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You were the song stuck in my head

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When Todoroki sat in class that morning, he hadn’t expected to find something in his desk. Much less a note that said, in perfect English, something he was sure he’s read before.

“I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive (now I only waste it dreaming of you).”

He stared at the paper for a long time, and sighed. He had no idea what to do with it.

“What’s that?” Yaoyorozu asked, and Todoroki showed her. “Why is it in English?”

“I don’t know,” Todoroki put the paper away, hiding it in between his books. “I think they’re lyrics to a song.”

“Why is that?” She asks, putting her books down on her desk beside him.

“They sound familiar.”


The second one was on his shoe locker, and he knew, for a fact, that they were lyrics, because it was one of his favourite songs from his favourite band.

“I'm two quarters and a heart down and I don't want to forget how your voice sounds.”

He frowned, not exactly understanding why he was getting these. They were printed on the papers he had gotten them, so he couldn’t try to figure out who had made them by font style alone.

“Maybe it’s someone’s way of flirting with you,” Jirou had said, when Yaoyorozu had explained what had happened earlier on the week with the first note.

“That’s a really weird way of flirting,” Todoroki, who had never had someone flirt with him, thought.

“Not really,” Jirou shrugged, “They’re selecting romantic lines from songs right? It’s a cute way of doing it.”

“Why won’t they come forwards though?” Yaoyorozu asks, reading the second note again.

“Maybe they’re shy?” Todoroki offers, and Jirou nods.

“They’re probably someone who doesn’t have the courage to show themselves.”

“That… Makes sense.” Yaoyozoru says, “So that means they’re probably from a different class?”

“Not necessarily,” Jirou explains, “They could just be someone from our class, who doesn’t know how to approach Todoroki here.”

“Why wouldn’t they know how to approach me?” He asks, and Jirou can swear he’s pouting.

“You’re not exactly the most welcoming person in the class Todoroki.” Yaoyorozu hides a smile with her hand.

Todoroki looks around the class, and no one really seems to him as someone who’s not courageous.

Besides, only Jirou knows who his favourite band is.


“I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear.”

The third one is on his desk again, and Todoroki almost misses it. It was put there after lunch for sure, so now he’s even more curious as to who the person doing these is. He doesn’t tell anyone about this one, because, after the talk about the last one, he actually blushes, thinking that someone, somewhere, actually likes him.

He hums the song the line belonged to as he walks back to the dorms.


“Umm, Todoroki?” Midoriya approaches him one day after lunch, and there’s an envelope in his hand, “This was in my backpack, it has your name. I don’t know how it got there.”

Todoroki blinks at the envelope, taking it, “Thanks,” He says, quietly, as he opens it.

“I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.”

“Huh…” Todoroki hums as he reads it over again, and again, before Midoriya interrupts him.

“Is it ok to ask what is it?” And so Todoroki explains it to him. Midoriya, who listened to the whole story with interest, frowns. “So someone is sending you lyrics your favourite band wrote?”


“Who knows who your favourite band is?” Midoriya asks, crossing his arms, bringing a hand to his chin.

“I told Jirou, because she asked, but I don’t recall anyone else hearing me.”

Midoriya’s frown deepens. “That’s really weird then.”

They spend a few minutes talking about the notes, and Todoroki actually takes them out of his bag to show Midoriya, who’s surprised he’s kept them, for him to look at.


The next one is a bit more… Risky, if Todoroki can say so. He’s taking a shower in the dorms, there’s no one else at all in the showers room, but yet, a note appears on his clothes, in an envelope, just like the last one.

“Trying to forget everything that isn't you.”

He blushes reading it as he dries his hair, thinking that maybe, just maybe, the person who selected these lyrics to send them actually thinks or does what the notes say. He blushes a deeper colour when he pictures someone, just a shadow of a person, typing down the song lyrics as they blush.


The next one is a bit different.

“I swear I'd burn this city down to show you the light.”

It doesn’t seem like a love confession, or something someone would say to their crush, but more personal, more… Like they knew exactly what Todoroki had gone through, as if they knew exactly who Todoroki was.

The theory that this person was someone who couldn’t approach him seemed a bit weird now.

He found Midoriya as soon as he could, since this one had been slipped under his room’s door, and told him about it.

“You’re the only person who knows.” Todoroki says, scratching his arm as he speaks.

“Yeah…” Midoriya says, blushing furiously after, “I’m not the one sending these though!”

“I didn’t think you were.” They both look away, not really saying anything else.

Todoroki goes back to his room, and gasps when he opens the door, because there it is, another note, waiting for him.

“I've traced your shadows on the wall, now I kiss them whenever I'm down.”

He’s one hundred percent sure it isn’t Midoriya now, because it was impossible for him to have brought this in while they were talking.

So someone, whoever this was, knew he had left his room.

But there was only one other person in the floor who could have seen him, and he knew Tokoyami was in the gym at this hour.

He blushes, reading the note, and lays on his bed, playing with his phone, looking up the song the lyrics belong to and listening to it.


The next one seems a lot riskier and it makes him blush furiously in class.

