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Two years later ....


- John, you can parck here and we will get out, thanks. - Raven said to the driver of the limousine that had driven her along with her friends Clarke and Octavia, to the Chicago International Airport
- You guys soon got used to the chauffeur and bodyguards I ...? A joyful Octavia commented in front of the smiling faces of Clarke and Raven
- I never got used to it and I was very grateful when I got back on my Harley when I got back to Chicago, in case you did not remember - Clarke answered seriously as she prepared to get out of the limousine, followed by her friends.
- Do you want me to tell John to wait for you so he can take you back to the hospital? - Raven asked Octavia as the driver began to take the suitcases out of the limousine trunk and transferring them to the airport baggage trolleys, one for Clarke and the other for Raven.
- No, it's okay Raven, I will take a taxi back to the hospital, it's just that I do not want to be dropped off at the hospital in such an expensive car ... you know how I am ...
- Oh, you should at least do it for your baby, in case of an accident, you would have many more chances of being completely unharmed in a limousine than a simple taxi, besides, I never really trust taxi drivers. - Raven replied a little worried about her friend Dr. Blake who was clearly six months pregnant
- Raven is right. I know you feel uncomfortable but John can leave you on a street near the hospital if you do not want to be seen. - Clarke added caressing the arm of her colleague and friend, who thought about the recommendations of her best friends, while caressing with her hands her pregnant stomach.
- Okay. Okay ... - Octavia finally answered as she sighed and smiled at her worried friends, who were pleased by her answer
- John, parck the limousine in the airport parcking lot, so you can take Dr. Blake to the general hospital. I will send you a text when she's ready to leave. -Raven informed the driver who nodded as he placed the last suitcase in Dr. Griffin's luggage trolley.

Then the friends entered the huge airport which was very busy with thousands of passengers and companions. Clarke was going to Sydney, Australia, to begin a new phase of her life. A year and a half ago, she had gained the title of Doctor and after working for a year at the central hospital in the city of Chicago, she had decided that she needed to get away from everything that had been her crazy life for the last two years. Although she was very happy with her work in Chicago, she really felt the need for a complete change of leaving to live somewhere new and begin a new chapter in her life.

After Lexa left that day, she never heard from her directly again, only through her friend Raven who had contact with the tycoon, and also through the news, about her return to the top of the Woods business empire. and her new life in the Parisian city, in France. Although she did everything possible to avoid seeing the gossip magazines and everything she could read about the CEO, trying to close the huge wound that Lexa had left in her with her farewell. Clarke had felt that her heart had stopped that day, she would say it had almost frozen, something she could never have imagined, but the deep love she felt for Lexa and her farewell had stopped the beating of her warm heart.

When she read an advertisement in the monthly medical journal,offering the possibility of working in a hospital in Sydney, Australia, her mind began to imagine a new beginning, a good way to get away and try to heal the wound, in a completely new world , to which she felt special affection for, since much of her childhood had been spent in Melbourne, Australia.

After Lexa’s departure, Clarke stayed for a few months in Los Angeles, before returning to Chicago and finishing her medical studies. Most of the money she had earned as CEO of Woods Tech & Co she had donated to Alex's work and the construction of hotels for the families of the many long-term sick children, a charity that her dearest friend Raven Reyes had taken over, after she gave up on that task. Raven had moved with the architect Luna Rivers in her house in Los Angeles, with who she was engaged too.

Clarke only took enough money from the bank account that Lexa had set up for her to pay her wages into to buy a small apartment in the center of the city. She did not want Lexa's money under any circumstances, something she had to argue with Raven, who tried to convince her not to relinquish her position as Director of the charity association that her sweet Alex had created with her. But Clarke almost begged the Latina to take charge, while she returned to resume her internship at the hospital and her old job as a waitress at the five-star hotel bar.

Raven, for her part, had agreed to be in constant contact with Lexa and inform her of everything that was happening with Clarke, as she had promised the woman she would. Lexa was quite angry when she found out that the blonde wanted of Raven to become the director of her company, and even more so at the fact that she had took money from her account to buy a new apartment. She felt powerless,she wanted to go back to Chicago and confront her love, but she simply could not do that, nor should she do it in spite of herself, so she had no choice but to accept the decisions of the young doctor.

Once Clarke finally got her doctor's degree, she quit her job as a waitress again as she no longer needed the job as she could now live off the professional salary she earned by working at the hospital. It was not a huge amount of money, but for her it was more than good. Her relationship with her mother had improved a lot and they were closer now, and her mother had helped her overcome her depression. She had also begun to see a physiologist to help her overcome the enormous blow she had suffered in the last months of her life, which helped her a lot, being able to regain control of her life, looking for new goals, new horizons, trying to leave the past where she had to and to the idea that her love had left her life and would probably never return.

When she read the advertising about the job in Sydney, her mind imagined a new beginning, in a new world and that was what she really needed, to move, to move forward, to heal. the only drawback was the money needed, her salary would not cover a flight to Australia and still have the money to find a place to live in the country. Her mother tried to convince her to let her help her financially, like Raven did too, but Clarke was determined to do it on her own.

After long months of thought she made the hard decision to sell the legendary and special Harley Davidson of her beloved father. It was a motorcycle that would give her the money to start her new life in Australia. But it hurt a lot in her soul to get rid of the bike. Although she was aware that she needed to make certain sacrifices to start over, and put it for sale in the used sales adverts in one of the local newspapers.

Upon learning of Clarke's decision to sell her Harley to raise the money for her trip, Raven immediately told Lexa, who in the first instance wanted to call Clarke and convince her to let herself be helped for that new beginning, but again, she knew that she should not, she could not and she was also aware that her ex-girlfriend was a woman of great tenacity, self-sufficiency and without a doubt very proud and hard-headed. She knew it would be a lost battle, and she would also betray her confident friend Raven, which would cause another huge pain to the blonde doctor, as she would feel betrayed by her lifelong friend.
But immediately Lexa opted to be an anonymous buyer of the legendary Harley. She asked her Latina friend, to manage the purchase, several fictitious buyers collectors of the famous brand of motorcycles, who would bid for the bike of Clarke's father, paying a much higher price than the doctor asked for.

Raven immediately launched the brilliant plan, which at no time Clarke could guess that it was all managed by none other than Lexa, who would buy the legendary Harley,who would just take care of it and at some point return it in the future to Clarke somehow.

Clarke could never imagine that three millionaires would fight over her father's motorcycle, but she appreciated the enormous battle that lasted a month, where the price had risen almost five times what she had asked for in the beginning, something that would greatly help her in Sydney for a new and more comfortable start.

Everything was managed through her friend Raven, obviously, who volunteered for such a task. But the day the truck came to pick up the Harley, it was another painful farewell in the life of the doctor, who saw the last part of her father's beloved memories go away and those moments with her green-eyed love.

She would miss that bike very much but she knew it was the best decision she had made. Although that did not stop the tears and many watching the truck go away down the street where she lived,on a cold autumn afternoon. her Latin friend was with her that day, at Lexa's special request, since she knew how hard it would be for Clarke to say goodbye to such a special possession.

- Hey hey ... blonde, everything will be fine baby ... come here ... - Raven said pulling Clarke's hand who was crying, to encircle her with her arms and give her encouragement
- I know Rav ... it is that ... It was very special for me ... my father loved that Harley and I did too - Clarke managed to say between sobs as clinged to the body of the Latina, who tried to stay upright with her defective leg.
- You know, the buyer promised me that she would take good care of the bike and it would be in a good place in her very exclusive collection and that if one day she decided to sell it, which she doubted she would, she would contact you first in case you wanted to buy it back, she understood the story behind the bike very well. Raven said smiling, while she wiped many tears from the face of her friend, who was still trembling and just nodded.

A few months passed before Clarke was able to organize her trip to a new beginning in her life. She sold her apartment in Chicago, and packed all her belongings that would be sent to her new home in Australia, under the supervision of her Latina friend, who had got engaged to her love, the architect Luna Rivers a month ago.

For her part, Octavia and her fiance Lincoln had married in a simple ceremony but with a big party that was paid for by the Latina and her future wife Luna in a large exclusive lounge in Chicago. The lucky one to catch the bouquet thrown by the bride was to the surprise of many of the attendees, Clarke's mother, Dr. Abigail Griffin, who was in a very happy romantic relationship with her old friend Dr. Marcus Kane, something that Clarke gave her the blessing to ,she was happy because her mother had found love again.

Eight months had passed since the wedding of Dr. Blake and Lincoln Green, and now they were expecting their first child, who they already knew was a boy. Octavia’s six months of pregnancy illuminated the souls of her friends, who could not be happier for the young and in love couple. Clarke had been chosen as the child’s godmother, and Octavia's brother, Bellamy Blake, would be the godfather. So the blonde knew that she should return to the United States in less than a year, to meet her beautiful godson, and for his baptism.

After Clarke checked her luggage in at the Australian airline Qantas, Raven did the same with her’s, sending her trolley with three suitcases, with her driver to the private jet that was waiting for her to take her to Los Angeles.

Now the friends were in a nice, large cafe at the airport waiting for Clarke's boarding call for her long flight to Sydney of more than thirty hours, something she really hated, but still she was full of enthusiasm.

The three chatted animatedly as they were observed from the distance by a pair of well-known green eyes, who watched them from an exclusive VIP area on the first floor of the airport, watched attentively the conversation of the three young people, excited and somewhat saddened by the separation, but excited about the different aspects they faced in their new lives.

- Heavens Clarke, you're about to get on that plane to take you so far and start a new life and I still do not believe it - said a sensitive and clearly excited Octavia, who felt her tears gather in her green eyes
- Awwww O, do not cry please ... - answered Clarke smiling, touched by the emotion of her friend who clearly battled an internal war with her hormones, since the brunette was not someone who easily demonstrated her feelings.
- Shit! Sorry girls but these hormones are driving me crazy ... - commented the brunette who was now being held in Clarke's embrace, letting out the tears that rolled down her cheeks somewhat chubbier with her pregnancy.
- Do not get upset O, we'll be in touch often, I want to follow my godson's birth step by step, and mom's health of course too - Clarke commented now wiping her friends face with her thumbs.
- Oh, my God! Clarke, do not listen to me, it's really the damned hormones! Of course we will be in contact. - Octavia assured her while drying her face with a paper tissue and blowing her nose.
- Hey Clarkie, do you have any childhood friends waiting for you in Sydney? - Raven asked to move the subject away from the emotions of the farewell
- Oh yeah, a couple of old friends from when I was little that are now married and are planning to start a family. Mike and Déborah, were my classmates at school, they will meet me at the airport and they will help me to settle into my new apartment in the Bondi Beach area.Clarke answered excitedly.
- That's great. At least you do not start your new life in a new place completely alone Raven calmy commented.
- Yes, that means a lot to me, you know, I always need to have close friends. answered Clarke while standing up
- Girls, I will go to the kiosk to find some magazines to read on the "short" flight to Australia ... I'll be back ... - she explained to her friends Clarke as she started to walk in the direction of the kiosk.
- I need to go to the bathroom again. Heavens! That I need the bathroom the time ...I will wait near the escalators that lead to the first floor where you must board your flight Clarke said Octavia also standing to go to the bathroom.
- Ok,we will do O, Clarke i will accompany you to the kiosk ... I do not intend to be alone here - Raven said also standing and starting to walk with her friend Clarke

They went to a large kiosk full of magazines, books, fresh drinks and souvenirs. Raven began to look at some books while Clarke went to the part of the store where thousands of magazines of all kinds were displayed on shelves.

Looking distractedly at the thousands of magazines, her eyes immediately focused on the last issue of the magazine "FORTUNE" whose cover was not other than the love of her life, Alexandria Woods, in all her splendor of power, posing quite arrogantly, something that took her immediately back in time, to that unforgettable night in the hotel bar, where she had first met her.
Without knowing why, she took a copy of the magazine in her hands and stared at those green eyes that she still knew well loved with all her being, even though it had been no less than almost two years since that terrible morning.

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The world around her disappeared for a brief moment, her heart beat fast, but her mind was calm, just remembering that night with a smile on her face, when her friend Raven touched her left shoulder lightly, bringing her back to the reality.

- Are you okay Clarkie ...? - The latina asked somewhat dismayed to see the magazine that Clarke held with her trembling hands, with the image of the famous CEO on the front cover. Raven immediately cursed the publicity and that photo of her friend with an attitude so arrogant and so different from the real person she was.
- Oh ... ehmmm ... yes, of course, why should I not be ok - Clarke answered trying to hold the tears that had built up in her eyes, something that Raven noticed immediately, who took the magazine from her trembling hands, looking at her slowly. She really hated that picture in those moments!
- I know that well Clarkie ... you can deceive the world with your performance as a woman overcome and healed, but I can see you as a friend ... you still have feelings for her ...
- And what the hell are you waiting for Rav ...?! She was the woman I love the most in my entire life! Let's go I lost the desire to buy magazines ... - Clarke said trying to leave immediately, but Raven grabbed her wrist, stopping her in her tracks ...
- Clarkie ... she ...
- No Raven! I know you are contact with her and I know what your position is in all this ... so do me a favor and do not defend her ... she was the coward who left the ship when she sank it and she didn’t care that she left me taking my heart with her. Look at her now ... she has returned to her attitude of cold egocentric and mental attitude at the top of the world of fucking business, that is the only ship that she will never abandon, the only one that really matters in her miserable life. So do not tell me what she did was because she really loved me, and she was just trying to protect me and all the crap she put in your head to make you pity her or stop being her friend, or keep driving part of her "interests". Now let me get out of here please ...!
- I'm so sorry Lex ... - Raven said quietly as she watched her blonde friend walking away clearly affected
- Do not apologise ... in some ways she is absolutely right ... I was a coward ... the only thing that hurts me more is to hear that she is still so affected by my departure ... - Raven could hear Lexa's voice was heard in the small earpiece that had she placed hidden behind her ear. As she left the kiosk and raised her eyes to the VIP section of the first floor of the airport, where Lexa watched her from where she was standing by the big window, with her hands in the pockets of her pants and with clear grief in her green eyes.
- You were not a coward and we have discussed that before Lex. She does not know everything you do for her, how you protect her, and you care about every detail in her life, she doesn't even know everything that you have arranged for her in Sydney. You need to know that she will be fine replied the Latina a little irritated at the unfair situation
- And she'll never know, I never want to know. I will always take care of her and do everything in my power to make sure she can be happy wherever she wants to be. I only hope that soon she will find a person who can love her as she deserves to be loved, and gives her that life that I will never be able to give her. - she answered with clear torment in her tone of voice and a heart that was hurting.

- That's all bullshit Lex! And you know it! No one can love her the way you do, and I honestly do not think she can love anyone as she loved you and she loves you very much, and only you! You know, sometimes I get tired of all this silly game of being a spy for you and seeing how the two of you are separated in such a stupid way. I have never met two idiots who love each other as much as you do. I do not understand how the two of you can’t see that you are destined to be together, and I assure you that I will do whatever it takes to see that you are together again one day. Now if you excuse me I need to go and say goodbye ... See you later - Raven answered feeling helpless seeing how her two friends were separated from their love.
- Thanks Raven ... - Lexa managed to say.
- For what...? Thanks for being part of this insanity ..?! You're welcome, I am doing it in order to keep you and Clarke together in some way, but I'm getting tired ... And if Clarkie ever finds out I'll assure you that she will hate me so much that she will never forgive me! Shit! I hate you both! So do not thank me Woods ... wake up ... she needs you in her life and you need her in yours. IDIOTS! ... Raven ended up sounding even more irritated as she approached the meeting point with her friends, while Lexa regretted having put in this difficult situation. She knew it was not fair to the her friend, but she was the the only one who could help her not lose connection with her love.

The now dampened eyes of the CEO followed Raven until she met again with Clarke and Octavia who chatted animatedly. But Lexa disconnected the audio from her ear and took a seat next to the large window, from where she could continue observing the friends, drinking a whiskey with ice, trying to drown her inner grief. Her private jet waited for her and it will take her back to Paris, where she had been living for almost a year, in a large mansion in one of the picturesque neighborhoods of the Parisian city.

After leaving Clarke that day, Lexa had traveled the world, regaining the power of her empire, fixing the many problems that her enemy,former lover and submissive Niylah Winters had caused. She did what she was used to doing since she took control as CEO when her parents died,she repressed all her feelings inside her and letting her intelligent very determined cold mind guide her in a life without suffering or regrets.

But this time she felt that it was all very different, her heart was no longer frozen, no longer weighted down with the guilt of the death of her first love Costia Meyers. She felt a lot of peace inside her but her now sensitive heart was feeling the sorrow of the distance of her love,her soul mate, whom she had let go, to give her the opportunity to recover, that she could be that woman that she knew again so determined, full of life, of dreams.

A woman who had awakened in her that beautiful feeling that she had so erroneously understood until that moment, which was synonymous with weakness. That feeling that touched her whole being with the warmth and light of Clarke's heart teaching her that life was something more than just surviving. An Angel who had shown her that love was the greatest and most beautiful power she could feel.

But after two long and very moving years, Lexa was still unsure of who she was. She still did not know who this new Alexandria was, who could still be an absolute queen in business but also able to feel love. She had never been with another woman again, she had repressed even the joy of having sex for sheer pleasure, as she normally did before she met Clarke.
That last night they had made love, enjoying every second of devotion and sweet passion, had been stored in her heart and many nights came back to her in her dreams, reliving the moans, skin brushing, hands exploring , exciting every part of their bodies, and the enamored eyes, and the declarations of eternal love resonating in her ears, touching every inner fiber of her being.

The dreams were so real that when she woke up, she could feel the dampness between her legs and how turned on she was. Sometimes she imagined Clarke’s blue eyes looking at her with that love and devotion that it burned her inside with such passion . And then came the tears, the pain of finally opening her eyes, of realising she was alone in the big cold bed.
She had not tried to seek psychological help to overcome her enormous loss, she could not afford such a weakness in front of the world around her. She needed to regain her strength, her power, her coldness, otherwise she knew she would sink and those around her along with her. She tried to mentalize that at least she had to do it for Clarke, for the woman who had changed her life forever. To be able to continue protecting her, to be able to continue loving her even in silence and at a distance.

She would take care of her sweet Clarke until her love found a new life partner, someone worthy of that angel she loved so much. Someone who could really love her and protect her as she could not and make her happy, as she would have wanted to.
In her moments of weakness she often calmed herself by having a alcoholic drink, which soon and without realizing happened more and more often. It started to become a problem that Indra immediately noticed in her very hurt heda but that she could not do much to help her, since the CEO did not allow her to get too close to help her in any way. It was something that Lexa thought she had under control but she did not realize that she slowly had lost the battle, submerged in the pain and loneliness of her new life.

The airport loudspeakers announced the loading of Clarke's flight to the Australian capital, which shocked the young doctor. The time had come to say goodbye to her beloved friends, her land, her memories. It was time to face her destiny,in that country so far away but in which she had a lot of faith.

She felt enthusiastic with hopes for a calmer, different future and although she felt sorry for leaving her friends as close, loyal, and great as Raven and Octavia behind her. Immediately her eyes filled with tears, as she hugged Octavia first and then Raven, then moved to finally begin her long journey.

At that moment Lexa left her second glass of whiskey on the glass table in front of the chair where she had sat watching the three friends. Hearing the announcement over the loudspeaker and seeing how her beloved Clarke was saying goodbye to her friends, she raised her right hand resting it on the large window, while a tear fell down her left cheek.

Lexa would have wanted so much to run down the airport and hold her sweet Angel in a big hug and not let her get on that plane, not without her by her side holding her hand. The feeling she felt was so great that her body trembled. Suddenly Indra looked at her her from behind and became very worried, slowly approaching her heda.

- Heda ... are you ok ...? - the worried voice of Indra brought Lexa back to the present.She immediately wiped her face with care so that her assistant did not notice then turned towards her with a cold and determined attitude as she was used to showing people.
- Yes,Indra, why should i not be ok ...? Do not ask silly questions and bring me a new glass of whiskey please, and those documents from the Swiss laboratories. Tomorrow I will meet with the members of the board in Paris and I am a little behind with the details. answered Lexa, not letting her assistant realize that downstairs in the lower airport was Dr. Clarke Griffin saying goodbye to her friends.
- Well heda, forgive me ... I'll bring them to you ... - Indra replied retreating in search of what was requested, but clearly worried about her boss. She knew her too well and she knew that after Lexa had left the doctor it had been a downhill slope for her. Although no one else had noticed, she had and it disturbed her not being able to get closer to her heda to try to help her, especially with that problem of her drinking.

Lexa took a deep breath after Indra left her alone again, then immediately turned to see where her beloved was. She saw that Clarke was on the escalators waving her hand to her friends, clearly excited who responded to her in the same way.

Lexa could see the many tears falling on the face of her beautiful Clarke and that took her back to that morning, when her broken heart had to say goodbye and let her love go so that her blonde could recover and find her happiness.

Now she saw her on track to start a new chapter of her life, in a new and very distant place that she would call her "New Home" and despite the enormous physical distance, she would not be far away. In Sydney she had moved all her contacts so that they were aware of the new life of her Clarke, without her knowing it of course.

She knew that there in her native country, there was an endless supply of new possibilities for the young doctor, and in that she rejoiced, although she had wanted to be part of that new life. Accompanying her every step of the way, loving her madly, taking care of her. Filling her life with happiness and love, with a beautiful family that together could start. But she knew well that it was a dream she could not achieve, and perhaps she would never but she would do everything possible so that at least her angel would reach that happiness in her life.

Suddenly Clarke without knowing why, as if something inside guided her, raised her blue and wet eyes to a large window on the first floor,and was immediately lost in a well-known forest green eyes that were watching her, as excited as hers.

Blue eyes again met those green eyes and the world stopped around them. Neither of them could look away and the tears that fell down her cheeks continued to fall until someone warned Clarke to be careful not to fall when she reached the escalator to the first floor.

For her part, Lexa felt a strong ache in her heart, when the image of her beloved disappeared from her view and she returned to reality and cursing herself for not having been able to move from that window at once, so that Clarke would not see her. She simply could not, her entire body was paralyzed in those seconds when their eyes met.

Clarke left the escalator with her heart beating rapidly, looking for a way to get to a door that would take her to Lexa but she was stopped immediately by airport security personnel who questioned her about the destination of her trip.

- You do not understand, I need to go to where those big windows are ... - said Clarke with almost desperate voice trying to explain before the agents who looked at her with suspicion.
- Miss, show us your boarding pass and your passport please - the agents asked calmly before the enraged face of Clarke
- Please, I need to go to that area where those windows are ... you do not understand, there is someone there that I need to see. Will only be five minutes max, please let me pass or could you give her a message from me? - said the young doctor very desperately, extending her passport with the boarding pass to the guards who took the documents from her trembling hands, reading the flight to which the agitated passenger should board.
- Miss, your boarding gate is number 7 and it's in that direction. Those windows are the restricted VIP area of the airport and you are not authorized to go to it. Please get the line to board your flight or we will have to stop you boarding and you will not have access to another flight - one of the agents explained very seriously while she indicated with one of her hands the boarding flight to Sydney, and with the other hand the she held one of Clarke’s arms, something that irritated Clarke even more.
- Let go ... do not touch me ... what the hell is wrong with her ?! You do not understand, I need to talk to a person who is there, I just saw her, i will only be five minutes, please let me pass or send a message to her ... - Clarke pleaded before the agents who were beginning to lose patience
- Miss, go now to your boarding gate. I cannot help you, that area is very restricted and I could not even access it even if I wanted to help you, I'm sorry, now move on ... before we have to stop you boarding your flight.

Clarke looked at the agent with fiery, enraged eyes. But she knew that she could not do more, she would lose her flight and she would not get her new start in life. Since she knew that Lexa had seen her and had not come out to see her, in those minutes that she was arguing with the agents.

Once again she felt disheartened by the brunette, imagining that she was a coward she had fled back through the back door, not bothering to even say hello and ask how her life was going after two long years. It had had been a hard ordeal for the Blonde, because for more psychological treatment to which she had seeked and the unconditional support and love of her friends and her mother. The pain in her heart was still there and despite everything, she still loved her holding the slight faint hope of reuniting with her one day.

But feeling defeated in her hopes of seeing Lexa, she finally turned and walked slowly towards the boarding queue of her flight,feeling rage, with wet eyes but now very determined once and for all to forget about Alexandria Woods forever.

That had been her last chance to reunite with Lexa and perhaps forgive her, but it was very evident that the brunette was not interested in her love, in coming back to her. She was only interested in her damned empire and being an ice queen.

But her stupid heart did not give up, and in a last desperate hope her eyes once again looked to the door that led to that exclusive VIP sector, with the faint hope of seeing Lexa go looking for her but after a few seconds and that an agent alerted her that she should leave her wallet on the conveyor belt to check that everything was in order turned her eyes and focused her steps to the metal detector door, and what was waiting for her beyond it, a trip to her new life, to her New Home in her beloved Australia, while those green eyes were watching her now standing at the gateway to the exclusive VIP area of the Chicago airport. Lexa looked at her with her excited eyes, and a faint smile settled on her lips.

- Have a good trip to your new home my sweet Clarke ... - she said to herself, and then she wanted go back through the door that had her love had gone through to find her, to wrap her in her arms and never let her go of her life again.But when she saw her go through that door, something inside her changed and she settled knowing that it was best for her angel to go to her new life, to start over.

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9 months later...


- Hello, Raven Reyes speaking ... identify and be brief ... thank you ... - Raven answered happily, as she settled into the large armchair of her office in downtown Los Angeles.
- Hello, Miss Reyes, it’s Indra Trikru speaking, Miss Woods' personal assistant. I don’t know if you remember me. - Indra said in a calm and very direct tone
- Yes Indra, of course I remember you, but ... is everything okay? - Raven immediately felt that something was not very well, otherwise Indra would never call her.
- Sorry to bother you, but as we agreed long ago, if something happened with Miss Woods I would contact you immediately, I think this situation requires it. - Indra explained, somewhat nervous, and her unusual tone of concern did nothing but transmit it to Raven.
- Indra, tell me what’s happened with Lexa? - Raven couldn’t hide her concern.
- Well, I think it's better if you come for a visit, if possible for a few days. Miss Woods is not very well, and I don’t mean physically, medically she is very well. It is her current mindset, her clear problem with alcohol and female company in her life that I honestly do not think is a very good influence. Woods & Co. is suffering from its very usual upsets lately, it's clear indifference for business and weekly meetings and important trips that should be made to meet with large investors, and that she constantly cancels without real reasons ... Miss Reyes, the situation here it has become worrisome. - She detailed precisely, surprising Raven, who only thought, .. "What the hell is happening Lex ..?"
- Fuck! Ermmm ... sorry for my language, Miss Trikru, but of course I understand ... Look, don’t worry, I'll be there as soon as I can. Thanks for calling.
- Thank you for listening and understanding the seriousness of the situation, Miss Reyes. I know that you have become a very close friend, if not the only true friend of Miss Woods, and I know how much she always listens to you. I'm glad you can come, I know it will be a great help.
- Don’t thank me beforehand. I hope I can help you, but you know how Lexa is, I haven’t met a more stubborn woman in my life. But don’t worry anymore, I'll see when I get there how we can help her. Don’t tell her you have spoken to me, nor that I will come.
- No, of course I won’t, Miss Raven, I would find the exit of this house very soon if I did, and I don’t want that, not for my own interest, but rather because I know that my Heda needs me.
- That I don’t doubt Indra. If it weren’t for you, Lexa wouldn’t be where she is. You have always guided her steps as the mother she never really had in her life. Well, I'll be there as soon as I can. I just need you to send me the address of the house.
- Thank you, Miss Reyes, yes, of course, I will send it to you right now as soon as we cut the call. Have a good day and a good trip.
- Thanks Indra, you too. I'll send you a message when I get to Paris, so you know I'm on my way from the airport to the house.
- Yes, please do. Goodbye.
- Goodbye

Raven hung up and within a few minutes received the message from Indra with the address of Lexa's mansion in Paris. She immediately sat up from her seat, walking to the sunny window of her office. Her smile and the joy of the day had been erased immediately upon hearing Indra informing her of the state of Lexa.

She shook her head looking at the horizon, over the blue ocean in front of her. Wondering how the hell she was going to help her friend. She knew that Lexa was going downhill, from the moment she had separated from Clarke almost three years ago. She had not been able to recover, she didn’t have the strength she used to have before falling so madly in love with her lifelong friend.

Raven knew she couldn’t do much for Lexa. She had tried to make her come to reason, to try to recompose herself, to go back to making her life, to look for new goals, to find herself, that new Lexa that had resurfaced after all that business of the brain tumor operation, and the consequent loss of memory. Becoming someone completely new was like being born again, and it was clear that it was not easy for her to adapt to her new life.

But obviously she would go to Paris and try to help her somehow …


Meanwhile in Sydney, Australia, Clarke was almost adapted to her new life, had managed to meet some old friends from her childhood, who helped her to integrate and after almost nine months, everything felt quite familiar.

A week after she had arrived in Sydney, she had joined the medical team at St. Vincent's Hospital, located in the Darlinghurst area, north of the capital city. Built in 1857, by the Sisters of Charity, St. Vincent is considered one of the most iconic hospitals in Australia.

Clarke couldn’t be happier to have entered such a prestigious medical team, she felt honored but also somewhat nervous. Her brilliant medical faculties were remarkable, and she was already recognized by her medical superiors, who were more than pleased to have her in the plant.

Peter and Marny Kennedy were her childhood friends, who had helped her settle in Sydney, finding her a nice two-room apartment not far from the Hospital. Something she greatly appreciated, since she still didn’t dare to buy a car because driving on the opposite side of the road to what she knew her whole life still confused her a lot. So for the moment she was driving on a very practical bicycle, with which she had also put on excellent athletic form in a short time.

Peter and Marny also worked in the same hospital. Peter was a paramedic always in the ambulance, and Marny was a pediatrician. They had both been married a couple of years ago, and now they were happy waiting for their first son or daughter. It was still early to know, but they were anxious and Clarke had already been asked to be the godmother, which she accepted more than happily.

Three months after settling in Sydney, Clarke requested a week to travel to the United States, for the birth of the son of her friend Octavia and her husband Lincoln in Chicago. There she met again Raven and Luna, happy living together in Los Angeles, and also her mother Abby who is more than in love with her new partner, Dr. Marcus Kane. Although Abby missed her daughter very much, she was very proud of her rapid adaptation to a new world and her magnificent work at the prestigious St. Vincent Hospital in Australia.

Going through the streets of Chicago again had brought back many memories. Many of them obviously referring to Lexa, especially when passing next to the Polis Tower, so helpless, located in the center of the city.

When she had left for Australia, and after that unfortunate one almost met with the famous CEO Woods, she had cried much of the flight, knowing that the wound was still open. But those months in Sydney, all the new expectations with the city, and the work had helped her a lot to put the pain aside, and to try to focus her life in that new direction she wanted.

But returning to the city in which they had met almost three years ago, was like a trip to the past, and the feelings resurfaced, as if they had just been asleep, put aside by other priorities that she now had in her new life, there on the other side of the world.

The memories, the outgoing emotions led her to have a brief talk with her friend Raven, knowing that the Latina had some contact with Lexa. Asking discreetly about her and her new life in the French capital. Raven was also discreet in her answers, without giving many details, especially of her private life. She could clearly read in her friend's blue eyes that the story was not over yet and it hurt.

Clarke had read in some of those celebrity gossip magazines, which were always in the waiting rooms of the hospital, that apparently the famous mogul Woods, now based in a mansion in Paris, France, had returned from her holiday trip, of parties with stunning women by her side. But lately the presence of a beautiful French actress and model, called Madeline Bouchard, was reported by the press who commented they have a brand new romance.

Clarke couldn’t avoid the itch she got from reading that in the magazine, and seeing the picture of both posing on a red carpet of some event in the French capital. Her mix of feelings had been quite large, first throbbing pain in her heart, then anger, followed by a great disappointment. Not that she expected Lexa to become a nun, and after a time, where she supposedly wanted to find herself, she would run back into her arms, to seek her, to love her again.

Clarke felt inside, the day that Lexa left that mansion in California, that he would never return to her, never return to her life and love her again. She didn’t really know why she had felt that, she had only felt it very real. And seeing Lexa next to that actress in the interview, it was a kind of confirmation to that devastating feeling, that had broken her heart and in some ironic way, turned to ice the parts that were re-created.

She was happy with her new life in Sydney, her old friends, and also the new ones she had made immediately. She had also acquired new addictions, like going to watch the sunrise over the sea, or the weekends she had free, surfing, with Carla and her girlfriend Isabelle, who were nurses in the same hospital where Clarke worked, and who she had been invited to a party with a group of surfing friends on the beach on a Saturday, and there, somehow convinced Clarke that part of being an "aussie" was learning to ride the waves of the sea.

For some strange reason, Clarke felt like a duck in the water from the first day she was taught to surf. The group were impressed with her natural gifts, and soon Clarke felt that being on a surfboard riding waves was an incredible way to feel free and live again, disconnecting completely from the world.

Talking to Raven about her new life, and her mixed feelings about Lexa, being back in Chicago, they helped her to vent a little. The Latina had told her what Lexa's life was like now, changed, but somehow almost returning to her old ways. Raven also told her about her own new life with Luna and her little daughter, whom she adored, in Los Angeles, and how the Alex Foundation was growing and how much it had helped so many families around the country.

Clarke was very excited to hear the wonderful progress, of which Alex would surely feel so happy and proud. For a moment, her Mediterranean blues went bright, and she was about to release her contained tears. Thinking of Alex was like a dagger in her heart. It had been three years and her departure still hurt, but she always remembered her words, her messages, her beautiful video singing that song so beautiful and felt for her, which had unfortunately become a farewell song.

Sometimes when she was in the middle of the sea, sitting on her surfboard, the memories of her sweet Alex returned to her mind, making her smile, like a light that illuminated her interior, making her feel that her spirit and love were still with her. But also the memories of Lexa returned, and her green eyes, those that enchanted her so deeply, those which spoke to her so many times in silence but with so much feeling, her face so perfect, so beautiful, and the pain of her goodbye.

In a very short time she had had to say goodbye to two women who had meant everything in her life, they had changed it completely and forever without a doubt. It was crazy to think everything that had lived with them in almost a year, but it had been so real and intense, that there were still deep consequences of it all.

Although two years and nine months had gone by, Clarke was not open to dating anyone. She was still in the process of overcoming her emotional past, and although she was attracted to some women and men she had met in those nine months in Sydney, she knew that she wasn’t ready for anyone yet. But there among them was the sweet and beautiful Victoria. A beautiful young brunette, a children’s doctor, a companion in the hospital, who had approached her a lot, with clear intentions, but Clarke had kept the distance, a simple and very close friendship.

The day that Clarke read the article in that damn magazine, and fixed her eyes on the picture of Lexa with the French actress at his side, in a foolish act of anger, and why not also say spite,she invited Victoria to go out to dinner with her in a well-known restaurant in the city. The dark-haired doctor was more than enthusiastic about Clarke's sudden invitation, imagining that she had finally conquered her.

But during the dinner and a little deeper than usual, Clarke had realized later her silly mistake, of her childish anger for the moment, dragging the sweet Victoria in an act of wanting to feel indifferent, of what she had seen and read in that stupid gossip magazine.

It had hurt so much to see that Lexa had finally yielded to her carnal needs, and had not gone to look for her, had not returned to look for her to love her as somehow promised that fateful day of goodbye. But after two years and nine months, or less, she didn’t know exactly when she had started dating the actress, she had simply given up and opted for whatever was at hand, or whatever was offered.

Because to be frank, that French woman, had a face to be one of those typical style "Gold Diggers", house rewards, or a luxury prostitute. Yes, Clarke definitely had not liked her. And the expression on Lexa's face next to her was, without a doubt, that cold, distant, egocentric Lexa she had met that night in the hotel bar, almost three years before.

But now she was there, sitting at a table in the famous restaurant in downtown Sydney, in front of a cute and sweet girl, who had been trying to woo her almost since they had crossed paths that day in the hospital cafeteria. Clarke couldn’t deny that she was attracted to that natural beauty, that face of a sweet girl, who really was, something natural almost being a pediatrician as good as Victoria Mitchells was. A year older than her, originally from Perth, who had worked at St. Vincent's Hospital for two years.

Clarke didn’t know how to get out of the complicated situation she was in. She knew that by inviting Victoria to dinner, she was giving herself the chance to understand that something more could finally happen between them, than a mere friendship between colleagues like the one they had kept up until now. Besides, She could see clearly in the brunette's light brown eyes, her enthusiasm, her nervousness, her excitement at what the night would bring between them.

In that moment he hated Lexa Woods, cursing her in every possible way, and herself, for letting herself be carried away by her foolish and childish impulses of anger.

After a very nice dinner, telling each other a little about their lives, in which Clarke omitted all the crazy Woods story. Honestly she didn’t want to open up with all that drama to Victoria, besides not wanting to bring all that to her mind.
Somehow she tried to relax, and to repeat to herself that it was time to take a chance, it didn’t have to be anything serious, just try to take those first steps, to proceed with her life, as Lexa clearly had done by now. Especially each time the magazine photo came to mind, her smile widened as she looked at Victoria, who by the way was more and more fascinated with the American blonde.

Victoria drove her car, a rather new blue Suzuki, in which Clarke felt very comfortable, despite being small and sitting on the opposite side of the one she was used to all her life.

While her dark colleague drove quietly through the city, with that bright smile that didn’t fade from her face, she was beautiful indeed. Clarke meditated, observing her discreetly, beginning with those long, well toned legs that were visible, thanks to that tiny black dress that Victoria wore. She really had to confess that her colleague was a very beautiful woman, very nice and so far very quiet.

Clarke felt very comfortable with her, and although it tensed her to think about how the night would continue, it was repeated like a mantra in her mind, that if Lexa overcame the issue and decided to continue with her life leaving her in the turbid past It was time for her to do the same.

Suddenly the musical theme that sounded in the small car caught her attention, it was the voice of the Australian singer "Missy Higgins" with her old hit "Where I Stood"

"...I don't know what I've done
Or if I like what I've begun
But something told me to run
And honey you know me it's all or none

There were sounds in my head
A little voice is whispering
That I should go and this should end
Oh and I found myself listening

'Cause I don't know who I am, who I am without you
All I know is that I should
And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you
All I know is that I should

'Cause she will love you more than I could
She who dares to stand where I stood..."

Clarke couldn’t help but turn her mind to the whole story that she lived with Lexa, that song said so much about how she really felt, that she was fully introduced into her soul. Her blue eyes almost didn’t blink, she was so focused and so focused on the images that passed in her mind as if she were watching a movie, a film she knew too well and that excited her more than she wanted.

She held back the tears that welled up in her eyes, especially because she didn’t want to explain to her partner, who had noticed his clear distraction when the song had started to play.

Victoria could see how the relaxed face of Clarke became instead sad, concentrated on some thought, but it definitely had to do with what the song said, but she refrained from asking, or commenting anything, she simply wanted to respect the moment of the blonde.

Victoria had noticed that Clarke was elusive to interact more than in a friendly way, not only with her, but with anyone who approached her. She could sense that Clarke was fleeing from anyone who wanted a romantic relationship with her. She had no doubt that the blonde's heart was deeply damaged. She also noticed in all the dinner talk, that Clarke had not said much about her love life, rather than mentioning that inept boyfriend named Finn.

But the pediatrician knew that her colleague was bisexual, because she told her there were some pretty girls in the hospital stuff, and she had noticed those beautiful blue eyes observing her in more than one occasion in a somewhat provocative way. That's why she didn’t give up, and she just waited until Clarke was ready to leave. And when the blonde invited her to dinner, she was surprised, because she didn’t expect it, but without a doubt it gave her enormous joy.

"...See I thought love was black and white
That it was wrong or it was right

But you ain't leaving without a fight
And I think I am just as torn inside

'Cause I don't know who I am, who I am without you
All I know is that I should
And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you
All I know is that I should

'Cause she will love you more than I could
She who dares to stand where I stood

And I won't be far from where you are if ever you should call
You meant more to me than anyone I've ever loved at all
But you taught me how to trust myself
And so I say to you, this is what I have to do.

'Cause I don't know who I am, who I am without you
All I know is that I should
And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you
All I know is that I should
'Cause she will love you more than I could
She who dares to stand where I stood
She who dares to stand where I stood..."

When the song ended they had reached the beach, a beautiful place Victoria knew, where she had offered Clarke to continue the talk by the sea. The blonde had accepted with pleasure, but now Victoria had doubts if it had been a good idea, Clarke seemed totally lost in another Universe. The brunette unbuckled her seatbelt and allowed herself to put a hand on Clarke's knee, to bring her back to reality.

Suddenly in a quick movement, Clarke released her seatbelt, and turning her head and body, her lips found Victoria's in a passionate kiss. A kiss that neither really expected or planned, but both let go in the brush of hungry lips, of needy mouths, with a fiery dance of exploratory tongues, delicious, that were sought with eagerness and delicacy.

Hearts beat in a hurry and breathed breaths and some daring moans escaping from their mouths was heard inside the small blue Suzuki. The most affected was clearly Victoria, who had been waiting for months to taste those beautiful, so soft lips.

Clarke, she had no idea where that crazy outburst of kissing her partner had come from, but she was clearly thirsty, and she was finally quenching that thirst to feel again, even if it was something physical, but it was the closest thing to feeling alive again. He did not feel bad, or guilty, Victoria's mouth received it with pleasure and moans of pleasure, and that pleased him, without repressing himself at all to enjoy it.

Soon Clarke's hands were intertwined in Victoria's hair, holding her neck, with soft and provocative caresses of that smooth, throbbing and burning skin. She felt that she wanted to taste more of that beautiful woman, but something stopped inside her, and looking for air she very slowly separated from the face of the brunette, who still had his eyes closed, and her lips swollen and somewhat open, but showing a pleasant smile.

Clarke watched her face for a brief moment, agitated, flushed, her blue eyes were darkened, and her tongue licked her own lips, feeling the taste of Victora on them. It was sweet, like her, with some flavor of Chablís wine they had enjoyed during dinner.

