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A Love Forgotten

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“Lucifer, please don’t do this.” She begs of him, tears falling rapidly down her face as she reaches her hand out to grab the sleeve of his jacket. His whole demeanour changes at the contact and all that radiates from him is pain as he takes hold of her hand tightly.


“There is no choice. I have to keep you safe.” He chokes out before pulling her into him, his mouth meeting hers with a desperate, heart-breaking kiss before he breaks away with a shuddering breath and drops her hand.




She is startled awake and finds herself with her head on the desk with Dan standing over her, looking concerned. She sits up and wipes the sleep out of her eyes. “What’s up?” She asks her ex-husband, waiting for him to respond. He seemed nervous and takes a few moments before sighing.


“There’s been a shooting. 2 fatalities, victim and shooter. High profile.” He informs her as she nods, making a move to stand. Dan hesitates briefly before continuing. “It was outside Lux.”


Her whole body freezes as the equivalent to a punch in the gut hits her and she closes her eyes, trying to regain some composure from the sudden onslaught of emotions.


“I’m sorry Chlo, I would go if I could but I’m still working that lead with-“He begins before she cuts him off with a wave of her hand and fake smile in place.


“No, it’s okay. You have to follow that lead. I’ll go.” She says. He offers her a comforting smile and squeezes her shoulder before walking away. She had a job to do so she steeled herself with resolve and left the precinct, driving to the destination.


She pulls up at the crime scene and ducks under the tape, heading to the officer first on scene for an update. She learns that the victim is Delilah, a mainstream pop singer which meant a very high profile case as well as the dead shooter, who crashed his car head first into another. The guy was a drug dealer and Delilah was one of his clients, who probably missed a pay. It was a pretty easy wrap up. Too easy she thinks, her gut telling her there was more to this.


“Any witnesses?” She asks while making notes in her pad. The officer nods and points behind her and she turns, her breathe leaving her instantly. There he was. Every tall, well dressed, dark haired, beautiiful inch of him.


8 months. That is how long it had been. 8 whole months without seeing him and now here he was a few metres in front of her. She ached to just run to him and hold on to him with everything she had.


Yet she couldn’t.


He turns his head in her direction and stares at her, the tiniest furrow forms on his face before his attention is brought back to the officer he is engaged with, not knowing he had just shattered her already broken heart.


She couldn’t because he doesn’t know who she is.


“Yeah, name’s Lucifer Morningstar and he owns the club right there.” The officer she had been talking to states, bringing her out of her heartbreak and focusing on the case.


“He was next to her apparently. A hailstorm of bullets and the guy doesn’t even get a scratch.” The officer shakes his head in disbelief. “Someone must be looking out for him.” He points upwards jokingly.


She snorts, the guy didn’t even realise how true his statement of a ‘someone’ was. Though, looking out for Lucifer was debatable. He’s apparently not the most commutative guy even to his own children. She catches Lucifer’s figure entering his establishment and takes a long breath before forcing her professional mask on. She had to ask him questions since he was the only witness, but god was it going to hurt her to speak with him when he doesn’t even know her name.


She enters the club and the sense of familiarity washes over her at the bluish tinge of the low lighting and the beautiful notes of a grand piano filling the air. He sits there, hands flowing with ease over the keys and she unconsciously starts to move towards the space on the seat next to him like she has done so many times before. But he doesn’t know that, he doesn’t know her she reminds herself.


She stops in time, instead standing to the side of the instrument as he looks up at her with a dazzling smile. She clears her throat before adopting her cop persona once again, showing him her badge.


“Detective Chloe Decker. I need to ask you a few questions. Name?” She asks blandly.


“Lucifer Morningstar.” He says with another smile, hands still flying over the piano keys, changing to a different melody. God, hearing his voice after nothing over all that time apart caused her stomach to turn. She missed everything about him.


“Is that a stage name or something?” She asks with a hint of humour, unable to help herself from teasing.


He chuckles. “God-given, I’m afraid.” He states with a smirk. She huffs and tries to stop the small smile but fails. His own grows wider at the fact he had amused her before contemplation overtook his face, brows furrowed like before.


“You know, you look familiar. Have we met before?” He asks her, eyes searching.


“Yeah” She says almost breathlessly. Nearly 3 years ago and you were everything to me. She clears her throat. “Five minutes ago.”


 “Talk to me about your relationship with the victim.” She says quickly in attempt to get him of this painful line of questioning. He leans back on the seat and crosses his arms across his chest.


“Well, she used to work here a few months back. I would occasionally accompany her while she sang. Then she became a big star and someone decided to end her life.” He states, reaching for his tumbler and taking a sip.


“Do you know the shooter?”


“No, but we did have an interesting little chat just before he kicked off. I asked him why he did it.” He says smugly and she shakes her head.


“Like to play cop, do you?” She asks sarcastically though she already knows the answer. He really does and he was the best partner she had, but all that was gone now.


He laughs. “No, I just like to play in general, Detective. What about you?” She ignores the way her heart surges at his innuendo. Something she had been privy to a lot when she use to be with him. She never thought she would miss them yet she did desperately.


“Did he tell you why he did it?” She asks.


“Why, money, of course. You humans, you love your money, don't you?”  She can’t help but role her eyes at this but doesn’t say anything else.


“He also said, "I just pulled the trigger." Now, don't you think that's interesting?” He offers with a raised eyebrow.


She thinks back to how her own gut was telling her something wasn’t so easy about this and it seems there is reason after all. His statement also brings a sharp pain of sadness to her heart. They were always on the same wavelength; it was why they worked so well together. It was all beginning to catch up with her and she didn’t know how much longer she could keep up this façade.


“What will your corrupt little organization do about this?”


“Excuse me?” She replies in shock of being brought out her thoughts abruptly.


 “Will you find the person responsible? Will they be punished? Will this be a priority for you? Because it is for me.” He says passionately and a swell of affection rises within her, memories of his dedication to their cases flooding her mind.


She huffs. “You got some balls on you, pal.”


“Oh, thank you very much, but they're really quite average.” He says with mirth and she can’t help but fall back into the easy banter that existed between them.


 “I bet.” She smirks and he lets out a chuckle, admiration at her wit on his features and it hurts her because the accompanying adoration that always shined through his brown orbs, making her never doubt his love for her, was nowhere to be found.


“Now, are you sure that we haven't met?” He inquires with a tilt of his head. She thinks this would be her form of torture in Hell, having to live through Lucifer looking right through her after everything they had. Teasing her with questions like this that gave her the faintest flicker of hope, but to take it away again as each time no recognition graced his angelic features.


Her eyes begin to sting with unshed tears and she shakes her head. “We're done here.”


She makes to move towards the exit, but he is quick off his seat and grabs her arm to stop her, and she feels so pathetic because she lets him without hesitation.


“Wait! Someone out there needs to be punished. We're not done.” He demands and she can barely look him in the eye.


“Yeah, we are.” She whispers, swallowing back the sob about to break free because it was true in more ways than one.  He moves his head so he can meet her eyes and he sees how they glisten, concern transforms his face.


“Detective, are you alright?” He asks softly. Detective. God, it was like heavenly music to her ears to her him call her that again. She became aware that his hand was still around her arm and she felt the heat of it scorch through to her skin.


 Too much. It was all too much.


 She removed it roughly and turns her back to him. “I’m fine. I have your details if we need more questions.” She says barely, voice nearly cracking. She paces forward to the exit, not looking back at the man who had forgotten her love.

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She put her all into the case, trying everything to distract herself from thinking of being near him after what has felt like an eternity. She followed her gut, knowing that this was bigger than was obvious. So she went through the shooters phone and a guy name ‘2 Vile’ was the last person he contacted. She figured she should start there.


When she enters the penthouse, most of the people in the apartment are holding guns so she instinctively pulls out her own.


“LAPD! Guns down.” She demands as each one drops their guns and raises the hands above their heads.


“Detective! Welcome to the party!” A familiar voice exclaims with glee and her heart lurches in recognition. “You sly dog, you did listen to me.” Lucifer says, too smug for his own good, practically bouncing on his feet.


“How did you make the connection on your own?” She asks, voice monotone and professional though inside she was feeling anything but.


“Well, I've been busy, my dear.” He responds. She turns to 2 Vile instead, trying her best to engage with Lucifer as little as possible though finding it painfully difficult.


“You called the shooter two days before she was murdered.”


“Fine. Yeah, I called Eddie 'cause he hooks me up sometimes. He met Delilah through me. Whatever. Don't make me a killer, do it?”


“No, but it does make you a suspect.”


“What, so everyone on Eddie's phone's a suspect? Are you joking? You gonna drag half of Hollywood downtown. Be like the Oscars or something.”


“Wait, aren't you that chick from that film?” Another man interrupts.


Oh god here we go again.


“Hmm, what's this? What film?” Lucifer eagerly questions looking between her and the man who spoke.


“You used to be an actress or something, right? Yeah. That teen movie... I forget what it's called.”


“Of course. Hot Tub High School. That's where I know you from!” He says waving his finger in her direction. Well he’s not wrong exactly. The first time they met 3 years ago, that was how he knew her. But they had been through so much together since then and that should be what he remembered. A sharp pain hits her as she realises that was where his line of questioning about being familiar came from. The little flicker of hope she clutched onto faded into nothing.


“Let's just stick to my questions, shall we? So-“She tries to get back on track. Do her job, solve the case. Get away from him and go home and just curl up on her bed.


“The one with the famous nude scene, coming out of the hot tub! That was quite a nude scene.” He continues with glee, looking her down appreciatively and she forces the blush that starts to rise back down. She ignores him and continues.


“You, we need to have a conversation right now.” She throws at 2 Vile before Lucifer sighs dramatically.


“That's a waste of time, Detective. I've just threatened his life... he's not our guy. He would've said, trust me.”


She pinches the bridge of her nose in irritation. “You did what?” God he was always so careless with the rules and laws.


 “Yeah, isn't that illegal?” 2 Vile asks sarcastically and she nods.


 “Little bit, yeah.” She says exasperatedly before moving towards Lucifer and grabbing his arm.


 “You, you're coming with me.” She sternly voices and drags him to the front door.


 “Ooh” He laughs. “With pleasure.” Voice sultry and sinful.


They reach her car, Chloe doing her best not to think how her grip on him might be a bit more of a desperate hold than anything else.


“I'm not quite sure why I'm being arrested.” He breaks the silence as they stop at the car. She reluctantly lets go and sighs.


“I’m not going to arrest you, even though you have broken countless laws. Just go home Lucifer, you’re interfering with a police investigation.”


“Come on, I'll help you. It'll be fun.” He tries to persuade her, not realising how much she wants to keep him with her even for a few more hours.


“How could you possibly help me?” She asks.


“I have a certain skill set. I can be very persuasive with people and tend to see things that others cannot.”


She raises an eyebrow at him to continue, though she already knows his gift but she plays the part of the unknowing.


“I have the ability to draw out people's forbidden desires. The more simple the human, the easier it is. The more complex, the more challenging and exciting, really.” He continues and finishes with a playful smile, drawing her gaze to it. She needs to put distance between them so she shakes her head, opening the driver’s door.


“Okay, look. Tell me, Detective, what do you desire more than anything else in this life?” He moves closer, into her personal space and she suddenly finds it hard to breathe. She can tell he is putting all his charming effort in but as always she doesn’t feel anything. It always gave her amusement at how frustrated it made him in the beginning.


“Mmm, sorry buddy, I don’t think it’s working.” She teases, watching his face scrunch up in confusion before she goes to slide into the car.


“No, no, no, no, no.” His hand lies on top of hers on the car door and she feels a jolt of electricity at the contact. He withdraws his hand quickly, a shocked look in place before he clears his throat.


“Look. I know something you don't know.”


“Really? What's that?”


“I won't say unless you take me with you on this.” He propositions and all she can do is glare.


“Tell me why?” She asks. He shifts uncomfortably on his feet before sighing.


“Look, I just... I just do. If I hadn't meddled with her career, maybe she wouldn't have died.” He answers truthfully. Any resilience she had left vanished at the sadness and guilt in his expression.


 “Okay. Okay, fine... but if this little clue thing of yours doesn't pan out, I’m taking you home.”


 “Is that a promise?” He says flirtatiously, devilish smirk in place. Her eyes roll involuntary as she indicates for him to get in the back seat, still attempting to place even the slightest bit of space between then before she does something stupid. Like tell him she loves him with every inch of her soul and it hurts her very being he doesn’t remember.


He had finally told her that Delilah had been seeing a therapist called Linda under a fake name. Once she had that it was easy and one of the rookies phoned ahead to the therapist to expect someone round for questioning.  Unfortunately they had to make a detour to her daughter’s school. Apparently Trixie had been involved in a fight of sorts and Dan was too busy chasing the same lead down. Lucifer follows her into the school, all the while complaining about how he despised the little creatures around him. She’s about to go into the headmaster’s office when she hears her daughters excited squeal. Trixie is about to run straight for Lucifer and luckily Chloe catches her in time.


“Baby no. He still doesn’t remember. You have to play pretend that you don’t know him okay? Like a game.” She whispers to her daughter and watches her deflate and nods in understanding.


“Okay Mommy.” She says sadly. She kisses her on the head before entering the office. After being told the circumstances of the fight, she felt a rush of pride towards her daughter for standing up to the bully. As she exits, she hears a girl scream and sees Lucifer standing next to her. She couldn’t take him anywhere could she? She sighs and drags him outside and Trixie follows, smile on her face.


Dan approaches them near the bus stop, out of breath from rushing towards the school.


“Hey, sorry I’m late; we were still chasing the lead.” He says with genuine remorse and she offers him a smile in forgiveness.  His gaze is drawn to the tall man stood beside her and his face furrows in confusion.


“What is he doing here?” Dan asks, glaring at her in agitation. Lucifer raises his brows and opens his mouth to speak, but she cuts him off.


“He’s helping on the case.” She offers sheepishly and Dan’s jaw clenches.


“You mean the easy wrap up case?”


“Yeah turns out it’s not so easy.” She shrugs and her ex-husband stares at her hard, like he was analysing her.


“You have to wrap this up as quickly as you can Chloe. You know you do.” He says gruffly. She knows she does, and he is only looking out for her so she nods and gestures to Lucifer to go wait by the car. He goes unwillingly and Dan waits a second before lowering his voice.


“Chlo, I know it’s hard but you have to end it. Soon. You know the longer you work this, there is more chance he will just keep coming back like he did the first time round, remember?” He warns her with concern and she sighs. Of course she remembers.


It was 3 years ago and there were cases involving selling class A hard narcotics to underage individuals. She had gotten a lead that one of the dealers was a bar-tender at a club called Lux and he had supposedly been selling from under the counter so to speak.


 She had arrived at Lux and headed straight to the bar but smacked into someone before she could reach it. The tall firm body held onto her to stop her falling backwards.


“Well, hello there.” The stranger greets with a sultry voice and she looks up to see a handsome face looking back at her. She removes herself from his hold he had positioned them in to stop her falling.


“Hi. Sorry about that.” She apologises, looking around for the suspect in her case.


“Oh trust me it was of no inconvenience to bump into a woman as exquisite as you. It was a pleasure.”  He flirts with a tongue in cheek grin. She rolls her eyes at his attempt.


“Sorry buddy, I’m busy looking for someone who works here.” She supplies and he raises a dark eyebrow.


“Oh? Who might that be? Perhaps I can help, I do own the place after all?”


“You’re the proprietor?”


“Indeed. Lucifer Morningstar.” He offers out a hand and she shakes it.


“Detective Chloe Decker.” She introduces herself and drops her hand to her side.


“Detective! Lovely. So who is the lucky individual who gets to be apprehended by such a divine woman?” He asks , his voice inviting and coy. She laughs in disbelief.


“You really don’t give it a rest do you?”


“No. My stamina is quite high; I can go for a while.” He smirks, putting his charm in full effect. Chloe didn’t have time to deal with this.


“Do you know a Michael Thompson?” She says, ignoring his attempts and waits as confusion and surprise overcome him. It takes him a minute before he responds to her question.


“You mean Mikey? Our bartender, he is on shift now.” He points behind him but seems distracted; looking at her like he can’t quite understand her.


“Are you aware of any illegal activities being dealt in your establishment Mr Morningstar?”


“Please, call me Lucifer. I’m aware of everything that goes on in my business detective. It’s hard to slip things past me.” He says proudly and she arches her eyebrow.


“So you are aware that your bartender is dealing class A drugs in your establishment to teenagers knowing they are bad batches, meaning these teenagers are being killed?” She inquires, jaw tightening at the thought of this man not caring as long as it made him money.


This anger was washed away as soon as she catches his face turn dark and stormy, anger in his dark eyes that she almost thought she saw a flash of red.


“I can tell you Detective, I had no idea such atrocious acts were being done under my home. I shall assist you in this to make sure the people involved are punished, I assure you.” He raises his voice with conviction.


He did as he promised and helped her on the case. Then the next one and the one after that and the one after that. She protested at the beginning but eventually found working with him was actually not that bad. They made a good team and he made her a better detective.


“I got it Dan, don’t worry. Keep me updated on your lead.”  She waves to him and Trixie and makes her way to Lucifer who is at the car when they just about catch Trixie’s voice.


“Daddy, what’s a hooker?” She asks innocently. Chloe turns to Lucifer, pinning him with a hard glare as he avoids eye contact.


They end up at outside Dr Linda Martin’s office, sitting on the sleek black couch waiting for her to be ready.  Chloe is situated at the very end of the couch, putting as much distance between her and Lucifer as she can. Yet she could still almost feel the heat from his body, she could smell his expensive cologne and all her senses where in overdrive.


“Was your offspring planned or a mistake?” His voice shocks her out of her thoughts and she blinks.


“Planned, sort of.”


“Really? Because I've never understood the human desire to procreate. I mean, children are hideous little creatures, terrible, taxing burdens.”


She stares at him with an un-amused expression and he back tracks.


“Oh, um, yours is fine. I mean, you know, nothing to crow about, but nothing to be too embarrassed about, either, so that's quite good, isn't it?” He offers with a smile and she crosses her arms, though she finds his statement amusing due to the fact Trixie has him wrapped round her little finger. Had. Now he hardly even knows her.


“Are you at all aware of how dickish you sound?” She asks him.


 “No!” He responds with genuine surprise. “Speaking of dicks... why was that ex-husband of yours pressuring you to close the case?” He leans in closer, once again attempting his voodoo schtick.


 “No reason.” She lies. She couldn’t exactly say so you don’t continue getting closer to me, even though that’s all I want but it means putting everything at risk.


 “Did my father send you?” She tries not to tense at his words in front of him. His father technically did and it still even to this day makes her head spin. Luckily she is saved by Linda opening her door.


“Chloe!” She greets in surprise and the therapist surprise increases tenfold at Lucifer sitting on the couch. She looks back at Chloe in confusion and she moves towards her to explain.


“Hi Linda. This is Lucifer Morningstar, he’s involved in the case and is helping out.”  She gestures to Lucifer as an introduction as he sends Dr Martin a wink.


“You two know each other?” He asks the woman in front of him, standing to follow.


“Yeah, we’re friends.” Chloe says and meets Linda’s dissecting eyes, and Chloe gets given a ‘be cautious’ warning glare from her friend.


They enter her office and sit down on the couch as Linda takes a seat in her chair across from them. A young intern is placing a coffee cup down, on the table when she stops and gives Lucifer a smile, tucking her hair behind her ear. He gives a sly smirk back.


“You're thinking about it, aren't you? I know that look. I wouldn't recommend it. I'm like walking heroin. Very habit-forming. It never ends well.” He offers with a sigh and the poor girl blushes and rushes out the office, closing the door behind her. Lucifer turns to her with a look of contemplation.


“That is interesting because you don't look at me that way.”


“What way?”


“With carnal fascination. You see with most women, they do. I tend to appeal to the dark, mischievous hearts in all of you. Yet there’s something else there. Behind your eyes when you look at me and I don’t know what it is. But you seem oddly immune to my charms” He ponders, looking very confused and she finds it oddly adorable. She also tries to calm her increased heart rate at the fact he’s caught on that she looks at him in a certain way. It breaks her heart that he doesn’t yet understand that its love.


“Referring to them as "charms," I think, is a bit of a stretch. Truth be told, you are irritating.” She quips teasingly.


“That's fascinating.” He shakes his head in disbelief. “Now, tell me, Linda...”


 “It disturbs you deeply, doesn't it?” Linda interrupts, holding back a smirk because the therapist already knew the answer, he had told her so long ago. Chloe decides to change the subject back onto the case.


“Dr. Martin, we know that, um, Delilah was having a clandestine affair with a wealthy married man, so if you just tell us his name, we will be on our way.”


“Detective I'm sorry, but you know I can't really do that.” She says hesitantly. Lucifer sits up straighter with interest.


“Oh, she's one of the complex ones. Linda, darling, why don't you tell m-“He begins and Chloe pushes his shoulder back lightly to stop. Linda had long gotten over Lucifer’s so called ‘charms’ but she was still a human and if he lay it on thick, the poor woman would still feel the effects.


“Linda, please. I need this case finished as soon as, please.” She begs hoping Linda will understand that every minute she was with Lucifer but not really with Lucifer was hurting her and weakening her defenses of keeping him away.  The doctor seems to understand and nods with a huff.


“It’s Grey Copper.”


They investigate and come up with a basic dead end and she finds herself in Lux, drinking some concoction at the bar, Lucifer occupying the stool next to her. She shouldn’t be doing this, she was holding onto any time she could spend with him and it wasn’t safe.


“What am I doing here?” She asks out loud mostly to herself. She shouldn’t be here she repeats in her mind; it was putting both of them in danger. Yet he draws her in constantly, he always had, like a moth to a flame and it just felt right to be there beside him.


“You tell me, I mean despite your obvious irritation you can’t deny that there is a connection between us.” He smugly replies, not knowing the gravity of just how connected they are… or where. “Maybe” She mumbles, a sad smile directed towards him before she focuses on her drink, finishing it in one gulp.


“What is it you desire?”


“Really? Your trick again?”


“No, no tricks darling, not like they work on you anyway.” He shrugs and pauses briefly. “But you seem sad, and I’ve learnt from a few that means you miss something, you want it back. So what is it?”


“M-my partner” She stutters out the half-truth “They, um, don’t work with me anymore and I miss them a lot. I feel alone in this now.” She finishes with a whisper, shaking her head at her lack of control on her emotions.


“Well I’m always available.” He offers with a soft smile and her heart aches at how much she wants to take the offer but how she can’t allow him to get close to her again. Something catches her eye on the TV about record sales and it’s like a light bulb switches on.


She finds herself in a record label studio holding her gun aimed at Jimmy, gun of his own aimed at Lucifer and she feels panic rise within her. She was putting him in danger right now just by being near him and he doesn’t know. He thinks he is immortal.


