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Escape with Me

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(Y/N)’s sat in her bed watching television on her computer when her phone buzzed.

Hey, what’re you up to?

She smiled and typed back immediately. Not much. Watching a stupid tv show. How about you?

Oh, just thinking about you ;)

Really now?

Three weeks in and they were still sending cute text messages. She wondered how long the honeymooning would last and when the ball would drop. She and Kaoru had been sneaking around.

At first they spent time together as friends, twice a week telling everyone they were studying. It was just spending time together as friends. Things progressed from there.

She thought about it everyday. 


They always went to areas that were out of the way, places they wouldn’t bump into classmates. They agreed that dealing with classmates would lead to rumors, which they didn’t need. They were only friends. 

After a stop for snacks in a local café, Kaoru decided to walk (Y/N) back home. As (Y/N) walked by, a group of three men began calling after her.

“Hey, honey! Nice ass you got there.”

“Hey, babe. Let’s chat. Where're you going?”

“Let’s go, (Y/N),” Kaoru said grabbing her hand as he spend forward.

Even when the men were far out of sight, their hands remained linked. And the next day, when she reached for his hand again, he never pulled away.


“Why is it cold? It’s practically the summer!”

Kaoru and (Y/N) decided today was the day for a stroll in the park. The weather was brisk, but perfect in the sun. After sunset, it was a different story.

“Oh, (Y/N). It’s too early in the year to abandon the jacket!” 

“Well, I didn’t really think about it until now…”

Kaoru let go of her hand and began to take off his jacket – a denim jacket with an attached hood. 

“Kaoru, it’s totally okay! We’re almost back at my place, so I don’t really need it.”

“We’re at least a half mile away! I’m wearing a long sleeve, and I want you to be warm.”

“Okay then,” she said, blushing. The jacket was warm and comfy. The best part it smelled like he did. She found the scent comforting. Walking while wearing his jacket and holding hands? It felt like the best thing in the world.

Crap. She had already fallen for him. 

“Hey, (Y/N)?”


“You can keep the jacket,” he said, as color rushed to his cheeks. “It looks really cute on you.” 


Another day at another park. This time they had decided to picnic. After a few onigiri, they on a blanket observing nearby dog walkers and children. She would watch the park, then look back at him. His sparkling eyes and ginger hair. Sometimes she would catch him looking at her. The day felt perfect. 

They had settled into a comfortable silence, a phenomenon that was not unusual. She scooted closer to him, leaned over, and kissed his cheek.



 Then she felt a pair of lips crash on to her. She closed her eyes and kissed back. Then he pulled back, a huge smile on his face.

“Wow,” he said.

“Wow is right.” 


And now they were texting back and forth, living in limbo. They weren’t dating. But they were sneaking around. They didn’t have labels. But they did make out in her room when her parents were at work. He wasn’t her boyfriend. But she wanted him to be.

Hey, I’m heading to bed. Good night~ She typed into her phone.

Sleep well, (Y/N)-chan <3