’t even looked at yet as he closed the book.

To not look so suspicious, You XiaoMo quickly picked out three more random books that he was vaguely interested in, hoping to use it to cover up the attention to the pregnancy book.

Before he walked to the counter a thought struck him, pausing mid-step he looked back a the shelf, then rushed to grab a second version of it.

The man at the counter gave him an odd look at the books but ultimately didn’t speak up about it. Handing him his purchases in a magic bag and You XiaoMo readily paid with a flushing face. He tried to hold his composure long enough before he speed walked to exit of the store.

When he was far enough away in the streets, You XiaoMo sighed in relieved, the awkward scene was finally over. At the same time, he was starting to feel extremely fatigued and also hungry. He already had been gone for four hours. Ling Xiao was undoubtedly out of his meeting by now.

You XiaoMo made his way over to a small restaurant, it was homely and humble looking inside and out. He found a tiny table much like the ones at cafes and ordered a small piece of pie. While he was munching down happily, he overheard the conversations around him.

One of the topics was the reason why Demon Fruits were out of supply. Seemed a lot of fighting has been happening around the mountains. They weren’t sure if it was territorial or just domestic disputes of strength, but whatever it was, it was increasing in range and intensity.

You XiaoMo eagerly and curiously paid close attention to all the gossip that flowed his direction. He made a mental note to have to ask Ling Xiao if he’s heard about this.

He asked for another lemon water before paying and leaving the restaurant, he was eager to get home and know now.

Ten minutes later, You XiaoMo was eating a sugar gourd on a stick as he walked out of the gates of the town. He bought more candies, but he stuffed them inside his magic bag for later. With all his spending lately, he was going to have to make Ling Xiao send someone to sell his magic pills or go themselves to do so.

Slurping away on his sugar candy, You XiaoMo was taking his time walking on the path, he was about to fly to the air when he heard a noise in the dark forest of trees to his right side.

After a second and nothing happened, he began to fly to the sky, black shiny wings spread out across his back as he jumped off the ground.

It wasn’t long You XiaoMo was in the air before he heard the sound of air warping and a sonic boom of multiple explosions blasted out near him. You XiaoMo was so startled he almost fell right out of the sky, raising a defensive posture as he turned around to find where it came from.

Looking left and right he couldn’t see anyone around him, then another explosion hit nearby, it was only ten meters away from. You XiaoMo quickly lifted up a thick Spirit Barrier around himself, bracing himself as much as he could for the backlash. The heat from the detonation burning the air around him and the temperature rising thousands of degrees in milliseconds.

You XiaoMo was pushed back a few meters from the gust of air pressure, turning over and losing his balance as he flew through the air.

He was stupefyingly shocked. Wasn’t this right near the town? Why was there fighting happening here? He also couldn’t figure out the trajectory of the attacks.

You XiaoMo’s first reaction was to see what was going on, to see if this was a threat or not, then fear struck his heart as his hand went to hold his stomach.

The baby.

His curiosity wasn’t worth it.

No matter if he could defend himself and was a top-level mage, he didn’t want to risk it.

You XiaoMo with this thought, caught his falling balance, stretching his wings and sent a powerful thrust forward, flying straight back toward the town. He assumed that no matter how powerful, someone surely wasn’t cocky enough to fight in the town patronized by the Tiangou.

When You XiaoMo flew closer to the gates and town’s edge, he could tell the townspeople also saw and heard the massive explosions nearby, as they looked in fear at him. Probably assuming he was the cause or one of the assailants, they ran away from him in terror and hid inside their buildings and homes.

When he was a few meters inside the streets, You XiaoMo finally stopped his panic flight, landing on the dirt and rocky road on unsteady feet. Turning abruptly, he watches the sky a few hundred meters away light up like fireworks. You XiaoMo clutched his stomach protectively, it wasn’t that he was a coward, but right now his heart was so unsteady and tremored.

Not hundred percent sure his assumptions were going to be correct, You XiaoMo started to run to the other side of the town.

When he was running something caught his attention. As most people were going inside establishments or looking out with awe and shocked fear, there was one man, in general, looked calm. Not the calm in a storm kind of feel, but the sort of calm like he knew it would happen, as a smirk of satisfaction slowly lifted on his lips.

You XiaoMo thought it was very odd, his steps slowing as his confused gaze followed the man’s face. He was wearing dark emerald green and black robes, daggers lined across his belt in a very proud fashion, hair pulled back and was fairly tall.

One heartbeat later, You XiaoMo’s eyes widened as his gaze was noticed by the other. The man in emerald slowly caught his line of sight and the smile he had only grown even deeper, his eyes held a sense of mirth, as if watching a game.

You XiaoMo turned his body slightly and the hairs on his arm stood up in an alert, but as soon as a person passed between the two of them, the man’s figure was gone.

Not waiting for the man to reappear, You XiaoMo put light soul power to his feet, constantly flashing several meters away. When he got near the center of the town, he finally lifted his head up toward the sky as the explosions were no longer sounding and everything was eerily quiet.

This time when he looked up, he saw a tall and slender man standing high above the city with a commanding pressure. His posture was both threatening and majestic, black robes fluttering in the wind as his cold gaze swept the city fervently.

You XiaoMo’s soul instantly felt lighter upon seeing him. With a joyful expression, he ran out from the corner wall and to the center of the street.

“Ling Xiao!” You XiaoMo shouted loudly, running as fast as he could toward his man’s direction.

Even though he was high up and far away, Ling Xiao’s eyes instantly snapped toward his wife’s direction. His stature flashed and disappeared as he appeared on the ground toward him within seconds.

They met in the middle, Ling Xiao’s hands within half a second wrapping tightly around his wife and holding him close to his chest. You XiaoMo was melting and soft in his embrace, clinging to him desperately, taking in his scent and presence like a lifeline.

Not sure how long it was, You XiaoMo eventually spoke in a soft voice, “What happened?”

The reply he got was Ling Xiao burying his face in his neck and circling his waist tighter.

You XiaoMo made a muffled noise, playfully saying, “Don’t squeeze us to hard.” As he said it, he realized it was also the first time he referred to him and the baby as so.

Returning to his senses, Ling Xiao loosened his hold slightly but not fully letting go, pulling back just enough to look at him, his piercingly sharp eyes looked him up and down, “Are you okay?”

You XiaoMo looked up at him, nodding as he replied, “I’m fine. I got grazed some while trying to leave the town but I ran back here.”

Ling Xiao looked to the direction of the previous fighting, face darkening as he was enveloped in a piercingly cold air.

“Whoever fought earlier were already gone by the time I arrived, probably using Dimensional Seals. They have guts to fight at my doorstep but not to stay and play. Cowards.” Ling Xiao smiled slightly, yet deep contempt appeared in his eyes. Inferior beings were inferior beings and yet they dared to fan the flames of disorder in his presence or around his wife.

You XiaoMo suddenly remembered something, he hurriedly told him, “Wait, there was a man, he was wearing a black and emerald robe. He had a belt full of daggers and hair was pulled back. Was very strange looking, I can’t explain it, he seemed like he was enjoying it. He disappeared when he saw me though.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes quickly narrowed at him and asked, “He saw you and disappeared? Did he say anything?”

You XiaoMo licked his dry lips, shaking his head, “No. Although, he looked very happy at it all, when he got caught he seemed like it was the icing on the cake.”

Ling Xiao looked confused at the reference, slowly said, “What does that mean?”

You XiaoMo blinked and hurriedly tried to explain, “It’s an idiom for a good extra benefit. Making something even better.”

Ling Xiao’s face looked thoughtful as he hugged his wife again and turned them in the direction facing the palace.

“I’m taking you back home.” Ling Xiao said, and without waiting for You XiaoMo to speak, they had already teleported.

Not long after that, more of the Tiangou landed in town, scurrying around for clues to the assailants and where they possibly left to.

You XiaoMo was placed in their bedroom as Ling Xiao sent his contract wicked Qiqiu to gather intel and report back to him directly.

You XiaoMo was sitting down on the couch, a cup of cold and untouched tea sat in front of him, his hands were resting on his stomach. He couldn’t explain it but he had a bad feeling about it all.

Ling Xiao walked back in through the door, he saw him sitting there looking pensive and despondent, sitting down next to him, he asked, “What were you doing for so long in town?”

You XiaoMo blankly looked up at him, realizing he’d been asked a question. His mind was sluggish on the transfer of topic, faintly said, “I, uh, was low on some snacks. I had wanted to invite you but you were busy…” As he said it, he remembered the meeting Ling Xiao had, and inquisitively asked, “What was that about? You’ve been so busy lately.”

Ling Xiao’s face stiffened for a half-second before he put his arm around his thin shoulders, calmly saying, “There have been a few things that needed my attention. To the earlier meeting, it was closely related to the what happened an hour ago. It’s been a nuisance for not just our area, the culprits are a mystery and their goals unknown.”

You XiaoMo thought the information over, lifting his head up to look at him and tentative asking, “They want you to handle them? It’s not your responsibility.”

Ling Xiao shrugged, lazily leaning back against the couch, “It was more or less their hushed way of wanting me to police the West. The Four Spirits balance of peace is very fragile to hold, they’re afraid of it being a distraction to a future attack.”

You XiaoMo was shocked, hastily jump to question, “Do you think it is?”

Ling Xiao’s contemplative gaze went to the table and on You XiaoMo’s untouched cup, saying, “I’m not sure yet. It well possibly could be, as they’ve shown no obvious goal or a victor in battle.”

“Why come to our area though? Everyone knows your residence is here, isn’t that like asking for a death wish?” You XiaoMo confusedly muttered out loud, head leaning to rest against Ling Xiao’s shoulder.

Ling Xiao’s face gained an evil charm as a blood-thirsty smile slowly crept across it, stroking his wife’s back as he languidly said, “It very much is and will be.”

After that whole ordeal, You XiaoMo felt tired, his eyes were already struggling to keep open. Pushing up and off Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo lifted himself up to a stand while saying, “I’m going to lay down, I feel a headache coming along.”

“I’ll hold you.” Ling Xiao got up and scooped You XiaoMo into his arms, lifting him up and carrying him toward their large bed.

Once You XiaoMo was gently placed and tucked into bed, he was comfortably sleeping within moments of hitting the pillow. Ling Xiao sat beside him and tenderly touched his cheek, a slight smile on his face as he watched him with deep and unfathomable eyes.

Chapter Text

Even though it was still early, You XiaoMo was left to sleep until early morning the next day.  

The rays of sunlight were barely seeping through their windows when he cracked open his eyes. Resting comfortably in Ling Xiao’s arms, You XiaoMo had a peaceful and beautiful sleep. He blinked away the sleep in his eyes, looking around the room that was still dimly lit, and realized what time it was.  

Ling Xiao was still sleeping as his hands were holding his waist firmly. You XiaoMo carefully and gingerly used his fingers to lift the man’s hands off him, crawling slowly off his sturdy body to slink down from the bed.  

He made his way to the bathroom, after relieving himself and washing his mouth out, he combed his hair out. The whole time he was feeling miserable, he fought the nausea as much as he held the dull headache throbbing in his head. Almost wanting to groan and sleep some more, but he felt like laying down would just worsen it.  

Too lazy to cook, he walked out to the table and took out some plates and a watermelon out of his dimension. You XiaoMo took out a knife and started to cut a quarter of it into pieces.  

Grabbing a piece, he sat down and tried to nibble on the juicy edges. Seconds later as he was starting to feel worse, You XiaoMo pushed it far away from him and angrily stared at his stomach, in a frustrated tone: “Why do you feel the need to make me sick? Don’t you too want to be fed?”  

Low laughter floated from behind him, You XiaoMo turned around to see Ling Xiao leaning against the door frame. His clothing was wrinkled from sleep and his mouth had a lazy arc hanging on it.  

Ling Xiao’s eyes shined with a smile, in a dull tone, slowly said, “Lady, it’s not going to answer back.”  

You XiaoMo gave him an embarrassed glare, unhappy at being caught, stubbornly shouted, “I know that.”  

Ling Xiao chuckled even louder.  

Walking over behind him, Ling Xiao hugged You XiaoMo before resting his chin on his shoulder. His gaze went to the food on the table, and lazily said, “You should try to eat something, you didn’t eat anything last night.”  

You XiaoMo took a deep breath before exhaling slowly, meekly saying, “Maybe later.”  

Ling Xiao turned his head and narrowed his eyes at him but didn’t press the topic.  

A few moments later, You XiaoMo jolted with the memory of something he forgot to bring up yesterday. He hastily dunked out from under Ling Xiao’s hold and made to go to the bedroom.  

Ling Xiao slightly surprised at his actions, curiously watched him, asking, “What’s the matter?”  

“I forgot to show you something.” You XiaoMo distractedly said and was already passing the screen in the room.  

Ling Xiao languidly watched his wife disappeared before he started making two different batches of hot tea. One for him and one for his wife. This was one of his favorite usual morning teas and You XiaoMo’s was one to help settle his stomach and supply vitamins.  

You XiaoMo came back to the table while searching his magic bag for the item. Fingers finding it, he hopped back into the seat across from Ling Xiao, and with a slight flush upon his delicate fair cheeks, pulled the book out to show him.  

Ling Xiao noticed his wife’s shy manner as he handed him a book. Taking it in hand, he looked at the cover amusingly and read out loud, “What to expect when expecting. You bought this yesterday?”  

You XiaoMo with a shy mind, nodded, “I happened to walk by after the food market, and this caught my eye. I also got one for myself, this is your copy.”  

Ling Xiao had a fresh smile on his face, gently asked, “My copy? You want me to read this?”  

Crossing his arms over his chest, You XiaoMo huffed and puffed, with a dignified expression, insistently said, “You should also know whatever it says, it’s not fair for me to be the only one to read it. You should be prepared.”  

Ling Xiao opened the book and was flipping through the pages, he randomly found a section and indifferently read out loud, “Expanded coverage on breastfeeding while pregnant, water and home births, and how to keep your relationship strong while focused on the baby.”  

At the end of his sentence, Ling Xiao looked at You XiaoMo with a heated gaze, in a suggestive tone, he smilingly said, “I know how to do that, we practice more baby making.”  

Jumping slightly, You XiaoMo blushed and jittered, “You, you, you… don’t you think about it.”  

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow, smiled a quite bad smile, in a voice as smooth as jade, thickly said, “Oh? We stop at one?”  

You XiaoMo was both flabbergasted and speechless, after a second to recover, he blurted in astonishment, “We haven’t even had the first one and you want more? How do you even know you want more or can even handle more?!”  

Ling Xiao leaned forward, fingertips caressing his soft and rose tinting cheeks, in a low voice, confidently said, “It’s just a feeling I have.”  

You XiaoMo hit a hard shiver, unconsciously being pulled into his dark eyes, momentarily losing his senses. After a lingering few moments, he snapped out of it and grabbed the hand on his cheek, pushing it off while saying, “Says the one who’s not pushing it out… We’ll see after it.”  

He honestly never even thought of one and now the lust-crazed man is talking about more?  

When speaking of it out loud though, his heart had against his will softened, and after a long pause just ended up conceding in the end.  

Ling Xiao reached to hold his chin, with eyes that shined brightly at him, he beamingly informed, “Only seven and a half months to go. It will fly by.”  

You XiaoMo lowered his head and glanced down at his bloated looking stomach. Thinking he was probably right, it most likely will speed by. When cultivating and doing alchemy, a week or two, or even a month seemed like nothing.  

After You XiaoMo’s eventful day out in town, Ling Xiao made sure at least two of his contract beasts were rotated on guard duty at the palace at all times.  

When he was getting close to seven weeks, You XiaoMo noticed his small solid bump down below was starting to round out the whole tummy area slightly. When he passed his hand over it he swore it felt more rounded.  

When he asked Ling Xiao this, his reply was, “Of course it is, every day you grow slightly more. You might not notice it, but when I hold you at night, I do.”  

You XiaoMo curiously rubbed his stomach as he got off the bed, he had a craving for some sugar.  

He went to his stash in the cabinet and gasped.  

Ling Xiao who was lounging across the bed, and arm under his head, raised his eyebrows, “What is it?”  

You XiaoMo sulky turned around and mumbled, “We’re out of sugar candies.”  

Ling Xiao laughed and mercilessly said, “You should eat less of those anyways, eat more of the foods that book said.”  

You XiaoMo gave a sound of surprise, astonishedly asking, “You actually read it? I’m not done with it yet.”  

Ling Xiao gave him a look of vague contempt, saying, “Don’t be so surprised, of course I did. Like you said, as your husband, I should be prepared.”  

You XiaoMo’s mouth went into an ‘oh’ silent exclamation. Now he felt silly, forcing it on him and not even finishing it himself.  

Looking left and right, You XiaoMo bit his lip guiltily, “Well… I still want my candies. I’m going to go buy some.” As he said the words, he started reaching for his boots to put on.  

Ling Xiao sighed, sitting up, “I’ll go get it.”  

“What? Why? We can go together if so.” You XiaoMo earnestly said, having paused with his boots in hand.  

Ling Xiao put his own boots on, explaining gently, “You were just laying down for two hours because you felt bad. I’ll go alone, you stay.”  

You XiaoMo endearingly smiled at him, he was touched yet felt it was unnecessary, he assuredly told the man, “I’ll be fine.”  

Ling Xiao stood up and squinted down at him.  

Feeling the pressure under the man’s gaze, You XiaoMo shrank his neck and unhappily said in defeat, “Fine! I’ll just go lay back down in bed.” Dropping his boots and slowly crawling back into the covers to make his point.  

Ling Xiao just gave him a funny look before turning and starting to walk out of the room. 

You XiaoMo hurriedly sat up and hastily called out, “Wait! Wait!”  

Ling Xiao glanced back at him questioningly.  

You XiaoMo grinned while saying sweetly, “Since you’re going… Could you pick me up some more watermelons, spirit fruit and some of that low-level rabbit meat? I want to make a stew later if feeling up to it.”  

Ling Xiao didn’t reply back but instead kept walking out of the room.  

You XiaoMo had a silly smile on his face as he relaxed back against the pillows. If the man was going to make him stay behind, he was going to make him work.  

He brought out the book from his dimension, intent on using this time to catch up on reading. You XiaoMo, after all, couldn’t have Ling Xiao outdoing him and hanging it over his head later.  

Hour or so later, You XiaoMo’s mind had been turning and spinning. So much just common knowledge and simple things he didn’t even know or realize. Ling Xiao was right, he did need to be eating more nutritious meals… but that didn’t mean he’d give up his sweet cravings.  

A few things really had got him wondering and thinking about certain areas of topics, most that he’s yet to discuss with Ling Xiao. He’ll have to ask him when he returned.  

With the readings still fresh in his mind, he wanted to try and do a couple of suggestions.  

Crossing his legs, You XiaoMo opened his mind and started to meditate. Seeing within himself that inner conscientious and the vast sea of his meridians, the seven colored flames were brightly lit inside him as he calmed his spirit.  

Sometime later, You XiaoMo was slowly awakened from his meditative state, as the smell of rich and delicious food entered his nostrils heavily.  

He quickly got out of bed and toward the outer room of their bedroom quarters. When You XiaoMo walked in, he saw the table was filled with a large number of hefty meal courses. He held the urge to drool as greedy saliva was already forming rapidly in his mouth.  

Ling Xiao had just finished placing the final box on the table when he saw his wife come in, “Hungry?”  

You XiaoMo eagerly nodded and made his way enthusiastically to the table and sitting down. Looking at the food, it was very heavy foods, different varieties of meat and yet still had a lot of his favorites. The majority were all his favorites actually, pork and chicken feet were also present with colorful vegetables.  

“This looks amazing.”  

You XiaoMo was already starting to fill up a plate as he said so. So excited, he didn’t know where to start.  

Ten minutes later, You XiaoMo was still happily refilling his plate, trying to grab a little bit of everything. He took a sip of his water before softly announcing, “This is delicious.”  

Ling Xiao was elegantly eating his foot like usual, replied, “I’m glad.”  

When You XiaoMo was stuffed and couldn’t hold anymore, he released a quiet burp, touching his now very round tummy.    

Ling Xiao got out of his chair and leaned over him, happily touching his belly, he teasingly said, “Looks like you’re already three months.”  

You XiaoMo gave him a flat look, sticking his nose up, he argued, “Do not!”  

“Does too!” Ling Xiao’s eyes held a glee as he languidly spits out the two words. Attitude as if daring and wanting him to challenge.  

You XiaoMo directly choose to ignore the man. If he played his games, he’d be the one who for sure loses. Deciding to change the topic slightly, You XiaoMo looked down at Ling Xiao’s hand on his stomach before saying, “I wanted to talk with you about some things.”  

Ling Xiao straightened up at the serious atmosphere, spurring him, “Go on.”  

Glimpsing a look around the room, You XiaoMo asked, “Where are we going to put the baby? I was reading the book and we should start thinking of where to put it.” 

Ling Xiao laughed, lightly mocked him, “It’s not an item to put on a counter, but yes, we can decide now if you want. Where do you think?”  

You XiaoMo idly cleaned his plate and area on the table while saying, “We should make the baby’s room somewhere close to us. Do you think we can clear out one of the adjacent rooms, it would be easier for it to be closer to ours.”  

Ling Xiao gave a thoughtful expression, easily answered, “That’s simple enough. Could even knock out a door to be closer to ours, saves trouble walking.”  

You XiaoMo laughed and mumbled under his breath, “Lazy.”  

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes, “What did you say?”  

You XiaoMo hurriedly waved his hands, smiling, “Nothing, I didn’t say anything.”   

Ling Xiao leaned forward and hovered over You XiaoMo’s body, “You know, you’re gonna thank me later for it. When you’re making twelve trips a night, back and forth.”  

You XiaoMo puffed up his cheeks, angrily said, “Whatever you! No way I’m doing that. You’re doing it.”  

Ling Xiao smirked, hand reaching out to twist You XiaoMo’s long hair that was hanging down, in a low voice, promisely said, “We’ll see.”  

The next day You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao started to pick out the baby’s room.  

The whole thing was very exciting and also frightening, as it was beginning to really look like they were becoming parents.  

They found a room that was not being used and already emptied out.  

As the palace was vast and massive in size, it was unreasonable always to be decorating unused rooms, so this one happened to be ignored for years.  

It’s location was farther down toward the center of the palace, yet close enough to their area. One would have to walk past corridors, You XiaoMo’s study and alchemy room, then their bedroom quarters to finally arrive at the baby’s new room.  

Walking in You XiaoMo noticed it was very spacious, too much room even. With a thoughtful expression, he looked toward Ling Xiao and curiously asked, “Could you put a wall in here and make half of it a playroom?”  

Ling Xiao’s eyes surveyed the room before nodding, faintly said, “That’s simple enough.”  

You XiaoMo slowly walked the expanse of the room, “I’m not even sure what we should buy first.”  

Ling Xiao walked up behind him, arms hooking around his thin waist to hug him, burying his face in his neck, he took a deep breath of him before saying, “Don’t worry, it'll all come slowly.”  

Even though he said so, You XiaoMo couldn't help but rack his brain for the things they needed and visualizing the room. It wasn’t that he was superbly in baby momma mode or whatever, just, he didn’t like not being prepared and wanted to get things done.  

Later that day, You XiaoMo had an idea and went to ask his dad about it. The man was ecstatic to finally be of use to him and readily agreed to help him with the project.  

When You XiaoMo’s elder and second brothers heard about him asking his dad for help, they readily offered their services. You XiaoMo remembered the bookshelves his second brother Fu ZiLin helped to make before, and quickly took to enlisting their help again.  

Feeling like it still needed more, You XiaoMo consulted his book and read some more. He started writing out a list and organizing his thoughts.  

Ling Xiao walked in at this moment and caught him in the process, curiously looking over, he slowly asked, “Lady, what are you doing?”  

You XiaoMo kept furiously scribbling, looking at the book’s pages before flipping back to his notepaper, and distractedly said, “Writing a list of things, so we don’t forget when we go to Zhongtian.”  

Having said that, You XiaoMo was struck with another thought, snapping his head up toward the man, doubtfully said, “Do you think we can make a trip to Earth? There are so many convenient items there for this.”  

Ling Xiao touched his head, half-squinting, “I would rather not. The trip itself will take a couple of months just to get there, as well as dangerous. I doubt you want to take the risk if you think about it. You need to be here.”  

You XiaoMo knew he made sense, he really didn’t want to go visit anyways. It was just that the convenient modern tech was so nice and useful, he thought they could skip a few steps. 

Seeing his wife so deflated at the answer, Ling Xiao comfortingly added, “That said, I can send someone, or I’m sure one of your Contract Wicked will be willing. We can ask, and I can easily open a trans-dimensional tunnel.”  

You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled, his big wide orbs of gems staring at him as he excitedly said, “I’ll make a list right away! We’ll need loads of magic bags and prepare the necessary money and details. We don’t even know the sex of the baby yet, so we’ll have to be prepared for either way.”  

Ling Xiao smiled as pulled You XiaoMo’s arm toward him, hugging him tightly, and running his hands up and down his body in a molesting manner. He sighed contently, pleasantly saying, “Your mommy mode is so adorable.”  

You XiaoMo was trapped in his iron cage of arms, feeling his hair being tossed and body being fondled. He huffed and puffed up his cheeks angrily, embarrassedly yelling, “Who are you calling a mommy?” He’s a man, how can the term Mom be used to describe him?  

Ling Xiao calmly retorted back, “You, of course, there is no other pregnant person here.”  

You XiaoMo was shocked silent. His man knew no shame. He flushed as he irritatedly spit out, “I’m a man, how can I be called a mom? That’s a term for a woman.”  

Ling Xiao paused in his lewd ministrations, looking him up and down slowly, with a hint of a smile in his eyes, said, “You’re carrying a child are you not? Or are you just getting fat?”  

Opening and shutting his mouth, You XiaoMo didn’t know what to reply with, finally settling on arguing the last point, he gnashed his teeth saying, “You damn well know I’m not getting fat! This is all your fault, you bastard.”  

Ling Xiao chuckled loudly, happily rubbing his cheek against You XiaoMo’s head, “Ah, yes, I am a bastard, but you’re this bastard’s baby momma.”  

You XiaoMo was going to kill him.  

So, without hesitation, he turned his head to bite the arm closest to him, using full strength and no mercy.  

The following consequences resulted in Ling Xiao laughter only increasing, then with his voice becoming something super low sexy, he boldly declared, “Since my wife is so excited, I think we move this to the bed and do more meaningful things.”  

Not having a moment to process the events, You XiaoMo was suddenly scooped up, held inside the man’s arms as they went into the bedroom and his clothes were quickly peeled off.  

He tried to protest, as he was busy and there were more meaningful things to do than the piston movement right now… But his pleas fell on deaf ears as skillful hands touched him on sensitive and pleasure provoking places.  

The following was a full night of wailing and bed creaking.  

The next day You XiaoMo was too tired to get up out of bed, Ling Xiao had to give him a body massage to finally get him going.  

Later in the day, as You XiaoMo had just finished refining a level eight magic pill, he heard the loud knocking on the palace door. Standing up, he straightened his clothing before going out of the Alchemy Room and toward the entrance hall.  

It seemed like he was the first one to hear the loud noise, as he was standing there alone thus far. You XiaoMo went to the large elaborate doors, and when he opened them, he was greeted with an unfamiliar face.  

You XiaoMo gave him a confused stare, slowly offering, “May I help you?”  

The person who knocked was wearing a very clean and expensive looking outfit, his hair was neatly pulled back and had a very courteous air to him. He handed You XiaoMo a large and thin box, stating in a dull tone, “I am here to deliver this to the owners of this establishment.”  

You XiaoMo curiously looked at the item, “I am one of them. I’m You XiaoMo.”  

The man just handed him the box and nodded his head before leaving.  

You XiaoMo was left standing mouth agape, that man was strange…  

Looking down at the box, he curiously shook it gently, hearing something hard rattle inside.  

Within a few seconds, two of his contract wicked came to see what was happening, You XiaoMo told them what happened and opened the box in front of them.  

Inside was a black and lustrous jade plaque with beautifully carved handwriting in what seemed real golden ink.  

PiQui curiously looked at it, “What’s it say?”  

“It’s an invitation to a party.” You XiaoMo said after reading it, slight bewilderment in his tone, as it’s been awhile since they were invited to such grand events. Most people were scared or intimidated by Ling Xiao’s power now.   

“Looks fancy.” CatQui said with mesmerized eyes, watching the golden flecks of ink sparkle.  

You XiaoMo nodded in agreement, it very much did. Putting the lid back on it, he turned to them and said, “I’m going to go show Ling Xiao, I’ll catch up with you soon.”  

Words fallen, he was already sprinting across the corridors. However, his destination wasn’t Ling Xiao, as the man wasn’t in the palace yet, but was the kitchen area. You XiaoMo suddenly realized he was starving, and since he at the moment didn’t feel the overwhelming urge to hurl, he was going to take the rare opportunity to cook.  

The kitchen was decently huge but not enormous in size. It was also very rarely ever used unless it was himself or his Elder and Second brothers. The rest of the residents of the palace didn’t have the skill to cook or just simply avoided it, that or choosing just not to eat or dine out.  

You XiaoMo opened the pantry, looking for the spices he stocked earlier. He now has some in the palace as well as his dimension at a ready’s notice.  

Trying to decide on what to fix You XiaoMo wracked his brain for recipes. He finally landed on a grilled flatiron steak with toasted spiced vinaigrette. They had bought a lot of different types of meats before in Zhongtian that he still has yet to fully empty.  

He had to wing the vinaigrette, not sure what to add, he just tasted and made guesses as he went. He made sure to make it four times the normal portion size to share with Ling Xiao. As the man could eat his meat in hefty sizes.  

With a single thought, You XiaoMo summoned a previously stored big slab of meat from his dimension to the cutting table. Since Ling Xiao wasn’t here, he had to settle for normal cattle meat, because if he used low-level wicked meat with regular fire, it would never cook.  

You XiaoMo concentrated and made his soul power spread out into a large and thinly squared off-net. Lowering it, he cleanly cut the majority of all the meat into lumps of medium pieces. The rest he was going to cut with a new fancy cooking knife he recently purchased and was excited to whip out.  

As he heated up multiple large pans filled with oil, You XiaoMo cut the steaks into thinner pieces. After heavily seasoning them, he got them all in the skillets and started cutting all the tomatoes at the same time.  

It was a little stressful to keep up with and the heat in the room was rising steadily with all the pans going. To the very well versed You XiaoMo though, it was still manageable levels as he bounced back and forth between everything.  

By the time he had to flip them all, he was heavily splattered with oil and had a thin layer of sweat on his face. He vaguely thought they should invest in a large food grill top, it would be so much easier and faster to cook large courses with.  

Ten minutes later, he was gathering all the cooked steaks into a large bowl, putting out all the fires before stirring the vinaigrette to make sure it was mixed well.  

You XiaoMo was so hungry and tired by the end of it all, but he still didn’t want to eat alone. With this thought, he sent all the hot food directly to wait inside his dimension, rushing to their bedroom quarters.  

After he closed the door and was inside, he poured himself water and drank it down greedily. Once he put the glass back on the table, he reached into his robe and pulled out the Sound Stone and made the move to call Ling Xiao.  

You XiaoMo watched as it blinked and flashed a faint light, waiting to see if the other man wasn’t busy and would answer.  

Just when he was ready to give up, the light stopped flashing and lit up brightly as it connected. You XiaoMo wasn’t prepared and hesitated for a second.  

Ling Xiao’s voice came over the stone sounding slightly anxious, “Lady? What is it?”  

Hearing his tone, he quickly recovered, putting the sound stone closer to his mouth and hesitantly asked, “Ah, um, are you busy?”   

There was a slight pause on the other side of the line, Ling Xiao’s voice then said, “Why? Are you okay?”  

You XiaoMo quickly assured the man, “I’m fine. I just wanted to know if you weren’t, I have food waiting for you. Nothing important.”  

Ling Xiao didn’t answer for a moment before his voice said slowly over the sound stone, “I’ll be there soon.”  

You XiaoMo stared at the line as its light faded and clicked off, showing Ling Xiao had abruptly ended the call.  

He had the sense that Ling Xiao really was busy after all and he had just bothered him…   

Oh well, nothing he could do now. Instead of thinking about it, he decided to hurry and wash his face and arms of the oil stains and sweat from earlier. After wiping himself off, You XiaoMo made to fix some cold tea to go with their meal and started tidying the room up. 

When five minutes had passed, he had already swept up the outer room and dining area floor, and was currently wiping the table chairs down.  

Thinking it was adequate enough time, You XiaoMo set the table and took the bowls of food out from the dimension, placing a large plate of food at Ling Xiao’s spot and his own portion down. He finely tuned and drizzled the vinaigrette over the meat and vegetables.  

You XiaoMo looked at his successful hard work, feeling very satisfied with his effort and patting himself on the chest, he really was a good wife.  

You XiaoMo sat down in his chair, running a hand over his slightly swollen looking belly, looking at the door expectantly. If it was, You XiaoMo the trip would probably be twenty minutes, but with Ling Xiao’s rushing speed, he wasn’t sure.  

Holding his chin in his other hand, You XiaoMo rested against the table. Although he was hungry he suddenly felt so tired, so he decided to rest his eyes for a moment while he waited.  

Sometime later, the door gently cracked open, and Ling Xiao walked into the room and saw his wife laying down on the table. When he got up close, he saw he was fast asleep, with a small line of drool falling down next to his plate of food.  

Even as the food was currently cooling off, it all smelled very delicious to him. Ling Xiao knew his wife must’ve felt better today, as he made the effort to cook a large meal of this size. It’s one of the reasons he rushed over, he could tell it meant a lot to him.    

His slender hand reached out to poke the tender white cheek, smiling as he felt the soft and supple skin, in a smooth and warm voice, he coaxed him awake softly, “Lady, wake up. Your husband is home as requested.”  

You XiaoMo hit a large yawn, blearly blinking up at the voice speaking to him, sluggishly mumbled, “Huh?”  

Ling Xiao pinched his cheek as he teased him, “Would you rather sleep or eat?”  

You XiaoMo came to his senses and fully awakened from his power nap, slapping the hand off his face and sitting up straight and exclaiming, “You’re here.”  

Ling Xiao wrapped his arms around him, hugging him, happily saying, “Of course, when my pitiful wife calls me, how can I not rush to fulfill him.”  

You XiaoMo pouted. He felt that his words were laced with another, dirtier meaning, but he let that go, looking at the food, he questioned, “Is it still warm?”  

Releasing him from his embrace, Ling Xiao hovered his hand over it, feeling a slight warmth, he looked at him and answered, “It is, but I can heat it up more.”  

You XiaoMo smiled and nodded.  

Getting a sure answer, Ling Xiao’s downturned palm made a ‘puchi’ sound, and a small purple wisp of flame ignited, dancing and flickering underneath it. It lingered for only a couple of seconds before Ling Xiao retracted the flame and his hand back to his side.  

“I made tea, but if you want it hot, you’ll have to heat it up.” You XiaoMo said, placing the chopsticks near Ling Xiao’s plate.  

Ling Xiao sat down across him, “Cold tea is fine.”  

Hearing him say so, You XiaoMo proceeded to pour him a cup of tea before pouring one for himself as well.  

You XiaoMo put the cup in front of him while excitedly saying, “I tried something new.”  

Ling Xiao took a piece of meat into his chopsticks, taking a bite of it, he found the flavor to be very fragrant and still held it’s meaty texture.  

You XiaoMo felt very happy as he watched the other man elegantly, and yet, at a very fast pace, eating his cooked food.  

He then started to work on his own plate as well, taking careful bites to make sure his stomach would hold up.  

Ling Xiao was already moving on to his second plate as You XiaoMo was just finishing his.  

“Dad said the items I requested would be done soon, as well as Da Shixiong and Second Shixiong said they were halfway finished.” You XiaoMo said, speaking around his teacup.  

Ling Xiao finished his bit of food, saying, “That’s good.”  

You XiaoMo jolted with the memory, quickly putting his cup down and running to the shelf in the corner.  

Ling Xiao gave a confused expression, slowly saying, “What are you doing?”  

Happy speed walking back over, You XiaoMo handed Ling Xiao the plaque from earlier.  

Ling Xiao took the item in hand, eyes quickly scanning it, he glanced at him before saying, “A party invitation. Do you want to go?”  

You XiaoMo absentmindedly put his hands over his stomach as he spoke, “I think so. It’s been awhile since we’ve been invited to anything, not that we have to… Just sounds like fun. Also, it says there is a small auction event happening before it starts.”  

Mentioning the auction, You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled like bright stars, that was what he mainly wanted.  

Ling Xiao smiled, he, of course, knew what his wife was thinking, “Lady, did you read it all though? It’s a gala ball held in three weeks by The Mages Guild and The Beast Transfiguration Guild.”  

“Yeah, so?” You XiaoMo asked.  

Ling Xiao beamed at him, “It means you’ll have to dress up all nice and there will be dancing. Not only that, everyone will be drinking alcohol.”  

You XiaoMo wilted a little, but his enthusiasm still was not tampered, stubbornly saying, “Don’t care.”  

Ling Xiao laughed, “Okay then.”  

After that, You XiaoMo took all the dishes and cleaned the table. Sending it all to a corner of his dimension to later to be washed in an ordinary stream.  

He took out a cloth from his dimension, intending to finish dusting the outer room.  

Ling Xiao made a new pot of hot tea as his eyes followed his wife’s movement, lazily informed him, “P'eng offered his services to go to your birthplace and buy your list of items.”  

You XiaoMo turned around from the cabinet, excitedly said, “Really? That’s great news. I’ll have to finish the list soon then.”  

Ling Xiao poured a second cup for his wife while saying indifferently, “After our visit to the midwife I’ll start on the trans-dimensional tunnel.”  

“Do you want my dad to help?” You XiaoMo earnestly asked, having finished and was working on the coffee table in front of the couch.  

Ling Xiao eyes traveled the expanse of his body, lingering on his stomach, “I should be fine, probably only take a week to set up securely. I have another job in mind for him.”  

You XiaoMo was slightly surprised, sending the cloth back to his dimension and going to accept the tea. After tasting the lingering softness of the herbal flavor, he smiled before asking, “What job?”  

Reaching out to hold his hand, Ling Xiao gently pulled him closer, taking a deep breath of his scent, “I’m setting up enchantment bans surrounding certain perimeters of the palace.”  

Surprised again, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”  

Rubbing his face against him, Ling Xiao said, “It’s just a countermeasure to keep intruders from attacking, especially in unnoticed areas.”  

Putting his cup down on the table, You XiaoMo’s mind suddenly hit a thought, “Is this because of the fighting that’s happening? To keep them away from here? Even if they attack, the palace is layered in its own enchantment.”  

“It is what caused me to think of it, but having a fence won’t hurt, and I’m going to as well layer new bans on certain rooms outside the palace as well.” Ling Xiao said, eyes hard with a serious expression.  

You XiaoMo wanted to say it wasn’t necessary but then stopped himself, he guessed it wasn’t too big of a deal to bring up. As the Chamber of Secrets mediative rooms and his Alchemy Room was currently also double enchanted by the palace’s and Ling Xiao’s masterpieces.  

Since they finished their meal and You XiaoMo wanted to rest, he silently dragged Ling Xiao’s hand to the couch. When the man sat down he quickly settled into and nestled on his chest, closing his eyes and wiggling to get comfortable.  

Ling Xiao laughed with bright eyes, “Is the wife tired?”  

You XiaoMo nodded, a grin forming on his face as he drowsily replied, “Your child is like you, makes me so tired.”  

As he playfully said it, You XiaoMo realized he was becoming more and more comfortable with the concept of their child. It was still scary as hell but he was choosing to embrace and enjoy it.  

Ling Xiao’s replying grin was as wide as it was blindingly bright, laughing as he said, “Oh? I can’t let it outdoing me now. Should I make its mom even more tired? Hmm.”  

You XiaoMo’s face went scarlet, the expression a little stiff before he calmly said, “It’s doing a fine enough job right now, thank you. No need to show it up.”  

Squeezing him tighter in his arms, Ling Xiao rocked him back and forth in a joyous manner, laughing with a unrestrained and broken belly laughter.   

Ultimately, in the end, Ling Xiao did not tire You XiaoMo out, because not long after that, he fell asleep in the man’s arms.  

A hour and a half later, You XiaoMo roused himself awake from Ling Xiao’s chest, having felt crippling nausea hitting him. He groaned as his hand covered his mouth.  

Bowing his head, Ling Xiao’s sharp eyes looked at him, “You okay?”  

You XiaoMo squeezed his eyes shut tightly, faintly said, “Bathroom.”  

The next second, Ling Xiao held him tight as he stood up, their figures disappeared as Ling Xiao flashed them directly to the bathroom, and speed walked him toward the toilet.  

As soon as You XiaoMo was on his feet, he kneeled to the floor, hurling all of the previous meal away.  

Ling Xiao brushed the hair out of his face, tucking it behind his ears before he started rubbing circles gently on his back.  

You XiaoMo groaned through clenched teeth, his stomach and throat hurt with the exertion, he felt tears springing to his eyes as the stinging of acid filled his nostrils.  

Feeling him getting more and more distraught, Ling Xiao quickly patted him on the back, in a soothing and soft voice, “Lady, calm down. You’re going to choke.”  

You XiaoMo wheezed out a hot breath, upsettingly said, “I’m hot.”  

Ling Xiao took his cue, he stood up from his squatting position next to him, getting a washcloth and soaking it in water.  

You XiaoMo sighed when the cool compress touched his neck and face. He gingerly took it from Ling Xiao’s hand to wipe his own forehead, but the next second he hastily threw it back at him, as he leaned over the bowl and threw up again.  

Five minutes later, You XiaoMo felt like he was finally good enough to let go its edges. He was still feeling queasy, but the urge to hurl had passed.  

He pitifully went down to lay on the hard white jade floor. Loving the cool temperature touching against his overheated and flushed face.  

Ling Xiao was sitting near him, he poked at his wife’s exposed feet, questioning, “You done?”  

Flipping his face over to the other side, You XiaoMo moaned, “Yes.”  

“Then we’re getting up.” Ling Xiao said, rising off the floor and pouring a bucket of water down the bowl to flush it clean.  

The next second, You XiaoMo felt his body weight being lifted and carried up, he pitifully said, “I want to stay on the floor, it’s cooler…”  

“We can cool you off in the bed, you’re not sleeping on the bathing room floor.” Ling Xiao said, speaking in a serious and leaving no room for discussion tone.  

When You XiaoMo was placed down on the bed, he started to take off his outer robe, hurriedly wanting to cool off. Ling Xiao even helped him finish pulling it off in the end, and he fell down to the bed, rubbing his face on the cool pillow.  

A minute later, You XiaoMo opened his eyes and jumped slightly, as the feeling of the cold compress returning to forehead startled him. He sleepily mumbled to Ling Xiao, “Thank you…”  

Ling Xiao was sitting down beside him, faintly smiled while saying, “You’re welcome.”  

Closing his eyes, You XiaoMo dozed off to sleep again.  


Chapter Text

The next time You XiaoMo opened his eyes it was dark outside, he found he had apparently slept the afternoon away. The moon showed it was almost midnight, the pale white light shined upon the bed and illuminated the sturdy and strong body he was laying on.

Lifting his gaze he saw Ling Xiao was still asleep, he carefully removed the man’s hand wrapped around his waist, and as quietly and gently as he could, rolled off him and climbed down from the bed.

Shivering from the night’s cold air, You XiaoMo looked for his clothes from earlier but didn’t see it nearby, instead, he grabbed Ling Xiao’s robe that was left on the chair.

Wrapping it tightly around him, he instantly felt warmer. The man’s clothing was big and long on him, but in lieu of shivering, he could deal with it.

You XiaoMo shuffled back in his boots and made his way out of the room.

Bored of spending all his time inside the room, You XiaoMo rubbed his temples as he made his way outside. He had a dull pounding headache coupled with mild nausea bothering him.

When he made his way outside one of their open pavilions, he summoned a lemon from his dimension, choosing to suck gingerly on it. The book had recommended lemons as a way to sometimes help subside some of the sicknesses at bay.

You XiaoMo happily took in gulps of fresh air. It was a bit heavy of grass and tree scents, but overall, he felt refreshing. The night stars were shining brightly and beautiful from the sky, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but admire it as he took small baby steps around the palace’s walls outside.

He heard an owl somewhere off in the distance and then the tree line shaking a bit as the animal flew away toward the darkness. Mesmerized by it all, You XiaoMo really did feel they lived in a beautiful location.

Feeling his fingers getting colder, he threw his lemon away to stuff his hands in the warmth of the robe as well. The lemon hadn’t really helped too much, as he was now feeling crampy. He wasn’t sure if it was hunger, morning sickness, or like the book said, his body making room for the baby.

Either way, he didn’t like it.

At least the cold was a distraction.

When he realized he was getting farther and farther away from the night pearl’s light, You XiaoMo decided to turn around back towards the pavilion. At the same time, he noticed something out of place, as all the sounds of life previously being heard in the valley went eerily quiet. Even a cricket couldn’t be heard chirping anymore.

You XiaoMo thought that was odd.

Wouldn’t that would only happen if… something big and intimidating came near it right?

The hairs on his arm stood up in warning.

Without delay, You XiaoMo scanned the area around him before within a heartbeat he was running back to the pavilion door.

As he got closer to it, the night pearl’s light was growing immensely brighter in front of him. Just as he had turned his head to look behind him, his body was suddenly caught and halted in someone’s unyielding hands from his front.

Scared, You XiaoMo gasped, starting to struggle in that person’s hold. A second later, he felt and smelled the familiar presence, melting in those hands. You XiaoMo stopped in his chaotic movements as he rushed into the waiting arms and muscular chest before him, feeling his hips being circled in the man’s embrace.

Ling Xiao’s questioning voice sounded above him, “Lady, what are you running for?”

Within that second, You XiaoMo realized the noises were once again back to normal levels. Lifting his head, he looked at Ling Xiao with a disoriented expression, “I…. something isn’t right.”

As he said the words, he started to slightly tremble and his hand went protectively to his stomach.

Watching him intently, Ling Xiao had misunderstood him as his eyes went directly to You XiaoMo’s hand, in an anxious tone, quickly asking, “The baby?”

Swiftly shaking his head, You XiaoMo rushed to explain to the worried man, “No, the baby is fine. Ling Xiao, there was something nearby.”

Ling Xiao’s face instantly went hard, sharp gaze lifting up to survey the surrounding area, he firmly ordered, “Get inside.”

Not wanting to drag the oil pot and burden Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo didn’t say anymore as he withdrew from his arms and hurriedly made his way to leave and go back inside the palace.

They both knew that if this was before the pregnancy, You XiaoMo would insist on being right out there with him, but now that he has a fragile baby inside him to protect, it was different.

You XiaoMo carried his feet directly to their bedroom, rushing through the outer room and closing the door. Their room was one of the places like his alchemy and study rooms, double layered with an enchantment cloth ban.

Going to the window, You XiaoMo peeked out and looked for Ling Xiao, but he couldn’t spot the man anywhere. He must’ve already left the area in search of whatever it was, he only could hope he was being careful.

Did this mean those people were fighting and were nearby again? Yet if so, why again be cocky enough to stay in this area? Maybe the fighting had just started and Ling Xiao scared them away?

You XiaoMo shook his head as that was too many unanswered questions, and he was feeling stressed out.

As an hour went by slowly, You XiaoMo was still transfixed and glued to the window sill. Watching for any hint of his man and or anything for that matter.

Still nothing.

You XiaoMo was starting to absentmindedly scratch at the dirt on the window, right when he was starting to think that he needed to clean around the edges better, the sound of light footsteps was heard behind him.

Turning and glancing at him, You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao walking into the room, his face expressionless.

After doing a full sweeping gaze and saw Ling Xiao looked fine, he rushed to ask, “Well?”

Ling Xiao went to the table and poured a cup of water, answering, “I couldn’t find anyone, but I did I sense a lingering breath in the vicinity. The trail went toward purgatory where it disappears.”

You XiaoMo frowned.

He supposed it could’ve been worse but still wasn’t good enough.

Having said that, when Ling Xiao came back, it was as if all the adrenaline in his system finally was used up and came crashing down to empty. Fatigue hitting him hard.

Pushing himself from the wall, You XiaoMo weakly made his way over to sit down in a chair.

Having seen him walk on uneasy steps, Ling Xiao quickly went to his side, grabbing his waist and helping to lower him to the chair.

You XiaoMo sighed, pulling out a bottle of spirit water from his dimension to drink.

Ling Xiao watched him finish the whole bottle before saying, “You should go rest.”

Feeling the fatigue lessen bit by bit, You XiaoMo looked up at the man standing over him, insolently saying, “I’ve already slept enough.”

Ling Xiao squinted down at him, after a long moment he walked past him and back to the table.

Not caring for his attitude, You XiaoMo closed his eyes and held his hands over his stomach, trying to ease the uncomfortable feeling still there.

A couple of minutes later, his nostrils were filled with a pleasant herbal aroma, opening his eyes he saw Ling Xiao offering him a cup of tea.

Surprise lighting his features, You XiaoMo graciously took the peppermint tea, eagerly and yet slowly sipping it down.

Smirking, Ling Xiao sits down in the chair beside him, placing out a small plate of crackers on the coffee table.

You XiaoMo looked down at the crackers yearningly, yet, he still doesn’t reach for them. He doesn’t believe he’ll be able to keep them down and so no reason to try right now.

When You XiaoMo had finished nursing the tea, Ling Xiao was still lazily watching him as he made the move to get up.

“Where you going?” Ling Xiao casually asked, posture relaxed and comfortable.

“I want more tea.” You XiaoMo softly answered, slowly shuffling toward the table and grabbing the teapot.

This time he drank it standing at the table, hurrying to refill it when it was only half empty. When he was finished drinking his third cup, his face grimaced into slight pain.

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao, with a pitiful expression, sweetly asked, “Will you heat me up some bath water?”

“I suppose I could.” Ling Xiao said, smiling slightly, rising up and going toward the bathing room, “Try to eat some crackers while I’m gone.”

You XiaoMo grinned at him, while secretly thinking, nope, no way he’s eating right now.

Five minutes later, Ling Xiao came to get his little wife, narrowing his eyes when noticing the plate untouched.

Not giving him a chance to remark, You XiaoMo gave the man a happy smile before he *pata pata* ran through the door.

Amused, Ling Xiao’s eyebrows raised slightly, eyes with a hint of a smile at his wife’s antics as he turned to follow him in.

You XiaoMo had already removed his outer robe and belt as Ling Xiao came over and his claws reached out. You XiaoMo quickly patted off his evil hands, softly declaring, “I can do it.”

Ling Xiao’s face gave a look of pity.

You XiaoMo scoffed, not being tempted into feeling bad for him.

As he continued to undress, he heard the familiar sound of clothing being removed from behind him, turning around he saw Ling Xiao also becoming naked.

Shocked, You XiaoMo lightly exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

Ling Xiao removed the top half of his clothing, revealing his honey colored, sexy and strong chest. There was a brilliant smile on his handsome face as he beamed, “Taking a bath with you, ah.”

You XiaoMo pursed his lips, looking at him doubtfully and defensively.

“Lady, if you keep dawdling the water will get cold.” Ling Xiao warned him gently, bending over and removing his pants, exposing his slender and powerful thighs, along with the ferocious giant of a monster sleeping in the middle.

You XiaoMo swallowed his saliva heavily, a soft blush painting his delicate features. Averting his gaze, he quickly removed the rest of his clothing and stubbornly said, “Fine.”

Ling Xiao gave a sly smile of success, walking over to hug the small body to his, scooping him up into his arms, bringing them both down into the large bathtub.

After being adjusted and positioned to Ling Xiao’s liking, You XiaoMo was relaxing against the other’s sturdy chest, letting the warm water soothingly relax his tense muscles.

Feeling his wife soften in his arms, Ling Xiao’s eyes had a hint of a smile. Scooping water in his hand he drizzled it down the lithe fair white shoulder, he charmingly asked, “Feels good?”

You XiaoMo’s response was a slight and sluggish nod, humming his affirmative.

Ling Xiao laughed lightly, causing You XiaoMo to bounce with the motion. He reached across the tub to reach for a bottle, pouring a creamy liquid into his hands and lathering up his wife’s hair.

You XiaoMo felt pleasure assaulting his scalp with the soft massaging of the man’s fingertips. He couldn’t hold back the moan that slipped past his lips, melting even farther down the water.

Ling Xiao had to pause a moment to pick him back up, laughed, “Don’t fall down now.”

You XiaoMo guiltily mumbled, “Can’t help it.”

Closing his eyes, You XiaoMo was enjoying himself.

Happy to be lazy and let Ling Xiao wash him. If it was any other day, he’d try to stop him and say he could do it himself, but he was guiltily enjoying this after having felt so crappy earlier.

Although, You XiaoMo had turned a little supercilious when he was fondled a few times, side glancing at the man who was pretending to just be innocently washing him. But he knew…

Ling Xiao was not disappointed in seeing him not taking the bait, but instead, his grin only grew in size at his wife’s persistence. After having his fun, Ling Xiao started to lovingly rub a hand over his belly, watching his expressions attentively.

You XiaoMo stiffened a little bit at the action, but he naturally recovered as he relaxed with the soothing strokes he was being given.

Feeling thoroughly pampered, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but giggle at a thought that flashed through his mind.

Ling Xiao bowed his head to give him a long side glance, with an intrigued expression, asked, “What’s funny?”

You XiaoMo stopped his laughter abruptly, covering his mouth in a guilty manner, looking away, “Nothing.”

“Oh?” Ling Xiao lowered his mouth to nibble the soft ear exposed next to him, “Say it!”

You XiaoMo jumped slightly at the bite, yanking it out of the man’s vicinity before rubbing it, distressingly said, “Okay, okay…”

Ling Xiao gave a look of domineering triumph, exuberantly said, “I’m listening.”

Looking left and right, You XiaoMo decided to accept his fate, bravely confessing, “I was just thinking, since the last couple of weeks, you’ve been getting gentler.”

Words said, You XiaoMo held his breath as he waited for the danger coefficient to rise.

Ling Xiao’s eyes were profound, squinting, he reached out to pinch the puffy fair cheeks, in a low voice, “Do you want me to be rougher with you?”

You XiaoMo hissed, in a pained voice, cried, “No, no, definitely not.”

Ling Xiao was angered to laugh, releasing his hold, in a voice filled with disdain, contemptuously said, “I’m not heartless, I notice when you don’t feel well.”

Even though the mouth was brutal, You XiaoMo heard the underlining care behind his words.

Wanting to make it up to him, he turned his head sideways to look up at him, You XiaoMo reached an arm up behind him, hooking it around the man’s neck, urging him down to meet his blunt kiss.

Ling Xiao obediently took the pull down, receiving his wife’s kiss hungrily, taking the initiative to deepen it. He easily pried open his teeth, tongue drilling in his mouth and wantonly swept, covering his tongue to tease his known sensitive spots, overbearingly sucking the mouth of the fluid.

You XiaoMo gave a sound of surprise but the mouth was still covered, bursts of pleasurable sensations were igniting joyously across his mouth, which drew alluring moans that Ling Xiao also devoured eagerly.

You XiaoMo was with a deep flushed face, quickly feeling like he was dizzy with passion and heat, feeling breathless he pushed on Ling Xiao’s chest weakly.

Ling Xiao released his tongue, stopping his domineering sucking. Lips separated, the corners wet from saliva pulls out a string of transparent silver thread.

You XiaoMo didn’t want to be a mood killer but he was feeling overheated, and as much as he didn’t want to be ‘that person’, his pregnancy book warned him of overcooking.

Panting, You XiaoMo slowly licked his moistened lips, dazed eyes looked at the man holding him, using a single word he explained, “Hot.”

Understanding he wouldn’t speak up without a reason, Ling Xiao held back the eyes of desire, rising them off before lifting his wife out of the water.

Feet softly touching the ground, You XiaoMo reached for their towel rack and grabbed a large and fluffy towel, he meant to hand it to Ling Xiao, but the tall man had already reached over him and grabbed two.

Slightly startled, You XiaoMo slowly watched the hand retreat back behind him. The next second his head was covered with a towel and his vision blocked by it. Fixing the towel, he looked over and saw the man was already drying his body off with elegant and fluid movements.

With clumsy movements in comparison, You XiaoMo proceeded to also dry himself off.

After getting dressed, You XiaoMo felt his body weight being lifted up again, as Ling Xiao had picked him up and was taking them both back to the bedroom.

He opened his mouth to protest but was quickly interrupted by Ling Xiao firm voice saying, “Behave and be obedient, or I won’t promise to keep holding myself back.”

Closing his mouth promptly, You XiaoMo was soon placed on their soft and comfortable bed, Ling Xiao’s arms wrapping around and hugging him close to his chest as he laid down with him.

You XiaoMo thought he wasn’t sleepy, but it turned out, resting on his man’s comfortable chest, smelling his mature and unique scent, along with having that soothing warm bath, he fell asleep immediately.

The next time You XiaoMo woke up the sun was veering toward noon, but he couldn’t tell that, as the curtains were unusually closed tight, keeping the sunlight out.

Crawling out from under the blankets, You XiaoMo peered out to blearily lookout with still sleeping hooded eyes. He craned his neck but couldn’t see any sign of Ling Xiao around, resting back against the pillows, You XiaoMo decided to go back to sleep for a little bit longer.

Maybe he could sleep through his morning sickness, at least that was his theory.

An hour later, You XiaoMo’s stomach was growling with hunger, after having been once again accustomed to eating frequently, his body now had demanded it loudly.

You XiaoMo rolled toward the edge of the bed, slowly crawling up and getting on his bare feet. He sluggishly made his way toward the outer room, but when he got out there he was blinded by bright sunlight, having to immediately squint against the harshness.

Blinking to adjust, You XiaoMo was taken aback, did he really sleep in this late?

He went to look out the window and was surprised by the scene he saw, as his dad was outside not far away waving his hands forming seals. Obviously already doing the job You XiaoMo remembered Ling Xiao mentioned.

Seemed after last night the impatient man was not going to wait any longer.

You XiaoMo sighed before a small smile escaped his lips.

Was this like a Ling Xiao version of baby proofing?

The thought was too hilariously golden, and he couldn’t help but spray as he let out huge broken laughter. He was in tears laughing, having to hold the wall for support.

When You XiaoMo had calmed and collected himself enough, he went to the table and snatched the crackers left from last night. They might be a tad stale, but they were still good, so he gingerly nibbled on the edges as he brushed his hair of the bird’s nest.

He was still in the middle of tying his hair up as he went out of their room and toward the palace door. Intent on seeing the progress they made and getting some exercise.

You XiaoMo condensed his soul power and formed his wings, giving it a few tests pushes before he lifted off the ground in a gust of wind. Flying in the November air was a little on the chilly side, he suddenly regretted not putting on an extra layer of clothing.

He flew far enough away that hopefully his dad wouldn’t notice him but yet also close enough that he could survey his progress. He saw the power ripples of a pretty huge wall being consolidated if this was the starting size.

Wanting to see the rest of the areas, You XiaoMo continued to fly around. He only flew for a few more minutes before he spotted his man in the back rear of the palace, he didn’t realize he’d be out here too, but then again, he should’ve known.

As You XiaoMo got closer, Ling Xiao’s hand movements slowed down, and when he touched down on the ground the man completely stopped and turned around to give him a fresh smile.

“My dear loving wife decided to visit the husband finally.” Ling Xiao dazzlingly said, his voice sounding as smooth as jade, very sensual and extremely pleasant to the listener’s ears.

You XiaoMo paused as he was momentarily enchanted, after a few seconds he regained his composure and continued his walking pace toward Ling Xiao.

“I thought you were going to wait for some time before starting on this.” You XiaoMo said, looking at the area he was surrounding the cloth-ban enchantment with before his worried gaze lifted up to his face, “You aren’t overdoing it are you?”

Ling Xiao touched his head, pleasantly said, “Is my wife concerned for the husband, your husband is very touched, how to make it up to the wife?”

After he spoke, Ling Xiao closed the distance, putting a hand to his lower back and leaned over him, nose touching the tip of his, hot breath ghosting over his chill blushed cheeks, wordlessly staring at him.

You XiaoMo was feeling embarrassed, quickly stepping back and gently pushing him away at the same time, he flushed while stammering, “I-I’m fine, you don’t have to make it up to me…”

Ling Xiao’s eyes admired the soft pink tint glowing darker on his cheeks, a wicked grin slowly spreading across his lips, teased, “Is my pregnant wife still shy?”

You XiaoMo’s mouth smoked as his mind blew a fuse, flusteredly declaring, “Not everyone is a cheeky bastard like you.”

Ling Xiao helplessly shrugged his shoulders, he smiled suggestively, charmingly, and radiantly said, “We’ve been husband and wife for some time now. Yet, you’re still so innocent, even with my child inside you.”

You XiaoMo blinked. This thick-skinned and narcissistic man knew no bounds or shame…

He walked forward to do a strong kick in his direction, aiming to dirty Ling Xiao’s luxurious white robes, angrily growling out, “No matter what, you’re still the lecherous old man in this relationship.”

Ling Xiao laughed as he effortlessly avoided the foot and reached out to hold his wife’s shoulders in a firm grip, “Okay, okay. My young and supple wife, what can I do for you?”

A restrained You XiaoMo was breathing heavily as he replied, “Nothing, I just wanted to check things out.”

Seeing him calm down, Ling Xiao let go of him, turning back to look at the first layer of enchantment, “After I get this area done, I’ll be moving on to the east side. It will be a few more hours.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t see anything substantial and curiously walked forward. He reached out an exploring hand but immediately retracted it back to his side, in a worried tone, speedily asked, “It’s not an attack-ban is it?”

He didn’t want to get his hand cut off. Not a pleasant thing to start your day off with…

Ling Xiao continued to supply and layer power to it, lazily replied, “Idiot, of course not. That would be too dangerous for anyone who travels back and forth from here. It’s simply a shield for any incoming spiritual attack.”

You XiaoMo’s lip twitched at the familiar insult, ignoring it, he reached out to feel the thin influx of power faintly emanating from it. One would just have to touch it to know a powerhouse of a person set this up, it was probably meant as an added deterrent as well.

Fascinated, You XiaoMo turned and continued to walk the line of it. Much like the way you drag your hand in water to watch the waves, You XiaoMo was enjoying the feel of the pressure on his hand as he breezed through it.

After ten minutes he was still walking, he looked back behind him, Ling Xiao was still in concentration. He wanted to bring up that he should take a break, building enchantments of this size and this fast has to be a toll on him. But then thinking of his earlier teasing, You XiaoMo firmly shut his mouth and withdrew his gaze.

A small rustling noise alerted him to his left side, looking over, there was a small bush shaking. It had what seemed to be wild berries on it that were running on empty. A second later a small baby bunny crawled out from under it, not hopping or running, but slowly crawling.

You XiaoMo's eyebrows went up in surprise, looking around he didn’t see any more coming out from under it. Wanting to get a closer look, he walked through the thin enchantment and into the tree line.

Chapter Text

He only walked about ten or so feet to reach it, the little hare seemed to have an injured foot, it was also somewhat tiny, probaby still an infant.

Surprised, You XiaoMo peered and pulled back the bush, still not seeing any signs of other life. The little guy must’ve been left behind…

All the while, the little bunny didn’t make it very far. It seemed scared of him but at the same time didn’t wildly panic.

You XiaoMo inwardly applauded its bravery.

“Hey little guy, do you want some help?” You XiaoMo gently asked, finger poking its little head.

The response he got was the bunny going immensely still and breathing fast.

You XiaoMo softly giggled, “I guess that’s a yes.”

He squatted down and gently picked up the little hare in his hands.

It was so soft!

You XiaoMo smiled as he couldn’t stop himself from shifting its weight to one hand and petting its furry back.

He softly released his soul power around him to sense if his rabbit family was somewhere else nearby, but still came up empty.

Lifting up the soft little baby bunny in his view, You XiaoMo’s big eyes stared at it while saying, “I guess you’re with me till you feel better.”

He bent over to grab a handful of branches that had berries on it and sent them into his dimension.

You XiaoMo was just about to leave when he heard footsteps behind him. Turning around he saw Ling Xiao expressionlessly standing in the path he previously took, staring at him intently.

Ling Xiao said, “What is my wife doing?”

You XiaoMo innocently looked at the man, replying, “Nothing. I found this little guy.”

Ling Xiao came up to him, calmly looking down at the small animal in his arms, already having noticed it, laughed lightly, “Found dinner?”

You XiaoMo gasped and withdrew the bunny from Ling Xiao’s reach, correcting him with a wrongful glare, “Not dinner. I’m going to take it back to palace and help it.”

Words finished, You XiaoMo started to walk while looking at the small bunny, he halted in his footsteps as a slender hand blocked in front of him.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, “Go eat something. You look pale.”

“I ate some crackers.” You XiaoMo said looking up at him, in reality, it was just one or two.

Ling Xiao let him pass, but gave him a warning before he left, “I’ll be back in two hours, then we’ll eat together.”

You XiaoMo nodded his understanding and started to fly away.

When he got back into their room, You XiaoMo went directly into his dimension. He held the bunny with one hand while he started setting up a small basin of water with lake colored spirit water.

Even though the water was precious and he usually wouldn’t care to go to such lengths. He was feeling extra generous today.

When he placed the bunny inside it, it started to thrash around, You XiaoMo guessed it didn’t like getting wet.

“Little bunny, you have to stay still or you’ll kick the water out, and you’re not getting any more than this.” You XiaoMo warned the little animal sternly.

As if understanding, within a few seconds it started to calm down and patiently sat in the half a inch water. You XiaoMo gave a satisfied smile at its obedience.

After a couple of minutes, he fished it out and dried its fur. As he doesn’t have any cages or boxes he had to start looking for something to put it in…

Placing the hare on the grass, You XiaoMo went to one of his dimensions now abundance of trees. He picked one and used his soul power to make a medium-sized wooden caged box. It had no top but was fenced in and that’s all he needed for a night. He decorated it with a thin layer of grass at the bottom to soak up any excrement before placing the yet to move rabbit inside and left his dimension.

Reappearing in the outer room, You XiaoMo placed the box near the corner, “Little Bunny, you stay here for a little bit and when you feel better can go back outside.” Before he left it, he gave it water and deposited the berries he was munching on when he originally found it.

You XiaoMo then started to clean and organize their room. It’s been a few days since he did so and he knew it needed it. He also needed to make sure they had enough clothing and stuff packed for their trip to Zhongtian. As he wanted to spend a few days there to shop and sell magic pills.

Two hours flew by faster than expected, and when You XiaoMo was changing the sheets he was finally feeling fatigued. Sitting on the freshly made bed, he took another spirit water bottle out of the dimension, intending to drink it.

You XiaoMo had just lifted the bottle to his lips when a low and deep voice sounded, making him pause…

“Lady, if you’re tired, you should just rest. You’ve been drinking that more than when you refine pills now.” Ling Xiao said, dark eyes staring at him from the doorway.

“I was just using a pick me up. Are you done?” You XiaoMo easily replied, putting the bottle on the nightstand, moving to stand up and meet him.

Ling Xiao looked at his face that was laced with vague fatigue, calmly said, “For today, yes. We’ll go out to eat, rest for twenty minutes and then we’ll leave.”

Words finished, Ling Xiao bent over and domineeringly picked him up and placed him down in the bed.

You XiaoMo who was tired, didn’t protest the actions, choosing to roll over and rest as told.

Sometime later, You XiaoMo was awakened and bundled up as they made their way out of the palace and towards White Bone City.

You XiaoMo was mindlessly following behind Ling Xiao as they walked the streets of the city, feeling like the man himself already had a destination in mind, so he had no comments on preference.

Five minutes later they were in front of a newer looking restaurant.

“This is it.” Ling Xiao turned to him to say before walking in.

You XiaoMo noticed it was very spacious and yet friendly feel to it. They were quickly seated by a waitress and given bread after they had ordered.

You XiaoMo was picking at the edges of the bread as he said, “This place looks nice, when did you find it?”

Ling Xiao blew on his hot tea, faintly said, “When I got you dinner last time.”

Pausing in his actions, You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up, exciting said, “This is the place? I liked that food.”

Ling Xiao finished his sip and smiled at him, “Yes, this is it.”

Ten minutes later they had plates of hot food served to them in abundance.

Even though You XiaoMo really didn’t want to feel more nauseous, it smelled so delicious he couldn’t help but drool and dig in.

He gingerly and carefully took small bites in, testing the waters, knowing better than to toss it down his stomach anymore.

Ling Xiao was eating in his usual elegant and noble manner, watching his little wife with dancing bright eyes. He knew this was the best way to coax him to eat.

You XiaoMo was only halfway through his soup when the waitress came by asking if everything was fine. She watched as the youth was still working on his meal very slowly, she was afraid he disliked the rest of the food.

You XiaoMo smiled, “Everything is fine.”

She left looking slightly confused and uncertain, but if he said so, she couldn’t do anything else.

You XiaoMo didn’t pay her any mind, working on his chicken meal next.

Ling Xiao was already done by now, just leisurely drinking his tea, he also found their tea here to be adequately good.

Half way through, You XiaoMo paused, hand flying up to hold his mouth and breathing deeply through his nose. His stomach suddenly felt like it was wanting to rush up, yet it was still in the tolerable ranges, he was currently trying to suppress the urge.

Ling Xiao quickly asked, “Need to get up?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, after a few calming breaths he released his hold on his mouth, happily saying, “It’s better now.”

As he said it, he already started to reach for his soup again instead, taking sips of it.

Fate would have to be against him though. Because at that moment, the table behind them had just received their order. The heavy smell of over seasoned, fried and greasy fish came into his over-sensitive nostrils and made him so nauseous dizzy.

You XiaoMo groaned miserably, dropping his spoon to loudly land into his bowl, hanging his head down into his hands in defeat.

Ling Xiao was mildly shocked at his reaction, curiously questioned, “What is it now?”

“The people behind us…” You XiaoMo sadly explained, distress lacing his tone.

Ling Xiao raised his eye line to the table in question before looking back at his wife’s miserable demeanor.

You XiaoMo pushed his chair back and stood up, in a bad mood, snappily said, “I can’t do anything anymore.”

Ling Xiao caught his small wrist as he started to storm off, “We’ll go pay and leave.”

They went to the front and paid their bill, leaving the establishment with some onlookers at You XiaoMo’s unknowingly loud outburst.

You XiaoMo was still sulking as Ling Xiao grabbed his hand and led him down the city.

After a few minutes of walking, You XiaoMo started to notice the district they were in, looking left and right he saw a number of vendors and stalls selling a variety of items.

“That reminds me, I wanted to buy a new large flat top skillet!” You XiaoMo softly exclaimed, looking up at the man with sparkling eyes, squeezing his hand tighter, “Mind if we go shopping some?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes had a hint of a mysterious glimmer to them, casually spitting out the words, “Go ahead.”

You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao’s hand this time as he zoomed his way into the busy market area.

Thus, a previously upset You XiaoMo was thoroughly distracted by Ling Xiao.

An hour and a half later, they had purchased; two new tea sets, two catties of tea, four new blankets, spare pillows, an abundance of spices, magic herbs, and magic herb seeds.

You XiaoMo’s face was ecstatic, as he had bargained a little and got most of them for cheap. He felt a very well fought victory and was happy as it was a worthy trip.

Ling Xiao who was following closely behind his feet, saw him pause and look thoughtful, asked, “Lady, you still want to shop?”

You XiaoMo pursed his lips, shaking his head and saying, “Nah, I’ll wait for our trip to Zhongtian, they have more selections there.”

The next three days went by uneventful and relaxing.

You XiaoMo was making the necessary arrangements ahead of time for P'eng’s trip to Earth. Double and triple checking the current shopping list, as well as organizing magic bags and the money he needed. Doing so he realized that they needed more thousand square feet bags, so he marked that down to get in Zhongtian as he couldn’t find any in White Bone City earlier.

Ling Xiao was still layering the perimeters with his shield enchantments, but in between that, he was going back and forth between keeping You XiaoMo company at the palace and at Weeping Ghost Shore.

They even together went into You XiaoMo’s dimension often as You XiaoMo had wanted to plant the new seeds they bought and check on his other fields. Ling Xiao of course, ended up being wrapped into becoming the hired help, sent on watering duty and washing magic herbs.

In that time though, You XiaoMo’s little bunny still refused to walk. It stumped You XiaoMo as the little guy should be fully healed after that bath, but yet he still refused to move around like a bunny should. The day before they went to Zhongtian, Little Bunny was given into the temporarily care of his Elder Brother Fang ChenYue.

They made it to the central city within Zhongtian in the afternoon, choosing to spend the night and make it to their appointment in the morning.

You XiaoMo was now eight weeks pregnant.

He had refused to eat anything in the morning, choosing to only drink his tea and the nibble on crackers.

Since they had to get there early, they choose a hotel closer to the establishment, only needing to walk under an hour by foot to get there.

As they were moving on the crowded streets, You XiaoMo stuck close by Ling Xiao’s side. Using the man’s scent and choosing to bury his nose in his sleeve for solitude if a smell aggravated him.

Around the fourth time doing so, Ling Xiao finally said something, “Is that helping?”

You XiaoMo clung to his arm tightly, walking blindly and just following the other man’s footsteps, nodded his head, “Very much so. You cover it up.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes leaked a smile, in a sensual tone, flirtatiously said, “Does that mean my wife likes how I smell?”

You XiaoMo felt his cheeks reddening at being caught, he hesitated before graciously admitting, “Maybe.”

Ling Xiao laughed happily, touching his head with the other hand, “What an honor for a husband, I’m very touched.”

A thoroughly embarrassed You XiaoMo clung tighter to the sleeve, to which provoked even more laughter from Ling Xiao.

After passing a highly crowded section and finally was given some breathing room, You XiaoMo had a question he forgot to bring up for the past four weeks…

Looking up at the tall man beside him, You XiaoMo rubbed his hands nervously as he mulled on how to approach and bring it up.

Ling Xiao saw him hesitating, giving him a side glance, gently asked, “Lady, what is it?”

You XiaoMo in a questioning tone, said, “Do you remember what she said last time? I never did hear your reply…”

Ling Xiao despised him a glance, “Lady, what are you talking about? She said a lot of things.”

You XiaoMo’s face crumbled a little upon having to have to spell it out, “She mentioned her services, which we still haven’t even talked about any of the options we were given. Particularly she mentioned you delivering the baby, is that something you wanted to do?”

At the end of his words, he was looking intently and curiously at Ling Xiao’s face.

Ling Xiao calmly looked at him, in a warm voice, smoothly retorted back, “What do you want me to do?”

You XiaoMo was surprised at having the ball in his court, after thinking about it for a second he replied, “I don’t know what I think. I honestly blocked off that part of the process from my mind.” As he said so, he gave a hard forced shiver.

Ling Xiao lightly laughed, he looked toward the street for a few moments with a pensive gaze, with a hard tone of voice, answered, “I don’t like the idea of anyone else seeing that side of you, so I do not mind it. That said, I sympathize where you are coming from and if you really are against it, I will not fight you on it.”

You XiaoMo’s entire face flushed as he was momentarily speechless, feeling both touched and flabbergasted at the same time.

Touched that his man was thinking so strongly about him and his emotions, willing to put him first.

Flabbergasted because, just so no one could see his underparts, his man was so overbearingly territorial to the point of delivering their child! He didn’t know what to say….

You XiaoMo dropped his gaze, and when finally finding his voice, he sincerely said, “When we get closer to it, we’ll see… But only if it’s something you really want and you promise to still be available to me in any job I need you to be. If I change my mind kind of scenario, you can’t get mad.”

You XiaoMo could compromise and yet still left it open to his decision as the time got closer.

Ling Xiao slowly lifted up the corners of his lips, radiantly said, “Deal.”

By the time they were at the door of Jia Wen’s office building, You XiaoMo struck a hard yawn. He had a hard time sleeping in their hotel bed and they also had to get up early.

Once again, they went through the lobby area and You XiaoMo noticed there were no husbands accompanying the women here. The imagery of Ling Xiao neglecting him to make him go alone, made him puff up his cheeks in anger at just the thought.

Noticing his pair of expressions, Ling Xiao gave him a funny look, “Lady?”

You XiaoMo grabbed and hugged his arm to him, dragging him straightforwardly towards the counter to check in, “It’s nothing, I was just thinking that I should give you some extra magic pills this week.”

Ling Xiao’s mouth went confused as he was being pulled. Not that he was complaining about that idea, but would still like to know.

They promptly checked in and updated their info within a couple of minutes.

Sitting down in the chair, You XiaoMo immediately leaned over to rest his head on Ling Xiao’s broad shoulder. Nestling in and getting comfortable, determined to squeeze in some sleep in the form of a power nap if he could.

Ling Xiao didn’t complain as he leaned his own head against the wall, closing his eyes in a relaxed and easy-going manner.

Five minutes later, You XiaoMo still couldn’t find sleep and let out a frustrated noise as he sat up.

Ling Xiao opened his eyes, casually glancing at him, lazily stating, “You’re restless.”

You XiaoMo pouted, slumping his shoulders, complained in almost a whine, “I’m tired yet I can’t sleep.”

Closing his eyes, Ling Xiao responded indifferently with, “Then just stay awake.”

You XiaoMo turned in his chair to face him, with an open and innocent face, curiously asked, “If we find out the sex of the baby today, what are you hoping for?”

Neither of them has explicitly said either way yet, but since the time was possibly approaching he was eager to know.

Without opening his eyes, Ling Xiao easily replied in a smooth voice, “I don’t mind either way.”

You XiaoMo with a deer in headlights panicked expression, clutched his cheeks and anxiously confessed, “I won’t know what to do if it’s a girl. I only know boy things.”

Ling Xiao opened his eyes at that, giving him an amused expression, teasing him, “Oh? And here I thought you wanted a little girl so badly.”

You XiaoMo’s face had black lines across it, angry, he defiantly countered back, “Then you’re ready to deal with a daughter? What about when she’s older and meets a guy, you mentally ready to give her away?”

You XiaoMo decided to attack where it hurt dads the most. Seeing if the man would take the bait…

Ling Xiao, even though his manner was emitting a lazy and refined air, eyes suddenly went hard and imperceptibly dangerous, saying in a calm voice, “Okay, I admit that if we have a daughter, I am not ready to do so. That being said though, no matter what gender it won’t ever be an issue even if.”

You XiaoMo was surprised at hearing his sure and confident tone, he leaned forward and rushed to inquisitively ask, “Why is that?”

Ling Xiao’s mouth slowly curled up into a very evil smile, one that showed it was not good intentions behind his thoughts, darkly informing his wife, “Anyone who tries to touch our child will be eliminated or scared away is why.”

You XiaoMo blinked rapidly in processing his words before he started to choke out silly laughter.

His man was so bad!

Ling Xiao watched his wife laugh unbridledly and without worry, with a gentle smile on his face, he asked him, “Funny?”

You XiaoMo slowly stopped his giggles, guilty covering his mouth, he mumbled in a smiling voice, “Not funny.”

Ling Xiao gave him a glance but graciously decided to let him off the hook. He was a humble husband after all.

After a few moments of comfortable silence, You XiaoMo brought it up again, “I heard girls are menaces in their teenage years.”

“Girls, boys, people are all the same.” Ling Xiao indifferently commented, having crossed his arms over his chest.

Admiring how calm he appeared, You XiaoMo studiedly looked at Ling Xiao’s handsome face, secretly hoping their child would inherit the man’s good traits, such as his blessed IQ and looks. Maybe even his fighting skills…

“Are you going to train them to be a fighter?” You XiaoMo earnestly asked, scooting closer to him and sitting further back into his chair.

