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I Don’t Say No

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I still don’t know how things got to this point. I wish I could say I wasn’t entirely at fault but it comes down to this: I did it of my own free will. And my God, I have never been more remorseful in my life.
I ruined everything.
“Ichimatsu? really mean it?” I felt a blush cover my cheeks at his confession.
“Tch. Do you need me to repeat myself, damnit? I...I like you, idiot. I want to..” his face was flushed adorably. “I want to be in a relationship with you. If you’ll have me.”
I can only imagine the courage it must have taken him to tell me how he felt. Of course, I love my brothers with all my heart and soul, and to know one of them could love me this much? Well…
How can I say no to this?
I held my arms out to him, smiling brightly. “Of course I’ll have you, my dearest Ichimatsu.”
His eyes went wide, then tears filled them, the most joyous and relieved smile gracing his features as he dived into my arms, nuzzling shyly into my chest, hiding his face.
“Thank you. God, thank you.”
From the doorway, Osomatsu peeked in and shot me a thumbs-up, grinning, rubbing under his nose, before walking away. He obviously knew the whole situation. He’d been the one to tell me Ichimatsu wanted to talk to me, after all.
Though I thought I saw just a bit of melancholy in his eyes for a moment.
To be honest, I never came close to imagining a brother of mine would fall in love with me, but if any I would have imagined it would be Osomatsu.
Ever since The Ichimatsu Incident he’d been treating me a bit differently. He’d been much more touchy-feely, and started to actually pay attention to me.
But now I suppose he must have been gauging my reaction to implied incest to learn my stance on the topic, which then must have been reported back to our little Ichimatsu.
Well, regardless of morality in this case, I do dearly and truly love and adore all of my brothers. If one feels even more than brotherly emotions towards me...well, of course, I’ll accept.

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My relationship with Ichimatsu was going wonderfully. He rarely hit me anymore unless I was pissing him off too much. I wouldn’t consider that abuse though. Just an irritated brother.
Suddenly having someone who loved me so much was indescribably incredible. I was so happy!
My little Ichimatsu liked to cuddle up with me at bedtime, snuggled up with me during the day, curled up and purring *literally purring* in my lap whenever he wanted.
I wouldn’t say he was clingy, no. He just seemed to genuinely love being around me, despite his comments.
He’d take me with him to feed the strays, he taught me how to properly approach them, how to show I could be trusted.
He showed me places he liked to go to just to be alone, places I never knew existed. He was opening up to me in so many ways, sharing secrets I never knew existed. I could tell he wholeheartedly trusted me.
I had never in my life been so happy.
Sometimes Osomatsu would take us out to eat, ask about our relationship, sometimes even help with any issues that popped up, like when I’d spend too much time with Totty (which I refuted with accusations of his time spent with Jyushimatsu). Somehow my dearest Aniki could always help us with those issues.
My precious Ichimatsu and I were so happy.
I loved it.
He loved it.
We were so, so, so happy.
Why couldn’t I have let us be happy?

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“Ichimatsu~? I have recently been granted the duty of editi-”

“Get to the point, Itaimatsu-niisan.”

Karamatsu forced himself to maintain a smile, in order to reply to his darling’s request. “Ah. I have to work late tonight. The most recently recruited artist has apparently recorded five songs in just one day! They have instructed me to listen to every take, and get-”

“Edit the songs or whatever, got it.”

“Oh, um. Essentially I suppose. There is a bit more to i-”


Karamatsu flinched at the aggression, and decided any response he could possibly come up with would be replied to by some sort of act of violence. Ichimatsu was obviousoly in a sour mood.

Karamatsu truly adored his brother beloved. He was aware that incestuous activity was frowned upon by society, however so was NEETdom, which he had been in for years till he got this weird music internship thing, and besides that, much like any other homosexual couple, they had no risk of bringing “defective” progeny into the world, so their relationship was, to be frank, none of anyone’s fucking business. Unconventional, yes, but also not affecting nor harming anyone.


Anyone else.

Karamatsu still felt his dearest brother was sometimes being more than brotherly violent and cruel to him outside of times of intimacy. He adored his brother a great deal; however… having your affection so often met with disdain makes one question many things. Of course, the amount of courage it took Ichimatsu to admit his feelings to himself, Karamatsu, and even more so their brothers, had cemented a monumental decision; they were beyond fortunate enough to receive the blessings of not only their brothers, but even their parents.

Granted, their parents realized that meant a third of their biological grandchildren would never be conceived, but they had long since given up all hope; the prospect of the two adopting children became their new drive. The fact that incest was involved had honest to God never even factored into their opinions. When it was mentioned “Ah, Kaa-san, Tou-san, Karamatsu and Ichimatsu are...well..they’re together n-”

All hell broke loose and instead of the expected disappointment, they were met with ecstatic and fucking THRILLED parents.

