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BTS: Betrayal, Tears, Sadness

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 I'm woken up by my phone vibrating in my pocket. I pull it out to see a call from Suga. What could he want at this hour? I wonder to myself. "Hello su-" "Manager please I don't want to do this anymore it hurts stop please" I hear what sounds like punches land then just quiet whimpering. "That's better just shut up and take it" followed by a spine-chillingly demented laugh. I'm stuck not knowing what to do, disbelief has me frozen. My mind is racing too fast and my breathing unsteady; everything goes black.

 I wake at the sound of my bandmates scurrying around the apartment. Was it a dream? Did I just imagine it? I wipe my eyes, crawl out of bed and go to the living room. I see everyone but Suga. "oh if it isn't the sunshine boy" I turn around to see RM behind me smiling happily. I shrug off the weird greeting and reply a simple "morning". Just as he is about to say something yoongi bumps into him and sleepily walks into the kitchen. I quickly follow him leaving RM alone in the living area. "hey yoongi are you ok? Did anything happen last night?" He looks at me puzzled and annoyed "No." I step closer "are you sure?" He backs away, slightly more annoyed "yes now leave me alone" I take one more step closer, worry clear on my face. Right as I start to talk Jin puts his hand on my shoulder "the manager wants to see us." I turn to see a flash of fear dance across Suga's face. I knew it, something is going on.

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 "You all have been working so hard the last few years. Through thick and thin, you've stuck together. So I'm happy to announce, starting next week we will be going on an American tour with multiple tv appearances." We all just sit there dumbfounded for a second before I'm tackled into a dogpile by my screaming bandmates. I can't help but smile and enjoy the embrace of my best friends. Manager Sejin begins to speak again "but before go, we have work to do." He looks at Jin "Jin you, Rapmon, J-hope, and Jungkook will all share a room. Me, V, Suga, and Jimin will share the other. Since you're there, I'm counting on you to watch them." I turn my head to see a slightly frightened look on Yoongi's face. I have no doubts that something bad was going on.


 We all got up so we could get ready for practice. Before Yoongi could get away again I pull him back into the kitchen and pull out my phone. "You know you called me last night." His face only showed fear and shock as I continued "So what exactly is going on Yoongi?" He stood there silent. "Yoongi tell me." He opened his mouth and closed it again. I raised my voice. "YOONGI what is going on!" To my surprise, he flinched at my voice and I could see tears forming in his eyes. I pull him against me, hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell." I whisper quietly "I'm just worried. Is manager Sejin really forcing himself on you?" I feel a small nod. "he said if I didn't keep doing it he'd ruin the band." His eyes well up with tears again, his voice was quiet and his sentence broken by quiet sobs. "J-hope? Suga? What's wrong I heard shouting. Wait, is Suga crying?" I turn to see Jungkook staring worriedly at us. "We're fine, he's just so excited about America." I force a chuckle and hold Yoongi tighter. "He acts tough but we all know how much emotion he has." Jungkook nods. "Ok, well hurry up and get yourselves together. We have practice in twenty minutes." We both nod and Jungkook walks away. I give Yoongi a gentle pat on the back before heading to my room to get ready. I have so many questions, but I'm not sure if I can handle the answers.

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"One, two, three, and turn. RM! You're lacking again." Jimin walked up to the taller boy. "You need to focus, we need to be at our best in America." Namjoon sighs "I'm a rapper, not a dancer but you're welcome to give me private lesson Jiminie." He winks playfully. Before Jimin can chew him out, Sejin dismisses us. "You all should take the rest of the day off and celebrate. Also we will take small break from practice to prep your minds for America. We will resume practice Monday, then we will be leaving Thursday morning." The group cheers. "Sweet, now I don't have to see his terrible dancing." Jimin gestures to Namjoon. "Shut up Jiminie, you're just mad you aren't tall enough to ride this ride" Namjoon holds his hand over Jimin's head, earning a laugh from Taehyung and Jungkook who were watching the interaction. "Anyway," Namjoon continues "Let's get barbeque to celebrate." Everyone but Suga agrees. "I'm gonna head home guys, I finally get a break so I'm going to catch up on some sleep." He replies with a little stretch and a yawn. I see an opportunity to finally get some answers. "Actually, I'm going with Suga. Sleep actually sounds pretty nice." Suga turns to me with pleading eyes. "Aw Suga, J-hooope is taking you home." Jungkook says in a whimsical tone. Suga glares at his laughing colleagues. "Whatever." He mutters mostly to himself.

As we split ways with the rest of the group, I turn to him. "I know this might be tough but can you answer some questions?" Suga just walks silently next to me, ignoring my question. "Can we not play this game again. If you want me to keep this a secret you're going to have to answer some questions." He stops walking and stares at me. "Fine, I'll answer your questions." He answers quiety. "Good." We start walking again, I twittle my thumbs nervously before speaking up. "How long has this been going on?" He looks away, taking a deep breath before responding. "Two months." I stop in my tracks, eyes wide in shock. "Two months?!" He looks back at me, a sad smile on his face. "Yes." He says almost in a whisper. "I-It sounded like he hit you when you were on the phone last night, did he? " I reach out, placing my hand gently on Yoongi's shoulder. He nods silently and shrugs away my hand. "How have we never seen bruises?" I ask dumbfounded. "He hits me on the side right under my ribs so if I need to I can show my stomach or my chest and not raise suspicion." He stares at the ground as he walks. I stop again. "If you keep stopping every time I say something bad we will never get home." He states emotionessly. "Sorry." I start walking again. "Why don't you tell someone? They can arrest him before he ruins us." Yoongi kept walking in silence for a moment before replying. "Because then we would be a charity case. I don't want our image to be clouded by me being a rape victim." He shoves his hands into his pockets, slightly agitated and starts walking faster. "But Yoongi this isn't right. You shouldn't have to bear this alone." I grab his arm to keep him from getting too far away from me. "It's my choice, I did this to myself. So now I have to deal with choices I made." His voices raises slightly, anger evident in his tone. "What do you mean choices you've made?" I ask confused. "I made choice to sleep with him the first time. He knew something about me that could ruin me. And his price for keeping his mouth was me sleeping with him." He pulls his arm from my grasp but doesn't walk away, he just stands there, staring at the ground, eyebrows furrowed. "What was the secret?" I watch his face expectantly. Yoongi looks at up at me with sad eyes. "I really don't want to tell you. You'll think I'm a creep" I wrap my arm around him, giving him a reassuring smile. "I won't I promise" He sighs deeply and looks down again before mumbling quietly. "I'm gay."

