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Paper Trails

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Today is 25 November 2017, 08:43

You have been redirected to Dr. Theodore Nott's voicemail. Please state your message after the beep.


Caller: Hello? Draco? Um… this is Teddy. Can we go ice skating again today? If it's okay… Tomorrow is okay, too. Um… just let me know.


You have 2 messages.

From: Nott Jr.

Saturday, 25 November 2017 09:21

Message: Teddy just mis-dialed me thinking I was you and left a voicemail asking if you can go ice skating with him 'again' today.

Saturday, 25 November 2017 09:23

Message: Bloody hell, Draco?! Is your secret girlfriend who I think she is?!

Nimbus Messenger

25 November 2017


You are chatting with  DrTheo .

DrTheo is typing…

DrTheo: How long

Daphne_GG: ?

DrTheo: Draco and Luna

Daphne_GG: Shit.

DrTheo: Oh my god

Daphne_GG: How did you find out?

DrTheo: Teddy mistakenly called me and left a voicemail asking Draco if they can go ice skating 'again' today.

DrTheo: Teddy said he hung out with Draco and his girlfriend last weekend.

Daphne_GG: Ah.

Daphne_GG: Well, you all were going to find out yesterday anyway if Zabini wasn't hospitalized by a drugged creep.

DrTheo: So it's true?

Daphne_GG: What do you think?

DrTheo: It hasn't even been a month since they met!

DrTheo: And he ran over her, Daphne! Isn't this some kind of overblown guilt?

Daphne_GG: Have them checked if you're so worried.

Daphne_GG: You've met Luna. If she'd known he had been pursuing her out of remorse, he'd never even get to touch her.

DrTheo: …you have a point.

Daphne_GG: They're in a perfectly happy, healthy relationship.

Daphne_GG: Your shock is getting the better of you. Relax.

DrTheo: It's just… I never expected this.

Daphne_GG: Neither have I, but you should see them.

Daphne_GG: Draco's been so much easier to handle since they got together.

DrTheo: When did you know about this?

Daphne_GG: Party night a couple of weeks ago.

DrTheo: What!

DrTheo: How?

Daphne_GG: Well, we picked up Luna from the hospital that morning and Draco wasn't just careful, he was affectionate. Mildly. But still more than usual, which is never.

Daphne_GG: I thought it was just his guilt still eating him up but then I caught them stealing glances at each other during the party.

Daphne_GG: I simply interrogated Malfoy, helped set up their date that Friday, and voila!

DrTheo: Wow.

DrTheo: Okay.

DrTheo: Draco and Luna… wow.

Daphne_GG: You'll get used to it. (lol) They're adorable.

Daphne_GG: And that's not a word I ever thought I'd use on Malfoy.

DrTheo: I take it that I'm not allowed to tell the others about this?

Daphne_GG: Of course not. Let them do the honors. You just found out by accident.

DrTheo: Okay.

Daphne_GG: Besides, we still have a bet to win. ;-)

This conversation has been saved.

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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Name / Age / Time In / Time Out

Teddy L. / 5 / 12:47 / 16:04

Draco M. / 29 / 12:47 / 16:04

Luna L. / 22 / 12:50 / 16:04