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Video-games and Handcuffs

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Bakugou Katsuki’s boyfriend sucked at playing video games and everyone knew it, especially the Bakusquad, so naturally, they'd take the opportunity to jump at anything Bakugou wasn't good at. Then they’d practice on it to prove to Bakugou that they were better on whatever he wasn’t in. So when they found out Bakugou’s boyfriend was a noob in video games. Well, that meant teasing the hell out of Shinsou Hitoshi over how much he sucked at playing in Undereye with Bakugou’s constant training sessions and backride gaming. Ashido would try and give him tips while being relentless in killing him when she had the chance, Sero would encourage him to continue when he got frustrated and even tease him, Karminari just had fun poking at his and Bakugou’s weird relationship which usually led Kaminari into shutting off his game and immediately go screaming like a banshee around the 1-A dorm after Shinsou took control over his mind, and as for Kirishima he would help out as being Shinsou’s right-hand man when Bakugou wasn't online to do that and he would even take a beating from the other team if Shinsou wasn't paying attention.

Needless to say Shinsou was quite pissed he couldn't get better even with all of their tough love and Kirishima’s gracious help. He was starting to shut down a bit, the lack of sleep taking over his thoughts until he heard yelling and screaming coming closer to his dorm room. He guessed Bakugou decided to invite himself over for a surprise visit, though, with all the yelling it wasn't going to be much of a surprise. Slowly the noise went quiet and Shinsou made a quite puzzled look at his door, he was ready to get up until he heard banging and then an immediate unlock of his door.

“Hey Mindfreak, I'm home. Don't bother getting up!” Bakugou said as he saw a very confused, shocked, frustrated, and not surprisingly tired purple boyfriend bundled up in multiple blankets he bought for him.

“Why are you here?” he asked bitterly but not meaning to direct his bitterness at the hothead.

This only made his boyfriend roll his eyes and scoff, “First off don't be pissy at me for how much you suck at video games and two I'm taking over.”

“What do you mean you're taking over?” he looked him up and down confused then looked over at his laptop still open to the lobby of the game, his mic was muted but he could still hear the shouts of Bakugou’s squad telling him to choose a character so they could finish the last round.

Bakugou only ignored his question and he locked the door behind him and set his bag on Shinsou’s desk. He quickly got out a plastic bag from it and continued to fiddle inside the bag out of Shinsou’s range of sight to see what was in it, “Get out of those horrid blankets,” he muttered and ripped something open, looking back and forth at Shinsou and the bag.

“You bought them for me” Shinsou crossed his arms and buried himself further in the blankets, feeling the warmth comfort him.

Bakugou only growled at this and made fists while coming closer to his stubborn boyfriend, “I'm not in the mood for your sassing right now Hito”

“O-okay” Shinsou blushed at his first name being used in such a tone and got out of the blankets. Don't get him wrong he hated being talked down to especially by Bakugou no less but the way his boyfriend said those words got him a bit excited.

“Good. Now put your hands behind your back.”

“Why!? Katsuki I'm not doing anything until you tell me what you're going to do!” he shouted and scooted back to the headboard.

“Hitoshi. Now.” Bakugou yanked his boyfriend by the collar and laid him flat on the bed, grabbing both of his wrists and cuffing him, “Why do you have to make things so difficult?”

Shinsou stayed quiet, eyes wide with a lump in his throat. Bakugou left him speechless. The taller boy always said he had a thing for being cuffed but he never expected the angry blonde to remember. Let alone that thought, he was curious to see what Bakugou had in store for them.

“Log me off, I left them on mute so you’re lucky they didn’t hear any of this!” Shinsou sat up with the cuffs and glanced at Bakugou eagerly to get it on with.

“Oh we’re not logging off,” he stated bluntly.

“Katsuki what the hell are we doing then? If you wanted to play my game I would’ve let you! This is so unnecessary to handcuff me,” he huffed and turned the other way lowering his voice, “Plus this is just brutal teasing I thought we were going to do something fun.”