Most of the time, things carried on as usual. When they all slept, Karamatsu was the big spoon and Ichimatsu was the little spoon.

This may have gone entirely unnoticed previously.

They had no reason to keep track of such acts.

But now.

Todomatsu was acutely aware of where any of the other two’s limbs were at any point in time, and made a mental catalogue.

Atsushi had been neglecting him lately. Not cheating on him, of course, just being constantly “too busy” for him.

He hadn’t considered incest to be a possibility. He had been harboring intense desire for the second eldest for years. And now, out of nowhere, Ichimatsu of all people had staked claim on him? He didn’t treat him right whatsoever! Todomatsu could show his most beloved Nii-san what being loved really meant.

Should he do it, though? He knew Ichimatsu-niisan and Karamatsu-niisan were a couple.
Ichimatsu-niisan was taking advantage of Karamatsu-niisan. He wasn’t treating him the way he should. Karamatsu-niisan deserved to be on the highest of pedestals, not degraded and abused. Todomatsu could provide so much more than Ichimatsu ever could.

And quite frankly…

Why wasn’t he?

His body was very similar to his older brother’s. They were both soft in all the right places, chests worthy of being groped, asses firm and supple, faces cute, though different ends of the spectrum, and legs shaved and desirable. Yes, they both shaved their legs.


Why not show his favourite big brother what it truly meant to be loved.

Todomatsu quietly extended his hand to caress every part of Karamatsu's body he could, planting kisses on his neck, making sure not to wake him, just plant the ideas in his mind that maybe, there was a partner better for him than Ichimatsu.

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I woke up to the sun shining in my face. I snuggled into the warmth of Ichimatsu in front of me, smiling when I felt him melt back into me, breath tickling the back of my… neck? What? To-Totty..?

“Ah. Todomatsu?”

“Mmh...Yes, Nii-saaaaaan?”

“Is, ah, is something wrong?”

“Heheh, nope. Why?”

Ichimatsu sat up abruptly, and glared down at our baby brother, cuddled up to my back. “Todomatsu, what are you doing.”

Todomatsu giggled quietly, and wrapped his arms around my waist, propping his head up on mine, nuzzling into my neck. “I’m cold, Ichimatsu. Ever since you two got together, Nii-san doesn’t cuddle me anymore.” I felt him pout, and just knew he was giving Ichimatsu his big doe eyes.

“I’ll cuddle ya, Totty,” Osomatsu interjected, pulling the youngest into him, before yelling in pain.

“You’ll drool on my is what you’ll do, Osomatsu-niisan. I want Karamatsu-niichan!”

The room dropped dead quiet at that. Even Jyushimatsu’s snoring went quiet, despite him still being asleep.

Despite Todomatsu’s utilizing being the youngest, using his cuteness to his advantage, he’d never sink low enough to pull a “nii-chan”. I could practically hear the envy dripping from Osomatsu.

I sat up and looked pleadingly at Ichimatsu, hoping he’d care about the current mood in the room, “ah, my love, perhaps for just the colder nights, I could face towards Todomatsu instead? And you could cuddle up behind m-”

A pillow to my face interrupted me. By the time I readjusted and looked at him again, he was at the shoji about to leave. “I don’t cuddle. Do whatever the fuck you want, nii-san.”

And with that he left, presumably for the bathroom. With a barely audible cheer, Todomatsu threw himself at me, snuggling into my chest with a contented sigh and a bright smile, pushing me back to the futon and pretending to sleep immediately. Osomatsu had a disgruntled blank expression, while Choromatsu was eyeing Totty with blatant suspicion, but why, I wasn’t sure.

Shrugging it off, I wrapped my arms around my baby brother and fell back asleep.


Osomatsu frowned at the scene before him. Something had to be up. Todomatsu had been acting strangely ever since the two announced their relationship. Maybe it was because now Todomatsu wasn’t the only one in a relationship. But that wouldn’t explain the ordeal that had just occurred.

Whatever he was up to, Osomatsu didn’t like it. He wasn’t even the one dating Karamatsu (as much as he wanted to be) and even he was brimming with anger and jealousy and possessiveness. hed given up Karamatsu to Ichimatsu for a reason: so they could both experience something amazing they could only provide for each other. Todomatsu either didn’t care or didn’t realize how he was acting.

It was entirely possible he felt neglected by his childhood partner. Understandable, but he of all people should have the social skills to realize that now that there was a romantic relationship between two brothers there was a shift in dynamics and new lines were drawn. Snuggling was on the okay side of the line; taking the other’s place in snuggling crossed it. CALLING HIM NII-CHA— okay, that didn’t cross it but why couldn’t Osomatsu get called nii-chan too?