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 There was a moment of stunned silence before Yoongi spoke again tears brimming in his eyes. "I can tell by your look that you're judging me. I knew it was a bad idea to tell you" I chuckle softly. "No I'm not hyung. It was just unexpected is all." I pat his back and give him a sincere smile. He spends a moment examining my face before smiling back with a sigh of relief. "I'm glad." He states simply. The rest of the walk home was quiet, I decided I had asked enough questions for now.

 He stuck his key in the door and unlocked it. "Please don't tell the others." He looks at me, eyes pleading. I stood there unable to react. I never thought one of us would actually be gay. We joke and flirt but that's because it attracts attention but suga of all people is gay. "J-HOPE!" I snap back to reality. "Are you going to keep my secret?" "I-I Don't know." I stutter. He looks down at his feet then drops his bag. "If you do I'll make it worth your while." Before I can react he drops to his knees and grabs at the hem of my sweatpants. "Suga hyung! Stop, I'll keep it a secret just stand up." He looks up at me with tears running down his cheeks. "You really must hate me now. I-I just didn't want y-you to tell anyone." I finally break at the sight of him crying. I decide to carry the sobbing mess of suga to his room and lay him on his bed. I turn to walk out but he grabs the bottom of my shirt. "I don't.. I just don't wanna be alone right now, please stay." I nod "I'm going to get our bags and put them away, I'll be right back." he hesitantly releases my shirt and sniffles.


 I put our bags away and stop at Suga's door, My mind still trying to process all today's events. I knock twice before entering and turning on his light "Yoongi?" I sit on the end of his bed. "So do you want to talk ab-" before I could finish my sentence a chilling voice rings through the house. "Yoongi, since you don't want to respond to messages we will take our time while your bandmates are gone." Yoongi immediately jumps up and pushes me into the closet. "Shh, just stay here, please. Don't let him know you're here." He closes the door and sits on his bed. Manager Sejin enters suga's room.


 I stare through the gap in the door in horror. "Why didn't you respond Suga?" He asks as he raises his hand to suga's face. "I fell asleep I'm sor-" before Suga can finish his sentence the manager hits him and he falls. "I've told you before. If I text you, respond immediately. And since you want to make excuses how about I give your mouth something better to do." I watch as the manager pushes Suga to the ground and unzips his pants. Tears prickle the corners of my eyes. He forcefully grabs Suga's hair, pulling tight, causing him to whimper. Tears stream down Suga's face, he forces himself into Suga mouth. My vision blurs as tears begin to pour from my eyes, I back away from the door. I can't look. "That's it Suga. You know what to do. God, I'm close." Yoongi works his head as he sobs quietly. Sejin lets out a loud grunt before bucking wildly in Yoongi's mouth. "Make sure you swallow every drop." He laughs wickedly. Yoongi complies and swallows the sticky white substance. "Now it's time for the fun part." Yoongi pleaded as Sejin flipped him on his stomach. "Do you really want to fight with me?" He asked as he raised his fist. Yoongi looked away, not struggling anymore. Sejin lifted Yoongi's hips and pulled his pants down. "That's better." Sejin growled as he lined up to enter Yoongi. Just as he was about to thrust, loud drunk voices filled the large apartment. Sejin quickly let go of Yoongi and got himself together. "We'll continue this next time." He hissed.


 The manager walked out of Suga's room to greet the boys."How was the celebration boys?" "Great aside from these two getting to drunk" Taehyung said motioning to Jin and Namjoon who were drunk, singing a song they heard in the cab ride home. "What are you doing here Manager?" Jungkook asked as he brought in the bags. "Suga was nervous about America, so I decided to give a pep talk." "Oh okay" Jungkook grins. "I'm gonna take him and J-hope some food since they probably didn't eat." Jimin takes two plates out of a plastic bag. "J-hope is here?" The manager asked nervously.. "Yeah he left with his Suga-hyung." Namjoon said drunkenly from the couch. "Ahh, well I know Suga said he was going to sleep as left, so he probably won't want anything, and since J-hope didn't respond when I came I'm guessing he's asleep as well." Sejin said with a worried smile. "Well I guess they'll eat in the morning." Jimin said putting the styrofoam boxes in the fridge. "Well good night boys, I have one more stop to make before I go home. Also Jin, I expect better of you since you are the oldest." He said, shooting a glare at the oldest boy who just shrugged it off and went back to wrestling with Namjoon. The second the front door closes I burst out of the closet and tightly embrace Yoongi. He buries his face into my chest, his violent sobs eerily silent. I squeeze him tighter, rubbing his back and humming soothing tunes to him. After what feels like an eternity he stops shaking. He's calm, peaceful, asleep. I hold him close, and close my eyes.

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 "Stop, please stop." I hear what sounds like Suga screaming. I try to move closer but I can't, I'm stuck bound by an invisible force. "Shut up and put on a nice show for your friend." A familiarly evil voice chuckles and suddenly I'm in bright room strapped to chair watching Suga beg as the manager forces himself on him. My eyes burst open and I try sit up but I realize I'm weighed down by a sleeping Suga. I run my hand through my damp, sweaty hair, taking a deep, shaky breath. I rub small circles on Yoongi's back and stare up at the ceiling, trying my hardest to compose myself. But the images of manager Sejin forcing himself on Suga are burned into my brain. Tears well up again and I squeeze my eyes shut, a slight shudder in my breathing. I have to get him away from here.

