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Grand Theft Auto 8: Pokemon

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A/N: GTA 8 is FINALLY here. It's the actual last story of the GTA: Pokemon series. And again, ALL common characters and OCs from the previous stories will appear in this one. There are more than fifteen antagonists that'll go EXTREMELY hostile towards Moon during the worldwide chaos, making it very difficult for her to beat a lot of missions.

Oh, and like GTA 5, this fic will be like a Dragonball Z type fic, mixed with Grand Theft Auto elements. Enjoy!

Flashback/GTA 5/October, 2016...

"T-Team Ragyo was supposed to be victorious..." Ragyo (Kill La Kill) was finished; she wasn't looking at her enemies.

"You thought wrong, you fuck!" Moon said before killing Ragyo with a brutal weapon, the Megaton Hammer, a heavy one.


The present/November 28, 2019/Honolulu, Alola/Moon's house/3:51 p.m....

"A few more days, Moon," spirited Ragyo thought, having her mother by her side and floating behind Moon, who was sitting on her sofa with Plumeria (Pokemon) while watching television. Ragyo was a tall and creepy woman, with a strange looking dress and rainbow hair. Ragyo's mother almost looked exactly like her daughter; her rainbow hair was a tad darker, she was slightly taller, and her dress, the same style, had spikes around it.

Moon and Plumeria were lesbian partners. The two had met days before a vicious war between their team and Ragyo's team had commenced, a war between life and death. Plumeria and Moon were in a team called Team Val and Oly, arguably the most dangerous gang in the world. 90% of Team Val and Oly had died during the war, but thanks to Moon reviving God and Satan, the two afterlife guardians brought those Team Val and Oly members back to life, courtesy of one of Moon's seven free wishes. God was a centaur, while Satan was a demonic angel with horns. Interestingly, Satan was originally a good angel before turning against God and creating hell, and that was MANY centuries ago. Centuries later, however, God and Satan got even, after a rude human being had over-abused seven special ancient balls, almost destroying earth.

Moon didn't buy this house; her mom had bought it years ago, after her father went to prison for killing her grandparents. Before her father's imprisonment, Moon, her father, her mother, and her mother's side of the family had moved from Kanto, her birth region in Japan, to Alola, and she had a great life, but after the imprisonment, Moon and her family were cursed for years, being slightly poor. But three years ago, three Team Val and Oly members had saved Moon from a couple of bullies, and Moon agreed to join the powerful team, thus breaking the curse. Only Moon's mom had known about Moon's secret and alternate life; at first, she was upset at Moon for it because of her ex-husband murdering her parents, but Moon said she wasn't like her father and wanted to support her family instead of killing them, and Moon's mom accepted her alternate life. At one point, Moon's mom jokingly wanted to dispose dead bodies for Moon, but Moon said no in a serious tone, wanting Plumeria to do it instead.

Both Moon and Plumeria were a bit muscular; Plumeria was like this before her encounter with Moon. And speaking of Moon, she used to be skinny before the end of her long adventure, and after the adventure, she had gained muscle at Castelia City's World Fitness, the best place to train and exercise, surpassing other Fitness-related place on earth. Also, she never had pigtails before, her current hairstyle.

The women were wearing the same attire, which were black jeans, a white shirt, and black shoes, but Moon was wearing a San Antonio Spurs necklace. The two had bought better attire during Moon's adventure, but they wanted to stay this way. Sometime before Moon's adventure had started, Plumeria's brothers and sisters had died in a tragic accident, and Plumeria's parents blamed and disowned her. But Moon had brought all of them back to life, and Plumeria's parents accepted their eldest daughter once again, thus having Moon as a great daughter-in-law.

This house originally had a boring design, but it wasn't Moon's mom's fault for not wanting to waste money on making it better. Right now, the house had black skulls, Assault Rifle, Handgun, and Team Val and Oly forever paintings all over it, which was a lot better.