Ling Xiao lazily replied, “If they want.”

“But not before that? Like when they are little?” You XiaoMo asked, not fully comprehending.

Ling Xiao sat up straighter, looking at him, he patiently explained, “Of course I can teach some, but there is no urgency in needing to do so, I will not push them. They don’t have to repeat our lives.”

You XiaoMo mulled that over and could see his point. Ling Xiao was pushed since early life to grow stronger for the purpose of rescuing a father that didn’t even need saving, and in the end, it was a whole world in the balance kind of situation. That’s a lot of pressure for a child, and it’s also technically peaceful times since he’s the Supreme.

Deciding to not talk about it anymore, You XiaoMo just leaned forward to rest back on Ling Xiao’s shoulder. Attempting a second time to doze off and get a power nap.

What he didn’t notice was how all the women in the room were looking at him with envy and jealousy.

After an hour of waiting, You XiaoMo was roused from his light sleep.

Ling Xiao had a faint smile on his face as he beamed, “My wife, let’s go!”

You XiaoMo was still sluggish in his movements as Ling Xiao pulled him up by the arm, taking the lead toward the back rooms.

Chapter Text

They were lead once again to the same pale yellow room, after being told she’ll be there at any moment, they sat down in same seats.

You XiaoMo took this time to look around at the posters, his knee was bouncing up and down continuously.

Ling Xiao’s hand went to press it down, “Excited?”

You XiaoMo looked at him and flushed momentarily, graciously admitting, “A little, ah. The mystery is about to be solved. Aren’t you excited?”

Ling Xiao faintly smiled, touching his head, “Yes, very.”

At that moment the door opened and Jia Wen came in, looking the same as when they saw her a month ago.

Jia Wen looks at them, greeting them with a polite smile, “Good morning, I hope you two have been well since we’ve last spoke.”

You XiaoMo grinned back, “Morning, yes we have.”

“Eight weeks, huh? Exciting! Then let us get started shall we?” Jia Wen went to the table to put down her paper, “Let’s get your vitals first.”

You XiaoMo was slightly startled at her efficient go-get-it attitude, nodding as he got up, “O-okay.”

Jia Wen signaled him to stand on a scale, “Let’s see if you’ve gained any weight.”

You XiaoMo reluctantly went forward, he felt that felt oddly obtrusive yet he didn’t complain.

When Jia Wen saw his expression, she patiently explained, “It’s making sure that you and the baby are healthy.”

You XiaoMo stood on it, mumbling embarrassedly, “I knew that.”

Ling Xiao had a slight smile on his lips, watching him with a hint of laughter in his eyes. He saw through his wife’s thoughts.

She let You XiaoMo get off the scale and wrote down his weight, double checking his previously recorded one as well.

“Okay, you know the drill, I need you to sit up there.” Jia Wen said with a warm smile.

You XiaoMo obediently went to sit on the table, jumping up and scooting back on it.

After a couple of minutes of the routine, she requested him to lay down to measure him.

When her paper was filled out, even though she tried to hide it, You XiaoMo could still tell she had a serious expression with a heavy brow.

You XiaoMo was still laying down with his stomach exposed, couldn’t hold it in any longer, he anxiously rushed to ask, “What is it?”

Jia Wen seemed to hesitate before saying, “You’ve lost nearly ten pounds.”

You XiaoMo’s heart jumped into his throat, his panic-stricken gaze quickly snapped to look at Ling Xiao.

The man calmly rose out of his chair, going to You XiaoMo’s side and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. He looked to Jia Wen and questioned, “What does this mean for them both?”

In a professional manner, Jia Wen explained in a neutral tone, “In the first trimester, it’s common to lose weight as the result of morning sickness. Although, since you are on the thin side, having it drop in drastic amounts are potentially hazardous to you and your developing baby. You need to keep at it and increase your calorie intake. Eating healthy can have a positive impact on your pregnancy, reducing your risk of pregnancy problems like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.”

Rising to sit up, You XiaoMo felt defensive at her phrases. Her words made him feel like it was his fault and that he’s putting the baby at risk. In a loud tone, he frustratingly stated, “I’m trying! I’m already forcing myself when I feel horrible all day long!”

You XiaoMo was all tense muscles and anger, but when he felt Ling Xiao’s hand move to his back with a comforting and firm pressure, his heavy breathing settled and he finally calmed down.

When Ling Xiao saw his upset wife lower his ruffled feathers, he calmly told Jia Wen, “He’s having difficulty keeping his meals down and having an appetite. Is there anything that can be done to help him?”

Jia Wen wasn’t fazed at all and had an understanding glint in her eyes, she’s a seasoned professional after all. With a soft tone, she said, “Too bloated, queasy, heartburn, or constipated, I’ve heard them all for why it’s difficult to eat. You have to keep it down, and if you can’t, keep trying. I recommend the six-meal solution method, instead of your standard three square meals, go for five or six small sized meals. This approach will also help keep your blood sugar levels up, you’ll have more energy. And you’ll have fewer headaches - and fewer mood swings.”

As she said the last part, she gave a knowing smile up at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s mouth only twitched at the corner a little bit, but You XiaoMo noticed it, giving him a glaring stare.

“Let’s just work on getting your weight back up to where you started. I’ll suggest you come back earlier this time, two weeks time. Watch for swelling on your feet and ankles in that time. Also, to avoid the heartburn, try no longer bending at the waist and bend at your knees instead.” Jia Wen said in a helpful manner, really feeling for the boy.

You XiaoMo nodded solemnly.

Jia Wen went to the counter to pick up a box, happily asking, “Now, we looking to find out the gender today?”

You XiaoMo glanced at Ling Xiao, the man nodded and he quickly answered her back, “Yes.”

“Okay, now I’m just going to prick your arm, I just need a drop is all.” Jia Wen said as she went to the edge of the table.

You XiaoMo pushed the sleeve back and held up his arm for her. He watched as she used a very almost pin needle to prick his skin. It barely stung, much like a mosquito bite. She withdrew and put the sample of blood on a glowing opal looking crystal slate, she then added a ground mix of magic herbs to it.

When the mixture, blood and tablet collided, the opal started swirling and changing it's misty hues.

After a few lingering and breath holding moments, they watched as the tablet finally stopped turning colors and landed on a soft and cool color tone.

You XiaoMo licked his lips nervously, he glanced up at Ling Xiao’s face. The man looked calm and collected as usual but also seemed to have a light an excitement in his eyes. When You XiaoMo got a gentle smile in return he shifted his expectant eyes to their midwife. Curiosity was spilling out of him.

Jia Wen calmly told the parents-to-be, “Congratulations, you’re having a boy.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth opened slightly, in a shocked and also happy expression, he quickly turned to see Ling Xiao’s response.

Ling Xiao smiled and held his wife’s hand, squeezing it tightly as he beamed, “A boy.”

You XiaoMo was also happy, squeezing the large hand back in return.

Even though he did admit to being out of his depth if having a girl, he was honestly okay either way, just as long it was healthy. A boy was just even more surprising and amazing news added.

In the midst of their happiness, Jia Wen decided to offer, “Do you want to see the baby?”

You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao’s arm closer to him at this, exclaiming, “We can see?”

Jia Wen nodded, “Of course, but I have to warn you, it’s going to be a bit fuzzy and difficult to read at this stage.”

You XiaoMo moved his excited gaze to stare at Ling Xiao, waiting for him to answer.

Ling Xiao had a faint smile on his lips, saying smoothly, “Then please go ahead.”

The next few moments You XiaoMo was once again laying on his back, exposing his stomach to the two people in the room.

When the midwife had turned around to get the stones, Ling Xiao poked his white and tender belly, causing You XiaoMo to jump slightly. Shocked face, he quickly patted off those evil hands, furiously glaring at him with a pout.

Ling Xiao’s smile went even bigger, displaying those perfect teeth, showing he was in a pretty good mood.

After Jia Wen had poured the liquid on him again, You XiaoMo’s eye twitched to withhold the urge to jump at the coldness, to which she gave an apologetic look saying, “I know it’s cold, sorry.”

Much like the same process of finding the heartbeat in the first visit, You XiaoMo watched this cold and black stone swipe over his bare stomach. This time though, there was a large meter by meter black screen of a plaque connected to a wire. He assumed it’s where they’ll see the image soon.

The screen flickered faint white static for a second, You XiaoMo’s vision zipped directly toward it. She was still pressing the stone farther into him, trying to get the image clearer.

Then it happened.

The screen showed a grey image with the center of a black large empty space, floating near the top center was a little grey and white lined image.

“There he is.” Jia Wen’s voice announced his emergence on the screen.

You XiaoMo gasped loudly, reaching out a hand to grab and pull Ling Xiao’s sleeve wildly.

Ling Xiao smiled as he pulled his sleeve back some, there is a hint of excitement in his voice but he stated calmly, “I see it.”

“At this week he’s about half an inch in size, or about the size of a large raspberry. Too tiny for you to feel but he’s making spontaneous movements, twitches of the trunk and his limbs moving.” Jia Wen told them with a smile.

“I see it, his little arms and legs.” You XiaoMo softly said, his voice laced heavily with wonder and marvel.

That was their baby…

Their son.

Its picture on that screen and yet in his tummy. Too surreal and amazing!

After letting them stare for a minute, she retracted the stone and used the previous one for the heartbeat, letting them hear it again.

“Heartbeat sounds perfectly fine.” Jia Wen told them smoothly, withdrawing the utensils.

You XiaoMo was dizzy with overwhelming emotion. They got the gender revealed, saw the baby’s shape and heard the heartbeat again.

Too awesome!

Afterwards You XiaoMo fixed his clothing back in place and sat up. They listened to her on what to look forward too and what to watch out for, as well as suggestions on remedies for You XiaoMo’s uncomfortableness.

As You XiaoMo hopped down the table, she gave them another piece of advice.

“As you are already showing, you should keep your clothing loose, especially on your stomach and hips to avoid added pressure on them.” Jia Wen said, wanting to inform them before they leave.

You XiaoMo guessed it was time to get to ordering those specialty clothing after all…

They made their follow up appointment and left the building soon after.

You XiaoMo was still in his head as he was walking, suddenly his shoulders were being wrapped around from behind and held tight, a voice so smooth and deep filled his ears.

Ling Xiao beamed, “We’re having a baby boy. You looked so happy.”

You XiaoMo gave a silly grin, deciding to forbid his embarrassment and say honestly, “I was. So many exciting things happened today, and so did you by the way.”

Ling Xiao buried his head in his neck, breathing deeply in his scent, in a satisfied voice, he contently said, “I have a healthy wife and child. I’m a very lucky man.”

You XiaoMo face flushed, his man was becoming so cheesy with this pregnancy.

A few minutes later they were walking side by side on the street, You XiaoMo happily said as he thought out loud, “Ah, now we can have P'eng get us specifically boy items. So convenient.”

“What item are you wanting the most from there?” Ling Xiao asked curiously, his wife seemed very looking forward to these ‘convenient’ items he’s kept stating.

You XiaoMo pursed his lips, saying the first thing he could think of, “Car seat carrier - I guess is one.”

“But we do not have your birthplace ‘cars’ here, why should that be useful?” Ling Xiao said, at the same time, pulled his wife’s hand making him get closer to him, as a wave of people started crowding by.

“Because it’s not just for a car, it’s a baby carrier. When you go places the baby can sleep safely and securely buckled into it. That way the parents don’t have to take turns holding the child or risk waking it.” You XiaoMo explained in a proud manner of tone, smiling, he had thought this through.

Ling Xiao saw his attitude, reaching out he pinched his nose, softly saying, “You the expert now, huh?”

You XiaoMo made a sound of pain, trying to pull away, in a nasally voice said, “I am not. Let go.”

Ling Xiao huffed, releasing him from his hold, “Come, we’re going back to the hotel.”

Twenty minutes later they were back into their room. They had already ordered their food to be served upstairs for them.

You XiaoMo was currently sent to rest in bed until the food arrived. He was under a layer of blankets rolling over trying to get comfortable.

Ling Xiao was pleasantly drinking tea when the knock on the door arrived. Instead of letting the service help deliver the food, he took the tray cart from him, giving him a tip before he left.

Hearing the door close shut, You XiaoMo peeled the blankets back, crawling slowly out of the bed as Ling Xiao was currently placing the food on the table.

After washing his hands and face, You XiaoMo joined Ling Xiao at the table. He reluctantly took a few bites of food, forcing himself to keep at it.

Finally could not take another bite, You XiaoMo pushed his plate away, drinking gulpfuls of his cold lemon water, he faintly said, “I’m done.”

Seeing how Ling Xiao was obviously done, You XiaoMo started to clear the table and putting the dirty plates back on the service tray cart.

“Lady, stop. They will come later to get those.” Ling Xiao chided him, hand pulling his arm back.

You XiaoMo leaned back in his chair, accepting this reason, he looked up at him, “I want to go out shopping. Now that we know the gender, we can get his stuff prepared.”

Words finished, You XiaoMo hit a small yawn.

Ling Xiao adjusted his clothing, saying, “I have no objections, but wait until the lunch rush is over. Go back to rest.”

You XiaoMo, not wanting to ruin the good mood, obediently did as told. Honestly, he was tired anyway so it worked out.

An hour later, You XiaoMo cracked open his eyes, rolling over onto back. He softly stretched and even rubbed a hand over his belly. It wasn’t where the midwife had wanted, but he was still impressed with its size. It was about an inch or so more from his hips now. Rounding out near the bottom especially.

Ling Xiao was reading a piece of paper when he saw him, he chuckled softly, “Have a nice rest?”

You XiaoMo nose crinkled, “Yeah, I did. But could you come here for a moment?”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrow up slightly, he smoothly got out of the chair and went to sit beside him. The moment he did, You XiaoMo’s little hands went over to pull his robes closely down to him.

You XiaoMo took advantage of Ling Xiao falling to the bed, nestling his head into the man’s chest, taking deep mouthfuls of his scent.

While they were walking he pleasantly found this helped distract him and keep the sickness at bay. While not a whole lot… but it was a minuscule amount and that was enough for him to try.

Ling Xiao was slightly surprised, mouth slowly forming a suggestive and charming smile, playfully said, “Lady, so forward and eager after waking up.”

“Your smell helps.” You XiaoMo guiltily and blushingly mumbled into his fabric.

Ling Xiao pushed a hand through his hair, speaking in a satisfied voice, “I’m your pillow and aromatherapy now?”

You XiaoMo laughed, he grinned and boldly said, “Yeap!”

A little while after, they were once again heading out of the hotel. Making their way toward the shopping district areas. They took a Lion Beast to shorten the trip and go to one of the more nicer areas.

This ended up being a horrible choice for You XiaoMo, as it was crowded and he was smelling all kinds of things. Once again, ducking his head into Ling Xiao’s side firmly, trying to hold his breath.

Ling Xiao just was lazily hugging him to his body, wrapping his arms around him and enjoying it.

As they exited, You XiaoMo rushed to get far away from the landing zone and get some fresher air.

They found the stores they were looking for while leisurely strolling for twenty minutes. The first baby store they found was very busy and looked rather upscale at that.

“Feels kind of weird.” You XiaoMo said with a voice filled with vague disbelief, staring up at the scene before them.

Ling Xiao gave him a ridicule look, grabbing his hand and yanking him toward the doors, “Lady, you’ve seen and heard the baby. Things are getting real.”

When walking inside, You XiaoMo was met with pale and pastel colors in abundance. The walls were practically glowing, white beautifully carved shelves were overstuffed with so many items. The middle of the room had display tables in a spiral formation.

Walking in within a few seconds an attentive saleswoman came up and approached them. A polite and respectful smile upon her face, her gaze traveled between the both of them before finally settling on Ling Xiao’s, she had a sparkle in her eyes when she greeted, “Welcome to Luxe Baby Store, can I be of help?”

Irritated, You XiaoMo smashed his tongue in his mouth, the air-headed girl was obviously enchanted by Ling Xiao’s looks.

You XiaoMo with a dismissive attitude, snappily said, “We’ll be fine on our own.”

Then grabbing Ling Xiao’s hand, he pointedly gave her a side glance before walking to a far wall full of baby products.

Highly amused, Ling Xiao was holding back a smile and using his willpower of steel to barely contain his laughter. His wife’s jealousy was always so adorable and now paired with his mood swings of hormones, was even more entertaining!

You XiaoMo let go of his hand when they reached the corner, huffing a breath, finally relaxing before he started scanning the wall. After a glance at a couple of items, he exhaled in dismay.

You XiaoMo softly muttered, “This is so expensive. We should’ve gone to sell magic pills first.”

Ling Xiao lightly laughed, glancing at the price tag in his hand, softly said, “We’ll be fine for today. If it will make you feel better, we’ll do that later or tomorrow.”

“Okay.” You XiaoMo said as he put the tag down. Venturing toward the rest of the items. When he came across a pillow that was U shaped, he looked and held it while curiously asking, “What’s this for?”

Ling Xiao who was following closely behind him, reached over to read a card label above the racks, with glee in his eyes, “It’s a nursing pillow.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes went wide, a blush painting his youthful face as he embarrassedly put it back.

Ling Xiao laughed, picking the pillow back up as he joyfully said, “Lady, what are you doing? Don’t we need one of these?”

You XiaoMo turned his shamefaced expression away, he didn’t want to admit it, but his chest was getting tenderer lately. He was hoping it was just the hormones reacting and he really won’t lactate…

“Go get one of those large carts.” You XiaoMo waved as he told Ling Xiao and walked toward an area of baby cribs.

Ling Xiao smirked as he did as requested, with a casual and noble air, walking back toward the front center.

You XiaoMo stared at the long line of display of crib mobiles available. There was some even of Wicked beasts, although, in his opinion, the stuffed versions looked kind of silly and not really appealing. By the time Ling Xiao came back You XiaoMo’s eye was caught by one that stood out.

Made out of puffy stuffed fabric, it had five white clouds and twelve stars of different colors; white, pale sea blue, soft yellow and a light gray. All on strings dangling down and spaced apart perfectly from two crisscrossing white sticks. All very luxurious and high quality with perfect sewed finishing touches.

You XiaoMo didn’t know why but he was transfixed by this one. Reaching out to lightly touch it and watching as it swayed and moved in a circle. As it turned, the motion made the fabric glow and shine in the light, it was almost shimmering like real stars.

Ling Xiao was watching his wife’s face, noticing his happy expression, faintly asked, “Do you like it?”

You XiaoMo had sparkling eyes, nodded his head, admitting, “I do. Do you want to get it?”

When his wife looked at him for his approval, Ling Xiao’s lips curled up slowly at the corners, saying, “I also like it. Pick it up.”

Getting confirmation, You XiaoMo happily found one that was already in a prepackaged box and placed it in their shopping cart.

They went farther and You XiaoMo avoided the cribs, going straight to the bassinets and cradles, and said, “The book said these were handy for the first four to six months. Although, I don’t want one so frilly…”

Most of the bassinets and cradles were very elaborate and or with frilly lace.

“As you said, it’s only for a few months. Then it won’t matter as it’s not his real crib.” Ling Xiao easily said, eyes scanning the selection and landing on one, “This one is less ‘frilly’, only white and grey.”

You XiaoMo thought that made sense.

Walking over to check it out, he noticed it wasn’t so bad after all. As it wasn’t carved with embellishments or in a lustrous material. Instead, it was simple white wood with a soft padded detailed headboard and footboard. Reaching out to touch the bottom, You XiaoMo felt it was firmly padded at the bottom and had a soft liner around its walls.

He curiously gave the cradle a test push, but nothing happened, it didn’t even move…

A cradle that doesn’t rock?

Ling Xiao saw his confusion, looking it over, he pointed at its bottom, “There appears to be an anti-rock pin mechanism you can adjust on or off.”

You XiaoMo made a silent ‘oh’ with his mouth, he guessed that was useful, “That will do then. We need to buy his crib mattress and blankets next.”

After they got the padding for the side of the crib and mattress settled and picked, You XiaoMo realized a problem as they were picking out the blankets and other items…

“What colors are we picking? We can’t have his room every odd thing.” You XiaoMo confusedly said, sounding utterly stumped.

Ling Xiao looked back at their cart with a thoughtful expression before offering, “How about that blue color on the mobile?”

He remembered his wife’s face lighting upon seeing it, figured it’d make sense.

You XiaoMo made a sound of delighted surprise, gratefully looking at him with admiration, “That’s a great idea. You’re so smart!”

Ling Xiao gave a charming smile, semi-squinting his eyes and arrogantly said, “Of course I am.”

You XiaoMo smiled and made a ‘tsk’ sound. Hopefully, their kid doesn’t get it’s father’s arrogance, he’ll be counting his lucky stars if so.

After grabbing multiple decorations and blankets, You XiaoMo said thoughtfully, “I think I want to grab the rest of the bedding from P'eng’s trip.”

Ling Xiao nodded, he was fine with that.

You XiaoMo started to hurry off to the furniture section, leaving Ling Xiao to steadily follow.

“I want this, and two of that, this, and that.” You XiaoMo pointed out, signaling to all the white, high quality crafted and elaborate wooden pieces. Changing table, two different sized dressers, wardrobe, and a cabinet with half dressers. He even pulled a different saleswoman over to write it down on their tab, so they didn’t have to deal with it while they continued to shop.

You XiaoMo even found cute little gray stone square plaques, they had gently carved in images of the Four Spirit Emperor Beasts inside. You XiaoMo fell in love with that immediately.

“Isn’t this perfect for his room?” You XiaoMo enthusiastically said, raising it up high and brightly showing it to Ling Xiao’s face. After getting a smirk in reply, he tilted the squares back so he could look down at them himself, without thinking he commented, “Very fitting with his dad’s bloodline.”

Ling Xiao was instantly encased in bright emotion, a smile leaked out his eyes and his lips curled up charmingly, in a low and deep voice, teasingly asked, “Who’s bloodline?”

You XiaoMo’s smile stiffened, eyeballs going round and round, meekly said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ling Xiao leaned forward, making You XiaoMo’s hands holding the square blocks squished up to chest flat, as the distance between the two became very close very fast.

Ling Xiao pressed his forehead to his wife’s, feeling the heat from the blush, stroked a hand slowly down the thin and lithe back, grazing closer and closer to that supple bottom, “You don’t remember?”

You XiaoMo gave a hard shiver, he swore if he didn’t answer, the man would continue this PDA in a baby store until he said it, quickly surrendering, “Okay, okay, I remember.”

Ling Xiao’s immoral and lustful hand stopped as he gave a look of regret.

You XiaoMo’s heart pounded as he gave the man a furious glare, then ultimately and nervously said, “I said, his dad.”

Ling Xiao’s face was one of success and elation, a confident and proud smile forming on his face, he leaned over and rubbed his cheek on You XiaoMo’s hair while in a satisfied voice said, “It’s the first time you’ve called me that.”

You XiaoMo pushed him away and took a step back from him. He really didn’t want to give everyone a free love show and or get kicked out at the rate Ling Xiao was heading.

“Whatever, can we continue with our list?” You XiaoMo poutedly mumbled breathlessly, flushing the color scarlet.

Ling Xiao chuckled deeply, watching his little wife try to escape while hastily pulling items into their cart randomly.

“Babies are so small.” You XiaoMo said in awe, looking at the whole rack of different sizes of clothing. At the same time, he was putting the multiple cloth baby carrier slings he picked out into the cart. He offhandedly said, “I think we should take the whole shelf, less laundry.”

“Fine with me.” Ling Xiao lazily replied, leaning on the wall in an indifferent manner, he walked over and just did that. Grabbing the whole thing unceremoniously and dropping it all into their cart.

You XiaoMo was startled for a moment before naturally recovering, lightly shrugging his shoulders and moving on.

In the cleaning and diaper aisle, You XiaoMo wasn’t sure what amounts or items to get. Feeling at a loss, he looked up at Ling Xiao and suggested with a laughing smile, “I’m not sure… Let’s just grab one of everything?”

Ling Xiao nodded slightly and faintly agreed, “Okay.”

Then the parents-to-be split up their task. Ling Xiao on the left side, grabbing lotions, shampoos, baby towels and the similar; while You XiaoMo on the right side, grabbed diapers, wipes, ointments and etc.

The salesmen and women had to keep attentively taking their carts and giving them new ones; already aware that these two patrons will be pretty big spenders.

After more than two and a half hours of shopping, they were finally satisfied enough and went to the front counter where an eager woman at a register was waiting for them.

“Did you find everything okay?” The woman in a pale yellow uniform asked, hands in front of her respectfully.

“Yes, ah, we picked out that dark grey bassinet stroller, will you add that in.” You XiaoMo answered distractedly and pointed to far right.

“Will do, sirs.” The woman in yellow answered quickly. As they’ve already been writing up their purchases while they shopped, it didn’t take her long at all to add the items.

“There’s one more item.” Ling Xiao’s smooth voice sounded, handing a fluffy object to the woman.

You XiaoMo looked behind him shocked, when did the man leave his side? Quickly glance back at the item he saw what it was. You XiaoMo couldn’t hold his surprise expression and snapped his gaze back to the man’s bewitching face that held an elegant charm and slight smirk.

You XiaoMo let a silly smile escape his lips as a blush softly tinted his cheeks. His man could be so cheeky and cheesy all at the same time.

Ling Xiao had grabbed a small and cream colored teddy bear, the neck had a bow around it while the right foot written in embroidered letters read ‘My First Teddy Bear’.

Almost cleaning out the store, they ended up tallying up around 300,000 spirit gems in cost. The woman was still shocked to see such a large amount at one trip and was even more shocked afterward when the couple readily paid the amount without so much of a blink.

Ten minutes later, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were finally leaving the Luxe Baby Store after being given ten magic bags filled with their purchases.

You XiaoMo exhaled slowly, in a relieved voice, “Now we can start to fill up the baby’s room and mark that off the checklist.”

Chapter Text

Their next stop was to a nearby restaurant; it was fairly packed and busy inside but seeing as it had already been almost five hours since You XiaoMo ate, they were in a rush.

Waiting for their food, You XiaoMo’s head was in hand while he nibbled on slices of table offered bread.

He was watching the crowded business and it’s wide range of patrons, around his bites he asked, “Did you have anywhere you wanted to go today?”

Ling Xiao was cracking open and peeling peanuts, indifferently answering, “Not really.”

“I suppose I should bring back the Ball Team some presents.” You XiaoMo pondered, shifting his gaze to watch Ling Xiao put the peanuts into a small saucer plate.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, saying in a contemptuous tone of voice, “They are perfectly fine, you spoil them.”

You XiaoMo sat up and lifted off his hand, immediately disagreeing, “I don’t think I do.”

Ling Xiao popped a peanut in his mouth, expression showing he obviously thinks he does.

“With all this baby business, it’s been hard to see them. I don’t want them to think I’ve forgotten them.” You XiaoMo defensively said, getting flustered.

Ling Xiao lazily said, “They’re adults, they won’t blame you.”

You XiaoMo helplessly shrugged, reaching out to grab one of the peanuts on Ling Xiao’s plate. He got one bite and made a sour face, grabbing a napkin and spitting it out, “Ugh, they don’t taste good.”

“Lady, they taste fine.” Ling Xiao laughed, making a point to eat one in front of him. “You’re just pregnant now.”

You XiaoMo sadly pouted at him.

So unfair.

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo raised his chin, waving his bread at him, “If I can’t have it then neither should you! It’s not fair.”

Ling Xiao smiled, then languidly spit out the words, “But my wife, that doesn’t sound fair either. Pushing your limits on others.”

You XiaoMo put his bread down while insolently replying, “What’s that supposed to mean? I’m carrying your child. You owe me this!”

Ling Xiao tried not to laugh, putting on a solemn face, “You’re right, the husband understands. What my wife can’t have, the husband won’t either.”

Making a show to put the plate away.

Seeing his full turn of willingness, You XiaoMo redrew his tiger face of anger, feeling at a loss for what to do now…

You XiaoMo wilted, feeling guilty, he compromisingly said, “Fine. Not everything, just some things.”

Ling Xiao squinted his eyes and chuckled lightly, “If the wife says so.”

Soon after, their food arrived. They ordered multiple plates of different selections. They didn’t expect to finish it all, but more so for You XiaoMo to try what he likes.

Although it took him a bit, You XiaoMo ended up finishing a vegetable stir fry with noodles.

Before they left You XiaoMo stuffed a few of the untouched steamed rolls into his magic bag. Even though it was approaching mid-afternoon, he still wanted to go to the auction house.

The biggest trading areas in Zhongtian are located on the south and north sides of the center city, respectively. The two trading districts are completely opposite, but for the sake of convenience, there is actually a common trading area in the middle. However, the trading area is closed and outsiders can not enter casually.

Their destination was the familiar and very eye-catching Reincarnation building, it was gourd-shaped and the traffic was high, as its position made it easy to find.

The Reincarnation will place the appraised item on the exhibition stand and attach the reserve price of the item. If someone pays attention and is interested, they will pay the price in their mind. If only one person interested in the item, it will logically be obtained by them. If more than one person, then who gave the highest price of value wins.

This is an alternative auction type, but is very famous in the area. It is said that there are regions, because it is easier to sell things, so some people who are anxious to sell will choose to go back to Reincarnation.

After forty-five minutes of traveling they finally arrived at the busy location. They managed to squeeze in past the constant opening double doors to get inside. One wall upon walking in seemed to be revealing the winners of an auction as it’s bidding time had ended.

Stalling in the middle of the room, Ling Xiao bowed his head to look at his wife, “What did you want to sell?”

You XiaoMo grabbed his magic bag from inside his robe, putting his hand inside and sending the magic pills he had prepared to it. He looked up at Ling Xiao to say, “I was thinking a Colored-level of one product magic pill and maybe one or two level Ten magic pills?”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows, “So much?”

You XiaoMo said, “We’ve spent so much in the past two months. I’d feel better about it.”

Ling Xiao squinted down at the magic bag in his hands before calmly saying, “Don’t do two level tens at once, it will drop the value when the bidding happens. Lower it to just one, and if you really want, send a level nine out. It will be sold on the second floor and won’t affect the other two magic pills on the third floor.”

You XiaoMo was shocked.

That was a brilliant idea!

Nodding in agreement, You XiaoMo happily said, “Will do.”

They made their way toward the appraising booth. The same old man they met every other time was there. Even though he always had that cold and neutral professional air to him, You XiaoMo could tell he had a smile in his eyes upon their walking forward.

“My two Excellencies, it’s a pleasure to meet you both again. What can the old me do for you today?” The old man greeted them fast and excitedly.

They’ve obviously known of You XiaoMo’s skill and are probably hoping for a big item to bring in the fanfare. Too bad. Today they are low-key.

Plus, no way You XiaoMo is releasing his top-end alchemy with a baby coming.

“Trouble you to price these.” You XiaoMo took out a crystal jade bottle from his magic storage bag, placing them on the small table, containing the level nine and ten, as well as the color-level one product magic pill.

The casual and hopeful look of the old man was suddenly serious after seeing the magic pills. He opened the lid of the jade bottle, carefully smelling the herbal scent, his face lit up with surprise and elation. When he moved to the color-level product his eyes went wider before he said, “High quality and high-grade magic pills for all three. Do the two Excellencies want to auction?”

You XiaoMo nodded in affirmation, “Yes, please.”

The old man poured the color-level one product magic pill into his hand, “This and the level ten as you know can go to the third floor. Level ten base reserve price fifteen million and the color-product can be twenty-five million; of course, they can possibly double in an auction. The level nine, around seven million spirit gems, same scenario.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes were sparkling. If his magic pills sold, base prices together alone made them walking out with close to fifty million spirit gems.

You XiaoMo hastily said, “That’s fine. When is your next auction?”

The old man looked at them both replying, “We don’t have any current you can be squeezed into today, but we can put yours up on display and will be added to our afternoon showcase. The auction deadline will be over in three days time.”

You XiaoMo immediately deflated. Three days? He didn’t want to stay in Zhongtian city that long…

The old man had sensed his atmosphere, nervously looked between them both and asked, “Is that a problem?”

Ling Xiao put a hand on You XiaoMo’s back, confidently telling the man, “No, it’s fine. We’ll be back in three days time.”

As he was being led away from the booth, You XiaoMo opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted.

Ling Xiao smiled gently, “You’re the one who wanted this. We can stay for a few days, but if you really want to go home, I’ll return here myself.”

You XiaoMo shook his head, “No, we can stay. I can just do alchemy in the room in the meantime.”

After having that part over with, You XiaoMo curiously went to the other areas of the exhibitions. Most of it was armor, low to medium quality techniques and some weapons.

They headed directly to the hotel and was back in their room two hours later.

You XiaoMo rushed to the bed, face squished against the pillow, sighing.

Ling Xiao closed the door behind them, following in after him, smiling slightly, “Tired?”

“A little.” You XiaoMo muffledly admitted, squirming to get comfortable, “I’m more surprised I didn’t hurl today.”

Ling Xiao was at the table, pouring a glass of water before drinking it, “That’s a good thing.”

You XiaoMo got up enough to hastily toss off his outer robe, he grabbed the blankets on the edge of the bed, working his way inside, “I’m taking a nap.”

“It’s almost eight, just go to sleep.” Ling Xiao casually said, staring down at him and placing his glass down, “Your husband will even join you. I know how you love my scent.”

You XiaoMo almost rolled his eyes, flipped over to his back, he watched as Ling Xiao removed his clothing. Although his manner was indifferent, it was still majestic and threatening looking. Observing him, You XiaoMo’s face suddenly flushed, having to avert his gaze as to not get caught ogling at the man.

Remembering their day, You XiaoMo looked back at him and earnestly asked, “Do you have any names in mind for the baby?”

Ling Xiao continued to remove his shirt, choosing to sleep with his bare chest tonight, as he’s noticed his wife was sleeping better when he did so. He smiled, eyes curving, “I haven’t thought about it. It should be a good one though, a powerful name, just like his parents are.”

“That’s a lot of pressure.” You XiaoMo laughed, then he considered the topic some more, “It needs to sound good as a whole though… Speaking of, what’s his last name going to be?”

You XiaoMo didn’t think of this problem before and it suddenly seemed like a big deal.

Ling Xiao sat down beside him, reaching out to gently caress his cheek, suggested, “It could be Ling.”

You XiaoMo opened his mouth to reply but no sound came out for a few seconds, at a loss, he made an unhappy expression and unwillingly said, “I guess we could possibly hyphen, but that would look and sound odd.”

Ling Xiao moved his hand to play with a strand of You XiaoMo’s silky hair.

“We could have a new last name, for all three of us.” Ling Xiao nonchalantly offered. He, after all, didn’t choose his family’s name.

You XiaoMo’s facial expression still remained the same, saying in a dissatisfied tone, “Completely change our last names, at our ages? Even if so, I wouldn’t even know what to pick, that’s too hard of a job.”

“Then if so, how about you take my last name?” Ling Xiao proposed, hand moving from his face to reach out and hold his hand.

With a serious expression and unfathomably intense eyes, Ling Xiao spoke in an understanding tone of voice, “We’ve been together for almost seventeen years, and I know you want to keep your last name for reasons, which I still don’t mind either way. It doesn’t have to be all the time or always on paper, but it would unify the three of us even more. Plus, this way its both our names he is taking.”

You XiaoMo sharply took a breath in, sitting up immediately.

Way to hit him deep.

After already a long and impactful day, he makes it even more extreme…

The last name thing, they’ve never really brought it up in conversations these past years. As Ling Xiao said, it wasn’t a big deal, so it was easy enough to live with two separate last names.

Even though he’s the one to lay under Ling Xiao in bed, it doesn’t mean he’s a woman in thoughts or nature, he still has a thing down there! That was why he didn’t want to be associated with any women like socialite customs, as he has the pride of a man too.

Then again, that was when they were two and not three…

You XiaoMo has his manly pride just as much as the next person, but he also now has a motherly instinct unwillingly put into him and a child to put ahead of himself…

Like he said in the beginning, things were going to change. He knew and called it.

You XiaoMo bit his teeth, in a half-reluctant and half accepting manner, he softly agreed, “I guess it wouldn’t hurt.”

You XiaoMo had almost thought of countering and suggesting Ling Xiao to take his last name, but the thought of that was even weirder to him. At least this way it's not clear who's surname their child is taking.

Ling Xiao saw the initial struggle painted on his wife’s face. With bright eyes and a beamingly wide smile, he leaned forward to intimately rub his nose against his, in a lowered voice, pleasantly saying, “My wife is so amazing. I love him so.”

You XiaoMo gasped, body becoming completely frozen.

Did the man just, just say that?

Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo always knew how the other felt. It’s something so obviously shown and felt between them, it was not necessarily needed to be blatantly said. Also, You XiaoMo is still very shy with this type of thing.

You XiaoMo’s wide eyes searched his, heart pounding as the drums sounded in his ears, “Did you?”

Ling Xiao smiled, his eyes turning into slits, interrupting him, “Yes.”

Ling Xiao was well aware of what he said, as he did it on purpose. Wanting to express his gratitude in the fullest way he could think of at the time.

Wanting to say the next part without embarrassedly yelling, You XiaoMo willed the drums to settle down long enough to whisper back, “I, I love you too…”

Ling Xiao’s face was one of complete elation, he picked up his face, bowing his head down to cover his small lips with his.

You XiaoMo’s desire to be close drilled deep in his core. His hands quickly skated up Ling Xiao’s muscled arms and shoulders, instinctively circling around his neck, as he readily opened his mouth to let the man inside. Ling Xiao’s tongue went in hot and hungry, overbearingly sweeping every corner before provoking up his tongue, massaging and teasing the well known sensitive spots, drawing out wanton moans from You XiaoMo’s body.

You XiaoMo lasciviously entangles his tongue with his, letting out slippery ‘ze ze’ sounds. He felt Ling Xiao’s hand move down to dance across his body, lighting his nerves. His body has become so extremely sensitive, he had only been teased a little by the man and he found his desire down there was already starting to react.

Ling Xiao couldn’t wait to touch him, pushing a hand through his clothing impatiently and wanting to feel the familiar petal-soft skin, letting out a comfortable sigh at the contact. Feeling the small body in his hands going breathless, Ling Xiao released the swollen and red lips, but not wanting to stop, he worked his way down the thin throat, giving gnawing eager bites and kisses. His large hands have also not been idle. Ling Xiao with assertive movements removed the clothing barrier between his wife and him.

You XiaoMo was panting heavily, spitting out large puffs of hot air, his neck was being sent tingles of pain and pleasure intermittent, he was quivering with the sensations. The next second, he felt his body weight being pushed down and falling to the bed, Ling Xiao’s hands were on the edges of his pants and yanking them off abruptly.

Laying there, exposed and naked, You XiaoMo watched as Ling Xiao stood up, the man’s eyes were darkening by the second as he bent over to fade his pants. He watched as the fabric fell from sight and that ferocious giant of a sword was standing up straight already, pointing at him and all its glory.

You XiaoMo felt his mouth go dry at the sight.

Such a beautiful and powerful physique. The honey-colored skin and defined contours of Ling Xiao’s body made You XiaoMo’s thighs unconsciously tighten together, a demanding surge of need went down to his underpart.

Ling Xiao was delighted with his wife’s reaction, smoothly making his way back down on the bed. He grabbed his wife’s legs and pulled them apart, letting himself fit snugly between them, leaning forward and pressuring him down in the bed.

You XiaoMo’s hair was carded through and held tight as his lips were once blocked by the man’s overbearing kiss. The licking, sucking and nibbling made his lips go numb from the loving abuse. In his pleasurable disarray, he felt the other hand venture down. When the fingertips grasped a little pink point on his chest, You XiaoMo’s eyes went the size of round bells.

“Nghhhhhh!” You XiaoMo cried loudly.

Ling Xiao chuckled lightly against his quivering lips, as he’s noticed his wife’s chest has been getting extra sensitive lately, he’s barely touched it and the small body was already violently responding. He longingly gives it a few rather forceful twists and pinches, swallowing the moans that follow hungrily.

Such fluctuating stimulating feelings, all coursing through his overheated little body making it twitch uncontrollably. Waves of pleasurable sensation spreading out from the man’s hands like electric shocks, wave after wave.

Alluring and wailing moans escaped unconsciously from You XiaoMo’s lips. The repressed voice almost on the brink of losing control finally could not take it, You XiaoMo abruptly moved his face to gasp air. But doing so made the mixing of their saliva became too much to bear, and it overflowed out of the corner of his lips obscenely.

Ling Xiao smiled darkly, charmingly, and licked the saliva at the corner of his lips. All the while a firm hand traveling down to hold and press a white and tender thigh up high, rubbing and massaging downwar it until was close to that supple and round bottom.

Ling Xiao lowers his head again and nips on his earlobe. Soft light nibbles. Then he goes further down from there, intent on kissing that rapidly fluttering chest. His mouth covers a pink chest point, kissing it lovingly, lightly, before sucking the area forcefully.

You XiaoMo’s moan was broken as he grasped Ling Xiao’s head tightly, legs responsively squeezing against him, caging the man closer to him. After Ling Xiao had taken care of both nubs and the area in between, You XiaoMo could take it no longer and wailed pitifully in a teary voice, “No more, just hurry!”

His nerves were so tight, he was like a bowstring ready to snap.

Ling Xiao was delighted, releasing the area with a resounding wet-popping sound. Laughing, he gives both chest points one final fluttering kiss before lifting his head, looking at the scene of the sparkling and translucent salvia covering the now red nubs that were crystal clear.

You XiaoMo released his desperate grip on Ling Xiao’s head and let his arms fall like lead to the bed. He felt his lower body being propped up and raised slightly, being adjusted to Ling Xiao’s liking.

Ling Xiao leaned back and held a white and delicate thigh. As he held him steady, he positioned his swollen member at the entrance, and with a strong thrust, he pushed forward, successfully and smoothly entering. He leaned over and put his weight in one of his arms as he pinned the small body down as he continued to sink deep, not stopping until he heard his wife’s deep intake of breath as he reached and bottomed out.

You XiaoMo’s hands were grasping the blankets tightly before forced to hold the man’s shoulders within reach. Being entered with such veracity, You XiaoMo gasped, feeling breathless as he gulped air desperately. That familiar sensation of being filled and stretched to the limit with Ling Xiao’s giant was overwhelming and mind-blowing. This extreme feeling leaving only his body clamoring in response and shaking non-stop.

Ling Xiao buried his head into You XiaoMo’s neck, feeling his wife arch against the bed, putting unknowingly pressure on that place they were connected.

You XiaoMo willed his body to relax to the man’s growing desire, feeling Ling Xiao’s breath hitch slightly and say with fiery hot breath in his ear, “Hold tight.”

Words fading, Ling Xiao’s massive length withdrew leisurely out of his wife’s body before advancing back in, thrusting in and out, plunging in with an overbearing style of conquest.

You XiaoMo wastes no delay and obeys the gracious warning, wrapping his arms around the man’s nape and readily bears pound after pound of the fierce onslaught. His legs squeezing on the strong lean waist. His whole body is hanging on to him like a swaying koala.

Ling Xiao’s control was set free, feeling that soft place tightly clinging to the symbol of his desire, he thrusted with accelerated speed. Both strength and efficiency are so large that the body of You XiaoMo is violently rocking up and down the bed. The thin white hips in a large firm unyielding honey grip, pressing it down.

You XiaoMo felt unbelievably crisp pleasure coming in sweet, toe-curling bursts. Almost every time that Ling Xiao’s member would piston in, it felt like he was topping up to the most deepest and sensitive spots. Even though it was only probably fifteen minutes, when being battered so exquisitely inside, You XiaoMo body reacted on a hair’s touch.

He arched almost painfully off the bed, heels digging into the man’s back as he let a screaming wail escape his throat, surrendering as he came across his waist.

Ling Xiao’s thrusts only slow down for a blink of an eye at the tight encasing of his swollen member. It felt so comfortable and pleasurable, sending his desire even more rampant.

You XiaoMo’s body was tingling and buzzing with oversensitivity. Their intimate connection was being rubbed with pleasure rising like a flood, making his toes curl, muscles shaking with the feeling.

Ling Xiao raised his head, locking his lips with his, tongue drilling in, overpoweringly sucking the fluid from his mouth, feeling his wife contracting against his length. Sensing that his wife’s desire was awakening. Ling Xiao helped to arouse him by kissing him breathless and senseless, provoking You XiaoMo’s nails to almost be buried into Ling Xiao’s shoulders at the passion.

With every rampaging entering of Ling Xiao’s length, You XiaoMo was tormented by the intense pleasure coursing through his veins, You XiaoMo mouth delivered non-stop cries between breaths, “Ngh... ah... ah... ah!” As he couldn’t stifle the sounds that fell from his lips, and the semi-soft things from releasing were already erect.

You XiaoMo was barely able to conceal his blissful emotion that came from the pleasure, his body was indulged in ecstasy the man brought to him. To his horror, he already felt the tell-tale signs of releasing creeping up on him, as currents of pleasure scurried across his body and centered quickly to his underpart. His moans kept coming out of his mouth and each of those would arouse the man furthermore, leading the man to make his movements more and more wild, as if the devil had possessed him.

You XiaoMo bit down hard on Ling Xiao’s shoulder as he came for a second time with a loud moan. He was penetrated by such a strong sense of excitement, so much so his eyes were tearing up with moisture, leaving him crying as his nerves were being crashed unabated.

Ling Xiao’s eyes grew only darker and more aggressive with the way his wife was reacting to him. It must be the combined emotions, sensations, the sensitivity levels rising; but he was so debauched and unrestrained, Ling Xiao was extremely turned on by his wife’s alluring manner. The most prominent response was that enormous thing buried deep inside You XiaoMo, throbbing and swelling with a painful hardness.

You XiaoMo with a flushed and thinly sweat covered face, wasn’t sure how long it was, but by the time he screamed and released a third time he was seeing stars and feeling faint. Still, in the aftershocks of his climax, he clenched his teeth as he felt Ling Xiao’s thrusts gaining a violent pumping nature, hitting a vicious momentum sinking in and reaching so deep before withdrawing. He had to reaffirm his grip on Ling Xiao’s shoulders as to stay above water.

Feeling the tight place twitching and wrapping his member so wonderfully, Ling Xiao who’s held back for a long time, finally let go and seeks his own release. His grip on his wife’s waist tightens as he plunged in with a beast like aggression. Until finally, with a tense face, Ling Xiao felt that sensation, and hit a particularly strong thrust and came inside his wife with a barely suppressed roar, burying his face in the delicate neck.

You XiaoMo gasped and moaned. Feeling that fierce entering of friction before a powerful spray of heat painted inside his body. Wrapping his arms tightly around Ling Xiao’s head as the liquid essence was filling him. He could feel the monstrous hard stick still throbbing inside with a fervor as it continued to add more and more at an alarming rate.

The old couple felt as if newlyweds. Although the two bodies are very, very well understood and explored, the flames of desire were lit and set ablaze as if this was anew.

After they both felt the waves of their combined climaxes ride out, Ling Xiao’s forehead had a thin layer of sweat across it, hands still tightly confined to You XiaoMo’s fair body that was non-stop shaking. When he had calmed down enough, he pushed himself up enough to lazily smiled down at his blushing wife, in a voice thick with affection, “Lady, you’re mine.”

Ling Xiao bowed his lips to kiss him, a sensual and deep kiss. One that lingers so lovingly and unwillingly to let go, feathers soft across You XiaoMo’s pink lips.

After the kiss, You XiaoMo’s cheek is red glowing down in the arms of Ling Xiao. Feeling utterly exhausted and heavy, but also so very happy. His mind flashed the thought of sleep, and immediately dozed off.

Chapter Text

The next day, You XiaoMo cracked open his eyes only to shut them against the harsh sunlight. He groaned as his body felt like it had been disassembled and reassembled, especially his legs and the place they were connected. Limbs felt as if made out of mush and were pure softness, absolutely no strength.

The next second he felt the bed’s pressure dip and a large hand soothingly rubbing his head.

Peeking out from the blankets, You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao with a fresh smile on his face, looking down at him with bright eyes.

“Ughh…” You XiaoMo moans back into the pillow. “I need spirit water.”

Ling Xiao chuckled lightly, he got up and pulled back the rest of the blanket, exposing his wife’s still naked figure. He kneeled across the bed, outreaching to massage the thin legs next to him.

You XiaoMo shivered at the initial contact of his bare skin meeting the cool air. Opening his mouth to complain, but when the skillful and warm hands of Ling Xiao started to massage his sore legs, a moan slipped past his lips instead.

His hands hugged the pillow, biting his lip to stifle the moans when Ling Xiao switched to his other leg. Rubbing and massaging out the tense muscles and fatigue.

His man was so talented and in so many ways!

Ling Xiao laughed, suggestively saying, “Just let the sounds out. I know you want to.”

The next second, You XiaoMo felt the large hands working their way up toward his ass. Eyes snapping open, he turned his head to look behind him, “What are you doing?”

Ling Xiao roguishly smiled, eyes curving, calmly answered, “Massaging you, ah.”

You XiaoMo gave him a furious glare as a warning, but before he could voice it, Ling Xiao’s hands moved to cup and knead his ass, a cheek in each hand.


You XiaoMo couldn’t hold his cry this time, burying his face in the pillow heavily. The man’s thumbs were precariously close to his entrance and were rubbing the muscle back and forth.

After a while, the mischievous hands finally moved up higher. Working out the tension in his hips, back and shoulders so exquisitely and wonderful. By the end of it, You XiaoMo was putty in the man’s capable hands.

Ling Xiao put the blankets back over him, sitting down beside him, asking, “Feeling better?”

You XiaoMo made a happy noise in the back of his throat, too content to move even a finger, let alone nod. With that blissful feeling of endorphins rushing in his veins, he unknowingly fell asleep again.

By eleven in the morning, You XiaoMo finally roused from his second sleep. Blinking the sleep away, he stretched out under the blankets, feeling he was still naked.

“Ling Xiao.” You XiaoMo sluggishly said, voice still laced with sleep, almost slurring.

Ling Xiao’s deep voice replied, “Yes?”

“Will you get my clothes?” You XiaoMo drowsily asked, pulling the covers higher up over his head, keeping the heat locked inside.

There was the sound of fabric gently rustling and then Ling Xiao saying, “Here.”

You XiaoMo’s hand went out to blindly grab the clothing and dragged it back under the covers.

Ling Xiao was amused, lips slowly curling upward as he playfully inquired, “Lady, what fun things are you doing under there? Can I join?”

“It’s too cold to dress out the covers.” You XiaoMo simply answered, the blankets jumping up and down with his clumsy movements of dressing.

Some sloppy movements later and some huffing and puffing, You XiaoMo finally pulled the blankets back enough to look up at the man. He was standing right next to the bed, arms crossed over his chest with his dark eyes shining with a smile.

“What have you been doing?” You XiaoMo pushed himself up from the bed, taking the blankets with him, covering and wrapping himself.

Ling Xiao reached out to brush his wayward and tangled hair, lazily saying, “Nothing much. Sleep well?”

You XiaoMo leaned into the gentle touches, nodding his head, “Hungry though.”

Ling Xiao moved his hand to reach under and teasingly raise You XiaoMo’s chin, bowing his head to kiss his small lips before saying, “Then we’ll order something.” As he said so, he scooped up and carried his wife, taking and placing him down on the couch.

As Ling Xiao called the service help up to order their meals, You XiaoMo got up on soft little feet to make his way to the bathroom.

You XiaoMo was brushing out the knots in his hair as he walked out and into the main area again. He noticed Ling Xiao was brewing tea and made his way to sit across him.

You XiaoMo hurriedly pushed an empty cup toward him, hinting he wanted one too.

Ling Xiao smiled as he poured him some.

Just when You XiaoMo was blowing off the steam from the hot liquid in hand, Ling Xiao says plainly, “You know, you’re getting more responsive down there, you went so fast last night.”

You XiaoMo was so caught off guard, he blew a little too hard causing liquid to spill out and burn his fingers.

With a ‘ouch’ You XiaoMo looked with widened eyes up at Ling Xiao, the man’s eyes were very bright, like sparkling stars, and hanging on his handsome features was a wolf-like grin.

Blushing, You XiaoMo stuttered, “I-I did not, shut up.”

Ling Xiao saw his pair of embarrassed and shy demeanor, he laughed happily at getting the response he wanted.

When their food got there, You XiaoMo was excited to try his meal, as he’s always liked it but was too lazy to fix it. He was three bites in and already felt sick, as the texture suddenly made him want to hurl…

So he grabbed the ice bucket on the side tray and did just that.

It all happened so fast, Ling Xiao’s eyebrows went up in surprise, watching his wife bend over and retching.

When he looked like he was better, Ling Xiao gave him a glass of water to clean his mouth with.

You XiaoMo’s nose scrunched up, holding his breath as he managed to squeeze out, “Hurry or I’m gonna hurl again.” Holding up the bucket and covering his mouth.

Ling Xiao got the hint, and with a touch, sent it to a desolate corner of his massive pocket dimension.

Ten minutes later as the heavy feeling had already passed, You XiaoMo wanted to try again, looking up at Ling Xiao and asking, “Can we switch? I can’t eat this anymore…”

Ling Xiao easily offered, “Go ahead.”

You XiaoMo leaned over and switched their plates, starting to munch on Ling Xiao’s chosen meal.

After that, their breakfast continued smoothly. You XiaoMo sat down on the floor to start some alchemy for the day, while Ling Xiao chooses to recline on the couch and relax.

Two hours later You XiaoMo was starting to form the finalization of the magic pill in the cauldron. This one was a level nine, its purpose was to open the body of the meridians and help consolidate its foundation. It used to be a decent seller, he was hoping the market for it was still in demand.

Ten minutes later the cap on the Heavenly Cauldron made a ding. Followed by the sound of a small electric buzz of the ban’s suppressing the pill’s wisdom and trapping it inside.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath, relaxing from his mode of high concentration. Even though it was immensely fewer steps than that of color-level products, he still took it very seriously and didn’t lax on anything. Also, if he failed, that meant wasted materials and time!

He shifted his weight to kneel on his knees before rising off the floor, leaning over and removing the magic pill, placing it in a jade bottle with similar kinds. Seeing the time that had passed, he guessed he should eat something.

“I’m gonna order some soup, do you want anything?” You XiaoMo nudged the lazy man’s arm. Ling Xiao had his arms behind his head in a relaxed carefree manner.

Ling Xiao opened his eyes, indifferently replying, “Whatever is fine.”

Using a stone that was much like a com system, You XiaoMo called down below to the service center to order their meals. He picked a general pork dish for Ling Xiao to have and himself a cream corn soup. Fifteen minutes later it was delivered hot and smelling delicious, You XiaoMo gave the delivery boy a spirit gem and proceeded to eat at the table with Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo actually managed to keep this one down. Happily and hungrily eating. He especially wanted to finish it so he could make a higher level magic pill later without worry. Because of the level, the time frame needed will be longer.

Ling Xiao was secretly delighted at seeing his wife finally willing to eat. Choosing to not talk and risk distracting him, so that he could continue eating.

When You XiaoMo was near the end of his meal, he finally looked up at the man across him, as if a light bulb just lit up in his mind, “We never did discuss a given name.”

Ling Xiao’s posture was relaxed as he lazily replied, “There’s plenty of time to decide, why the rush?”

You XiaoMo’s cheeks flushed slightly, somewhat uncomfortably saying, “There’s no rush. I was just curious.”

Ling Xiao watched him squirm, smiling with bright eyes, he dazzlingly said, “You’re excited!”

You XiaoMo choked on his breath, blush deepening.

Ling Xiao’s eyes turned to slits, slowly teased him, “In a hurry to be a mom?”

“I am not!” You XiaoMo loudly shouted, embarrassed, almost slamming the table.

Ling Xiao, “...”

You XiaoMo took a shaky breath in, angry, got up and went to the cauldron to do the rest of his alchemy.

After throwing in the prepared herbs from earlier, he made a point to sit with his back to the couch this time. He was just about to put his soul power into the cauldron when he heard the sound of light footsteps behind him.

Seeing him about to start his alchemy in anger, Ling Xiao sighs imperceptibly. He crosses the room to come behind him, bending over to place a hand on his wife’s steaming head. In a placating tone of voice, he softly said, “Lady, I won’t tease you anymore. We can talk seriously.”

Ling Xiao for a moment, forgot about the mood swings.

“I’m busy.” You XiaoMo stubbornly stated, chin high in the air.

Ling Xiao used a gentle voice to simply say, “Okay. But if you want to talk, husband is always available to his wife.” Words finished, he turned around and made his way back to stretch across the couch.

You XiaoMo was puffing his cheeks as he felt the hand leave his head. A few seconds later, he realized he may have overreacted a tad. Even Ling Xiao, the stubborn arrogant man was willing to apologize. You XiaoMo sighed, trying to covertly look behind him and peek at the man. Biting his lip, his body then moved and acted instinct…

Ling Xiao’s eyes were closed, with one hand behind his head while the other rested on the couch edge. When suddenly felt a flat pressure landing on top of him. Opening his micro-closed eyes, he saw a mop of black hair on his chest and arms clinging to his sides.

Ling Xiao chuckled lightly, moving his hand to touch the lustrous hair, and pleasantly asked, “Lady, ah, ‘tis what pleasure?”

You XiaoMo rubbed his face against the fabric of Ling Xiao’s chest, in a justified manner of tone, muffledly said, “Just wanted to rest here and you were in the way.”

Ling Xiao tried to hold back his laugh, in a dull tone, blankly said, “If I’m bothering the wife then I’ll just move out of your way.” Then he made the move to get up.

You XiaoMo quickly pushed him back down, sitting on top of him, a leg on each side, and hurriedly said, “No. Stay.”

Ling Xiao smiled, beamingly asked, “I thought you wanted it?”

You XiaoMo blushed, pouting, unhappily admitted in a very small voice, “Wanted you.”

Then, before he could poke fun, You XiaoMo rushed to bury his face back into his chest clothes, making himself comfortable.

Ling Xiao laughed loudly, the action causing You XiaoMo to bounce up and down with the motion.

After his laughter calmed down enough, Ling Xiao tenderly held You Xiaomo’s waist, lavishly enjoying the closeness between them, and comfortably relaxing with their embrace.

Thirty minutes later, You XiaoMo’s sleepy voice sounded, “What about Xie?” It’s a name he’s heard of, it was alright and decent.

Ling Xiao had a hand softly stroking up his wife’s back, faintly commented, “Cultivated? Hmm, doesn’t sound right.”

You XiaoMo mulled it over, scowling his lips. He lifted up his head to look at him, listing off random names, “Zhìyuan, Lie, Jin…” Watching his expression when doing so.

Ling Xiao seemed unimpressed, saying, “Fiery and ambitious are good, but still…not good enough.”

You XiaoMo huffed. Resting the top of his hand under his chin while looking at the smooth and perfectly chiseled face of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao squeezed his waist gently, “What does my wife really want? Say what you’re thinking.”

You XiaoMo squinted his eyes and thoughtfully murmured, “I guess, something that fits this whole situation.”

Ling Xiao lifted his other hand to play with his wife’s hair, “Situation?”

You XiaoMo raised his eyes up to his, feeling his hair being pulled out of its hair tie and falling down. He softly said, “You know, like you said, for everything to collide and still happen…”

As You XiaoMo said the words a word came into his head.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes, noticing his wife’s eyes sparkling suddenly, “Did you think of something?”

“Well…” You XiaoMo slowly said, and raised up off his chest a little bit to clearly address him, “To be able to do something against the odds and still come out on top, is a…”

Ling Xiao brightly smiled at him, immediately sitting up straighter, holding his wife’s thin waist in his hands, “Victory.”

You XiaoMo had a childish grin on his face, nodding happily.

Ling Xiao beamed, “Ling Kai?”

You XiaoMo excitedly said, “I like it!”

Ling Xiao leaned forward and bowed his lips to his, giving him a deep and passionate kiss, when he released the swollen little lips he said, “Me too.”

You XiaoMo was feeling drunk, that kiss made him feel so dizzy and on fire. In his distress he found his body buzzing with desire, his face became one of alluring want.

Ling Xiao watched his wife’s face go from blushing glow to pink flush. The wide big eyes clouding over and his mouth hanging partly open. Ling Xiao’s eyes held a glint of a smile as he decided to see something. He ran his thumb in circles around his wife’s sensitive hip, hearing the small body softly gasp.

You XiaoMo couldn’t take it any longer. His hands rushed to circle Ling Xiao’s nape and pull himself up to bluntly kiss the man’s lips. Ling Xiao smirked against the forward kiss, with a thirst now glimmering in his own eyes, he forced open his teeth and deepened it.

You XiaoMo moaned against the tongue in his mouth, enjoying the feeling of kissing, he started to reach for Ling Xiao’s robe, with clumsy and anxious movements to rushingly take it off.

Ling Xiao was surprised at his wife’s sudden urgency, lightly laughing against the kiss he decided to help him. With both of their efforts, soon Ling Xiao’s chest was nakedly exposed.

You XiaoMo ran a small hand up the firm and chiseled muscled chest, his thighs were squeezing Ling Xiao’s lean waist with the instinct to hurry it along at seeing his man’s sexiness.

Ling Xiao saw his wife’s confused and cloudy expressions, knowing he couldn’t take it any longer, he lifted a willing You XiaoMo up slightly. Grabbing both sides of his pants, Ling Xiao ripped them apart down the center. Fabrics still surrounding his thin and fair white legs, exposing only the center and the behind of things.

You XiaoMo barely flinched at the action, leaning forward to kiss Ling Xiao again, he waited long enough for another lovingly kiss. Taking the initiative to open his mouth and let Ling Xiao inside, dancing with his domineering tongue happily. You XiaoMo wasn’t sure what was going on with him, it felt like he was having an outer body experience, controlled only by his emotions.

You XiaoMo, in a bold and promiscuous manner, felt that hard and stiff thing poking him and wantonly pressed down hard on it. Feeling it slip between his two shares, hearing a sharp intake of breath from the man inside his mouth.

Ling Xiao let go of his tongue, their lips separating with a thin silver transparent wire, and with a wicked grin, he laughed low, “Do you want it that bad?”

You XiaoMo leaned forward to bury his head in his neck, his arms circling him and squeezing tightly. The heat seeping through Ling Xiao’s pants was making You XiaoMo hit hard shivers as he finally let out a pitiful, yearning moan. His desire was channeling so hard, it was all scurrying about to center in his underpart. Feeling so uncomfortable as You XiaoMo wanted release right now.

You XiaoMo wiggled just slightly but that was enough for the man’s desires and control to be set free.

Removing You XiaoMo’s outer robe and throwing it to the floor, Ling Xiao lifted You XiaoMo up, placing him just enough so he could half fade his own pants. Letting his already very hard, and very hot manhood sprang free.

Ling Xiao held his wife’s thin waist as he positions his swollen member it at the entrance, then grabbing his hips with both hands, he thrust up as he heavily pushed down You XiaoMo’s waist, forcing him hard on his symbol of male desire. Watching with beast-like aggressive eyes and feeling the tight and soft place swallowed his length rapidly and smoothly until fully seated inside.

You XiaoMo cried loudly, the sensation of being entered so fast and powerfully, took his breath away. The sensations were making his body unconsciously tighten and spasm. It didn’t hurt, but it was just so intense and overwhelming. Being filled so heavily, to have Ling Xiao’s giant throbbing and hot inside of him, it was like he was melting.

Ling Xiao heard his wife’s panting fade down and knew he adjusted enough, thickly saying, “I’m going to move now.”

Words fallen, Ling Xiao’s hands firmly holding the thin hips, forcefully lift him up to where the tip of his manhood is barely inside, before he strongly pushes him down, the noise making a soft thud sound.

You XiaoMo’s legs were already shaking, he wasn’t even parrying yet and he’s already no strength. That massive length was massaging his sensitive spots so wonderfully he saw stars.

Ling Xiao’s length was gliding in and out of him at a rampaging rhythm, You XiaoMo’s little body was shaking up and down violently, holding on tightly to Ling Xiao’s neck.

You XiaoMo tried to meet his thrusts and bear down every now and again, but he was being overpowered by Ling Xiao’s forcefulness. Such fierce passion, without Ling Xiao’s hands, domineeringly pushing him down to meet that giant’s entering, he’d wouldn’t even be able to sit down on it at all.

You XiaoMo’s nails were almost digging down the strong shoulders and back. His movement was as if on a crazy boat ride, swaying and threatening to throw him off. The moans non-stop slipping out of his mouth were getting louder and louder by the thrust.

Ling Xiao reached out to grab his head to kiss him, stifling the almost screams, feeling his wife twitching against him. He kept adding pressure to him, aiming to go as deep as he could with every advancing in, wanting to lure out more blissful emotions from within him.

You XiaoMo felt unbelievably crisp pleasure, making his toes curl. He tried to put that torturous heart stabbing pleasure at bay, he didn’t want to let go already.

He couldn’t hold it back any longer and squeezed Ling Xiao’s member so tightly the man himself almost shot out, You XiaoMo backed away from the ravishing kiss enough to surrender with a scream, hot puffs of air landing on Ling Xiao’s slightly smiling mouth.

Ling Xiao, feeling his wife wrap so tightly around him, and the following waves of his still lingering climax, he thrust with added strength, making a loud ‘pa pa’ noise at their bodies connecting. Speed and veracity as if on a conquest, exploring every inch of his body hungrily.

You XiaoMo felt his loose long hair fall his face, swaying and bouncing wildly with every ride up and down. Enjoying the sweetness of Ling Xiao’s length rubbing and battering his nerves sweetly. Under his palms he felt Ling Xiao’s muscles tense, You XiaoMo paid attention to stare under his rapidly moving gaze, watching as the man narrowed his eyes and his face was slightly flushed as he let out a low growl.

The next second, powerful jets of liquid was filling him as he’s still violently bouncing up and down. Feeling the man’s hot essence painting every minuscule spot inside him.

Ling Xiao felt the wonderful feeling of ecstasy rush over him, still powerfully dragging his wife’s waist down upon his length. Hearing his gasping breaths with every entering and the loud moan at him releasing inside him. He’s noticed his wife is also very much more starting to like that part as well…

After a few lingering, breath catching moments, Ling Xiao saw his wife’s desire was semi-soft. Thinking the earlier thing, he pushed them both forward.

You XiaoMo felt his body weight being sent backward to lay across the couch, legs being placed up high in the air on Ling Xiao’s shoulders, the man’s desire still boldly and very much connected to his body…

Ling Xiao sent a small thrust forward, watching the way as his wife’s face scrunched up tight, biting his lip to hold the moan.

With a devilish grin, Ling Xiao withdrew his length that was already recovered and thrust back in with a strong hit.

You XiaoMo unwillingly screamed, then pitifully whimpered, “W-wait, still, still sensitive…”

But his plea was heard on selectively deaf ears, as Ling Xiao didn’t halt, only continuing to thrust back in with a mad storm of plunging in with a savage lust fire.


You XiaoMo was opened mouthed and breathing heavily. He faintly heard the ‘puff puff’ water sounds entering his ears, knowing what that was made him blush an even deeper scarlet color…

Feeling his body being tortured and assaulted with such loving ecstasy, the mind-blowing pleasure had You XiaoMo holding for dear life onto the couch’s edge and side. His lower body was being raised and dragged at Ling Xiao’s will, he was just passively accepting any and everything his man gave him.

This time Ling Xiao did even more violent pumping, aiming to release as fast as possible, wanting to fill his wife up to the brim and watch him squirm again.

You XiaoMo wasn’t sure how long it was, he eventually felt like his whole body was on fire. He was now exploding as it all rushed to the center, and he came with a teary-eyed cry. Translucent liquid splashing against his shirt and waist. After cumming, his body became limp and soft like a rag doll, letting the sweet currents wash him with pleasure that was never-ending.

Watching his wife let go, Ling Xiao also relinquished his control, sending powerful thrusts he’ll wife for sure have to drink spirit water tomorrow with. Holding his waist in a iron tight grip as the small legs slid up and down his chest. Ling Xiao with a burst of vicious pistoning in and out, released his essence with a hum, making sure he went as he bottomed out and continued to add power.

Ling Xiao had a thin layer of sweat as he was looking down at his wife with brightly shining eyes. The face beneath him was so angelic and yet debauchingly beautiful. Something so instinctively satisfying in this act, his wife was completely his, and also wanting what he was giving him. It was something so territorial, primal, and also very much love.

After five minutes of heavy breathing and calming down, You XiaoMo with shaky arms, reached out to tug the man’s arms, wanting to give him a kiss.

Ling Xiao’s eyes of desire were still yet to fade, so he willingly leaned forward give his wife what he wanted. Their tongues swirled and danced for another five minutes before Ling Xiao let go of the swollen and red lips, as he felt the body shaking in his arms was on the verge of losing breath. You XiaoMo refused to let him go far though, holding on tight with his weak fingers.

You XiaoMo felt Ling Xiao’s desire leave his body, the burst of empty feeling within made him hit a shiver up his spine. The next second, he was being lifted up and flipped around, his weak knees forced to kneel on the couch, with his back facing to the man.

You XiaoMo found himself on all fours, and within the next second, a hot and stiff thing slowly squeezing and grinding into him. You XiaoMo gasped as it stretched him to the limit, hearing the water sounds become louder upon the slow entering. He honestly had no strength in him as his legs quaked, but luckily, Ling Xiao’s hands returned to his waist, lifting him up in place and holding him steady.

The next was an onslaught of Ling Xiao’s glistening and very hard manhood entering You XiaoMo’s body, pounding in with a savage manner and withdrawing at fast speeds. You XiaoMo was gasping with each crisp and fierce piston, the ‘squelch squelch’ noises were making him moan at knowing what those were. He felt his own desire rising rapidly down there and even rocked to meet him as much as he could.

You XiaoMo’s cheeks flushed. Enjoying the way the man knew the perfect angle, the perfect strength, the perfect depth to push him over the edge. It was all friction and the blissful brushing of nerves as they both trembled endlessly and the place they were intimately connected throbbed with such gratifying pleasure.

Ling Xiao’s member was hitting in so sweetly, You XiaoMo’s throat was going dry and hoarse from the cries. Also being affected, Ling Xiao’s eyes were growing darker and panting heavily as they kept rocking together. They were as if in heat and lost completely to each other’s desires. If they weren’t already pregnant it was as if this lovemaking session would be the one to do it.

Ling Xiao ran a loving hand to graze across You XiaoMo’s tender and white cheeks as he pistoned in and out with a high frequency. Squeezing and even lightly slapping the tender ass, Ling Xiao’s heart swelled as he was thoroughly enjoying the view of the looming promiscuous picture before him. Of his delicate and blushing wife deeply involved with his staggering manhood over and over again.

You XiaoMo only feels that his limbs and bones, plus all his internal organs, are burning with a raging blaze. Something hotter than fire and more, something lighting his soul. It almost feels like a turbulent tide is surging inside his body, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. In the end, his entire body is so hazy and enraptured by his man, he can only let him do what he wants as he feels his release yet again, cuming with a broken wail.

You XiaoMo really felt he was gonna faint this time, feeling so out of it. Everything was just becoming more and more intense, and Ling Xiao’s length continuously plunging deep wasn’t helping to settle it.

Ling Xiao’s movements gained a crazy amount of speed at feeling the tightness constricting around his gigantic member. Letting out a slightly muffled sound, he rocked and thrust in wantonly, gripping the thin waist to where there was surely five fingerprint indents by now.

You XiaoMo wasn’t sure how long it was when finally he felt the man’s movements gain an even wilder pace. Almost as if wanting to rub himself into him and wear him, it was so savage and bestial, You XiaoMo was forgetting to breathe with its intensity and pleasure.

Then finally, You XiaoMo clamped tight around that swollen length inside him, feeling Ling Xiao’s essence; his very manly and mature symbol of pleasure and ecstasy, the very thing that impregnated him, fill him up, mixing with the previous liquids. The sensation is one he’s never been able to describe. It’s something so intimate in nature, and right now its heat melted his bones.

You XiaoMo moaned and squirmed at the sensation, jolting with each spurt Ling Xiao painted.

Finally could not stand it, You XiaoMo panted as he sunk down low on the couch. Having only Ling Xiao’s strong hands holding his waist up high.

Ling Xiao was breathing heavily, feeling quite good. As he expected, he loved his wife’s reaction. After a few moments, he withdrew his member from his wife, it made a wet and slick noise at it’s vacating.

You XiaoMo’s ears were making him feel shame at the sounds he heard. However, also moaning at the loss feeling of Ling Xiao’s length rubbing and sliding out, but the next part made him stiffen. As he felt his entrance at first go from cold to then warm. Bits of creamy, thick liquids were trickling down his quivering thighs slowly in hot trails.

Ling Xiao eyes were storming clouds of renewed desire, heart thumping loudly as his blood roaringly boiled. Very much enjoying the way his manly seed escaped his wife’s twitching behind and painted his snow-white skin and overflowed out.

You XiaoMo was so embarrassed. He only just realized from glancing behind at him with his tired eyes that the evil man had done that on purpose.

You XiaoMo in a slightly hoarse and broken voice, embarrassedly shouted, “Take me to wash.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes quickly returned normal, laughing happily, and in a very obedient tone of voice, pleasantly said, “As the Lady wishes.” Then getting up off the couch and picking up a very soft-boned You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo with an extremely tired face, he pouts at the man, grabbing his arm and sending them both to his dimension to bathe.

The rest of the day went by with Ling Xiao helping wash a too tired to move You XiaoMo and tucking him for a long deserved nap. By the time You XiaoMo woke up some hours later, he managed to eat before doing more alchemy the rest of the time.

He kept at it until Ling Xiao decidedly picked him up, repressing any protests by force and placing him down gently on the bed. Demanding it was bedtime and hugged him to his chest, giving You XiaoMo no choice but to doze off.

Chapter Text

The next day went pretty much the same, but without the extreme mood swings and the intense love sessions. You XiaoMo was way too exhausted for those types of things again. Choosing to spend the majority of the day in bed to rest and sleep. Then when his strength was mostly recovered, he spent the rest in alchemy.

By the day of the auction deadline, You XiaoMo was eight and a half weeks along.

You XiaoMo was lazily lying on the bed, he already got up and ready earlier, having eaten breakfast with Ling Xiao. Now he was just bored and idling his time until they depart the hotel. Since it wasn’t enough time for him to alchemy, he thought he might as well stay off his feet.

Ling Xiao smiled down at him from the table. Deciding to join him, he got up and sat down next to him. He reached out to touch the slightly exposed belly, teasing a portion of fair white skin in front of him as You XiaoMo had been wiggling around so much that it bunched up.

You XiaoMo paused in his jittering, watching as Ling Xiao’s eyes landed on his belly and gently caressed it with warm large hands.

The moment was so meaningful, You XiaoMo couldn’t look away nor speak up.

The motion of his hand touching his skin was also soothing. The area itself was starting to feel stretched and tense as the baby was growing.

Ling Xiao heard his soft sigh, shifting his deep gaze to look at him, he questioned with a smiling voice, “Feels good?”

You XiaoMo nodded with hooded eyes.

You XiaoMo remembered his book readings and sincerely stated for the man, “You’ll be able to feel him in seven or more weeks.”

Ling Xiao looked back down at his belly, stroking it again, he laughed before saying, “I have a feeling he won’t leave me waiting. That he’ll be kicking and annoying his mom very soon.”

You XiaoMo pouted, “I’d rather not be a punching bag.”

Ling Xiao tilted his head back laughing loudly.

They ate a light meal before they exited the hotel and went toward the trading districts. Leaving earlier than needed, wanting to get there to beat the rush as Reincarnation was probably packed.

You XiaoMo was currently nose deep into Ling Xiao’s chest robes, the man hugged him as they walked past the sweaty and crowded sea of bodies in a traffic. When You XiaoMo thought he’d be tossed around and hit by wayward elbows, he was never even touched, seemingly avoiding it all. He had a vague sense that it was Ling Xiao’s doing.

As they passed a bakery, You XiaoMo’s nose finally escaped its solitude of Ling Xiao’s scent and breathed in the fresh pastry smells. Instantly his stomach was growling as was his mouth salivating.

You XiaoMo tugged Ling Xiao’s robe, slowing his steps so he was forced to as well, he raised his head to ask, “Can we stop by the bakery first?”

Ling Xiao turned his head to gaze past where they just passed, bowing his head to look at him, he faintly smiled, “We can manage that.”

You XiaoMo was elated, happily nudging the man in the direction, not daring to leave his folded protection.

Fifteen minutes later, the two of them left the store with You XiaoMo holding a huge bag filled with fresh and hot milk bread rolls.

His youthful juvenile face held a childish grin as he eagerly stuffed a piece into his mouth, naturally tucking himself back into Ling Xiao’s side.

Moaning with the delicious flavor hitting his tongue, You XiaoMo raised a roll up to Ling Xiao’s face, offering, “Want a bite?”

Ling Xiao leaned forward to take a bite, then after licking the corners of his lips, “Is good.”

You XiaoMo swallowed thickly at the sight of that sinful tongue, but he snapped back to the present and started to dig in the bag, distractedly saying, “Here, you can have a piece.”

Ling Xiao quickly stopped his hand, “No need, we’ll be there soon. You can have them all.”

You XiaoMo earnest eyes went to his face, sincerely asking, “You sure?”

Ling Xiao maneuvered them past a large group of people, holding You XiaoMo’s waist while looking forward and casually assured him, “Very sure.”

With no more doubt, You XiaoMo greedily munched on the sweet bread.

When they arrived at Reincarnation, You XiaoMo was working on his fourth roll while walking through the huge framed double doors.

They were only a few steps in when a man in a red uniform walked in front of them.

Halting his steps, You XiaoMo gave a perplexed look.

While You XiaoMo delayed speaking with a mouthful of food, Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is there a problem?”

The attendant had an apologetic expression, while in a polite tone informing them, “I’m sorry but Reincarnation doesn’t allow food or drinks inside the vicinity.” At the end of his words, he was pointedly looking down at You XiaoMo’s hands.

Swallowing quickly, You XiaoMo rushed to say, “That’s fine, I’ll put it away.”

Making a show to put it and the rest of his bread bag into his magic storage bag.

“Thank you, sirs.” The man in red then gave them a small smile before promptly leaving. Probably scared of Ling Xiao, as the man’s face was currently expressionless and cold looking.

Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo made their way to a center table in the back for customer service. The service desks were so busy there were three lines and each with three attendants behind the table.

When it was their turn, You XiaoMo walked forward smiling and readily asked, “When is today’s third-floor showcase ending?”

The woman checked her paper on the desk before replying, “It will be unveiling at 3:00 PM.”

You XiaoMo nodded, then said, “We’re here to check on our submitted items.”

The woman instantly understood and asked, “What’s the name under for the auctioned items?”

You XiaoMo answered, “You XiaoMo.”

As he said so, he realized this was done before Ling Xiao and his conversation about their little family. You XiaoMo sent a secret glance toward the man. Does that mean next time he’s here, the name on the card will read Ling XiaoMo. It felt so strange to think about.

Ling Xiao caught his look, turning and bowing his head slightly, smirking back at him.

You XiaoMo instantly retracted his line of sight, a blush painting his delicate cheeks at being caught.

“Your second-floor auction is already completed, it ended up bringing in twelve million spirit gems. Do you want this total now or combined with the pending sale of your third-floor items?” The woman asked, putting down her book of papers.

You XiaoMo eyes lit up. Twelve million, that meant his level nine magic pill almost doubled from its reserve seven million base price. That’s plenty of money to go shopping today for the rest of the items he wanted.

Ling Xiao eloquently answered, “Combined is fine. We’ll be heading upstairs now.”

The woman nodded and signaled for a person at the door guarding the floor, to let them pass.