Clarke looked at her face so satisfied it made her smile. Victoria looked like a girl on a Christmas morning, opening the much-desired gifts. The brunette bit her bottom lip, and slowly opened her beautiful eyes, meeting Clarke's, while the blonde's hand still caressed her neck gently.

- Are you okay..? I'm sorry ... - Clarke tried in vain to explain somewhat nervously
- No ... don’t apologize Clarke ... it was ... something I wanted too ... it's just that you took me by surprise …
- Yes, I know ... I just wanted to feel you …

- Well, that was a way to feel one another without doubts ... now ... will you tell me why a moment ago I could see sadness in your eyes? - Asked Victoria, while now she was running a rebellious lock of Clarke's face, tucking it behind her ear, and continued caressing her. cheek. A gesture that unbalanced Clarke because she felt very vulnerable at that time.
- It's ... it's something I don’t want to talk about Vicky ... don’t take it the wrong way, but it was a part of my life that I don’t want to bring her to this moment ... - Clarke said while gently holding the Victoria's hand on her cheek, while the brunette nodded silently but with illuminated eyes.
- I think we both need a little air, don’t you think? Come ... let's walk a little on the beach, the night is beautiful ... - Victoria responded, relaxed and with a sweet smile on her face, then opened the door of her car and left. Clarke nodded and followed her out of the car.

The night was warm, with a refreshing sea breeze that caressed them gently, and a bright full moon reflected on the waves that reached the shore, wetting the bare feet of both.

They walked in silence, side by side, without holding hands. Victoria felt that Clarke needed space, despite the surprising and effusive kiss, she could clearly see that something was not right, but at the same time didn’t want to push it. Since Clarke had answered that she didn’t want to talk about it, and she partly agreed, if it was as painful as it appeared,she didn’t want the memories of that to interfere in the beautiful evening they were having, in a negative or sad way.

They reached a point where there were some large rocks, Victoria settled down sitting on one of them, followed by Clarke, who sat next to her. The blonde didn’t want to bring Lexa's story to that moment, she refused to let her image be present. She wanted for once to be free and to enjoy the beautiful company of that woman by her side, who had waited patiently for her for months, and now that Clarke had opened up to her, she could not play around anymore in the moment Victoria had wished for, and at another ...” uups! Sorry I know what happens to me …”

When kissing Victoria, she had made a very important decision, finally giving herself the opportunity to move on, as with all the rest of her life that she was already enjoying. Her medical colleague was a beautiful woman, nice, sweet, simple, intelligent, and very respectful and understanding. Why the hell was she not going to look at her, to want her, to enjoy her?

She looked at the horizon, the light of the moon over the dark sea, the foam of the waves kissing the shore, the sea breeze playing with his blond hair, and without thinking she took Victoria's hand gently, turning her face towards her, as she watched expectantly. Clarke smiled slightly with her bright eyes, but with a relaxed face that Victoria thanked, making her smile.

- Vicky ... I'm really sorry I made you wait all this time. I know that you have noticed me since we met in that cafeteria, and although I also liked you, there were many things that I needed to solve in my head. I don’t want you to take this as the start of something serious ... I cannot promise even that ... but I want us to know each other, something quiet for now, you know ... with time ... without pressure or trouble ... if you’ll agree
- Clarke ... you don’t need to apologize. Sometimes we carry things that block us and that we need to solve before starting something new. Believe me I understand. My first girlfriend was something that took me time to overcome. We moved apart for about four years and despite loving each other, there were so many differences between us that slowly it was destroying us, and so we finally separated. I even needed some psychological help after I separated from her. After that I spent a lot of time without going out with anyone. Sometimes it's difficult, so I can understand it.
- Thanks ... and I'm sorry to hear about your ex ... when did that happen?
- When I was a teenager, in the last two years of high school. We were kids, we were total beginners. We gave ourselves from the first kiss, we debuted sexually together, there were many first times, very important in some way, those events that mark you forever
- Yes, of course ... I imagine. And do you know about her nowadays? Do you keep in touch in some way?
- Yes, today we are friends over long distance. She still lives in Perth, with her wife Cinthia and two beautiful twin girls they have had. She is happy and I am happy.
- You're special Vicky ... - Clarke prompted, somewhat fascinated by the sweetness and good feelings of the brunette, her cheeks immediately turned reddish, before the flattery of the blonde, who caressed her hand and smiled with illuminated eyes.
- Oh, my God! stop flattering me Griffin ... hahaha ... you're also special
- Hahaha ... I ..? No, I don’t think so ... and I'm not giving you compliments, I don’t give compliments, I only mention facts Dr. Mitchells, and I feel good being with you tonight. Thank you… - Clarke said, standing up without letting go of Victoria's hand, making her stand up next to her, to surround her with her arms and hug her. The brunette allowed herself to be hugged with pleasure, smiling at the tender gesture.

Then Clarke separated and returned to join her thirsty lips with Victoria's. This time, the kiss was more subtle, sweeter, calmer, but also more meaningful in all its form, slowly igniting the internal bonfire inside them both. Even so, Clarke didn’t think it was a good idea to go straight to bed with her colleague, she really wanted to take time, get to know her, go by a little, as in the old traditional times.

After the intense and slow kiss, both separated, agitated, laughing, and began to walk towards the car still embraced, while the ocean water kissed their feet, the bright moon illuminated the path, and the wind played with their hair, caressing their red faces.

Meanwhile at the same time, in Nice, on the French Riviera, Niylah Winters was enjoying the blazing sun that burned her sculptural body, over which she wore a small black bikini. A large brimmed hat covering her head, and large sunglasses covering almost her entire face, reclining on one of those hotel chairs, where she and her girlfriend Ontari had been staying for a couple of days.

Suddenly her rest was interrupted by the sound of her damn phone, which after several calls finally drew a sigh of irritation. But looking at the name on the screen, her face drew an evil smile.

- Ma chérie ... I was missing your call ... - Niylah answered, sitting on the chair, before the watchful gaze of Ontari at his side, who enjoyed a Pina Colada.
- I don’t think I can continue with this shit - said the female voice on the other side, with a clear French accent
- What the hell did you say ..?! We agreed on this in case you forget, in addition to the amount that will appear in your bank account and your entry to Hollywood. So now that we're so close don’t come with last-minute chicken idiocies or you'll regret it! - Niylah answered, quite annoyed, standing up so suddenly and abruptly that she nearly blew Ontari and her Piña Colada through the skies.
- It's that Merd! I feel sorry ... is it true that she is such a bitch ?! I don’t see it that way ... not with me ... or with the people who …
- MADELINE DON’T COMING NOW WITH THAT SHIT!!! Now you are going to tell me that you have fallen in love with that bitch?!! because she respect the contract you made with her and you live like a queen by her side pretending that you love her?! That bitch you're living with is nothing more than that, a fucking bitch! You better not betray me, or your bank account will return to zero, and I'll see to it that never in your fucking life you go to a Hollywood studio. DO YOU HEAR ME ?! So stick to the plan and do not call me for crap like this! You have ruined my day !!
- Okay ... I'm sorry ... let me know when you get to Paris ... Au revoir ...
- What's wrong dear? - Ontari asked, taking a sip of her Piña Colada, wrinkling her nose, trying to see a furious Niylah standing in front of her blocking out the sun that was dazzling her eyes.
- That damn woman is trying to change the plan !! - Niylah responded furiously, squeezing her phone with such force that she could break it at any moment.
- What the fuck? Who do you mean ..? - Ontari questioned a little lost as to what had happened which did not surprise Niylah, who sometimes wondered why the hell she kept her around, but immediately remembered how good bitch was in bed.
- The stupid actress who is helping me to get my revenge on Lexa Woods ...
- Oh ... is that a good thing ? I would also be tempted by Woods, let's be honest, she has charisma.
- Charisma ..?! What the fuck did you drink Ontari? !! Argggg ..... -A Furious Nyliah shouted at her partner, then left her alone, and went into the hotel, leaving Ontari perplexed by the violent outburst, but after a few seconds of shock, in which her eyes followed the blonde until she was inside the entrance of the hotel, she breathed and she relaxed her shoulders as she took a sip of her exquisite drink, then lay back down.

Meanwhile in the Woods mansion, in one of the most prestigious Parisian neighborhoods, Madeline was nervous, cursing herself for having made that stupid call to Niylah. In the last month sharing so much time with Lexa, her opinion of the famous CEO was not the same one that Niylah had told her that Lexa was like when they met and reached a reasonable agreement and promises of contacts with producers in Hollywood.

Even with her ear resting on her iPhone as she looked out of the windows that gave her an incredible view of the city of lights, her mind struggled with the thought that if what she was doing was really the right thing to do. Was it worth risking everything to carry out the plan of Nyliah Winters, who clearly had a grudge against Lexa.

But Madeline Bouchard was not a person of deep feelings or sentimental relationships. She was a professional 24 hours a day, it was the way she had become a celebrity which was something that was hard to achieve. She had accepted the deal with Winters and knew that in spite of her doubts, she had to stick to the plan if she wanted the money and help to get her break in Hollywood.

Although Lexa Woods was someone who respected the contracts that she signed, and was a respectful and cordial all the time with her. Not to mention that for several months she was really living like a queen at her side, only having to pretend to be her new partner, for the press and social events. But all that was not enough to make her change her mind. She had a dream, to become a Hollywood star and Niylah offered it to her on a silver platter. Without a doubt, it was a better deal for her to help Nyliah and be helped in return.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice in the room which surprised her. She turned at once to meet Lexa who was leaning against the open door with a glass of whiskey in her hand, wearing a white silk shirt that had a few buttons open and black suit pants.

She felt that her heart was racing, and she was short of breath, she really did not expect Lexa to return home until later, and now she did not know how much of her conversation with Nyliah Lexa had heard. Her hands began to sweat, and she felt the tension build in her body, under the gaze of those green eyes that she felt that at watching her every move, until Lexa’s lips curved slightly, and she told herself.

- Darling you looks tense ... bad day ...? - Lexa finally said as she took a sip of her drink, without taking her eyes from a nervous Madeline
- Ermmm ... Lex ... I was not expecting you to be home until later, ma chérie ... is everything okay? - the actress asked nervously as she walked to the door that Lexa was leaning on as she, studied her as if she was watching every movement of the woman who was trying to control her nerves.
- Uhummm ... I'm sorry to interrupt your thoughts, it seems that your phone call has left you tense ... - Lexa said looking serious, too much for the pleasure of the actress, who felt sweat on the back of her neck as she stopped a short distance away from the brunette.
- Oh ... No ... you know ... idiot producers sometimes demanding I do things I do not want to do ... - Madeleine answered, trying to look relaxed as she moved closer to Lexa, and to the surprise of the CEO, kissed her in her lips, as she moved her hands to her chest, insinuating something else. But Lexa did not flinch at the sensual touch, rather she was in shock, wondering what the hell was happening to Madeleine? This was definitely not part of the contract they had signed, no relationship in private, just before the cameras.

The actress tried to deepen the kiss, but Lexa's cold stance was not a good one, and suddenly she felt her skin go cold. Madeline opened her eyes and moved away from the expressionless Lexa, who still looked at her in such a strange way, and now raising one of her eyebrows, made Madeleine suspect that she had heard the whole conversation, and feared the worst.

- I do not know what the fuck you think you are doing but forget it, that's not part of the contract, and I'm not interested, I'm sorry. If you want we can go to dinner later ... now I have some things to do ... And please stick to the contract in the future ...- Lexa finally replied, without any expression on her face as she stopped leaning on the door frame and left the room and a nervous Madeline behind.

The actress cursed herself for the stupid impulse to kiss Lexa, to try something with the brunette, she was not made of stone after all and had feelings, and Lexa was an extremely attractive woman and she would have liked to be intimate with the CEO, if she could, or if Lexa allowed her.

But Lexa seemed like an ice queen all the time, and what caught her attention was the celibacy of the CEO, since she never slept with any woman, at least not in the time had been living in Paris. Especially after having heard so many stories of Lexa and her many lovers, who had enjoyed being intimate with her in the past, definitely long time ago.

But she reminded herself that she was not there to find out what Lexa’s plan was, or find out why she did not have sex with anyone. She was there because she had signed a good contract with Lexa, and as the CEO reminded her, she should stick to the agreement.

But without a doubt that cold rejection by Lexa had made her feel humiliated and it irritated her enough, remembering the words of Niylah, definitely Lexa Woods was a bitch and she would be happy to see her fall from grace and power. Because nobody ... NO ONE dared to reject her in that way. She was Madeleine Bouchard, she reminded herself, a beautiful, attractive woman and a very talented actress, and many would die for being seduced by her in that way.

But that strange reaction of Lexa as she had stood in the doorway, and her penetrating gaze as if she was studying her closely, only made her think that she had heard some of the phone call, or the whole conversation with Niylah, and if she had, she knew that her time by the CEO's side was soon coming to an end.

Meanwhile Lexa locked herself in her room, finishing her fine Scotch whiskey. Meditating on what would be his next step to follow with a strange feeling deep in her chest, like a small pain in his heart that she couldn’t understand, but she knew well that it had nothing to do with Madeline, but with someone else, someone very special, someone from far away, but still beating inside her with every beat of her heart.

She couldn't’ stop her Mediterranean blues from coming to her mind for a moment, and a shiver ran down her back, it was so intense, that anger took possession of her being and turning with fury she threw the empty glass against the wall, smashing it to pieces.

- No Clarke! Please don’t move away ... - she said in a whisper that came from the depths of her soul, while her eyes were lost in the reddish horizon of the Parisian city.

Chapter Text

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Raven arrived at her friend's impressive mansion, situated in a picturesque Parisian neighborhood. At this point she was not surprised by the "humble" dwellings where her multimillionaire friend Lexa Woods lived. Honestly it was usual already, but also when getting off the black and luxurious car that had left her at the door of the palace, she took a few moments to admire the outside.

Almost instantly, the finely designed oak doors were opened by a butler, who kept the doors open for Indra, the faithful personal assistant of her friend, to come out to meet her. Who smiled to see the Latina standing next to a couple of suitcases, still watching the majestic place.

- Miss Reyes, welcome. Have you had a good trip? - Indra asked kindly as she descended the steps and greeted her with her hand. Raven, after putting the sunglasses on her hair, smiled at her.

- Indra, nice to see you. Yes, thank you, nothing like traveling in first class, especially with this leg that still bothers sometimes. - Raven pointed out, mentioning the leg that had been injured in the plane crash where she miraculously saved her life with Lexa, or rather thanks to Lexa.

Although she had undergone several operations to try to recover the normal functioning of her leg, the doctors could not remove the limp that apparently would remain the rest of her life. But Raven had overcome the trauma, and today she was only making jokes about it.

After greeting, the butler took Raven’s suitcases, while he climbed the great staircase next to Indra, who then entered the impressive Parisian residence of Lexa.

Her eyes had already marveled at the beautiful gardens full of flowers of various types and colors, and some trees, which if she was not mistaken were cherry trees, during the short journey from the main gate to the entrance of the palace. There in front of the entrance, was a beautiful fountain, with the sculpture of a mermaid, almost a very good reproduction of the famous "Little Mermaid" that was in the Danish city of Copenhaguen, the symbol of the Scandinavian Nordic capital. Lexa loved that story, and she had always been a great admirer of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, as well as an addict of the world-famous and fine Danish style.

The interior of the villa radiated a refined combination of aesthetics, luxury and functionality. The combination of unique materials combined with original decorations provided the necessary touch of warmth and a touch of luxury. The harmony of the chic elegance of the interior, together with an exceptional setting and location, embraced the quality of the house "absolutely perfect" for the taste of her friend, Raven thought, while her eyes scanned everything. Now a little more used to looking and admiring the architecture of the houses, thanks to her wife Luna Rivers, who somehow had a little contagious love for structures and designs.

Indra noticed Raven's interest in the detailed look, and told her a little about the palace they were in. She told her that the palace had been designed by a famous French architect in 1925, and that it was located in one of the most beautiful and elegant districts of the Paris XVI district. Also that it had belonged in the early 1990s to a royal family.

A team of experts worked to restore the beauty and brilliance of this valuable architectural monument while preserving the mystery of its past. The interior style of the villa in Paris is a masterful and discreet combination of classic and modern styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Minimized ornaments, plastic, primary and secondary, revealed a discrete derivation of several layers of classicism and Art Decor. The selected materials ranged from previous woods, decorative marble, linestone with a fine profile, plastic in solid gypsum, to golden elements in the shape of golden tiles.

The methods and techniques of trade specialists that had been used included inlays, intarsia and deep relief. The building had a wonderful entrance hall and a large reception hall on the ground floor.
In the neo-classicist Parisian style, 470 m2 on the surface, divided into 5 levels served by an interior lift and a charming stone staircase dressed with a special technique of sanding and fine profiling, was what one could say an excellent Parisian residence, for someone like the famous multi millionaire Alexandria Woods.

Raven marveled immediately, telling herself that they definitely had to make an extensive trip through Europe with her beautiful wife, to admire more places like this, as soon as possible. Although she was sure that the famous architect Luna Rivers, would have traveled all of Europe from a very young age, admiring the multiple styles of the old continent, as well as other parts of the world.

Raven marveled immediately, telling herself that they definitely had to make an extensive trip through Europe with her beautiful wife, to admire more places like this, as soon as possible. Although she was sure that the famous architect Luna Rivers, would have traveled all of Europe from a very young age, admiring the multiple styles of the old continent, as well as other parts of the world. Indra continued telling her about the "humble dwelling", describing what she would find on the different floors: the dining room and a large living room were on the first floor. The second floor accommodated two pleasant and spacious rooms, each with a bathroom en suite with shower, bathtub with jacuzzi, study and dressing room. The third floor had two rooms with lots of light, each one with an en suite bathroom with shower, bathtub with Jacuzzi and a living room.

The lower floor housed a kitchen, gym with sauna, closet,technical room, the heating installation and a service room.Although the descriptive architectural talk of the palace was interesting, Raven was able to return to the reality of the reason for her visit, which was not exactly to admire the new palace where her friend Lexa lived in Paris, but due to the disturbing call of the woman who now led the way to the living room on the first floor, which they climbed up the thin stairs of white and gray marble.


When she came to the room, Indra indicated to the sofa that occupied the center of it, so she could sit down and relax from the trip, while she asked one of the young employes of the palace to bring them coffee and the classic French macarons. Then the faithful assistant sat in front of Raven, to start the most important talk.

- Well Indra, I'm all ears, here I am. Oh! By the way, where is my friend? - Raven asked, sitting comfortably on the sofa that she already liked.

- Miss Lexa has traveled to Monaco with her companion Mademoiselle Bouchard, to celebrate the latter's birthday. We await her arrival this afternoon at half past four.

- Oh ... I see ... and I can also notice some discontent in her way of talking about the new girlfriend of Lexa. You don't like her much, is that the truth?

- Well, Mademoiselle Bouchard is one of the several reasons that I'm worried about Miss Lexa lately.

- Aha ... I see ... well, tell me, what's wrong with this woman Bouchard? Let's start there …

- Miss Lexa met Mademoiselle Bouchard at the last Cannes festival. Some friends in common presented them. Within a few days Mademoiselle Bouchard was settling in the palace as a resident. I was really struck by the fact that after not having connected with anyone since she had separated from Miss Griffin, Miss Lexa knows this actress and brings her to live here. From there, Mademoiselle Bouchard took over the residence, taking command of the staff, whom she does not treat with any respect. In addition I have noticed the strange power that she exerts on our Heda, always pushing her to attend constantly at parties and events that only benefit the actress and convincing Miss Lexa not to take seriously the duties as CEO of the company. I don’t trust that woman, Miss Raven.

- Well, let's see Indra, you had the same reaction with my dear friend Clarke from minute zero. Don’t you think that perhaps your judgments regarding Lexa's relationships are perhaps a bit wrong?

- Miss Raven, I must admit that my misjudgment with Miss Griffin is something that I have in mind and regret. But I've always advocated Heda's safety and well-being, it's my job, it always has been. Although I must also recognize that my passion for my work has led me to make that big mistake with Miss Griffin. Now believe me, you can not compare Miss Clarke with Mademoiselle Bouchard in anything. This woman is a clear ...

- Golddigger? Hahahaha ... oh Indra I love how you are unable to say some things yet ... Well, I would love to meet this woman and evaluate her myself if you don’t mind, I've always been good at it. So I'll be staying all week to see what I can get out of that "particular" new relationship my dear friend Lexa is keeping these days. Now what else is happening with her?

- Our Heda is having a serious problem with alcohol. Since we came to live here the problem has increased. At all hours she drinks unlimited amounts of whiskey especially, and champagne.She isn’t eating properly, or even exercising as she did before. She feels very tired and declines more and more tasks to the board of the company. Cancels very important trips and meetings, and stays in her room or rests by the pool, or makes pleasure trips at any unexpected moment, regardless of the obligations of her position as CEO of the company. Many of those changes are being influenced by her new partner that induces her to hold parties all the time, or to go out late into the night, or sudden trips like this one where she is now. And excuse my discretion, Miss Raven, but I have noticed that there is no feeling between them. At no time do they touch, or kiss, or any show of affection. It's as if they were friends of partying, shopping, traveling, and sleeping all day. I have also noticed that Miss Lexa is constantly in a bad mood. And she doesn’t want to hear my calls for attention about what is happening in the company with her continuous absence. In the last few months, Woods Tech & Co has lost a substantial number of investors and the values on the stock exchanges of several countries have dropped considerably. The situation is serious, and Miss Woods doesn’t seem to want to see it or even care about it.

- Oh well ... everything you are telling me is a great sign of depression Indra. I know it has been very hard for Lexa to separate from Clarke, and I see that she has not been able to overcome it yet. But I don’t like that someone has entered her life and taken advantage of her weak moment. I don’t know how much I can do to help but believe me I will do everything possible.

- There is something more Miss Raven ... - Indra said taking some papers from the pocket of her blue suit jacket, handing the notes to Raven, who was looking at her strangely

- What are they...? - Raven asked with a frown reaching out to grab the papers that Indra gave her.

- Open them and read yourself ... - Indra simply said with a mournful expression on her face.

Raven took the notes that Indra gave her, and when she opened them, she was shocked, finding no other but threatening notes, written with letters cut out and stuck on the paper.





Raven's face said everything for Indra. The notes had impacted her as much as her.

- SHIT! Indra what the hell are these notes? !! When did they start arriving? Have you contacted the local police? What has Lexa said to all this? - Raven was clearly worried about her friend's safety. Someone or some crazy enemy out there was threatening and the Latina sensed the worst ...

- They started arriving a couple of months ago. A couple arrived at the central building of Woods Tech & Co. here in the center of the city. One was deposited at the entrance to the villa, and the last one was inserted into the pocket of Miss Lexa's jacket at an event she attended in Nice, in the south of the country, on the Riviera. - Indra explained in detail, while Raven listened attentively

- Shit! Shit! Shit! And do you have any idea who could really want to hurt Lexa? What about the authorities?

- That's the problem Miss Raven ... Miss Lexa is not taking these notes as seriously as she should, and she has not wanted to contact the authorities. She only spoke with Gustus, the bodyguards to hire a couple of more security men, but she doesn’t want to be surrounded by men dressed in black and she hides in the middle. She doesn’t want to get the attention of the press.

- WHAT?!! But what the fuck is wrong with Lexa ?! - Raven raised her voice, standing up as she pulled her hair back with her hand, walking towards the window of the great hall

- That's mainly why I contacted you, Ms. Raven - Indra clarified, watching Raven walk from one end of the great hall to the other, rubbing her head, as if thinking about the steps to follow. She was grateful that Heda's friend was so aware of the danger and would take it seriously.

Suddenly the palace was flooded by the shrill voice of a woman cursing in French. To which immediately Raven stopped and looked at Indra strangely, as if looking for an answer who the hell was screaming. The assistant stood up rolling her eyes, taking a mouthful of air.

- I think they've arrived ahead of time. - Indra just commented, beginning to walk towards the door of the room.

But almost at the entrance, she was surprised by the sudden appearance of a blonde woman, tall, thin as a spaghetti, in Raven's eyes, with sunglasses on her head, making an entrance as if she were the Java queen. Raven just watched her from top to bottom knowing well that kind of people believed and badly intoned. The actress stopped in her footsteps when she saw the strange presence standing by the window.

- Indra who is this woman? - asked the actress without taking off her blue eyes from Raven, who smiled sideways with irony.

- Welcome Mademoiselle Bouchard. This is Miss Reyes, she just came from the United States.

- I didn't ask where she comes from. What she is doing here is what I am interested in knowing. - answered Madeleine, somewhat irritated by the defiant and mocking look of the brunette woman named Reyes.

- Actually I can’t understand what the fuck is happening to Lexa?! First of all, start by treating the people who work in this house better, and as far as I know, Indra is not your beloved assistant, she is only for Lexa. Now it's me who wants to know what the fuck you're doing here, because I passed a few brothels on the way, maybe you got the wrong address. - Answered an acid and sharp voice by Raven, fixing her eyes on the blues more than surprised and enraged by the actress

- How...!!

- RAV!? !! My God, is that you!??? - said the voice of Lexa, entering the room, meeting her dear friend Raven, who raised her eyes to find her with a smile, seeing her joy

- Hi Lex ... - Raven answered, receiving Lexa in her arms, squeezing her body with strength and emotion. They hadn’t seen each other for almost a year and both felt the reunion in a special way.

Madeleine in a contained fury, who had been about to answer the brunette, counted to herself not to make a scene. Obviously the woman was a friend of Lexa, and she wasn’t going to spoil all her plans, and her long work for a stupid discussion about the newcomer. In addition, noticing Lexa's excitement at seeing her and the way she had thrown herself into her arms, told her clearly that she was going to lose her if she faced her with disrespect to her friend.

But being there and witnessing the idyllic friendly reunion was too much for her, besides having a horrible headache and feeling the weariness of the hectic weekend in Monaco. Without thinking it over she stood up and proceeded to leave the room when Lexa separated from the embrace with Raven, noticing Madeleine's presence about to leave them.

- Oh Rav, let me introduce you to my girl, Madeleine Bouchard.

- Madie, she's a great friend of mine, Raven Reyes. - Lexa spoke, excited even with the surprise, made the presentations, but both Raven and Madeleine simply looked challenging each other with a false smile.

Raven immediately noticed the actress had played her. It was simply a great convenience, of course, otherwise she would have immediately told Lexa about her previous altercation. Undoubtedly Indra was right in her judgment about the diva that had stuck to her friend Lexa, and she couldn’t understand how she had achieved it. Without the situation becoming stranger she had to think something alternative ..

- Yes, Miss Bouchard and I were meeting when you came in. Very interesting your girl, Lex. - Raven commented ironically without taking her eyes off the irritated French woman, who was chewing rage to herself, but taking a few breaths she finally spoke.

- Ma chérie Lexie, I'm dead, I need to rest ... if you'll excuse me, I'll see you at dinner. - Madeleine said, approaching Lexa to give her a kiss on the cheek and then withdraw before the sneering look of the tycoon who immediately persisted something strange in the environment. Her green eyes followed the actress who, when leaving the room, was followed by Indra, closing the door behind them.

- Well ... what can I say? Excuse her Rav, it's been a hectic birthday weekend. Madeleine is usually kinder to the people I introduce her to. - Lexa tried to excuse herself and her interesting companion, before the ironic smile of Raven, who simply nodded her head.

- Hey, what do you want to drink? I have everything in the bar ... - Lexa offered, trying to end the strange moment, going to the lounge bar while Raven looked at her somewhat surprised.

- Lex ... don’t you think it's rather early to drink alcohol? And what the hell are you doing with a woman like that? - Finally Raven said with a very serious tone that surprised Lexa, looking at her immediately with strangeness.

- What do you mean with a woman like Rav? I've already apologized for her, she's just exhausted and, ...

- Lex ... don’t give me that shit ... look, we don’t see each other in almost a year and I don’t want our first 10 minutes to be a discussion by a third party, that if you apologize, it's not even worth it. But what worries me is the fact that you are pouring yourself a huge glass of whiskey at eleven o'clock in the morning.

- Oh Rav ... stop playing mother ... for that I already have Indra, and for the moment I have achieved a truce with her, you just arrived, well you said it. Let's not use the first minutes in silly discussions. Now tell me, what brought you here? and why the hell didn't you tell me you were coming? - Lexa tried to avoid the talk about alcohol, she was tired of listening to Indra about it and didn’t want Raven to join her in the sermons.

Raven looked for a moment at Lexa, meditating on whether to continue to lead the discussion about the drink or relax for the moment and change the subject. But her dark eyes were watching the enormous glass of whiskey that Lexa was holding to her lips, taking a long sip, as if drinking water.

The scene impacted her completely. In addition to the haggard image of her friend, more thin, her eyes with a clear dark rings covered with some makeup. Clearly too many parties, alcohol and she expected nothing beyond. The image caused her pain and worry, and immediately she understood the fear of Indra, desperately asking for her help, something she greatly appreciated. She just hoped to find a way to help Lexa.

- Well, I'll tell you, I missed my famous multi millionaire friend, who chose to go live on the other side of the world. Sometimes I wonder what the hell is going on with you and Clarke? One goes to Australia, the ass of the world for me, and I apologize I know it's your country of origin, and the other one to France, if I've seen you I don’t remember my friend ... - said a more relaxed Raven, with mocking tone to relax the atmosphere. But when she mentioned Clarke, Lexa's hand that raised the glass of whiskey to her mouth suddenly stopped, as if it had frozen there without saying anything, without a minimum movement, and the Latina noticed it immediately.

- How is she...? - She just asked in a very calm tone and under Lexa, without raising her eyes from the glass of whiskey in her hands, after a couple of minutes that for Raven seemed hours.

- Who, Clarke ...? Well, the last thing she told me is that she has become addicted to surfing. That she loves the place, the people, her work. She seems and feels more relaxed than when she first went there. - Raven explained, unable to make contact with Lexa's eyes. But when she mentioned surfing, she noticed a slight smile on the CEO's thick lips, which proceeded to finally bring the glass of whiskey to her lips to take a long drink, nodding her head.

- What? What is so funny? - Raven asked, somewhat confused, by the different mood swings in her friend.

- I cannot imagine Clarke surfing ... but now living in Sydney, it's no wonder that her new friends have pushed her to try it, it's so normal there, it's part of the lives of the aussies. - Lexa said relaxed, sitting on the comfortable sofa, without letting go of her almost finished glass of yellowish alcohol.

- Well, she sent me some pictures, she looks very hot and cool on the board you know, and it seems that she has mastered it very well, almost naturally she says. - Raven added sitting next to her

- Let me see ... - Lexa asked very interested, something that made Raven smile, looking at her with a smile full of joy, while pulling her phone out of her pocket and looking for a couple of photos

Lexa was excited to see Clarke surfing like a good Australian, and it partly filled her with pride. As well as the enormous desire to see her there, in real life, and obviously surfing by her side.

The tycoon was an excellent surfer and if it were not for the many responsibilities she had, she would probably have professionally dedicated herself to that sport which is so popular in her country. But she had a select group of outstanding surfers friends, such as the Hawaiian Alana Blanchard and Bethamy Hamilton, and the Australian Tyler Wright, who she liked to meet and surf with on their short vacation, when they could coordinate times and places. In addition, Lexa also owned a large part of the shares of the famous firm of sportswear for surfers called Rip Curl, along with others and some companies that manufactured surfboards.

But for Lexa to learn that Clarke had discovered such a passion for surfing, and that she was doing it very well, it filled her with pride in some way, definitely her girl never ceased to surprise her.

Raven finally showed her a couple of photos that immediately lit up Lexa's face. Something that Raven loved to see, because it hadn’t happened in a very long time.

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- Oh wow ... it seems that she can seriously master the waves very well! - Expressed a proud and excited Lexa looking at the photos of her now surfer doctor.

- Well, yes, it seems so and she says it is very therapeutic also says that being there in the middle of the waves, is something that relaxes her a lot.

- Yes, I understand it very well, because it has the same effect on me. - Lexa answered, while smiling while looking at the photos. Clarke looked so beautiful, so radiant, so much better than she had last seen her and she adored her.

Raven really didn’t want to dwell on the issue of Lexa and that French woman, especially seeing clearly that the CEO was still madly in love with her friend Clarke. But she needed to know how she had ended up with that French miscarriage, because she had no logical explanation for it. So she slipped the subject again in a subtle and friendly way ...

- Lex ... can you explain where this woman came from? And don’t tell me silly things because I know you, I'm seeing how you look at those pictures of Clarke and I can see that you still love her.

Lexa stopped smiling and returned the phone to Raven and with a serious face she stood up, going to the bar to pour herself another glass of whiskey, something that the Latina hated, cursing herself for having perhaps having pushed her to do it, having taken out such a delicate subject.

Lexa poured her glass and then walked to the large window that had a beautiful view of the most romantic city in the world, "what irony," she thought to herself, as she drank a sip of the yellowish liquid. Raven followed her with her eyes, still cursing but it was too late, she had already opened her mouth too much.

- Sorry Lex, it wasn’t my intention ... - Raven tried to apologize, but Lexa interrupted her

- No, it's fine Rav ... I cannot deny it, yes, you know me very well to invent things or tell you that I'm very well. I met Madeleine at the last Cannes film festival. She proposed to me to be part of the jury and I accepted. She was presenting a movie in which she had acted. They presented us at one of those many parties that you must attend, and we were immediately happy.

- But Lex ... I don’t think you're in love with her ... not someone like that. Excuse me, but you deserve something much better than that woman.

- Who said I'm in love with her? You read the tabloid press Rav ...

- So what the hell are you doing with her? Living here in your home, traveling and introducing yourself to all the events at your hand, like the great famous and hot couple of the moment? - Raven didn’t understand the situation yet.

- It was a contract that we signed by mutual agreement. I needed a stable companion for the events and other nonsense of the image, and she raised her cachet a little to connect with good directors and producers. Being by my side has helped her in that. But nothing else Rav ... there is no "romantic girlfriend" as the magazines get tired of writing ... it is a circus of farce and interest for publicity. - Finally Lexa explained calmly, while still drinking the whiskey, looking out at the city of Paris

- The mother fucker! Are you telling me this seriously ?! And why do you let her treat your people like shit? Excuse me, but I think you would find me a better contract dear ...

- I know Rav ... she is not the best woman I have ever met and I regret the bad treatment of my employees, but I have compensated them monetarily, especially so that they don’t go to the press. I have also told Madeline that she should treat the staff better, but I have noticed that it does not help much. Anyway, I'm looking for someone to replace her soon, I'm tired of her anyway ... - Lexa confessed drinking the last thing left in her glass.

Meanwhile Raven was frozen listening to such confession. Obviously Indra wasn’t aware of such a contract, but anyway, the Latina wanted that damn French woman out of her friend's life and she was willing to carry it out.

On the other side of the door of the great room where Lexa and Raven were talking, a pair of ears listened to the conversation of the friends, it was none other than Madeleine herself, who was foaming at the mouth in rage, listening to her Raven putting shit in the head of Lexa, for the CEO to leave her and that last confession of the tycoon, which made her tremble at the same time. She panicked, her hatred for the damned woman Reyes, and she doesn’t hesitate to carry out Niylah's plan before she thought about it. It was very clear that her days next to the famous multi millionaire were numbered, and before that, she would take revenge with pleasure.

Without wasting time she went to her room, to communicate again with Niylah and to let her know that the plan should be carried out as soon as possible. In addition to communicating the arrival of the Raven Reyes.

Niylah yelled on the phone and cursed Raven, who she hated twice, since she had married her ex-wife and become Lexa's best friend, and on top of that, a surrogate mother for her little daughter who she couldn’t see, since a judge in the United States, had withdrawn the paternity leave shared with Luna, due to negligence and repeated absence, as well as psychic and emotional instability, sending her to a mental health facility, where she had to go for six months. Something that fulfilled a board, but still her request for revocation of the judge's decision was denied, making her unable to have access to her daughter ever again, until she reached the age of majority.

The furious and vengeful Niylah, informed Madeleine that the plan would be executed the night in which they had to attend a concert of classical music, in a very famous theater of the French capital on Wednesday. The French actress knew all the steps, and what she should do perfectly, smiling with malice, she cut the call, excited to collect her revenge very soon.

The time had finally come to execute the evil plan, and Niylah couldn’t wait for it to arrive on Wednesday night. Once again she would try to carry out her frustrated revenge on the famous CEO and former lover, and this time she would not fail.

After giving such confession to her friend, which surprised Raven, she apologized to her for need to take a bath and rest in her room, staying to meet with Raven later in the day. Raven understood the fatigue that Lexa could have, increased by the effect of alcohol, excusing her friend without problems.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, more precisely in Sydney, Australia. Clarke had finished a long operation and after taking a quick shower and changing clothes, she walked down the long corridor of the hospital in the direction of the canteen, in search of a coffee and something to calm the sounds of her stomach, which had embarrassed her during the operation in front of her laughing colleagues, when she was suddenly captured by her friend Dr. Marny Kennedy, running towards her with an envelope in her hand and a pregnancy belly that was already clearly visible.
(Note* for this role i choose australian actress Marny Kennedy)

- Clarkie ... Clarkie ...!

- Marny? What happened..?! Are you okay? - Clarke stopped in her footsteps when listening to her friend running after her, turning on her feet to see what happened with Marny.

- Yes .... There are heavens, I feel heavy for these runs ... hahaha ... - She said between deep breaths, trying to recover her normal breathing

- Hahahaha .... God! Marny you almost killed me with fright, I thought something was happening to you. - Clarke said laughing at the comical comment of her friend

- Come, you’re going to the canteen, right? Come on, I'll go with you, heavens! I'm hungry all the time ... - Marny said as she grabbed Clarke's arm and together they walked towards the canteen.

After buying coffee and a sandwich for Clarke, and a slice of apple pie and tea for her colleague and friend, they sat at a table a little apart from the rest. Although it was also not a time where the canteen was very busy, something they both appreciated.

- Tell me, how's everything going with my godson? - Clarke asked as she took a bite of her ham and cheese sandwich with great pleasure on her face.

- Well, that is what I have come to tell you little friend ... look yourself ... - Marny replied giving her the envelope she had in her hand, while she took a bite of her apple pie.

- Oh my God!! Is it a picture? I'm dying!! Let me see ... - Clarke enthusiastically left the sandwich on the plate and took the envelope, taking from it the ultrasound plate that Marny had made that same day.

- NOOOOO !!!! MY GOD MARNY !!!! They're twins?!!!! I'm dying!! - Clarke said between almost euphoric screams! Excited almost to tears, holding now the hand of her friend who smiled like her, while she did not stop eating her apple pie with great enthusiasm.

- YESSSSS CLARKIE !!! There is two. A girl and a boy!! - Clarified Marny to the surprise of Clarke. Her friend had what many dreamed, the perfect couple.

- Oh, Marnie, honey! You don’t know how happy I am ... Hahahaha ... hey! Wait a moment ... This is a vile deception! It was supposed to be one's godmother, not two's! That means double everything! - Clarke complained joking, drying her eyes of the tears that accumulated without falling.

- Well ... that’s it Clarkie ... I'm sorry, you said yes and you cannot retract ... now you have two godchildren. - Marny explained between laughter and morsels, while Clarke looked carefully at the plate, still somewhat excited.

- And have you thought about the names with Peter? - Clarke asked, taking a sip of her coffee with milk.

- Yes, in fact that's another reason why I came to chat with you, in addition to giving you the news of duality.

- Oh well, what do you want to talk about? I've always been bad at thinking names, if that's what you're going to ask me.

- No, I'm not going to ask you to give me options. In fact I have thought about the names, but since they are based on the incredible story that you have told me, that you have lived before coming here, I want to put those names to you if it does not bother you, of course.

- What do you mean, Marny? Are you talking about my story with Lexa Woods? - Clarke asked and immediately became serious, the only mention to Lexa, his heart was stopped It was amazing how much it still affected her.

- Aha ... you see, the names that I have thought for the children are, Jake and Costia. - Marny let go and Clarke felt suddenly short of breath.

- Marny ... I ... - Clarke didn’t know what to answer, she was so shocked by her friend's decision that she was speechless.

- Hey Clarkie, I'm sorry if you haven’t liked my idea ... don’t worry, forget it, I'll look for other names ... - Marny apologized immediately, winking at her, pressing Clarke's hand on the table.

- Don’t! Marny ... no, it's just that you surprised me with the choice. I know what to say, but it doesn’t bother me at all ... it just left me speechless ... - Clarke explained, sensitive and excited. This time a couple of tears rolled down her cheeks, something that shocked her friend, who immediately left her cake, taking Clarke's hands on the table hard, looking at her blue and wet eyes with a smile.

- Oh God Clarkie, it wasn’t my intention to move you like that ... It's just that everything you've told me has impacted me so much, that I somehow wanted to honor those people who meant so much in your life. Your dear father, whom I always loved as my own, and of whom I have beautiful memories of in our childhood, and that girl whose spirit has helped you to understand Lexa in her enormous guilt and pain. That was so magical and beautiful. That girl is an Angel you know? I believe in them, and that is why I decided to give the girl her name. But I wanted to ask you if it was okay for you.

- God! Of course Marny, you've excited me, shit! Thank you!! - Clarke finally managed to express, standing up to embrace with her childhood friend, and now medical colleague.

- Great!! Now the second ...

- Hahahaha ... God Marny! There is more...?

- Hahahaha ... Well, next week Peter wants to take a trip to Thailand for a few days, to Koh Tao Island, before I cannot travel, and since we are in high season, we can’t find a temporary shelter for Bowie, and we were wondering if you could take care of him? You know, he's a little gentleman, who doesn’t take up much space and who usually has a good temper ....

- Aha ... The one who always growls at me when I visit your house? Hmmm ... this is going to cost you dearly ... But let's say I can take care of the petty little four-legged hairy man named Bowie for a few days ... - Clarke answered immediately after taking a sip from her cup coffee, smiling at her friend who immediately felt relieved by her positive response.