He feels his phone vibrating in his pocket and, curious, takes it out, Everyone who usually texts him is in class, but this one is from an unknown number, and he knows it’s from his secret admirer the moment he reads it.

“My head's in heaven, my soles are in hell, let's meet in the purgatory of my hips and get well.”

“I got another one,” he whispers to Yaoyorozu beside him, and passes his phone to her. She blushes furiously too as she reads it, and it makes Jirou, who had turned to ask her something at the moment, stare at her.

“What’s wrong?” She asks, in whispers, and Yaoyorozu looks at Todoroki, as if asking permission. Todoroki nods, and then looks at the front of the class again. Jirou now has Todoroki’s phone, and also blushes furiously reading the text he had received.

Neither of the girls know who the number belongs to.


When he sees the envelope sitting under his water bottle, he knows someone had been watching him exercise. He had been in the gym for a while now, and he hadn’t notice anyone entering or leaving.

He smiles softly at the words on the page.

“I wanna scream 'I love you' from the top of my lungs, but I'm afraid that someone else will hear me.”

He feels conflicted now, because he swears he is falling for this person, who he doesn’t know, but they seems to be close somehow, they’re just crawling into his skin, and he feels like, if they asked him out, he would give them a chance.


During hero training he is grouped with Bakugou, and Todoroki has to keep himself from smiling when he sees the envelope, which he was secretly waiting for, on Bakugou’s hands.

“Why the fuck is something with your stupid ass name on my shit?” Bakugou says, throwing the envelope at Todoroki, who catches it out of the air.

“I don't care what you think as long as it's about me.”

He smiles this time, and Bakugou is looking at him, frowning, before clicking his tongue and walking away, in the direction of their training exercise’s place.


The next one is an email.

“Let's be alone together.”

He reads it over and over again, but with the email address being “” he can’t figure out who sent it. He tries sending an email back, asking who the person is, and gets a response almost immediately.

Does it bother you?

He stares at the words for a moment, before sending a response back.


He looks at his phone again when he hears the telltale sound of an email.

It just says ok.


Yaoyorozu and Jirou gasp when, during class, a note falls out of Todoroki’s book. He stares at it on his desk for a moment before taking it and opening it. He frowns, not really understanding what it means.

“You ought to keep me concealed just like I was a weapon.”

“I think they noticed we’ve read them,” Jirou offers, and Todoroki just looks at her.

“But they’re still lyrics though.” He says, and Yaoyorozu giggles.

“Maybe they’re jealous?”

Todoroki doesn’t say anything else, instead puts the note in his bag, and pays attention to class. He’ll put it with the other ones later.


The following one comes as a text message again, and this time Todoroki is actually listening to the song, out loud, from his speakers, when it arrives.

“But you will remember me for centuries.”

He stands up as fast as he can, opening the door to his room and looking outside. Finding no one, he sighs, and walks back to his desk.

Did you hear it?

He gets a response immediately.


He frowns, and his fingers hover over his touchscreen before he sends another text.

Will you tell me who you are?

This time the response takes a longer time to arrive.

Not yet.

“What? Not yet? What does that even mean?” Todoroki says to himself, as the song changes.

What do you mean?

The answer makes him smile, even if he’s slightly annoyed.

“I’m just a problem that doesn’t want to be solved.”


The next one is also a text, and Todoroki shows it to the girls. They look at it, and read it over and over again, but don’t really find the meaning behind it.

“I'm bad behaviour but I do it in the best way.”

Todoroki looks at it, and then looks around the classroom. There’s a lot of people on their phones, seeing as it is lunch, and he sighs.

“Jirou,” He asks, “Do you remember who was around when I told you my favourite band?”

“Yeah,” she says after a few seconds, “It was you, me, Kirishima, and Bakugou.” She sounds certain of it. “I remember because Kirisihima was saying something about Metallica and Bakugou wasn’t angry. It surprised me.”

Todoroki frowns, and it seems all so clear now. Kirshima knew his number. He had Kirshima’s phone number saved on his phone.

He didn’t have Bakugou’s.

He turns to look at the blond and sees red eyes looking back, and suddenly everything makes sense. Bakugou looks away, putting his phone in his pocket, and Todoroki blushes.


The last note is written by hand, and Todoroki, after picking it up from his bedroom floor, looks at it and opens the door.

“I try to picture me without you but I can’t.”

Bakugou is standing right there, a hand holding onto his elbow, and biting his lip. They say nothing for a few moments, Bakugou being the one to break the silence.

“I heard you like Fall Out Boy,” He’s looking at Todoroki now, a slight blush to his cheeks, and Todoroki nods.

“They’re my favourite band.”

“I know.”

“Bakugou,” Todoroki takes a step forward and Bakugou is frozen in place, “Would you like to go out with me?”

“Yes.” Bakugou answers immediately, and Todoroki smiles.

“We should go to a concert together,” Todoroki chuckles, and Bakugou blushes more, “Since we both like the same band.”

“That… That would be amazing actually.” Bakugou’s eyes are open wide.

“Come in,” Todoroki moves to make space in for him, “We can talk about music.”

Bakugou nods, and takes a step forward. Todoroki closes the door behind him, smiling.