“You dirty pervert, of course we’re going to have fun,” The blonde smirked at his red-faced boyfriend.

The purple haired boy wanted to ask more but was quickly shut up by his boyfriend placing his mic back on his head and him digging around the plastic bag some more, “I don’t know if you stocked up again but I brought over some lube and condoms.”


“Shut up. So here is what’s going to happen, you’re going to act normal while talking to those idiots and I’m going to play as you. They think I’m still at the mall so you’re not going to say a thing about me.” he licked his lips and flickered his eyes down to his boyfriend’s crotch, smirking at the sight before him, “You really are a pervert.”

“At least I’m not the exhibitionist in this situation,” Shinsou chuckled, dodging a hit to the head from Bakugou, “Don’t deny you want me to slip up and moan to all your friends that you’re riding me like the slut you are,” his voice dropped into a deep octave tone.

“Shut up!”

“Who’s the pervert now.” he chimed and leaned forward to Bakugou, flicking his tongue out before kissing him.

This only caused Bakugou to moan, leaning forward himself to deepen the kiss and grab ahold of Shinsou’s collar again, he tilted his head and bit the bottom of his lip. Shinsou hummed at this and parted his mouth slightly for Bakugou to slip his tongue inside. Their kiss turned sloppy and rougher, teeth clanked a bit but made them shiver in delight. Shinsou absolutely loved it when his boyfriend would whimper for more. He was so needy for touch and submissive when it came to sex. He knew how to get what he wanted when he wanted. In this moment Bakugou was whimpering because he wanted to get it on with but he was to busy enjoying his tongue exploring Shinsou’s mouth.

After parting for what seemed a long time they panted for air, staring at each other with smirks on their faces. Silently communicating, Baku got up from the bed and reached over for the lube and condom. He ripped open the tiny square and pulled out the rubber material. Clearing his throat he placed the circle over his lips and made eye contact with the purple-headed boy. Shinsou bit his lip as he watched Bakugou pour liquid from the bottle onto his fingers, using his only free hand to pull his pants and briefs down. The blonde got on all fours and dipped his head all down on Shinsou’s length and to the base. Once he felt the condom was securely in place he inserted his fingers into himself, moaning at the stretch he was putting himself in. The vibration on his dick felt so good Shinsou let out a breathy moan. Bakugou’s lips wrapped around him into a curve, assuming he was smiling the taller boy just chuckled quietly. He closed his eyes and tilted his head up to feel the warmth of his lover’s mouth. The other soon continued to stretch himself while bobbing his head up and down the shaft. He wanted to get Shinsou hard enough for he can ride him for a good round of Undereye.

Feeling satisfied he pulled his mouth back with a pop, raspily letting out a chuckle when the other flinched in surprise. Wiping off the drool from the corners of his mouth he picked up the headset and placed it on his head then grabbed the controller. Shinsou nodded when he was ready and watched as his boyfriend slowly slide down on his length. It made him smirk to see Bakugou cover his mouth and hiss at how he never seemed to stretch himself out enough.

After taking note Bakugou was finished bitching he turned off his mute by tapping the button on his shoulder, “I’m back.”

“Wah-! Where did you go? We’ve been waiting forever!” Kaminari shouted into his mic.

Ashido butted in before Shinsou could make up a lie, “Nevermind that, just choose someone-”

Bakugou chose his second tolerant character as to throw off the others just in case. Shinsou rolled his eyes knowing the idiots wouldn’t put two and two together.

“Dude you’ve never played with Street Boar,” Sero commented.

“Ok,” Shinsou said boredly, raising a brow when Kirishima was being awfully quiet.

Being quiet was relatively easy for Shinsou, he wasn’t really nosey when it came to sex but Bakugou was another story. Normally the blonde’s mouth would be covered by Shinsou so the rest of 2-B wouldn’t hear but since he was handcuffed at the moment he really couldn’t do much.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Bakugou breathed out in a quiet moan, waiting for the round to load up as he lifted himself up and down Shinsou, “Mmm, baby you’re so big.”