- There, you are a sun! Thanks Clarkie! I promise that he will behave well, and won’t give you problems, I will talk seriously with him so that he is kind and affectionate with you. - Marny said gratefully, while she gave her the last bite of cake, needing a second portion.

- Hahahaha ... if I'm sure he'll listen to you ... - Clarke answered laughing.

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Raven could not be calm after confirming the delicate situation in the life of her billionaire friend. Clearly she was very grateful that Indra had called her, now she was trying to think what was the next step. She wasn’t Lexa's mother, but she owed her her life, in addition to actually making a bond of sisterhood with the lady. She needed to get her out of all the shit she was in.

Sitting in the garden next to the large pool with a delicious pineapple drink, after having eaten a nice lunch made by Indra, Raven received a call with facetime from none other than her dear friend Clarke from Australia. The call took her out of her deep thoughts for the moment, and she did her best to relax her face before accepting, obviously she wasn’t going to tell Clarke anything about the bad situation in France.

- Hey Rav .... Wow … have you and Luna have acquired a new mansion? - Clarke said very surprised trying to see beyond of what appeared behind her Latina friend, who smiled at her
- Clarkie, what a joy girl. No, it's not my house, and I'm not in the United States.
- And where are you? That looks expensive behind you ...
- Hahahaha ... well, it is dear ... it is a palace that you see, and I am in exuberant Paris.

Clarke's face was very clear, she immediately imagined why Raven was in Paris, and whose palace it was. There was a somewhat annoying silence, which Raven regretted, but she immediately used her wit and humor to save the moment.

- Hey ... talking about something else, what are you doing calling me at these hours of your my beloved night? Something you want to tell me?
- How is she Rav? - Without changing the serious face Clarke asked obviously about Lexa.
- What...? Who? I mean ... - Raven tried to play dumb, but it didn’t work
- Rav I'm not an idiot, I know who lives in Paris, and exactly that a palace is where she could live. - A determined Clarke said, before a grin of Raven smile, who noticed that her efforts to change the subject were clearly in vain. Now the question was to have to lie to Clarke, something that she hated, but she had no other way out.

- Well ... you know ... always working in her empire, giving herself the great life as a millionaire ...
- Hmmmm ... Rav you've never been a good lier ... tell me what's wrong? Why are you visiting? You didn’t tell me you had planned to travel to see her ... - Clarke asked, rolling her eyes, immediately catching the lie in the eyes of her friend who cursed herself for being such a bad actress..
- Well, what do you want me to tell you Clarkie? She is not well, she hasn’t been since you separated. - Raven replies, tired of trying to evade the topic.
- You mean ... since she walked away from me ... - Clarke corrected, immediately frowning.
- Yes, fine, since the fool moved away from you. Well, I wanted to come and see how she was, and if I could help her somehow, I did, you know, Clarkie, I owe my life, besides loving her a lot, even though she’s so stupid for leaving you and having not only broken your heart but her own. Because I will tell you that she has not had a good time. - Clarified Raven with some details, something that made Clarke's eyes fall sadly for a brief moment
- Well, that's not what I read or see in the magazines .... Who the hell is that French actress ?! That by the way, it seems that they are putting a stick in her ass all the time. - Clarke commented sarcastically, something that made Raven laugh immediately without being able to avoid it.
- Hahaha ... I'm sorry, it's your comment Clarkie ... Well, it's a brothel rat that walks around here ... Hey, really, you tell me you think that trash from gossip magazines?
- Rav, they are everywhere like the new sensational hot couple of the moment. What do you want me to think? They are just friends to have tea in a Parisian bar?
- Well, I don’t blame you, you know. I also ate the same shit, until I got here and I found out it's all a damn convenience contract. - Raven said rolling her eyes at Clarke's surprise.
- What?!!! What do you mean it is a "convenience contract"? - Clarke clearly felt something was wrong at this point ... She had agreed to try to continue with her life, pushed more than anything by what had lately permeated her eyes, with all those yellow tabloids of the show, talking about the new and hot romance of the mogul Lexa Woods. Now she was learning the truth and didn’t like it.
- That the girl that and Lexa made a contract to help each other. Lexa needed a partner to pretend she is emotional stability in the events, and attract a little focus back to her, something that drives investors to approach like bees to honey. And the "so called actress", needed contacts that Lexa could provide in the middle, you know, great studios, producers, directors and also focus of the magazines towards her, or the "hot couple of the moment".
- I see ... - Clarke just said, as she bit her lower lip. Lexa had not closed the chapter with her. No, she had not moved on with her life. It was just another fucking appearance, and she swallowed it like a stupid innocent and jealous girl, and she cursed herself for being so stupid believing nothing less than the tabloids. Even having been in that world of appearance, which Lexa somehow taught her. Besides knowing that the tycoon who used to play or manipulate the press in that way.
- Clarkie ... I don’t want you to worry, she is not well psychically, but it's a matter of helping her a little bit and that's what I'm going to do on this visit. - Raven explained, seeing Clarke's worried face
- Rav, I know you don’t want to see me, but I want to know what happens there. So I need to ask you to keep me informed please. I will not be able to do much, but if you need me here I will be. - Raven wondered why they both had the damn habit of using it all the time ...
- I know Clarkie, but seriously girl, don’t worry, you know, here is the queen to fix other people's shit, I'll take care of everything. Now stop evading my question and tell me what is happening around you with you calling me at this time of your night?
- Well ... nothing ... it doesn't matter anymore ...
- Girl don’t be silly and don’t make me beg. If you have called at that time of yours it is because you want to tell me something ... at once ... - Insisted the Latina
- Well ... I've received the news that I'm going to be a godmother of two and not one as estimated. My friend Marny, the one from childhood, who is now a doctor like me, and works in the same hospital, is pregnant with twins and they are a couple.
- Oh wow Clarkie! That is an incredible news! You will have two terrible demons running towards you every time they see you, asking for everything that their parents deny them ... and hey! Double gifts in everything .... Hahahaha ... oh that you have fun Griffin !! - Raven smiled smiling
- Well gracious you are Reyes .... I have already done all those calculations don’t worry. But also, the wonderful thing about the news is that my friend has decided the names and you will not believe it ...
- Oh don’t tell me they'll put the name Raven on the girl because I will fall on my ass .....
- No idiot! Hahahaha ... stop being such a believer Reyes! No, the girl will be called Costia, and the boy Jake. - Clarke said with some tears accumulating in her eyes. Raven was thrilled with her, especially seeing those tears wet her blue eyes, biting her lip, as if holding all the feeling.
- Clarkie! What a beautiful gesture of your friend's, it is incredible that you have chosen those two so special names. I'm not so surprised about Jake, I guess they knew your father, but Costia? Wow, it makes my skin crawl ... but why did she choose that name, did she tell you?

Raven sat watching the pool, her back to the door that led to the entrance of the palace, not noticing that Lexa was standing behind her. Lexa felt her heart freeze suddenly when she heard Costia's name in Raven's conversation with someone on her phone. She didn’t want to interrupt, and curious to understand what Costia was doing in Raven's conversation, she stopped to listen, even if it was impolite, to know if it was pure coincidence, or had to do with her sweet Costia.

- Well, yes, she explained that it was due to what I told her, of all my history with Lexa, and her late girlfriend, and how her spirit had appeared several times in the hospital, when Lexa was so bad. That Costia had been someone very special, to be able to understand Lexa in many ways. My friend believes that Costia is an Angel, and that is why she decided to name her daughter after her. I swear I'm still so excited Rav ... - Clarke finished the sentence and couldn’t contain the tears, letting them fall, remembering those magical and incredible moments with the spirit of Costia Meyers, something that surely she would never forget the rest of her life, something that also pushes her to believe that she extended beyond the physical in humans.

Lexa, for her part, felt her whole being shudder, first to hear the voice of her beloved Clarke after so long. And then from what Clarke had just told Raven, she never knew that Costia's spirit had appeared to Clarke when she was so ill in the hospital. That revelation moved her enormously in her soul and her heart. She couldn’t believe that Costia had watched over her happiness so much, even introducing herself to Clarke to help her. Her eyes became wet and tears sprang up without being able to stop them, falling down her cheeks. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t react. Buts he was trying to think what Raven and Clarke were talking about, and especially to whom would they name her sweet Costia? But her mind couldn’t process anything, she was in a kind of shock.

Raven had also been excited, because she also believed that Costia was like a kind of Angel. She had seen it on that mountain, when she said goodbye to Lexa forever, she witnessed its light, incredible beauty and angelic presence. But she didn’t want to be a sea of tears next to her friend, she hated the enormous distance, the inability to be there and hug Clarke.

- Shit Clarkie ... how strong is everything you say girl ... what news! And when will the children be born?
- It is estimated for November, I think the 10th if they come in date. Heavens Rav, sorry, I made you cry ... hahahaha ... I know that you understand me ... I cannot share this emotion with anyone of my new friends. Just Marny I've told the whole story with Lexa, because I've known her since we were kids, and I know she's very connected to all those things of the universal energies, the angels. You know ... She told me the news, but also asking me in some way for permission to put Costia's name on her daughter. I obviously don’t feel I have that right. Costia was Lexa's girlfriend, she would have to give her consent, but since we are not in contact, I took the boldness to say yes in her name. She will probably never know it anyway. I know she will never come Rav ... I've already noticed that after so long ...

When Lexa heard that last one, her heart tightened again. She would have given her consent. She was thankful that Clarke did it, it was really beautiful the gesture of her friend, now understanding a bit more about what the whole topic was about. But it hurt to hear that Clarke didn’t believe that she would return to her life, although she also understood her, since it had been almost three years, and she was made a lost cause.

She had left Clarke with the promise to find herself, to return to her life and love her as she deserved, and not with a person who had an unknown personality, since the confusion was enormous in her mind and soul. In addition to seeing that Clarke unfortunately had fallen much deeper in love with that "Alex" than with her. But she didn’t judge her for it, obviously it was logical, since Clarke had lived with that Alex for almost six months. When her relationship with the young doctor being Lexa, it had been barely a month, in which they had had to learn to know each other at light speed and she particularly changed some very rigid and schematic aspects of her life.

Her mind was finally able to react to Clarke's words, with a clear tone of sadness, echoed in her soul, like that impulse we sometimes need, when everything is locked in our lives. For Lexa, time had stopped a long time ago, letting herself be carried away by the "what the fuck do I care about everything", drinking herself until she loses her mind. She no longer cared about her empire, her money, or even her own miserable life without much sense, not having her beloved Clarke by her side, and nothing made sense in her useless existence, something that every day felt more, something that sank more and more in a vacuum. But she couldn’t run to take refuge in her arms, and let Clarke hold the weight of the relationship on her own. She didn’t want to return to her life in that deplorable state.

- Hey ... hey ... Clarkie, don’t say that girl ... you don’t know that ... I know it's been a long time, and that Lex hasn’t yet achieved what she needs or wants before coming back to you, but never give up. She ... She will achieve it with time, and I also know that she has never stopped loving you.
- Rav ... I know you love her very much, but don’t justify her all the time. I have a new life here, everything is so quiet, everything has changed so much for me ... it's not that I've given up, but ...
- You know, I think it's better to let time tell us that Clarkie. You girl should enjoy that new life that you have there and now get ready to be the godmother of two beautiful children who will drive you crazy very soon. And don’t worry, I promise I'll call you before anything important, okis?
- It's okay Rav ... yes, I better go to sleep ... tomorrow I must be in the hospital early. Enjoy your stay in Paris Reyes ... and send greetings to Luna when you talk to her.

Lexa when she heard that the communication was coming to an end, she tiptoed towards the door, to pretend that she was leaving right after Raven cut with Clarke. She didn’t feel good about having been listening to a private communication to sneak, but it was something she was grateful to have done from the inside very deeply. Clarke was tired of waiting for her, and she needed to make a fucking move in time. She needed to do it for herself, but most of all for Clarke. She didn’t want to lose her forever, she couldn’t, they were soulmates, she told herself drying the drops that fell down her cheeks. She couldn’t leave immediately, she needed to recover, so she went quietly to the bathroom.

- Don’t worry Clarkie, I'll do it. Give my regards to your friend, who although I don’t know her, I already like her more than well. And I promise that my next trip will be to Kangaroo.
- Yes, I was going to say traitor ... but we'll talk about that in another opportunity. Take care of yourself and take care of her?
- I will Clarkie, you too girl. Kisses
- Kisses ... treacherous ... - Answered Clarke finally, before cutting the communication.

Raven didn’t really thank her very much for being called "traitor", because although she had, it had been partly, but she kept telling herself that everything she did was simply work of a matchmaker, to unite those two idiot friends of hers once again, who love each other madly, but always put ridiculous obstacles in the way.

Raven ended her communication by shaking her head. The truth was a call full of emotion and what news!. She also remained pondering what Clarke had told her about her new life in Australia, new home, new friends, new world. It felt like her friend had finally found peace, and now she wondered if it was really good to keep fighting for a union that always seemed so complicated and pitiful between Clarke and Lexa.

For a second she crossed in her mind that perhaps it was time for Clarke to continue with her life, to try to settle down sentimentally with someone who might be good and with a calmer life than the mogul Lexa Woods. And there the bells with the word "TRAITOR" in big letters appeared in her mind, feeling a knot in her heart. "Shit!" She said to herself, "Why do I have to be in the middle of all this?" But her analysis was interrupted by the millionaire friend in question, who left the house walking towards her, pulling her brown hair back ...

- Rav! I see you're having a nice afternoon here. Do you want to go for a coffee in the city? By the way, have you ever been to Paris? - Lexa asked in a relaxed and friendly tone, approaching the Latina, who immediately turned her head looking and smiling at Lexa, while sitting next to her.
- Hey Lex. I'm glad to see you more speakable. And good. You know ... lately I've got used to these lustful lives of the rich ... hahaha ... and nope, I've never been in the city of love. I would love a coffee in a Parisian bar, but with a promise ...
- What promise? - Lexa asked strangely, frowning a little
- That we will have ONLY coffee, without any alcohol. - She asked the Latina before the surprised face of Lexa, embarrassed that her friend has noticed her problem with alcohol.
- Hmmmm ... It's fine Rav ...I promise. - Lexa finally said smiling.
- And what about your nice partner for convenience? - Raven asked as she sipped her exquisite pineapple juice, with a sarcastic smile on her face that Lexa immediately caught making her laugh ...
- Hahahaha ... seriously you have not liked Madeleine!? Don’t worry, she's out for a walk with some friends, you won’t see her until tomorrow maybe.
- The best news you've given me! Yuppi! - The latina applauded smiling widely at the news of the absence of the prissy Frenchwoman.
- Hahahahaha ... God Rav I have missed you, you don’t know how much friend! Come, come on, I want to take you on a sightseeing tour through Paris to the Woods. - Lexa said enthusiastically standing up.
- Okay ... this is going to be fun ... tell me, what car do you drive in this very refined city dear Lex?
- Oh well, let me show you my garage ... you choose ... and no, I still don’t forget about my collection in Los Angeles ... - Lexa let go, while the colors on Raven's face were more than obvious.
- Hear! Everything was for a good cause, don’t forget it, and for my defense, I was induced by your other self.
- Hmmm ... yes, of course ... traitor! - There it was again, Raven thought, is that everyone thought to use that word to call it today?
- Come on ... follow me ... - Lexa finally said smiling, as she put her hand on Raven's shoulder, hugging her, walking beside her, while the Latina was shaking her head, but smiling too. Raven was happy to see the enthusiasm and the smile on Lexa's face, an attitude that gave her good hope of being able to help her.

Thousands of kilometers south of the planet, Clarke was getting ready to sleep, when the tint of her house sounded surprising her at that time of night. Frowning and checking the time quite late again on her father's clock, she went somewhat irritated and also worried at the door of her house.

Looking through the keyhole, she saw with even more surprise no other than the beautiful Dr. Mitchells. It surprised her ands he also worried about what could be happening to Victoria, to show up unannounced, at such crazy hours of the night at home. But without wasting time she opened the door and before she could even say "hello" Victoria jumped on her, covering her lips with her own, in a passionate kiss that completely unbalanced Clarke, having to take a few steps inside of her house.
Victoria held her by the waist while their kiss became fiery and demanding. Clarke couldn’t really think or react to such a passionate attack and simply returned the kiss, but without producing almost anything inside.

Clarke took a few steps back, while Victoria crossed the doorway and closed the door behind her with a blow to her foot, while dragging Clarke to the sofa where both finally fell, continuing the hot and prolonged kiss, until the need for air made them both move away with red faces, breathing hard and smiling.

- Oh God! I'm sorry Clarke ... I didn't mean to attack you like that but I swear I got carried away by a huge impulse, I was dying to see you, and since you didn’t answer my calls, I came ... I know it's not very right from me to present myself like this, and practically attack you ... but ...
- Hey ... hey ... Vicky is fine ... breathe ... hahaha ... it's all good, apology accepted. It's not that I was bothered too much by your entrance, but you surprised me a lot ...
- Believe me, Clarke, I don’t usually like that ... God! You'll think I'm crazy ... but I just ...
- Now ... Stop worrying ... now ... we can sit back and take it back from the beginning, what do you think? - Clarke proposed sitting down after Victoria stood up, releasing her with a very embarrassed face.
- Oh ... oooooops ... yes, of course .. Excuse me ... - Said an agitated Victoria, clearly nervous, with face of "swallow land"
- Well ... now yes ... Hello Vicky ... what brings you here? Something wrong..? Are you okay?
- Hahahaha... really Clarke .. you don’t know how sorry I am ... I was thinking so much about you ... hahaha ... I let myself go like a ravishing teenager with crazy hormones ... It's okay .. Hello Clarke ... I just needed to see you ... I missed you these couple of days ...
- Oh ... well ... well I know ... I was going to call you tomorrow to see if you wanted to have dinner with me ... I think we need to talk ... - Clarke said in a much calmer tone, trying not to sound the alarms too much in Victoria's mind, who immediately fixed her eyes on hers, somewhat surprised.

Her idea was not to go ahead with whatever they had started with Victoria, having noticed that those butterflies in her stomach didn’t show up, nothing she could feel internally when Victoria kissed her. Besides, after the conversation with Raven, she had realized that she had acted like a stupid teenager, believing in the tabloids, believing that Lexa had forgotten her. She really felt terrified, seeing, especially now, how excited Victoria was with her, and she hated having to put the cold cloth on all of a sudden, and explain that she did not feel the same.

She looked at Victoria's illuminated eyes, feeling like a damn villain about to get the sweet out of her mouth to a totally enthusiastic girl. She tried to put on her sweetest and most compassionate face, taking Dr. Mitchells' hands in hers, caressing her palms with her thumbs.

- Shit! I've scared you right ...? I ... - Victoria tried to decipher Clarke's face somewhat strange in front of her
- No ... no Vicky, please stop apologizing. It has not displeased or frightened me, your passion, believe me, you just surprised me ... Do you want to drink something? - Clarke offered kindly, noticing the nerves accumulating in Victoria's face
- Heavens ... no! Thanks Clarke, but I think I should let you rest, see what time it is and I with my crazy youth attack breaking into your ca ... - Victoria couldn’t finish the sentence as Clarke approached her kissing her with determination, almost climbing on top of her with her body, something that Victoria thanked returning the same passion with pleasure.

Clarke didn’t know why she really did it, perhaps pushed by the frustration of the mistake she had already made, and although this attitude only made the matter worse, instead of fixing it, she simply couldn’t look at those excited eyes and give them a washcloth freezing, sending Victoria immediately to her house. It broke her soul to see how anguished her colleague was with her crazy attitude, and she wanted to make her understand that she had not scared her. But in Clarke's mind there was still this firm decision to speak and apologize for her somewhat immature attitude if she wanted to, but she didn’t want to continue with what they had started.

After the long kiss, Clarke managed to control the parameters of not going beyond. She parted from Victoria's flushed and smiling face, who still had her eyes closed, and for a fraction of seconds Clarke saw none other than the face of her sweet Alex, so vivid, so real, that it shocked her and shook her completely, oppressing your heart.

She could immediately react from her crazy delusion, placing her hands on Victoria's cheeks, joining their foreheads, closing her eyes, breathing deeply, trying to return to reality. Undoubtedly Victoria's sweetness and enthusiasm were somewhat similar to Alex's, and that was not right, not good at all. She couldn’t get carried away by that simple similarity.

She needed to breathe, she needed to go back to earth. She needed to get away from Victoria or it would hurt her if she went ahead, encouraging her in her already clear feelings towards her, that unfortunately they were not reciprocal. Victoria was not Alex, nobody would be repeated mentally as a mantra, again and again, while regaining normal breathing, like her partner who was on another planet.

- Vicky ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry about this ... but I need to be honest with you. I ... No ... I can not follow this ...
- Clarke ...? - Victoria could only say, somewhat confused and stunned by the words of her colleague, who still rested her forehead on hers, and kept her beautiful blue eyes closed.
- Sorry to have rushed to say yes, to leave, to let things go a little out of hand ... - Clarke began to explain, or at least try to explain, but found it difficult to find the right words, if there really were,s he had sent herself into big shit and now she didn’t know how to fix it without hurting Victoria's feelings.
- But ... what are you talking about Clarke ...? I don’t understand ... you just kissed me as if you felt the same as me ... - Victoria said, clearly distressed, as she moved away from Clarke's hands, who immediately opened her eyes, finally confronting her, with enormous grief. She hated doing this to someone as wonderful as Victoria, but she couldn’t fool or cheat, it wasn’t fair to anyone.
- Listen to me please Vicky ... I need you to understand me ... it wasn’t my intention to enthuse you, or hurt you ... I ... you don’t know much about me ... how I've been emotionally for a while. .. something that has marked me a lot ... I ... I thought I was ready to maybe try it, but I realized that I was wrong ... I still have not overcome it and I cannot relate to anyone while I have all this inside of me still ...
- But Clarke ... I felt so real ... I ... I cannot accept what you say ... maybe you're just afraid ... I didn’t know what happened to you, but you cannot get away from anyone who come closer ... you should risk it ... give yourself time ... maybe not press, go slowly, like you said the other night ... maybe my crazy attitude today scared you, but we can try ... I can go more slow ... we can ...
- No Vicky ... please ... don’t insist on something that I know well will not work ... believe me, I will hurt you a lot and I don't want to do that with you ... you are a wonderful woman who deserves someone better than me, someone without a shadow over their heart. Vicky ... my heart belongs to a woman I've loved as nobody in my life, and I know that I'm still loving ... and even though I thought I could continue with my life, trying to go out with you, I realized I was wrong. I cannot do it ... not while I still love her with all my soul the way I do ... I'm sorry Vicky, and you don’t know how much! Please believe me, I don’t want to hurt you, you don’t deserve it. - Clarke begged, trying to get Victoria to accept the reality, and her decision not to continue.
- Clarke ... Just give yourself a chance to resume your life ... don’t make the huge mistake of shutting yourself in something of the past ...
- I'm sorry Vicky ... it's like I'm sorry for the moment ... I'm not ready to start anything with anyone, not yet. - Clarke said quite adamantly, without wanting to sound rude but firm, as she noticed that Victoria didn’t want to give in.
- Well Clarke ... if that's your last word ... I think I should go now ... not only have I made a fool of myself coming to your house in this way of surprise, throwing myself at you, when you didn’t even think to continue with us ... But believe me I feel it more for you, clearly you seem that you are waiting for a huge miracle, and I can tell you that while you cling to the past you will never manage to move to the future, and you deserve to be happy. You are a wonderful, intelligent, simple, beautiful woman wherever you are seen, always thinking of others, and now I understand why you have come to the other side of the world .... A part of you is desperate to get away from the past and begin a new chapter, but another part of you is so attached to that woman, that you simply cannot move beyond the physical, and that will not allow you to really start that new chapter in your life.
- I know you're right in what you say Vicky, believe me I know, but it will take me time to close that chapter of my life.
- Well, when you do, maybe it's still there, on the other side of the door, waiting for you Clarke Griffin ... because I know you're someone special who is worth waiting for ... - Finished by saying Victoria with bright eyes, she would almost say Clarke was containing tears in a tenacious way, something that the blonde admired, thanking the beautiful words spoken.
- Vicky ... please don’t wait for me ... don’t close yourself to other opportunities, I would feel very bad if you did that. Because believe me that if my heart was not united to someone already, I would have no doubt that it was you who occupied that place. - Clarke said now approaching Victoria standing in front of her, placing a hand on her cheek caressing her tenderly.

Something that immediately caused a couple of tears to finally escape from the emotional eyes of Dr. Mitchells, who took that hand with sweetness and brought it to her lips, kissing her, while closing her eyes, to feel the softness of that skin that she would have wanted so much to feel completely.

Victoria knew she couldn’t keep trying to persuade Clarke, who was obviously still in love with that woman from her past. She regretted the loss of such a beautiful and wonderful woman as Dr. Griffin was, but nothing else she could do. She resigned herself to the goodbye of the moment, nodding her head and drawing a faint smile on her face, opened her eyes to meet those deep blue, so beautiful that she had fallen in love in such a crazy way, she simply brought her hands to the Clarke's face, and brought her lips to the blonde, giving her a soft and short kiss goodbye, Clarke didn’t refuse to receive it and return with the love she felt for the beautiful and sweet Dr. Mitchells.

- Goodbye Clarke ... see you at the hospital Dr. Griffin ... I hope you rest ... and that someday you will find the happiness you deserve.
- Goodbye Vicky ... you too beautiful ... you also deserve it. See you Dr. Mitchells ...

Victoria finally walked away from Clarke, walking towards the door and leaving the house without saying more and without looking back. Clarke stood in the middle of the room, her hands trembling, and her heart beating fast. Her mind was blocked, but something inside told her that she had made the right decision. She didn’t know what the future held for her in the short or long term, if one day Lexa would appear again in her life and loving her as she promised that day that she would do it, but what she did know was that her heart was linked to that of the tycoon, and without a doubt she still loved her with all her soul, no matter how crazy she was.

Meanwhile eight hours earlier in Paris, Lexa and Raven had climbed the incredible sports car of the millionaire CEO, which was none other than an Aston Martin Valkyrie, a model that the famous British firm had manufactured about 150 models, of the which about 30 or 40 had been made only for the high competition, and the rest had been sold to multimillionaire individuals like Lexa Woods.

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After a crazy and fast trip through the highway outside of Paris, towards the famous Palace of Versailles, to feel the enormous speed of the beast, as Raven used to call those sports cars, the friends stopped to tour the well-known Palace, something that marveled Raven greatly.

After a quick tour of Versailles, Lexa drove her powerful and fast Valkyrie, almost flying on the highway, and without a doubt for Raven, in record time arriving back to Paris, lowering the machine to the speed allowed in the French capital, followed closely by the security car driven by Gustus and an extra man, to protect the CEO. Although Lexa was annoyed at times, she knew that especially now, receiving these threatening messages, she should pay attention to her personal safety, mainly because she didn’t want the local police to intervene in her life.

Lexa was an excellent tourist guide of Paris, taking Raven to visit the famous Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Tuileries and the imposing darkened Notre-Dame. Then they walked a little along the banks of the Seine, enjoying a very sunny day of August, with a very pleasant temperature of around 25 °C. accompanied by a soft and fresh breeze, that diminished the heat of the Parisian city. They also visited the renowned museum The Louvre, very short walk, since Raven was not as much interested in art as her dear friend Clarke, who definitely came to mind while touring some galleries of the museum, admiring the most famous pieces of history of art exhibited there.

Once they returned to the spectacular Aston Martin, Lexa drove through Montmartre so that Raven had a clear vision of the Sacré-Coeur basilica, inherited some 130 meters at the top of the Montmartre hill, a work of art from Romantic-Byzantine style architecture. An incredible place that Raven promised to visit especially in another opportunity, because by the time Lexa proposed to go to the city center, to one of her favorite places, the Café de la Paix, to try the classic Parisian coffee, accompanied by traditional macaroons and éclairs.

While they enjoyed the exquisite coffee and the French sweets that Raven really devoured with enthusiasm, something that made Lexa laugh a lot, the friends chatted animatedly about many different topics, about their lives, jobs, and especially Alex's foundation, that Raven drove with great skill and professionalism, something that really surprised Lexa. The famous CEO, didn’t imagine Raven so organized and highly responsible for every detail, she had even made herself a group of people in charge, who carried the different aspects of the foundation and were all highly trained and very good workers.

The image that Lexa had of her dear friend, was that of the Latina, best friend of her great love, mechanic and lover of sports cars, student of astronomical engineering, who always made her laugh with her crazy suggestions and very honest personality. Dreaming of being an astronaut one day, walking in space, a dream that was truncated after the plane crash that had left her that lifelong disability in her left leg.

Lexa was surprised by this new Raven, much more mature, who still made her laugh with her comments and suggestions, even quite badly spoken, but that could be very serious when it comes to dealing with serious issues. Besides, the millionaire was grateful for her warmth of brotherhood, her concern and her care, not to mention the fact that the Latina had even betrayed, if she wanted, the long-standing friendship with Clarke by helping her, by putting a little on her side, keeping her up-to-date with everything that happened in the new life of her old friend, now Dr. Griffin.

Lexa couldn’t leave Clarke's theme aside, talking about the great love of her life, Raven finally told her the news that the blonde had given her that noon, and when she heard such an emotional story about Clarke's friend, choosing the name of Costia for her little daughter, she moved Lexa a little, wetting her eyes, but holding a big smile at all times, while listening attentively to the Latina. She marveled that a complete stranger had connected so much with the story, and decided to give her daughter the name of her sweet Costia, also claiming that she was an Angel.

She was also thrilled to learn the whole story of the apparitions of Costia's spirit to Clarke, while she fought for her life against that damn tumor in her head. From that incredible way in which the spirit of her first love had not only protected her as a true Angel, but also by advocating for Clarke to understand her and open her heart, even in spite of everything that happened.
Raven also made her promise that she would never tell Clarke that she had told her the whole story of Costia's apparitions at the hospital. That was something that if the time came, probably Clarke herself would tell someday. Lexa really hoped that it would be so, because from now, from that same day, she had decided it was time to move. It was time to really fulfill the word he had given her beloved Clarke, that of finding herself, and that of returning to her life one day, giving her all the love and happiness that Clarke deserved.

Raven was thrilled when Lexa communicated her decision to finally get seriously moving, and one who would seek help for her problem with alcohol and who would also dispatch the French actress of her life. But before, she explained she had to unfortunately fulfill a last event on Wednesday night, attending a classical music concert, in one of the most refined theaters of the city.

Raven enthusiastically applauded her friend and could see the determination in her tired green eyes, her smile was huge, and she simply took Lexa's hands, and squeezed them with her strong, while her eyes became wet with emotion.

Later, Lexa took her to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, after asking Raven what kind of food she wanted, the Latina didn’t hesitate to say the classic pizza, as she didn’t dare much with the famous but too extravagant taste of French food. So Lexa took her to a restaurant called "Le Market", in which the specialty was black truffle pizza, something that simply drove Raven crazy, also delighting in a good French red wine, coming from some vineyards in the interior of the country, that belonged to Lexa Woods, while they continued talking about life and about the French.

About seven o'clock at night they went back to the palace of Lexa, where, after saying good night, they went to their rooms. Lexa had her own room, independent of Madeleine's, since she was not part of the contract in any sexual way. Only the typical handholds, or hugs and chaste kisses, in front of the public and the press, for advertising photos.

Although Madeline had tried to persuade Lexa on several occasions, especially when the magnate drank too much, to get carried away by free sex, unattached, but the brunette never completely lost control of her actions, refusing the proposals of the French actress. Since she had separated from Clarke, she had never slept with a woman again. She had maintained a kind of celibacy, since she didn’t want to feel another body other than her twin soul. She had given herself in body and soul to Clarke Griffin, and so she wanted to keep feeling her. She knew it sounded extreme and perhaps crazy, but she had the hope inside her to return to the arms of her beloved one day.

She entered her room, walking directly to her private bathroom, while removing her clothes for a quick relaxing shower. When she finished, she went naked towards the large and comfortable bed, but upon entering her room again, she was amazed by the magical light of the moon that entered through the window.

Lexa approached it and contemplated for an instant the incredible full moon in the Parisian sky, when an intense feeling ran through her internally, bringing to her mind to none other than her beloved Clarke. Wishing so much that she was by her side, there, naked, standing in front of her, contemplating the famous city of love beside her, surrounding her with her arms, feeling the warmth of her skin with her lips, giving her soft little kisses on her shoulders and neck, aspiring that aroma so characteristic of the blonde, who still felt so her, so part of her very being.

Suddenly a gentle breeze caressed her face, playing with her long brown hair. For a moment she closed her eyes and transmitted her infinite love to that magical Moon, which surely also shone on her love, on the other side of the world, and she could have sworn that she could feel Clarke looking at the Moon itself ...

Thousands of miles away from Paris, and after a few minutes, when Clarke was able to react to Victoria's emotional farewell, she climbed the stairs to the upper floor where her bedroom was, after turning off the lights and closing the door with the key. She went to the bathroom to wash, and change clothes ready to finally submerge in her bed, but upon entering her room she was amazed with the beautiful and powerful white moonlight that illuminated the room.

She approached the window that had a beautiful view of the beach, and could see the beautiful white sphere that shone in the dark sky, surrounded by small twinkling lights around her. She watched it for a moment, when a sea breeze caressed her face and she could have sworn she had felt the special and characteristic scent of Lexa's personal perfume. Her body shuddered as well as her whole being, and she could feel a warmth that embraced her body. She simply closed her eyes imagining being held by the strong arms of her beloved Lexa, while her lips kissed her right shoulder gently, both looking at the Moon,illuminating them in a way so intense and magical as the same love that still united them. Then the words were said once more from their hearts at the same time ...

- I love you my Clarke

- I love you my Lexa

Chapter Text

After having a delicious breakfast with a more lively Lexa, early in the morning. Raven had clear plans for her day in Paris, while her CEO friend had to go to her company for most of the day, something she regretted, since Lexa was so happy to have Raven at home, that she only wanted to spend time with her old and loyal friend, keep showing her Paris and its beautiful surroundings. But the tycoon needed to attend Woods Tech & Co. She had postponed important meetings, declining too much of her obligations in the last weeks, and it was time to take the reins of her empire.

Prior to meeting with Lexa for breakfast, Raven had organized a small meeting with Indra and Gustus, to inform them that she was going to contact the local police because of the threatening notes, so that the authorities are alert to a possible attack or attack against Lexa's life, but asking for discretion, since Lexa herself had not wanted to contact them.

Indra and Gustus were more than in agreement and thanked Raven for taking the matter seriously. They couldn’t argue too much with their Heda, trying to take these threats more seriously, and do something together with the Parisian police. In addition they especially noticed that the French actress persuaded Lexa constantly not to take those notes too seriously, arguing that they were probably the product of some of her fans, jealous of her new relationship with her.

Raven took that interesting fact, and she would discuss it with the police. There was something strange and pretty rotten smelling with that actress, and she was going to find out how, even when Lexa had confessed that she would end the stupid contract with Madeleine very soon.

Raven had a very sharp perception with people at first sight, she had learned growing up in the underworld of a city like Chicago. And all her sharp senses told her that this woman is bad, and is hiding something rotten behind that beauty. But she couldn’t believe even how low her friend Lexa had fallen, who was very similar to her in terms of perceiving people, how could it be that she had not detected that viper so easily entangled around her.

Raven arrived at the Paris police station, after a private car left her a few blocks from the place, which Indra had given her. She didn’t let the driver of the private car, employed by Lexa, find out where she had been, so he would not report her to her millionaire friend. She needed to do everything behind Lexa, which weighed badly, she didn’t like to do things behind her back, but she had no other way out. Lexa had not mentioned the threat notes, and she couldn’t comment on them, as that would lead to betraying Indra, something she couldn’t do.

She told the driver that she would do some shopping and walk a little, and that when she would finish she would contact him to return to the palace. Pierre, a very nice, friendly and also a very talkative middle-aged driver, wanted to be as useful as possible, especially in terms of driving in a city as particular as Paris. Pierre had received those specific orders directly from Lexa, and he did not want to disappoint his boss. Raven understood, poor man, but he had not stopped talking and asking, trying to help guide her, and Raven was already without answers, trying to cover her true intentions.

After that she was finally able to convince Pierre to leave her at her free will. And after walking in the opposite direction to the police station so that the driver didn’t notice, she waited a few minutes in a large perfume boutique, to finally go to her destination, on Rue Louise Blanc.

Upon arrival, she asked to speak with a supervisor about a possible attack on the life of the famous tycoon Alexandria Woods. The policeman who attended her at the busy reception of the "Commissariat Central" in Paris, reacted immediately upon hearing the name of her famous friend, asking her to wait a moment, while she took the telephone and communicated with her superiors in perfect and quick French, which Raven was beginning to like, although she didn’t understand more than "Oui" or "Merci" and some other basic things.

After a few minutes a man in his 40s appeared before Raven, introducing himself as Detective Inspector Clement Monpellier, who would see her in his office on the second floor of the police station.

Once in the office and after offering coffee or whatever she wished to have, Raven got a coffee, the inspector took the money and gave his full attention to the Latina, who was surprised that they gave her such immediate attention when naming Lexa. Definitely her friend was someone world famous and important at all levels.

Raven finally explained with details and showed the notes, what was happening with her friend. Immediately the inspector began to ask many questions, but mostly directed at her, her person, her life, how she had become friends with Lexa, from how long. Something that began to irritate Raven enough, since it seemed that she was the number one suspect. Something that didn’t surprise her, but it bothered her, since the inspector seemed to pay more attention to questioning and investigating her, rather than the content of those threats and who could be behind them.

After almost two hours of being questioned and investigated, Raven reached the top of her patience ...

- Look, inspector, I've told you about life and work and about my friendship with Miss Woods. You are more interested in me than in trying to investigate who the hell is threatening my friend

- I need to ask you to calm down Mademoiselle Reyes. I need to know clearly who you are? You must understand that you have presented yourself here with all this history, and we have taken it very seriously. Mademoiselle Woods is a respectable citizen, who is very connected to high political and social French spheres, and therefore, is a citizen that has priority before our eyes. We don’t know who you are. We have never registered your presence with Mademoiselle Woods, in these three years she has lived in our capital city. - The Inspector explained quite calmly

- But this is already getting ridiculous I apologize. I know you don’t know me, I have never come to visit you before, but you can make all the inquiries you like through my passport in a few minutes, without needing two hours of silly questions. - Insisted Raven quite irritated.

Suddenly a few knocks on the door interrupted the discussion, to which the inspector stood up and went to open the door. Raven listened to a very brief talk in French and then saw a very elegant woman dressed in a navy blue jacket and a white shirt, neatly smoothed. Her beauty was incredible, so much so that she hit Raven, who only followed her with a lost look on the model woman who had just entered, with a file in hand, and an ID hanging from her shirt indicating that she was also a policeman.

The woman with a very slight smile thanked the inspector who had been talking with Raven the last two hours, and after the man left the office, the woman addressed Raven, reaching out to the still silent Latina. Now something lost in the profundity of great and very expressive blue eyes that shone a bit and even smiled, she would say.

- Mademoiselle Reyes, my name is Celine Dijon, and I'm an Interpol Inspector in France. - Raven listened to the presentation of the inspector with huge blue eyes, chestnut hair neatly combed and the body of model, who stretched her hand greeting her, to which the Latina finally could narrow.

- Well, I don’t think I need to introduce myself Inspector Dijon. I just heard my last name on your lips. So why don't you save me time and tell me what all this is about? Because I've spent the last two damn hours responding to an intense questioning from your colleague, about me. When I have come to seek help for my friend, who has been repeatedly threatened in recent months, through these notes, and for which I am concerned, quite concerned. - Raven clarified almost without breathing, holding her gaze on the Inspector.

- I understand Mademoiselle Reyes, I feel sorry for the long questioning of my colleague, but you must understand that we must be very cautious with this type of situation. Not every day a perfect stranger appears to our station, claiming that Mademoiselle Woods is being threatened, when the same person has not informed us about it. Don’t you think your presence here seems suspicious? We need to determine who you are first, to validate your accusations, otherwise it would not be professional on our part. - The inspector calmly clarified while taking a seat in the chair that her colleague had occupied before, in front of Raven.

- Yes, believe me I understand ... but now that I have answered the longest questionnaire of my life. I need you to help me stop the madman who is behind all these threatening notes against my friend's life. And wait a minute ... you said Inspector of "Interpol"? I don’t understand ... what does Interpol have to do with my need for help? Shouldn’t it be a case for the local police?

- Tell me Mademoiselle Reyes ...

- Raven ... please just call me Raven ... the "Mademoiselle" is twitching my ears ...

- Well, Raven, tell me what relationship you have with this person please ... - The Inspector smiled slightly at the desperate request of Raven, finding it funny. But immediately the curve of her lips disappeared, when she took a picture of the folder she had in her hands, and presented it before the incredulous and surprised eyes of Raven.


Meanwhile in Sydney, Australia, several hours before ...


Clarke didn’t have the best of days. She had woken up late, after that strange feeling of feeling Lexa close to her the night before, had wandered between dreams that had disturbed her, since in the little she remembered there was an assassination attempt on Lexa, in a black car, she saw so clearly the face of her love full of horror, and blood covering her chest, in a white shirt that little by little was filled with red dye.

Clarke was desperate trying to figure out what the hell was going on and helping Lexa, wanting to find where the wound was from where all that blood emanated. There was a lot of smoke around her, that blinded her a bit, she entered the tears, the screams of other people, and close shots, everything was chaos around her, but the image of Lexa in her arms full of blood and with her face in total shock, woke her up at dawn, completely sweaty and with her pulsations to the maximum. She could barely breathe, feeling the nightmare so real that it just scared her too much.

Clarke knew that she still had a special connection with Lexa, she remembered what happened with the crash, that accident with her private plane where she was traveling with Raven. What she had experienced was so real, that this dream had only revived those horrible memories. She was scared, she would even say somewhat desperate. Without thinking another minute, she picked up her phone and looked for the number she had on Lexa's private phone. I didn’t know if it still worked, or if she would have changed the number but she needed to try. She needed to know for sure that it had only been a damn nightmare and nothing more. She had never, in those three years, dreamed of Lexa, let alone something like that, so real, that she couldn’t yet return her pulse to the normal rhythm.