The two of them easily went past the doors and up the stairs, bypassing the second floor and going directly to the third-floor railing. They saw a strongly built man guarding the door, he looked at them both indifferently before obviously recognizing them. With a slightly fearful and shocked expression, he respectfully opened the door and let them in without a moment’s pause.

You XiaoMo inwardly giggled. He was more surprised that this wasn’t the response they were getting more since walking around in Zhongtian city.

Even though Ling Xiao saved everyone, people still feared his power and the authority it possessed if he was willing to exert it.

The guard could have also recognized You XiaoMo, but seeing as his reputation wasn’t as shining as the other man’s, he wasn’t sure. Maybe it could have been both of them, as they are a powerhouse couple after all.

The thought alone made him start to laugh out loud.

You XiaoMo’s head was lightly rapped on. Abruptly stopping his glee, he looked up with a wrongful teary glare at the obvious assailant, “Why did you hit me?”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes, “Why laughing so silly?”

You XiaoMo sweetly smiled, “It’s nothing.”

Ling Xiao gave him a look of suspicion, to which You XiaoMo just pulled his hand, leading him away and toward other showcases. Wanting to have a curious look around.

As they were strolling around the walls, You XiaoMo’s ear perked up at some of the discussions happening around them. It seemed that there was an unveiling of a special event auction after their showcase at 3:00 PM was over, and the items were not yet revealed to the public.

Hearing them say so, You XiaoMo’s big eyes sparkled up at Ling Xiao, “We have to see what’s selling!”

Lazily scanning the shelves, seemingly bored, Ling Xiao indifferently said, “What could you possibly want? You’re at the top of your cultivation and have almost every magic pill recipe on hand. Anything selling will be of no use to you.”

The gears on You XiaoMo’s fun immediately hit an unexpected halt.

You XiaoMo resentfully at him before indignantly questioning, “So? Does that mean I can’t be interested in things?”

“I didn’t say that.” Ling Xiao smoothly said back, slowly moving his gaze to his wife’s face.

You XiaoMo half scoffed and half laughed at him. Moving on and looking at the area his color-product magic pill will be sold at. Surveying the items, he saw a normal looking bracelet in the pile. It was nowhere near as sparkling and extravagant as the other things on display.

Seeing his wife’s perplexed expression, Ling Xiao looked at the piece of jewelry and picked up the info card near it, as he read the details his eyes gained a glimmer of interest.

You XiaoMo saw his face change from bored to intrigued, curiously asking, “What is it?”

Ling Xiao calmly stated, “It’s a fire charm bracelet.”

You XiaoMo got on his tippy toes to look at the card, seeing the words written ‘The Coral Light Bracelet’. Looking back to the regular piece of jewelry he confusedly questioned, “This charm bracelet makes fire? How so?”

It was on a shiny metal wire with what seemed to be decorative red coral beads in between elaborately carved silver bits spacing it out. There was a fastener at the end you could clip to fit your wrist or let a bead off he supposed.

Ling Xiao put the card back down and explained, “Much like the water beads back in the Endless Sea, you can smash these coral jewels and it causes a small fire or explosion.”

“Whoa, too awesome!” You XiaoMo said with admiration. For someone like Ling Xiao who has fire naturally and well endowed in him, these were nothing special probably. But for some like him, it would be so nifty to have!

Ling Xiao laughed, already reading his thought patterns, saying with a schadenfreude smile, “It just summons natural fire and I wouldn’t recommend you use your fingers to smash it. For those who burn easily, throwing it on the ground and far away is best.”

You XiaoMo wilted a little upon his explanation. Putting a small damper on his visionary thoughts, but, still, having a match or small explosive handy sounds fun and useful!

“I want it.” You XiaoMo decisively declared, looking for the asking price before wilting a little bit again at seeing it. Softly exclaiming, “It’s twelve million, just for that?! You said it wasn’t special fire?”

Ling Xiao calmly told him, “It’s a rarity item, you have to expect people to raise the price.”

You XiaoMo’s enthusiasm started to fade greatly. He’s here to make money for their baby’s needs, he shouldn’t be willy-nilly spending it on fun gadgets… You XiaoMo sighed deeply before turning away from future temptation.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow at watching his wife’s defeated attitude, “You’re not going to bid?”

You XiaoMo forlornly looked back at the bracelet and miserably said, “I can’t justify twelve million spirit gems when I’m saving for a baby.”

Ling Xiao helplessly shrugged, “If you say so. But, you can easily make that back, did you not make a level nine the day before yesterday?”

You XiaoMo froze momentarily. What he said did make sense…

“Isn’t that wasteful?” You XiaoMo tentatively asked, hoping the man would push him to buy it.

Ling Xiao indifferently retorted, “How is it wasteful? Just plant more fields. Simple.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled, at last, readily giving away his troubles on the matter and rushing forward toward the table again. He was looking for a pen on the table to fill in their bidding card, pondering out loud, “How much do we bid?”

Ling Xiao withheld the urge to laugh, easily replied, “You could go fifteen or eighteen, whichever you’re willing. If really don’t want to lose the item, twenty.”

Listening to his options, You XiaoMo smashed his tongue in his mouth, debating on the logical choices before finally landing on a decision. As he wrote, he had to pause briefly, hesitating on signing his name. Sending a flickering glance toward Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo signed it hastily and put it in the card box near the bracelet.

Seeing him finish, Ling Xiao’s eyes held a smile as he simply asked, “What price did you put?”

You XiaoMo breathed a sigh of relief at the man not asking the other thing, happily informing the other, “Fifteen.”

They were lucky to spot the item and get a bid in, as ten minutes later their auction started down the line.

As Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo went off to the side of the crowd, patiently waiting for their items to sell and see if their bid was enough. The large crowd was all gathering and following near the woman who was unveiling and reading the bids in every box.

Since the third-floor items were all valued above ten million, anyone who was up here was either from big enough backing or just plain rich out the ears.

Many people were dressed to show their fame and wealth; displaying layers of expensive jewelry, intricate hairstyles of elegance and silk embellished patterned fabrics. All vaguely showcasing their airs of arrogance with a haughty image of being important or powerful.

You XiaoMo was idly leaning up against Ling Xiao’s side as a man walked past them.

The man was dressed in high-quality white robes with red stripes along its edges, half his hair pulled back in a beautiful pin and had an almost refined temperament to him.

You XiaoMo didn’t give him a care besides a vague look in his peripheral as he and his attendants walked past. But then they paused nearby, giving You XiaoMo got a strong whiff of their scent.

Swiftly rushing to cover his nose and mouth, You XiaoMo held his breath as he shut his eyes tight and turned his head to collide hard with Ling Xiao’s chest.

Ling Xiao’s eyebrows raised up in surprise, folding his arms around him while quickly asked, “Lady, what’s the matter?”

You XiaoMo ignored the small pain in his head from hitting the wall of flesh and pulled back enough to point behind him with his thumb.

Ling Xiao looked at the three, not noticing anything dangerously threatening about them, deduced the reason, “Is their smell bothering you?”

Feeling You XiaoMo nod against his chest, Ling Xiao eyes scanned the area before quickly holding his waist and walking them away and to the far left of the crowd.

When they finally were out of the vicinity, You XiaoMo breathed a loud audible sigh of relief, gripping Ling Xiao’s chest with the elation of no longer suffocating.

You XiaoMo loosely covered his mouth with the memory, weakly saying, “He smelled like fried oil and grease. Ugh, disgusting, I almost vomited right there…” At the end of his words, he buried his face back into the solace of Ling Xiao’s scent.

Ling Xiao comfortingly touched his head, in his smooth and deep voice, reassuringly said, “Then we’ll just avoid him.”

Two items later and it finally arrived at the bracelet. You XiaoMo originally wanted to get closer but then saw the trio step forward and decided to stay put.

Running the show was a woman named was Hao Shi, she was one of Reincarnation’s highly accredited appraisers and seasoned employees. Dressed in a detailed red dress that flowed long to the floor, all very stylish looking.

She opened the small black box and scanned through the five cards one by one, when she finished she looked out into the crowd and spoke in a firm tone, “With the offer of fifteen million, I announce the winner of The Coral Light Bracelet goes to Ling XiaoMo.” She then promptly moved onto the next item in a cordial manner.

You XiaoMo was left standing flushing and highly embarrassed. Standing completely still.

He did it.

The initial process admittedly gave him a very weird feeling. Similar to the kind of feeling of a child foraging his parent’s signature, as it wasn’t his last name yet now was his name.

He snuck a peek up at Ling Xiao and the man had a very calm expression, hanging on his lips a lazy curvature of a smile, but his eyes sparkled with the brightness of the night stars.

Other than that, they both didn’t say anything and watched as the auction continued side by side.

Three more items and it was You XiaoMo’s level ten magic pill, he watched with eager eyes as she silently read six cards and finally went back to the third one.

Hao Shi said, “With the offer of twenty-three million, I announce the winner of the level ten magic pill Ketadryl goes to Shen Kang.”

Grinning in the back, You XiaoMo was happy. Twenty-three wasn’t bad, not exactly double, but he could live with it. That’s thirty-two million earned today so far, not yet subtracting the fifteen he just spent…

Five more items were quickly listed as they didn’t have many cards bidding, then was their one colored product magic pill.

You XiaoMo waited with a baited breath holding Ling Xiao’s sleeve, and when she finally announced it was forty million, he was ecstatically pulling the fabric widely in his hand.

Ling Xiao held the jumping hand still, leaning over to whisper in his ear, “Lady, calm down.”

You XiaoMo decided to ignore him. Deducting their payment for the bracelet, they now got a total of sixty million for baby expenses and anything foreseeable.

It’s not hundreds of millions of a fortune like they’ve had in the past by other means, but that much will get them enough. Plus they still have really good savings put away. This was mostly for his peace of mind of income.

After that, there were four more items on the block before the special showcase was displayed. It was set up similarly to the Atrium Fair’s big finale of items, four items were under black cloths in square shaped coverings. You XiaoMo thought this must be a new event they allowed at Reincarnation for those who were impatient for the Atrium Fair to come around.

Yet before arriving here, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo didn’t hear about this ahead of time, was invitations only for a secret elite?

The items were probably like Ling Xiao said; practice and techniques scrolls, possibly even transcendent level manuals. If so, it was likely to be high-grade and or high-level manuals of the top end.

Finally ushering in the climactic part, Hao Shi walked up to the more ornate table to personally open the black cloth that covered the first item.

Chapter Text

Once pulled back, the black cloth revealed a black cloak with red sewn trimming.

Hao Shi told the excited crowd, “This here is a Cloak of Displacement. The wearer only has to cover their body with it to be invisible and one’s breath of presence disguised. Unless near the Sacred level of strength and or extremely talented, it will let you hide.”

As Hao Shi was telling the excited crowd the price, You XiaoMo stopped listening and turned to Ling Xiao with a toothy grin and sweetly asked, “If you were below The Holy Land, could someone sneak that past you?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes lazily gazed down at him, with a gentle smile asked back, “What do you think?”

What does he think? You XiaoMo felt that was a loaded question.

He thinks if he doesn’t want to get his head bonked, the answer was easy.

Batting his long eyelashes to flutter rapidly against fair white cheeks, You XiaoMo endearingly smiled while rubbing the man’s arm and answering, “I believe nothing would get past you. You’re too amazing.”

Ling Xiao’s smile went treacherous, amusement glinting in his dark eyes, “Is the Lady really sincere though?”

“Very sincere.” You XiaoMo nodded and pat his own chest confidently.

Ling Xiao laughed, seeing his act, decided to be gracious and said, “To answer you, yes, I could and have.”

Many years ago, back in HunJi city within Long Xiang Continent, if You XiaoMo had known about his first ever trip to an auction and how the city’s manager used one to watch him. Then he’d know how it was useless against Ling Xiao’s perception. But of course, he never could realize.

“You don’t want that?” Ling Xiao leaned over to whisper into his ear.

You XiaoMo’s ear instantly redden, and casually replied, “Nah, it’s not worth the prices they’re bidding. I still want to save.”

The next item up for auction was a low-grade transcendent training manual for cultivating, which obviously was a hot picking. Many voices spoke up for that one. You XiaoMo listened with interest at the number of treasures or money that was willing to be put up for it.

After thinking about it, top of the end practice and techniques were so very few and far between to find. So he could understand their desperate voices. Which in turn made him feel very lucky that his master had given him his.

The third item up for the show was a Space Stone much like the one's Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan used when they traveled the planes to Tong Tian Continent. However, this one had white lines across it and looked bigger. Hao Shi went on to describe how it’s not for only one usage like the regular Space Stones, but this one has twenty charges to it.

You XiaoMo thought that was highly interesting because he was told space stones were already rare and expensive. Then now to find one that lets you travel twenty times and never have to go and find another? Sounds pretty appealing. Then again, not to him, not when he has the master of everything at his side. Ling Xiao was his space stone basically.

Instead, he watched entertainingly as everyone fought over it greedily, trying to one-up the other, honor and pride was also apparently on the line.

You XiaoMo smiled as he leaned against Ling Xiao’s chest, eyes flickering back and forth between the men’s faces that got redder and redder with anger.

Ling Xiao noticed his expression, bowing his head, he softly asked in his ear, “Enjoying yourself?”

You XiaoMo laughed guiltily, “I am, it was worth it to stay and watch the drama.” As he said so, he started to rub his stomach and continued to say, “But I’m starting to get hungry.”

“Then let us go.” Ling Xiao said matter-of-factly, hand on his waist tightening, starting to pull him.

You XiaoMo planted his feet and rushed to say, “No, there’s only one more left, I can wait.”

Ling Xiao faintly narrowed his eyes at him but didn’t say any more.

Then, You XiaoMo noticed the room had quieted down immensely. He saw as the woman in red who was announcing had moved on to the final secret auction item. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the box, even You XiaoMo started to get on his tiptoes to get a good look at the reveal.

Hao Shi didn’t immediately reveal the contents of the box, glancing meaningfully at all the power couples and heavy spenders of the room.

She happily declared, “The finale item of today is very, very special. It was found in a Dongfu of ancient times among many other unique and specialty items. But this one itself is one of the rarest, dare I say, one of a kind in existence now.”

Hao Shi didn’t leave their suspense waiting long, dramatically pulling the black cloth, and revealing a set of rings, two to be exact, laying on a beautiful display plush pillow.

Hao Shi told them, “Perhaps you thought this was a top manual or technique, but I'm sorry to tell you that this is neither. However, I can assure you, its value will not be worse as it’s The Heavenly Vow Rings of legend.”

You XiaoMo was highly confused. Just those small simple rings were special? How?

They were clearly for a husband and wife set of rings.

The first one, looked more manly, shined with a beautiful silver colored metal band. The most eye-catching part was what ran around the center front of it, as it was lined inside with brilliant and lustrous studded small amethyst crystals.

The second one, it's pair, had slightly larger amethyst crystals displayed in layers around the front of the band. Encased thinly in the same type of silver-white metal. However, it's clear centerpiece radiantly held an extravagant five-millimeter princess cut amethyst crystal.

Some people gasped while others seemed the same as him.

Looking up to Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo wanted to ask what the big deal was, but when he saw the other’s face switch from looking neutral to seemingly interested, he was even more confused.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but ask, “What’s so special about those rings?”

Ling Xiao gazed down at him, his voice was laced with intrigue, “If I’m correct, those aren’t normal rings.” He could already sense very faint and just lingering scents of power fluctuations coming from the rings.

Hao Shi waited a few moments before continuing to add, “These aren’t just ordinary rings I assure you all. As these radiant amethyst crystals and metals are made from the minerals only found in Cosmic Dewdrops, rocks only formed and seen in space cracks.”

You XiaoMo blinked in surprise.

Space rocks? He remembered the leaf boat Ling Xiao said was special as well. That the leaves of Eternal Evergreen Trees were only found in space cracks and how they could be used to help speed up plane space travel. You XiaoMo didn’t realize there was more than just those leaves that involved space crevices.

After she got a few gasps of surprise, Hao Shi pressured on, “Not only that, they have the ancient scriptures carved inside, specially made to work with only its mate pair. When chanting the specific incantation, the ring will activate and let you sense the other’s direction. Not only that, the two rings have an additional differentiating ability.”

Pausing dramatically for a moment, Hao Shi pointed to the larger jeweled ring, smiling while she explained, “The bearer of this ring, when saying the second incantation, can summon a space barrier. Strength equal to that of space absorbing an attack.”

She then pointed to the simpler band, adding with glee, “To which this one will give it’s wearer a signal, letting them sense the other used their defensive spell and know that their pair is in trouble.”

“How often can the barrier be used?” A middle-aged man interrupted to ask, his wife was next to him, obviously eyeing the piece of jewelry.

Hao Shi didn’t even look fazed by the hasty question and calmly stated, “Once used, it will reset and be available in a month's time. Still very powerful and handy to have when in dire situations.”

This was a understatement. You XiaoMo thought.

When used in combat and out of spiritual or soul power, it could save your life!

“That sounds so powerful.” You XiaoMo said in soft astonishment, then quickly thought of a problem, looking up at Ling Xiao to ask, “If that barrier is so handy, why doesn’t both of them have it?”

Ling Xiao gazed him with a ridiculing smile in his eyes, lightly mocking him, “Do you think Cosmic Dewdrops are so easily found or formed?”

You XiaoMo’s reply was to glare at him with a pout.

Ling Xiao didn’t expect him to answer, he laughed before softly telling him, “They are actually the size of miniscule small pebbles if that, to find crystals of that amount is already a huge feat alone. For the reason of one having more crystals than the other, the jewelry maker must’ve been requested to make this one more powerful, doing so for the wearer’s protection. That karrot sized jewel is evident of the care.”

“Ah.” You XiaoMo made a sound of understanding. That was actually really sweet when you thought about it. The other actually selflessly gave up rare life-saving benefits for his spouse to enjoy and use.

Ling Xiao interrupted his thoughts asking, “What top-end magic pills do you have that you're willing to part with?”

You XiaoMo gave a low cry of surprise, “Wait, what? You actually want to buy this?”

Ling Xiao’s dark and deep eyes piercingly looked at him, speaking in a confident tone, “I do. Do you not want it? You’ve always liked rare treasure.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth went dry. The man did understand that part of him, but there was one problem…

You XiaoMo’s gaze faltered while staring at Ling Xiao’s profound eyes, he meekly replied, “Not that I don’t think it’s super neat, but, that’s obviously for a husband and wife. That heavily jeweled one is for a woman.”

Ling Xiao helplessly shrugged, in an easy manner, smilingly cajoled, “This might be the only pair left in existence. Do you really want to be picky?”

You XiaoMo bit his lip, stubbornly jittered, “Then, then, then you’re taking the jeweled one.”

Ling Xiao gave him a funny look and calmly asked, “Do I look like I’m the one who needs a space barrier?”

You XiaoMo’s mouth opened to reply but it only just sat slightly agape. To answer, nope, the man himself controlled space easily at will. Obviously, Ling Xiao wanted him to take it…

“If you keep dawdling you’re going to miss your chance.” Ling Xiao softly advised, gaze shifting back up to the front where many were discussing price and offering treasures to exchange.

At this moment a woman pushed her husband forward, the man looked slightly nervous at first before giving a dignified air and asked, “Seeing as it shouldn’t be tampered with, we were wondering how does one size the ring to the owner’s hand?”

Hao Shi had a pleasant expression on her face, and easily answered, “I was going to explain once won, but I can tell you all now. The owners only have to do a simple method to adjust the rings to their sizes and link up the bond. As it is named The Heavenly Vow Rings, once both parties have said a vow to each other, the rings will sync and attune to you. There is another condition though, the wearer of the ring cannot ever place it on their own finger, must be by the other’s hand and vise versa.”

Instantly all the women’s faces were swooning with pink hearted emotions in hearing the description. While the men’s faces were all lighting up with determination to honor and fulfill their wife’s wishes to own this ring.

You XiaoMo was sweating cold bullets, that description, did it not just sound like, like a wedding?

You XiaoMo lifted a glance up at Ling Xiao and saw the man was smiling down at him. All elegance and gentleness, and he immediately felt the pressure. He pitifully said in defeat, “How much do we bid?”

Ling Xiao touched his smooth chin thoughtfully before saying, “Try a three product.”

After there was a pause in the commotion, You XiaoMo turned back and noticed some people looking at them expectantly. He smiled before walking forward and closer to the table, pulling out a jade bottle out of his magic bag and politely asking, “Would a high quality and high-grade color-level three product magic pill be able to win these two rings?”

The room burst into a small chaos of whispers at the end of his words.

Even the seasoned Hao Shi had to pause momentarily, slightly stunned. Was the young boy really so rich to say so? Then looking down below into the youth’s hands, she was confirmed with her own eyes. The shine and faint aura emitting from the magic pill, she could tell from here that this was top end alchemy.

You XiaoMo even offered it to her to look and she gingerly took the bottle and opened the cork. Instantly the area was surrounded with the strong herbal scent of a high-quality refined pill.

This was definitely what the young man said it was. Because she’s been an appraiser herself for many years, she didn't need anyone to double check. After considering the other biddings, his was the highest thus far.

Thinking like this, Hao Shi put the cork back on the bottle and steadily looked throughout the room. She saw the abundance of now resentful and regretful expressions of the like in the room. Knowing it’d be unlikely of any better offer but still was obligated to ask, “Anyone else wants to bid?”

Waiting a few lingering moments and still, no one spoke up, Hao Shi gave a satisfied smile as this was more than the initial Reincarnation estimated, declaring in a firm voice, “I announce the winner of The Heavenly Vow Rings to be this young man.” As she didn’t get his name earlier, she could only say so.

You XiaoMo gave a happy smile at winning.

He walked back the few steps to Ling Xiao’s side and gave the man a thumbs up at their victory, proudly saying, “We won.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes leaked a smile as he faintly said, “Yes, good job.”

Since that was the last item in the secret auction event, and the main showcase that was held at 3:00 PM was over. The majority of the packed floor made their way out of the doors or started to claim their winnings.

You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao toward the table to do just that.

When they approached, there were four new attendants at the station. All helping to distribute and keep an orderly system going. They only had to wait a minute before it was their turn in the line.

You XiaoMo blushed and somewhat embarrassedly said, “I’m You, um, I’m Ling XiaoMo.”

His heart somewhat wildly pounded against his ribs at saying it out loud.

The woman in front of them ended up being the same person from the service counter downstairs. She looked confused for a second, before checking his paper and said with a smile, “Yes. Your Excellencies, your items have been collected and are ready for you. Pardon me while I retrieve them.”

You XiaoMo nodded his understanding and she swiftly walked away through a back door.

They waited the forty-five seconds it took for the woman to rush back to them, holding a tray with a magic bag in hand. She picked up and place the two bought items on the silver tray before returning.

With slight awe in her voice, the woman said, “Congratulations on your winnings your Excellencies. Inside the magic bag is placed with your sixty million spirit gems. And here is your Coral Light Bracelet and Heavenly Vow Rings.”

You XiaoMo took the magic bag first. Opening it up and happily seeing the gleaming light reflected back.

Ling Xiao took the remaining jewelry off the tray, and said, “Then we’ll take our leave here.”

Ling Xiao pressed You XiaoMo’s thin back so he was forced to move. You XiaoMo returned to his senses and put the magic bag inside his money bag. He’ll sort and organize the following later.

They were only a few steps from the table when the man in white and his two followers walked purposely in front of their path.

You XiaoMo eyes went slightly wide in panic. Please, no, not the smelly man.

As they were only two wide steps away from them, You XiaoMo’s gag reflex already started reacting. He jerked his head back from the smell as if hit a wall. Swiftly covering his mouth while taking a hasty retreating step back away.

The white-robed man narrowed his eyes at him for a moment but ignored the youth’s weird reaction. Speaking in a very deep and rich voice, “Pardon my abruptness, but I would like to know if there is any open discussion for a trade.”

You XiaoMo’s expression was getting uglier and uglier by the second. He thought he was gonna faint if he had to continue to smell this man, he uncomfortably squeezed out, “There is none.” He made the move to go right and move around them, but his underlines quickly put a hand out to stop his hasty exit.

You XiaoMo was filled with dismay and quickly coloring green. Ling Xiao on the other hand, was gathering an iciness of extreme loathing.

Ling Xiao had a gentle smile yet his eyes were filled contempt, calmly stating to the men, “If you are talking about the Heavenly Vow Rings, we won them, you did not. There will be no discussion.”

The man in white, not being able to take the disgust and hatred-like expressions the young boy was continuing giving him, angrily bit out towards him, “What’s your problem?”

You XiaoMo turned and used Ling Xiao’s sleeve to cover his face, refusing to speak up, as he wasn’t sure could answer without throwing up.

Ling Xiao’s smile then grew in size, with a pleasant and melodic tone of voice, happily told him, “Maybe it's all that fried oil you bath in. There is still some even on that robe of yours.”

The man in white was so angered, his face turned red as his eyes went wide. However, he wasn’t able to stop the reflex of looking below at himself. Raising his head, he had a smirk on his fresh appearance and gloatingly said back to the tall man, “There’s nothing there.”

“It’s right - here.” Ling Xiao said gently, reaching out with a single index finger to barely touch the white-robed man’s chest.

Suddenly, the white-robed man’s face went ashen and cold sweat started to drip down his temples. Expression as if seen a ghost, as his mouth was frozen from where it was opened talking.

Withdrawing his left hand, Ling Xiao tenderly held his wife’s waist, eyes lazily side glanced the man as he gave a quite evil and charming smile, walking boldly around them.

Some seconds later, after Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo had left, the man in white fell to his knees gasping. People in the room looked at him in shock while some just vaguely glanced in his direction, continuing on with their lives. The man’s two attendants looking the most startled of all, not understanding.

Little had everyone realized, that the tall man’s seemingly innocent and feather-like touch, wasn’t innocent at all. Holding enough strength to overwhelm and make the white-robed man senseless with fear. Left afterwards shaking, as he sincerely thought he was going to die at that moment.

They made it out of the Reincarnation building and off the steps when You XiaoMo couldn’t handle it anymore. His legs wobbled and his voice shook as he said, “Ling Xiao…”

Ling Xiao bowed his head and his worried gaze danced across his face, “Lady?”

“I don’t feel well.” You XiaoMo’s body weight was falling down, knees no longer able to hold.

Ling Xiao clasped his waist tighter, preventing him from falling as You XiaoMo leaned into his chest.

Not getting a reply, Ling Xiao used his other hand to lift his face. Seeing You XiaoMo’s eyes were now closed shut, seemingly having fainted. He quickly hooked his arms under his legs and lifted him into a hold, taking them to a non-busy section of the street. When no one was looking, he took them both into his dimension.

Ling Xiao didn’t have to wait long, because, within seconds of entering the luscious and massive dimension, You XiaoMo’s eyelids fluttered with movement underneath them.

You XiaoMo slowly cracked open his eyes, breathing in the fresh smell of grass as his pores were filled with the highly concentrated aura of a dimension. His immediate view was that of black colored robes, feeling the familiar presence, he looked up to see Ling Xiao gazing down at him. The man’s face held a knowing smile as he greeted, “Lady.”

You XiaoMo swallowed, his mind was trying to process how he got here. He thought they were just standing outside Reincarnation….. Then he realized. In a guilty voice, he asked, “Did I faint again?”

Ling Xiao simply answered, “Yes.”

You XiaoMo sighed before recalling, “It was just so suffocating, that I felt dizzy.”

“Well, do you feel better now?” Ling Xiao softly asked, hands still tightly holding him.

You XiaoMo took stock of his body, besides feeling a little bit shaky, the rest was fine. Nodding, he replied, “I’m better now.”

“Your sure?” Ling Xiao questioned him, half-squinting down at him.

You XiaoMo confidently hummed, “Mhmm.”

Ling Xiao didn’t let him stand, instead, sat him down gently on the grass.

While You XiaoMo gained his strength back, he thought of a question he wanted to ask. Looking up at the man standing next to him, he curiously ventured to voice out loud, “What’s the reason you wanted the rings?”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, commenting, “I already told you.”

You XiaoMo licked his lips slowly before he hesitatingly said, “There has to be more than it’s a treasure.”

Ling Xiao sighed, kneeling down beside him on the grassy field, “There was a year we spent apart because I couldn’t get you.”

You XiaoMo’s face lit up with shock, exclaiming, “When the temple took me? That was before you were the master of the realms, that won’t ever happen again.”

“Even so, why not use these for added precaution and safety.” Ling Xiao calmly said, and the rings appeared in his open palm.

You XiaoMo slowly took a breath in. Mentioning such a difficult time, especially so for Ling Xiao, it made it so he couldn’t refute anything.

He cautiously reached out to inspect the rings closer. Gingerly picking up the one he assumed to be his and looking at its blinding radiance. He supposed he should at least be thankful it’s not a typical diamond.

“When do you want to put them on?” You XiaoMo ventured to ask when he looked up to him. Figuring he might as well accept how things are.

Ling Xiao took the rings back and they disappeared into thin air as he replied, “Later. For now, rest and we’ll go find a hotel.”

You XiaoMo surprisingly disagreed, “I want to go shopping for a few more items before we leave for home.”

Ling Xiao gave him a funny look and asked, “What more do we need?”

“We need to stop by at least a furniture store and a candle shop.” You XiaoMo said assertively, leaning back to rest against the soft waves of grass.

Hearing him say so, Ling Xiao could guess to the reasonings and left it at that.

Forty-five minutes later, after You XiaoMo was feeling steadier and ate a light meal with Ling Xiao, they left the pocket dimension.

The direction they headed was the closer of the two places, which was the candle shop. Their pregnancy book had listed aromatherapy as a suggestion to try to ease nausea. While also giving a soothing quality, so it was worth a try to go buy some.

You XiaoMo senses were overloaded at once upon walking into the store, being heavily scented with flowers and every other scent available. He had to walk out immediately and get the city air into his nostrils instead.

With a pitiful and damsel in distress expression, You XiaoMo turned his big teary eyes toward Ling Xiao and softly complained, “I can’t go in there. Will you grab the things for me instead?”

Ling Xiao looked at him as he lazily said, “What do you want me to get?”

Grinning, You XiaoMo took out a small piece of paper from his magic bag, handing it to Ling Xiao and happily said, “It’s mostly written on there. If they have any recommendations similar to those, take those as well.”

Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo walked to a corner of the street that had some cover. Sending You XiaoMo to temporarily be placed inside Ling Xiao’s dimension again.

Thirty minutes later, You XiaoMo found himself already being summoned back out of the dimension and into Ling Xiao’s embrace. The man had a fresh smile on his face, saying with a smooth voice, “Lady, your husband brings back the spoils.”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes.

Chapter Text

They made a quick trip inside the same clothing store as before, placing their orders for the types of clothing You XiaoMo would need soon. Listing off multiple variations of sizes and ordering them in bulk.

To skip the awkwardness of them asking and having to measure him, You XiaoMo had already measured himself back at home and wrote down his sizes on paper. All he had to do was pick out the colors and fabrics.

When at a loss for different styles, he embarrassedly told them to finally just make it as many as they wanted and base it off similar pregnancy clothing in the store.

However before they left, they bought You XiaoMo a couple of new coat jackets to wear that he’d fill out soon. Also, purchasing a hundred magic bags that could hold a thousand square feet of space. Aiming to give most to P'eng on his trip to use.

Even though he was doing all this, You XiaoMo was still cringing at the idea of looking like a humongous beach ball.

Seeing him with a disgusted expression, Ling Xiao knew immediately what he was thinking of, saying with an excited voice, “I am very much looking forward to it, ah.”

You XiaoMo snapped his gaze from his stomach to Ling Xiao’s face, confusedly asking, “What are you talking about?”

Ling Xiao reached over and touched his stomach as they strolled down the street, “For you to get bigger, you’ll be so glowing.”

For a moment, You XiaoMo turned supercilious, because, in his heart, he felt he’d look less manly when he was. Even so, he knew Ling Xiao didn’t mean it that way, so he still smiled and softly said, “Thank you for the kind words but I highly doubt it.”

Ling Xiao shook his head with a warm smile, sighing, “I really mean it.”

You XiaoMo laughed, patting his hand on his stomach, nodding, “I’m sure you do.”

Ling Xiao straightened up and held his waist, “Where to next?”

You XiaoMo looked up to the sky and said, “Furniture store I suppose.”

Fifteen minutes later they turned some corners and squeezed in the doors of an apparently very popular store. You XiaoMo was used to furniture stores being kind of half empty, but this one sure wasn’t…

There was almost a person to an item standing around looking.

“Maybe we should go to a different one…” You XiaoMo weakly said, not wanting to have to fight people to look at displays.

Ling Xiao pointed to the far back of the room, calmly said, “No need. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

You XiaoMo looked to the direction and was surprised, shy mind asking, “How, how did you know what I wanted to get?”

He didn’t remember saying the specific items out loud.

Ling Xiao gave him a brilliant smile, winking, “Husband’s intuition.”

You XiaoMo blushed.

“Come, we don’t have all day.” Ling Xiao held his hand and walked them forward.

Ling Xiao lead him past a few families shopping and they arrived in front of the displays.

You XiaoMo looked at the few selections they had and directly went toward the white one.

He read in his pregnancy book about rocking chairs and how they help soothe the baby to sleep. Ling Xiao probably remembered it as well.

You XiaoMo went to inspect the front of it. Its style was that of a very cushioned upholstered regular sized chair, not too big but not to thin, and at the bottom, there were two wooden rockers on each end. There was even a matching footrest available.

“What do you think?” You XiaoMo turned around to glance at the Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao went up to and gave it a push, “Looks fine to me.”

“Then we’ll get two. One for our room, one for his room.” You XiaoMo nodded, already scouring for the other items he wanted, “Let’s get his playroom set up. Where are the benches and toy chests?”

Ling Xiao tilted his head and scanned the room, “Should be behind you.”

Not feeling overly picky, You XiaoMo just randomly picked out a handful of different shapes and sizes, all mostly keeping the same color scheme though.

Seeing the sun was rapidly going down the mountain, You XiaoMo suggested, “Could you go pick out a couch for it, I’ll find the rugs for both rooms.” The baby book suggested for the nursery to have a soft floor for the baby to crawl on.

Ling Xiao slightly nodded and wordlessly did as asked. He also wanted to leave soon and find a hotel.

You XiaoMo was left to go over to the abundance of rug section. It took him awhile but he found two off-white, massively soft ones. Since his searched last longer than Ling Xiao’s, when the man returned, You XiaoMo had just picked them out.

“Isn’t it soft?”

You XiaoMo softly admired, stroking it as he asked the approaching man.

Ling Xiao reached out to touch it, with an immoral grin, said, “It is, but not as soft as you.”

You XiaoMo brain froze as he hit a hard shiver. Now was not the time to be lured in. He shook his head to get his mind out of such sinful and erotic thoughts evoked by that face.

“I’m going to find someone to tally it.”

You XiaoMo then quickly retreated to find a salesman. On the way, he even speedily eyed over more odds and ends of nightstands, cabinets, dressers and side tables. Most were going to be sent to his dimension to hold more storage, but some to the baby’s rooms.

Even though they rushed as fast as they could, by a quarter after seven, they were finally leaving the establishment. Racing the approaching darkness in search for an inn.

The streets were lined with brilliant light pearls by the time they reached the closest hotel to them. It was very ornate and elegant, with people dressed of high class, all chit chatting at the nearby bar and lounge inside.

They skipped eating downstairs in the restaurant and ordered their meals to be taken up to their rented room.

Once the steward left and Ling Xiao closed the door, You XiaoMo was already lunging toward the bed. When he did a test push and felt a very thick and soft mattress, he was instantly elated. A happy grin planted itself on his face as he slithered on top of it.

After doing three back and forth soft laps, he stopped and looked up at Ling Xiao who was indifferently inspecting around the room.

When the man went to the window, You XiaoMo spoke up, “I didn’t expect our trip to last this long.”

“We don’t have to go to the party.” Ling Xiao absentmindedly stated, lazily watching the crowd of people below.

You XiaoMo ran his hands up and down the covers, softly replied, “Our midwife appointment is same time anyways, not like we won’t be here.”

Ling Xiao shrugged, closing the curtains and looking towards the door, seconds later the knock sounded.

Ling Xiao went to let the waiter in and after the cart was pushed inside, he gave the service employee a tip before shutting the door behind him. You XiaoMo rolled off the bed and went to wipe his hands down before he sat down at the table and happily reached for his food.

Thirty minutes later, You XiaoMo gave a soft burp, having finished his plate of steamed vegetable dumplings easily.

Ling Xiao faintly smiled, asking, “Was it good?”

You XiaoMo licked his lips, reaching for a bread roll, “It was, shopping works up an appetite.”

Ling Xiao laughed and started to brew a new tea.

After they finished eating, You XiaoMo wanted to take a bath, and of course, Ling Xiao also wanted to join. They could’ve gone into the regular lake in Ling Xiao’s dimension, but You XiaoMo wanted to soak in the spirit water, so they went into his.

When You XiaoMo was fully naked, his body weight was lifted up and carried toward the water by Ling Xiao. They didn’t linger in the water too long, as it was already approaching late hours and they had to get up early to depart.

The moonlight was gently shining down on the bed, making the already white quilts illuminate with the glimmer. Two bodies were tightly embracing each other as they peacefully drifting off to sleep.

Ling Xiao’s hand was holding the small back securely as his other wrapped around a thin waist. Feeling his breathing evening and slowing down, Ling Xiao knew his wife had fallen asleep already. He took the opportunity to slowly move his hand from his waist to cover his stomach, feeling the expanse of its growing size underneath his palm.

It’s such a short amount of time, six weeks, but it already felt like so long ago since they found out.

These moments, him holding his wife in his arms, and now his child, are what makes him feel light and free.

He was blissfully happy.

At the crack of dawn they woke up and left the hotel, but before they left Transit, You XiaoMo wanted to stop by that bakery again.

The bell above the door chimed as they walked inside. It was very packed at early breakfast hours, as many people were getting their pastries before having to make it to work.

The drool was already falling out of his mouth as You XiaoMo ran up to one of the glass displays surrounding the walls. He was starving!

Looking back at the line, it seemed like it was going to be awhile until it was their turn though.

With this thought…

You XiaoMo innocently looked back up to Ling Xiao, smiling sweetly, he endearingly said, “Do you think we could use one of the perks of you being you?”

Ling Xiao lazily glanced down at him, raising an eyebrow, “Perks?”

You XiaoMo gave a guilty laugh, whispering, “You know, a name drop here or there. Maybe we’ll get special treatment.”

Ling Xiao grinned with a devilish expression, eyes bright, “You really want it that bad?”

You XiaoMo lifted up his hands while shrugged his shoulders, looking away and speaking in a righteous tone of voice, “All I’m saying is your pregnant wife is starving right now.” With his hunger so strong, he decided to not play fair and guilt the man.

“As you say!” Ling Xiao languidly spits out those words, lifting his chin up slightly and releasing just a glimmer of his aura around him.

As the man usually suppressed his level and aura, most couldn’t comprehend his strength. The majority just feeling a strangeness and sense of unease at not feeling anything at all. Those who were smart and higher level knew what this absence meant. Although there was at times Ling Xiao went around with just allowing the Sacred level and a few stars to be seen.

With his breath no longer restrained, suddenly the faces of many slightly changed, etching with shock and awe. At the same time, most had their breathing staggered and in turn dropped what they were doing. It was by no means oppression but it was a noticeable pressure that let you know it was special.

A group that seemed to have come in together, both mixed with men and women, abruptly ended their conversations, turning and looking in their direction.

“Is that… the Supreme?” A woman with heavy rouge makeup exclaimed. She didn’t yell, however, it was loud enough for everyone in the sudden quiet to hear.

“Heavens! That’s Ling Xiao is it not?”

“What’s he doing here?”

The voices were overlapping and the whispers were growing in volume.

You XiaoMo was half doubting his decision, as he’d rather not make a big spectacle. Then again….. he was still too hungry to care.

Really hoping for some food now.

A red-faced and starry-eyed woman employee rushed out behind the counter. Seeming to obviously be a fan of Ling Xiao’s, came rushing to their front, hastily saying, “My Excellency Supreme, what can I get for you? I assure you, The Cake Corner has top rated fresh food!”

Ling Xiao’s face was expressionless as he answered casually, “We’re here to buy pastries and bread. It seems you are busy though…”

“We aren’t to busy for your Excellencies! Please, let me help you. What are you looking for?” The woman rushed to interject speedily, walking toward the freshly added batch at a counter beside them.

Ling Xiao just bowed his head to look at You XiaoMo with a ‘there you go’ expression.

You XiaoMo had to hold the urge to roll his eyes. Smiling, he started to happily point across the glass telling the woman, “I want to try your sponge cake swiss rolls with the whipped cream center. Then purchase three bags each of your cinnamon roll buns and milk bread.”

The woman blinked in slight surprise, so much for so little a boy….

Still, she complied with his requests. Meanwhile sending flickering glances toward Ling Xiao, hurriedly pulling the freshest bread out and packaged it in double layered boxes.

You XiaoMo shuffled around in his coin purse and pulled out the amount needed. He even gave a small tip for her attentiveness. Minus the swooning glances at Ling Xiao, she still helped them skip the line.

Twenty minutes later they were exiting the second transportation circle out of Zhongtian's central city, heading in the direction of the city of Umei.

Shuffling around in his magic bag, You XiaoMo pulled a cinnamon bun roll out and offered it to Ling Xiao. The man easily took it and bit into it while they walked side by side.

After a little bit, You XiaoMo licked his fingers clean of the crusted flakes, curiously looking up at Ling Xiao and asking, “How are we getting home?”

“Same way as before.” Ling Xiao lazily replied, looking up at the sun and seeing it was already ten in the morning, “We need to hurry or we won’t make good time.”

You XiaoMo took another bite of a roll, nodding solemnly.

When they made it to the city’s gates and from the view of others, Ling Xiao bent over and held You XiaoMo up, both of them disappearing in place.

Within a blink of an eye they were on flying above the outskirts of XiJing.

You XiaoMo had to hurry and pull out the new white overcoat he bought yesterday. As the winter air was starting to get more and more chilly again.

“Let’s fly some.” You XiaoMo suggested as he put his arms through the coat’s sleeves. It’s been awhile since he’s flown leisurely.

Ling Xiao easily agreed and nodded, “Sure.”

You XiaoMo summoned his soul-powered wings and lifted himself out of Ling Xiao’s hold, flying and hovering beside him.

Two hours later….

You XiaoMo’s stomach was growling again. Craving food like no tomorrow, his mind kept flashing dishes and he wanted them now!

“Is there a town nearby?” You XiaoMo asked while scanning the horizon, slowing down his flight speed, “I’m hungry.”

Ling Xiao slowed down and glanced back at him, “A few miles to the east. Can’t you just eat the pastries you just bought?”

You XiaoMo pouted, “I don’t want them.”

Ling Xiao stared at him for a lingering moment, imperceptibly sighing, then patiently asked, “What do you want then?”

“Beef noodles!” You XiaoMo excitedly cried, hands clasping together in a daydreaming-like manner, mouth already salivating.

Ling Xiao turned in the east direction, simply stating, “Let’s go.” Flying without waiting for his reply.

You XiaoMo quickly followed, speeding up to catch him.

Forty-five minutes later they were hovering over a small wicked inhabited town, landing in the forest outside its unguarded gates.

“Zahm Summit.” You XiaoMo said, running a hand over his belly as he read the sign, “I guess it’s adequate, we are very high up.”

The whole area was as if teeter tottering very precariously over cliff sides. A very dangerous looking place to live…

Ling Xiao’s manner was unconcerned as he didn’t pause and kept going straight down the dirt and rock covered road.

You XiaoMo followed behind him smiling.

The town didn’t have many options to choose from. You XiaoMo could only spot a handful of establishments selling food, all of which were pubs.

They randomly picked one and walked inside.

It was cramped in space, not appearing very well organized with all the crowded bodies at the bar.

Seating themselves in a table, that of which You XiaoMo still felt could use another wipe down. They then waved down a waiter.

A middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair, wearing a blue uniform walked over to eagerly take their order.

You XiaoMo asked with hopeful eyes, “Do you have any beef noodles?”

The middle-aged man looked a little apologetic, “I’m sorry Sir, we do not. We do however have a house specialty meatballs if you’re interested in trying.”

You XiaoMo’s face crumbled, he wanted his noodles though…

Ling Xiao’s deep voice floated over, “We’ll take two of those.”

“Right away Sirs.” The middle-aged man said, turning and leaving towards the kitchen.

You XiaoMo had a pout on his face, crossing his arms.

He was not happy.

While in his depressed thoughts, a loud shouting sounded near the bar.

Jolting slightly out of his reverie, You XiaoMo looked in the direction. Directly spotting the rowdy bunch over there that was causing the racket.

They were all brawny and burly type men, wearing large scaled heavy armor with dirtied up faces. Obviously the rough and tumble kind of folks and very much drunk in the middle of the day.

You XiaoMo was glad they were far enough away that he couldn’t smell them. As they appeared to be the covered in dried blood and filth. He doubted they have taken a bath in weeks.

Deciding to be gracious and give Ling Xiao a warning, You XiaoMo pointedly looked at the group and flatly said, “If they come near me, I will hurl.”

Ling Xiao glanced at him and faintly said, “Noted.”

Five minutes later the waiter returned with two plates of low-level wicked meat skewered on a stick. It looked fresh off the grill with steaming waves of heat coming off of it.

You XiaoMo watched Ling Xiao take his few bites first, curiously asking, “How is it?”

Ling Xiao paused and squinted down at the plate, “It’s alright.”

You XiaoMo looked down on his own, he took a testing bite before he immediately gave a disgusted expression, finding a napkin to quickly spit it out.

“Poo, that’s too spicy.” You XiaoMo reached for his water, taking gluping sips to wash it out, “I can’t eat that.”

Since he’s become pregnant, he’s been very sensitive to spicy or over seasoned foods.

Ling Xiao didn’t care for it much either, gently saying, “Then let’s leave.”

“Wait.” You XiaoMo rushed to say, looking kind of embarrassed, “I need to use the restroom.”

Ling Xiao smiled faintly, smoothly saying, “Then go.”

You XiaoMo sighed, getting up and looking for the door.

He got as far as few steps when he saw where it was located.

Right behind the drunkies…


You XiaoMo promptly spins on his toes, going back to stand beside Ling Xiao, where the man was smilingly watching him.

Ling Xiao had a warm voice as he teasingly asked, “Don’t have to go?”

You XiaoMo gave him a ferocious glare, frustratedly spat back, “You know I do.”

Ling Xiao lightly laughed, rising from his chair and saying, “Go pay.”

You XiaoMo with an uncomfortable expression turned around and rushed to the counter.

He really needed to go pee!

He was just opening his coin purse near their register when from behind he heard the sound of air rushing toward him.

You XiaoMo turned his head in time to see something flying towards his direction. Immediately cold sweat broke over his body. Just when he was about to flash step and dodge, the body halted two meters away from him. It was as if the body had a rubber band string around it and went back to whence it came, crashing down hard, buried a couple of meters deep down into the ground.

The next moment, the tall and slender body of Ling Xiao was materializing in front of You XiaoMo. The man’s hand was still high in the air, momentum was that of a sharp knife.

In the midst of the loud chaos of wood crashing into pieces, everything also seemed eerily quiet, as everyone’s eyes were now highly focused on them.

Ling Xiao looked down at the broken and bruised body a few feet away. Dark eyes were as cold as ice and yet his voice spoke with a gentleness, “You should watch where you are going.”

At the end of his words, his gaze lazily lifted to the people who punched the man in his wife’s direction.

You XiaoMo was startled at the pace of all the events. Looking at the painful expression of the unlucky fellow, and then the poor floorboards now in broken pieces. He turned back to the shocked host and dropped their tab money on the counter. Not caring if the middle-aged man saw that he paid or not, grabbing Ling Xiao’s hand and pulling him towards the front exit door.

You XiaoMo thought bitterly at how his trip had turned out to be a big waste of time.

Walking out the door, You XiaoMo let go of Ling Xiao’s hand and looked left and right. Then he faced the center and hastily walked across the street to another pub. Ling Xiao was calmly following not far behind with an easy-going attitude. Already having moved on from his earlier anger.

You XiaoMo opened the red painted door and scanned the room. Finding his target, he dismissively walked past a server whose mouth was left open in a question.

You XiaoMo made his way to the back, crossing the threshold and holding his breath past a few patrons at the front bar. Going inside the door labeled ‘bathroom. It wasn’t much better than the outside area, but still useable.

After finishing his business and washing his hands, You XiaoMo cracked open the door and spotted his man standing a few steps away. A smile like the light spring breeze was still hanging on Ling Xiao’s face. Looking all elegant and dignified just like a noble prince.

You XiaoMo felt his heart pick up at the sight and made his way toward him.

Ling Xiao looked at him and asked, “Feel better?”

You XiaoMo nodded, “Yep.”

“Stay or go?” Ling Xiao gave him the choice.

You XiaoMo looked at the dusty and dark pub, softly answering, “Go.”

Strolling out of the town’s streets and making it to the edge of the dirt path, You XiaoMo gave a regretful deep sigh.

He really had wanted to eat those noodles…

Twenty minutes later, as they were flying in the air, You XiaoMo let loose his third sad sounding sigh.

Ling Xiao looked at him in amusement, a slight smile on his lips, “Are you upset?”

You XiaoMo widen his eyes slightly at being caught, but still dispiritedly said, “I’m fine.”

“When we pass White Bone City we can stop by there.” Ling Xiao offhandedly commented to his clearly pouting wife.

You XiaoMo wanted to say he was hungry now and it wouldn’t matter by then, but he kept his mouth shut as he didn’t want to complain and whine.

Thus, an emotionally bottled up and frustrated You XiaoMo slowed his flight speed, taking out a swiss roll to began nibbling it while in the sky.

Ten minutes later, You XiaoMo asked Ling Xiao who was slightly ahead of him, “Do you have any regular water bottles in your dimension?”

The cake made him very thirsty so he was really wanting water.

Ling Xiao glanced back at him to answer, “I do not.”

“Why not? You should.” You XiaoMo mumbled under his breath. His dimension had spirit water bottles, Ling Xiao should start to bottle his regular water. It was only fair!

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes, “What did you say?”

Feeling like daring death, You XiaoMo still being cranky, boldly said, “I said you should.”

Ling Xiao restrained his anger and smiled gently, sweetly saying, “Lady, if you want me too, I will. You only need to ask the husband.”

“Okay…” You XiaoMo shuddered. He was very familiar with this expression. So familiar that he couldn’t help but shiver involuntarily each time he saw it. The majority of his anger instantly dissipating.

After a few moments of silence and Ling Xiao saw his wife’s attitude feathered down, he calmly offered, “Do you want to go inside my dimension for water?”

You XiaoMo innocently nodded, “Yes, please.”

Ling Xiao slowed his flight to a stop which made You XiaoMo do the same. Reaching out to hold his arm, they both went into his pocket dimension instantaneously.

With the beautiful blue sky overhead, You XiaoMo’s nose was assaulted with the fresh smell of lush vibrant green grass. He looked over and saw they were right next to the lake filled with the regular clear and sparkling water.

You XiaoMo happily trotted over and summoned a rather large drinking cup from his own dimension. Squatting down to the edge, he dunked the cup under the water’s surface and filled it to the brim before bringing it to his thirsty lips.

Drinking half the cup continuously, You XiaoMo’s lips made a smacking noise as he gasped for a breath of air. His face held a relieved and elated expression, licking the liquid on his lips before diving back in.

A few feet away, Ling Xiao had his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes danced with amusement as he watched him. Thinking his pregnant little mood swinging wife was something else. Although his wife already had a stubborn temper and was endlessly entertaining, it was now amplified in levels.

Luckily, he was a gracious enough husband and didn’t hold it over him.

At least until the child was born.

Then repayment is due!

Ten minutes later, a cheerful faced You XiaoMo was filling up bottles from the lake, sending the majority into his own dimension to store.

He got up and wiped the water off his palms onto his pants, declaring, “I’m ready.”

Ling Xiao slightly nodded, walking forward, he held his waist firmly before they left together.

Not even a hour later.

Flying in the air.

You XiaoMo was squirming slightly, looking left and right, and in an uncomfortable voice saying, “I need to take a break.”

“What is it?” Ling Xiao glanced at him asking.

You XiaoMo bit his lip, eyes still scanning the ground, “I need to go the bathroom.”

Ling Xiao’s eyebrows went up in mild surprise, “Again?”

You XiaoMo poutedly looked at him, hand holding his growing belly, resentfully stating, “It’s the baby’s fault, you can’t tease me.”

Ling Xiao lightly chuckled, a smile seeped into his eyes as he charmingly declared, “I would never.”

You XiaoMo laughed while not believing him an ounce. Then diving down below to an area that seemed less crowded with trees.

Landing on the ground, there seemed to be no one near, only forest creatures of non-spirituality and insects.

As You XiaoMo went to find a tree to go behind, he noticed Ling Xiao was following him, he quickly turned around with a hand up signally him to stop.

“Wait, you stay here.” You XiaoMo blushedly ordered.

Ling Xiao looked at him with delight and roguishly grinned, “You know, no matter how far you go, I’ll still hear you.”

You XiaoMo jittered, falteringly shouted, “Then-then try not too!”

Then, not waiting to hear what other nonsense of vulgar things, You XiaoMo clumsily ran behind a couple of trees to relieve himself.

Ling Xiao’s deep and low chuckles sounded after him.

Chapter Text

An hour later they were getting closer to White Bone City and You XiaoMo couldn’t stop the yawn that came over him. His morning sickness was slightly getting better the last two days but his fatigue was growing.

Twenty minutes later he couldn’t help but falter in his flying.

Ling Xiao saw his pained expression, said, “Lady, do you want to go inside my dimension?”

You XiaoMo blinked away his daze, confusedly asked, “Why? No, I want to go.”

After this, he’ll be cooped up in the palace and he wanted the exercise.

Ling Xiao squinted at him for a long moment, understanding his thoughts, and simply said, “I’ll go with you.”

You XiaoMo looked at him decisively before he compromisingly nodded.

Ling Xiao reached out and took his hand, yet again disappearing.

Even though Ling Xiao’s dimension didn’t have a You XiaoMo built cabin inside. There was a blocked off location where a few furniture pieces had been placed inside. One of those being a large bed.

You XiaoMo walked up to the bed and took out a few fluffy soft blankets and pillows previously purchased. Unrolling and placing them down on the bed before crawling inside.

Watching him finally relax and get comfortable, Ling Xiao sat beside him and offered smilingly, “Want company?”

Lifting his gaze, You XiaoMo smiled endearingly and scooted over to show his answer.

Ling Xiao easily slipped in under the blankets, hugging his wife to his chest and laying down with him.

Before You XiaoMo drifted off, he felt Ling Xiao’s large hand move from his waist to hold his stomach, he sighed with content as he dozed off.

Sometime later You XiaoMo woke up, blinking away the sleep in his eyes as he blearily focused on the black-robed chest in his view. He felt a warm hand touch and card through his hair, he looked up at the action and saw Ling Xiao warmly smiling down at him.

Ling Xiao eloquently said, “Dear wife, sleep well?”

“Mhmm.” You XiaoMo made a noise of affirmation, he really did have a good and deep sleepful nap.

You XiaoMo lifted his head off his chest and sat up slowly, he asked, “Did you sleep any?”

Ling Xiao faintly replied, “A little.”

A little bit longer and the two were back in the skies. Soaring across mountains and making it within a good time to White Bone City.

The streets were busy as usual and they made it to their new favorite restaurant. The Crimson Diner.

Having finally got what he wanted, You XiaoMo was delighted, eating his portions with a silly grin on his face.

Finally, his craving appeased!

Another reason to like this diner.

It was nearing six in the afternoon by the time the two of them made it to their palace gates. You XiaoMo was wanting to fly the rest of the way himself, but as he was showing signs of getting tired again, Ling Xiao domineeringly just walked over and picked him up. Flying the both of them home himself.

When the two of them went through their elaborate front double doors, You XiaoMo was instantly hugged by a person in a suffocating manner.

Obviously You Xu…

“Daddy…” You XiaoMo muffledly squeezed out, trying to push him off some. “What are you doing, are you trying to knock me over?”

You Xu looked startled, instantly letting him have breathing room and explained, “I just missed my child so much! You were gone so long. How can I not worry?”

At the end of his words, he held You XiaoMo’s hand and gave him a sad and resentful expression.

You XiaoMo’s lip twitched at the guilt trip.

Ling Xiao calmly stated, “We had some business to attend to while in Zhongtian. Everything is fine.”

Thinking of their news, You XiaoMo’s eyes looked at Ling Xiao with an obvious question, a small smile on his face.

Ling Xiao lightly laughed, receiving his brainwaves, he looked toward You Xu and said, “Do you mind inquiring my parents and his the Qui Team to meet us in the Crystal Hall?”

You Xu looked between them both suspiciously, but noticing his son’s childlike expression, he melted and readily agreed, “I guess I could.”

Having his answer in the positive, the both of them walked past him and toward the east wing of the palace.

When they were out of earshot, Ling Xiao looked down at him warmly, “You ready for this?”

Looking ahead with an earnest expression, You XiaoMo took in a deep breath, “As ready as ever be.”

Ling Xiao patted his head, eyes bright, “Since I told them we were having a baby, is it your turn now?”

You XiaoMo choked on his saliva and startlingly looked up at him, but after a second, he smiled while softly saying, “I-I guess. But you have to start us off!”

He was confident enough this time to speak up.

As this wasn’t six weeks ago.

No longer was he distraught or in avoidance.

He was dare say…. excited!

Seven minutes later, because their palace was vast and massive in size, they finally made it to the eastside Crystal Reception Hall.

It wasn’t overly large, but of one of the dozen reception rooms that they owned. One of the few You XiaoMo has decorated. He still has plans on eventually finishing the rest of the areas soon. It’s mostly time and effort.

This room happened to be named and decorated by both You XiaoMo and CatQui actually. They both went out and picked out the designs by happenstance. Buying lots of shiny crystals and jeweled decorations and finding glass tables to match. Using multiple overly stuffed white chairs and couches with light blue plush pillows everywhere. All overly posh and almost modern feel to it, as You XiaoMo designed it to feel so.

Since they were the first to arrive, and he was feeling slightly tired, You XiaoMo decided to recline his feet on one of the fronts facing couches. Situating the abundance of pillows to his liking before sitting down and relaxing against the fluffy cloud pillar he made. When finished, he pleasantly took a Lily Pear from his dimension to eat on while he waited.

Ling Xiao elegantly followed him, lifting his feet and sitting down underneath them.

You XiaoMo reached out to offer his food but Ling Xiao just shook his head declining the wordless offer. You XiaoMo returned the sweet flowery fruit back to his mouth with an innocent and joyous expression.

Within a few minutes the door cracked open with an excited PiQui and CatQui bursting in. They were followed by a small golden fur blur, with a rude Little Gold proceeding to cut in line by jumping on top of both of the two wicked’s heads be first.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but laugh at the comical scene.

Little Gold jumped off the ground and rushed to sit on top of him, the little body of small tiger-cat was flying mid-air at him.

Ling Xiao flicked a finger and it was as if the little wicked abruptly hit an invisible wall.

Falling down to hit the floor, Little Gold’s sapphire eyes widened at realizing the situation, turning his tiny head, he grinned up at Ling Xiao guiltily, spitting out, “Quack Ga.”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes dangerously at him and calmly warned, “No more jumping on him.”

Little Gold, not wanting to get punished by Boss Ling, quickly nodded and slowly crawled up the side of the couch beside his master. All proper and polite behavior. Seeing such an act, You XiaoMo didn’t recognize his own naughty little wicked.

After seeing this display, PiQui and CatQui, of course, calmed down immediately. Now thankful they had yet to run to their master’s side inattentively.

At this time, LanQui and HeiQui had arrived, shortly followed by SheQui.

PiQui’s ruby colored eyes lit up as he excitedly cried, “Master, we’ve missed you!”

You XiaoMo smiled at him, “I’m sorry, we didn’t intend for our trip to be so long.”

MaoQui had just walked in as they spoke, asking, “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine.” You XiaoMo answered, happily grinning up at her.

You XiaoMo suddenly felt rude at laying in such a relaxed manner in front of company. Moving his arms and making the move to get up.

Sitting down on the adjacent couch, SheQui quickly assured, “You don’t have to get up on the account of us Master.”

You XiaoMo looked taken-aback and blankly responded, “I’m fine.”

Fang ChenYue, Fu ZiLin, and Qiqui along with Xiao Ping-Pong came inside as he sat up.

“Brothers!” You XiaoMo smiled happily at them.

Fang ChenYue sent him a gentle smile, while Fu ZiLin gave him a slight nod in greeting.

“I’m glad you’re home Xiao Shidi, I hope you haven’t been overdoing yourself.” Fang ChenYue said softly, looking at his face that seemed vague with fatigue but overall looking happy.

You XiaoMo sat his lily fruit on the table and gave a broad smile, side glancing at Ling Xiao as he said, “I haven’t, someone won’t let me even if I tried.”

Words said, the group emitted soft laughter and or let hid secret smiles.

“Masterrr!” a soft yet manly voice rang out loudly, then the door burst open as XiaoJi ran inside with searching red eyes.

P'eng followed closely behind, however in a much calmer and mature manner. Greeting him a with a polite nod and smile.

XiaoJi rushed to the front of You Xiaomo and grabbed his arm, “I’ve missed you, Master.”

You XiaoMo smiled looking at him before scanning the room, stating, “I’ve missed you all too. Has everything been well?”

“It’s been fine. Just the usual assignments, it's been calm.” SheQui waved his hand and lazily answered. As he’s always been the representative for the team, he spoke up for everyone.

Ling Xiao calmly and in a dignified manner then stood up. When You XiaoMo curiously turned his gaze up to him, seconds later the door opened with their parents finally have arrived.

You Xu shut the door behind them all before following everyone else in finding a seat.

As they got near, Ling Xiao smiled and greeted the man who brought him up, “Old Pops.”

Even though Ling Xiao and Lin Gu’s relationship still wasn’t what it used to be, thanks to You XiaoMo’s persistence, Ling Xiao has made a small effort. One of those being addressing the Old Uncle as such at times. It apparently meant a lot to the old man and You XiaoMo got tired of being guilted.

“Xiao and XiaoMo children, it’s good to have you home. What brings this meeting?” Lin Gu smoothly said as he walked in and sat beside them. One of You XiaoMo’s contract wicked had politely given their seat up preemptively for the elder.

Lin Dark narrowed his eyes at them, with a deep and gruff laugh, “Yes, I’m curious, let’s hear it.”

You XiaoMo inwardly sighed.

Straight to the point, pulling no punches, like father like child apparently.

You XiaoMo rushed to stand up on unbalanced feet, at the same time, a rush of panic flitted across everyone’s faces before Ling Xiao immediately grabbed his thin arm to steady him.

The room had imperceptibly and barely heard sighs of relief at the quick recovery.

Once stable, You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao, the man had a sardonic smile directed at him. His eyes obviously portraying an ‘Idiot will fall anywhere’ words or something of the similar.

As per their agreement, Ling Xiao slowly removed his gaze from his wife’s and toward the room. He smiled warmly, charmingly, and said, “We do have news to announce.” Then bowed his head to look back at his wife.

Seeing his cue was lit up before him, You XiaoMo eyes were almost sparkling with excitement. He gave the room a sweeping glance before landing back at Ling Xiao’s, announcing with soft joy, “We’re having a boy.”

After he said the sentence, he looked back at the reactions throughout the room.

“XiaoXù, Child Paper, Daddy is so happy for you both. Congratulations!” You Xu happily said, wanting to be the first to say something this time around. Still jealous of the Lins for the knowing ahead of time.

“Thank you.” You XiaoMo bashfully said, blushing at his dad referring to Ling Xiao as such. Still not used to hearing such words said out loud.

After that, a round of congratulations went around the room. Then Lin Gu’s steady voice spoke up as he clasped Ling Xiao’s on the shoulder, “Congratulations you two.”

Ling Xiao smiled, “Thank you.”

Lin Dark who was looking highly excited, shouted loudly, “This is splendid news! We need to celebrate!”

You Xu took this opportunity to rise up and hug You XiaoMo around the shoulders, “Yes, we must!”

Lin Dark turned around and ordered some of the Qui Team, “Go fetch us some wine!”

You XiaoMo wanted to say something but four of his team had already left the room…

Ling Xiao calmly shifted his gaze to Lin Dark before faintly saying, “Only for a little while. We have just traveled all day.”

You XiaoMo’s Qui Team must’ve really booked it or was scared of Lin Dark, as they were back within five minutes with the liquor. Carrying in crates filled with many different varieties and shapes.

You XiaoMo decided to try to be a good host and dropped a platter full of dried meat jerky on the center glass table. Even being gracious enough to plop down two heavy jars of Spirit Wine. That of which even his two brothers eagerly wanted.

After all, Spirit Wine was very fragrant and had regenerative power abilities. It was a delicacy.

Within twenty minutes, almost everyone but himself had a cup of wine in hand.

Instead, he had summoned a bottle of water that he had filled up in Ling Xiao’s dimension earlier. Drinking it and continuing to snack on his previous eaten fruit.

You Yun had a broad grin on his face, slightly flush already from the alcohol as he said, “You two, if you want, Daddy here can give you name suggestions.”

Lin Dark’s eyebrows went up in surprise, exclaiming, “I have some suggestions.”

Peacekeeping, Fang ChenYue gently interjected, “I believe they’ve just found out, there’s no need to rush them.”

Lin Dark grumpily looked at him briefly before defensively saying, “I didn’t mean there’s a rush, just offering some I’ve always liked.”

Ling Xiao withdrew the wine cup from his lips, the movements holding a noble refinement as he calmly said, “We already have a name picked out.”

At this information, everyone in the room was slightly and abruptly shocked out of their drunkenness.

Having dropped his jerky in surprise, LanQui curiously asked, “What name could it be that the Master and Boss already have decided?”

You XiaoMo gave a shy smile, cheeks tinting red rapidly as he said, “Ling Kai.”

Most of the room's eyes widened at this reveal and the meaning of the last name.

Fu ZiLin was the first to speak up, in his cold voice that yet at the same time held warmth, looked at them both, “It’s a lovely name, very fitting.”

You XiaoMo grinned widely at him, his heart soaring at hearing the words. He also thought so.

“Thank you.” Ling Xiao politely replied, answering for the both of them.

“Ling Kai. A strong name for a strong grandchild.” You Xu nodded his head in confidence.

MaoQui swirled her glass wondering out loud in an amused expression, “Ling Kai, I wonder if he’ll be a mini Ling Boss or a Master.”

You XiaoMo snapped his gaze to her in surprise.

That was a good question.

“Could be a mix of both.” Fang ChenYue suggested from his chair in the room.

SheQui had a lazy smile, “I have a feeling it will be a Ling Boss miniature.”

You XiaoMo’s head was bouncing back and forth watching the conversation between each person. Face pensive in thought as he was wondering the possibilities as well.

Ling Xiao had a roguish grin on his face, eyes dancing with mirth as he said in a smooth voice, “As long as he doesn’t get this one’s IQ, we’re safe.”

You XiaoMo’s thoughts came crashing down, turning his wrongful glare at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao laughed at seeing the puffed up cheeks and angry pout.

Others also joined in laughing in response, all of which You XiaoMo gave a surprised cry at them all.

This was just teaming up against him!

Shouldn’t one be nicer to the pregnant person?

A few minutes later, when everyone had started to happily conversate amongst themselves, with some talking still about their news and some other topics, You XiaoMo had a weird sense of time slowing down and stopping.

Being surrounded by his family and loved ones, it felt complete and whole right now. And yet, it kind of wasn’t, as it was soon going to grow by one more person.

A little Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

In thirty-one weeks there would be a new family member. He was going to be a parent. Ling Xiao was going to be a father. His dad a grandfather.

Watching the dynamics of everything around them and how they were now, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but wonder how it would change.

“Dear Madam, what are you thinking?” Ling Xiao murmured next to his ear.

Coming out of his reverie, You XiaoMo blankly looked up at the man, whispering back, “Just wondering.”

“What about?” Ling Xiao gently urged, while intimately wrapping his arm around his waist.

You XiaoMo looked back out towards the rowdy room. Then softly laughing and in a daydreaming manner of tone, he softly confessed, “Just trying to visualize an extra person in this room.”

Ling Xiao briefly glimpsed the room with him, then bowing his head to look at him, and using a warm voice, he gently informed him, “You don’t have too.”

You XiaoMo withdrew his absent-minded gaze to look confusedly look up at him, “What…”

Ling Xiao brightly smiled at him, pulling him closer to him, meaningfully saying, “He’s already here in this room, he’s just inside your belly is all. Therefore, everything will be the same, just extra noise.”

Feeling his heart skip a beat, You XiaoMo’s mouth had an astonished smile hanging on his lips while parted in amazement.

That’s one way to spin it.

After a moment, Ling Xiao gave a thoughtful look before adding with a wicked expression, “Okay, maybe a lot of extra noise.”

You XiaoMo lost it then.

Spraying a loud and unrestrained laughter.

Drawing everyone’s attention directed towards him in a questioning glance.

But You XiaoMo didn’t notice, as he was gripping Ling Xiao’s robes in desperation. Trying to get air into his lungs joyously.

His man, the true BOSS.

Giggles and chime like laughter ringing out continuously.

PiQui couldn’t hold his curiosity in any longer, asking, “What’s so funny?”

You XiaoMo wiped the tears from his eyes, waving his hand dismissively, “It’s nothing.”

Even though everyone was curious, no one pressed him and continued on with their little celebration.

The party then continued on.

Not too while longer, You XiaoMo put a hand over his mouth to cover his yawn, blinking away the moisture in his eyes.

Ling Xiao had got up a few minutes ago to speak with Lin Gu, so You XiaoMo was left unattended on the couch.

Because of everyone’s drunkenness and so many conversations happening at the same time, it was hard for him to keep focus. Then once his man’s presence was lost, he had no distractions to keep him awake.

“Are you tired?” HeiQui’s voice sounded, alerting You XiaoMo to his presence at his right.

HeiQui had been watching him out of the corner of his eye, noticing his movements growing slower with fatigue and sleep. Becoming afraid if he didn’t speak up, his Master would pass out right there.

You XiaoMo laughed softly, since he was caught there was no sense in lying, “Yeah, a bit.”

At this, Ling Xiao was already walking back to him, having heard his answer. Grabbing his hand and saying, “Let’s go.”

You XiaoMo blearily looked up at him and slowly got to his feet. At the same time, he felt Ling Xiao’s hand steadying his balance. He glanced out at everyone drowsily, softly saying, “Thank you all.”

Most of them stood up at that.

Lin Gu laughed and said, “Don’t mention it. Just get yourself to bed.”

“Child Paper, Daddy will stop by to see you tomorrow.” You Xu slightly slurred at him, being half drunk already.

Making their way out of the room, XiaoJi was already at the door and holding it open for them.

You XiaoMo was only two steps outside the door when he felt his body weight being lifted and into the man’s sturdy arms.

He felt so extremely tired.

You XiaoMo rested his head against Ling Xiao’s chest, closing his eyes, feeling himself being lulled to sleep by the rhythmic walking and his scent.

Chapter Text

When You XiaoMo wakes up the next morning it’s already nine in the morning, the light was seeping through the curtains painting white waves across their bed.

Finding he’s alone in bed, You XiaoMo released a moan as he stretched and rubbed his face against the pillow. He slept very deeply last night, almost too deep if that’s possible, the kind of sleep that left him feeling utterly heavy upon waking up.

Flipping onto his back, You XiaoMo ran a hand over that tiny protruding bump between his hip bones. Then suddenly having felt the urge to pee, he slowly got up and out of bed, walking the light steps toward their adjoining bathing room. Bypassing glancing at the mirror, You XiaoMo already knew his hair was a birds nest of a mess right now. It didn’t matter though, as he intended to crawl back in bed afterward.

When he was done, he opened the door and went to crawl under the blankets, but before he was able to get comfortable, the door opened from the outer room.

Ling Xiao walked in and saw his wife’s burrowing intentions, lightly chuckled before gently announcing, “I brought breakfast.”

You XiaoMo peeked out from under the blankets at hearing that, surprise painting his cute features.

Sniffing the air, he had to admit it did smell good.

Ling Xiao didn’t take it toward the table though, instead, going straight toward the bed with the tray of food.

With this move, You XiaoMo was even more so delighted.

Ling Xiao waited until his wife was seated, with his back to the headboard, before he put the breakfast tray over his blanket-covered legs.

You XiaoMo was staring at the two steaming bowls of porridge with banana slices on top. It wasn’t a complicated meal, but seeing as Ling Xiao doesn’t cook, it was a very touching gesture. That, and, it was perfect breakfast for a pregnant man like him.

Light and healthy.

You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled with adoration up at Ling Xiao, happily saying, “This is amazing.”

Ling Xiao put the spoon in his hand, a faint smile on his lips as he asked, “What are you waiting for?”

At that, You XiaoMo rudely rushed to dig in.

Ling Xiao also ate with him, sitting beside and facing across from him.

It was a comforting and relaxed meal.

When both the of them were finished, You XiaoMo gulped down his water and placed it back down. Seeing he was done, Ling Xiao got up and placed the tray on the table before returning to him.

You XiaoMo grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the bed, wanting his body pillow back.

Resisting the tug, Ling Xiao laughed, a smile in his eyes as he charmingly said, “Lady, you just woke up.”

You XiaoMo let go of his hand, huffing before he poutily said, “Fine.”

Thinking of their day now fully open, he asked, “What did you have planned today?”

“Why? Does the wife have chores for the husband?” Ling Xiao squinted down at him, grabbing his hand again, locking their fingers together.

You XiaoMo guiltily laughed, slowly saying, “They aren’t chores.”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows up, now intrigued, he urged, “Say it then.”

“We just need to unpack all those items we bought. If we don’t do it today, it will bother me unceasingly.” You XiaoMo said, wiggling their combined hands back and forth gently.

“Okay, but first we have something else to do.” Ling Xiao leaned closer, his other hand landing on the headboard beside of You XiaoMo’s head.

You XiaoMo’s head turned to look at the strong arm suddenly caging in him in, distractedly asking, “What thing?”

The next second the hand around his fingers unravel and are now seizing his jaw, turning his widened gaze to look up at the man.

Ling Xiao had an immoral smile, saying in a low voice, “Lady, you owe your husband a morning kiss.”

You XiaoMo’s mind became hazy, that sexy voice paired with the fiery breath across his lips was making him shudder. With a face that quickly became one of alluring desire, You XiaoMo tentatively rushed forward to bluntly meet his lips.

Ling Xiao’s breathing became heavier, taking the initiative to deepen the kiss, his tongue went past pliant lips and teeth, sweeping in to entangle and dance with the other. Enthusiastic and with an overbearing conquest of sucking the mouth of its fluid. By the time Ling Xiao was doing his third sweep, You XiaoMo was practically purring and limp in the strong unyielding arms.

You XiaoMo’s face was as red as ripe persimmons. Smoke practically rising from the top of his head. When Ling Xiao released his now swollen lips and withdrew his drilling tongue, You XiaoMo flopped weakly into his embrace.

Knowing his wife wanted to get things done today, and also usually didn’t condone daytime sex, Ling Xiao held back his lustful desires and restrained his heated gaze. Stroking his wife’s back to help soothe him to breathe better, he slowly said in a husky and thick voice, “When you’re ready, we can go and unpack.”

“Huh?” You XiaoMo questioned with a confused expression, having raised his disoriented gaze to his eyes.

Ling Xiao smiled roguishly, showing his perfect pearly-white teeth, radiantly blinding him to say, “The baby stuff.”


That’s right.

You XiaoMo was momentarily stunned.

That wasn’t his fault though, as Ling Xiao had thoroughly kissed him senseless….

After that, You XiaoMo who was feeling stiff from oversleeping, wanted a hot bath. Ling Xiao was kind enough to go heat up the water for him and let him rest while doing so.

You XiaoMo really was feeling pampered today.

A few minutes later Ling Xiao came back to fetch him.

You XiaoMo, in order to remove temptation, kicked Ling Xiao out of the room and took a very quick bath. He didn’t want the case of some salty pig handed man to crawl in and try something. And if he was honest, after that fiery breakfast of a kiss, You XiaoMo doesn’t have it in him to refuse…

While still towel drying his hair, You XiaoMo walked out of the bathroom in clean and fresh clothing. He chose less layered clothing and more tight fitted fabric today. Although, when he scanned the master bedroom, he didn’t see Ling Xiao ontop the bed where he had left him…

Having gone to check the outer room and the attached dining room, there was still no sign of him.

You XiaoMo frowned.

He guessed he was going to have to unpack things on his own after all.

Since his hair was still damp, You XiaoMo let his hair fall loose today, flowing in waves across his lithe shoulders and back.

With a few thoughts, the magic bags from his dimension landed into his awaiting hands. It ended up being a lot of magic bags in the end.

Shuffling some boots on, You XiaoMo made his way toward the baby’s room.

When he got closer he heard the sound of stone grinding and being shuffled loudly…

As he approached, he noticed there was a new door that wasn’t there before.

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up with the surprise right before he heard more loud shuffling.

He didn’t open the new door but instead walked past it and toward the original door. You XiaoMo wasn’t sure if this door was fully fastened in yet, and he didn’t want to risk it falling down on him.

When he walked inside, he spotted his missing husband.

Ling Xiao’s hand was currently lit up with a purple flame. With a wave, the flame danced to ignite across the borders of a massive white stone slab. The stone was melting with the existing walls and ceiling, blending and welding the two together instantaneously.

The room immediately felt a thousand degrees warmer, so You XiaoMo had to duck out of the room quickly, scared for the baby if he was exposed for too long.

A few minutes later, Ling Xiao’s magnetic voice called out through the room, “Lady, you can come in now.”

You XiaoMo pushed off from the wall, opening the door and slowly walking in. The wall was already finished, impressively standing there and in perfect condition. It seemed as if it was always there in the palace, not an inch out of place. In the center, there was even a clean and open archway towards the decided playroom.

“It looks amazing.” You XiaoMo said softly and looking in admiration, “I saw the door, are you going to put some doors here too?” He turned his head to look at him questioningly.

“I can.” Ling Xiao nodded, eyes scanning the room, “We’ll need to acquire a gate for the fireplace.”

“That’s right, oh.” You XiaoMo turned his head and looked, only then did he remembered that detail.

You XiaoMo then sat on the floor and placed the magic bags down to sift through them. When he found the bag with the majority of the baby furniture, he lifted his arm to hand it to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao walked the two steps to take it, opening it, he reached in and took out a few pieces. Randomly placing them out of the bag until You XiaoMo stopped him, “Wait.”

Ling Xiao glanced at him, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo had an expression of displeasure on his face, unhappily saying, “It doesn’t look right.”

Ling Xiao looked back at the furniture and asked, “How so?” It looked fine to him.

“It’s white, on white, on more white.” You XiaoMo explained, leaning back on his arms. It made the whole room just fade together. He wasn’t one to be picky about such details, but it bothered his eyes just to see. It almost felt like a hospital… Since they can’t change their floors or furniture, then they should change the other! He looked brightly up at Ling Xiao suggesting, “Let’s paint the walls!”

“I’m fine with that. I assume that same blue?” Ling Xiao smiled down at him with a knowing look.

You XiaoMo happily nodded, leaning forward and getting up.

He went to the walls and touched the smooth texture, with a forlorn tone of voice, “I guess a trip to White Bone City to see.”

