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Who Killed Markiplier

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I put on my oversized high school sweatshirt over my tank top and plaid pajama pants and trudged down the stairs of Ir apartment to get the mail.
Once I got down there, I pulled out my key and opened the mailbox. I grabbed the mail started my journey back up the stairs to my sister and my shared apartment.
My sister, Caty, was a junior in college. She gave up on the dorms when her roommates, two years in a row, were complete jerks and that’s putting it politely. She couldn’t take them anymore so she decided to try and live on her own.
Our mum had died when I were born so Caty and I were raised by our dad and, when he remarried when I were in 6th grade, our step-mom. When I found out my sister was going to live alone, I asked my dad if I could help my sister out and move in with her. I said I’d work really hard in school and, when I wasn’t studying, at a working job to help support her.
It took a lot of arguing and convincing, but I somehow managed to persuade him. I moved out a week later.
I was a senior this year, and you’ve been living with your sister since the beginning of your junior year. My dad sent me with money for a new school that was closer to where Caty’s apartment was.
I was sent into this new school with no friends and with a clumsiness that stubbornly sticks with me to this day.
As I was stepping up the stairs to my apartments, shuffling through the mail, I looked for the mail I’ve been anxiously awaiting. I flipped past a magazine that Caty was subscribed to and saw the letter I wanted. My pulse stopped, as well as did my foot, midstep which made me fall onto my friend, Damien, who was my first friend at high school (and my crush since then). Damien lived just a floor beneath us and we walked to school together every day.
He caught me just before I fell, “Woah, there, Rose!”-he smiled as I looked up at him sheepishly- “You better watch where you’re going there.”
I smiled back at him, bit my lip, and held up the letter that made me fall.
His smile became wider than I thought was possible and he threw his head back and laughed. He, then, helped me stand up right again.
His laugh was one of the most infectious things I’ve ever heard. It was impossible not to laugh while listening to him double over with joy.
I looked at him nervously.
He and I applied for the same college so we could spend more of our years together. Damien, being the incredibly smart and charming boy he is, already got in.
I, on the other hand, have been waiting for this letter for a long time and was thinking that it’d never come.
“What if I didn’t make it.” I said nervously. “You know I have my backup plan, but…” I paused, terrified of the next words that were planning of coming out of my mouth,
He smiled lightly, “We will figure it out. But,” --he put up his finder, willing me to pause-- “that’s a big if.”
His words made confidence fill my body and I reached down to open it. I tore open the envelope and then flipped the whole thing over as I pulled out what was inside.
Damien looked at me and took the folded paper inside the envelope, unfolded it, and only broke eye contact with me to start reading the letter.
“Dear Rose Lively,
I am delighted to infor-- OOF!”
I didn’t let him finish reading because I tackled him in a hug. With the letter still in hand, he laughed as he wrapped his arms around me in a great big hug.
He picked me up and twirled me around and then set me back down. With our foreheads still touching he grabbed the sides of my face and said, “We did it!”

One year later
Damien and just moved into our new apartments.
I learned from my sister’s experience not to deal with dorms. Our apartments were right next to each other. On the other side of Damien, was one of Damien’s long time friends, William. On the other side of me, were two guys names Mark and Ace.
Mark reminded me a lot of Damien in the way he looked.
He had the same, brilliant, smile and he just drew people to him as Damien did.
The one thing that was different, was that Damien was more reserved and would only show his wild side if you were very close with him.
Mark was the life of the party and threw himself into the arms of opportunity.
Ace, I never really got to know very well because I hardly ever saw him over the span of the four years we lived next to each other.
Yet, the one thing I learned was that he had an awful memory. Every time I saw him, he acted as though it was the first time we had met. He would introduce himself, flirt with me, then ask me out. Every. Single. Time.
And every time, I would: tell him my name, let him flirt with me but wouldn’t flirt back, and then turn him down.
At first, I felt bad turning him down. And then, he did it every time and I figured out his memory problems, so it became more habitual.
William, I actually never met. He and Damien managed to see each other pretty often. Mark, he just knew everyone because everyone wanted to know him, therefore William and him formed a decent relationship.
But me? I never actually met him. Damien only said good things about him and whenever the boys were together, they referred to him as the “Colonel” for reasons that were beyond me.
Boys will be boys. And those boys were to be some of my greatest friends.