After finding the number, her hands began to tremble. What the hell was she doing? For a moment she wondered, shaking her head, pulling her hair slightly wet with sweat, backwards and then covering her face with her hands. This was not happening again, she told herself ... this is due to that damn talk with Raven, and all the secrets that were revealed, that Lexa was still attached to her, that Lexa had not forgotten her, or followed her path by initiating a new romantic relationship with that French actress.

She cursed herself, while she bit one of her fingers, and her face was still wet with sweat. If she sent a message to Lexa, what the hell was she going to say? After three years? Something like ... "Hey hello, I just wanted to know if you were okay ...?" "After three years Clarke ..?" She would say aloud, looking at the phone, deliberating what she could say in that message.
Finally she wrote the short text and sent it without thinking around. She knew that because of the time difference, maybe she wouldn’t receive an answer until hours later. If that phone still existed. But she decided to do it anyway, and beg to have news soon. Somehow she also felt some excitement, connecting again with Lexa, after so much time.

After sending the message, she knew there was nothing else she could do. She decided to take a shower to cool off and calm down, and stay awake, it just didn’t make sense to try to fall asleep again, it was after five in the morning.

The shower did enough to soothe her, and also eliminate the sweat. She wrapped herself in her robe and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, followed by little Bowie, who seemed to have improved his behavior with her. Something that was funny to Clarke, apparently Marny had not lied to have educated her little boy to be kinder to her. At least he didn’t snarl at her every time he approached her, and he had even dared to climb onto the couch and snuggle up close to her, watching the TV.

Something like a truce, the blonde thought. Although Clarke didn’t take too much risk. She had once tested the tiny teeth of the tiny beast by her side, once, she didn’t want to feel them again.

She made breakfast and gave Bowie his food. Then she sat on the comfortable sofa, to eat and watch TV with the local news, until it was time to go to work, but that feeling that something bad was happening in Paris, or that it was going to happen, was surpassing. Without realizing it, after taking her cup of coffee, she settled on the couch too well, falling asleep at a certain point.

Suddenly her face was being licked hard by the little ball of hair, who was trying to wake her up, something she finally managed, and Clarke scared, jumped off the couch and fell crashing to the floor.

The little dog looked at her from the sofa, turning his head as if not understanding the frightened reaction of his temporary caretaker, who after rubbing her face with her hands, and throwing her hair back, immediately looked at the wall clock in the livingroom and her eyes snapped open like two plates! It was 7:10 in the morning and she should have been in the hospital at seven o'clock. She cursed herself, she cursed everything and everyone, and in a jump, walking somewhat clumsy she went to her room to get dressed. She still had to walk with Bowie before going to the hospital. She sent a message to her boss, Dr. Richarson, claiming that she had felt broken during the night and that that was why she had fallen asleep.

Although she received a subtle response from her boss, she knew that she would have a small talk with the woman when she arrived at the hospital. She couldn’t afford to fall asleep, she had a great responsibility with her work, she was not a simple secretary, she was a surgeon doctor, with appointments and interventions scheduled every day. She kept cursing as she walked quickly with the poor dog, who tried to keep up with her and not smell too much here or there, and refer to make his pee marks and so on, which was cleaned by the bad-tempered caretaker who lifted the defecation in a pocket of plastic, not noticing that the bag had a hole, and as a result ended up holding the dog's shit directly in her hands.

- ARRRRRGGGGGGG !!! SHIT!! SHIT!! SHIIIITTTT!!! - Clarke screamed loudly as she kicked the floor, causing Bowie to jump slightly to one side and look at her somewhat surprised. If the puppy understood what his caregiver was saying, he would have answered ... "Well yes, it is my shit"

Clarke returned to her apartment, furious, doing juggling to open the doors without leaving shit on all of them. She wiped her hands and after making everything clear for the little dog, she travelled to the hospital on her bicycle, at full speed, avoiding people and traffic.

As she knew, her boss was waiting for her in her office for a brief reminder of the responsibilities involved in being a doctor, and even more so a surgeon. Doctor surgeon Silvia Richarson was a well-known professional throughout the country, as an excellent surgeon, as well as Clarke's own mother, whom she knew from some of the world courses they had met several times.

Clarke knocked on the door of her boss's office, and after listening to the "silence" opened to find Dr. Richarson concentrated on her computer writing, with her glasses half-nose, who without even looking at her ordered her to pass and take a seat, in a somewhat harsh tone, Clarke would say, who took a breath preparing for the speech and reprimand.

After Clarke took a seat, Dr. Richarson finally stopped typing on her computer and took off her glasses to immediately stick her cold blue eyes on those of the young Dr. Griffin, who held her gaze seriously, showing her that she knew what she was doing. Of what was coming.

Since joining the hospital staff, Dr. Richarson had adopted her as a daughter in some way, at least Clarke felt that way. She didn’t reject the idea that perhaps her mother Abby had spoken with Dr. Richarson to look after Clarke. Something that just thinking about irritated her.

- I need to say that I cannot allow sudden late arrivals Dr. Griffin! That the responsibilities involved in being a doctor and especially a surgeon cannot allow for delays?

- No Doctor Richarson, I know it well and you don’t know how much the ...

- I'm not interested in hearing your stupid Griffin excuses. You have a responsibility not only to the hospital, but especially to your patients. This is not an administrative office, where a late arrival means nothing. Now, this being your first fault I will let you pass, but the next late arrival, I recommend that you go looking for another hospital.

- I...

- Well, I'm glad we've clarified it, now ... My wife Marie, and I want to invite you to a casual dinner in our house. On Friday at 7:00 p.m., and if you are late then you will wash the utensils. - The unpredictable Dr. Richarson told her.

Clarke couldn’t feel more misplaced. First she had threatened to do it the next time she was late, with a look, that she would be killed, she would probably be buried under three meters. And suddenly with a slight curvature on her lips, she invites her to dinner at her house at the end of the week. Clarke's face was a confused, her lips barely open, not knowing exactly what to answer, or if she had to answer, since in the way the invitation had been raised it seemed more an order.

- Oh good...? Are you going to stay with that dog face misplaced and open-mouthed, or are you going to move to begin in good time with your morning visits? - Dr. Richarson asked in a very severe tone, to which Clarke immediately stood up and almost stutteringly managed to respond.

- Ermmm ... I ... sure, Dr. Richarson, and thanks for the invitation, I'll be there seven o'clock, Friday. And my apologies again for my late arrival, it will not be repeated.

- I hope so, I would not like to lose such a good element in my team. Although I must confess that I am surprised that your mother has not inculcated more detail of the schedule in our profession. - Clarke was about to leave when she heard that harsh comment, it irritated her to the deepest part of her being. Her eyes transformed into two daggers pointing the intense of her boss, who held her eyes with haughtiness.

- Have a good day, Doctor Richarson. - Finally answered Clarke, after pondering her answer. She knew that her boss was somehow biting her on purpose, proving her limits if she could. But she didn’t give in to the provocation and with a slight and insolent corrugation on her lips she said goodbye to her boss and turning on her heels she left the office setting fire to all possible places. She just wanted to kill her mother, and her boss at the same time.


Meanwhile hours later in Paris, Lexa woke up to a new day. She had had a strange night, especially feeling so strong that connection with Clarke, and then dreaming of her, she wasn’t sure what she had dreamed, but she remembered Clarke's face burdened, desperate if she had to be more precise, holding her in her arms, caressing her face and hair. She didn’t understand what was happening to her but it was like they couldn’t communicate and white smoke surrounded them.

Lexa shook her head, telling herself that it had been the cause of her talk with Raven, of seeing those beautiful photos of Clarke surfing, and that everything came back to her like a huge wave.

After taking a shower and getting dressed to go later to her office, to a long day of meetings, which she could no longer postpone, she picked up her phone noting that there was a message, from someone she had never expected. Not after three years ... her heart shot up immediately.

Unknown number
"I know you'll find this message strange, but I need to know if you're okay, please just answer me when you can, I promise not to bother you again.
Clarke "

Lexa needed to sit down on her huge bed, to take a moment and recover the breath she had lost while reading the unexpected message from no other than her beloved Clarke ... her beautiful Clarke was worried about her. But she immediately wondered why? Why after three long years? She couldn’t control her flushed heart, she didn't really care why, she just enjoyed seeing that text on her phone like a fool, with a huge smile on her face, and her eyes covered by a damp cloak that clouded her vision, while biting the lower lip.

Her hand began to tremble slightly, holding her iPhone. She tried to return from her trance, she needed to answer her, she could feel her reading the text over and over again, that Clarke was worried, a lot, she could feel her fear even, something that surprised her.

She debated if she should only answer the text with another text, or to call her, now thanks to this text she had her telephone number there in Australia. But she simply couldn’t resist the temptation and tried to do a face time, after breathing, and looked in the mirror as much as five times, approaching the window of her room where a beautiful sunlight entered.

She pressed the call for facetime and her nerves consumed her, like a girl in love for the first time, she cursed herself rolling her eyes. The phone was calling and calling and the delay of attention from the other side made her really more nervous. She calculated that in her native Sydney it was like 3:07 because in Paris it was 7:07. She hoped not to interrupt the now doctor and surgeon Griffin in the middle of something important.

At the hospital in Sydney, Clarke had just finished a successful emergency intervention and came to her closet in the locker room, to change clothes and go to the bar to have a drink and rest for a while, when she felt the vibration of her phone in the pocket of her apron. She sat on the long wooden bench, her hair a little messy and wet with sweat, after removing the surgeon's hat she was wearing, while wiping the sweat from her neck with a small towel she picked up her phone and got the surprise of her life.

It was none other than Lexa Woods, trying to call her via facetime. Her heart soared at an accelerated pace, and her sweat returned. She didn’t expect Lexa to respond in that way, but it didn’t surprise her, because if she had learned something from the famous CEO, it was that she would never do what was expected, or she would never do the simple things. She cursed herself for sending that message, in the midst of her panic the night before. Now Lexa was calling on facetime, and she looks sweaty, disheveled and horrible, because the dark circles of the bad night were there at first sight.

"Demon Woods! Why damn it now !?" Clarke said loudly, letting out a deep sigh. While watching her phone ringing insistently, until it was stopped and her frustration was greater.

"Fuck Woods, can not you give me a few minutes ?!" She shouted to the device, when it activated again by calling again. But this time after breathing deeply three times she finally answered, meeting the face that she had missed so much.

- Well, I see that you are well Woods. - She said somewhat serious but also smiling, while in the image of her iPhone a smiling Lexa looked at her without answering immediately. Those green eyes looked at her in a way that made her shudder completely.

- Hello beautiful ... - that way of calling her made Clarke's entire back hurt immediately, like cats when they run into a dog. And without being able to disguise her cheeks they turned red, and a silly smile was drawn on her face, lowering her eyes, something that made Lexa's entire being tremble. God was Clarke, her beautiful Clarke and she still had that effect on her

- Oh yes of course ... completely sweaty, my hair disheveled and some damn dark circles from not being able to sleep last night ... I really believe you when I see myself "beautiful". Woods you never change ... - Clarke said in an ironic tone after leaving the Lexa effect, while smiling.

- Hahahahaha ... my God Clarke it's you, and you look really beautiful. I must confess that you surprised me this morning with your message. Are you okay? I say, because I could feel some anguish in that message.

- Oh! I'm sorry I sent it, it was kind of silly, I woke up from a horrible nightmare and I needed to know if you were okay. I am sorry...

- Don’t be sorry Clarke, I appreciate the concern, but you see, I'm fine. It grieves me that only a dream has disturbed you so much to communicate with me after so much time. - She just let that out of her lips, Lexa cursed. She had not wanted to say it and it sounded like a claim or reproach. She closed her eyes, as Clarke stared at her somewhat disconcertedly, while her frown slowly frowned.

- Sorry Clarke, it wasn’t my intention to sound like that ... seriously, I really liked hearing about you, moreover, if you had seen my face when I saw your text, it was a whole story ... believe me, it means A lot for me to know about you again. How are you? Do you like my hometown? - Lexa was quick to fix the error, and loosen the situation, and Clarke thanked her, since that answer had felt like a flat hand slap on her face.

- Well ... yes, I really like Sydney. The people are very cool and my place of work is very good. And I ... yes, I'm fine. - She didn’t want to sound like that, but she couldn’t help but be very honest, something that Lexa immediately noticed, looking at her with eyes full of tenderness and some longing.

- I missed you Clarke ... I always do ... - Lexa released as if nothing, hitting Clarke's heart immediately.

- Please, Lexa, don’t go there ... I wasn’t the one who left that day ... no ... I don’t want to talk about it with a facetime after three years. I just wanted to know if you were well. I'm sorry I messed you up with my message.

- Clarke ... I ...

- You know, the hospital's internal device is ringing ... and you know, I cannot help it, I'm at work.

- I ... it's okay ... sorry Clarke, believe me please ... but you're right, we can’t talk about this in a facetime. I hope we can do it face to face soon. - Lexa proposed with a face that Clarke could not and did not really want to define, she was already dazed and needed to finish the communication.

- I must go Lexa. I'm glad to know you're fine and again I apologize for bothering you. Thanks for calling.

- Please Clarke before cutting ... can I call you again? I would like at least that we can maintain a contact. I promise not to try to talk things we must talk in person. But you know, to know how you walk, how our lives are going. - Lexa almost begged, something for which she hated herself internally, but didn’t want to cut off the communication with her beloved Clarke, She needed to know that she could at least call her back.

- Lexa ... I can’t promise you that ... I ... I was ... maybe ... I'm sorry, I must go now ... have a nice day. Goodbye - Clarke managed to answer, swallowing hard, doing all that was humanly possible not to break right there.

- Thanks Clarke, you too and take care please. Goodbye

At the end of the communication, Clarke threw the phone away and broke into tears, her body trembled and her head couldn’t think, just repeated again and again the last words of Lexa. Her green eyes so full of nostalgia, and also of that love that seemed to have not changed at all, and that plea also not to be separated again. She could feel it to the depths of her soul. But she couldn’t just say yes to the proposal to call, and talk as if they were simple friends. Not before being able to clarify many things of what had happened that day or from that day, in which Lexa had decided for the two to separate, without listening to her useless pleas, leaving her heart in pieces and if also frozen.

Lexa on the other hand put her phone on her chest, while tears escaped her eyes, those eyes fixed, looking at the beautiful morning over romantic Paris. She realized that Clarke was still very hurt with the decision that she had taken for both of them that day, faithfully believing that it was for the good of both, since each one was dealing with very difficult internal things and couldn’t help themselves, but rather hurt if they continued together. And even if Clarke didn’t know it, it was also to protect her.

Lexa at some point of those three years, she felt that maybe she had made a mistake in her decision, one that she knew had broken into pieces the heart of her beloved Clarke, and that of herself, but at that moment she only wanted to stop the pain, the pain in both, and together they would not make it. In addition to how dangerous it could be, because of other decisions she had made, that had nothing to do with Clarke, but indirectly they might. Lexa believed she did the right thing, no matter how much she hurt like the devil, and condemned herself to fall into the abyss that she was today. But hearing Clarke again, knowing through Raven that she had started a new life in her native Sydney, that she was finding that peace, was all she needed to hear. Clarke was well and safe, far from any negative influence she could give her at the moment.

Now she had seen her, and had spoken to her directly after so long, and had to hold back so as not to break into a torrent of tears in front of her beloved Clarke. She didn’t want her to see her weak and hurt, even licking her wounds in a dark corner. But after talking to Raven and now listening and seeing her love, her twin soul, she urged herself to finally seek that healing of her soul, to stop licking her wounds and leave the dark cave. It was time to meet once and for all, for the love of that incredible woman on the other side of the world, who still cared for her, to connect after so much time, letting her know that not only does she still care about her person, but she was still deeply connected, and yes, she still loves her.

Meanwhile, hours later, at the Paris Central Police Station, Raven could not believe the photo of who appeared before her eyes. None other than the viper Niylah Winters. She looked at the picture with disgust and with a wry smile, then raised her eyes to the inspector who was waiting for her response.

- Seriously? Are you playing me a joke or what the fuck is all this?

- I asked a question Raven, or do you want to call your lawyer?

- My lawyer? Is she crazy or what the fuck is going on here? That bitch was a rat full of revenge that got into the company of my friend for a period of time, in which Lexa couldn’t attend to her business, leaving my other friend Clarke as CEO, but the poor girl was a student of medicine, she had no business idea, so they contacted this bitch, who only used the position to do dirty operations with criminals, using the name of the company. But before everything went away, Lexa managed to discover and stop her.

- Yes, we've heard that, but why do you think Miss Woods. Have you not reported it to the authorities?

- Hey ... are you really asking me about what happened three years ago? And what the fuck does all this have to do with what I came to denounce today? I didn’t know why Lexa didn’t send her as a prisoner, it was an arrangement she made with that dog, but I have no idea.

- Hmmm ... well, I'll tell you that this Winters woman is linked to mafias, and drug cartels, as well as bands of white handlers. All while she had been operating at Woods Tech & Co. as an advisor to her friend Clarke Griffin, at that time the company's temporary CEO. Therefore, the company was more than committed to international networks of criminals, which we have been wanting to dismantle for a long time, but we have never been able to capture a big shot like this woman who would take us to the top of those organizations.

- Great ... good luck with that ... now she explains to me what the hell has this got to do with my request for help to investigate those threats to the life of Lexa Woods?

- We know who is behind those threats Raven ... - Said the inspector while depositing some photos of Niylah with another woman on a beach, then boarding a car at the door of a hotel, the next at an airport, and finally, having a coffee in the same place that Lexa had taken her the day before.

- You're fucking me ?! Is the bitch that is behind all these notes? And you have not moved a fucking finger to communicate with Lexa and let her know? Or at least protect she? - Raven couldn’t believe what she saw and heard, and even more to see that Niylah was so close to Lexa, stalking her like a Lion about to attack her. She felt a lot of irritation about the passive attitude of the police, Interpol and all the shit that was operating behind Niylah.

- Raven, I just explained that we need to capture that woman for reasons far more important than personal revenge. We know she will try something against her friend Woods, and we are ready to take her when she tries. Otherwise we would not have concrete reasons to stop it here in France.

- You're telling me they're using Lexa as bait to catch this fucking bitch? Risking my friend's life without her consent? But what the fuck tells you that I don’t leave here and I'm going to tell her first what I just found out?

Suddenly the door of the office opened and no other than Lexa herself entered the room, leaving Raven speechless and with a look of utmost shock on her face.

- Le .... Lexa ...?! But ... how ... you ...

- Calm down Rav, I'm sorry I couldn’t tell you, it's that all this operation has been carried out for a long time, and I couldn’t reveal anything to anyone, not even Indra. Nobody knows that three years ago I made a deal with Interpol, to help them catch Niylah, so that they could reach the big shots of various organizations of global criminals. That day I let go to Niylah with all that purpose. Since that time I have worked together with Inspector Dijon, that is why I have moved to Paris. And that's also why I needed to get away from Clarke, to protect her, because if I was discovered, very heavy people could not only kill me, but everything that surrounds me. Sorry Rav, but I couldn’t risk you either.

Raven listened to Lexa standing next to Inspector Dijon and simply couldn’t believe it. She didn’t even know what she could say, she didn't even know what she felt. She had been tricked by Lexa for three years, or at least she had hidden such a secret from her. She didn’t know if she felt hate, gratitude, or what the fuck, but her mind was a complete bewilderment.

- Madeleine is working for Niylah, we discovered it shortly after she approached me in Cannes. We decided to go along with her because everything was connected to Niylah and her revenge against me.

- Are you fucking kidding... Lex ...? Really all this comes from three damn years ago and not ... you ... It's all a charade? Your mood? Your addiction...

- No ... it's not Rav ... I'm going through a depression and my addiction is unfortunately real. I haven’t been the strongest during this period, having to sacrifice the power to be next to my love, and to top it by hurting her so much with my distance, to protect her. But being away from Clarke has been too much for me. The rest I couldn’t tell Rav, now I need to tell you because everything is about to explode. We know that tomorrow Niylah and her accomplices will try to kidnap me, after the classical music function that I will attend with Madeleine. It's the moment we've been waiting for for a long time and now it's finally arrived.

- What?!! And what the hell am I supposed to do? How does it feel to see everything happening as if I was watching a James Bond movie? Excuse me Lex, but this is beyond my limits ... I cannot ... I ....

We need you Rav. We need that if something happens with me you continue the operation until they catch Niylah. Also ... we have known that she was behind that plane crash in which we were miraculously saved.

As soon as Lexa released such information, Raven raised all the pressure to the head. That damn bitch had been behind the accident that had caused her so much pain, the loss of Alex, and the permanent injury to her leg. She had finished her huge dream of being an astronaut someday, a dream she had pursued since she had use of reason. Niylah Winters was responsible for all that, Lexa knew it and had hidden it, cutting down that daughter of a bitch. Raven couldn’t contain her frustration and her anger.


- Rav ...


- Raven ... you are not understanding what Miss Woods is trying to explain to you. Please leave personal grievances aside and understand the true situation here, that your friend tried to protect you all those years as well as others close to her. It's loaded with everything alone and simply for that woman to take us to dismantle huge brigades of international criminals that eliminate many lives, not only your dreams, but human lives, innocent women, children, the worst things you can think of. And this woman is a great key to dismantling them. And her friend, whom you hate simply because she cannot tell you the truth, has helped us a lot with her silence and being a hunting bait. You have no idea what she has had to sacrifice to achieve it, and now the time has arrived for which we have worked so much. You should try to calm down and see beyond your own hurt ego. - Inspector Dijon sighed directly and almost without breathing, staring at a Raven who simply couldn’t answer her. But she understood why her friend had kept silent, a silence that had dragged her into a deep depression and consequently addiction to alcohol.

Raven finally understood everything that Lexa had sacrificed, to help Interpol, to reach the heads of big world and heavy mafia bands, through that damn woman Winters. She had sacrificed the power to be with the great love of her life, to protect her, while inside she sank into a dark world of loneliness and addiction. She needed to put aside her personal anger, and help her instead of sentencing her, but shit that was not easy at that moment. She brought her hands to her face, rubbing with some irritation. She needed to calm down, think, recover, she needed some damn time to process everything and make a decision.

- And what the fuck do I have to do ...?! - Finally Raven said, raising her angry dark eyes towards the two women who looked at her somewhat surprised by her change of attitude.

- Nothing Rav ... we just need you to be ready for tomorrow and what happens from there. We will try to cover all possible fronts, but if something goes wrong, I need you to promise that you will continue to help Inspector Dijon to catch Niylah. I need you to do that for me Rav, I know I'm asking you a lot, but it will be the only way that if I die, my death has not been in vain.

- You're fucking kidding me Lex ... Are you listening? Stop idiots, you will not die tomorrow, because you will not be the bait ... it will be me.

- DO NOT! No way. - Lexa pronounced immediately, but Inspector Dijon put a hand on her arm, to stop her and let Raven explain.

- Yes, I will be and you will accept Woods, or I swear I get on the fucking plane right back home and no shit is there any way that I will continue to help anyone, and Clarke will find out everything. So shut up and listen .... Tomorrow ....

Raven explained the idea to both of them, and even though Lexa was not going with the idea, the decision was made, without being able to discuss it. She knew very well that when Raven had something in mind, she couldn’t change her mind, and this time less than less.

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That afternoon Lexa met with Raven, Indra, Gustus and Inspector Dijon, in secret from the French actress who was in the beauty salon, preparing for the event that night.

At the meeting Lexa finally informed her loyal employees and lifelong friends, Indra and Gustus, of her undercover work with Inspector Dijon for the past three years, in order to catch Niylah Winters. Also that the French actress Bouchard was involved in the presumed kidnapping that they would try to carry out after the event in a few hours. And that all this was due to a long process and operation with Interpol to disrupt a large mafia band, which operated worldwide.

Niylah was part of that organization and that's why Interpol wanted to catch her, either to get important information out of her, or to make a deal with her in exchange for her working as a snitch until the big shots of the organization fall.

Both Indra and Gustus were very surprised to hear all the incredible information about their Heda and also managed to understand many strange attitudes of her in the last three years.

Also, Lexa clarified that her problem with alcohol was not faked and that once this risky operation was carried out she would be admitted to a private clinic for addicts in Switzerland, with whom she had already contacted. She was delegating the command of CEO to the administrative and legislative board of the company for the space that the treatment takes, which could last from months to a year.

Indra and Gustus regretted hearing the confession of their Heda, but in part they were glad to know that she wanted to recover. They both loved their boss like a real daughter, the one they never had. From the moment their Heda had come to this world, their lives had been devoted to her care, teaching and protection.

Once the meeting was over where everyone had been informed of what would happen that night after the event, they began to leave the room. Gustus, somewhat hesitantly turned and confronted Lexa, something that surprised the young CEO a little.

- Heda, could I talk to you for a moment alone?

- Yes, of course Gustus. Take a seat, please.

- Thanks, it will not take more than a few minutes.

- No problem Gustus, we have time, feel free to talk quietly. What happened, or how can I help you?

- Vera, it's about my brother Nyko. He is a former soldier of the special forces of New Zealand. A year ago he retired, because he wanted another kind of life and I dared to convince him to come to Paris. Offering him the possibility that he may be able to work on your personal safety equipment. His references are excellent, and I can personally guarantee his performance. Nyko is like me, he will not disappoint you.

- Oh ... Let's see, let me understand. Do you want to integrate your brother into my personal security team?

- That's right, but obviously you are the one who decides something so important. In our team we are 3 but it never hurts to have another person with great experience and in addition my total confidence too.

- Gustus, that's your land my friend. I don’t have any problem if you think it is necessary. You have been by my side all my life, taking care of me, protecting me and saving me too. Because don’t think I've forgotten it, I never will. So Nyko, your brother. You have never told me about him, well, you have never told me much about your family, and I haven’t asked you either, I’m sorry.

- Please don’t apologize, the one who is sorry is me Heda. Vera, I'm a very reserved man. But my family is limited to my brother Nyko and our little sister Gaia, who lives in New Zealand with her husband Travis, and they have two children, John of five and Jackson of three. I have met them through photos and videos on the Internet, never in person.

- Because you're always devoted to my life, to my person ... Gustus, you should have told me about your family. You have the right to take vacations and visit them, meet your nephews. I am sorry about this, and from now I am ordering you to take vacations after this night, all the time that I will be admitted to that clinic in Switzerland. I want you to go to New Zealand and conoscas to your nephews and enjoy a good time with your family.

- But Heda ...

- No buts Gustus ... you have never discussed my decisions and you will not start now my friend. Tomorrow you get on a plane bound for Polynesia and nothing else. Now I want to meet your brother Nyko, is he here in the house?

- Well Heda, thank you very much. Yes, I took the audacity to house him in my room in the basement. I know I shouldn’t have done it without your permission.

- You're welcome Gustus, it's what you deserve, nothing more. Well, call him please. I want to have a little introductory talk with him, and don’t leave, I need you to listen to him too. - Lexa interrupted, raising her hand, with a slight smile on her face, not letting Gustus continue to apologize

- Very good Heda, I'll call him right now. - Gustus answered without hesitation, standing up and nodding his head.

Gustus withdrew, leaving Lexa in a sea of thoughts and feelings regarding her faithful personal custody and friend. She has a strong affection for the stocky man with the black beard and penetrating eyes of the same color. She would never forget the fact that he was not only at her side for as long as she can remember, but also in the way he had saved her life in that car accident three years ago in Chicago.

Lexa never feared for her life, because Gustus was always there, watching over her, being her shadow, her protective shield before everything and all those who wanted to hurt her. But especially that day, when she was in the hospital about to undergo this delicate operation to remove the brain tumor, she had noticed the strong connection she had with Gustus.

Without noticing, the good man had gone from being her bodyguard and friend to nothing less than almost her father. At least she felt in such a way that day, she felt that she wanted him as such, more than she had ever loved her own biological father, with whom she had had a very cold relationship and always at a distance, as with her mother.

The Woods had not stood out for being the most loving or warm parents so to speak. Lexa remembered almost nothing of them, not those typical moments that one has with their parents, some time to laugh always, or to get excited. Her parents had always existed at a distance and when they were with her their strict and disciplined ways made Lexa feel more in a cell with guardians than in a family home.

But Lexa kept many memories of her childhood with Gustus or Indra. Climbing onto the back of the great man in order to reach to some tree for a fruit, or simply to climb them. Or Indra and Gustus surprising her many times on her birthday, with the classic cake with candles and wishes. Or the same Gustus teaching her self defense and the use of weapons. Besides, the man had taught her to camp in the forest, to hunt with bow and arrow like the old custom of his ancestors, and to fish.

Lexa couldn’t stop smiling, bringing to mind all those beautiful memories, which she only had thanks to two extraordinary human beings who had become her true family, without a doubt.

But Lexa, after that tragedy with Costia, submerged in pain and guilt, freezing her heart forever, had plunged into her own world, becoming self-centered and calculating, a born leader of such an empire as Woods Tech & Co. Her isolation from the world and her ascent as CEO of the company, Lexa had never stopped to think much about those two people who had been everything in her life.

Indra and Gustus were her true parents, at least in her heart they were and always will be. And she regretted not having given them that importance, that relevance they really merited. She had no idea of the family they might have behind, she had never asked them, and they had never dared to tell her.

Finding out now that Gustus had a family, whom he didn’t know in person because he never separated from her, had made her feel like a damn self-centered woman. But she was glad to finally know and be able to send him to spend some time with his loved ones, especially in those months that she would be more than cared for in that private clinic in the Swiss mountains.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the knocking on the door. Gustus identified himself and Lexa gave the order to enter with another man who when Lexa saw she didn't doubt the family genes.

- Heda, I present my brother Nyko. - Said Gustus, with pride in his voice and smiling.

- Nice to meet you, Mr. Nyko. - Lexa responded by shaking her hand towards the man who looks really much like Gustus, except that he was somewhat shorter, but the same features; eyes, and beard.

- The pleasure is mine, miss. My brother has always told me about you and I only feel admiration and respect for you. - Nyko said shaking the hand of the famous CEO with a kind smile on his face.

- Oh, my God! Gustus ... you're an exaggerator, but I understand that you've only talked about me. All your life you have been tied to me. Anyway, Nyko, please take a seat. Your brother has told me about your desire to join my personal security team, and also that you have references to spare.

- Well I don’t know what my brother said Miss, but I am a former soldier of the New Zealand elite forces. I have worked as a bodyguard for some politicians in my country and now I am looking forward to changing places and my brother has told me about a possibility here in your security team. I have experience with weapons management and self defense, and I speak several languages as well. Well, the conditions that one must have to complete the services of a personal security. The politicians for whom I have worked in my country, they can give you references if you wish.

- I don’t think it's necessary, Nyko, your brother's word for me is all I need. Gustus is not only my personal guardian, but a friend in whom I trust blindly with my life. If he says that you will be a good complement to my personal security then there is nothing more to talk about. Welcome to my team and to my life, Mr. Nyko Kom Shagueda.

Suddenly Nyko stood up and immediately fell on his knees in the presence of Lexa, who also stood looking at him in amazement and somewhat confused. His green eyes immediately looked for those of Gustus, who only nodded his head, in sign that everything was fine.

- Heda Lexa Woods, I swear eternal fidelity to your presence. From this moment your wishes are orders for me. Please give me your blessing and acceptance to your personal safety group and I will serve you without hesitation until you die.

Lexa was somewhat out of place at that moment, she knew why Indra and Gustus called her Heda, and respected her beliefs and culture of her ancestors, but what Gustus' brother was saying sincerely unsettling her. She was not any kind of "queen" or "majesty", despite all the power she handled, she didn’t feel that way. She just didn't know what the hell to do or say. She looked bewildered to Gustus once more, her eyes asking without a doubt "Help". Gustus smiled slightly at the confusion of his young Heda, proceeding to explain to her.

- Heda, in our family, you are something like a "Queen" a "Majesty" and in our old culture we must incarnate before you, when we have to serve you, swearing fidelity. You didn't witness it when Indra and I did it, since you were a newborn baby in your mother's arms.

- Oh ... I see ... and ... what am I supposed to do or say? I am very sorry for my ignorance in these procedures of ancient cultures.

- Do not apologize, Heda, you couldn’t have known. The situation has never been presented. Just repeat what I say please, while resting your hand on my brother's head. - Gustus explained kindly, while Lexa did what he said, although she felt somewhat uncomfortable with the strange situation.

- Well ... tell me Gustus

- Ai laik Heda,

- in yu Nyko will serve me kom loyalty in honor in ai royal guard

- Kom disha day taim yu gonplei ste odon. - Lexa repeated each phrase as Gustus told them, although she still felt strange, but she did it only respecting their old culture and beliefs.

- Mochof heda. Ai laik Nyko, your loyal guard taim ai gonplei ste odon. - Nyko replied still on her knees in front of Lexa, raising her dark eyes towards her with a devotion in them that shook the powerful CEO, while his hand was resting on his chest, over his heart.

- Well ... please stand up. I understand that this is important for your traditions, but I don’t feel very comfortable with it. I'm sorry, but I prefer to shake your hand and welcome the group. Indra will take care of the paperwork and will tell you keys and iodine, the rest will be informed by Gustus, of course.

- I understand Heda, I am sorry to have bothered you with this, but as you said, it is very important in our family culture. Thank you very much. - Said a very grateful Nyko, tightly shaking the hand of Lexa, who smiled slightly, accepting his apology.

- Now that we've fixed this issue, if you gentlemen could excuse me, I need to start preparing for tonight. Gustus please inform Nyko of what will happen and the three remaining members. I'm going to need everyone to be more attentive than ever. Although we will have police support, I need to know that my personal safety is there at all times.

- Yes Heda, we will, don’t worry. - Responded Gustus standing next to his brother who nodded his head, then both left the room.

Lexa was a bit strange after that little welcome ceremony. She wondered where all the indigenous culture from those parts of Australia and New Zealand came from. Indra had explained something to her, especially when she taught her that particular language that only the three of them spoke in private and now probably also with Nyko. But she definitely wanted to know everything about that culture, in order to also understand her own hierarchy that without a doubt was like the top of everything.

For her part, Clarke was sitting at the window of her house, with her guitar on her legs, plucking the strings, singing a song she had heard on the way home. Now watching the sunset, in its last lines on the horizon of a blue sea like her eyes, she had not been able to get Lexa out of her thoughts throughout the damn day.

On the one hand she hated it, it had been three long years and here she is again at the Woods dance. With all that that implied, the feelings of having been hurt deeply by Lexa, when she left her that morning at the mansion in Los Angeles. How much she had tried not to hate her for that, trying to understand her, to accept her excuses. From how much she had to work with psychological therapy for not only her departure, but the mourning of the disappearance of her sweet Alex as well. Understanding finally, that the essence of Alex was part of Lexa, as the same Alex had explained before leaving. That she would always find her there where her heart was beating, because she was just part of the dark mogul, and always would be.

Clarke managed to understand that Alex was a simple reminder that Lexa would have had that sweet and kind personality, if she had not suffered the tragedy of Costia, and the subsequent blame for her death. Lexa would have been Alex without a doubt and she had the happiness or the misfortune of knowing her, of being able to love her with passion, of being able to feel her during those wonderful six months of life.

Clarke knew well that she would find Alex inside Lexa's soul and that she could love her in all their context. But she had also accepted that the tycoon needed time to find herself again, since all the events that had happened so strongly in her life, in that very short time, had made a strong impact on her person, physically and mentally, and now she didn’t know who she was or who she wanted to be.

But the long time and the distance had wreaked havoc in Clarke's heart. She knew without a doubt how much she still loved Lexa and how that special connection they possessed was still there, as strong as the first day.
The song came to his mind, because it reflected her feelings at that moment. She wanted to record herself, to know how it sounded, because in the hospital she had been asked to sing some songs at a festival that they would do in a few weeks to raise funds for the neonatal section. She had promised her attendance with enthusiasm, and was trying to choose a respectable repertoire. She didn't even know if she would include a song as special as "Anyone" by the Roxette, but at that moment she felt it in all her being. She prepared her phone to record ...

Meanwhile in Paris, eight hours earlier in time difference, Lexa was very nervous. Everything was ready, everything had been thoroughly prepared following the idea of Raven. She knew that there would be a lot of security at all times, but even the whole situation had her in a sea of nerves and the only one that came to her mind, the only one that she needs by her side to give her that last push of value, was no other than her beloved Clarke. She wanted to at least call her, listen to her, since she couldn’t tell her what would happen in a few hours, since she knew very well that Clarke would react in a very protective way and tell her anything but well mannered advice, in addition to trying to convince her to give up on everything. the crazy and risky operation that threatened her life, as it had never been before.

She meditated a few minutes on her decision and finally agreed to call her, at least she needed to hear her voice, she hoped not to wake her up, since in Sydney it was about eleven o'clock at night. Inadvertently she pressed the face time, instead of a common call and although she cursed herself to notice her silly mistake she let it call all the same ...

Clarke had her guitar almost covering her phone, and when her finger reached the screen of the device, she simply pressed and began to play her guitar, looking only at the waves kissing the beach in the distance, letting her voice accompany the tones of the instrument. ..

Lexa suddenly saw part of a guitar and the beautiful image of Clarke looking somewhere, while playing the instrument. She immediately realized that her beloved had not noticed her call, and for some reason had answered without noticing.

When Clarke began to sing she kept silent, witnessing something so wonderful and special, that she had not enjoyed for so long, which caused her eyes to become somewhat wet and excited, while her heart beat in a hurry and her whole being shuddered, now paying attention to the beautiful interpretation and especially to the lyrics of the song, feeling almost without doubt that Clarke was thinking about her …

"... Anyone who have a love close to this
Knows what I'm saying
Anyone who wants to dream to come true
Knows how I'm feeling

All I can think of is you and me
Doing the things I wanna do
All I imagine is heaven on earth
I know it's you

Anyone who ever kissed in the rain
Knows the whole meaning
Anyone who ever stood in the light
Needs not explaining

But everything else or less appears so meaningless
Blue and cold
Walking alone through the afternoon traffic
I miss you so

Anyone who felt like I do
Anyone who was not ready to fail
Anyone who loved like I do
Knows it never really happens at all
It's over when it's over
What can I do about it
Now that it's over ... "

Lexa couldn’t contain a couple of tears rolling down her cheeks, while her mind projected the crazy and beautiful love story that she had lived with Clarke three years ago, but felt as if it had happened yesterday. The moments next to her, as suddenly her frozen heart had begun to beat warm again. How Clarke had shown her that life should be about more than just survival.

Her heart was beating, her chest pressed, listening to Clarke's unique voice, expressing those lyrics that described both her feelings and her pain, a pain she had caused with her decision that morning. And even though she knew that her decision had been based on her determination to help Interpol and thus thousands of people around the world, not to mention that the maniacal Niylah Winters would be imprisoned for life. Working undercover with Interpol could also have put Clarke's life at stake, if at some unfortunate moment her identity and work were exposed to the mafia organization, and that was out of all discussion for Lexa, it was for that great fear that with the great pain in her soul, she lived away from her and her life, until her mission with Interpol ended.

And her other great motive had been also in trying to re-find herself, to know who she really was, without conflicts, without doubts, to bring her true self to Clarke and not just to be confused with double personality and some mental and psychic problems.

Lexa loved the young doctor in a way she had never loved in her life, not even Costia herself. The connection she possessed, which bound her to Clarke was simply so powerful, so deep and so special, that seeing her there, alone, so far from her, interpreting that song from the depths of her being, was killing her. But almost holding her breath, she kept silent, not wanting to interrupt her, let alone cut off the communication.

But she swore at that moment that if she survived that night's event, after her internment in the clinic in Switzerland, she would go looking for Clarke no matter what she should do. She couldn’t stay away from her any longer, she needed to love her, to make her feel her love, her protection, her absolute dedication, because she belonged in body and soul to Clarke Griffin and would do so forever.

"... Everything more or less is looking so meaningless
And fades to gray
Lying awake in an ocean of teardrops
I float away

Anyone who ever felt like I do
Anyone who was not ready to fail
Anyone who loved like I do
Knows it never really happens at all
It's over when it's over
What can I do about it
Now it's all over
Is all over hey baby ... "

When Clarke finished singing, her hand wiped the moisture from her cheeks, unable to restrain some tears during her performance. Because while singing the heartfelt song, moments with Lexa and Alex invaded her mind, making her shudder. Then she looked for her phone to stop the recording, finding none other than the smiling face of the very same Lexa in the image of her screen and she cursed herself ...

- Oh shit, no! - Clarke could only express, bringing her hand to her now flushed face of shame, knowing that Lexa had witnessed her singing, of her emotions exposed with such a special song that reflected her soul simply and purely.

- I'm sorry ... I ... I was calling you when suddenly your image appeared and you started singing that beautiful song and I didn’t want to interrupt you. I loved listening to you .... It's been so long ... Clarke ...

- Lexa please don’t say more ... I'm sorry you heard that ... I ... I was preparing some songs that I might play at a festival to benefit the hospital in a few days, I was trying to record and listen to what they sounded like ....

- Well, I can give you my opinion ... it's wonderful, it sounds incredible ... God! I've missed your voice ... I missed you Clarke ... I ...

- What can I do for you Lexa ...? Did you need something ...? I mean, by your call at this time ... - Clarke interrupted somewhat cold and distant. Lexa immediately felt it as a twinge in her heart. But she knew Clarke, and she knew that attitude was simply to disguise her vulnerability

- I ... I feel again having bothered you, yes, you're right at this time ... it's ... I just needed to hear you

- Lexa ... what's wrong? I can see it in your eyes ... Remember? It's me, Clarke ... I've come to know you Lexa Woods ... so tell me ... what has happened to you ...

- It's nothing precious ... these are issues that I have to attend here and I felt a little nervous. I know I shouldn't have called you, we have just restarted the contact and I am already passing the limits ...

- No, it's okay Lexa ... don’t feel like that ... it's just that you surprised me ... I didn’t expect your call so soon ... tell me ... is it something you want to talk to me about? I mean the subject that made you nervous ...