“If you don’t want to, just make your contract wicked.” Ling Xiao lazily suggested as he gathered the furniture back up.

“Ahh.” You XiaoMo made a noise of delighted surprise at the suggestion.

Then he turned around to show him a toothy grin, in a boastful manner, exuberantly teased, “You realize you’re going to have to paint it, since I can’t.”

“Do I?” Ling Xiao lifted an eyebrow up at him, waved his hand and arrogantly said, “Once again, your contract wicked.”

“You can’t do that.” You XiaoMo pouted, then righteously continued, “You’re his dad, his room should be done by you.”

Ling Xiao squinted at him, then walking forward, he pinched both his soft and plump cheeks, “Okay, okay. Your husband understands. I will do it. Happy?”

You XiaoMo grabbed the evil claws on his now sore cheeks. Choosing not to complain and risk Mr. Cooperative turning malice, he readily nodded and said, “Very!”

Since this unforeseen thing was in his plan’s way, You XiaoMo wasn’t sure what to do next…

After a little bit, he left Ling Xiao’s side and went to pick up the remaining bags off the floor, casually saying, “I guess I’ll go ask around and see who’s available.”

“I’ll go with you.” Ling Xiao calmly announced, wrapping his arm around his waist, leading them out the door and down the hall.

They ran into the easiest to track down, PiQui and CatQui who were always running around the palace.

To give a color reference to shop with, You XiaoMo took out one of the baby blankets with the same color he wanted. Even thinking far enough ahead to tell them to bring back lunch as well as pick themselves up some. By the end of it, he’d given the two wickeds a bag full of money and detailed instructions.

Going back to their room, You XiaoMo decided to start on washing the baby’s clothes. They bought multiple shelves full of clothing and the pregnancy book did say to wash before use. Although they were very far away from the due date, he figured might as well do the first rinse before packing them into the drawers.

He told Ling Xiao his idea, and before the man could refuse, he already grabbed his large hand and teleported them both inside his dimension.

Ling Xiao just squinted down at him and wordlessly went inside the cabin.

Thus causing You XiaoMo to laugh at his departure.

Making use of their time window, he went to the small storage building he built not too long ago. Inside was placed the wash tub and basin collections he’s accumulated over the years.

Everything was of different sizes and types. The newer and brightly colored ones were from Earth, those of which he bought a few years ago, those even had handy washboards built in. The smaller ones were convenient for washing only one or two items.

This time, he only grabbed a green plastic washboard he picked up from Earth. It had a soap holder with a nifty indent to secure on the tub’s edges that of which he liked. He decisively didn’t pick up a tub and walked out of the storage building. Intended to use one of the medium-sized stone tubs that were already placed near a stream not far away.

Not caring if his man followed him or not, You XiaoMo steadily walked towards the stream.

Five minutes later and You XiaoMo was finally at the location. He grabbed the wooden bucket sitting nearby, filling it up with water and lifting it back and forth to the tub. You XiaoMo was on his second fill up when he had to stop. Holding his head as his head felt dizzy and was swaying on his feet.

You XiaoMo was getting these spells so often now.

“Lady.” Ling Xiao’s deep voice sounded from far.

You XiaoMo looked up and saw Ling Xiao was right beside him now, his eyes were carefully looking him over. Removing his hand, he smiled, “I’m better now. I just got up to fast.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes slowly went to the bucket on the ground, before flickering back to his and calmly telling him, “You should be bending with your knees instead.”

You XiaoMo blinked blankly, he faintly remembered their midwife saying something similar…

Ling Xiao walked past him and grabbed the dropped bucket, filling up the tub with the remaining trips, doing so until it was half full.

You XiaoMo took out the magic bag, digging around and haphazardly throwing them on the grass. The pile ended up being bigger than he imagined. Looked like it was going to be more than a few loads…

“Help me remove the tags.” You XiaoMo said, sitting down and untying the strings on the tags.

Ling Xiao elegantly sat down next to him and started to help. Although, his method was a contrasting gentle flick his index finger, utilizing his spiritual power to cut the ties effortlessly.

When You XiaoMo started to struggle with a particularly difficult knot, he casually looked up to see Ling Xiao’s faster and smoother method. His eyes widened at watching him, he then frowned looked back down at his own hands… Deciding to copy him, You XiaoMo started to cut the ties with a small ray of soul power the same way.

It wasn’t hard work but it was repetitive and tedious.

Ten minutes later, around a hundred and fifty articles of baby clothing were untagged. And that wasn’t even including the one year and two-year clothing size category.

“Newborn sizes are so small and yet still bigger than what I thought…” You XiaoMo pitifully murmured, tone sounding somewhat nervous. Looking on in despair while holding up a onesie outfit with button fasteners. The length was that of twenty-one inches.

Ling Xiao smiled, eyes curving, and calmly said, “He’ll probably be eight pounds too.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes widened as his face went pale.

Bloody Hell, why would you have to add such a detail…

“You, you, you… you can just keep your comments to yourself!” You XiaoMo was quivering as he spoke, throwing the onesie at the evil bastard of a man.

Ling Xiao chuckled and looked calmly aloof as he caught the onesie in hand.

Then getting up, You XiaoMo dusted the grass off his behind and poured the soap into the tub. At the same time, Ling Xiao lifted a small pile off the floor and threw it in.

After stirring it around and letting it soak for ten minutes, You XiaoMo got off the grass yet again, moving from where he and Ling Xiao were relaxing, to start washing it. The work didn’t take much effort, as per article of baby clothing were small and not heavy in fabric material.

Thirty-five minutes later, however, You XiaoMo still wasn’t done.

“Ughhhhh…” You XiaoMo moaned as his arms hurt, he looked resentfully at Ling Xiao and said, “It’s your turn now.”

The lazy man was resting on the grass in an easy and carefree manner, legs crossed over the other.

Ling Xiao eyelids drooped, showing his eyes that looked particularly deep, “I have to save my strength for painting.”

You XiaoMo choked on his saliva.

Lazy bastard!

“I’m sure you’ll manage.” You XiaoMo growled out, glaring at him with a glower.

Ling Xiao laughed loudly, sounding as if in a pretty good mood. Rising and standing up, Ling Xiao casually walked over and pulled his sleeves back and did as requested. He knew better. He saw his wife’s face, if he had any plans of getting lucky tonight, he’d have to deal with it.

When Ling Xiao finished, You XiaoMo’s stomach was growling verbally. Thinking by now PiQui and CatQui would be done with their assignments. You XiaoMo hastily had Ling Xiao change the water and the both of them hung up the clothing on the drying line and racks. Leaving the dimension and returning back to their room, waiting patiently.

They weren’t left waiting long before the two wickeds knocked on the door and You XiaoMo let them in.

After receiving their magic bag and food, they distributed their ordered meal portions and all ate together at their dining table.

When they finished eating, the two Wickeds left and You XiaoMo started to sort through their purchases.

Ling Xiao was making a new pot of tea when he saw from the corner of his eye You XiaoMo’s off behavior. Watching his wife with a crestfallen face and listless movements, put the lid back on the paint can, before getting off the couch and steadfastly going into their bedroom.


Ling Xiao questioned, quickly walking over and following him, watching as his wife fell to the bed.

Confused, Ling Xiao was not understanding what had happened in the mere minutes his wife was happy to become like this.

Not getting a reply, Ling Xiao went to sit beside him, touching his head gently, “What happened?”

You XiaoMo refused to answer, just pushing his face deeper into the pillow.

“What is it, my love?” Ling Xiao gently urged, fingers grazing against his back. He didn’t have the patience to want to wait two hours for a reply, so tried to sweet-talk it out of him.

At his coaxing, You XiaoMo lifted his head high enough to mumble, “They had one job.”

Hearing this, Ling Xiao immediately understood. Such a simple and trivial matter, and here he had thought it was something serious. He felt there was no need to make a big deal out of it. Yet, here his wife was, upset.

That said, Ling Xiao softly exhaled, knowing there was more to it than just that.

“It can easily be fixed.” Ling Xiao comforted him, his voice very pleasant and melodic sounding, his slender fingers moving to soothingly card through You XiaoMo’s long hair.

You XiaoMo heard his words and knew his own behavior made no sense.

That was why he was angry more at himself.

Angry it was his emotions he couldn’t control. They were like a roller coaster ride that he couldn’t turn the switch off to. You XiaoMo usually didn’t react this way, he could control himself better than this…. Talk himself down and move on.

Then why… Why did he have to feel so depressed right now?

That alone made him more upset!

His body was changing to hold a baby and now even his emotions were no longer the same. At this thought, You XiaoMo couldn’t stop the tears gathering in his eyes. He didn’t want to turn into such a person!

Ling Xiao felt the body shake underneath him before he heard a muffled sob, the sound was weak and faltering, but he heard it. Wait, was his wife crying?

Shocked, Ling Xiao turned him over to see his face, and there his heart ached at the sight. He saw the youthful and tender face with tear tracks sliding down his flushing cheeks.

“My wife.” Ling Xiao’s voice was laced with a comforting and sad softness, picking up the soft body into his arms, he hugged him to his chest securely. He quickly pats him lightly on the back, helping to alleviate his frustration, afraid that he cried too forcefully that he would start to choke. His movements were so careful as to not leave any trace on his body.

When his tears started to subside, Ling Xiao’s thumb caressed the delicate neck while asking, “Why are you upset? Tell me the real reason.”

You XiaoMo dejectedly leaned his head forward against the man’s chest, softly saying, “Many things.”

“Alright, like what?” Ling Xiao coaxingly asked and pulled him out of his arms, wanting to see his face.

You XiaoMo wiped the tickling teardrops falling from his chin, squirming slightly as he said, “Now my plans for today are ruined, meaning I have to wait another day to do it all. It's stressful.”

Ling Xiao slowly narrowed his eyes, firmly stating, “That’s some of it but not the real reason.”

You XiaoMo deflated as he was figured out. Why did he have to be so perceptive with high IQ? Then thinking of how what affects him also affects Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo decided he had to speak up sooner rather than later. So he simply drummed up his courage and said jerkily, “I, I, I, I’m scared, because I'm becoming more abnormal and I can’t control myself.”

After a heartbeat, Ling Xiao laughed and touched his cheek, consoling him, “My wife, you were never abnormal and you have no reason to be afraid. It’s not that you can’t control yourself, it’s called being hormonal.”

“I don’t like that feeling.” You XiaoMo whispered in a small voice, pouting, arms hanging limply at his sides in a tantrum-like manner.

Hearing his words and looking at his demeanor, Ling Xiao couldn’t help bursting out laughing.

That made the two of them.

Although, Ling Xiao was never going to voice those words out loud. Instead, he hugged his wife back to him tightly, a hand pressing his slim back close to him. Speaking in a happy and satisfied tone next to his ear, “Here’s what we’re going to do. I will go into town and get the paint. Then we can get what you wanted to be done today. Okay?”

You XiaoMo, after calming down, was already feeling embarrassed at the whole ordeal. So not wanting to make a bigger scene and object, he could only shyly nod his agreement without thinking.

“Good.” Ling Xiao laughed wholeheartedly, his wife was always so interesting and fun.

After that, Ling Xiao left You XiaoMo to rest in bed while he went to White Bone City. Ling Xiao figured that the pregnancy fatigue wasn’t helping his wife’s moods either, so a rest would calm him down and make him feel better the fastest. You XiaoMo had tried to protest but ultimately was overpowered by force.

Two hours later, Ling Xiao found his wife in the same spot he left him. Sleeping in a restful and deep slumber, a small pool of drool forming on the pillow below his supple and parted lips.

When You XiaoMo woke up again, he felt thoroughly rested as he stretched with a relaxed smile. Glancing at his left side, he noticed a piece of paper resting on the bed. Picking it up, You XiaoMo saw it was from Ling Xiao, it read ‘I’m home.’ Simple and to the point. You XiaoMo couldn’t help but laugh.

After putting a light outer robe and boots on, You XiaoMo made his way into the outer room but didn’t spot the other man. However, he did smell something fragrant. That’s when he noticed the tea-table had a circular wooden container, opening the lid he saw there were steamed buns.

You XiaoMo’s face broke out into a grin as they smelled so delicious!

He quickly sat down and devoured two right then and there. The light and juicy flavors oozing out of the buns melted on his tongue. After drinking a whole glass of water, he grabbed two more in his hand before starting out of the room in search of Ling Xiao.

As he was arriving closer to the baby’s room, You XiaoMo could smell the fumes of paint entering his nostrils. Slowing his steps, he stalled some feet away, not sure whether he should go farther or not.

In his stalling, You Xu had turned a corner and found him, happily shouting, “Child Paper!”

You XiaoMo looked up and saw his dad running toward him.

“Child Paper, Daddy is so sorry to have come see you so late. I wasn’t feeling well.” You Xu quickly apologized to his son, using a sad tone to speak, not wanting him to be angry at him.

You XiaoMo twitched his lip. His dad wasn’t feeling well obviously because he got hammered drunk last night.

You Xu didn’t notice his son’s expression, continuing to speak with a proud tone, “I gave Ling Xiao the item. I hope you like it. Daddy worked very hard on it for you.”

As he said the last few words, he had the look on his face, practically spelling out his want for a hug as compensation.

At first, You XiaoMo was happily ecstatic at that news but then his excitement tampered with his dad’s attitude.

Holding back the urge to kick him, You XiaoMo inwardly sighed, slowly going forward and giving his dad a hug.

You Xu’s eyes sparkled with delight, taking the chance to hug him even tighter, “What’s my child doing? Do you want to hang out with your old man some?”

You XiaoMo pushed at his chest, wanting breathing room, “Thank you, Dad, for your hard work. Um, I was wanting to see how Ling Xiao was doing…”

You Xu resentfully looked at him and interrupted, “You haven’t spent time with me in weeks. You will soon forget my face.”

“I’m looking at it right now…” You XiaoMo gave a dumbfounded expression, then finally sighing before he conceded, “Okay, fine, Dad. What do you want to do?”

“Come, we will take a walk and talk. I also have some new things to show you that I’ve collected!” You Xu said happily, leading him with his arm down the corridor.

You XiaoMo looked forlornly back at the nursery room door.

An hour and a half later, he was finally walking back into their bedroom. His dad had talked his ear off while showing him some new weapons and game pieces he’s newly taken to collecting.

You XiaoMo was only in bed for five minutes when he heard the sound of the outer door clicking in place.

Rising up, he steadfastly rushed out of the bed. Without even stepping into the room, he already felt a familiar aura inside.

You XiaoMo couldn’t restrain his delight as he quickly pushed the door open and walked in. When he saw Ling Xiao, he immediately ran and threw himself at Ling Xiao, latching around his neck and dangling off him.

Ling Xiao clasped his body tight and beamingly asked, “Did you miss me?”

You XiaoMo momentarily flushed with emotion, before he graciously admitted, “I missed, ah. Have you been working on the baby’s room this whole time?”

“I have.” Ling Xiao smiled, placing his feet down to touch the ground, “What has my wife been doing?”

You XiaoMo felt Ling Xiao’s hands brush and dance gently across his body. His face flushed at the sensitive skin being ignited and struggled to calmly reply, “Sleep, ate, and hung out with my father.”

“Your father? I bet you loved that.” Ling Xiao looked curious and laughed, walking You XiaoMo towards the couch.

“You know it.” You XiaoMo deadpanned while he started to walk backward with Ling Xiao’s guiding, then excitedly asked, “Can I see the room?”

Ling Xiao sat on the couch and brought You XiaoMo down to sit on his lap, he shook his head gently while replying, “You shouldn’t. While it is dry to the touch, it needs to air out longer.”

Ling Xiao held his waist with one hand while the other went across to caress his cheek. Enjoying the extremely soft skin his fingers came in touch with. He slowly released a satisfied sigh, “Are you feeling better?”

“I am.” You XiaoMo nodded against his hand, eyes sparkling with admiration, he was thoroughly pampered today.

“That’s good.” Ling Xiao said softly, he buried his head against You XiaoMo’s neck, languidly and relishingly taking in deep breaths of his scent, he spoke in a low and deep voice, “I need a bath. Is my wife willing to join me?”

You XiaoMo felt the hot puffs of breath hit his skin, sending hard shivers down his spine. The sexy voice with a smile made his heart pound and body soften upon hearing. With quickening breaths, a red-faced You XiaoMo said, “I guess I could.”

Against the white and tender neck, Ling Xiao’s lips slowly curled upwards into a wicked smile. Hooking his arms under his wife’s knees and holding his back tightly, he got to his feet and they immediately went towards his dimension’s lake.

You XiaoMo felt the distortion of space, then within a blink of an eye, the vast world of Ling Xiao’s dimension was in sight. Ling Xiao walked them to the water’s edge and let him down gently, he reached out to unbutton and untie You XiaoMo’s clothes.

You XiaoMo held his collar, and in an embarrassed way protested, “I can do it.”

“Lady, it would make your husband very happy.” Ling Xiao said in a seductive and sensual tone, eyes were inexplicable and darkly profound as he stared fixedly at him.

You XiaoMo’s hand holding his collar suddenly went slack, his body and soul being drawn in with the intense way he was being looked at.

When that happened, Ling Xiao was more than happy to quickly moved the pliant hands out of the way, undressing him with a lustful joy.

You XiaoMo was soon fully naked and standing across a very clothed Ling Xiao, their stark comparisons were yin and yang. Then after Ling Xiao started to remove his own clothing, but with a hastier action than earlier, as an underlining need and urgency started to clearly show.

You XiaoMo only got a glimpse at the lower half of Ling Xiao before he was swept up in his arms and carried toward the water. That glance was enough though, as he saw Ling Xiao’s proud symbol of his man desire. That huge arrow was pointing and ready to shoot, set straight at him, and You XiaoMo knew full well what it wanted to pierce…

Within a few seconds, they were being immersed in water that was neither hot nor cold. You XiaoMo felt the waves lap at his bare skin and shivered with the sensation. The shivering only subsiding once Ling Xiao waded deeper and deeper into the water. Although he noticed Ling Xiao decided to not sit them down in the shallow end but choose to stand in the depth.

You XiaoMo turned his open expression towards Ling Xiao and the man just smiled down at him with a gentle look. They finally stopped moving and the next second You XiaoMo was being adjusted and positioned to straddle Ling Xiao’s front, legs forced to either side of the strong waist.

You XiaoMo’s face was rapidly reddening, he licked his lips and asked, “How are you supposed to wash this way?”

“This way, my wife can wash me.” Ling Xiao said, smile quite charming and tinged with an elegance.

You XiaoMo could feel underneath his ass a very hard and very hot stick poking him. It was as if a constant reminder was making itself known. Practically slipping itself in between his two flowery white shares.

So, with tentative movements, You XiaoMo skirted his wet hands slowly from the muscled strong forearms of Ling Xiao, to rest and hang off his broad shoulders. Meanwhile, the water danced and dripped down the honey-colored skin at his doing so.

The sight was sexy and bewitching to You XiaoMo’s eyes, such a beautiful powerful physique, he couldn’t control his thighs from tightening around Ling Xiao’s waist.

Ling Xiao lightly laughed, a lustful and proud laugh, dipping forward to catch his little pink lips. Forcefully sucking and licking them open, hungrily diving in and devouring his tongue.

He’s wanted to do this all day long!

The two bodies in the water intertwined and entangled inexplicably for the rest of the night. Not coming out of the dimension for a long few hours later. When they do, You XiaoMo is a tired mess who can’t even lift his toes and relies on the very smiling man to do everything. Which he was more than happy too.

Chapter Text

When You XiaoMo wakes up, his legs are still soft and weak. Afraid if he stretches them too forcefully, that he’ll for sure pull a muscle. Then taking stock of his body, he notices he’s wearing fresh and clean clothing, Ling Xiao must’ve dressed him before going to bed last night. Because the last thing he remembered was being placed down on the bed and passing out.

A minute later, Ling Xiao walks in with a fresh smile on his face, carrying a tray with tea.

You XiaoMo just silently sends him a resentful look, the man knew what he did…

After placing the tray on the small side table, Ling Xiao brings a cup towards You XiaoMo in bed, sitting down beside him and saying, “Lady, tea for your stomach.”

You XiaoMo gingerly sits up and takes the offered drink in hand, sipping down the warm liquid while stealing glances at the man across him.

“I need to get up.” You XiaoMo suddenly said, having finished his drink and made the move to pull the blankets back.

Ling Xiao got up and held his arms to help him up.

You XiaoMo knees almost buckled in, feet still feeling soft, he had to lean his full body weight all on Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao looked down at him, smoothly bending over and picking him up, “Let me. Where does my dear wife want to go?”

You XiaoMo grabbed Ling Xiao’s robes to steady himself in his embrace, in a shy manner, “Bathroom.”

Ling Xiao charmingly smiled down at him, speaking in apleasant tone of voice, “As my wife wishes!”

You Xiao’s eyes are momentarily blinded as they quickly make their way towards the requesting room. When he saw Ling Xiao getting closer to the toilet, You XiaoMo then started panicking.

“It-it’s okay, you can let me down now.” You XiaoMo pushes on his muscular chest nervously.

Ling Xiao’s eyes had a glint of mischievousness as he calmly stated, “How can I possibly do so? It’s my job to make sure you get there safely.”

You XiaoMo choked on his saliva. While he was mentally dazed, they seemed to be standing in front of the said location already.

After being gently put down and standing on soft little bare feet, You XiaoMo gave a fierce tiger face, doing a ‘shoo’ motion and said, “Okay, your job is met, go away.”

“Should I stay outside the door and pick you up when done?” Ling Xiao generously offered, smiling so big that his eyes turned into slits, hand reaching out to touch his wife’s pink tinted cheeks.

“No need!” You XiaoMo pouted and slapped his hand away, “Thank you for the ride.”

Ling Xiao laughed wholeheartedly while he turned around and elegantly made his way out the room.

After You XiaoMo finished, he washed his face and mouth before walking out. He was greeted with the image of Ling Xiao waiting for him on the bed. The lounging man was oozing a lazy and easy-going air, and even so, he still held a noble and dignified presence while bathing in the sunlight.

When Ling Xiao saw him walk out, his eyes quickly scanned him up and down for any sign of fatigue. Spotting none, he then slowly retracted his gaze before closing his eyes yet again.

You XiaoMo ignored him and went to the vanity to grab a hairbrush and ribbon. Attempting to undo the knots from the night before and with much difficulty. When You XiaoMo finally got the majority of the mess fixed, he hastily tied it up into a ponytail and went towards Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo approached the bed with a smile, slowly climbing up and throwing a leg over the man. Sitting across his abdomen, he heard Ling Xiao make a slightly muffled sound, proceeding to summon a bag of bread from his dimension into his hands.

Taking out a piece of bread, You XiaoMo had just comfortably made Ling Xiao become his table and chair when his bag was abruptly taken away from him. When the bag was moved, he had a full view of Ling Xiao’s profound eyes squinting up at him.

You XiaoMo blinked and innocently offered him with a smile, “Want?” As he said so, he reached out with the roll towards him.

Ling Xiao simply adjusted him and continued to narrow his eyes at him wordlessly.

You XiaoMo shrugged, biting into it instead. He at least tried to share.

After a full long minute, Ling Xiao calmly looked down at his black robes gathering white specks. Slowly shifting his gaze back up to his wife, saying with a deep voice, “Lady, you’re getting crumbs on your husband.”

You XiaoMo made a sound of surprise, not realizing he was doing so. Then hastily wiping them off his firmly toned chest, brushing the crumbs instead onto the bed. He blushed at the feel of the strong and warm body under his fingertips.

Ling Xiao smirked, suddenly sitting up and rushing forward, causing You XiaoMo to sit further back on that still sleeping part of him, “I think it’s time you got up. Before we make more of a mess.”

Hand pausing in the air, You XiaoMo sharply breathed in as his heart skipped. Why did he feel that Ling Xiao’s words were laced with a….. heat?

Deciding to be obedient, You XiaoMo climbed off the sexy and strong body with awkward movements.

He made it only towards the living room before he was once again being carried into Ling Xiao’s arms, escorted out of their large room. You XiaoMo quickly looked over his shoulder, anxiously saying, “Wait, the magic bags are on the table…”

“I have them.” Ling Xiao’s lazily said in his ear, kicking the door shut behind them as he walked them down the hallway corridor, heading in the direction of the baby’s room.

Opening the newly added door and approaching the inside, You XiaoMo softly gasped as he was immediately in awe.

The color of the walls was a perfect match, but not only that, while he was asleep, Ling Xiao had unpacked all the furniture and placed it out. The white furniture and rugs looked amazing against the blue wall in contrast.

The most eye-catching part though, was right there in the center, the baby’s crib.

The thing his dad spoke of before was that. Having remembered the exquisite white jade he saw in his father’s space ring before. You XiaoMo had asked him to make a special crib from it.

The white jade was almost glimmering in the light with its highly polished and smooth finish. The crib’s bars were all the same size but the top and bottom were carved with simple and yet beautiful indents.

You XiaoMo was surprised to see something he didn’t remember asking for. At the head center of the crib sat a clipped on L shaped stand, on it holding a baby canopy curtain. Not that he was complaining, as it looked very elaborate and pretty. Then, as icing on the cake, the side of the crib had the mobile they picked out dangling above the crib and its mattress.

Ling Xiao slowly let a smile creep at the corners of his lips, having watched his wife’s expressions, his heart itched with joy as he gently let his wife’s feet touch the ground.

You XiaoMo face was glowing with excitement, he turned his gaze back to Ling Xiao, saying in a slightly astonished voice, “You’ve been busy.”

Ling Xiao laughed and squeezed his waist, saying in an easy manner, “It wasn’t hard.”

You XiaoMo’s grin only grew wider and turned around to walk the room. Admiring at how all the pieces they picked out meshed together.

He splayed a hand across the smooth doors of one the tall storage cabinets, looking at the drawers before he spotted the items he asked his brothers to make.

Curiously, You XiaoMo went to inspect the white furniture pieces. They were given spare trees You XiaoMo had still had extra gathered from the Chase Sea years ago. His Elder and Second brother had generously carved out shelving cabinets and bookshelves for the baby’s room. Some of course going inside the playroom.

“Wow, it’s starting to really look like a nursery.” You XiaoMo absentmindedly whispered, eyes surveying the room, moving forward towards the changing table.

Ling Xiao walked forward, hugging him from behind with his hands going forward to hold his stomach. He buried his face in his neck and said in a slightly muffled voice, “Indeed it is. Are you happy?”

You XiaoMo froze slightly, he didn’t expect to be asked that question.

After a long pause, and in the silence of their future child’s room, You XiaoMo softly replied, “I am.”

“Good. Then I’m happy too.” Ling Xiao lazily said, resting his chin on his shoulder.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but curl up and tremble when Ling Xiao’s fiery breath hit his neck. In his disarray, he noticed the chairs not far from them, speaking up with a surprised voice, “That’s really neat, I like that idea.”

Gently moving out of his embrace, You XiaoMo went towards the two chairs with their backs towards the sun windows, having their matching separate footrests placed in front. He went to sit down in the one that was the rocking chair.

Sitting down in it for the first time, You XiaoMo finally felt how comfy the chair actually was. One’s rear wouldn’t suffer from hours of sitting here, there was even a small table within reach, available to place bottles or whatever else to grab…

Then it hit You XiaoMo, he was visualizing it all.

This was their baby’s room.

His heart started to swell with the unexpected emotions bubbling up.

You XiaoMo quickly got to his feet. He couldn't handle this right now. Too much intensity with his hormones right now. He looked at Ling Xiao who was intently staring at him, saying in a slightly quivering voice, “Let’s unpack the stuff.”

Ling Xiao slightly narrowed his eyes at him, walking the distance and hugging him into his arms, speaking in a gentle tone, “It’s okay you know.”

You XiaoMo gripped his robes in hand, tightly twisting it in his fingers, nodding his head against his chest. He understood Ling Xiao was giving him permission to cry, but even so, he still wanted to hold the tears back.

Stupid hormones.

Even though Ling Xiao unpacked and set up the furniture, he didn’t sort or unpack the vast amount of baby supplies and items they bought. Leaving those sort of details for You XiaoMo to direct and deal with.

For two hours they sat organizing a bag of their purchases into groups and categories. You XiaoMo didn’t want to throw items willy-nilly in cabinets and drawers, so he insisted they do this first and placed them in piles to put away later. The plan being he’d have Ling Xiao hand them to him and he’d put them up, or vise versa, and make a system of it.

During their break, You XiaoMo ate leftover chicken wings that Ling Xiao heated up for him. Then when done eating, they sat and worked for another hour of just organizing until Ling Xiao got called away by Qiqui with a message to see Tian Dao.

Having walked back in after dismissing Qiqui, Ling Xiao was standing at the door, gazing down at You XiaoMo on the floor. The youth was looking back and forth between grabbing baby blankets and folding them up.

“I’m going to Weeping Ghost Shore for a bit, you should go rest.” Ling Xiao decisively said, his tone is the epitome of smooth and calm. Using his foot to gently move stuff out of the way for You XiaoMo to have a pathway out, as his wife had made a circle and boxed himself in with towering layers.

You XiaoMo looked up at him, and suddenly Ling Xiao’s hands went under his armpits, lifting and raising him up and off the ground.

“Will you be long?” You XiaoMo earnestly asked, because if it’s not very long then he’d just stay here and work.

Ling Xiao held his hand and pulled him toward the door, answering indifferently, “Not very but not short. Although, if you insist on continuing, don’t wait for me.”

You XiaoMo had a suspicion that the man said that to get out of working but he kept his mouth shut. Because seeing as Ling Xiao has already done the majority of the nursery room thus far, he decided to be compliant and not let his man worry about him.

Ling Xiao only walked him to their bedroom chambers, before he left him to leave the palace.

You XiaoMo watched Ling Xiao walk away in the distance before going inside their room. Languidly stretching upon closing the door behind him. Having sat still for so long had made his butt and back feel stiff. Especially after last night’s hurricane of hip swaying and piston movement. Just the memory of the lake debauchery was making him clutch his face in embarrassment and go red-faced.

You XiaoMo drank two glasses of water before he removed his outer clothing, stripping down to just his simple long sleeves shirt and pants. To help with his nausea, he lit a lavender candle as he slinked underneath the covers, rubbing his body against their soft and fluffy large bed.

Forty-five minutes later, he was cracking open his eyes and peeling back the blankets. Feeling wholly refreshed and relaxed after his nap. You XiaoMo yawned as he slowly crawled out from under his cocoon of quilts and touched the floor.

After having gone bathroom and having tea, he was once again going back to the baby room and intending to work.

This time he was picking up some of the items they organized off the floor. Placing them in boxes with cut out handles for easy sorting, lining the boxes across the shelves and inside drawers. You XiaoMo was glad he bought hundreds of these things… It seemed like they were more useful than he imagined.

Soon You XiaoMo was already halfway through clearing the floor. Now having put away the cloth diapers in a drawer under the changing table. These diapers were the more expensive ones at the store. Having later looked and saw the diaper box said waterproof covers were built in, not sure exactly what that was yet, but whatever it was, it sounded good.

You XiaoMo made a mental note to buy more books. Thinking the need for more material on pregnancy and the babycare details might be helpful. Because he was starting to feel like he was in a museum full of items he had no idea how to use or what they fully did.

Sighing, You XiaoMo started to pick up the bathing supply boxes.

He still had a lot of items that weren’t complete, but was waiting for P'eng's trip. Such as the baby bathtub and swing. You XiaoMo remembered he needed to ask Ling if he was going to start the trans-dimensional tunnel tomorrow.

With the floor looking increasingly clearer and clearer, You XiaoMo felt excited at being closer to that small part being done. He was just putting away the burp cloths when he spotted the nursing pillows Ling Xiao stuffed in the cart. There wasn’t just one, no, there was three… You XiaoMo wasn’t sure why the wicked man felt the need to do so.

You XiaoMo’s face filled with shame and turned red as he picked them up. Looking at the pillows, he knew they could be for bottle feeding too, but the word alone suggested breastfeeding…

Although in this land and culture, bottle feeding was probably rare. Mostly all doing it all natural.

You XiaoMo still wasn’t sure 100% how he felt about that topic. When giving it some extra thought though, the initial thoughts were pretty much the same.

Disgust at both the idea of himself doing such an act and someone else providing milk for his child. You XiaoMo had read the book just like Ling Xiao did, and he knew the benefits of the antibodies for the baby with breast milk were enormously great.

Given his own mood and mindset now changed with the whole baby situation, You XiaoMo had a premonition. One he was nervous for and dreaded, knowing his heart and how he’d give in at the end. That ultimately, if he can, he will probably be breastfeeding.

He couldn’t bring himself to do the other option. Lesser of two evils as they say. Also, something in his heart tugged at the thought.

That said, You XiaoMo didn’t want to tell Ling Xiao just yet. Wanting to wait a bit longer to explain his decision. You XiaoMo figured the arrogant man would give him a cocky grin or something of the sorts. All of which he wasn’t looking forward to and he kind of hoped he could avoid it, at least for awhile.

You XiaoMo was reminded yet again, that this topic was also something he’d like to have more information on.

Looked like a trip to the bookstore was in order for multiple sets of books.

After putting the pillows and a couple of more boxes away, You XiaoMo suddenly remembered he never got the laundry off the line. So with a thought, he entered his dimension to gather those up.

Entering the dimension, You XiaoMo went inside his cabin and quickly gathered a wicker basket. Steadfastly walking in the direction of the baby clothes. It was rather easy and repetitive work. He only had to just throw the pins in a smaller bucket and throw the clothing into the basket.

Fifteen minutes later, You XiaoMo was exiting the dimension and back inside their child’s room. Laundry basket in his hand as he made to sit down, getting comfortable in the rocking chair, preparing to sort and organize.

Sometime later, he leaned back against the cushions. Letting out a slow deep breath as he started rubbing his pelvic area.

“My wife has been busy.”

You XiaoMo’s head lifted up to see Ling Xiao smilingly looking at him, slowly walking towards him.

“How were everything and everyone?” You XiaoMo curiously asked. After he spoke, he realized it had been awhile since he’s seen most of the Tiangou members.

“Fine and fine.” Ling Xiao lazily replied, picking up the basket on the footrest, placing it down on the floor and sitting down next to him in the adjacent chair.

Seeing the now clear opening before him, You XiaoMo stretched and place his feet comfortably on the footrest, happily wiggling to get comfier.

“It’s getting there.” Ling Xiao casually commented, eyes lazily scanning the room around them. There was still a mess on the floor and a basket full of laundry, but the nursery was filling up.

Rubbing his sore hips again, You XiaoMo proudly nodded, “It is, but still needs more though. As long as the majority of things are done, I won’t worry so much and can just relax through this pregnancy.”

You XiaoMo very much missed doing his alchemy, but as long as his head kept ringing in baby-to-do-lists he wouldn’t focus or calm down enough.

Ling Xiao was smilingly watching his wife, and softly said, “I’ll start the corridor tomorrow then.” He was going to today, but seeing him now, Ling Xiao decided to stay and help him finish.

After relaxing a little bit, You XiaoMo started to finish folding. While at the same time, splitting up the labor duties with Ling Xiao, directing him and having the man put the clothing and the rest of the items away.

When they were done for the day, You XiaoMo had just finished hanging the Four Spirit Emperor Beasts plaques decor on the wall. Wide eyes scanning the room, he felt a deep sense of admiration and a good day’s work. Thinking that, yeap, it looked pretty good.

You XiaoMo turned back to look starry-eyed up at Ling Xiao, softly asking, “How’s it look?”

Arms crossed over his chest, Ling Xiao had his head tilted back slightly, a lazy and refined air encasing him, as he calmly said, “It looks good. Worthy of our half-and-half.”

You XiaoMo immediately looked confused. Half and half?

You XiaoMo innocently stared up at him and questioned, “I thought you said you didn’t know if he was half or full wicked yet.”

“I mean, half me and half you.” Ling Xiao brightly smiled, wickedly looking at him, eyes holding a meaningful glance.

You XiaoMo blushed as he was rendered speechless.

The next day, just as Ling Xiao said he would, he had started the trans-dimensional tunnel. To keep it hidden and safe, Ling Xiao set it up in the far corner of the palace were not many were living. Going so far as to even place a regular lock and enchantment ward on it.

Besides laundry, added baby toys and etc., You XiaoMo felt he was rather caught up on his list. So he decided to use his free day to go find his Elder Brother about Little Bunny. Wanting to check in on his brother as well as see how the little hare was doing.

When he got there, he saw Little Bunny was happily nomming on leaves and vegetables. Fang ChangYue told him how he was moving around now, and although it wasn’t a lot, his Elder Brother thought the little hare was healed now.

You XiaoMo took the cage back and gratefully said his thanks to his elder brother, with soon after heading out towards the outside. Along the way, he found XiaoJin, XiaoPing and XiaoPong, all who wanted to follow him around. Thus, You XiaoMo and his little adorkable crew went outside to play.

When they got closer to the east side of the courtyards, You XiaoMo decided they went far enough out and placed the box on the ground. He picked up the small animal and walked a few steps before gently sitting it down in the grass, directly facing them to the woods.

“Little Bunny, you’re free now. Go on.” You XiaoMo said, bending over and watching it.

XiaoJin’s cat ears twitched, head tilting sideways to inspect the little creature, curiously crawling closer to it.

Little Bunny seemed to be frightened by his actions, becoming frozen stiff and starting to shake.

You XiaoMo frowned at the little wicked, tapping his head and scolding him, “Stop, you’re scaring him.”

XiaoJin slowly and comically backed his behind up. Wagging his tail as if a dog and not appearing in a cat form.

Five minutes past and still no movement.

You XiaoMo was stumped at what was going on. Elder Brother said Little Bunny seemed fine, so why so scared?

You XiaoMo went to push its bottom toward the woods but still, it refused. Huffing, he decided to get in front of it, and laying on the grass, You XiaoMo tried to coax the bunny towards him.

“Little Bunny, Little Bunny, this way. Follow me.”

He knew he could just toss the thing into the woods. But until he saw the little hare move with his own two eyes, he couldn’t settle his heart.

At their master’s display, XiaoJin and Xiao Ping-Pong, deciding to be helpful, copied his movements. Appearing to demonstrate to the small woodland creature how to belly crawl. You XiaoMo almost broke out in laughter at seeing them. Small Ping and Small Ping, both sitting on XiaoJin’s back. All the while, the cat-like wicked was crawling on his furry belly, tail in the air, not at all elegant or smooth movements.

Looked more like Garfield and Friends.

That's when an idea hit him. Taking out a small piece of fruit, You XiaoMo used it as bait. Wagging it back and forth across him, meanwhile scooting closer to the woods.

This seemed to have some sort of effect, as the little animal slowly crawled and even gently hopped towards them.

Elated at seeing his trick work, You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

When the bunny got towards him, he picked it up and held it in his hands, curiously looking at it, “I don’t understand, you can move. Then why so frightened?”

Looking back at the tree line, You XiaoMo felt confused as he put the bunny back down. Continuing to try to make it walk.

After a while, he decided to let the bunny do his own thing. Choosing to relax and lay on his stomach on the grass, using his arms as a pillow. You XiaoMo’s nose was twitching at the grass blades tickling it. Feeling comfortable at the fresh air and breeze hitting his cheeks and back.

XiaoJin was also sleeping next to him while Table Tennis was sitting on top of his head, happily wiggling their little insect feet into his hair.

“Is it because your lonely?” You XiaoMo softly questioned the hare, “Your family left you and you’re just a baby?”

He had to secretly admit to himself, that a large part of his rescuing the bunny had to do with that fact. You XiaoMo knew what it was like to be neglected, and the fact it was an infant touched his heart.

“I can’t take care of you… I have a baby coming, and, and, I don’t have time to give you…”

You XiaoMo felt himself feeling immensely guilty and needing to explain himself out loud.

But then the little hare suddenly made his guilt grow, as it started to make small hops in his direction, sitting two feet from him and staring directly at him.

“If I find your family, will you be happier?” You XiaoMo asked, the thought just coming to him.

As he said it though, he realized how stupid it was, and immediately dismissed it. Doing such a thing would be near impossible to achieve. Go find a random family of bunnies? Okay, insane pregnant person.

You XiaoMo then crawled up off the ground. XiaoJin quickly jumped to his shoulders at the movement.

Picking up Little Bunny, he placed him back in the cage. Then after putting a makeshift lid on it, You XiaoMo started walking in the direction of the woods. He might as well gather berries and the rabbit’s favorite foods for the little guy. That way he would have a better bribe incentive.

Even though it getting colder in the December air, and most wild foods were drying up, You XiaoMo still found some luck. Gathering up a small basket full within thirty minutes of wandering around.

His little cute contract wicked was even helping. Wandering to little bushes and spotting things for him to pick up.

By the time they came back an hour later, the bottom of his pants were smudged with dirt and grass stains.

“Little Bunny, I have lots of goodies for…” You XiaoMo happily said but his voice tapered off, as he saw that the bunny was gone!

Quickly looking in a circle he couldn’t spot it anywhere. However, he was confused, didn’t he put the lid on it? When he gave it a closer inspection, he noticed the lid was jarred some… You XiaoMo couldn’t believe the little bunny who was gently hopping could do this.

Did that mean a predator or bird took him? Did he just leave Little Bunny out as a free snack?

At this realization and thought, You XiaoMo made a distressed noise, this was all his fault!

In the distance two hundred meters away, he saw birds flying in the air. Maybe the wolf or bird took Little Bunny that way?

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo gritted his teeth, dropping the basket and quickly saying to his wicked, “Hold on.”

Then putting soul power to his feet, he started to run in that direction, crashing through the barrier and pile of thick bushes.

XiaoJin and Xiao Ping-Pong barely had time to register the order as their master took off, all three of them almost falling off him.

Small branches and leaves whipped past You XiaoMo’s tender face and arms. The stinging didn’t even register to him as he looked back and forth trying to spot Little Bunny. As he got the two hundred meters, he still didn’t spot any signs of wildlife. You XiaoMo tried to use his soul power to sense around him but he still felt nothing.

When he got nine hundred meters away from the palace, he really felt like he lost whatever it was. He was using his soul power exhaustively the whole way. Simultaneously using it to run and scan, all the while still ended up with no results.

He knew a part of his brain registered he was acting impulsive, dare say irrational, definitely hormonal, yet he couldn’t stop himself.

The wind had picked up so heavily in strength, making everything shake and cause noise, confusing his senses so he couldn’t tell what was near him. You XiaoMo, unfortunately, didn’t have Ling Xiao’s sense of smell or extreme powers of perception of aura.

Finally stopping in his movements, You XiaoMo abruptly felt ridiculous. Once again, he didn’t understand his own actions. Panting, he sat down on the leaf layered dirt ground, dejectedly planting his face into his scratched hands.

He hadn’t had that baby bunny back for a day and he already lost it, or possibly got it killed…

And he was going to be a parent?

What a joke!

You XiaoMo was torn between wanting to both cry and laugh.

Look at him getting comfy with the idea of raising a child. Arrogantly thinking it was going to be okay…

Half of the bunny’s time at the palace was with Elder Brother. He was a part-time guardian and the cause of death of it.

You XiaoMo suddenly felt over his head.

He was in charge of a real infant soon. Not a woodland creature. A legit person.

An infant who has possibly inherited immeasurable amount of talent from his father’s powerful lineage.

How were You XiaoMo suppose to know how to properly raise and mold a child under such high expectations?

He grew up in the low-level planes of the 21st century Earth. Knowing absolutely nothing about how to raise children in high-level planes of Tong Tian Continent.

XiaoJin, XiaoPing, and XiaoPong all looked at each other, not sure what to do. Watching their master’s distraught expressions.

You XiaoMo wasn’t sure how long he sat there until he finally decided to rise up, slowly walking his body back towards home. By the time he reached the barrier, the wind was coming in strong gusts, and the clouds were hanging low and dark, definite signs that rain was imminent.

You XiaoMo looked down at the crate, listlessly said to his wicked, “Go home first.”

The three little wicked, not wanting to upset their mater, reluctantly followed his orders. Although their heads kept turning back to look behind them worriedly.

When You XiaoMo could no longer see or feel them nearby, he went up to the basket and turned it upside down. Watching as they all fell to the ground unceremoniously and sent the basket to his dimension.

Standing next to the now empty crate cage, You XiaoMo felt a rush of frustrated anger overcome him. Not wanting to see that wooden box any longer, he without thinking, did an outstretched kick.

It wasn’t done with any soul power but his kick was swift. And even though it wasn’t sent far, it was sent high enough that the thin fibers crashed hard to the ground. Smashing into pieces and its tender wood he built it with, broke off toward the tree in front of it.

By the end of it, You XiaoMo only felt worse and now extremely remorseful. As that behavior wasn’t very mature of him to do.

When You XiaoMo got back to the room soon later, he felt he felt relieved and lucky that Ling Xiao wasn’t back yet.

However, he knew he didn’t have much time before he probably came back. So with rushed movements, You XiaoMo took his outer robe off and threw it into the hamper before he went into his dimension to bathe. He honestly really wanted a hot bath right now, but seeing as he got some light scrapes and such, he didn’t want to have to explain it to Ling Xiao.

With one of his fastest wipe downs, and with still damp and wet hair, You XiaoMo exited his pocket dimension. Sporting fresh and clean clothing, he started the fireplace and lit some more candles. Aiming to rest in bed for the rest of the night.

When three in the afternoon arrived, Ling Xiao finally had the corridor stabilized enough and returned to their room. Walking into the room, he spotted his little wife in bed and was mildly shocked. After yesterday’s hard work ethic, he assumed he was eager to do alchemy and such today.

Ling Xiao’s footsteps slowly halted as he got closer. Having faintly smelled the scent of the woods, his gaze shifted towards the corner hamper before zeroing in on his wife’s visible still wet hair.

Ling Xiao continued inwards approaching the tea table and saw he also hasn’t drunk or ate anything. Turning his body to face the cocoon of blankets, Ling Xiao spoke in a calm voice, “Lady, are you asleep?”

“Sort of.” You XiaoMo’s muffled voice softly spoke out.

Ling Xiao laughed before he started to heat up a pot of water at the table, “What has my wife been up to today?”

You XiaoMo tightened his hold on the blankets, trying to sound firm as he said, “This and that.”

“Oh?” Ling Xiao poured the dry herbal mixture into the teapot while speaking with a smile, “What is this and that?”

You XiaoMo bite his lip under the covers, forcing an easy tone, “Cleaned the room, saw Da Shixiong for awhile, then got some fresh air.”

“Sounds like an eventful day.” Ling Xiao lazily said, pouring the liquid into teacups.

You XiaoMo couldn’t pinpoint it, but he felt like Ling Xiao’s deep voice held a mysterious tone to it, so much so that it sent shivers down his spine.... It felt as if he was in trouble. Although, he’s done nothing wrong… right?

“Are you up to eating with your husband?” Ling Xiao faintly questioned, piercing eyes looking at the figure still hiding in bed.

You XiaoMo pursed his lips, feeling kind of awkward and said, “I don’t feel up to eating right now. I’d rather rest.”

“As you say.” Ling Xiao languidly spit out these words, making himself comfy in the chair, drinking his own tea.

You Xiao’s eyes widened in slight panic. Was the man going to just sit there the whole time?

The answer seemed to be, yes.

Two hours later, You XiaoMo was still under the blankets, dozing in and out of a light sleep. While Ling Xiao leisurely sat in the room with him, drinking tea and or reading a book.

Within in a few minutes, thunder boomed followed by the sound of heavy rain, the loud pelting of the windows was heard throughout the room.

You XiaoMo silently gasped and held his arms, holding back his reactionary jump at the startling sound. However, then his mind flashed a thought, that if Little Bunny was alive, he was left out there…

“I know you’re awake. You’re going to eat with me now.” Ling Xiao’s deep voice was clear in the quiet atmosphere. His tone was that of no more patience and now was the domineering husband.

You XiaoMo sighed, there was no need to prolong it any longer.

As they’ve stashed easily to fix and heat up meals beforehand in both their dimensions. All Ling Xiao had to do was wave a hand, and a small course meal appeared on the table. Then waving his hand again, a small flame heated up the food briefly before disappearing.

Flipping over in the blankets, You XiaoMo peeked out from under the blankets. He saw Ling Xiao casually sitting down at the table, his manner was cool and indifferent but his demeanor still held a seriousness.

Slightly nervous at possibly making his man mad, You XiaoMo finally crawled out from under the blankets. Shuffling awkwardly towards the table to sit across from him. Then not wanting to bring up his failures and risk exposing his slip up today, he decided to put on a cheerful attitude.

It must’ve worked because Ling Xiao didn’t press him too hard about his afternoon. You XiaoMo obediently ate all his food before giving himself an excuse to go to the bathroom and got himself ready for bed.

While also giving Ling Xiao a pitiful expression and saying a few words about pregnancy pains, You XiaoMo crawled back into the bed, intending to sleep the rest of the night away.

Little did You XiaoMo know, Ling Xiao was not fooled at all, but graciously choose not to expose him. Not yet that is, as he wasn’t sure what exactly was wrong and would wait for the right moment.

Chapter Text

The next day, after they had breakfast and while Ling Xiao went to check on the trans-dimensional tunnel, You XiaoMo went to the location where he lost Little Bunny.

The ground was still wet from the morning dew and last night’s storm. The added moisture condensed the air to have a nippy and freezing chill to it, causing You XiaoMo’s cheeks to tint a peach flush at the exposure.

With his pants gaining a layer of dampness at every shuffling his foot took, he finally arrived at the frustrated scene he caused yesterday. Even now, You XiaoMo’s heartfelt embarrassed at his childish outburst. That wasn’t him.

Raising his hand up in the air and using his soul power, he cast a wide range of a sensing net for any souls nearby, however still no bunny.

Last night You XiaoMo held a sliver of hope, thinking that he might return for the fallen food on the ground, but appeared that didn’t happen.

With listless movements, he squatted at the tree and began picking up the wooden cage debris. You XiaoMo was stacking them into a pile, not really paying attention to his surroundings. His little heart gaining a layer of heaviness with each piece he touched.

As if every wooden debris was an individual worry he also carried.

“So this was it.”

You XiaoMo’s hand froze mid-air, hearing the unhurried and deep voice speaking behind him. Turning his head to the side he saw Ling Xiao’s amused and intrigued face surveying the scene around him.

Ling Xiao’s half-squinted his eyes at the broken wood before slowly lifting up to his wife’s face, “What happened here?”

You XiaoMo bowed his head to stare at the grass, quickly saying, “Nothing happened. It was an accident.”

“Was it now?” Ling Xiao sardonically retorted, his tone obviously showing he didn’t believe him. He walked over and approached to stand right next to him and continued to say, “Honest and lenient, resist and strict. You pick.”

For only a second, You XiaoMo’s hand tightened around the debris before he hurried to plaster on a neutral face, flippantly saying, “We were outside playing yesterday and the bunny got away.”

Ling Xiao dangerously narrowed his eyes at him, after a long moment, he sighed, speaking regretfully, “I guess you don’t want to tell your husband the truth.”

“I’m not lying!” You XiaoMo stood up and said defensively, although he left out bits of information, it was all technically true.

Ling Xiao, “...”

You XiaoMo hands were shaking with the effort to hold back. It hurt, it hurt to see what he’s done. What his behavior’s done to Ling Xiao just now.

The two men were both interlocked in a silent moment, each watching the other just stare with a different emotion brewing behind their eyes. One having an unreadable profound expression and the other trying to conceal his disarray of confusion.

A part of You XiaoMo wanted Ling Xiao to fight for him, to just rush over and comfort him, but the other part also wanted him to not prod the truth out of him…

Could he be even more confusing!

“Let’s go back, it’s going to rain.” You XiaoMo took a step back as he decided to finally break the ice and say something.

Stepping forward to close the distance once again, Ling Xiao’s face softened as he gently said, “You can stop running now.”

You XiaoMo sharply sucked in a breath of cold air, his eyes slightly widening.

Is that what he was doing?

Running away…

You XiaoMo slowly shook his head, eyelashes rapidly fluttering against delicate white cheeks, lifting his scared eyes towards Ling Xiao, his voice quivered as he cried, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Then, without warning, it was as if his knees gave in, and You XiaoMo crumbled towards the ground.

Ling Xiao caught him immediately, strong arms wrapping unyielding around the small body. Cradling him carefully, yet securely in his embrace.

You XiaoMo’s hands clung fiercely to him in response, and as if the floodgates were open, he couldn’t stop himself from saying, “I’m sorry it’s me. That I’m his parent, it’s not fair…” Unconsciously just saying all the doubts in his head out loud.

Ling Xiao slightly jumped in shock, quickly bowing his head to confusedly look at him. What nonsense was his wife sprouting? Ling Xiao moved him slightly out of his arms, room enough for one of his hands to touch his cheek, his eyes were carefully searching his, “What are you talking about?”

You XiaoMo sniffed, holding back his tears, shakily admitting, “I got Little Bunny killed, I lost him. I stupidly and neglectfully left him unattended and he went missing.”

After taking a trembling breath, You XiaoMo shut his eyes tightly and gnashed his teeth bitterly, “How am I supposed to take care of a child? I just turned nine weeks pregnant and I already am horrible at this. I’m not from this world, I’m not enough for him… or you…”

Although the last part was said as softly as a mosquito, Ling Xiao still managed to hear the word ‘or you’.

You XiaoMo then limply buried his head into his chest.

Flabbergasted, Ling Xiao didn’t expect this, suddenly angry, he pulled You XiaoMo out of his embrace. Then holding and cradling his juvenile face in hand, Ling Xiao made sure he had his eye line as he firmly said, “You’re so stupid. So what, you made mistakes, you grow. It doesn’t matter if you’re from this world or not. You’re mine! That’s enough for me, and that’s more than enough for him. So stop this already.”

Feeling his heart stutter in his chest, You XiaoMo didn’t understand. He didn’t understand how so simple words and just hearing Ling Xiao’s voice would solve his heart’s uneasiness.

He was right.

They cared for and had each other. All their differences and from being worlds part never mattered.

Love did.

You XiaoMo’s desire to be held burned deep in his bones, his hands skated up the toned and strong chest, rising up on his tiptoes so his hands could circle around Ling Xiao’s neck. To show his sincerity in an apology, You XiaoMo gently nodded and simply whispered back the words, “I’m yours.”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, and within the next moment, he leaned forward to forcefully captured his lips with his. Overbearingly sucking them and making them unbearably swollen and numb, but You XiaoMo didn’t complain, just happy Ling Xiao accepted his apology.

You XiaoMo, to show his true feelings, took the initiative to open his mouth, allowing the man easy access inside. That of which Ling Xiao wasted no time going in, wantonly sweeping and devouring him, taking everything his wife was offering.

You XiaoMo’s tongue happily intertwined with his domineering one, it was difficult to match his enthusiasm but he still was able to dance with his. It wasn’t until his throat felt like a hole would be burned in it, and bursts of suffocating feelings intertwined with breathlessness, that he desperately needed to take a break.

As if sensing his wife was on the verge, Ling Xiao released his tongue and mouth regretfully, lips separating with a thin transparent and silver wire. Ling Xiao didn’t want to stop at that, so he moved down lower, across extremely soft cheeks and a tender neck. Eating and gnawing at the sensitive skin while smelling his wife’s scent that was growing stronger by the second.

Trembling with the feeling and emotion, You XiaoMo licked his moistened lips, a blush painting his fair face as he struggled to pant and catch his breath. When Ling Xiao had started suck and gently bite his neck interwoven, he couldn’t stop the wanton moan that escaped his throat, his back going stiff at the excited tingles shooting up and across his spine.

Hearing this, Ling Xiao hit his limit as his eyes darkened, then bending over, he picked up his wife into his arms and their figures flashed and instantly disappeared.

Two hours later, You XiaoMo was still panting, although this time, he was spread across the white linen of their bed. Legs promiscuously high in the air with his knees near his head, as Ling Xiao was kissing across his cheeks before going back into his mouth for a deep kiss. Meanwhile, the furious assault of the man’s tyrannical action inside his body hasn’t stopped. Wave after wave of crisp toe-curling pleasure, rolling and surging in brought by Ling Xiao’s and his body rocking together desperately.

Even after doing two rounds, their passion was still in peak form. You XiaoMo’s legs were non-stop twitching and will probably be so until morning at this rate.

By the man’s strong thrusts that kept hitting him in the deepest and most sensitive places, You XiaoMo could only whimper and brokenly moan. Listening to Ling Xiao pant and spit fiery hot breath next to his ear and neck. Under You XiaoMo’s sweaty grip, he felt Ling Xiao’s muscles were tense and firm as they held and clung to each other tightly.

The heat in the room continued to mix explicitly and tightly. The two bodies that were so familiar with each other were in the throws of flame devouring passion, both wanting that closeness in each other’s arms.

The heavy breathing only calming down a couple of hours later, when You XiaoMo could go no longer and fell asleep from exhaustion.

After sleeping the daylight away, You XiaoMo woke up to their late lunch/dinner already heated up at the table. In order to help get him moving, Ling Xiao even gave him a full body massage with a side of spirit water to drink.

With the stress of everything being relieved off his shoulders and then spending quality time with Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo’s mood was very light and joyful again. When Ling Xiao saw and noticed this, even his mood became easy-going and cheerful as he couldn’t stop smiling at him.

The next day had You XiaoMo double and triple checking his shopping and direction list. Within a few of the bigger named stores on Earth, he remembered there being a personal shopper option available for extra money. So he intended to give P'eng instructions to ask the personal shoppers for certain things and even planned to make copies of his lists so they could have a copy too.

Which would end up taking awhile since it would be handwritten.

Not all of his requested items ended up being baby related though. Like some were like tons of different sized batteries and power generators, along with a huge variety of games and board games. His intentions were to give the majority of the games to his contract wicked. As they apparently have a very big thing for games. And when thinking of family game nights in the future, You XiaoMo also got excited.

Today his plans for the day contained going to the bookstore. As he didn’t want to send P'eng off before he had a chance to skim those books he wanted to read.

Ling Xiao insisted on joining him. The man having yet to leave his wife's side once since the meltdown. Always staying within his reach.

Although Ling Xiao had predicted this would happen, and the pregnancy book even warning of it, he still wanted to preemptively avoid any more circumstances upsetting his wife.

He held hope that his wife would be happier and more relaxed once the second trimester approached. That may be with the renewed bursts of energy and nausea subsiding, that he’d overall feel better and even out.

Until that break, as a perfect husband, Ling Xiao was going to make his wife as stress-free as possible.

After having lunch, the two of them left the palace and flew towards White Bone City.

The both of them walked into the bookstore, You XiaoMo’s eyes scouring the shelves and the aisle he previously found before. However, looking twice over he still didn’t spot any titles close to what he wanted and ended up biting his lower lip in regret.

Ling Xiao noticed his eager manner dissipating, asked over his shoulder, “What are you looking for?”

You XiaoMo softly sighed, “I was looking for something on babies and parenting.”

Ling Xiao could understand his mood. Knowing how his wife loved to read and study up on topics thoroughly. He touched his head, and gently comforted, “Central City has more options, they’ll have some there. For now, do you have any other books you wanted?”

You XiaoMo mused over it for a moment. He turned to face towards the fiction wall and thoughtfully said, “There might be.”

“Go see.” Ling Xiao smiled and gently pushed him forward.

You XiaoMo took the two forced steps before he curiously went to their new displayed selections.

Although they were worn out copies, he found a mystery novel and a mid-level bestiary book. Overall only spent sixty crystals and was very happy with the deals.

Leaving the bookstore, You XiaoMo smiled as he grabbed Ling Xiao’s hand and the two of them turned into a small tea cafe. In the calm and bright atmosphere, they relaxed with hot tea and snacks. Enjoying the presence of each other while happily holding comfortable conversations.

You XiaoMo was pouring a new cup of tea, and said, “It’s getting colder and colder, do you think we’ll get snow?”

Ling Xiao blew the steam on his own tea before he absentmindedly replied, “Probably. It’s looking that way.”

After taking a few tentative sips, You XiaoMo’s face lit up with a memory, and excitedly said, “I was talking to my dad, he said that the Spring Festival in Nan Lu is going to be highly elaborate this year. Do you want to go to it?”

Ling Xiao glanced at him as his lips slowly curled upwards, and calmly said, “I’m fine with going, but you realize that you’ll be five months pregnant by then.”

You XiaoMo made a surprised expression at this revelation.

He forgot that detail.

“I mean, that fact doesn’t matter.” You XiaoMo’s gaze skated across the surface of the table in an unsure manner.

Ling Xiao’s eyes sparkled as he easily replied, “Then we’ll go.”

After You XiaoMo had another piece of cake, they left the establishment and took to leisurely strolling the streets.

When You XiaoMo’s feet finally stalled and his face was painted with a exhaustion, he slurred drowsily up at Ling Xiao, “I’m tired, let’s go home.”

Ling Xiao bowed his head and slightly nodded, “Okay.”

Ling Xiao moved his hand to hold his waist and the two of them steadfastly left the city. Once past the gates and a few meters out of sight, Ling Xiao bent over and carried You XiaoMo back to the palace.

When they got home, You XiaoMo was taken directly to their bed and tucked in to sleep by Ling Xiao. Then not waking up until an hour later and smelling the scent of food being heated up.

You XiaoMo cracked his eyes open and squirmed under the blankets, blearily looking towards the table and asking, “What smells so good?”

Standing by the table, Ling Xiao’s eyes danced with glee, teasingly saying, “You’ll have to come and see.”

You XiaoMo stretched and yawned before rolling out from under the covers and excitedly approaching.

“Chicken soup!”

He looked at the steaming soup and the crackers laid out to eat and sat down hungrily diving in.

After eating together, they went to sit in the living room to relax and lounge around.

Ling Xiao sat down with an elegance that made You XiaoMo glare with jealousy, then unceremoniously squished himself up next to him. Then grabbing Ling Xiao’s arm, he picked it up and situated it out of the way, placing it on top of the couch. Once he was satisfied with his extra room, You XiaoMo pulled out the mystery novel he bought earlier and opened the cover eagerly.

Ling Xiao lazily spared him a glance, holding the urge to laugh, he moved the arm that was set aside to wrap around his wife’s chest. With a faint tug of his lips, he lazily smiled, tilting his head back against the couch and closing his eyes shut.

After multiple bathroom breaks and hours of engaging reading, the night luminescent pearl shined brightly in the room as the darkness was at peak outside. You XiaoMo was already falling asleep in Ling Xiao’s arms and being carried back to bed. Ling Xiao removed both their excess clothing and climbed into bed, hugging his wife to his chest and laying down to sleep.

When morning came, You XiaoMo vaguely felt Ling Xiao get up and out of bed. Losing his warmth he chose to bury deeper in the quilts and sleep in some more. Sleeping was honestly becoming one of his favorite things to do. He’d take naps and also sleep in in the mornings. Then even once he was woken up, he’d lay there resting, delaying his rising up out of bed.

Although if he prolonged his getting up and ignored his hunger, he’d feel super sick by the time he left the bed. So now the routine turned out to be Ling Xiao forcing him up to eat, and then once done, he would let him go back to bed afterward. Sleeping for another hour or even three.

Today was one of those days, as within two hours later, Ling Xiao was pulling the blankets back and coaxing him awake.

You XiaoMo made a noise of discontent and unhappily looked up at the man, holding his arms around his body, trying to contain the lost warmth as the blankets left him.

Ling Xiao tossed the blanket’s far away from his wife’s reach and beamed, “Dear wife, it’s time to eat.”

In a sleepy haze, You XiaoMo slowly lifted himself out of the blankets and got out of bed. When his bare feet touched the morning chilled floor, he grumpily mumbled, “I want some house shoes, my toes are freezing off.”

Following closely behind him, Ling Xiao lightly mocked and teased him, “If I see a toe rolling away, I’ll be sure to pick it up for you.”

Freezing mid-step, You XiaoMo choked on his saliva, his astonished expression turning to stare at the wolfishly grinning man.

Ling Xiao was doing this on purpose, You XiaoMo felt it was too early for his brain to be woken up like this. The gears were barely turning as it was.

“It was a joke…” You XiaoMo blushed and embarrassedly murmured, continuing to walk and sitting down at the small table inside their room.

Looking across from him, You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao had made him porridge again, but this time with more of the fruits he’s been craving lately. You XiaoMo happily reached in and popped a Roseberry into his mouth. Its shape and taste were similar to that of raspberries, but it smelled of budding roses and was more fragrant sweet. The other fruit was blueberries, much like the ones from Earth.

You XiaoMo grabbed a spoon and looked up at Ling Xiao who was now sitting across him, adoration painted his voice as he said, “Thank you very much!”

Ling Xiao lightly chuckled before he poured the tea and faintly said, “You’re welcome.”

Watching his wife finish his meal, Ling Xiao took a sip of his second cup of tea, before he eloquently said, “Tomorrow night I want to take you somewhere, make sure you have your new jacket ready.”

Hearing those cryptic words, You XiaoMo who was licking his lips at the time, had suddenly paused mid-lick, blinking in surprise at him. The scene was probably comical looking.

Tomorrow? He didn’t remember them promising anyone plans. What was Ling Xiao planning?

Also, jacket? Does that mean they are going outside somewhere…

Recovering, You XiaoMo closed his mouth, then curiously asked, “What are we doing?”

Ling Xiao had a treacherous smile slowly forming on his lips, slowly spitting out the words, “Will not say.”

With his mouth hanging open slightly, You XiaoMo squinted at him with a pensive look. He could’ve sworn he saw a mischievous glint in Ling Xiao’s eyes, maybe even mirth, he wasn’t sure… After a full minute of suspense, You XiaoMo still couldn’t handle the mystery, and asked again, “No really, what is it?”

Ling Xiao was elated. This was the best part, watching his wife’s expressions and his little mind spinning round and round. So entertaining! He laughed and looked at him intently, beamingly saying, “That would ruin the secret.”

You XiaoMo could only pout.

This wasn’t fair! The man warned him two whole days early. Now it’s going to be all he’s thinking about.

Having finished eating and taking a trip to the bathroom, You XiaoMo lifted the layers of soft quilts and scooted back underneath, wiggling and cocooning himself back in its warmth.

“Can I have that again tomorrow morning? It doesn’t make me feel so sick to hold down.”

You XiaoMo muffledly said to Ling Xiao, glancing up at him through the top of the covers. Feeling like his man hit gold with this discovery. He’ll have to experiment with similar options to see what he can do.

Still at the table, Ling Xiao’s lips slightly lifted into a faint smile, and lazily said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Hearing him say so, You XiaoMo smiled into the pillows and drew up the covers to his chin.

After watching him for a few lingering moments, Ling Xiao suddenly said, “I’m going to go to Weeping Ghost Shore for awhile. Do you need anything?”

You XiaoMo’s eyes that were closed as he was starting to doze off, abruptly opened with alert at his words, snapping to focus in Ling Xiao’s direction, “You’re leaving?”

You XiaoMo had enjoyed their pace they set yesterday, everything was calm and relaxing. It was the most peaceful and calming day, and he wanted it again. Although he definitely didn’t need a babysitter, or his handheld, his heart and soul was always more settled in the man’s presence.

“Only for a bit. We are leaving town again in three days time.” Ling Xiao patiently said, having got up and sat down next to him. He touched You XiaoMo’s hair, fingers brushing across the loose silky and lustrous long black strains.

Ling Xiao also didn’t want to leave his side, especially so soon after his meltdown. However, he needed to check on and take care of things before they left again for the week.

You XiaoMo knew and understood that, as his words were actually blurted out without thinking. He nodded against Ling Xiao’s large and warm hand, “I guess I’ll be here or doing alchemy then. Later today I also want to get some field work done.”

“If you need help ask your contract wicked. They lazy around too much as it is.” Ling Xiao faintly said, eyes still intently gazing at his face, then finally leaning forward to lock against You XiaoMo’s supple pink lips.

After the sweet kiss, You XiaoMo giggled. That was true, they were lazy wicked. Especially his littlest ones.

Ling Xiao stayed for a couple of more minutes on the bed before letting You XiaoMo go back to sleep.

Sometime later, You XiaoMo woke up with his bladder ringing at him to get up. After rising up and getting dressed for the day, he made his way to the kitchen. Wanting to eat something light, he made himself a large pot of egg drop soup. Intending to leave the rest for later to snack on.

He sealed and covered the pot before sending it to his dimension to stay fresh. Then sat down in the breakfast nook and ate by himself. You XiaoMo didn’t take long and was soon walking inside his large alchemy room. He wanted to make some more level tens magic pills today, while secretly intending to give them to Ling Xiao. The man hasn’t been given any magic pills barely at all in the last few weeks.

Since it was for Ling Xiao, Mr. Extraordinaire and Supreme, the man who never cared about what type he was given, You XiaoMo decided to make an Ember Storm pill. This type of pill would open a practitioner's meridians and give the consumer a surge of added potential power, allowing one to achieve breakthroughs.

Not something Ling Xiao needs, but You XiaoMo smiled to himself, as he figured the added energy is something the insatiable man would hopefully call ‘delicious’.

After taking bathroom breaks in between, You XiaoMo had just finished refining his second magic pill in the cauldron. Popping it into the blue crystal jade bottle and sending it to his dimension to store. Deciding he was going to take Ling Xiao’s advice and go in search of his Qui Team. He really didn’t want to do all the extra work alone, and it was always faster and more enjoyable with company.

When he got to his contract wicked’s wing of the palace, You XiaoMo had trouble finding anyone in the lounge and entertainment rooms. At the juncture of a hall, You XiaoMo finally found MaoQui and HeiQui walking his way. He then quickly waved at them happily while calling and jogging to their front.

MaoQui with all her refined charm, calmly greeted, “Good afternoon Master, how are you?”

HeiQui who was next to her, just gave him his usual indifferent gesture.

You XiaoMo came to a stop in front of them, and earnestly said, “I’m good. How about you?”

HeiQui just nodded while MaoQui waved her hand gently and said, “We’re good. What are you doing Master?”

You XiaoMo perked up at that, eyes glittering while asking, “If you guys aren’t busy, I wanted to use your help in the magic herb fields today.”

HeiQui and MaoQui momentarily froze at those words. They remember their master making them do field work in turns some many years ago, was not very fun or pleasant work…

HeiQui finally spoke up, the voice of neutral calm, “Actually, I have to report to Weeping Ghost Shore, some Tiangou business to finish up.” Then, with steady footwork, he started to smoothly walk away.

MaoQui was not one to be left behind, she said some similar words and also excused herself.

You XiaoMo’s mouth was left open. If he wanted to, he could just possibly order them, but then again, if it was official Tiangou work, he didn’t want to interfere with their matters. So he could only look on with an unhappy expression and some doubt.

Sighing, he started down the corridor the two had exited from, searching for his other wicked.

Little did You XiaoMo know, was that some of his team had heard their conversation, such as PiQui and CatQui, and had already run off to hide as fast as possible.

Getting tired of walking in circles, and feeling like he was doing a hide and seek game, You XiaoMo went back to his room and entered his dimension on his own.

You XiaoMo sat down and started to excavate his fields of level eight and nine that he planted a few weeks ago. When he had dug up two hundred magic herbs, You XiaoMo placed them all inside a large pan to be washed later.

He was just starting to plant some seeds in the now empty field when he had to stop. As that small dull headache at the beginning of his working had now become a full-on pressuring headache. Miserable, You XiaoMo exited the dimension while rubbing at his temples softly.

When his gaze slowly lifted off the floor, You XiaoMo jumped at the sight of Ling Xiao watching him from the door. Scared and surprised, You XiaoMo pressed a hand to his heart, trying to catch his lost breath as Ling Xiao came in farther.

Ling Xiao looked him up and down, then asked, “Did you get your field work done?”

You XiaoMo calmed down enough to look fiercely at him, angrily saying, “Why do you go scaring people?”

Continuing inside the room, Ling Xiao innocently raised an eyebrow, “If you were scared, that’s not my fault.”

Removing his hand, You XiaoMo scowled at him, then remembering he was asked a question, he answered, “No, not done. I’m feeling sick and tired.”

Ling Xiao touched his cheek, softly said, “Why didn’t you ask your team like I said?”

“Hmph.” You XiaoMo gave a bitter laugh, “I tried, and everyone either said busy or disappeared on me.”

Ling Xiao suddenly narrowed his eyes, his caressing movements stalling momentarily. Looks like he’ll have to talk to those insolent wickeds later. If they won’t even help their master, what use are they? Now, after all his previous destressing and calming efforts, his wife was sick and in a visible mood. They’ll pay for that.

Thinking this, Ling Xiao bent over and picked his wife up, showing a bright grin while saying, “Lady, let’s have dinner together and a warm bath. It will make you feel better.”

You XiaoMo sighed at being in the comfort of his smell and warmth, speaking in a small voice, “I don’t think I’m up for eating…”

“Something light then.” Ling Xiao gently suggested, having already left the alchemy room and bringing them both to their dining room table.

You XiaoMo’s small hand twisted in the other man’s robes and compromisingly said, “I did make egg drop soup earlier if that’s something you’d want.”

“Sounds perfect.” Ling Xiao looked at him and radiantly said, placing You XiaoMo down in the chair.

You XiaoMo watched as Ling Xiao went to the tea set and began fixing and heating up the water. As the man did so, he took out the pot he made earlier and placed it on the center of the table, and even placed a loaf of bread beside it.

When Ling Xiao sat down, You XiaoMo had already had all the dishware and tableware laid out ready. Ling Xiao gave his wife a cup of gentle herbal tea before he moved his hand to heat up the pot for him.

Even though You XiaoMo said so, he ended up feeling quite hungry at the taste of the food touching his tongue. Even going so far as to pull out his special buttery blend to put on the bread. It’s something he’s made previously to bring extra flavor to stale slices or a snack.

“Here, try this.” You XiaoMo said while offering Ling Xiao a buttery slice, eye sparkling with anticipation.

Instead of taking the offered bread, Ling Xiao leaned forward to take a bite of it from his hand, licking his lips and saying, “Delicious.”

You XiaoMo felt his heart jump at the sight of those sinful lips and tongue, but hearing his voice returned him to his senses and he happily said, “It’s my special recipe. Took me awhile to perfect.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes held a glimmer of a smile and said, “Then we should use it more often.”

You XiaoMo held his chin up proudly, he thought so too.

The both of them continued their supper and talked idly in between bites.

Once all the dishes were sent to the dimension, Ling Xiao came over and picked You XiaoMo up once more. Destination of the bathroom, where he had already gotten up and heated the water as You XiaoMo had continued to finish eating.

“You know, I can walk.” You XiaoMo squinted at him and mumbled, holding his robes in hand.

Ling Xiao bowed his head and dazzlingly grinned, “So? What’s that got to do with anything?”

You XiaoMo exhaled a light and dumbfounded laugh.

The both of them were soon naked and immersed in the water together.

When sitting in the hot water, and having it poured over his head a few times, You XiaoMo started to slightly feel better. The muscles in his neck and shoulders also releasing some of the tension, allowing him to finally get comfortable. So much so, he was feeling very lethargic in Ling Xiao’s arms and wanting to doze off right then and there.

Sensing him falling asleep, Ling Xiao fished him of the water as they both got out of the tub.

When You XiaoMo finished drying off and dressing in his night clothes, he felt his body weight being lifted and carried, taken in the direction of their master bedroom. Once he touched the mattress and the soft sheets, You XiaoMo flipped to his stomach and wiggled to get comfortable. The next moment, a moan slip past his lips, as his neck and shoulders were being pressed on, gently and yet with firm pressure.

“Feels so good.” You XiaoMo sleepily slurred into his arms and the pillow, his fingers gripping the pillowcase.

Ling Xiao slightly smiled as he continued to massage him, watching as his wife’s eyes grew heavier and heavier until he fell into a deep sleep. He turned off the bright lights and picked up the blankets, sliding in beside his wife and placing him on his chest. Ling Xiao closed his eyes as he fell asleep holding his wife comfortably in his arms.

The next morning, You XiaoMo was once again delightfully surprised, having Ling Xiao’s porridge and more of his favorite slices of fruit brought to him. Then eating it all before crawling back to bed for his extra sleepful nap. Ling Xiao reminded him before he dozed off that tonight they were going out and to be ready.

Later, after waking up and getting dressed, You XiaoMo ate a snack before he went back to alchemy for the rest of the early day. Around two o’clock, he stopped and found Ling Xiao had returned and was sitting in his study leisurely reading. The man had disappeared earlier after informing him that he had some things to do around the palace.

They ate together again and Ling Xiao warned him they were leaving before sunset, saying that if he wanted to rest, he should fit it in now.

By four o’clock in the afternoon, You XiaoMo woke up from his nap and started to pack the items he was told. Still highly curious about where and what they were doing, as Ling Xiao had still refused to tell him. He even tried to get hints out of the man, but he would just smirk at him and shake his head saying ‘secret’ with a highly amused look.

They were walking outside the palace doors when You XiaoMo couldn’t hold it any longer, he turned on his heels and excitedly asked, “Okay, can you tell me now?”

Ling Xiao’s face was all elegance and charm, he reached out to lift You XiaoMo’s hood on his jacket to cover his head, and exuberantly said, “Nope. You’ll see though.”

Voice fading, he bent over and swooped You XiaoMo into his arms in one swift movement. Both of their figures disappearing in place.

Chapter Text

In the blink of an eye, their scenery changed. The next thing You XiaoMo saw was that they were no longer surrounded by trees and mountains, but instead, by flat plains of short grass and spacious small trees. Feet firming being planted on the ground and feeling confused, he looked up to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao lifted his chin and beamed at him, “Welcome to Bei Dong!”

You XiaoMo jittered, blinked, and then exclaimed, “Bei Dong! Bei Dong?” He repeated himself twice as if still in disbelief.

“Hurry, we only have an hour to get there.” Ling Xiao mysteriously said and tugged his hand as they started walking up a small hill.

You XiaoMo could only blankly stare as he put forth the effort to keep up with his pace.

Walking for fifteen minutes they finally reached the peak, the top was empty and had a clear view of both straight ahead and up to the sky. Along the way, You XiaoMo noticed patches of melted and still iced over snow locations from before. Seemed Bei Dong has already had snow weather. When You XiaoMo thought about it, he supposed that made sense. Bei Dong was known for highly extreme seasons and was the reason the majority of mages or humans choose not to live here.

Stopping, Ling Xiao looked around them and cryptically ordered, “Use your soul power to dig a four by four-meter pit right here.”

You XiaoMo tilted his head in a confused manner, but the man was already disappearing towards the sparse tree line. Shrugging his shoulders, You XiaoMo obediently did as he was told, teleporting a shovel from his dimension and applying a layer of soul power to it. Within a minute the pit was done and the soil was neatly behind it in a pile.

By then, Ling Xiao had come back with a massive log of a dead and dried out tree. He dropped it vertically on the ground, and with a lazy flick of his hand, the log went into forty pieces instantly. All fall down neatly and perfectly into a stacking woodpile.

You XiaoMo mused while looking at it, seemed like they were making a fire pit.

Now the rest of Ling Xiao’s previous requests made sense.

You XiaoMo turned around as Ling Xiao started to throw the lumber into the pit, taking out two large layered blankets from the dimension. Spreading and layering them out neatly on the ground, even adding an extra blanket to cover themselves with when sitting down. You XiaoMo even threw a few plush and thick pillows on top. When he was told about blankets, he assumed it was a possible overnight thing, so he had thought ahead enough to pack some as well.

When he sat down and put his gloves on, Ling Xiao already had a crimson fire going before he sat down next to him.

“Lady, comfortable?” Ling Xiao smiled and put his arm around You XiaoMo’s waist.

You XiaoMo’s anticipation and curiosity was at its max capacity, endearingly replying, “Comfortable, ah. Now, are you going to explain?”