Eight years after graduation
Damien and I drifted apart for eight years. We lost touch. My world took a dive in those times. Without my best friend by my side, everything seemed…. darker.
I went to law school and became an attorney. When I got the job for district attorney, and looked a list of people who all had jobs around me, I saw that Damien was the Mayor.
I beamed and hurried to his office. When I got there, it hit me that we haven’t seen each other for years. What if that was because he didn’t want to see me. I hesitated when I lifted my fist to knock, thoughts of doubt running through my head. Just as I was about to turn and walk away, the door opened and Damien looked up surprised.
We stood there in mild shock for a second before he grinned very wide and scooped me up into a gigantic hug. I laughed and hugged him back. He picked me up and twirled me around, just like he did when we found out about my acceptance letter.
Still having me picked up, he carried me inside his office and only when the door was closed did he put me down, but he did not let go.
We said nothing in those few moments and just hugged each other.
My best friend was back and my world seemed a little bit brighter.
After we had that moment, we talked for maybe five hours. When I looked at the clock, I saw that it was maybe 1:30 in the morning. I told him I had to go.
“Rose, don’t! Stay. Please.” He grabbed my hand as I went to stand up.
My heart leapt in my chest. I held his hand and we just looked at each other.
I was about to say that I really needed to go, and he tugged on my arm and I stumbled a little until our lips met.
Once I recovered from the shock that I was actually kissing Damien, I wrapped my free arm around his neck and he wrapped his free arm around my waist.
When we broke apart, I smiled and Damien said, “I’ve been wanting to kiss you since high school.”
I laughed and kissed him again.
We started dating that year, and it made me extremely happy.


Two months later
Damien and I happily got married. We were the Mayor and the District Attorney. We were partners in crime. We did all together. And we loved each other effortlessly. We were best friends and now, we were together ‘till death due us part. One morning, I went downstairs to get the mail. I opened the mailbox and I saw there were two letters for Damien and I.
I walked back into the house, and Damien was there in the kitchen, getting his cup of coffee. I put down the mail on the counter, walked over to him, and wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my forehead in between his shoulder blades.
He grunted a little and then turned around to hug me. In his raspy, morning voice that I love, “Hi, love.”
I sleepily smiled up at him, “Good morning.”
He chuckled. “Good morning.” He leaned down and kissed me lightly.
“Mmm” I smiled, “There was something in the mail for us. It’s from Mark.”
He raised an eyebrow, “Mark?”
I nodded and (regretfully) let go of Damien and went over to get the letters.
I handed the one with his name on it to him and kept the one with my name on it.
He looked at me, eyebrow still raised, and cracked the seal of the envelope. I did the same.
Inside was a letter that said the time to be there, and that I was invited to poker night at Mark's place. It had been so long since we had been to Mark's for poker night that we weren't sure what to do.

Mark and I shared a look of confusion.
“We haven’t talked with him for years. Well, I haven’t talked with him for years.” I said.
Damien looked at me still, “I’ve been keeping in touch with him. I feel like I should have told you.”
I shrugged, “It never came up.” I cocked my head questioningly, “So..?”
“Are we going?” I asked
He took a step forward and wrapped his arm around my waist. “Do you want to go, love?”
I thought for a second. “Yes. Yes I do. It’d be nice to see Mark again.”
I flipped over his envelope and something fell out. He raised an eyebrow at me as he let go of me and bent down to pick it up. It was a folded piece of paper He unfolded it and read it outloud.
"Dearest Friends, I hope you know that you two are the cutest couple in the entire city. I sure hope that these letters find you together. Wink Wink. Sincerely, Mark." Damien and I exchanged a look and then started laughing. When we stopped, he grabbed me by my hips and pressed me to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he said, “We’re the cutest couple!” then he did an adorable little toot of victory. I laughed and pressed a kiss to his lips.
When we broke apart, he said against my lips, “We should go pack and get ready for tonight.”
“Mmm.” I said in agreement. “But that can hold on for a few more minutes.” I kissed him again and he chuckled and kissed me back.
Everything was perfect.