- Nahhhh don't panic, it's just a business matter ... something very important.

- Lexa Woods you don't get nervous for a simple business matter ... what is it?

- Clarke I feel I can't tell you, beautiful, not yet ... but believe me I'll tell you someday, I promise. I just needed to hear you.

- Lexa ...

- Clarke ... no ... sorry for bothering you and worrying you but I want you to stay calm. I love listening to you sing, even if it's been hidden. Please have someone film your performance at that festival, I would die to see you. I wish I could attend ...

- Okay ... well, if you want to attend, it's in two weeks. I would love it if you could. Maybe it would do you good to take a vacation and come to your land to rest for a while ... - Clarke proposed, somewhat too excited in the tone of her voice, more than she would have liked.

- Oh, you don’t know how good your proposal sounds in my ears ... but I don’t think I can do it at the moment ... and you don’t know how much I really regret it. But I will go as soon as I can, that is a promise and I will fulfill it. - Lexa noticed the enthusiasm in that proposal and hated having to refuse her, disappointing her beloved once again.

- Yes ... of course ... I understand ... Anyway, well I'm sorry to leave you, here it's almost midnight and tomorrow I wake up early. Please take care of yourself? And stop spying on me when I rehearse! - Clarke tried to joke a little, to hide her disappointment at Lexa's refusal.

- Hahaha ... I cannot promise you that precious ... I'm your number one fan ... you're right, it's late there, go and rest and send me good energies, I'll need them.

- I'm sending them ... although I cannot know what the whole thing is about. Just promise me you'll take care of yourself and you will not do crazy things. Don't be a Lexa Woods! - Clarke said in a cheerful tone and winking at Lexa who felt that all her fears had dissipated, as if by magic, from the incredible magic of her Clarke.

- You are an Angel ... my Angel ... did you know? Thank you. Good evening, Clarke.

- Yes ....? Oh, rightly so, lately I found feathers in my apartment ... stop fawning me ... good night Lexa.

- Hahahaha ... you're amazing ... you rest.

- You too when it's your time. And Lexa ...

- Clarke ....

- Please double your security ... it's just ... please do it ... - Clarke let go of her lips before she could stop. Lexa felt her heart stop for a moment.

- I'll Clarke ... don't worry, today Gustus' brother Nyko has joined my personal safety. He's just like his brother, I know you'd like it if you knew him. So stop thinking about it. Everything is fine here and I am protected. Now go to sleep Dr. Griffin, or your patients are going to complain tomorrow. Goodnight

- Good night Woods ...

Finally they cut the communication both staying with the telephones on their chest, at the height of their beating hearts, accelerated, to a same rate. But Lexa had calmed her fears, thanks to the magic of her beloved Clarke, who now felt somewhat uneasy.

Clarke knew Lexa well, knew that she would not call her if it wasn't that something important, too important, was happening or would happen. But she was thousands of miles away and all she could do was ask God and whoever was up there to protect Lexa, with a tight heart, and her mind working too hard she went in search of a lime tea in her kitchen. She needed to calm down, she couldn't be late for another day at the hospital. She knew well that Dr. Richarson didn't run around with it, or threaten in vain.

She noticed changes in Lexa's personality, although it had not been twenty-four hours since they had started communicating again, she could feel those changes in the mogul. On the one hand it excited her, a spark of hope resurfaced in her heart and soul, that Lexa was about to take the step, to return to her life. But on the other hand she didn't want to cling to simple flashes, appearances, moments. She couldn't bear the disappointment, it would devastate her completely, and it had been hard for her to get out of all that, of depression, of sadness, of eternal waiting.

She told herself that she needed to get down to the ground, support her feet and not get carried away by a couple of nice and enjoyable calls with Lexa. Noting further, that even her businesses were again at the top of her priorities, and not her.

Otherwise she wouldn't have answered that she couldn't go see her act in two weeks. So she slapped herself a couple of times mentally and it was repeated like a mantra, that she had to calm down and take Lexa for the moment as a friend and nothing else, and keep the distance.

But shit! Every time Lexa called her "precious" or simply in that special way that she said her name, something melted inside her. It was like her Achilles heel and she began to hate that weakness that she still couldn't handle.

A little buff buff was brought from her world of thoughts and conjectures, looking down at the floor, where the little furry companion looked at her expectantly, then walking towards her room and Clarke couldn't believe it. Now the dog was telling her to leave already to bed. "What the hell ?! Who do you think you are Mr. Bowie? "And his response was a three" Buff buff buff "and again walking towards the room.

Clarke couldn't help but laugh at the attitude of the little hairy four-legged, who with a lot of character tried to take her to his bed once and for all. She finally gave up the tea, simply turned off the lights, shaking her head, still smiling, walking behind Bowie to his room.

- It's okay Mr. Bowie ... you win ... we go to sleep ... Men! - Clarke complained.

- Buff ... buff ...

- Yes, I know, I know ...


Four hours later in Paris, Lexa and her companion, Madeleine Bouchard, descended from the black and polished Rolls-Royce, which had transported them to the theater where they would attend a classical music concert.

Gustus was driving the modern, classic car, followed closely by the safety car driven by his brother Nyko, accompanied by the other two members of Lexa's personal safety team. The team parked behind the Rolls-Royce and immediately got out and approached to surround Lexa and her companion at some distance, since the famous CEO and the actris had to attend to the press posted on the sides of a long red carpet.

Lexa had managed to calm her nerves, especially after talking to Clarke, she was definitely her talisman, her inner power, her courage and her peace. The one that was clearly nervous was Madeleine and Lexa had perceived it immediately, but she didn’t want to ask her about it and raise any suspicion in the actress.

Smiling, hand in hand, both finally entered the theater, where they were received by the director of the same, Monsieur Jordan, who led them to the first floor where in a small room, people of the Parisian high society and some members of government awaited them. All VIP guests to the big event.

There, both chatted with some people, while drinking delicious champagne that Lexa refused to drink, asking instead for a glass of ice cold mineral water. The attitude caught Madeleine's attention, but she imagined that the influence of that damn woman Raven was already making some effect on Lexa.

During the concert, almost at the end of the second and last part, Madeleine suddenly excused herself, saying that she didn’t feel very well and that she needed to go out and get fresh air. Lexa looked at her strangely, acting very well of course, nodding her head. Immediately Lexa turned her face towards Gustus stationed behind her, in the door of the balcony where they were, and he immediately communicated with Inspector Dijon and his squad via text message, and then talked to his brother Nyko via the microphone that he had attached to his ear, telling him to follow the actris.

Madeleine knew exactly what to do, she would have to pretend to feel indisposed, and ask to be taken to the palace immediately, leaving the prey at the mercy of the hunter, Niylah, who was waiting nervously in her gray SUV, along with three other men hired by her, waiting a few streets from the theater.

The actress fulfilled her acting part very well, asking the security to be taken immediately to the palace, to which she was pleased by one of the security members that Nyko pointed out right away, knowing what she should do.

Echo Azgueda, was a charismatic and beautiful woman, with a highly stylized and very athletic figure. Former officer of the elite corps of the United States Navy, she was well-trained in all matters relating to security and was the only woman on the personal protective team of Lexa, who had proven her excellent conditions on more than an occasion The famous magnate liked a female presence like Echo in her security team, in her eyes she gave a dynamic to the group.

Without hesitation Echo accompanied the actress outside the theater, taking her to a car, driving her back to the palace. Echo's orders were to keep her at all costs in the place and if it was possible not to leave her alone.

As soon as Gustus received the news, he approached Lexa and transmitted the information in her ear, to which the brunette nodded her head and then continue enjoying the magnificent concert, resting a hand on her face and smiling with irony. Everything was gestated and going, now it was a matter of continuing with the plan of Raven, who waited hidden inside the theater, dressed and combed exactly like Lexa.

Inspector Dijon and her team, in conjunction with the Parisian police, disguised a large group of alleged "journalists and paparazies" who were stationed on both sides of the red carpet, waiting for the departure of Lexa. Gustus also informed her that everything was ready on the street. The CEO still kept her mind cold and calculating, without emotion, since the situation required it. She only hoped that everything would end well at the end of the night, and that finally her work with Interpol would come to an end, and with it her long awaited freedom.

After the concert ended with a standing applause, in almost ovation towards the magnificent orchestra and its director. Lexa left the balcony, heading to the room where she had been prior to the concert, for a last toast with the director of the theater and now also the conductor of the orchestra. Where after shaking hands, Lexa made it very clear that she had enjoyed the excellent concert, thanking them for the invitation to the concert.

Suddenly, a strange character approached the famous CEO. He was a waiter supposedly, with a glass of rosé champagne, on a shiny silver tray, which practically blocked the way to Lexa, offering to her with a clear false smile the glass. Immediately Gustus stood next to Lexa, about to act, when the brunette just stopped, putting her hand up.

- Madmoiselle, a glass of champagne? It's an excellent year, you should try it - Said the waiter, almost pinking the body of Lexa with the tray, at the height of her chest.

- What kind of impertinence is this!? Have I asked your opinion about the drink that I clearly don’t want to drink? - Lexa answered curtly and cold, while one of her eyebrows lifted and looked at the now nervous waiter from top to bottom as if he were an annoying insect.

- I Madmoiselle ... only ...

- Do me the favor and get out of my sight and my way right now! - Lexa ordered the man who was still standing in front of her, blocking his way.

- Is he perhaps deaf or does he not understand what I have ordered him ?! MOVE OUT, USELESS! - Lexa expressed, raising the tone of her voice, which caught the attention of the director of the theater, who immediately noticing the embarrassing situation, approached taking the arms of the waiter, speaking in his ear and removing him from the passage immediately.

- Madmoiselle Woods, you don't know how much I feel this impertinence. But I'll make sure this inept gentleman doesn't go back to work in my theater.

- Very good Monsieur Jordan. I must hope that next time you will put more emphasis on the level and experience of your employees. Now if you excuse me, have a good night. - Lexa answered irritably, leaving the director of the theater without words, in complete shock.

Lexa walked down the hall of the theater with elegance and a confidence that only she always showed, while people passed, leaving her way clear, while some heads nodded in the direction of the famous tycoon, a symbol of respect. Lexa barely looked at the faces, now her concentration was on what would happen in a few minutes, when she left the room.

Behind her walked Gustus, Nyko and William, the three bodyguards who had to protect her at every step. Gustus had informed the covert police of the strange waiter, who was immediately followed and arrested in his attempt to escape, they could immediately verify that the rosé champagne glass that he tried to make Lexa drink was altered with drugs.

Arriving at the door of the theater, Lexa took a deep breath, fixing her green eyes on the now almost multitude of media stationed on both sides of the red carpet. She looked around, her nerves beginning to invade her now, but a warm hand on her back gave her the last breath of courage she needed, she knew that the hand was from her faithful friend Gustus. She knew that he was there and that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen.

- It's time Heda .... Ste yuj! - Said the calm voice of Gustus in her ear and that was all it took to go out to face her fate, after nodding slightly with her head.

As soon as her feet left the steps of the theater and began to walk the few meters to the black Rolls-Royce, the security fences, "accidentally" thickened by the pressure of "some" desperate reporters. Suddenly everything was in chaos, people surrounded Lexa who was surrounded at all times by the arms of her three security men, so that nobody could touch her and slowly in the middle of the crowd, between shouts and flashes, shoves and curses, they managed to take her free of the friction.

As they had agreed to each step, Lexa crouched down among her men making her protect herself from the people and when she was about to get into the car that had the door open, Nyko pulled her body to one side and immediately Raven went into action, taking her place and getting into the bright Rolls-Royce, covered by the enormous body of Gustus, who immediately closed the door behind her and then climbed into the driver's seat, starting immediately.

The Rolls-Royce had the windows tinted, so nobody could see that the one sitting was not Lexa, but Raven, who clapped and smiled from ear to ear behind Gustus, who focused on the path he had to follow, he barely gave a look at the happy latina.
- THAT!!! We did it Gus!!! Now that she comes to find Lexa, that daughter of bitch Niylah, what a good surprise she is going to have! - Raven exclaimed clapping in the backseat.

Lexa, meanwhile, was escorted by members of the police to an SUV, where Inspector Dijon was directing the operation. The CEO entered the back of the vehicle, sitting next to the concentrated Inspector, who spoke into the microphone with her people, following the Rolls-Royce that Gustus was driving.

Now Lexa's nerves were particularly Raven's. She prayed that nothing would go wrong and that her dear friend would escape unscathed from the delicate situation.

Suddenly in the high voices of the SUV cries were heard, shots and even a small explosion that alerted the entire squad, who got moving immediately. Lexa felt her heart stop as she asked explanations from Inspector Dijon about what was happening. But the inspector only had time to give orders to her team, which she gave immediately, ignoring the tycoon's desperate questions.

Niylah's men had thrown pinchery triangles on the street, after the Rolls-Royce had passed, to stop the personal safety car that was following them closely, led by Nyko, accompanied by William. The car lost control because of the speed it was driving, crashing into another car that was coming in the opposite direction, causing a major accident and chaos in traffic.

Gustus saw the terrible scene in his rearview mirror, fearing for his brother's life, but now he had to follow the plan, concentrating on trying to escape, until they came across Niylah and her ecuaces.

- Miss Raven please adjust your belt and hold on tight. - Gustus indicated, looking through all the mirrors at some possible vehicle that could follow them, but he couldn’t distinguish anything or anyone suspicious. It was strange and he didn’t like anything.

- There shit! God and the Virgin protect us! - Said Raven, now getting serious after having seen the security car crashing into another vehicle.

- Don’t worry, remember the police are accompanying us at all times. - Gustus said, trying to calm Raven, seeing that the woman was getting nervous and somewhat desperate.

- Well, excuse me for not believing you, or not feeling it ... I just saw our friends being encrusted against another car - Raven answered nervously, while adjusting her belt and grabbing the handle on the door.

Gustus pressed a button on the radio speaker that was attached to his ear all the time. Immediately the voice of the Inspector Dijon was heard clear and firm.

- Gustus follow the established route, do not deviate for anything in the world, we are following you with the helicopter and we are close as well. Don’t worry, your brother and Mr. Alberson are being looked after, they're fine. Only some minor injuries and bruises.

- Thel Inspector followed .....

Suddenly, in front of the Rolls-Royce, a car crossed his path, causing Gustus to maneuver so that he could dodge the impact, but he instead hit a lamppost full, due to the high speed the vehicle was carrying. The strong shock left Gustus unconscious, while Raven immediately recovered, feeling a trickle of hot liquid running down her face, somewhere in her head that hurt like the devil. She immediately moved her hand there, noticing it was blood, feeling a little dizzy, while now her whole body was trembling. The car was now covered in smoke, that was beginning to enter making it difficult to breathe, and Raven to move.

The Latina lost no time and after unbuckling her belt she approached Gustus' body to verify his condition. The man had his bleeding head resting on the steering wheel of the vehicle, apparently unconscious. Raven began to hit his body, trying to revive him, while screaming at him desperately.

The smoke that surrounded the wrecked car dissipated a little in the wind, and Raven could see with horror how two men and Niylah's own bitch walked at a steady pace from an open SUV, toward them, armed heavily. When suddenly Gustus grabbed her hand tightly, letting her know he was with her.

The stocky man immediately freed himself from his belt, and struggled against the folded door until he could kick it open, shocking Raven with the violence with which the door flew out, and the power that man had.

Gustus wasted no time and quickly pulled a very shocked and shaking Raven out of the car, covering his body until he could take shelter behind the vandalized vehicle.

At the same time came the SUV with Lexa and Inspector Dijon, seeing what was happening, Lexa didn’t hesitate for two seconds, suddenly taking the inspector's gun, opened the door and left, running to where Gustus tried to take refuge with Raven, who clearly would be executed, since Gustus didn't possess a weapon to defend himself.

Niylah and her men suddenly saw Lexa running with the gun in her hand, when they were about to open fire on Gustus' body. Inspector Dijon who ran after Lexa, shouting at her men and the helicopter that flew over the scene, illuminating with the powerful beam over what was happening, opened fire and covered Lexa, Gustus and Raven.

Niylah, finding herself surrounded by the police, knowing that she would have no escape, didn’t hesitate to give the order to her men to shoot now directly at Lexa, and when they were about to do so, Gustus went to meet his Heda immediately, making himself a human shield, stopping the bullets that fired in his direction.

Lexa's huge eyes captured Gustus' dark brilliants, who at the same time stretched his arms towards her body and enveloped her with his, stirring, as he received the various bullet impacts. Immediately both fell to the ground, Gustus on his knees accompanied by a desperate Lexa, who broke into tears and cries of help for her friend.

Meanwhile, the police were firing at Niylah's men, eliminating them on the spot, wounding the woman, who immediately fell to the ground screaming in aggravated pain.

Inspector Dijon approached Lexa and her dying guards. Calling for an ambulance immediately on the scene. Lexa cried inconsolably, holding her friend's big head in her lap, her hands covered in the blood emanating from Gustus' body. Lexa didn't know what to do for her friend, she just caressed his face, his black beard, in clear shock, when Gustus' trembling hand covered hers gently. While his bleeding lips now drew a smile and his dark eyes merged making contact with those greens of his protege, whom he loved as much as his own daughter. He was happy to have protected her one last time, to see that she was not hurt.

- Gustus ... you'll be fine ... just hold on a bit ... stay with me please ... the ambulance is on the way ... - implored Lexa with anguish, still crying.

- Heda ... don't cry for me ... he yuj Heda ... - Gustus could only answer, while the cold slowly took over his body, announcing his end. He felt tired, just wanting to close his eyes. The strong light of the helicopter blinded him. But he didn't want to see his Heda so afflicted and with his last breath he tried to calm her down.


- Heda ... don’t worry, I don’t feel pain ... and you're fine, and your friend ... Raven ... Ai ... - Gustus had a hard time talking, he felt his lungs collapse and his throat fill with fluids estimating it was blood, making him cough.

- DO NOT! DO NOT! GUSTUS LOOK AT ME, DO NOT LEAVE ME PLEASE !!! I DO NOT! I NEED YOU!!! PLEASE HELP!!! - Lexa was shouting almost without a voice to everything around her, the policemen, the Inspector, the people of witness standing in the distance, some filming the scene of pain and tragedy, under the thunderous sound of sirens, and the helicopter that was flying over them. Her hair fluttering in the wind, the tears running down her cheeks unable to stop them, holding tightly to her faithful friend, who even in her agony tried to help her calm down, nothing could be done for his life, and his Heda had to accept his departure.

- Heda you must let me go ... Ai .... ai gonplei ste odon - Said the agonizing man, his voice somewhat choked but calm, looking at his Heda with such devotion and affection, while holding her hand tightly. Lexa knew that this was the end of the road for Gustus, and she, with all the pain of her soul, had to say goodbye to her friend. There was nothing else she could do, other than give him final peace.

- OH MY GOD!!! Yu ... yu gonplei ... this odon my friend .... Father ... - Lexa pronounced that beautiful word in the ears of Gustus, making him smile, illuminating his face like Lexa had never seen, moving him deep in his soul, while her hand was held with more force.

- Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim Heda ... ai goufa (Until we meet again Heda ... my girl) - Gustus managed to pronounce with his last breath, and then finally closed his eyes, before the despair of Lexa, who immediately fell on his already lifeless body, shuddering crying. Even the Inspector felt that it impacted her being.

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Clarke had another very bad day, she had woken up sweating, her heart beating very fast and had to run to the bathroom because the nausea in her stomach was huge. She managed to reach the miracle toilet, leaning to be facing into it, while Bowie watched her twirling his hairy little head at his side.

She sat for a moment on the cold white ceramic floor of the bathroom, next to the toilet and her little companion who was now licking her hand, remarkably worried. Clarke looked at him for a moment with a slight smile, breathing heavily still, trying to recover, feeling all the symptoms that were attacking her body.

- Ahhhh ... don't worry, friend, I won't die yet

- Buff ... buff ....

- Yes, I know, well, I need a moment if you could give me it

She wondered what the hell was happening to her? Food poisoning perhaps? But closing her eyes and trying to breathe deeply to recover the normal rhythm of her heart, a single clear image and not really a very good one appeared in her mind, Lexa. The same image she had seen in her nightmare the night before. The desperate brunette crying, screaming and with blood on her hands.

Clarke felt suddenly short of breath that couldn’t recover and now nerves were taking over her entire being. She knew well that something was happening with Lexa on the other side of the world. She tried to calm down a little, to re-establish her functions. After a few long minutes she was able to get up off the floor and wash her face and mouth, to immediately go to her room followed closely by her temporary four-legged companion, who was worried about her.

When she reached the room, she started calling Lexa by phone, but her fear grew when no one answered, and her calls went to the message machine. Frustration a bad feeling grew in Clarke, but she couldn't do more than try to start her day, or rather continue with her day. She had to take a shower, prepare a little extra breakfast, since her stomach was more than empty and then she had to feed and walk the worried Bowie before going to work.

She begged whoever was up there that Lexa was doing well and that she simply didn't have her phone on, because maybe she wanted to sleep without being disturbed. Whatever, but hopefully nothing bad or that was any sort of danger. Her hands trembled and an enormous anguish grew inside her, to the point of being exasperated.

Once she arrived at the hospital, after changing into her blue coat and pants, she sent a text message to her friend Raven, who at one point she recalled that she was there in Paris visiting Lexa. But she didn't get any answer either, she imagined that maybe it was because Raven was sleeping, since in Paris it was really early in the morning. In part she tried to calm herself down with that, telling herself that everything was fine and they were just exaggerated fears because of that fucking dream that she had the other night, but to be honest she couldn't accept that. Deep down she knew, she sensed in all her being that something bad was happening in Paris.

Clarke walked through the corridors of the hospital lost in her fears, thoughts, forebodings, and with her left hand in the pocket of her blue pants she was holding her phone, hoping for any vibration that indicated an answer. Her eyes were tired and irritated and her stomach was a mess, feeling a lump in her gut. She hardly noticed when colleagues and nurses greeted her as she passed by, Clarke couldn't concentrate, she needed to get an answer from Paris as soon as possible or she would go crazy.

Suddenly Dr. Victoria Mitchells crossed her path, greeting her with a sweet smile, stopping her steps, but Clarke practically ignored her, barely greeting her as if she were a robot, without even looking at her. Victoria felt a twinge in her chest, looking surprised to see Clarke continue walking like a sleepwalker. She could see in the clear tired blue eyes that something was happening with her partner, something within the last few days. She frowned, trying to decide if she was going to follow Clarke to find out what was wrong, or if she should let her go on her way and asked her at some other time, later.

But when she was about to turn on her feet and continue her course opposite to Clarke's, she noticed almost in shock, as the blonde suddenly stopped and held on to the wall, as if she were feeling indisposed. Without wasting time Victoria approached Clarke to attend her.

- Hey Ho ... Clarke! What is happening? What feels wrong ...? - Victoria almost said "honey" forgetting for a second that Clarke was no longer more than her friend and colleague.

Clarke now stood with both hands on the wall, feeling that nausea again and at the same time her legs were loosening. She heard a familiar voice at her side, but her eyes were fixed on the gray floor that was beginning to move. The feeling was horrible.

- Clarke! Look at me ... Hey! Nurse! Bring a wheelchair right now please! - Victoria asked in a high tone to a group of nurses who were near them, stationed in the reception office of the area where they were

Clarke was beyond her, her mind was confused, her heart rate was rising again and she felt cold sweat beginning to roll over her face. Dr. Mitchells held her in her arms, noticing that Clarke's body was beginning to fall, while the nurses immediately acted, bringing the chair requested by Victoria. Without wasting time they immediately seated Clarke and transported her to an empty room, where they attended around the bed without any reaction from Dr. Griffin's.

Then Victoria took her pulse and then lifted her shirt, she obscured Clarke with her stethoscope, surprised by the accelerated heart rate as if at any second Dr. Griffin was going to suffer a cardiac arrest.

Dr. Mitchells acted immediately alerting the nurses and calling the emergency staff to have a room ready to better serve their colleague, who was immediately transferred to the intensive care area.

Once they got there Dr. Mitchells didn't let another professional attend Clarke, she couldn't leave the job in other hands, she simply could not. Arriving in intensive care, Clarke's heart continued to accelerate, Victoria sensed that at any moment it would stop, causing a heart attack. She continued working at Clarke, supplying different medicines to try to lower her heart rate, while trying to revive her, awakening her.

- Clarke! Do you hear me? Clarke! I need you to wake up. You need to help me to stabilize your vital signs! Come on, I know you can ... open your eyes! - But Clarke's eyes were still closed and her vital signs were spinning out of control.

Instantly Silvia Richardson entered the room like a whirlwind, with a surprised expression on her face when she saw Dr. Griffin's body on the stretcher and Dr. Mitchells attending her with other colleagues and nurses.

- What the hell is happening with Dr. Griffin? - Dr. Richardson asked angrily.

- She has lost consciousness, and her vital signs are far above normal, we are trying not to reach a cardiac arrest. We are trying to stifle it, but it has not res ....

Suddenly, out of nowhere, all of Clarke's vital signs began to return to normal. The heart rate had stabilized as well as the pulsations in a matter of seconds. The face of Dr. Mitchells and Dr. Richardson at her side were of total surprise, but they were thankful that Clarke finally seemed to react to the medicine that had been supplied.

- Dr. Mitchells, what exactly happened with Dr. Griffin? - Dr. Richardson asked with a frown, staring at Victoria who didn’t quite understand what was really happening with Clarke.

- I met Dr. Griffin on the third floor and noticed that something was not right with her, suddenly she collapsed and I found that her heart rate was accelerating too fast, immediately we brought her here and we were working on her, for the last twenty minutes. - Victoria explained, a little nervous and a little intimidated by the brief look of her boss, who nodded without stopping from staring into her eyes in an intense way.

- I want immediate full blood studies. Has she commented in previous days if she felt bad or any symptoms that indicate heart abnormality? - Continued Dr. Richardson, now looking at Dr. Griffin's eyes, opening them and illuminating them with a small flashlight, looking for some reaction in them.

- No, well, a few days ago but I didn't see anything wrong with Dr. Griffin, she has never mentioned any cardiac anomalies. - Victoria answered, looking at what Dr. Richardson was doing

- I'll need to ask her mother then. I see that her vital signs are stable now. I also want you to perform an electrocardiogram and place it in the room. We will see how it evolves in the next twenty-four hours. Keep me informed, Dr. Mitchells and good work. You just saved your colleague's life. - Dr. Richardson said, taking a few steps back, away from the stretcher where Clarke's body lay.

- I'll do it, Dr. Richardson. Thanks for your words, but anyone would have done it in my place. - Dr. Mitchells replied, somewhat surprised and a little flushed

- Yes, probably, but your good judgment and fast acting was paramount. Don't disregard a job well done, I will at least take it into account in your annual evaluation. Now if you excuse me, I should talk to Dr. Griffin's mother, maybe she can give me some information about her daughter's medical history. - Dr. Richardson answered before leaving the room.

- Yes doctor, I hope I can know more. - Victoria answered, somewhat blushed by the compliments received from her boss. But immediately her eyes turned to focus on Clarke. She felt a pain in her chest and a knot of nerves in her stomach.

It was not a very professional attitude, but she couldn't deny the feelings she still had for Dr. Griffin, even though she didn't want to continue with what they had tried. But she was grateful that Clarke had the kindness to speak early and not let her get too excited. In any case, the rupture had hurt in the heart of Dr. Mitchells. But now she was just grateful to whoever was up there taking care of Clarke, because what she had just witnessed was a miracle.

Clarke's eyes hadn't opened yet, but sedatives had been supplied so it was logical in part. Victoria couldn’t help but move her hand to caress that beautiful face and give her a little kiss, glad that the blonde was still there and that her life for now was out of danger. There were too many eyes in that room and she was a professional who should maintain the correct behavior.
A couple of hours later, Victoria was informed by the nurse who looked after Room 513, that Dr. Griffin had woken up and that she was very confused and somewhat upset. Without thinking for a minute, Dr. Mitchell went to the fifth floor to see what had happened to her colleague and former friend? It was something that she still couldn't really define.

- Clarke ?! What happened...? - Victoria immediately asked when entering the door of the room, seeing Clarke sitting on the bed, taking in her face and the nurse at her side controlling the monitors.

- Victoria ... what the hell am I doing here? - Clarke immediately asked when she saw her friend and colleague enter the room. The last thing she remembered was walking down the third-floor corridor, going to visit a patient, when everything went dark, waking up in that bed, with an intravenous in her arm

- Ok, first try to relax, yes? A few hours ago you blacked out and your vital signs went crazy. Your heart rate shot up and we had to take you to the intensive care room and work hard with you so you didn't go into cardiac arrest. So stop panicking please ... - Victoria answered, approaching the bed and sitting on it almost in front of Clarke's still confused face that looked at her now very surprised from what Victoria had just told her and then everything made sense. Only that everythingl that indicated a single thing that was not good.

- What happened to me ...? Oh my God! LEXA! ..... - She only pronounced her name and her chest heaved and Victoria looked at her without understanding what was happening and who the hell Lexa is?

- What?! Who is Lexa ..?! Clarke, please stop disturbing me and tell me what's going on? - Victoria became impatient to see that the numbers were climbing again on the monitors that controlled Clarke's vital signs. She took her hands and held them with some pressure for Clarke to pay attention.

- Where is my phone...?! VICTORIA WHERE IS MY TELEPHONE ?! - Clarke exclaimed, irritated at seeing Victoria's face full of confusion

- GOD CLARKE! Let me see ... I think they have brought your clothes ... - Victoria didn’t understand what was happening to Clarke, but she needed to listen to her to help her calm down.

She searched the room but couldn’t find Clarke's clothes, so she opened the door and called the nurse who had retired for a moment, to ask about the patient's belongings. A few minutes later the nurse brought the clothes and within the things they found Victoria immediately found the phone, passing it to Clarke, whose hands were already trembling.

Clarke took the phone and when she pressed the home button she found a clean screen, no messages, no missed calls. She immediately opened the iPhone and dialed Lexa's number, but she found the message box again, something that frustrated her too much. Then she tried Raven, but her frustration and panic was greater, getting the same negative result.

She checked the time on her iPhone and calculated the time in Paris. If her math and her mind didn't fail her, the French capital was about 6:18 in the morning. Lexa always woke up very early, but hell even her phone was still off? Raven could wait for her, her friend was not a person for early mornings.

Victoria looked at her strangely, sitting on the bed, checking that her vital signs didn't go crazy again. But she noticed that Clarke had more and more tremors holding her phone, and her face was transformed into full anguish. Without thinking, in a quick movement, Victoria reached out and snatched the device from Clarke, who immediately raised her angry face to Dr. Mitchells, who was now standing up, putting the phone in the pocket of her blue pants.

- WHAT FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR VICTORIA?! GIVE ME THAT TELEPHONE NOW! - Clarke almost shouted quite angry with the sudden attitude of Victoria.

- Clarke ... First I want you to calm down! Oh my God! Do you know what state you were in a few hours ago?! You really want me to allow a cardiac arrest?! I will not allow it, I'm telling it to you even if you hate me! - Victoria clarified looking at her some distance from the defiant bed.

- You don't understand Victoria ... please I need my phone, I need ... - Clarke began to despair and didn't really want to lose her temper with Victoria, she understood that her colleague was trying to do the right thing, but it was not the right moment.
- What the hell do you need Clarke ?! I need you to tell me what's going on with you, who are you trying to call so desperate? And who is Lexa? - Responded Victoria, who was losing her temper, clearly frustrated, trying to understand what was happening to Clarke.

Clarke heard the name of Lexa and felt that the pulsations began to shoot again, the monitors indicated the acceleration, at which moment a nurse immediately entered to see if everything was under control.

- Ana, please give Dr. Clarke another dose of ... - Victoria pointed to the nurse who paid attention to her orders, but the doctor couldn’t finish, interrupted by a desperate Clarke. The last thing she needed now was to put her to sleep.

- DO NOT! Please, Victoria, NO! I promise I'll calm down, I'll do it ... I don't want more soothing, I cannot ... I need to explain. - Clarke asked almost desperately, looking straight into the eyes of Dr. Mitchells, who simply couldn't with those desperate deep blues.

- Clarke ....

- Victoria please ... - Clarke asked again at a request, which Victoria couldn't resist, she really wanted to understand what was happening.

- It's okay Ana ... leave us alone please ... I'll let you know if I need you. - Victoria finally told the nurse who nodded, somewhat confused with the situation.

- Very well, Dr. Mitchells. - The nurse answered and then left the room.

- Now tell me Clarke ... and I warn you, if those monitors don't come down in three minutes, I will call Ana no matter how much you beg. This is not a Clarke game ... - Victoria clarified, looking straight into her eyes, almost without blinking

- No, it's not a game Victoria ... you better sit down, it's a long story. Three years ago....

Clarke didn't take more time than needed finally tell her the story she had lived three years ago with the famous CEO Lexa Woods and her other six-month temporary self, called Alex. Particularly, Clarke emphasized the mysterious fact that when Lexa / Alex suffered the plane crash, the same thing that had just happened to her had occurred and that was because her spirit was united with the tycoon, which is known as soul mates. So when something serious happened to one, the other could feel it and in her case, her body experienced that crazy and complete elimination.

Regrettably, Clarke could immediately see in Victoria's eyes that she didn't believe her or that Dr. Mitchells's mind was not very open to spiritual or mystical things, making her remember what she was like before meeting Lexa and experiencing different moments and strange and inexplicable things, where you could only choose to believe or deny them. She understood Victoria's skepticism, but at the moment she really didn't help her in her cause of being understood.

Victoria looked at her in amazement and with an ironic smile formed on her lips. Dr. Mitchells couldn't believe the story she had just heard, and her feelings were really very mixed at that moment. She finally understood why Clarke had rejected her, she still loved that famous woman, that was very clear. But the whole story of the extrasensory and spiritual, that was something that didn't fit in her mind which is very clearly scientific. Unfortunately Victoria was not a spiritual person, she was a woman who simply believed in what she saw, in factors and science, for her everything had a clear explanation that occurred sooner or later. Victoria Mitchells definitely didn't believe in mysterious symptoms produced by a spiritual union of apparent "soul mates".

She stood up with a smile on her face, and her eyes somewhat dampened. She didn't know why the crazy story had somehow moved her. Well, partly she felt sorry for Clarke, suffering that whole tornado of feelings, like a crazy roller coaster and at the same time she admired everything she was able to cope with in just a few months. But the spiritual side of the story, only indicated that maybe Dr. Griffin could be suffering from some brain anomaly?

Clarke followed her around the room with her blue eyes, expectant of what Victoria would say, who at the end of the story had risen to her feet, and now she was walking around the room assessing the whole situation. But unfortunately Clarke knew that in her face and eyes especially there was a mixture of sensations, feelings and skepticism with regard to the spiritual part of her story, evidently she was proving that Victoria was not a spiritual woman and she was regretting having already mentioned that part.

- Clarke ... For God's sake! Are you really telling me that you believe in that spiritual union with Lexa Woods? And what happened to you that day and today, was it really because something serious happened to her? Clarke ... are you listening to yourself? - Victoria expressed sarcastically, accompanied with some gestures of her hands and a strange laugh on her face. Clarke felt great regret at having shared something so special with a woman so spiritually empty.

- Victoria it is just like that, now whether you believe it or not is your problem. You wanted to know what the fuck is happening, I just explained it to you. Now if you don't mind, I need to get dressed and go home. Thanks for helping. - Clarke felt anger at Victoria's reaction.

She knew it was true, she knew there was a spiritual union with Lexa and Victoria had no right to laugh at it. But she also managed to see and feel in those words of anger and frustration. She understood Victoria's sarcasm, perhaps also because she had rejected it a few days ago and now the woman was finding out a little the truth and was not taking it in a very adult way.

- Unloved ... I am disappointed, but you will remain under observation for 24 hours and it is not my orders but Richardson, who saw you in intensive care a few hours ago when I was trying to save you, or at least not allow you to enter a fucking cardiac arrest! So save yourself the trouble and the desire to go home and get comfortable and enjoy the room until tomorrow.

Victoria spoke coldly in a certain way, her mind and heart were in a battle of feelings, of anger, of frustration and this Lexa Woods, of whom she had heard, she didn't like her anymore. Damn millionaire, conceited to the core, womanish and now to learn that Clarke was one of her thousands of ex’s, and even worse clearly the blonde was still stuck for that woman, who simply didn't deserve it.

Clarke's eyes became intense, looking at Victoria with a murderous look. At the same time she then let all the air out of her lungs, so as not to make the monitors sound again. The least she wanted was for sedatives. But she felt extremely impotent and furious with her colleague. Her eyes left the image of Victoria to fix them on the ceiling, while she reclined again, in a deep silence.

- Call Dr. Richardson, please. - Clarke asked simply in a calm and cold voice, without looking at her.

- As you wish, there's no problem. But you know, I would tell you don't even think about telling her the fantasy story of spiritual union with her, because she will send you to a psychiatric evaluation. You better relax and watch some TV until dinner is brought to you.

Clarke counted internally up to a thousand, closing her eyes, so as not to leave that bed to get up and give Victoria a good slap. That last comment with such sarcasm had filled her glass of patience. At the same time Victoria took the remote control of the TV and turned it on.

- Fuck Victoria! And thank you ... - Clarke finally expressed without regard.

Victoria only smiled with more sarcasm, while the TV went on and the news appeared on the screen, with some news of the last moment, which immediately caught the attention of both doctors ...

“ Now we have more information of the attack that was suffered last night by the famous Australian CEO of Woods Tech & Co., Alexandria Woods, in the French capital. According to our correspondent there, apparently it was an attempted kidnapping that resulted in an intense police chase through the streets of Paris for a long time, with traffic accidents and crossfire with criminals, police and personal security of the famous tycoon. Apparently as a result of the persecution, we understand that there is a fatal victim. And now they are indicating to me that we also have a video recorded by a witness who was passing by the place where the armed confrontation broke out. We must warn you there are scenes of high violent content...”

Victoria's eyes widened, she couldn't believe what she was hearing and seeing. Her heart almost came out of her mouth and all she could do was turn around to see Clarke, who immediately sat up again, with her eyes wide open and her mouth in an O, running her hand over her head.

- DO NOT! No no ... Lexa ... no! - It was only pronounced as a plea by Clarke, while looking at the image on the TV that was beginning to appear

The body of the blonde was shaking, sitting on the bed, her eyes wet, wide open, as if all of it had gone too far. Victoria wanted to die right there, but she didn't understand how something like that really was possible. "No," she said immediately, "this is simply a complete fucking coincidence, as it was that day, when the CEO had had the plane crash and Clarke had broken down in the same way." It simply couldn't be possible. "She was a professional who referred to factors and science, to concrete facts, not to something mystical and spiritual without a clear and concise explanation.

The video of one of the many witnesses of the dramatic scene that had been filmed from close range, began to be projected on the screen, where Lexa was seen running out of an SUV with a gun in hand, running in the direction of a man of great physical complex, he was trying to protect a young brunette, behind a car completely destroyed by a strong impact.

At the same time, two heavily armed men and women were leaving another SUV, threatening the burly man and the young woman. When showing the criminals, the horror took hold of Clarke's face, recognizing immediately that the woman was none other than Niylah Winters herself and that the ones she was about to execute were no other than Gustus and RAVEN!!?

Clarke's hands held the sheets of her bed with despair, those images seemed typical of a movie like those of Mission Impossible or James Bond ... but it was all a horrible reality and seeing Lexa run with that gun in her hand, desperate to help Gustus and Raven from being executed by Niylah and those two men, it was impossible to believe.

Then she saw with even more horror as Niylah and her men opened fire, now in the direction where Lexa was and Gustus shot out protecting her, hugging her and taking all the bullets that hit his giant body.

The monitors that controlled Clarke's vital signs went off like crazy, starting to ring. Victoria immediately ran to her side, while the nurse came back alerted by alarms.

On the screen the scene was still terribly dramatic, when the police apparently opened fire finally, reducing the criminals immediately, and then the camera returned to the body of Gustus, who was now being held by a desperate Lexa, screaming for help, crying without consolation. The image was the same as Clarke had dreamed two nights before. But in her vision she couldn't know what caused despair and crying in Lexa, nor where the blood had come from in her hands. Now unfortunately Clarke knew it, it was her old friend Gustus, who knew for Lexa was like a father, the one she never really had in her life.

- Clarke! Clarke! - Victoria was trying to make contact with a totally ill Dr. Griffin. Her blue eyes were open, almost unblinking, letting tears flow like torrents that wet her face, fixed on the heart-rending image on the television screen, which showed the desperation and crying of her beloved Lexa, speaking to Gustus, who apparently still answered, but he was bleeding from his mouth, and he didn't look very well. Clarke knew that father and daughter were saying goodbye. Her heart trembled.

- Clarke ... you have to calm down please, I don't want to sedate you but if you don't calm down I'll have to do it ... are you listening to me Clarke!? - Victoria felt somewhat helpless and desperate as Clarke seemed to be in total trance. Her blue eyes irritated with tears without moving a muscle of her body. Her full concentration was on that terrible image on TV.

- Dr. Mitchells ... - The nurse asked with the sedative syringe in her hand.

Victoria tried one more time but having no reaction from Clarke, she looked at the nurse in front of her, on the other side of the bed, nodding her head at the application of the sedative. The nurse immediately proceeded to approach the intravenous that Clarke had in her arm, to apply the liquid in the union that began to inject.

- I'm so sorry Clarke ... - Victoria said as Clarke finally moved her eyes in her direction with a surprised expression at suddenly seeing the nurse injected the liquid into the intravenous line.

- DO NOT! NO .... NO ... NO .... VIC ... - Immediately the body of clarke lost consciousness in Victoria's arms that
held her, accompanying her while resting her on the pillow. The monitors calmed down showing her vital signs were back to normal.

Victoria slowly and very carefully supported Clarke's head on the pillow, and allowed herself to caress her face which was wet by the tears. She felt sorry for all that Clarke had lived three years ago with that Lexa Woods and now seeing her in that terrible state, so affected by that woman, only indicated that Clarke was still attached to Lexa, she didn't know for sure if spiritually, but clearly she still loved her and in part it hurt, as this made her hopes of giving Clarke some time and trying again very minimal. This indicated that she couldn't be part of the love life of the beautiful blonde, now sedated and asleep in front of her.