With a prince-like refinement, Ling Xiao smiled charmingly at him, winking, he said, “Date night. Stargazing.”

Feeling his breath escape him, You XiaoMo’s face heated up as he blushed scarlet.

Then finally finding his voice, You XiaoMo in an embarrassed way, shyly asked, “Date night? Isn’t every day pretty much one?”

“Well, I admit, this is more than that.” Ling Xiao said before he paused suddenly. Because even though he said the words easily, once thinking about it more, he realized the concept of a strict date night was a very good idea and greatly liked it. So making a quick decision, he continued to add, “That said, is it not a good thing to implement? We should get out and do this more often.”

Shocked at the turn of events, You XiaoMo blushingly replied, “I, I guess that’s… Yeah, it’s a good idea.” As he spoke he realized it was a very good suggestion, his brain wavelengths were on the same page as Ling Xiao’s. Thinking that, before and more so once the baby came, the set aside meaningful time together will be a nice thing to have.

You XiaoMo was so nervous, that he skipped over and forgot Ling Xiao’s confession earlier, blissfully ignorant of the full reason for being under the open skies.

As twilight approached and the lights were dimming, You XiaoMo snuggled deeper into the warmth of Ling Xiao’s side, tucking the blankets tightly around them. It was cold and chilly out, without the fire and Ling Xiao’s warmth, he would’ve been for sure chattering his teeth right about now.

After dark settled in and the stars started to shimmer, Ling Xiao hugged him tight and leaned back against the pillows and blankets. You XiaoMo rubbed his cheek comfortably against his chest, eyes staring intently at the sky. It was impressively beautiful, although their home in the West was far from city lights, it was nothing compared to the size of the stars here in the great Bei Dong.

The stars seemed so close, it was as if he could reach out and touch the bright lights themselves. In his absent-minded thoughts, You XiaoMo did just that, lifting up his hand toward the sky, his fingers closing around a glowing dot in his view. He felt the chest he was laying on shake, causing him to stop in his actions and curiously look up at Ling Xiao. The man had a smile that was twitching at the corners with the obvious resistance to hold back laughter.

Ling Xiao’s eyes twinkled with delight, happily asking, “Lady, do you want a star for your own?”

Feeling like he was being teased, You XiaoMo briefly narrowed his eyes at him, but honestly explained with a awe in his voice, “They just seem so close is all.”

“You sure? If the wife says so, I’ll go get one for you.” Ling Xiao smiled, eyes curving, hands suddenly loosening their grip on him as he made the move to rise up.

You XiaoMo was startled, and hurriedly made the move to the push the man back down below him. He honestly wasn’t sure if Ling Xiao could do as he said, but as the master of the universe and all, You XiaoMo figured anything was still possible. Plus, on the off chance that he actually really could… he had no idea how big a star was, and or what to do with it…

Just in case though, You XiaoMo tried to act natural and clearly enunciated, “Very, very sure. Wife wants you to stay here.”

Ling Xiao reaffirmed his hold on him and beamed, “Husband obeys!”

Laughing, You XiaoMo couldn’t stop the silly smile spreading across his face. Someone was being highly ridiculous.

In his laughter, out of the corner of his eye, something caught his attention. It was almost like a flashing or flickering light. Blinking, You XiaoMo turned his head to look up at the sky and the scene made him audibly gasp.

The words ‘absolutely breathtaking’ fitted it perfectly.

The sky was at peak darkness and highlighted the glittering stars like a painting, but alongside that was something even more magnificent that he’s never seen before.

Stars falling!

There were white lines shooting across the sky in numerous fashion, leaving a trail of luminous light behind.

In his amazement, You XiaoMo sat up and stared transfixed, when he found the words to speak, he looked back to Ling Xiao who was now sitting up with him, and doubtfully asked, “Did you?”

Ling Xiao laughed lightly, smiling, he lazily said, “As much as I would like to take the credit, this was already predicted and planned.”

Even so, You XiaoMo didn’t care if he summoned the stars or didn’t, his man obviously wanted to show him this scene. He looked at Ling Xiao with adoration and admiration heavily set in his sparkling eyes, before having to force himself to shift his gaze back, as he was really wanting to watch the star shower.

“It’s beautiful.” You XiaoMo whispered in marvel, “I’ve never seen such a thing before.”

Ling Xiao briefly spared the falling stars a glance before shifting his attention, instead, intent on watching his wife with intense eyes. In a low voice, he meaningfully and softly said, “I’ve seen more beautiful things.”

Not noticing his expression or tone, You XiaoMo let out a laugh, holding the urge to roll his eyes. Of course, he has. He had just turned to say so when the depth of Ling Xiao’s unfathomable eyes silenced him, it was as if a black hole was drawing him in, the words fell heavy as the context was too complex to comprehend.

While his wife was still in a daze, Ling Xiao decided now was as good time as any. Standing up, he bent over to help his wife off the ground, speaking in both a mysterious and excited tone, “Now, the main event starts.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth that was slightly agape was promptly closed when Ling Xiao’s hands went to lift him under the armpits into a standing position. The next thing he knew, his hand was being pulled and they were walking off their cozy blankets and away from the crackling red fire.

When they stopped in the grass, You XiaoMo held his curiosity in as he knew Ling Xiao would reveal whatever thing he was up to, but he, however, did not expect what came next.

In the hand that wasn’t holding his, Ling Xiao’s left hand unraveled the slender fingers to slowly reveal two brilliant, lustrous studded amethyst crystal rings.

It was the Heavenly Vow Rings.

The man chose now?

You XiaoMo’s eyes bulged open to snap up to Ling Xiao’s. His heart was pounding out of his chest as he watched the black eyes on him slowly grow deeper with a smile.

And now he knew, realizing that this was the whole thing, everything that Ling Xiao had set up with this elaborate date night out, was for this reason.

He couldn’t believe it, and yet he also could!

“W-what are you doing?” You XiaoMo flushed while saying, he felt his insides tremor slightly.

He clearly remembered the details and prerequisites of the rings. As they burned a hole in his memory at the way they sounded cheesy and very, very much like a… wedding.

You XiaoMo didn’t think they’d make a deal out of it, just assuming they’d slip them both on and be done with it. Back to their daily chores and life. Not, not, not, this.

He didn’t know how to react.

Ling Xiao took the hand he was holding and slowly tugged the gloves off You XiaoMo’s fingers, once off, he continued to do so to the other. When he finished throwing the gloves to the ground, he lazily glanced at his face, the corners of his lips curling up slightly, in a matter-of-factly tone, he dazzlingly said, “We can’t exchange vows without a ceremony.”

Voice fading, an illuminating aura of white light, as if a misty fog, bursts out from around their feet. It shot out in gentle sparkling waves, hitting the surrounding fields of grass and trees around them. Within mere moments, the dry ground that was yellow and pale green from the weathered season became lusciously vibrant and grew several inches tall. Then as if in a fast-forward mode, there were cascades of wildflowers of every color and shape, all rising up from the dirt to grow and bloom beautifully.

All of this scene was highlighted in the soft starlight from above them. It was like a magical fantasy, but real!

You XiaoMo breathed in sharply and watched this scene with a enchanted awe, mesmerized, he couldn’t do a thing.

“Hold this.” Ling Xiao placed his own ring in You XiaoMo’s right hand, and then with a smile, grabbed his left hand again.

Not wanting to drop it, You XiaoMo returned to his senses and quickly grasped the beautiful band within his hand. Watching with big and wide orbs as Ling Xiao lifted his left hand and saw his designated ring presented before him. It still looked the same as before, it’s shining amethyst crystals around the front were encased in that silvery-white metal, radiantly displaying that centerpiece large amethyst crystal.

You XiaoMo heavily swallowed when he noticed Ling Xiao hovered it across his ring finger of all places. Was this really happening? His heart pounded and his ears drummed loudly as his gaze lifted up to look at the man.

Ling Xiao brilliantly smiled as he looked at You XiaoMo and elegantly said the words, “Let’s get to it, shall we?”

Ling Xiao gently held the small hand within his large one, and then with his right hand, he slowly pushed the ring across his thin white fingers, the crystals flashing with an illuminating gleam under the starlight.

“XiaoMo, my wife, my miracle star from afar.” Ling Xiao’s smile was quite moving. The clearly manly handsome face was tinged with an enchanting elegance. His tone was as light as down, showing he was in a very pleasant and very good mood, sincerely declaring, “You’re mine and I vow to give my all to you, to always protect and cherish you.”

At the same time of his actions and words, the ring finally settled and rested on You XiaoMo’s wedding finger, a soft glow of light illuminated the ring showing it was activating.

You XiaoMo blushed with widened eyes.

He couldn’t believe his ears but he clearly saw the words fall out of Ling Xiao’s mouth, and the actions of his hand, and it was all happening! So cheesy and corny and also… so perfect. He remembered when he acknowledged his feelings for the man across him, he was also under the starry sky, it only seemed befitting they exchanged vows the same way.

Although they’ve been together and are life partners in the same married sense, this felt something special to announce and declare.

Forgoing his embarrassment, You XiaoMo decided to be as honest and forthcoming as Ling Xiao. With trembling fingers and a pounding heart, he fumbled with the ring in his other hand. His skin felt itchy hot and his blood was racing as he bravely took Ling Xiao’s left hand within his, hovering the ring over his wedding finger as well.

You XiaoMo could only think to copy how Ling Xiao said it, so with as much sincerity through his nervousness, he took a deep calming breath before his gaze flickered between his hand and Ling Xiao’s face. Knowing that he’d probably never hear the end of what he was about to say, but he continued on anyway.

“Xiao, my husband, I vow to give my all to you, to always be by your side, forever.” You XiaoMo devotedly said and looked starry-eyed in adoration at Ling Xiao. His juvenile and tender face glowing with pink tinted cheeks, a smile on his lips. He thought it would be hard to say, but as he spoke, the words flowed out freely and easily.

Ling Xiao seemed to be affected by his expression and was immediately elated, feeling his own heart swell and pulse race. He was transfixed, staring at the fair face, at the white skin tinged with rosy red, sparkling and translucent. Staring at the honesty and adorableness written so clearly on his person.

Such flawless beauty, Ling Xiao didn’t seem to be able to tear his eyes away from his wife.

Ring in place, it also softly gained an aura. The vows were now both said out loud, the requirements for the holy ancient scriptures were met and the glowing rings grew brighter and brighter.

The power emanating from the small rings were fluctuating as it synced and attuned to their bodies and each other.

At the peak of its blinding light, a purple light shot out from their rings and met towards the center of them. The light beams clashed together and became a small quarter sized ball, transforming into rainbow swirling light, then the next moment, the rainbow light split up and shot back towards their respective rings.

You XiaoMo felt a small flickering of a vibration sensation in his ring as the light returned inside it. When the white light encasing the two rings started to fade away, he was quite shocked, and even Ling Xiao was secretly surprised.

Their once purple crystal rings were now clear and brilliant like diamonds. Although that wasn’t all that was different, there was something even more startling added besides that. The crystals were refracting subtle rainbow colors.

Watching this scene, You XiaoMo’s never seen anything like it before. He also didn’t remember the auctioneer mentioning this detail either. Surprised, he looked expectantly at Ling Xiao’s face.

Ling Xiao’s initial shock was heavily concealed in his eyes, as he also didn’t expect this, but after a moment he recovered naturally. Looking at his dumbfounded and cute wife, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Husband wants to kiss his wife now.” Ling Xiao leaned close, smiling warmly, his fiery hot breath hitting across quivering lips. At the same time, with his left hand, he intertwined their fingers together and used his other to hold You XiaoMo’s chin up.

His words almost sounded as if seeking his approval but it was actually a declaration of what’s to come. As within the next moment, the impatient husband lowered his head and bowed his lips to cover his wife’s.

Passionately and adoringly.

Melting under the kiss, You XiaoMo felt the yearning need to be even closer. His hand went to instinctively circle the man’s nape and leaned his full body weight onto him.

It was as if time stood still. The illuminating ribbons of stars falling surrounded them and filled the night sky, highlighting the scene of their two bodies tightly intertwining and entangling together.

Ling Xiao’s hand moves to cradle his face, fingers carding through his silky hair, tongue easily slipping past his willing lips. Kissing the small body in his arms until he was left breathless and limp in his embrace.

After the kiss, You XiaoMo was shivering non-stop and leaning his head against Ling Xiao’s strong chest. Shivering from either the cold or from the passion, he couldn’t tell which, possibly even both. Panting, he glanced up at the sky and saw the glittering showers, his grip on Ling Xiao squeezing even tighter.

Ling Xiao bent over and picked him up, carrying him back towards their blankets and laying him down on it. Hands moving to undo his white jacket coat buttons and ties.

Feeling his back land against the soft blankets, You XiaoMo saw the amoral hands undressing him and opened his mouth to protest, but his lips were blocked by a fierce kiss. At the same time, the fire that was lit behind them grew in size, the flames even gathering a slight purple color mixing within it. Instantly, all the cold air surrounding them was drowned out by a comfortable wave of heat.

You XiaoMo’s was mouth was being given bursts of pleasure as his moans were trying to slip past his swollen-red lips, but ultimately the sounds were being swallowed and muffled by Ling Xiao’s mouth. Meanwhile, a hot hand was skating across his chest and making its way inside his clothing, igniting the flames of desire…

Waking up from his somewhat lost and lustful delirium, You XiaoMo quickly grabbed that wandering hand and moved his head to the side to escape his lips, breathlessly saying, “Do not mess, we’re out in the open.”

Ling Xiao suddenly raised the corners of his mouth, shook his hand free and continued to undress him of his restrictive clothing, speaking casually, “No one is around for thousands of miles. It’s just us.”

The last syllable was said in an extremely sexy manner, making the listener feel the magnetism in that rich, deep and low voice.

You XiaoMo swallowed thickly, feeling the side of his lips dripping with their sparkling and translucent saliva. His body was being manipulated and maneuvered out of his clothing and was finally topless. Only his pants remained and even that was hanging loosely on his hips, as all it needed was just a few gentle tugs and it would be yanked off.

Ling Xiao leaned over and pressured the body below him, nestling hard in between his thighs, kissing him again. At the same time, his large hands have not been idle. Moving slowly from his face to his chest. Ling Xiao released a soft sigh at feeling the comfortably familiar softness. Roaming until his fingertips found the tender chest, slowly circling a little pink chest point. Hearing the breathing of the person below him abruptly becoming heavier. He then gives the now erect area a soft pinch, thumb flicking across the sensitive nub.

You XiaoMo cried loudly as his hands were forced to hold the man’s forearms tightly. His body bowing painfully off the ground, his lower part crashing up against that thin layer of underpants above him. Letting him feel the swollen enormous thing in between Ling Xiao’s legs that were rather apparent, its heat and hardness showing it was very much awakened.

Ling Xiao releases the little lips that have turned red from all the sucking. Looking at his expression, he lets out a low laugh. Then he lowers his head again and nips on his earlobe. Then going further down from there. While giving him stimulation, he bucks his lower body a few times, using that huge swollen and hard thing to rub the insides of his thighs.

You XiaoMo immediately let out a loud gasp and his eyes became the size of round bells. Not being able to handle the violent waves of desire washing over him. His body was overheating and overly sensitive…

In his panic, his hands went to push up on Ling Xiao’s chest to give himself some room, but abruptly he stopped, as he moaned a wanton and lustful cry. Because at that moment, Ling Xiao had licked and nibbled at the juncture between his neck and collarbone. You XiaoMo’s hands were no longer fleeing but instead driven by the haze of lust, moving to clumsily remove Ling Xiao’s outer robe off his shoulders.

Ling Xiao felt the small hands touching his body, rushing to desperately remove his clothing. Watching his wife act so alluring and yearningly, it caused his whole body to shiver, making the lust in his eyes grow deeper and deeper, blazingly hot and boiling. He simply leans back and unties the sash on his own waist and hastily tossing aside his robe.

While still sitting up, Ling Xiao takes the opportunity to grab the hem of You XiaoMo’s pants, and using a hand to hold his hips off the ground, he yanks the soft fabric off his lithe legs.

Feeling his now bare and exposed lower areas hit the air, You XiaoMo shivered, but he didn’t experience the loss for long, as Ling Xiao body was once again between his spread wide and open legs.

Ling Xiao leaned forward, and with a hand, tangled his fingers in his hair, cradling his head as he gave You XiaoMo a lingering and loving kiss. When their wet lips finally separated, he moved farther down to kiss along his slender neck, across exposed collarbones, and the rapidly fluttering chest. He licked a pink chest point lewdly before he kissed it. A wet and sloppy sound. Then moved across the area, causing a mess of the person below him.

‘Ngh... ah... ah... ah!’ You XiaoMo’s mouth delivered non-stop cries between breaths, whining and begging for mercy. That area, it was too responsive now, felt too much like electricity coursing through his veins, his body was convulsing with Ling Xiao’s actions.

When the loving torture abruptly stopped, You XiaoMo in his daze, bewilderedly looked at Ling Xiao who was pushing him down while smiling obscenely. He then looked at himself again. Just by lowering his head, he could see his now red fruits, and the scene of the entire chest glistening wet was truly quite erotic.

You XiaoMo then catches a glance of Ling Xiao’s hand moving, however, it wasn’t moving on him, but on his own person. His whole scalp immediately started to tingle as he watched Ling Xiao fade half his pants, and that extraordinary big manhood of his sprang free.

Seeing his reaction, Ling Xiao laughs in delight, leaning in close to his ear and smiling suggestively. At the same time, his hand moves to fondle You XiaoMo’s white and voluptuous bottom, fingertips teasingly moving in between his seams.

You XiaoMo’s legs tighten around that lean waist when he felt his lower half being propped up. When Ling Xiao’s hot breath steamed across his neck, he curled up and trembled endlessly under the sensations crawling up his spine.

The next second, You XiaoMo felt something hot and hard poking his entrance, he immediately lets out a gasp as that giant stick grinded tantalizing against him. Ling Xiao raises his head and kisses his small lips, swallowing his breath as he pushed forward, rushing past that barrier and connecting their bodies intimately with each other.

You XiaoMo’s lips go slack and he exhales sharply. It wasn’t his usual fast, but it was swift and extreme. He quivered with the effort to adjust and hold that gigantic member. Meanwhile, Ling Xiao is kissing him, licking and sucking on his plump lips, occasionally even nibbling. A gentle hand stroking up and down his side in a soothing manner.

Fortunately, You XiaoMo was given time to catch his breath, for when he had calmed down, Ling Xiao started to withdraw out languidly before rushing back in. Setting up a building storm of a rampage, causing the body beneath him to sway and rock with the motion.

You XiaoMo had to hurry and grab under Ling Xiao’s arms, holding the man’s shoulder blades and back for purchase. Bracing himself for the bruising rhythm to come, but surprisingly it never came, the lovemaking was intense but it also felt very without haste, as if soaking up the atmosphere and the experience.

You XiaoMo’s felt his breath escaping him with every entering and advancing action inside his body. Such stimulating feelings, coursing through his little body making it twitch uncontrollably. Waves of pleasurable sensations spreading out from every limb as if on fire. Alluring moans escape unconsciously from his lips. His soft voice almost on the brink of losing control and gaining an uninhibited nature.

Under the night sky, two bodies were inextricably intertwined as You XiaoMo was enveloped in passion as Ling Xiao was pressuring him down. The honey-colored body displaying the firm and taut muscles, flexing with precision under the motion of lovemaking, panting heavily while ravishingly caressing and fondling every part of the body beneath him.

Ling Xiao loved every inch of the flawlessness of his wife and couldn’t stop his heart from trembling at the touch. The soft and smooth body was the most exquisite thing he’s ever seen or touched, with the thin and lithe body was perfectly fitting in his arms.

You XiaoMo laid on the ground as the man kept bringing him toe curling and mind-numbing ecstasy. His hands kept moving to feel the body of Ling Xiao above him, noticing the man was gaining a thinly veiled layer of sweat. That of which only served to intensify his enticing smell of mature and seductive male pheromones.

Making You XiaoMo’s pair of white legs becoming promiscuously and wantonly wrapped tightly around the strong powerful contours of the man’s back. With Ling Xiao’s slender and perfect proportions, it had the feel of perfection tension as he thrust unabated into his welcoming body. Just feeling the perfect physique made You XiaoMo somewhere deep inside himself clench tighter around Ling Xiao’s pistoning length.

The sensitive place inside him was battered and pleasure rose like a flood, making him shake with the effort, and finally no longer could withstand. With a heart-piercing feeling, You XiaoMo released with a scream. Shaking with every entering Ling Xiao’s massive manhood took, as it kept awakening those nerves inside him, making his climax last longer and longer. Drawing out his pleasure until he was in tears.

Feeling that soft place tightly clinging to the symbol of his desire, Ling Xiao let out a slow and staggering breath. Sensing the part where they were connected twitch and spasm, bringing even more extra satisfactory and blissful pleasure to Ling Xiao, made him tremble endlessly and drove out his primal desire. His thrusting action continuing to add strength and aim deeper.

Muscles tightening, Ling Xiao’s eyes immersed deeper as his wife’s alluring moans and the pleasure built up so wonderfully. His arm he used to hold himself up moved to seize You XiaoMo’s face, bowing his head and mercilessly ravaged those soft lips.

Ling Xiao removed his other hand from the small hip to knead You XiaoMo’s bottom and speed up his rhythm. The sound of skin slapping together grew louder as their connected bodies became more erratic, until accompanied with a low fierce growl, as finally, Ling Xiao released his hot and large amounts of creamy fluid inside his wife.

You XiaoMo once again, moaned as he felt the heat sprayed inside him, his body still rocking with the movement and eyes fluttering with the effort to remain open.

Under the dazzling star shower above and the kindling fire wrapped around them, the husband and wife clung tightly together feeling the lingering of their fiery climaxes. Their heaving breathing mingling together in the dark glittering silence.

Lifting up on his arm, Ling Xiao raises his head to smile lazily down at his lust dazed wife and chuckles lightly. The flames of desire still haven’t diminished from his eyes as he touches his cheek. You XiaoMo even though he was tired, smiled happily back up at him. Ling Xiao leans forward and they both met each other’s lips bluntly.

You XiaoMo feels his face being gently held as a hot and humid tongue enters his mouth, dancing and provoking his sensitive spots. The both of them endlessly trembling as they drowned in the violent surge of love and desire.

In the Starfall, the two men fell into the abyss of each other.

Chapter Text

The next morning, You XiaoMo struggled to get up, his whole body aching. Remembering what had occurred last night, his face went red again. In the end, he had been done silly, somehow letting Ling Xiao go for several different positions. He buried his head in his hands, returning to the bed; he was so embarrassed.

It was only then that he realized his surroundings. No longer in the spacious forest and on a blanket within the grass, but in their large and white glorious master bedroom and on their soft quilted bed. Ling Xiao must’ve taken them back home last night, while he was passed out in a coma-like-sleep.

You XiaoMo was not looking forward to the possible stares and questions about their new jewelry. Sighing, he rubbed a hand over his stomach. When he laid down and wasn’t actually bloated, it flattened out a lot to where you couldn’t see the roundness without looking. Although, when he stood up, his body still just looked like it was permanently bloated, swollen as if from overeating.

Not hearing any movement or noise, You XiaoMo realized he was alone in the room. Ling Xiao must have had something to do or something come up. Too tired to cook on his own, he drank some spirit water and went to the bathroom. Returning to the bed, he turned over under the blankets, fully intending on continuing to sleep.

Three hours later, You XiaoMo was awakened by the sound of the teapot clattering. Ling Xiao had fixed him tea and was smiling warmly at him.

“Morning, my wife.” Ling Xiao slowly said, his rich and deep voice lulling him in.

You XiaoMo blearily looked up at the man, sleepily mumbled back, “Morning.”

Ling Xiao laughed lightly, fixing the cup at the tea table while saying, “Come sit with your husband.”

You XiaoMo turned his head back into the pillow, “No thank you.”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows in slight surprise, but his eyes shined with amusement, “May I ask my wife why?”

“You know why.” You XiaoMo pitifully whispered. His stomach was feeling crampy with what he assumed was gas pains or the like. And seeing as he skipped his usual breakfast time, he was now too nauseated with morning sickness to touch any food. He continued to complain with an accusatory tone, “This is your fault.”

Ling Xiao squinted down at him, he smirked and interestedly asked, “Which part now is that?”

“If you were here earlier, I wouldn’t feel so bad.” You XiaoMo softly accused. With his mood being sour he was therefore brave enough to lash out.

Slightly astonished, Ling Xiao tried to hold back his laughter as he crossed his arms over his chest, he smilingly retorted, “Because I didn’t feed you? Someone is becoming sticky spoiled.”

You XiaoMo pouted into the pillow. So what? Did carrying his child not condone that much?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

Seeing him tighten his hold on the pillow and his shoulders begin to tense, Ling Xiao could interpret his wife’s mood. He sighed imperceptibly, rising off his chair to smoothly walk and sit down on the bed. Ling Xiao touched You XiaoMo’s head, pushing his fingers through the messy yet supple hair, continuing to speak in a satisfied voice, “Your husband will continue to make strives for better.”

Instantly the stress and balled up tension in You XiaoMo’s body unraveled at his words. However, covered by the pillow, was his face painted in both confusion and uncertainty. He wasn’t sure how to address such a gentle version of his… husband. At the word, his mind flashed the memory. Of last night and under the starry sky, they had a makeshift-sort-of-wedding. And You XiaoMo safely assumed that counted in this world’s and in Ling Xiao’s view as official.

Wait, how did Ling Xiao know he was angry? Did the man read his actual thoughts or something?

Double checking, You XiaoMo slowly turned over, peering up under long eyelashes towards the man above him. Ling Xiao’s face held a slight smile with an unreadable expression, his body posture was the same as usual, relaxed and casual with a refined-like temperament.

With his mouth hanging open, You XiaoMo finally managed in a small voice to half-doubtingly ask, “You can’t read minds right?”

Not fazed at all by the out of nowhere question, Ling Xiao calmly looked at him, raising the corners of his lips devilishly, and with an ominous tone, ambiguously said, “Who knows? Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.”

You XiaoMo froze and went completely pale for a moment.

Tickled by his reaction, Ling Xiao laughed loudly, the kind of laughter that was gleeful and with unbridled. He continued while You XiaoMo’s frozen expression became uglier and uglier, only stopping when he was short of yelling in embarrassment. In a pleasant voice, he haughtily ridiculed him, “Lady, I did not read your mind. I simply know my wife is all.”

You XiaoMo pouted in return.

Is that saying he’s an easy read? Or, should be he be touched at his…. husband’s familiarity with him? It was still weird to think of adding that vocabulary word in his head.

Then thinking of his earlier admission, You XiaoMo gained a soft pink blush and said, “Then, thank you.”

With a sparkle in his dark eyes, Ling Xiao moved to lean against the post of the bed, lazily running his hands through You XiaoMo’s hair. Enjoying the soft feel of the shiny and lustrous long strands.

Under the drowsy rays of the sun, Ling Xiao’s elegant and noble atmosphere was amplified in magnitude, he spoke in a melodically relaxed tone, “The trans-dimensional tunnel has stabilized enough. P'eng is able to depart at any time, he is just waiting for your finished list.”

You XiaoMo’s eyelids were flickering closed as he was being lulled by the soothing slender fingers on his scalp. Upon hearing this though he immediately perked up, his gaze lifting up to Ling Xiao’s face, “That’s great news! I’m almost done with it. I just need to give him some verbal instructions and make a copy real quick.”

“When do you want to?” Ling Xiao indifferently asked, still idly messing with his tangled locks.

“Ugh, later I guess. I just want to lay here.” You XiaoMo slowly said, having deflated at the thought of getting up.

Ling Xiao smiled and nodded, having by now well understand his wife’s moods.

The rest of the day went by smoothly in terms of an irritable You XiaoMo. After finishing what he had to do, he nibbled on crackers and took multiple trips to the bathroom before they finally left the bedroom. Meeting up with P'eng in the room Ling Xiao had set aside for the trans-dimensional tunnel.

After going through an extensive verbal talk about what he needed P'eng to do and say, You XiaoMo gave him the bags filled with the money, Dimensional Seals and papers he prepared. He even gave P'eng a letter to give his other family. The words were very simply detailed, saying how they were doing and also vaguely mentioning their unborn child.

Once P'eng was sent off on his travels, they headed back towards their master bedroom. Ling Xiao looked down at You XiaoMo beside him and curiously asked, “What’s some of the items I can expect to see brought back?” He remembered the car seat discussion before, but he hasn’t asked any more about it since then.

You XiaoMo bit his lip and pondered for a moment before answering, “Baby bottles.” Saying the first easy to explain thing in his mind. He was distracted with mentally double checking that he said everything he needed to say to P'eng.

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows, and with an interested expression repeated back, “Baby bottles.”

You XiaoMo nodded, still in his thoughts while speaking, “Yes, ah. These are plastic and hand-sized bottles, the tops have rubber shaped nipples for feeding the baby. That way you don’t always have to be breastfeeding.”

This world doesn’t have rubber and the like. So if a mother didn’t want to breastfeed, it was wet nurses or crude shaped vessel containers.

Ling Xiao’s eyes held a twinkle of a smile, he calmly and meaningfully asked, “If you’re feeding the baby, why not just breastfeed?”

You XiaoMo turned his head to look up at him, he softly scoffed before answering, “Do you think I want to be doing that all day? Also, this forces you to help feed him…” His words tampered off softly as he had just realized what he said out loud, his whole body suddenly going stiff and stopped walking.

Stopping beside him, Ling Xiao laughed low as his arm went around You XiaoMo’s waist, dragging him close to his side, he leaned over to whisper in his ear, “I think I’ve figured out my wife’s little secret.”

You XiaoMo shivered involuntarily. This being caught feeling was so unpleasant. He regretted speaking without thinking. Trying to maintain his composure, You XiaoMo weakly pushed against his strong chest, flushing as he angrily contested, “Why are you so excited? Do you want me to breastfeed or something!?”

Ling Xiao once again showed his indecent look, hooking up You XiaoMo’s chin, and in a melodic tone, happily said, “I’ll support whatever option you choose. But, what’s wrong with me wanting to see my wife take care of our child? It’s a very natural act, and if you do it, it would be very sexy.”

Even though You XiaoMo’s heart was swayed by Ling Xiao’s words, he still shamefully lowered his face and blushed, and unhappily argued, “I think the word you’re looking for is odd.” Then he finally pushed out of his embrace and looked away from his face, continuing to walk down the corridors. He’s accepted his decision to do so, but that doesn’t mean he’s yet a hundred percent proud or not embarrassed by it. Everything was a new territory for him.

Ling Xiao sighed, following him and shook his head helplessly, speaking loudly, “You’re wrong.”

You XiaoMo thought, we’ll see about that.

Not feeling able to focus enough on pill refining, You XiaoMo spent the rest of the day in mediation or napped. Ling Xiao had a very obedient and helpful Qui Team retrieve meals for them, while periodically dragging a cranky You XiaoMo to sit down and eat.

The next day, Ling Xiao once again fixed him breakfast, waking him up to eat before letting him go back to his morning nap. Later, once You XiaoMo had finished meditating to calm his mind, he did his normal house chores before attempting some alchemy.

Since they were going to be gone for nearly a week, Ling Xiao had to go settle some things at the Tiangou. So while he was gone, You XiaoMo went to cook and prepare some ‘ready to eat’ meals for later, that way they only needed to be heated up and voila - done. Once You XiaoMo was finished, he put them all away into the dimension and went back to check on the baby’s room. He hadn’t been back to see it since they finished organizing it.

As he walked inside the baby blue and white colored room, he noticed some areas were already gathering dust. Thinking that won’t do, You XiaoMo then lifted up his sleeves; taking out a small bucket of normal water and dust cloth out of his dimension. Intending to give the room a good scrub and dusting. With his work ethic, it didn’t take him long to finish, and he quickly made a decision to move on and start on more laundry. You XiaoMo grabbed everything he wanted to wash and entered his dimension, holding a basket filled to the brim, practically falling out.

Inside the lush dimension, once everything was set-up and ready to use, You XiaoMo threw the baby receiving blankets and regular cotton blankets into the tub and started on those. Ten minutes later he rotated to was start on the washcloths, cotton cloths, and burp cloths. Since they weren’t dirty and just needing a rinse, it barely took another fifteen minutes to complete and he was rinsing everything.

You XiaoMo had thought about taking his ring off before washing, but then dismissed the idea easily. Because although no one had warned him water was bad for it, he figured Cosmic Dewdrops were pretty tough material and should be fine. And so he didn’t give it another thought and kept at his normal daily routine, ring on hand.

You XiaoMo admittedly felt very weird wearing jewelry, especially one so heavily crystal at the top. As time went along though and he got busier, he started to push the thoughts out of his mind and eventually it already became natural to him.

Two days later, an exhaustedly ten weeks pregnant You XiaoMo finally finished up his alchemy, laundry, cleaning, and packing. The once excited mood to travel, was now no longer looking forward to their trip to the central continent. As the present You XiaoMo just wanted to light his candles and take a nap.

Not even caring about appearances, a bundled up You XiaoMo let Ling Xiao carry him out of the palace and take them toward Zhongtian. They spent the night at an inn the night before their appointment and were early to rise to see their Midwife.

After an hour walk and a twenty-minute wait, they were once again in that pale yellow room.

You XiaoMo was stretching his legs in the chair when the door opened and Jia Wen came in.

“Morning, how are you both?” Jia Wen greeted them warmly and with a welcoming smile, also nodding at Ling Xiao.

“Good.” You XiaoMo answered and smiled in returned.

“Any complications since we last spoke?” Jia Wen asked, holding her board to her chest.

You XiaoMo shook his head, “Not really.”

“That’s good to hear. Let’s weigh you first shall we?” Jia Wen said as she politely motioned for him to go to the scale.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath. He was honestly nervous. What if he lost weight and was hurting the baby?

You XiaoMo’s mind was whirling in that split second. In the midst of his momentary pause, his hand was suddenly covered by Ling Xiao’s large one. He looked up at the man and saw his eyes holding a comforting smile and he instantly felt himself calm down.

It was going to be fine.

Getting up and standing on the scales, You XiaoMo stood as straight and tall as he could, not sure if that would help or not, but he figured it couldn’t hurt.

Jia Wen glanced at the number before looking down at the paper and writing it down.

When she was about to turn around, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but rush to nervously ask, “How, how is it?”

Jia Wen looked calmly at him and simply said, “Here, sit down first.”

By now, Ling Xiao already knows enough sense to walk over and preemptively stand next to the table. You XiaoMo used Ling Xiao’s offered hand to lift himself up and scoot on top the table. All the while trying to calm his extremely nervous heart.

“I still need to take your vitals, but I can tell that you’re anxious, so I will tell you.” Jia Wen said patiently, “You’ve actually gained almost two pounds back. If you can keep your efforts up, by your second trimester you’ll be able to catch up to what you lost in no time.”

You XiaoMo let out a sigh of relief. So all that stuffing his face and forcing himself out of bed was worth it.

Right when he was starting to mentally congratulate himself, another thought struck him and he paused. Because when he really thought about it, the majority of the credit was probably towards Ling Xiao. When he had no appetite or will to get moving, the man was the main encourager for him to strive to keep at it. Forcing him to have limits and reminding him to take breaks. Going so far as to start fixing him breakfast… The man who never cooks. Cooked.

You XiaoMo blushed at the realization, secretly sending Ling Xiao a glance that was full of adoration and admiration sparkling in his eyes.

Ling Xiao picked up on the look though, turning his head slightly to catch his wife’s eye line, watching with mirth as his face reddened deeper and quickly retracted his gaze at being caught. Ling Xiao’s lips slowly formed a lazy curvature, how could he not tell what he was thinking.

Jia Wen at this moment continued on to say, “So good job you two.”

After that, You XiaoMo proceed to be examined. All the bells and whistles done to him. To which all checked out fine and normal.

When she was done measuring his tummy, You XiaoMo watched her put the tape up and curiously asked, “Have I got any bigger?”

Jia Wen gave him a small smile while answering, “Not noticeably, but you are rounding out more. However, you should expect any day now to pop out down there.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes grew wider.

Seeing his mild shock and disbelief, Jia Wen knowingly added, “Right now, he’s the size of a prune and is deep in your pelvis, but once he gets bigger you’ll notice him. By the end of your third month, your uterus can be felt right above your pubic bone in the lower abdomen.”

You XiaoMo still wasn’t used to hearing the word ‘uterus’ applying to him and held back the urge to shiver. Luckily, he didn’t have to force himself for long as she then let them listen to the baby’s heartbeat again. Something that You XiaoMo still couldn’t grasp and understand. As it sounded so much like jumbled noise and yet he loved it. Simply the fact it was their child and was okay, it made him feel relaxed hearing it. Jia Wen even let them see the baby on that ultrasound type screen again briefly.

You XiaoMo’s hand went to grip Ling Xiao’s excitedly. His heart swelling immensely at seeing his little body look more and more developed.

When You XiaoMo’s clothes were back and neatly in place, Jia Wen started to explain a few things to him.

“Since you seem to be doing well now, unless you need me, our next appointment will be in your fourth month. Until then, I’d like to recommend some suggestions.”

She went on in detail on some things You XiaoMo can do elevate any symptoms he might be having. Also mentioning that while it might be early, they should start researching and picking a pediatrician for when the child is born.

Still worried, Jia Wen recommended You XiaoMo to take prenatal supplements to help him make up what he’s lacking. Specifically ones with containing more folic acid and iron to help replenish what he and the baby needs. While explaining this, she handed them a handwritten address for a medicine shop that uses unique and highly sought recipes for prenatal pills in Zhongtian.

With her hands crossed over her tablet, Jia Wen said, “Before you go, there is one more thing. Some of my clients have found high results in writing down a food diary. I would like to run the idea by you both.”

You XiaoMo looked up at her in mild surprise and said, “A diary?”

Jia Wen nodded and explained, “Yes. It can be useful to have as a reference for both mom and dad to keep track of. Making sure you’re getting enough nutrients and drinking plenty of water every day. The diary is also useful for tracking your mood and hunger levels, so you can spot patterns you may need or want to change.”

You XiaoMo looked blankly at her. He’s made progress these past two weeks without the use of one. Therefore he wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort.

Seeing his expression, Jia Wen commented, “This is your choice of course and is just a suggestion. Know that once you enter the second trimester, your baby gets bigger and your baby-making body will start picking up the work. The calories and nutrients will be more and more in demand. You’ll also need to begin playing the weight gain catch-up, piling on the pounds at a steady pace.”

You XiaoMo understood where she was coming from, but it didn’t sound needed to him.

“We’ll discuss it.” Ling Xiao’s smooth and deep voice interjected.

Swiftly interrupting You XiaoMo’s thoughts and his soon-to-reply answer. Making him turn and lift his eyes abruptly up to the man’s face. Ling Xiao didn’t even glance down at him, instead, he was calmly looking towards their midwife.

You XiaoMo could only keep whatever he wanted to say to himself.

After paying and setting up their next appointment, the two of them left the office building and leisurely stroll the streets.

Finally not able to hold it in any longer, You XiaoMo pulled on Ling Xiao’s sleeve, quietly asking, “Do you want to do the diary?”

Ling Xiao lazily glanced down at him and calmly said, “I just think there’s no reason to immediately shut it down.”

You XiaoMo licked his lip slowly before commenting, “It’s just unnecessary is all. More work for me.”

“I can help you if that’s what you want.” Ling Xiao said, his hand wrapping around his wife’s waist.

You XiaoMo mulled it over, then compromisingly said, “Okay.” He supposed it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Ling Xiao’s reply was a dazzlingly smile, leading him down the busy streets and toward a place to eat lunch at.

They were just finishing their meal when You XiaoMo struck his third yawn, using his hand to cover his mouth, hearing Ling Xiao’s deep and low chuckle sound. His curious big eyes looked up at him and questioned, “What’s funny?”

Ling Xiao gave him a look and his eyes held mischief, “Someone’s needing their morning nap.”

You XiaoMo blushed and smiled awkwardly.

His initial reaction was to counter and say he didn’t, but in truth, the man knew him, and it was actually very true. He did miss that nap…

Ling Xiao put down his tea and lazily asked, “Are you still wanting to go to the bookstore?”

You XiaoMo slowly nodded, his eyelids were feeling heavier after eating and a small dull ache was setting underneath them.

“Don’t forget, tomorrow is the Garden Party.” Ling Xiao indifferently said, looking at the time.

You XiaoMo understood the meaning underneath his words. He needed to save his strength if he intended to go. In fact, the party invitations weren’t just for the auction and gala. It was for the exclusive meet-and-greet tea ceremony party the day before the gala.

Thinking this, You XiaoMo had an idea, looking up at Ling Xiao, he asked, “Can I rest inside your dimension for a while?”

Ling Xiao glanced at him, “You can. Do you want me to join you?”

You XiaoMo paused for a moment thinking, then shook his head answering, “No, you go ahead towards the location first. Save time.”

Ling Xiao had no objections, he was fine with that, as he also had this mindset.

After leaving the restaurant, they found an alleyway that was obstructed from public view and sent You XiaoMo inside Ling Xiao’s dimension.

By the time Ling Xiao made it to the corner of the most popular and largest bookstore in the shopping district, You XiaoMo had already had a long and decent rest.

Once Ling Xiao made sure You XiaoMo was awake and presentable, they both exited his dimension and walked into the store.

You XiaoMo had to hold back the urge to whistle in astonishment. The place was massive! At least three levels inside the building, with aisles as far as one could see.

Ling Xiao saw his wife jittering in his toes, leaning forward he spoke into his ear with a smile, “Go find your favorites.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled, and then as if those words set his feet free, he dashed off towards the books. Heading directly toward the magic herb and magic pill books. Already forgetting what he came to purchase. Ling Xiao, although he let him wander, always stayed close behind him.

An hour later, You XiaoMo had an armful of every type of book he could grab, and showing no signs of stopping. His childish face was lit with an unending smile on his lips.

Ling Xiao who had been idly following him, was lazily scanning a shelf and indifferently commented, “Didn’t you come here for a reason?”

You XiaoMo abruptly stopped and froze for a moment. Suddenly remembering why they made this trip, an irrational bubble of guilt settled in his heart towards their baby at forgetting. He then with wide open eyes, murmured, “That’s right…”

Looking left and right, You XiaoMo grabbed Ling Xiao’s hand before exiting the section they were in, now moving in search of the items he wanted. After looking quickly down the first floor, they went upstairs towards the second level in search. Weaving in and out of areas, You XiaoMo was feeling like maybe it was on the third floor when Ling Xiao’s lazy voice spoke over his head.

“Look to the far right.”

You XiaoMo did as instructed, and saw the area labeled with the above words ‘Parenting & Family’ and felt Ling Xiao pull him in that direction.

Walking past the surprisingly large sections available, it took them two turns and down a shelf to find the ‘Infant & Toddlers’ section. It was incomparable to White Bone City’s selection, as it was probably hundreds of books on the topic of infants alone.

Feeling at a loss, You XiaoMo glances up at Ling Xiao and says, “I was thinking a book about his first year. How to - well, how to take care of him.”

Ling Xiao pat his head and spoke in a warm voice, “Even without a book, I’m sure we’ll manage.”

You XiaoMo grabbed his hand and immediately smiled endearingly, “I appreciate the encouragement but I still want one.”

Ling Xiao snorted, giving an exasperated smile, “I will look around.”

“Thank you.” You XiaoMo said sweetly to the man’s already retreating back.

Words spoken, the two of them scouted the massive shelves together.

A few minutes later, You XiaoMo was still squatting down on the floor looking through book titles, when a large and honey-colored hand appeared in his view. Looking up to its owner, he saw Ling Xiao smiling down at him. You XiaoMo retracted his vision back to the book cover and grabbed it from his hand to read out loud.

“What To Expect The First Year.”

You XiaoMo was slightly surprised and slowly stood up with it, looking back at Ling Xiao in amazement. That pretty much summed up what he wanted to know.

Ling Xiao had a relaxed posture with an exuberant smile on his dazzling features, nonchalantly saying, “It’s by the same author as your pregnancy book. Do you want this one?”

You XiaoMo smiled at him in adoration, nodding as he happily said, “I do! However, I want to grab a few more…”

He very much liked that author so far and so this one will certainly be good. Just in case though, he wanted a few variations and picked up a book called, ‘The Early Weeks’. It mostly focused in detail on what the title suggested, the early weeks of the baby’s life.

“Now, to the other.” You XiaoMo said while bending down to put the book on top of his previous growing tall and heavy pile.

Before he could reach and pick up the books, a hand suddenly went towards his chest to hold him back. You XiaoMo hurried to stop and within that delay, all the books were removed from his view.

Ling Xiao looked at his wife who had yet to react, and assertively steered him a direction, calmly saying, “I believe you wanted this area.” Having already figured out what he wanted to buy.

You XiaoMo’s face blushed scarlet as he was shuffled toward the ‘Pregnancy & Childbirth’ section.
Looking at the looming words with nervousness as he rubbed his hands together. He felt like if someone caught them right now, they’d probably think they were dirty perverts or something.

Quickly scanning the titles, You XiaoMo found two that seemed straightforward enough and hastily picked them off the shelf. Then grabbing Ling Xiao’s hand, he turned on his heels, intending to dash away. He got one foot forward when he was yanked back abruptly, having turned his wide questioning gaze back to the culprit.

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows and his eyes held a deep smile as he eloquently explained, “I’m not done looking.”

You XiaoMo gave a low cry of surprise.

Was he messing with him?

Ling Xiao shook off his hand and returned to face the massive array of books. As he read the titles, his hand raised up to brush his fingers against the book titles.

Every second they stood there, You XiaoMo swore he felt his face heat up to dangerous levels. One could possibly fry an egg on his cheeks by now! He had to tap his foot on the floor to distract himself and keep his mind busy.

When what felt like an eternity, which was probably only a minute or two, Ling Xiao finally relinquished You XiaoMo from his embarrassment and they left the pregnancy aisle.

After getting a decent distance away, You XiaoMo finally sighed in relief and put a hand to his heart as he calmed down. Then remembering the other type of books he wanted, he started heading in that direction.

The cookbooks ended up being on the opposite end of the second level, so they didn’t have to venture too far, but it was still a search within such a massive bookstore.

Walking up and down the selection, You XiaoMo was intrigued by all the options. Idly picking up a book and skimming through the pages. A few minutes later he finally found one that seemed interesting and simple enough, it had some recipes from this world he was eager to try.

As he turned, he saw one book that grabbed his attention. It had the words ‘baby’ on it. Unconsciously, the parent-to-be part of him was automatically pulled into lifting the book off the shelf and opening it. Surprise soon flitted across his tender face when he read it, as it was a cookbook with recipes and instructions on homemade foods for baby and toddlers. Instantly that became a winner in You XiaoMo’s opinion.

Seeing him stash the book into his arms, Ling Xiao’s voice held an underlining smile as he lazily said, “You’re planning far ahead.”

You XiaoMo shrugged, not embarrassed by this topic at least, and easily replied, “At least it’d be on our bookshelves by then.”

Ling Xiao didn’t comment further, as that was also true. Can’t fault him there.

When they had descended the stairs back down to the first floor, they stopped by the children’s area to grab a bunch of random nursery books. Intending to fill out the shelves You XiaoMo’s brothers had made for the baby’s room. Once they had that, they bought some journals for writing and made their way to check out.

The cashier at the counter was slightly surprised to see the number of books carried over. Having to stick his neck out to the side to even be able to look at the both of them.

You XiaoMo had a happy grin on his face while saying, “Pardon you to total the sum of all this for us.”

Even though it was over fifty books, it didn’t take the clerk too long to add it all up. As the man did though, You XiaoMo’s face grew a pink tint and his heart became nervous as the clerk got closer to their pregnancy books.

In the end, the clerk was professional and his face didn’t even change upon seeing them. Probably because it was at the end of the workday and he couldn’t bother to care. Even though the salesman was normal, You XiaoMo couldn’t hide his stunned expression.

Because just when he had become normal again, You XiaoMo saw a book in their pile he didn’t pick out. Watching with a blush and wide eyes as this book placed inside their magic bag filled with their other purchases.

It was a guidebook on childbirth!

This must’ve been what Ling Xiao had him wait for earlier!

“Is my wife okay?” Ling Xiao leaned in close to his ear while smiling devilishly. At the same time, he put his arm around his shoulders and hugged him close.

You XiaoMo was startled. Red-faced, he looked at the disappearing book and said, “I’m fine.”

Ling Xiao chuckled low as he squeezed his shoulders tighter before letting go and holding his hand.

Since they already spent quite a bit of time at the store, they headed directly to find a new hotel nearby and eat there.

Chapter Text

The next day, after their usual routine, You XiaoMo slowly crawled out of the bed. Needing to go the bathroom and take a bath. As they only had five hours until the afternoon shindig started.

By the time he walked out of the bathroom and had brushed his hair and teeth, Ling Xiao who had disappeared earlier, had returned and there was a tub full of steaming water. The service boy was just walking out of the room when You XiaoMo approached.

Ling Xiao gave his wife a joyful smile, waving him over, his voice was laced full of excitement as he slowly said, “Lady, the bath is ready. Let’s get in.”

You XiaoMo gave him a scrupulously look, softly questioned him, “Just a bath?” He wasn’t in the mood for that type of ‘bath time’ and they had things to do today…

Ling Xiao had a warm and gentle smile on his face, nodding as he approached him. He reached out to slowly undress him while speaking, “Of course. The husband only wishes to help his wife and save time by taking one together.”

Trusting his sincerity, You XiaoMo smiled and allowed the other man to undress him and continue.

Once they were in the large tub, You XiaoMo was placed to sit on Ling Xiao’s lap. Skin on skin. And loving the feel of the soothing hot water, immediately relaxing against the strong chest.

When they were both mostly washed and lathered up, You XiaoMo rubbed the small bump on his lower abdomen, and earnestly questioned, “Do you think anyone will notice?”

Ling Xiao was leisurely rubbing his wife’s arms with soap when he stopped, resting his chin on his shoulder, squinting and looking down at his stomach, he answered honestly, “They might not think that route. You look like you gained weight only in that area.”

You XiaoMo scowled at the response and side glanced up at the man behind him.

Ling Xiao laughed, his chest shaking You XiaoMo in the process, and said, “Once you, as she said, ‘pop out’, it’d be easier to tell.”

“I already look twice as big after I eat and feel bloated all day.” You XiaoMo frustratedly said, fingers slowly circling the area between his pelvis. It still felt unreal that their baby was right there.

Ling Xiao shrugged and continued to pour water on and over the both of them.

“Who all do you think will be there today?” You XiaoMo asked, still rubbing his extended tummy.

Ling Xiao moved You XiaoMo’s wet hair to the side and said, “Only the rich and powerful I presume.”

You XiaoMo laughed at his flippant tone and turned his head up to glance at him, “What’s the point of this party before the real thing? I don’t understand.”

Ling Xiao indifferently replied, “Probably to make connections and take advantage of the less exciting atmosphere.”

“Atmosphere?” You XiaoMo repeated confusedly, kicking his feet around, making loud water sounds.

“The gala will be packed, and of course, the auction. Trying to mingle all in one night would be too time-consuming.” Ling Xiao lazily answered, stroking You XiaoMo’s snow-white thighs as he explained.

You XiaoMo kept a close eye on any wandering fingertips as he said, “Ah, I guess so. I wonder if Jiu Ye or Qiao WuXing will be there.”

Ling Xiao laughed, “Wife is naked with husband, and yet is already thinking about other men.”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes at him. Thinking about other men? He was just wondering, his jealous man knows no bounds.

“You should hurry up and wash, don’t want to be late.” Ling Xiao beamingly said, gently pinching the insides of his thighs while he was distracted. “If we have time, we can even stop by that sugar store on the way there.”

You XiaoMo blinked. Looking up at Ling Xiao in admiration and happily declared, “That’s a good idea!”

Ling Xiao’s lips slowly curled up at the corners. His wife was so easy to distract and coax out of anger.

After their bath, You XiaoMo ate a snack and started to unpack some necessities.

You XiaoMo wasn’t one to dawdle on choosing something to wear, but today was different. When he’s at home he usually doesn’t care if it’s tight or simple, such as his qipao tops. However today, he was anxiously trying to find something that was loose fitting but not too baggy.

Lazily lying on the bed, Ling Xiao cracked open his eyes and saw the ever-growing pile of clothes getting closer to him, and indifferently commented, “Just pick that blue one with the white outer coat, if you tie your sash up high, no one can tell a thing.”

You XiaoMo made a sound of surprise, looking at the two options. Nodding his head, he silently gave his agreement. Taking off his bathrobe and changing into his clothes.

When he got his belt tied, he looked down at his belly. To him, it almost seemed like he was wearing a pregnancy outfit. Because when the sash was tied that high up and under his breastbone, it really highlighted the stomach area and the fabric fanning out.

Sighing, You XiaoMo unhappily murmured, “It’d have to do.”

Ling Xiao was already dressed in his white and luxurious robes, getting up and walking towards the door, “Then let us go.”

You XiaoMo immediately took his magic bag back and then *pata pata* ran toward Ling Xiao.

An hour and a half later, after walking and taking a Lion Beast ride, they arrived within a distance of the location. It was in the old Tong Tian Palace Hall location, the two unions had long ago made it anew with fresh buildings and a large arena grand enough for tournaments and assemblies. Today they were heading toward one of their large halls that were highly decorated and spruced up for the affair.

Getting closer and passing the newly minted gates, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but flash back to the time when it was run by the previous owners. Pushing such dark thoughts out of his mind, he touched his small bump and grabbed Ling Xiao’s hand.

They weren’t the first to arrive, nor were they early, but there were still plenty of people already present. The venue for the party wasn’t massive but it felt extremely spacious with the way they had it laid out. There were strategically placed small tea tables with plenty of walking room in between. Lining the walls and at every corner was beautifully decorated luminous pearls and crystal ores, and alongside them were potted flowers and greenery of every shape and color.

You XiaoMo’s nose twitched at the overt abundance of herbal and floral fragrance, at least it was still in the tolerable ranges. Not spotting anyone he was overly familiar with yet, he grabbed Ling Xiao’s hand again and tugged it while asking, “Do you think they have any snacks out yet?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes slowly glanced at him and lazily replied, “To see to know.”

Hearing that response, You XiaoMo took that as a permission to drag his husband around in search of food. Going around the crowds and almost venturing in a circle but in the end, found none.

“How can this be a party without snacks?!” You XiaoMo angrily bit out, his mood very unpleasant. Does these old union men even know how to throw an afternoon party? He’s a hungry pregnant person here.

Ling Xiao’s handsome features had a gentle smile hanging on his lips, patting his steamed up wife’s head, comfortingly saying, “Have patience.” It was still only minutes until the start time and he’s already noticed there were waiters walking about.

The two of them were able to blend in so far, but alas, their under the radar presence was soon known. Flocks of people started whispering and sending secret glances in their general direction.

The first two people to approach were both respectively from the unions who sent out the invitations. The highly respectable and in high positions of power, the masters of Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing, Ray Leong and Lei Lao.

The same two who have been pestering You XiaoMo ever since he succeeded into the seven product colored level realm. Doing so annoyingly and in some of the sliest and underhanded forms, such as abusing their disciplines’ connections with him to get an audience or information. If it wasn’t for the auction and a fun trip out, You XiaoMo would have most likely avoided this event.

“I’m overjoyed you both made it.” Ray Leong greeted them warmly, nodding at Ling Xiao before continuing, “I hope the trip wasn’t too tiring.”

Ling Xiao lazily glanced at them, faintly said, “It was fine.”

Lei Lao looked between them both and said, “If either of you wants or need anything, just pull a wait staff over to attend to you. I hope you enjoy the party today, we have over thirty types of tea being served and only the best quality.”

You XiaoMo blinked in surprise. That was a whole lot of options. Too bad he probably couldn’t have any, not unless they carried the only ten types of tea he could drink while pregnant. At least Ling Xiao will no doubt be enjoying it, hopefully.

Ray Leong saw his pensive expression and asked politely, “Is everything going well?”

You XiaoMo grinned and quickly answered, “Yes, everything's fine. Thank you for the invitations.”

Ray Leong nodded with relief, and said, “Later on, there are some things I’d like to run by you if you don’t mind.”

You XiaoMo internally cringed, here it comes… Slapping on a polite smile, he decided to give the old men saving face and said, “Of course, later.”

Both of the old geezers looked ecstatic at this reply, then not wanting to press their luck and annoy him, they said some parting words to mingle and left them alone.

The two men leaving them be didn’t mean everyone did. After they left, some other people who were brave enough, went up and approached them. All very much looking starry-eyed at Ling Xiao the whole time, with even a lot of females that kept shooting shy and concealed lustful glances at his man, annoying You XiaoMo to no end…

Hey, stupid girls, his pregnant spouse is right beside him!

Well, to their credit, he considered they didn’t know the pregnant and ‘with child’ part. But still, shameless people!

Ling Xiao, seeing his wife's puffed up cheeks and pouting lips, without caring how it looked, turned away from the annoying flock and blocked You XiaoMo’s view of the women. Smiling brightly, and charmingly, he said, “Lady, do you want to sit down?”

“Yes, please. Let’s see what tea they have.” You XiaoMo nodded, suddenly calming down and smiling back.

Ling Xiao put his hand on his wife’s back and lead them towards a table.

Having sat down at a previously empty table and got comfortable, You XiaoMo waved over a waiter and asked for their selections and if possible a menu.

It turned out they did serve food. Fried and also baked goods. You XiaoMo immediately ordered a baked good in the form of a pastry cake slice. Still not being able to handle the smell or the thought of eating fried foods.

However, when asked about their tea selection, none were pregnancy approved. One was almost, as it was a rain leaf tea, but it was mixed with another non-approved plant that made it unable to drink.

As the waiter left with their orders of a water for him and a tea for Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo silently gave a resentful look at his husband.

Ling Xiao saw his family member’s glare and easily accepted the anger, he smiled in return and reached out to hold his hand, “Lady, look at it this way, at least you got your cake.”

You XiaoMo narrowed his eyes at him for a moment, and finally conceded and relaxed his features, that was true he supposed.

Once their orders were brought back, You XiaoMo was squeezing some lemon drops into his water while asking, “Do you think Wei Bai and Fu CangQiong will show up?”

Drinking a sip from his cup, Ling Xiao’s face showed a hint of surprise, as the tea was surprisingly good, and indifferent said, “Probably not. Even if they did, they won’t show up today.”

You XiaoMo hummed his understanding. The Nan Lu was pretty far away and it wasn’t like this was a huge must-go of the century event. If it was a socialite elite’s birthday party or some other grand thing for keeping up appearances, he might show.

“I’m surprised you guys came.” Jiu Ye’s voice sounded.

You XiaoMo turned his head and saw both Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing walking over. Qiao WuXing was smiling warmly, his dimples showing deeply as usual. Not only that, Tian Xin was also with them, happily holding onto the arm of Qiao WuXing tightly. Although he guessed now the more correct name was Qiao Xin, as the two got married several years ago.

Both Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing seemed to have left the XiaoYao Institution and moved on to start working for their respective unions. Their friendship seemed to be a good connector between the two separate establishments.

You XiaoMo smiled as he put down his water and stood up to gently wave, “Yeap. Seemed like a fun event to stop by.”

“This is fun? So far it’s just old men chattering.” Tian Xin spoke up, her voice laced with boredom. She was wearing a powder blue dress and her hair tied back.

You XiaoMo gave an awkward smile. At least she was still as honest and uncensored as usual.

“Well, the tea and cake are good.” You XiaoMo helplessly said, laughing somewhat.

Jiu Ye’s eyes indifferently went to their table, asking, “What kind did you get?”

Qiao WuXing looked curious and even tilted his head to look.

Feeling panicky, You XiaoMo couldn’t help the small blush that painted his cheeks, forcefully saying, “I wasn’t in the mood to drink, however, Ling Xiao likes it.”

At this, their faces lit up in understanding.

The three of them ordered as well, and even end up joining them at their table to sit down.

They were in the conversation for only ten minutes when Tian Xin gasped, startling almost everyone at the table.

Qiao WuXing quickly asked her, “What’s the matter?”

Tian Xin’s mouth was hanging open slightly while pointing at You XiaoMo’s hand, stuttering out, “Their hands.”

At this, Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing’s gazes snapped to You XiaoMo’s left hand, both of their eyes lighting up with barely concealed shock, then finally glancing at Ling Xiao’s left hand that was holding his tea. Noticing the both of them wearing rings on their wedding ring fingers.

Ling Xiao, amidst the attention acted cool and almost aloof, as he kept on sipping his tea leisurely.

Tian Xin steeled her face, speaking in a frustrated tone, “You XiaoMo, you got married and didn’t tell or invite us? Are we not friends?”

You XiaoMo gave a helpless look towards an ever thick faced Ling Xiao, and blushed while stuttering out, “There was no ceremony to invite you to.”

“How can that be so. I can clearly see the rings.” Tian Xin retorted.

Shocked at the anger, You XiaoMo had yet to reply when Ling Xiao’s smooth and deep voice sounded, “It was a private affair, only the two of us.”

Hearing such reasons, Tian Xin calmed down greatly before changing her attitude and instead instantly swooning, “That’s so romantic! Tell me more.”

You XiaoMo sent Qiao WuXing a ‘help me’ glance, not being able to handle such wide range of moods.

Qiao WuXing held Tian Xin’s hand and pulled her back, because in her excitement she kept jumping closer across the table towards them. He said, “Xin, calm down. I’m sure they can tell us the details some other time.”

You XiaoMo sighed inwardly at the save.

Somewhat baffled, he couldn’t understand her eagerness. They were already together as life partners for years, why suddenly does a ring and vow exchanging change that? They are exactly the same as before, except wearing jewelry on their hands. In the end, You XiaoMo could only chalk it to being a girl thing.

At this time, the waiter brought their teas and snacks to the table and placed them down. To which You XiaoMo has to hold his breath and look the other way. As Qiao WuXing had ordered a fried egg roll and it was all he could do to hold the reflex to gag at bay.

Ling Xiao already saw the plate and knew what his response would be, so he stood up and grabbed You XiaoMo’s arm, then faintly addressed the table, “I have to talk to some people. I’m going to borrow him for a while.”

Words fallen, he was already dragging a stumbling You XiaoMo after him, weaving into and behind a crowded corner to hide them.


After being far enough away, You XiaoMo let loose the breath he’d been holding.

Ling Xiao’s dark eyes casually scanned their surroundings while asking, “How is it?”

“Good, thank you.” You XiaoMo gave the man a relieved smile and nodded, “But now we have to find someone to talk to or it will look rude…”

Ling Xiao touched his head, smiling, and said, “That won’t be hard, someone will come sooner or later, you’ll see.”

Facts have proven the Supreme Ling Xiao is always right. Within seconds a few people from the Black Tortoise family came by to greet them.

Two hours later, after having already done everything there they could, You XiaoMo was ready to leave. However, before he could, the two old geezers appeared at their table, asking to speak with him.

Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo followed the two men towards a more private section of the room and waited for their usual pitch. However, this appeared to be something different….

Lei Lao handed You XiaoMo a leather paper and said, “I’m sure you both have heard of our recent years' annual tournament to promote XiaoYao Institution, the Dust Diamond Games.”

You XiaoMo looked down at the flier, he had heard it mentioned here or there, but nothing in detail. He handed the paper to Ling Xiao before replying, “I’ve heard the name.”

Lei Lao stroked his long beard and said, “Both the Mage's Guild and The Beast Transfiguration Guild use this as a way to bring in new faces to XiaoYao Institution. Spread the word, as well as promote a healthy competition to keep the students lively.”

You XiaoMo peeked a glance at Ling Xiao before he gave them an expression of disbelief, smilingly asking, “You can’t intend on me to compete, do you?”

He’s not sure he even qualifies as XiaoYao Institution anything anymore, maybe alumni sort of. He’s even turned down the honorary elder position that was his reward for the General Assembly years ago. He’s made his stance clear. Also, wouldn’t it be quite unfair for him to do so with his cultivation level? Him joining might even do the opposite effect and scare off competitors, who knows.

Ray Leong somewhat embarrassedly answered him, “That is not the reason we approached you.”

“What is the reason then?” Ling Xiao asked, his gaze slowly moving to his face. He felt they were beating around the bush too much, he would rather just straightforwardly get to the point.

Ray Leong folded his hands in front of him, and respectively spoke, “We wanted to extend the offer and request You XiaoMo’s presence as a guest judge this year.”

You XiaoMo was slightly surprised. This was not what he expected. Him, a judge? How the tables have turned. Still, not something he’s really interested in. He just opened his mouth to answer when Lei Lao spoke up again.

“Although it’s been eleven years since the Temple was destroyed by his Excellency the Supreme, to still show strength in the continent without the religion is a constant struggle for us. The religion was here for thousands of years, when it was suddenly ripped away, it became hard for others to rebuild without it. We do this for moral and unity.” Lei Lao righteously spoke while sending a slightly fearful glance towards Ling Xiao’s direction before pointedly addressing You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo felt supercilious at hearing his words. Were these not to guilt trip him and butter him up? Even so, he didn’t feel physically or emotionally up to doing it. In a polite tone of voice, he said, “I understand all that and I appreciate the offer, but I’m not interested. Sorry.”

“How about a guest of honor position? Only to come and watch the venue. Both your names alone will draw in the people of Tong Tian Continent.” Ray Leong quickly asked, trying to get a compromise, really not wanting to take no for an answer.

You XiaoMo exhaled slowly. The two old geezers really know how to play the long game. He turned to glance up at Ling Xiao and seeing his calm body language, he answered, “I’ll think about it.”

Both men showed elation, and Lei Lao said, “We hope to hear from you tomorrow night then. Everything you need to know is on that paper. We’ll take our leave here. Thank you both for coming.”

They nodded politely before withdrawing.

You XiaoMo chewed his bottom lip as he watched them both go silently.

After that, they went to say goodbye to their XiaoYao Institution acquaintances and started back down the road towards their hotel room, aiming to retire for the night.

Looking at the sheet in hand, You XiaoMo thought it all sounded very harmless and would be a lively event to watch. The only problem besides being surrounded by gawking stares and pestering mages was the timing for the tournament, and that was when he would be sixteen weeks pregnant.

So won’t he be showing his pregnancy by then?

Ling Xiao took the paper from his hands, and noticing his wife’s look of discomfort, he commented, “If you don’t want to go, then don’t.” It was as simple as that, no need to waste time on it in his mind.

“It’s not that I don’t want to go, I’m just on the fence.” You XiaoMo softly replied, leaning closer to the man as a heavy crowd was passing them by. Then asked curiously, “What about you, do you want to go?”

Ling Xiao grabbed his waist, casually replying, “I don’t care either way, it’s up to you. Besides, you have until tomorrow night to decide. There’s no use in worrying right now.”

You XiaoMo calmed down instantly at that. So shelving that decision aside, he enjoyed the rest of their evening. With the both of them going out to eat at a nice restaurant and You XiaoMo getting to eat his favorites, well his favorites minus some of his new aversions to certain foods that is.

Once back to the room, You XiaoMo dragged Ling Xiao into his dimension to help him tidy up and finish some field work. When that was done, they finished their night with both of them relaxing inside the bed covers tangled up together.

With his head resting on a broad shoulder, You XiaoMo’s fingers were idly drawing lazy circles on Ling Xiao’s chest, his legs wrapped tightly around the man.

“Did you have fun today?” Ling Xiao asked, his deep and rich voice broke the comfortable silence of the room. His hands circling the thin waist and carding his fingers through his wife’s hair.

You XiaoMo momentarily paused in his actions, slightly startled by the sudden noise, and answered softly, “I did. Was nice to see old friends. Too bad I never got to try any of that ‘high-quality tea’ though.”

Ling Xiao laughed, the silky and long black strands of You XiaoMo’s hair falling from his fingers. In a mirthful voice, he said, “You weren’t missing out on much. I’ve had better.”

You XiaoMo giggled as his legs squeezing tighter around him.

If the poor unions heard their Supreme disliked the tea at their tea party, oh the shame!

“Lady, ah.” Ling Xiao lazily said.

Hearing his voice, You XiaoMo lifted and turned his head to look at him.

Ling Xiao’s hand went to seize his chin, a devilishly smile spread across his lips, as he thickly said, “Time for my goodnight kiss.”

Words fallen, Ling Xiao’s lips went to cover his.

A deep and lingering kiss, little by little, gentle enough to squeeze out the water. So much so, You XiaoMo thinks he might be drunk. Such unspoken emotion from that kiss, his head became fuzzy and his limbs felt heavy.

After the kiss, You XiaoMo’s cheek was glowing pink down in the arms of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao laughed, and then taking advantage of his wife’s dazed state, he went in and took another kiss from him.

However, Ling Xiao had enough sense left to not overly heat them both up beyond return. Knowing his wife wanted to rest tonight, and so he could only keep the raging desire at bay. Forcing himself to cool off.

You XiaoMo lay panting across Ling Xiao’s strong chest. Taking in the rich and mature scent of him that only intensified as he grew hotter. It was so familiar and reassuring, that when You XiaoMo calmed down, he dozed off easily into a deep sleep.

Ling Xiao reached out and pulled the covers up and over them both, closing his eyes to go to sleep.

Chapter Text

When he woke up, the sun was already nearing towards nine in the morning. You XiaoMo tunneled out of the quilt, rubbing his still asleep eyes. He craned his neck looking outside but didn’t see any sign of Ling Xiao. Everything was relatively quiet so he turned back downwards to his pillows.

He had just closed his eyes when the door latched open and he heard light footsteps approaching. Within seconds his nostrils started to smell the sweet aroma of food. Thus it started to make his stomach growl at him unceasingly.

Peeking out from under the covers, You XiaoMo watched as Ling Xiao placed a tray of hot steaming buns on the table. Then, in a cool and easy-going manner, he sat down at the table and started brewing hot water for the tea.

Ever so slowly, You XiaoMo slipped out from under the quilted layers, landing on the cool floor with bare feet. Shuffling with drowsy movements towards his man and sitting across him.

Not sure how to greet him, You XiaoMo simply said, “Morning.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes lazily moved to his face, a smile tugging at his lips, “My Lady.”

You XiaoMo smiled at him and then began to eat.

Once he was finished, he went to the middle of the room and took out his cauldron from his dimension.

“You’re not going back to bed?” Ling Xiao asked, having watched him rise the cauldron up to his waist level before sitting down cross-legged on the floor.

“I haven’t refined any pills lately.” You XiaoMo absentmindedly answered, sorting the herbs from his dimension on the floor.

Although he felt a bit sluggish, after eating, You XiaoMo felt energized. So he wanted to take advantage of that feeling and get some things done.

Ling Xiao didn’t say anymore and let him do as he pleased.

Four hours later, You XiaoMo was struggling to keep his focus steady enough to finish his magic pill. By some miracle of his intense will, he managed to salvage his efforts and had the pill condensed into its final form. When the ding of the pill hitting the ban cap chimed, he finally inhaled a relaxed breath.

Now frustrated and with a dull ache behind his brows, You XiaoMo rose off the ground only to sway on his feet unsteadily.

Ling Xiao was there to catch him in a moment’s notice, arms holding him securely in his embrace.

You XiaoMo felt a strong sense of vertigo as he stabilized, only then realizing he was being held up, he blearily glanced up to quietly murmur, “Ling Xiao.”

“Next time, you rest first.” Ling Xiao picked him up and carried him towards the bed. Feeling so angry his teeth itched.

Feeling his body touch the soft mattress, You XiaoMo watched as Ling Xiao moved to the table and brought back a glass of water, sitting down and placing it in front of his face.

You XiaoMo got the hint and took the offered water, gulping it down in large sips. When he finished drinking it completely, he placed it on the nightstand beside him and sighed a deep breath. Still feeling Ling Xiao’s wordless and piercing stare, You XiaoMo knew what he was going to say. So without being told, he took out a spirit fruit from his dimension, and after wiping off the corners he took a bite out of it.

Ling Xiao’s eyes danced with satisfied delight. Having an obedient wife was a very nice thing.

After taking a few bites, You XiaoMo felt it was safe enough to talk. Licking his lips, he ventured to ask, “Where did my magic pill go? I dropped it.”

Ling Xiao was expressionless and stared at him, “It’s somewhere. I’ll find it later.”

You XiaoMo guiltily dropped his eyes and wordlessly kept eating his snack.

When he finished off his fruit, You XiaoMo leaned back against the pillows and pulled the covers over himself. Deciding to stop fighting his body and give it the sleep it wanted. You XiaoMo hugged the pillows Ling Xiao had used previously, secretly smelling the man’s lingering scent and curling up around it.

Thirty minutes later, Ling Xiao got off his spot on the couch and looked over at the bed. Noticing a fair, white and thin arm hanging out of the blankets. Frowning, he went over and intended to tuck him back in when he noticed his wife’s sleeping position. A wide and wolf-like smile forming on his face at the wonderful sight.

Ling Xiao couldn’t help but poke his puffy white cheeks. He was sleeping so soundly that a line of drool was almost falling out onto the pillow.

Sometime later, when You XiaoMo rouses himself awake, he could feel a comfortable heat against him. Nuzzling deeper into that warmth, he noticed it wouldn’t budge or yield. That’s not his pillow.

Opening his eyes, You XiaoMo stares blearily at the strong and firm chest in his view. His hands instinctively tightening their hold of the shirt’s fabric in reaction. It’s then that he feels his new ‘pillow’ shaking and low laughter floating above his head.

“Does my wife prefer the real thing?”

You XiaoMo slowly raised his head to stare at Ling Xiao’s handsome features, confusedly asking, “What, what are you talking about?”

“It’s just that you were squeezing my pillow so...intimately. I figured my wife wanted his husband.” Ling Xiao said unhurriedly, his voice as gentle jade, extremely pleasant to the ear.

You XiaoMo’s face was lit up like a flame. Instantly becoming redder and redder. In an embarrassed manner, he quickly bit out, “What you talking about? I was not.”

Ling Xiao touched his cheek, smiling, eyes curving, “Are you going to take a bath before the gala?”

You XiaoMo’s gears abruptly stopped at the change of topic, unconsciously answering, “Yeah, why? Aren’t you?”

Ling Xiao smiled, his wife was so entertaining! His fingers trailing across the supple and soft lips, he said, “Of course. Just wanted to remind you to eat before, so you don’t have to rush.”

You XiaoMo suddenly threw him a ‘you’re smart!’ look and adjusted himself on top of Ling Xiao.

Three hours later, the both of them were dressed and leaving the hotel room.

The location was the same as yesterday, but this time it was held in one of their great halls. Walking up the hill, You XiaoMo kept fiddling with his stomach, trying to adjust and use his outer robe to cover it. After eating and drink so much today, he was feeling bloated and looked twice as huge. At least this time he chose to wear black, banking on the idea that black gave the illusion of slimmer.

You XiaoMo resentfully looked up at the man beside him. Ling Xiao was standing all tall and slender, looking like a gorgeous god amongst men. Wearing his luxurious white robes with gold embellishment on the sides, tight fitted sleeves and… perfect looking everything. Walking with a noble-like air, the contours of his muscles were vaguely visible under his clothing. Although his manner was indifferent, he still seemed majestic and threatening at the same time. Looking on, You XiaoMo’s face suddenly flushed and had to turn his gaze away.

He can’t be having such types of thoughts right in the middle of the streets!

Ling Xiao glanced toward him, voice with a smile, he casually commented, “If you keep touching your stomach, it will only make more people look in that direction.”

Having said that, Ling Xiao didn’t see the problem in other people figuring it out or knowing. On the contrary, he was rather happy. But since it made his wife feel uncomfortable, he kept his words to himself for now. Knowing that when his wife was ready, he’d say so. Because much like this pregnancy, he just needed time.

Hearing his words, You XiaoMo stopped abruptly and removed his hands from his swollen tummy. Placing them stiffly at his sides, now at a loss on what to do with them, he was overly aware of his own limbs for some reason.

Ling Xiao sighed in exasperation, grabbing his hand and steered them past the gates that were decorated and lit up beautifully for the night.

As they got closer, there appeared to be a crowd of onlookers waiting for the guests to arrive. Since the major forces and strong list of people were invited, many of the general public wanted to see their personal idols and some famous figures.

They weren’t even twenty meters from the sea of bodies when You XiaoMo heard the gasps and loud chatter starting up.

People were whispering ‘Supreme’ this and that. Most of their stares skated over his short figure right toward Ling Xiao’s, however, some still recognized him. Either because of his looks or by proxy of being Ling Xiao’s spouse and at his side.

Ling Xiao’s temperament was as calm and easygoing as usual. Not even fazed by the attention at all. Probably because he could care less. Along his thinking of: Fame, this thing, can you eat it?

In You XiaoMo’s opinion, Ling Xiao never seemed to care for the fame or attention, not since day one. He just did his own lazy thing. And unless it was family or friends, Ling Xiao practically ignored the people he walked by. By that way, You XiaoMo thought being Supreme has made the man even more arrogant towards the masses. However, Ling Xiao was never overly rude or obvious, and it didn’t affect or bother You XiaoMo any, so he honestly didn’t care either way.

Hearing the swooning coos and whispers, You XiaoMo curiously glanced around them, wanting to know what all the fuss was about, watching as all the girls were staring at their hands.

Looking down, he held the would-be curse on his tongue, as he realized too late, why.

You XiaoMo forgot Ling Xiao was holding his hand!

It was so natural for them and he was so used to it, that he forgot and didn’t give it another thought. With a reddening face, You XiaoMo tried to yank his hand away, but Ling Xiao’s hand was prepared and ready. Clenching it back with a vise grip and refusing to let him go.

You XiaoMo could only look up at the tall man in dismay, then secretly glancing at the huge surrounding crowd and listen to the immediate voices chattering up.


“Isn’t that cute!?”

“That’s so romantic! I want a man to hold my hand like that.”

“Who is that?”

“Don’t you know? That’s the Supreme’s Wife, he’s the continent’s top mage!”

You XiaoMo curled up within himself as much as he could, hiding and squeezing the hand holding his. Feeling embarrassed at all the attention and the other people addressing him as such. He’s still not used to being on the other side of that road.

As they walked, more and more people seemed to gather, all wanting to look in awe or in curiously at the both of them. Some had even lowered their gazes, either out of bashfulness, respect or obviously out of fear of the Supreme.

The uninvited weren’t allowed past the golden gates, and when the both of them finally crossed the threshold, You XiaoMo felt his body and shoulders relax. The feeling was comparable to walking through a stuffy room and then finally getting fresh air.

The building’s walkway was lit up with different sized white crystal ores, each one illuminating the path in the gradually darkening sky.

The whole perimeter had obvious looking guards placed spaciously around the location. With two even surrounding the great hall’s large door entrance.

The two men guarding the door were largely built practitioners, both having languidly glanced at them before mild shock etched onto their masculine features. Either noticing their faces and or unable to sense Ling Xiao’s level. Whatever it was, it leads the two bulky men to promptly move out of the way and open the door without a word. No invitations check or security questions at all sent Ling Xiao’s and You XiaoMo’s way.

You XiaoMo felt their unease was unwarranted, this was another reason he avoided such events.

Their footsteps were just past the stone archway, as a neatly dressed man in black came up to greet them with a smile. He politely said, “My two sirs, if you need anything, please, just ask any waiter or myself for service.”

You XiaoMo took advantage of this attentive man’s presence to excitedly ask, “When will the auction start?”

“It will begin at six o’clock, and afterward the gala will follow.” The man answered respectfully.

You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled at this information, seemed they won’t have to wait too long. He hastily said his thanks and happily walked with Ling Xiao.