 After I calm myself a little I try to think of things he likes to do other than sleeping. After a few minutes of deep thought I decide to take him to his favorite gym to play basketball, then the American barbeque place that just opened next to his favorite music store. After a little more planning I decided to wake him up. "Yoooongi wake uuup." I say in a playful whine only to have turn his back to me. "Suga hyung, come on get up I want to go somewhere." He mumbles incoherently. "I don't want to go now. Go back to sleep or get out." Yoongi grumbles. I slide my arm from underneath his head and sit up. "Hyung please just come just for a little. You can come home and go back to sleep afterwards" I puff my cheeks, giving my best pouty expression. He grumbles something I don't understand before sitting up. "Fine but only a few hours." He says in a sleepy, annoyed voice. I cant help but feel a little better knowing we won't have to deal with the manager today and be able to just do things he enjoys. He sits up, rubbing his eyes. "So what are we doing today?" He asked while stretching. "It's a surprise, so don't sorry about it." "Well can I at least know when we are leaving?" Yoongi asks with slight irritation in his voice. "When we finish getting ready." I say in a mocking tone, earning an eyeroll and a scoff. "Also bring basketball shorts." I give Yoongi's head a playful pat before going to my room to get ready, which didn't take us long.

 We arrive at the gym and get changed fairly quick, I see a faint smile spread across his face as we walk on the basketball court. After a few games of one on one on the nearly empty court we head to the gym showers to clean up before we eat. As we disrobe I notice the dark bruises on yoongi's side, I can't help but stare at the large marks. I subconsciously reach out for his side, he winces lightly as I touch. I pull my hand away and look at my feet. "Sorry I made you play basketball with your bruises." He notices the look of regret and pain on my face. "It's okay, I had a lot of fun. They didn't bother me that much." I look up to see a gummy smile speared across his face. I can't help but smile back. "Alright, lets hurry and shower so we can eat, I'm starving." I say as I pull my towel out of my bag. After a quick shower and taxi ride we arrive at the American restaurant.

 As we walk in we are greeted with the smell of various smoked meats. We go to take are seats. A horrid voice calls our names, sending a chill down my spine. "Hoseok, Yoongi, What a coincidence running into you today." We turn to see the manager holding two bags. I instinctively wrap an arm around Yoongi "Good afternoon manager Sejin, how are you today." I say through a forced smile. "I'm fine, just came to try this new restaurant I heard its amazing, you?" Yoongi shifts closer to me and looks down. "Just enjoying our day off. We know you're a busy person, so we'll let you go." Before I can fully turn around Sejin grabs my arm and glares at me then looks at Suga who tries to avoid his gaze by staring at his feet. "Don't enjoy yourself too much." He hisses, his voice almost venomous. I pull away from him and regain my tight hold on Yoongi. As we walk away I can feel him staring at us. We take our seats in the booth as soon as he leaves. Yoongi puts his head on the table and lightly sobs. I pull Yoongi back into my side. "It'll be okay, I promise." I whisper in a soothing tone, while I lightly rub his back. He looks up at me with tears in his eyes. "He knows Hobi, it won't be okay. Who knows what he's going to do." I hush him. "I promise it's going to be fine." I try to give him the most sincere look I can, but even I'm doubting my own words. "Hey, lets get the food to go and go next door to the music store while we wait on a cab." I smile brightly, he looks at me and nods with a smile. We sit around chatting and waiting for our food.


 Eventually we get everything and we walk to the small music store. "Yoongi!" A young boy runs from a small piano in the back of the store and hugs him. "I've been practicing like I said I would, want to listen?" Suga grins at the child before looking over at me. I nod and he hands me his bag. I walk up to yoongi and the boy. "Good job, keep this up Chunghee and you'll be a great pianist in no time." The little boy smiles widely causing me and Yoongi to smile in return. "Can you please play something?" Chunghee asks with pleading eyes. "I guess." After a short thought Yoongi begins to play a soft, sad medley. I can't help but stare at him as his fingers glide across the keys releasing his pain. I continue to admire him until my phone vibrates. I pull my phone out to check. "Hyung, our cab is here." He stops playing and looks over to me. "Alright." He turns back to the small boy. "Remember what I told you, okay? I'll come see you again soon." The boy nods and waves goodbye as we exit the store and get into the cab. "I can finally go home and sleep." Says a yawning Suga. I sheepishly chuckle. "About that.." I look over at him, he stares back at me and says simply. "Where are we going?" I rest my hand on his shoulder and smile slightly. "Home isn't the best place for us right now. So we'll be at a hotel until Monday."

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 "Home isn't the best place for us right now. So we'll be at a hotel until Monday." I can’t help but feel irritated. “What do you mean we’ll be at a hotel until Monday?” I ask with irritation evident in my voice. “I don’t want you where Senji can get to you.” I can't help get angry. “I appreciate what you’re doing Hobi, but I don’t need you making decisions for me. And who says us being away is what's best for us? Stop pitying me already.” I feel Hoseok take his hand off my shoulder. “I’m not pitying you.” I can hear the anger and sadness in his voice. “I hate knowing you're in this situation.” as Hoseok is about to finish the cab driver alerts us we’ve arrived. He opens his door and turns to me. “Yoongi hyung, we can talk about this in the room. If you still want to leave, I'll get you a cab home after we talk.” I nod silently and take a deep before we gather our belongings out of the trunk. We walk up to our room in silence.


 I’ve calmed down knowing he's only doing it because he cares. However I can't shake the feeling of weakness. I hate feeling weak or pitied and that's all I have felt since he has found out my secret. When we walk in the room, I close the door gingerly before wrapping my arms around him and hugging him from behind. “I’m sorry Hobi, I shouldn’t take my anger out on you, I know you’re only trying to help. Running isn't the answer and I don’t want you to get hurt because of my problems.” My cheeks puff slightly because I feel bad, tears prickle in my eyes, threatening to fall. I try to hold them back but my efforts render unless as I begin to cry quietly against his back. He turns around and hugs me tightly. “hey, hey. It's okay.” He speaks softly, trying his hardest to calm my crying eyes. I force a sad smile, I can’t help but feel safe in his warm embrace, even when my cheeks are stained with tears. He rubs circles against the small of my back, the gentle touch sending tingles through my body. I never want this feeling to end. “I’m sorry too hyung." Hoseok mumbles against my neck, making my knees feel weak. "I shouldn’t have tried to decide what was best for you. I just want this to be over.” He finishes, burying his face further into my neck. We stand there in silence, our breathing the only sound in the air. My stomach grumbles and I let out a soft sigh. Hoseok laughs softly and pulls away. "Come on, lets eat."