But anyway, if Totty was doing this on purpose and Karamatsu… no, Karamatsu was a good guy. Everything would be fine.



‘Alright,’ Totty thought, cuddled close to Karamatsu, 'I’ve got the youngest advantage. That shouldn’t be too hard. Let’s see. I’ll have to act how I would if we were together. I’ll take him on a date! I get his advice on my outfit, complement his, see if I can hold his hand. Gasp. I know the perfect date!

With a smirk, he “sleepily” cuddled closer, “accidentally” intertwining their legs, frowning when the other stiffened, but stayed tangled, until he finally relaxed. He sighed happily, smiling when the elder did as well

An hour later, Totty was rushing through breakfast, annoyed (but hiding it) at how close Ichimatsu was sitting to Karamatsu, holding hands under the table, making Ichimatsu eat with one hand and Karamatsu with this offhand, obviously a struggle for him.

A fantasy flashed in his mind. If it was him instead of Ichimatsu, he’d be better. Totty would prepare breakfast for the two of them. When the others would fuck off to the table, Todomatsu would bring up a tray of rice topped with raw egg, sprinkles of furikake, along with miso soup and sliced peaches, and serve his lover breakfast in bed. They’d take turns feeding each other. Straight out of a cheesy teen romance, forever in their honeymoon phase. Ah, they’d both love that. Some days Karamatsu would wake up early to return the favor, have breakfast ready on the table for when Todomatsu would get back from his morning jog. Oh! Maybe they could start jogging together! Pass Sutabaa, share drinks, stroll through the park, detour to a secluded area in the woods, hidden by trees, lips and hands roaming—



“Are you done?”

Ah, the euphemisms he could come up with. But instead he handed over his dishes to his green brother. “Yeah, thanks, Nii-san.”

Feeling eyes on him, he saw Ichimatsu glaring at him. Caught staring, at the blue brother, probably. Oops. How to cover it…

“Ne, Karamatsu-niisan, I had a dream about you and it got me thinking. Want to go to the mall with me today?”

Ichimatsu’s glare hardened. “What was the dream.”

Todomatsu nearly scowled. “A dream where we went to the mall, duh! What’s your deal, Nii-san? Can’t let Karamatsu-niisan spend time with anyone else? Jealous?”

“Are you??”

“Yes! I want to hang out with Karamatsu-niisan! Why do you have to make me feel bad for missing my big brother? You’re such a bully, Nii-san!” Well, luckily the wording of that truthful slipup sounded innocent.

Surprisingly, Ichimatsu had the decency to look guilty, which was the best apology he could give. Karamatsu, who obviously knew that better than anyone took that as his cue to cut in.

“I would love to accompany you on a shopping excursion this lovely day darling Todomatsu! I appreciate your invitation immensely!”

Smiling his usual cute smile, holding back a smirk, Totty made his eyes sparkle. “Thanks, Nii-san! I’m so happy!”

Karamatsu’s genuine smile made Totty’s heart flutter.

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“C’mon, Nii-san!” Totty called. I drew away from the shop window, preparing to pass the store that sold my potential next piece a perfect fashion only to discover my younger brother entering. Taken aback by the unlikely occurrence of Todomatsu of all people entering a store that I would shop at, I stumbled in after him. Glancing around I found him at a rack in the back, one that held the very sweatshirt on display I’d had my eye on previously. He was picking out two, one pink and purple, one blue and green, and approached me, smiling. Lookit, we can match!

Todomatsu wanting to match with me? In public? I must’ve looked as shocked as I felt, because he giggled cutely before turning back to the clothes.

“Karamatsu-niisan, I have an idea! Let’s pick out an outfit for each other! Or a couple, then model them for each other, you can teach me how to pose, since you’re so good at it!”

Something had to be up. Nothing ever goes this well for me. I felt my heart sink as it occurred to me that this must be some sort of prank or joke on me.

“Totty... that isn’t funny. You almost had me though, so congratulations on your superb acting skills!”

He frowned at me, looking honestly hurt, and I felt guilty for doubting him. Before I could speak, he grabbed a handful of clothing as well as accessories, and dragged me to the dressing rooms. He hurriedly helped me disrobe, and handed me each piece of clothing until I wore the complete selected ensemble. Casual skinny jeans, a belt with a chain, a pair of black low-heeled boots, a simple designed blue shirt, a black zip up hoodie with faux fur on the hood, a wristband, and a chain necklace.

I loved it.

I looked to Totty for his appraisal, to find him looking rather smug, admiring the outfit he’d put me in. Apparently he liked the way the jeans looked on me best, as that’s where his gaze seemed to be drawn. I looked as well and had to admit, none of my own pants made my backside look quite as good as these did. I couldn’t wait to show Ichimatsu!