“You're not God, Jimmy. You didn't make her. But you did destroy her. So I'm going to punish you.” Lucifer advances closer to Jimmy and she feels her stomach turn.


“Lucifer. Back off.” She warns and within a second later she sees Jimmy lift the gun higher. Her faster reflexes allow her to shoot first, knocking him down.


“Why did you do that?” Lucifer asks in disbelief and agitation. She feels her own anger rise and steels her jaw.


“He was going to kill you.” She states the obvious and he shakes his head, mumbling how it was too easy for him and he needs to suffer. She’s about to try calm him down when a shot rings out and a sharp pain hits just below her collar bone, the force ricocheting her backwards to the ground as blood begins to pour out the open wound.


“Chloe!” She hears a frantic familiar voice call as his face swarms her vision, eyes wide and scared. She wants to hold him but she is too weak from the blood loss.


“I don’t want to die.” She croaks weakly. I don’t want to die without you knowing how much you mean to me, how much I love you.


 “I won't let you. Father will just have to wait for you.” He proclaims as he strokes his hand down her face in a comforting manner. He suddenly winces and groans in pain as a second gunshot rings out. She feels blind panic rise within her. He was being shot at and she was right next to him. He was going to die. She hears another gunshot but her vision is fading to black and she loses consciousness easily.


She awakes to the strong smell of sterilizer and the sounds of beeping. She blinks a few times as her vision comes into focus and there before her is her beautiful fallen angel.


“Lucifer.” She breathes as she begins to reach up before everything came flooding back to her. This wasn’t her Lucifer, not the one with 3 years of memories together. She feels tears begin to form but manages to stop them from falling. Lucifer looks at her with thought and something she cannot place before it’s gone and he smiles.


“Well, look whose back.”


“Are you okay? He was firing at you?!” She rushes, looking over him frantically as he places a hand on her arm to calm her.


“I’m perfectly fine. You're having a very hard time with the immortal thing, aren't you?” He chuckles as she sighs with relief. It didn’t make sense though, she was right next to him he should have been injured. So why wasn’t he?


“What happened with Jimmy?” She inquires.


“Jimmy? Jimmy got what he deserved.” He replied tersely.


“Thank you for saving me.” She says, hand coming up to rest on his arm as a sign of gratitude.


 “You're welcome.” He replies softly, giving her a gentle smile before his posture turns pompous. “So I've obviously proven myself to be an invaluable crime-fighting tool. You're a pariah in the department. I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Don't you?” He stands up and flashes her a grin. She feels dread begin to settle within her. He was going to keep trying to come on cases like before, she would have to find a way to stop it from happening, though a part of her was begging her not too.


“Lucifer!” The moment is interrupted by Trixie’s shout as she attack hugs Lucifer, arms round his hips. Lucifer uncomfortably squirms and Chloe can’t help but laugh at his discomfort.


“Uh, yes. Hello, child. Um, just... Why don't you save some of this unpleasantness for your mother, yeah?” He says as he basically throws her daughter on top of her.


“Right. Well, I'd stay for the family reunion, but it's giving me terrible IBS.” He grimaces and a wave of sadness hits her again. This was his family but he didn’t remember, right now he thinks he has no one who loves him and it breaks her heart to let him leave thinking such things. “So, look forward to seeing you soon, Chloe.” He says with a genuine smile that she can’t dissuade at that moment, she thinks she won’t at any moment in all honesty but she has too otherwise there will be terrible consequences.


It is a few hours later and Trixie had left her an hour ago, and is staying at a friend’s house. Dan enters the hospital room with a small smile.


“Hey Chlo, how are you feeling?” He asks.


“Like I’ve been shot.” She responds light heartedly and Dan chuckles, shaking his head before he sobers. “Listen, we have news.” He begins before the sound of boots entering the room brings the two Detectives focus on the woman at the door.


“Decker, what the hell happened.” Maze asks with a look of contempt. “I leave for 3 days and you nearly get killed.” She comes closer and Chloe can see her jaw is clenched in frustration. “Dan told me that Lucifer was on the case. That was stupid.” She spits out. Chloe knows it’s not vicious to her; it’s out of concern for both of them.


“I know, but he wouldn’t let it go and… I missed him. So I indulged in what little I could okay?” She whispers, tears of frustration leaking from her eyes. Maze comes closer so she is near Chloe’s head, Dan on the opposite side.


“Pull yourself together Decker.” Maze commands and Chloe nods, wiping her eyes and calming herself. Maze and Dan look at one another before Dan nods.


“Listen, the lead panned out. The location is Rome. I’m getting a flight in 8 hours.” Maze states plainly but Chloe can recognize a hint of hope in the demons dark eyes, causing the flicker that died within herself before to spark once again. Maze heads to leave before turning back, fixing Chloe with a serious glare. “I know it’s difficult for you Decker, but you need to keep as much distance between you and him as you can. We will fix this I swear.”


Chloe nods and Maze takes her leave, Dan following behind so she can get some sleep. She needed to do what Maze said, but how long can her heart keep up with it all when it’s other half was within reach but yet his was unaware it was missing her own.

Chapter Text

She should have known better than to hold out the hope that Lucifer would just go back to his life at Lux, because of course he decided he was far more interested in working crime cases now. She wasn’t really surprised though, it had happened in a similar fashion 3 years ago and she knew him well enough to know what he would do, she just hoped he wouldn’t for her own sanity.


Somehow he had managed to worm his way onto one of her cases and she had tried to dissuade him from working with her but to no avail. From then on it was a slippery slope, and one more case turned into another and then another and so on. She’s part to blame, even though she has tried to push him away it has been a mediocre attempt. Her heart wouldn’t seem to let her put all her effort into getting rid of him, though she knew she probably could, she just didn’t want to.


Dan had spent this time sending her judgemental glares laced with concern from across the precinct which she actively tries to ignore. Lucifer had caught onto this and misinterpreted it as Dan being a disapproving, overbearing ex, to which he therefore named him ‘Douche’. It was a painful reminder of all that had passed, the nickname already given years before. A sad look even overcame Dan’s face when he had first been called it again.


There were times she feared that they let on to the fact something was wrong and Lucifer noticed for sometimes he would look at her with searching eyes, like he knew she was hiding something but it was gone so quickly it was as if it was never there. Just this morning it had occurred. She had found him in her kitchen without her knowledge and Dan had come back for Trixie’s lunchbox. Dan had voiced his worry, repeating she shouldn’t be around him and Lucifer had heard, looking between the both of them with a hint of suspicion. She had promptly kicked everyone out soon after, she was clad only in a towel in her defense.


It was a few hours later, sat at her desk when her phone begins to ring. She glances at the caller ID and presses answer, bring it to her ear.


“Hey Linda, What’s up?” She asks, shuffling her paperwork around, trying her best to rearrange the clutter.


“Chloe! How are things?” Linda asks, overly nonchalant and her eyes narrow, even though Linda can’t see.


“Fine. Why?” Chloe drawls out suspiciously and hears Linda sigh down the other end.


“I heard that you kicked Lucifer out your house this morning, and it wasn’t the first time?”


“What how do yo-“


“Lucifer might have told me in one of our sessions.”


She lets out a breath, Linda had told her that Lucifer had begun seeing her twice a week after the Delilah case. It had left her feeling unsettled, not because he was seeing Linda as a therapist again, this time professionally thankfully, but more so the fact he had started down a similar path as last time. She had tried her best and she had succeeded to some extent at being professional and cold towards him but then he would turn up at her house, walking through the door as if he owned the place. Her lonely heart would sometimes make her believe that he was back, walking into her house like nothing had ever happened but reality always came crashing down around her.


“Chloe?” Linda’s voices as she had not answered her.


“Sorry. Yeah he’s been coming round to the house but I’ve been kicking him out, nothing happened.” She explains to her friend, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration. She was starting to get annoyed at her friends overbearing concern, for she could take care of herself.


Yes, I am aware; Lucifer was quite shocked that a woman has kicked him out twice now.” Linda chuckles and Chloe can’t help but smile slightly, it sounded like Lucifer. “I’m just checking how you are Chloe.”


“I’m fine.” She lies, not wanting to have a therapy session over the phone right now. Linda hums disbelievingly but lets it go.


“Well I thought I should warn you, Lucifer might be a bit more…forward… if you see him next.” Linda informs her and she frowns.


“What? Why?” She groans, feeling her heart rate increase ever so slightly.


“He’s still my patient Chloe, I can’t divulge everything he says. But you know him better than anyone, I’m sure you can work out why.”


She did know, he probably wanted to sleep with her and move on, he had told her as much when they had gotten together. He had said how he thought it would get her out of his system but how foolish he had been because she would never leave. Her lip tugs upward in a small smile at the memory.


“You’re still putting distance between you both though right? So I’m sure it won’t be too bad.” Linda continues and Chloe mumbles in agreement before saying goodbye as Dan approaches her.


 He shuffles awkwardly from foot to foot before handing her the file she has been waiting on for her current case of a missing young woman.


The VIP guest list for tomorrow’s event?” She asks for confirmation and Dan nods. She tries to brainstorm how she can get herself into the venue.


“It’s pretty tight security, but all high end club owners are automatically invited.” Dan says sheepishly and she sees the name stand out as soon as Dan finishes his sentence, letting out a sigh. “You know I don’t want to make this harder than it as, I want you to stay away from him but a woman’s life is on the line here Chlo.”


“I know. I’ll call him.” She murmurs. So much for the distance. At least she was going in prepared for his advances.  “Have you heard anything from Maze?” She probes but Dan shakes his head.


“Not since she landed 3 weeks ago, but she always goes dark, I’m sure she’s fine.” Dan reassures her.


“And have you heard about the other piece from him?”


“Nope, but he’s not the best at communication. Maze said he’s okay though and close from what she knows.”


Chloe nods, feeling hopeful but still worried for them; they were all playing a dangerous game going against this. She puts her mind onto the case once again and having phoned Lucifer, they were headed to the Player’s event the next day. Linda had been right in warning her, for the devil was shamelessly trying very hard to get her into his bed. She thinks she had done a pretty good job at shooting his advances down but there were moments when he would stare at her lips a second too long and his eyes would darken and her treacherous body would react, heat flooding to her lower abdomen. She reprimands herself, telling herself to focus on the case and not think about it.


After a failed attempt at going undercover, she was at his penthouse waiting for him to show himself, hoping he had managed to get the suspect here for the VIP party he had thrown for this Player’s event.


“Did you do what I told you to do and call Carver about the Player’s Club?” She asks the thin air.


“Make yourself a drink Detective.” Lucifer’s flirtatious voice floats through to the room and she sighs feeling frustration rise within her as his voice makes her stomach stir.


“No. No more drinks, no more breaking into my house and trying to sleep with me. Look, this is a professional relationship. I’m a police officer and you-“She gasps as Lucifer comes into view “are naked.” She finishes blandly. Her eyes move on their own accord, taking all of him in briefly and feeling the heat rise to her face in a blush. She turns around quickly, and tries to calm herself down. It had been nearing a year since she last got laid and she could never sleep with anyone other than Lucifer, no matter how tightly wound she was. Now here he was offering himself up to her on a very desirable, delicious, platter.


“Speaking of my surprise visit yesterday, I decided turnabout’s fair play. You know, tit for tat sort of thing.” He sounds from behind her. She laughs in disbelief.


“This is beyond inappropriate.” She tells him, still not turning round to face him.


“And brave, wouldn’t you say? Number three on the CKC list: take risks.” He gleams happily and she turns to glare at him, doing her best not to look down. She clears her throat.


“Okay. Lucifer just put some freakin’ clothes on.” She demands, throwing a towel over to him as he catches it, looking at her confused.


“All right. Seriously darling are you well?” He asks her and she can’t help but role her eyes, he was so full of himself, though she knew from personal experience he had the right to be, but sometimes he could take it a bit far. “I mean look at me.” He begins to turn around, showing her what he had to offer when something caught her eye. His scars, they weren’t there. She moves closer, confusion flooding her. She had thought that when his memories had been taken that everything would be reset, including his devil face, lack of wings and resulting scars. Clearly this wasn’t the case.


“What?” She breathed out to herself but Lucifer caught it. He followed her gaze between his shoulders.


“Oh yes, my scars. That’s where I asked Maze to cut my wings off.” He states as a matter of fact and her confusion only grew. He still thought he had his scars? So he didn’t have his wings? He would know if he did. She unconsciously reaches out to touch where they use to be, barely feeling the heat of his smooth skin on her fingertips when he jerked round and grabbed her wrist with his hand like a vice.


He looked upon her with pleading eyes. “Don’t. Please.” He begs her and she can feel her heart breaking over what emotional turmoil this subject caused her fallen angel. She moves her other hand to his that is still gripping her wrist, placing it gently on top.


“Okay,” She whispers, holding his eye contact and letting compassion shine through her own. He looks so young in this instant, vulnerable and broken that it nearly made her cry. He brings himself back and clears his throat, moving away from her, stating he should get ready and she should change into something better too.


Their plan works to some extent as they eventually apprehend Carver, who tells them that his girlfriend, the missing woman would be killed if he doesn’t pay them money. They had taken him upstairs to the penthouse and gone through everything he knows. Lucifer had then decided to take matters into his own hands and called up the kidnappers and said he would be dealing on Carver’s behalf and would pay them off. Chloe hadn’t been too pleased that he went against practically every protocol but it wasn’t surprising to her.


“You are not doing this alone Lucifer.” She stresses with a hard glare at his uncaring nature to meeting with dangerous kidnappers.


“I promised them no police, a deal is a deal.” He reasons and she shakes her head in disagreement.


“No discussion, I’m coming with you.”


He huffs. “Fine, but you’ll have to wait in the car.” He bargains and her eyes narrow, not happy with the compromise.


“Just trust me.” He offers offhandedly and she sighs.


“Okay.” She nods and Lucifer looks stunned that she had agreed so easily, a strange look on his face before he clears his throat.


“Right then, let’s catch some kidnappers!”



They ended up sitting in her car, waiting for the kidnappers to make an appearance.


“Cool ranch puff?” He offers the packet in her direction but she shakes her head in denial, looking out the window for any signs of movement.


“You’d think the Devil would be a more ‘flaming hot’ kind of guy but I love these.” He explains around a large mouthful and she hums, not really paying attention instead trying to work out how she could get him to stop working with her.


“You know, I’ve noticed you hardly question it when I mention I’m the Devil.” He looks at her with intrigue and she shrugs. “Do you not believe it?” He presses.


“I mean you have to admit it’s a pretty hard thing to believe.” Chloe states with another shrug. Even to this day, after being in the know for years it still messed with her brain.


“So you are an atheist then? How ironic.” He chuckles and she huffs in response, playing with the edge of her sleeve jacket.


“Not exactly, it’s just…it’s complicated.”


“Does the prospect of a fiery damnation and heaven scare you?” He questions.


“A little, I don’t know like I said, it’s complicated.” She wasn’t lying; sometimes it did frighten her that such fates await them after life on earth. A worried frown appears on Lucifer’s face as he shifts in the seat to face her.


“Do I scare you?” He asks concern evident in his voice.


“No.” She responds ardently without a moment’s hesitation. His features soften entirely and a look of gratitude shines through his warm brown eyes. She spots something brewing behind them, something familiar and it was dangerous. Fortunately the moment is broken and their attention is brought to a figure entering the abandoned warehouse.


“Oh its Carver, he must have got the address!” Lucifer announces.


“He’s going to get someone killed, probably himself.” Chloe states and Lucifer shakes his head in disbelief.


“This love thing makes you all quite stupid doesn’t it?” He asks rhetorically and Chloe smiles sadly, finding that statement very hypocritical coming from him, well if he remembered it would be, he was always rash in decisions when it came to her.


She waits until they have entered and signals to Lucifer to follow her as they exit the car and head towards the entrance. She checks the perimeter while moving slowly and affirms it is all clear. Lucifer however had paced ahead towards the door and when she caught up, he shut it in her face, locking her out.


“Lucifer!” She hissed, trying the handle but it wouldn’t budge. His face appeared in the window.


“Sorry Detective, I did say I would come alone. Don’t worry, I am immortal remember?” He throws over his shoulder as he enters deeper into the warehouse, leaving her to find another way in. She growls in frustration as she searches for another entry. She only felt a small comfort at the fact his immortality around her had been restored, but she still felt sick when he put himself in these situations alone.


It takes her a few minutes but she manages to find a side entryway and rushes further inside, following a terrified scream that echoed through the corridors. She comes into an opening, finding Lucifer standing over the supposed kidnapped victim, her brother on the floor in pain and the ‘player’ himself a few feet away watching the scene with horror. She held her gun out; making sure the place was secure, when she catches a glimpse of Lucifer’s devil face through the metal reflection of a container.


“Lucifer.” She breathes in surprise. He still had his devil face? But how was that possible if his scars where gone? Did he even know he had wings, or did he not have them anymore? Her head began to hurt as she became more and more confused. Lucifer had turned to her voice and was watching her warily.


“I’ve been trying to tell you Detective, I’m the devil.” He says blandly but she notices the tension he holds. She shakes her head, trying to clear the confusing thoughts out her head and file it away for later. Lucifer lets out a frustrated sigh.


“Just shoot me, go on, then you will see.” He indicates to her gun and opens his arms wider.


“What? Lucifer I’m not going to shoot you!” She cries, she already knows who he is and she could never fire at him, even if he is immortal.


“Please Detective, just do it, maybe then you will-“


His sentence is cut off by a gunshot, not from Chloe’s gun, but the brother who was on the ground right next to her. She boots him in the face, rendering him unconscious and kicks the gun away.


“Wasn’t expecting that but see? Doesn’t hurt a bit.” He smiles gleefully until he shows signs of un-comfortableness.


“Actually, it does hurt a bit” He suddenly gasps in pain “Bloody hell that hurts a lot!” He cries and touches his leg, revealing blood seeping through his pants. He looks at his blood soaked hands with utter disbelief “I’m bleeding.”


 All she could do was stare at him with shock; her mind was reeling with even more questions, how was it possible he was mortal again? She’s brought back from that thought by a sharp gasp and Lucifer falls to his knees before her.


This spares her into action, her heart hammering as she rushes to him and crouches to his level, checking the wound.  She sighs in relief to see the bullet hadn’t gone through, only grazed his leg.


“What’s happening to me?” He asks, looking to her as if she knew yet she was as baffled as he.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t see him.” She says while restraining herself from soothing him in his turmoil, it wasn’t her place to do that anymore.


Once the backup arrived along with an ambulance and after Lucifer had been bandaged up, they went their separate ways and Chloe’s head was still hurting from everything that had transpired. Before she could think more on it her phone began to ring and she answered just as she entered through her front door.






“Maze! Are you okay?” Chloe rushes out, setting her keys on the kitchen counter top.


I’m fine, chill out. Listen, the lead was helpful but turns out its not here and hasn’t been for a few decades.”


Chloe felt her hope beginning to drain again before Maze continued. “But I’ve got a trail on it. It might be closer to home than we think. I’m coming home as soon as I can. See you then Decker.” Maze says before hanging up.


Chloe lets out a breath, at least they were closing in on the piece but it was still moving too slow and each moment was getting harder when Lucifer was attached to her side when he shouldn’t be. She goes to bed early that night, too tired to think on the questions that had been raised, instead planning to try to relax this weekend and spend some quality time with Trixie.


It was Monday morning when she was called in early for a murder due to gang activity. She enters the precinct and is updated with the details. Dan finds her before she can get to her desk, greeting her with a bagel.


“Thanks.” She offers in gratitude.


“I heard about Lucifer getting shot, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place Chloe.” Dan reprimands and she groans, she can’t catch a break.
“Yeah well maybe his near death experience will cause him to rethink the whole playing cop.” She says and Dan chuckles.


“You think?” He nods behind her to her desk where she finds Lucifer sitting on the table, playing with handcuffs on another officer. She pushes down the hint of jealousy that starts to rise.


“And he’s sitting on my desk.” She mumbles, making her way over to him. He catches her approaching and stands to great her, a mischievous look in place. It turned out that look was because he had managed to worm his way onto this gang case since he was apparently living for the dangerous thrill of being mortal.


Chloe couldn’t deny it, he had been quite helpful on the case although with a side of recklessness that made her uneasy. His child-like interest in being mortal had ended them up in a situation where they were staring down the barrel of a dozen guns from gang members. She honestly couldn’t see a way out of this at the moment and Lucifer wasn’t helping, taunting the people holding the guns and panic started to form. Yet it allowed the children and Viper to leave the area unnoticed. Suddenly the lights had gone out and she took the opportunity as soon as it presented itself, tackling Lucifer to the ground behind some crates.


She ended up on top of him, faces inches away from one another.


“Stay down.” She whispers to him and his brow arches.


“Harder than you think, when in this position.” He taunts, desire clear in his voice. She meets his gaze and finds it hard to take air in, suddenly hyperaware of the heat from how her body lined his in an intimate way. Gunshots and groans begin to ring out around her, breaking the moment and she moves off him, trying to get a better vantage point to see what was going on. A couple of minutes later and the lights come back on and she is witness to all the gang members in some variation of pain on the floor. Maze walks forward, kicking one of the men in the gut, sending Chloe an angry glare. Lucifer claps for behind her, coming up to her side.


“Oh Well done Mazikeen.” He exclaims, proud smile on his face as he looks at his favourite demon. “Detective this is Maze, Maze Detective.” Lucifer introduces them with a flourish of his hand, unaware once again that they knew one another. Maze stares at her with frustration before shaking her head, turning her gaze to Lucifer.


“Ass saved. You’re welcome.” She growls, sending Chloe a conspicuous look before taking her leave from the area.


In the end it doesn’t take them long to work out it was Benny who was behind everything and they manage to make an arrest, bringing justice to another case. She is leaning against her car, about to head home when Lucifer approaches, a bounce in his step and smile sly.


“So yours truly just got what he wanted.” He leaned next to her and she looked at him with apprehension.


“Don’t say it.” She groans. This was not good, this was dangerous.


“I am now an official civilian consultant for the LAPD.” He chuckles, beaming.


“Right.” She murmurs. She felt trepidation creep up on her, she should have stopped this before it got this far but she had been too weak. Even now a small part of her held elation over his announcement because she got to have her partner back. He ends up flirting once again but she tunes him out, instead gets in the car and goes home a few minutes afterwards, her emotions running wild.


Chloe puts Trixie to bed after her little monkey managed to get 6 bedtime stories out of her, closing the bedroom door gently behind her. A sudden feeling of tension overcomes her as the air becomes colder. The hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she feels another’s presence in the room with her.


She realises her gun is not on her person and she is open and vulnerable to attack. She turns around quickly to see the intruder, only being met with a dark figure hidden in the shadows of her living room. As all the lights in the room were off, the only source was the moon illuminating through the window. She can just about see the intruder lean casually against the wall, but she knew who it was and her heart began to race with dread.