 I sit on the sofa as Hoseok grabs our food from the bag, handing one box to me before sitting down. We start to eat, I can’t help but think of how much he's helped me these last few days. I admire him as he eats, he turns his head, meeting my gaze immediately. I turn away and I look down at my plate, slightly flustered. “Everything okay hyung? Is something wrong with the food?” I shake my head a light blush spreading across my face from being caught staring. I bite into one of my ribs hoping he didn't notice the embarrassment on my face. “Hey Suga hyung mind if I turn on the TV?” I shake my head again as he starts flicking through channels. The rest of the meal went by quickly as we watched a rerun of a game show on TV and made small talk with each other.


 After throwing away the empty containers I let out yawn. “Hey Hobi, I'm heading to bed. You coming or are you going to stay up?” I ask tiredly. After a short pause he responds "yeah, I'll be in there in a bit." I walk into the bedroom and take off my pants, setting them neatly on a chair in the corner of the room. I crawl into bed sighing heavily at the feeling of the big, soft bed under me. I can’t help but get excited at the thought of being able to sleep in Hobi's warm embrace another night. I never used to pay so much attention to how well he hugged or cuddled me, but I feel myself starting to grow impatient waiting for him to come to the room. I get up to see what’s going on. When I open the door I see J-hope standing in the living room naked, pulling up his boxers. “Oh hyung, did you need something?” He asked grabbing an oversized shirt out of his bag. I try to speak but no words come out. I point to the kitchen area and manage to mumble “water.” I scurry over to the fridge and pull out a bottle of water. Why did I react like that? I’ve seen him naked a million times, why am I wanting his embrace more than ever? Why do I want to be with him at all times now? “You coming?“ His question snaps me out of my thoughts and I followed right behind him into the room.


 Climbing back into the bed I snuggle into his chest causing him to wrap his arm around me. A content sigh escapes my lips, I let myself enjoy his warmth. I look up to see him staring at me with dark, passionate eyes. His eyes have a certain sparkle to them, a cheer that spreads to everyone that see's him. He's our hope, my hope, the light guiding me through this all. I can’t help but get lost in his eyes. Before I can stop myself I press my lips into his hoping he doesn’t push me away.

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He presses the small of my back forcing me closer to deepen the kiss. I can’t help but feel relief as we share a passionate kiss. I feel his tongue poke my lips asking for entry. I part my lips allowing our tongues to fight for dominance. After a short while I break the kiss to catch my breath. I run a hand through Hobi’s hair and smile. He shifts causing me to roll on my back, he stares down at me with hunger in his eyes. Without hesitation he leans down and kisses my neck causing me to let out a light moan. My grip tightens in his hair pulling him back to my lips. His hand slides down the front of my shirt before he stops at the hem of my boxers. My phone rings breaking the moment.


 I can’t help but to let a sigh as I get up to get my phone out of my jeans on the chair. “Who is it?” a now blushing Hoseok asks. “Its just Jin, did you tell them we weren’t coming home?” He shook his head no as I answered the phone. “Hell-“ I’m cut short by an angry voice “WHERE ARE YOU!?” I freeze as the color drains from my face. My happy moment suddenly shattered into millions of pieces. “I called and texted you then came all the way to your house only to find out you weren’t here. Where are you?” His voice was impatient and angry. “We are at the Crown Plaza.” I say in a quiet tone. Without saying another word he hangs up. “What's wrong Suga-hyung” Hobi asked with a concerned look on his face. “Manger Sejin is coming to get me.” I say emotionlessly as I begin to put my pants back on. Hoseok jumps up. “Why did you tell him? We could’ve just hid here.” His voice is laced with panic and fear. “I’ll be fine Hobi, I promise.” I give a weak smile as walk in the living room of the hotel to finish gathering my things. As I finish packing my bag J-Hope hugs me from behind. “Yoongi-hyung please don’t go.” His sentence is broken by a soft sob. I put my hand on his in an attempt to soothe him. “I have to do this for the group, so please don't make this any harder.” He lets go of me and sits down on the small couch sobbing quietly. I feel nothing but weakness as listen to Hoseok cry. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around him. “Please Hobi, stop crying.” I plead. He pulls away from me causing my heart to break even more.


 Before I can say anything else there’s a knock at the door. I take a deep breath before I get up to open it. As soon as it opens I’m met by a fist I fall to the ground and try to catch my breath. “You don’t listen, do you?” I hear J-Hope scream my name. “And as for you Hoseok.” The manager walks towards him with murderous intent. “I warned you earlier” He hisses. I close my eyes as I hear punches land and Hobi scream out in pain. My worst fear has come true. I allowed someone to be hurt by my mistakes. “And if you tell anyone it’ll be the end of BTS.” He grabs my hair, harshly pulling me to my feet. I catch a glimpse of Hobi before I'm dragged out the door. Seeing him laying there, crumpled on the floor, silently sobbing has me feeling numb. He's like that because of me, I let him down. Sejin releases my hair, grabbing my wrist instead to make things less suspicious as we pass through the lobby. He pushes me into the car slamming the door afterwards. He walks around the car and gets into the drivers seat. "You're staying with me until monday." I stay silent, staring at my feet as we drive.


 Sejin's grip on the steering wheel tightens and he glances over at me. "So you're fucking Hoseok now." My eyes widen and I look over at him. "N-no. It's not like that." He clinches his jaw, his voice seething with rage. "Do you honestly expect me to believe that? Look at you, your lips red and swollen like a whore." I flinch at his words and look away not arguing any further. He chuckles wickedly. "It's alright, we'll get the taste of him out of your mouth as soon as we get to my place." He reaches down and palms himself through his jeans. I immediately start to feel sick.

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Tears stream down my cheeks as he forces his cock down my throat. "I told I'd put that pretty mouth to use, didn't I?" I can barely hear him over the gagging sounds created by his constant thrusting. I continue to suck his dick to the best of my ability and endure the pain hoping he would finish quickly. "Oh god, keep sucking." he demands in a ragged voice. He grabs my hair and begins bucking wildly as he finally cums down my throat. "Wow I'm surprised." he looks down at me. "No fighting or protesting. I guess you've finally turned into the slut I always knew you were." He grabs my face and grins mischievously before finally sliding his saliva covered cock from my mouth. "Guess we won't need lube." He pushes me onto my back and straddles me. I squeeze my eyes shut preparing for the worst. After a couple seconds I realize he hasn't moved and I slowly open my eyes. He's just staring at me, his face unreadable. He slowly leans down to me "You look so pretty when you cry." He whispers into my ear, voice gruff. "I'm sure you'll be doing a lot of it." His malicious grin sends a chill down my spine. He gets off of me and roughly flips me over. Without wasting any time he begins his assault, pounding his way into my ass. I can't help but let out whimpers and whines as he violently fucks into me. "I bet Hoseok couldn't make you moan like this." He hisses as he slaps my ass, making me cry out even more. Tears fill my eyes again and the whimpers turn into violent sobs. The assault seems to go on for hours. Everything hurts, bites and bruises litter my body, my voice wrecked from sobbing. I've run out tears, but my body continues to tremble as I continue to just take it. He pushes my face into the carpet as he cums, growling "This is just the beginning Yoongi, by Monday you won't want anyone else."