Amidst my self-admiration, I noticed Todomatsu’s expression sour. Ah, I must have said that out loud. I suppose hearing one brother speak of another like that may be potentially off-putting to another, thus spoiling the mood. He shoved me back into the main store with a glare.

“Go pick me a summer outfit. Your style. Go!” Well, at least he was still up for shopping. Fifteen minutes later, I returned with my arms stuffed with garments, triumphantly presenting him with my own selections. He smiled and entered a fitting room, keeping up a conversation as he changed and I awaited his presentation.

“So, how are things with Ichimatsu going?” He asked.

“Oh, wonderful! I must say, I’m all my life, I never imagined he’d present his heart to me, trust me with its care, and care for mine in return! Yes, the joy I’ve felt these past 11 months and 2 weeks is nearly insurmountable, certainly unforeseen but so very treasured, as I myself feel and I hope my love feels as well!”

“...And how are things really going?”

“Eh?” What did he mean by that? “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, you guys seem to fight a lot,” he replied.

“I wouldn’t say ‘a lot’, of course we have the occasional lovers’ spat.”

“The way he talks to you seems like more than just spats, Nii-san,” he said.

I cringed, glad he couldn’t see me at the moment. “I admit he may be harsh at times, but I’m sure he doesn’t mean it; it’s just in the heat of the moment that he says certain things.”

“He should still be held accountable for talking to you like that.”

....true, I guess...

“I... suppose I should speak with him about it if it does bother me. Not that it does! But I can see how, from an outside perspective, it would seem harsher than it needs to be.”

“I think that’s from any perspective, Nii-san,” I thought I heard him scoff.

I wasn’t liking the direction of this conversation anymore. “I suppose so. Alright, I’ll speak to him about it.”

“Good. You deserve better, Karamatsu-niisan.

“Th-thank you, Totty,” I felt my face flush.

“You’re welcome,” he said with a soft laugh.

Speaking of relationships.

“What about you and Atsushi?” I asked and was met with the sound of something falling. “What was that? Are you okay??”

“I’m fine, let’s just not talk about him.”

Well, that didn’t sound good.

“Oh. May I ask why?” I gently inquired so as to not anger him for still sort of pushing the topic.

There was a pause before he answered, “Things aren’t going very spectacular at the moment,” he grunted.

Oh, my poor Totty.

“I see.” Another pregnant pause. “Well, Todomatsu, just be aware that I am always available for you to talk to, regardless of subject matter, if or when ever you find yourself wanting to.“

A third pause.

“I know. Thank you. I will if I think I need to. Or want to.

“But anyways, are you ready to see?”

He stepped out of the dressing room looking phenomenal in the number I chose for him! Shorts with rhinestones lining the pockets, a pink crop top with fringe skirting the hem, tan combat boots, pink scrunched up socks, and a gray sweatshirt, unzipped, that he wore off the shoulder.

He looked.

Damn. Good.

I mean. Ahem. Of course he did! Heh, he shares genes with me, after all! And much like me happened to be quite a natural at posing very provocatively.

Had his ass always looked that firm?

Ah! I mean! I’m proud of him for keeping himself in such great shape!

“Ahem,” Totty cleared his throat. Mistake! Was I just checking out my little brother?! One I’m not dating??


Todomatsu used all his will power to hold back a smirk. The stare Karamatsu gave his ass was all he needed to know this would work. By next month, he’d have him.


We went to the food court after a few more stores where Todomatsu posed in simply sinful outfits. Luckily he had his boyfriend’s credit card.


Boyfriend! Right! That’s why we bought those clothes. For our boyfriends! We had to model them for each other to make sure they looked good! Yes.

Not that I had thoughts there were other reasons. Certainly.


Food court. We got ice cream cones. Todomatsu ordered vanilla for me with a wink which frankly felt like a challenge, and cotton candy for himself. “Blue and pink look so good together, huh, Nii-san?” He’d mentioned at one point. I started blushing for some odd reason, regardless of the frozen treat he’d treated me to.

On the way home, it was getting dark out. He insisted we hold hands on account of his fear of darkness. He must have been very afraid, for he clung to me quite tightly.

As we approached our household, he pressed a kiss to my cheek.

“Thank you for today, Karamatsu-niisan. It meant a lot to me.”

“Of course my dear To-... T-Todo...”

He began kissing my cheek repeatedly, ending just at the corner of my mouth. He held himself close to me and looked into my eyes so deeply. We stayed that way a moment or two longer than felt innocent, his body pressed to mine, his hands both clinging to one of mine, a small, happy smile gracing his lips.

“Really. Thank you.”

He slowly pulled away and entered the house. My face was burning. I caught my breath before following, taking my place at the dinner table close to my Ichimatsu’s side.