“Did you say something?” Kaminari asked only to get silence.

“Who are you asking dude?” Ashido responded as she aimed to hit Shinsou’s character but was surprised to see him dodge it, “Hey! How did you do that!? I’m using Tracy! You’re a damn Tank there’s no way you can run that fast!”

“I’m just playing like normal,” Shinsou responded back, smirking when Kaminari’s second question was also ignored.

“Guys seriously stop dodging my questions, I asked Shin-buddy where he went and I was asking Shin and Kiri who said something because I doubt Ashi could make a masculine whisper and it can’t be Sero because he’s playing with me in my room!”
“Kami, babe, calm down,” Sero chuckled then turned serious, “Kiri, you alright? You’ve been awfully quiet since Shin got back.”

Shinsou stayed quiet to let Kirishima respond, the only other voice occupying his ears was Bakugou’s quiet grunts from playing and riding.

“Bakugou hasn’t responded to me in a while guys, I’m kind of worrying,” Kirishima finally spoke up, distress strong in his words, “Has he messaged you Shin-Bro?”


“Oh uh, no, his last message to me was yesterday night to tell me he was, and I quote, ‘I’m going to sleep, you better try too.’ and then he sent me a hEart,” his voice was pitched up Bakugou picked up the pace in riding him, luckily enough it was Ashido who killed his character for the first time in the last round.

“Hah! Finally, you were starting to scare me thinking you were actually holding out on us! Umm, I’ll try and message Baku then, you should try too, Shin.”

“I will,” He swallowed and let out a quiet breath.

“I hate you guys,” Kaminari’s voice rang through their headsets, “Why won’t you answer my questions.”

“Babe let it go, maybe it’s personal,” Sero tried to cheer him up.

“Whatever, guess it can’t be helped but just look at the points Shin’s racking us up! You’re really good at StreetBoar! Why don’t you make him your main?” The bubbly blonde perked up.

Shinsou shrugged even though the other wouldn’t see it, “I guess, I mean I prefer Fiva’s design more, she’s cuter-”

“It’s because Baku mains 69, you have that dadd-”

“DON’T FINISH THAT SENTENCE!” the group shouted to the electric user.

“I absolutely loathe you,” Shinsou muttered, glaring at his boyfriend who was listening in the whole time, the smirk was written all over his face and he mouthed the rest of the words that were completely sinful.

“Jeez, don’t let Bakugou hear you flirting with me like that,” Kaminari chuckled only to have his character go rouge when Sero launched himself at him, their voices of argument could be heard through the headsets.

It was only when Ashido shot them both down with Tetsutetsu’s help that they both screamed and ran to get them back.

“How many more minutes until the round is going to end?” he asked while glancing over Bakugou’s shoulder trying to find the timer.

“Left corner bro,” Kirishima said, “Tetsu told me to tell you you’ve been doing pretty good this round.”

“Tell him thanks and that he should really get himself a headset or I will,” he smiled warmly earning a jealous glare from the blonde.

It was a big mistake because this made the hot-headed boy tilt and twist his head back to bite down on the other boy's neck, making him let out a strange noise. Bakugou only cackled at this, dropping the controller to cover his mouth.

“Bakugou what the fuck!” Shinsou whimpered and fought against the cuffs only to growl, tilting his head so his shoulder could comfort his wound, “You’re an ass, why did you do that!”

“I do what I want!” he got up from the taller boys erection to face him then slide him back in his warm lewd hole, “Are you talking to those idiots let me speak to them!”

“Fuck you,” leaning his head forward he let Bakugou take the equipment.

“Kinky,” Kaminari commented earning himself a threat by both boys.

“Sup nerds,” Bakugou shouted as he looked Shinsou in the eyes when placing his hands on his shoulders, continuing where he left off.

“Baku Bro! I was wondering when you were going to make yourself known,” Kirishima’s voice dripped with the ‘I know what you’ve been up to’.