(J-Hope’s POV)
“And as for you Hoseok.” The manager walks towards me with murderous intent. “I warned you earlier” He hisses. I ball my fist and swing it at him with all the strength and rage I can muster. It misses and I feel his fist connect with my stomach knocking the wind out of me. I crash into the ground and begin to get swarmed with punches. I try to curl up but a well placed punch causes me to black out.


I wake up laying on the floor throbbing all over. As I try to sit up the pain in my stomach causes me to let out a soft yelp. I slowly sit upright and lean against the sofa. The pounding in my head worsens at the thought of tonight’s events. My eyes start to blur as I imagine the terrible things the manager could be doing to Suga-hyung. I can’t help but let out a sigh, even now I can’t stop worrying about him. I decide I shouldn’t think about that now and tend to myself.
After a moment of hesitation I try to stand. My legs shake as I prop myself up with the help of the couch. Once I regain my balance I look around, things are all knocked all over the floor. I catch a glimpse of hyung's bag across the room on the floor. My eyes immediately start to water again. “God damn it Hoseok, don’t cry again. You need to be strong right now.” I mumble to myself as I try to blink back the tears. I wobble into the kitchen holding onto the wall for balance and I grab a cold bottle of water from the fridge to press on my throbbing head. I sigh at the pleasant cold. I walk into the bathroom and splash water on my face. I look exausted, Hell I am exausted.

I spend minutes just staring at myself in the mirror, replaying at that had happened. Slowly I look down and lift my shirt. My breathing hitches slightly as I run my fingers over the forming bruises. Anger fills my body as I stare at the darkening marks. I pull my shirt back down clutching the hem tightly. “I swear I won’t let him get away with this.” I say through gritted teeth into the mirror.
I walk out of the bathroom in an attempt to compose myself and begin packing my things. I call a cab and grab our bags, making my way to the lobby.

The anger and adrenaline start to wear off and the pain returns. I limp down the long hallway to the elevator as I struggle to carry the bags. “Excuse me sir would you like some help?” I turn to see a tall man wearing the hotel’s uniform. “Please and thank you.” I say as the tall man grabs one of bags out of my hand and we walk in silence to the elevator. “So did you enjoy your stay?” he asked with a smile, oblivious to what had happened earlier. “Yes, everything was great.” I say with a fake smile as I push the ground floor button. After a short elevator ride he escorts me to the front desk and places my bag next to me. “Have a wonderful day sir.” The man says as he bows and walks away. I do a small bow and turn to the short blonde haired lady behind counter.

I clear my throat and put on the best smile I can manage right now. “I would like to cancel the stay of Hoseok and Yoongi.” After a short moment of her typing things on the computer she looks up through her bangs and asked the reason for canceling my stay. Tonight’s events flash through my head, replaying again and again. “Sir?” The woman’s voice snaps me back to reality. “Some business came up I need to get back to.” I say trying to force a smile. “Alright sir, you will refunded within forty-eight hours.” I bow and pick up the bags on the floor. I sit on a plush bench in the corner of the lobby and think about tonight.

Why did I kiss him? I’m not even gay. So why did it feel so good? My thoughts are interrupted when a short haired chubby female bellhop walks up to me. “Excuse me sir, your cab is here.” I look up at her and give a polite nod. "Thanks."
The cab ride was short but full of realizations. I make my way into the large apartment as fast as possible.


As I pull out my keys, RM opens the door and pulls away from Jimin who just looks down in embarrassment. RM finally breaks the awkward silence. “We’re heading to the umm.. store want anything?” I shake my head and walk past them, setting my bags down In the middle of the room. "Alright, see ya." RM practically pushes Jimin, rushing him out the door. "Hey." They both turn to look at me. “Are you two together?” I blurt out before I even think about what I'm saying. They tense up at the question and exchange panicked looks. 

Chapter Text

 Neither say a word for what is starting to feel like an eternity. “Well?” I say growing impatient. Jimin takes one more look at RM before speaking quietly “Yes and no. Last night when they came home drunk and I helped RM to bed things went further than we thought they would.” My eyes shot to RM who just blushed and looked away. “So what happened and how far did you guys actually go?” They exchanged looks before speaking again “Well…”

 I put the containers in the fridge and wave to the manager one last time before he leaves. “Alright it's bedtime you two” I say, looking over to Jin and RM giggling to themselves on the couch. “You guys are way too drunk." I give a playful pout to the two before turning to the youngest. "Kookie, could you and Tae take Jin to his bed please?” Both boys nod and stand up simultaneously, each grabbing one of Jin's arms and pulling the drunk boys apart.

 I try to pull RM up but he's too heavy. “Come on Hyung, I'm tired.” I say in a pouty voice hoping to coax him into at least working with me on this. “Only if you ask nicely” RM says in a teasing voice. I let out a sigh and and put on the cutest face I can. “Please hyung go- “ He cuts me off. “Oppa.” I feel my face twitch. “Please oppa.. go to bed.” He smiles brightly. “Okay, help me up.” He puts his hand out and I pull him up, wrapping my arm around him to steady the drunken boy. After few steps I feel his hand slide down my back. “You really have a nice ass.” his voice is close to a whisper and smells of alcohol. I can't help but shiver. “Stop it or I'll drop you.” I say trying to regain my composure. He lets out snicker and moves his hand.

 I open the door to his room, flick on the light and help RM into bed. “I'm putting this here just Incase you get sick.” I say as slide the small trash pail next the bed. I turn to walk away and feel a pinch on my butt and it finally causes me to snap. “What? Why do you keep touching my ass? you've been doing all night. Stop.” “I'm sorry.” I turn around to see him staring at me with a grin on his face. “But that's no reason to yell at your hyung.” He smiles and sits up. “You need to be punished.”