“Chloe, Chloe, Chloe.” The figure tutted, and she could just barely see their head shake side to side. “I thought you were smart, yet you disobey the rules? That’s not very cop-like is it?” They continue with a chuckle, causing an unpleasant shiver to run up Chloe’s spine.


“What are you doing here?” She asks, trying her best to keep her voice steady. Footsteps announce their approach and the figure becomes clear as they are but a foot away from her. Their face holding a sneer as dark eyes look upon her in irritation.


“Don’t act unknowing, we both know why I am here.”


“It was a case, he was a witness I couldn’t help it.” She says, teeth grinding together in frustration.


“Hmm and was that the issue with the next case? The ones after that? Or how about the fact he is now your partner once again?” They respond sarcastically, eyes narrowed.


“It’s not like I haven’t tried to stop him.”


“But not hard enough.  He’s started to change once again.” They lean in closer, so close that Chloe can feel their breath against her face making her nervous and uncomfortable. “I suggest you rectify this issue as soon as possible Miss Decker, otherwise you will face the consequences.” They snarl before moving away from her. She keeps her eyes downcast until they are gone, only then allowing herself to slump to the floor, trying to calm her erratic heart.


Chloe had barely slept that night, still feeling the phantom of their threatening presence that she checked on Trixie more times than she could count, fear running through her very being. She knew what she had to do, but god she would rather do anything but.


As she enters her workplace she sees him casually flirting with some rookie before he notices her presence and looks up with a beaming smile. Every second was getting harder for her to go through with this but she was terrified of the consequences if she didn’t.


“Good morning Detective! Ready for our first day as official partners?” He asks her with a playful grin.


“Can I talk to you for a second?” She doesn’t give him a chance to respond, instead grabbing him by the sleeve.


“Oh, are we finally consummating our partnership then?” He flirts, his left eyebrow twitching in amusement.  She ignores him and continues to guide him to a small secluded corner of the room when she hears a muffled blood curdling scream. She turns her heard sharply looking for the source but sees nothing. Lucifer looks at her with concern.


“Everything okay Detective?” He asks, following her gaze as she looks around for what had caused the noise. Nothing seemed out the ordinary, perhaps it was just her hearing things, perhaps it was her heart screaming at her not to do what she was about to do but she knew she had too. The fear still instilled within her from her visitor the night before.


“No, actually it’s not. Lucifer you can’t be my partner.” She states coldly, staring at him with dead eyes.  He laughs not comprehending what she is saying to him.


“Of course I can! The lieutenant has made it official. I’m your consultant.” He smiles at her and god this was crushing her.


“No Lucifer, I mean I don’t want you to be my partner!” She responds harshly. His smile drops from his face instantly and confusion clouds over, tilting his head to the side to dissect her words.


“I don’t understand. We work well together no?” He pauses “Is this because of your previous partner?” He queries, looking at her with concern and she can’t take it and snaps.


“You’re not him Lucifer! I don’t want you here and I don’t need you. So just go back to your life and leave me to mine.” She bites out, jaw clenched in an effort to stop her from sobbing. Her stomach turns uneasily and her heart feels heavily as pure hurt crosses Lucifer’s face and shines through his beautiful brown eyes.


His features go impassive a moment later but she can still see how he is feeling through his eyes and the way his jaw tightens. He nods, not meeting her gaze. “Very well, goodbye then Detective.” He says quickly through gritted teeth before moving hastily away from her and out of her sight, taking the remaining pieces of her heart with him as a lone tear slips down the side of her cheek.


Chapter Text

Hey Everyone so as you know i havent updated this fic in awhile and that was due to university work taking priority. However, when that had finished, as promised i started to write the new chapter but the next day news of the cancellation hit us.

I kind of lost all motivation to write if my show was going to be gone forever. But instead i decided to fight and join the #savelucifer campaign and all my effort has been there the past 4 weeks.

I just want all the people who read this story, that If Lucifer doesnt get picked up i probably wont be able to continue this story. As a writer i need the motivation and drive to write and if this is the end of Lucifer i wouldnt have that, i hope you understand.

However, if we do get picked up by a streaming service/network then i promise i will continue and finish this story! Until then all my efforts will be on the #savelucifer campaign.

Thank you for sticking around with this fic and hopefully it will be updated soon alongside the news that we saved Lucifer


Chapter Text

Chloe jumps at the sudden insistent knocking at the door, diverting her attention away from the television to the noise. She frowns to herself, wondering who would be here at such a late hour. Her question is answered when she opens the door and is faced with a furious Lucifer glaring at her.

“Lucifer-“ She begins to question but is cut off before she can barely even finish his name.

“How could you do this?” He spits out maliciously, eyes becoming the red eternal inferno, causing her to step back. She knew he would never hurt her, it’s not who he was, but in this instant he was the true embodiment of the lord of hell.

Just as fast, his eyes dulled to the familiar brown once again, showing incredible misery, that it caused a sharp intake of breathe from her.

“How could you do this to me?” He cries out with hurt and desperation and her heart drops to her stomach at the raw emotion in his voice.

Tears fill her eyes as she reaches for him unconsciously but before she can, he lets out a startled, pained gasp and looks down at his stomach. Chloe follows his gaze to see a metal blade protruding from his abdomen, blood surrounding and pouring out quicker and quicker. She chokes on a gasp as he falls forward and she catches him in her arms, holding onto him for dear life. She glances up towards were he was stood moments ago, to be met with the entity that had been plaguing her dreams and reality for the past 9 months, a glistening terrifying smile on his face as Lucifer’s blood drips down  the cold metal blade in his hand.

Chloe awakes sweating and panting as the blind panic encompasses her whole body. She sits up in her bed, trying to calm her erratic breathing. It was a dream, just a dream she repeats both out loud and in her head until her heart rate returns to normal. She wipes her tear stained cheeks before getting out of bed, knowing sleep would not come easy right now and fearful she would have to relive that horrific nightmare again. Instead she made herself a coffee and turned on the TV, watching some sit com that didn’t require much attention to be given. Her mind drifts off into nothingness, not even noticing the time passing by until she is startled by her mobile ringing. She frowns as Maze’s ID comes up; she wasn’t expecting a call and with anticipation presses answer.

“Hello, Maze?”

“Chloe, we have hit a bit of a wall.” Maze sighs and Chloe feels her stomach drop.

“What do you mean?”

“The place I need to go to follow the lead is a bit tricky, even for me. I’m working on it though, just thought I should tell you it might take a bit longer until I can work out how to get in.”

“Oh, okay.” Chloe mumbles, not having the energy to even ask. Maze is silent for a second.

“You okay Decker?”

“Oh. Yeah, fine.”

“Bullshit.” Maze groans. Chloe bites her lip, trying to keep the emotions from exploding out.

“Have… have you seen him? Since…?”

Maze sighs. “Since you told him to leave you the hell alone and never wanted to see him again?”

“Yeah.” Chloe whispered sadly.

“Yeah I have.”

“How- how is he?” She breathes, almost dreading the answer but desperately needing to know.

“Honestly? He’s acting like he is fine, he started doing what he normally does as a way of coping, but  even that has stopped, and that’s fucking bad Chloe. I told you to end it earlier, before it got to deep and now you are both fucking wrecks, though he won’t ever admit it.” Maze growls angrily. Chloe feels a single tear slip down her cheek, taking in Maze’s harsh but true words. He was hurting, he had already started to care about her and she had ripped him apart.

“I know, it-it’s my fault, I’m sorry I didn’t want this to happen.” Chloe says brokenly.

“Decker… what you did was stupid and didn’t help, but it’s not your fault. It’s that manipulative dick, and we are gonna end his pompous ass I swear that.” Maze proclaims with determination.

“Yeah, yeah.” She agrees mindlessly, just feeling overwhelmingly tired of everything.

“I’ll speak to you soon, don’t call unless you need me, I need to work this out.”

“Okay, be safe Maze.”

“You too, Decker.” She says before hanging up and Chloe sighs, taking in the information she had just received. She spends the next few hours watching TV and going through another cup of coffee before deciding to get a shower and ready for work.

When she is near enough ready to head out the door for her shift, the doorbell rings and as she answers it, she comes faced with the devil himself.

“Lucifer?” She says, surprised at his unexpected visit all things considered, especially after the last time he saw her, she had said what she had said. She couldn’t help but to take him in, it had only been 2 weeks and yet she drank the image of him in like water, and she was a woman parched under the hot desert sun.

“I-I know you don’t want to see me but I need your help.” He begs, eyes wide and pleading, a nervous energy radiating off him. She steels herself from the automatic need to take him into her arms and comfort him.

“I’m sure someone else can-“She begins before he cuts her off.

“No, I need you… for your impeccable detective skills and such.”

A battle wars inside her on what she should do. She could see his obvious distress but she had to be strong. She builds herself up to tell him she can’t but doesn’t get the chance as he speaks up.

 “Please, Chloe. I don’t trust anyone else with this.”

She wasn’t sure if it was the rare use of her name on his lips or the clear desperation in his voice that made her lose the fight and give in. She sighs and opens the door wider in a silent invitation to enter. She closes the door after him and turns to find him in the middle of her living room, shifting nervously from foot to foot.

“What is it?” She asks after a moment of deadly silence. He looks upon her hesitantly.

“Something very important has been stolen from me.” He states and behind the trepidation she can see his anger.  The uncomfortable thought that he knew his memories had been taken enters her mind, causing her chest to tighten.

“What?” She asks nonchalantly. He stares at her with indecision before sighing.

“My angel wings.”  He announces almost sheepishly. Chloe keeps her face stoic on the outside but her mind is reeling. Well at least that confirms he doesn’t have his wings attached to himself, but the lack of scars was still something to ponder. Since his memories had been taken he doesn’t remember that he had burnt his original pair years ago after an attempt of manipulation from his brother to get him to willingly go back down under had failed. She guesses he must still be under the assumption that they were in his container. He must have been made aware somehow that they weren’t there anymore.

Your angel wings.” She repeats back to him automatically, unsure what to do and trying to think how to go about this for she couldn’t exactly tell him the truth.

He lets out an exasperated sigh. “Yes. I know it seems strange but please Detective, I need you to help me find them.” He pauses for a second before continuing, his shoulders becoming tenser. “I know you don’t want me in your life and after this I won’t bother you again.”

She would be lying to herself if she said that didn’t feel like her heart had been torn into two. Voice failing her in that moment, all she could do was nod.

“Good.” He responds in a short tone.  Chloe clears her throat, trying to get a grip on her emotions.

“I’ll urm, put out an APB for…angel wings. I will let you know if I get anything back.”

Lucifer nods awkwardly “Thank you Detective. I’ll go now, call me if you find anything.” He turns abruptly and leaves, closing the door behind him. Chloe lets out a shaky breath, before redialling Maze’s number.  It rings 3 times before Maze’s irritated voice comes through.

“Decker, you do realise I’m busy right? This best be an emergency. I swear if you have called to talk more about your feelings-“

“Maze, no this is an emergency; Lucifer has just come over asking me to help find his wings. He thinks they have been stolen from his container.”

“Shit.” Maze groaned, giving pause for a few moments. “Okay. Just let me think.” Silence on either end of the line stays for a minute before Maze speaks again. “You remember that black market auction where they were the first time? Another one of them is in downtown LA tomorrow, I’ll make sure a fake set of wings is there.”

“What? How do you even know that? And how can you just get fake angel wings?” Chloe questions.

“What? I buy awesome blades and shit, and I know people who will go to extreme lengths to please me, even by getting fake wings, don’t question it Decker!” Maze sighs frustrated.

“Okay, okay, just text me when it’s all set up. But what do we do when he finds out they are fake?”

“I’m working on it; this gives me time and I’ll consult with Dan about it.” Chloe hears a loud screeching through Maze’s end. “I gotta go Decker, bye.” She hangs up before Chloe can say anything. 

Chloe sighs heavily, throwing her phone down on the sofa before sitting down, head in hands trying to calm down. This was all such a mess; she just wanted to go back to before all this, when she and Lucifer were happy, when her friends and family weren’t putting themselves in danger and she wasn’t so emotionally and mentally exhausted.  It was an hour later while she was at her desk in the precinct, doing paperwork that her phone buzzed with a message from Maze confirming a fake set of wings would be at the auction and the time and location. She decided to wait another hour until she messaged Lucifer that she had a hit on his wings. He responded instantly, stating he would pick her up and they would go to the auction together. She sighed heavily, not knowing if her heart could take much more of this. She was going to have to continue her cold behaviour and treatment towards him; it was for his own safety. Dan approaches her, offering a cup of coffee with an understanding smile.

“I thought you could use this.” He said, Chloe mumbled her gratitude before Dan continued. “Maze has filled me in and we are working on a cover story, so don’t worry we have it under control.”

“Thanks Dan. I just-“she stops herself, shaking her head.

“What?” Dan asks.

“I just feel like I’m not doing anything, I’m just sitting here, I want to help” She whispers.  Dan sighs but nods, rubbing her shoulder.

“I know you do Chlo, but you know you can’t, you and Lucifer are being watched too closely, and you can’t be too active and near the plan.”

“I know, it just sucks.” She sighs “and now I have to go and act like a total cold bitch to the love of my life.” She sniffs, pushing the rising emotions deep down. Dan doesn’t say anything, he just continues to rub her shoulder in comfort, which she is grateful for, there is nothing anyone could say or do to make this any better until they had the pieces.

She goes home at 5pm to get ready for the auction, trying to find a suitable outfit for the formal occasion apparently. She decides on a black and gold dress that falls just below the knee, not something she would normally wear but it’s for the case. A tiny voice in her head was almost excited to see Lucifer’s reaction to it, but she shut it up fast considering she was going to be hurting him more tonight. After she is dressed and ready to go, her doorbell rings and her heart can’t help but quicken as she answers, Lucifer standing before her dressed in full tux and bow tie. Her mouth goes slightly dry; he always looked good in a tux. She notices his eyes widen slightly and move over her attire before clearing his throat.

“The car is out front.” He gestures and she nods, as they walk to his car together, a large gap between them that pulled at her heart strings. They drove in silence to the auction, he tried to meet her eyes a few times but she kept her gaze on the passing lights of LA, when all she desired was to reach out and hold his hand.

They approach the establishment and give Maze’s name as entrance and are let in, the bouncers slightly antsy at the name and Chloe had to hold back a smile, typical Maze. They enter the auction room and Chloe is met with hundreds of people from around the world, chatting and inspecting all types of objects around the room. She hears Lucifer scoff from beside her and knew he was laughing at how all these people believed these artifacts were all real divinity and such. He had somehow gotten closer to her or maybe she had moved closer to him, either way it was too much, she needed to move away.

“I’m going to get a drink from the bar, you want anything?” She asks; face impassive as she looks at him. He looks back her for a moment before replying.

“Scotch neat, thank you.”

She nods and moves off to the bar, giving her an excuse to be away from him for a few minutes because his mere presence next to her was making her just want to wrap her arms around him and breathe in his scent. She flags down the bartender and asks for a margarita and scotch neat. She pays and takes the drinks, looking for Lucifer’s tall figure amongst the crowd. She spots his black hair near a table. She takes a deep breath before approaching, handing him his drink silently.

“Oh thank you. It’s good you got here, we were just getting started.” Lucifer announces before taking a sip of his drink.

“We?” Chloe frowns, confused until a tall dark bald handsome man walked up to the table they were at, looking at her.

“Yes, you haven’t met have you? Allow me to introduce Amenadiel.” Lucifer introduces, placing a hand on the other man’s shoulder. “My brother.” He smiles at her. Chloe and Amenadiel held each other’s gaze for a few moments before Lucifer interrupted.

“Well, come on, don't look so shocked.” Lucifer said, looking at her confusedly. She shakes her head softly.

“Sorry, um, I just didn’t expect… your brother to be-“

“So handsome? We are all full of surprises, it seems.” Amenadiel interrupts, smiling with a glint of mirth in his brown eyes. “I never expected my brother to be so caught up in the law enforcement career recently, but now I can’t definitely see why.” He announced, losing some of the mirth and instead a slightly darker look crossed his face.

“Charming.” She laughed nervously and Lucifer looked between them with a scowl on his face before downing his drink.

“Okay that is enough of that. It’s unsettling to see you two getting along.” He shakes his head before the lights dim and the auction begins. Chloe feels tense throughout the whole thing, not knowing what to do in this situation. After a few artifacts, the auctioneer announces that the next item was a pair of real angel wings. He undrapes the item and pair massive white wings filled the room, the audience murmuring in appreciation. Even if Chloe hadn’t known they were a fake she would have recognized instantly. They were a good copy, she could give Maze and her weird associates credit but she knew what Lucifer’s wings were like, the way each feather fell and the way each individual one extended as she touched them.

Lucifer bid the highest for the wings and after a few more fake artifacts the auction was over. Lucifer Amenadiel and Chloe approached the wings, Lucifer reaching out with a frown on his face, grabbing a handful of the feathers, staring before his face became stormy. She really hoped Maze and Dan came up with a reason for his wings being AWOL real soon.

“These aren’t mine. They are a fake, a good one but still a fucking fake.” He growled and Amenadiel shot her a glance before reaching out a hand to Lucifer’s shoulder.

“Come brother, we will find them.” Lucifer shook off his brother’s hand and turned to her.

“What do we do now?” He asked her, looking desperate. She swallowed before turning on her cold persona.

“What do you mean? Lucifer I’m sorry these aren’t the wings you wanted but I actually have other cases to work on.”

“So that’s it? You won’t help me?” He said, hurt in his eyes only evident to her because she knows him so well. He shakes his head and scoffs. “Fine. Go. I know you don’t want me around so just go, I’m sorry I bothered you.” He turned and stormed out the room.

“Lucifer…” She whispers too quietly for his retreating form to hear. She notices Amenadiel has not moved, he just stood watching were Lucifer had left before turning to her.

“Chloe, you were supposed to stay away from him, so why is it when I get back I find him wallowing over the fact a detective won’t let him pursue his new interest in law enforcement. What are you doing?” Amenadiel demands with anger mixed in with concern. Chloe laughs harshly.

“Breaking both him and me it seems.”

Amenadiel squeezes her arm in comfort. “I know it’s difficult but have faith, we will get through this.”

She shakes her head before realising this is the first time she has seen him in a few months.

“How’s your hunt going? We haven’t heard from you in a while.” Chloe asks him and he nods, his voice lowing considerably.

“I know, but Chloe, I’ve found it.” He whispers, the beginnings of a smile playing on his lips. She takes a sharp intake of air, almost not believing what she had heard.

“You-you have?” She asks breathlessly. Amenadiel nods.

“I haven’t got it yet though, but it’s accessible, but you know we need Maze and Dan to fulfil their mission first.” Amenadiel reminds her and Chloe nods eagerly.

“I should go now, but don’t worry Chloe, things are going as planned, we can do this.” Amenadiel smiles before exiting the way Lucifer had minutes ago.

Chloe arrives home, paying the cab fare before entering her house. For the first time in what has been too long, hope fills her chest and extinguishes the exhaustion, replacing it with determination. Her phone bings with a message from Dan. She opens thinking it was going to be he forgot something of Trixie’s who was staying at his tonight. It was not the message she was expecting.

Hey Chlo, we worked out a cover story, I’ve informed Lucifer already. To make it short his real wings were bought a few days ago and destroyed in an arson attack on the buyer’s home. Nothing left. Evidence fabricated thanks to our favourite demon  -_-  See you tomorrow.

Chloe gasped slightly at the cover story. She felt an intense feeling to go and see how Lucifer was. She knew he had burnt his original wings and he had told her it was what he wanted but the fact it wasn’t his choice to do so this time... Plus, add on the horrible way she had been treating him, she couldn’t just sit here. Before she realised what she was doing, she was in her car outside Lux.

She took the elevator up to the penthouse, somehow knowing he would be there instead of downstairs, especially after what had happened. She found him at his grand piano, fingers fluttering over the keys effortlessly, a melancholy tune coming from the instrument. He must hear her approach as he looks over his shoulder. He stares for a second before his jaw clenches and he turns back, continuing playing.

She sighs before sitting down beside him on the seat, memories of simpler, happier times flooding her mind. His whole body is tense and she hates it, he is not supposed to be like this around her. She is the only one who could get him to be truly peaceful. Was. Now she is just a horrible person who tells him she doesn’t want him.

“So your wings… I heard, I’m sorry they were destroyed.” She says softly. He laughs harshly, his fingers coming down harder on the keys more than necessary.

“Are you?”

“Of course I am, they meant something to you.” She breathes. He glances down at her briefly before shaking his head.

“Truthfully Detective, I’m almost glad they are gone. It’s freeing.” He says with conviction, yet gritting his teeth.

“Okay… but it also sounds like you are pissed?” She questions quietly. He sighs and stops playing, but doesn’t turn to face her.

“I suppose, I am glad they are gone but I just wish it was my choice.” He admitted, frowning down at the keys. She resists pulling him into a hug like she would have done. What could she do now? She had told him she didn’t want him in her life, and each moment that lie was thought to be true she felt herself die inside.

“What are you doing here Detective?” He says quietly still avoiding eye contact, his shoulders slightly slumped.

“I wanted to apologise for what I said.” She admitted, not caring anymore, she couldn’t sit here and watch him in the pain because of her false words.

“When? Tonight when you told me you didn’t care about something that was clearly important to me or 2 weeks ago when you told me you didn’t need me or want me in your life?” He asks bitterly and she just knew his beautiful brown eyes would be shining with sorrow right now. Lucifer had issues with abandonment and when he had started to really enjoy working with her and possibly even caring for her, she had abandoned him.

“Both. I didn’t- I’m really sorry Lucifer, I didn’t mean what I said, it’s just complicated. Really complicated, but i-“Her voice cracked.

“You what?” Lucifer enquired, turning his head slightly towards her, yet eyes still downcast.

“I do like working with you, i- I do want you in my life, but i-I just can’t right now and it’s totally complicated but it’s not- that’s on me.” She admits, her voice shaking slightly. Lucifer finally brings his gaze to meet hers and it nearly knocks her breathless. He was trying to hide it but she could see the vulnerability in them and also the hope.

“Truly?” He whispers and she nods her head, a small smile on her lips. He returns one of his own. They stare at each other until a frown appears on his features laced with concern.

“You said complicated. I- I don’t mean to pry but is this about your previous partner?” He asks hesitantly.

“Yeah, it is.” She admits, feeling her eyes fill with tears.

“He hurt you?”

She sighs “Yes, but it’s not his fault, not at all.” A lone tear falls down her cheek and she gasps lightly when Lucifer’s hand gently wipes it away.

“I’m sorry that you are hurting so much.” He breathes, stroking his thumb against her cheek before slowly removing his hand and she feels the loss immediately.