Moon wasn't really sure about her future as a criminal. Before Team Val and Oly's war against Team Ragyo had begun, Moon had to do a lot of missions, important and filler ones, with the latter being rare for her. Since Team Ragyo's death, Moon didn't do much for her bosses because they were already mega rich and serious threats were no longer on this earth, and the only common characters she had killed were three racists and three rapists, and that was two years ago. She was obviously loyal to Team Val and Oly, but the missions from the post-war had been way too easy for her and the rest of the team.

Ragyo and Ragyo's mother couldn't wait to come back to life, especially the latter, due to her staying dead for nineteen years. Ragyo's mother had died from cancer in 2000, and she became leader of hell's second dimension, a dimension where its spirits couldn't interact with alive beings. Prior to mid-2017, the year that they had reunited and combined their teams together, Ragyo's mother had acted like a mega bitch towards almost minion of hers, only having a few favorites.

All current Team Ragyo members had died twice; their second deaths had occurred from a big war in late 2016. Former members, current Team Val and Oly members and non-Team Val and Oly members, had died once or twice. Ragyo also had some favorites, especially her wife, her daughters, and the people from her traditional sex orgies. Speaking of orgies, a lot had existed in her mother's mansion, the only exclusive place. Her mother had participated in the orgies as well. The tradition had died in late 2013 because one of Moon's friends, a former GTA protagonist and a mega sex pervert, had set the mansion on fire as an act of retaliation, after Ragyo almost got one of his friends killed during a religion-related event.

The relatives' plan was to turn the world into a chaotic mess while torturing Moon, with the latter doing difficult missions for them around the world. Their other plan was to commence a mega war, should Moon complete the impossible. But how would this go?


November 30, 2019/Hoenn/Littleroot Town/In a lab/12:10 a.m....

"The revival orbs... THEY ARE READY TO BE USED!" a rogue scientist and other rogue scientists finalized the revival orbs, 100%. Neither scientist hadn't thought about creating them before; its original creator had made them a long time ago, and that original creator was floating with Ragyo, Ragyo's mother, and her special someone.

The rogue scientists had wasted two years on working the revival orbs. (Professor) Birch (Pokemon) was the head scientist, and he was the adopted father of another former GTA protagonist. Six years ago, he had aided Team Aqua and Magma, a merged team, by giving them one of his inventions, but after the teams' demise, he went into hiding for for several years.

The other rogue scientists were (Professor) Rowan (Pokemon), (Professor) Krane (Pokemon), (Professor) Ivy (Pokemon), and (Professor) Elm (Pokemon). Rowan, a Sinnohian, looked more like a serial killer than a scientist, and he was the tallest and oldest. Krane was the only Caucasian people; his birth place was Orre (Phoenix), Arizona. Ivy was the shortest and youngest scientist, and she was obviously the only female. And Elm was the skinniest, even skinnier than Ivy. Even for a rogue scientist, Elm wasn't fearless, looking less serious than the others.

The rogue scientists were wearing lab coats, with underneath regular clothes. They had started the experiment sometime after the merger between the two tall relatives. They had taken seven days off per month, showing how serious this experiment could be. If not for the large amount of breaks, the scientists would be done in a previous month instead of this one. Hell, even in 2018! But some experiments like the revival orbs could take an awfully long time to complete, hence the high number of breaks.

"Weaken them... For good!" Ragyo was referring to God and Satan.


In heaven and in hell's first dimension...

Simultaneously, both Satan and God were twitching uncontrollably as if they were having seizures, but their fates were far more dangerous than seizures. Ragyo and her mother were right next to Satan; they were giving the guardian evil smiles, and he couldn't do anything. After thirty seconds, every detail of God and Satan absorbed into the relatives, changing them into horrified forms of themselves. They had green eyes and red pupils, sharper nails, large horns on their heads, and a golden cross-like wheel attached to their bodies by their round abdomen. Ragyo had this transformation three years ago. The colors from Ragyo's mother were darker, to avoid confusion from the merged teams.


