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10 Years Later


“What do you want, Yuuri?”


“I...oh...oh god, Victor.”


“If you don’t tell me what you want, then how can I give it to you?” Victor’s head pops up from between Yuuri’s spread legs, wetting his lips with long, languous sweeps of his tongue. The gesture has Yuuri keening and arching off the bed, desperate for more, something, anything .


“I...I want you,” Yuuri pants, hips twitching with small, half-aborted thrusts as he tries and fails to keep his body under control.


“But you already have me,” Victor says innocently, expression anything but as he drops his head to lick yet another teasing stripe along the length of Yuuri’s painfully hard cock.


Aaah ,” Yuuri cries out, fingers tangling in the comforter underneath them as Victor’s teasing pushes him closer and closer to an edge he knows he won’t be able to topple over without help. “Fuck, Victor, please .”


“Tell me what you want, Yuuri,” Victor repeats teasingly, one hand coming to caress Yuuri’s balls as his mouth suckles his weeping tip ever so gently.


“You...I be in you. Now , Victor.” Yuuri thinks he might actually explode if Victor extends their foreplay any longer. And exploding is definitely not something he should be thinking about, not when Victor’s dexterous fingers are still wreaking havoc on his most sensitive area.


“Well, why didn’t you say so?” Victor says with a devilish smile, immediately slinking his way up Yuuri’s body. He presses a hot, claiming kiss to Yuuri’s mouth - so fast that Yuuri can barely respond in kind - and then he sits up straight, reaching to hold Yuuri still as he lowers himself oh-so slowly down onto Yuuri’s cock.


Both men groan in unison as Victor seats himself fully in Yuuri’s lap, Yuuri’s hands immediately coming to rest on Victor’s hips as he adjusts to the sudden stretch.


Fuck ,” Yuuri says eloquently, brain short circuiting over how good Victor feels clenching around him. He’ll never get used to this feeling, never.


“Oh, Yuuri ,” Victor moans, leveraging himself up by about an inch and immediately sinking back down again. “Oh my god.”


“You feel so good,” Yuuri groans, fingers tightening around Victor’s hip-bones as the other man starts to bounce more vigorously in his lap. “Fuck, how do you feel so good?”


“It’s’s all you.” Victor’s fingers scrabble for purchase against Yuuri’s chest, head thrown back as he works Yuuri’s body like a finely tuned instrument.


Yuuri moans again, head thumping against the pillow beneath him as he feels his balls start to tighten. “Fuck...I’m gonna...” he warns, one hand moving to rapidly fist at Victor’s erection while the other slips around to knead at the tight globes of his ass.


“Oh too, me…” Victor cries out, clenching down around Yuuri as he erupts, streams of white flying through the air before finding their mark across Yuuri’s sweat-drenched chest. It’s more than enough to push Yuuri over the edge, gasping and bucking his hips as he spills inside of Victor.


Victor slides off Yuuri with a groan, flopping down onto the mattress next to him, and for a while the only sound in the room is their combined panting. Eventually Victor rolls over to face Yuuri, one hand supporting his head as the other starts to trail idle patterns through the mess on Yuuri’s chest.


“So, are you ready for tonight?”


Yuuri chuckles, turning his head just enough that he can raise an eyebrow at Victor. “When have you ever known me to answer yes to that question?”


“Still nervous?” Victor’s expression is so painfully understanding that Yuuri almost can’t bear it. Almost.


“Of course. That’s just how I am,” Yuuri admits with a wry huff. “Unfortunately even mind-blowing sex isn’t going to change that.”


“Oh no, you saw through my cunning plan.”

“It wasn’t the most subtle plan you’ve ever had, darling.” Yuuri smiles fondly at Victor, one hand lazily coming up to brush a few stray locks of hair out of his face. “But, you know, feel free to try some more if you think it will help.”


“Challenge accepted,” Victor replies with an evil grin, promptly swinging a leg back over Yuuri’s hips as he moves to claim his lips in yet another bruising kiss.