“I would like you as my partner, we work well together, we are a great team, but I just can’t yet, please just give me time.” She pleads with him.

He nods in understanding.

“And please forgive me for what I said.” She whispers with shame and he smiles softly at her.

“Already forgiven. I hear those human emotions make people say rash things they don’t mean.”

“Learn that all by yourself?” she asks with a small laugh and he chuckles.

“My therapist might have let me in on that one.” He shrugs, and she feels a swell of relief that his eyes are shining again, the way they use to. She clears her throat and stands from the seat, knowing she had to leave now before she said or did something stupid.

“I should go. I’ll see you around Lucifer.” She gives him a smile and wave as he watches her retreat to the elevator.

“See you around, Detective.” He smiles at her as the elevator doors close and she lets out the breath she was holding.  A small weight had lifted off her chest now that she knew Lucifer wasn’t hurting because of her cruel words, added to the fact Amenadiel had found one of the pieces and Maze was close with the other one, it made her feel much more hopeful. Yet, even though Lucifer wasn’t hurting anymore, she was still in agony, a fact that slowly flooded her as the elevator took her further from him, when she should be curled into his chest, his arms wrapped tight around her. She just hoped this all was over soon so he could come home to her.

Chapter Text

After Chloe had been to see him that night two weeks ago, she had been receiving texts off him each day, whether it was asking how she was or telling her of some gossip about the Lux staff. On top of that, she always got a “goodnight Detective” text every night and it gave her the tiniest bit of happiness in this sorrow. She knew she shouldn’t be encouraging him but it wasn’t like they were partners or even together in person. That was until she received a text earlier this morning, announcing that he was having birthday drinks and he wants her to ‘pop in’.

She laughs to herself at the fact he was having a birthday party so soon after his wings had been destroyed. He had done a similar thing the first time round, although this birthday was on a completely different month. She thinks to herself if it was just a ‘pop in’ it wouldn’t be so bad, so she replied she would see him later. His reply came in the form of a devil emoji and she laughed again.

When she arrived at work later that day she had asked Dan to come with her to make sure she didn’t do anything stupid like stay there too long, get drunk and confess everything to Lucifer. He agreed and suggested they bring the department’s traditional drink so Lucifer could experience it all over again for the first time.

They arrived at Lux and as she walked down the stairs her eyes widened at the “few friends” comment he had made, which was obviously an understatement. She made her way through the crowd, Dan close behind her as she spotted the tall figure she was looking for. He waved her over with a smile and her stomach did a small flip.

“I thought you said ‘drinks with a few friends’." Chloe laughs as she takes it the thriving nightclub for the second time. Lucifer always did love a party.

“Well, you know, things got out of hand. Just the way I like it.” He says cockily and she laughs lightly in response. Dan moves closer towards them both, standing to her right side.

“We brought you a birthday gift.” He announces. Lucifer turns to him unwillingly, a look of annoyance on his face.

“Is that the royal "we"?“ He quips, and she hears Dan mumble ‘déjà vu’ under his breath, to which Chloe shoves him lightly to stop. Lucifer catches the exchange and his eyes narrow slightly.

“It’s whiskey with a pickle juice chaser. It's our station's birthday tradition.” Dan inputs into the awkward moment of silence.

“Lovely! How can I refuse? Can I refuse?“ Lucifer says sarcastically.

“Of course you can. And we'll always think less of you.” Dan shrugs nonchalantly.

“Here's to another trip around the sun. Cheers.” Chloe smiles brightly at Lucifer as they all down their shots.

“It's not bad, is it?” She asks the ‘birthday boy’ who nods in acceptance.

“Briny! Let's find Maze. She needs to try this bizarre concoction. She loves a salty aftertaste.” He looks around for his demon friend and Chloe chuckles at the connotations of Lucifer’s words. She had to leave now though; she still needed to keep space between them.

“No. We're just stopping by. We have a department thing to go to.” She admits and feels her chest ache at the sad look that briefly came across Lucifer.

“Some of us work for a living.” Dan chimes in, gesturing to the both of them in a humorous way.

“Well, that's your bad luck, isn't it?” He says to Dan before turning to her, his dark eyes pleading.

 “Come on, the party's barely started.”

It was as if her body reacted on its own accord as she throws her arms round his tall frame in a hug.

“Happy birthday, Lucifer.” She says gently and closes her eyes for a brief moment, taking in the feel of him in her arms for this short moment. As she pulled away she wondered if it was worth the emptiness she felt again. She gives him a wave goodbye as her and Dan leave the club. They don’t speak on the drive to the location they were going. She had lied about it being a department thing. As they get out the car, Dan’s phone rings and he puts it on loudspeaker.

“Maze?” He asks.

“Yeah. Both of you there?” Maze’s voice travels through the air.

“Yeah we are, are you okay?” Chloe asks.

“I’m fine, but let’s make this quick. I’m still trying to find out if the piece is in this place, I can’t just go walkin in. I’m doing some undercover so I’ll let you know more when I can.”

Chloe sighs “Right.”

Decker just hold on okay, things will work out, we will make sure of it.”

“Since when are you an optimist?” Chloe teases and Maze grumbles a “Shut up” before the line goes dead.


The next morning Chloe is greeted with another homicide.  A murder of a guy who’s profession is a ‘cheater therapist’. She shakes her head, she will never understand some things, and how could people think cheating on their spouses would help anything. After investigating she finds herself in need of assistance from a psychological therapist and she has just the person.

She arrives at Linda’s office after a phone call to the doctor who said she was free and to come over and discuss the case. Chloe opens the door and is shocked to see Lucifer sitting on the couch considering Linda had said she didn’t have any patients at this time.

“Lucifer.” She says in way of surprise. He turns towards and smiles brightly.

“Speak of the me. Detective what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see Dr Martin.”

“Oh! Are you in therapy too?”

“No. It’s about a case.”

“How wonderful! Dr. Martin is excellent. She trained at Stanford, she lectures at USC, and she’s got stacks of awards.” Lucifer inputs and Chloe narrows her eyes, wondering what he was doing.

“Thank you for that Lucifer. Chloe come in, I found something.” Linda says.

“What is it?”

 “A patient named Richard Kester. His wife convinced him to try Dr. Shaw's therapy. She had an affair. They got divorced. And then Richard sent Dr. Shaw a death threat. It's been more than a year, but that kind of anger can bubble up when you least expect it. “

“Add him to the list of angry patients.”

“That's just it. Richard's the only one so far. Dr. Shaw's patients seem remarkably happy with him.”

“Oh, do they now? See, cheater therapy works. Maybe you should've tried it with Detective Douche.” Lucifer chimes in, giving a brief look to Linda who raises an eyebrow before he focuses back on Chloe. “Or was that what broke you apart?”

 “I'll look into him.” Chloe ignores his comment, trying not to think about Lucifer’s obvious jealously, she knew that tone and the look that Linda shot her confirmed it too.

“Great, I’ll come along.” Linda says and Lucifer’s head perks up looking between them both.

“As will I.“ He announces and Chloe shakes her head.

“Lucifer we talked about this.” She says heavily, his shoulders dropping ever so slightly but his mask of confidence still in place.

“I am aware Detective but this isn’t trying to be your partner, I just thought I could help for a very short time. This is all about desire is it not? Who better than me to bring along?”

He had a point and he knew he did considering the smug look on his stupidly attractive face. She sighs and nods reluctantly.

“Fine. Only for this bit then you go home.”

“Of course.” He smiles and she catches a glance of Linda who watched the entire exchange silently.

“Okay, let’s go then, we will take my car.”

The silent car ride only lasts for about 5 minutes before Lucifer speaks up, something clearly on his mind.

“So I don't understand all this jealousy talk. I mean, why covet something someone else has? Why not just take it?”

Chloe lets out a chuckle. “Cause it's never that easy.”

 “Well, it is for me.” He pauses before casting a quick glance to her. “Usually.”

She tries to retain the blush trying to break its way to the surface at the short intense stare, choosing not to reply. After a moment he speaks up again.

 “I, uh, I may have overstepped earlier in regards to Detective Douche.”

Chloe laughs, shaking her head slightly. “Yeah. You definitely may have.”

There was nothing going on between her and Dan, not anymore, not for a long time. They were much better as friends and she only wanted one man and he didn’t even know how much.

“So why did you two separate anyway?” He inquires eagerly. She thinks back to why they had broken down all those years ago. They had basically been separated when she met Lucifer, and while she was in denial of her feelings for him, she had tried to give her and Dan another shot. It didn’t work out.

 “The job was more important to him than me and Trixie.” She tells Lucifer. “But he is such a great guy and he does a lot for me, he puts in a lot of effort to help.” Which was very true Chloe thinks, he had been so great and helpful during this tough time and she was grateful for his friendship and support. She senses Lucifer shuffling in his seat, not looking at her anymore.

“Yes, if ever anyone deserved a participation trophy, it's Dan.” He chimes in as he focuses on the cars in front of him. She suppresses a laugh at his jealous comment, she shouldn’t find it funny, especially if he was feeling this way, it could be dangerous. Plus, she desperately wanted him to know he didn’t need to be jealous because she was his and he was hers. Yet, they weren’t right now and her humorous mood drowns into sadness.


After questioning numerous people with Lucifer’s ability which she has to admit was useful they realized that they needed to look for Sandy now. She is brought out her thoughts about motives when her phone vibrates in her pocket. She sees that it is Dan and answers.

“Hey Chlo, I know you wanted another update but still no word from our friend, but we should probably meet up tomorrow to just go over things in case she finds what we are looking for what do you think?”

“Yeah sure it’s a date. I’ve got a case that needs my attention, I’ll see you later.” Chloe responds and hangs up, catching Lucifer’s inpatient gaze waiting for her by her car with Linda.

“Sorry I hope this case didn’t ruin your plans for kissy-time with Dan.” Lucifer says and she frowns wondering where that had come from. It hit her from her previous words to Dan on the phone and how they must have sounded. She groans and gets into the driver’s seat, waiting for the others to join them. Lucifer gets in the front seat beside her, looking at her still, clearly waiting for an answer. She feels herself starting to get irritated with this whole situation because she can’t exactly tell him he shouldn’t be jealous because she was completely in love with him. Plus, he could also be a jerk like he was being right now when he didn’t understand the emotions he was experiencing.

“It’s about another case we are working on together. What is with your recent obsession with my love life?” She spits out in frustration only to regret it a second later, fearing this was going to open a can of worms. Lucifer scoffs.

“Obsession? That's awfully defensive. Probably indicates deeper issues, wouldn't you say?” He turns to ask Linda who looks equally worried and bemused.

“I agree. Why are you so defensive, Lucifer?” Linda asks curiously.

“Et tu, Doctor?” He says frustrated.

“Lucifer, you asked me to analyze the situation.”

“No, I asked you to help figure out what's wrong with her.” He says, gesturing to her which causes herself to be slightly defensive.

“What? Why?” She asks but he ignores her, instead focusing on Linda waiting for an explanation.

“Nothing's wrong with her. She's a woman balancing a lot of painful things on her plate, and, as far as I can tell, was doing a good job.”

Chloe could hear the slight strain on the word was, and she felt guilty, she knew she had been doing well but engaging with Lucifer again had put everything at risk. Lucifer seemed oblivious as always to it all so instead Chloe played along.

“Why, thank you. You're right, Lucifer, she's amazing.”

“No, she's verbal Ebola. Where's the button to put the glass up?”

 “This isn't a limo, Lucifer. Linda, you should really join us more often.” Chloe laughs and Linda smiles, amused.

Lucifer grumbles in annoyance. “Getting double-teamed is usually much more fun than this.”

They find Sandy 20 minutes later and confront her at her car, where she revealed a trunk-full of manure. She explains she was going to through it at another woman.

“The problem is he fell in love with her. I lied to him about my trip, then I drove back from Phoenix to see what he was doing. I was... “

“Don't say it.” Lucifer groans.


“Yes, yes, we all get it! Jealousy makes the world go... I mean, what are you, a girl band? “He looks between Chloe, Linda and Sandy exasperatedly.

“I loved him. I didn't kill him. I just wanted him back.” Sandy replies and surprisingly Lucifer doesn’t have any response. After a while of questioning and trying to put the pieces together she realizes it is just her and Linda left and Lucifer had disappeared.

“Where did he go?” Chloe asked her therapist friend who lifts her eyes from the papers she was reading.

“I think the case may have hit a little too close to home. You know what’s going on Chloe, it’s because of you.”

“I'm not sure I'm the reason.” She mumbles in a sad attempt to lie to Linda and herself.

“I told you to be careful of this Chloe, and I know you are trying but I don’t think it’s enough. He wants you, he is in denial that it’s in anyway other than sexual at the moment, but we all know it’s a matter of time.” Linda says strongly, looking at Chloe with her dissecting therapist eyes.

“Yeah.” Chloe whispers, feeling the strain on her heart and the pounding in her head at the stress of everything. A haunting cry sounds from the back of her causing her eyes to scan the environment quickly.

“Chloe?” Linda asks concerned. Chloe focuses back on Linda and the sound disappears. “Just be careful okay?” Linda finishes to which Chloe nods without another word.

After a light bulb moment of realizing who the killer was, she drove fast to the location she knew he would be in. When she enters, she spots Lucifer being held at gun point yet seemingly the one in control, his voice filtering through to her ears.

“The woman that you loved was with someone else, someone you thought wasn't worthy of her. But no matter what you did... she never saw you the way you wanted her to.” He said in an unusually insecure voice and Chloe felt her hurt lurch at the words.

 “That's... That's pretty accurate.” The killer stuttered out. Lucifer paused for a moment before he spoke.

“You've just made me realize something, that my situation and yours are... absolutely nothing alike. I was right! Not jealous!” He boasted yet she could see the conflicting emotions in his eyes, something that was hard to see if you didn’t spend so long looking in them.

She saw the opening as the killer lowered his weapon slightly.

“Drop your weapon!” Chloe exclaims. The distraction gives Lucifer enough time to smack the gun out the man’s hand and finishes him off with a punch to the face.

“He's the killer.” He announces triumphantly.

 “Yeah, you think?” Chloe quips sarcastically as he grins at her.

As they walk out the building together and place the man in the back of a cop car, closing the door on him Lucifer asked her how she knew, though she could tell he wasn’t really interested.

“I realized Jonathan and Dr. Shaw's offices shared the same security system. So I checked and…You're not listening to me, are you?”

“Afraid not.” He smiles sheepishly, his mind somewhere else.

“You didn't see any similarity between yourself and Jonathan?” She asks him hesitantly, not wanting to risk things but she found herself needing to ask.

“So you heard some of that, did you?”

 “Tail end.”

He lets out a deep sigh “I don't know. Did you?”

He really was oblivious of his own feelings sometimes. She wanted to tell him the truth but she had to spare him this time, she couldn’t let this go further, not right now.

 “Mm-mm. No. Completely different.” She answers him with a small smile to which he nods in agreement.

“That's what I thought. So... how's your secret case with Dan going?” He quickly changes the subject to something else she can’t tell him about either and it was eating at her that she couldn’t share anything with him.

“Okay.” She replies quickly, making it clear she won’t say anything more on the matter.

“I could help. Fresh pair of eyes again, remember?” He tilts his head in offering which was oh so very tempting.

“Lucifer… I can’t.” She sighs and his smile turns tight, eyes flashing with hurt at her rejection.

“Right, sorry a non-partner doesn’t do that. See you around.”  He says and abruptly walks off to his car as she whispers a painful “goodbye” after him.

That night she waited but the “goodnight Detective” text never came and she was dragged into sleep with a heavy heart.

Chapter Text

Four days had passed since the last time she had spoken to Lucifer, and since then she had not gotten a single message from him and god did that hurt more than it should. She felt like a teenager being snubbed by her crush except she was a full grown adult whose love of her life was avoiding all forms of contact with her. She thought it had been heart-breaking for those 8 months when he didn’t even know of her existence but this was much worse because he did know her and it seemed like he didn’t want to know her. It felt like she was in well… hell.

Granted, she had not messaged or reached out to him either but she couldn’t, she was too paranoid. Although, this would probably be her most opportune moment to do so. Maze had contacted her 2 days ago saying how things were taking longer because they were keeping an eye on things at Maze’s end right now. Which meant they weren’t looking at Chloe and it was so tempting to use that to her advantage and to go to Lucifer but what if that is just going to hurt him more? It would be giving him so many mixed signals and she couldn’t hurt him anymore, she couldn’t do much of this anymore.

She heads to work with a heavy heart and forces all the emotions she is feeling deep down, there is no point her focusing on them right now she thinks to herself. When she gets into the precinct it is about 2 hours in to doing paperwork that she gets a call that a student counselor's body has been found in the high school.

The last person she expected to see at the crime scene was Lucifer and apparently he had been the one to find the body. Typical. She felt nervous as she wandered up to him while he was on his phone. He must have sensed her presence because before she even reached him his eyes met hers. She could read some sort of torment in those dark eyes of his but there was also no denying the small smile that graced his lips.

“Detective.” He greets without his usual enthusiasm.

“Hey. Lucifer what are you doing here?” She asks him.

“Well I came to do a little bit of investigating after a rather peculiar visit from a priest.”


“Yes, a priest of all the people coming to me for a favour walks straight into Lux asking for one. He seemed to have a bit of a problem with this corpse, something to do with selling drugs to students I believe it was.” He finishes with a shrug.

“Right, okay that’s motive I guess.”

“That’s what I thought, hence why I’m here.”

“What was the priest’s name?”

“Father Frank.” He snorts before becoming solemn, looking at her with sadness that is trying to be hidden. “I suppose I should be on my way now then.”

He starts to walk away when her mouth opens on its own accord. “Lucifer, wait!” He turns around, questioning gaze in place. The threat wasn’t here right now, they were focused on Maze, and Chloe couldn’t let him leave with that sadness in his eyes caused by her.

“I think you would be beneficial on this case, since you already have contact with Father Frank, so will you help?” She sighs out and Lucifer lifts a brow in utter surprise before nodding, a hint of a smile tugging at his mouth.

“Of course, Detective. Lead the way.” He gestures with his hand for her to go first and she hides the smile that tries to break its way through to the surface.

Chloe wouldn’t say it was like working with her partner once again. Lucifer was still making jokes and innuendos and being helpful in his own weird way like he always has been but she could feel his hesitancy, the uncertainty of how to act around her and that cut her deep. He was always so carefree around her and now she had created this painful awkwardness between them. She knew the revelation of his jealousy had hit him hard combined with how she had been made to treat him, well it was only justified he felt he needed to keep some distance, it didn’t mean it didn’t break her any less though.

Lucifer managed to contact Father Frank and invite him to meet them at the bar at Lux. The priest had told them he had tensions with the counselor and had hit him but he wasn’t the killer and Chloe’s gut was telling her he was being truthful. He also told them about why he cared so much about Connor and the story of him losing his family and Connor losing his but yet they had each other, brought tears to Chloe’s eyes.

It was in the middle of this conversation  she got  a call they needed her back at the station to look over something so she left Lucifer and Frank together at the bar and when she returned an hour later she thought that’s where they still would be. However she saw no sign of them downstairs, so she made her way to the penthouse floor.

What she comes faced with as the elevator doors open was something she wasn’t expecting but caused her to grin. Lucifer and Father Frank were too engrossed with their piano duet to notice her approaching closer, joy clear on both their faces as they reveled in the bond of a fellow musician and the masterpiece that falls from their fingertips.

It is Frank who notices her first and stops with a sheepish ‘oh’ to which Lucifer ceases playing and turns toward her too, the faintest blush on his cheeks.

“Oh. Hi.” He says, clearing his throat.

She can’t help but chuckle at his bashful behaviour “Hi.”

“Yes, well, I suppose that wasn't completely terrible.” He glances towards his piano partner who laughs.

“Not completely. “

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but Father Frank's story about The Spider checks out, and I got a lead. I talked to Narcotics and one of their CI's said The Spider's rumored to hang out here. I went there and saw Connor dealing. He shot a gun into the air when he made me.” She tells the both of them, a part of her feeling guilty for going without Lucifer and by the slight tightening of his jaw, she could tell it got to him.

“Connor, isn’t a bad kid, I promise you that.” Frank pipes in.

“Father, he shot a gun in an environment full of teenagers.” Chloe says.

“But in the air, he wouldn’t hurt anyone.” Frank defends his surrogate son. Chloe nods in acknowledgement to which Frank seemingly appreciates.

Lucifer’s phone rings and all eyes in the room fall to the sound. He picks it up, stating his name as a greeting. He listens for a few moments before sighing in exasperation and hanging up.

“I have some business to attend to downstairs, be back in a jiffy.” Lucifer says as he quickly finishes the rest of his drink before making his way to the elevator.  She watches him go; reveling in the moments she can take him in without question. She lets out a sigh as the doors cut off her view from him. She thought she would get use to this heartache of him not being him, yet it just seemed to get worse.

“I don’t mean to intrude but you seem to be in despair Detective Decker.” Frank startles her out of her thoughts with his concerned tone and inquisitive gaze.

“What?” She asks, surprised that he was able to pick up on her emotions. He chuckles humorlessly.

“I use to hide my own despair too, saw it every day in the mirror before I found my faith. I know what it looks like on a person and I recognize it in you right now.” He inclines his head to the side, waiting for her to speak or not, giving her a choice.

“Maybe I am.” She tells him and he nods in understanding looking back to where Lucifer had vanished. “It complicated and ridiculous” she tells him before pausing “but mostly just painful.” She finishes with a broken whisper.

Frank places a comforting hand on her arm. “Sometimes confiding in someone helps.” He says.

“Thank you but I don’t think it will in this case. I just have to keep moving until I can fix it.”

“A good plan but don’t get to lost in the task and ignore what you are feeling, it won’t do anyone any good especially you Chloe.” He warns her compassionately and she nods in gratitude, mulling his words over.

“Right! Sorry about that, so what happens now?” Lucifer’s voice booms as he steps out the elevator, causing Chloe to jump slightly, feeling panicked that he might have overheard her, but from his indifference she felt she was in the clear. She catches Frank cast a questioning eyebrow at her reaction.

“Urm- I need to head back to the precinct and go over the evidence, I need you and Father Frank to stay here okay? Keep him safe.” Chloe hurriedly says, making to leave.  Lucifer follows her to the elevator, holding the door from closing and getting her out of this situation.

“You want me to babysit the Priest?” He asks resentfully. She rolls her eyes at his dramatics.

“Or you could go back to playing piano with your friend.” She states.

“The Devil friends with a priest? That's absurd.” He says indignantly but without much passion, and she could see the want for a friend behind his lonely eyes, causing her heart flutter.

“It's absurdly adorable.” She teases before proceeding “You know, it's okay to admit you like the guy.”

“He's everything that I stand against, Detective.”