In hell/The second dimension/Minutes later...

"WE ARE ALL ALIVE!" Ragyo's mother shouted. Everybody cheered, but that didn't change her mistreated minions' opinions towards her.

"Now, revive her. Get her out of heaven," the brash Ryo (Ronin Warriors) said. His Ronin Warriors gang was born in the early 80s. Between that time and 1992, it was one of the few gangs to rule Japan's Saffron City, one of Japan's best cities, Ragyo's birth place. Two decades later, the gang had died in New York's Castelia City.

"Very well," Ragyo had kept her promise for two years.

The revival orbs were in Ragyo's possession, but her team, the ones that didn't take part of her sex orgies, trusted her; three years ago, before they were killed again, they had learned that Ragyo wanted people to accept her uncomfortable sexual traits or they'd permanently suffer, but they didn't defect, wanting revenge against the people that killed them the first time.

This hell was the perfect place to get things started. Because of both teams having more than one-hundred and fifty people, another place wouldn't make a lot of sense, especially almost anywhere on earth. Although a few places on earth had zero population, this place was a lot better. Shortly after Ragyo and Ragyo's mother's revival, they had altered the second hell, making it look like a generic cave on earth. Unlike the ancient balls, the revival orbs could be used five to ten times a day. Also, it'd grant other wishes.

Who was revived? Phoebe (Hey Arnold), a former member of the dead Hey Arnold gang, a gang that Ryo technically created in 2001, after he had corrupted Phoebe and the other members into acting like criminals to survive, but his corrupted words were the truth. Phoebe was 5'1, but her shortness didn't stop her from being super smart and vicious.

Ryo and Phoebe embraced a hug, crying. It's been seven years since they were both alive. Prior to Ryo's first death and after Phoebe's eighteenth birthday, Ryo and Phoebe had a secret affair, with Phoebe cheating on one of the Hey Arnold gang members. Speaking of secrets, Ryo had murdered a member's love interest, and Phoebe witnessed it, and after Moon had sent the Hey Arnold gang to heaven three years ago, the love interest cried that Phoebe had witnessed her getting killed by Ryo, and Phoebe admitted that and the secret relationship, causing the dead group to hate her and Ryo forever.

"I miss you, Ryo," Phoebe said.

"I miss you, too, Phoebe," Ryo said.

"Get a room!" Talpa (Ronin Warriors; human form), another favorite of Ragyo's mother, insulted the lovers. On January 30, 1992, Ryo and his Ronin Warriors gang had murdered Talpa and Talpa's team, after Talpa murdered five of Ryo's grunts during a drug deal that backfired. Talpa getting murdered wasn't the only special thing that had happened that day; a common Ronin Warriors character was saved from Talpa's control.

"Piss off, Talpa," Ryo and his common friends never got along with Talpa, but before today, Ragyo thought about making Ryo, Talpa, and Phoebe work together.

"Listen, all of you!" Ragyo shouted, getting attention. "An ultimate weapon is about to be created! BEHOLD!" Ragyo then changed Cell (Dragon Ball series) into his Imperfect form.

Cell was designed to steal other characters' personalities and traits by collecting their cells, and he had a stinger tail that could suck humans, which sounded scary. When he was alive, he had drank a special potion, turning him into the Imperfect form. That there was a part of two attempted plans from Mai (Dragon Ball series), Videl (Dragon Ball series), and Pan (Dragon Ball series), to take over Trovitopolis and to murder Team Val and Oly, but SSJ2 Gohan (Dragon Ball series) and Moon prevented and folded the latter plan, killing Cell and saving their team's lives. Cell was imprisoned for years before Mai, Videl, and Pan had released him, and prior to his imprisonment, Dr. Gero (Dragon Ball series), who was currently here, wanted to test Cell as the perfect, ultimate weapon, but Cell declined the offer before killing the mad scientist.