From where the two stood, not too far away was a large and long black clothed booth set up against the wall. There were multiple long lines of elaborately dressed people queued up around it. With the people manning the said booth wearing neat and tidy black uniforms.

“What’s going on?” You XiaoMo asked out loud, his curious and big eyes looking over.

Ling Xiao calmly said, “Probably has to do with the auction. Let’s go see.”

The two men then went up to wait in the line as well, only having to wait a few seconds before it was their turn and You XiaoMo questioned, “What’s this for?”

The man in black looked at him and calmly stated, “These are for the auction. To participate, one needs to register their name to a number and then they are assigned a paddle with their corresponding numbers. It’s to keep things orderly.”

You XiaoMo listened and could understand that much. It seemed rather simple and straightforwardly. Although he’s yet to participate in this type before, it’s similar enough to their past auction experiences.

“We’ll both like to sign up.” You XiaoMo grinned at the man, enthusiastically standing up straighter as he spoke up.

The man in black handed him a clipboard with a sheet of thick leathery paper, “Just sign your name next to the number please.”

You XiaoMo grabbed the brush pen from the table but ended up pausing before he touched the paper. He stole a brief and secret glance at Ling Xiao beside him, and then, with a shy mind, he hastily wrote down his name. Without even looking in his direction, he tilted his hand sideways with the board and let the Ling Xiao have his turn next.

Holding the board, Ling Xiao’s eyes glanced down at it, his lips slowly tugging at the corners as he read it. He turned to meaningfully gaze at You XiaoMo, before he also signed the piece of paper, his movements being fluid and swift.

When Ling Xiao returned the board across them, the man in black uniform silently read the names and grabbed two white paddles with numbers on them, saying, “The Lings, here are your paddles. When you want to bid, all you have to do is raise it. The auction is in the door to your direct right.”

You XiaoMo felt his cheeks heat up and took the two items from the worker. Turning on his heels to leave the booth and let the next couple by.

When they got far enough away, You XiaoMo gave Ling Xiao his paddle to hold. However, when he reached out, Ling Xiao’s hand didn’t hold the paddle, but instead went out to grab his wrist and pulled him toward him. You XiaoMo found himself dumbfoundedly inside his man’s embrace, eventually managing to blushingly stutter, “W-what are you doing?”

“I just wanted to hug my Mrs.” Ling Xiao happily said, his deep and rich voice spoke unhurriedly and with a sensual tone.

You XiaoMo exhaled sharply, feeling at a loss. Didn’t the man realize they were in public? He pushed gently on his unmoving chest, and smiling said, “You can do that later. Now, let’s find a seat.”

Feeling his hands touch him, Ling Xiao’s eyes darkened momentarily but then returned to normal just as quickly. Taking his wife’s hand within his, he leads them inside the auction doors and down the rows of chairs.

Inside, there were already quite a few people standing and seated. And although it was a large amount, it was surprisingly not very loud at all. As everyone was very much behaved and refined in their manner, chatting amongst themselves or to their neighboring seats mates.

You XiaoMo saw there were quite a few empty seats up near the front. Probably placeholders for the major forces or strong powers of the continent. Even though they technically counted, Ling Xiao took them directly to a middle row aisle, elegantly sitting down and letting You XiaoMo have the corner seat.

The chairs were carved from high-quality marble, smooth and white, looking as if very heavy to move. You XiaoMo faintly wondered if it was a pain to get in here, but the thought quickly faded. Although the chairs were made out of stone didn’t mean they lacked comfort. The white stone was contrasted with draped silky red cushioned pieces on the back and bottom to sit on. The look of high class.

After having sat down a few minutes, You XiaoMo was feeling quite thirsty, looking around curiously until he spotted a waiter walking by. Because the man who greeted them at the door earlier said to just ask for whatever he wanted, so he felt he could and would do just that. Lifting his head off Ling Xiao’s shoulder, You XiaoMo tried to wave the staff member down. Unfortunately, the waiter had his back to them and didn’t see his wave…

“What are you wanting?” Ling Xiao’s voice lazily asked, lowering his eyes down at him.

“I wanted something to drink.” You XiaoMo softly huffed, his arm falling back to his side in a defeated manner.

“Wait until they come back and then stand up next time.” Ling Xiao casually suggested, eyes flickering to scan the area.

You XiaoMo pouted at the lazy man. What a shame, won’t even use his status to get his pregnant wife a water.

Five minutes later a wait staff finally walked by, and You XiaoMo did as Ling Xiao suggested, standing up to get his attention and having succeeded. After ordering, he sat back down and waited patiently. Meanwhile, watching those around him with mild interest. The room was steadily filling up with more bodies, as was the temperature in the room. Going from a comfortable and cool, to a staggering warm.

The waiter returned within a couple of minutes with his water, handing it to him while sending a curious glance at Ling Xiao next to him. Even as he was walking away, he kept sending peeking idol-like glances at You XiaoMo’s man. Ignoring him, You XiaoMo sipped on his cool water, joyfully enjoying the way it felt soothing his parched throat.

By the time the auction was closely nearing, You XiaoMo was fidgeting in his chair and messing with his robe’s collar, before somewhat uncomfortably announcing, “I’m going to find the bathroom.” He also needed some much needed cool air.

“The auction is about to start.” Ling Xiao turned his head slightly and reminded him gently.

You XiaoMo replied, “I know that. I’ll try to be quick.”

“I’ll go with you.” Ling Xiao calmly stated, making the move to stand.

You XiaoMo quickly pulled Ling Xiao’s sleeve down, and in an embarrassed manner, hastily said, “No need, I can walk myself to the bathroom.”

“I know you can, and I simply want to walk with my wife.” Ling Xiao smiled charmingly at him, showing his perfect row of pearly white teeth. Instantly adding extra to his enchanting and depraved aura.

You XiaoMo didn’t reply back, mostly because Ling Xiao didn’t give him a chance. The man having stood up immediately after his words and held You XiaoMo’s hand to drag him away. As they walked past the crowd, You XiaoMo distressedly commented, “We might lose our seats this way…”

“Then we’ll find new ones.” Ling Xiao frivolously replied, his voice holding an indifference, not even looking back at him as he turned the corner and surveyed calmly around the open hall. Finding a group of people near a corridor, Ling Xiao then continued to lead You XiaoMo domineeringly in that direction.

After having walked some distance and feeling manhandled, You XiaoMo hastily yanked his hand out of Ling Xiao’s grasp. But still continued to follow closely behind the man, as he had successfully found them the men’s restroom and walked inside with him. When they went past the mirrors, You XiaoMo ducked around him and trotted towards one of the few stalls and quickly locked it behind him once inside.

At the same time, he heard Ling Xiao’s low laughter following after him as he had done so.

A soft grunting noise could be heard a couple of minutes later. Because when You XiaoMo had finished relieving himself, he was pitifully having trouble pulling his pants back up. As the top of his trousers kept rolling and bunching up at his waist in a very annoying way. Earlier at the hotel when he got dressed, he had to then suck in his stomach to wear them, but he still wasn’t having this drastic of a time putting them on.

“Lady?” Ling Xiao’s deep voice slowly floated over the stall, one could tell it held a silent question.

Wiggling them upwards and slightly jumping, You XiaoMo finally sucked in enough breath to squeeze the fabric back over him. Having got his victory over the article of clothing, he opened the door to his awaiting husband and breathlessly answered, “Yes?”

Ling Xiao’s profound eyes looked him up and down quickly, before faintly smiling, “Everything okay?”

You XiaoMo craned his neck out to scan the bathroom and when he didn’t see any other person around, he pitifully whined with a pout, “My pants don’t fit.”

Ling Xiao reached out to put his arm around his shoulders, casually saying, “Then we’ll have to stop by the clothing store and pick up our special orders. They should be well finished by now.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth made a ‘oh’ symbol, as he had already forgotten about previously doing that. Blankly spinning out of Ling Xiao’s loose embrace towards the vanity sinks on the wall.

Watching his wife’s expression, Ling Xiao laughed with amusement, his eyes turning into slits, saying with a thoughtful tone, “Looks like your ‘pregnancy brain’ is getting worse.”

You XiaoMo was rinsing his hands as he turned around to fiercely glare at the man. What brain? ‘Pregnancy brain’ my ass! He is just distracted by an ever-changing baby-making-body, thank you very much!

Wiping his hands, he steadfastly stomped out of the men’s restroom in a fury. A devilishly grinning Ling Xiao was following closely behind, looking highly proud of himself and seemingly very entertained.

Even though he had predicted their seats would be gone, they ended up being surprisingly untouched. You XiaoMo took a preemptively offered water from the hallway staff, so he was very pleasantly happy upon reaching their seats. So much so, he hadn’t even paid the nosey stares they received upon walking in any attention. And since they weren’t gone very long at all, the auction had just started as they both sat down.

Moments later, a man in his forties and with salt and pepper hair walked up to the raised high stage. The stage itself was small but it was also very heavily embellished with crimson red and high-quality cloth, sparkling on the edges with dazzling jewels. Definitely giving the audience a very upscale feeling to the auction room. The auctioneer said some pleasantries and informed them again of the written rules and procedures of the auction before announcing the start of it.

You XiaoMo wasn’t paying too much attention to it all though. Because when he sat down, his pants unraveled again and he was distractedly trying to adjust them back up. His little baby-belly pooch was finally getting in the way and it felt odd, more so while in public. At home or in the hotel, with Ling Xiao, he could wear baggy clothes or not care if his body parts were pudging out…

Ling Xiao finally couldn’t stand the fidgeting any longer, moving a hand to firmly cover his and stop him. He leaned over, and in a low voice, he slowly whispered the two words, “Calm down.”

As if turned to stone, You XiaoMo instantly stopped his movements and glanced at him, before finally letting the quest to fix his pants go.

To get the crowd awake, the auctioneer presented a few low budget items for the starters. Mostly armor, furs, low to mid-grade training manuals and techniques.

One of the items being a small and smoothly round crystal ore, it looked opal in color with a kind of milkiness in appearance. The auctioneer said it acted much like light crystals and pearls, but what made this ore special was that it gave off a soft aurora-like effect in the dark. Very unique and rare in its own right.

It wasn’t valuable like training and recipe scrolls, but You XiaoMo was intrigued by it. As he currently still wanted to buy their baby’s room some lighting, and here there was a uniquely special one presented right before him. When the bidding got started, there were surprisingly quite a few people who turned out to interested in it.

After a few minutes, the bidding pace was starting to die down to just three people. You XiaoMo held the paddle tight in his right hand, ready to lift it at a moment’s notice. Immediately when the auctioneer called out asking for any other placed bids, the price now being up at two thousand spirit gems, You XiaoMo held up his paddle high. Promptly beating out the competition with a bright smile.

A woman in red who was competing gave him a hateful glare before raising her paddle again as well. You XiaoMo blinked in surprise, he was sure that earlier she had hit her hard limit, as she seemed to be hesitating for quite some time earlier.

Shaking it off, You XiaoMo just simply raised his paddle again and pointedly sent her a smug smile. Don’t think he will lose this one. He’s in for his unborn child!

Although he was a very unconventional mom, he’s now fully on board with this boat ride of soon-to-be-parenthood. Therefore, he has a sense of motherly honor that is unwittingly instilled in him.

Basically meaning, don’t challenge him!

Meanwhile, Ling Xiao is looking thoroughly bored as he lazily leans in his chair. In the tense and exciting atmosphere his wife was currently battling in, only he appeared unaffectedly calm.

The red dressed woman’s husband leaned forward to whisper something in her ear, and she once again raised her paddle as the auctioneer asked for any higher. Thus, You XiaoMo determinedly continued to raise his own bid.

They continued and by the end of it, the price was three thousand and You XiaoMo had a toothy wide grin as the auctioneer announced his ultimate win. Looking towards Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo gave the man a thumbs up, excitedly saying, “Ling Xiao, I won!”

Ling Xiao glanced at him, a slight smile on his lips, “Congrats.”

Expecting more of a response, You XiaoMo stared at him and asked earnestly, “Don’t you want to ask why I wanted it?”

Ling Xiao shrugged, indifferently replying, “A light is a light. They have their purpose.”

You XiaoMo pouted at him, unhappily mumbling, “Yeah but three thousand for a regular light? Come on.”

Ling Xiao sat up straighter, seeing his wife wanted him to guess, he finally asked with a fresh smile, “Dear Lady, please do tell the husband.”

You XiaoMo stuck his chin up proudly and softly clarified, “It’s for the you-know-who’s room.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes twinkled with laughter, brightly saying, “Ah, so that’s why. I see. Good job.”

Ecstatic at the praise, You XiaoMo nodded happily. Then after a moment, he noticed Ling Xiao’s expression and voice, and how it was a little bit too nice… A minute later it hit him, and he realized that the man was just patronizing him!

You XiaoMo looked at him piteously, sending him an angry glower.

This look only served to delight Ling Xiao even farther, going so far to have the opposite effect You XiaoMo wanted. As the intense stare started to make his heart pound and Ling Xiao concentrated too heavily on those pouty seductive lips. To soothe the situation, Ling Xiao simply pats his wife on his thigh and motioned to the front, “Pay attention, you don’t want to miss the others.”

You XiaoMo blinked and slightly jolted back to awareness, his ears intently listening to the current auctioned piece.

After a few more pieces were auctioned, both the value and rarity were rising up on the center stage. None of which were compelling enough for You XiaoMo to bid though. But nonetheless, he enjoyed looking at the items and hearing their summaries, having fun in watching the dramatic rival bidding happening around him.

“I wonder why Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing aren’t here.” You XiaoMo softly murmured, watching in the sea of chairs as two men went back and forth between a bidding war. The item was an armor chest plate, and it looked very decorated with jewels and what appeared to be large scales.

“It’s an auction sponsored by their own associations, to bid at it would just look tarnish their images.” Ling Xiao answered, his voice laced with a bored note, looking as if he would fall asleep at any moment.

You XiaoMo turned to look up at him confusedly, innocently tilting his head.

Looking at his unassumingly and extremely cute manner, Ling Xiao knew his wife didn’t understand. Speaking patiently for his low IQ, he faintly smiled while explaining, “To do so would only make it look like the items were going back in-house. Cheating the masses and hiking up the prices.”

“Ahhh.” You XiaoMo softly exclaimed as his big eyes lit up in understanding, then looking back towards the auctioneer who was just hitting his gavel with a loud ‘thud’ sound.

A woman who was dressed in a fine black dress brought up the next item. You XiaoMo craned his neck to get a better look but couldn’t see much. It looked like a simple glass-like and transparent square shaped container, but with something very small inside, he couldn’t see… It was all extremely small.

After the woman in black left, the auctioneer smiled at the audience, and in a jubilant tone of voice announced, “This item here is something very special. It might seem small and insignificant, but looks can be deceiving, because this here is a portable home. The Zou Luoyang's Magical Cloud Cabin!”

Surprised, You XiaoMo sat up straighter in his seat with this dramatic declaration. That small thing right there was something like that? It being no taller than the size of Ling Xiao’s palm.

Was it possibly meant to be a home for bugs?

When the auctioneer felt he had everyone’s curiosity, he continued, “Much like the top of the line cauldrons, this here was formed and made with a special matrix method law. One that is hard to find tell you, because inside this small matrix field, is a cabin made of at least four thousand-year-old Ocean Maple logs. This portable house once activated, reaches two stories, with over two thousand square feet in total floor space. With three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry room, and everything else a house needs.”

In the middle of the auction room, You XiaoMo’s eyes were sparkling intently at this item.

Although they already have a palace, which was gorgeous and massive as their permanent home, this thing sounded amazing for on the go trips. If they had this, while traveling, they wouldn’t have to rely on hotels or pubs.

One could argue they already have that with their dimensions, but still, that never really compares to the practical feeling of a house. This felt substantial.

Also, it was such a cool and awesome sounding treasure!

You XiaoMo excitedly tugged repeatedly at Ling Xiao’s white sleeve.

Ling Xiao pulled his sleeve back slightly and said, “I know.”

You XiaoMo quickly gazed up at him with a sincere expression, and asked, “You already know what I want to say?”

With an elegant charm, Ling Xiao looked him over, the hint of a smile in his gaze, saying, “Lady, of course your husband knows. You want that item.”

“Yes!” You XiaoMo was both pleasantly shocked and happy.

Ling Xiao leaned back against his seat, and waved his hand as he grinned, “Then shoot for it.”

Hearing such words were like giving You XiaoMo the go-ahead for an unbridled rampage of bidding.

With his left hand tightening on Ling Xiao’s sleeve, You XiaoMo faced the front with an eager gleam in his big eyes, the hand holding the paddle shook restless against his thigh.

Thinking, this item will be his!

Chapter Text

The auctioneer said a few more details about the cabin before declaring, “As the item is unique in itself, the starting price will be three million.”

You XiaoMo heard a row of soft gasps and whispers. He could understand the mood of the room. This was indeed a high price for such a niche item, but then again, since it was such they also could do so.

The auctioneer waited until the crowd’s whispers calmed down before he yelled out, “Do I hear any offers for three million? Any takers?”

Even though people were surprised, this didn’t stop their interest and want for the item. One after the other was quickly raised arms competing with each other.

You XiaoMo was practically bouncing in his seat, watching the paddles periodically rise and fall around him. Anxiously awaiting his turn to strike when it calmed down.

Ling Xiao noticed his wife couldn’t stay put and pressed down on his small leg, teasing him, “Calm down, at this rate, you’re going to scoot out of your chair to the floor.”

You XiaoMo with a small smile, reassured the man, “I won’t.”

“Now your chance approaches.” Ling Xiao smiled at him meaningfully and glanced at the front.

You XiaoMo followed his eye line and closely listened again to the noise. He realized the arms were decreasing in pace and finally slowing down. By now the price was up to nine million and surprisingly You XiaoMo was happy. Although that was still very expensive, for a mage like him, he could earn that back easily if he put the effort in. A level nine pill that could take him a max of two to four hours at most actually. So for this type of rare item, his heart was no longer troubled by this fact.

“...nine million, going once, going twice…”

You XiaoMo quickly raised his hand with the paddle in the air, a silly grin lit up across his face, and said, “Nine million and two hundred thousand spirit gems.”

Although it was a raise your hand type of auction, if the bid was higher than the asking price, the rules allowed for people to announce their bids like this if one so wished, especially so if the price jumped multiple times.

The auctioneer paused momentarily at You XiaoMo’s words but quickly smiled at the number, nodding and confirming his bid out loud, asking for any better offers.

Just as the man was about to hit his gavel, a rogue hand went up, a deep voice slowly spoke with it, “Nine million and five hundred thousand.”

Hearing this voice, You XiaoMo bit his teeth and looked in that direction. How dare someone use his own tricks! He’s waited patiently for the competition to die down, even adding extra money to snuff out the hopeful thoughts of others.

The person who spoke was wearing a royal purple robe, had long and slicked back hair that had some sort of gel effect to push it back from his face. He would’ve looked very clean and probably even handsome if he didn’t have such an arrogant face.

You XiaoMo puffed up his cheeks in anger, raising his hand and speaking loudly, “Ten million.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes that were hanging almost closed, snapped open. Sitting up straighter in his chair as he curiously narrowed his eyes at this person. He’s not seen this man around.

“Eleven million.” The man in purple announced clearly, face looking as calm as could be.

You XiaoMo gripped his paddle tighter, “Twelve million.”

The man in purple finally indifferently glanced toward You XiaoMo’s direction, the corners of his lips coldly curled up as he said, “Thirteen million.”

You XiaoMo released a choked breath. Was this guy just messing with him and trying to rise up his bid? He couldn’t tell…

“Twenty million.” Ling Xiao’s deep and rich voice spoke loudly and clearly.

Hearing that lavish jump, You XiaoMo whipped his shocked expression toward Ling Xiao, but the man’s eyes were narrowing on the purple-robed man instead.

The man in purple seemed to ignore Ling Xiao’s stare and just glanced at You XiaoMo once more before calmly turning back in his chair and conceding the fight.

Once the auctioneer saw the heated bidding war was over, he once again asked the room before ultimately declaring You XiaoMo the winner, gleefully shouting, “The winner of the Zou Luoyang's Magical Cloud Cabin is number thirty-five! Now our next item is…”

Feeling his wife stare at him with such an open expression, Ling Xiao knew what he wanted to say. Reaching out to stroke You XiaoMo’s head and soothing his ruffled feathers, Ling Xiao smilingly said, “If someone can match you by skipping a whole million, it’s better to get it over with and go straight out of their price range.”

You XiaoMo bit his lower lip and reluctantly felt that made sense. Then shrugging off his was-to-be complaint, he quickly switched gears to instead being elated. As they were now the proud new owners of a portable miniature to life-sized vacation home!


You XiaoMo watched the rest of the auction with a smile so large his cheeks were starting to hurt. So relaxed, he could feel himself getting caught up in the intense atmosphere. So much so, he thought he could hear the sound of rapid breathing from around him. He was in an especially good mood as he was eagerly wanting to open up and try their new purchase as soon as possible.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and catches sight of his expression. Watching the big and wide sparkling gems of eyes flickering across the room excitedly. Ling Xiao couldn’t stop the smile that slowly crept across his own lips. His mood also becoming free and lighthearted.

The auction was coming to a close, as the rest of the items were rare techniques and magic pills. All of which held no interest to them both, then afterward the gala was to be opened up and ready to enter.

You XiaoMo made another quick trip to the bathroom before the gala’s ballroom filled up, this time Ling Xiao waited outside for him. Afterwards, they both went to the auction’s collection booth, aiming to collect their newly bought items from the back hall.

Others must’ve not been as eager as them, because there weren’t a whole lot of people gathered up per his expectations. You XiaoMo finally surmised they probably were waiting until the end of the night to do so instead.

When others saw the both of them so straightforwardly and calmly pay their upfront total, they glanced star-struck and became dumbfounded momentarily. Being able to easily and without even so much as a blink, throw out millions of spirit gems, and treating it almost as if candy, was an eye-catcher if anyone saw one.

You XiaoMo took the two items they had won and hurriedly put them in his magic bag. Once placed inside and under the hidden cover of the bag, he sent them to his dimension where there were to safely stay for the time being.

When they both walked through the large double doors of the great hall, they were met with an abundance of white and black decor. Sparkling floors and walls, all shining with a perfectness that You XiaoMo felt suddenly scared to dirty with his boots.

The back of the room had a decent sized dance floor, behind that was a band that was already playing a light and steady rhythmic song. All around the room, there were hundreds of circular tables covered with white linen, each one spaciously evened out and decorated with gorgeous floral and candle centerpieces. The layout allowed for easy walking and conversing between tables, that way no one would be bumping shoulders here.

You XiaoMo wasn’t sure if his Xiao Yao friends were saving them a seat or if they should save them one instead. However, they couldn’t just loiter around the front door…

You XiaoMo was just about to ask Ling Xiao what they should do when the man already started walking towards a table. Rushing to catch up, You XiaoMo trotted after him and gripped his sleeve to follow.

Ling Xiao picked a seat towards the middle of the room, a few tables from the dance floor and the music, but also close enough that you could softly still hear it. Since they were both the first to the table, they had their pickings of seating arrangement.

When a few uneventful minutes had passed, You XiaoMo was duly supporting his chin and drumming his fingers on the table impatiently. He knew there was a predetermined and set meal course being sent out later but he was already getting hungry right now. The feeling of lightheadedness and nausea would soon follow.

“Dear Lady, what are you thinking?” Ling Xiao smilingly asked, appearing to be the definition of elegance and charm.

You XiaoMo stopped his finger’s motion and looked up to Ling Xiao, practically whining, “I’m starving. Is there a pre-dinner snack bar?”

Ling Xiao’s smile didn’t falter and smoothly suggested, “How about we walk around and find out together.”

You XiaoMo suddenly became very energetic after hearing him and happily nodded his head.

“My Lady.”

Ling Xiao's face is overflowing with gentle smiles as he stood up and outstretched his hand toward You XiaoMo.

Raising his head, You XiaoMo is immediately stunned. As Ling Xiao’s smile and demeanor was so enchanting and manly, that he looked just like a noble prince. It was then, in that split second, that You XiaoMo finally noticed the onlooker’s gazes in his peripheral. All watching the scene with expectant gazes and whispers.

Feeling resentful for the abundance of attention, he surreptitiously glanced back at Ling Xiao's arm. But knowing he shouldn’t diss his husband in public at this moment, You XiaoMo embarrassingly, and with shy movements, reached out to hold the offered hand and got pulled up.

Ling Xiao nodded in satisfaction, having no intention of removing his hand, and knowing full and well what was going through his wife’s mind. Happily using the situation in his own favor.

The two of them weave through the elaborately dressed sea of bodies and making it almost halfway before stopped by someone wanting to greet them. This momentary pause allowed for others to follow in the same.

Some were the Elders and high rankings officials from the Mage's Guild and The Beast Transfiguration Guild. Their conversations were short and meaningless in the end, all probably just wanting to save face and look like they had a branch to stand on.

The longer they took with the pleasantries though, the longer You XiaoMo was going hungry. Feeling miserable and on the edge of fainting. Finally no longer able to stand it, he reached over to grip Ling Xiao’s sleeve tightly.

At the tug, Ling Xiao lowered his head and noticed his wife’s quickly paling complexion. Without so much as a parting word, Ling Xiao left the bothersome people mid-sentence and intimately draped his arm around his wife’s waist, leading them both away to a location he could sit down.

Not caring who’s table it was, Ling Xiao sat You XiaoMo into the first free chair nearby, touching his head as he asked gently, “You okay?”

You XiaoMo looks up and glances at him, “Lightheaded.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes scout the surrounding area and spotted a waiter just a table over, he glanced back down at his wife, “Can you sit upright?”

You XiaoMo nodded slightly. He wasn’t so bad off he was going to fall over.

Ling Xiao carefully looked over his face before walking away and talking to the staff attendant.

You XiaoMo wasn’t left for long, but within a few seconds, the previous owners of the table had returned. It was just You XiaoMo’s luck too, as it ended up being the Ji Clan family members of the Ancient Demon Phoenix.

There was a stagnation in the air as they both seemed to be debating their words.

Deciding to be first, You XiaoMo broke the ice with a simple wave and said, “Yo.”

Ji Feng had a calm and reserved manner, replying back cordially, “You XiaoMo, it’s been awhile. Did you wish to speak to us?”

Feeling the tension dissipate greatly, You XiaoMo was glad that Ji Feng was the first to speak. Because out of all the Ji clan, she’s been the most reasonable and non-aggressive of them all. However, he wasn’t sure that would be the case presently. With XiaoJi leaving their clan and all, choosing to return back home to him. You XiaoMo wasn’t sure ten years was enough time for immortals to let bygones be bygones.

The Ancient Demon Phoenix clan never did fight for XiaoJi either, but… then again, who would fight the Supreme?…. The answer: a dead man would!

Summoning his strength, You XiaoMo gave an awkward smile and made the move to stand up, holding the edge of the table as he said, “I, um, didn’t realize this was your table… How are things?”

Ji Rui who was watching him closely, suddenly curled her lips up in a cold sneer, “How are things? I’m surprised you have the gal to face…” The rest of the words fell silent as her face suddenly became unsightly.

“Aha, a reunion. How nice.”

A dull voice sounded slowly from behind them, it held a glint of both perilous endings and an unquenchable excitement.

Following Ji Rui’s line of sight and the direction the voice came from, You XiaoMo slowly turned to look behind him and saw Ling Xiao’s imposing figure. The man’s bewitching appearance had a gentle smile hanging on his lips, his eyes held an indifference so cold like the frosty twelfth lunar month, and it was aimed directly at the Ancient Demon Phoenix across You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao calmly approached his wife and held his thin shoulder in hand, handing him a small silver tray of food with the other as he glanced down at him with a smile.

You XiaoMo blankly took the proffered tray before him. Feeling honestly a little nervous and confused as he surreptitiously glanced up at Ling Xiao. What was the man going to do?

The other party was holding barely concealed caution within their eyes, all their postures suddenly straight and on the alert. Although this was a neutral and formal event, they never could be so sure…

“Brother Ling.” Ji Feng spoke up, nodding his greeting towards Ling Xiao with respect.

Ling Xiao lazily glanced toward her, his dark eyes held a vague interest as he said, “Thank you for keeping my wife company.”

Ji Feng was almost startled out of her composed demeanor, not expecting that response, but nonetheless, she politely replied back, “It was nothing.”

You XiaoMo was sweating cold bullets. So awkward! He grabbed Ling Xiao’s hand that was on his shoulder, and not wanting to linger any longer, he curtly told the group, “We’ll be going now.” Words said, he started to pull Ling Xiao back towards their previous picked table. Hoping it was still untouched and they didn’t lose it.

You XiaoMo absentmindedly thought that if only that Rui person wasn’t there, maybe it wouldn’t have been so awkwardly intense. One might even have been able to properly conversate with that younger generation Feng guy. Who knows.

When he started to slow down his walk, Ling Xiao’s hand was immediately wrapped around his waist, leading him back towards their table. Luckily it was left alone and You XiaoMo happily sat down in his previously claimed seat. The tray made a light clunking sound upon hitting the flat surface of the table as You XiaoMo put it down.

With a slightly wobbly hand, he grabbed the small dessert crackers and fruits he was given. Tentatively nibbling on it at first to make sure it’d stay down before happily snacking it.

Feeling his energy pick up, You XiaoMo made a sound of delighted surprise, joyfully saying, “This chocolate covered star fruit is really delicious! Here try.” Immediately lifting one up and towards Ling Xiao’s mouth.

Ling Xiao smirked and without hesitation leaned forward to take the whole thing from his fingertips, lips purposely brushing against this fingers. His eyes held a knowing look at the following blush that quickly painted his wife’s delicate and tender features.

His heartbeat picking up drastically, You XiaoMo took a stuttering breath and forcefully moved his gaze away from Ling Xiao’s wicked expression, staring back down at the food tray. Suddenly feeling overly conscious of his surroundings and his own breathing, he distracted himself with eating another piece of juicy fruit.

“Feeling better?” Ling Xiao languidly drawled with a deep smile, and in a very laid back and easy-going manner rested his chin in hand against the table.

You XiaoMo swallowed the piece he just chewed and slowly nodded, softly explaining, “I noticed lately that I feel worse if I’m hungry and or don’t eat for awhile.”

Ling Xiao suddenly frowned, and in a displeased manner, scolded him, “Then next time speak up.”

You XiaoMo’s mouth stayed slightly parted while at a loss for words. Is he blaming him? He said he was hungry a while ago! But not daring to speak up, he could only glare and directly ignore the man as he continued to eat.

“You couldn’t even wait for dinner.” Tian Xin chided, her voice chiming from behind them.

You XiaoMo turned around and saw the three friends from the night before. All heavily dressed in the finest clothing one could probably buy. Both Jiu Ye and Qiao WuXing were very much looking like the star apprentices and heirs to the unions. Even Tian Xin looked the part of the respectable and lady-like wife of an heir.

“I was hungry. What am I supposed to do, starve?” You XiaoMo innocently responded.

Qiao WuXing smiled, hastily saying, “Just ignore her. She ate before coming here as well.”

Tian Xin glared at him and retorted, “I had one bite!”

Jiu Ye coolly asked, “Is it okay if we sit with you both?”

“Yes, yes. Go ahead.” You XiaoMo grinned happily up at them, signally for them to take a seat.

Tian Xin took the seat beside You XiaoMo quickly, rushing over to say, “Can I look at your wedding ring again? I didn’t get a good enough look yesterday.”

You XiaoMo was taken-aback, momentarily dumbfounded, as he didn’t think he’d ever hear these words asked of him. Especially the words, ‘wedding rings’. Also, at this close distance, his mind blanked a little because his nose suddenly felt itchy at the strong aroma of her perfume. Luckily though, it wasn’t enough for him to barf or feel dizzy yet.

Once again Qiao WuXing said helplessly, “Xin, don’t be so up front.”

“Oh, pish, it’s just an innocent question, he can decline me.” Tian Xin confidently said.

You XiaoMo quickly recovered to his senses, his big eyes flickering to Ling Xiao’s slightly smiling face before he looked back to Qiao WuXing and assured, “It’s fine. I don’t mind.”

As he said so, he reached out to show his left hand to her.

Admittedly, You XiaoMo felt the act of showing off his jewelry felt very frill and vapid. Doing so gave him the sense of being tolled together with women, like showing off their engagement rings over some type of gossip…

And he definitely wasn’t a woman!

But he couldn’t just declare such blunt and defensive words out of nowhere with her right there.

“It’s breathtaking. What kind of gem is this? It’s even more gorgeous than any diamond or jewel I’ve ever seen.” Tian Xin exclaimed, mesmerized as astonishment painted her features. Such a dazzling array of colors were faintly emitting from the crystal clear and brilliant jewel.

Qiao WuXing laughed, his dimples showing deeply as he said warmly, “Take her word for it. She looked at probably a thousand rings before finally picking her own wedding ring.”

Tian Xin proudly held up her chin, “I just know what I want.”

Low laughter sounded from almost everyone at the table at that.

With his hand now being released from her’s, You XiaoMo softly answered her question, “It’s cosmic dewdrops.”

At this response the three at the table mouths suddenly dropped open slightly. With them all being well-privileged mages within their respective unions, they had the most advantage compared to other mages. One of those being an abundance of knowledge and that knowledge also extended to rare artifacts. Because both their unions collected and also gathered intel on countless rare items.

But Cosmic Dewdrops? The rarest jewel you would be lucky to ever find in a lifetime, let alone one pebble. And these two have enough cosmic dewdrops on their hands for two whole rings?

It was astonishing!

“That’s amazing!” Qiao WuXing replied after finding his voice, “Such a treasure, you two really have extraordinary luck.”

Jiu Ye regained his composure and cooly added, “Really envious.”

You XiaoMo looked at him in stunned surprise, blurting out, “You want a ring like mine?” He didn’t think Jiu Ye fancied such overly adorned jewelry. Even he himself wouldn’t wear such a dazzling ring on purpose without Ling Xiao’s cajoling.

Jiu Ye’s face turned even colder than usual as he calmly corrected him, “Not that part. How you both have such romanticizing lives.”

You XiaoMo made a silent ‘oh’ expression. That made more sense.

Tian Xin laughed, then looked at You XiaoMo’s hand again with glittering eyes, “That rock is really exceptionally huge. I bet it’s heavy to wear.”

You XiaoMo shrugged, “I got used to it. It was a little weird at first, and sometimes it catches on fabric…” His words tapered off when he saw the laughing eyes staring back at him, his cheeks flushing at the attention.

Ling Xiao reached over and touched his lower back, faintly smiling, “I’m glad you got used to it, as it looks good on you.”

You XiaoMo sharply sucked in a breath, lowering his eyes as he felt his face heat up even more. The man was doing this on purpose to embarrass him!

After that discussion, their topics went more of the usual day to day of their lives topics.

Their table actually had six seats but since their current group made up five of the six placements, it appeared no one wanted to join them.

You XiaoMo had thought that Long Yue would join them but then saw the Long Dragon clan member was with his elders, and thus probably had obligations to fulfill. The two of them had a decent rapport over the years, as Long Yue came to visit every now and again to trade and sell him concentrated spirits, that of which You XiaoMo would eagerly buy for his contract wickeds. Making You XiaoMo an easy sell for the greedy to make money Long Yue.

It wasn’t much longer before the main courses appeared, along with it two decorated wine buckets filled with multiple chilled wine pots and bottles.

The waiters offered to pour their wine for them, but Jiu Ye just replied that they could do it themselves and so the staff left them to themselves, moving on to the next table to serve.

Qiao WuXing was pouring Tian Xin’s drink before he offered the same bottle to Jiu Ye.

But You XiaoMo wasn’t paying attention to that, as he was more interested in what to do about his meal. It was some sort of beef like course, all very nicely seasoned and juicy appearing, and yet repulsed You XiaoMo for no logical reason.

Lately, all his tastes have been changing and being all over the place on what he now likes. One week he wanted beef noodles and then the next, just the idea of beef and that specific type of texture made him want to gag.

At least the side dish was a baked violet cauliflower casserole and some grilled skewered potatoes. That was very much to You XiaoMo’s liking! His chopsticks and utensils happily went into his plate and dived in, hungrily eating them up.

It wasn’t very much longer after that when he had already finished his sides and happened to look over towards Ling Xiao’s plate. The man was elegantly eating his food, this picture still had You XiaoMo at times being taken aback as if it didn’t belong to the man.

Because when the man would eat his home cooked meals, Ling Xiao would eat twice as fast and twice as much as him, meanwhile still elegant with a noble etiquette, but that wasn’t the point! The point was when they were in public like this, Ling Xiao’s temperament was refined and calm but also not as eager and joyful to eat his food. Seeing the difference made You XiaoMo’s heart swell with a prideful feeling at times like this, in the comforting and hopeful thinking that it was his cooking that the man loved most.

Stealing a peek at Ling Xiao’s food, You XiaoMo’s twin pair of big black eyes that were like embedded gems, glisten up at Ling Xiao while he sweetly asked, “Do you want to trade? My meat for your sides?”

Ling Xiao shoots him an amused look, lazily replying, “Go ahead.”

You XiaoMo is immediately delighted and reaches over to very unceremoniously drop his remaining food onto Ling Xiao’s plate, promptly making the switch.

When he saw his wife happy at the trade, Ling Xiao leaned over to whisper in his ear, voice full of immoral smiles, “You’ll owe me later for it though.”

You XiaoMo suddenly paused mid-pour, before trying to calmly and naturally recover. Deciding it wouldn’t be that bad, he shrugged without another thought towards it. Because really, what could Ling Xiao really ask for that was on the same value as potatoes? You XiaoMo felt he was safe.

Satisfied at his answer, Ling Xiao sat back against his chair, his face overflowing with a sly smile as he outstretched his hand toward his wine glass.

Tian Xin looked at You XiaoMo’s plate and curiously asked, “Do you not like the food?”

You XiaoMo was chewing as she asked and luckily had an excuse to not answer immediately, giving him enough time to find a reason. Faking a cough, he evasively says, “I’m on a special meat diet. Very picky.”

Hearing the witty excuse, Ling Xiao’s smile deepened around the wine glass held at his lips, meaningfully glancing at his wife.

You XiaoMo sent Ling Xiao a half-warning and half-helpless look.

The next course served was a very elaborate dish, but sadly You XiaoMo had to hold himself back yet again. This time being the worst of all, as he had to hold back the urge to vomit completely now. The main assailant being the overly present smell of garlic, that of which was just too much for You XiaoMo’s overly sensitive nose and stomach.

You XiaoMo’s face was becoming unsightly as he had to turn his head abruptly away, pushing his plate far away from himself and holding his breath. While trying to seem as natural as he possibly could, he addressed the table breathlessly, “I’ll be back.”

The three at the table looked up at him, all slightly startled and also curious about his odd behavior.

As You XiaoMo stood up and made the turn around to leave, Ling Xiao was already standing up with him, wordlessly following after his small and disappearing figure.

When they had safely passed some tables and made their way into the great hall’s labeled bathrooms, You XiaoMo didn’t even check for other people as he abruptly swiveled on his toes and threw himself at Ling Xiao.

Initially, Ling Xiao was mildly shocked and his eyebrows raised slightly, but then he immediately relaxed into a face of extreme delight as a smile curled at his lips, flirtatiously beaming, “Lady is so forward.”

Grabbing his chest tightly, You XiaoMo ignored the lust-crazed man's words and rubbed his face into the dark robes, desperately sniffing and taking in deep mouthfuls of the familiar and unique scent.

Ling Xiao held his thin waist, thumbs caressingly massaging the sensitive hips, he softly asked, “Is it getting better?”

Blushing at the feeling of Ling Xiao touching him there, You XiaoMo nodded against the soft fabric, making it graze across his overheated cheeks. He had to mentally restrain the urge to wiggle under the sensual and relaxing teasing. With a suddenly soft body, You XiaoMo had to lean all his body weight against Ling Xiao, asking in a small voice, “What to do now? We can’t hide in here until everyone’s done eating.”

Ling Xiao adjusted his hold on him, bringing him closer and flushed to him, it was like their bodies were stuck together as he then said, “If we want to or we can just leave the gala. You already participated in the auction, and that was what you really wanted anyways.”

You XiaoMo mused over that, he kind of wanted to do as Ling Xiao suggested but also kind of didn’t. The main reason being, he had yet to answer the unions back about the tournament. Also, wouldn’t it just look rude to abandon his Xiao Yao friends without a word?

Sighing, he shook his head regretfully, “We can’t.”

Already knowing how his wife’s heart worked, Ling Xiao wasn’t surprised at his answer so he just shrugged in reply. He then moved his hand to hold under his wife’s chin, his slender fingers lifting up the youthful face and greedily staring at the soft and supple lips before him.

“Then, until they finish eating, I know of a way to distract you.”

Ling Xiao says this in a low and sexy voice, deep with an underlining excitement and thick with a tone of affection. Taking advantage of You XiaoMo having yet to react, he bends forward and seizes his jaw tightly. Covering his lips with his mouth, and sucking on them forcefully, kissing him with a fiery thirst of four days without making love.

Chapter Text

Taken by surprise at his mouth being blocked, You XiaoMo’s eyes widen. Feeling his lips get numb from getting sucked on, he finally starts to struggle and push his hands against Ling Xiao’s firm chest. They were in public! Anyone at any time could walk into the bathroom and see them in this promiscuous scene…

However, his weak actions are unable to shake him in the least. Those hands instead cause Ling Xiao’s whole body to shiver, making the lust in his eyes get deeper and deeper, blazing hot and boiling. His hands go to once again touch and massage the sensitive area of his waist. Knowing which button to push just right, making his wife very….

You XiaoMo immediately lets out an audible loud gasp. His whole body that was already teased earlier by the man, was full on about to fall. As his everything was so soft and burning. So aroused, You XiaoMo is finding it very hard to keep himself under control.

Ling Xiao releases the little lips that have turned red from all the sucking. Looking at his expression, he lets out a low laugh. Flipping their positions around he steadily pushes You XiaoMo farther against a corner wall. A hand holding You Xiaomo’s head in place as the other lands flat against the wall, caging the small body within his capturing grasp.

Dazed, You XiaoMo feels Ling Xiao’s body weight pressuring down against him, and soon, his head is being forcefully held to once again be under the man’s tyrannical action. A hot and humid tongue going into his mouth. It’s all overbearing with a style of domineering conquest. He’s given bursts of suffocating feelings as it’s all attack, allowing for no parry.

No longer having the will to resist, You XiaoMo was practically mewling against Ling Xiao’s sinful mouth. His hands instinctively circle around Ling Xiao's nape, latching himself onto him.

Feeling his wife’s body going breathless, Ling Xiao releases his lips again, smirking against the flushing cheeks. He bends over to grab the two elastic rounds of You XiaoMo’s voluptuous and perky ass, picking him up and heading toward the largest bathroom stall.

You XiaoMo feels his body weight being lifted up and carried, not sure what was going, he could only hold tightly to Ling Xiao’s neck. Watching absentmindedly as they pass by the stall door and one of Ling Xiao’s hands are being removed from his bottom, the honey-colored hand reappearing to reach behind them to close and latch the door.

Wait! Was this really happening? Just what was Ling Xiao intending?

By the time You XiaoMo heard the lock clicking in place, he’s recovered partially out of his cloudy daze and the handsome magnified face of Ling Xiao appears in front of his eyes. He realized, red-faced, that he was legs were spread wide and his bottom pressed closely astride Ling Xiao’s crotch, directly above that gradually awakening part of the man.

You XiaoMo smiled stiffly, stammering, "You, what are you…”

He didn’t get to finish his words, as Ling Xiao had backed them up against a wall again. His hand dancing across his body, igniting his nerves. He realized, distressed, that his own desire down there was already starting to rise.

“We are at an event, Ling Xiao, we can’t.” You XiaoMo mournfully whined, his body twitching with every erotic pass Ling Xiao’s hands made.

"You owe me for earlier." Ling Xiao brightly grinned, wickedly looking at him, his tone low and deep.

Whether it was his actions or his words, all are tinged with sensuousness and seductiveness.

You XiaoMo blushes as he chokes on his saliva.

After hearing those words, he had the extreme urge to swear. For a side of potatoes and cauliflower, the man is cashing in for daytime public sex?

How does that possibly even out!?

Ling Xiao then lowers his head again to nip on his earlobe. Soft and light nibbles. His large hand is moving slowly from on over top of You XiaoMo’s clothing to venture inside his robes. He didn’t even touch a pink perky nub, but instead, caressed and rubbed the tender yet still flat breasts around it.

You XiaoMo brokenly moaned loudly, throwing his head backwards, feeling it thud hard against the wall. That wasn’t fair… That area was overly sensitive and Ling Xiao knew it!

The massaging touch felt so good, that area was sore but it also sent tingling shivers down his spine. His toes curled as his legs squeezed tightly around the lean waist. When doing so, unknowingly he grinded against that swollen and enormous thing in between Ling Xiao’s legs, and even though they were separated by a layer of pants, it was rather apparent.

Ling Xiao was beyond delighted. His heart was pounding in his chest and the blood rushed like a strong current in his veins. Lightly chuckling, he moved lower, to nibble and teasingly kiss along the fair white and sparkling neck. Licking up his aroused scent and the thinly accumulating perspiration in his wake.

You XiaoMo was losing all sense of reason, his expression alluring with eyes clouding over with the fog of desire. He felt the hand that was holding his bottom gradually slide closer and closer to that taboo place. Fingertips tauntingly slipping and firmly pressing in between his flowery seams, poking his pleasurable spot there. You XiaoMo instinctively squeezed his buttocks together, accidentally trapping that depraved finger there.

You XiaoMo heard a sharp intake of breath beside his ear as Ling Xiao’s hand suddenly left his chest. Confused, he felt the hand reappear to savagely pull down his pants, fabric bunching up at his knees as his vulnerable bottom was exposed.

Both of Ling Xiao’s hands were now gripping that snow white and very curved arc that he loved so much. Ecstatic, Ling Xiao couldn’t control himself momentarily as he stroked the expanse of it all. Sighing happily, as he’s very much missed this feeling.

Without warning, a finger began poking him down there, and ever so gently, knocking repeatedly on his entrance. The feeling of being teased down there sent white-hot jolts up his body, it intermittent strongly with the already playful love bites of pain and pleasure that You XiaoMo’s neck and collarbone were being given.

You XiaoMo’s body was so tightly strung, his legs felt weakened as his heart was completely dominated by Ling Xiao. But Ling Xiao must’ve had enough, as the next second, You XiaoMo shut his eyes tightly and hugged the man’s shoulders, expelling a large breath as his body was abruptly pierced into…


Ling Xiao raises his head and kisses his exclaiming lips, swallowing the rest of his cries. At the same time, he withdrew his finger some, but only enough to quickly and without warning add a second inside him. Licking the inside of You XiaoMo’s slack and openly panting mouth.

When You XiaoMo felt Ling Xiao’s hand start to move, painfully slow in and then out of his body, he couldn’t control the moans spilling out of his body. The man was excruciatingly slow with his stretching of him, the slender fingers scissoring and rubbing his inner walls exquisitely, allowing him to practically feel the man’s knuckles.

Just as Ling Xiao was still devouring You XiaoMo’s wanton and lewd noises, the light sounds of a door creaking open sounded in the otherwise quiet bathroom.

You XiaoMo tensed, his awareness coming back to him and backing away from Ling Xiao’s assaulting lips. When he realized what he heard was footsteps approaching, he almost screamed in fright but a second later he immediately covers his mouth with his hand, because Ling Xiao whispers something laughingly in his ear.

"You have to be quiet, or you will cause the neighboring stalls to notice, oh."

You XiaoMo felt so much shame. Here he was, in an erotic and provocative scene; pinned up against a wall, ass hanging out, with Ling Xiao’s accursed fingers fist deep inside him, all the while at the same a stranger is within the same room!


Nope. Nope, not going to happen. Wait

Just when You XiaoMo was thinking Ling Xiao was going to attain some semblance of awareness, that this was not the time or location to be doing this, it wasn’t long before his own awareness was evilly taken from him again.

Of course it was Ling Xiao’s fault.

As his entire body had become limp against him, as the man had intentionally bucked his lower body a few times, using that monstrous swollen and hard thing to rub the insides of his thighs tantalizingly.

You XiaoMo reacted violently and suddenly, as his underpart squeezed tight around those fingers inside him, obscenely clamping them tightly in place, trapping them within his heat. Pressing his hand so hard against his lips he thought he might lose breath soon. Hoping he hadn’t let any lewd sounds out.

The loud noise of a stall door opening nearby clanged loudly, and You XiaoMo’s cowardly little heart exploded. The cloud of lust was fading within him as he looked up at Ling Xiao’s face. But the man was all gentle smiles, eyes seemingly darker than the nighttime sky, storming with a primal desire straight down at him. You XiaoMo didn’t realize the reaction his extreme reaction had caused yet, only noticing the heavy set breathing.

Just as he was starting to panic, Ling Xiao suddenly withdrew his fingers. You XiaoMo happily thought that he had changed his mind as well, but then a hot an hard rod was poking his… and it almost made him jump backwards and slam the wall.

You XiaoMo removed his hand from his own face to gape at the man, his eyes distressingly searching his. Was he?… Were they going to?… He shook his head adamantly in warning.

Ling Xiao once again shows his indecent look, then charmingly winks at him before he leans forward. Intimately touching his forehead with his, nose touching nose, with fiery hot breath hotter than usual splayed across his youthful face.

At the same time, You XiaoMo sucked in a breath as he felt Ling Xiao’s giant manhood push up against his entrance. Persistently wanting in, until finally, with a strong thrust of the man’s hips, it broke through. Steadfastly sinking deeply and smoothly in. You XiaoMo chest was fluttering with gasping breaths, willing his body to relax to the man’s growing and plunging desire.

Breathless and with a blank mind, You XiaoMo’s body felt stretched and filled to the max, tightening and shaking uncontrollably at the indescribable feeling of their connection.

Ling Xiao saw his wife’s mouth open in a will-be-moan and quickly covered his lips with his. Muffling the sound completely from prying ears. Then waiting for him to calm down around his throbbing desire, he lifts a hand to gently caress his cheeks with the fingers of his right hand.

Just as the footsteps picked up again, Ling Xiao felt his wife’s breathing steady and released the quivering lips. Feeling that soft place tightly cling to his member, Ling Xiao let out a slow breath, letting go of his control and started to thrust with a punishing demand. Not caring who was near.

You XiaoMo felt the nerves inside him lit aflame, it was as if Ling Xiao was the match that sparked everything. Melting his limbs and his mind into a pile of softness, allowing Ling Xiao to do whatever he wanted. Completely consumed and aroused by the ecstasy brought to him.

You XiaoMo was losing all sense of reason, no longer having it in him to refute the man’s domineering actions, as his expression became one of want and need. This will be the first time they’ve done it in a public place, where at any time someone could catch or figure them out.

It was heart throbbing scary, and yet also at the same time, for some unknown reason, exciting!

The friction from both their bodies being connected so intimately was making the both of them tremble endlessly. The heat between their entanglement was almost stifling. You XiaoMo almost wished they undressed at this point. As it felt like they were under steaming water and drowning.

After a strong pumping rhythm was set, Ling Xiao felt his lust grow deeper, watching as his wife’s face became more and more cute and seductive. His heart itching at the way his wife’s legs squeezed him tighter and tighter, hooking onto his back with a punishing demand as if crazily asking for more and wanted it all.

To which Ling Xiao was more than willing to comply with his wife’s silent and unconscious requests. His hands firmly held his perky bottom, pinching them tightly as he set a rampaging tempo with a velocity of thrusting.

At the wild lovemaking, the sound of skin on skin could faintly be heard now. For the two in the frenzied soul consuming and furious passions, they only sent half a thought for a mere second hoping no one would notice. As all other thoughts but for their lover were thrown aside.

However, Ling Xiao still had a sense of self-control left, as they did have a function to finish attending, and his wife, unfortunately, needed to be able to walk…

Waves of pleasure were crashing repeatedly inside him, You XiaoMo is constantly gasping for air from being enthusiastically thrusted into. Holding onto Ling Xiao’s neck from the intense movement, it made him feel like a small boat swaying in a hurricane of a storm.

Under the man’s domineering lovemaking, he was bouncing up and down the strong and sexy body, buttocks continuing to bear down and swallow that enormous length, over and over again, rubbing and battering those deep sensitive spots inside him blissfully. Forcing him to restrain his body from clamoring with the cries it demanded to yell out.

He wasn’t sure how long it was before You XiaoMo felt the fire inside his body quickly centering down to the lower part. The breathy moans finally unwillingly released from his mouth out loud at the sensation. No longer caring if the people who entered left or not, as his mind was beyond registering anything but the pounding of Ling Xiao’s length inside him and the pleasure it sparked.

Feeling extremely connected to Ling Xiao and also in the heat of the moment, You XiaoMo’s lips moved to hover near the man’s, secretly hoping for a kiss. He would try himself, but he was swaying up and down with such violent movement, that it was rather difficult to attempt.

Ling Xiao saw the glistening and yearningly hopeful expression on his wife’s blushing face. Sensing what he wanted, he slowed down his thrusting enough to reach up and hold his head, fingers tangling messily through his locks as he planted a blistering kiss on lips. His tongue easily slipping past You XiaoMo’s teeth, catching his tongue in a very familiar and passionate dance. Sucking his bodily fluid with delight.

Feeling his wife’s body close to the edge of climaxing, and knowing they shouldn’t delay much longer, Ling Xiao’s large hand went lower, brushing against the white and sensitive chest yet again, touching with a thumb and finger to rub the pink chest point’s sensitive nub.

You XiaoMo twitches uncontrollably, Ling Xiao’s fingers sending out pleasure like electric shocks, surge after surge. Paired with the crashing of Ling Xiao’s enormous manhood entering him, such arousing pain as if someone was drilling into his heart, making him think he’d soon faint.

Watching his wife’s lips open in pant wildly, Ling Xiao bowed his lips to his, completely blocking the loud moan he knew was about to escape his wife’s mouth, as the little body in his hands jolted and stiffened finding his release. Ling Xiao didn’t release the pink petals of skin until he knew it was safe to do.

Feeling such tight constricting warmth strangle his member, Ling Xiao moved his hands back down to cradle You XiaoMo’s butt and began his pace back up. Joyfully loving the way his wife’s body was still reacting to his movements, throbbing and melting around him. His advancing and withdrawing action causing a blissful numbing sensation to spread throughout his own body.

After a while, Ling Xiao hit a hard thrust in, burying his length as far as he could go, and with a humm, released all his hot fluidly essence inside You XiaoMo’s receiving body. Leaning forward to rub his face into his wife’s neck. Soaking in his beautiful sounds and the heat of his body twitching around him.

You XiaoMo was panting heavily, limbs quivering with no strength to move, even his arms were loosely hanging on Ling Xiao’s shoulders, as were his legs dangling in the air now. Even when a minute had passed, he still couldn’t catch his breath.

After riding out their climaxes, Ling Xiao leaned back to look at You XiaoMo’s face, hooking up chin with a hand and gave him a loving and fluttering kiss.

Lips separating, Ling Xiao had a quite smug and satisfied smile, speaking in a hoarse voice that was still laden with desire, “No one is in here now. You can speak if you want, or, if you even can.”

You XiaoMo breathed heavily in and out while wiping the saliva at the corner of his mouth that had leaked out earlier. That kiss, it nearly made his heart beat out of his chest, don’t even talk about having the strength to be mad at him for that cocky sentence. He weakly and tiredly said, “I, I, can’t go out… like this.”

If he was let down right now, he’d crumple to the floor for sure.

“Then let's go to your dimension real quick.” Ling Xiao suggested, and at the same time, he used one of his hands to pat You XiaoMo’s ass. After having made love, his mood was very happy and refreshed.

You XiaoMo also thought that. Although it was only one round and not a lot of foreplay, it still took them over twenty minutes. Pretty fast for their usual. Actually, very fast, You XiaoMo thought for a moment, that Ling Xiao must’ve really unrestrained himself and rushed to the finish line. As that man can easily go for hours if You XiaoMo didn’t clamp down and force him to shoot out, and even then, it didn’t always work…

They both immediately went inside his dimension as is. Not wasting any time, Ling Xiao gently lifted You XiaoMo down off his member, allowing You XiaoMo’s now soft feet to touch the ground. However, Ling Xiao didn’t release his grip and held his wife’s limp body as he quickly undressed him. Within a minute, they both were naked and Ling Xiao scooped up a still weak You XiaoMo into his arms, wading them both into the water of the spirit lake.

They were both soon both immersed deeply in the not cold nor hot water.

Feeling the coolness, You XiaoMo sighed against Ling Xiao’s embrace, his skin was overly heated and it felt so good.

While making sure his arm supporting his wife’s back was firm, Ling Xiao moved the hand underneath his knees and assertively glided under white thighs and his wife’s bottom, directly going to the still stretched opening. Fingers openingly probing back inside…

To which You XiaoMo’s eyes bulged and kicked his feet in protest, the splashing of water getting all over them. Fearful that Ling Xiao was wanting to go again, he quickly reached down between his legs to hold the inserting hand, stopping his entering, stammering angrily, “What are you doing? We have to go back right away!”

Ling Xiao didn’t get angry and instead smiled suggestively, his voice became laced with evil joy as he dashingly replied, “I just figured you didn’t want my seed leaking out of you when you stood up. However, as a husband, I’m very honored. I didn’t know my wife wanted to keep it so badly. Since it so, I won’t stop you.”

Flustered, You XiaoMo’s face reddened so fast, it was probably at dangerous levels and could steam the surrounding water. He honestly didn’t know how to reply to that vulgar mouth. How could the man so easily say such things!? Deciding to direct his anger at him instead, You XiaoMo quickly choose to lunge forward and bite the broad shoulder with no mercy. Clamping down with enough strength that teeth marks would definitely show.

Ling Xiao does not feel any pain at all, and instead, throws back his head and laughs out loud, his chest shaking endlessly. It was quite a while before he hugs You XiaoMo’s heads and swings him a few times, happily saying, “Such a feisty wife! I love it!”

Seven minutes later they were both exiting You XiaoMo’s dimension, redressed in their previous attire and looking presentable. Having both taken quick rinses and consciously make sure to not get their hair wet. Because if they seemed to have taken a bath and were gone for while, that would be direly hard to explain…

Despite the active and extreme pistoning exercise, they both were looking refreshed and glowing. The combined effects of both the venting of their desires and the rejuvenating properties of the spirit water.

You XiaoMo was almost dizzy with embarrassment from it all, and in the end, Ling Xiao had helped to clean him out. Then as to not fall over his own clumsy feet, You XiaoMo had to be lead out of the stall by the Ling Xiao’s guiding hand.

With such guilty feeling in his heart and it probably blatantly expressed on his face, You XiaoMo felt that there was no way people wouldn’t be able to tell what they did. This was horrible!

To help his nerves calm down, You XiaoMo decided to focus all his energy into resentment at Ling Xiao instead. This was all over stupid potatoes and cauliflower, but most importantly, because of Ling Xiao’s overly vigorous sexual prowess.

Insatiable bastard.

By the time they waltzed back into the room, You XiaoMo ignored everything and consoled himself by telling his mind they weren’t being looked at. It was the only thing keeping him from hiding pitifully behind Ling Xiao’s back. And soon, they eventually made it back smoothly to their table.

The three at the table looked up at them in half surprise and half curiosity.

Qiao WuXing was the first to speak up, speaking in a worried tone, “Is everything okay?”

You XiaoMo blushed as he momentarily couldn’t find his voice, hastily sitting down in his chair, with his gaze fixed hard on the table.

With his thick skin, Ling Xiao sat down as he calmly and eloquently replied, “Everything is perfect. How are things here?”

You XiaoMo peeks up a glance, finally daring to look at them, and seeing that their faces were natural and showing nothing out of the ordinary, he inwardly sighed with easement.

Maybe they got away with it after all!

Qiao WuXing answers easily, “You missed the second course. They took your plates away, I hope that was okay. It was already cold.”

Hearing the good news, You XiaoMo’s shoulders sag in relief, he happily had noticed the horrible smell was gone. All that was left was the reminiscing faint scent of it, mixed with people’s strong perfume and cologne. Everything that was still in the tolerable ranges for him for now.

“Dessert will be here any second.” Tian Xin quickly added, misunderstanding his expression and thinking he was disappointed.

Like rekindled dying cinders, You XiaoMo was instantly energized by this bit of information. Practically forgetting his nervousness over their x-rated and explicit pornographic naughtiness from before.

Slightly narrowing his eyes, Ling Xiao surreptitiously side glanced at his little wife that was flushed with excitement. Picking up the wine glass, he lifted it to his lips and secretly smiled around the rim. Seemed he was off the hook.

It wasn’t two minutes after she spoke that the waiters had come and dropped off their plates. It was a wide arrange of choices. Like mini samples of everything that You XiaoMo found delicious.

Since the main courses were done, it livened up the great hall with people rising up to mingle and or chatting across the tables.

You XiaoMo was happily stuffing his face when Qiao WuXing started chuckling.

The inhabitants of the table’s curious eyes all stared back at the heavily dimpled man in confusion.

Impatient, You XiaoMo was the first to crack and asked with an inquisitive smile, “What is it?”

Realizing himself, Qiao WuXing smiled embarrassedly, waving his hand and saying, “It’s nothing. A silly thought popped into my head.”

Not accepting that answer, Tian Xin pushed, “Well now you have to say.”

Qiao WuXing laughed, “It’s just that tonight, You XiaoMo has reminded me of my sister.”

Confounded and not quite understanding, You XiaoMo titled his head and innocently asked, “What? How so?”

“She acted the same way you have tonight when she was pregnant. Her sweet tooth was crazy high. It’s just something that has always stuck with me is all, you reminded me of her.” Qiao WuXing said while lightly laughing, not trying to insult his friend and explaining carefully.

Tian Xin suddenly remembered this too and exclaimed as if enlightened, laughing, “He does.”

“Excuse me for liking sweets?” You XiaoMo huffed and said awkwardly, feeling defensive as Qiao WuXing’s words were a little close to home.

Sitting beside the two, Jiu Ye’s cold face looked pensive, he was yet to have laughed and was just staring at You XiaoMo with a scrutinizing glance.

“I think he is.”

Everyone suddenly froze for half a second after registering Jiu Ye’s calmly stated words. With a disbelieving heart, they all assumed he was joking as they turned to look at the indifferent man.

Tian Xin laughed and put her dessert fork down, chidingly saying, “Come on. Stop trying to be funny, it doesn’t suit your face.”

Qiao WuXing softly admonished, “Let’s not pick on XiaoMo, I was only reminded of my sister briefly and spoke without thinking.”

None of them had yet to notice You XiaoMo’s smile and body that had gone completely stiff and awkward. Shooting a panicked gaze at Ling Xiao’s direction, desperately wanting direction on how to proceed right now.

Ling Xiao had his eyebrows raised in mild surprise, looking interestingly over at Jiu Ye. He felt hadn’t given the man enough credit, he was actually pretty intuitive. This was going to make the night more interesting! Now to see if his wife would let go of the rouse, he turned his bright eyes toward his direction, waiting for his decision.

Jiu Ye ignored the two next to him and instead quietly asked, “I’m right aren’t I?” He’s read enough scrolls and knows that there are no limitations to certain possibilities in their Advanced Realm.

At his serious words, the other two Xiao Yao friends’ smiles at once faltered. Realizing something felt amiss, like why did Ling Xiao and XiaoMo’s mood seem off and weren’t laughing?

Avoiding their gazes, You XiaoMo’s heart was racing as he broke out in a cold sweat. Just when the atmosphere was getting stifling to him, he felt Ling Xiao reach over to hold his hand tightly under the tablecloth, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

Feeling the power of that lifeline, You XiaoMo gulped as he looked over at Ling Xiao’s comforting eyes and blinked back. Silently sending his confirmation to the man. As there was no use in hiding now, and they’d find out soon or later, either when he got bigger and or a baby popped out of him. He supposed he should get it over with now, like a band-aid.

Seeing him calm down, Ling Xiao received his brain waves and understood, he lazily glancing at the figures at the table, gentling smiling while announcing, “Yes, it’s true, he’s having our baby.”

Jiu Ye, although he had been the one to inquire for an answer, when he heard it confirmed, he was still slightly shocked. However, he didn’t let it show on his face, and instead, his usually cold face had softened a bit.

The other two, on the other hand, had dropped their whatever was in their hands with their mouths agape in disbelief.

Forgoing his embarrassment, You XiaoMo was now more curious than anything, flushing, he asked, “How did you figure it out?”

He really thought he had hidden it so well too.

Fixing his hands above the table, Jiu Ye calmly explained, “I wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but after Qiao WuXing mentioned it, the signs seemingly stacked up. The first being, you didn’t drink the tea yesterday or the wine tonight. Secondly, you had aversions to the food and even looked sick these two days. The third being, when someone with perfume walked by, you seemed highly uncomfortable. And lastly and now the most obvious, you keep randomly touching your stomach.”

You XiaoMo felt floored and stupefied.

Besides the fact that Jiu Ye could piece it all together, he was more impressed with the information about himself. Because he hadn’t even realized that he was touching his stomach at all! Was it so instinctually ingrained in him now? You XiaoMo was astounded.

Ling Xiao’s light laughter floated over, squeezing You XiaoMo’s hand again, as he praised, “Not bad.”

Knowing they had no reason to lie, Qiao WuXing recovered quickly and smilingly said, “Congratulations to you both.”

Tian Xin felt the same, but as she was still slightly stunned, she had to ask, “Yes, wow. I didn’t even realize it could happen. You aren’t playing with me are you?”

You XiaoMo looked at her in disbelief and flusteredly exclaimed, “Why would I ever joke about this?”

Tian Xin smiled and quickly waved her hand, “Just checking! Congratulations! How far along are you?”

Hearing this question recur, You XiaoMo was momentarily stunned as he was not prepared. It wasn’t a bad stunned though, as he realized the initial feeling was completely different now.

Compared to when he had just found out, the question no longer held that odd and intrusive taste as before. Instead, he only felt the nervousness at the sudden intense attention. Maybe because he wasn’t defensive and in denial about the pregnancy anymore. You XiaoMo’s mindset was different than before after all.

With a hidden proud glint in his eyes, Ling Xiao smilingly answered for him, “He’s three months.”

“Congrats, only six more to go.” Jiu Ye commented.

Coming back to the conversation, You XiaoMo’s cheeks tinted a soft peach as he looked at the three of them and politely said, “Thank you for your well wishes.”

Tian Xin thought of a problem and pressured, “Wait, why are we just now finding out like this? You weren’t going to tell us?”

Qiao WuXing peacefully offered, “It’s still really early, they probably wanted to wait a bit longer.”

You XiaoMo nodded, “We actually haven’t told anyone besides our families. Not yet decided how or when to tell others…” He tapered off when he saw the astonished look of Tian Xin, helplessly blurting out, “What?”

Tian Xin chided while shaking her finger, “You better tell people soon before there are rumors. Some might even figure it out as much as Jiu Ye did. If I was you, I’d want to tell people first, and in my own way.”

You XiaoMo looked at her and was surprised, as that actually made sense. He hadn’t yet thought about that.

Jiu Ye mentioned, “Also if you do accept the guest position, people will surely be able to tell by then.”

Tian Xin softly commented, “I’m really surprised though, you’re so tiny for three months. I couldn’t tell.”

You XiaoMo squirmed under what he assumed were their probing glances all looking at his stomach.

“He’ll fatten up soon.” Ling Xiao’s languid and mirthful voice added, his lips curving as he reached out with a slender finger to flick under his wife’s chin.

After the molesting flick, You XiaoMo tossed his head to the side and sent Ling Xiao a coveted kitten glower, to which the man’s wicked smile only grew wider and more exuberant.

Qiao WuXing laughed, “Are you both excited?”

This was the first time they were asked this question. Thus, You XiaoMo paused for a moment and secretly peeked a glance at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao caught this look and turned his head to blink at him, to which someone quickly retracted his eyeline back after getting caught.

Lowering his head, You XiaoMo had a slight smile while saying somewhat awkwardly in a soft voice, “I guess I am.” His heart was pounding, it felt almost like a confession, as it kind of was. He didn’t know why it was so weird to finally admit it. Probably because he never saw himself with any kids and now suddenly this happened.

“I couldn’t be happier.” Ling Xiao radiantly said, sitting up straighter in a boastful manner. Posture and attitude still as calm as ever, as if saying the words of water, so easily spilling out of his mouth without a thought. Underneath the table, Ling Xiao’s hand still refused to let go of You XiaoMo’s, his thumb lazily circling the soft skin within his hold.

All of them, including You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao’s face, some with slight shock at the fluid admission, and some sparkling with adoration at the emotion heard within the master Supreme’s voice.

You XiaoMo was one of the latter, his own body gaining a sense of sereneness at hearing him. It was so inexplicable, how such a few words from Ling Xiao could always lighten his soul just like that.

“Please don’t tell anyone until we’re ready.” You XiaoMo worriedly mentioned to them after gaining some strength back.

Jiu Ye indifferently commented, “Of course.” The other two also followed along and nodded back.

Sighing softly, You XiaoMo felt relieved. This was highly unexpected yet the results weren’t so bad, almost freeing. He was glad.

After that, the conversations didn’t linger on baby details and idly went to other topics, all the while enjoying their desserts. You XiaoMo eventually even stole some of Ling Xiao’s portions, however, this time, he made no sure underlining deals were tagged along.

Since all the set courses were finished serving, it was once again time to mingle. The dance floor even lit up and the band started to speed up their rhythm.

The three Xiao Yao friends had to leave of course, they also had to do their obligated rounds as union apprentices for appearances.

Alone together at the table, You XiaoMo was finishing off his water when he glanced at Ling Xiao who was sipping his wine leisurely. In a dull tone, he asked, “What now? Should we go find some friends?”

Ling Xiao noncommittally shrugged, as he didn’t care either way.

You XiaoMo worked on his lower lip for a while before saying, “What do you think about us announcing the you-know-what?” He lowered his voice at the end, mindful for sudden passerbyers.

“We can. Are you ready now to do so?” Ling Xiao replied, watching his wife’s face carefully with profound eyes.

Thinking for a few moments, You XiaoMo reluctantly nodded, “I mean, I guess as ready as I’ll ever be. I would also rather us to do things on our own terms and pace.”

Ling Xiao gently smiled and waved his hand, easily saying, “Then we’ll leak the news to the public.”

Seeing him so casually act, You XiaoMo curiously asked, “How do we go about it? Formal letters or something? I’d rather not it be from mouth to mouth. Then it’d just spread like rumors anyways.”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow, sardonically asked back, “Would you rather have a party?”

“Oh please. A formal party all the way up in our Ghost Tomb Mountain Range.” You XiaoMo said in exasperation, but then realizing their options, he continued, “I guess just announcement cards to some and like you said, leak the news.”

“Come on.” You XiaoMo got up and pulled on Ling Xiao’s sleeve, “Let’s go tell the two old geezers our answer.”

“You mean your answer.” Ling Xiao indifferently commented as he allowed himself to be pulled up by his impatient wife.

Chapter Text

They made their way through waves of people, and You XiaoMo finally spotted the group of Union people and pulled Ling Xiao over with him. When noticed, the two men looked ecstatic to have the both of them approach, stopping their neighboring discussions to look expectantly.

Ray Leong and Lei Lao nodded at them before Ray Leong spoke, “Supreme Ling and Mr. You, I’m so glad you two could attend tonight. I hope everything has been satisfactory.”

“It’s all been great.” You XiaoMo responded quickly, looking around them at the other people, “I wanted to discuss with you that thing from yesterday.”

“Ah, yes, let us go over here.” Lei Lao exclaimed softly, then motioning for them to follow him.

Following his words, the four of them went to a mostly empty corner of the ballroom.

Once they were stationed, You XiaoMo decided to go straight to it, taking a deep breath before saying, “I’ll be willing to show up. However, I’m not clear of everything you’d expect of me.”

Lei Lao understood his meaning and assured, “We would like for you to meet and talk to the finalist of the tournament. We’ll set aside a private seating area for you, as well as any accommodations you need. In the unlikely event that a tie is formed, we’d also like to ask that you set aside a vote.”

You XiaoMo listened intently and found his requests didn’t sound too imposing or bothersome, and so he ultimately agreed. The two old men were very pleased but You XiaoMo saw they tried to keep their composure. They went over some more minuscule details that would be handled on their part, talking a bit longer before You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao finally found an excuse to leave.

In their departure, they ended up accidentally walking into the Black Tortoise clan representatives, one of them being Xuan Ming. The man was always cordial and composed. It was no wonder he was Zuo Yan’s life-contract wicked, as far as he could tell, the both of them seemed similar in temperament.

You XiaoMo and the Black Tortoise worked out a deal a few years ago. One where XiaoGui could spend the majority of his time with You XiaoMo, only so as long as they abide by XiaoGui’s mandatory visits back with his family’s clan.

The Black Tortoise clan was worried for XiaoGui, afraid their youngest offspring would lose his sense of self and heritage if always with a human. Not wanting to upset one of the Four Ancient Beasts Clan that weren’t with animosity towards them, You XiaoMo readily agreed to the terms. Besides, they had a safety net in the name of Ling Xiao, so You XiaoMo wasn’t worried he’d never get his little turtle back. In this last year and a half, XiaoGui has been with his clan’s family.

They exchanged a few polite words and pleasantries, and after awhile Xuan Ming mentioned, “I was really astonished. I would’ve thought you would come pick up Xuan Hyun by now. Last time you seemed so eager to pick him up immediately. Has everything been well?”

Instantly confused, You XiaoMo blinked as he was speechless. He’s never heard of the Xuan family approving him to come pick up XiaoGui already. On the contrary, he’s been waiting this whole time for a word on doing so. Although, he wasn’t too overly worried; unless it was way over the time agreed, he wasn’t going to bring it up.

Xuan Ming looked at his dumbfounded and stunned expression, carefully saying, “We sent a messenger a month ago. Did you not get word?”

Coming back to his senses, You XiaoMo took a deep breath in before slowly exhaling, out of the corner of his eye he surreptitiously looked toward the eerily quiet man beside him. Recalling his gaze back to the Black Tortoise clan member, You XiaoMo somewhat awkwardly lied and replied, “I’ve been so busy with pill refining. Lately, it’s been hard to find the time. Sorry for troubling you.”

Sensing the tension forming, Xuan Ming coolly quickly commented, “It was no trouble. Whenever you want to pick him up is up to you, he’s family, so having him around is good for us. Pardon me but I believe I need to make some rounds. It was a pleasure.”

You XiaoMo didn’t say a word as he watched the Black Tortoise group walk away towards some the Mage’s Guild members. When he found his voice, he looked up at the tall and slender man beside him and blankly asked, “Do you have anything to say?”

Ling Xiao blinked innocently, speaking in a calm manner, “Indeed strange, it must’ve got lost in the memos.”

With a long face, You XiaoMo glared at him with arms crossed over his chest. Did he look like a three-year-old child? No matter how busy they are, Ling Xiao was always beyond capable and ran his ship tightly and efficiently. He could not refrain from suspiciously squinting at the man, and in an unhappy manner questioning, “Do you want to lie to me?”

Ling Xiao stared at him for a long moment, and just when You XiaoMo’s face was about to become something ferocious, Ling Xiao suddenly grabbed his arm and lead him away from the center of the room, in a lowered voice, he gently advised, “Let’s not do this here.”

Allowing the man to steer him, You XiaoMo willed himself to not shake his hand off him in public, snappily retorting, “Do what? You are obviously hiding things from me.”

He was so angry right now!

In terms of cherishing and honesty, where were these words put into action?

“Do you not want XiaoGui back home?” You XiaoMo asked directly. Stubbornly refusing to let it go and heed his request.

Ling Xiao opened his mouth to speak, but at the same time, two men from the Real Dragon clan and other forces came into their path. Apparently not sensing the tension around them and wanting to chat.

A Long clan member asked solemnly, “Sir Supreme, we’d like a moment of your time.”

Reluctantly shifting his gaze to the speaker, Ling Xiao’s face was rather cold, indifferently saying, “I’m talking to my wife right now.”

You XiaoMo took the opportunity of Ling Xiao being distracted, he quickly yanked his arm away and said to the group, “No, he’s all yours. I was just leaving, I’ll be getting some food.”

Before his words were finished, he was already escaping between their bulky bodies and rushing towards the bathrooms.

You XiaoMo couldn’t explain it, but his heart was aching so painfully. Like his chest was tightening and constricting his airway. Part of him realized that maybe he was overreacting, but he couldn’t do anything about. It was like someone else was in the driver seat, like he’s lost control and hormones were in autopilot. That helpless sense made him feel all over the place and wanting just that one moment to properly breathe.

Only one moment.

Without noticing it, he ended up at the bathrooms again.

In his recognition, the door opened in front of him and he was about to crash into a tall man. Jolting back abruptly, You XiaoMo managed to sidestep out of the way; but not before getting a whiff of his odd smell. It was something akin to wearing too much cologne added with the scent of dried blood. It was disgusting!

Looking up, You XiaoMo noticed in surprise it was a familiar face. The person he almost crashed into was the guy from earlier who tried to bid against him for the portable vacation home.

The man in purple gave him a look of irritation before continuing on walking around him, acting as if You XiaoMo’s existence bothered him to even be around.

Not having the time or wanting to divulge why a stranger would give him such a look, You XiaoMo kept rushing into the tiled bathroom. Avoiding the large stall, as that was what they used last time and turned into the closest one. Once inside the small and narrow pale yellow space, he slammed the door shut and rested his back against it. Finally stopping, he realized his breath was coming in with short and quick bursts. Looking down, he held his stomach with both hands.

When his breathing had stabilized enough, You XiaoMo finally listened to the faint sounds around him. Hearing a few men who were talking and walking by his stall when suddenly the voices stopped and the room became extremely quiet. Raising his eyebrows, You XiaoMo was momentarily confused by this, but then again, he still chalked it up to them just leaving the room probably.

With that thought in mind, he looked back down at his tiny little baby bump. Absentmindedly admiring the clothing that was fanning off him in waves; he praised his own clever thinking in the choice of black, as it even fooled his friends and everyone here. Well, not that many people’s minds would go there, but still.

Still in his self-congratulatory mind, You XiaoMo breathed in sharply at the familiar aura nearby.

Ling Xiao was here.

Without any proof, he just knew it.

However, he was still mad at the man and nevertheless wanted his space. So he kept quiet, intending to wait him out.

“Lady, are you coming out?” Ling Xiao said unhurriedly, his voice as soft as a spring breeze.

You XiaoMo pursed his lips together, stubbornly declaring, “I’ll come out when I’m finished.”

Oh? I didn’t realize it was that type of visit, I’ll leave you to it.” Ling Xiao teasingly mocked, his voice holding a smug and self-satisfied smile.

Choking on his saliva, You XiaoMo was caught off guard as his cheeks flushed with shame and embarrassment, both of which quickly deluged to anger. How could he say such shameless things?!

You XiaoMo didn’t get that question answered. Because in the next second, his attention was drawn to the soft creak of the bathroom door opening again. But as swiftly as the sound came, it went deadly quiet before the thud of a closing door clanged loudly. He assumed he’d hear the person who entered step’s or their voices speak, yet he never heard either. Instead, light steps walked closer to his stall door which subsequently followed closely with a lazy voice floating over it.

“My darling wife, if you don’t open this door, I will.” Ling Xiao was never one to beat around the bush, he’d much rather choose action over words.

Hugging his stomach tighter, You XiaoMo’s voice slightly quivered as he distressingly cried, “I just wanted a moment alone!”

