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don't take things from crime scenes kids (even if you pay)

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My last job just finished up, I’m heading home soon

awesome! are you okay?

I’m alright, I’ll see you soon. Do we need anything?

umm milk maybe? i can go out and get some if you dont want to

Don’t even think of it. I can do it, I'm by a store anyway

Putting away his phone, Shouto looked at the scene around him. Perhaps that wasn't the best way of putting it. To be fair, Shouto was at the store. Said store may have shot out windows and three unconscious robbers by the door and is technically considered a crime scene, but hey, milk is milk right?

“Yeah no.”

Shouto frowned. “Why do you say that”

Izuku raised an eyebrow. “Cause it was taken from an active crime scene.”

“And that makes a difference how?”

“Because it was basically stolen. It's tainted now. This,” he says waving around the carton, “is criminal milk.”

Shouto huffed out a laugh. “I don't think that's how it works.”

“Mmm you keep on believing that. I on the other hand refuse to drink this.” He hopped up on the table, turning to face Shouto. There isn’t much of a height difference between the two of them, but with Izuku sitting down, it grows, forcing him to look up.

“What if drinking this criminal milk turns me into a villain. Huh?” He poked Shouto’s chest, not even bothering to hide his smile. “Hmm? What will we do then”

Shouto walked over to him, trying his best to look more contemplative than amused. He placed his hands next to Izuku on the table and barely holds back a grin. “Oh I don't know. I guess I'd have to stop you”

Izuku peered up at him. “And how do you plan to do that?”

He leaned in and let their lips meet. Kissing Izuku felt like coming home, where every disjointed, cracked, shifted piece in his armour was put back where it belonged. Where his bones would settle and his heart could rest and he could let himself fall and know he'd be caught. It was as special as it had been the first time and Shouto doubted that would change.

“Seriously though,” Izuku said when they broke apart, “I know you were tired after work, so thank you for grabbing it.” He smirked. “Even if you did turn to the dark side to do it.”

Shouto laughed. “You know, I did pay for it.”

“Sure honey.” Izuku hopped off the table, hip checking him on the way. Shouto turned to watch, unable to help the blush that had spread over his face at the pet name. Damn he was weak for this boy.

“And what are you doing?”

Izuku looked over his shoulder, confused. “Putting the the milk in the fridge”

“Izuku Midoriya, keeping stolen goods.” Shouto shook his head. “Tsk tsk.”

“Your criminal ways have rubbed off on me. Don't tell my mother. Or All Might. They'll be ashamed.”

With that he threw himself against the fridge, arm flung dramatically over his eyes, the milk carton dangling from his fingertips. After a few moments passed, he peeked out from under his arm, a smile pulling on the corners of his mouth.

Shouto laughed, turning to open the cabinets while simultaneously running through a mental list of what they might have to make for dinner tonight. Looking inside, Shouto quickly noted that there was enough for dinner but they’d definitely need to go out soon.

"We'll have to go shopping tomorrow," he says turning back to face Izuku. "We're running a little… Izuku?"

He was slumped against the fridge, the dramatic pose from earlier now the only thing keeping him upright.

Shouto rushed over, every terrible possibility running through his mind. ‘What if he…’ No, he can’t think like that. He had to focus.

“Izuku...Izuku what happened? Are you alright? Izuku?

He was pale, looking up at Shouto with unfocused eyes. Shouto cradled his face between his hands, softly repeating his name. What must have been minutes, seconds really, seemed to take years for him but Izuku’s eyes finally focused on Shouto leaning over him.

He slowly reached a hand up to press against Shouto’s cheek. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Shouto made a sound that probably started off as a laugh but decided to become a sob midway through leaving his mouth. “What’s wrong? You just collapsed against the fridge and didn’t respond for a solid minute.”

He flinched, dropping his hand from Shouto’s cheek to his own temple. “Collapsed huh? Shit, you must have been worried.” He looked up sheepishly. “Sorry…?”

Shouto frowned. “If your head was hurting again, you should have said something. What if something’s wrong.” He started to stand, already thinking of the fastest ways to get the hospital. “We should go- What’s wrong.”

Izuku had grabbed his hand and pulled him back down to the floor. “Shouto calm down, I’m fine.”

“What do you mean you’re fine? You get injured bad enough to get put out of commission for the next month and not three days later you collapse and you expect me to believe that you’re fine?”

“I am fine let me explain.” Izuku sighed. “You were busy with work, not that I’m blaming you of course, you shouldn’t have to stop saving people just because I’m sitting out for a little, no that’d be ridiculous and honestly, it would put a lot of people at-”


“Right sorry.” He takes a deep breath and continues. “You were busy and Kirishima offered to take me to get checked out and when we were leaving we ran into Recovery Girl. She offered to take us out to lunch to catch up and when she heard what had happened, she offered to fix me up.” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “She said since it was a head injury I might be a little dizzy. I had felt okay all day but I guess hopping around the kitchen didn’t help.”

Shouto’s eyebrows furrowed. “If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure.” He bumped their shoulders together. “Hey, I’m sorry for worrying you.”

Shouto smiled. If it was a little weak or watery, neither commented on it. “It’s okay. I guess, I’m just on… edge since it happened.”

Izuku chuckled softly. “I get it. If it had been you….” He shudders.

Shouto leaned over and brought their lips together once more. It was supposed to be quick but with what had happened, drawing it out a little couldn’t hurt.

They broke apart slowly, foreheads touching as Shouto tried to forget the way Izuku had fallen after being hit. Tried to forget the sound his head had made as it hit the ground. Tried especially to forget the feeling of coming home to an empty apartment after being forced from the hospital, being told there was nothing he could do but wait.

‘He’s alive. He’s alive and he’s here and he’s not going anywhere.’

Izuku met his eyes and laughed.

Shouto blinked. “What’s so funny?”

“Your face,” laughed Izuku. “You just looked so dazed. It was adorable.” He links his arms around Shouto’s neck and pulls him in closer. “I love you.”

‘Oh my god, I fell in love with a maniac.' A smile floats across his lips. “I love you too.” Izuku may have been the one with the head injury but with how tight Shouto’s chest felt in that moment, he’s going to be the one ending up in the hospital. It had a tendency to hit him at the oddest of times: how much he loved Izuku. He love him and he would drown in it. He would drown and he’d be happy about it.

They sat there for awhile, backs against the fridge and butts slowly freezing on the tile floor. At some point, Shout wrapped his arms around Izuku and the two had started watching videos sent to them by their friends.

After a few of these videos, Izuku turns in his arms and blinks up at him.

“Hey, Shouto? Weird question but did we ever put away the milk?”