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Hug you Hardcore

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“Not interested,” Yuuri scowled, throwing back his drink and slamming the glass down. Ever since his father had told him of his arranged marriage he'd done absolutely everything he could to forget about it. Unfortunately, since coming to Russia for the wedding he had attracted quite a lot of sudden suitors. 


“Oh? But aren’t you?” The silver-haired alpha purred motioning for the bartender to bring another. “You’ve been staring at me the entire time you’ve been here. Am I really so terrible in reading you?”


Yuuri swallowed, turning his gaze away from the handsome Russian. It was true. He had been staring. He'd be an idiot if he didn't find the alpha attractive and worth staring at. “I am to be wed tomorrow.”


“Really?” He rested his chin in his palm with a curious gaze. Apparently, the thought of the omega being wed was of little consequence to him. “Then why not take advantage of your last night of freedom? I know nothing about you except how ravishing you look and even I could tell you do not love your bethrothed.”


“I…,” Yuuri crossed his arms uncomfortably, “Have never met them.” He had also done very little to reach out and communicate with them. 


“Ah,” he hummed in understanding. “Perhaps you will like them?”


“I’d rather make that choice myself than be forced to do so,” Yuuri spat at the nerve of this man.


The alpha smirked, blue eyes twinkling with mischief. “You can choose me. If only for tonight.”


Yuuri could hear himself swallow even over the loud ruckus of the bar. This man was quite gorgeous and Yuuri would be lying if he didn’t feel desire in the pit of his stomach. The folds of his cunt had been dripping since he moment he saw him across the bar. “You’re place?”


He smirked. “Bathroom. I don’t think I can wait another second to fuck your brains out.”


Yuuri sucked in a breath as desire hit him square between the legs. The chair was staring to get soaked in slick.


The alpha shouted at the men in the bathroom in Russian and they scrambled, the man locking the door behind them and shoving Yuuri against the wall with a rough kiss. Yuuri howled in delight, sharp nails clawing at his back as he deepened his kiss and ground his hips up. Clothes were ripped and torn, hands clawing at skin as teeth bit and shed blood in their passion. Yuuri had never felt desire such as this. A pure animalistic need. The man’s fingers expertly explored his sopping wet cunt before pulling out his perfectly long and thick alpha cock and shoving it in the tight heat. Yuuri screamed in delight, pleasure exploding within him he never thought he could feel before. This stranger whose name he didn’t even know was making him feel so alive. 


Yuuri didn’t know why he said it - what could have possibly overcome him in that moment - but all he knew is that he needed to be with this alpha. Yuuri had had his fair of sex, but this. This wasn't sex. This was the most mind blowing fuck of his life and if he didn't have this the rest of his life it wasn't worth living. “Mark me.”


The man didn’t stop his rough thrusts but pulled back to look at Yuuri with a raised eyebrow. “My, my…what would your fiance think?”


“I don’t care. I’m making a choice. I want you.” Yuuri had never been so sure of anything in his life. His omega craved this alpha. It had to have this alpha for eternity. "Do you not want me?"

"Fuck," he growled, sweat dripping from his brow at the brutal pace. "I want to own you." He smirked devilishly and bit down hard on Yuuri’s bond drawing blood. A few more rough thrusts and he was coming hot inside the omega unprotected and with a knot. Yuuri howled as his cunt pulsated around the knot with his own orgasm. When the alpha withdrew his mouth it was with a long sigh of pleasure. “Fuck…Yuuri…who knew that my betrothed was such a slut?”


Yuuri’s heart stopped. The high from his orgasm was gone in an instant.  “…You’re…You’re Viktor Nikiforov?”

He chuckled, nibbling at Yuuri’s ear. “I am. And you’re Katsuki Yuuri - my fiance. Gospodi, Yuuri…I had no idea you’d be so beautiful. So perfect. Surely I am not so bad myself? Could you live with me? I suppose though, you have no choice, now.”


Yes. God, yes.  Without even thinking Yuuri latched down on Viktor’s own gland and took his claim on the alpha. Viktor growled with pleasure, giving the omega a hard thrust and coming again inside him. Viktor pulled hard on Yuuri’s hair and off his neck, crushing their lips together with a bruising force. 


“Our fathers are going to be furious,” He grinned, licking the blood from his lips.


“I don’t care,” Yuuri spoke honestly. A hand grabbed at Viktor’s softening cock that was pulling out. “Fuck me again. And again. And again. I don't ever want to feel empty of you.


With a terrifying growl Viktor was bending Yuuri over the sink and fully claiming what was his for now and eternity.