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Virgin Body

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"Kizami, please don't do this. I can't take it anymore." You whimper.

"Now (f/n)-chan, that's no way to talk to your onichan." Kizami laughs.

You're in a uncomfortable position. No. Literally! You're tied up naked in the same room as him. Your arms are getting tired from being lifted up, your legs ached from standing up too long, and your back hurts as well. But that's not the worst part. What hurts the most is the pain between your legs. Dried blood is on your thighs and you have bite marks all over your neck. Your chest is covered in hickeys.

You're dehydrated from crying too much. You wanted so badly to die, but you remember what the ghost said. If you died in Heavenly Host, you'll forever feel the pain of your death. You look down on the floor to see some of Kizami's sperm. Out of all the people that stole your virginity, it had to be him. You saw him as a brother. When you transfer to Byakugan High, Kizami was the first person to met. He introduced you to his friends and that's how you became one of them. Remembering that time, you let out a sob.

"Does your vagina hurt, little sister?" Kizami ask. "Don't worry. I'll make it all better." Your eyes widen when you see his hand go to your lower region. He place his hand on your vagina.

"No please no." You beg. He ignores you and began to message it. His fingers rubbed your clit together. You couldn't help, but blushed. Your cheeks are red as you tried to hold back a moan. Why does it feel so good? You didn't want to be aroused by him. But your body is betraying you. You suddenly gasp, when Kizami is licking the dried blood. He slowly goes your way to your vagina.

Kizami then licks it. You bit your lip and began to tremble. He lifts up your right leg to give him more room to lick. Juices are coming out of your vagina. You can not have a orgasm again. You can't give him the satisfaction. Kizami is now sucking dry your juice.

"Aahhhhhh!" You moan. You couldn't help it, you came. Your juices squirted all over his face. He squeeze your left buttcheek in respond. You hate yourself. You hated how weak and stupid you are. You should had seen this coming, but didn't. Kizami is now finally finished eating your vagina out.

"All better." He cooed. You just look at him blankly with your dull (e/c) eyes. Those very eyes that had once been bright and full of happiness. Kizami smiles very lovingly at you. He carress your face. You flinched at his touch. He frowns at this. Kizami roughly grabbed your face and squeeze your cheeks.

"I was very gentle and made you feel all better like a loving onichan should. Show me some gratuity or I'll show you what really hurts." He threaten. You swallow a lump on your throat better speaking.

"You made my vagina all better. Thank you onichan." You thank. Kizami similes and kissed the top of your head. He went to a corner and got dressed. You see him put his knife in his breast pocket.

"I'm going out to hunt. Don't worry, I'll won't be long. We'll play again soon." Kizami said. He leaves you all alone, still tied up. As soon as you can't hear footsteps, you immediately try to loosen your ropes. It's no use, Kizami tied it up real tight. You just relfect on how you ended up in this situation.


Couple hours ago, you're standing among your circle of friends. You stayed at after school to help Kurosaki with cleanup. After cleaning up, Mitsuki cleared her throat.

"Everyone, we have an announcement!" Mitsuki said.
"We?" Kurosaki ask.

"Emi and I found something amazing online yesterday. We found a friendship charm." Mitsuki announced. She showed everyone around a paper doll.

"What does a doll have to do with friendship?" Ryosuke question with his eyebrow raised.

"This doll will represent our soul. We each grab hold of the doll, then we say, 'Sachiko we beg of you' the number of time of the person in this room. In our case there's 10 of us, so we say it 10 times in our head. After everyone says it, we rip it! We keep our piece in a safe place. Legend says that Sachiko will pass by the room and give our friendship the blessings to last of lifetime." Emi explains.

"That's very beautiful. I'm in!" You exclaim. You grabbed hold of the right arm of the doll. Everyone soon grabbed hold of it. You said the charm 10 times in your head.

"On the count of three, we rip it." Mitsuki said.

All ten of you pulled the doll apart. You stare at your piece fondly. You placed your piece inside your name tag. You walked over to Kurosaki.

"Hey Kurosaki-kun, do you want to... Walk home together?" You blushed. You couldn't look him in the eye when you said that. You have a crush on him since you're first day at this school. Kurosaki smiles at you.

"Sure. Let me go get my things." He agreed. You squeal on the inside. This will be the first time walking home together alone. You turn to your best friend, Tohko. You were about to tell her about your success, when an earthquake interrupted you.

"Earthquake!" Kai shouted.

"Everyone! Hide under your desk!" Kurosaki cried.

"No! Cover your heads!" Masato suggested.

You went under a table and covered your head. The ceiling was cracking, windows breaking, lightbulbs falling, and tables flipping over. Then, it just stop. You crawled out from your table. Kizami offer is hand, which you gladly took.

"Are you alright, (l/n)-san?" Kizami ask.

"I'm fine. I don't think I'm injured." You answered.

"I'm so glad nobodies hurt." Tohko sigh in relief. You closed your eyes and nodded. You walk next to Kurosaki and wrapped your arm around his. You lean your head against his shoulder. When you did, the floor cracked. Everyone looked down and saw the floor cracking. Before anyone can say or do something, the floor breaks apart. You scream along with the others as you fell to the unknown.