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You Are Mine

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Harsh orange firelight illuminated a sneering dragon lord, his arms locked around a struggling boy with bright green eyes. His crimson eyes narrowed at the lithe figure who determinedly stood before him, blade extended,

"TODOR-" the helpless boy cried out to the prince, his green eyes glittering with admiration and slight fear before his voice was cut short by his captor violently pulling him flush against his chest.

The prince, Todoroki slightly narrowed his eyes in frustration at this display of power and wordlessly sent a wave of ice flying towards his opponent, who dodged it with ease,

"JUST GIVE UP ALREADY, YOU SHORTCAKE!!" he taunted, countering the ice with his own explosions, "You'll be begging me for mercy by the time this is over, JUST YOU WAIT!!!!!"

The addressed male cocked his head to the side in confusion, I don't beg, he thought to himself, do I? I don't think I do...let me check though...

A slightly awkward silence settled over the battlefield as Todoroki carefully skimmed his memories, searching for any incidents in where he had begged someone else for mercy during a battle. He couldn't recall any.

"Uh, Half n' Half?! Oi, don't you fucking dare ignore me in the middle of a battle!!!"

The pretty boy looked up, breaking from his thoughts, "Oh, sorry," he mumbled distractedly as he drew his sword,

"Release Midoriya this instant," Todoroki's voice took on a more threatening tone as he instinctively fell into a perfect stance.

Bakugou cackled and bellowed,  

"Funny how you think that you're the dominant one in this relationship, YOU'LL NEVER HAVE HIM!!!!"

Again, the battlefield was silent, save for the crackling of the flames.

Todoroki blinked and adjusted his stance, "And....why is that?" he asked, genuinely curious.

"Because I love you," the words seemed to rush out unhesitatingly from the dragon lord's lips, his expression painfully tender. It seemed like he didn't even know he was speaking out loud.

One second.

Two seconds.

The prince froze in utter shock, his sword clattering to the ground. Crimson eyes widened as Todoroki's usually pale skin flushed bright red and the dragon lord realize his mistake.

"WELL FUCK," the dragon lord unceremoniously tossed the now confused green eyed boy onto the ground and ran at his shocked opponent, "I MEAN! BECAUSE HE'S MINE! YEAH!" Bakugou punched the ground to reassure himself, "You'll never have him because I own him now. He's mine!!  So forget I said anything, OKAY?!!" he violently shook Todoroki by the shoulders to punctuate his statement.

"Midoriya's courting Uraraka...." the dazed male mumbled.

"The FUCK?!"

"You would have to fight Uraraka if you wanted Midoriya's hand in-"

"DEKU!!! WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS?!!!" Bakugou screamed at the trembling boy on the ground, "NOW YOU JUST-Ugh. You know what?! Forget it,"

He scooped Todoroki up, who squeaked and then glared at Bakugou,

"Put. Me. Down. Right. Now," he commanded. It wasn't very effective, seeing as his voice had jumped two octaves.

"Again, the fact that you think that you're the dominant one here is hilarious! Also, no, I've decided that I'm going to be the villain of this story so fuck you," the now self proclaimed villain of the story sneered.

"Oh right!" he exclaimed, " I completely forgot about you, Deku! Because you're just a pathetic background character.............THAT MEANS LEAVE, fucktard. Your prince in another castle or whatever," he announced to Midoriya who sat in a heap on the ground.


Bakugou turned to leave, cradling Todoroki in his arms as he causally strolled up the hill to his castle.

Midoriya stared at the dragon lord's disappearing form, I can't even begin to fathom the reasons.... he thought.

Sad flute music began to swirl around him.

"Shinsou, the uh...sentiment? It's appreciated? But not right now, okay?"

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Kirishima respected Bakugou's choices, he really did! Aside from being a famed warrior, Bakugou was also known for being a incredible strategist, his ability to make clear, well thought out decisions having won many battles.

So the cyborg warrior had no problem in saying that he thinks that Bakugou would make smart decisions. He believes in Bakugou.

But when the aforementioned Dragon Lord kicks open his own door, cradling a surprised looking Prince Todoroki in his arms, well, a logical being's faith in his decision making skills has to be somewhat shattered, right?

This is bad.

"Oi, Shitty Hair. What the fuck are you looking at?!" he hollered.

The redheaded cyborg grinned, "Hope you know who's paying for the door," he paused,"Uh...Bakubro, mind coming over here for a sec?"

The angry blonde groaned loudly in annoyance and gently placed Todoroki on a giant fur lined chair

"Don't even think of escaping, you bastard," his voice sounded dark and menacing.

"My parents are-" Todoroki spoke, causing Kirishima to snort in amusement and wonder if Todoroki was trying to be snarky or actually took Bakugou's statement literally.

"SHUT UP. You're my prisoner. Also, don't break anything. Or get anything dirty. Or-"

"I'm not a child, there's no need to treat me like one. Now go, you're making Kirishima wait," the Fire Prince's monotone interrupted.


"Well, technically you didn't add th-" Kirishima almost burst out laughing.

Bakugou threw up his hands up in frustration, singed a nearby tapestry with an explosion and stormed out of the room, Kirishima following behind his king.


"Okay, so what do you want, Shitty Hair?" Bakugou glared at him, arms crossed. 

"Oh yeah! So like... I don't mean to question you or anything.... but like, um bro-" Kirishima nervously fidgeted, wondering how exactly to broach the subject.

"Spit it out, your weakass words can't hurt me." The reassurance is nice, I better just go for it.

