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Taylor's Dress-Up Adventures

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Parian was having a relaxing morning. She was making excellent progress on her commissions and the new display piece for the front window was almost done. She just had to wait for her silk to be delivered and she could finish. The designer sighed and pushed her mask up over her wig, rubbing tired eyes and lifting her still teaming coffee mug to her lips. As long as she got her sketches done for class, she would have a perfect day. As long as there were no distractions. Her lips pursed as the thought crossed her mind and she shoved it down hard. The universe was always watching and she did not need to provoke it.

The sound of the bell over the front door rang through the shop and Sabah hurriedly pulled her mask back down, adjusting it a few times to make sure that her face was completely hidden before she turned and pushed through the door to the counter. “Welcome to the Dollhouse. How can I help you?”

Taylor waved at her awkwardly and Amy huffed, looking a little put out. “Hi Parian,” the taller brunette said. “We were hoping you could help us with something.”

Parian’s eyes narrowed. “Vicky’s not with you?” Both of them shook their heads. “Do you need life counseling or sexuality advice?” Another shake and a very baffled look. “Alright, then what can I help you with?”

“Well, it is kinda a sexy thing,” Amy admitted after a moment. “But it’s more that we need something that’s… seductive.”

The clothing cape looked between the two of them and sighed. “Well, I suppose I saw this coming.” She walked over to the door and flipped the open sign over. “Come to the back where we can talk privately and we’ll come up with something.”

“Why did you expect this?” Taylor asked slowly as they followed the masked designer back to the work room.

Parian sighed as she closed the door behind them. “Vicky overheard you two talking yesterday and decided that for some reason I’m her lesbian guru now.” She was mostly sure that the budding headache was just a bad memory of the night before, but she wasn’t entirely sure. “She’s been panicking about you two all day.”

“I knew it,” Amy breathed, her eyes lighting up in a way that sent a little bit of a jolt down Parian’s spine. She couldn’t imagine a better word than ‘hungry’ to describe the healer right now. It was hard to decide if she envied or pitied Vicky more.

“Okay, so you had a point,” Taylor admitted, putting an arm around Amy’s shoulder and pulling her closer. “You’re not at all weirded out by the sisters thing?”

Parian sighed. “You can do whatever you want with your kinky pseudo-incest… thing. Just don’t cause me problems with it.” That earned her matching dubious looks for a moment. “More to the point, you want something to help you seduce Vicky, right?”

“Pretty much,” Taylor admitted after a moment. “We just need something that she absolutely can’t resist to give us a shot.”

The designer nodded, already starting to shift into her business mode. She grabbed a sketch pad from her work table and flipped it to a clean page. “Hmmmm, alright, let’s see what we can pull off…” She frowned slightly beneath her mask. A slightly unprofessional idea crossed her mind as she tapped the tip of her pencil against the page. “Would you two mind stripping down to your underwear for me? If I’m doing lingerie, it’s going to be easier that way.”

Taylor made a soft snort. “I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen you in person without getting naked,” she deadpanned as she started to unbutton her jeans.

“The perils of seeing a professional when you have a body type like yours.” Parian tried her best to keep her mind on business as the pair stripped down in front of her. Usually she was pretty good about not letting her crotch distract her when she was working with an attractive female client, but she had to admit that it was a bit more difficult than usual. “So…” She shook herself to try to jolt her mind back to the immediate job. “The corset worked well on you last time I think. So I think we should start there.”

Taylor and Amy watched as the designer’s pencil started to dash across the page, drawing a quick outline of their bodies before she started adding details. “It was pretty sexy,” Amy added absently as her eyes flicked over to Taylor.

“Maybe a different material this time,” Parian muttered, half to herself. “We did a silk layer last time and that’s great, but we want something that’s more than just sensual. We need it to ooze sex.” She hummed to herself as she traced a couple of lines. “Maybe… how do you feel about leather?”

“Leather?” Taylor echoed. “I don’t think I’ve ever worn leather on anything other than hiking boots.”

“I don’t usually work a lot of leather, but for certain… special cases, it’s very attractive.” Very very attractive in the right case. Like on a slim, leggy brunette. Parian gestured with one hand and a sample of dark leather lifted off one of her shelves and floated over to the waiting group. “What do you think?”

Taylor took the piece of material out of the air, absently bending it between her hands and rubbing a thumb against the surface. “It’s softer than I thought. And smooth. It feels kind of nice.”

Amy bit her lip and her cheeks heated up as Taylor continued to handle the piece. “Leather would be alright,” she said quickly.

Parian fought the urge to say something at the shorter brunette’s look. “Very nice,” she agreed. “Buckles or clips are better for leather than laces. Or maybe just a zipper. Sometimes simple works best.” She drew out the curve of the piece. “Underbust as well, if you’re trying to show off.”

Taylor made a soft squeaking sound and flushed. “I’m not exactly showing off…”

“It would fit so well though.” Amy interrupted.