“Yeah, well, sometimes we get along best with the people we're most different from.” She says as she takes hold of his hand blocking the door in order to release it, trying to ignore the warmth it sent through her. He doesn’t say anything as he watches where their hands are joined for a delayed moment. She lets go quickly and the doors begin to close and the last thing she sees is his conflicted gaze.


She sits at her desk in the precinct, going over all the evidence so far but not coming up with anything. She’s hit a mind block with this case. That combined with the whole tragedy with not being with Lucifer was making her blood pressure rise. She rubbed her temples as the beginnings of a migraine start to form. She almost believes she can hear someone screaming for a moment… She really needs to get this case done so Lucifer wasn’t involved anymore. Even though the focus was off her right now, it was making her incredibly anxious.

“Anything new with your case?” Dan’s voice rings through as he approaches her desk; an annoyingly concerned looked on his face.

“No.” Chloe replies harshly. Dan stares at her for a moment.


“What Dan I’m busy!” She raises her voice, feeling guilty instantly afterwards. “Sorry.” She mumbles in his direction, not looking him in the eye.

“I’m going to come round tonight and we are going to talk.”

“What? Have you heard something new from Maze or Amenadiel?” Chloe asks eagerly.


“Well then why d-“

“So we can talk about how you are doing.”

“Why? I’m fine.”

“No you are not. You’ve been keeping up a brave face but Chloe this is hard on you and sometimes it’s good to let it out.” Dan offers, a comforting smile on his face. Chloe recognizes the similar words that Father Frank had given her earlier today and maybe they were right. Yet if she stops holding herself together for a second, what if she can’t pull it back together again?

 “Come on Chlo, all you do is stress about all of this and I get it, I do, I want him back too.” He pauses with embarrassment. “Just don’t tell him I ever said that.”

Chloe laughs at his words; Lucifer definitely wouldn’t let him live it down. They had a strange dynamic of acting like they only tolerate each other but she knows how much Lucifer enjoys Dan’s friendship and vice versa.

“Just let’s have some dinner, and we will talk about how you are actually doing okay?”

“Yeah, yeah okay.” She finally agrees, maybe it will give her a slight sense of relief, maybe it won’t but it’s worth a try.

“Great, I’ll come round about 8.” Dan smiles and gives a small wave as he turns around.

She sighs as he walks back to his desk across from hers. Dan is right, she needs a quiet moment to just talk and not be so on guard about everything. Dan had always been an amazing friend. She truly believes they always had a better relationship as friends than when they were married. She felt it might do her good to talk to him about everything she was feeling.

The ringing of her phone draws her back and she answers, surprised to hear Lucifer’s concerned voice. He tells her that Father Frank had gone AWOL, probably to the church to meet Connor and he was going after him.  Before she can tell him to let her handle this, he already hits end on the call.

“Dammit.” She groans, making her way out the precinct and to the church. She reaches the wooden doors when a gunshot rings out from inside. Adrenaline pumps through her veins as she bursts through the door, assessing the environment and locating the shooter with the smoking gun. She aims her own and fires, hitting the guy square in the shoulder, incapacitating him from doing any more damage.

She looks around for Lucifer, her eyes landing on a horrific scene. Lucifer was holding a fatally wounded Father Frank in his arms, demanding that he hold on. Yet Frank had no qualms with the inevitable. His eyes close and his body goes still after muttering something to a devastated Lucifer. Everything is quiet besides the small sobs of Connor. She sees the furious glint in Lucifer’s eyes as he stands up, a fast pace towards the shooter and with roar, lifts him up against the wall, showing his supernatural strength.

“WHY!” He screams in the shooters face which was going purple from the lack of air Lucifer’s hand round his neck.

“Lucifer! Stop!” Chloe demands, moving closer to him. “Father Frank wouldn’t want this.”

His head turns ever so slightly as he hears her, yet his grip around the man’s neck stays firm.

“Stop.” She whispers breathlessly as she places a gentle hand on his shoulder. She feels the tension there release the smallest bit before he drops the man to the floor and marches outside without a word. All the wants to do is run after him but she has to do her job right now and call back up and an ambulance.

A little while later she exits the church and Lucifer is standing at the side of the road, his gaze off into the far distance but not really looking at anything. She notices the blood stain on his shirt, the blood of one of his friends and her heart breaks for him. She tells him the Connor’s confession will put the ‘spider’ behind bars and that Connor will only do minimum time, that maybe Father Frank was right and there is hope for him after all. All she gets is a hum in response. She looks around nervously for any sign of being watched, watched by a threat that had been consuming her life for nearly 11 months now. She shouldn’t be trying to comfort him but he was so upset, she couldn’t help herself.

“You okay?”

He shuffles on his feet uncomfortably before murmuring “I’m fine.” He gives her a quick glance. “Goodnight Detective.” He walks off briskly and all she can do is watch his figure disappear into the darkness.

She gets a message from Dan saying he is at the house and has put Trixie to bed and dinner is ready. She sighs, not really feeling like talking after everything that had transpired tonight but she made her way home after wrapping things up at the scene.

She comes through the door and an appealing smell wafts toward her, food on the table in front of the couch, Dan lifting his head and greeting her with a smile.

“Hey, Trixie in bed?”  Chloe asks.

“Yeah she went down after about 6 stories.” Dan chuckles quietly and Chloe laughs lightly too.

“Come and sit.” Dan gestures her over and Chloe puts her jacket and keys on the kitchen counter before making her way over and sitting down.

“I heard what happened at the church.” Dan says sympathetically and Chloe nods.

“Yeah.” She sighs, not really paying attention, her thoughts too caught up in Lucifer’s clear despair.

“Chloe.” Dan says loudly enough to startle her out of her head; she turns to look at him, understanding in his features.

“I’m sorry Dan I just- I can’t concentrate.”

Dan sighs. “You want to go to him.”

“I have to go to him. He doesn’t know it but he needs me right now.” She says as she stands, going to grab her coat and keys off the counter.  She turns to Dan, who looks conflicted whether he should argue with her that going could put everything in danger or to let his friends comfort each other. His compassion wins out and he makes a gesture to Chloe to keep going.

“Don’t worry I’ll stay here with Trixie. Just be careful.”

Chloe smiles in appreciation. “Thanks, Dan.”

Her mind tunes out the passing cars and flashing lights of the city as she makes her way to Lux, every thought on how Lucifer is coping with the pain of losing a friend, something he is not used to. Her heart beats faster as the elevator takes her closer to him, a part of her worried about what she would find, knowing his coping mechanisms aren’t the best. Before the doors even open she hears a soft but sad melody coming from the penthouse, and soon after she is given the sight of Lucifer at his piano, entirely immersed in the music, that he doesn’t even notice.

The smell of bourbon and smoke hit her nose as she moves closer to him, and she takes a second to admire the beautiful melody he plays so flawlessly before she makes herself known. She leans forward so her face is in his line of sight.


He is slightly startled at her presence, eyebrows rising in surprise as the music cuts, his hands dropping to his side.

“Detective. It’s a bit late isn’t it? Do you need more connections for a case?” He asks her, confused by her being here. She sits down on the piano stool, shoulders brushing against his own.

“I’m not her for a case. I’m here for you.” She admits. She watches the vulnerability hide itself behind a suggestive mask.

“Oh, really?” He smirks and she stares at him, trying to break past that wall he so quickly put up. She hasn’t had to do that in a long time but everything has changed.

“Yeah. I thought you could use… a friend.” She all but whispers the last word, hoping he understands the gravity behind her words, that she is his friend, that it’s just hard for her right now.

His mask drops as surprise overcomes him, his mouth slightly ajar as he looks her up and down, unsure what to do with the idea of someone caring about his wellbeing. He clears his throat and shakes his head, gaining his composure.

“Do you play?” He asks, changing the subject to a safer and less intense one. She can’t help the small smile on her lips, because she does indeed play, not a lot she admits to herself but she knows a fair few songs and that is thanks to the man sitting next to her. It had been on quiet nights where they would just enjoy being near each other, hardly speaking as he showed her which keys to press, his hands covering hers as he moved them to the correct keys to create a melody.  She could hardly tell him that though.

“No, no i-“She stutters out before he interrupts.

“Come on you must know something!” He nudges her with his shoulder playfully, waiting on her answer with bemused eyes.

She thinks back to the first time he asked her to play something for him after they had had a few drinks after a successful case. Back then she only knew one song after 3 years of piano lessons her dad had paid for when she was younger. She smiles at the memories, hands unconsciously going towards the familiar keys and suddenly the key notes to ‘Heart and Soul’ fill the space around them.

She almost thinks she sees a brief look of recognition followed by confusion flitter across his face, until it is gone and Lucifer chuckles.

“Surely you must be joking.”

Chloe shakes her head bemusedly and plays the same notes over again.

Lucifer sighs. “Alright.” He moves his hands back to the keys and begins to fill in the cords, completing the songs melody as they play together. The wide smile she can’t help overcomes her as her heart feels full in the first time in a long while, it was like nothing had happened, and it was just another one of those quiet nights.

She risks a glance at him only to find he is already looking at her, a bright smile on his face that sends butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Then her gaze flickers up to his eyes and what she finds there fills her with elation until an instant later, reality crashes down, and dread takes its place. His eyes had softened in a way that resembled how they used to when looking at her and that was very dangerous.

Neither her or Lucifer were aware of just how correct her thoughts were in that moment, as a dark figure looms far outside, on the roof of the opposite building. The figure’s fury radiates from his being and a snarl graces his lips as he looks in at the devil and his detective.

Chapter Text

It had been a few days since she had gone against any sensible thought and had consoled Lucifer over the death of his friend. She knows she should feel guilty and worried about how dangerous it was but she had soothed his soul a little bit that night and she could never regret that. She had spent the next days working on paperwork and the odd case that were pretty open and close if she was honest.


She had finished work for the day and after dropping Trixie off at Dan’s for the night she had returned home, planning to get an early night until her phone rings from the kitchen counter. She rushes to press answer when she sees who is calling. Someone she had not heard a lot from the past week.


“Maze!” Chloe greets enthusiastically, her heart beating faster, hoping to hear the words she had been imagining for months now. It seemed that luck was not on her side.


“Chloe it’s not good.” Maze says to her, voice irritated.


“What? What do you mean? You said you knew where it was.”


“I do but I don’t know how to get to it.”


“Maze I need you to explain.”

“How can I dumb this down to human terms?” Maze questions herself.  “There is a sort of ‘spell’ around the place it’s stored that makes it celestial proof.”




“It’s pretty powerful Chloe; I’m not sure how I’m going to get to it.”


Chloe’s heart sank along with the remaining hope she had manage to grasp on to, it seemed every turn was a dead end.


“We will find a way though, I swear it and we will make this bastard pay for the shit he has caused.”


“Yeah, I gotta go Maze.” Chloe sighs, hanging up and throwing the phone to the opposite side of the couch. She couldn’t hold out anymore, every time they seemed to get close, they were always forced a step back and who knew how long this would go on for.


Her feet take her towards the alcohol cabinet as if she was on autopilot, and she takes shot after shot of Lucifer’s expensive whiskey. She hates the stuff but the thick flaming taste down her throat was a comfort. Things started to get hazy then and as if almost her life had skipped a few scenes and she was all of a sudden in the elevator going up towards Lucifer’s penthouse, hand reached out to steady her from the waves of alcohol induced vertigo. The ring of the bell to indicate her arrival startled her and she wobbles out of the elevator straight into a solid body.


His arms catch her from falling over, strong and warm, the natural heat of him seeping through her skin, making her feel safe.


“Detective? What a surprise. Are you okay?” Lucifer asks her concerned, a mixture of astonishment and confusion at her sudden appearance on his features. She smiles sloppily at him, tapping his cheek gently with her hand, feeling the rough stubble that has given her a rash in several places on her body multiple times. She reprimands her mind for going there and she moves herself away from the temptation of him, toward the stocked bar instead.


“I’m getting a drink.” She announces as she pours some liquor she doesn’t even know the name of into a tumbler. He approaches her cautiously, making himself one as he glances sideways at her.


“Is there a specific reason we are drinking our liver to an early grave?” He asks as he takes his own shot in one fluid motion. She watches as he gulps it down, watches his Adam’s apple bob and the way his tongue comes out to catch the remaining droplets on his lips.


She shakes her head, downing her own drink and attempting to pour herself another. “Life.”


“Hmm, yes I think I’ve heard of that.” He jokes while removing the bottle of liquor out of her reach, stretching his arm round her waist to guide her into standing up.


“Things are just going wrong and I’m feeling very hopeless right now.” She sighs, stumbling to the side of his piano when he loosened his grip for a second.


The memories flood her of the times they spent together on this very piano like they did a few days ago. The times he would sing to her while playing a gorgeous melody, the times he would teach her, when his fingers would gently caress her own as he moved hers to the correct keys. On other nights, his fingers would play a phantom melody along her skin, dancing across her thighs, sliding higher to which the trail was subsequently followed by his mouth. The images make her stomach swoop with arousal and as Lucifer re-wraps his arm round her waist, his other hand holding her own, she can’t help but lean into his chest, breathing in his scent and wanting nothing more but to get lost in him.


All so sudden, she finds herself nestled into his side on the couch a moment later while he rubs his hand up and down her arm in comfort.


“I just don’t know what to do.” She admits to him.


“Why don’t you tell me what it is? Maybe I can share some wisdom?” Lucifer offers.


“It’s complicated.”


“You sure do like using that word.”

She snorts and shakes her head “but it is. I just need something that I am being forced away from and I just want to say screw you and take it you know?”


“If there is anyone who takes what they desire, it is me.” He smirks.


“Yeah.” She says breathlessly, unconsciously leaning in towards his body, eyes drawn to his slight open mouth. She moves closer until her lips are a millimeter away from salvation until he slowly pulls back, bringing her with him but keeping a distance between their faces. She feels the vertigo hit her again as the world around her tilts on an axis. She blinks a few times, almost swearing she heard someone call her name from far away.


“What’s happening?”


“It would seem I’m saying no.” He states, sounding even more confused, a frown appearing.


“Oh, right.” She says, slightly embarrassed at the rejection but more mortified at how close she had been to kissing him. That would have made this terrible situation 100 times worse if he had found out about it.


“Which is quite strange, normally I leap at the chance to fulfill my carnal desires but for some reason I can’t.” He tells her, looking at her as if she had the answers to why he stopped them both.


“I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have tried to do that.” She mumbles, putting her face in her hands.


“I promise it happens to the best.” Lucifer says, bringing his arm round her shoulder, pulling her into him so she rests against him, she tries not to cry at how natural it felt, how it was a common position for them to be in before everything happened. The big fierce devil did indeed like to cuddle, though he would never admit it.


Yet it was just another reminder of the situation she was in, the situation where she had pretty much lost all hope.


“I’m just looking for resolutions now and it its taking way too long to get them.” She confesses to him, closing her eyes as she leans her head against his chest. He is saying something to her but the vibrations of his voice from his chest sooth her into a peaceful state of sleepiness and she drifts off in his arms.



The first thing Chloe notices when she comes to the land of the living is the feeling of an elephant sitting on top of her head. The vague taste of whiskey in her mouth gave her clues to why. The next thing she notices gives her pause at its familiarity. As she moves she feels the soft silky bed sheets against her body and she knows exactly whose bed she is in. She lifts the covers slightly to see her naked breasts and she sighs.


“Oh god, what have I done?” She mumbles. She shouldn’t have come here last night but god she just needed to see him. Speaking of the devil, quite literally, she is startled when his voice rings out from the bottom of the bed.


“Don’t worry my father is the forgiving sort, unless it’s me.”


Lucifer sits on a chair in only his black silk robe, looking at her with glee, clearly amused by this situation.

“Triple espresso or hair of the dog?” He offers to her, gesturing to the drinks on the table beside him. She feels her stomach turn at the thought of either.


“No.” She moans out.


“Oh! Right, both!” He says with delighted surprise as he pours the drinks together. Chloe shakes her head and moves to a sitting position, holding the cover up against her since she was naked. Naked.


“We didn’t…” Chloe said out loud though more to herself in confirmation she hadn’t done anything with him, even though she was extremely in the mood to last night, but Lucifer apparently couldn’t help himself.


“Did we ever! And I’m pretty sure we made Rosemarie’s baby. Detective it was extraordinary! The heat, the gymnastics, I mean you had moves the made even the devil blush.”


Chloe knew for a fact they hadn’t slept together last night for two reasons. One being she knew Lucifer and he wouldn’t want to take advantage of her when she was in such an intoxicated state. The second thing that gave it away was after sex with him she would always feel a pleasant sort of ache, which was not present right now.


She gives him a stern look to which his façade of a delighted lover fades with a low chuckle.


“No, we didn’t do the nasty. I turned you down cold.”


“Yeah I gathered you would.” She answers with a sigh, her thoughts briefly going back to why she had ended up here in the first place. This was all such a mess. Lucifer must mistake her sadness for something else entirely as a frown converts his face.


“That’s not to say I wouldn’t have sex with you Detective, I mean of course I want to but –“


“Lucifer, its fine really I get it.” She cuts off his oddly adorable rambling. “I’m actually glad you didn’t.” It would have just made things even more complicated and painful for the both of them right now.


He nods and she notices his smile is a little tighter than before.  A brief moment of silence surrounds them until Chloe can’t take it and fills it with a question.


“I’m not wearing any clothes because…?” She leaves for him to fill in the gaps in her foggy memory.


“What, you mean you don’t remember the part when you passed out, woke up again and shouted ‘It’s too hot in this five star hell hole’ I believe it was and then proceeded to take your clothes off and then hog the bed?” He says with humour, lips quivering, trying to keep from laughing at her antics.


“Oh god. Yeah I do that sometimes when I’m upset. Anyway let’s just forget this happened okay?” She tells him as she picks up her clothes and maneuvers them on while keeping his quilt from revealing anything.


“Hmm. You snore by the way, like an Albanian field wench.”


She rolls her eyes at his common comparison to her snoring and before she can think, the words are out her mouth.


“You have to bring it up every time don’t you?”


“I’m sorry?” He frowns at her.


“I-I mean people, people always bring up my snoring and compare it to that sort of…thing.”


“Right…” He says suspiciously and she wanted to hit herself for putting her foot in her mouth. She should leave before she slips up anymore.


“I’ve got to go, bye.” She retreats quickly, not looking back at him, hoping he would forget her slip up and terrible cover for it.


She drives home a bit faster than she normally would only because she felt a terrible headache forming and needed to take some painkillers before it got worse. As she gets home she takes them and checks her phone for the time. She has a good few hours before Trixie is back from Dan’s so she decides to get some rest. She drifts off for a few hours until a strange sensation wakes her up. It’s that feeling you as if you are not alone.


She gets out her bed and moves into the kitchen where the burden of her life for the last year stands, an entity of cruel passion and anger.


“I told you to stay away, and you didn’t. I then warn you again to stop contact and yet again you failed.” He says entirely too calm that it was even more frightening.


“You know, Chloe, I consider myself to be a tolerant and patient being, I’ve had many years to master that but right now?” He takes a few steps towards her so there is only a few feet between them, his towering figure looming over her making her feel like a bug that was about to be squashed. “I’m so close to losing every ounce of it.”


“Why are you doing this to me?” She clenches her jaw in frustration, feeling the fury bubble within her but knowing she couldn’t do anything right now, he had the upper hand in so many ways.


“Come now Chloe, it’s not about you per say, you just unfortunately are involved.”


“Then how could you do this to him, your own brother?”


“You know why.”


One year ago

“Lucifer, stop!” Chloe says with a playful sternness.


“Come now Detective, It’s the rules.” He pouts impishly. “Thou who see the command must comply.” He says dramatically, before looking down at his ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron. He draws his eyes from the words, slowly dragging them from her legs up to her lips, his eyes dark with desire. He raises his brow in suggestion, a sly up turn of his lips.


Chloe shakes her head in amusement. He was such a dork sometimes and it was just another side of him that she adored.  “It’s a good job I love you.”


The small lustful smile slowly transforms into a brilliant beaming grin and Chloe truly understands why he was once called the ‘Light Bringer’ from that smile of amazement and adoration alone. She couldn’t help herself and grabbed him by the apron, pulling him to her, their lips meeting in a heavy and passionate embrace.


He guides her backwards so she is trapped between the kitchen counter and his warm body, his tongue pressing at her lips, asking for permission which she eagerly gives. However, before anything else can happen, she feels Lucifer’s entire body tense and just as quickly, his back was to her, giant white wings in front of her fanning like a solid barrier.


“Sorry to interrupt.” An unfamiliar voice sounds from the other side of Lucifer’s wings. Chloe moves her head to peak over at the intruder. A tall beautiful man stands in her living room, dark black hair and icy blue eyes which were almost mesmerizing if not for the hostility and hatred burning from them. She instantly concluded that this must be one of Lucifer’s siblings.


“Ezekiel, what are you doing here brother?” Lucifer confirms the stranger’s identity, his whole body radiating tension.


“Well I’ve come to make a deal with the devil himself.” Ezekiel says with harsh sarcasm.


“Oh? Well come see me during my business hours tomorrow then.” Lucifer retorts mockingly.


“I don’t think so. You see Lucifer, I have been observing.”




“And what I’ve seen and the repercussions of that at home, it’s not good so I’m here to fix things, to make things go back to how they use to be.” He says, ignoring Lucifer’s quip, getting straight to the point.


“What on earth are you talking about?” Lucifer asks baffled and irritated.


Ezekiel’s eyes drift to look directly at the person being shielded behind him. Lucifer’s wings spread out further in an intimidating manner, his fists clenched at his side, face turning dark as a storm.


“It’s her.” The angel sighs in minor annoyance, and Lucifer’s knuckles turn white. “She is the reason you have changed. Some think she is your redemption and I can’t let that happen.”


“Why?” Chloe speaks up for the first time. She wanted to know why that was such a terrible thing.


“Because Miss Decker, if he is redeemed then there is a chance he will return to the silver city and I will not risk the chaos he will cause all over again.” He turns his steely gaze back to Lucifer. “You ruined our family and we are strong again now, I won’t let you cause the devastation you left behind ever again.”


“I very much doubt father would ever let me back in and I’m fine with that.” Lucifer scoffs.


“I wouldn’t be so sure anymore.” Ezekiel sighs, his words causing silence between the two angels for a fleeting moment before he continues. “This is why I had to take matters into my own hands.” He says as he reaches for his side, withdrawing a striking silver blade into the open.


“That’s Azrael’s blade, how did you get it?” Lucifer asks, surprise and a hint of panic flavoring his tone.


“With a little help, and the fact our dear sister is awfully busy with an incident right now she hasn’t noticed she lost ownership of her favorite toy."


“Ownership? You tethered the blade to yourself?” He asks, concern building in his tone.


“Indeed, so now I think you should listen to the deal I am proposing.” He pulls out another item from his robe pocket, a strangely shaped rock that gave off a illuminating purple glow. “I assume you remember what this is?”