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Ichimatsu woke up feeling cold. He moved to curl further into Karamatsu’s back— to find he wasn’t there. He opened his eyed in confusion, which grew further as he noticed the absence of the rest of his brothers as well. He blinked for a moment, before turning to the clock. Only about 9:00 A.M.? Why on earth…

Then he noticed the scent in the air. Before he could get up to investigate, he heard the shoji open slowly. He looked over to see Karamatsu holding a tray, a dazzling smile on his face, blushing lightly. He placed the tray beside Ichimatsu, brushed his bangs back and kissed his forehead, whispering “good morning, my sweet love.” He stood and walked to the windows, letting in the light of a bright and inviting morning, before excusing himself and retrieving a second tray from the hall and sitting in his place with it after placing the first across ichimatsu’s lap, who had been watching on in a dreamlike trance.

Before him was a plate of scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon bits and a side of sausage, (no surprise that it’s be an American style breakfast), along with a tiny vase holding a couple fuchsia carnations with a note tied to it. He lifted it, and it read, surprisingly simply, ’Happy Anniversary, my darling Ichimatsu! -Karamatsu’ but written in English, of course, in purple and blue ink. Karamatsu sat waiting patiently for Ichimatsu to react. When he did, most of it was internal, noticeable only by his silence and slowly growing blush.

Anniversary. Happy. Happy. Ichimatsu. Happy. Karamatsu. Happy Anniversary. One year. One year! Today! He remembered! He made breakfast! In bed! For their one year anniversary! Together! Happy! For him!!

His heart swelled inside his chest as if the butterflies in his stomach were swirling and twirling so enthusiastically, they were causing it to fly! His head felt sweetly dizzy and his throat closed on the praises and thanks that were pleading to spill from his lips and make their way to his Karamatsu’s ears. His Karamatsu. He felt his eyes begin to swim much like they had a year ago when Karamatsu had first accepted him and his feelings.

He was aware back then that Karamatsu didn’t love him, not that way at least. But even though the feelings were unrequited, he still said yes and gave him a chance. But now, he knew, he knew, he knew, Karamatsu finally, finally loved him back the way he did, finally reciprocated, finally! Oh, god in heaven, how could trash like him deserve love like this? He didn’t. But he had it, he had it! This Love was his! This boy was his!

He shifted away from his tray, his fringe casting a shadow across his features, and pushed Karamatsu’s tray aside.

“Ichimatsu?” He sounded unsure. Of course he would. That would change soon.

Ichimatsu shoved him flat on the futon, ignoring the flicker of fear in his eyes, and straddled his hips, leaning down close before letting the light hit his face, tears finally breaking, panting out ‘thank you’s and kissing him, so softly, so gently, oh, his lips were soft, too soft; it made the tears fall faster, little hiccups between murmurs and kisses. This was happiness. And he was helpless to the feeling, to Karamatsu. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

After plenty of kisses exchanged, Karamatsu chuckled against his lips, “Breakfast will get cold lest we consume it in a timely manner, my blushing beloved,” which snapped Ichimatsu back to reality. Heh. Well, what do you know. It was reality this whole time. He grinned and sat back again, hiding his face while he mumbled “thanks for the food” and dug in. It was delicious, the cheese melted just right.

He turned to Karamatsu with some and offered it, prompting a cheesy couple-feeding-each-other scene.

Immersed in each other as they were, they didn’t feel a set of eyes on them, pink irises almost burning green with envy.

Karamatsu allowed Ichimatsu to clean up after breakfast at his vehemence after discovering there were further plans for the day, insisting Karamatsu start getting ready now so they could get the day started before it was over. Though he implored him not to dress too flashy. Not for reasons one might think. Like being too painful or ugly or embarrassing to be around, or bringing attention to brothers being on a date, but because he fully intended to be glued to Karamatsu's side and flashy clothes would bring attention to him by proxy and we all know how he feels about receiving attention in public. So he left do get ready.

Once cleaned up, Ichimatsu did the same, unsure of what to wear until Todomatsu turned up to change his own clothes and offered to help dress his older brother.

He selected his paw print T shirt along with his purple cardigan, torn jeans, a lavender scarf, and allowed him to stick with his usual sandals provided he let Totty muss up his hair with product to give it more controlled chaos.

Wishing him luck on his date, Totty left with Osomatsu who had just turned up, saying something about Karamatsu’s jeans. Both seemed a bit down saying their well-wishes though.

Those concerns were for another day, Ichimatsu decided as he looked in the mirror, for once actually smiling at his reflection, and he descended the stairs, watching his boyfriend be caught off guard by impromptu ass grabs by the two brothers leaving. Instead of being upset, he found it funny as hell.


