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Sleeping in My T-Shirt

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Suburban Southern California was, fortunately for Lena Luthor, much like how it was portrayed on television. Gorgeous weather, palm trees for miles, aesthetically pleasant housing, classy restaurants and decent proximity to beaches and luxury shopping - there wasn’t anything she disliked. She was definitely a fan of having her own driveway and two car garage, always feeling a jolt of terror at the idea of parking her Louboutin-red Tesla next to a meter in downtown National City and opting for calling a driver (or a personal shopper) when she needed to run fashion related errands or had a craving for her favorite vegan sushi. She had her own pool so she could swim and sip Bloody Mary’s on Sunday mornings, a hiking trail a few blocks away for when her best friend Sam could tempt her to go for ‘real exercise’ (as opposed to yoga, which Lena found to be very legitimate physical activity), and of course the privacy and comfort that a large home all for herself and her cat could offer.

Having a vibrant social life was never really something that Lena cared about. She liked to spend time with Sam and her daughter Ruby, but other than that she was completely content with doing things by herself. She’d grown up in the same town with the same people, suffering through pretentious parties that her parents hosted and graduating high school with the same spoiled kids she’d studied with since she started kindergarten, and the energy she had for forced interactions and shallow bragging competitions diminished throughout the years until she craved solitude. That wasn’t to say that her tastes necessarily changed; she still liked fancy brunches, still enjoyed expensive handbags, still wouldn’t be caught dead in a Walmart… but she didn’t necessarily care what other people did. She was kind and gracious, she donated to charities, she tipped well, and she made an effort to read up on social issues outside of her idyllic bubble of privilege. She liked to think she was a good person despite her penchant for pricey champagne and designer shoes.

“What time do I have to be there?” Lena asked, clad in silky pajamas and sipping coffee from a ‘Cat Mom’ mug. She had already put herself in ‘quiet day at home online shopping’ mode before her best friend called to make sure she didn’t forget about the soccer game she had definitely forgotten about.

“Ten,” Sam replied, clearly a bit irritated. Her tone wasn’t completely unwarranted seeing as she’d reminded Lena at least four separate times, but she still pouted briefly before responding.

“Okay, I can definitely make it,” Lena said, setting her coffee down scurrying around the kitchen in search of the ingredients for a Bloody Mary. She loved Ruby dearly and she tried to show up to at least half of her games, but kids soccer wasn’t necessarily the most thrilling. Plus, bringing a drink along was kind of her thing no matter the occasion. “It’s the last game, right?”

“Yeah,” Sam said, trying to usher Ruby into her cleats. “There’s a pizza thing after if you want to come, you can finally talk to Ruby’s coach,” she continued, smirking slightly.

Lena felt herself blush, leaning against the counter and nibbling her bottom lip. “I have no idea why you think I want to talk to the coach,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“If you just want to continue openly staring at her forever go right ahead, but I really think you should at least say ‘hi’. She seems pretty single to me…”

“Fine, fine, I’ll say hi,” Lena said, setting her phone down and putting it on speaker so she could make her drink.

“If you’re late to the game because you’re bartending I’ll kick your ass,” Sam said, earning a corrective ‘ Mom! ’ from Ruby. “I’ll kick your butt .”

“I still have to get dressed! I’ll be fast,” Lena said, pouring a generous amount of vodka into a reusable Starbucks cup. “See you guys soon!”

After they hung up Lena finished fixing her drink and dashed to her room, glancing at her bedside clock before throwing her closet doors open. The soccer field was only five minutes away but it was already 9:40 and she had to wear something flattering in case she actually got the courage to talk to Ruby’s incredibly attractive soccer coach. She agonized over two different colors of culottes before selecting the black pair, a striped blouse, and a pair of wedges since pumps were not compatible with the turf of the field. Her hair was a bit of a problem but she didn’t have time to fix it properly, opting for a few combs through and a floppy sun hat before hastily applying mascara, lipstick, and a spritz of Chanel no. 5. By 9:46 she was pulling out of her driveway armed with huge sunglasses, her favorite Birkin, and a Bloody Mary.

“They’re running a little behind, the game before theirs got pretty crazy,” Sam said as Lena approached, greeting her with a hug and raising a knowing eyebrow at Lena’s cup.

“Perfect,” Lena said, finding Ruby on the field and giving her a wave before taking a sip of her Bloody Mary. Her eyes soon wandered over to the team’s coach, taking in her messy bun, her toned arms, her strong legs… Her sunglasses came in handy on days like these. She could shamelessly check out the cheerful soccer goddess with no qualms, which was usually her approach with women she found attractive. She wasn’t necessarily shy, she just didn’t like making first moves or going out with the intention of charming her way to a hookup. She hadn’t dated in ages, hadn’t gotten laid in even longer, and unfortunately the extent of her current love life was a combination of downloading and deleting Tinder on a weekly basis and checking out the hot butch coach of the Supergirls.