Her girlfriend slumped as Amy joined Parian’s side. “I guess underbust is fine.”

“Then that’s settled.” Parian stopped for a moment, tapping the tip of her pencil against the page again. “While we’re working with leather… maybe boots? We definitely need to take advantage of those legs as much as possible. Are you getting used to heels yet?”

Taylor nodded slowly. “The maid outfit is actually pretty good practice.” She was actually kind of enjoying the heels, in a limited capacity. She wasn’t ready to just prance down the street in them, but she had long since given up avoiding them when one of Vicky’s costumes called for it.

“Hmmmm…” Parian started a sketch, then quickly erased a few lines and redrew them. Then again. “Maybe… how about something like this?” She turned the book around to show a drawing of a thigh high boot with buckles at strategic points along the length and a moderate heel at the back. “Imagine how this would lift up your behind and emphasize the thigh. You could kill someone with the right strut in these.”

Taylor flushed a little bit. “I’m really not as sexy as you all seem to think I am. You’re just really good at your job.” She quickly turned to her girlfriend. “What do you think?”

Amy’s beat red face and the way her tongue dragged over her lips said everything it needed to about her opinion. “You could step on me in those and I would thank you.”

Now that was a pleasant image. Parian hummed thoughtfully and let the image fill her mind’s eye for a brief moment. Maybe being just a little unprofessional would help her come up with a good matching outfit for Amy. “I am excellent at my job, but I work best when I have an excellent canvas to work on.” She quickly went back to work drawing out another pattern. “We could match it with gloves too…”

“How much is this much leather going to cost?” Taylor interrupted with obvious dread in her voice.

“Not enough that I can’t manage,” Amy interrupted. “Don’t worry about it. I get just as much of a stipend as Vicky does, I just don’t spend nearly as much usually. I have a nice nest egg we can use.”


The healer raised a hand. “You are going to let me treat you to this. You already insisted on splitting the Halloween costumes, but this one is mine.” Taylor raised her hands in defeat as the other brunette gave her a firm look.

“I’m sure that we can work out a reasonable price,” Parian added. “Payment for this sort of special work is somewhat negotiable.” She clicked her tongue and looked back to the page. “We should probably include some panties too. Nice and simple black should do. Maybe a little lace to offset the severity of the leather.” Her eyes flicked up to Taylor again. “Though maybe we want you to look severe…”

That brought another blush to Taylor’s cheeks. “I don’t really need to…”

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” Parian interjected. Taylor threw up her hands with a huff as she was once again interrupted. “Sorry. I just meant that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look a bit severe in the bedroom. There are a lot of people who are into that sort of thing. It can be very enjoyable to take control of someone. Or let them control you, if you’re into that.”

Taylor stammered a little and flushed deeper as Amy giggled naughtily. “She’s actually got a talent for it,” she said with a sly smile. “She’s just embarrassed.”

Taylor buried her face in her hands. “Just kill me now…”

The clothing cape giggled behind her mask. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I can give you some tips if you’d like. I’m not the world authority on the subject, but I have a decent amount of experience. I could help you… explore your options.”

The tall brunette groaned. “I… didn’t you say you didn’t want to be a sexuality therapist?”

“I don’t need to deal with another gay disaster drama right now. Especially since I’m sure I haven’t heard the last of Vicky’s gay panic.” She sighed and contemplated fixing herself another cup of coffee. “But I’m less opposed to helping someone explore the adventurous side of an already comfortable relationship.” She flipped to a new page and started sketching a rough outline of Amy’s body. “I think I have a good idea for Amy.”

The healer cocked her head. “What were you thinking?”

Parian was glad that her mask hid her wicked smile. She gestured again and several long, slim strips of leather floated down from a high shelf. They curled around Amy’s body, wrapping underneath her breasts and lifting them up a bit before forming the outline of a bra with a single strap running across the middle to provide her nipples with just enough modesty to be street legal. “Something like this. It would look absolutely stunning without another layer under it of course. A couple of straps between the legs… I can show you if you’d like.”

Amy was deep red and panting softly as the leather straps squeezed around her chest. “Taylor… if she doesn’t mind…”

Taylor was rather openly staring at her girlfriend and chewing her lip hard enough that Parian was worried for a moment that it might start bleeding. “Sure. Show us what you’re thinking.”

The masked designer’s smile grew and she wrapped several more straps around Amy’s thighs and hips, forming another suggestive garment that outlined her ass and would leave her crotch totally exposed without a leather piece to cover the space between the straps. The healer moaned softly as the tight straps hugged her hips and Taylor was openly staring as Parian adjusted their positions with nothing more than a wave of her hand and a moment of focus. “What do you think?”

“I think that we have a winner,” Taylor breathed. “And I might take you up on that offer.”

Parian’s smile was absolutely delighted. “Let’s talk scheduling. I’m sure that we’ll all find some time for a very educational discussion.”