I had just began the finishing touches to my look when I heard the front shoji open and close. I sighed frustratedly. I’d already passed by Todomatsu earlier, who said he’d swung by to change. I payed these guys to leave early, how many would be coming back home before the agreed time? I’d have to demand my money back if they didn’t leave us to our special day soon.

I peeked around the corner, holding back a glare when I saw Osomatsu, until he began admiring my outfit, much like Totty had the other day. Ever one to please, I began throwing out poses on repeat anime-style, noting to myself that this much booty appreciation must mean these pants compliment my ass even more than I realized.

“What do you think, brother? Stunning, non? Ah but enough of that, what are you doing here?”

“Oh,” he ceased his admiration to respond, “I haven’t seen Todomatsu out anywhere and thought maybe he’d come back early, have you seen the little rascal?”

“Yes, he came by to change his own apparel some time ago. He should be done soon.”

“Of course he said that. So he’s with Ichimacchan, then? I’ll go check on them.”

“W— brother, wait!”

He paused on the steps. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I kinda wanted those two to have a few moments alone. They seemed to not be getting along too well lately, I wasn’t sure how to help. “Er. I’m. How, ummmm. How. Does. My backside look??”

Oh, my. Why is that what I chose to go with?

He directed his gaze to my butt and walked towards me slowly. “Karamatsu. Your ass. Looks. Fantastic. Now stop teasing me with what I can’t have, you beautiful bastard.”


And with that, he grabbed my ass and went back to the stairs, snickering at the undignified squeak I let out. A few minutes later the two intruders descended the stairs hurriedly, both smacking my ass and wishing me luck. I was watching after them confused when I felt hands on my hips and a chuckle in my ear, “Well, you do have a nice ass.”

My second embarrassing sound in mere minutes followed, and I turned to see my Ichimatsu, all dressed up and looking absolutely amazing, with accessories obviously chosen by Totty. We checked each other out for a few moments before he coughed awkwardly, reminding me, right! Date!

One hand behind my back, taking his own with the other, I bowed deeply and kissed his hand.

“Shall we be off then, my love?”

He blushed profusely but didn’t pull away. I pulled him to the shoji, and the date began!

Chapter Text

“Come along, my brother! The wide world shan’t wait for us, should we dilly dally, after all!” He practically sang to Ichimatsu, who was lagging behind, quite frankly on purpose because dat ass. He wondered where the older was planning on taking him today. It was a very special day, after all. One whole year. It was like a dream.

Ichimatsu caught up, struck by a sudden urge to hold the other’s hand, one he sadly had to ignore. Not good to draw attention. He wished, not for the first time, that public displays of affection with Karamatsu were allowed, or at least more socially acceptable. But, oh, well. He’d take what he could get. As it was, this was more than he could have dreamed for a year ago.

Apparently such matters weren’t as much of a concern for the older, as he boldly took hold of his hand, a large, innocent smile lighting up his face. However, upon seeing Ichimatsu’s frown and sensing his hesitation, it fell, less sure of himself.

“Is this… Okay?”

Ichimatsu grunted and tightened his own grip. Cuz, fuck it, y’kno?

“Where are we going?” He asked, attempting to hide his blush.

“Ah, of course, my sweet. I cannot divulge too much, lest the surprise of it be compromised. However I can at least tell you, we’re currently on our way to the new zoo! After that, I’m afraid our time will be shared with our little Jyushimatsu. The team he’s, ahem, ‘coaching’, has their first game today. I promised we would view it and cheer them on. I hope you do not mind. After that I am afraid must remain a secret for the time being. What do you think, love?”

What kind of surprises? But wow, he planned a full day! Oh, my God, Ichimatsu couldn’t help but smile. Karamatsu had put this much thought into their special day? Ichimatsu was the luckiest man in the world!

“Mmh,” he hummed his reply, which the other correctly took this to be a positive response. He beamed at this, and Ichimatsu swore the painful goof was on the verge of skipping as they walked. So embarrassing~

Minutes later, they arrived at the relatively new zoo that had been added to their city. Their star exhibit being the bengal tigers, one of which the sextuplets were already acquainted with. Because of this, that was the first stop they made. It seemed the tiger recognized them as well, and somehow communicated to the trainer to let them in for a private visit.

Ichimatsu was over the moon! He’d missed this tiger, they had connected very well in the brief time they’d spent together, and he took this opportunity to have fun playing with the big kitty.


Watching my little Ichimatsu play with the tiger was so endearing. He could be so damn cute. It was wonderful how he could tame even such a wild creature so effortlessly. The small smile on his face while teasing the large feline with a cattail was a treasure to me on its own.

Even the trainer seemed to be rather impressed with him. They said as much, causing him to blush simply adorably.