“Ruby told me that coach Danvers isn’t married,” Sam said, noticing Lena’s staring despite the sunglasses. “She really is a great spy, I bet she’d slip her your number if you asked,” she continued, nudging Lena’s shoulder with a grin.

“I would rather die than get your child to play wingman for me,” Lena said with a laugh, taking a long sip from her drink. “I mean, I do appreciate the information, but I already agreed to say hi to her at the… what is it? A pizza thing?”

“Yeah, we’re all going to that pizza place near Whole Foods whether they win or not,” Sam said, nodding. “I think there are trophies involved, maybe a cake.”

“I would have worn something nicer if I knew it was an awards ceremony,” Lena said, frowning slightly at her outfit.

“Lena, it’s pizza. You look great.”

They ended up sitting down in the folding chairs Sam had brought, chatting and cheering for Ruby each time she was vaguely close to the ball. Lena tried her best to at least focus somewhat on what was going on, but she found herself practically drooling over the coach, coach Danvers as she’d just learned, every thirty seconds. She drained her Bloody Mary a bit too fast, more than slightly buzzed by half time and definitely feeling more confident about flirting after the game.

“Do you think she’s even into femmes?” she asked once the ball was in motion again, pushing her glasses down her nose and lifting an eyebrow in the blonde’s general direction.

“I’d be shocked if she’s not, I mean… I don’t know. I get the feeling you’re her type,” Sam said, tilting her head thoughtfully. “But then again, you thought that you were that waitress’ type and she wasn’t even gay, so-”

“We don’t need to talk about that,” Lena interrupted, laughing. “That’s why I’m just going to introduce myself and see what happens.”

“Fair enough. I mean, I would be genuinely shocked if a woman that built who drives all the way here from wherever she lives in an absolutely ridiculous truck covered in stickers to coach soccer wasn’t into women of some sort.”

“She drives a truck?” Lena asked, her heart beating a bit faster. She hadn’t realized how much she missed actually being around butch women rather than just staring at them longingly.

“Of course she drives a truck!”

“I bet it smells like Old Spice,” Lena mused.

“God, you’re a disaster.”

Lena reapplied her lipstick in the parking lot in front of the pizza place, checking her reflection and opening her glove compartment to find her backup makeup kit so she could fix up her eyebrows a bit before opening her door. She ditched her hat as she got out and combed her fingers through her hair, checking her teeth in the reflection of her phone while she made he way through the lot. She decided to text Sam before walking in just to be safe, hovering to the side of the doorway as she typed.


Is she in there already?

Not yet

Lena you’re a middle schooler

Just come inside!!!


Before Lena had a chance to respond, a voice startled her so badly she almost dropped her phone.

“Let me get that for you.” A tanned arm reached to open the door, holding it aside so Lena could pass.

“Oh, thanks,” Lena said, a bit flustered as she looked up at the woman once they were inside. “You’re coach Danvers,” she stated bluntly, cheeks pink as she removed her sunglasses.

“You can just call me Kara,” she answered with an amused laugh. “It’s good to finally meet you, it’s so wonderful that Ruby has such a great support system at home. Some of these kids don’t even have one parent show up at games.”

Lena furrowed her brows for a moment before Sam approached them, Ruby already seated at a table chatting with her teammates about the game.

“Ms. Arias! I was just introducing myself to-”

“Lena. Luthor, Lena Luthor.” Smooth.

“Oh! Like the hotels,” Kara said, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah,” Lena said, laughing nervously. It was always a little awkward when people recognized her family’s name, especially due to controversy that surrounded her brother Lex and the way he sought to ‘improve’ the luxury hotel chain once he took over. She never really wanted to get involved in the business, and the fact that she was a lesbian and would rather drink bleach than vote republican made it easy for her mother to edge her out of all family business discussions so she could live out her days as an outcast heiress in suburbia. It wasn’t the worst deal, really. She’d rather be lonely than part of a family who denounced her favorite parts of herself.

“Well,” Kara said, addressing Sam as well as Lena. “I was just telling your-” She glanced down at both of their hands, then smiled brightly, “-partner that it’s lovely to finally chat!”

Sam let out a surprised laugh, watching as Kara frowned slightly in confusion and Lena turned redder than she already was.