"What about me!? I want to become an ultimate weapon! I'M THE BEST SAIYAN EVER, BETTER THAN GOHAN!" Vegeta (Dragon Ball series) was arrogant, intelligent, and serious, underestimating and mocking most of his opponents because of his high-level fighting skills.

"Yeah, give my Vegeta a chance to shine!" Bulma (Dragon Ball series) had a temperamental personality. While known for her intellect, she was also considerably spoiled and vain.

"Patience, Vegeta. I'll change you. And Bulma, you'll get special treatment as well," Ragyo said.

"Hooray! And please make Yamcha's (Dragon Ball series) life a living hell, not just Moon!" Bulma, and Vegeta, was responsible for Yamcha's twenty-four year sentence in prison, after accusing him of raping her. Bulma and Vegeta were killed twice by Yamcha because of Bulma's obvious lies.

"Anyway, some sacrifices shall commence! MAKE CELL PROUD!" Ragyo shouted.

"You heard mother, you worthless SJW pigs!" Satsuki (Kill La Kill), Ragyo's eldest daughter, was forcing Steven (Steven Universe), Garnet (Steven Universe), Pearl (Steven Universe), and Amethyst (Steven Universe) to get close to Cell.

"Do not worry, Cell. I'll remove their pitiful SJW DNA. Now, do it!" Ragyo said.

Cell chose Steven first. Steven screamed in agony while being sucked in. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst had frightening looks on their faces, but it weren't just them; most of Ragyo's mother's minions and some of Team Ragyo had the same expression. Vegeta was laughing like it was one of the funniest moments ever. Moira (Overwatch), the original creator of the revival orbs, and Sombra (Overwatch), Moira's special someone, were laughing, too; Moira's laugh was almost as scary as Ragyo's.

Now, it was Garnet's turn to become a victim.

"Keep it up, Cell!" the ugly Emily's (Overwatch) hatred towards Tracer (Overwatch), her ex-girlfriend, and Mei (Overwatch), Tracer's current girlfriend, was super high. She hated birds because when she was little, birds from the air kept pooping on her. Like cherries, she loved carrots. She hated candy, chips, and other junk food, too. The only holiday she despised was Christmas. Jesus, that look on Emily's face! Ugliest woman on the merged team! Ugh!

"This is equivalent as a pathetic soul getting sniped. Lovely," Widowmaker (Overwatch), Emily's girlfriend, had a malevolent disposition, showing no mercy for her targets no matter who they were and having a love for killing, making her feel alive. She had also seemed to posses vanity when it comes to her skills and looks.

"And just where do you think you're going, Nappa (Dragon Ball series)!?" Vegeta caught Nappa from trying to hide. "Get him!" Vegeta commanded.

"NO, NO, NO!" Nappa was being dragged by Doomfist (Overwatch), Zarya (Overwatch), Marshal (Pokemon), and Alder (Pokemon). Nappa and Vegeta were former comrades; they used to commit serious crimes together, and Vegeta had betrayed and killed Nappa for looking pathetically weak against Gohan's deceased father.

"Vegeta, you're a monster! You're all nuts!" Raditz (Dragon Ball series) cried; he didn't like being around most of the people here, especially Ragyo's mother, Sombra, and Moira. When Gohan was a kid, Raditz had kidnapped Gohan, and he wanted Goku (Dragon Ball series) to join his Saiyan gang in an exchange for Gohan's freedom. But instead, Gohan's deceased father figure, a former rival of Goku's, murdered him. The former Saiyan gang was just Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta; the latter two always thought of Raditz as the weakest link.

"Don't let Raditz get away!" Vegeta ordered.

Videl, Pan, Mai, Satsuki, Rei (Kill La Kill), Nui (Kill La Kill), and Ryuko (Kill La Kill) got poor Raditz; Rei was Ragyo's wife, Nui was Ragyo's adopted daughter, and Ryuko was Ragyo's other biological daughter. As time went by, more sacrifices were made. Dr. Gero and the unstable Beerus (Dragon Ball series) were sacrificed. Many other common Dragon Ball series characters, the villains and side villains from the shows, were sacrificed, too. With that, Semi-Perfect cell was born.