After our visit to the tigers, we headed off to enjoy spectating the other creatures the zoo had to provide. The snakes, the bird, well, it’s a zoo. They have animals. I fail to see the point in describing in laborious detail the entirety of our stay at a simple everyday zoo. As precious as any time spent with my darling was, there is much more to be said later in the day.

I was anxious to get this date going. Of course, I immensely enjoyed every moment in Ichimatsu’s presence, but you see, I knew that what I had planned for later was something Ichimatsu had wanted for a very long time, something I’m quite sure he would never dream of asking me for.

Next stop: the park.

I am not going to lie, I do not know too much about the great sport of baseball, however I like to believe that I may know at least a tad bit more than my little Jyushimatsu. Luckily, the kids on the team seemed to know a bit more as well. Unfortunately, Jyushimatsu had a habit of appearing randomly throughout the field to hit the ball, and the team was nearly disqualified. Jyushimatsu’s blank and innocent smile seemed to have saved them from that. They still lost, though.

After the game, and after Jyushimatsu congratulated his team and sent them home with half-melted popsicles (I believe this was the first he’s ever known that the can melt), we stuck around to chat with him. I mostly stayed quiet, well, by that I mean I only spoke a few times. I still said a lot of words as I’ve been oft informed I am one to fall into the habit of doing. I let the two of them talk. I love how happy Ichimatsu looks while speaking with Jyushimatsu. As if the smile is contagious.

Finally, after a good hour, we said our farewells to our yellow brother, and headed off to the next part of our date.

“So where are we going now? It’s getting late...”

“Ah, my darling, that is a surprise! You shall soon see. Patience is a virtue, love.”

He grunted in response, and seemed to be blushing, likely at the nicknames, possibly because our hands had found their ways to each other again and were intertwined. I’ll never get over how well our hands fit together. As if they were designed for each other.

Maybe because we’re twins…but that’s not as poetic, so let us ignore that fact.

We approached a fancy-looking restaurant, one we were both terribly underdressed for. Oops! Oh, well. My Ichimatsu could wear a burlap sack and still look phenomenal.

We sat at our table, in an almost awkward silence. Mostly it consisted of me staring lovingly into his eyes, and him looking away and blushing. Precious.

After the waiter brought us our bread and water, and took our orders, I tapped his foot with mine below the table. Impromptu footsie game commences.

It took much effort on my part to remain silent. I didn’t want to ruin the mood, as I’ve been told I do often. Eventually, though, my soul won out. Luckily I managed to control the urge to serenade him. But m words flooded.

“My darling, how have you enjoyed the day thus far?I pray I was able to meet at least your minimal expectations? Though you, of course, deserve the world and more!”

He smiled at me, such a gentle and open smile. I felt my whole soul flutter. This boy will be the death of me. Such a beautiful gentleman. Oh, God, how lucky could I possibly be?

“I loved it. Thank you, Karamatsu.”

I love it when he says my name. Were I a lesser man, I would have given in to the temptation to squeal.

“Ah, but the night is yet young! There’s more enjoyment to be had this evening. ‘Tis a surprise, but I do believe you’ll be happy with it.”

“There’s more?” He inquired incredulously, his mouth hung open.

“But, of course, my brother!” I exclaimed as our food was delivered.

We exchanged small talk as we ate, myself becoming increasingly verbose as my nerves caught up to me. He seemed to notice as well, but still let me talk all I wanted. Most of my words were praises to him. I assume he was letting me settle into my comfort zone, as he was trying to do as well with his silence. I don’t know if he suspected the next stop on our date, but I know he would never guess it aloud. God, I hope it all goes well.

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Todomatsu tried not to sniffle. His tears were mixed with the blood flowing from his nose into the sink. It was such a fancy sink, too. Everything at Atsushi’s place was fancy. He was using so many tissues. He prayed to God his nose wasn’t actually broken.

“There better not be any blood on my stuff. Clean the hell up when you’re done,” Atsushi called from the other side of the locked door.

“I-I will, Atsushi-kun,” Totty called back.

He reflected on how he got into this situation. It was his fault, he knew it was.

He’d been waiting to surprise his boyfriend with a candlelit dinner after a hard day at work. By the time the older man arrived home, the candles had already burnt out. He came home with liquor on his breath and lipstick on his collar. Todomatsu instantly understood what had kept him, and demanded an explanation.

“Atsushi-kun? What... why is there lipstick on your shirt? Are those hickeys??”

“Todomatsu. Why are you here.”

“I... I made you dinner. I wanted to surprise you. Are you... are you cheating on me?” Totty’s eyes shimmered with barely withheld tears.

He shouldn’t have said anything.

He shrieked as Atsushi’s hand descended on his cheek in a quick slap.

He found himself restrained on the floor, his boyfriend seated on his chest, a fist pulled back, and released, hitting against his already reddening cheek. Blows continued to land from both sides, as he screamed for the other to stop, please, I’m sorry!