 In one swift moment I'm laying across his lap. “I think five will do.” before I have a chance to question his statement, his hand crashes into my ass as he counts off each smack. With each hit I can’t help but let out a soft yelp. The spanking ends as fast as it started. He starts to rub my butt easing the pain only leaving tingles. “That was more entertaining than I thought it would be."

 Before I can continue J-Hope interrupts “okay I don't want to hear anymore.” I look to RM then the floor hiding my blush. I pull RM and head towards the door. “Well we’re going to head out now, see you later.” Before we can get completely door Hobi calls out to us “Wait! I have to tell you guys something.” he looks conflicted and pained. “It's about Yoongi.”

 After a long explanation of recent events filled with anger and tears, RM and I stare at each other shocked and appalled. “Are you fucking serious!?” RM slams his fist on the wall seething with anger. “How could I let something like this happen I'm supposed to be the leader and I can’t even notice when one of you is being raped.”

 Jin rushes in. “Is everything okay?" Hobi turns to him tears welling and shakes his head. “Yoongi’s being raped by the manager.” He manages before his feelings take over and he breaks into sobs. No one speaks for awhile, silence settling across the room.

 “I know." Jin looks at Hobi. "He’s doing what he needs to do, so let him.” His words cold and his face void of expression. We all turn to him. “What did you say?” Hobi’s sad face is replaced by one of surprise, then anger as he processes what Jin said. Jin shrugs, seemingly unfazed by the other's reaction. “I said I knew. I found out one day after practice. We’ve worked too hard to lose all of this because some fag-.” Hobi’s fist connects to Jin's face ending his sentence.
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Chapter Text

The water stings the bites and bruises on my body as I lay huddled in the corner of the shower. Tears start to blur my vision as I fight back the urge to cry. "I won't give him anymore tears" I mutter quietly to myself as try to think of something to calm me. I feel the tears fade as an image of Hobi pops in mind. 'Be strong for him' I think as feel a slight smile creep across my face. He's done so much for me this weekend, even now he's my hope. I can't help but let a light chuckle at my thoughts. Manager Sejin opens the door and my smile disappears immediately. "Hurry and finish we have more fun to have" His voice is impatient and hungry. Trying to hide the fear in my voice I sit up and ask "why me?" My voice was quiet yet firm. He slowly makes his way towards me with devilish amusement in his eyes, letting out a twisted cackle before he speaks "I mean why not? I’ve told you before I like seeing the fear in your eyes.” He shuts off the water and cups my face. "Now let's see the fear."

Before I can hit him again Namjoon grabs my arm. "We don't need to be fighting right now. We should at least give him a chance to explain" His voice was serious and stern. I pull away from him and mumble to myself as I sit down. Jimin rushes over to Jin with a damp cloth, carefully cleaning the blood from the older man's face. "What's going on!?" Tae walks into the room, Kook following close behind. "We heard crying and yelling." Both look around the tension filled room. I sigh "Well Yoongi's being raped probably as we speak by the manager, these two are apparently fucking." I motion to Namjoon and Jimin who are helping the injured Seokjin. My voice falters slightly as I look at Jin, anger building up once more. "And Jin is an asshole who let Yoongi be raped." Tae and Kook exchange looks before Kook speaks "Why are we still here and not helping Suga-hyung.” V puts his hand on Kook’s chest “We need to think about this rationally.” Tae gives Jungkook a pleading look causing the younger boy to huff a “fine” under his breath before approaching the eldest and pulling him to his feet by his collar. “Why did you let this happen to Yoongi-Hyung!” Jin pulled away from to maknae and pushes him to the ground. “I’m still your elder show me some respect!” he shouts. Jungkook rushes to get up but V pushes him back down and pins to the ground “STOP! What did we just agree on? Calm down and let him talk.” V turns to Jin and gives him a cold stare “If you ever push him like that again, I’ll fight you myself.” Jin adjusts his ruffled shirt and sits in a chair before clearing his throat. “Can I explain myself now without getting attacked?” I mumble “No promises" under my breath earning a glare from RM. RM walks closer to Jin “Take your time and explain everything, don’t miss a detail.” his voice strangely calm and composed. Jin nods and begins his long story.

(flashback: 2 weeks ago)
“Ba babababa ba and that's it” A strict and firm voiced J-hope says as he watchs me repeat the moves he just showed me for the hundredth time. “That’s it you got it hyung!” his voice now joyous and loud. I let out a sigh “We can finally go home.” I say while stretching. “Want to get something to eat on the way home?” He gives me a slight bow “Sorry hyung, I have plans with Tae, Jungkook and Jimin, Maybe next time.” He waved a quick goodbye and rushed to the door leaving me to lock up the practice room alone. After a short while all the equipment we used for the day is put away, I lock the door. As I walk out the front door I notice yoongi standing off to the side. I shout his name to get his attention, causing him to slightly jump. “Ahh. Hyung. What are you doing here?” his response was quiet and hesitant. “I’m heading home, what about you?” He pauses for a moment and I can see him trying to think of an answer, but before he can say anything the manager walks up behind him and places a hand on his shoulder. “We’re headed to dinner would you like to join us?” his question seemed to be just out of courtesy, I pick up on his signal and shake my head no. I reach into my pocket to check the time “God damn it, my phone.” I say as I cover my mouth, quickly apologizing to the manager. He just nods and laughs. I run back in to get my phone out of the dance room. As I unhook it from the PA system I noticed a text from RM asking me if I wanted to meet them at the bar for drinks. I quickly text back a reply telling them I’ll be there shortly and make my way back to the exit, hoping to catch up with yoongi and the manager so I have someone to walk with but they’re nowhere to be found. “I guess they got in the cab” I mutter to myself. I turn on some music to walk to. After walking down a strangely empty road for a while I hear what sounded like moaning coming from an alley just to my left. I pause my music to get a better listen. Yep, definitely a moan. “Well someone's lucky” I think to myself trying to remember the last time I got some (Editor: Ffs..) I look down the alley to see if I can see anything and notice a head peeking above the trash can. It kind of looks like the manager. I'm about to walk off when I hear him talk, “you’re surprisingly willing tonight.” I freeze, that's definitely the manager. I've decided it'd be best if he doesn't know what i saw, so I immediately turn to leave. As I'm walking away my phone rings, I tried to stop it but it’s too late. His head turns and we lock eyes. I give a small sheepish wave and immediately deny seeing anything, only furthering suspicion. I back away slowly and begin to walk away. That's when I saw the other person; it was Yoongi.