"You are almost done, Cell," Ragyo reminded.

Former Talon members and leaders, Hakim (Overwatch), Sanjay Korpal (Overwatch), and Maximilien (Overwatch; human form) became victims. Doomfist was also another former leader, but Ragyo chose him as one of Moon's many antagonists. After the teams were merged, Sanjay, Maximilien, Doomfist, Hakim, all Talon grunts, and all Blackwatch grunts held a grudge towards Widowmaker and Reaper (Overwatch) because the latter two had discontinued both Talon and Blackwatch by murdering almost every member, but Doomfist eventually forgave them.

Jimmy, Russell, Davis, Ethan, Tom, Trent, Troy, Wade, Derby, Bif, Bryce, Chad, Gord, Justin, Parker, Tad, Pinky, Ted, Bo, Damon, Dan, Juri, Kirby, Luis, Bob, Mandy, Earnest, Algernon, Bucky, Cornelius, Donald, Fatty, Melvin, Thad, Beatrice, Edgar, Clint, Duncan, Gurney, Jerry, Leon, Omar, Otto, Zoe, Hal, Lefty, Lucky, Norton, Peanut, Ricky, and Vance, Bully characters, all got the same treatment, but only Lola (Bully) and Casey (Bully) were spared; the reason Casey was spared was because of him and a former GTA protagonist sharing the same name.

"Wait a minute! Wait!" Phoebe disrupted the sick activity. "My old gang, Ragyo. Please."

"As you wish," Ragyo agreed.

Seconds later, the Hey Arnold characters, Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Sid, Stinky, Harold, Eugene, Lila, Rhonda, Nadine, Big Patty, Curly, Lorenzo, Brainy, Torvald, and Sheena magically appeared. All characters, including Phoebe, had unique personalities when they were kids, but after the corruption, some of their personalities and traits faded away. Big Patty wasn't a member of the gang; she was Harold's love interest. Also, Gerald was Phoebe's ex.

"Phoebe!? Ryo!? What is this!?" a shocked Arnold asked, but Phoebe giggled very weird; the others were shocked, too.

"Miserable football head," Ragyo then put the entire group in a human cube.

After Cell had sucked the human cube, Ragyo and Ragyo's mother selected more victims, most OCs, some worthless common characters from Team Ragyo, and more common characters from her mother's team. Then, Perfect Cell came to life.

"Beautiful Cell," Ragyo's mother said.

"I feel better than ever! When the time comes, I'll demonstrate my pure strength against Gohan, and I won't be stopped!" Cell said.

"Hey, don't forget about us!" Bulma reminded.

"Vegeta, I give you... SUPER SAIYAN THREE!" Ragyo overpowered Vegeta by giving him SSJ3, the same level as Gohan.


"And Bulma... Endurance and Speed," Ragyo gave it to Bulma.

"That's it!? Well, it's better than nothing anyway," Bulma said.

"No gifts for me, their son!?" Trunks (Dragon Ball series) was cocky and proud like Vegeta and spoiled and vain like Bulma.

"Be yourself," Ragyo said.

"Be myself!? But I want to be a super saiyan!" Trunks whined.

"Trunks, quit your whining and listen to Ragyo! Show Moon and the world what you're capable of!" Vegeta said.

Trunks sighed. "Right..." Trunks said.

Someone started crying on Videl! But who was crying? Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball series), a fraud and a loser. Mr. Satan used to be rich and famous, but also an egomaniac. He had boasted endlessly on television about his strength, and that he was the "best fighter in the world". But in the eyes of people who knew otherwise, he was considered to be a lying, showboating blowhard. Mr. Satan was also quite an unrepentant lech whose head was easily turned by a pretty face, and he had selfishly used his fame as "the Hero who defeated Cell" to seduce and sleep with multiple women after Videl's biological mother left.

