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Fire and Water Comic

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Thranduil: Waterbender, I can’t believe it. You’re in the Earth Kingdom. You threw a rock. A rock. And you’re a Waterbender?! Unbelievable. I didn’t train for this.

Bard: It works great! And it confuses people too so that’s fun, they see the green and then think Earth Kingdom, a throw a rock at a guy and people think Earthbender. I’m like a spy!

I’m not actually a spy, I just live here. But imagine if I was a spy. I’d be a great spy, don’t you think I’d be a great spy.

Hey, come back. Where are you going? We were getting along so well. We stopped a crime! That’s some great inter-community relations.

Thranduil: No, you don’t understand. I am not authorized to engage with the Water Tribe. I trained for Earth Kingdom.

Bard: Water Tribe? Nah. What’s a Water tribe? See, it’s fine.