“Memoriae lapis.” Lucifer’s utters in surprise before his features harden instantly. “No.”


“I’m afraid that you don’t really have a choice. Well you do but it’s either you give me your memories, go back to the devil you always were meant to be before meeting your human or Chloe dies and I get to send her whichever way I want, permanently.” He waves the blade in their general direction and Chloe almost believed she heard Lucifer growl.


“Angels can’t kill humans.” He says with gritted teeth.


“I know, and that’s why I hope you take my deal brother, otherwise I’m going to have to do something I won’t like at all, but I will to protect my family.”


Chloe is brought back to the present as Ezekiel moves closer into her personal space, his strong jaw tense with controlled anger.


“This is your last warning Chloe. You do whatever you have to do, no matter how much it will hurt, or I will make sure Lucifer suffers a much worse fate.”


With a gust of wind he disappears before her eyes, leaving her with a heavy and broken heart. She knew in her bones that Ezekiel really was on his final warning, that she had to stop Lucifer being in her life by any means necessary. She had tried before, and it had hurt him but she had left the door open for him to still be around her just not as partners. This time she knew it had to be on all levels of interaction and this was going to be so much worse because she was completely tossing him away.


Dan drops Trixie off 2 hours later, looking at her with apprehension, sensing something was up but she shook her head and indicated she would inform him another time. He nods and goes home, leaving her and Trixie. Chloe makes them dinner and she engages in conversation with her daughter but Trixie is a smart child and knows something is wrong.


“Mommy, are you sad about Lucifer?”


“Yeah baby.”


“Me too, I miss him.”


“I know.”


“But he’ll come back to us soon.” Trixie says with conviction as if what she said was a well-known fact.


“How do you know?” Chloe inquires, wishing to have the same faith her daughter did.


“He promised he would come back to us remember? And Lucifer never breaks his promises!” Trixie smiles enthusiastically and Chloe nods, feeling the smallest bit of hope rekindle but knowing before that will come a whole lot of agony.


She puts Trixie to bed and settles herself down on the couch, reading a book she had been meaning to read for a while, trying to escape this reality and enter someplace that had more chance of a happy ending.


A knock at the door jars her out of the fantasy world and she puts the book down, opening it to reveal Lucifer on the other side. She was right back into the pain of reality.


“Detective!” He exclaims jubilantly, arms widen in greeting and she can tell by the slightly glazed eyes that he had been drinking.


“Are you…drunk?” She questions.


“I’m only slightly inebriated. I apologies for showing up in this state but turnabout is fair play.” He chuckles, reminding her that it was just last night she turned up at his place much worse than he was right now. She took in his disheveled appearance, shirt un-tucked and half the buttons undone, his dark hair not in his usual pristine condition.


“Why?” She asks him.


“Things just don’t feel right Detective.”


“What do you mean?”


“Everything and everyone around me is acting so peculiar, and they have been for a while if I really think about it. Mazikeen is always off somewhere on ‘bounty hunter business’ which I didn’t even know she had an interest in until she all of a sudden was off tracking instead of fulfilling her innate need to protect me.” He shakes his head in confusion before taking his flask from his jacket pocket and taking a large gulp, finishing its contents.


“Not to mention by brother, who has always wanted me to return to hell every time I’m on earth. Yet he has hardly said a word about it, and instead just looks at me with awfully concealed pitiful eyes.” He scoffs in indignation.


“Then there is what happened last night with you and I. I turned you down and it gave me such a rush I can hardly describe and I spent all day trying to chase it to no avail.” He sighs again, confusion clouding him.


“Not to mention I got mugged by a bunch pathetic low lives which was a tad ungraceful.” He confesses, eyes trained on the empty flask in his hand as he rubbed his thumb over the sharp piece of the latch on the cap.


“Wait you what?” She gasped, vaguely checking him over with her eyes for any damage but she already knew there would be no signs, because she had not been there.


“I didn’t bleed.” He murmurs, placing far more pressure on the sharp metal edge until a small droplet of blood runs down his thumb. He raises his eyes to hers, his own narrowing as if she was an enigma he was desperately trying to figure out. “I didn’t bleed and I think I know why.”


They stay locked in each other’s gaze, seconds pass by as both of them didn’t want to break the connection. However it is Lucifer who breaks first and releases a stressful groan.


“Everything feels different and I’ve come to realize, things have been strange nearing a year ago now. I woke up one morning and it was if something was missing.”


Chloe’s heart beats harder in her chest, her throat extremely dry. She had no idea after he woke up without his memories he would feel something was wrong, but he had, he had noticed she was gone even when he didn’t even have a clue of her existence.


“And then I met you.” He continues, his brown eyes glistening from the startling emotional vulnerability he was feeling. “I met you and it felt- I don’t know how to define it.” He huffs, dragging his fingers through his tasseled hair.


“Lucifer…” She near enough whispers into the space between them. Dangerous, completely dangerous. She had to do this now and it was going to be even worse than last time because his feelings had only grown deeper and she could only blame herself for the pain she was about to cause him. She should have been stronger, she shouldn’t have let her own selfish desire to be around him again control all rational thought.


“I’m sorry to burden you with my troubles, Detective. I assume you are feeling more…you, after last night’s debacle.” He laughs trying to change the subject and she forces herself to do what needs to be done to save him.


“I am.”


He gives her a comforting smile that almost made her not say what she was about to say. Almost.


“Lucifer, this…us, it needs to stop.”


“What?” His smile dwindles to a frown, confused.


“You need to go; I told you a few months back I couldn’t have you around.” She tells him as straightforward as she could.


“As your partner yes but I thought we were friends-“


“I think it should be on all terms. I can’t see you anymore. I mean it this time. No exceptions.” She interrupts him.  He stares at her, his mind trying to catch up at the sudden change of events.


“Why? Is it so wrong that I just want to mean something to you?” His dark eyes pleading with her and her chest felt painfully tight.


You mean everything to me. She wants to scream it from the top of her lungs so he understands how much she loves him.


“You can’t.” She barely says without choking on the words, willing her tear ducts to hold on for a bit longer.


“So that’s it? I bare myself to you and now you are cutting me out of your life completely?” He says, more of a statement rather than question, utter disbelief plain on his hardened features.


“I think that it’s for the best.”


His eyes drop to the ground, unable to look at her, instead burning a hole in the floor from the scorching intensity he was giving it.


A excruciating silence fills the gaping space between them for what felt like an eternity until Lucifer’s eyes rise from the ground, the tortured vulnerability and betrayal there makes her sick to her stomach for being the cause. She swears they are glistening with tears that are too proud to fall.


“I’ve been abandoned by a lot of people Detective, but there was something about you that made me believe you would be the one who would stay, but I guess I was wrong.” Lucifer admits, beaten. Chloe tastes the warm salt of her own tears that quickly descend down her face and her heart felt like it was being crushed from inside her chest.


He begins to move towards the door and she can’t contain the broken ‘Lucifer’ that tumbles out her mouth as she reaches for his arm to stop him. He lightly pulls away from her touch, but glares at her with anger, yet behind it she can see the utter wreckage she had created in his already tortured soul.


“Don’t.” His voice breaks, exiting her house in a flash, door slamming on the way out and all the fight leaves her.

Chapter Text

1 year ago

“I’m going to kill that bastard.”” Maze growls, searching frantically for her knife across the room. Lucifer and Chloe had informed their friends of Ezekiel’s surprise visit and the ultimatum he had offered them.

“I’m afraid that won’t help Mazikeen.” Lucifer says solemnly, rubbing his forehead in agitation. Chloe moves closer to him, hand reaching up his back, rubbing between his shoulder blades. He relaxes a fraction at her touch.


“So what? We just sit here and wait for him to take your memories and then participate in his little play?”


“What else can we do? He’s got Azrael’s blade.” Amenadiel chimes in.


“Have you tried contacting Azrael’s?” Linda inputs, looking between the celestials, shocked and worried over this whole situation.


“Of course we have, but there is no response.” Lucifer scoffs.


“Yeah, that’s because she’s probably in on it.” Maze quips icily.


“Don’t be preposterous, Rae would never do this to Lucifer.” Amenadiel refutes, coming closer to his brother.


“Well one of your sadistic siblings is, so how do we stop him?” Dan questions but is met with a hopeless silence.


“Okay, so this blade, what exactly can it do?” Chloe pipes up, trying to brain storm anything, she can’t lose Lucifer like that and she can’t let Lucifer lose a part of him. The man sighs beside her.

“It has multiple qualities but for what Ezekiel intends to use it for is to tether any soul to a place, in this case the place will most likely be hell.”


“So if Ezekiel tethers someone’s soul to hell, what? They can never leave?”


“Precisely. Not even celestial input can break that tether, only the blade can and right now it’s not in the best hands.”


“Well then let’s just take the damn blade off him.” Maze suggests.


“We can’t.” Lucifer sighs again, forehead creasing with stress.


“Why not?” Linda inquires.


“He’s imprinted his mark onto it, meaning he is its current owner and we can’t just take it away from its owner unless we want to be turned in wailing snivelling beings.”


“So are you saying there is nothing than can break the ownership?” Chloe asks, her stomach churning at the thought of them being forced to give up. Lucifer’s brows furrow deeper and the next moment his features drop.


“Actually, there might be.” He looks to Amenadiel. “ferrum geminae.”


Amenadiel perks up at the words, hesitation but hope clear. “I thought it was lost, over 2000 years ago in fact.”


“Yes it was but rumor has it that it’s still out here on earth which means we have a chance.”


“Uhh, what are we talking about? What is a ferret gemini?” Dan asks, utterly perplexed.


“Bloody hell Daniel, Ferrum geminae.” Lucifer corrects. “It’s Latin for twin blade. Azrael’s blade use to be a sword before it was split into two. That blade would technically have the power to unmark Ezekiel’s ownership and allow us to take Azrael’s blade from him, making him a non-threat.” Lucifer says, enthusiasm building with each word as a plan forms.


“Great so we find this blade and what, slash the hand that is holding its twin and then it’s ours?” Maze smiles slyly, imagining it.


“No, the twin blade will need an enchantment, only I can do it though.”




“It has to be in the angelic tongue.”


“So why can’t Amenadiel do it?”


“The words have to be…personal in order to break the bond. Most Enochian enchantments always are. Amenadiel was never as close to Ezekiel as I once was, we have a deeper bond, or at least we use to. It has to be me.”


“Okay, so we should start looking for this twin blade now then right?” Chloe suggests, looking back at Lucifer.


She notices Lucifer’s expression darken, jaw clenching as he shakes his head. “You should all start looking yes, but I can’t.” He pauses, glancing down to Chloe, his eyes pained. “I have to use the stone.”


“Like hell you do!” Maze shouts at him, arms folded.


“Lucifer, you can’t give up your memories!” Linda gasps as Amenadiel and Dan shake their heads in agreement with the women.


Lucifer and Chloe were still staring at one another, many emotions flying between the two. She grasps his hand, squeezing it.


“Lucifer, you-you can’t.” She speaks quietly and he brings his fingers to her cheek, wiping away the singular tear that had escaped.


“I have to, Detective; it’s the only way to give you all the time to search for the other blade without the immediate danger of my brother looming over.”


“Lucifer, we don’t know how long that will take.” She whispers, her forehead falling to rest on his chest, feeling his heartbeat.


“I know, but I don’t care. This is what keeps you safe, what keeps all of you safe.” He finishes resolutely, as he brings an arm around her, kissing the top of her head.


“That means you’ll have to retrieve the stone with my memories as well. Luckily that can be swiped without any magical voodoo.”


Lucifer looks to Amenadiel, an unspoken moment between the two brothers. Amenadiel nods. “I shall retrieve it, I won’t fail you brother.”


“You’ll need both the memory stone and the twin blade at the same time. As soon as I have my memories back and the blade in my hand we can end this.”


The other nods in reluctant agreement, no one liking the fact Lucifer had to sacrifice who he had become, all the genuine progress he had made over the years, and especially sacrificing the love he so deeply had for Chloe. No one was more heartbroken about that than himself.


 Present day


2 weeks. It had been 2 weeks since she last saw Lucifer, since he opened himself up to her and she abandoned him. These 2 weeks seemed so much longer and more painful than those 8 months without him had been, maybe it was the knowledge that she had really and truly hurt him that made her days and nights drag out tortuously.


She spends her days either spending time with Trixie or throwing herself into work, no in-between. She doesn’t contact Maze, not since the demon had said they had hit a dead end, she couldn’t handle the constant news of failure anymore. She had been ignoring Linda’s calls and she kept rearranging her ‘get together and talk if you want to’ events with Dan, which he eventually caught on to, leaving her be until she was ready.


She also had to ignore a lot of her co-workers, the ones throwing her pitiful glances every day because of what she had lost. Dan had told her he had spun a tale that Lucifer had been in a car accident all those months ago and he lost his memory. He told everyone the doctors said not to force his old life back onto him, to act like strangers once again otherwise it could cause major stress and complications. They had all seamlessly gone along with what they had been told. Now that he had come back and then left again, they all assumed he was never going to remember and the new him didn’t want Chloe. That was where the painful pity smiles came in and Chloe couldn’t deal with it.


However, today and especially in the last 10 minutes or so she was receiving them in large quantities for some reason, and she grinds her teeth together in frustration. She completely missed what Dan was saying to her.


“Sorry what did you say?” She tries to refocus.


“Just about a new forensic scientist joining us next month, Ella Lopez, heard she’s good and we need good after Jenkins retired and left us with well, Stevens.” Dan exasperates shaking his head before studying her. “You seem even more distracted than usual today, you okay?”


“I don’t know I just feel I’m getting a lot more attention and I don’t understand wh-“She cuts herself off during her trek towards the coffee machine.


She senses his more than sees him, her whole body attuned to his even after all this time she could still feel his presence across the room. She turns to see his tall frame exiting the lieutenant’s office, a grim expression on his face as he shakes her hand.


Lucifer turns to leave but he must feel her staring for he turns his head and meets her eyes across the precinct. It is as if the air in the room is much thicker, Chloe’s throat almost seizing up. Even from far away she can see the pain flash across those beautiful dark eyes of his before his jaw tightens and he breaks eye contact, moving swiftly out the building.


Her gaze remains fixed on the spot he was last visible, taken by surprise when her Lieutenant is beside her waiting for her response to an unheard question.


“What?” Chloe shakes her head, giving her boss her attention.


“I said it’s a shame we lost such an asset, I was so sure he was going to come back to us all but then he goes and hands in his resignation.”


“He did what?” Chloe asks quietly, her heart lurching in her chest painfully.


“Resigned. From his contract as a civilian consultant permanently it seems.” The lieutenant sighs, giving Chloe a pitiful glance before going back to her office.


Chloe tries to reign in her emotions, feeling the eyes of half the precinct on her, waiting for her to break. She quickly returns to her desk and buries herself in paperwork but her mind was on anything but the task at hand.


Lucifer had quit. He had actually legally resigned and the only heart-breaking conclusion to that was because she had screwed him up so badly that he was trying to get closure and in doing so leaving behind a job he loved doing.


“Chloe we got a strong lead!” Dan announces a few hours later, a bounce in his step at the new break in the Valkoff drug sting.

“What is it?”


“Apparently one of Valkoffs men slipped up to one of our undercover ops and revealed where the next drop is going to be. We are going to stake it out before SWAT , you in?” He asks her with a grin, and she nods a small smile of her own. She knew what he was doing, he was trying to distract her and she was extremely grateful for the opportunity.



That evening she is sitting alone outside the western perimeter of the warehouse in her car, watching intently for any information to give them an advantage. She had already given numbers of expected hostiles to SWAT and now she had to wait until the main target arrived. After a while her eyelids start to become heavy and she struggles to keep them open. She had barely slept more than 3 hours each night since 2 weeks ago and she was just exhausted, both physically and emotionally.


“Detective, you should have brought snacks, I’m peckish.” Lucifer sighs from beside her, expression that of a petulant child. He taps a rhythm with his fingers on the car window, finding ways to entertain himself as she just shakes her head, keeping a watch out for their suspect.


It is a few minutes later that the drumming ceases and he looks over at her. She could feel the scorch of his gaze.




"I didn't utter a word!" He proclaims.


"I know that look." She tells him to which he smirks in response. Chloe shakes her head in exasperation.


"Lucifer i have to keep my eyes on the building at all times."


He lets out a defeated sigh until a moment later his face lights up.


"True, you do. But i don’t."


He leans his upper body across, brushing up against her, completely in her personal space, his subtle scent suddenly stronger with the proximity. His face is inches from hers, hot breath on her cheek as he adjusts his hand to the side of her seat.


"What are yo-"


He pushes the lever , moving her seat fully backwards, leaving a generous amount of room in front of her, to which he graciously slides down into.

"Like you said, you have to keep watch, i on the other hand would much rather do this." He purrs, bringing his hands to her hips, tapping his fingers against her jeans, silently waiting for her permission.

She swallows roughly, heat rising in her abdomen at the sight of him between her legs. She gives a quick look around the parking lot before she takes his hand and guides it to her jeans button, her eyes trained on the building in front of them.


He takes her approval and pops open the button on her pants, sliding them down her legs to her ankles. Instead of taking them of he lifts her up slightly and repositions himself so he has easier access, his head and shoulders caught between her thighs.

She feels his open mouthed kisses as they move up her thighs, each one gentle yet passionate, moving further and further, closing in to the desired destination.

Whether it was his supernatural senses or his total awareness of everything she does, his dark eyes catch hers. He stares for a moment, desire leaking out of every pour before he smirks, moving his hand to her chin gently.

"You must keep watch remember, Detective?" He reprimands her. She swallows hard as he tilts her head back upwards so her eyes remain on the warehouse, breathing heavy as he brings her to ecstasy.

He removes himself from between her legs and pulls up her underwear and jeans for her as she tries to catch her breath.


"Well that was far more entertaining than sitting doing nothing." He quips and she takes a quick glance at him while he tries fixing his hair.


Before she can even say anything, movement catches her eye and she sees their mark pulling up outside the warehouse.


"Shit." She whispers. Lucifer follows her gaze and straightens up immediately.


"Shall we?" He asks but she shakes her head.


"No we have to wait a couple minutes to see if he leads us to any of the other higher ups in the gang."


She is kind of glad about that if truth be told. She needed to center herself again, plus her legs felt a little weak at this very moment. He nods in understanding eyes trained on the target as he enters the warehouse.

"Hey, I’m sorry." She whispers to him.


He turns his head toward her, perplexed.


"Whatever for?" He asks with confusion. She feels herself blush.


"You didn't really get anything out of it, i feel bad. I’ll make it up to you." She tells him, her eyes darting anywhere but his, until his hand lifts her chin upward, making her avoidance impossible.


His features had softened, a slight smile taking place as he shakes his head, staring intensely into her eyes, his own dark with desire.


"Believe me when i tell you Chloe, fulfilling your desires and leaving you satisfied gives me as much pleasure as anything else would." He says quietly into the space between them.


"I will always put you first." His eyes grow heavy with an ancient intensity that leaves her speechless.




She jolts awake at the static sound of her name.


Shit .She can’t believe she fell asleep on a stakeout, what kind of a cop did that she berates herself.


She awkwardly fumbles for the walkie to answer an increasingly concerned Dan.


"Yeah receiving sorry."


"Are you okay?"


"Yeah just bad signal." She lies and Dan sighs in relief.


"Have you seen anything?"


"No not yet, still waiting for Valkoff to make the drop. Wait for my signal."


"Roger that."


She places the walkie down with a heavy sigh, her thoughts going back to her dream. Or she should really say memory since it happened so long ago, during the beginning stages of hers and Lucifer’s relationship.


It wasn't the pleasure that she focused on though, it was his words afterward, it was the first time she truly realised he would put her above himself in all aspects, no matter what. This ancient powerful arch angel would do anything for her and he had.


He had. He had given up his memories, all his personal growth and faded insecurities to once again turn into to the older version of himself, one in which he admitted he was so glad he moved away from one quiet night in the space of their bed. He had done that to save her life, to keep her loved ones happy and now here she was breaking him down even further.


She can’t dwell on that for much longer as her target pulls up at the abandoned building. She reaches for the radio.


"Eyes on suspect, going in, back up cover the east and north exits enter through south gate only." She commands.


"Roger that Detective."


She exits the car and unholsters her gun, turning the safety off as she creeps silently into the warehouse. She waits until everyone is in position, watching Valkoff dealing a whole lot of cocaine to a buyer. They had everything to take him down.


"LAPD! Hands up you are surrounded." She shouts as other officers enter. Valkoff’s men disobey and  shots blaze. Chloe takes cover quickly, taking down who she could. It was over pretty quickly. They had surveillance and knew the number of men inside. She starts to move out of her cover, to approach Valkoff who had been shot in the arm, luckily not fatally.


She doesn't get the chance as she hears the cock of a gun and the cold metal of the barrel against the side of her temple, a strong painful grip on her arm.


"Drop your guns or I swear to God I'll blow her brains out!" A rough voice yells close to her ear. She sees the panic in Dan's eyes before he switches on his training, trying to calm the man down and give Chloe an opportunity.


The guy starts to freak out and in split seconds, his flight response wins out as he smacks the side of her head with the gun, and takes off running. Blinding pain makes her hiss as she falls to the ground. She hears him attempt to run, footsteps hitting the ground heavily before a shot rings out and he falls to the ground clutching his leg.


Dan rushes over to her, bolstering his weapon as he checks her head.


"He hit you pretty good, you’re bleeding."


She touches the site and winces at the pain, feeling the hot slick blood on her fingers.


The EMT's check her out and stitch her up, luckily there was no concussion or signs of anything serious, but she was going to have a nasty purple bump.


Dan approaches her as she sits on the back of the ambulance.


"Everyone is accounted for, place is being swept for any more evidence but we pretty much nailed them."


"Good. That's good." She mutters, noticing Dan looking at her apprehensively. "What?"


"I- I just don't understand how we didn't see the guy. We had units on every exit and no one saw anything. We found his car was on the southwest... were you were."


"Oh." Chloe mumbles, she hadn't even noticed a car pull up where her eyes were supposed to be watching. She had endangered everyone including herself. "I didn't notice."


"That's not like you Chloe."


"I know" she sighs rubbing her eyes as tiredness take over. "I guess I haven't been sleeping well and I might have dozed off for a second."


Dan stares at her for a moment. "Chlo, I think its best you take some time off work."


"What?!" She exclaims indignantly.


"We both know why you are in this state and you are using work to ignore it but that's not helping. Maybe you should talk to Linda and take a few weeks for some R&R , please Chloe."


Normally she would argue she was fine but her exhaustion had nearly cost her her life and the mission. She nods solemnly.


She heads straight home, and as soon as her head hits the pillow she falls asleep due to the strong painkillers she was prescribed. She falls into a dreamless sleep, something to be thankful for at least.