Even so Victoria allowed herself to kiss her forehead tenderly, while stroking her head. She didn't hate Clarke, she admired her courage, and her loyalty in some way to that woman she apparently loved a lot. She still couldn't accept the spiritual part that could have joined these two women, but the coincidences were simply amazing, of that she had no doubts.

For a moment her eyes returned to the monitor of the TV which was still on, the heartbreaking image of the dark woman, the famous Lexa Woods, desperate, holding the head of what would apparently be a bodyguard, that brave and admirable man who had just received all of the shooting, saving her life. Obviously without life, the camera focused on the wet, disconsolate face of Lexa, shaking the man's head, hugging him against her chest while shuddering and crying. Victoria felt sorry for the mogul and at the same time she was grateful that she had apparently been left unharmed, thinking more about Clarke's side. She couldn't imagine what would have happened to Clarke if the fatal victim were the same Lexa woods and she had seen it there on a television image. Surely now she would be trying to revive the failed heart of her colleague.

She turned her eyes once more to Clarke, now holding her right hand between hers. The nurse had already left the room after seeing that the situation was again controllable and Dr. Griffin seemed calm and resting. Victoria looked with affection in her eyes and also some sadness at the beautiful sleeping face of Clarke. She knew without a doubt that she was hopelessly in love with that extraordinary American woman, but she also had no doubt that Dr. Griffin could never look at her in the same way, not after having witnessed that incredible and strong connection with Lexa Woods, that love and devotion.
Victoria's eyes moistened helplessly, dropping a couple of tears that ran down her slightly smiling face. Then she went to Clarke's face and placed a soft, warm kiss on her lips as a kind of farewell. Farewell to her hopes of being able to love that woman so special, so beautiful, so complete.

She was turning to go to the door of the room, when her eyes met suddenly with Dr. Richardson, something she didn't expect, feeling exposed and very nervous.

- Don't worry Dr. Mitchells. Tell me how is our well-known and dear patient and what results do we have from the analysis - Dr. Richardson immediately said, with a calm, low voice and a slight smile on the face, relaxing Victoria in some way.

Dr. Mitchells smiled slightly, grateful for the delicacy and understanding of Dr. Richardson, and then explained the results, which were nothing out of the ordinary. At the same time Victoria explained what had happened to Clarke's friend in Paris, and that this could have been the cause of Dr. Griffin's extreme stress, producing a general decompensation in the body.

Dr. Richardson, read at the same time the folder containing the results of the studies practiced on Dr. Griffin and meditated on the extra information provided by Dr. Mitchells. She agreed that such news could have triggered Dr. Griffin's collapse in that way, especially if she was very close to that friend of hers in Paris, but still wanted to make sure she was fully recovered before she was discharged and added a couple of encephalogram and computed tomography studies of the brain.

The head doctor of the hospital had contacted her old friend Dr. Abigail Griffin by telephone, who was startled by the news of what had happened with her daughter and also informed her that three years ago the same thing had happened to her, but that on that occasion she had suffered cardiac arrest. Abigail at the same time added that her daughter had not presented symptoms of any kind, which could indicate some type of abnormality in her brain, but that it would be a good idea to do some studies about it to rule out any possibility, asking that she keep her informed of all the results.

Dr. Richardson told Dr. Mitchells that she wanted to do these studies for Dr. Griffin early the next day and that the patient would then go home, but that she also wanted to have a talk with Clarke before she will retire home.

Meanwhile in Paris, after they had taken the lifeless body of Gustus, Lexa had been supported by the arms and love of her friend Raven, who although she was very shocked with all the terrible happenings, the Latina was much more whole to help Lexa. In some way it seemed that fate always placed them in extreme situations, of danger and heartbreaking.

Then they were taken by a Parisian police car back to the palace of Lexa, after the paramedics of an ambulance treated them for their minor injuries and a doctor provided some sedatives to Lexa, who seemed to have entered a deep state of post traumatic shock, since neither Raven nor the assistants could get any sort of response from her. Her body trembled and her eyes, tired and irritated from so much crying, were lost as if submerged deep in her thoughts, without looking at anyone, just fixed on some point on the street.

Arriving at the palace immediately a very affected Indra opened the doors and went out to receive them, having just seen the dramatic scene on the TV news. She immediately embraced her Heda, feeling her enormous pain, her enormous loss. Indra knew well that for Lexa, Gustus had transformed like that father she had never found in her biological progenitor. She knew how much she loved that great man, who had been her lifelong friend, and how close he was to Lexa, it was almost as close a relationship as a father to daughter.

As she wrapped her arms around the trembling body of her Heda, the CEO broke down in tears again, clinging to who she felt was her mother, who simply let her clinged to her body and let it go. Raven behind Lexa watched the scene so emotional and her eyes filled with tears. She had no doubt that Indra and Gustus were her friend's true family.

After entering the palace, Indra accompanied Lexa to her room, where she prepared a bath so that her Heda could relax a little and then rest. Raven did the same in her room to then went to see Lexa, who was still sitting in her large bathtub of fine Italian marble, surrounded by many candles, submerged in warm waters that gave off a scent of French lavender and roses that filled the great bath.

The Latina was informed by Indra that Lexa was still in her bathroom, asking her to keep her company, since her Heda looked so downcast that she almost didn't remember seeing in her life. Only perhaps when that terrible accident happened in the French mountains with her friend Costia, where the latter had lost her life. Indra feared for the strong repercussions of the loss of Gustus in Lexa, seeing her so broken.

Raven walked slowly into Lexa's room, heading for the open doorway of the luxurious adjoining bathroom. She knocked a couple of times, announcing herself, until the muted voice of her friend told her she could enter.

The Latina approached the body of her friend immersed in the waters, clearly despondent, even disconsolate, gone in her enormous pain, in her enormous loss. She squatted on her haunches, at the height of her disheveled face, extremely tired and allowed herself to bring a hand to Lexa's head, caressing that silky brown hair, wet and almost neatly stretched back.

Raven was desperate to comfort her friend, it broke her to see her so downcast, so hurt, but she knew that she couldn't do much. Lexa only looked at the water in front of her, feeling the soft caresses of Raven on her head and now her face. She simply closed her hurt eyes and bowed her head over that warm hand, full of tenderness that caressed her, allowing herself to be comforted, without looking into Raven's eyes. She only let out tears from her eyes that she squeezed hard, breaking into a sob, crying more.

- Hey ... hey ... Lex … girl ... calm down your heart ... everything will be fine ... I know it hurts, believe me. When I lost my daddy it was one of the saddest days of my life. I was nine years old and he suddenly became ill, was taken to the hospital and found out that he had cancer in his lungs. He was struggling for several months, but finally the cancer took over his body. For me it was tremendous, he was my best friend, not only my father, but my everything, you know. He inspired me to be a mechanic, to like all that, he was a car mechanic too and as a child he took me to the workshop where he worked and taught me everything about cars, making me fall in love with them. And when I told him that I dreamed of being an astronaut he dreamed with me, and he was the only one in my family who supported my crazy dream, because according to him, if you really wanted to become someone, it only depended on you, your courage, your perseverance, Never give up, believe in yourself, that you can when you really want it. When he died it was a great loss in my life, in my heart. But I have so many beautiful memories with him, that somehow he's always with me, here (pointing to her heart) and here (pointing to her head). You must do the same Lex, you must keep the memory of Gustus alive inside you, you will see that with time the wound will heal and you will never feel alone, because they are always at our side, at every step of our life.

The emotional story of Raven was listened to attentively by Lexa, feeling that her friend really understood her loss and was so grateful to have her there in those painful moments. She immediately raised her hand and clung to Raven's, bursting into tears again with despair, now clinging to the embrace that immediately her friend gave her without hesitation, holding not only her tired body, but also her hurt soul in pain.

After Raven helped Lexa out of the bathroom, drying herself and putting on some clothes to go to bed, she did the same and at the magnate's request, Raven stayed to sleep with her. For the Latina it was not a comfortable situation, although she was very clear that Lexa was only her friend and those were her only feelings for her today, she didn't forget that three years ago she had fallen in love with Lexa's other self, of that sweet and unforgettable Alex, and sometimes, only sometimes, when she looked at the current Lexa, she would swear she could see and feel Alex in those beautiful green eyes.

When Raven lay down next to Lexa, immediately the brunette surrounded her with her arms, as if needing that body next to her, that affection, that protection in some way, something that didn't bother the Latina at all. Lexa's face settled on Raven's shoulder and Raven hugged her, kissing the top of her head, wishing her good night, although Lexa took a long time to fall asleep, it took Raven much longer.

The next day Raven called Clarke, she knew that her friend from the other side of the world was desperate, she had seen her messages when she had called her wife Luna the previous night briefly, to let her know that she was safe and well and relatively well psychically, only very hurt by Lexa and not being able to do much for her.

But she had no strength to call Clarke, even to answer her text messages at all. She felt bad about it, but she, too, had suffered a post emotional trauma, her life had been twisted by a thread in the blink of an eye and if it had not been for that gentle, incredible man who had given his life for Lexa and for her too, that now maybe she would not be here with her phone, but on a cold metal plate in a morgue.

Yes, death had haunted her too close for her liking and this was the second time and it was the fucking coincidence that the two times had been with Lexa. She started thinking seriously that it was some kind of karma or something like that, but she was grateful to whoever was on duty up there, that on both occasions she and Lexa had been saved.

She finally spoke with Clarke, who told her that she had broken down again like that time when that incident happened with Lexa's plane, which Raven now knew well, that it had also been the work of Niylah, who was waiting to receive pain in some dark side of a dungeon rotting alive.

Raven was not surprised by what happened to Clarke, since she was one of those who believed blindly that Lexa and Clarke were soulmates. Clarke asked her how Lexa was and the whole situation. Raven told her that the brunette was completely overdone, that she had evidently suffered a great loss and that she was still in post-traumatic shock, that she had not left the bed yet, and didn't want to eat breakfast.

Raven didn't want to tell Clarke the whole story with Interpol, that Lexa had been working together with them to catch that little bitch Niylah and that partly because of that she had left Clarke, leaving her that day at the mansion in Los Angeles three years ago. That whole story didn't belong to her to tell Clarke, it was something that only Lexa could do.

Three days later, Indra approached the door of the palace, and upon opening them, a familiar face with large sunglasses barely smiled at her, next to a suitcase in her hand, which she immediately left on the floor, to embrace her.

Behind Indra was Raven, who was the second to surround her arms with her old friend Clarke, relieving her heart to see her there ready to help a Lexa that no one could now reach, as she had locked herself in her room, submerged in a great depression and pain, not wanting to see anyone and really both Indra and Raven feared for her.

Raven had no choice but to call Clarke and ask her to come to Paris as soon as she could, although that decision Clarke had made the first time they spoke and it was only a matter of fixing some things in the hospital and asking Victoria to take care of Bowie, until Marny and her husband return from Thailand. After that, after a long and deep talk, her boss Dr. Richardson allowed her to take three weeks off, to recover and rest. Making her promise that in the future she would take situations with more calm, or she would be forced to send her to psychological therapy.

The next thing Clarke did was to buy a plane ticket for the first available flight to the city of Paris, something that didn't turn out very cheap indeed, using a bit of her savings, but she hadn't cared, her priority was to be in the French capital as quickly as possible, she needed to be there, next to the woman she loved with all her heart and soul, to which she belonged without a doubt.

- Miss Clarke, what a pleasure to see you after so long. - Indra said excited, surprising Clarke somehow, knowing that the assistant was not a person to show affection, but also understood that the situation was very special.

- Hi Indra, yes, it is also mine, although I would have liked it to be in other circumstances. I'm very sorry about Gustus. - Clarke pronounced, leaving the warm embrace of the welcome.

- Yes, it was terrible, but I know well that his spirit rests in peace. Gustus gave his life for our Heda, it was his job and his destiny. - Indra pronounced with integrity, although Clarke could see the pain in her dark eyes, something she had never seen.

- Clarkie! God! I feel like I haven't seen you in centuries sister! - Raven said excitedly hugging her friend tightly, who surrounded her with her arms in the same way, getting emotional with tears in her eyes.

- God Rav ...! You're good..??! I saw the video of everything that happened on the news ... I swear I couldn't breathe seeing those images! I thank God so much that you and Lexa are fine. - Expressed a very excited Clarke, caressing the face of her lifelong friend.

- Yes, again we have saved ourselves with Lex, it seems we have a damn fucking karma! But come on, let me help you with that suitcase. You must be very jetlagged! How many hours have you traveled? - Asked Raven entering the palace, followed by Clarke and Indra.

- Don't remind me, 35 damn hours ... but Rav, where is she? - Clarke stopped and took the arm of Raven to ask for Lexa, she needed to see her as air to breathe.

- She is locked in her room, she doesn't want to see anyone, doesn't want to eat, not even allowing the staff to clean or change the sheets. - Explained a distraught Raven, while Clarke nodded her head, frowning.

- Indra, do you have a copy of the key to Lexa's room? - Clarke asked immediately, now looking at Indra.

- Yes Miss Clarke, I can bring it to you. - Indra answered immediately, guessing Clarke's idea.

- I know what to do, Clarkie? I thought I could help her, you know, I lost my father too, I told her about him, but the next day she didn't answer anymore. She’s locked in there and we only know she’s alive because we feel movements, and some things break, I guess she has been crashing things into the wall or something like that. - Raven explained, clearly worried and frustrated at not being able to help her friend.

- Here, Miss Clarke - Indra handed the key to the blonde, who took off her coat and put her glasses on a table.

- On which floor is this and how do I get there? - Clarke simply asked, holding Raven's forearm, nodding her head, as if encouraging her. She was willing to do what was necessary to get Lexa out of that room and post trauma.

- Go up these stairs to the first floor, bending to your right, the door at the end of the hallway. - Raven answered, somewhat calmer. Seeing the determination in those tired but wide awake blue eyes, they injected a light of hope. She knew well that the only one who could get Lexa out of her dark pit was only Clarke.

- Well ... Don't worry if you hear noises or screams. Just come if I call. - Clarke ordered with determination, ready to face the demons that harassed the soul of her beloved Lexa in that room.

- Clarkie, do you want me to accompany you? - Raven asked, although she already knew in advance the response of her friend, also she needed to do it.

- No thanks Rav, this I have to do by myself. - Responded Clarke with a calm voice, smiling to her slightly pressing her arm and nodding with her head so that she had reassurance in her. She knew what she should do.

- Clarkie ...

- I know Rav ... I know ... Don't worry, I know I can do it.

Chapter Text

Clarke climbed the stairs and walked down the hallway that led to Lexa's room. Her steps were determined as her mind, although her soul suddenly felt a coldness invade and she also felt darkness in her heart. As Clarke walked towards Lexa’s room her mind struggled with thousands of thoughts ... what would she say to Lexa after three years? They had been apart for a long time, in which she had had to learn to heal her deep wounds and during which she finally found peace. Seeing Lexa again would be like opening the wound up again, and she wondered if that was what she really wanted to happen.

But there was a feeling that she felt inside herself so strong that it pushed her to continue walking towards Lexa’s room, towards the woman that she never stopped loving since she had crossed her path three years ago, that night in the bar of the hotel where she worked. When she looked at those deep green and enigmatic eyes, she knew something was bonding her to that woman. She could have sworn an electric shock ran through her soul, and her heart pounded. From then on everything was a great roller coaster of moments, feelings, huge changes in her life and yes, the point of no return. Her soul knew immediately that this arrogant and cold woman was no other than her twin soul, however crazy that might have sounded.

Clarke's life changed completely, her world was turned upside down, her limits tested, and a hurricane wiped out everything she knew in her life, leading her to live things and situations she had never imagined that she would never experience in her life. But only one feeling urged her to never give up, and that made her become a warrior almost, in order to overcome all the trials to which she was subjected in a matter of six months, and that was the eternal love that bound her to Lexa.

Although that day her love left her life, and her grief was incalculable, she could never stop loving Lexa, just as she could never hate her. There was something inside her that told her in spite of herself, that Lexa had her good reasons to get away from her and that someday she would know the reasons, and because of that Clarke clung with all her strength to the promise of the brunette, that one day she would return and would explain to her why she had to leave when she was ready, when she finally found herself again.

Lexa never returned to her or contacted her in those three long years, and for a while Clarke let herself believe what she read in the gossip magazines, which showed the photos of the new famous couple of Lexa Woods and the French actress Madeleine Bouchard. It then when Clarke felt a dagger in her heart and soul. She was waiting like a silly teenager for the return of her love, and that love was far away from that fantasy that she would soon return to Clarke, and so she began to forget about Lexa’s promises and eternal unions. Clarke felt hurt, humiliated, especially in her ego, but also and more than anything betrayed in her love.

Clarke got carried away by all that press circus surrounding Lexa, believing in each image of the smiling couple holding hands, walking red carpets of events. This lead her to feel that she should forget everything and try to start over, finally start a new chapter in her life, now based in Sydney, Australia, and somewhat attracted to her beautiful and sweet colleague, Dr. Victoria Mitchells.

Now she had grown up, matured as a woman, and had finally become Dr. Griffin, a very efficient and recognized professional, in a world very different from the one she was used to in the United States. In Australia, she had not only found the peace she needed, but also new friends, new passions, such as surfing and cycling. Clarke had managed to heal and close her wounds, had been able to analyze what had happened in her life in those six months she would never forget and had come to the conclusion that everything that had happened had to have a meaning, that it had not ended there. and simply for nothing. But she did not want to look for Lexa and press her, so she just waited for her, waiting for that promise to be fulfilled.

Now Clarke knew that those images and stories of the brand new couple were invented simply for publicity, as Lexa had done throughout her career, but in this case, according to what Raven had told her, Lexa did not have relationship with the actress, they were just acting for the cameras, and that was something new, and that gave Clarke gave hope and the warmth in her heart, which grew with every step she took towards Lexa’s room.

Clarke finally reached the double doors of Lexa's room, but before knocking, she rested her forehead on the door, breathing deeply, giving herself strength, trying to calm her racing heart, knowing that behind those fine oak wood door that were painted an impeccable white, was the woman she loved, and the one she was close to, the one she would always be with, no matter how far away she went.

Clarke breathed deeply three times to give herself strength, then knocked on the door, but there was no response from in the room. Clarke knocked again and this time when Lexa did not respond she realized that Lexa wasn’t going to respond to her or let her in the room.

- Le ... Lexa ... open up... it's me ... Clarke ... - Clarke spoke as normally as she could but still, her voice trembled, but she could not help it.

Clarke got no answer from Lexa, but she could hear noises from in the room, and suddenly something that crashed and broke, it sounded like glass. Clarke became worried so she went back to knocking on the door.

- LEXA! Open the door! We need to talk ... please ... - Clarke insisted more determined.

- GO ALL TO MOTHER WHORE! DIII ... I SAID THAT MEEEEE LEAVE IN PEACE !!! - Lexa finally answered Clarke, screaming, sounding quite drunk and angry as she threw things in the room.

Clarke frowned and tried once more to get Lexa to let her in the room but it was no good, so Clarke took the key that Indra had given her and put it into the lock and let herself into Lexa’s room. Clarke’s hand shook as she opened the door and she hated that because she knew she needed to be calm and focused, in order to help to Lexa.

Clarke took a few deep breaths and opened the door, to find the room in darkness. She could barely make out anything, but she could smell a horrible smell. It was a mix of alcohol, vomit, and god knows what else.

But nothing mattered to Dr. Griffin at this point, she was there to help Lexa, who she finally saw sitting on the floor beside her bed, with a bottle of whiskey in her hand almost empty. Her head was down, only a tangle of long, clearly dirty brown hair was visible.

Lexa was dressed in stained panties, and a very dirty tank top, probably from vomit, since the color was yellowish, and with some traces of food.

Clarke's heart stopped, she swallowed in anguish, as she fought the tears that had pooled in her blue eyes but did not fall. She needed to be strong at that moment, in order to help Lexa. After standing still after she closed the door behind her as she looked at the horror before her eyes, she finally found the strength to take those final steps into the room.

Clarke went over to the windows, to open the curtains and let the daylight shine in and dispell the darkness and at the same time opened the balcony doors that overlooked the palace's huge and beautiful garden, and in the distance a view of Paris, with its famous Eiffel Tower.

Immediately the daylight shone in the room and a cool breeze entered the room through the open balcony doors playing with Clarke's golden hair, something she was grateful for, as it helped to clear the terrible smell of the room. The room was a real disaster, it looked as if a tornado had swept through the room, leaving knocked down the place, broken objects, clothes were thrown on all over, and on the bed was a bundle of wrapped and dirty clothes.

Clarke tried to concentrate on what was paramount, Lexa as she breathed deeply, then finally approached Lexa’s seemingly unconscious body, crouching in front of her and pushing back the hair that fell covered her face, and removing the bottle of whiskey which was almost empty from Lexa’s left hand. Clarke placed the whiskey bottle onto the floor then took hold of Lexa's discolored face, and lifted her head up to talk to her and try to wake her up.

- Lexa ... Lexa, wake up ... come on darling ... - Clarke insisted, now tapping Lexa’s cheeks. After a few seconds, Lexa's swollen and irritated eyes opened slowly, frowning immediately at the daylight shining behind Clarke, giving her an angelic image.

- WHAT SHIT ...! CLA ... CLARKE ?! SHIT! I AM DREAMING AGAIN ... THE MOTHER WHORE ... DO ... WHERE'S THE BOTTLE WHORE ....?! - Lexa closed her eyes as she felt for the bottle of whiskey, imagining that the image of Clarke was a vision of that enlightened Angel, who presented herself once more before her, as in previous moments during the last days.

- Lexa ... it's me, Clarke ... you're not dreaming ... come on ... you need to take a bath ... - Clarke said trying to hold Lexa’s face so that she looked into her eyes and listened to her, and would realize that she was not a dream but real.

- CLa ... Clarke ?! ... I'm seriously losing my mind seriously ... Shit! I do not need Angels to tell me I need a fucking bath - Lexa screamed irritably, raising her irritated eyes towards the ceiling of the room.

- LEXA, ENOUGH ALREADY !! It's me Clarke, and I'm here, I'm as real as you are, now help me and try to stand up and we will go to the bathroom - Clarke grabbed Lexa's face forcing her to look at her again.

The doctor tried to get up, pulling Lexa's arms, holding her under her shoulders, but the brunette was so drunk and was like a dead weight, and Clarke did not have the strength, to lift Lexa up alone.

- LEAVE ME IN PEACE CLARKE !! QUIET ... WHO'S SHIT CALLED YOU ?! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ME ... VETE !! LET ME!! - Lexa shouted in Clarke’s face, almost spitting the words out, even though she was barely able to hold her head up properly.

- LEXA LET ME STUPID, HELP ME!! YOU WEIGH A TON AND YOU NEED TO HELP ME- Clarke responded by shouting at Lexa in the same way, pulling her arms to try and get her to react

- AND WHAT SHIT MATTERS! GIVE ME THE BOTTLE, YOU HAVE STOLEN THE BOTTLE !! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! - Lexa was so drunk and feeling very embarrassed that Clarke really was there, seeing her in that terrible state. Lexa just wanted her to leave, to hate her, not to return. Lexa felt that it was nothing Clarke deserved.

- I AM HERE, LET'S GO! LEXA! STAND UP! - Clarke struggled not to pay too much attention to the things Lexa said as she knew how drunk she was and that she probably felt ashamed that she saw her like that, so broken. Clarke knew Lexa well, and she knew she would say anything to make her leave, even if things hurt her. But Clarke was determined not to leave, no matter what Lexa said.

- GO AWAY!!! LEAVE ME A BIT CLARKE !! RETURN TO YOUR LIFE OF MARVEL IN AUSTRALIA! LET ME BE ... I HAVE LOST MY FATHER !! DO YOU UNDERSTAND IT ?! All because I wanted to help the damn police to catch that bastard Niylah !! YOU ALSO MOVE AWAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND WHAT SHIT DOES IT ?! NOW I HAVE LOST MY FATHER !! SO I NOW GO AND LET ME BE ... I AM NOTHING ... I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING I CAN OFFER YOU... LEAVE AND LIVE YOUR LIFE CLARKE ... FORGET ME ... - Lexa kept trying to spit her demon words towards the person she loved most in the universe, and although she sounded crazy, she was doing it just to protect Clarke from her miserable existence and problems.

- YOU ARE ALEXANDRIA WOODS !! YOU ARE THE WOMAN I LOVE AND I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE !! DO YOU HEAR ME?! SO STOP THIS AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME LEAVE!! I WILL NOT GO!! I LOVED YOU LIKE I HAVE NEVER LOVED ANYONE IN LIFE AND I DO STILL DO IT, SO DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU !! We're going to take a shower, and then you will have something to eat and you will do it because I do not intend to go anywhere until you are well and even after that I will not leave, you need to stop losing weight and stop drinking... NOW GET UP LEXA OR I SWEAR THAT I WILL CALL INDRA TO HELP ME !! - A very firm and determined Clarke answered, this was it was a battle that this time did not intend to lose, she would not give up even as Lexa once again, in order protect her from herself and her misery.

- You know ... If you still think that Alex you fell in love with is inside me, forget it love ... if that has driven you to love me as you say you do, you can forget her ... she left ... accept it ... the one that woke up is another person ... the one that cost you to adapt, love and whatever ... oh ... but I have a surprise for you ... your Alex recorded videos for you ... look ... they're on my phone, I've been watching them these days you know ... And I realized something ... NEVER, AND HEAR ME WELL, I WILL NEVER BE HER! I AM A DAMNED COLD BITTER AND LOSER. YOU DEAR CLARKE LOVES SOMEONE WHO HAS GONE AWAY - Lexa could not be more hurtful with her words, it was a mixture of drunken words, anger, and her last try to get Clarke to leave her and her miserable existence so that she would go away and live her life as she deserved.

Lexa’s words were too much for Clarke, and listening to Lexa talking about her pain, her Alex, was not something that was prepared to face, and without thinking and unable to stop herself she slapped Lexa’s face so hard that it moved violently to one side, while Clarke's blue eyes radiated with fury, and at the same second they opened wide, not believing what she had just done. She had finally given in and reacted to the sharp daggers that Lexa had just buried in her soul, even knowing that it was part of her effort to get her to leave. Clarke immediately hated herself for her reaction, opening her lips in shock, and resting her hand on the reddened cheek that the same hand had just slapped.

- LO ... SORRY LEXA ... I ... -Clarke desperately tried to apologize but was interrupted by Lexa’s laughter of Lexa, as she felt her cheek that was red and hot from the slap.

- My god Clarke shit you've acquired muscles in these years! Please ... leave me ... Do not be silly and go now ... do not waste your time with me, I will only hurt you ... Look at me, honey ...Do you think I can give you more than remorse, problems and a personality still in conflict because no, I have not yet been able to find myself? Having seen those videos made me feel so little, she was an angel, someone special and I do not blame you for having loved her so much, who would not, but I cannot be her Clarke ... I cannot ... please go...

- I WILL NOT! I said I will not leave you and I will not let you underestimate yourself! Lexa, she is part of you, she always has been, and I have felt and loved her before she appeared because she loved you, your whole being ... you must understand it, even though you cannot see it, even if you do not believe it. You must understand that I have always loved you, but now stop talking and help me, please ... Lexa, you need to get up and come with me ... come on ... let's talk when you are sober ... - Clarke explained with sweetness in her voice, while caressing Lexa’s face tenderly, and a brightness in her blue eyes, and that deep love that penetrated Lexa's soul like intense and powerful light, illuminating that darkness in which she was lost.

- Clarke ... she ... she's gone ... I ...


- Shit! Okay ... Okay ... only if you give me back the bottle ...

-I WILL NOT! Lexa, you've already drunk more than enough ... NOW MOVE!

- Why Clarke ?! Why did you come here...? Can you do not see what I am ...

- Because ... because I love you, Lexa ... why do you think I came back?! I came because I still love you ... so stop talking and GET UP! STAND UP ... lean on me ...

Lexa, still drunk, was lost in the Mediterranean blues she loved so much and had missed so much, listening to Clarke’s words, which she had not heard or felt for so long. Lexa knew by just looking at her deeply that the blonde was telling the truth, speaking from her heart and Lexa felt her soul fill with warmth and peace, that she never thought she would ever feel again. Lexa’s red face smiled slightly along with her green and irritated eyes, as she placed a hand onto the beautiful face of the woman whom she loved.

Clarke was lost in those forest green eyes she had longed for so long, that smile, the warmth running through her body to the soft touch of Lexa’s hand that caressed her face. But suddenly Lexa entered into some kind of convulsion, as she felt her stomach turn, and she was unable to prevent herself from throwing up over Clarke's blue blouse.

- Shit!! I ... I'm sorry Clarke ... God ... forgive me ... forgive me beautiful ... I ... I'm so broken ... I did not want ... - Lexa wanted to apologize, not only for covering Clarke with her uncontrolled vomit but for everything that had happened, for having driven her away, for the hurtful things she had said to her.

- Lexa, come ... come on, sweetheart ... let me help you to the bathroom ... we're going to talk later when you feel better.

Finally, Clarke managed to get a very wobbly Lexa to stand and held onto her body, as they walked slowly towards the bathroom. Once inside, Clarke sat Lexa on a small stool in the immense bathroom, and began to remove her dirty blouse, then turned on the taps to fill the bathtub with warm water. While Lexa still felt dizzy, feeling that her body felt like jelly and her stomach was very upset, she did not miss the wonderful vision of Clarke in just her bodice.

It was very evident to Lexa that the body of her beloved doctor had changed, her now abdominal muscles were visible, and the muscles of her Clarke’s arms had also acquired a pretty very athletic form. Lexa imagined it was because of surfing more than anything, and maybe some routine in the gym. "But how beautiful is your Clarke," Lexa thought, with a silly smile on her face, while trying in vain to remove the dirty shirt she had been wearing for several days.

- Hmm ... will you bathe with me beautiful? - Lexa asked shamelessly, trying to take off her shirt, leaving her well-formed breasts exposed, smiling foolishly, while Clarke suddenly turned to find the exhibitionist brunette smiling in front of her, struggling to get naked.

-Ms.Woods ... I do not think it's a good idea in your state ... come on, let's get you undressed - Clarke said smiling, as she came and helped her undress. Clarke noticed that Lexa’s body which had once been super athletic, and cared for, was now very different, Lexa had lost weight and her skin looked pale. It was evident to Clarke that Lexa had neglected herself during the three years that they had been apart.

- I do not look so sexy anymore? - Lexa said with some bitterness, as she looked at her own naked body now, after seeing Clarke’s saddened eyes.

Clarke held her love’s trembling body as Lexa awkwardly stepped into the tub, where the warm waters with perfumed salts greeted her, making her feel immediately relaxed, as she sat in the water, aided by Clarke at all times. Lexa breathed deeply, breathing in the exquisite scents of lavender and roses, closing her eyes while resting her head on the bathtub side. Clarke smiled slightly, noticing how relaxed Lexa immediately looked. God! She loved Lexa with madness, and she had missed her so much that it hurt.

- Do you think you can bathe on your own, or do you need help? - Clarke asked stroking Lexa’s head softly, making Lexa open her beautiful green eyes and look at her with great affection in her eyes.

- No ... I think I'll be fine, thank you ...

- Well, I'll go in search of clean clothes, please do not try to stand up on your own, you could fall. Just relax in the water for now? But do not fall asleep. I'll be right back ... - Clarke said, breaking the spell of Lexa’s eyes, she was a little nervous, while Lexa looked at her knowing what her eyes were doing to Clarke. Lexa adored that moment, loved to see that her love could still shake Clarke just by looking at her.

Clarke could not help but raise her hand to Lexa's red cheek and caress it softly, where minutes earlier she had slapped Lexa, something she regretted. Clarke’s sad blue eyes searched for the irritated and swollen greens that found her gaze immediately, looking at her with tenderness, understanding her regret.

- I'm sorry ... I did not mean - Clarke tried to apologize as she frowned.

- Clarke, do not worry ... I deserved it ... I said some things I shouldn’t have about ... well, I deserved it and it doesn’t hurt anymore ... do not worry ... look beautiful ... I'll be fine- Lexa replied immediately resting her hand on Clarke’s, caressing it gently, then bringing her hand to her lips and kissing it to which the doctor smiled then stood up and left the bathroom.

Lexa felt ashamed, sorrow, pain, but at the same time a warmth that came from inside her, which came from her heart. Having Clarke there with her, after all those years, was like a beautiful dream. Although the circumstances were horrible, and Lexa hated it. she felt terrible that Clarke found her in that state, so dejected, so hurt, so vulnerable, exhausted.

Suddenly a huge wave of frustration and remorse enveloped her, and she could not stop her tears from falling, as she let her head fall back, cursing herself for so many things but above all, when Clarke tried to help her, she attacked and cursed her without mercy about Alex. That was the doctors Achilles heel for the doctor, her other self, Alex, with whom Clarke had fallen in love so deeply, and although it made an impact on her soul, listening to Clarke explaining that for her they were the same person, Lexa still felt that she could never have that personality that had appeared for those six months.

Lexa know understood that Alex was part of her,and she understood over time that perhaps she would have been Alex if she had not suffered that horrible loss when she was so young, that had filled her with suffering and pain, turning her into a cold, distant, ruthless human being who in some aspects was alien to any way of feeling again, of being vulnerable again, but that was how her life and her destiny had been, and she could not turn back the time to change it.

Lexa was hurt because a week ago, while she was checking on her phone, she had discovered videos that Alex had recorded for Clarke, saying that they were in case she one day disappeared, as she finally did.

Watching those videos had wreaked havoc on Lexa's soul, she could not believe that the person speaking in those videos was herself, that part of her personality had come out of her, and she had deeply enchanted Clarke. But Lexa did not blame Clarke for it, Alex was all angelic, sweet, calm, entertaining, she was a soul was a being without a past, without pain, without remorse, without burdens of guilt, without fear of feeling and falling in love. She was a being full of purity, something that Lexa she could never be, even though Clarke's love had changed her a lot, and she had allowed herself to feel again, to fall in love again.

Lexa felt that she still carried a lot of weight on her shoulders and had a confused soul. Although that night on the mountain, the spirit of Costia had freed her from her enormous burden of guilt for her death, in Lexa there were still vestiges of her past, of that cold and calculating woman she had become, using people to her step as if they were clothes, that she wore and then discarded.

Even in Niylah's case, she felt that the monster in which that woman had become, was simply the product of her actions, of how she had left her hanging with her expectations, when they had had that torrid romance at the University of Oxford, something that at that time she had begun to do in her private life, not to bind herself to anyone, not to let feelings make her feel weak. Although she had moved away from Niylah, more than anything when she saw that the woman was materialistic and that she was clearly only interested in her fortune. Lexa had led Nyliah to do things for her, which she might never have done before in her life, such as introducing her to the Sadomasoquismo, experiencing forms of sexual pleasures, which implied no feeling, where she was the Commander and Niylah her submissive.

Finally one fine day, without warning, without remorse, Lexa left Niylah because she realized that she did not love her and that their relationship was boring to her. Lexa let herself be carried away by the many women who began to spend the nights in her bed, the pleasure was infinite, unattached, no more than a good sexual encounter.

At the time it did not seem that Lexa’s estrangement or her abrupt departure from Nyliah’s life had changed the woman because, at that time, the woman was cold, without drama, without arguments. Lexa said goodbye to her one night after a scene of jealousy, and bad sex, with some drugs from Niylah, something that Lexa never shared. But over time, she could see that all of that had been a mere facade of Niylah, not to show Lexa how vulnerable she was, and perhaps that she had real feelings for Lexa after all. Lexa’s indifference and egocentrism led Niylah to lose herself in an act of eternal revenge towards Lexa and destroying her own life without realizing it, losing her head, so to speak. Lexa realized that it had been all karma, a rebound of destiny, she left Niylah without mercy, without thinking about the woman for a moment, she had not cared what happened to her, or what she might feel. Therefore, as if she were before a grand jury in her mind, the verdict was "Guilty" of all charges, of turning Niylah into a ruthless person who was intent on revenge.

Lexa hated herself for many things, and somehow she did not feel that she was worthy of the love that Clarke offered her, or could offer. Lexa needed to make peace with her inner demons first, but at the same time, she reminded herself that that was what she had promised Clarke that morning when she left her at her mansion in Los Angeles, three years ago, three long years ago now repeated in her mind. A promise that she had not been able to keep. Lexa had Immersed in catching Niylah and working with Inspector Dijon of Interpol and somehow left aside her own needs so that she could heal and be worthy someday of Clarke's love.

But here she was, downcast, confused, and not having made peace with her demons and her burdens of guilt. Now Lexa was also terribly hurt by the death of the man whom she considered to be her father, a friend, part of her only true family. Losing Gustus in the way that she had led her to a dark place again. Her heart was broken, and she could not find consolation, so instead got lost in her alcoholic addiction, at least when she was drunk she forgot everything for a moment, even if it was very ephemeral and fleeting.

Now Clarke had come to her rescue, like the Angel she always thought she was, her beloved Angel Savior, but she felt terrible. How could she have let her find her in such a state, so lost ?! Lexa felt that she was a shadow of a human being, what could she offer Clarke today? More bitterness, more pain ... she just hated herself so much for it.

Without thinking she tried to stand up, and managed to get out of the bathtub, and found the first aid kit out of which she took out the sharp scissors. Lexa’s hands trembled, her vision was blurred by the many tears fell from her eyes. What was the point of continuing to live like this? Making life miserable for those who loved her, like Clarke, Indra, Raven. Lexa felt that she had reached the point of return and that she did not deserve a second chance. She did not deserve anything that life could offer her.

Between sobs and tremors, Lexa took a deep breath and decided that she must carry out what her mind was telling her that she must do, and put an end to her pain and that of everyone around her as the held the sharp edge of the scissors against the veins of her left wrist, the metal felt cold against her warm skin. her eyes blurred, it was difficult for Lexa to focus, but she used her last bit of strength and began to press the scissors harder against her wrist but before she managed to cut her wrist a hand suddenly held her tightly and moved it away from her wrist as Clarke’s other hand snatched the scissors and held them away from Lexa.

- LEXA !!! OH MY GOD!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? !!! - Clarke shouted holding the scissors in her hand, as her eyes opened wide in shock as her body trembled at what she had just interrupted.

Lexa cursed herself for being so clumsy and slow. she bowed her head without responding, she had no strength to fight, or even to say anything, she just dropped on her knees, her body trembling, between sobs, and anguish that she let out a scream that shook the soul of Clarke.

When she was able to react from her shock, Clarke immediately knelt down, and took Lexa into in her arms, then sat on the cold bathroom floor holding Lexa’s body tightly to her own who cried crying inconsolably. Clarke could not believe that she just stopped Lexa from trying to take her own life. Clarke was in shock and she could not speak to Lexa, so she just held her tightly in her arms, giving her warmth, and all the love she felt for her while thanking whoever was up there for having sent her to Lexa in time. Clarke shuddered at the mere thought of arriving a few minutes later and losing Lexa that way. Fear swept over her, making her shake, and she let her tears run down her cheeks, as the beating of her heart soared.

At that moment Raven entered the bathroom, alerted by Clarke's screams and then Lexa's, finding the heart-rending image, her heart stopped as she swallowed hard.

- Is everything ok in here - Raven said as she knelt near Clarke and Lexa, cupping Clarke’s face in one of her hands who could not answer, she only closed her eyes to the touch of Raven’s caress nodding in reply.

- Raven, come ... Lexa needs a hug-

Raven immediately sat down on the bathroom floor and took both her friends into her arms, placing kisses first on Clarke’s head, then Lexa’s as she held them tightly to give them shelter and love.

After a few minutes, Raven released her hold on her friends but continued to caress their faces. Raven’s heart broke her soul to see her friends like this, but she hoped that they would find a way to heal and to be together again. It was a matter of time, as her beloved and wise wife Luna had often explained to her that would surely happen in time.

But sometimes Raven felt, or rather wondered, how much time did these two soulmates need to be reunited, to heal their wounds, and finally make peace with their demons, with their losses? And what could she do to help them? Although she had tried to do everything she could in the last three years, she felt that it had not been enough, especially in Lexa’s case.

Even though she had helped Lexa a lot, keeping her informed of Clarke's life at all times, feeling that it was a way of helping to keep them together, it had not been enough to help Lexa to rediscover herself. Raven had let Lexa fall in a deep, dark void and felt terrible for it, to accept and forgive somehow, the many mistakes she had made with Lexa.

At least Clarke had found a more dignified way out, she had crossed the world and had settled in a new place, calmer, away from what subjected her to the memories of someone who would not return.

Raven had sensed in part peace that her friend Clarke had accepted that Alex would not return and that somehow as Alex herself had told her, she was inside Lexa, and was part of Lexa’s soul, and she would always find her there.

Raven knew that Clarke loved Lexa, in her forms and personalities, and that obviously, living six months with so sweet and loving Alex, had taken her to another universe. But she was sure that Clarke accepted and believed that Alex was simply a part of Lexa and that she loved her without a doubt.

But Raven was aware, without any doubts, observing that emotional scene in the bathroom, it would not be easy for Clarke to help Lexa, she would need all the strength and patience of her love to understand her, to help Lexa overcome her demons, and wait for the brunette to heal her inner wounds so deep and complicated. But Raven had faith in the deep love that united them.

Chapter Text



It had been five days since Clarke’s arrival as a savior angel, rescuing Lexa from her darkness, her sorrow, her burdens of guilt, her dejected mind and her broken heart.

Lexa was slowly recovering, not very fast, but she was going in the right direction. Taking every day as it came without feeling pressure. Indra, Clarke, and Raven accompanied her most of the time. The magnate felt supported, accompanied and loved, and that gave her a lot of strength and hope of recovery.

In a few weeks, Lexa would travel to Zurich, to enter the clinic which she had already contacted to help her rehabilitate alcohol addiction and psychological treatment that Clarke was more than okay with, even if it meant separation from her beloved again for an indefinite period. Clarke’s soul ached just thinking about their new separation, but she repeated to herself like a mantra, this time Lexa would keep her word and would return when her wounds were healed.

