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Virgin Body

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You explained to Kizami that you were with Kurosaki, finding corpses, being in another building, running into the zombie guy, got separated from Kurosaki, and to Kizami rescuing you from being rape. Kizami seemed excited when you mentioned the corpses, but you brushed it off.

You cried when Kizami told you that Ryosuke and Kai had died. Ryosuke was so nice to you. He lend you some of his videos games and you while help him with math homework. Kai on the other hand, tried to get in your pants the moment he met you. You wouldn't let him and finally gave up. Though, you're still sadden of his death. A ghost appears in front of you!

"Aah!" You yelp. It's a spirit of what you think it's a girl. She has no head and she's gurgling. Kizami pull out a sealing tag out of his pocket. He threw at the ghost and she hissed away.

"Did I really saw a ghost?" You mutter to yourself. Your heart is racing and your eyes is widen.

"You haven't encounter a ghost?" Kizami ask. You just whimper in response.

"This isn't an ordinary school. The newspaper in read said the school shut down in the 70's. There were report of rapes and murders of school staff and students. The ghost of the dead are roaming around. In fact, it was ghosts that killed Kai." Kizami explains. You couldn't believe what you just heard. But you saw a zombie and a ghost, so you know your friend isn't lying.

"Don't worry, little sister. No ghost is getting you." Kizami comfort. You just continue walking. You went to another hallway and a blue light appears in front of you. Kizami didn't look faze and stare blankly at it.

"More torture souls. Try not to die. You'll forever feel the cause of your death for eternity. Oh why did I had to die like that?" It cried. The sprit dissapear, leaving the two of you alone. Kizami led you to a room and you follow him inside. It appears to be a biology lab. There are empty beakers and test tubes on the table. There's also a railing hanging to the cieling. Kizami hugged you from behind.

"I can tell that what the spirit said, scared you. But don't worry, you'll be safe in onichan's strong body." Kizami mutters. You felt his hot breath brush against your ear. He then slowly put his fingers inside your panties.

"What are you doing!?!" You yelp. Your cheeks are once again, flush. Kizami put two of his fingers inside you. He rubs your clit.

"Making you as comfortable as possible. We're both gonna die eventually. But we're gonna die by my hand. But before we do, you gonna become a woman. My little sister is gonna become a woman." He explained. He added another finger, and all three are inside your whole. Your legs tremble as juices are flowing down. You moan at how good it felt. You couldn't let him continue. You elbow at his ribs and tried to run away. His fingers came out of you and a knife is at your throat.

"Be nice, (f/n)-chan. Or else I'll slit your throat very slowly." Kizami threaten.

"You see me as a little sister! Why do you want to do this to me!?" You yell.

"Because it's always my fantasy to fuck my little sister. They're so pure and innocent. They trust their big brother to take care of them. That's what I'm doing, I'm taking care of you." Kizami said. He pull your underwear to the side and put this fingers inside you again. He moved them around in a fast pace. You moan rapidly as you twitch in pleasure.

"You're so tight." Kizami stated. He grabs your breast and squeezes it hard. You cried out in pain. Your reaching your climax.

"Aahhhhhh!" You moan. More of your juice squirts out of you. Kizami pulled out his fingers and remove his other hand from your breast. You collapse on the floor as you catch your breath.

"You did very well, (f/n)-chan. Now you're loosen up and ready for the real thing." Kizami smiled. He help you up and pull out a rope from his pocket. He puts his knife on your back and makes you go in the corner. He tide your hands together and tied the rope to the railing. You blush as your standing with your hands tied to the front.
Kizami use the knife to cut your skirt open. He threw away the skirt to a corner. You crossed your legs together to hide your panties. Kizami moved on to your shirt. He shredded it to pieces, leaving only your bra. You're now wearing Lacy undergarments and thigh stockings. You feel like a prostitute that's into bondage and S and M.

"My, don't you look sexy, little sister. It's like you were wearing those for your onichan." Kizami praised. You wear lacy lingerie for Kurosaki. The man who you're saving your virginity to. You widen as Kizami begins to undress himself. He remove his boxers to reveal his throbbing member. This is happening. You're about to lose your virginity to a friend that you once look up to.

"You'll do fine. It's my first time too." He whispered. With a swift, your underwear is slice off. Your vagina is now feeling the cold air. He then moved in to your stockings and bra. You're now 100% naked.

"Yuuya, please don't. It's not too late." You beg. He ignores you and suck on your breast. You gritted your teeth on how you held back a moan. He pinch your nipple as he suck on the other one. Your cheeks redden as you look down on him. God how you wish it's Kurosaki doing that to you.

Kizami pop out of your breast and lean on your face. You try to move back, but Kizami made a small cut to your neck. You feel blood oozes out of the cut. Kizami licks it away. He crash his lips into yours. This made you gasp and that was an opportunity for him to slide in his tounge. Kizami moan in pleasure as he swirl in tongue around yours. Saliva comes out of your month. He once again slide his fingers on your vagina. He rubbed his fingers on your flaps. This time, you held back a moan.

Kizami stopped kissing you and bends down to your lower area. He cups your vagina with both his hands. He put his mouth in and begins to suck. Your whole body squirms in pleasure. Tiny moans escape your mouth. Your mind and heart doesn't want this, but your body disagrees with you. You felt his tounge goes all the way inside you. He moves it around, making you reach your climax again.

"I'm... Cuming..." You moan. Kizami moves his face away from your vagina. River of juice flows out of your womanhood. You breath rapidly to rest. The floor is cover of your juice.

"You cum! Now it's my turn!" Kizami exclaim. You slowly look up as Kizami is inserting his member in you. You can feel it's throbbing. You whimper in pain as he putting it in. He made a big thrust and his member is fully in. You cried out in pain as he did.

"It hurts! It hurts!" You scream. Blood came out of your vagina. Tears flowing down as you felt the pain of losing your virginity.

"You'll soon like the pain." He assured you. He thrust back in forth inside you. You open your mouth slightly to moan. His penis does hurt, but the pain does feel good. Kizami lift your leg up and putting on his shoulder. He makes eye contact with you as he thrust. You try to look away, but couldn't. He smirks when he hears tiny moans from you. Kizami then start to thrust faster than ever. You squirm around in pleasure again. He pulled his member out and dive it all the way in and cum. You scream in pleasure as he release himself in you. He pull his penis out and his cum falls on the floor.

"Can't let you get pregnant, baby sis." Kizami tease. All this fucking made you tired. Your whole body dangle in excuastion.


And that's how you ended up in this situation.