“We’re not-”

“She’s not my-”

“Oh my god, I am so sorry, I really shouldn’t have assumed-”

Lena wanted to die. This whole time, every single game she’d gone to, Kara was under the impression that she and Sam were Ruby’s parents. That would explain the odd comment earlier and the keen kindness and appreciation of Lena’s presence at the field, seeing as the woman had thought she’d found a whole entire lesbian couple to hang out with and befriend. Kara was still rambling, doing unnecessary damage control while Lena tried to form a coherent thought that wasn’t one of humiliation.

“I mean, it’s 2018, you can be straight and co-parent, you can… like, do whatever you want, you know? That was so inappropriate, god, I really am sorry.”

“I’m not… I’m a lesbian, I’m just not a lesbian with her,” Lena said, stringing together the least eloquent words she’d said all week. “Best friends,” she added.

“Right,” Sam confirmed. “Not currently lesbianing together.”

Kara opened and closed her mouth a few times, then laughed and clapped a hand to her forehead. “Okay, wow. I’m not completely insane, then.”

Lena let out a laugh as well, glad they were moving towards the point of the conversation where it was more funny than awkward. “No, no, you’re fine. Good eye,” she said, smirking a bit.

“I mean…” Kara looked Lena up and down, then shrugged. “I was getting a vibe but then I thought I might just be hopeful.”

Sam caught Lena’s eye and grinned, giving her shoulder a squeeze before going over to help some of the other parents set up the trophies in rows on a table.

“Oh? So you would have chatted me up even if I was with Sam?” Lena asked playfully, tilting her head.

“Who said I was chatting you up?” Kara countered, her posture sturdier now, arms crossing over her chest.

Lena felt her heartbeat pick up, eyes flicking to Kara’s biceps, then to her neck (what a neck) before meeting her gaze again. “I was getting a vibe,” she quipped in Kara’s words, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear with a smile.

“Cute,” Kara murmured under hear breath, catching her lip with her teeth briefly before looking over at the trophies and the girls from the team eagerly sipping celebratory sodas while they waited for pizza. “Listen...I should go do the trophy thing and I’m sort of starving, but I’d like to catch you again before this wraps up,” she said, and Lena really had no choice but to indulge her. Admittedly she didn’t really want to have a choice in the first place, but having Kara’s eyes on her and hearing the sincerity in her voice, the confidence in her request to see her again before she left… She didn’t stand a chance.

“Sure,” Lena said, nodding quickly. Kara touched her lower back briefly before she walked off, rendering her immobile for a moment before she hurried over to sit beside Sam so they could watch the girls receive their trophies and certificates. They cheered loud enough to embarrass Ruby when she was recognized as best goalie, earning an eye roll from her and a huge grin from Kara. The cake had blue frosting and a Supergirl figurine next to a little plastic ball, and Lena thought it looked inedible and tacky but also very charming. She watched with amazement as Kara put away at least six slices of pizza and two slices of cake, followed them with a large Mountain Dew, and then went back for another slice, then let her mind wander in the direction of just how much exercise the woman must do to maintain her body while eating like a fourteen year old boy. After the food portion of the event she took photos of Ruby and Sam, then Ruby and Kara, then had Kara take one of the three of them.

“Great family photo,” Kara joked, laughing as Lena sighed.

“You’re going to have to stop saying things like that or I’ll feel guilty for wanting your number,” Lena said, a smug smile on her face as Kara raised her eyebrows. She was out of practice, but that didn’t mean she’d lost all her tricks. There was a difference between making moves and getting others to make moves on her, and the latter was always her favorite way to go.

Ruby made a gagging motion at Lena, but she couldn’t completely hide her smile. Sam shot her a look, but she just shrugged. “What? I’ve never seen Lena flirt before. It’s gross.”

Kara raised her eyebrows and tried to swallow her laughter, waving goodbye as Sam tugged Ruby out of the restaurant while mouthing a dramatic ‘sorry’ at Lena. “She’s funny,” she said once they were gone, leaning back against the table behind her.

“Yeah, just a little too honest,” Lena agreed, a blush returning to her cheeks once she noticed the way Kara was eyeing her. There was something about a woman clearly demonstrating attraction that was unfamiliar even for someone who’d liked girls her entire life. Being taught that liking other women was dirty, or that butches were predatory, or that lesbians had to court each other in secret really did shape most of her dating life, and that fact made being checked out in a pizza parlor by a soccer coach with blue frosting on her cheek surprisingly incredible.

“So, will you text me if I put my number in or are you going to be shy?” Kara asked once she was done looking Lena over, still holding her phone.