Raven seeing that her friends were back together, and Clarke was caring for Lexa, felt it was time to go home to her job and her wife, who she missed a lot, and with who she communicated daily via skype or facetime.

Lexa & Raven had said goodbye at the palace, and Lexa thanked Raven for all she had done for her. Their farewell was deeply felt by both women.

Clarke’s goodbye to Raven was also a heartfelt one as she did not know when she would see her beloved Latin sister again. Although Clarke had already invited Raven with her wife and little daughter to visit her in Sydney, Australia, when their schedules allowed it.

Clarke accompanied Raven to the airport in a car that was driven by Lexa’s new bodyguard, Echo Azgeda. A woman that Clarke found very interesting to her, but in a good way. She liked her education and intelligence, without talking about their physical abilities. Clarke had helped Lexa to choose her new bodyguard, to replace Gustus. Although Niko already had a special place in the heart of Lexa and Clarke had loved to meet him.

This time Lexa felt the need to have a woman bodyguard for protection, something that Niko has been fine according to incidentally since she was somehow very new to the team and needed to gain experience next to a woman as Alexandria Woods.

Echo was quite friendly and nice. But she rarely talked about her private life or smiled. Clarke imagined that Echo & Lexa would make a great team in that regard. She was someone who followed orders without objecting and only gave her opinion when asked. She was very well trained and educated and spoke several languages.

Once at the airport, Clarke and Raven parted with emotional tears and hugs and kisses. For both of them, a lot had changed in their lives, especially in recent years. In those three days they had caught up with what was happening in their lives, with anecdotes and various stories, they were also very happy for their dear friend Octavia, who was expecting a second child with her husband Lincoln, something that had not surprised them.

Before leaving, Raven had told Clarke that Luna and herself were wanting to have a baby by insemination, and they had decided that Raven would be the one who would carry the baby. The news thrilled Clarke, wishing Raven all the best and that she should keep her informed of each step.

On their way back to the palace, they toured the immortal and the famous romantic streets of Paris. Clarke was carried away by the city of love, green parks full of multicolored flowers, filled Parisian bars of tourists, the Eiffel Tower in all her glory, the Champs-Elysees avenue, the Arc de Triumphe, and the majestic of the Seine River, where several boats loaded with tourists took in the sights.

Clarke could understand why Lexa had chosen a place like Paris to settle, it was a city that you fall in love at first sight, in addition to the more relaxed life that Europeans lived and immediately she could feel. Although the palace seemed quite exaggerated for her taste, she knew what Lexa was used, which liked and respected her.

While driving through the Parisian streets, Echo suggested that they listen to music from someone very special that would make them feel even more the subtle charm of the city. That's when the car was filled with the voice of the immortal Edith Piaf with her classics "Non, Je ne regrette rien", "Hymne a l’amour", "La vie en rose", "Sous le ciel de Paris".

The music touched Clarke’s romantic heart as she enjoyed listening to the music, as her eyes marveled at the French capital, and the beautiful voice of Edith making her feel connected to the place and its people.


Soon Clarke’s eyes became damp, as her thoughts turned to her love, her soulmate, who she was attached to with all from her being. Clarke would have liked to have known both, the capital of love in other circumstances, simply living together with her great love, maybe enjoying a romantic honeymoon. The voice of Edith Piaf singing "Mon Dieu" touched Clarke’s, and she was unable to stop her tears from falling.

Clarke also wanted the same as the heartfelt song, her love, a time of peace, a time to live that love in full with Lexa, no more pain, no more losses. She thought about how hard it would be back when she returned to her new home in Australia, alone. Her heart ached as she watched a beautiful female couple kissing unabashedly on a flowery park bench, imagining for a moment that could be her and Lexa, if their lives were not so damn complicated.

They finally returned to the palace to find a black car parked outside which caught Clarke’s attention, who frowned as she looked at the strange car as Echo opened the car door for her to get out.

- Echo, do you know whose car that is?

- No, Dr. Griffin, I do not.

- Echo please stop calling me "Dr. Griffin," I would prefer you to call me by my name

- Clarke said to the bodyguard as she lowered her sunglasses to look at Echo with a slight smile on her face.

- Sorry, doc ... Clarke ... it is not easy for me - Echo replied.

- Yes, I understand. I'm used to being called Dr. Griffin at the hospital or my patients, but it's something I do not like much ... you know ... that title ... I prefer to be called by my name if I know the person. Now you and I know each other and I hope you keep your word to keep me informed on everything that happens with Ms.Woods when I return to Australia - Clarke reminded Echo as she took off her sunglasses to look Echo in the eyes.

- Dr.Griffin, do not worry, I will, but you know that the orders I receive from Ms.Woods are those that I must follow - the bodyguard clarified. Echo was the employee of Ms.Woods, and her orders had priority over all others, including Dr. Griffin, who seemed to have a great affection for her boss, and her life. Echo was pleased with Clarke, she seemed determined, honest, and very friendly indeed.

- Yes, I know, but you know what I mean.

- Yes, Clarke, I understand.

- Please, then can you treat me like a friend? - Clarke asked with a smile, she hated protocols and felt that with Echo were no longer needed, but it was clear that for the new bodyguard to see that was like pulling teeth.

- Clarke, I'm sorry, but we're not friends I can’t do that - Echo explained politely unsmiling, but with a warm kind face.

- Oh Christ! Yeah, okay, I respect and I know that you are right, but try to keep that in mind, you can call me your friend whenever you are ready to. Now let's see who the mysterious visitor is - Clarke gave up respecting Echo’s decision even though she did not agree with her.

Echo just smiled faintly, and after Clarke got out of the car, closed the car door and followed her into the palace.

After entering the palace Clarke let Echo help her with her jacket, and after the bodyguard hung it in the closet, the two women entered the great hall where Lexa was meeting with Indra and a very beautiful and attractive woman who Clarke noticed that there was something familiar about her face, but not quite work out who she was.

Lexa noticing Clarke’s presence immediately interrupted the conversation, stood up and then walked towards Clarke and stoped in front of her and Echo, who Lexa gestured to her that she should leave the room.

Lexa’s silent gesture that ordered Echo to leave them did not please Clarke, who raised her eyebrows at Lexa on disagreement, then watched Echo leave before turning her blue eyes on the brunette, who smiled slightly, knowing that Clarke had not liked her authoritarian attitude.

- Clarke, honey, you're back ... Was everything ok with Raven at the airport? - Lexa asked as she approached Clarke, placing a gentle kiss on her cheek, stroking the other with her hand, looking with love at Clarke even though those Mediterranean eyes were angry.

- Yes, everything was ok... I see you're in a meeting, I do not want to interrupt, I'll change my clothes. - Clarke was in no mood for meetings with people who she did not know.

- No Clarke, please let me introduce you, I want you to be present at this meeting, Come please - Lexa gently took Clarke’s hand in her own and walked over to Indra and the woman with the incredible blue eyes and porcelain face, dressed in a neat blue suit jacket and skirt. Clarke did not want to seem impolite and allowed Lexa to take her over to the two women.

(For the role of Inspector Dijón, i imagine french actress Marion Cotillard)

- Interpol inspector Dijon, this is Dr. Clarke Griffin ... my girlfriend. - Clarke hearing Lexa’s words in introducing her as her girlfriend, felt her heart beat faster, this was the first time Lexa said that she was her girlfriend since Clarke had arrived. Clarke immediately turned her gaze to the beautiful woman before her who was holding out her hand with a gentle smile on her face.

- Dr. Griffin, it's nice to meet you. We were waiting for you.

- Inspector Dijón... Are you the person who has worked with Lexa these past three years? - a serious-looking Clarke asked as she looked at the inspector. Lexa noticed the change in her girlfriend's face immediately and she did not like it.

- Yes, I am. Ms. Woods has been a tremendous help to take down a huge criminal organization, which we are almost finished thanks to the information we could get from Ms. Winters and her colleagues Bouchard and Fish.

- So you're the one that caused my girlfriend to lose three years of her life in such an operation, without any thought about the risks to her life !? - Clarke's tone of voice was not at all friendly, and Lexa noticed it as well as the Inspector, who opened her eyes in surprise but understood the anger of the doctor, being someone so close to Ms.Woods.

- Clarke, darling ... I don’t think… - Lexa tried to stop the hurricane Clarke that loomed, she knew her well and could see that Clarke’s face turned into the "grumpy cat" was not a good sign, but Clarke cut her off to the surprise of all present, even Indra stood back.

- No Lexa! I need to say this, so do not try to stop me. I understand that you needed Lexa to take down that criminal organization, and I understand that you have dedicated your life to this dangerous profession Inspector. But to convince a civilian to become a kind of human bait, to get close to that demonized woman Winters?! And let me tell you, that the death of Gustus Kom Shagueda is your fault!

- Dr. Griffin, I understand how you feel…

- You do not! You do have not the faintest idea Inspector! You have used my girlfriend like a miserable human bait with that evil organization regardless of her personal safety, emotional or psychological state. How do you think I can feel about it? We had to separate for three fucking years so that Lexa could keep her word and help with your operation, and tried keeping me safe, and that led to her falling into a deep depression and an addiction to alcohol. So please do not try to apologize to me.

- Clarke! That’s enough! - Lexa said suddenly angry and even though she understood Clarke, Lexa felt that the Inspector did not deserve the harsh words of her beloved.

- No Ms.Woods ... Dr.Griffin has every reason to feel this way. I will not deny my share of responsibility for the death of your bodyguard, and also for endangering the life of her friend Miss Reyes, and your own life during these three years. But let me explain Dr. Griffin, the proposition that was put to Ms.Woods three years ago, she understood and accepted the risks involved in the operation. I am sorry for what happened with Mr. Gustus Kom Shagueda, it was not supposed to be that way, but we cannot completely predict or prevent what happens during an operation like that - a determined Inspector Dijón explained in a firm but calm voice. She had many years of experience dealing with the usual emotional states of people, when having to deal with the constant risk of their loved ones.

- But it happened! So do not tell me that you have come to propose that Lexa join the police or the FBI because of her assistance in your bloody operation. -

The extensive and clear explanation from the Inspector did not calm Hurricane Clarke at all. She sincerely wanted to strangle that woman with a calm expression on her face, although she tried to be kind, she couldn't hold her feelings inside.

- I have not come to propose anything to Ms.Woods, Dr. Griffin. I have come to inform you of the current status of the operation and that Ms. Winters will be admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the city of San Francisco, in the United States, where she will receive treatment, and then be moved to a state prison in California, to serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Miss Bouchard will serve a minimum sentence of five years in a prison here in southern France, and Miss Fish will serve her sentence of five years in a prison in the state of New York. Also, if I may, my superiors, along with the French government, have entrusted me to extend this distinction to Ms.Woods.

Inspector Dijón took a black box from her pocket in her fine navy blue suit, then opened it and held it out to Lexa, who stared in amazement at the medal "Legion of Honor" she was receiving from the French government, and she felt her irritation grow with Clarke's attitude toward the Inspector. Despite understanding why Clarke reacted the way she did, Lexa felt that her girlfriend had gone a little too far, but it would be something that she would discuss with Clarke later in private.


Clarke, on the other hand, immediately felt a little embarrassed, she had vented her anger against the Inspector, of all she had suffered those three fucking years away from Lexa, now that she knew it was mainly to protect her because the tycoon had agreed to join such as high-risk operation. But listening to the Inspector, her anger was fading, Clarke now understood that what Lexa had done was something extraordinarily important, something that French government was acknowledging, giving Lexa an honor, the highest honor of the country, through Inspector Dijón.

This knowledge and honor filled Clarke with pride, but her feelings were still mixed, she recognized that Lexa had been quite brave, and stupidly unconscious of what might have happened, if the operation had gone wrong, or if the mafia learned of her involvement. Clarke tried to calm down and not think about it, and now that she had vented anger now her eyes just sparkled admiration for her beautiful girlfriend, who shaky hands held the box with such a prestigious medal in it. Clarke noted that Lexa’s beautiful green eyes had become moist as she probably thought of her dear friend and father figure Gustus.

Clarke gently grabbed Lexa’s waist, squeezing her hip as her other hand stroked her arm, letting her know that she was at her side. Clarke also was glad to know the final fate of Niylah and her cronies, but she wanted to have a moment with her, just to use her as a punching bag.

Clarke was silent looking at the beautiful medal Lexa received with surprise and a very slight smile on her face. The inspector looked into the brunette's eyes as she extended her hand out to her, which Lexa immediately shook as she let go of the sad thoughts towards her beloved father figure, and that the distinguished medal was not worth his life. But at the same time, something told Lexa that Gustus would have been very proud of her, and with tears in her eyes, she smiled slightly.

- Ms.Woods, it just remains for me to say thank you very much for your services to Interpol in this operation, without your help we would have perhaps taken too long and many lives would have been lost in the operation to bring down that mafia. Your help will always be appreciated and will not be forgotten, and if you ever need our help in the future you will have it. You have my number for anything that you may need from now on. And again, believe me, I’m very sorry for your loss, and I apologize for not being able to prevent Mr.Sagueda’s death. Unfortunately, in my years of career, I have seen the loss of the lives of many good people who did not deserve to die, but that is the daily struggle in which we are struggling against global crime. But thanks to the help from you and people like you, our work can be carried out and will never be forgotten. Now if you'll excuse me I must leave now, it has been a pleasure Ms.Woods. – Inspector Dijón turn to look now at Clarke - Dr. Griffin, I'm sorry that you have suffered in the last three years, believe me, but I hope you can understand that thanks to Ms.Woods and your sacrifice, we have been able to do something very important for many. You in your profession must understand that very well, you cannot save everyone, but you save some, that is why we do our job right? Despite this not being a friendly conversation, it was nice to meet you. I hope you have a good time visiting our country and a safe return to Australia.

Clarke remained silent as the Inspector's words, made her feel even more ashamed at having taken her anger out on the woman earlier. She simply nodded her head and shook her hands with the Inspector with a faint smile on her lips.

- Thank you, Inspector - was Clarke all could only say, but with a friendly attitude, something Lexa thanked her for, looking at the scene.

- Inspector Dijón, it has been a pleasure to help, even if it cost the life of a dear friend and three years of my life away from this wonderful woman beside me. But I am delighted that the organization has finally fallen and that the guilty will be imprisoned. Thank you for this medal, I'm speechless, but please pass my thanks to your superiors in the French government. I wish you the best and thank you for your offer, I will keep it in mind.

After Clarke and Lexa finished speaking, the Inspector nodded at them with a smile and after taking her coat, excused herself to leave the palace and Lexa’s life, accompanied out of the room by Indra, while Lexa and Clarke watched her leave.

- Lexa, I am sorry ... I know I was a bit temperamental but… - Clarke immediately tried to apologize to Lexa, but the brunette took her hand to the doctors reddened cheeks with a sweet smile on her lips.

- It’s okay my love ... I understand you, and I know that these past three years have been tough for both of us and had you were right to let off steam ... but the Inspector was not to blame for a decision that I took that day when she asked me to be part of the mission. I did it for many reasons, and I'm so sorry that I had to be apart from you in the order you protect you, I feared that if the mafia learned of my involvement helping Interpol, they would hurt those I love, like you. I did not want you to get involved in such a huge risk my love, I thought if something happened to you, I could not go on living!

Lexa wrapped her arms around Clarke’s waist, holding her body tightly. Everything was finally over, she was freed from her obligation and could finally be with her beloved. Although she could not fully celebrate as a new separation was close and it hurt Lexa just thinking about it. She hated herself for being so weak, falling into that damn depression and addiction. But she could only resign herself to that fact and accept what she had to face. But this time there would be no sad goodbyes, she had hopes, plans for a future with her beloved, not because she thought fate would not let her be happy someday. And for that she needed to be well, she needed to fight her demons, confront her problems, and rise from the ashes. She would recover completely and return to give a beautiful life and future to her sweet Clarke, knowing that the doctor was willing to wait for her, support her all the way and never could be appart from her soul.

Clarke clung to Lexa’s arms, her body, feeling her pounding heart, smelling that special perfume that had always taken her away. Clarke felt Lexa’s lips tenderly kissing her head, and her hands rubbing her back. She could feel the love that united them, and she knew that although soon they would separate again, this time was not forever, this time was a most “see you soon again”.

They remained embraced for a few minutes, Lexa pulled back a bit to find these Mediterranean blue eyes that she loved. Lexa looked at Clarke with excitement in her green eyes in love, getting lost in a sea of passion, tenderness, and a deep love conveyed to her.

- I think it's time for me to enjoy the city of love ... God! my love you do not know how I missed you ... it hurts so much. – Express Lexa with a deep sorrow in her green deep eyes that touched Clarke's heart inmediately.

- I know honey ... I know, it has also been hard for me and it hurt me very much, but now we are together again after all this time after distances, secrets, and evils defeated. We've found each other again, and I will not let you leave my life again, Ms.Woods did you hear me? You will not get rid of me so easily, so get used to it and say goodbye to your dear France, I'm sorry but I want you to live with me in Sydney after you finish your treatment. I could not live apart from you, and though Paris is lovely, I feel more at home in Australia - Clarke said playfully and authoritarian, tapping her finger on Lexa’s chest as the woman smiled at her.

- (Lexa laughed) I see you have everything planned, Dr. Griffin?! Yes, ma'am ... your wish is my command... although I must confess that I will miss Paris, but Sydney, Australia is my real home... I cannot deny that a part of me loves the idea, and even more so and more importantly, it is knowing that my beautiful girlfriend will be with me to make me feel even more at home. - Lexa answered, stroking Clarke's face, then placed a tender kiss on her lips which the doctor gladly accepted.

- I will do it…. Lexa, I love you.

- And you do not know how much I love you Clarke... but you know, I have dreamed for so long of having you here with me in Paris, the famous city of love. So I want you to enjoy it the city with me in the weeks to come until…- Clarke's hand covered her lips, stopping her from speaking.

- Shush... I do not want you to say, I do not want to think about us being apart, not now my love... And yes, i also wanna enjoy Paris with you, and that is what we'll do.

- Ok ... ok ... then let’s not waste time ... I have a very special idea, so you go shopping with Echo, because I want to invite you to a romantic dinner, a formal one, so buy what you like, dress, shoes, clothing, jewelry, purse and then Echo will take you to the hair salon of Jean Pierre, a good friend of mine here in Paris, that you will leave looking like a princess, though in my eyes do not need it. We will meet back here at 8pm - said an excited Lexa, conveying her joyful feeling to Clarke, who was delighted with the idea, but…

- But... but Lex, my love, I do not have enough money to go shopping in Paris and then visit your friend Jean Pierre, surely it will cost thousands of Euros! Remember sweetie, I am a simple middle-class doctor.

- (Lexa laugh hard) My God! You make me laugh so easily gorgeous! Do you seriously think that I would send you shopping and to the beauty salon if i wouldn’t think to pay myself for it? Echo will take care of everything, you just go, you choose what you want and do not look at prices, please forget about them. If you do not want to do it for yourself, do it for me, I want it to be a very special dinner. Please do not tell me no ... - Lexa pleaded now holding Clarke’s hands in her own and lifted them to her lips to kiss as she looked tenderly at her girlfriend, who immediately rolled her eyes but finally gave in to Lexa’s plea.

- God! You're terrible Ms.Woods !! Did you know!? You know that I disagree with you paying for everything, but I will accepted this time just on one condition.

- What condition? Whatever it is I agree to it - a desperate Lexa stepped closer to Clarke, like a little girl asking for ice cream, an attitude that filled Clarke’s heart, making her laugh.

- Oh my God! (Clarke laugh) But you do not even know what I want...

- Clarke!

- I want that when we go to Sydney, you let me invite you to a restaurante very nice i know, for a dinner. And that you won't dare look at your wallet, no matter how much it is or where it is.

- Okay, it’s a deal, Dr. Griffin. Now if you'll excuse me, we do not have much time. I'll call Jean Pierre and let him know that my beautiful girlfriend is on her way - Lexa gushed after closing the deal with her beautiful doctor.
- God! But the press will know Lex, isn't it better to tell him that I am just a good friend? - Clarke suggested thinking about the press that would be taking photos of them, alone and when they were together, and she wanted to be quiet, normal stay in Paris, enjoying the city with her girlfriend.

- Hmmm... you know precious that I couldn’t care less about the press... you're my girlfriend, the owner of my whole being, and I want to shout it out to the world, so do not worry. But I know why you want to keep our relationship from the press and I understand, so just to protect you and so that the press don't bother us, I'll tell Jean Pierre that you're a good friend. Now go and buy gorgeous things to surprise me with later - Lexa held Clarke’s waist, after ensuring that they would have a private and quiet time in Paris which Clarke was grateful for.

- I will try, Ms.Woods ... you also should do it too.

They kissed softly between smiles. It was the first kiss with all their feelings to the surface, that occurred since Clarke had arrived. Although the kiss was short it made them shudder, and although Clarke wanted to lengthen the kiss, with a superhuman effort Lexa was the first to distance herself. In her mind she had planned something very special for her beloved Clarke, she did not want her doctor, when they parted again to go with fear in her heart or thinking that history would repeat itself as it did three years ago in Los Angeles. Lexa needed to give her something that would lessen Clarke’s fears, knowing there was a real future after the CEO's treatment finished.

The only thing that came to mind was something that Lexa had wanted to do long ago, and although it was perhaps a little crazy and rushed, she wondered why the hell should she keep waiting? Lexa knew that this beautiful woman was her soulmate, knew a deep love that united them and the many dreams she wanted to share with Clarke. So this night would be one night that she and Clarke would remember for the rest of their lives! And that thought made her nervous heart beat faster.

After tender looks and caresses, lost in each other as two women hopelessly in love, Clarke left Lexa standing there in the hall, to go to her room to change. Lexa took a few minutes to react, she was like as a teenager with her beautiful girlfriend. Lexa took her phone out to make an unexpected but urgent call, she needed to talk to Clarke’s mother in the United States. She pressed her finger on the name of the professional Dr. Abigail Griffin, with a big smile on her face, and nerves were beginning to run through her body.

Half an hour later after giving orders to Echo, to accompany Clarke shopping and beauty salon of her friend Jean Pierre, who Lexa have also contact, she handed to her boduguard one of her gold credit cards, and told her to make all payments to its name, and not let Clarke to look at the prices. And doesn’t matter which stores her girlfriend entered, Clarke was to be treated like Lexa herself would be, like a queen. The CEO also pointed out to Echo that she need to make sure that nobody will know that Clarke was her girlfriend, as not to attract the press’s attention.

Echo was a little surprise with all that especial order her boss was giving her, like a happy girlfriend making sure her girl will be attended like a queen in every shop, and that everything was on her, no matter what the doctor Griffin choosed. The bodyguard knew that CEO Lexa Woods was a very especial woman, that wont certainly do something like that, or acting so excited like a teenager so in love, making sure her girlfriend will be please and happy shopping in Paris. But of course Echo liked to see that other side of Lexa, one more near the rest of the simple mortals in love. Inmediately she nooded at her boss, taking the credit card from her hand.

- Of course, Ms. Woods, do not worry, I'll look after Dr.Griffin and her purchases - Echo immediately responded to all the orders she had received from her boss.

- Well, thank you Echo, and Echo…., one more thing and most important.

- Yes, Ms.Woods?

- Take care of her as she was, you understand….? Me. Sweep all around every place, very carefully - Lexa expressly, something that Echo understood very well.

- Ms.Woods, I understand, I'll do it.

After Clarke left with Echo. Lexa made one more phone call to the famous Jean Cartier jewelry house, where she was one of their most exclusive clients for some years now. She could not contain her nerves, and her joy after talking with Dr. Abigail Griffin, who was surprised by the sudden and unexpected call of the magnate and ending the call absolutely grateful and full of joy.

It was a very long phone call but a good one, an emotional and happy ending one, after Lexa explained to Clarke’s mother everything that had happened to her during the past three crazy years, full of appearances for the press, and as well as her unfortunate addiction to alcohol, assuring her that was about to go into in a private rehabilitation clinic in Zurich in a few days. After which Abby was quiet for a few moments before giving heartfelt condolences for the loss of Gustus, something that moved Lexa. Abby also asked Lexa to look after her daughter while she stayed with her, and told her what had happened to Clarke in Sydney at the same time it occurred that tragedy with Gustus. Lexa was immediately worried and partly annoyed that Clarke had not told her that, but she did not notice any effects of what had happened in her girlfriend. Lexa changed the subject to the reason for her call, and she got the answer she wanted from Abby, who was a little shocked but very happy for both her daughter and Lexa.

Without wasting any time Lexa was dedicated to getting everything ready with places and people, for the most special night of her life and hoped that it would also be for Clarke, although she almost had no doubts about it and felt excited.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Echo were already shopping, going in and out of the famous French design shops. Echo had brought Clarke to the famous Triangle d'Or, between the avenues Montaigne, George V and a stretch of the Champs Elysees. They also toured the famous Galeries Lafayette.

Clarke was desperate to look at the price tags, but the minute she entered a store, Echo was responsible for making sure Lexa’s orders where followed, and immediately employees came to meet Clarke as if she was the first lady, making sure that the blonde could not look at any price, in addition to serving her delights of French confectionery, and glasses of champagne, which Clarke refused while Echo sat in the corner smiling, attentive to all movements around Clarke.

Clarke wanted to buy earrings so Echo took her to the jeweler Place Vendome, where the doctor stared with wide eyes at the variety of precious stones and jewelry that simply left her in shock. There she managed to find some very delicate and beautiful gold rings, with which she was more than happy.

Clarke tried not to get dizzy with so many fashion houses, designs, and dreamy dresses, shoes, and purses. But occasionally she asked to Echo what she thought, or directly asked her for help, what Echo gladly did with a faint smile, it was clear to Echo that Dr.Griffin was very natural and had an extraordinary sense of humor, and clearly, she belonged to the upper class. Dr. Griffin was the typical woman of the middle or working class, which did not have zeros in her bank account, besides having very normal tastes, without eccentricities. Echo was pleased with that woman, thinking that her boss was very lucky to have her, but she was struck by the fact that despite being from different worlds, were so perfect for each other.

After going in and out of stores for almost two hours, Clarke was sweating, Echo led her to the beauty salon of Jean Pierre MONDO, one of the most exclusive in Paris, by the way. Clarke there obviously found something very different from the typical beauty salon, but this salon was beyond all imagination, or at least her’s. The building was divided into three giant floors, and each floor was divided into different kinds of rooms for beauty care of each part of the body, not just hair.

Clarke was taken to a spa where she bathed in hot water mineral salt bath for about twenty minutes, then she was taken to a room where an expert Asian woman gave her the best massage of her life, massaging her body with natural oils, which certainly smelled wonderful. She was then taken to another room where she underwent a deep skin clean, and a full manicure of her hands and her feet.

At the end of her pampering, a nice young man left Clarke in the hands of Jean Pierre MONDO himself, who only work the hair of his most exclusive clients and friends like Lexa Woods.

The famous and highly coveted French coiffeur, appeared before Clarke with a huge smile, wearing a crazy shirt explosive colors and blue pants with light blue stripes. He wore pink framed glasses and had a mustache so funny but so perfectly maintained that Clarke had to put in much effort not to laugh. But the whole package shocked her laughing eyes, as she looked at him through the large mirror in front of her, as she sat in the chair wearing a robe and a towel on her wet hair.

After greetings and shaking hands, Jean Pierre took one of Clarke’s and lifted it to his lips to kiss it. Then he explained what he planned to do with Clarke’s hair, to know if she agreed. The doctor smile and nooded, without understanding much of all his explanation while touching her hair in fanny ways, Clarke anyway gave him a “yes, go ahead." Hoping don't regret her positive answer, knowing that sometimes those crazy fancy coiffeurs were a little too excentric with their works.

Jean Pierre started working on Clarke’s hair without wasting time, after clapping his hands, a young Frenchman had approached them with trays containing coffee, tea, rosé champagne in a fine crystal glass, and dishes with macaroons and small size of the famous and delicious éclairs. Clarke felt that if she just looked at those delights of French confectionery, she was going to throw up. They had already offered her too much in every store where she had been, and she could not even bear to see them. The look on her face was caught immediately by the famous coiffeur who told his employee to take the delights away immediately, leaving only a glass of bubbly rosé champagne on the table.

Clarke looked at the glass for a moment, unable to keep her mind taking her back to that night, at the hotel where she worked as a waitress in Chicago. That night where she first met the famous and egocentric magnate CEO Lexa Woods, her orders and derogatory comments. Clarke’s eyes were fixed on the cup and a smile appeared on her face. The coiffeur looked at her as he tried to guess where that blonde’s mind had taken her.

Echo, meanwhile received a call from her boss, who wanted to know how everything was going with her beautiful girlfriend. The bodyguard told Lexa that Clarke was now in the hands of Jean Pierre and she looked relaxed and happy.

Lexa was being assisted by her exclusive personnel in her palace after returning from buying her very special purchases. She was happy, and was relaxed and very much in love. She was finally free after having to have been a kind of undercover for three damn long years. Finally was the time that she had dreamed, the time to love Clarke without fear, without burdens on their shoulders, or shadowless figures attacking all the time against their happiness.

Now she had simply to undergo rehabilitation for her alcohol addiction and then nothing would stop completely surrendering to her soulmate, the love of her life, the beautiful Dr. Clarke Griffin.

Lexa’s team had finished with her half an hour ago, and now her nerves were beginning to take hold of her, she needed a glass of some strong drink to relax. Her mind raced as she tried to resist trying the desire to have an alcoholic drink, but beads of sweat appeared on her hands, neck, and forehead and she began to feel her fingers tremor. Lexa felt so thirsty, and she hated herself for being so weak from falling into such a strong addiction like alcohol.

Lexa sat on the sofa in the large living as she waited for her beautiful lady to return, and tried to calm down. At that moment Indra approached her Heda, noting her nerves, and how hard a time she was having in dealing with her addiction. It had been five days since Lexa had tasted a drop of alcohol, and the personal assistant admired her for that, admired the sublime effort that was taking place. No doubt because of the great love Lexa had for Dr.Griffin, had promised to drink no more alcohol, and her staff removed almost all traces of any alcohol, leaving only the very remarkably exquisite collection of fine wines and champagnes that were in the basement of the palace, but only Indra had the key to open the door.

Indra had come into the room without Lexa noticing her presence, the magnate was so focused on not collapsing, not there, not now that she would soon experience the most special night of her life. But Lexa’s body betrayed her, and she feared not being able to resist the urge to have a drink. Her tremors grew in strength and she was unable to control them, when she felt a hand squeeze her left shoulder. Lexa raised her anguished green eyes to the woman who she regarded as her mother.

Indra immediately squatted in front of Lexa, and reached out her hands to hold those of her suffering Heda, and held them firmly, providing support, which Lexa was thankful for even though she could not speak a word, as she feared if she did that she would burst into tears and ruin all the work of her beauty team. She needed to be strong, she told herself, she needed to do if for her beloved Clarke.

Indra stared deeply into Lexa’s eyes as she took a deep breath, causing her Heda to do the same as she kept eye contact and tightened her grip on Lexa’s hands.

- Heda, breathe deeply ... relax each part of your body, let the air out slowly through the mouth. Okay, you're doing well, just concentrate on your breathing. - Indra’s calm voice helped Lexa to focus. Lexa followed Indra’s instructions and let her body and mind relax.

- Now close your eyes. Okay, good, let your head rest on the couch... That's it…. Just imagine that you are in a very peaceful place... you decide where but let your mind take you there... breathe, keep breathing deeply.

Lexa was carried away, guided by Indra’s voice. She soon found herself in a large field of yellow flowers, a soft wind played them, giving the image as if they were waves in the countryside. Lexa stretched out her hands and barely touched the grass, feeling the breeze caressing her face and playing with her hair. There was so much peace in her vision, and it slowly gripped her soul, making her smile slightly.
Suddenly a bright light appeared in front of her, a pure white light, but it did not bother her, it gave her a sense of companionship, which soon enveloped her soul as a sweet voice that was very familiar to Lexa spoke.

- Lex let yourself go ... let me help.

- Co ... costia?

- (Costia laugh) it is impossible to try to hide anything from with you... Beautiful Lex, let me help you find the peace you need, do not be afraid, everything will be fine.

- Co... I thought I would never see or hear from you again... when you told me….

- Yeah, I know, but you should know my precious that I will always be with you. Whenever you need me, you should only do what Indra just taught you. It's like meditation, you just let yourself go a little bit further...

- I... I don’t know if I can do this, Co... I feel so weak... so...

- Shush... you can do it Lexie, the deep love you feel for Clarke is all the strength you need to accomplish it. You'll be fine, and I'll help you achieve it.

- You know... you know what I want to do tonight?

- Yeah, I know beautiful... and I think it is wonderful and it was like it was about time... you've taken your time, but hey, everything happens for a reason, and you've done well, and you'll do well tonight... and yes, you have my blessing also.

- But you do not…

- Oh no Lexie... you must not think about that... When we leave our earthly lives, our human bodies, the spirit acquires all the ancestral experience we have accumulated over the different lives we have lived. Trust me, everything changes, and those typical feelings of jealousy, envy, insecurity are not there anymore, only light, love, wisdom, and desire to help those we love who still are on earth. What you want to do tonight is so wonderful Lexie, and you don’t know how happy that makes me. From now on, you will be happy, you will love your very beautiful lady. Clarke has a very bright and pure spirit, it will help you all the way. I'd say that you may never need me again, but if you do, do not worry, I'll always be near you. Now let me help you with that ... abstinence. You will take a deep breath when i put my hand over your heart… ok?

- Co... I.... Where is your hand? I'm sorry, I cannot see you.

- (Costia laugh) Oh, I forget sometimes... silly me… Ok ... here, you can now see me.

Suddenly the beautiful and smiling image of Costia appeared before Lexa’s eyes, looking the same as she had done the last time Lexa had seen her in that terrible accident on the mountain. Costia’s body was glowing with an intense and pure white light that Lexa could feel, especially on her face and her hands now. She blinked several times, somewhat excited as Costia’s hand gently rested on her lips.

- No no no no!... beautiful remember your makeup... you should not mourn... just calm down... Close your eyes… That’s it, very well Lexie... just relax and breathe deeply sweetie... Now let's do this again and then you're going to open your pretty little eyes, because your girlfriend is about to reach the palace. Now let me enter you Lexie, you just breathe… Dont be afraid…. Just feel the light, heat, peace entering your senses. Do you feel it?

- Yes…. It's all so beautiful…

- Very well... that's my girl! Now you will open your eyes when you count to three, and you will stand up and you will go to the kitchen to drink a cool glass of water, letting the water purify you, you must drink it in one go as you ask the Universal guides help you rid of your thirst, and you will be concentrating on calming your body and your needs. Lexie, are you ready? Start counting now.

- Co... wait... I... you know that I...

- I know beautiful... don’t worry, go to your girlfriend, love her and let her love you and be happy for once Lexie, accept your fate with her. Remember, I'll always be around and I’ll always love you.

- Thank you Co...

- So now start counting Lexie, your girl is coming... you'll do fine, don’t worry... oh and you look lovely!

Lexa slowly counted to three and opened her eyes, and Indra's smiling face appeared before her.

- Heda, are you ok?

- Yes thanks Indra, I am. But I need to go to the kitchen.

- Heda, I can bring you what you need.

- No, let me Indra, I need to do this, don’t worry.

Lexa then stood, and she felt much better, almost no traces of her shivering or sweating remained. Indra nodded and followed Lexa into the kitchen, where she watched her Heda take a large glass of water as she closed her eyes. Indra imagined it was something she had to do, something that had perhaps picked up from your spiritual journey.

Suddenly voices were heard and banging doors were probably Clarke and Echo returning to the palace. Lexa straightened her clothes, and wiped her lips with a paper towel, making sure that her lipstick was not smudged. Indra looked at her with sparkling eyes. Her Heda looked incredibly perfect, wearing a short, low-cut black dress which clung to her wonderfully athletic body, leaving her long legs visible with very fine high heels on her feet.

Indra looked at her Heda up and down with big eyes, shocked which surprised Lexa, thinking there was something wrong with her dress. Lexa scowled as she looked at Indra scowling before opening her mouth to speak, but Indra noticing Lexa’s scowl spoke.

- Heda, you look perfect tonight. I'm sure that Dr. Griffin will agree - Indra very honestly expressed, which made Lexa smile from ear to ear. Indra never commented on her attire, it was the first time and Lexa knew that it was with great respect and Indra was being very sincere.

- Indra, thank you very much, it means a lot to me tonight, and I need everything to be perfect.

- Heda, it will be perfect, you must trust your heart and yourself. I'm glad to see you come back to life, and I must say that the power of love has a lot to do with it.

- I always thought you believed that love was a symbol of weakness.

- It is for some things, for some people Heda. I must admit that I was wrong in trying to persuade you that it was a weakness, but life has its ways to teach people, and here you are, and I know that if it were not for the immense love that you have for Dr.Griffin, she would not have been able to do what she has done, what she has accomplished since she arrived at the palace. Now go, do not make your lady wait. I wish you the best for tonight, I'm sure Gustus would have been very proud of you Heda, as I am.

Lexa tried to contain her emotion at Indra’s profound words, she looked sweetly at her and without thinking wrapped her arms around that woman that she feel it like the mother she never have, clinging to her body. Indra didn’t expect this demonstration of affection from her Heda, but her heart felt the warmth and soul light up with tenderness. She was happy for her beloved Heda and wished what she had planned that night for Dr. Griffin was a success. After spending so much time being bitter, facing so many problems, it was time for her Heda to be happy, and Dr. Griffin was an excellent choice as a life partner. But before letting Lexa ruin her makeup, Indra slowly separated from her body and smiled softly, holding her hands tightly.

- You can do it, Heda, you can be happy, let the power of love release both of you from the dark past full of so much sorrow and burdens of guilt. Dr. Griffin is a good person, and I'm sure she loves you as much and care as Gustus and I have done all your life. Now go, it's time. I hope you and Dr. Griffin will have a very good night.

- Thanks Indra, we will.

Lexa and Indra left the kitchen and went into the living room, Lexa kept taking deep breaths to calm down and carry her for the night with her beloved. As Lexa stepped out into the hallway she passed a tired Echo, who stopped walking and looked surprised. Her boss was looking absolutely amazing, and Echo could not hide her delightful looking and how evident was in her eyes and the expression on her face. But she could reacted just in time, blinked her eyes a couple of times, putting herself together, before she could irritate her stunning sexy boss.

- Ms.Woods, Dr. Griffin is waiting in the lounge. Everything went very well and Monsieur Jean Pierre sends his best regards.

- Great, thank you Echo. In a moment we will go with Dr. Griffin to the Seine River, to board the cruise I've arranged for tonight. Please prepare the limousine and alert Niko, I've already talked to him about the program for tonight.

- Of course Ms.Woods, I will get the limousine ready after I inform Niko, so if you will excuse me.

- And Echo…?

-Yes, Ms.Woods?

- I'm glad that I look so well. - Echo's face suddenly turned red. Her attempts at trying not to be so obvious had failed, and she felt somewhat uncomfortable.

- Ms. Woods... I... I'm sorry...

- Echo, don’t need to apologize, I am really glad that I look good, it makes me feel more relaxing, I was not sure about my style tonight.

- So if may I say it… Ms.Woods you look perfect, as does Dr. Griffin.

- Thanks Echo... Tell me, what does she look like? - Lexa tried to investigate as she approached Echo and spoke almost in a whisper.

- I think you should see Dr.Griffin for yourself, but I can tell you that you both make a very elegant couple tonight. Now if you'll excuse me Ms.Woods, I'll talk to Niko and wait in the limousine for you and Dr.Griffin when you are ready.

- Fine Echo - Lexa accepted her employee's answer. She knew that Echo was right and that nothing was better than the impact of seeing Clarke for herself.

Lexa walked the steps to the room with determination and her heart beating very fast. When she finally entered, she saw an image that she knew would never be removed from her mind, an image that immediately take her breath away, her mouth opened an O, and she just though… "OH MY DEAR GOD!"


Minutes earlier, Clarke was feeling tired and her feet ached, leaned back in her chair in the great hall while her beautiful and elegant dress silver, pretty low-cut, fell on one side of the immaculate beige chair. Lexa could not believe how Clarke had been transformed at that beauty salon, and they had even dressed her and done her makeup.

Clarke had been taken care of and she was relaxed, her nails trimmed and painted a faint pink color. her face deeply cleaned and makeup was done by a professional. Clarke felt like a celebrity ready for a Hollywood red carpet. But her nerves were there, running through her whole body, waiting to see the reaction of the only woman she wanted to shock with her presence, the woman she loved more than her own life, and one with who she wished to plan a future together.

When Clarke felt the footsteps stop at the entrance to the room, she rolled her eyes and almost had an attack to see the wonderful lady standing there so shocked and mesmerized. Lexa just left her speechless, thoughtless, and breathless.


Chapter Text



Both women forgot how to breathe for a few seconds. Blue eyes met green ones and the lovers melted as they took in the breathtaking beauty of the other woman. Neither could make a sound, or even say "hello", time seemed to stop, the world around them had disappeared, and for them, they were all that existed.

Finally, Clarke was the first to speak, blinking several times to concentrate on what she wanted to say.

- My god! Lexa ... you look ... wonderful.

- I can say the same about you … My God, Magnifique! I'm so lucky to have you in my life my beautiful Dr. Griffin - Lexa replied as they smiled at each other.

Clarke stood up, and the vision before Lexa’s eyes became even more enjoyable. Lexa was stunned by the image of sexy and elegant blonde in front of her, and who was dangerously approaching her, and she felt a warmth through her body, igniting all her senses.

When Clarke’s lips met hers in a sweet and subtle kiss, instead of walking out the door to the limousine that waited for them, Lexa wanted to take Clarke in her arms up the stairs to the room and make love to her all night.