“I have had the pleasure of working with our next award winner many time times throughout the course of his illustrious career. Those of you who have also had this opportunity will know that no words I say today will be able to accurately capture what a hardworking and talented individual he truly is.


“Ever since his debut at twenty three, it has been clear that this man was one to watch. Over the past fifteen years, we have all been lucky enough to watch him grow into one of the industry’s biggest and brightest stars, with over a hundred titles and two dozen awards to his name.


“In addition to his work in front of the camera, he has also been an active presence off-screen; champtioning workers’ rights within the industry and working as a public relations coordinator between traditional and adult film spaces. His latest campaign to implement a mentorship program for new actors in the Detroit area has been met with overwhelming approval, and is currently in the process of being rolled out in a number of other cities.


“It is therefore my very great honor to introduce the recipient of this year’s AVN Lifetime Achievement Award: Katsuki Yuuri!”


Applause swells as Celestino finishes his introduction, stepping to the side of the podium and gesturing out into the crowd towards where Yuuri is still sitting, trying very hard to persuade his muscles to move.


“That’s your cue,” Victor stages whispers next to him, nudging him lightly with his elbow as he claps enthusiastically along with everybody else. Yuuri shoots him a half-hearted glare, taking one last deep breath before pushing himself up to standing.


It doesn’t matter how many of these awards he wins, whether he’s been notified ahead of time or only finds out when the envelope is opened. The walk up to the stage is always the worst part. Yuuri plasters on a smile as he takes slow, deliberate steps towards Celestino, who’s waiting for him on the raised stage. He’d tripped over his own feet once; he definitely doesn’t want to repeat that mistake.


He climbs the steps to the podium without incident - thank goodness - and his smile becomes more genuine as he shakes hands with his mentor.


“Congratulations, congratulations,” Celestino says, voice barely audible above the cheers still bouncing around the room. Yuuri nods his thanks, and allows Celestino to guide him towards the microphone.


It takes a while for silence to fall, and Yuuri takes the time to gaze through the crowd, feeling warmth blossom in his chest at the sheer number of faces he recognizes fondly. Over the past decade the people in the room have become more than colleagues, more than friends. They’ve become his family.


Eventually the room quiets, and Yuuri coughs lightly before starting to speak. “Hi...hello...” He winces internally at his stammering; he’s spent hours practicing his acceptance speech at home with Victor, to the point where he knows his speech inside out and back to front. This should not be this hard.


He closes his mouth and takes a deep breath, eyes searching out Victor in the crowd. Victor’s broad smile grows impossibly wider when he notices Yuuri’s attention, and he gives him two thumbs up in encouragement. Yuuri has to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from grinning like an idiot, but Victor’s actions have the intended effect. The knot of nerves inside his chest loosens, and he determinedly turns his attention back to the crowd in front of him.


“Hello everyone, and thank you Celestino for that wonderful introduction.” His voice rings clear and purposeful throughout the room, every word uttered settling him just a little bit further. “I am beyond honored to have been presented with this award, and I know that my being here today would never have happened without the support and guidance of so many of you here tonight.


“I have been very fortunate in my career to be presented with so many opportunities that have allowed me to get to where I am today. For that I have to thank my production house Gods of Desire , for taking a chance on an untried nobody, and giving him the opportunity to grow and, ah, mature.” He runs his fingers through the tufts of white hair starting to appear at his temple - the ones that Victor pointedly refuses to let him dye - and smiles as the crowd laughs along with him.


“I know that Desire prides itself in hiring the best, and I consider myself overwhelmingly lucky to have been able to witness that first hand. I have worked with so many talented individuals over the years - I won’t try and name everyone as it will probably take the rest of the night and I know everybody is keen to get to the open bar - but I will say that working with each and every one of you has been a joy and a pleasure.”


Yuuri pauses, taking a moment to nod meaningfully at the cluster of tables Desire has reserved for the event. A couple of cheers interrupt the silence - most likely from Phichit - and he smiles fondly before continuing.