Lena shrugged coyly, fidgeting with the strap on her handbag. “Depends…” she offered, watching as Kara grinned and dialed her own number to call herself from Lena’s phone before handing it back. Clever.

“That’s what I figured. I’ll text you ,” Kara said, clearly pleased with herself.

“I’ll look forward to it,” Lena murmured, already anticipating spending a night in drinking wine and waiting for her phone to chime.

“I should probably get going, traffic gets bad soon…”

“Yeah, I have to go too. My baby’s waiting at home,” Lena said, fishing her sunglasses out of her bag.

“Is that right?” Kara asked, picking her soccer bag up off of the floor beside the table.

“Yeah, my cat. Prosecco,” Lena said with a nod, sighing happily. “Lovely girl.”

“Prosecco,” Kara repeated, shaking her head lightly. “You really are something, Lena Luthor.”

“You’re something too, Kara Danvers.”

Lena was giddy for the whole drive home, deciding upon arrival that she’d draw herself a bath once she’d had a glass or two of wine and try to relax as she waited for a text. Kara had mentioned traffic, implying she lived closer to the city, so she really shouldn’t get her hopes up for at least an hour, but maybe Kara meant traffic as in suburban traffic (getting stuck at a light for five minutes) which could put her at something more in the realm of half an hour. She’d genuinely considered asking where she lived so that she could pull up the area on maps and reduce her anxiety, but that seemed a little over the top and she figured Kara really did want to keep chatting with her.

After opening a bottle of wine for herself and a bottle of water for Prosecco, she curled up on the couch with her glass and texted Sam.


what do I do if Kara doesn’t like me???

Not in like a 6th grader crush way but like

What if she doesnt want anything serious because of my family


Lena sighed, taking a long sip of wine and running a hand back through her hair. It almost felt silly to worry about any kind of seriousness after talking to someone attractive a single time, but preparing for the worst was sort of in her nature and she didn’t want to get too attached just because they seemed to have chemistry based off of one interaction.


do you have wine?

its 5:30

so yes


take a big sip

and R E L A X

you deserve this, lena.

I just dont want to get invested

try to let yourself do something fun that involves another person

even if that’s just banging my kid’s soccer coach one time!!


I dont know how to do this

also I dont want to bang one time!

then give her the benefit of the doubt here

if she was turned off by your name she wouldn’t have ur #

youve got this

sorry im like this

love you, s

love you, l


Lena took a deep breath, downing the rest of her glass before pouring another. Flip flopping between excitement and fear was better than nothing at all, at least it gave her something to occupy her mind with. She brought her wine into the master bath, scurrying back out to grab her phone after turning on the water. She played a relaxing playlist from her Spotify and undressed, setting her phone carefully next to the tub before plugging the drain and eventually slipping into the hot water with a sigh. She tried to sip her wine slowly, but slow by her standard still had her half way through the bottle by the time her phone finally chimed with a notification.


sorry it took me so long to text you, there was traffic and I was in a rush to get home and kept trying to use the faster route google maps told me was available but then it just kept making the drive longer and when I went to text you I realized I didn’t have anything clever to say because I used my allotted number of smooth lines for the day so I spent an additional five minutes trying to figure out a cute and clever conversation starter and then deleting and retyping this text


I’m just gonna go ahead and send this one now


this is kara btw


ruby’s soccer coach !!


Lena had scrambled to dry her hand so she could pick up her phone, reading and rereading Kara’s messages and genuinely unsure of how to respond. Of course she had to be dorky and hilarious as well as strikingly confident and unnaturally hot, it would have been too easy for Lena to distance herself if she was just sexy and cool. She grinned, shaking her head and letting her thumb hover over her keyboard as she plotted her reply.


hey kara danvers, ruby’s soccer coach

i was starting to think you’d already found another marriage to destroy ;)


Lena squinted after hitting send, not remembering whether or not Buzzfeed was pro or anti winky face these days. Kara seemed like someone who might call her out for bad smiley usage, but then again she had sent a paragraph of rambling a minute before.


funny girl

you really have no faith in my morals, huh?


Another glass of wine was poured and half-gulped during contemplation of Lena’s next text.


do you really need to worry about morals with a body like that?

you’re much bolder over text

not that i mind it

to be fair we were in a pizza parlor with children

i also may or may not be a little bit drunk

so.... if we went somewhere with no children

and i bought you some drinks

would you talk like that to my face?


Lena bit her lip, her cheeks hot. Sam had told her to have fun even if it didn’t turn into anything serious, and she’d be lying if she said the idea of hanging out with Kara in a more mature setting didn’t excite her.


i guess we might have to find out