Chapter Text

(Jin POV)

Yoongi's eyes widen as he looks at me. I stare back for a little bit, unable to believe my eyes. I begin to run, trying to forget I even saw what I just did. I hear foot steps behind me. Daring to look back, I see Manager Sejin running after me, quickly catching up. I know I won't be able to outrun him, but I try anyway. I run as fast a I can, my breath shallow and raged, my legs begging me to take a break. I scream as Sejin's arms pull me into the nearest allyway. Pinning me against the wall, Sejin stares down my soul. "Tell me everything you just saw. NOW." I nod, explaining that I didn't mean to intrude. I tell him that I saw Yoongi sucking him off. Sejin lets me go, sighing. "I'm sorry, Jin. I shouldn't have scared you like that." Yoongi walks up to Sejin, fear shining in his brown eyes. "Go home, Yoongi." Yoongi nods, without any hesitation. He leaves quickly, leaving me to the mercy of Sejin.

"Jin, Yoongi seduced me. I couldn't decline, though, as you know. Males need as much time to relieve their erections as we can get. He wanted more attention. He wanted to be the most famous out of all of you. He wanted to be the main visual, on every poster, in every photo, have the most lines..."


I nod in understanding. I always thought Yoongi would try to do something like that, but I didn't think he'd go as far as to seduce Manager Sejin. "It's okay, Manager Sejin-ssi. I will pretend I never saw it."

Sejin looks me in the eye. "Please". I bow to Sejin and quickly walk to the bar Namjoon invited me to earlier. I pretend that never happened. Sejin follows me, explaining to me in more depth that Yoongi wanted to be a bigger part in the concept, so he traded sexual favors so he'd be able to. If you ask me, that is selfish. But I can see why he'd do that, though. "So, I hope you understand a little more on why that happened..." Sejin explains, stopping at the bar's entrance. "Of course, Manager Sejin-ssi. I won't repeat anything; this secret is safe with me. I just can't believe how selfish Yoongi is..."

Sejin nods. "Take care of yourself now..." I nod, then bow. Sejin walks away. I watch as his silhouette vanishes into the dark night. I sigh, opening the door to the bar...



"So, that's all I know," I explain. I see Hobi's face full of anger, wanting to punch me to oblivion, maybe even more than that. I don't see why, though. Yoongi's being selfish and got himself into this situation. "Hoseok, greed comes with a price we have to pay, no matter what it is." Hobi gapes, his eyes wide. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Hobi yells, clearly trying to hold himself back from pouncing on me. I scoff, hardly able to believe the situation I'm currently in. I wish I never saw any of it. Then I wouldn't be stuck in this mess. Jimin walks over to me with the rag again.


(Hobi's POV)


"Hyung, you're still bleeding a little bit..." Jimin states, wiping some dried and newer blood from Jin's face. I roll my eyes, looking over to Namjoon. He's jealous. I can see it from the way he's staring at Jimin with a clenched jaw and intense eyes. I smirk a little. Jin shoes Jimin away, giving a little "I'm fine. Go away", making me glare at him. Namjoon sighs, rubbing his eyes. "How do we approach this situation?" he asks, Jimin finding his way back to Namjoon's side. "Just leave it be!" Jin yells, "this is Yoongi's fault, anyway. Why should we clean up his mess? I've been doing that for him ever since we all met. He's on his own this time." I'm surprised Jin's not bleeding from the daggers Jimin is glaring at him with.

"We've gotta do something Jin! This is illegal, whether your story is true or not!" Jungkook yells. I nod, thinking about what Yoongi must be going through at the moment. I shudder. I can't bring myself to think about it right now. "We can't get Sejin arrested! We'd be done with!" Jin protests. I scoff again, for what seems to be the millionth time in an hour. "And you believe Yoongi should continue to suffer?! You're sick, Jin!" I yell. JIn gets up from his seat, sizing me up, making me feel somewhat intimidated. "He's doing this for self-gain, Hoseok! Get that through your thick skull!!!" I shake my head.

"I'm done here. I can't take this anymore!" I yell, running out of the house. I need to save Yoongi, whether it costs me my life.

Chapter Text

(Yoongi's POV)


I can't feel anything. Nothing but Pain. Pain. Pain... That's all I've been able to feel my whole life. I thought that becoming an idol would bring me life long happiness. But I was wrong. Becoming an idol turned me into a sex slave. I can't take any more of this. No more pain. No more pain. My ass is throbbing. Sejin won't stop. Everything is so sore from Sejin. Sejin. The man who enslaved me. The man who abuses me. The man who caused me this much pain. So much pain...

I look over to the sleeping man next to me. A man who is sleeping like a baby. A man who wears a mask. A man who hurts me. Sejin. I don't realize until tears drip onto my chest that I'm crying. I sob quietly; I can't afford to wake Sejin up. That would be more Hell. I can't take that. I reluctantly wipe my eyes, muttering a "No more, Yoongi... No more crying...". I want to cry.  I want to scream, to get everything out. But I can't. He'll hurt me again.

What should I do? I can't go through this again. NO again. No, not ever again. Should I... kill myself? No. I can't do that to the guys. To Hobi... So what to do, what to do... Should I... kill him? Kill Sejin?  No, I can't... right? I'll be arrested. The more I think about it, the more I want to do it. I'll finally be at peace without having to die myself...

I'll do it. No harm to me , or my family. Just Sejin. I smile a little to myself, thinking about finally being free. Free from this living Hell. I slowly ease my way out of bed; Sejin doesn't move. I quietly sigh in relief, creeping my way to the kitchen. It's so hard to be quiet; I'm so sore. I limp my way into the kitchen, finding a sharp and thick knife. "You wanna play a game, Sejin. Okay, we can play a game..." I say to myself. My right mind tells me to calm down. I take a deep breath and relax my tense muscles. I can't believe I'm about to kill somebody...