The next night she thinks back on Dan's words and maybe she should talk to Linda about it all, before...well she doesn't know what but she feels herself on the edge about to fall and she can't let that happen.


She arrives at the therapist’s office in the evening, and just before she can knock the door swings open and a large figure nearly crashes into her.


Her breathing stops as Lucifer looks down at her in shock before he masks his face to a stoic impression.


"Sorry." She says breathlessly.


“Apologizes Detective.” He says at the same time.


“No, it’s my fault.” She reasons, the double meaning of her words not lost on her.


He nods stiffly as she moves out of his way. He takes a step to leave until he falters, eyes narrowing in on the left side of her head.


His dark eyes flicker with concern, moving to her own, silently asking if she was okay. She notices his hand unconsciously lifts up as to reach out to her before it drops to his side, a brief moment of pained confusion on his features as his gaze drops to the hand.


She nods in response to his unspoken question and he turns away from her, leaving without saying a word.


Her whole body sags in emotional exhaustion as she enters the room. Linda looks up from her desk, surprise etched on her face at Chloe's sudden appearance.


"Hey I know it's late but is it okay if we talk?" Chloe asks sheepishly, a part of her hoping Linda would decline so she wouldn't have to open up her poorly contained seal on everything.


No such luck as Linda nods and gestures for her to sit down on the coach. Chloe can still smell the faint scent of Lucifer's cologne and her heart aches, her breathe hitching slightly.


Linda waits for her to speak first and Chloe knows she could sit there for all night in silence she was that stubborn, so she forced herself to admit what she was feeling.


"I feel like I'm drowning Linda." She begins with a shaky sigh. "Its been so hard for the 8 months but I was able to manage. Then I saw him again and all my self-control just went out the window. I was selfish, and because of my selfishness i have hurt him in a way he can't even fully process yet." She laughs bitterly, tears springing to her eyes. "Now I can't sleep because of this overwhelming guilt and everything I do just keep adding to that. I nearly got myself and others hurt from not paying attention on the job. I've been short with Dan lately and he's not done anything wrong. I'm worried about Maze, out there in dangerous situations to help us and I can't do anything. I haven’t even spoken to you or Amenadiel in weeks and It's all pushing me down and I'm scared." She finishes with a whisper, teardrops falling in her lap.


"Chloe, this entire situation is extremely difficult and your reactions are entirely reasonable." Linda offers, moving to sit next to Chloe on the couch.


"Maybe, but I should be better, I should have been stronger and i- " Her train of thought is cut off when she hears her name being screamed from far away. She turns her head sharply to the door.


"Did you hear that?" She asks Linda who stares at her with confusion.


"Hear what? Chloe are you okay?"


She strains her ears to hear anything but is met with silence. Her brows furrow.


"I thought I heard..." she shakes her head focusing back on Linda who is watching her with worry.


"Chloe I think you need to sleep, sometimes severe sleep deprivation can cause auditory hallucinations. I can prescribe something for you in the meantime but the only way is to work through your emotions." Linda suggests as she writes on her notepad.


"I know, you are right but I'm just-" she pauses "exhausted."


"Coming here and just opening up like you did is a good start. Whenever you are ready to talk more just call me okay?"

"Yeah, thanks Linda."

Chloe gives the therapist a half-hearted smile before leaving and heading home to her empty house. Dan had Trixie tonight and Lucifer wasn't there so she was all alone with her thoughts. Great.

She enters the house, closing the door and turns on her phone, not realizing she had left it off for so long.

It was in that very instant that hope began to burn bright within her soul once again, so powerful all her exhaustion faded away in that moment as she looked at a missed text message from Maze that simply read:


Got it.


Chloe felt her mouth drop open and tears well in her eyes, but before she could do anything else, a strong force crashes against her, throwing her into the wall.


She hisses in pain, shock running through her body as a cold hand grasps her throat and she is met with eyes filled with fury.


Ezekiel snarls at her, teeth bared and face inches from hers, menacingly staring at her.


"Did you really think I wouldn't notice? I gave you a chance and you went behind my back. Plotting against me. No more. This all ends now and that starts with your life."

Chapter Text

Mazikeen could not wait for this whole shit show to be over. She was eager to get back to what it use to be, when Lucifer wasn’t a dementia case, her detective roommate wasn’t a sad heartbroken mess and she was just living her best demonic life, hunting bounties, beating the crap out of scumbags, hanging out with Trixie, and classic Tribe nights. Then an asshole of an angel came and ruined it all and she was beyond pissed.


Maze had spent the past 11 months in each corner of the globe searching for what Lucifer had told them they needed to win this long ass battle. This twin blade that for all intents and purposes did not exist. Maze was no quitter though and she followed lead after lead, got involved in fight after fight and eventually she had found the damn thing. It had taken her awhile and she had to send a liaison in to retrieve it since the place wasn’t exact demon friendly.


Now here she was pulling up at a gas station 10 minutes away from the apartment, filling up her bike, the weapon in her possession. She sends an individual text to Chloe, Amenadiel, Linda and Dan, telling them she had it. Amenadiel had also retrieved the stone which she honestly was surprised the idiot could actually manage to pull off. Now they just needed to convince Lucifer to willingly take back the memories and then the final battle would begin. However, she knew Lucifer, especially after being his right hand for eons so she knew getting him to take his memories back was going to be a tad difficult considering how stubborn his stupid ass was.


Maze slams the petrol pump back into the holder as her phone vibrates in her back pocket, indicating a call. She pulls it out, seeing Linda’s face flash across the screen she hits answer.


“Maze! Oh my god you need to get here right now!” Linda says fear clear in her trembling voice. Trepidation sinks into the demon’s bone.


“Linda what’s wrong?”


“I was coming over to see Chloe to check on how she was doing and he’s here Maze. He knows what we are doing.  He’s got Chloe. What do we d-“ The line is cut and Maze’s heart leaps in alarm. 


“Linda?! Linda!” She calls uselessly. “Shit shit shit.” She shouts, Ezekiel had figured them out and now had Chloe and presumably Linda in his grasp. Maze pushed down the terror, replacing it with fury to fuel her into action. She couldn’t go there on her own, no matter how much she was determined to tear him limb from limb, she knew she didn’t stand a chance. She had to follow the plan they had all agreed on. She sends a text informing Amenadiel to get to Lux right now. The demon hops onto her motorcycle, not bothering to put her helmet on as she takes off down the streets of L.A. at an alarmingly fast rate. She needed to get to Lux right now.


“Were out of time, he’s here.”  Maze snarls as she sniffs the air, disgust and anger plain on her features as she stands near the window in Chloe’s apartment. 


“Well then, let’s get this memory loss show on the road.” Lucifer claps his hands together in a pathetic display of nonchalance. Everyone in the room stares at him. “Tough crowd.” He grumbles.


“How can you even be joking right now, you are about to forget everything, forget everyone.” Forget me Chloe adds silently but she knows he knows, eyes brimming with tears that were forcefully being held at bay yet he could see her heart breaking.


“I know.” He replies softly, the cracks in his façade showing how his own heart was breaking too.


Ezekiel walks through the front door with an egotistical strut of a winner, casually throwing and catching the stone that was about to take Lucifer’s memories away, his whole life that he had made for himself.


“Have you said your goodbye’s brother? Pointless really since you won’t have any recollection.”


“Can we just do this already so I don’t have to keep listening to your prattling voice?”


Ezekiel smile falls off his face, as he gestures for Lucifer to step forward. He moves to before Chloe launches herself forward.


“Lucifer, please don’t do this.” She begs of him, tears falling rapidly down her face as she reaches her hand out to grab the sleeve of his jacket. His whole demeanor changes at the contact and all that radiates from him is pain as he takes hold of her hand tightly.


“There is no choice. I have to keep you safe.” He chokes out before pulling her into him, his mouth meeting hers with a desperate, heart-breaking kiss before he breaks away with a shuddering breath and drops her hand.


In the next instant, he touches the stone and a bright flash of purple light emits and fills the whole room in its splendor. When everyone’s eyes adjust they find Lucifer unconscious on the floor. Chloe kneels down beside him, stroking his hair as tears fall onto her thighs. Ezekiel tucks the now full stone into his jacket pocket, satisfaction and relief on his face.


“Well then, that wasn’t so hard was it?”


“You bastard!” Chloe shouts and launches herself at him but before she can, a strong pair of arms holds her back. Amenadiel keeping her rooted to the spot.


“I’m going to take him back to his den of sin and you all know the roles you have to play. if you dare try to go behind me and undo any of this, if you even try to tell him what he has lost I will use the blade.”  He glares at each person in the room, receiving murderous and hated filled stares in return.


“And you” he turns to Chloe, eyes like ice. “Stay away from him.”




Lucifer awakes with the sensation of falling, the dream he just had leaving his thoughts with each passing second until no matter how hard he tries he can’t recollect, yet a sadness remains. He shakes it off, pushing it down like he always has done as he gets up, throwing on pants and his dress shirt, not bothering with much else. His appearance wasn’t at the top of his concerns right now, not ever since a random human being hurt him deeper than should be possible. It was pathetic he thinks to himself, that he was so affected by her avoidance. He was the devil, he was thousands of years old so why on earth was one little human effecting him so much.


Maybe it’s because she was the only one he had ever been vulnerable around both physically and emotionally. Chloe Decker had gotten under his seemingly impenetrable skin. She opened him up to new things and even now after the torment she had caused him, all he truly desired was to see her again. How pathetic was that? He scoffs at himself as he pours another glass of his finest whiskey, gulping it in one go. He’s finally taken enough for his celestial body to begin feeling the effects, wanting to numb this torrid of emotions the past 3 months had hit him with.


Actually, it was longer than that he reflects; it’s been nearing a year where things just didn’t feel right. He just woke one day and felt different, like something was missing and he couldn’t place what. He remembered trying to fill that void feeling by indulging in his drugs, alcohol and his bed buddies. Strangely though, when he took lovely men or women up to his room, his lips chasing theirs as he tries to chase away the emptiness he was feeling, he felt a nauseating sense of wrongness deep within. He pushed it aside, asking the them what they desired and delivering, that’s what he did, what he has always done but afterwards he didn’t get the pleasure of pleasing someone, instead that feeling of wrongness emerged once again, stronger and bitter. He still partied every night at Lux, taking every drug offered and every drink bought, he threw himself into different hobbies and experiences, but it still didn’t chase away the void of emptiness and it frustrated him more and more every passing day.


He wasn’t the only one who seemed to be different, in fact his most trusted and loyal right hand demon and his angelic pompous ass of a big brother were too. Out of seemingly nowhere Mazikeen had decided she didn’t want to be his infernal protector and instead wanted to follow a career in bounty hunting. It was quite peculiar to him, the last he checked her whole life was protecting and serving him and when she handed in her notice so to speak, he felt a sting of hurt, abandonment always an insecurity living in him since the grandest fall of all time. What was strange though was she was apparently an international bounty hunter, travelling across the globe, gone for weeks at a time, only coming to check on him every so often, maybe have a drink or two and then leave once again.


What was even stranger was how Amenadiel was acting or, more precisely, not acting. Since his occasional vacations to earth all those millennia ago his older brother had been determined on sending him straight back to down to his throne. There was no games, no compassion, just an order and undercurrent of a threat in his tone, to which Lucifer reluctantly followed until the one time he didn’t and Amenadiel had been a pain in the arse trying to return him below. That was until he suddenly just stopped. Lucifer originally thought it was some plan and he waited for the other shoe to drop, waited for the scheme to get him back into hell but it never came. Instead came something that made Lucifer feel insignificant and sick; Sympathy. Pity? He wasn’t exactly sure but Amenadiel would always look upon him with sad eyes as if he was a loss animal crying out for help and it just burnt the fires of frustration further.


It was all bubbling up inside him and he didn’t know how much longer he could keep a lid on it. Then he had lost one of his friends if he could call her that. Delilah. She had been murdered and all she had wanted was a better life, a life full of meaning, it resonated something within him and he decided to personally find her killer and make sure they were properly punished. That was how he met the Detective, her authority and ‘no time for bullshit’ attitude attracting him to her instantly not to mention she was beautiful. But what drew him into her was the loneliness, the sadness behind her eyes that felt like it matched his own, though he had no idea why, he was never alone.


His intrigue and need for her company pushed him to keep showing up to her cases, making himself useful and he found himself having this need to please her for some strange reason. Yet, even when he helped her, sadness would cross her delicate features and he didn’t understand why. He didn’t understand why it affected him either.


He had hoped that seeing the lovely Dr. Martin would help him explore his feelings and in hind sight he guesses it did, but not for the better. All these new emotions were getting too much, he almost believed Linda had a similar sadness in her eyes when she conversed with him. But that was ridiculous wasn’t it? As she would say, was he projecting his sadness onto others so he had someone to relate to?


He remembers pushing that thought process deep down, deciding to just continue with working with the Detective, plus he had another mystery to solve. Why was he  seemingly mortal and breakable? He was looking forward to finding out and testing his new found vulnerability by the Detective’s side as her new partner. That notion lasted all but a second and came crashing down around him the next day when she told him she didn’t want him. He was confused and hurt more than he should be over some hobby he didn’t even need, so he bid her goodbye and returned to his old routine. That was easier said than done. The hurt was still there and it frustrated him because he didn’t understand why, the doctor was hardly helping him, telling Lucifer he needed to figure it out for himself. What was he paying her for then?


Things just seemed to get worse for his devilishly charming self, once he found out that his wings had been stolen. He didn’t know what possessed him to check on them but he had and was left with white hot fury that someone had taken them from him. He couldn’t get a lead on them at all and Mazikeen was unhelpful by not answering his calls. He couldn’t let a part of him, even one that he had cut off, be left with someone else without his consent, it made him feel powerless. That’s why he all but begged the Detective for her expertise and resources to help him find them.


She was merciful and elected to help him, though something was clearly troubling her but it wasn’t his place, she had made that clear. That was until after they had discovered his wings had been burnt to ashes. He had left in a hurry after that, a torrid of emotions he didn’t want to unravel brimming at the surface at the news.


Then she had graced him with her presence and her apology at his penthouse the same night. She told him she was sorry for upsetting him, for making him think it was his fault. She told him she was bruised from her last partner and it was hard for her to work with anyone else right now. He ignored the trivial jealousy that rose within him at the mention of this previous partner and focused on the fact she classed him as a friend and seemingly wanted him in her life. Although, he knew she was telling the truth then he couldn’t help but notice the apprehension and fear in her eyes after she admitted it.


Lucifer didn’t know how he managed it but he somehow began to worm his way onto cases with the Detective once again, just not as her official partner, almost like he was a dirty little secret and it left him feeling slightly indignant yet he couldn’t stop because she brought new colour to his life at the same time. She was magnetic and it was fascinating, she could frustrate him with her stubbornness and yet still leave him breathless from her courage and mercy.


When he lost Father Frank, someone he never expected to like, he was stuck mourning the loss of a friend, angry at his father and his manipulative games. The only saving grace came in the form of her. It terrified him how easily she could pull him up from the darkest parts of himself not to mention that it was her proximity to him that caused him to exsanguinate which was frankly extra alarming.


Yet, at the same time, there was something peculiar about her that made him at ease, that he didn’t have to put on a show for her, that he could trust her. The night he went over to her house he remembers drinking before hand, quite a large consumption to try and quiet his thoughts. All that kept going round in his head was the blatant lying and avoidance of his demon, his brother’s unnecessary compassion and presence, the doctor’s looks of familiarity when  he said certain things and Chloe’s sorrow when he was around, like she was waiting for him to do something and he never did, leaving her broken. Even Detective Douche looked constipated with holding something in when he spoke to him. He wasn’t as stupid and emotionally stunted as they all thought he was. Not to an extreme degree at least. Granted, he might not be able to understand people that well but he could still recognize when something was amiss with them.


Everything didn’t add up and it made him uneasy. He felt like he was part of some game, a participant who had no choice in the matter, everyone around him knew something he didn’t and it was driving him insane to the point he was entirely overcome with anxiety. Was it all just in his head? That was why he had gone to the Detective’s apartment. That was why he told her how he was feeling. Lucifer had opened himself up more than he had ever done with anyone because she was the only person he felt it was okay to do it with.               


Then like a knife across his jugular, she sliced with her words of abandonment and dismissal. She throws him and his vulnerability out like the unwanted piece of poisonous trash he was. Can he really be mad at her for not wanting him in her life? He was reckless and unreliable and selfish and she did clearly not want another partner yet he had pushed himself onto case after case, forcing her to work with him. He was a burden; perhaps he always would be.


This time the pain of her rejection didn’t just hurt him, it ruined him. He had let her steal into him, passed his walls made to keep humanity away, to keep all those unnecessary human emotions at bay and like a tornado she came and upturned everything inside of him up before exiting, leaving broken devastation in her wake.


He’s nursing his hundredth glass of whiskey when the penthouse elevator rings and his brother steps out, walking toward him with purpose. Bloody fantastic.


“Not now brother, I’m not in the mood for company, especially yours.” Lucifer sighs in contempt, downing his drink before picking up the rest of the bottle, not bothering with a glass anymore and moving towards his couch.


“What’s wrong?” Amenadiel asks with concern, making Lucifer grit his teeth.


“A better question would be what’s right.”


“Is this about Chloe?”


Lucifer glares at his brother in contempt, an uncomfortable silence for a few moments before he speaks.


“And why would you think that?”


Amenadiel shrugs lightly, walking closer to where Lucifer is slouching “Call it a hunch.”


“Well I’m pretty sure she despises me since she kicked me to the curb.” Lucifer tells him with a matter of fact tone. Lucifer mind onslaughts with the memory of what had transpired and he wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol or frankly because he was just tired of it all but his defenses drop for a second and a question slips from his mouth.


“Why does she make me feel like this?” Lucifer whispers mostly to himself, finishing the bottle in one long gulp before throwing it aside. Amenadiel approaches him, sympathy plain on his face as he places a gentle hand on Lucifer’s shoulder.


“I’m sorry you are feeling this Luci” He shoves Amenadiel’s hand of his shoulder roughly, standing up abruptly.


“But why?! For centuries you have not given a damn about me. The only reason we see one another is when you try to drag me back down to hell,  so why are you so empathetic to my problems now?!”


“I’ve always cared brother.” Amenadiel frowns.


Lucifer scoffs, ignoring the way that statement made him feel. He was done feeling everything, it was all too much.


“and I am truly sorry this happened to you, but we will fix it I promise.” Ameandiel continues, head tilting in compassion.


Lucifer stares at his older brother in confusion, before his eyes are drawn to Amenadiel’s hand fidgeting with something in his coat pocket, something that had a dim glow to it.

“What’s that?” He inquires. Amenadiel removes his hand, his whole demeanor becoming stiff.



Lucifer scoffs again, moving forward in the direction of the bar. His brother too caught up in contemplation over something he didn’t notice until it was too late that Lucifer pickpockets the unknown object.


“Lucifer!” Amenadiel reprimands but it goes unheard. Lucifer stares at a familiar object that he hadn’t seen in over a millennia, yet something he knew well, and he knew what its purpose was.


“Why have you got this?” Lucifer’s voice was monotone and almost icy as he waits for his brother’s response.


Amenadiel reaches out to him but Lucifer steps back, entire body rigid. He sighs. “I think you already know.”


Betrayal runs hot through his veins, anger on its heel. “You took my memories.” He states into the air between them as something clicks into place at the revelation. Amenadiel frowns, having the nerve to look affronted.


“No. I wouldn’t. It does hold your memories Lucifer, but it wasn’t I who forced you to give them up.”


Lucifer tilts his head, assessing his brother’s words whether they are the truth or more lies, he couldn’t think straight.


“Then who?” He grits his teeth, his empty fist clenching and his eyes burning a hellish red.




Another wave of betrayal sweeps over him even though he shouldn’t be surprised, none of his siblings loved him anymore, even the ones he was once closest with and that still made him ache even after all this time.




“He said it was because you were on the path of redemption and that father would let you back home and he wouldn’t risk the chance of you turning on everyone again since it caused so much agony and destruction the first time.”


“Careful brother, it almost sounds like you agree with him.” Lucifer deflected, trying not to fester on the redemption aspect of the sentence.


“Maybe once I would have, but Lucifer you have changed or at least you did. Though, even now I can see your growth once again. I mean you still have your wings after all so deep down you must feel different.”


Lucifer recoils like he’s been branded at Amenadiel’s words, ignoring the proud look on his brother’s face.


“My wings?” Lucifer says stonily, approaching Amenadiel slowly, like a predator ready to attack.


“Oh, I thought- well because your scars didn’t reappear we thought that meant you still-“


“My scars…are gone?” Lucifer’s head pounds, his frustration increasing as he feels his world tilt off axis.


“You don’t know?”


“Well no! It’s not like a regularly look at my back! What the bloody hell is going on brother and I swear to dad you best tell me the truth or I will rip you apart right here.” He grabs Amenadiel by the collar, snarling into his older brother’s face. Amenadiel doesn’t rise to him.


“I am telling you everything, what I have said is the truth.”


“So what are you saying? That I got all whole and healed, that I became the good little son that father always wanted? Well I tell you what brother, you can keep them memories, I don’t want them. Shove them were you keep that broom.”


“Lucifer!  You have to take them back or Ezekiel will have won.”


“Maybe I don’t care, maybe he did me a favour.”


“Trust me when I say his intentions were not out of compassion but malice. Your hand was forced; you didn’t want to give any of it up.”


“No? Then please pray tell why I did?”


“To protect those you love.” Amenadiel speaks softly, his words cutting into Lucifer’s steely resolve.


Lucifer ignores the flash of dirty blonde hair and sorrowful blue eyes as he laughs condescendingly, hiding his nerves.  “Well now I know you are lying.”


“No Lucifer, you are lying to yourself, we both know you have loved ones, even now with your memories gone you care for others deeply.”


“And who is ‘us’ exactly? Who else knows about all this, who else has been lying to my face all these months?”


“Stop wording it as if it’s a betrayal and our fault brother, we aren’t the ones who did this to you, it was Ezekiel.”


Lucifer pulls his fist back and releases it to hit square in Amenadiel’s chin, sending the older angel to the floor with an indignant groan.


“I told you to tell me who else knows.” He steps into Amenadiel’s personal space once the angel stands back up while rubbing his jaw.


“Myself, Maze, Linda, Daniel and Chloe.”


This time it is Lucifer who steps back as if he had been punched, his brother watching as he tries to process. It takes him a few moments to compartmentalize.


“Mazikeen I had a suspicion about, but the humans…they know everything?”


Amenadiel nods.


He wasn’t quite bothered about detective douche, not in comparison to the ones that hit deep. Linda, his therapist, the one he opened and progressed himself with had been lying to him all this time.




“She was actually your therapist beforehand but then turned to a good friend too.”