“I also have to thank my family, without whom I quite literally would not be here today.” Yuuri waits for the light laughter at his innuendo to subside, taking the time to focus his attention on the table where his sister is sitting, tears flowing freely down her cheeks as he holds up an iPad directed towards the screen.


Otousan, Okaasan, thank you for everything you’ve done for me, all the support and encouragement, and more than the occasional pep talk. You always had faith in me, even when I didn’t have it in myself.” Yuuri has to take a moment to compose himself as his parents smile and wave through the tablet screen, unable to make the journey to Detroit but wanting to be at their son’s big event nonetheless. “And of course my big sister Mari, who has always been there for me, even if it’s just to share some of that patented elder sibling tough love!”


Mari raises her glass in toast, taking a healthy swig in response, and Yuuri gives a little wave to her and his parents, taking a second to savour the moment before turning to the most important man in the room.


“And of course, I have to thank my wonderful husband.” He pauses for the rumblings of approval from the crowd that are always inevitable when he reaches this part of his speech. He’s closed out every acceptance speech for every award he’s ever won in the exact same way; it’s become something of an industry tradition.


“Victor, you are my everything. My strength, my light, my comfort. I can only hope I can continue to make you as proud as you make me. Thank you.” He smiles softly at Victor, who’s unashamedly wiping tears from his eyes, beaming up with such adoration that it makes Yuuri’s heart ache.


He knows that he’s been basking in his husband’s attention for too long when he sees Celestino start to shift out of the corner of his eye. With a cough and a rough head shake he turns his attention back to the crowd at large, ignoring the knowing smiles on more than a few faces.


“And although it’s called a Lifetime Achievement Award, I do feel the need to clarify that I’m not quite done yet! I hope I can continue to be deserving of this award in the years to come. Thank you again for this great honor.” He closes out his speech and turns to shake hands with Celestino once more, the applause so loud he can feel the floor underneath him shaking.


He collects his award and hurries off the stage, knowing that he’s fast approaching his limits when it comes to public attention. Sinking down into his seat with an exaggerated huff, he twists slightly towards Victor and wrinkles his nose. “How did I do?”


“You were magnificent,” Victor beams, leaning over to peck Yuuri lightly on the lips. Yuuri hums happily, leaning into the kiss. The exhausting part of the evening is over; now he can enjoy himself. He can hear rustling around the room as guests start to get up and move, mingling between tables now that the awards section of the night has wrapped up.


“Great speech Yuuri.” Phichit deposits himself back into his seat on Yuuri’s left, presenting him with an almost-overflowing glass of champagne.


“I knew you were my best friend for a reason,” Yuuri says as he eagerly accepts the proffered drink, taking a deep sip as his nerves finally disappear completely.


“Congratulations, Katsudon,” Yuri sidles up behind his chair, reaching around to place another flute of champagne on the table in front of Yuuri. “Your speech wasn’t completely awful.”


“What Yura means,” Otabek corrects with a fond sigh, sliding an arm around Yuri’s waist as he also joins the conversation, “is that you did great. We’re really proud of you, Yuuri.”


“Yeah, that as well. Obviously.”


“Thanks guys, I appreciate it,” Yuuri says with a soft smile, turning to pick up his drink and blinking at the third flute that has somehow materialized next to the other two.


“Where did that-” he starts, narrowing his eyes at Chris on the other side of the table. The other man looks just a little bit too innocent for his liking.


“Victor!” he exclaims, twisting to pout at his husband. “They’re trying to get me drunk!”


“Oh no,” Victor sings, already holding up his phone to start taking photos. “What an absolute tragedy.”



Despite his friends’ best efforts, Yuuri just about manages to avoid getting drunk under the table, and the rest of the evening passes in a comfortable haze of conversation, laughter and bubbles. Even with Yuuri carefully counting his drinks, though, he’s feeling decidedly relaxed by the time Celestino takes to the stage once more to announce that the night is wrapping up.