"Right. do you think it was really the manliest idea to kidnap Todoroki? I mean, I know you've liked him for-"

"I DON'T LIKE HIM, SHITTY HAIR!!!" Bakugou tried to hide his red face with his furred cape.

Right, won't press. Forgot you were emotionally constipated, sorry.

"...Well, regardless, you still kidnapped Todoroki, who might I remind you, is renowned across all kingdoms as being a very skilled fighter. Heck, we've seen him in action during our Knight Training!! Not to mention, his family or the Council will probably send a search party once Midoriya tells them that you kidnapped him, and then we'll practically have a war on our hands. And that's if Todoroki doesn't literally freeze everyone here while escap-"

"AARGH! I know that, okay??!!!" Bakugou growled, "I may have...ugh no shut up!!!" Another explosion rang out, this time knocking over a vase.

You let your jealousy over Todoroki and Midoriya's friendship control you? 

You should let him go if you don't want this to blow up in your face later but.....knowing you, your ego won't let you make the right decision. You are not in the best situation, my friend.

Kirishima was slightly concerned.

"Uh...well, show Todoroki around," At the cyborg's smirk, Bakugou retorted, "It's not like I really care! I just don't want the shithead to get lost in this castle and die. It'll be a mess to clean up. That's it. Bye."

Bakugou stormed out of the room leaving Kirishima alone in the room to mull over his options.

Finally, he made his choice. Bakugou would hate him forever, but that didn't really matter. Loving someone shouldn't mean robbing them of their freedom, that just wasn't manly!


Kirishima walked into the room, where Todoroki was curled up on the fur chair, asleep. Bakugou's cloak was draped over him, causing Kirishima's lips to quirk up. The firelight bathed the sleeping prince in a soft glow as the redhead took a seat on the couch across from him. After a moment of silence, the cyborg hesitantly decided to speak up.

" Todoroki?"

 Mismatched eyes sleepily focused on him and, in the next instant Todoroki was sitting up, alert and ready, "Yes?"all traces of sleep were absent from his voice, his fingers nervously threading through the thick fur that was blanketing him.

"Want a tour of the castle?"



"....and that's the library! You can find information about practically everything there!" Todoroki nodded as he silently followed behind the enthusiastic redhead down the imposing stone bricked hall illuminated only by the red lava trickling from stone dragon heads into the caverns down below. "Oh and this carving shows the dragons, at the height of their power! So manly!!!"

Kirishima bounced over to a large mural depicting dozens of colorful dragons crowding around a flaming volcano. What a manly portrayal of their victory! He traced his hand over the ancient tiles and sighed in appreciation. Todoroki looked over the mural, shifting the giant cloak he held on his shoulder to more easily hold it.

"They're amazing aren't they? Being able to-"

He was interrupted by an explosion being aimed at his face, which he quickly raised his robotic arm to block, "Ah Bakubro! There you are!" Kirishima started to sweat, nervous that Bakugou would see right through his plan to get Todoroki out.

The Dragon Lord returned his grin with a ferocious scowl,  red eyes softening a fraction when they land on Todoroki's slightly sleepy posture.

"Shitty Hair, show Half n' Half his room and stop fucking talking goddammit!" he growled as he turned to walk away.

Suddenly, the furred cape was thrown at him, covering his eyes, "H-HEY!"

Kirishima howled with laughter as Bakugou glared at Todoroki, who steadily met his murderous gaze, "Half n' Half. What in the everloving fuck would ever compel you to fucking think that was a good idea?!! Throwing a cloak at your captor? What the fuck?" The Fire Prince shrugged, "And stop fucking laughing Shitty Hair!!!" The cyborg's robot arm blocked the explosion sent barreling at his amused face as Bakugou stalked off in a huff.


The redhead wiped the tears from his eyes, "That...That was amazing!....Anyways, c'mon! Your room is up here!" 

As they walked up the narrow sunlit spiral staircase, a uncomfortable silence prompted Kirishima's thoughts to run while. Helping him escape will be treason against Bakugou. I know. And you're okay with betraying your best friend's trust?  His increasingly panicked train of thoughts were interrupted by a quiet monotone.

"Are we above the volcano right now?"

Eager for a distraction, Kirishima nodded, "Yep! This tower was built above the smoke layer a long time ago! Legend says that Dragon Empress, Queen Satsuki kept Princess Kaguya up there after the princess got ill. It was built high above the smoke of the volcano because Princess Kaguya drew her power from the moon and Queen Satsuki wanted to make sure she didn't die seeing as she was her tre-"

He cut himself off. I really shouldn't remind him even more about how he's a prisoner, the poor dude is probably aware enough! Although that story does have a happy ending... Todoroki blinked at him, his apathetic eyes containing a spark of curiosity but that was quickly brushed away as he continued up the stairs, stopping when he reached the door.

"Hey Todoroki?"

The prince turned to face him.

"L-Let's get you out of here," Kirishima stared at the ground in shame, "You don't deserve to be locked up, it just isn't right!! I can easily get you out, so we'd better not waste any time and leave now so you can go home. And be with your family...and friends..."

Kirishima gulped nervously. Todoroki hadn't reacted at all, his face remaining unreadable and impassive. Finally, he answered, in a very quiet voice.

"You wouldn't happen to have any daffodils around, would you?"

Kirishima nodded, confused. Todoroki's lips just barely quirked up as he opened the locked door.

"Thank you." The door was carefully closed. 


Kirishima was left in the sunlit stairwell, confused, but somewhat relieved.

Seems like Todoroki has no desire to leave just yet.