Words fallen, the last syllable was still hanging in the air when You XiaoMo felt a gust of wind gently rush up his back. His mind faintly registered that this meant the door behind him was violently torn open……

Without the presence of the door, You XiaoMo who was resting on it, was falling backwards. Descending toward the expected ground, but that was not his destination. As his body was landing against something hard and being tightly held in a secure embrace, arms wrapping around his front while his back hits against a firm chest.

Locked and surrounded by the sudden presence of him, You XiaoMo started to struggle, flaringly saying, “What did I just say?”

Not at all fazed by his temper, Ling Xiao buried his head in his neck, spitting out two words in a low voice against his skin, “Too bad.”

And when Ling Xiao’s hold on him refused to yield, You XiaoMo pushed forward to break out of his arms………

“Lady, calm down. Think of the baby.” Ling Xiao lifted his head to gently speak beside his ear.

At this, You XiaoMo stopped his wiggling, hands dropping heavily to once again touch his stomach. Feeling his strength drain as the fight left him, he said, “Fine. Then are you going to speak up?”

After a few long moments, Ling Xiao rested his chin on his shoulder and helplessly confessed, “Okay, I admit, I did keep it from you.” When he heard the soft gasp in the small body within his arms, he continued, “Now, listen to me explain bit by bit. Alright?”

Remaining silent, You XiaoMo stared fixedly at the wall across him before suddenly turning around with both of his big and wide orbs glaring up at Ling Xiao. Fine, speak!

Even though the situation was tense, Ling Xiao felt that the You XiaoMo right now was especially adorable. Looking at the fair and delicate face displaying such an extreme pout, it was so plump and pink, tempting him to lean over and snag it between his teeth. So much so, he really wanted to take a bite of him right now. But seeing as his little wife was still upset, he could only restrain himself for the sake of his future happiness.

So wanting to soothe him, Ling Xiao put his hands tenderly on his wife’s hips and looked him in the eyes while patiently explaining, “A month ago, you were still very newly pregnant. I didn’t want the stress of you taking care of XiaoGui to become an issue.”

Suddenly, You XiaoMo’s glare started to soften slowly. Hearing this, he supposed it was a decent and caring thought behind it, but still…...

Noticing his spikes were still not lowered completely, Ling Xiao put a hand against You XiaoMo’s back, stroking it softly with soothing circles. When he saw his wife lowering his guard little by little by the second, he continued to add, “I know you can handle yourself. However, you were violently sick and in no shape to worry or take a trip to pick him up.”

You XiaoMo lowered his gaze to stare at Ling Xiao’s chest. He had enough self-awareness to know what he said made sense, as he was admittingly a total mess a few weeks ago. In his heart, he recognizes what Ling Xiao is saying as truth and is actually very grateful for him. Although, that didn’t mean he was happy with him hiding things. That note kept pinning to the surface as he reluctantly looked back up at him again, then speaking in a small voice, he insistently said, “You can’t hide anything from me anymore.”

Ling Xiao reached up to rub his wife’s head gently, smiling slightly, “You understand why I did it though.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t handle that deep and rich voice paired with that extremely gentle expression. Seeing him look that way, it made him feel guilty for some reason. So avoiding that profound expression, he lowered his lashes and suddenly found the floor fascinating as he nodded back.

Ling Xiao moved his hands to caress his cheeks, softly sighing, his voice sounded pleased as he said, “Good. Now, we can either go back to the hotel or enjoy the rest of the evening here.”

Understanding their options, You XiaoMo nods his head in agreement. Then recovering instantly like dying cinders that start to glow again, he looks excitedly up at Ling Xiao. This kind of look will drive someone to their death. Like an incredibly adorable little kitten.

Grabbing the hands on either side of his cheeks, You XiaoMo energetically suggests, “Let’s stay a little longer. I saw a few snacks at the back I wanted to swipe.”

Ling Xiao laughs, shaking his head back in forth in astonishment, and says, “Virtue!”

Even though he said so, he grabs his hand and leads him out of the bathroom. But to his surprise, You XiaoMo suddenly plotted his feet down hard and yanked back on his advances. Ling Xiao turned around to look questioningly at him, asking with raised brows, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo’s cheeks flushed pink, and with a shy expression, he wiggled his hand out of Ling Xiao’s hold before admitting, “I have to go to the bathroom now…” After rushing here and having their chat, he realized he truly had to go now.

With brightly shining eyes, Ling Xiao had to hold back the urge to laugh out loud. This was just too much!

A few minutes later saw the both of them walking out of the bathroom together and towards the crowded ballroom. The music and atmosphere were in full swing now. There were people in abundance on the dance floor doing dances You XiaoMo has never seen before. All of it looked very mystifying and intricate. His mind could only compare it similarly to mix of a waltz meets a tango, or at least, he thought so, maybe. He wasn’t well versed in dancing moves and their types of, so he was purely guessing.

Having noticed his steps slowing down, Ling Xiao followed his wife’s gaze that seemed fixedly on the dance floor. Thinking this, he leaned over his shoulder to whisper softly and sensually into his ear, “Do you like that?”

At the hot puffs of air caressing him, You XiaoMo jolted back to his senses and looked up at the man beside him, “I don’t even know what that dancing is, but…. it does look rather beautiful.” He said the last part in soft admiration, glancing back towards the couples dancing in each other’s arms. Such grace and elegance, something he could never pull off. Like Ling Xiao’s joked in the past, he can trip while walking.

Pulling him into his arms, Ling Xiao bowed his head, lips curling up at the corners to reveal a very enchanting smile, his demeanor and every move alluded to a trace of natural charm. His words slowly and captivatingly spilled forth to propose, “Then dance with me.”

Shock painting his handsome features, You XiaoMo’s gaze snapped so quickly back up the man’s face, one would think he gained whiplash from it. Unable to formulate a reply, his mouth was pumping air as he was at a loss for words.

“We never got to dance at our wedding.” Ling Xiao’s smile was becoming treacherously bright and gleeful, tugging his waist closer and flushed to his body. Inwardly delighted and loving the soft glow that was quickly tinting his wife’s puffy cheeks.

Even more dumbfounded at how to respond, You XiaoMo blushed all over. Feeling flustered and exasperated, he smashed his tongue inside his mouth before he found his voice and defiantly contested, “What wedding? And also, I can’t dance.”

At his words, Ling Xiao gave a look of faux hurt and touched his chest in a wounded manner, in a smiling voice he woefully said, “You don’t remember it? My wife, it was under the starfall and we made passionate love...”

Jumping on his tiptoes, You XiaoMo rushed to cover his man’s villainous mouth with both hands. Preemptively stopping him from most likely saying something shamelessly x-rated with details in public. But You XiaoMo knew full and well that he has to answer or Ling Xiao would just continue, so he hastily acknowledged, “I remember, I remember. But that doesn’t change the fact I can’t dance.”

Ling Xiao removed the hand covering his mouth and patted his head, his eyes curved as he boastfully promised, “Lady, as your husband, I will guide you. Please rest assured and have no worries.”

“Wait, you can dance? Since when? I’ve never seen you dance.” You XiaoMo quickly fired off a bunch of questions, as this part of Ling Xiao is something he’s never known about. So mildly surprised doesn’t begin to cover it.

“Lady, who am I?” Ling Xiao proudly grinned with an evil charisma. The confidence was just oozing out of him.

You XiaoMo realized it then, that it was because of his cheaty nature with using his heavenly abilities as the Supreme. Probably something along the lines of watching the dance floor and immediately picked up the information or something of the like, he didn’t care. You XiaoMo gave him a flat and resentful stare. Some people are just too gifted.

Once again, please grant some of that talent to their child!

Exhaling slowly, You XiaoMo slumped his shoulders in defeat, trepidity looking up at him as he clarifying said, “Okay, but don’t blame me for stepping on your toes. I warned you I can’t dance.”

Not at all fazed by the foreboding of toe stepping, Ling Xiao took his hand and wordlessly lead him towards the dance floor, picking a spot with open enough space and also not near the experts dancing. He put his hand fixedly on his wife’s hip as he held a slender white hand up high within his other.

Seeing his wife’s nervous and frightened gaze flickering everywhere, Ling Xiao tugged at him to get his focus back to him, and when the teary-eyed expression returned, he winked at him before flirtatiously saying, “Just follow my rhythm, you can do that.”

Voice faded, Ling Xiao started to move. One foot going backwards along with his wife’s staggering movements following forward after him. Ling Xiao was using his strength to help lift some of You XiaoMo’s weight off the floor, helping to both glide and guide him fluidly with him.

They slowly made a turn around a circle before Ling Xiao steered him to move backwards, making their feet-work weave over each other as if slowly sewing tangled threads together. Their movements were smooth but not in line with the pace of the others. Obviously dancing in a much different and more natural way for them.

Feeling at ease of having yet to fall on his face and or step on Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo’s face was gradually flushing with elation. This was actually very fun! He never knew dancing could be so freeing. The sensation was almost comparable to running. He was so happy, the thought didn’t even occur to him glance around them, so he never even thought to compare themselves to the others dancing.

Delight sparkled in Ling Xiao’s eyes as he watched his wife look carefree, the soft and handsome features of his fair face were flushed with excitement as he stared back at him in obvious pure joy. At the sight, even Ling Xiao smiled as his own mood felt lighter and relaxed, feeling the heavy thump against his chest as his own heart was beating wildly. This right here, this was all he wanted.

They did a few more simple turns and weaving of their feet, and when Ling Xiao felt his wife had gained enough confidence, he started to slowly pick up their pace before deciding to add more. He suddenly let go of his hip and leaned away to the side as he made a move to twirl his wife out.

You XiaoMo was surprised by the sudden change in movement but he compliantly followed Ling Xiao’s lead. At the inward momentum, he felt Ling Xiao’s hint with the way he was being pulled and touched by his hands, his body being directed by him silently and then subsequently falling into place.

Perceiving the world spin forward, You XiaoMo was being wrapped up entirely by Ling Xiao’s left arm in a half circle until his back was facing him. At the full stop against his body, You XiaoMo’s hand went to grip the arm across his chest, pressing against the strong firmness as he raised his amazed face to look at the beaming and prince-like man.

Then without any prior warning, Ling Xiao’s smile becomes blindingly bright as he pulls his left arm away from him, forcing You XiaoMo’s linked hands with him to unravel with it. Sending You XiaoMo rapidly spinning with it as he is now flying across the dance floor, only stopping when Ling Xiao’s arm holding his goes taut.

With a thin arm instinctively extending out toward the sky, You XiaoMo looked back with wide eyes in starry-eyed adoration at his man, an ecstatic smile bloomed widely across his lips before he was once again seeing blurs, being drawn back into Ling Xiao’s awaiting and secure embrace.

Such exhilarating sensations and feelings, You XiaoMo was softly giggling the whole time with a silly smile stuck on his face. In his peripheral, he could now vaguely perceived the crowd of onlookers and stares finally. Even halfway registering that he was the doing the girl part in the usual dance moves, but none of that mattered. Because at this moment, his heart was pounding for multiple reasons and he loved it!

They danced for a few minutes longer, and in that time, Ling Xiao would add a new move here and there when he felt You XiaoMo could handle it. The two of them were heating up and gaining more and more attention by the second.

It wasn’t as though their dancing was something of experts or even extraordinary, that wasn’t what caught the ballroom’s attention. It was their expressions and the atmosphere purely surrounding just the two of them. It was so powerful, that the people felt awe at the enchanting halo that drifted contagiously across the dance floor that night.

To the majority of the public’s opinion, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were a fairy tale prince meets a prince story. Besides their escapades being broadcasted ten years ago to the public, they both grew to heights one could only dream of. Fighting everything and everyone for each other. Living in a gorgeous and massive palace in the mountains. Then, they have someone who looks at them the way everyone wants to be looked at, loved.

If they only knew that their story was always continuing to get even more interesting every year, and that now a baby was coming into the picture, they’d all drop their jaws in pure jealousy.

They danced for a consecutive forty minutes, and when You XiaoMo was doused with a thin layer of sweat and starting to pant, they finally exited the dance floor. Despite that, their smiling faces didn’t diminish one bit, walking hand and hand away from the view of others.

They found an emptied table nearby to sit You XiaoMo at while Ling Xiao went to get him a glass of water.

As he sat there trying to catch his breath, You XiaoMo thought that if that’s how dancing always was, he didn’t mind doing it more often. Maybe next time though, not in public viewing. Because now that he had calmed down quite a bit, he noticed a lot of people were still staring at him. Mostly girls looking extraordinarily resentful and jealous but he ignored them as usual.

You XiaoMo leaned back in the chair and took deep breaths, placing a hand softly on his lower abdomen. When he saw Ling Xiao walking back to him, You XiaoMo’s face lit up in joyful delight.

“My wife.” Ling Xiao handed him the cold water, watching as his wife took it eagerly in hand and drank it thirstily, showing he was clearly parched.

You XiaoMo drank it down so fast that he was panting for breath when he finished. Wiping his mouth of the excess, he asked, “What was it the Real Dragons wanted?” He remembered a clan member had asked to talk to Ling Xiao earlier before he ran off.

Ling Xiao shrugged indifferently, lazily replied, “Who knows.”

You XiaoMo gaped before scolding him, “You didn’t even ask? Did you just walk away? That’s so rude.”

“Oh really?” Ling Xiao looked at him with humor evident in his eyes before contemptuously retorting back, “Says the person who walked away first. Say, are you the rude one?”

Feeling the rock he picked up land on his own foot, You XiaoMo pouted.

There was no way to win this apparently.

“Okay. Then why don’t you go and see what they wanted?” You XiaoMo sweetly suggested, then turned his body slightly to place the glass on the table behind him. When he looked back up and saw Ling Xiao hesitate he reassuringly added, “You don’t have to watch me, I’ll be fine.”

“Whatever it is, they can wait to tell me later at the Tiangou. It’d be fine.” Ling Xiao dismissively said as he touched his wife’s shoulder, idly playing with the fabric of his shirt.

Not satisfied with that answer, You XiaoMo pouted and urged, “Yeah but now I’m curious.”

Don’t say he’s not a considerate husband, Ling Xiao then held his hand up helplessly, but fixed him with a firm gaze as he relented, “Okay, but then we’re leaving.”

You XiaoMo readily nodded in agreement. He’s okay with that.

Making sure he was alright, Ling Xiao then gives him another glance over before walking away.

You XiaoMo watched as the man’s back disappeared behind others and rubbed his stomach as he craned his neck in survey for the dessert bar.

Within a few seconds of his visual exploration, a person has walked up to him and has already started to take the seat beside him. It ended up being a woman who was tall and slender in build, wearing a modest blue dress, but the most notable thing about her was her stomach. As she was very heavily pregnant with a large belly. She had to reach behind her to the chair just stabilize her weight while sitting down.

The woman looks at him with a face filled with vague fatigue before saying, “I hope you don’t mind me sitting here. My feet are just so tired.”

You XiaoMo blinked and blankly replied, “Go ahead.”

The woman looked out around them, she sighs and tiredly saying, “This certainly is a large event. But I’d much rather be home than talk politely with a bunch of powerful, arrogant men.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes widened in surprise at her frankness. She seems to have realized her mistake and smiles awkwardly while hastily correcting herself, “Not that there's anything wrong with that. Pardon me, being pregnant makes me extremely tired and my mouth won’t shut up when so.”

Smiling, You XiaoMo laughs, “No, that’s fine. I understand completely. I’m also not one for these mingle and greets. But that dessert earlier was so good though, it made it worth it.”

The woman laughs as well, nodding enthusiastically, “That I do agree with! I’m sorry, forgive me but I have yet to introduce myself. I’m Su Huan, my husband is Su Rong.”

Feeling a kindred connection with her, You XiaoMo relaxes with ease and decides to introduce his new name to her, he smiles warmly while saying, “I’m Ling XiaoMo, it’s a pleasure.”

After hearing his words, Su Huan looked confused for a brief second, touching her chin in thought, “Your name sounds familiar. I feel like I should know it.”

“It’s fine.” You XiaoMo embarrassedly waves off her attempts at remembering. It’s one of the reasons he used his new name, so people wouldn’t immediately know him. Then curiosity hit him hard enough that he finally asks, “If you don’t mind, may I ask you a question?”

Su Huan looks at him while holding her swollen belly and urges, “Go ahead.”

“If you don’t like these events, why show up? It’s almost ten at night, wouldn't you rather be resting?”

You XiaoMo himself was wondering this, as he himself was only barely eleven weeks pregnant now and always felt exhausted. He couldn’t imagine being her size and walking around a ballroom all night long.

Su Huan understands his meaning and patiently explains, “I honestly would rather be home. However, my husband is in the Top Ten Divine God list. And he always wants to go to these events and I ultimately get dragged with him. I think he wants to show me off.” She says the last part somewhat woefully and flatly.

Not expecting that answer, You XiaoMo makes a sound of surprise, he didn’t realize she was the spouse of one the top ten divine level gods. He’s not honestly meet many of them, as most of them are traveling and or too busy to go to the events he so far attended.

“How about you? You said you didn’t like these types of things.” Su Huan earnestly asked back after a moment of silence.

As his reasons were very vain, You XiaoMo lightly laughed before he replied, “My man could care less about the aristocracy life. I’m actually the one who wanted to come, but it was only for the auction and food.”

Surprise lightly flickered in Su Huan eyes at the ‘my man’ part, but she didn’t let it show as she made a noise of understanding, nodding, “If I weren’t pregnant I would do the same.”

“Is this your first?” You XiaoMo asked curiously, she seemed very calm and at ease about herself so he felt it was okay to inquire.

“Oh goodness no. This is my third. The other two are at home waiting with the sitter. As soon as I get home, it’d be back on the clock for me.” Su Huan laughed and stretched out her feet.

“What about your husband?” You XiaoMo nosily asked with a sincere expression. He was very curious about how these roles things worked. He’s never got to sit down and talk to another pregnant person before, so he was going to take advantage of the information given. Also, he was honestly feeling kind of irritated already at her husband, already subtracting points for him yanking her to an event she didn’t want to go to.

Su Huan didn’t think anything of it, shrugging lightly as she replied, “He’ll probably go out drinking with his buddies from the two guilds to make connections or mingle. I’m used to it. The life of a top ten god’s wife. Comes with perks and some downfalls.”

The corner of his eyebrow twitching, You XiaoMo smashed his tongue into his mouth, then blurted out, “That didn’t sound very fair.” Realizing he didn’t stop his mind to brain connection fast enough, he immediately covered his mouth guiltily. Regretting speaking up, as that was her spouse after all, and he didn’t want to offend her.

Su Huan, on the contrary, wasn’t mad, and instead was laughing sardonically, “Of course, but that’s how - no offense, how men are. They leave the women to take care of the children and the household. That’s just how life is and will always be. Most men aren’t even present for the birth of their children, mine wasn’t.”

A rush of cold hit his bones as You XiaoMo felt his heart becoming lead at hearing her words. He’s lived two lives on two different worlds, but he was never informed on these types of things in either. He, of course, understood how gender roles worked, but this was the first time hearing firsthand the harsh way of socially constructed roles. Especially so since he understood where he probably fell under now.

Su Huan must’ve felt like venting because she added on, “My husband doesn’t even help change diapers. If he had to take care of the children alone for one day, it’d be a complete circus. Thank goodness for the nanny.”

With each new tidbit of information, You XiaoMo’s expression just got worse.

So much so, Su Huan felt worried upon his pale face and felt the need to backtrack for him, warmly saying, “I mean, he’s not all bad. Also, it doesn’t mean all men are like that. Sorry honey.”

Forcing his shoulders to unstiffen, You XiaoMo shook his head and smiled awkwardly, “I’m fine. I understand.”

Su Huan saw a man waving at her across the room and said, “Well I gotta go. It was nice talking to you, Mr. Ling. Have a nice night.”

Hearing the last name that usually was associated only with the other male, You XiaoMo’s heart lost some of that heavy weight and smiled, waving at her as she wobbled toward he who he assumed was her husband. After a few moments, he eventually got up and absentmindedly walked towards the dessert booth. Mentally revisiting and mulling over the conversation they just had.

To be the sole caregiver of the child when both of them created it, that stuff wouldn’t fly with him. Just the imagery of visioning himself taking care of an infant alone while Ling Xiao was off to the side doing whatever sent a helplessness through him.

Of course, he understood that Ling Xiao and he were both men. Yet, he still had some weird panicking feeling fluttering inside him now. The recurring scenes that always annoyed him at the midwife’s clinic were now crystal clear, he knew now why the mothers were alone.

Getting to the dessert bar, You XiaoMo sighed. Today was just too much up and down for his little heart to take.

So shelving that emotion away, he picked up a cake slice to put on his plate and shuffled a few fruits beside it. He had just grasped a fork when someone touched his shoulder, the startling touch caused him to jump, almost making the plate fall from his hands.

Turning around, You XiaoMo found Ling Xiao smiling down at him, he scolded him lightly, “Don’t scare people!”

“I didn’t mean to.” Ling Xiao’s eyes curved as he chuckled, and even though he said so, he looked all too amused at his response.

“So? What did they want?” You XiaoMo rushed to ask, anticipatingly staring at him.

Ling Xiao put his hand on his back and ushered him away from the table, faintly replying as they walked, “Nothing of importance. Usual boring details. Those old men are too overly cautious.”

“What do you mean?” You XiaoMo blinked up at him innocently, after speaking he took a bite of a fruit.

Ling Xiao glanced down at him before answering, “Tensions were high because of the incidents a few weeks ago. Some of the Demon Phoenix's off branch clansmen were seen near Dragon Island territory. They believe it to be spies. However, no evidence.”

“Do they think that just because some people happened to be near, that they are the ones behind those random attacks?” You XiaoMo astonishedly questioned, feeling slightly peeved as he muttered, “That’s unfair. Also, why bother you about their suspicions?”

Ling Xiao calmly glanced around them before uninterestedly replying, “Some have this fantasizing notion, that just because I’m Supreme that I should meddle in certain affairs to protect the people.”

Ling Xiao then smiled slightly, yet a hint of contempt appeared in his eyes as he continued, “Or more to say, ‘selective’ people.”

You XiaoMo could understand his mood. The Real Dragons are assuming them to be on their side just because the Demon Phoenix and them aren’t on good terms. Saying like it’s for the good of others while it’s really just gathering a powerful backing for themselves. It’s self-serving and contradictory.

In their tread through the venue, they went past his Xiao Yao friends. And seeing as they were in conversations with lots of high ranking looking people, he chooses to keep on their way out as he finished off his plate.

Being well spoken with a considerable list of favors and connections seems to be a must in this elite life of the aristocracy world. Luckily, they already racked up decent points with just enough and the right type of people in their past. So they didn’t have to try so hard, nor did they care too.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo once again made a trip to the bathroom, but not before handing his unfinished plate to Ling Xiao to hold and wait for him with outside with.

When he returned, not wanting to be a plate thief, You XiaoMo swiped the rest of the food into his dimension and kept the remaining fruit in his hands. Nibbling on the small pieces as they both made their way out of the large establishment.

Walking out from a bright room into the contrasting darkness, You XiaoMo squinted for a moment before adjusting. The stars in the sky were present and shined up high, but compared to the city life below, that of which was very bright and shimmered constantly, it drowned it out partially to just be a soft dim glow.

Seeing the difference from XiJing to Zhongtian, You XiaoMo suddenly very much missed their home in their mountains.

Walking down the hill and past the gates, there was no longer anyone loitering at the entrances and road too. Probably because people felt the chances of seeing their idols were slimmer than earlier, plus it was cold and desolate at night time around here.

Even You XiaoMo was feeling chilly, as the cold was forcing him to continuously walk closer and closer towards Ling Xiao’s side for warmth. When he finally could no longer take it, he plopped the last fruit berry into his mouth before summoning his overcoat out from the dimension.

“Wait, let me get this on.” You XiaoMo distractedly said, stopping this trek, and trying to slip his arm through the sleeve opening.

At his call, Ling Xiao slowly halted his steps and lazily glanced at him.

When his coat was hundred percent fastened and tucked tightly around him, You XiaoMo rubbed his hands together and *pata pata* ran back up to Ling Xiao’s side, reaching over to hug his arm tightly.

When they made it inside the hotel, You XiaoMo’s mood was on the downturn as he was now feeling the weight of being both tired and sleepy. Halfway there they hadn’t even talked, as You XiaoMo was too tired to do anything but walk in their comfortable silence.

There weren’t that many people around this late of night, so when they crossed a corridor and started up the stairs, Ling Xiao bent over and picked up his cranky little wife. Very much enjoying the way his eyes lit up in shock at his actions.

Getting in their rented room, Ling Xiao got them both undressed before hugging his wife to his chest and going straight to bed without delay.

Chapter Text

The next morning You XiaoMo felt so horrible, utterly exhausted from the day before. Refusing to get up no matter what, directly turning his back to Ling Xiao and stuffing his face into the pillow.

However, Ling Xiao had no intentions of waking him up early, choosing to let him sleep in until almost ten in the morning. When he decided to finally act, he did so by ordering room service up to bring You XiaoMo’s favorite breakfast and lunch foods to eat. Once the service attendant left the room, Ling Xiao put the food down on the dining table, patiently sitting down while waiting to see if it coaxed his wife out of the blankets.

When that still didn’t work, Ling Xiao went to the side of the bed. He stroked along the plush covers, pressing down on the vague outline of the small and lithe body burrowed underneath it. His voice was as gentle as the floating clouds, radiantly saying, “My darling wife, if you want to finish our tasks and go home, you’ll need to get up now.”

Below the layers of the quilted cocoon, You XiaoMo made a whining noise of displeasure. He didn’t want to get up. His eyes still felt so heavy, and it wasn’t just physically, but he was emotionally drained as well.

A second later, You XiaoMo felt the hands on him move and shift around, then suddenly without warning, his world was being flipped and rotated. Finding himself, blankets and all, being lifted up into Ling Xiao’s arms. Carried in the direction of the bathroom and eventually gently placed down on his feet. You XiaoMo dozily looked up at the domineering man before him, tugging the blankets securely around him, saying, “Okay, I get it.”

Ling Xiao nodded with satisfaction, elegantly walking out and closing the bathroom door behind him.

The two of them ate their late breakfast and got ready to go back to the shopping district.

Getting dressed, You XiaoMo was shirtless as he was grabbing his inner clothing off the bed. After eating and drinking, his little tummy pouch was getting bigger. Which was still so weird for him to see, it felt like he didn’t know whose body he was looking at. He had the sensation that he wasn’t pregnant at times but just getting fatter.

You XiaoMo rubbed his little swell, softly saying, “Ling Xiao.”

“Yes?” Ling Xiao faintly answered, having been watching him from his seat at the table.

“Are you going to be with me as I deliver?” You XiaoMo quietly questioned, still holding the piece of fabric in his hand and staring at it as if he was talking to it and not Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao’s eyebrows raised up in surprise, “What kind of question is that?”

You XiaoMo turned to firmly look at him and insistently urged, “Just answer.”

Ling Xiao got up and walked towards him; he calmly replied, “Of course I will be, I won’t leave your side. But you already know this, so why are you questioning me?”

You XiaoMo released the bottom lip he’d been chewing, and looked up into Ling Xiao’s profound eyes. The emotion behind them was something so inexplicable, that You XiaoMo could only take a deep breath before explaining his thoughts, “I met a woman who is pregnant with her third child. She said in their family the men don’t even go in the delivery room, let alone help change diapers. I-I want you to know that just because I’m the one giving birth here, doesn’t mean I’m going to do it all. We’re partners in this, taking equal shares!”

Ling Xiao understands instantly his woes and why he spoke up. However, he feels his wife is stressing over non-existent problems, as they are also so very unwarranted.

Sighing deeply, Ling Xiao simply hugs him in his arms and says while looking into his expectant and childish face, “My wife, do you really believe I’ll be the type do so? Besides, if someone tried to stop me from being by your side, I would burn the path to you and everything with it.”

Feeling touched, You XiaoMo sharply breathed in as his cheeks flushed with a guilty look. Because he knew his man would do so too, no questions about it. He had just needed a verbal confirmation on it is all.

You XiaoMo’s face revealed a trace of apology as he buried his head into his chest. Nuzzling against him while he softly said, “I have no doubt you would. I was just nervous is all. I’m sorry.”

Ling Xiao rubs his head gently, smiling lightly before he arrogantly commented, "I guess I’ll forgive you, this time."

You XiaoMo pouts against his shirt fabric. What is ‘this time’?

After that, You XiaoMo finished getting ready and they headed downstairs. Their destination is the address their midwife had given them a few days before.

The temperature had dropped compared to the day before, so You XiaoMo was bundled in his white overcoat as they rode the Lion Beast transport across the city. Ling Xiao gave him the inner seat to avoid any passerbyers. And You XiaoMo was leaning heavily into Ling Xiao’s shoulder, using the man’s luxurious outer robe sleeve to cover his face half-way.

Then soon Ling Xiao tapped him on the shoulder, signaling to him it was their spot to get off. You XiaoMo lifted his head up and saw that they were slowly descending to the landing area on the ground. Once debarking and walking out of the cabin, You XiaoMo held Ling Xiao’s sleeve tight in his hand. Trying to avoid the people who were rudely rushing past them towards the next Lion Beasts that were preparing to lift off.

Walking out of the airstrip, You XiaoMo took the paper out of his bag, squinting at it, “I don’t know which direction we should go.”

Ling Xiao glanced at the paper and looked to the left, walking forward while saying, “It’s on the west side of the commerce district.”

You XiaoMo folded the paper back up and hurriedly rushed to catch up with him.

Walking slowly down the street, You XiaoMo's gaze continuously swept across the shops on both sides of the street.

As per the usual for Zhongtian, the goods that are sold here are the most complete than any other place. Every few steps there is another armor, weapons, magic pill shop and magic herb shop around. But these shops in this specific district are relatively small in comparison to the north and south ends. There are people moving around inside the plethora of buildings but definitely not too many.

You XiaoMo really wants to go in to take a look at the magic herb shops but Ling Xiao doesn't stop, so he can only quell that temptation down.

Then after the two of them have a walk for about a forty-five minutes, You XiaoMo's flickering eyes finally lock on to the signboard of a huge shop. On the light red board is written 'Pan’s Magic Pill and Medicine Shop', in large simple characters.

This shop is the size of two neighboring shops combined. Compared to the surrounding shops, this one may be considered luxurious.

At this moment, You XiaoMo was just admiring the vendors’ sale signs when Ling Xiao stops walking, lowering his head to say to him, "It's this one."

Voice fading, Ling Xiao has already turned and started walking up the few steps into the store. You XiaoMo mindlessly follows in behind to hear the doorbell chime as they walked in and crossed the threshold.

Just stepping into the shop, a strong whiff of medicinal fragrance assails his nose. The concentrated fragrance almost makes him sneeze and feel a little light headed at the strength of it all. Holding back the urge and breathing through his mouth, You XiaoMo takes a careful look on all sides, and his eyes are filled with a bit of everything.

The shelves were lined with crystal transparent jade cases holding magic pills of all colors and levels. There were even empty bottles for sale, to which You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled as he looked interestedly at those. As he’s always in need of more bottles to store his magic pills.

The racks and tables crisscrossed but the transparent crystal display cases were placed in an orderly and systematic manner. There was a lot of mid to high-level magic pills but the majority were of medium quality. Although he was surprised to notice a cased off area where the faint spiritual energy hinted there to be high level and high-quality magic pills stashed away.

"My two sirs, do you need help with anything?"

A female attendant dressed in simple blue clothes walked towards them. Her calm gaze swept across the both of them, before finally, as usual, settling on Ling Xiao in a respectful manner.

You XiaoMo moved a foot across him to get her attention, handing her the piece of paper, “We’re here to buy these.”

The attendant read it intently before nodding her head and modestly said, "We do have these. Will the two sirs please follow me."

They were then promptly lead up a staircase towards a more conventional and run-of-the-mill medicinal remedy magic pill area. These were aimed towards more common ailments; such as the common cold, headaches, and even the familiar fasting pills You XiaoMo used to make so often.

The attendant stopped at a section and signaled towards the purple shelf near them, “These are all our unique and exclusive line of prenatal and pregnancy-related pills. The bottom shelves are our prenatal, and there are many different formulations available, with different concentrations of each nutrient.”

You XiaoMo became quickly dumbfounded, he didn’t figure there’d be options… He raised his head and looked at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao calmly asks the attendant, “What’s the difference?”

The attendant helpfully explained with a polite smile, “All here have the main things an expectant mother needs; folic acid, iron, and calcium. The difference is that some have a little of everything with a certain amount of nutrients wise, while others contain only a handful of nutrients. These are if you have special health considerations as the midwife may suggest a supplement with added nutrients to meet the mother’s needs.”

You XiaoMo’s face made a silent ‘ah’ and lit up with understanding at this explanation. Hearing her say as such, that made him figure he should probably get the one-for-all type. Thinking this, he asked, “Which is the most concentrated?”

Pointing to the bottom far right, the attendant informed, “This one is our most complete.”

You XiaoMo took the three steps needed to get a closer look at the magic pills. Most were in the high-grade levels but mid-level quality. He looked up at the top shelf in the cabinet and asked, “What do the others do?”

The attendant followed his line of sight and obligingly answered, “Ah, yes. These are for different reasons. The blue one up there is for reducing blood pressure; targeted use is for those who might be at risk for preeclampsia. And our most intuitive one is that yellow one in front of you, as it’s for slowing down and even able to help stop the early stages of labor.”

Removing his gaze from the yellow pill, You XiaoMo looked startlingly at her, blurting out, “Why stop labor?” As far as he knows, it’s a good thing to push the kid out, no?

“Through unknown factors or even stress, some mother’s can go into an early induced labor before the baby is due. This is to help stop any dire situations for the mother and a premature birth. A useful and handy thing to have on board during any type of pregnancy I might add.” The attendant explained with a confident and proud tone.

You XiaoMo shifted his gaze back to curiously looked at the pill in question. In theory that did sound pretty safe to have and made sense. Also, kind of scary to hear her talk about such topics….

“We’ll take any high-grade and high-quality pills of those two and of the prenatal complete magic pills.” Ling Xiao’s lazy voice declared clearly into the room, his eyes scanning the stock in front of him.

The attendant blinked up at him in surprise. That wasn’t impossible to do, but as it was an in-house specialty, it was also a very expensive order as prices, therefore were hiked up. Thinking of the commision in store for her, she very happily replied, “Yes Sir, right away.”

“Wait.” You XiaoMo quickly stopped her to ask, “Do you think the owner will be willing to part with the recipes for a very generous offer as well?”

“I will be sure to inform and ask her.”

The attendant quickly assured before steadfastly walking away towards the back room.

A couple of minutes later, she returned with a woman dressed in royal blue robes with layers of beautiful jewelry.

“Dear patrons, my name is Pan Wei, and I am the owner of this shop, I hear you were interested in purchasing my recipes. I’m sorry to have to inform you that I can not relinquish those to you. I hope you understand, as they are one of the reasons my shop is so well known.”

The owner looked at them both respectfully yet held her head up high proudly in speaking.

“I can assure you that we have no thoughts of selling them. It would only be for personal use.” You XiaoMo assuredly said, wholeheartedly understanding where she was coming from.

“I do not wish to insult you but how would I have confidence in your words?” Pan Wei calmly questioned, having crossed her arms lightly over her chest.

You XiaoMo hesitated and couldn’t think of an answer. He couldn’t swear to her, or more to say, he didn’t want to. So avoiding that line topic, he chooses to say instead, “I am sure you have noticed my level. If so, then you know I would make more of a profit for my time in refining top-end magic pills, and that there’s no reason for me to sell anything other. Having said that, we’re more than willing to buy the recipes for one million spirit gems in total.”

One million spirit gems.

Pan Wei’s eyes flashed a look of delighted astonishment and also a glimmer of unconcealed greed. That was a very large total sum for just a few paper recipes that expended no effort but having to rewrite another. Pan Wei also realized the young boy who spoke up had a point. As she had indeed noticed it when she approached them earlier. That specifically even though this mage’s level was suppressed, up close one could feel the qualities of a rainbow soul’s aura.

Deciding to trust the innocent looking young man and his tall companion, the owner reluctantly agreed to part with her prized recipes for their money offer.

Happy with the win, You XiaoMo’s eyes sparkled with satisfaction. That was simpler than he had imagined it’d be. Plus this meant he can now make his own high-quality versions of these pills whenever he wanted and or needed. He could possibly even experiment if he can tweak them enough to make the pills rise in power level.

After having paid for: their recipes, two hundred jade crystal bottles of different varieties, and an immense amount of pregnancy magic pills. The parents-to-be walked down the flight of stairs and onto the lobby floor of the medicine shop.

Right when they were steps away from the door, Ling Xiao suddenly pulled You XiaoMo’s hand, making him turn around. Right when You XiaoMo’s mouth opened in a question, Ling Xiao ordered, “Hand me half.”

Even though he was bewildered for a split second, You XiaoMo still compiled with the demand and moved his hand to the magic bag they had just received. He rummaged around in it while saying, “Okay.”

Vaguely guessing Ling Xiao’s reasons, as You XiaoMo did have some sense of awareness after all, he handed the other man half. Thinking it was all probably for contingency reasons. Much like how Ling Xiao packs and stores spiritual water in his own pocket dimension. Because they can’t always account for everything and the other having the same is always useful.

They then headed in the direction of the central shopping districts, to pick up You XiaoMo’s clothing orders. Considering the central area was far more packed and bustling with the high-end type of businesses; those items of luxury and pampering.

Arriving back at the clothing establishment, the sales staff was thrilled to spot their return. Of course they would remember any customer that had given them huge commissions for their massive order. For that reason, the sales team was eager to help and please them.

Presented before him was a table piled in ten towering stacks of clothing, well, You XiaoMo assumed it was a table, as he couldn’t see the wood anymore. The clothing had it completely covered and it was even well above his own height in quantity!

Biting his lip with slight regret, You XiaoMo didn’t realize he had ordered … much! Oh well, it was too late now. Not like he could return it, as it was all tailored specifically for him to grow into.

He went to the sorted pile that looked like mostly pants, looking intiriquedly at the way they were made. Noticing that some had short and thick bands around the waist, while the large majority had elastic and tall bands of soft knit stretch fabric that was probably meant to cover the whole stomach area.

You XiaoMo didn’t think he was ready for the tall stretch band just yet, but he did look interestingly at the short and thick banded pants. He announced out loud, “I’m going to try these on. I want to make sure they fit and all.”

Then without waiting for Ling Xiao to speak up, he was already heading towards one of the empty fitting rooms visibly nearby.

Behind the door, as he tried the pants on, You XiaoMo became secretly delighted. Compared to the snug fitting pants he’d been wearing, this was oh so comfortable. So much so, he softly sighed in relief upon pulling them up. They fit perfectly with the elastic-like band holding the pants securely in place, and yet with the thick and soft fabric around his waist, it was also gentle.

You XiaoMo opened the fitting room door and saw Ling Xiao smilingly waiting for him outside it.

The man had a slow and widening grin blooming across his face, his eyes slowly surveyed the expanse of him. You XiaoMo noticed that Ling Xiao’s eyes didn’t just roam to inspect the pants he’d tried on, but venturing to stare at other parts of him. Thus, seeing the barefaced look of Ling Xiao, tinged with vaguely apparent desire, You XiaoMo shrank into himself a little bit.

Ling Xiao gently asked, “How you feel?”

“They fit very well.” You XiaoMo automatically replied with a grin, “I want to walk out wearing them.”

“Good. But since you’re here, then try these on.” Ling Xiao gleefully suggested, and without delay picked up a pile of clothing he had set aside in an adjacent chair, smoothly handing him a few maternity tops to try on.

“I’m not that big though. Won’t it just look odd to try now?” You XiaoMo said as he inspected the clothing he was given.

Ling Xiao slightly shrugged and casually replied, “You have to make sure at least some fit and feel okay before we walk out.”

You XiaoMo felt that made feasible concern. So withdrawing any future protests, he turned back around and closed the door, undressing his current layers.

Picking up a qipao top he noticed the fabric was designed with a slightly similar stretch knit to it; it was also well styled more like cheongsams.

You XiaoMo choose to first try on the white with embellished raised stitched designs and blue trimmings top. Pulling it over his head, he noticed the soft material made it feel extremely comfortable and pleasing to wear.

He took a deep breath before opening the door to his awaiting man.

Seeing You XiaoMo come out of the dressing room, Ling Xiao eyes suddenly lit up.

After changing into the new clothes, You XiaoMo’s aura seemed to have slightly changed a little bit.
With a slowly tinting blush painting his self-conscious features, his little pouch of a baby-bump was clearly displayed through the through the silky and stretchy fabric.

And to Ling Xiao, he looked positively glowing!

Finding his voice, Ling Xiao softly said in admiration, “I like this one. Try the other one on.”

You XiaoMo felt his face heat up. This wasn’t some fashion show! But looking at those eyes that looked at him revealing a little bit of a lustful look, he kept his mouth shut and closed the door.

The other set options were different than the previous one. Having either long or short sleeves with an empire waist in the front. Then similar to a robe folding over, it had a small v-neckline with crisscrossing bands that overlap across the center. At the sides were sewn in sash ties that tied together in the front. The top’s major selling point was that it gave the illusion of a robe but it wasn’t. As was more like a regular top, covering the whole belly, even having extra fabric for a growing baby bump to fit in.

This one was blue with dark blue trimming. Walking out with it on, he couldn’t help but adjust the tight-sleeved outer robe coat that was paired with it around his shoulders. Looking expectantly up at Ling Xiao, he questioned, “Well? Does it look to weird?” He still wasn’t sure about it; luckily the coat covered a lot of chest for now.

“You look very handsome.” Ling Xiao beamed, walking over and reaching out to touch the clothing, his eyes roamed him all over, complimenting him with a smile, “You’ll fill it out nicely.”

“There are so many different types. There are fitted tops that fan out at the stomach and more; you name it. I think we ordered enough to start our own store.” You XiaoMo astonishingly said, looking back at pile behind him before shifting it at their looming tower.

Ling Xiao once again shows his indecent look, hooking up You XiaoMo's chin, he laughed lightly, “That’s fine. We’ll get a lot of value out of them when we have our second child.”

Staring into his prurient man’s eyes, You XiaoMo was choked silent by his words. Again with this talk!

He slapped the hand off his face and irritatedly retorted, “How do you know we can even have a second anyways? It took us years and years to miraculously get me knocked up this time.”

As soon as he was done speaking, You XiaoMo wanted to bite his tongue off. Saying such embarrassing things, he was going to dig a hole and hide in shame!

A smile seeped into Ling Xiao’s eyes as he looked at You XiaoMo, and with a devilish charm, he elegantly said, “Because, I know that as soon as you have this one. You’ll be more fertile.”

You XiaoMo’s eye twitched. That one word in the last sentence was a little too explicit and technical for him to handle. How Ling Xiao managed to say such things like that was beyond him and not something he could keep up with.

“You, you don’t have evidence. I haven’t read that anywhere, and if that were to be true, there’d be more children everywhere.” You XiaoMo said with much confidence. With such a long lifespan for immortals, it would be overpopulated in no time! However, he seems to be wrong in these areas lately, so he was secretly nervous…….

Ling Xiao roguishly smiled, tapping his forehead and explaining, “It’s something only the Supreme knows. As I said before, trillions and trillions of years ago this was more common. It could be traced back if someone actually had the ancient scrolls to know so. And after further and extensive searching in the state of the supreme, I’ve come to understand more about it. Meaning, you have internal female reproductive organs that would have usually broken down during early development, but it is retained in those with the genetic coding. So while this has made you no longer able to father children, your female side will compensate for it greatly now that you've awoken that side of you.”

After hearing such convincing details, You XiaoMo was now totally believing him. His entire face flushed, stuttering at Ling Xiao, “You, you, you.. You’re saying that, that I'm an infertile male…. but not only that, I’m also going to become a baby-maker? I don’t want that!”

You XiaoMo felt his heart drop as he roughly did the math in his head. With the amount of lovemaking they used to do before he became pregnant, the odds were stacking up against him! He didn't even have it in him to suddenly think about feeling emasculated by the other information given.

Ling Xiao ambiguously smiled and indifferently replied, “The odds increased is all. We’ll just now have the same chances normal human men and women couples have is all.”

Sighing in relief, You XiaoMo instantly felt the cold sweat that had broken out on his back start to settle at that information. If before the odds were basically impossible to now raised at normal, he can deal with that! His mind was going straight to automatically - boom - pregnant.

Ling Xiao rubbed his head calmly, and comforted, “My little wife, do not worry. Everything will be fine.”

You XiaoMo pouted up at the dazzlingly smiling man. Of course he could say that.

After that discussion, You XiaoMo went and changed his top back to the one he originally walked in with. Since his regular tops and robes were still fitting, he decided to stick with them until he could no longer. However, he kept those soft banded pants on. Those, he loved wearing!

Leaving the store, they walked the streets and eventually passed by the Luxe Baby Store again. Remembering how the playroom and the nursery didn’t have much of any toys stocked up yet, You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao inside to see what they could pick up.

They didn’t haul the whole store away like last time, modestly choosing to only collect a few rattles, blocks, and stuffed plush animals for their Little Gem to play with.

You XiaoMo was holding one of the rattles in hand, shaking it playfully while listening to it make noise when Ling Xiao’s amused voice floated over, “Lady, that’s for the baby, not you.”

You XiaoMo’s hand movements froze before he quickly retorted with a smile, “I have to test it to make sure it works.”

Chuckling, Ling Xiao smiled down at him, asking in a serious tone of voice, “Well, how does it?”

Nodding with a satisfied and proud look, You XiaoMo put on a faux critical tone as he replied, “It passes the test.”

Ling Xiao felt like he was hurting himself from the effort of it took to hold his laughter back.

At this moment, You XiaoMo walked past the cribs. Last time he didn’t even spare a glance toward their selection, as he had asked and known his father was building them one of their own. But seeing these he suddenly had an idea. Turning to look up at Ling Xiao, his eyes glittered with excitement, “Let’s get a crib.”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes, in a dull tone, he mocked him with a schadenfreude smile, “Is your pregnancy brain getting worse? My wife, we have a crib at home.”

Red-faced, You XiaoMo glared at Ling Xiao and stammered, “P-pregnancy brain? I’m talking about for putting them in both our dimensions!”

Ling Xiao’s lips twitch up at the corners, acting as if enlightened, “Ah, I see, I see. Very well then, let’s do that.”

You XiaoMo’s glower becomes even more furious. He knew the man was patronizing him.

Embarrassed and not wanting to deal with it, he stomped off toward the selections, ignoring the existence of father of his child.

Highly smug with himself, Ling Xiao chuckled lightly as he followed behind him.

Thinking of preparedness, You XiaoMo choose two white cribs, an extra changing table, plenty of bedding, considerable amount of blankets and even some random decor items. By the end of it, he had to go up front and get a cart to throw all but the furniture in it.

Seeing the home-style items made him think of another thing, “Let’s go to the furniture store. We need to fill out the new vacation home.”

“We can, but it’s getting late. Let’s go out to eat first.” Ling Xiao lazily suggested, looking seemingly bored leaning amongst one the many carts across them.

Nodding, You XiaoMo easily agreed and started toward the front to begin the process of checking out. The attendants had already been previously and timely checking in with them, coming over to assist by carting many items away to start tallying up their collective tab, helping to lessen the clutter as they continued to shop. So thanks to that, it wasn’t too long before they left the luxury store with multiple magic bags in hand.

After finding a close by restaurant, the both of them ate before finding the closest store to their convenience and liking. While inside, purchasing everything a newly minted and small vacation home would need. You XiaoMo wasn’t sure if it already came furnished or not, but seeing as they didn’t specify, either way, he thought it would be better safe than sorry. No one wanted to go on vacation and find themselves with an empty house.

Ling Xiao didn’t let You XiaoMo linger on decisions long. Seeing as the sun was already settling down and the temperature dropping along with it, he tactfully pressured him to make quick decisions. Before long leading his pregnant and tired wife back towards their hotel for the night.

By the time You XiaoMo’s head touched the pillow, he was already conked out and in dreamland. After they had left the baby store, he was honestly pushing himself and going that extra mile to continue shopping.

It was Ling Xiao in the end who had to remove his wife’s clothing and boots. Tucking him into bed before joining him under the covers, holding him close to his chest as he also drifted to sleep.

Chapter Text

The next morning before their departure back home, You XiaoMo was so tired that he was actually wanting to go inside Ling Xiao’s dimension, aiming to sleep while Ling Xiao made the journey back home.

Hearing him say so, Ling Xiao almost had the urge to tease him, but he immediately stopped himself. No one knows more than himself, of how stubborn his wife can be and how he usually wants to join him outside the dimension. That was when he knew that You XiaoMo must’ve been exhausted.

When they arrived home, You XiaoMo took a bath with Ling Xiao before eating and crawling back into bed. The whole time he was lethargic and with no energy.

Ling Xiao couldn’t say he wasn’t worried, but he knew the two days before had obviously made his wife very emotionally and physically tired.

Choosing to stay close by his side and watch over him, Ling Xiao had Qiqui stop by and directed him to send any Tiangou related business inquiries to their chambers.

The next day, when You XiaoMo was officially eleven weeks pregnant, his strength had finally recouped to normal levels. After having eaten and taken a nap, he got up and added the new baby items to the nursery, playroom and their dimensions.

He cooked some lunch with Ling Xiao’s company, and after enjoying a pleasant lunch together, You XiaoMo set to meditating and pill refining. Thereafter he set to put some of his new clothing in their walk-in closet and dressers before dinner. After having a round of comfortable and playful banter, they retired to the couch where You XiaoMo sat and used Ling Xiao as a pillow while reading a book.

All in all, a pretty great day.

Also, under Ling Xiao's reminding, You XiaoMo even started up his food journal and in taking his prenatal pills.

When having such an eventful week prior, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo choose to remain low key and keep mostly to themselves. It was only four days into You XiaoMo’s eleven weeks of pregnancy when that peacefulness finally broke.

Since Ling Xiao hadn’t left You XiaoMo’s side in over a week, he ultimately had to finally return to Weeping Ghost Shore and settle some things and attend meetings. That loss of Ling Xiao’s presence around You XiaoMo gained others the opportunity to bother the pregnant man unceasingly.

As his contract wicked choose that time as an opportunity to inquire about procuring magic pills and money. It wasn’t only them, even a few of the staple members of the Tiangou had sent his Qui Team as messengers to ask him about receiving more of his home-brewed spirit wine. You XiaoMo was so flabbergasted by the amount of requests and demands, that he wasn’t sure how to refuse and handled them all out.

You XiaoMo’s dad also wasn’t making it easy. Since You Xu heard Ling Xiao was busy, he decided to put it upon himself to stop by multiple times a day to ask if his son needed anything. Trying to pamper his son to make him happiest. Which only, in turn, served to annoy him instead.

All You XiaoMo wanted to do was sleep and get his chores done, but people were making it difficult!

On the day before he turned twelve weeks pregnant, You XiaoMo had been sitting down for five hours total refining magic pills. However, before Ling Xiao left the palace that morning, he had promised to take his time and make an effort get up and take breaks in between. So in actuality, he hadn’t spent that entire time in consecutive alchemy.

Ling Xiao even suggested for You XiaoMo to sit on an upholstered padded bench instead of on his floor pillows. By doing so, it made collecting his completed magic pills less effort and no rising up and down, lessening the risks of dizzy spells.

Although Ling Xiao didn’t spell it out in so many words, You XiaoMo understood his meaning and felt that if it all made his man worry less, it was easy enough to comply with and do.

At this time, both PiQui and CatQui walked into the room, looking around and smelling the fresh herbal fragrance of magic pills. Their eyes glittered at their master as they hopefully asked for some. They heard from XiaoJi that HeiQui had received a cultivating pill from their master earlier that morning, and so they wanted to check in and see if they could procure some too. And with these two, just like the saying goes: monkey see - monkey do.

You XiaoMo’s jaw dropped, staring flatly at the two wicked while he said, “Did I not just give you some yesterday? You don’t need anymore. If you keep pestering me, you won’t get any for half a year!”

Seeing their master was suddenly angry, PiQui shivered to his toes. It had been a long while since he’s seen that face on him. Pulling CatQui along, they wordlessly made their escape before they got in more trouble.

Stretching, You XiaoMo was still steaming as he got off the bench and slammed the alchemy room’s door shut before walking inside his study.

Sitting down, he took out from his dimension the fiction book he’s been at night next to Ling Xiao. The two men have been leisurely reading and relaxing together, either in the bed or on the couch. One night this past week, when it was extremely cold for You XiaoMo, they had even sat near the fireplace together.

When the annoyances kept recurring throughout the day, it was the nighttime that You XiaoMo treasured the most.

He had just taken the bookmark out and placed it on the wooden table when a knock sounded at the study door. Jolting slightly at the sudden noise, You XiaoMo’s gaze snapped towards its direction before his startled expression became one of gritting his teeth bitterly. Pushing off the table, he rose from his chair and made his way towards the alchemy room.

Since the study and alchemy rooms were combined with an open arched doorway, the only main entrance was only through the alchemy room. It was designed this way so that no one could sneak up on him by passing through the study and risk interrupting his pill refining.

It turned out to be the father-in-law, Lin Dark, wanting to come by and check up on him. The man wasn’t one for sentimental feelings and or many words, as his character was transparent and usually speaking straightforwardly. Which in turn made it sometimes awkward for You XiaoMo to speak with him.

By the time they were done chatting their small talk and catching up with each other, it was an hour later and You XiaoMo saw him off before sadly walking back to his study. Picking up his bookmark and book off the table. Then in a depressed manner, he made the trek back to their private chambers before sitting down in a chair.

Lowering his head in his hands, You XiaoMo felt the urge to curse or yell, maybe even do both!

He was so mad and yet had to be polite. It wasn’t Lin Dark’s fault, he knew that. However, it was as if his nerves were already so thin that they finally snapped and he felt broken down. Stubbornly and sorrowfully blaming it all on the hormones.

Ling Xiao had just opened their door to see the sight of his melancholy wife. He jumped slightly at seeing the small chest visibly shaking with barely perceivable sobs.

You XiaoMo didn’t even notice or hear Ling Xiao’s presence arrive, and not until his hands were being pulled away from his face did he realize he wasn’t alone. Then suddenly he was greeted by the magnified view of the handsome and enchanting face of Ling Xiao.

The next second his chin was seized and his lips were being covered with slightly cold ones and kissed deeply. Closing his eyes at the sudden kiss, the moisture that had been pooling in his eyes finally overflowed. But as soon as they trailed down his pale cheeks, slender fingers were already brushing the teardrops away.

It was only until You XiaoMo could barely draw breath fast enough that Ling Xiao released his lips, gently kissing them as You XiaoMo continued to gulp for air. Ling Xiao bent over and picked up his wife, switching positions with him as he placed him on his lap and held him close.

Ling Xiao’s voice was warm and gentle as a spring breeze as he touched his wife’s hair and asked, “What’s wrong?”

In a whirlwind, You XiaoMo had just went from a sad temperament to a wretched and then finally settled on heated temperament. Swallowing the remaining combination of their saliva in his mouth, You XiaoMo looked up at Ling Xiao and dejectedly complained, “Nothing is going on. I just am feeling irritated.”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes and suspiciously questioned, “Irritated enough that I find my wife crying?”

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded and didn’t manage to react until Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow at him, knowing he was expecting an answer, he embarrassedly mumbled, “I wasn’t crying.”

The corner of Ling Xiao’s lips twitched up, “Says the wife crying.”

You XiaoMo puffed up his cheeks in anger, pouting at him.

Ling Xiao smiled broadly in response. He’d much rather see this sort of expressions on his cute wife than his earlier depressed manner.

Ling Xiao patted You XiaoMo’s supple ass and urged, “Now, tell me.”

You XiaoMo lowered his head and squirmed, deciding to be completely honest, saying, “I just want peace and quiet. Everyone is bothering me. I-I can’t control my emotions and I feel like I’m drowning.”

Everything has been happening so fast around him, around them. He wakes up to random dull headaches and fights nausea while his body looks like he’s in a constant state of being bloated. He doesn’t feel like he’s himself.

After speaking, You XiaoMo leaned over and buried his head into Ling Xiao’s broad shoulder, reaching a hand up to twist around the other man’s black luxurious robes.

Although the last part was said as softly as a mosquito, Ling Xiao still managed to hear the words and the weight behind them.

Holding his arms around him, Ling Xiao’s dark and profound eyes look thoughtful as he stared down at his wife who buried himself into his chest. It was a long while before he simply lifts him out from his arms and says while looking into his clear and tender face, "Let’s go on a vacation. Just the two of us. Far away. Our next midwife appointment is weeks away, now is a perfect time.”

A vacation?

The idea sounded like a fantasy escape, You XiaoMo smiled awkwardly at him, still hesitating while saying, “But we just got home a week ago, aren’t things busy around here? And where would we go?”

Ling Xiao caresses his cheeks while saying, “Anywhere. We are the new owners of a portable cabin.”

Then after watching You XiaoMo’s face start to light up behind the reserve, Ling Xiao added nonchalantly, “Tiangou things will be fine. If someone wants me, they’ll just have to wait.”

You XiaoMo finally let a toothy grin escape his lips, and hugged Ling Xiao back tightly as he excitedly admitted, “Then I’d love that.”

After that, the two of them discussed the matter more deeply over dinner and finally decided on going to the sea. Ling Xiao said that he knew of a perfect location during this wintery weather to take You XiaoMo, thus making the little mage beyond thrilled. As he was very much against the cold.

They also talked about leaking their pregnancy news before their departure. This way, they could avoid all the traffic and gossip heading their direction. And hopefully, by the time they returned, they would no longer be the star topic anymore.

Before bed that night, You XiaoMo made a few handwritten notes to send to some of their more friendly acquaintances, as well instructions for Tian Dao on what to specifically leak out.

The next day, as You XiaoMo turned twelve weeks pregnant, they started packing and organizing their things. While You XiaoMo was gathering his cauldron and some books, Ling Xiao went to Weeping Ghost Shore to deliver the cards and relay set orders while he was away.

Hearing their master was once again leaving the palace, some of his contract wicked quickly came by for a visit. To which You XiaoMo simply told them a few words about their secret getaway and directed them at where he stored the emergency magic pills, emphasizing the word ‘emergency’ to them twice. Then after conversing for a while, he saw them off before venturing into their bedroom and packing their clothes.

His little moe wickeds, XiaoJin and Xiao Ping-Pong, had wanted to join them on their trip. But he let them down as gently as he could, informing them they couldn’t as it was just for Ling Xiao and himself. However, seeing their unhappy demeanors, he ended up spoiling them with sweet treats and magic pills.

Thinking of the trip, You XiaoMo could barely contain his excitement. Last night he was so restless in his sleep, as he couldn’t stop running through his head all the things he wanted and needed to do before they could hurry up and leave.

So when Ling Xiao returned to their wing of the palace, You XiaoMo immediately heard the noise and bolted out of their bedroom to rush at the man. Running to the front of still figure Ling Xiao and jumping on his toes to latch around his neck; practically dangling off him.

Ling Xiao held his waist tightly, seeing his wife so happy to see him and clinging to him made his heart pound loudly. Smiling, he smoothly asked, “Did my wife miss me?”

Squeezing his neck, You XiaoMo blushed and graciously admitted, “Missed, ah.”

Ling Xiao bent over and swooped his wife into his arms, carrying him towards the living room area. He lowered his head while walking to smile and ask, “How was the packing? Are we ready to leave?”

You XiaoMo nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice, eyes like glittering gems as he looked up and answered, “It went fine and yes!”

Ling Xiao laughed, his wife was as if a kitten given a new toy, just oozing cuteness and eagerness. He sat down in a chair and placed You XiaoMo in his lap, decisively saying, “Then tomorrow morning we’ll set out. Today though, let’s rest and enjoy the rest of the evening by going out to eat. Date night!”

The last two words were said with an underlining sensual and seductiveness, making You XiaoMo’s already excited heart suddenly burst forth. So with a blank stare, he could only nod, as he felt the words leave him.

Ling Xiao leaned forward and rubbed his cheek against his head, smiling in satisfaction as he said, “Good. Husband can’t wait.”

However, they didn’t leave immediately. Instead, You XiaoMo was promptly carried to their master bed to rest for awhile.

A few hours later they were walking the streets of White Bone City. Ling Xiao was holding You XiaoMo’s hand as they strolled the busy streets and turned into the diner You XiaoMo begun to love so much.

You XiaoMo couldn’t stop the smile of surprise that flitted across his face, Ling Xiao just smiled and pulled him inside. The surprises didn’t even stop there, as the hostess had instantly noticed them and remembered Ling Xiao’s patronship. She leads them to the back of the restaurant and towards a private dining room.

Ling Xiao even pulled out a chair for You XiaoMo to sit in before acting like a gentleman and pushing him in. When the waitress left after having taken their orders, You XiaoMo couldn’t help the starry-eyed glances he sent to his man.

Ling Xiao of course noticed and was secretly delighted, as that was what he wanted.

“Did you make a reservation?” You XiaoMo curiously asked as he looked around the small room. To him, since they were lead to a clean and prepared room immediately upon walking in, no words said at all, it seemed like the hostess had already been expecting them.

Ling Xiao lazily glanced at him, ambiguously replying, “I might’ve.”

“I like it.” You XiaoMo admitted, very happy to be in their own private room, and not to be near neighboring people and their nausea triggering odors.

Unaware to You XiaoMo, that this was also the main thinking of Ling Xiao. Having learned from the previous dining out where it ended with his wife upsetly stomping out of the establishment.

Their food came very fast and orderly. Steaming piles of food and side dishes all presently laid out in homestyle serving formation on the table. They both had a very good appetite upon entering, and therefore, they quickly worked on their meals.

Although he was hungry, You XiaoMo took his time putting the food into his mouth, making an effort to try a little bit of everything. His favorite sides at the table ended up being the grilled ice sprouts. They tasted much like brussel sprouts but were baby blue in color and had a mild icy coolness after biting into them. You XiaoMo ended up having the whole thing to himself in the end.

Their dessert just arrived when You XiaoMo looked at one of the fruits on the table and started giggling. He held it up for Ling Xiao and smiled sweetly while saying, “Our baby is this size now.”

Lately, he’s revisited his pregnancy books for a refresher and saw a baby to fruit size comparison chart inside. This week he was the size of a lime.

Ling Xiao reached out to take the fruit from his hands, inspecting the size before he lifted his eyes to him and smilingly said, “Little Kai is getting so big.”

You XiaoMo’s cheeks gained a scarlet blush. It had been awhile since they said their child’s chosen name out loud. Hearing it made him inwardly happy and yet a little nervous.

Not being able to handle his brewing emotions, You XiaoMo’s eyes flicker across the room before tentatively asking, “Can we call him Little Gem for now? At least until he’s born?”

It was a common nickname for unborn children where You XiaoMo was from, much like how in the United States it was Peanut and or Jellybean. This way, Kai’s name will remain secret to others until he was born.

“I’m fine with that.” Ling Xiao pretty much got his brain waves and easily nodded to the request.

After a while, You XiaoMo put down his dessert fork and looked brightly as if an idea just hit him, abruptly sitting up straighter in his chair he exclaimed, “Let’s go pick up some firecrackers and fireworks. It’d technically be a new solar year while we’re on vacation.”

Ling Xiao calmly replied, “Sounds fun.”

After eating, to help digest their enormous meal, You XiaoMo suggested taking a walk around the streets. So they leisurely strolled the paved roads and visited the shopping areas to buy little knick-knacks.

You XiaoMo even bought some presents for his Qui Team. Mostly random armors, some oddity gadgets, and games for them to play while they had downtime. For his small wickeds though, like XiaoJin and Table Tennis, he bought silly little toys for them to chase and play around with.

Leaning into Ling Xiao’s side, You XiaoMo’s breath was coming out in foggy puffs as he hugged the man’s arm, watching while the setting sun was casting a long shadow of their figures. He supposed it was time to go home up the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range even though he was enjoying the fresh air. At least pretty soon they’ll have lots of it at the beach.

Ling Xiao also sensed the same, having already started to lead them in the direction of the city’s gates. Crossing the thick forests, they both flew skyward to their palace home for the night.

The next morning saw You XiaoMo tightly bundled up with gloves and all wintery gear with Ling Xiao in tow.

When they got outside, he turned expectantly towards the taller man, and with a high enthusiasm he asked, “So, where is our vacation spot?”

Ling Xiao didn’t answer verbally. Instead, he chooses to simply show him. Bending over to pick him up, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo instantly disappeared in place, blinking far and away across the immeasurable world.

The next moment, You XiaoMo’s eyes are filled with blue skies and rolling hills of luscious greenery. Mountainous trees at every angle as well as very far distance he can almost see a dark blue line. You XiaoMo guessed that must be the ocean.

Ling Xiao bowed his head and showed his pearly-white and perfect teeth, announcing, “We’re going to the Summerwater Sea in the Nan Lu.”

You XiaoMo’s fingers twist around the man’s robes and shot off multiple questions at once, “Summerwater? A beach in the South? How far out are we?” He doesn’t remember reading about this location.

“We’re currently near the southeastern border of the southern continent.” Ling Xiao casually answered, already flying them towards the dark blue line.

You XiaoMo’s mouth hangs opens slightly. That is very, very far….… And yet, thanks to Ling Xiao’s heavenly capabilities, they arrived in seconds. The perks of being the Supreme’s partner!

However, since Ling Xiao only knew of the general direction of it the Summerwater Sea, they had to fly the rest of the way.

You XiaoMo summoned his soul wings and hopped out of Ling Xiao’s embrace, intending to fly himself there, but not before removing his overcoat, gloves and etc. As it was already much warmer here than in the western continent of Xi Jing.

As they flew, they could hear the sounds and roars of randomly distant Wickeds below. Curious, You XiaoMo kept looking underneath them for visual sightings of them; however, the trees were too densely packed to spot any.

“These areas are filled with high-level wicked beasts, you’ll have to be careful and watch your step.” Ling Xiao saw his wandering gaze and knew what he was thinking about.

With their flight speed before long saw Ling Xiao slowing down toward a very large and sandy beach. You XiaoMo who was following closely behind, excitedly assumed they might be at their destination. Having stopped behind him, You XiaoMo curiously ducked out from behind Ling Xiao’s back and beheld the sparkling scene before him.

Gradual and beautiful hues of blue shown in the crystal clear water that melted into the sky’s landscape of white and fluffy clouds. The sand was practically white and glimmered with the soft rays of sunlight from above.

From the air, You XiaoMo could tell the location was in that of an enormous bay. The surrounding area had numerous boulders and rocks around and far out in the seawater. There was even very tiny small islands that made up the edges of the bay.

Ling Xiao looked at his wife’s mystified expression, and a treacherous grin spread across his lips as he beamed, “We’re here.” Then grabbed his wife’s hand before tugging him with him towards the ground below.

You XiaoMo’s boots hit the soft and squishy sand and wobbled unsteadily at first landing, already feeling the soft heat emit from just being on it. The location wasn’t overly warm nor was it sweltering, but it was much like a gentle and comfortable temperature. Especially so when the soft breeze would pass them over, swaying the palm trees and forest behind them.

“This is amazing!” You XiaoMo softly exclaimed before turning to face the other and ask, “Where should we put the house?”

“Let’s walk a bit farther and see where suits us best.” Ling Xiao suggested and was already walking farther south around the beach’s perimeter.

They found a small cove that was cut into the landscape in a flipped C-like formation, while still holding a wide and openly clear view of the ocean.

Getting there, they walked past multiple weathered and watered worn rocks of all sizes and types. There was Limestone, Coquina, Basalt, and Sandstone scattered under and above the surrounding seawater. They also noted that the water’s waves seemed to be less abrasive in this cove, as the terrain helpfully served as a natural net and blockade for any large sea creatures and beasts.

Seeing all this, You XiaoMo mentally was already imaging wading and swimming in that location as they walked past it.

Getting a satisfied nod of approval from Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo took out the Zou Luoyang's Magical Cloud Cabin from his dimension. Mentally doing the math on how far it should be from the water’s edge and the rocks. You XiaoMo plopped it down on the sandy ground before he sent a sliver of soul power to activate it and running back to Ling Xiao’s side. He wasn’t sure on how fast the cabin would expand and grow, so he took the safe route and booked it out of there just in case.

Instantly a reaction started with the small cubed clear box, the miniature house gradually glowed brighter as it was rapidly growing before their very eyes. Within two minutes it was already full-sized and in its true glory before the couple.

“Whoa, so awesome…” You XiaoMo said in admiration. It really was so neat and uniquely magical item. He’s even more elated that he bought it.

It was a very gorgeous lightly colored log wood cabin with large and multiple paned windows. The outside of the cabin had a lengthy fenced in deck that surrounded nearly the whole entirety of the front. The left side deck even having a cover patio to protect from the rain and weather.

The most surprising thing for You XiaoMo however, was the stone support piers at the bottom. As that turned out to be very useful right now on the unstable and flexible foundation. Steadily holding and keeping the sand from burying their porch deck underneath it. With that, they could’ve even possibly had put it on the water’s edge without a worry.

Ling Xiao grabbed his hand, smiling until his eyes turned into slits and said happily, “Let’s go and see our new vacation home!”

You XiaoMo was smiling with a silly grin as he was pulled by his husband to look around their new abode.

They walked up the steps to the front deck and soon directly opening the double entrance doors. They were greeted with a great room to the right side and a dining room to the left. Directly to the right of the entrance was the large fireplace of the great room. And towards the back of the great room could be seen the stairwell going up to the second floor.

Venturing around, they that the dining room was attached to the decent sized kitchen. With a hallway that leads from the kitchen to the main floor plan of the house. Then clockwise from the kitchen, You XiaoMo found an attached a pantry, laundry room, a secondary bedroom, master bedroom and master bathroom with a walk-in closet.

You XiaoMo hadn’t been upstairs yet but he could assume from the descriptions they were told upon buying it, that the third bedroom and bathroom was on the second-floor level. And since the living and dining room areas had a high vault ceiling, the upstairs floor space was probably only half the size of the downstairs.

Inside the master bedroom, You XiaoMo was opening the walk-in closet and taking notice of the abundance of space to use. At this time he Ling Xiao open the door behind him, so he turned around to finally ask, “Do you like it?”

Ling Xiao was indifferently inspecting the room before glancing at him and replying with a smile, “It seems fine. Needs a bed though.”

The room had nothing in it. And, without a bed, how were they supposed to make love at night? It’s already been days since he’s touched his wife’s delicate body, and Ling Xiao was hoping if the timing and atmosphere became right, they could spend some very intimate husband and wife time under the sheets.

You XiaoMo’s face had black lines across it. Exasperated, he puffed his cheeks up. Because he automatically understood him enough to know what his depraved husband was thinking about.

But even though it was against his first instincts, You XiaoMo went eventually walked forward and directly plopped down the bed they bought in Zhongtian from his dimension into the room. Following it up with the new sheets, pillows and bedspread they purchased the other day in White Bone City.

While he was at it, he decided to finish up furnishing the room. Fifteen minutes later of You XiaoMo’s effort saw the master bedroom filled and loaded furniture and decor. Nightstands, lights, dressers, dry vanity, clothing rack, small table, a chair and more.

Ling Xiao touched the soft quilts on the bed and started to make the move and lay down, but was stopped short and paused by You XiaoMo’s demanding voice.

“Come help me fix the rest of the house.” You XiaoMo softly ordered, having already left the master bedroom and down toward the great hall.

Ling Xiao’s back slowly straightens up, questioning in a dull tone, “How so?”

To make sure the man followed, You XiaoMo delayed his response, and only until he saw the other man walking into the great hall behind him he then said, “I’ll take the stuff out from the dimension while you put it all into a decent place.”

Ling Xiao had an expressionless face while he lazily replied, “Ah, yes.”

Nodding with a satisfied smile, You XiaoMo began to work.

With their combined efforts, two hours later the whole house was settled in with new: furnishings, curtains, rugs, decor, and lighting. Even potted plants were added in the living and dining room for a livelier touch. All that was left was the kitchen and pantry but You XiaoMo was just now finishing that up himself. The kitchen section even had a neat breakfast bar built in that he was eager to use soon.

Hanging up the last pan, You XiaoMo turned and patted his hands on his pants. Looking around, he had a gratified sense of a good day’s work. The cabin was finally done and looking like a nicely finished and ready to live in vacation home. It already felt very homey.

Having fulfilled his prerequisite duties, Ling Xiao was currently reclining on the sofa when You XiaoMo walked into the living room and asked, “I’m going to lay down, do you want to join me?”

Seeing as the man was already lounging about, You XiaoMo figured he’d extend an invitation to lazy about together.

Hearing the offer, Ling Xiao opened his closed eyes and sat up, and in a pleasant tone of voice, he beamingly replied, “Of course. Anything for my wife.”

Walking to the couch, You XiaoMo laughed and grabbed the Ling Xiao’s hand as he stood up, pulling him towards their new bedroom in the back.

Chapter Text

When he woke up from his nap, the sun was already nearing mid-afternoon as You XiaoMo tunneled out of the thick and fluffy quilt.

Rubbing at his still asleep eyes, he craned his neck to look around the room, but he didn’t see any sign of Ling Xiao. Suddenly, the aromatic smell of the sea wafted into his nose. Waking up slightly more, he turned his head and noticed the curtains were gently swaying in a soft breeze and that the window was open.

Sitting up and stretching his body, You XiaoMo threw the covers back haphazardly and went to the bathroom, then eventually made his way down the hallway and into the living room. However, he still catches no sight of his man anywhere, but he didn’t worry. Instead, he went kept on his way directly into the kitchen, aiming to fix himself something to eat.

Earlier he saw the rather nice and large wood fueled cook stove that was part of the kitchen. It was metal with cast iron and able to hold six pans with even with a large set oven rack below. But since they didn’t have any firewood prepared nor did he have Ling Xiao’s natal fire around. So he could only fix himself a fruit and vegetable salad.

Before he ate, he remembered to quickly write it down what he made in his food journal before discarding the book across the table for later use. You XiaoMo was just finishing his last few bites as Ling Xiao walked in through the front double doors. He couldn’t help but curiously ask, “Where have you been?”

Ling Xiao smiled and went to stand at the table, “Scouting the area.”

You XiaoMo made a ‘ah’ sound in understanding before picking up his plate and sending it to his dimension for later cleaning.

“I also want to look around. We’re in need of firewood.” You XiaoMo stood up and announced as he went around the dining table.

Ling Xiao reached out and grabbed his arm, stopping his movements and pulling him gently toward him. Hugging him tightly around the waist, he buried his head in his neck, taking deep breaths of his scent. The soft and unique smell of him was already mixing lightly with the salty air around them.

You XiaoMo felt his face heat up and trembled at the hot breath hitting against his skin. Softly putting his hands against the strong man’s chest, he bashfully said, “We, we should get going… before it gets too late.”

Ling Xiao chuckled, his chest shaking with the laughter as he lifted his head to look down at his flushing wife. Then with a devilish smile curling upon his lips, he unhurriedly spoke in a deep and low voice, “Okay, but first, I need a recharger.”

You XiaoMo squinted his eyes in confusion. Recharger? What does he mean?

He didn’t have to be confused long, as within the next second, Ling Xiao didn’t delay as he bent over and seized his jaw in hand, lifting his chin up to kiss him. Lovingly and roughly, all at the same time.

After five straight minutes of kissing, You XiaoMo’s knees were going weak and struggling with the effort to remain standing. Luckily Ling Xiao’s hands were wrapped like iron across his waist, holding him strongly in place against him. You XiaoMo felt his desire on the rise and yet he really didn’t want to have daytime sex right now. Not when he had things he wanted to do…

You XiaoMo pushed against Ling Xiao’s chest, hinting that he needed a breather. Ling Xiao felt his weak actions and regretfully lets go of the soft and tempting lips, watching the parted lips leave with their sparkling combined translucent saliva.

You XiaoMo pants a few deep breaths before faintly asking, “Have you recharged yet?”

Ling Xiao smiles as he licks the corner of his mouth. He then stretches out his finger and pokes his wife’s lips saying suggestively, “I’ll be more charged if we take this to the bedroom.”

You XiaoMo breathlessly replies, “Then you will not be recharged.”

Ling Xiao laughs and holds him tight. It's really too bad. He still wanted to kiss a little longer.

Ling Xiao bent over and picked up him up, taking him outside the house and down the deck.

When he was put down, and his feet touched the sandy shore, You XiaoMo looked around and asked, “Is there any people nearby?”

“There’s a town about forty miles to the west of here.” Ling Xiao lazily answered, then knowing what he really wanted to know, “No one will come here. Although the Summerwater is popular, the population on this side of the terrain is low. Plus, the Summerwater Sea is rather large and our house is in a cove.”

You XiaoMo instantly felt relieved at hearing him say so. Then no longer holding any queries, he happily removed his boots and bunched up his pant legs. Walking forwards towards the oncoming waves hitting the sand, instantly a small wave of crystal clear water and white bubbly like foam hit his toes and covered his bare feet. It felt so cool and refreshing.

He wiggled his toes under the sensation and chased after the retreating wave into the shallow blue-greenish hues of the beautiful sea water.

The water lapped and crashed against his thin and white legs. You XiaoMo even pushed against them and kicked at the attacking liquid.

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows watching his wife giggling and smiling, childishly play in the water. He couldn’t help himself from teasing, “Having fun?”

You XiaoMo heard the tone his husband used. So with his back to him, he summoned a small portion of soul power and abruptly turned to kick a rather large amount of water toward his direction.

Ling Xiao miraculously didn’t get wet from the seawater rain shower above his head. Instead, his face lit up with delight and mischievousness.

The smile on You XiaoMo’s face suddenly went stiff as he watched Ling Xiao hastily take his outer robe and shirt off. Continuing until he was in nothing but a pair of pants and walking toward You XiaoMo as a man with a purpose. Only then did You XiaoMo start to wake up and regret his actions.

You XiaoMo hastily threw his hands up helplessly and said with an apologetic face, “Wait, wait, it was an accident.” Although he said so, his tone held no confidence and he was already guiltily sidetracking across the water. Going deeper into the sea and to the left to avoid him.

“If it was an accident, then stay still my wife.” Ling Xiao’s face was all charm and evilness. Eyes glittering like night stars in the daytime. Devilish claws of hands outstretched for You XiaoMo’s body.

You XiaoMo felt both thrill and fear. Knowing his pants were gradually gaining wetter as the waves crashed and he went deeper. However, he didn’t care. Right now Ling Xiao was slowly chasing him and gaining distance!

Ling Xiao calmly managed to cut off his escape route and You XiaoMo had a panic look across his face as he narrowly dodged his arms and went waist deep into the opposite direction. All the while, uncontrollable laughter and excitement escaping his lips.

Ling Xiao could’ve caught his little escaping wife at any time. However, this way he lets him marinate and stew for a little bit. Also, he was thoroughly enjoying the expressions his wife was making. It made his own mood feel free and light. His own heart was pounding in his chest.

They managed to do a few zig zags across each other until finally, Ling Xiao did a sprinting run. Water high splashing in the air, making waves in his wake on either side of him.

You XiaoMo gave an ‘eek’ in surprise, breathlessly exclaiming, “Oh shit!” Watching as Ling Xiao’s dazzlingly face became closer, showing a beaming and predatory bright smile curving on his lips.

You XiaoMo made a high pitched squeal as he only got a few more feet before his body was wrapped around and lifted in the air by a strong pair of arms.

The small and thin body was swung around in a circle by the tall and slender man. The water droplets of their actions under the rays of the sun casting glittering mist of light around them.