So the doctor had already know everything about him the second time round, it made sense why she was so understanding and went along with his ‘metaphors’ without question. But the real hard hitter was-


“The Detective?” He hates the way his voices cracks with emotion, blood pumping through his body at an increasing rate. “She’s known all this time?”


“Yes. It’s taken quite a toll on her.”

Lucifer laughs mercilessly “A toll on her?” He was the one hurting. She had lied to him. He hated the way her betrayal hurt the most.


“Of course. It’s torn her apart, she never wanted this. You were her partner, in more ways the one.”


His ears were ringing as he processes Amenadiel’s words, understanding them but not comprehending how that was possible. He could understand being her work partner, and it made his stomach churn remembering how broken up she had been about her previous partner but to be more…


“I thought you said she knew everything?”


Amenadiel brows furrow in uncertainty so Lucifer elaborates. “I thought you meant she knew who I am? What I am.” He says heavily, his shoulders dropping.


“She does.”


“Then how-” He asks in conveyed bewilderment. Amenadiel’s features soften in understanding.


“Because she accepts every side of you and loves you deeply.  And you love her too Lucifer, so much so you gave up your memories without a second thought all to protect her.”


Lucifer can’t stop the small stuttering gasp that escapes past his lips and turns his head away so his brother can’t see his face. He can’t believe these words. It wasn’t possible. It was cruel to make Lucifer believe someone as heaven sent as her could love someone as hell bent like him.


“Leave.” He tells Amenadiel, not turning around, unable to face anything or anyone right now.


“Lucifer I can’t we need to-“


“I said leave!” He spins round, roaring right in the angels face, his own face burning as his devil form is released in the unbridled fury he holds onto instead of dealing with any of the others.


They are both interrupted by the ‘ding’ of the elevator doors opening and the person stepping out of it, looking straight at Lucifer’s scarred hell forged features with a raised eyebrow.


“I take it you told him then?” Mazikeen questions, breathless with a wild look in her eyes as she looks between him and his brother. Lucifer raises his arms in mock greeting.


“Oh look who it is, my unfaithful protector” Lucifer spits, his jaw tight with tension, eyes burning into Maze’s.


“Cut this petty bullshit Lucifer, we need to move now.”


“What makes you think I would do anything you wanted me to do, either of you?!”


“Ezekiel knows.” Maze announces, sending a worrying look to Amenadiel before looking back at Lucifer. “Linda called me before she was cut off; he has her and Chloe at Chloe’s apartment.”


Lucifer pushes down the bile that rises in his throat at her statement, his face returning to its normal appearance.


“What? Why didn’t you go then?! Stop him?“ Lucifer narrows his eyes suspiciously, but can’t ignore the panic rising in his chest.


“I can’t save them and fight him alone.”


“Come now Mazikeen, you are perfectly capable-“


 “Not when he has the angel of death’s fricking blade.” Maze interrupts him.


“He what?” Lucifer asks breathlessly.


“I thought this idiot told you.” She sighs in agitation, her whole body vibrating with unease.  “He has your sister’s blade and plans on using it on Chloe if you didn’t give up your memories.”


Lucifer stares at her, his heart lurching into his stomach at the threat to the Detective’s life.


“Thankfully now we have this, we can fight him.” She pulls out a familiar yet long lost blade from her boot holster. “But it has to be you, that’s what you said. This is your plan Lucifer.”


“The twin blade.” Lucifer stares at the weapon in the demon’s hand, confusion masking his panic. “I don’t know what- I don’t know how I’m supposed to stop him if he’s tethered to the other-“


“Not you dumbass, but in there” she points at the stone in Amenadiel’s grip “that you does.”


“You need to take them back willingly Luci, you know how it works.” His brother speaks up, pushing his hand with the stone in his direction.


“I don’t want them.” He shakes his head, stepping back hastily fighting a battle with himself, they were wasting time. “I’ll just go and whisk the detective and the doctor somewhere safe and talk to Ezekiel and-“


“Lucifer!” Maze snarls at him. “Don’t you think you already tried that? Your brother is out for blood. Yes you could save them now but you could lose the chance to stop Ezekiel in the long run and this is our only way to stop him, otherwise Chloe will die.” She tells him without remorse or empathy so he grasps this.


The words sink into his soul and the anxiety that was brewing inside him finally capsizes and floods him. His breathing comes heavier, he can’t let his brother hurt her. They should leave right now; he could fight Ezekiel without his memories, could take the Detective to safety right now and then decide.


Lucifer stares at the glowing purple embers inside the stone, his proximity igniting them so it glows harder, and an invite that wasn’t welcoming at all. He had to decide right now.


Chapter Text

“Samael come quickly!” Ezekiel squeaks in glee as he crouches low. Samael comes over to his little brother with haste, noticing the mischievous look in his eyes.


“What is it brother?”


“I pulled off what you were suggesting on Amenadiel.” He says and points toward the eldest of the angels, frustrated trying to unfurl his wings which were tangled in rope.


Samael laughs heartily and Ezekiel joins in, enjoying the fact he could make his favourite sibling happy. Samael claps him on the back with pride, congratulating him.


“Come now Zeke, lets discuss some further pranks our dear brother can be subjected too. Let’s bring Azreal in on this as well; I can assure you our little sister has a mischievous side too.”


“And then to the stars?” Ezekiel asks, it was his favourite thing out of everything offered in the silver city to see his brothers beautiful work.


“To the stars.” Samael agrees a bright smile on his face. “You are going to love the newest one I have made brother."


Ezekiel beamed as he walked with his brother, the feeling of contentment and peace flow through his being, he loved his family, he loved his home and he wished every minute that passed that it could always stay like this.


“Ezekiel?” Samael speaks into the silence, wings spread out behind him as Ezekiel straightens out his feathers, the overwhelming peace of wing grooming from the touch of brotherly affection.


“Yes?” Ezekiel asks, as he untangles one of Samaels primaries, feeling slightly awe struck, like most of his siblings at Samaels magnificent wings. His wings truly were their father’s best work when it came to the angels.


“What do you think of these ‘humans’?” His tone was unfamiliar.


“Father’s newest project on earth? I don’t know, it’s not really our place to have an opinion on them.”


“Mark me curious for I couldn’t help but watch the two of them in that garden and they are…different.” Ezekiel could now notice the tone in his brother’s voice, it was almost envious.


“In what way?” Ezekiel frowns as he continues his ministrations.


“They are allowed complete freedom  over their lives, the choices they make. Free Will.”


“Oh.” Ezekiel says, not knowing where his brother was going with this.


“Yes.” He pauses. “Do you ever wonder why we don’t have that?”


“Hush brother” Ezekiel hisses as he looks around, making sure none of their siblings were in hearing range “It won’t do you well to speak like that. We serve father, we obey his orders and carry out his divine work, that is what we are intended for and that’s what we must be.”


“Maybe. After were done here shall we go to the stars?” Samael says breathlessly but there was a glint in his eye now, one that scared Ezekiel because it could potentially be leading his brother down a dangerous path he could feel it.




“Sammy what’s going on with you? I’m concerned.”


“What do you mean?”


“What you did in the garden to the human woman, father is furious and the host is unsettled.”


“Father wanted his precious creations to have free will did he not? I was just enforcing his wish, Eve clearly wasn’t given a choice until I intervened, plus it was quite an eye opener for me too.”


“Samael please I must ask you to stop before this goes too far.”


“Why should i? why shouldn’t we be allowed what they have? How is that fair?” His brother’s eyes are dark with desire and envy.


“Enough brother, I love you but I can’t speak of this with you, it is wrong.”


“Fine.” Samael’s jaw tightens before he takes a deep breath and he relaxes, holding out his arm. “Come on let me show you my newest constellation.”


“To the stars.” Ezekiel agrees as Samael gestures for him to walk with him.


Ezekiel smiles and nods in acceptance, relieved to see his brother back but there was a niggling in his mind, in the way Samael’s eyes were slightly more hardened that made him uneasy. He could feel things were changing.



Ezekiel grabs Samael by the front of his robe, pulling him aside into a secluded spot away from the host.


“What are you doing Samael?!” Ezekiel says angrily, fear rising in his chest for his brother and for the rest of his family.


Samael pushes Ezekiel’s hand off him, anger the most prominent feature on his face. “What? You’re not going to call me by my newest name like the rest of them. I must admit it has a nice ring to it after all.”


“No you are Samael, my dearest brother, but what you have done- The host are preparing for battle, they say you and father had a confrontation and it’s ending in a rebellion. Please tell me it’s untrue.”


The rebellious angel’s features soften at his brothers words, though the anger and rage is still there, he can also see something he had never seen before. Fear.


“Yes. I’m fighting for all of us, to get what we deserve, to be free of father’s manipulations and orders and be able to live like the humans, I tried to reason with him but instead he is sending Michael and the rest of the heavenly host. I won’t back down though, and many of our siblings see my way.”


“Samael! We are family we shouldn’t be going to war against one another it’s not right! What if someone gets hurt?” He pleads with him. Samael looks torn and guilty and Ezekiel almost believes he is getting through to him.


“Please Sammy, I’m begging you to stop.” Ezekiel grabs Sameals head, foreheads pushing together in  brothely affection. They stay like that for a moment and he hesitates but then Samael pulls away and there stood before Ezekiel was Lucifer.


“I can’t and I won’t. It’s too late brother, father has made up his mind and so have i.”




Ezekiel looks around at the carnage his home had become, and the battled ridden faces of his family, at the burning streets of paradise. He watches as Michael ties Lucifer’s hands behind his back with the unbreakable rope. Ezekiel watches as their father decrees Lucifer is banned from ever coming home, that he will rule over the damned for all eternity as punishment for his treachery. He watches as tears stream down his brother’s face as he begs his father not to do this. Ezekiel watches as Michael pushes his down, and the rest of his siblings who dared follow in Lucifer’s footsteps with him. He watches as Lucifer’s magnificent wings catch fire, screaming as his entire body burns. He had never seen such pain before and he would make it his goal to never see that kind of pain ever again. Down, Down, Down. Gone.


As the centuries went by, Ezekiel mourned the loss of his brother Samael as he watches heaven be rebuilt from the aftermath of rebellion. He watches their mother get sent down to hell with him, their father retreats to himself and never graces his children with his presence again. There was never the same holy peace in paradise ever again and with that came resentment and bitterness and anger at Lucifer, the fallen angel, the king of hell. Samael was dead. So when he heard stirrings between the host that Lucifer was on the path to redemption, and that Father could possibly forgive him, Ezekiel knew what he had to do before anymore of his family could be destroyed again.


Chloe struggles against the increasingly heavy pressure against her neck as Ezekiel’s hand squeezes harder, her breaths coming a bit shorter.


“Please, Ezekiel. You’re an angel, you are not supposed to kill humans. It’s your dad’s number one rule.”


“Don’t speak to me about things you know nothing about! My father has secluded himself for eons after what happened. Some even think he has become merciful and I know that letting Lucifer back into heaven will be his biggest mistake. So if I have to sacrifice my grace to keep my family safe then so be it.”


“Lucifer is your family.”


“No.not anymore. He stopped being my brother the day I begged him to cease and he didn’t care about the carnage he left behind. The brother I knew would never have done that.”


“He’s a good man, and that brother is still there I think a small part of you knows that.”


His face contorts with confliction for the briefest moment, brows furrowing in a way similar to how Lucifer’s do.


“I-“ Whatever Ezekiel was going to say is cut off as he tenses, leaning his head to the side in concentration. “Looks like the Doctor has come to join us.”  In a flash he releases his hold on her as she drops to her knees.


A moment later he appears grasping Linda’s arm in a bruise inducing grip pushing her onto the couch as he moves back to Chloe.


“Doctor Linda, the devil’s personal therapist. I’m so glad you can join us. I have a feeling Lucifer will need your services after what conspires here tonight.”


Chloe meets Linda’s worried gaze as she checks her over for any injuries. She confirms silently with a nod of her head that she was unharmed for now at least. Silence falls for a long several minutes as Ezekiel stares off into space, fingers flexing over Azrael's blade as he stands over Chloe.


“What are you waiting for? If you’re going to kill me why not do it now?” Chloe asks bravely, not feeling as such.


“Perhaps I’m waiting for your lover boy to come here and see it for himself.” Ezekiel spits out at her but she can see the hesitation in his eyes. She knew what to do in these situations, so she adopted her detective/negotiator persona. This was just a man with a weapon, emotionally compromised and hurting. She could do this, or she could try at least.


“I don’t think that’s why. I think you know this isn’t who you are. You know this will hurt your brother and as much as you say you hate him, you can’t bring yourself to do this to him.” Chloe says with a placating hand gesture, indicating him to put the blade down. He stares at her with confusion before his eyes waver down to the blade as if it held all the answers.


“He hurt me. He ruined me, and our family, why shouldn’t he feel the same?”


“I think he does. I think the one thing he regrets the most about what happened is that fact he lost his family too. He was thrown out and abandoned for eons, cut off completely from his brothers and sisters. Isn’t that punishment enough?” Chloe feels tears spring to her eyes talking about what Lucifer went through, heart aching for the torment he had to face alone.


Ezekiel’s faces twists in frustration at his conflicting emotions and Chloe thinks she might actually be getting somewhere.


That was until the loud smashing of her front window startled everyone as a pair of white wings come into view as the man attached to them lands with his fist to the ground, glass surrounding him, the energy he radiates one of a man with a divine purpose. Not a man, an angel. A devil.


Ezekiel hastily grabs her and gets her in a chokehold, the blade pressed to her neck, the cold metal sending a shiver through her body.


Lucifer stands up slowly, predatory, his glowing red eyes trained on Ezekiel, not even sparing her a glance. Amenadiel and Mazikeen come through the broken window and flank his sides, weapons ready at their sides.


“Ezekiel. It’s been awhile.” Lucifer says calmly, causing Ezekiel’s eyes to narrow suspiciously as he watches his older brother.


“Indeed. How long for you though?”


Lucifer chuckles darkly as he circles round ever so slightly. “I know you took my memories so I gather you are trying to work out whether I took them back or not am I correct?”


“Yes. The answer to that question will determine what happens next after all.” Ezekiel tells them, blade pressing harder against Chloe’s neck, causing her to wince as blood seeps from a shallow cut. Lucifer’s eyes quickly dart to the blood trickling down her neck before looking back at his brother, not once making eye contact with her.


“Ease up Ezekiel.” Lucifer warns him, eyes dark as he nods towards the blade pressing into her neck.


“Tell me.” Ezekiel ignores him.


Lucifer’s jaw tenses as he looks Ezekiel dead in the eye. “No. I didn’t take them back.”


Ezekiel stares for a moment before laughing condescendingly, the pressure on Chloe’s neck lightening up, allowing her to breathe easier.


“Scared I presume. It doesn’t matter anyway because now we have another problem.”


“Do we?”


“Yes. Even if you don’t have your old memories, I’ve watched you Lucifer, I’ve seen you begin to change again. Almost like the brother I once knew.” He spoke the last sentence with a hint of sadness which Lucifer caught, his own eyes reflecting remorse.


“It was never my intention to hurt you Ezekiel, it was just a most unfortunate consequence of my actions.” Lucifer moves closer, hand out in a placating gesture.


“But you did. I trusted you above everyone else and you betrayed us all. Lucifer doesn’t deserve redemption.”


“What about Samael?” Amenadiel pipes up from behind Lucifer, Maze next to him, snarling with her demon blades tight in her hands.


Lucifer flinches at his old name as does Ezekiel, before he shakes his head. “He died the day of the rebellion.”


“Did he?” Amenadiel asks gently. “I thought the same as you brother, but know I know it’s not true. Samael is Lucifer and Lucifer is Samael.”


Chloe watched Lucifer as his brothers spoke about him and she could see how out of place he felt in that moment. She wanted to comfort him but now was hardly the most appropriate moment plus she doubts he would let her, he didn’t take his memories back and she didn’t know how to process that. All she knew was she needed to get out this position.


It was in that moment, almost as if he had heard her thoughts, that for the first time since he crashed into her home he met her gaze.


She knew those eyes.


He gives her the slightest nod of his head as his stance becomes one ready to move and she knows what her part to play is.


Chloe brings her fist forward enough to enforce maximum velocity as she brings it backwards hard, hitting Ezekiel square in his groin, causing him to gasp in pain, losing his grip on her and she is able to get out of his hold.


In a flash Lucifer is throwing his brother across the room and Ezekiel lands in an undignified heap on the floor, wincing as he tries to stand up again, face contorted with shock and fury simultaneously. He puts Azrael's blade in his pocket as he straightens up, prime for attack.


“Maze, take Linda and the Detective out of here, keep them safe.” Lucifer says, not taking his eyes off Ezekiel as he and Amenadiel begin to flank him on either side, prepared for the incoming attack.


Maze’s jaws tighten, probably not wanting to miss the fight but the look on her former kings face leaves no time to argue as she gently grabs Linda and starts guiding her and Chloe to the door.


Chloe had no such reserves though. She wasn’t leaving him and she couldn’t, not as she watches Ezekiel throw a fist into his face, blood splattering from his nose as Amenadiel tries to grab the youngest.


She stares as the three angels fight, 2 on 1 yet Ezekiel holds his own, damage being caused on each.


“Chloe let’s go!” Maze makes to grab her but she moves a good few steps out of reach, closer to the brawling celestials. That’s when she sees what Ezekiel was planning to do in his desperate rage.


Amenadiel had been tossed to the other side of the room and Lucifer and Ezekiel are a flurry of hands deflecting the other. That is until she sees Ezekiel reach behind him for the blade, almost so caught up in fury he doesn’t realise he is doing such.


Amenadiel was too far away, Lucifer was unaware and she was closest. She lunged at Ezekiel, attempting to disarm him just as he moved to thrust the blade.


“Chloe no!” She hears Maze shout in desperation but it was too late.


She deflected it away from Lucifer’s side, who stumbled back at the surprise impact of her body for a moment. Ezekiel brings his arm back round low, in line with her stomach, but Chloe instincts take over and she sees the angle he holds it is the prime opportunity and as such she successfully knocks it out of his hand, ignoring the slight sting across her mid-section.


As the blade falls to the floor, Lucifer grabs Ezekiel by the neck, lifting him into the air and then slamming his body down into the floor, leaving deep indents in the wood. Amenadiel swiftly picks up the blade as Lucifer takes out a very similar but different blade from his own jacket pocket. He brings the metal to Ezekiel’s hand and slices the palm with enough pressure to draw blood.  


Lucifer speaks three words loudly in the most beautiful language she thinks she has ever heard as he brings the now bloodied blade to his own palm, cutting into it as it begins to glow. Ezekiel’s face crumbles into one of nostalgia and grief at Lucifer’s choice of words for unknown reasons to the rest of them.


Amenadiel holds Azreal’s blade out as Lucifer brings its sibling down with a harsh swipe, the first blade breaking in half with the sound of thunder, breaking the bind that creates ownership to Ezekiel.


“I’m sorry it came to this brother, but you forced my hand, I can’t let you take her away from me. We sent word to Gabriel about what you have done here, he is expected in due course. You will be judged before the heavenly host for your actions, at least that’s what I’m told.” Lucifer speaks almost softly and realization crosses Ezekiel’s face at Lucifer’s words.


“Your memories. You do have them.” Ezekiel wheezes, breaths harsh from the fighting as he remains on the ground, Lucifer towering over him.  “You- you lied. To protect her.”


Lucifer nods stiffly.  “The only time I ever would.”


Chloe smiles to herself as she realizes they had won, it was all over, her Lucifer was back and the threat had been dealt with. She felt her whole body relax as the adrenaline faded. That was when she started to notice how weak she felt. In the next second she felt the ever growing pain in her stomach. She reaches down automatically and feels a hot sticky substance as the smell of iron hits her.


“Lucifer?” She calls out to him.


He turns to her, the hints of a soft smile gracing his lips until his eyes befall on the blood stained deep slash across her abdomen, his face turning white.


Her knees give out from under her but before they can hit the floor, a strong pair of arms catch her, brilliant white wings coming around her making her feel so safe, so peaceful, that she could just drift off…


“No no no Detective!” Lucifer mumbles, grasping her tightly. She opens her eyes, not realizing she had closed them in the first place, and stares up at his beautiful face. She frowned at the agony in his features. His face was too beautiful for such pain.


Lucifer desperately pulls out a feather from his wing, placing it over her wound, his breathing harsh. “Come on, come on!” He wills them to work yet all he can do is stare as white becomes tainted with red.


She knew it was pointless and so did he deep down, it wouldn’t work, the angel of death’s blade had cut her and no angelic feather would be able to heal that.


Lucifer continued to pull out even more of his feathers aggressively, spots of blood filling in the space the seconds ago were connected, before gently placing them onto her stomach, tears falling down his face as he continuously mumbled his denial.


“Luc-“ her words interrupted by the blood working its way from her throat, spluttering out her mouth, drops hitting his face like scalding stabs against his cheek.


“Sorry.” She said with her last breath filled with blood and regret, before she felt that inevitable pull. Down, down, down.


 “No. don’t please. Stay.” Lucifer shouts as her eyes close and her chest stills.


He shakes her uselessly, her lifeless body moving like a rag doll. He stops.


“Chloe?” He chokes on her name, his shaky fingers wiping away the blood around her mouth. An inhumane sob rips through his chest as he leans his face into the crook of her neck, she still felt warm but he knew she was gone, the tether to her soul had been cut.


“Please don’t go where I can’t follow.” He whispers into her skin, his lips pressing against where her pulse point would be, a foolish hope that his kiss would bring it back, quicken it like it used to so many times. All that he could feel was his own hearts irregular beat, as if it was on the verge of giving up completely.

Chloe awakes startled at the call of her name. Twice. One from so far away, screaming in desperation and the other only a few feet in front of her. She finds herself with her head on the desk with Dan standing over her, looking concerned. She sits up and wipes the sleep out of her eyes. “What’s up?” She asks, waiting for him to respond. He seemed nervous and takes a few moments before sighing.


“There’s been a shooting. 2 fatalities, victim and shooter. High profile.” He informs her as she nods, making a move to stand. Dan hesitates briefly before continuing. “It was outside Lux.”


Her whole body freezes as the equivalent to a punch in the gut hits her and she closes her eyes, trying to regain some composure from the sudden onslaught of emotions.


“I’m sorry Chlo, I would go if I could but I’m still working that lead with-“He begins before she cuts him off with a wave of her hand and fake smile in place.


“No, it’s okay. You have to follow that lead. I’ll go.” She says. He offers her a comforting smile and squeezes her shoulder before walking away. She had a job to do so she steeled herself with resolve and left the precinct, driving to the destination. For the briefest moment during her ride to Lux, she can’t ignore the slight déjà vu at the back of her head but it fades, just like everyone’s does as they  are doomed to repeat their misery indefinitely.