Making my way back to the bedroom, I see Sejin's ugliness, how evil he is, how mean. I hide the knife behind me, setting it in the waist band of my underwear. I wipe my sweaty hands on my shirt, running and jumping onto Sejin. He jolts awake. I try my best to put on a show.

"S-Sejin~ I need you in me right now!" I falsely moan out, sticking my fingers into my mouth. Sejin smirks, grabbing onto my hips roughly, intending to leave bruises. "I knew you'd come around, baby..." he says, starting to grind on me. He moans out. It's disgusting. I feel his erection start to grow, and I know I need to do it soon. I sneak my hand to my waist, feeling the knife's handle. I moan, making it look like I'm touching myself. "Yeah, just like that, baby..." Sejin gasps. Clearly, he believes it.

I feel his erection on full, now, digging into my nether regions. I wrap my fingers around the knife, silently hoping this works. "Are you ready for this?" I ask, pulling out the knife. Sejin's eyes are closed. I lift my arm into the air, about to stab him when I hear the front door swing open. Sejin's eyes open, seeing the knife. 

He kicks me to the ground, wrapping his strong hand around my neck. I see stars. I can't breathe. "So, you were gonna kill me, huh?" Sejin chuckles, replacing his hand with the knife. I'm scared. I don't want to die.



(Hobi's POV)


Namjoon, Jimin, Jin, Taehyung, Jungkook, and I run into Sejin's house. I know Yoongi's being kept here. Please, oh please, let him be okay. Jungkook screams as he sees Sejin on top of Yoongi, holding a knife to his neck. We all freeze in place. "C-C'mon, Sejin! We-We won't tell anyone about this! Just let Yoongi go!" Jimin tries to reason with Sejin, as well as Namjoon. I'm frozen, praying that we'll get through to him. Sejin chuckle, shaking his head and pressing even harder into a now crying Yoongi.

His tears pool out of his eyes like waterfalls. I don't know what to do. I'll have to try to get Yoongi back. I remember what Namjoon did before we came here. Will it work? Well, here goes nothing. "The police are on their way, Sejin. It's over. You can still get away, if you leave now." I try to explain. Sejin laughs. It scares me. It's sadistic and insane.

"Well, if the police are on their way, no one's getting arrested be cause there'll be no one to arrest. All they'll find are dead bodies. If I can't have Yoongi, then no one can!" I see Jin and Taehyung making their way in the darkness of the room. They're right behind Sejin. Sejin looks down to Yoongi, about to cut, but the two boys grab him. I sigh in relief.

Sejin struggles in their grip, but they stand strong. I smile down to Yoongi, then seeing tall the blood pooling from his neck.I gasp, running over to him and kneeling by him. I strip off my shirt, immediately applying pressure to the wound. It's a lot deeper than I thought...

"Yoongi, y-you're gonna be okay... The pol-lice are on their way. Okay? Stay with me!"


(Yoongi's POV)


I feel all the blood rush from my body. I feel awful. I feel like crap. So weak, so very weak... My body thirsts for warmth. I'm so cold. Everything around me starts to fade away. The voices, the bodies, the room... Everything's blurry, and I'm confused.My whole life flashes before my eyes. Everything I've been through with Sejin plays in my head. I feel as if my soul's being ripped from my body. I close my eyes, falling into an empty void, my ears going deaf, my body going limp...



Chapter Text

(Yoongi's POV)


I jerk awake, gasping for air, but never seem to get it. A bright white light blinds me. My ears ring form the yelling of unfamiliar voices. My vision goes dark as I black out again. 

My ears ring from a strange electronic beeping sound. I open my eyes slowly, taking in my surroundings. I try to sit up, but something restrains me. I can't move. I start to panic; I hate being trapped. I move, frantically trying to free myself from the restraint.  Someone shushes me, stroking me hair. I look over and see Hobi's beautiful face.

My throat is so dry. My voice comes out raspy as I ask, "What's holding me down?" Hobi looks down at the restraints. I see them, not wanting to be trapped again. Hobi loosens the restraints on my arms, and I relax a little bit. He explains to me everything, how Sejin cut my throat, how he tried his best to clot it, how I passed out.

"Everything's okay now, Yoongi. Sejin won't hurt you ever again. And even if we see him again, I still won't have him hurt you." I slowly get up, feeling the stitches in my neck. I feel the neat little threads of stitches, and I shudder. My head pounds, making me groan. Hobi pushes me back down. "Yoongi, baby, don't sit up just yet." 

He grabs a cup full of water and puts it to my mouth. He mutters a little "Drink", and I comply. The water stings, and it's hard to swallow. After removing the cup, Hobi stands up and presses a button, signalling a nurse, I think. "Yoongi, stay where you are. Please don't try to sit up again. The doctor will explain to you what you need to know." I look at him with sad eyes. "Where are you going?"

Hobi smiles at me. "The boys are worried. I need to tell them that you're okay for now. I'll be back, okay? I would never leave you. Besides, I'm not allowed to be in here with the doctor."

I nod. "Thanks for everything, Hobi. I love you." Hobi smiles.

"I love you, too."


(Hobi's POV)


I walk out of the hospital room, and to the waiting room. I get out my phone, calling Namjoon. "Namjoon, Yoongi's okay. He's awake now, and the doctors are taking care of him."

"That's good," Namjoon says," we need him. You need him..." I frown. We talk for a bit longer, before I hear Jimin in the background moaning for Namjoon to touch him. I chuckle lightly, hanging up. I sit down and let out a huge sigh. Sitting there for about ten minutes, I start to get worried. Thankfully, the doctor comes to me.

I stand up to meet his gaze. " Yoongi will be all right. He may have PTSD, so me careful with him. He also is suffering from a fractured rib and wrist, as well as a mild concussion."

I nod. "You can go see him now, or whenever you'd like to." I bow to him, almost running to Yoongi's room. He looks at me and smiles softly. The doctor soon comes in, as well. "Yoongi? Would you like to know what happened to Sejin?"

Yoongi shakes his head as tears for in the corners of his eyes. I frown, cupping his face in my hands. I say softly, "He won't hurt you again." I pull him into a hug. "I will always be here for you."


I pull away, looking Yoongi in the eyes, wiping his tears away. I land a tender kiss to his lips. He kisses back with longing and love. I can;t tell you the future, but I know that Yoongi and I will live happily ever after...