“Wait, what?” Sero and Kaminari both stopped before killing Ashido and Testutetsu.

“Oh nothing,” he cleared his throat, “If you’re in the 3-B dorms you should come over to Tetsu’s room, we can hook you up over here with Shin and we’ll play a few more rounds.”

“No,” he replied blunt, “I’m not going to sit there and watch you be gross with iron board and alien freak.”

“Aww, oh well, anyways we have two minutes better get back to playing.”

Whether he was referring to Bakugou or Shinsou, maybe even the squad, neither would know but Bakugou continued playing anyways while watching through a small mirror on the wall. He muted the mic for Shinsou’s sanity and for the satisfaction that someone knew what he was up to already.

“Fuck babe you’re so good! You make me feel so full. Ah shit, that’s what I want, yeah right th-re! Nyaaghh!” Bakugou moaned into his ear, yanking at his hair making him hum with delight.

“Yeah, keep running your mouth slut,” Shinsou slurred, “You’re such a dirty slut, trying to be good for me.”

“I’ll be good for you, I’ll do anything for you!”


“Yes! Yes! Anything!”

Shinsou grunted and licked his lips, feeling the cuffs slowly closing off circulation to his wrists, “Alright, be a good slut for me and make me cum before the round ends, I’ll give you something special afterwards.”

The tickle of his whispers excited Bakugou, he nodded furiously, hiding Shinsou’s character in the corner of a map, tossing the set to the side before looking into his boyfriend’s eyes and leaning in to kiss him. Their kissing was a bit difficult to concentrate on as both were moaning into each other’s mouth. Bakugou’s grip was bruising up his lover’s shoulders, nails clawing into his skin to leave raw scratches, movement of the blonde was causing harsh friction onto his wrists from the cuffs. It would all later make a mess of trying to explain it was some kind of training. As for Bakugou, the amount of stretching he was straining into himself would later cause him to limp and run weirdly, his legs turning sore from bouncing himself up and down, but all of that pleased him, he wanted the attention to be screaming out that he was claimed without him verbally doing so.

The shorter boy whimpered and muffled against the other lips, “I-I’m close!”

“Me too babe, me too, let’s come together okay?” Shinsou breathed out and smiled when his lover nodded.

Game long forgot, not knowing the mic was turned back on when thrown, they breathed and panted, ecstasy fogging up their minds they both came. The condom was filled up to the brim and Bakugou splattering both of their chests. Both panted and stared at each other with pure bliss. They were relaxed enough to be for a few days. The afterglow brighter than the sun. It was something they both loved after having sex.

“Uncuff me,” Shinsou was the first to break the silence, usually neither would but the cuffs were on a little too tight.

The blonde only grunted, to blissful to scowl at the broken silence, he reached over and pressed a button on the cuffs only to laugh at the shocked reaction the purple headed boy gave, “What? Babe, these cuffs were made for sex, not for actual situations.”

“You could’ve told me that!”

“I thought you knew Mr. I have a handcuff kink.”

“Whatever just lay down!” he huffed and opened up his bedside drawer, taking out some lotion and wipes, “You’re so messy.”

“Gee thanks, I didn’t know that,” the blonde rolled his eyes then sighed in content as he was being cleaned up with care.

“You really outdid yourself for me today, thanks,” Shinsou smiled and planted a kiss on Bakugou’s lips, then moved down to squirt lotion on his hands.

He rubbed his palms together, making it warm enough for skin contact. Glancing down at the peach skinned legs he ran his hands over them. Slowly building up the massage he swore he heard his boyfriend purring from the touch. It swelled his heart up he could make the explosive teen happy. Taking his time with one leg he then did the other, glancing up to see he was enjoying the quietness. Of course, this soft moment would be destroyed by one of them but who?

“Thanks, Daddy,” and it was Bakugou who did it.

“You’re so damn gross”

“Shaming yourself is better in a mirror”

“Get out.”