He could taste the blood coming from his nose, sobbing and begging until Atsushi stopped abruptly. He almost felt relief until a hand closed around his neck and squeezed. He was lifted from the floor and dragged across the carpet, tossed unceremoniously into the bathroom.

“Don’t get blood on my fucking floor,” Atsushi ordered. Todomatsu scrambled to the sink to stop the bleeding.

Which is where he was now. It seemed after at least half an hour, it was finally letting up.

He hurried to clean up after himself, being sure any blood splatters were wiped clean, going the extra mile and cleaning the entire bathroom, both to gain favour and to put off the inevitable confrontation.

He slowly opened the door and trudged his way to the dining area, where Atsushi was reheating their long-since cold food.

He turned at the younger’s approach and smiled gently.

“Oh, Totty. Are you okay, dearest?” He moved slowly, not wanting to startle the other, bringing his hands to cup his face. “Oh, your eyes are red. Were you crying? Whatever is wrong, sweetie?”

A test. This was a test. One he needed to pass. There would be bruises, and those would incite questions. He wasn’t allowed to speak of this incident.

“Ah, I’m fine, honey, I got in a fight with someone earlier. I was crying cuz I’m worried about the bruising messing with my cute face.”

Atsushi nodded and grinned. He’d won. He brought his lips to brush against Todomatsu’s, humming.

“That’s terrible. But I promise, I’ll always find you absolutely adorable, always. I’m sorry I was late, I got held up at work. I reheated our food, it was so thoughtful of you to surprise me like this. Let’s eat, shall we?”

Todomatsu nodded, taking his seat at the table.

He couldn’t help but wonder. Today was Karamatsu and Ichimatsu’s anniversary. He wondered how much fun they must be having, and bitterly compared their situations. If only he was the one with Karamatsu...

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I don’t remember when it happened, but I do remember that I loved it. I should’ve been repulsed, knowing it was my own brother that I was falling in love with, I should have been against it, but for some reason, I wasn’t. He was charming in a dorky way; he was uncool in a cute way. He was just so kind and compassionate. He was everything you would want in someone, so of course I fell for him. But of course, I wasn’t the only one he managed to charm.

One night I woke up from a nightmare and did one of my regular head counts. I found that Ichimatsu was missing, so I went looking for him. I found him up on the roof. He was crying; he couldn’t hide it from me, he knew he couldn’t, so I asked him to tell me what was wrong.

I had an inkling that I hoped wasn’t right, and after enough coaxing he finally admitted he had feelings for our brother. Karamatsu. I told him it would be okay; I told him I would talk to our brother for him, set up a way he could confess, and promised him if anything went wrong, I would be there to defend him to anyone, but I also promised him nothing would go wrong. I knew Karamatsu, I knew he would never reject a confession especially from one of his brothers.

“But, no, wait, Osomatsu-Niisan! You can’t possibly know that. This could be the worst mistake of my life! What if... he hates me...”

“Like how he thinks you hate him?”

A grimace was his response.

”You mean the world to him you know he would never reject you.” Osomatsu stated, as if it were so simple.

“Why aren’t you judging me?”

It was a simple question that took Osomatsu a while to answer. “You’re not the only person who loves him,” he said, before walking away.

The next day, Osomatsu had cornered Karamatsu, shoving the others out of the room. Ichimatsu worried. What Osomatsu had said. About Karamatsu never saying no to his brother... was Osomatsu going to confess?

Before he knew it, Karamatsu was thrown into the bedroom, empty save for Ichimatsu, Osomatsu clearly listening at the door.

“Ah. Brother, Osomatsu said there was something you wished to discuss. Or rather. Say to me? Um. What... is it? Dear Ichimatsu?”

Ichimatsu hesitated. This was his chance! To either succeed, or to fail.

“Kusomatsu,” he began, before the other made a face, barely noticeable. “Uh, Karamatsu,” he corrected. “I wanted to... talk to you. And I need you to just listen for a second. And you can react when I’m done.”

He gave a miniature pause before pushing on, quieter, making Osomatsu push his ear closer against the door.

“I. Um. I. L-like. You. As in... I like... you.” He finally admitted. Osomatsu was tempted to both cheer and cry, but made sure to do neither.

Throughout the rest of the short conversation the two had, he listened and held back his own tears. Oh, how badly he had always wanted Karamatsu. But Ichimatsu. He couldn’t live with himself if he had Karamatsu above Ichimatsu. So, knowing the two would have something more special than anything could compare to, he gave his first younger brother over to Ichimatsu. It shattered his heart, to give up the one he loved. But as eldest, it was his duty.

His beloved would belong to his little brother, and his little brother would belong to his beloved. He had to accept it. And with a simple thumbs up, he did.