"It's over, dad," Videl's personality used to be about her bragging about how unstoppable her dumbass father was and violently attacking anyone that'd say otherwise.

"I know, but it was scary..." Mr. Satan continued to cry like a pussy.

"Oh, suck it up, pussy!" Reaper was a high-functioning psychopath, having a passion for murder and vengeance and was willing to kill even without a solid motivation, he was conceited and sadistic, often toying with his enemies while having the upper hand, and in spite of how cold-hearted he was, he didn't seem to mind cracking jokes related to death and The Grim Reaper.

"Hey, don't talk to my father-in-law like that, asshole!" Mai was romantic with Videl and Trunks, she had a dirty sense of humor, she was violent, and she was somewhat comedic.

"Druaga (The Tower of Druaga; human form). Bowser (Super Mario Bros. series; human form). You two will control your own worlds (like in the games)," Ragyo then changed the two humans into the right type of monsters. Ragyo also changed Bowser's son and Koopalings into the same type of monster.

"Shit! Ragyo, I've forgot about something! I want my (Lt.) Surge (Pokemon) with us!" Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; human form) was one of the founders of the infamous My Little Dolly franchise, Ragyo's suggestion. It was so hated, Twilight Sparkle, the other founders, and Surge and many other virgin fanboys had ended up dead because of it.

"And revive Bulla (Dragon Ball series) and my parents while you're at it!" Bulma said.

After a few seconds, Surge, Bulla, Panchy (Dragon Ball series), and Dr. Brief (Dragon Ball series) showed up. Bulma and Vegeta hugged the latter three, and Twilight Sparkle hugged Surge, but Surge shoved Twilight Sparkle off her.

"What did you do that for, Surge!? I'm Twilight Sparkle, your Queen!" Twilight Sparkle cried.

"Wimpy and ugly looking women like you shouldn't hug me! Only sexy women should hugged the muscular and badass Surge!" Surge wasn't like this during GTA 7, GTA 1, and GTA 2, and before GTA 7's events. Was this his original persona?

"Ragyo, this is not the same Surge!" Twilight Sparkle cried again. "Are you able to dig deep into people's pasts!?"

"Yes, Twilight. Just give me a few seconds," Ragyo then discovered Surge's shocking past. "Quite interesting."

"What!? WHAT!?" Twilight Sparkle wanted to know.

"Surge had served in the military between 1994 and 1998, and his voice was super manly," Ragyo said.

"I was nicknamed "The Terminator", being an unstoppable killing machine!" Surge said.

"On October 27, 1999, Surge had purchased a $50,000 pill from (Professor) Willow (Pokemon), wanting to become a 100% chick magnet. But Surge was conned. The pill had permanently turned him into a weak-minded person," Ragyo said.

"Ragyo is right," Willow revealed himself to Surge and Twilight Sparkle. Willow was GTA 5's final antagonist; he was also known for manipulating Sun (Pokemon), Moon's best friend, in that story.

"You. I didn't expect you be here. Now, will you imbeciles excuse me? I've got to search for hot chicks to screw," Surge said.

"Please make me happy, Ragyo! Pretty please!" Twilight Sparkle cried once again.

"Alright," Ragyo said, changing Surge into his wimpy form.

"Twilight Sparkle, my Queen!" Surge said excitingly.

"Oh, Surge, you're back!" Twilight Sparkle shouted with joy.

Both hugged.


The first hell/Minutes later...

Only Ragyo, Ragyo's mother, Sombra, Moira, Ryo, and Phoebe had came here. Why were they here? To look at six trapped outcasts, the same rapists and racists Moon had killed after GTA 5. A former GTA protagonist had killed them in GTA 1, too. Why were they outcasts? Because of the racists. The racists and rapists had a weird history together, alive and dead.

"Let us go..." one of the them, the youngest rapist, cried softly.

"Never," Ragyo said.

"You're pathetic, having the same name as me and another Team Ragyo member. Pink flower wearing cunt," Phoebe said.


Earth/Many hours later...

