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Escape with Me

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(Y/N) sighed. The posters were on the wall and the final box was unpacked. Her parents said she seemed to be settling in rather nicely. Never mind the fact that she missed her friends desperately. It was time to look forward to new beginnings. New year. New school. Everything was going to be great.

That’s what she kept telling herself anyway. 

(Y/N)’s dad had just gotten a new job in Tokyo working in the government. It was a modest job with a modest raise. It was enough money to move to a nicer area.

On top of it all, (Y/N) had just gotten a full ride scholarship to the prestigious Ouran Academy. It was a stroke of luck and good timing. The school offers one slot in each class for the children of civil servants. She had written a great essay. Most importantly, she was interested in radio broadcasting, a professional opportunity the school offered but under utilized. This sweet combination made (Y/N) the perfect candidate.

Tomorrow was her first day. She had written a lengthy petition about how she could not possibly afford the uniform. It wasn’t that it was hideous (even though it was) – it was purely economical. The administration, with its desperate attempt to please its charity case students, said she could wear something different as long as it was business attire.

(Y/N) didn’t care that she would stick out like a sore thumb. She wasn’t going to fit in anyway, what did a costume change have to do with anything? She didn’t even want to go. Her parents asked her to apply; going to Ouran was basically a guarantee of a scholarship to a top university. She agreed it was worth it, but she didn’t have to like it. It was like taking her medicine, for three year, with stuck-up assholes.

She groaned before turning off the light and curling into bed. She was going to need all of her strength to make it through the day.


(Y/N) waited at the front entrance of the school, watching all of the chauffeured limos drive by. She was waiting for her welcome buddy, another scholarship student by the name of Haruhi Fujioka. The letter said Haruhi was in a position to “better understand" her situation. 

“Hey, are you (Y/N)?” 

You turned and to see a student with short brown hair. They were wearing a boy’s uniform but had very effeminate features. But hey, gender is fluid so what does it matter?

“Yep, that’s me. And you’re Haruhi right?”

“That’s right! Welcome to Ouran. It’s kind of crazy here, but eventually you get used to it.” 

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow. “Level with me Haruhi, is that really true?” 

Haruhi laughed. “You got me there.”

Haruhi gave (Y/N) an early morning tour of the school. It was extravagant cafeterias, state-of-the-art classrooms, and libraries full of first edition books. The place was like something out of a dream.

Lots of passersby stared at (Y/N). She got it, a new kid with new clothes that were obviously not brand. It was very clear that you were a scholarship kid. Whether they were judging her harshly or merely commenting on the new face, she couldn’t tell.

“Wow, this place is really fancy,” (Y/N) said.

“Well, I heard the next part of the trip will probably make you the most excited.”

Haruhi opened a door revealing a beautiful radio station, equipped with the latest technology. It looked like a professional space, with everything shiny and new. 

“This is the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life,” (Y/N) said. “You can play vinyl, CDs, MP3s! I think I might cry. I can’t believe this is all mine!”

(Y/N) was scheduled to run a show from 7am to 10am every morning during the working week. She was told to play an hour of classical and an hour of jazz that would broadcast throughout the school. The first hour when the fewest people were wandering the halls you could play whatever you wanted with one rule: Keep it classy.

“I’m glad you like the station!”

“Like it? I love it!”

“Anyway,” Haruhi said, “I think its about time for us to get to class!”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”


Class here was much easier than expected, and the teachers assigned barely any homework. The other students were the most challenging part of her day. The girls in her class made rude comments and the boys shied away from her. She heard people talk about her commoner clothes and bold makeup, always with a level of scorn in their voices. 

She was mystified. Haruhi came from the same background and she did, and people loved him! Haruhi's friends were both abundant and very popular. Meanwhile, (Y/N) barely made it to the end of the day! She spent every second that she could with earbuds in, music blasting or hiding away in the mostly abandoned radio station.

Tomorrow was a new day. She had her first broadcast at Ouran bright and early in the morning. Maybe there was a silver lining at this crappy school.