“So what’s the plan now?” Chris asks, rubbing his hands together delightedly. “What mayhem is set to follow?”


“It’s always mayhem with you, Chris,” Yuuri comments absentmindedly, snuggling against Victor’s side. Victor hums contentedly and wraps an arm around Yuuri’s shoulders, drawing him closer.


“Come on, Mr Lifetime Achievement,” Phichit says with a laugh. “Don’t tell me you’re done for the night?”


“You guys have fun,” Otabek says from across the table. “Yuri and I need to be heading home I’m afraid.”


“We’ve just started the kittens on wet food.” Yuri explains as he stands up and shrugs into his jacket. “Every six hours, and boy do they scream if we’re late.”


“Sounds like somebody else I know,” Victor says with an eyebrow waggle, earning himself a half-hearted punch to the shoulder.


“You know, between your stories of kitten wrangling, and Victor and Yuuri’s trials with their new puppy, I’m starting to think pets are more effort than babies,” Masumi interjects, smile hinting at the corner of his mouth as both couples immediately start to protest.


“I’ve never understood why people think children are hard work,” JJ’s booming voice materializes seemingly out of nowhere, and Yuuri can’t help but jump at the man’s surprise entrance. “Our Junior was a little angel, sleeping straight through the night from just two weeks.”


“I’m sure he’s a complete delight,” Victor appeases the other man, voice just a tad too genuine, and Yuuri has to mask his snort of laughter with a hasty cough. He’s come to view JJ as a true friend over the years, but his eccentricities will never stop being entertaining.


“Enough talk of children, four-legged or otherwise,” Phichit interjects. “Where are we going next?”


“I want to go home,” Yuuri slurs, nuzzling his face against Victor’s neck and smiling to himself at the rumbles of laughter that vibrate the skin there.


“Sounds like we’re done for the night,” Victor says fondly. “We’re getting too old for this all night partying, I think.”


“You own a bar!” Chris exclaims in disbelief. “How can you say that?”


“Bars. Plural.” Yuuri snaps, suddenly wide awake. “ Eros was featured in Time Out last week, and Agape has its soft launch next month. And of course Stammi is-”


“Okay, okay Yuuri,” Chris interjects, holding up his hands in surrender. “We get it; Victor Nikiforov is amazing and nobody should ever forget it.”


“Victor Katsuki,” Victor corrects with a wide smile.


“You two are beyond ridiculous,” Phichit says, rolling his eyes. “I see what’s going on here. You’re not really tired are you? You just want to go home and fuck six ways to Sunday.”


“Seven.” Yuuri says, giving Phichit a grin that is all teeth.


Oh my god .”


“Come on Phichit, mon cheri ,” Chris bundles a distraught Phichit up in his arms, kissing him fondly on the forehead. “Let’s leave these two lovebirds to it. I’m sure there will still be plenty of people who want to continue their night elsewhere…” Phichit allows himself to be led away by Chris and Masumi, but not before twisting back around to stick his tongue out at Yuuri.


“Take Mari with you!” Yuuri calls after them. “And make sure there’s video evidence when she inevitably out-drinks you all.”


“You wouldn’t believe he’s thirty-five this year, would you?” he continues more quietly, waving happily at his best friend’s retreating form before turning his attention back to Victor.


“Young at heart, the best way to be,” Victor says, standing up with a soft huff and extending his hand to Yuuri. “Home time? I do believe I was promised something about seven ways to Sunday .


Yuuri grins, taking his husband’s hand and allowing himself to be pulled out of his chair. He intentionally loses his balance, tipping forward so that Victor has to catch him against his chest, arms coming protectively around his waist.


“Lead the way, Mr Katsuki,” he purrs against Victor’s lips, grinning to himself as Victor’s eyes immediately darken, arms instinctively tightening around him.


“With pleasure, my dear Yuuri. With pleasure.”