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Damien and I got ready for that night. It was a bit short notice, but with Mark, you have to always be on your toes.
Damien had to leave early because he wanted to help Mark set up. I kissed him goodbye and he was on on his way.
About an hour later, I arrived to Markiplier manor. It looked exactly the same as what it was from about eight years ago.
I walked up to the front door and saw a man in uniform standing, observing the front door.
He heard me walking up and turned.
“Oh, bully! And here I thought I was going to be the last guest to arrive. My name is William, but my friends call me the colonel. You can as well should it please you.” He offered his hand.
I shook his hand as I said, “My name is Rose Dawson. If I’m correct, you went to the University with Damien, Mark, Ace and I?”
He leaned down and kissed my hand dramatically.
“Ah! Damien’s girl! You are definitely correct. What a pleasure to finally meet the girl Dames won’t stop talking about when we were kids. This is enough blabber for now, let us head inside and join the party.” He gestured grandly to the door, “After you.”
I smiled at him and then I walked forward. The door opened before I knocked at it.
“Bonjour!” a tall man in a tux greeted me. “Welcome to Markiplier Manor. Your invitation please.” He held out his hand, wanting my invitation. I handed it to him, wordlessly
“Thank you. Your places at the table will be set. Enjoy yourself. I will fetch you a drink forth-worth.”
He smiled warmly and walked away. I ventured further into the mansion.
The first people I see are Damien and Ace talking.
Damien stops his conversation with Ace and looks over to me. His face lights up and he beams. I can feel myself blush at his reaction to seeing me.
He wrapped one of his arms around my waist and kisses my temple. “Hello, love.” He turned back to Ace. “Ace, you remember Rose, my wife.”
Ace nodded briefly, “Hi.”
He then turned on his heel and walked off.
I looked at Damien in question. He just smiled slightly and shook his head. “He hasn’t changed a bit since our time at the University.”
Damien looked up from me and to William who was standing behind me.
Damien’s face lit up once more. He unweaved his arm from around my waist and laced our fingers together instead, so he could walk towards his old friend.
They embraced and Damien introduced me.
William winked at me, “We met just before we came inside. You have made quite the catch, old friend.” He clapped Damien on the shoulder.
We stood there and talked for a while. Before I excused myself.
“Excuse me, gentlemen. But I would like to make myself acquainted with this house that you seem so fond of. I’ll catch you when the party starts.”
Damien smiled at me, “Alright, love. Enjoy yourself.”
He kissed my temple. I smiled at him and walked off.
I somehow wandered into the kitchen. The chef saw me and brandished a ladle at me. “If you’re looking for horderves, I’LL GET EM WHEN I’M GOOD AND READY!”
He stormed to the kitchen door before turning on his heel and jabbing his ladle at me one more time. “AND STAY OUT OF MY KITCHEN!”
“Now, now, Chef! We musn’t be rude to our guest!” The butler saved me from being yelled at further. I walked over to him and took a champagne from off of his tray. “I’m so sorry about that, Mrs. Dawson!”
I smiled. “Think nothing of it, dear Butler. Having the job that I do, I’ve been yelled at much worse than that.”
The butler gave me a little bow, bid me a good night and then walked off. I walked back into the living room, where everyone was congregated. It didn’t take long for me to find my husband. He has a presence about him that demands your attention and respect. I walked over to him and stood by his side. He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
He introduced me to the people in front of him and we carried on conversation for about twenty minutes before a booming voice interrupted Damien, mid-sentence.
“Welcome, Welcome one and all!”
I turned to see Mark walking down the staircase in a red silk robe. He gave the guests one of his dashing smiles. He looked the same from when we were at University… just a little bit… tired.
“My name is Markiplier. Thank you for joining me on this auspicious evening. It’s so good to be surrounded by such CLOSE and TRUSTED friends.”
He gestured to someone in the crowd when he said each word. For “trusted” he gestured to me with a wink, causing me to laugh.
He smiled and continued. “Now, this evening is not all about the poker. It’s not all about me. It’s about you.”
“Shut up, Mark. It’s always about you.” Someone from the sea of people spoke up, causing everyone to laugh.
Mark just smiled at them and pointed in the direction from which the voice came.
“SO DRINK UP AND BE MERRY! For all I know… I could be dead tomorrow.”
Damien and I shared a pensive look before drinking the contents in our classes.