"Listen to me, humans!" Ragyo was able to let almost every on the planet hear her; only Team Val and Oly members and their family and friends couldn't hear her. "I am not God. I am not Satan. I am the apocalypse, and you people do as I say! The first and only thing you all shall commit is GRAND THEFT AUTO! SURVIVAL TO THE FITTEST!"


Oakland, California/Below Oracle Arena/Minutes later...

Moon was here, and she was unconscious! But she wasn't alone! A tall man, an OC, was in the same area, and he, too, was unconscious! Moon was still wearing the same clothes, and she had her necklace and phone.

Moon finally woke up, but she didn't know where the hell she was. She was confused.

"W-W-Where the fuck am I...?" Moon said.

"Below Oracle arena!" a familiar voice replied.

"RAGYO!" Moon knew that voice.

"Back from the dead," Ragyo said.

"B-But how did-"

"Revival orbs, Moon. They were made by a member of my mother's a long time ago. Four scientists had finalized it hours ago," Ragyo explained. "Do as I say, or our final war won't happen."

"What happens if I fail!?" Moon asked.

"Team Val and Oly will perish, and the whole world will perish as well!" Ragyo replied.

"Damn it..." Moon cursed.

"Need I remind you that if you were to pass all missions, I'd revive your grandparents, your father's victims," Ragyo said.

"REALLY!?" Moon was shocked to hear that.

"The dead Overwatch gang, and other dead people. They, too, will participate in the war," Ragyo said.

Moon now noticed the same unconscious fellow. "Who the hell is he?"

"A chosen nickname for him? Zeze, a 6'11 Georgian. In the past, he had wanted to play for Uikerspor, a Turkish professional basketball club, but he wasn't skillful enough to compete with other professionals. I'll possess him," Ragyo said.

"You what me to kill him!?" Moon asked.

"Target the quadriceps until he falls down, then kill him. Unleash your frustration from the past," Ragyo said.

The possessed Zeze woke up.

"He is waking up, Moon. No, you are a Leopard. You had suffered a quadriceps injury above here two years ago! Use your only weapon against the Georgian that was responsible for the injury!" Ragyo said.

Moon's anger grew! The possessed Zeze targeted Moon, but Moon dodged his attacks. Moon removed the San Antonio Spurs necklace off her, then she targeted the quadriceps, slowly draining Zeze's health. Zeze punched Moon's forehead, but Moon retaliated, damaging the quadriceps again and again. Moon's health bar was already at 50% before the battle, and that didn't look good at all. It was currently at 25%. Moon needed to avoid one more attack or she'd die.

Moon barely eluded Zeze's slap attack, then she made him scream, preventing him from attacking again. Moon's main weapon was fairly weak, but it was indestructible, which was a saving grace.

After Moon had weakened the possessed Zeze, Ragyo turned him back to normal. Zeze looked extremely astonished at his brutal injuries and the bloody Moon. He had never visited anywhere from Unova before, not even here; he had stayed at his home country throughout his life.

"M-My legs...! Don't kill me...! Take me to a doctor...!" Zeze cried for his life.

"Do not listen to him, protagonist Moon. Keep pretending it's the same Georgian with the first vowel," Ragyo said.

With that said, Moon savagely stabbed the hell out of Zeze's neck. How many times? Thirty-five. Zeze had already died after the fourth stab, but Ragyo wanted Moon to act like a wild animal against him.

"Now, get out," Ragyo said.

Above, Moon looked shocked to see a lot of dead bodies, and Ragyo said, "Why are you shocked when you're holding your favorite logo and weapon!? Keep moving!"

Outside, Moon saw a lot of shit going on all at once. Cars were burning, innocent people were trying to escape, old people were robbed, people were spraying graffiti on the Oracle Arena, and much more.

"Moon, welcome to Grand Theft Auto: The Apocalypse!" Ragyo said.

"Shit..." Moon cursed lightly. This was just the beginning.

End of Chapter 1