Ling Xiao rubbed his face against his head, he unhurriedly declared in a voice filled with satisfaction, “I caught myself a wife.”

You XiaoMo gave a flabbergasted laugh, already soft and totally soaked in his embrace. However, he still had to argue, so he retorted, “That’s not how you get a wife!”

Ling Xiao suddenly raises the corners of his mouth, revealing a cynical and frivolous expression, "How do you know? As I obviously got one in my arms. If you don’t want to believe me, how about I show you what husband and wives can do, en?"

The last syllable is said in an extremely sexy manner, making the listener feel the magnetism in that rich, deep and low voice.

You XiaoMo felt his heart flutter rapidly and his ears drumming heavily. Don't think that just because he was caught that he can be easily bullied. He is also someone that can't be trifled with. Gnashing his teeth as he said, "You don’t have to prove anything." There, that stops his arrogant manner.

"Oh? But I believe you still need to be taught your lesson."

Ling Xiao's smile is quite moving. The clearly manly handsome face is tinged with an enchanting elegance with dark eyes that held a slightly lustful gleam to them. His tone was as light as down, as if in a pretty good mood.

"I ....... "

You XiaoMo widens his eyes, wanting to object but looking at the brilliant smile that makes his soul leave his body, his previous challenging death manner he drummed up immediately shrivels up. The expression on his face is also immediately replaced by a cute and pitiful look, like a bullied damsel in distress, "Taught how?... "

Ling Xiao’s response is to hang his head down and kiss his lips. Sticking his tongue between those partially closed lips, hooking up with the surprised tongue. Sucking over and over, eating with high spirits. Totally unwilling to let go. Only when he feels that You XiaoMo is out of breath, does he reluctantly let go.

You XiaoMo’s little body is sucked powerless, in a daze, he feels his body being lifted and carried. His legs swept up and turned toward the direction in their house. Dumbfounded, he didn’t manage to react until Ling Xiao had walked quite a distance, hurriedly saying, “Wait, wait, can’t we do this another time?”

Ling Xiao lowered his head and smiled gently, “Nope! Such bad wifely behavior needs to be dealt with as soon as possible!”

You XiaoMo felt like coughing up blood. Don’t think I don’t see the anticipation in your eyes. And, what bad behavior? The only bad behavior was his!

That said, he, of course, didn’t voice it. Who knows what else his man would stack on….

They both dribbled drops of salt water into their newly minted home, leaving a trail all the way towards their bedroom.

You XiaoMo saw them going towards the bed and quickly yelled, “Don’t you dare get the bed wet!”

Ling Xiao was kind enough to at least listen to this demand. Gently letting his legs down, but before he could protest, he already was undressing You XiaoMo out of his wet clothing.

You XiaoMo felt hands roam across his body and the wet clinging clothing leave his skin in a flash. The feeling wasn’t bad perse, as the wet clothing was highly uncomfortable and cold. He was soon completely naked standing in their master bedroom and watching as Ling Xiao quickly and elegantly bent over to take off his only remaining clothing.

With Ling Xiao’s pants removed, that previous sleeping giant was now completely awake. You XiaoMo felt his scalp tingle and mouth fall open. He heard Ling Xiao chuckle before his body was picked up abruptly and placed on the bed.

Landing on the soft covers that surrounded him, You XiaoMo watched as Ling Xiao slowly crawled onto the bed, he looked as if a beastly predatory watching his youthful prey. Under such a penetrating and sharp gaze, he could only shiver and scoot up higher away….

You XiaoMo’s little ankle was then yanked and his body pulled closer to the man. A white and tender leg was raised high with brute force, leaving his ass hanging exposed in the air. The next second, a clear and crisp ‘snap’ sound rings out in the room.

You XiaoMo curses out loud as he knows for certain that his bottom now has five Ling Xiao sized fingerprints. With the stinging throb he looks accusatory up at the man above him. Ling Xiao looks none of the apologetic. Instead, a satisfied smile slowly lifts on his lips as he inspects the freshly marked area.

You XiaoMo’s entire face flushed, stuttering at Ling Xiao, “You, you, you…what are you doing?”

Ling Xiao squinted, his hands lovingly stroking over the other cheek, speaking with a low voice, “Didn’t you hear me? Teaching my wife a lesson.”

Then the hand that was stroking his bottom quickly lifts up a foot away and lands to spank his buttocks.

“S-shhhiitt!” You XiaoMo cries out, back bowing off the bed, tears almost springing to his eyes.

The sting was startling and did hurt a bit, but it was still in the tolerable ranges though.

Ling Xiao smiles as he strokes the tender flesh, laughingly declaring, “You can handle it.”

You XiaoMo was about to open his mouth to complain when Ling Xiao leaned over him and blocked his lips. A wet and hungry tongue slipping past his open teeth. Wantonly sweeping every corner of his mouth…

You XiaoMo felt Ling Xiao’s hands dancing across his whole body, lower parts propped up against Ling Xiao’s crotch. The heat and hardness of that enormous swollen thing touching between his seams, poking at his chrysanthemum made him quivered endlessly. Then it hit him, wait, entrance? Wasn’t there going to be more foreplay?

You XiaoMo’s answer was Ling Xiao’s tongue that was still in his mouth provoking the sensitive pleasure spots distracting him while Ling Xiao pushed with one simple thrust, squeezing that giant steadfastly into him…..


You XiaoMo made a sound of exertion from his chest at being abrasively entered into. Taking a deep breath at encasing the gifted man’s entire length within him. Legs going soft and weak as his body quivered like exposed to an ice storm.

Ling Xiao ran a gentle hand over his tremoring tummy, massaging the soft skin with his thumb. Releasing his mouth to kiss along his neck and cheeks, waiting until his wife’s body unclenched around his member enough to withdraw out and set a rampaging rhythm.

Ling Xiao felt like he was injuring himself from the effort it took to hold himself back this week. When finally able to feel that wonderful, soft warmth wrap tightly around him, he shook with the effort to remain still at first. Now, he released his desire in wild, carnal frenzy.

You XiaoMo held Ling Xiao’s neck tightly, bracing himself to bear pound after pound of the man’s tyrannical and violent onslaught. Feeling that sensitive place inside him being battered and rubbed so exquisitely. The tide of pleasure was rising and flooding his veins so sweet, his face held a blush as blissful emotion overtook him completely.

Since both were already heated up it didn’t take long with a burst of violent pumping for You XiaoMo’s body to tense and shake with spasms, his back bowing off the bed as he came with a loud scream. All of his white and translucent essence had sprayed all over Ling Xiao’s abs, making him blush even harder.

Ling Xiao, feeling that tight place become even tighter and constrict him with twitching pleasure, it didn’t take him long to feel that same pleasure to arise. He released with a low growl, with all of his hot and manly essence spilling and filling You XiaoMo up below him.

After half an hour of doing an extreme pistoning movement, Ling Xiao lay on top of You XiaoMo, panting, the two hugging each other tightly and basking in the aftermath.

Just when You XiaoMo felt his breath returning to him, his hips were lifted and Ling Xiao rose from him. Confused and in a lustful daze, You XiaoMo watched as Ling Xiao’s massive length left him, making him shiver at the sudden emptiness and sensations. Then without warning, his body was picked up and flipped over, landing on all trembling fours.

You XiaoMo stared blankly at the wooden headboard, full realization hitting him as he felt Ling Xiao’s recovered manhood slowly crotched in and filled him up once again. The ‘puff puff’ water sounds loudly entered his ears, causing his face to redden at knowing what that was…..


You XiaoMo’s loud resounding moan filled the steaming air once again.

Chapter Text

Time rushes by like flowing water .......

It’s been five days since they moved into their log cabin by the sea, and in that week they didn’t venture too far from their location.

You XiaoMo still felt his usual pregnancy symptoms, and the both of them choose to spend their days relaxing while he recouped his strength.

Using the trees nearby, You XiaoMo made sun chairs and loveseats to place on their wrap around deck. He even made a few different sized tables to put around them.

The couple would sit outside in one of the loveseats and watch the sunset over the sparkling and colorful hued ocean.

It was peaceful and relaxing. Just the two of them. Everything You XiaoMo wanted.

Today was the thirty-first of December, the last day before the start of the new solar year calendar, and the day before You XiaoMo was thirteen weeks pregnant.

At this moment, You XiaoMo was just waking up. After rolling over to his back, he then realized what day it was and perked up immediately. Today he had a bunch of things planned and that meant he was going to be busy, so he needed to get started.

Pulling the blankets back, he noticed the small table in the room had a plate of sliced breakfast fruits and bread on it. You XiaoMo smiled as he also saw the journal sitting beside it, understanding what his bossy husband wanted and hinted at.

With a lazy smile still on his childish face, he languidly stretched out on the bed, making his silk nightshirt rising up in the process. After inhaling and exhaling a deep breath, You XiaoMo absentmindedly looked down at himself. Every day he felt a little bit more different than the last, and today was no exception…...

Wait… Today was…. very, very different!

You XiaoMo softly gasped.

Usually when he wakes up and lays on his back, his stomach is relatively flat. It’s only after he stands up, eats, and drinks, that his stomach rises in size, giving a small little roundness at the bottom.

Today though… there is a little baby bump! Sitting right there on his lower abdomen. The shape clear as to the uterus pushing up. And because his upper abdomen was still normal, it was like a little high slope on his belly. Even when he tried sucking his stomach in it stayed a little bump at the bottom.

A little baby bump!

“Ling Xiao!!!”

Hearing his yell, immediately the man came into the room, eyes searching him over while quickly asking, “What is it?”

You XiaoMo was still on the bed, he smiled up at the anxious looking man before excitedly ordering, “Come here!”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him. Although he was slightly confused, he could see his wife was appearing fine and even in a bright and happy mood. So with that, his heart had settled down.

Doing as requested, Ling Xiao elegantly walked over and sat down next to his wife. The moment he did, You XiaoMo impatiently pulled his large hand over and placed it on his stomach. You XiaoMo’s eyes glittered up at him expectantly. Watching and waiting.

After a couple of quiet moments, Ling Xiao’s neutral face bloomed into a smile as he beamed, “My dear wife, you popped.”

You XiaoMo laughed and nodded.

Although he was in no hurry to get weird looking and fat, the thought of their baby growing up nicely and healthily was a good feeling.

You XiaoMo pushed himself to sit up and crawled out of bed. Holding up his shirt, he stood in front of Ling Xiao and touched the little bump. It was more noticeable once standing up. It was clearly more than an inch or so away from his hips now.

Ling Xiao reached out as well to touch and caress him gently, making You XiaoMo shiver and receive goosebumps at the motion.

Ling Xiao looked at him, a wolfish grin tugging at his lips, saying in a low voice, “Sexy.”

You XiaoMo blushed and slapped the hand away.

They just woke up. Please hold all sexual advances and flirting until he’s fully awake and can handle it. He’s too vulnerable to attack right now!

After eating and taking his vitamins, You XiaoMo didn’t want to go back to bed and instead got dressed for the day. The news of the baby growing was still just too exciting for him. He felt if he went back to bed he would just be rubbing it over and over again and marveling at it, and he didn’t want to turn into some kind of sappy person.

So distraction was the best solution for him. And the best distraction could be him starting their new year’s roast!

Their roast was a low-level beast caught in the neighboring forests. They had other meat prepared as well that was also hunted and put on ice in their dimensions.

Although, this time was different than their usual and previous hunting and meat gathering. As the one who did all the catching and skinning ended up being Ling Xiao. Because of You XiaoMo’s sensitive gag reflex and sense of smell, the pregnant man couldn’t handle the fresh smell of blood anymore.

You XiaoMo had tried to follow with Ling Xiao to catch some low-level wickeds and animals, but at the first approach of the dirt and musky scent of the animals, he held the urge to hurl up his lunch. He also had attempted to skin a beast when Ling Xiao came home, but that proved to make him retreat meters away back into the sanctuary of the house.

For today, You XiaoMo had the food marinating the whole night before in his dimension, already preloaded with seasonings and light spices. That was also because You XiaoMo couldn’t handle strong or spicy anymore.

In the kitchen, he threw the broth in before packing the firewood into the firebox.

“Ling Xiao!” You XiaoMo yelled out again.

A few seconds later an elegant and refreshed looking Ling Xiao walked in and dully said, “Yes?”

You XiaoMo smiled endearingly and pointed to the firebox in the cookstove, sweetly saying, “Need the ignition.”

Ling Xiao’s mouth twitched at the corner. However, he was used to this request by now. Often being used as his wife’s personal match.

The size of the fire was very tiny but it held a mighty punch. But not too powerful, as You XiaoMo didn’t want it to cook to fast.

When the oven heated up enough, which was mere seconds thanks to Ling Xiao’s flame, he put the covered up large roast pan inside. Smiling as he turned around and started fixing the prep work for the other items. Wanting to have it ready at a moments notice, aiming to make little snack foods to eat throughout the day.

As a surprise, he wanted to give Ling Xiao new years fortune cookies. So he got his supplies and went to the breakfast bar and sat down ready to work. With a pen and paper in hand, he tried to remember the usual fortunes he used to read when opening them as a child. He knew it was all silly and not real fortunes, but the feeling of opening and reading them was always fun in his memory.

You XiaoMo wanted to give Ling Xiao that.

He was only a few fortunes written down when he finally got stumped and twiddled with the pen in his hand. Clicking the top of it and flipping it in hand. But since he wasn’t very elegant about it, he finally dropped it to the table, making a loud clicking and clunking sound as it slid across the wood.

“Lady?” Ling Xiao’s languid and rich voice floated over behind him.

Hearing him, You XiaoMo’s eyes widened as he lunged forward to cover his paper. When he made sure everything was all hidden, he turned to yell at the man with a fierce look, “Get back. You can’t come in here.”

Stopping his footsteps at the dining room archway, Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows in mild surprise before a slow grin settled its place, “Lady, what are you hiding?”

You XiaoMo poutily said, “Shoo.”

Hoping that’d work.

Ling Xiao burst out laughing. Now he really was curious! His little wife was being so cute with that kitten glare of a warning and that adorable pout on his pink lips. Even though he really wanted to tease it out of him, he could tell how much he’s been looking forward to today. So Ling Xiao decided to be a merciful husband today and backed off. Ultimately restraining himself for the sake of his future happiness.

Ling Xiao chuckled lightly and held up his hands helplessly, “Okay, okay. I won’t go any farther.” His eyes had a glint of a smile as his voice held the highest amount of amusement possible. Almost brimming out of him before he turned back into the living room like ordered.

You XiaoMo almost cheered, but, seeing how Ling Xiao was very curious, he kept his joy to himself as he planned out how to fix the rest of the fortunes. He ended up deciding to just make a bunch that repeats themselves, as it was easier that way.

And even though he didn’t want to be sappy today, he ended up making one card with specific words on it…... As it was the calendar new year and a semi-special date, he supposed he could say so once and awhile...…

Finishing up, You XiaoMo got out of the chair and peeked over at Ling Xiao, the other was still lazily reclining on the sofa. Seeing as it was safe, You XiaoMo moved with peace of mind to get started on the cookies.

He only read the recipe once in a book many years ago, but he figured it wasn’t too difficult to make.

At least, that’s what he thought…….

Forty minutes later saw a frustrated You XiaoMo, with his head resting on the kitchen counter as he sighed unhappily.

He must’ve added too much flour. Because his cookie’s consistency kept turning up very inedible and blah-like.

Distressed, You XiaoMo watched as his hot breath on the counter made steamy patches against the cold surface. He didn’t even care that his face had patches of splashed food on it. He only has so many ingredients left and now he deeply regrets not doing a test batch yesterday. Because he has other things that he had wanted to fix too…

“Can I come in?”

You XiaoMo startled slightly, lifting his head up at hearing Ling Xiao’s voice.

Licking his lips, You XiaoMo tentatively called out, “No! Don’t enter the kitchen.”

“Do you want any help?” Ling Xiao slowly offered, in a very gentle and calm tone of voice. He could hear his wife’s huffing and puffing from where he sat. Finally could not take it, he got up to ask.

You XiaoMo opened his mouth to deny the man but then paused as a thought had struck him. In a hesitating tone of voice, he asked loudly, “Can you go to that town you said was over to the west and buy me sugar and eggs?”

Ling Xiao held the urge to laugh, and lazily replied in a smiling voice, “I can, is that what you want?”

You XiaoMo’s heart fluttered excitedly, he turned around toward the direction of the hidden man and happily exclaimed, “Yes, please!”

“I’ll be back in an hour then.” Ling Xiao faintly declared, already walking out of the door and locking it behind him.

While Ling Xiao was away getting that, You XiaoMo got to moving on the other things on his to-do-list.

It wasn’t even the hour Ling Xiao said he’d need when You XiaoMo heard the soft click of the front door. Wiping his hands and face off, he quickly bolted out of the kitchen towards the entrance way.

Ling Xiao had just closed the door behind him as he smiled, eyes curving and radiantly announced, “My wife, your husband is home!”

Approaching him and hearing this, You XiaoMo’s feet skidded to a stop to give him a flat look. How to be corny much?

That look didn’t last long though, because Ling Xiao smirked and threw a purple magic bag towards him. After fumbling to catch it, You XiaoMo hastily looked inside. After closing the bag up, a twin pair of big black eyes like embedded gems glistened up at Ling Xiao and instantly rushed toward him.

You XiaoMo was so happy, he let the moment take over him. With one hand grabbing Ling Xiao’s robes and the other reaching up to his neck, he got on his tippy toes and tried to yank the man down to him, eager to give him a very grateful kiss.

Ling Xiao compiled easily and lowered his head to receive his kiss bluntly. His eyes lighting up with both delight and desire as one. His arms already wrapping around his thin waist, holding him tightly to him.

You XiaoMo originally only wanted to give him a peck, but forgetting his intentions, he opened his mouth and allowed the man passage inside.

Ling Xiao did not waste the opportunity given, diving straight in, devouring and sucking up everything that he was offering.

You XiaoMo’s hands instinctively circle around Ling Xiao’s nape as he wantonly entangles his tongue with his, letting out slippery *ze ze* sounds. Feeling his body go soft and limp against the other, letting Ling Xiao take all of his weight as he was too enthralled, his mind only purring at the pleasure bursts his mouth was given……

After a while of heavy kissing, You XiaoMo felt Ling Xiao’s tongue lewdly flick against his and at the same time, noticed that prominent sleeping giant below Ling Xiao’s hip start to awaken and grow in temperature. Returning to his senses, You XiaoMo quickly pulled back before they couldn’t stop themselves. Ling Xiao didn’t chase, but it was not without regret, as he let the soft and temptingly delicious lips escape him. Telling himself it was only for now, that they had later.

“Thank you.” You Xiao breathlessly said, still panting in Ling Xiao’s embrace, resting against his chest.
Ling Xiao’s eyes filled with desire were yet to fade when he replied in a smooth as jade tone, “If this were my usual thanks, I’ll go on another trip.”

You XiaoMo laughed as he patted his chest playfully, slowly unraveling himself from the other’s hold.

With his past experiences that day, You XiaoMo finally got a decent batch of cookies going. Now with him knowing the magic numbers, he made the rest of the cookies confidently. Even feeling up to deftly making an extra dessert.

Once You XiaoMo got those done, he decided to take a break from both standing on his feet and the heat of the kitchen. Going towards Ling Xiao who was on the couch and wordlessly sitting beside him. Leaning on the other man’s side, he closed his eyes and intended to take a power nap right there.

Ling Xiao just simply leaned back farther to let his wife get tucked in, his arm calmly wrapping behind him to hold him in place. Watching as his eyelids softly closed and his breath instantly evened out, showing he already went to sleep. Showing Ling Xiao how tired he must’ve really been before coming over.

Reaching out, he gently used his other hand to gently caress his cheek. The delicate and petal-like skin was, as always, so soft and smooth. Maybe even softer now since he was pregnant with his glow of increased hormones and blood flow.

Ling Xiao knew his wife didn’t always feel physically amazing and even had the mindset that he would look strange with a growing belly. But Ling Xiao thought he looked beautiful and that pregnancy agreed with him soundly. Much like everything that’s been thrown at them, his wife always handles it with a strength that amazes him.

For what was intended to be a quick shut eye, You XiaoMo found himself to waking up a couple of hours later under the sheets and blankets of their soft bed. Panic hit him as he realized their food was left unsupervised and needed to be checked on. You XiaoMo ripped the blankets from himself and bolted up and out of the bed. He made it as far as the door when a head rush of lightheadedness hit him hard.

Leaning hard against the door, You XiaoMo held himself up as he waited until the feeling to mostly past. When he felt confident enough to walk, he turned back around and sat down on the ottoman in front of the bed. His hands gripped the furniture’s edge as he made a conscious effort not to fall forward.

When a few minutes had past and he felt decent enough, You XiaoMo gingerly got up and slowly made his way into the hallway. You XiaoMo was holding his little baby bump as he walked past Ling Xiao who just coming in from the outside.

Ling Xiao let the door fall shut behind him as he frowned, staring intently at his wife. Noticing his pale cheeks and his expressionless face, he immediately went over to his side and stopped him from going farther into the dining room.

You XiaoMo felt his hand tugged backward and looked at Ling Xiao confusedly, feeling as the other touched his face and forehead, “What are you doing?”

“Go sit down.” Ling Xiao simply ordered, and put his right hand down to press on You XiaoMo’s lower back, guiding him to rest on a dining chair.

“After I check on…” You XiaoMo replied, his eyes flickering towards the other room.

Ling Xiao interrupted him saying, “I already did earlier. Everything’s fine.”

Since he said so, no longer protesting, You XiaoMo pulled out a chair and sat down. After a few moments, his gaze shifted back to the kitchen, neck craning in search of something.

Ling Xiao already knew what he wanted, going and getting the pitcher of water and a cup from the cupboard before then bringing it all back to him.

You XiaoMo smiled up at him and poured himself a cup before drinking it thirstily.

However, still not satisfied, Ling Xiao turned around and reached for an apple on the counter to give him. Under such scrutinizing gaze, You XiaoMo wordlessly accepted and took a few loud bites into it.

When Ling Xiao saw the fair face finally gaining some color back, he reached out and scratched at his cheeks, happily asking, “How do you feel?”

Wiping his lips and putting the apple down, You XiaoMo shyly smiled and replied, “Alright.”

Ling Xiao pinched his nose and snorted, “Good, outside there is a surprise for you.”

You XiaoMo pushed the hand off his nose and gripped the strong arm in excitement as he curiously asked, “What is it?”

Ling Xiao’s lips twitched up at the corners, in a teasing tone, he ominously said, “You’ll have to go see.”

You XiaoMo made the move to hastily stand up but an unyielding palm held his shoulder down, keeping him firmly seated.

“After you rest and eat.” Ling Xiao’s piercingly sharp gaze landed on him, leaving no room for otherwise arguments.

The two of them then ate leftovers together and took their time around the house. But that didn’t mean You XiaoMo wasn’t constantly shooting glances in the direction of the window, hoping to get a preview of the ‘surprise’.

Ling Xiao gave a low and hearty laughter, rising up to walk to his side and scoop him in his arms. Carrying him outside, he lowered his head and beamed, “So sticky spoiled!”

You XiaoMo gave a silly smile, stroking Ling Xiao’s chest in gentle manner. He didn’t believe so but he could admit that lately the pampering has been on the rise. Maybe when he became the size of a beach ball the pampering would only grow more so.

Walking past the door threshold and abruptly meeting sunlight, You XiaoMo squinted his eyes and when his eyes adjusted he noticed two new things. One was a beach fire pit with rocks cradling it and two sun chairs placed around it. The second was a white painted wooden fishing boat with four paddles placed inside, with also a wooden seat around the edges.

You XiaoMo looked excitedly up at Ling Xiao who still held him, “A boat? When did you get that?”

Ling Xiao, with a smug and satisfied look, lifted his chin proudly to say, “I have my ways.”

You XiaoMo narrowed his eyes at him as he smiled. Now that he thought about it, it must’ve been earlier. Still, that was a nice thought.

“I can’t wait to try it out.” You XiaoMo softly said, eyes surveying the boat from afar.

You XiaoMo pushed on Ling Xiao’s chest signaling he wanted to be put down. When Ling Xiao obeyed, he was already padding off towards the boat. He touched the material of the wood, it was very smooth and sturdy feeling. Looking at its size, he assumed it wasn’t meant for deep sea but for the bays like they were currently in.

You XiaoMo held the corner edge down as he threw a leg over to hop inside. Since it was on the sandy beach area and not in the water, it rocked back and forth upon his entering.

Ling Xiao lazily watched him as he warned, “Be careful.”

“I know.” You XiaoMo easily replied, touching along the interior. It was all very simple and to the point designed but he was beyond interested. He looked to Ling Xiao and happily suggested, “Let’s go out and try it.”

Ling Xiao smiled gently as he shook his head, “It’s high tide right now. Wait for later.”

You XiaoMo only then noticed the water and understood, slowly making his way out of the boat.

With a few hours to spare, You XiaoMo wanted to walk around the beach for awhile. Taking off his boots and rolling up his pants to his knees, he walked along the water rolling up the sand and idly picked up pretty seashells that had washed up on shore. Making sure to bend with his knees and not lean over.

The weather was so nice that he didn’t wear any robes or outer layers out here. Instead, he was just wearing the new stretchy maternity tops, dressed in all white. And with no baggy fabric or robes to cover over him, it made his little baby bump show even more distinctively.

You XiaoMo randomly touched his little belly bump as he walked along the water’s edge. On the sandy beach, Ling Xiao was following closely behind him, eyes lazily watching him and their surroundings.

The water felt so nice and cool, You XiaoMo would softly sigh at times when the water lapped at his toes or when he would dive in to grab a shell, getting his hands wet. He had just straightened his back as he spotted something shimmering and pink in the water two feet from him. Pulling his pants up a bit higher, You XiaoMo waded in the ocean’s shallow to go retrieve it.

Soft white waves crashed against his snowy legs, he waited until the wave retreated enough to bend over and touch it. It was really a very large seashell, as he held it he felt it would make a gorgeous centerpiece on one of their cabin’s tables. Moving his gaze, he noticed next to it was smaller and other differently shaped ones, so he also picked up those.

At this time, he spotted a few more deeper in and debated on whether or not he should get soaked this early in the afternoon. Finally deciding on maybe later, after changing clothing he would. Walking back in the shallow end, he continued his walk with Ling Xiao.

Twenty minutes later, when his hands were full again and he stood up, You XiaoMo’s face made a look of slight pain and quickly grabbed the right side of his abdomen. Ling Xiao, who eyes were boredly scanning around them caught the tail end of his wife’s lingering expression. Jumping in shock, he immediately was walking to his side, not caring if his shoes got wet by the tide.

“What is it?” Ling Xiao asked, his hands outstretched toward him. Holding his arm and pressing on the hand holding under his belly.

You XiaoMo exhaled slowly, the sharp pain subsided rather quickly, it was just the lingering effects now. He shook his head, “Just an ache. I’m okay now.”

“Where was it?” Ling Xiao calmly asked.

“It started here and moved upwards.” You XiaoMo blushed slightly as he moved Ling Xiao’s hand that was on top of his to cover over and follow the spot. It had honestly started inside his groin area and moved upwards and outwards on either side of the top of his hips.

You XiaoMo felt Ling Xiao gently press in and softly gasped, breathlessly saying, “I just bent over too much is all…”

He knew the most likely thing was probably the round ligament pain he’s read about. As it wasn’t directly where the baby was, so he was oddly calm about it. Knowing it was just his body’s muscles being overused and stretched.

Ling Xiao removed his probing hand, and the dark and deep eyes met his before bending over and carrying him back towards the house.

You XiaoMo quickly sent the seashells into his dimension before Ling Xiao’s sudden actions caused him to drop them. He exhaled slowly as he got comfy in his hold and watched as the house got closer and closer in view.

Ling Xiao’s pregnant little wife was then laid down on the bed and he even crawled in with him after removing his own boots.

You XiaoMo rested on top of Ling Xiao’s body, comfortable in his warmth. He didn’t want to lay down again but once they both were situated, he couldn’t resist the atmosphere and surrendered helplessly.

You XiaoMo was just closing his eyes when a moan slipped past his lips. Ling xiao’s hand around his waist was lightly, and ever so gently, massaging in small circles around the area near his hip and pelvis. You XiaoMo’s hand that was listless on Ling Xiao’s chest suddenly tightened around the man’s shirt, wringing the fabric around his fingers. While at the same time, his legs that were wrapped around Ling Xiao also became restless. He buried his face deeper into him, nestling back and forth.

It felt so good…. Ngh.

Ling Xiao laughed, making You XiaoMo shake with the motion, his voice came out like a purr, “Do you like that?”

In the midst of his endorphin rush, You XiaoMo drunkenly mumbled, “You know I do.”

Ling Xiao chuckled even more.

Around six o’clock, You XiaoMo woke up just as Ling Xiao was coming back into the bedroom, making his drowsy face very quickly lit up with joy at seeing him, lightly saying, “Hi.”

Ling Xiao smiled as he asked, “My wife ready to wake up now?”

You XiaoMo stretched in bed while nodding at the same time, watching as Ling Xiao went over and offered his hand for him to use. He didn’t refuse it and slowly got out of bed with his help. His bare feet touching their smooth wooden and polished floors. At the sensation, he realized that he had forgotten left his boots outside.

Petting his little bump, You XiaoMo went into the kitchen to finish up his plans. An hour later and as the sun was setting, his feast was finally completed. Doing all the prep work early in the morning had paid off a ton and ended up shaving off a lot of time needed.

After washing his hands and face, You XiaoMo put the last plate on the kitchen counter and admired happily at their spread. They honestly had enough to feed multiple people, but probably just enough for them.

Opening the double doors to the side deck patio, You XiaoMo put a wedge at the bottom to hold them open so that he could start to bringing everything outside to the table out there. Four trips later he finished and realized it was getting too dark out to eat…

Looking out at the tree line, You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao bring more firewood over, so he decided to go find their lamps. With a single thought, he went inside his dimension real quick, looking in the cabin’s cabinets until he found some pillar candles. Thinking these will work, he left the dimension with a whole lot of them haphazardly stuffed into his arms.

As he was placing them on the table and the fencing rail, Ling Xiao was already back inside the house when You XiaoMo went back in for the matches.

“The food is ready out on the deck.” You XiaoMo chimed eagerly, running past him to get the matchbox on the fireplace mantle.

In the kitchen, Ling Xiao smiled at him as he had already noticed, as he was just making tea real quick.

When You XiaoMo came outside, Ling Xiao was already sitting down at his spot with a cup of tea at both their places.

Smiling, You XiaoMo lit the candle centerpieces and handed the matches to Ling Xiao, as he was the closest to the others laid around. Wordlessly asking him with an expectant look.

Ling Xiao’s eyes shined as he did as expected.

It ended up looking like a very romantic candlelit dinner by the beach, with the gentle waves crashing afar and the ambiance all around them.

When You XiaoMo realized this, his face reddened with a sunset glow, pushing a large bowl of stacked meat in his direction, bashfully saying, “Um, try my barbecue ribs first!” He’s fed Ling Xiao barbecue numerous times, and the man always seemed to never grow tired of it. This time, he decided to do just ribs and see if he’d like that.

Ling Xiao smirked as he watched his wife’s face flush before he calmly inspected the bowl. He had to admit he’s long smelled all the great flavors wafting over for a while now. He reached out with both hands and took one of the many slabs his wife gave him and took a bite.

When the flavors hit his mouth, Ling Xiao’s eyes lit up with barely concealed surprise. The taste was just as good as his wife’s usual barbeque but the meat was exceptionally tender and fell off the bone so easily.

You XiaoMo stared at him intently, watching anxiously to see if he liked it or not. And even though it was hard to tell, so far it seemed like he did, because Ling Xiao went in and got another bite without a word. At this, his own face lit up with a confident smile and began fixing his own plate. He made himself a lot of stir-fry vegetables and soups to try alongside all the meat. Planning to have leftovers for a few days with all of this.

When You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao almost finished he pointed to the other plate, “That’s the sweet and sour chicken, it’s all for you.”

Ling Xiao slightly narrowed his eyes at him and confusedly questioned, “You don’t want any?”

You XiaoMo shook his head and patted his belly while giving a small smile, “I can’t handle the sour anymore.” Cooking it was already hard enough for him to smell.

Ling Xiao’s eyebrows rose up in understanding before a slow smile crept up his lips, “How kind of the Mrs.”

You XiaoMo looked up high to the roof and noncommittally shrugged his shoulders. He was generous, what could he say.

Ling Xiao laughed even harder.

After a while, You XiaoMo saw Ling Xiao grab for a second helping and rushed to say quickly, “Wait, the roast is done. I was saving that for last. You’ll like it. All the best flavors!”

Ling Xiao saw him starting to get up and said, “I’ll get it. Sit down.”

“You sure?” You XiaoMo looked up at him in surprise.

Elegantly rising up, Ling Xiao walked past him and teasingly ran a finger under his chin, “If I said so, then it’s so.”

You XiaoMo swallowed hard as he felt his heart skip at that glance and voice. But unexpectedly, he felt more so the urge to drool overcome him. Because at this angle, the flickering candlelight highlighted with golden hues the appearance of Ling Xiao’s manly and handsome face. Making the already enchanting and princely looking Ling Xiao seem even more divine and sexier than normal.

You XiaoMo took advantage of the other retreating inside the house to gain back his composure and breath. And just as he had regained it, he immediately lost it. Because to his horror, Ling Xiao walked out with the oven baked roast pan in both his bare hands……..

Delighted at seeing his frightened expression, Ling Xiao’s lips curved upwards as he beamedily asked, “What’s the matter?”

Sharply breathing in, You XiaoMo choked momentarily on his reply that normal people can’t do that. However, to the man who is innately born with powerful natal fires of the gods, this is normal. To Ling Xiao, this is nothing.

Realizing this, You XiaoMo guiltily turned his head away and covered his mouth, murmuring, “Nothing.”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows, innocently saying, "If the wife says so, then the husband will believe.” Calmly putting the pan on the side of the table, and when You XiaoMo made a move to get up and cut it, Ling Xiao once again stopped him abruptly while saying, “You’ve got up and down enough for one day.”

Embarrassed, You XiaoMo surrendered with a slight blush as he stared intently at the center of the table. Suddenly nervous to meet his man’s eyes, as the feeling that overcame him was hard to explain.

It wasn’t like Ling Xiao was inattentive to him or neglected him at all. Just, the cooking and the meal side of things, the man didn’t always help unless asked to or You XiaoMo was seemingly having a difficult time. And by then, Ling Xiao would try to take over in his overbearing ways or ended up being shooed away by You XiaoMo, that or a compromise was usually made.

So such forwardness with this, You XiaoMo didn’t know how to react or handle it yet. It felt nice in a way.

Ling Xiao put some slices on his wife's plate before his own and sat down with a smile. When Ling Xiao tasted the flavors he felt it really was amazing. It was juicy and had the same type of fragrant seasoning that resembled the barbeques but differently delicious.

You XiaoMo watched with wide eyes and a toothy grin as Ling Xiao elegantly chowed down his long prepared meal.

By half past eight at night, over three-fourths of the table was eaten by them. You XiaoMo luckily had enough room left in his belly to try the desserts he made. He looked to Ling Xiao with a glittering expression, and earnestly said, “I’m not much of a baker, but I think it turned out okay, do you want to try one?”

Ling Xiao looked at the desserts that were covered up and yet to be touched, curiously asking, “What is it?” He’s never seen this before.

“That’s the egg tarts.” You XiaoMo happily replied, both his hands and body eagerly leaning forward as he spoke.

Feeling the pressure to try it, Ling Xiao reached out to grab one.

You XiaoMo watched as his man took a simple bite out of the edges. He couldn’t help but bite his lip in anticipation.

Ling Xiao’s eyes lazily shifted to his big and wide orbs, calmly said with a slight smile, “It’s not bad.”

You XiaoMo laughed. He’ll take that.

Chapter Text

After dinner, they moved out to the fire pit Ling Xiao had built earlier. With a simple and lazy flick of his hand, Ling Xiao effortlessly set the fire with a bright and red glory.

On the deck, You XiaoMo blew the candles out as he walked past them with both a blanket and magic bag in hand.

Finding Ling Xiao elegantly sitting down in the wooden loveseat, he squeezed in down next to him, throwing the blanket around them both. It was very cozy while next to the fire, and after having eaten, it almost made You XiaoMo doze off again.

Neighboring the soft crashing waves, the two of them talked for awhile and then also held comfortable silence.

Lowering his head, Ling Xiao hugged You XiaoMo tight and finally asked, “What was it you didn’t want me to see earlier?”

You XiaoMo blinked in surprise. That’s right, he forgot to put it out earlier. He was so busy and wanting to hide it that he forgot he put it out-of-sight and into his dimension. He really is getting pregnancy brain like Ling Xiao said…..

Wiggling to sit upright, the blanket fell around his waist as You XiaoMo opened his hands and a bowl of cookies appeared in them.

Ling Xiao leaned over and looked surprised, “You made these?”

You XiaoMo nodded, turning at an angle to face him properly, “These are fortune cookies. If you crack it open, inside there are random fortunes given.”

Ling Xiao smirked, reaching out to pick one up, and inspecting it while he asked pointedly, “But you wrote them? Are you a fortune teller now?” He had saw the paper and pen earlier.

Touching his nose, You XiaoMo blushed and looked a little guilty, “No, no, I’m not, but.. who else is going to do it? Plus, it’s just a fun thing. If you don’t want it then it’s fine....” He reached out to take the cookie out of his hand. Feeling embarrassed. He shouldn't have been nice to him.

Ling Xiao pulled it out of his reach. How could he let him take it back? No way. He smiled before winking at him, “Who said I didn’t want it? Let me open, I want to know my fortune.”

You XiaoMo hastily shouted the disclaimer, “I could only write down the ones I remembered….” Then pursed his lips as he watched on anxiously.

Breaking the cookie in the center, Ling Xiao unraveled the piece of paper and his lips curled up lazily, “Your shoes will make you happy today. Hmm, will they now?”

Ling Xiao had to hold back the urge to break out into laughter. Because right now his wife’s face was looking vulnerable and so cutely puffed up with a slight flush. He happily reached for another cookie and threw the cookie bits behind him without another thought.

You XiaoMo made a wrongful cry, watching with sad eyes as his hard work disappeared somewhere into the sand. With a piteous expression he looked at the evil man with an angry glower, lecturing him, “You are supposed to eat the cookie too!”

Suddenly, Ling Xiao lifted his chin and gave a charming grin, “My bad. You didn’t say!” Innocently dodging the blame with ease and tossing a cookie into his mouth with a *crunch crunch* sound following after it.

You XiaoMo gaped, it’s his fault? It was clearly labeled as a cookie.

Wealth awaits you very soon.” Ling Xiao read out loud, his eyes held mischievousness as he looked meaningfully at You XiaoMo, “I believe this is the one you want.”

You XiaoMo burst out laughing, shaking his head in astonishment. So silly. At least the man seemed to be having fun.

After letting his silly man have his fun, You XiaoMo finally drummed up the courage to give him the special cookie. Taking it from his dimension, his hands felt sweaty as he laid it out flat on his palm, presenting it to Ling Xiao and meekly saying, “Here, read this one.”

“Oh?” Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him, taking the cookie and unceremoniously breaking it, “Is this one special?”

You XiaoMo rubbed his hands together nervously before faintly admitting, “Maybe…...” His eyes intense as he watched Ling Xiao read it silently.

A smile seeped into Ling Xiao’s eyes as he slowly looked at You XiaoMo, elegantly asking, “Did you also remember this one?”

With his hands tightly to his chest, You XiaoMo bit his lip and shook his head.

Ling Xiao smiled devilishly, beaming as he recited the words without looking at the paper, “I love you for all that you are and for all that you have been and for all that you have yet to be.”

You XiaoMo felt his face heat up, suddenly so glad for the nighttime sky to cover up the majority of his blush.

Wanting to minus the distance between them, Ling Xiao seized his waist tightly as he whispered into You XiaoMo’s ear, “Do you know what words like that do to me?”

You XiaoMo shivered at his low voice, he couldn’t control his heart from rampaging. It went thump, thump, thump violently. He was so done now, his body was already brimming with yearning, willing… and all Ling Xiao had to do was make a move….

You XiaoMo’s face was one of growing allure as he dazedly said a “Ha?” sound before Ling Xiao’s handsome face was magnified in front of him. While You XiaoMo’s mouth was still open, Ling Xiao quickly picked up those pink, soft lips.

Reaching out to hold his head tightly, Ling Xiao’s tongue easily infiltrated into You XiaoMo’s mouth with an undeniable strength. But it was not a rough movement, as he locked his tongue onto You XiaoMo’s and kissed him both passionately and lovingly. The hand around his waist moved to maneuver and drag him into his lap.

You XiaoMo has no choice but to open his two legs and sit on Ling Xiao’s body in a straddling position. Once he did, his body went stiff as he could feel the sleeping monster down there, that of which was previously in hibernation was rapidly waking up right now. Its shape under the clothes was clearly felt as it hardened and its heat was rising, burning up. So much so, it seeped through to make him shiver at the sensation.

Ling Xiao’s tongue licked every corner of You XiaoMo’s mouth, and only when his face started going red from lack of oxygen did Ling Xiao let him go.

“We... can’t.... Outside. Fire-fireworks.” You XiaoMo’s words were disjointed and faltering, shaking his head away from the man’s persistent lips, panting for breath. Feeling his own desire on the rise below, You XiaoMo panicked and put his hand against Ling Xiao’s chest, but all that he felt was an unbearable heat that made him want to remove his hands away.

“No one is around but us my love. We have time before midnight.” Ling Xiao licked at his parted lips and laughed as he spoke.

This good-for-nothing You XiaoMo went all mushy in his legs, his nose was filled with Ling Xiao’s smell, a mature and enticing smell of male pheromones, that of which seduced him unceasingly as well as that mind-numbing kiss. The flavor of him was still in his mouth as he gasped and swallowed, feeling Ling Xiao’s hand abruptly go under his pants, stroking over his bottom and edging between his cheeks…..

You XiaoMo quickly captured that hand, stammeringly said, “But, but, but…”

“Yes, I love your squishy butt.” Ling Xiao shook his hand free, bent his head down and buried it into You XiaoMo’s neck while he slightly let out a lustful laugh. The warm breath exhaled on his neck was so hot that You XiaoMo couldn’t help but curl up and tremble a little bit.

You XiaoMo was stifled as the color red had taken his complexion, feeling Ling Xiao’s hand continue it’s warpath and stroking his sensitive opening…

“Unngh” You XiaoMo moaned wrapped his arm around Ling Xiao neck, twitching as his body had turned into jelly under Ling Xiao’s unrelenting teasing, he whimpered, “You’re so depraved…”

“It’s my wife’s fault for confessing to me.” Ling Xiao darkly said as he kissed up his neck. His fingertips finally piercing into that warmth, tightness. When his wife jumped up slightly, he took the opportunity to lower his pants to uncover his behind.

You XiaoMo felt his ass suddenly exposed to the air and gasped, shoving his face into Ling Xiao’s shoulder heavily. That hand inside him was on the move immediately. It was slowly feeling around and then soon a second finger was added, leaving him shivering and gasping at the attention. It didn’t last long though, as within a couple of minutes Ling Xiao removed his accursed fingers and started undressing You XiaoMo under the moon and firelight.

You XiaoMo submissively let the man undress him, shirt going over his head and arms falling through the sleeves as it left his body. When Ling Xiao saw the pink two chest points he grew a lustful look in his dark eyes. He held You XiaoMo’s back in place as he leaned forward with a mission.

You XiaoMo’s eyes widened with panic, he saw Ling Xiao’s face move down over his chest and then felt the hot breath hit his chest and shouted, “Wait! Wait, wait..” But it was too late, as Ling Xiao’s lips were already covering a sensitive nub and giving it a loud, sucking kiss. Thus, making 'tut' sound that could be heard alongside You XiaoMo’s loud cry in the night beach’s sky.

It was as if electricity went through him. Sweet pleasure and arousing pain intermittent together. You XiaoMo pushed weakly on Ling Xiao’s shoulders, the feeling of wanting to flee and yet take more overcame him simultaneously. He whimpered and begged out, “Please, please.”

Ling Xiao lewdly and slowly licked around the erect pink nub. This month, he noticed the area had become even darker, increasing in its diameter, as well as oftenly more erect easier. He’s been purposely avoiding teasing him there but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t at all.

“Please what?” Ling Xiao spoke in a smiling and thick-with-love tone.

You XiaoMo gasped and trembled under his iron hold, “Gentle. Please be gentle…”

“I am.” Ling Xiao lightly laughed, sending another lick around the area before covering it again and sucking gently. His other hand was not being idle either, moving up to massage and play with the other pink petal.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help his body from twitching and crying out uncontrollably, his arms were forced to hold Ling Xiao tightly. He felt hot stinging tears filling his vision and he made a choked sob. It was so intense! He couldn’t even feel his legs anymore, they had fully weakened and went numb on him.

Knowing he couldn’t take it any longer, and even though he was being rather gentle compared to his usual, Ling Xiao stopped his kissing, sucking and licking actions. Reaching up to kiss the quivering lips, his hand carded through his wife’s hair and messed it up debauchedly. When he felt the person was on verge of losing breath he released his lips and removed his own robe.

You XiaoMo watched on in a daze as he caught his breath. Looking at the lightly honey-colored skin and that sexy, firm chest being revealed before his eyes, his face grew even hotter. Lips parting at the expanse of strong muscles and perfect contours that were exposed along with it.

Ling Xiao held You XiaoMo’s waist tightly as he abruptly stood up with him. You XiaoMo’s face was confused as he felt his legs glide down to the sandy floor, and yet they were never really touching the sun warmed grains. His thin maternity pants were being fully removed and soon pooling at the ground. The next second his world’s view is being shifted as he’s being rotated around to face the crashing water. Feeling his bare back touching Ling Xiao’s chest before being pulled and brought backwards, forced to sit down on Ling Xiao’s naked legs and crotch area.

You XiaoMo felt the hot and hardness poking his thigh. It made him want to jump but he had no strength to do so. His face was suddenly pulled over and he saw Ling Xiao’s handsome face over his shoulder looking down at him.

Ling Xiao held his chin and roguishly grinned, his voice low as he slowly spit out, “This way you get an ocean view.”

As he said so, he put You XiaoMo’s thin and snow-white legs over his forearms, tucking his hands underneath his knees. Hooking them up so that the little white toes pointed directly towards the glittering stars above. You XiaoMo’s lithe back landed to rest on Ling Xiao’s strong and sturdy chest, feeling the rhythmic and rapid intaking of breaths from behind him.

You XiaoMo felt one of Ling Xiao’s arms leave his legs while the other went to wrap underneath his behind. A hot and velvety texture suddenly was pressed up against his quivering entrance. He took a deep breath as he felt Ling Xiao squeeze the tip inside, the slow stretching sensation made him moan wantonly.

When the tip was just sitting inside and he was still hovering in the air, Ling Xiao’s hand went back to each hold a leg firmly. You XiaoMo’s body was then slowly being cradled and pushed down. Body forced to hold that raging manhood to the extreme.

You XiaoMo took deep breaths as he willed his body to relax, head lulling back to rest on Ling Xiao’s shoulder. When Ling Xiao sat fully seated, he buried his head in You XiaoMo’s neck and kissed his neck tenderly. After letting him adapt a bit, he wordlessly started moving, raising his legs up and slowly feeling his member withdraw from that tight heat.

You XiaoMo felt like every limb, every organ and his blood was set on fire. It was slow burn at first and after five or so steady pumps into his body, Ling Xiao’s length started to advance with a fierceness to it.

His snow-white skin was dyed with a flush color while You XiaoMo found both of his legs made a very promiscuous and explicit scene. The ocean had a front wide view as his bottom continuously swallowed a haunting giant and he was riding Ling Xiao in a lustful daze.

Because of You XiaoMo’s body movement as he constantly went up and down, rising and falling on that proud symbol of desire, the distinctive ‘pa pa’ sound of their skin slapping and touching briefly together made a certain rhythm.

The intermittent sounds of their woven passion, sparked from the physical and emotional resonance of their bodies being intimately connected together stormily created a well known orchestra. A symphony of every tangled: breath, gasp, moan, groan, and creak from the wooden chair that was forced to hold their violent friction.

That of which was constantly being threatened to be drowned out by the waves as they crashed wildly in front of them. However, it was no match for the married couple, as the lovemaking and affection they set for each other was proving to be even more intense than nature’s ocean.

The arousing pleasure was building higher and higher, like a crashing and roaring tide that swept over him blissfully. The rate so alarming and yet so wonderful.

“Nggggghhhh…” You XiaoMo’s clenched teeth couldn’t hold back the loud moan any longer as he gasped out in disarray. Every other sit down was in a particular depth, provoking the nerves so ecstatically, hitting him in the most deepest, and sensitive spots.

Ling Xiao’s ears were taking in the musical melody of his wife’s sweet gasping and loud, broken off moans joyously. He promptly lowered his head to gnaw on his slender and tender neck, each bite leaving a deep and bruising kiss mark.

You XiaoMo doesn’t know how long it has been but his hands curl tightly around the big man’s arms that are holding his legs. He reactively squeezes and grabs at him fiercely as he felt that part of him crescendoing. You XiaoMo felt his go dry as the tide crashed inside him, making him scream as his lower part felt on fire, his body tensing and spasming before his translucent liquid sprayed out on his waist.

Right at that moment, Ling Xiao’s eyes of desire grow deeper in affection. Smothering a groan as that tightness and warmth increased around his manhood and he continued to piston and plunge with savage action and thirst.

After a while, You XiaoMo felt Ling Xiao’s arms around him tighten, and the next moment, as his body continued to go up and down, hair whipping his cheeks and neck, a burning and scalding heat with a shooting pressure filled him from within. You XiaoMo’s eyelashes fluttered rapidly at the sensations that overcame him, it all made him feel like he was melting as a certain place that was containing something still shuddering subconsciously tightened even more.

At the same time, Ling Xiao’s deep voice made a low hum next to his ear, the hot puffs of breath tickling his neck and making him tremble.

You XiaoMo, once he started coming down from that amorous high, realized his….. position. Two little legs spread out wide, naked, facing an open ocean, sticky with liquids from both outside and inside, his body still visibly and intimately connected to Ling Xiao’s…….

Such shame and boldness!

“Get out. Let’s go wash up in the dimension.” You XiaoMo tiredly and breathlessly spit out in a slightly hoarse voice. Too much calling out. His throat was on fire and so, so very dry…. He weakly tapped on Ling Xiao’s hands wrapped around his ankles for added measure.

Ling Xiao’s eyes of desire were yet to fade as he bit at earlobe, saying in a super sexy and low voice, “Well, wait a minute.”

Yanking his now wet ear away and hearing him say so, You XiaoMo turned supercilious, side glancing at the happy looking man who still held an inherently depraved aura to him. He suspected if he didn’t speak up, that he would have continued thrusting inside him very soon, as he felt that Ling Xiao’s manhood inside him was growing in size, displaying the signs of instant recovery. Because as always, Ling Xiao’s member was overly vigorous and easily revved up, and his man had perfect stamina and resolve.

After being lifted off the still pronounced member, You XiaoMo sat gingerly on the man’s lap and they both went into his dimension.

Thirty minutes later they were exiting You XiaoMo’s dimension, both wearing new and freshly cleaned clothing with no signs of their previous love session.

This time though, instead of adoration, You XiaoMo was looking resentfully at Ling Xiao. Pushing off his body to land on his bare feet, toes burying into the sand as he slinked towards one of the singular chairs and sat down. It was already almost eleven at night, and he was tired, then now after all that sexual exercise, he was hurting.

Ling Xiao lazily watched him, then when he saw his wife turn around with his back to him, he raised his eyebrows and amusement shined dimly in his eyes.

Bending over to pick up their discarded clothing from earlier, Ling Xiao made a pile into his arms before sending it into his dimension to deal with later. He sat down in his previous seat from earlier and reached out to pick up one of the fortune cookies from the bowl. Ling Xiao fiddled gingerly and playfully with it between his fingers before he lazily glanced again at his mad wife, nonchalantly saying, “You know, these cookies were delicious.”

With sharp eyes, Ling Xiao watched his back stiffen at his words and a sly smile twitched at the corners of his lips, he then continued on with a languidness to his rich voice, “It was also a lot of fun to open them. What was their name again?”

His open question was met with silence on their private beach, and seeing as his wife’s arms continued to tighten around himself, Ling Xiao spoke with a tone of complete confidence, “Ah, chance cookies. That’s right!”

Trembling with the effort to keep his mouth shut, You XiaoMo finally broke his silence to shout at the skies, “Fortune cookies! Bastard, they are fortune cookies, but you knew this.”

Like You XiaoMo could believe the great Ling Xiao could ever forget something. He was certainly doing this on purpose!

“Oh, yes, that’s right. Thank you, my wife, your husband is very thankful.” Ling Xiao’s smiling voice carried an elegance and charming tune to it as beamed at his adorably pouty wife.

However, You XiaoMo was not being swayed. At least...not by a whole lot….

“Here, let husband give you a massage.” Ling Xiao gently said and slowly walked toward him.

“Don’t need it.” You XiaoMo hurried to spit out. Once again stiffening up, staring fixedly at the flickering firelight on the white sand.

Ling Xiao sighed, watching him carefully as he said with arms held up helplessly, “Do you really want to light the fireworks on this mood? Tell me what’s wrong. Come on. Cheer up.”

You XiaoMo turned his angry and fierce glare at the tall man near him, “Cheer up? Cheer up? You ruined the night!” He deftly regretted giving him such an affectionate token, if every time he was rewarded like this...the next time he’ll just keep his mouth shut.

Ling Xiao had a laughing smile in his eyes as he calmly asked back, “How did I ruin it? Everything is fine, see.” He signaled to the beach and ocean, and even the cabin behind them.

You XiaoMo just stared at him.

Ling Xiao stared back, face blanketed the epitome of calm. After a minute, he was the first to surrender while declaring in a warm voice, “Lady, you’re overreacting.”

You XiaoMo just gawked at him. That’s the message he wanted to say?

Ling Xiao acted as if he didn’t see his reaction and moved to stand in front of him, squating down he held both sides of the chair’s arms, blocking off You XiaoMo’s exit.

“Now, do you want to talk?” Ling Xiao gently asked as he slightly narrowed his eyes at him.

You XiaoMo felt his insides quiver at that gentle tone. He’s so used to that tone being used either way; he could be angry or soft…… and You XiaoMo wasn’t sure which he was right now. Then seeing such profound and unfathomable eyes staring at him so intently, it made his resolve and anger waver.

Noticing him hesitate, Ling Xiao saw the way his muscles released some of his tension along his shoulders, but he didn’t have it in him to wait any longer, so he urged him, “Say it!”

You XiaoMo had a conflicted expression as he unwillingly said, “You made me hurt.”

Not expecting that answer, Ling Xiao’s eyebrows went up in genuine surprise, looking him up and down before asking, “I hurt you?”

Watching his expression, You XiaoMo lowered his head, his heartbreaking at the sincerity in Ling Xiao’s voice. Instantly he felt he had maybe overreacted, damn his pregnancy hormones.

Ling Xiao misunderstood his reaction and reached out to hold his face, lifting up his chin and waiting until he caught his eyeline to say, “Tell me.”

He was confused, as he had thought You XiaoMo was enjoying it earlier, all of his body language and signs were pointing towards pleasure. Ling Xiao’s well used to his wife’s reactions and body. Sometimes they go past his wife’s limits of endurance but nothing in the terms of making him feel pain during their acts of love.

Frightened he got the wrong idea, You XiaoMo adamantly shook his head and quietly said, “It wasn’t that. That ligament pain is back and it’s because of that. So now I just want to go to bed already.” There went all his planning and excitement.

Ling Xiao had to hold back the urge to laugh. It was only this matter? He had him thinking it was something serious. Although, thinking of his earlier manner he didn’t dare laugh in front of him right now. He was smart enough to not tempt his pregnant wife - who was so on the flip of a coin with his emotional state.

Inwardly relieved, Ling Xiao leaned forward, pressing his nose to his and rubbing it intimately, while speaking in a smiling voice, “Lady, I understand. I will make you feel better, I promise.”

Blushing, You XiaoMo put a hand to the man’s chest and looked at him doubtfully.

Ling Xiao pulled back to wink at him, “Trust me.”

And as he said the words, he got up and went towards the inside of their house, leaving a confused You XiaoMo sitting there alone. A minute later, the man walked out with an arm full of blankets and a pillow hanging underneath his other arm.

You XiaoMo watched as Ling Xiao placed the blankets in an unused chair before grabbing the blanket on top and laying it across the sandy ground, followed by the pillow he brought out. The next second the man is standing in front of him, a beaming smile on his handsomely enchanting features as he bent over and picked him up.

You XiaoMo wordlessly watched as the world tilted and elevated in view, followed by forward moment as he was carried to the spot on the blanket and laid on top of it gently. He feels his cheeks softly regain that peachy color at all this attentiveness and care, not to mention his pulse rising. The rest of the blankets followed suit to join the floor as one is thrown on top of him, resting high up to cover his chest.

Having done his part, Ling Xiao laid down next to him, his head resting on his hand as he looked him with a smirk. The other hand was not idle either, sliding under the blankets and clothing to rub at You XiaoMo’s hips like earlier before in the day.

Startled slightly at the skin on skin contact, You XiaoMo gasps but instantly melts into softness, a soft moan slips past his partially opened lips.

After a minute, Ling Xiao saw and felt the tenseness ease from his body and lazily asked, “Feeling any better?”

You XiaoMo unconsciously nodded his head slowly, drawing in a stuttering breath at the good sensations numbing his mind. He had to quickly swallow his pooling saliva in his mouth just to make sure he didn’t do a shameful thing like drool openly.

Ling Xiao smiled, his eyes turning into slits, “Good.”

You XiaoMo rested his hands on his belly as his eyes fell heavy, making his eyelashes flutter on his delicate and blissful face.

Chuckling, Ling Xiao abruptly removed his caressing hand on him and moved to stand up, walking to grab the magic bag with the firecrackers in it.

You XiaoMo’s eyes jolt open at the loss pleasure, in his bearily daze he blankly huffed, “Ha?” He just wanted that hand back where it was, damnit!

Ignoring his wife’s yearning and pouting expression, Ling Xiao cross past him and approached the shoreline that was a decent distance away from their lounging spot. He deftly plants the fireworks box and the line of firecrackers down alongside it, choosing to not use the wire string that was meant for safety insurances. Who needed such things? He didn’t!

When he was back at You XiaoMo’s side, his wife was already leaning up on his arms on top of the blanket. Taking his rightful spot at his side, Ling Xiao sat down cross-legged before reaching out and putting his hands under his wife’s armpits, smoothly lifting him up with the blanket and all into his awaiting lap. Smiling, he leaned in close to hear ear to whisper, “My wife, you ready for it?”

Gripping the strong arm around him, You XiaoMo is showing a toothy and happy smile, nodding his head excitedly while wiggling deeper into Ling Xiao’s embrace.

Getting a positive response and answer, Ling Xiao’s lips curled up with smug look of satisfaction and fluidly snapped his fingers. A small wisp of a flame is magically lit up near the fireworks box, setting off the multiple small rockets compacted inside. Instantly, the black sky is filled with a soaring missile of wispy light.

You XiaoMo’s big and wide eyes watched intently as the small light suddenly burst into a flowery boom of thousands upon thousands of glittering cinders. Excited, he hugged onto Ling Xiao’s arms that were wrapped comfortably around him and his baby bump. His mood is suddenly very free and light.

Ling Xiao hummed lightly, embracing him even closer and saying, “Are you happy?”

You XiaoMo watched the second firework set off and distractedly looked over his shoulder, to answer the other man but no words flowed out. He was momentarily taken aback, as the sky lit up to paint them in an indescribable atmospheric presence, he had to swallow hard as the boom set off to breathlessly reply, “I am.”

“You’re missing the show.” Ling Xiao rested his chin on his shoulder, squinting, hot breath splayed on his neck.

You XiaoMo flushed as he turned back to face the glittering and shimmering light filling the sky. The boom was loud but not deafening. A thought hit him as he watched the third rocket fly, side glancing at the man and asking, “Is the sound okay for the baby?”

Ling Xiao looked briefly down at his stomach that they both were holding and returned his line of sight back to him, easily answering with a calm tone, “He’s fine.” These levels of soundwaves and concessional blasts were nothing to their baby who was well protected inside his momma.

Believing him, You XiaoMo no longer worried about it affecting their child and aimed to enjoy the small light show. When the box was finished and used, he looked expectantly towards Ling Xiao. The man smiled at him until his eyes were slits and again snapped his fingers. Lighting and setting off the roll of small firecrackers lined up, setting miniature bursts of illumination and percussive noise across the sandy beach.

You XiaoMo jolted slightly with each noise, observing the ashy mess they were making with a smile on his bright face. After it had died down, and once again, only the waves sounded, he looked at Ling Xiao in adoration and gratefully said, “Thank you.”

Finished speaking, You XiaoMo lifted his hand up and touched the side of Ling Xiao’s face, straightening his back up and rising up to give him a kiss.

Ling Xiao smirked as he received the kiss bluntly, his own hands going to cup his neck in place.

After the show, Ling Xiao picked up and carried You XiaoMo inside the house and toward the bed. While he temporarily rested, Ling Xiao started him a warm bath to help settle his wife’s muscles.

When it was well past one in the morning, a freshly warm and bathed You XiaoMo with damp hair was rested in bed with an equally cleaned Ling Xiao to finally sleep.

Chapter Text

A week went by…

You XiaoMo had just woken up while Ling Xiao had long already been awake and was in the living room.

In the bedroom, You XiaoMo was taking off his nightshirt to change into his day clothes when he stopped to stare down at himself.

He frowned as he poked at his chest in a sad demeanor. It happened almost overnight, his very flat chest felt and looked like water was suddenly injected into him, specifically those two spots on his front, those of which had started to swell up in size…....

The funny thought of a bee stinging him twice and thus giving him an allergic reaction on his breasts was the best and most accurate comparison he could provide.

They were almost painful at times now, especially leading up to them swelling, not to mention feeling tender to the touch. He wondered if the discomfort was normal or if because he was a man that the growing of sudden breasts that his body didn’t know how to react… His mind sure didn’t!

You XiaoMo touched either side gingerly within his palms. Thankfully weren’t that large, maybe close to the length of a fingernail in size right now, but near the bottom, it was closer to two as it dipped. Sighing, he had a strong premonition that they would only get bigger.

If he had natural toned pectoral muscles of a strong contoured chest, this might’ve not looked so odd to him. But seeing as he’s ordinarily flat as a pancake, it was an odd thing to watch happen.

At least in this week, his morning sickness had lightened up considerably. He still had aversions to food and some things would trigger nausea still. But seeing as they had to light fewer aroma candles to deter his morning sickness, he was happy with this progress. Although that didn’t mean they stopped completely, as they were a comforting smell to him.

The third change of the week was a predictable one as his stomach also grew in size some. No longer was it only at his lower abdomen but his upper had finally started to extend with it, giving it an overall smoother and round appearance. It was probably well over a couple of inches off his hips now.

You XiaoMo’s been resting all week, venturing around the beach and playing around in the water with Ling Xiao, but today he wanted to do other things.

Throwing on a white short sleeve with blue trimmings shirt and blue knee shorts, he went into the living room area. Walking in, he saw Ling Xiao sitting cross-legged and with eyes closed on the couch mediating.

Not wanting to bother him, You XiaoMo silently went towards the kitchen.

Ling Xiao cracked open an eye, his lazy voice slowly sounding, “You’re up early.”

Looking at him, You XiaoMo rubbed his belly and kept going while he laughed, “I felt awake. Did you already eat?”

Ling Xiao faintly smiled, “No, but you don’t have to worry about me.”

“I want an omelet!” You XiaoMo happily chimed as he had just started suddenly craving the dish, “I’ll make you some too.”

As he said the words, he was already reaching towards the pans in the cabinet and then taking out the eggs from the dimension to start cracking.

Twenty minutes later, two different sized plates were prepared on the cleanly kept kitchen counter.

Having already heard the sounds of his wife’s cooking coming to a halt, Ling Xiao came in to join beside him while starting a pot of tea.

You XiaoMo put the chopsticks on the plates before happily taking them to the table, feeling the porcelain touch the wood, he turned around to get a pitcher of water before pulling out a chair and sitting down.

Ling Xiao brought the teapot and their cups over, sitting down across him with a slight smile.

You XiaoMo hastily reached over and started to pour himself a cup of water. Having felt very parched out of nowhere.

When he was finished eating, You XiaoMo put his and Ling Xiao’s plate in the sink for later to deal with and went refill his water again.

Ling Xiao put his chin in hand and smilingly looked at him, eyes curving as he said, “Lady, congratulations.”

You XiaoMo blinked and put down his cup, wiping his lips before confusedly asking, “What?”

“You’re now fourteen weeks, goodbye first trimester and welcome to the second!” Ling Xiao smiled and said meaningfully. This is the time he’s been eagerly awaiting.

You XiaoMo suddenly realized he was right. It kind of slipped his mind totally. He’s just been having such a nice and relaxing time here, he’s kind of forgot a lot of things actually and just been purely destressing.

Ling Xiao saw that he had forgotten and laughed, getting up to embrace him in his arms. He leaned in to smell his wife’s luscious and silky hair, it was tied back right now but with his hormones, it’s been gradually growing slightly more than usual.

You XiaoMo hugged him back, wrapping his arms around his waist. After a minute of comfortable embracement, You XiaoMo pushed on his chest some and said, “I wanted to go out today. I feel stiff from always taking it easy. So I wanted to go for a run!”

“A run?” Ling Xiao gently smiled and rubbed his head, “I’ll join you.”

You XiaoMo nodded and smiled back, turning to eagerly go retrieve his boots from their bedroom.

“Make sure you wear that lotion.” Ling Xiao called after him in an unhurried manner.

You XiaoMo knew what he meant, his skin had been feeling tingly lately under the sun, and so he finally had to start wearing this world’s version of sunblock. Luckily he bought some when they were in town a long time ago. Preemptively buying it in preparation after having read in their pregnancy books about how he could burn up easily.

He took his prenatal at the same time as taking out the lotion from his dimension. While in front of the dry vanity mirror, he rubbed it all over his exposed skin. When You XiaoMo went into the living room again, Ling Xiao had just reappeared in front of him from his pocket dimension.

“What were you doing?” You XiaoMo asked curiously, looking at the man who was also dressed lightly like himself. Minus the shorts, like he was wearing, Ling Xiao also didn’t wear any outer robes here and wore his fitted sleeves.

Then again, practitioners were more resilient to weather as their physiques were what they trained. So Ling Xiao could go shirtless or wear winter attire for hours, days, months, and years and You XiaoMo would assume he’d probably be fine under the blaring sun.

Ling Xiao glanced at him and replied, “Getting you some water prepared and ready.”

You XiaoMo made a ‘oh’ shape with his mouth. That was a good idea. Then walking up to the tall and slender man, he eagerly said, “Let’s go!”

Taking advantage of his positioning, Ling Xiao slapped his wife’s voluptuous bottom as he walked by him, smilingly saying, “Aye, aye, wife!”

You XiaoMo’s steps momentarily faltered as he looked back at him with wide eyes. Which made Ling Xiao’s smiling and aloof face gain an even brighter sparkle.

Once they made it down the deck steps and into the sandy beach, You XiaoMo turned towards the other man and predictably asked, “Which direction should we go in?”

“If we go north from here, up that way, it will be fewer bends and turns.” Ling Xiao explained with a flick of his hand while his eyes glanced up at the sun real quick.

“Let’s go that way then.” You XiaoMo bounced up and down excitedly.

Ling Xiao squinted at him and laughed, “Eager little wife.”

You XiaoMo made a harrumph noise and swiveled on his toes to start running without him.

Ling Xiao’s lips curved slowly at watching his retreating back, then in a flash, he was already matching him.

They didn’t go too fast nor to slow. Starting at revved-up pace as they ran across the beach. Luckily, because it was still early in the day, the sunlight was not at its peak heat yet, so it wasn’t too warm out.

You XiaoMo was constantly side glancing at Ling Xiao beside him, the man made everything look easy and effortless. In the distance, he could hear the faint sounds of birds flying away at their oncoming approach and the roaring of wicked beasts hiding in the greenery. He didn’t have any fear of them though, not with Ling Xiao around, plus, as a high-level mage, he could certainly take care of himself.

When they were passing the two-hour mark of straight non-stop running, Ling Xiao finally stopped his steps to a slow halt, that of which prompted You XiaoMo to do the same. Except for being just slightly out of breath, You XiaoMo was feeling just fine and dandy.

“What?” You XiaoMo breathlessly asked, stopping and turning around to look at him curiously.

Ling Xiao surveyed the location around them before slowly shifting his attention to You XiaoMo and decisively declared, “We’re taking a break.”

You XiaoMo opened his mouth to protest, but Ling Xiao suddenly narrowed his eyes at him, deftly silencing any resistance. And so You XiaoMo obediently followed Ling Xiao as he bossingly signaled, walking off the beach and into the shaded tree line with him.

You XiaoMo found an old and broken tree that had been knocked to ungracefully sit on. It was so high and tall though, that when he sat on it, his feet dangled off the ground. He looked up and saw Ling Xiao was already handing him a vessel container of bottled water.

After drinking half of it, he looked leisurely scanned around them. This area seemed to be highly dense in tree cover, no light appeared to be able to pierce down it. It covered the location in a very bleak and muted darkness even for the daytime.

Corking the bottle and placing it in his lap, You XiaoMo leaned back on his hands and moved his gaze to look at Ling Xiao’s profile. His manner was indifferent, and those cold features looked even more handsomely refined in the shadows.

Ling Xiao caught his blatant stare and inclined his head to blink at him. Causing the person who was caught to retrieve their gaze and look to somewhere else.

Looking out at the ocean view, You XiaoMo blurted out without thinking, “Where are the fishermen?”

He had yet to see any thus far.

“The population on this side is too thin. If we go higher a few hundred miles, you’ll see some.” Ling Xiao answered and then pointed to his drink, “Finish that.”

You XiaoMo pouted and lifted the bottle up again to do as told. When he finished, he smacked his lips to ask, “Do you think there is any shrimp nearby?”

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow at him, and calmly berated him, “Yes, of course. Idiot, this is the ocean.”

You XiaoMo ignored the mockery and insult, carrying on to hesitatingly ask, “Do you think we can get some?”

“I thought you couldn’t handle seafood anymore.” Ling Xiao gave him a profound look while grinning, having raised the corners of his lips into a slight smile.

You XiaoMo shrugged, “Today I kind of wanted to add shrimp to the omelet and the idea didn’t repulse me. So, I wanted to try it is all.”

Ling Xiao casually informed him, “Then we can pick some up, however, if we go, you’re not running back home.”

You XiaoMo looked stunned and immediately countered, “Why?”

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes at him and gave him a ridiculing look as if he was an idiot, “Do I really have to explain it?”

Feeling the pressure of his contemptuous attitude, You XiaoMo pursed his lips hard and thought about it. He supposed he was talking about the heat maybe, but he honestly didn’t feel tired right now.

Seeing his low IQ wife stumble over the most obvious things, Ling Xiao sighed with exaggerated regret, then gently warned him, “Don’t come crying to me when you feel pain.”

You XiaoMo pouted and rubbed his little baby-bump of a tummy. Thinking to their unborn baby, ‘don’t worry Little Gem, daddy isn’t always this mean.

Resting for thirty minutes and reapplying his sun lotion, You XiaoMo shuffled off the tree before stating he had to go to the bathroom and went deeper into the trees.

When he came back to Ling Xiao at the tree line edge, the man was leaning up against a large and solid palm tree. He lazily glanced over at him as he approached and kicked off the tree, asking, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s sweltering back there. No breeze at all.” You XiaoMo was waving his hand in front of his face, he could feel sweat dripping through his hair and down his neck.

“Here, have this.” Ling Xiao said, and at the same time, flipped his hand over and a white fan with purple patterns instantly appeared.

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up happily and smiled gratefully as he reached and took the object. Immediately unraveling it and quickly fanning himself off while standing next to Ling Xiao.

Ahhhh, so good.” You XiaoMo lazily murmured. He could feel the sweat already drying on his brows.

After a long silence, Ling Xiao suggested, “How about this, you and I go back to our cabin, eat and cool off. I’ll go get the food, then by dinner you can have your shrimp.”

“....Okay.” You XiaoMo hesitatingly agreed after thinking it over for a second. His bangs were flying wildly and whipping across his face as he continued to flick the fan back and forth. Although, he did kind of wanted to go with him, he realized that meant he’d have to walk by the fish market. And his stomach probably couldn’t handle that… He shivered inwardly at the thought of it.

Having decided on a plan, the two of them turned around and went back in the direction of home. You XiaoMo managed to run the halfway mark before his footsteps eventually slowed down, pausing to use his soul power to encase his body and keep the sun’s heat waves out.

Without Ling Xiao’s proding, You XiaoMo took himself into the tree line this time, sitting down on the sand blanketed by the shade and using the fan he was given earlier again.

“Here.” Ling Xiao smiled and bent over to offer him another water.

You XiaoMo took the water and drank greedily. When half of the container was emptied, he touched his belly bump while kicking his legs out, stretching his feet and asking in a miserable manner, “Why is it so hot today?”

Ling Xiao’s eyes sparkled with delight, lightly mocking him, “Today is no different than any other day. You’re just up before usual and actually moving around.”

You XiaoMo blushed with embarrassment. He guessed he never paid attention to the weather, he usually took his time getting ready inside before going out.

After reading for fifteen minutes he was finally feeling cool enough and tried to stand up. Before he could put pressure on his left leg, Ling Xiao’s hand had already went down to grab his arm, smoothly lifting him up to his feet.

You XiaoMo glanced down and rubbed his belly, grumpily complaining, “I can actually feel myself getting bigger every time I drink.”

“You think too much.” Ling Xiao indifferently replied already strolling down the beach.

Pouting, a fatter feeling You XiaoMo followed behind him. This time though, he just maintained and matched Ling Xiao’s leisurely pace. When he caught up, he grabbed the man’s hand wordlessly and continued to fan himself off periodically with the other.

After a while, You XiaoMo spotted something near him and let go of Ling Xiao’s hand, and wobbly ran with his heels digging into the unbalanced sand to pick it up.

Standing where he was left alone, Ling Xiao’s voice held a mirth has he curiously asked, “What did you find now?”

You XiaoMo straighten his back and dusted the sand off the item, waving it excitedly at Ling Xiao for show, “A dried out starfish. It will go great in that centerpiece bowl I’m making.”

Besides decorating the cabin randomly, You XiaoMo was also making special little memorabilia glass-like bowl to take home and put in their room. It had sand at the bottom with randomly sized seashells inside. The others he made were already around the cabin and placed with a candle in the center to decorate.

You XiaoMo brought it to Ling Xiao, the man took it and inspected it while saying, “It will look good.”

The smile he got in reply from his wife was as broad and bright as the sun.

Upon entering their cabin’s double doors, You XiaoMo went straight to the couch, laying on his back and plopping his feet up high on the throw pillows. A deep sigh escaping his parted lips as he rubbed at his hips. They were feeling so stretched and uncomfortable.

Ling Xiao chuckled lightly at him before going into the kitchen and fixing himself some tea and water for his lounging wife.

You XiaoMo softly yelled out, “Will you cut me some cucumbers? It’s in the pantry.” It was getting boring drinking plain water, plus it was good for him.

Even though Ling Xiao didn’t reply, You XiaoMo closed his eyes and continued to massage himself, pressing his feet against the pillows to rube the soles blissfully. He wasn’t overly tired or anything, but his body was a little sore.

Three minutes later, he heard the clang of a tray on the coffee table. Opening his eyes he saw Ling Xiao had placed a glass and a plate in front of him. Sitting down in the chair adjacent to him with his tea in hand while blowing softly at the steam.

“Thank you.” You XiaoMo did a few more feet wiggles on the pillows before slowly pushing his way up to sit. With a *glomp*, he drops a couple of slices in his water before eating a couple. It was very cooling and refreshing after being in the heat all morning.

As they sat in comfortable silence while each drinking, You XiaoMo mentioned, “Do you remember that coral reef not far from here? Let’s go to that after we eat.”

The idea of swimming suddenly popped into his head, and You XiaoMo felt the strong urge to take a dip.

“If you want. However, wait until I get back from town.” Ling Xiao casually answered, his lips moving around his steaming teacup. He could tell his wife was eager to knock things out today, and setting it up this way would give his impatient wife some time to rest without a prompting a fight.

You XiaoMo had half a cucumber slice in his mouth as he nodded back.

After having his snack and cooling off, You XiaoMo felt a burst of energy rush his system and eagerly bounce up towards the kitchen to start cooking lunch.

Ling Xiao watched him unsteadily run past him, and he was suddenly filled with an ounce of regret. He was so looking forward to this day, of the ‘honeymoon stage’ of the second trimester. And yet, now the burst of energy left him worried for his wife to over exhaust himself faster. His clumsy little wife was going to get carried away and hurt himself. His silent and unnoticed workload never ended….

Feeling inspired and suddenly famished, You XiaoMo made a huge pot of chicken, corn and egg drop soup. It didn’t take long to prepare or cook at all, and in no time he was fixing the table, and Ling Xiao came over without even needing to be called.

You XiaoMo had just leaned over to serve Ling Xiao a second helping when he rubbed his lower stomach out of curiosity. His stomach was feeling extremely bloated after drinking so much and then more so after eating, so the feeling of what he measured this morning in size was definitely doubled. Sitting back down he eyed Ling Xiao and asked with genuine curiosity, “Are you enjoying it here?”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows and asked back, “Yes, why do you ask?”

You XiaoMo shrugged and continued to idly rub, saying in a pondering tone of voice, “I was just thinking…”

“That’s never a good thing with your IQ.” Ling Xiao smilingly interrupted with a wolfish grin lifting his lips.

You XiaoMo pouted and gave him a pointed glare before slowly saying, “Ha, ha. I was thinking that... with taking care of me you haven’t got to do much.”

Ling Xiao put his smooth chin in his hand, his eyes shined brightly, “Are you worried about your husband? My dear wife, I am perfectly happy. If I wanted to do something, I would.” Finishing his words with a lazy flick of his other wrist and flippantly dismissing his notion steadfastly.

Even though he said so, You XiaoMo pursed his lips. Inwardly promising himself to get Ling Xiao out of the house more.

Ling Xiao stole a few kisses before he left the cabin and You XiaoMo closed the door behind him. He didn’t have to lock it anymore, not since Ling Xiao had put recently an enchantment barrier around it. The high-level seal allowed only themselves and or anyone with their permission to enter inside. So unless You XiaoMo willed it, no one could enter or touch their vacation home.

While the other man was away, You XiaoMo decided to get some housework done that he’s been sorely neglecting the past few days. The dust on the mantel above the stone brick fireplace was evident of his procrastination.

Taking a cleaning cloth and a bucket of water from the dimension, he got to work with enthusiasm. Dusting around the clear jade pillars holding different sized tiered candles and a picture of Ling Xiao and himself.

Before returning to the advanced planes, You XiaoMo had bought a high-quality polaroid camera from the twenty-first century Earth to use when home, but over the years, he had finally run out of film. Luckily that was one of the many items P'eng was ordered to bring back for him.

When that was done, he went to his alchemy room that he fixed upstairs, dusting and sweeping the room out. Looking out the window,