- Hmmm.... this is very tempting, but Ms.Woods you promised me dinner - Clarke said with a sensual voice and a more serious tone than usual, controlling her desire to feel those sweet lips against hers again. Clarke barely managed to move her mouth away from Lexa’s and leaned her forehead against the brunette’s as she spoke.

- Hmmm... God! You make everything much harder beautiful… you drive me crazy. I've missed you so much, I missed your taste, your kisses, your tenderness, your voice speaking to me of love.

- Shush... if you keep saying things that instead of going out the door, we'll into the bedroom... but we can’t start with the dessert, can we?

- You are right my love…. Hmmm ... why the hell did I choose to dine out ?!

- Ha... Come on, I am dying to know where you plan to take me Ms.Woods…

- Well, I just hope you like it - said a nervous Lexa, stroking her lover's cheek.

- I’m sure that I will, as you'll be with me - Clarke leaned back slightly into the hand that held her cheek, looking at Lexa tenderly in her blue eyes.

- Dr. Griffin, may I...? - Lexa said as she offered her arm for Clarke to take, and began to walk toward the door, but not before putting their coats and getting their purses.

They left the palace holding hands, walking down the steps toward the black limousine that was waiting with the door open for them, and Echo was also waiting smiled slightly at both as they entered the car. Niko sat in the driver's seat ready to drive after Echo sat beside him.

It was a short journey to reach a specific point on the famous Seine river, crossing the city. There were several boats on it full of tourists, on a cruise the river waters. Echo stepped out of the limousine while Niko opened the doors for Lexa and Clarke to exit the car.

The Parisian night could not be any more beautiful, a clear sky full of stars, and a bright moon smiling and full, while a cool breeze caressed their faces happy and in love, while played with long brown and blonde hair.

Lexa gestured for Clarke to follow her as she took hold of her hand, and led her to a beautiful lit boat where two crewmen were waiting at the entrance of the ramp for them to board the boat, Echo and Niko closely followed them.

Clarke smiled thrilled with the idea of a cruise on the River Seine. Lexa could not be more romantic and she adored her for it. Clarke felt she was living a fairytale, one like Disney Cinderella but without mice nor pumpkins or glass slippers or time limit to enjoy the evening. And even though she was, or was not a princess, the woman who had stolen her heart three years ago, with whom she had traveled difficult paths, with who she had fought side by side against the odds, and to who Clarke had joined in body and soul, who she loved madly and without limits. Lexa smiled and her eyes were so deep, so full of love and desire, as she asked Clarke to sit with her at a table with crystal glasses and fine white porcelain with floral details, and silverware. Two lit candles and a red rose that was simply beautiful sat at the center of the table.

There were empty tables around the room, a dance floor and a small orchestra with a woman who was singing songs of the legendary Edith Piaf, in almost the same tone of voice. Clarke wondered if she was dreaming this incredible moment with her beloved Lexa, who now took a seat at the table in front of her, smiling a little nervous, taking Clarke’s hands in her own, licking her lips, her eyes sparkling.

- Do you like this Clarke? - Lexa finally asked, feeling a little nervous, stroking her thumbs over Clarke’s hands, who kept looking all around and she seemed to be more than happy.

- God Lexa... I swear I feel like I'm dreaming... please, you must do something to make sure it's not a dream... - Lexa smiled and simply got up from her chair, still holding hands with Clarke, lent over the table and kissed her.

- What do you think now? Do you think this is real yet?

- Hmmm... no... that felt very real my love... thank you... thank you for this wonderful evening... it's so beautiful, so romantic! Ms.Woods you have a hidden romantic side!

- Please, do not thank me, Clarke, I should be thanking you. My love, you're here, you have come from so far to help me, and I know that you did it because you still love me... you are my everything... I... - Lexa felt that her voice choked with emotion she felt at that magical moment in front of her angel, her everything.

- Lexa, I love you... you do not have to thank me, your love is appreciated, is received and reciprocated. I've missed you so much... God! I do not want to be apart from you again... no.

- Let's not talk about that, the night is beautiful... You are beautiful, you take away my breath, and I want to enjoy the evening, this time. I love you, Clarke... I do not want you to be sad, I want tonight to be one that you’ll never forget.

Clarke brought Lexa’s hands to her lips to kiss them gently, which touched every sense of the brunette, who looked at her with devotion illuminated by candlelight.

After leaving the love spell in which Lexa had been immersed in these Mediterranean eyes in front of her, beckoned to a young waiter who was ready to serve them dinner.

Lexa asked for only mineral water but asked that Clarke be shown the different wines that went with dinner, but Clarke immediately refused, asking the waiter to serve her the same as her girlfriend was having. Lexa asked the young waiter to leave them for a few minutes, as she tried to convince Clarke to enjoy the finest fine wines from France that night.

- Clarke, my love, do not let my problem stop you from trying the best French wines, it's a real shame not to try them.

- Lex, I said no, I will not be drinking alcohol in your presence. Furthermore I am not a big wine drinker. I will try the French wines when you can enjoy them with me, I will not drink alone and that it is my last word. Also, if I drink alcohol, I assure you that I will sleep in the limousine on the way to the palace, and you will have to carry me up the bed, and I will sleep until tomorrow.

- Hmmm... beautiful, you always have the power of conviction ... you are an amazing woman Clarke, and many times I have wondered if I really deserve such a wonderful person like you in my life ... You're so very special and your wish is my command...

Clarke smiled from her heart, excited by Lexa’s heartfelt words, feeling she could not love Lexa anymore than she did. So she just smiled sweetly, thankful that Lexa finally accepted her wish. She would not be drinking fine French wines in front of her beloved, who was struggling with withdrawal symptoms for the past five days.

Clarke was aware of the enormous effort that Lexa was putting into resisting alcohol and she really admired her for it. As well as her falling asleep after drinking alcohol was true. Alcohol and Clarke were never made a good match, and that night she wanted to have all her senses and did not want to miss a single moment of this magical and romantic evening since she knew she would never forget this evening.

The ship slowly sailed through the waters of the Seine River, which Lexa had hired exclusively just for them, the tour showed them the bridges and the main monuments of Paris bordering the Seine with specially installed night illuminations: the Neuf bridge, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Conciergerie, the Musée d'Orsay and the romantic bridges of Paris.

Clarke did not take in the sights of Paris as she was lost in Lexa’s green eyes, who was touched at seeing how happy and delighted was her beautiful lady with the boat ride. As they passed places, Lexa told her love short stories to make Clarke to feel more familiar with the romantic Paris. While the orchestra played in the background with the superb singer who was sensually dressed, sang the famous "Seus le Ciel de Paris" of the legendary Edith Piaf, completing the dream night.

Dinner was served in the purest French tradition. The menu, which combined tradition and creativity, was prepared under the direction of Yves Gras and chefs. The menu Lexa had chosen for them consisted of a pressed terrine of foie and candied vegetables and beef with tomato and basil sauce. For the main course, she had chosen hip medallion of beef with pate veil olives and sweet pepper jam, accompanied by a salad of green beans, almonds, and Parmesan. Finally, for dessert, they feasted on delightful strawberry Fontainebleau style with strawberry compote, wild strawberries, candied ginger, and crunchy almond cookies.

While they enjoyed a delicious dinner, Lexa and Clarke caught up with their lives, what had happened in those three years that they were apart. Clarke chose not to mention her sweet colleague Dr. Mitchells. That was something that someday she would tell Lexa, but not that special night, not on a night of encounters of hearts and souls.

When they finished dessert, Lexa spoke in perfect French to the waiter under the watchful look of Clarke, who regretted not having concentrated in French class at school. She had a basic understanding, very very basic, but it was not enough to understand what Lexa had said to the young man, who immediately replied as he nodded his head, and then approached the orchestra and the singer, who was having a brief rest from singing.

The brunette singer talked for a few minutes with the orchestra, then took her place again, and when she stood in front of the microphone she looked at Lexa with a slight smile, nodding her head as to hint that she was ready. Lexa returned the nod and when her eyes fell mischievously on Clarke, who was waiting for what would come next. Lexa stood, approaching her as the band began to play the introduction of a soft melody.

- My beautiful Clarke, will you grant me this dance? - Lexa finally asked, with illuminated eyes and a seductive smile, as she held out her hand to Clarke, who immediately moved her napkin off her lap and placed it on the table then took Lexa’s hand, and stood up smiling, without taking her blue eyes off the brunette as she followed her to the center of the small dance floor in front of the orchestra.

The singer began singing "Mon Dieu... Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu..." while Lexa took Clarke in her arms, bringing her body to hers, without separating her magic and sparkling eyes staring at her with such devotion that shook the soul of Clarke.

They started dancing slowly to the familiar melody, that Clarke knew well, and understood what was being sung, while she could feel Lexa’s pounding heart as she rested her head on the brunette’s chest, who was simply living the most wonderful night of her life.

Lexa sang along with lyrics, singing sweetly in Clarke’s ear, who could not stop a few tears falling down her cheeks, feeling her heart beating so fast and so strong. Somehow Clarke could not help but feel fear of what this night really meant as the last time Lexa had an evening like this with her, she left Clarke’s life, possibly forever, and remembering it only made her tremble. Perhaps this was another night of sad goodbyes and heartbreak? Clarke could not stand to lose Lexa again.

Lexa felt Clarke’s body shaking, and she stopped singing to look concerned into Clarke’s eyes, those blue eyes could not hide the emotion, love, but mostly fear. Lexa immediately knew why Clarke was afraid, and she mentally cursed herself because everything sounded very similar to what had occurred three years ago, a bitter and hard heartbreaking farewell.

Lexa took Clarke's face in her hands, stroking her cheek gently, trying to make eye contact with those sad Mediterranean eyes...

- Look at me, my love... please, don’t fear... this is not a farewell, I swear it is not. God! I could not do that again Clarke... believe me, I do not want to leave you, not that way - Lexa’s words touched Clarke’s soul, who finally looked at Lexa as her breathing began to slow upon hearing Lexa’s explanation, and the knot in her stomach grew less.

Clarke was lost in those enchanted forests in front of her, as she stared adoringly at Lexa as she felt her body shaking, and before she could say anything, her lips were captured by Lexa, who kissed her in a deep, heartfelt kiss while in the background, the singer and the orchestra with began to play and sing the "Hymne a l’amour", while the lovers kiss went beyond all their senses, unable to stop the tears from running down their cheeks, as hands caress their bodies that were a little shaky.

"The blue sky on us can collapse
And the earth can crumble
I do not care if you love me
I do not care
As long as love floods my mornings
As long as my body shudders under your hands
I do not care about the problems
My love since you love me
I would go to the end of the world
I would be dyed blonde
If you asked me
I'll go get the moon
I would go steal the fortune
If you asked me to…”


The orchestra, the singer, and all staff on board were experiencing the magical and romantic scene in front of them, as if they were watching one of those Hollywood films, with stories of great passion and eternal love. Everyone smiled, and some were wiping tears from their eyes, feeling the love in the room between those two women that no one had doubts were destined to be together.

After the magical kiss, they parted but kept looking at each other, smiling, as they wiped tears from their faces then re-embraced and Clarke finally was able to speak to Lexa as she felt the woman’s beating heart.

- I love you so much, my sweet Lexa... I always will... - Lexa closed her eyes listening to those wonderful words that just penetrated her soul like a powerful beam of light and knew she would never feel the cold in her heart again. The heat of the immense love of Clarke warmed her heart forever.

"...I will deny my homeland
I will deny my friends
If you asked me
We can laugh at myself
I would do anything
If you asked me
If one day life tears you away from me
If you die, you're far from me
I do not care if you love me
Because I would die too
We will have for us eternity
In the blue of all the immensity
In the sky, more problems
My love do you think we love each other?
God unites those who love... "

When the beautiful song came to an end, the orchestra stopped playing, while lovers separated and turned to look at each other with so much love and devotion that words could not express. The boat had stopped and Clarke was a bit surprised as she looked at Lexa who smiled at her then looked behind her out of the window. Clarke turned to see why Lexa was smiling and making gestures with her head, and she saw the illuminated Eiffel Tower in all its glory.

Clarke just stared open-mouthed, staring fascinated for a couple of minutes. when she turned again to meet a very happy Lexa, who took her hand to lead her out towards the deck.

- Come with my love, come with me.

Once outside, Clarke was speechless, she could really see that gigantic symbol of the city of Paris to the fullest. Her eyes widened looking at that famous tower, which she had seen so many times in movies and Tv series, and it seemed like a dream to be right there, finally seeing it with her own eyes, on the most incredible night of her life.

The fresh wind played with her golden hair, and Clarke felt a little cold, and she crossed her arms over her chest as warm arms went around her waist, pulling her to that beautiful body that offered her heat. The doctor closed her eyes and let herself feel the body of the woman behind her, holding her in her arms, feeling her strong beating heart against her back, and her warm breath on her neck.

Lexa was delighted to see Clarke so happy, and have been able to remove that fear from her beautiful blue eyes she loved so much. She wrapped her arms around Clarke’s waist from behind and gently kissed her neck, making her clench, shaken by the feeling of Lexa’s lips on her exposed sensitive skin, skin that Lexa had always found so remarkably exquisite, so soft, so warm.

- Beautiful, you do not know how much I love you... that's why I need to ask you something very special tonight...

Lexa suddenly pulled her body away from Clarke’s body, who needed to know what was happening with Lexa, so she turned to find her love on her knees before her, and a small open box in her right hand that held an amazing ring that shone brightly, before Clarke’s astonished eyes, who felt her heart stop at that moment, looking at that ring, Lexa and what it meant.

On the deck, a few meters away, Echo and Niko stood on each side of the boat taking care of everything, but when the boat stopped and they saw Lexa lead her love by her hand onto the open deck, they knew what was about to happen. Both Echo and Niko were close to the couple, witnessing something very romantic and special, seeing their boss on her knees in front of the woman she loved, to ask for her hand in marriage.

Echo simply could not stop the tears that formed in her eyes, trying to discreetly wipe them away before Niko’s smiling gaze. The excited woman glanced at her colleague for a second, and feeling a smirk on her face, immediately changed her expression to a serious one, then turned her eyes back to the most romantic scene she had ever seen in her lifetime.

Clarke was unable to react, unable to speak, she felt her hands shaking and her eyes filled with tears, but still grateful that she could still stand as she brought a hand to her open mouth, and the other over her heart that was beating so fast and her chest was heaving with her rapid breathing. The image of her beloved Lexa kneeling in front of her with that ring in her hand was just unreal

- My beloved beautiful Dr. Clarke Jane Griffin, you're the love of my life, my soulmate, my everything. I cannot imagine a future without you by my side. So with this ring I may ask… Will you marry me, and let me love you every day, protect and worship you, and sometimes discuss point of views? Will you accept to be mine and I will become yours, and share the rest of your life with me? - Lexa was very nervous, she was finding it difficult to breathe a little, and she tried desperately to stop her hand holding the ring from shaking so much, but was pleased that her voice did not break with the emotion that she was feeling in her heart at that moment in time.

- Oh my Good Lord... Lexa! YES !! MY LOVE!! YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!! YES I WANNA BE YOUR WIFE!! - Clarke replied panting as she struggled to breathe, but the excitement and joy she felt in her body were impossible to contain. Through tears and a somewhat higher tone of voice than she wanted, she watched Lexa take out the engagement ring out of the blue velvet box, and slid it slowly on her finger, while Clarke covered her mouth with her other hand holding back her happy screams.

Lexa looked at Clarke as she slid the jewel onto the finger of her beloved, and was thankful that she managed as her hand was shaking so badly. She got up from her knees and stood smiling, as happy tears that fell down her face, as she looked at the woman would be her future wife as soon as she could recover from her addiction at the clinic in Switzerland. Lexa once again let her heart speak...

- Clarke... you do not know how happy that makes me hear that you say my love! I LOVE YOU, GOD! YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU AND I AM HAPPY !!! My precious future Mrs. Woods!

After Lexa finished speaking she took Clarke’s face in her hands, to merge into another long, sweet and hungry kiss while everyone on board cheered excitedly, some wiping away tears others simply cheering the beautiful and loving couple, who now embraced full of love and joy.

Lexa looked at Echo, who was quietly wiping tears from her smiling face, as smiling as Lexa had never seen her new bodyguard do before, and nodded once, gaving a signal with her head when their gazes met.

Echo nodded back and spoke into the small microphone that was on the lapel of her coat to give the order...

- Très bien les gars, allez-y (All right guys, go ahead)

Suddenly the loud sound of fireworks surprised the couple, who’s eyes watched the fireworks coming from the Eiffel Tower.


Clarke could not believe this was just the perfect ending to the night. She thought that perhaps Lexa had even paid for those fireworks from the Eiffel Tower? She needed to know…

- My love... For God's sake don’t tell me that's also part of the plan for tonight ?!

- My beautiful finacé, how many times do you think Lexa Woods puts an engagement ring on the finger of her precious lady, the woman she loves dearly and asks her to marry her?

- You did not! You're not serious... Christ! Wait…. perhaps Inspector Dijón has something to do with this? I don’t believe that the government of the city of Paris lets millionaires who want to let off fireworks from the Eiffel Tower, are authorized so without further delay ?!

- Yep! Well, you've heard the inspector, she said to call her for whatever I needed, and as you see, I have, and although her first words were a loud "EXCUSE ME ?!" my new friends in the government of this city have had no trouble making a unique and exclusive exception, so enjoy them beautiful, to celebrate our engagement. Do you like them?

- God... if… if… do I like them?! You're crazy you know Ms. Woods? Completely crazy! And I love you!!!

- Yeah, I know, I am crazy for you, my precious... God! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! CLARKE Thank you, my love! Thank you for saying yes, you don’t know how wonderful I feel knowing that soon you'll be my wife and nobody can ever separate us…

- You do not thank me, Lex, I love you, and nothing will make me happier than to marry you, to live with you. But tonight, all this, I swear to God that I will never forget and will be the most memorable evening that we will tell our future Woods-Griffin family.

- (Lexa laugh) I think so too.... - Lexa then pressed her lips to Clarke in another deep kiss, while the sky was filled with multicolored lights that amazed everyone.

After the incredible and multicolored fireworks, the couple were cheered by the crew along with Echo and Niko, then the happy couple entered the heat of the boat again, and drank coffee as they sat in a very comfortable leather armchair in front of a window, where they could continue to enjoy the cruise on the Seine river, back to the point where they had started from.

They returned to the palace after midnight, and Clarke still dressed in her wonderful dress, her high-heeled Chanel shoes, and an incredible shining ring on her finger of the left hand, the huge red rose in her other hand. So she said to herself that that incredible wonderful night was not a dream, and it didnt ended as fairytales ended at midnight.

Lexa who had stayed outside to talk to Echo and Niko, wishing them goodnight then entered the palace, and took off her shoes as soon as she closed the door behind her then headed straight to where her beautiful now fiancé awaited, smiling and excited, and with her heels in one hand, at the end of the stairs.

Finally arriving at the bottom of the stairs were Clarke waited, Lexa took her in her arms and kissed her, so passionately, which aroused both of the lovers, like a spark igniting the fire in a fireplace.

Both women wanted their fancy clothes off. Somewhere during the long, hot kiss, they pulled apart to breathe a brief second, between kisses and hands touching the other woman’s body everywhere. They closed their eyes as their foreheads touched as their bodies became one.

- My sexy bride to be, will you give me the pleasure of loving you for the rest of the night? I want you so badly my love - Lexa said in such a sincere tone of voice that Clarke almost did not recognize it.

- I thought you'd never ask beautiful… - a happy Clarke replied, starting to open one of the gold buttons on Lexa’s dress, who immediately stopped her, taking her hands gently in her own.

- Ok then... here we go - Lexa wasted no time as she moved her arms under the legs of smiling and surprised Clarke, and lifted her into the air and started up the stairs.

- No! Lexa, you are crazy…. No my love...! (Clarke started laughed while she was lifted in the arms of Lexa who laughed with her) Oh my God! Put me down, I’m too heavy, you’ll not able to carry me up the stairs.

- What did you say? That I am not able to carry you up the stairs...?! We’ll see about that... we’re almost at the top. - Lexa answered in an agitated tone of voice offended by the words of her beloved, who she carried in her arms with a subhuman effort, but she was not willing to prove her love right, especially not after hearing those words…

- (Clarke couldnt stoped Lexa carried her, and laughed) You're really crazy!

- You've already said that and I know! Now future Mrs. Woods, will…. You… please open the door…. to our room? – Lexa could said between long breath and an agitated voice.

- Our?

- Yes, after tonight I want you with me in my bed, in our bed – An still agitated Lexa clarified, hoping Clarke would open the door to the room, she was on the verge of collapsing, she could feel her legs trembling. While Clarke was looked at her with a smirk, makinging longer, just to proved her how crazy and silly was doing that.

- Hmmm ... that sounds like a good idea.

- Oh, you will see that will be, beautiful... Let me show you the benefits of my proposal…

Clarke finally opened the door, which Lexa was thankful for. As they entered the room, Lexa lacked air in her lungs, Clarke was right, she was in poor physical condition, but she refused to dwell on that subject, there was something much more important and she wasted no time. Lexa lowered her girlfriend to her feet just inside the door, and after taking a few gulps of air under the watchful gaze of Clarke who’s eyes told Lexa "I told you so", took a few steps and sat on the bed smiling, trying to recover from the effort of carrying Clarke.

Clarke stood looking at her with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms. Lexa looked up her love, her ego was definitely being hurt. So she said to herself "you want me to show you my love, that my condition wasnt poor?! I'm going to show you ... "

Lexa looked down suddenly, to the floor, took a little breath, and seconds later rose her face with completely different looking in her eyes. Her face suddenly changed from the laughing and exhausted expression, to one full of power and lust in her piercing and intense green eyes which suddenly darkened.

Now Lexa looked seriously at the slightly giggly and sexy woman in front of her, surprised Clarke with the new expression on her face, making her felt her legs trembling. The doctor couldnt be turn on in a more fast way than that powerfull staring at her from her fiancé. Her body was in a combination of heat and feelings going through her whole being.

- Take your clothes off Clarke ... do it slowly - Lexa’s firm and authoritative voice shook Clarke and somehow activated her senses. Her eyes widened, but Lexa's gaze was so intense that she did not hesitate to do what was asked, feeling no fear, but rather a growing excitement.

Lexa smirk, her eyes sparkled with desire, malice, lust, and her body was starting to react at seeing the curves of the body that she was about to enjoy, love, possess, feel. Because it was hers alone, and she would show Clarke how much she loved her in every sense of the word.

Clarke, without taking her eyes from darkened green eyes of her lover, began to slowly unzip her fine and elegant dress, and slowly slid it downwards. Her breathing became erratic, as she watched as Lexa wet her lips again and again, while her hands gripped the bed covers tightly.

When the zip was finally unzipped, Clarke felt the relief of being released from the corset dress, she raised her hands to the straps of it and slowly, as she had been ordered, she began to lower them slowly revealing the rest of her body. While Lexa’s piercing eyes wreaked havoc on her body, without even touching her.

Soon the dress finally fell at her feet, leaving her in only a thin bra and silk red panties lace, which stopped Lexa’s heart, who felt the throbbing of her crotch and increased moisture in it. Her future wife was a wonderful female sculpture, with amazing and abdominal curves, perfect arms and toned legs. And those sexy lips that a daring tongue wet now, and teeh were biting a little bit. Clarke lifted one of her fingers to that remarkably exquisite mouth, sucking on it, making it Lexa choke on her own saliva.

Lexa had tried to demonstrate control and authority in that sensual game, but honestly, that image before her eyes was too strong to resist. Her girlfriend knew how to seduce her, knew how to make her want her. Lexa felt Just like pouncing like an animal in heat, penetrating her companion, making Clarke her own until she screamed her name many times. God! she could hardly concentrate on her role as a dominant, it was clear that she was being totally dominated by Clarke, just by looking at her, and provoked her like that.

- Do you like what you see Lexa...? - asked Clarke, playing with her finger in her mouth, in a voice very sensual and more serious than it usually was. And although Lexa was having serious trouble restraining herself, she managed to keep the act up and the game exciting.

- Clarke, take off your bra and stockings - Lexa finally ordered, managing to keep the authoritarian tone of voice, though she felt her body betrayed her shamelessly, palpitating in the sensitive areas down below.

Clarke proceeded to carry out Lexa’s orders without wasting time, feeling that her panties were beginning to soak with the moisture from between her legs, hot, expectant, caused by those intense dark green eyes, feeling like they were making love to her without even touching her. Clarke felt that was going crazy, feeling that she ached to feel and taste those delicious lips, and those hands so skilled with those long fingers making her scream with pleasure. It had really happened so long that even a Clarke felt a little like a virgin again.

Lexa touched the corners of her lips with her tongue to wet them, which felt extremely dry, and she was thirsty for that skin, and when that beautiful bra freed Clarke’s breasts, she felt the throbbing in her crotch was impossible to control. Lexa let her head fall back onto her right shoulder. God! She had missed those breasts, and see them with erect nipples, ready to be licked by her tongue, loved by her mouth and hands, was sweet torture she was enjoying.

Clarke finished taking off her stockings, her wet panties were left covering the throbbing of part of her body. She longed to remove them and throw them at the body of her beloved, but when she tried to remove them, Lexa spoke, and Clarke stared at her in an unexpected shock.

- NO! Clarke, I still don’t want you to do that yet... go to the wall and turn around - Clarke looked at Lexa for a second with a raised eyebrow and her crotch that was ready to explode. That firm, authoritative voice, with that gravelly tone, and those eyes obscured by the desire, slowly devoured her.

Clarke turned around and headed towards the wall, as she had been ordered. She could feel the power of Lexa that was affecting her body in a way that would never have dreamed of. She could feel Lexa’s power taking over her mind, and every fiber of her body reacted inmediately, and she was enjoying.

- Rest your hands on the wall, stretch your arms out as if you are pushing the wall, and separate your legs, and no matter what happens, do not move from that position... Do you understand me Clarke…? - Lexa kept ordering, trying to keep her voice firm, but inside she was on fire like a volcano about to erupt.

- Ummm... - was all Clarke could answer. The adrenaline going through her body was something she had never experienced before.

- Good girl…. Or I will have to punish you and could be a very severe punishment - Lexa said with a sly smile on her face.

The only thing that crossed Clarke's mind was "Oh my fucking God...!". Her large breasts moved up and down with her rapid breathing, and her heart was beating like crazy. Clarke needed that Lexa take her now, or would cum just standing there looking at the damn wall, but unfortunalety she knew very well her brunette CEO, she liked enjoy sex slowly, making all in a crazy slowmotion, feeling the moment to the deepest, like a insane erotic and delicious torture.

After a few minutes that felt like hours, Clarke felt the warmth of Lexa’s body behind her and her palpitations in her crotch soared. She took a deep breath, trying to control the trembling of her body, she was so excited that she felt a drop of her arousal began to run down on her right leg, causing her leg to feel a tickle. Clarke had never in her life been so wet without even being touched.

Lexa had completely stripped and revelled for a moment at that beautiful body waiting for her against the wall. She walked slowly and knelt taking Clarke's ankles in her hands, and squeezed slightly and then released them, as she noted that little drop of fluids was slowly reaching her right ankle. Lexa was fascinated at noticing how wet Clarke was for her.

Lexa smiled with pleasure as she slowly started to rise slowly, and her fingers followed an invisible line up Clarke’s legs, who closed her eyes, trying hard not to move. But as she felt those fingers barely touching her legs and moving up so slowly felt like torture.

- Lex... - Clarke tried to beg but Lexa did not let her.

- Shush…. I didn’t say you could speak…Clarke.

Clarke swallowed hard feeling Lexa's hands take her buttocks in her hands, squeezing, and suddenly she felt a smack to one of them that made her jump. It had not been a heavy blow, but she was surprised by it because she was not expecting it.

- That’s what happens when you talk when I did not give you permission to speak, Clarke...

The doctor was about to protest when suddenly felt Lexa’s hot wet tongue on her fine lace panties and red silk. She felt like she was in another universe, and could feel the brunt of an orgasm, she couldn’t hold on much longer.

Lexa enjoyed licking her lover’s body, she could smell Clarke’s arousal and that led her to stray from what she was doing, clouding her senses, and Lexa knew that she has missed that so sweet scent of passion. She knew that her beloved was soaked by now and nothing could make her happier, but she wouldnt rush this moment. Lexa wanted it to be special, she wanted to enjoy every second, savoring that body belonged to her slowly.

But she could not stop trying to resist that flavor she knew well, and that both women had missed, so she brought her tongue to Clarke’s skin just her firm buttocks, began gently licking her legs, dangerously close to her crotch, where she could drink exquisite the juices of her beloved. Clarke couldn’t stop a deep groan from escaping, as she opened her legs wider for Lexa to finally take her, and give her the love she needed to feel.

Lexa intensely savored the salty taste sweet in her mouth for a few seconds, biting her lower lip, then raised her hands to the edge of Clarke’s wet panties and slowly pulled them down, as she ran her fingers over Clarke’s legs once again, while the blonde could not hold in another deep groan, opening her mouth for air and release.

When her panties finally fell to the ground, Clarke raised her feet to get rid of them, and opened her legs even wider as she pushed her body back into Lexa’s, she needed to feel Lexa’s body and needed to feel her hands and mouth. Lexa could not suppress a devil smirk from forming on her lips, as she stood and took one of her hands resting it on the base of Clarke’s spine and very gently ran her fingers up the line, feeling Clarke’s erratic breathing beneath her fingers.

Lexa enjoyed touching her love, enjoyed the feel of her fingers on that skin so soft and warm, until she reached the base of Clarke’s neck, and ran her fingers through golden hair then pushed it to one side as she placed a gentle kiss on her neck, as she moved her pelvis against Clarke’s firm ass, who groaned again. Lexa began to move slowly against her ass, breathing heavily on her neck, and her breasts with her erect nipples and brushed Clarke’s back, who just moaned as her breathing got heavier.

Lexa reached a hand round Clarke’s body and began to give gentle caresses on her belly in circles, moving down slowly but without touching her excited and wet sex, and Clarke despaired. Lexa’s lips began to leave wet and little kisses on her neck and shoulders while moving her pelvis against her buttocks and starting to moan very close to Clarke’s ears, licking the tip it with her tongue, on that very sensitive part of her skin, taking Clarke to the brink of insanity.

Clarke suddenly felt Lexa’s hands on her shoulders, and they began gently and slowly move down Clarke’s arms that were still stretched out against the wall until she reached her wrists, and took hold of them as she continued rocking against her body, breathing hard against Clarke’s neck.

After a couple of seconds, Lexa pinned Clarke’s wrists to the wall, then pulled her slowly away from the wall, to finally turn Clarke’s body to hers, meeting a desperate face, dark eyes that were almost black, and her open mouth.

Lexa stopped at a distance from her love and looked at Clarke’s lips then met her gaze. Clarke watched as Lexa look at her with devotion, passion, she was close to reaching her first climax of this dream night.

Without waiting anymore, and without asking permition to her supposed “mistress”, Clarke give a step closer to Lexa, and kissed her, finally plunging them into their passion. Lexa just let her took that iniciative without any complaints, but enjoy extremely much, feeling how her mouth welcomed that delicious tongue of her blonde, sending a huge shock of electricity and heat through her whole excited body, making her moan.

Their kiss was hungry, desperate, with bold tongues exploring, dancing a dance well known which ignited their senses even more, as their hands touched and explored, and fingers played with hard nipples as their skins burned, filling the room with heavy breath sounds and moans.

Together they walked towards the bed, until Lexa felt it behind her legs, and sat down on it still holding Clarke’s hands, still lost in her eyes that showed her desire, love, passion, and devotion. Lexa was barely able to breathe, her lips parted, she uttered words that once again surprised her beloved, who looked at her fascinated, lost in her passion, in her pleading eyes and that beautiful face that she loved her so much.


- Take me…Clarke… make me yours again my love…

All Clarke’s senses stopped at that moment, lost in that devotion, in that desperate plea from the woman she loved.


Chapter Text



They had spent almost a day and a half making love to each other until they were exhausted, stopping only to shower, sleep or eat. The three long years during which they had suffered from secrets and speculation had come to an end. Now they were together again, and their reunion could not have been more wonderful in every way. Both women felt they were living a dream, and they were certainly in paradise.

Clarke left the bathroom wearing a very nice dressing gown, with her hair still wet. The doors to the balcony were open, and the cool and pleasant breeze of the sunny Parisian morning in mid-September, came in, while the singing of some birds could be heard in the huge and beautiful garden of the palace.

Clarke approached the balcony adjusting her blue eyes to the enormous clarity of the day, and the full sun that was already high above the city. In the distance, the famous Eiffel Tower could be seen clearly, and suddenly the beautiful memories of two nights ago invaded her mind, making her laugh from her soul. Clarke’s eyes immediately looked at that brilliant, wonderful ring on the ring finger of her left hand, and she still couldn't believe it. It was as though she was living a dream that she had not expected when she had decided to come to Paris, because she had only come to help Lexa in her time of need.

Suddenly warm arms went around her waist from behind, as lips tenderly kissed her left shoulder, following a seductive line up to her ear, tickling and also began to awaken her senses again, making her close her eyes, as she let herself enjoy the wonderful moment.

- I didn't know which one to choose... They showed me so many, that it wasn't easy for me, so I hope you like it beautiful... and hmmm... I missed you in the shower... evil woman of mine! How could you leave me there alone?

- (Clarke laugh holding her hands over Lexa's in her tummy) Sorry, if I didn't get out of the shower we would never finish and I want to leave this place today my love. I want you to show me Paris... And about the ring... are you kidding me? Do I like it? I am... I am living in the most beautiful dream of my life and you wonder if I like this amazing ring? Lex, my life, it is... God! It's perfect as you are... - Clarke replied excitedly, holding on to those arms that surrounded her.

- Seriously...?! Well, I'm very happy, and that you are here with me and we are together again loving each other so deeply, is my dream, my paradise, and although I only wish to take you to bed again, I will fulfill my promise. I'll show you Paris, I know you're going to love it, and maybe you will fall in love with the city and it will convince you enough for us to settle here?

- Lex...

- Shush... I don't want to pressure you... Don't worry my love, we'll live where you want, I really don't care. If you wish to live in Greenland I would say yes, because I only care that you are by my side…

Lexa still held her beautiful doctor by the waist but they were facing each other and pressed her lips to Clarke's in a sweet kiss, which raised the temperatures of both women, who separated to breathe smiling at each other. They hugged each other and Lexa placed a gentle kiss on Clarke’s head, while Clarke took refuge in Lexa’s beating heart and warm chest, as she enjoyed a beautiful Monday morning, and that personal perfume of the soft skin of her beautiful now future wife.

A phone began to ring interrupting the lover’s tender kisses and caresses as they now stood very close to the bed. they separated immediately as if an alarm had sounded in the room, they laughed, giving each other a few more kisses, then looked for their respective phones to find out who had dared to interrupt them.

- It's mine! - Clarke exclaimed smiling while rolling her eyes having noticed that it was her dear mother calling.

- Oh! well my love, answer it while I change. - Lexa answered walking towards the room attached to the large bedroom.

- It's my mother... what the hell does she want now? - Clarke replied to her love as she watched her walking away. Lexa smiled while looking for clothes to wear, as she imagined why the mother of her fiancee was calling so early.

- Give your mother my greetings, please. - Lexa answered from the adjoining room, while Clarke sat on the bed and took the call.

- Hello Mother... What’s up?
- Clarke, my life, why it is such a bother that your mother calls you to check that you are ok?

- Mom, I know you, you don't usually call on a Monday so early, and it's really early there! - Clarke was surprised that her mother was calling so early, and she hoped it wasn't bad news.

- I am finishing my shift and I couldn’t wait any longer…- Abby answered in an excited tone of voice that Clarke immediately caught, and got her attention.

- What are you talking about Mom, what couldn't you wait any longer for?

- Don’t you have exciting news to give me my dear? - Clarke immediately knew what her mother was referring to, and she rose then walked into the next room, where her girlfriend and now fiancee was clearly hiding.

- Alexandria Nathalie Woods! You called my mother and told her ?! How could you?! - Clarke was not happy with Lexa’s actions, who was finishing buttoning the last pearly button of a thin Ralph Lauren's salmon shirt, looking at her fiancee with an innocent look on her face, raising her eyebrows, and was unable to avoid smiling.

- My love, don’t get angry, let me explain… - Lexa tried in vain to explain to Clarke who was clearly angry, frowning, piercing her with her blue eyes in an intense look.

- Clarke! Daughter?! Clarke! Don't get mad at Lexa honey... Can you hear me? Please put me on speaker so that both of you can listen to me - Abby asked raising her tone of voice, as she tried to save her future daughter-in-law.

She knew her daughter well, and she knew that when she got angry she could become a hurricane sweeping everything in her path.

- Please do it my love... - Lexa pleaded with a face of compassion that looked like the cat in the animated film Shrek. Clarke released the air from her lungs and agreed to listen to the explanation that both her mother and her fiancee were about to give her. She activated the speaker on her phone and just listened with a serious face while looking at her girlfriend, who had a silly and nervous smile on her face.

- You both better have a good explanation. - Clarke expressed before anyone started talking and explaining.
- Honey, Lexa called me to ask for my blessing to ask for your hand in marriage. It's an old tradition, and one that very few people still have, but I loved that she did. - as Clarke listened there was suddenly surprise in her eyes as Lexa approached her with a mischievous smile and her cheeks flushed, gesturing with her hands to her phone.

- You did what?! - Clarke asked her girlfriend who stood beside her and took her free hand caressing it.

- My love, it is a custom that I have learned from my family, as Abby explained to you, today, it is old and it is rare, but I could not propose marriage without her blessing. - Lexa ended up explaining with a sparkle in her green eyes in love, which evidently did not please her irritated fiancee.

- Great! To hell with surprise then! - Clarke simply answered by letting go of Lexa's hand.

- Awww... Honey, don’t get angry, come here... - Lexa tried to speak with tenderness, getting closer her girlfriend, who didn’t let Lexa get too close, taking two steps back, away from the brunette, who stayed still.

- Clarke, my daughter, you don't know how happy this news makes me! Because I imagine you said YES right? - Abby was excited and tried to move away from the tense situation. Abby could imagine that Lexa would not have it easy with her daughter as she was angry.

- HA! Did you not read in the international news about perhaps the strange fireworks that shot from the Eiffel Tower a couple of nights ago? - Clarke answered a little more calmly and smiling, as she remembered the epic moment, calming the racing heart of Lexa, who smiled losing herself in Clarke’s eyes with a smile lighting her face. That was a memory that would be etched in their hearts forever.

- You did not! Oh my God! Lexa, you did not... - Abby said in shock.

- Yes, Abby, I did… - Lexa laugh like a little girl putting her hand in her mouth as she did that crazy thing – Not every day Lexa Woods asks for the hand of such a beautiful, intelligent woman in marriage right? - Lexa replied with a tone full of pride and happiness.

- I can not believe it!! – Abby laugh hard still couldnt believe it - And here they are speculating that it was a kind of protest from some environmental group against the government or something like that !! – Abby keep laughing - God! Lexa, it was incredibly crazy and beautiful! Clarke, I can imagine how happy you are!

- Yes, I am Mom, I really am... But my future wife is going to pay dearly for her damn tradition!! It is not worth it! I don't get proposed to every day, right ?! Why should she get the joy that I, your daughter, should get as I give you the great news? - Clarke contracted her face again, glaring at her girlfriend.

- Honey, don't take it that way... just enjoy your love with that amazing woman who will soon be your wife! Accept that there are family traditions that you simply cannot break or ignore. And so you know, your father did the same, he visited my parents a few days before he gave me the engagement ring and asked me to be his wife.

- Really my dad told my grandparents before you?! - Clarke couldn't believe what her mother had just told her. While now Lexa smiled again, bringing her hands behind her back, raising her proud chin as she realized that she had followed the tradition not only of her family but apparently that of her fiancée as well.

- Yes dear, so don't be mad at my future daughter-in-law. Now go, spend some beautiful days in Paris and let me know in advance when and where the wedding is going to be. I need to plan with my work, you know Clarke, our profession is not easy to get certain free dates.

- Yes, I know Mom, it's fine. Don’t worry, we will tell you, I hope this time "together", and Lexa will not continue ruining my surprises... - Clarke emphasized the word "together" as she looked at her fiancee, who nodded immediately.

- I will not, my love, I promise. Abby, don't worry, it will be after I leave my rehabilitation in Switzerland, that's why we still can't tell you when and where. But as soon as we know, you will be the first to know. - This time Lexa replied, clarifying her reasons.

- Very well, thank you. Now go, enjoy Paris, and Lexa, good luck in Zurich, and if they need your medical history which I’m sure they will, they can contact me at any time about your tumor operation three years ago.

- Thanks, Abby, I will. Goodbye.

- Goodbye Mom, go rest now. Give my regards to Marcus.

- I will, kisses and hugs to both of you girls.

Clarke ended the phone call with her mother and was immediately held by the waist by Lexa, who smiled as she approached her to kiss her, avoiding the waves of anger coming off her fiancee, who nevertheless seemed to threaten to hit her. Clarke, on the other hand, could not resist Lexa's sweet and deep kiss, but when they parted for air, she hit her fiancé's left forearm not too hard, frowning, looking serious at her sparkling and enamored green eyes.

- Lexa Woods! How could you?!

- My love... you heard my explanation, do not get mad...

- Well, I will get angry anyway! I understand that it is a tradition, but it bothers me that I could not give the news to my mother. And now as punishment no more kisses for the rest of the day Ms.Woods. - Clarke said mercilessly.

- Nooooooo! That's very cruel!! Have pity, Dr.Griffin! I did it out of respect and love!

- I will not have pity! Now I'm going to change, see you in the garden for breakfast.

- Okay... yes ma'am... - Lexa had a downcast look on her face, then raised her pleading eyes again like the cat from Shrek, but failed to change Clarke’s mind

- Do not look at me like that, Ms.Woods. You will not convince me to change your punishment.

Lexa had no choice but to nod like a good girl and accept her punishment, totally unfair in her eyes, but in the end, she knew that when her fiance proposed something, she complied with it, without hesitation. Yes, Clarke could definitely be more stubborn than a mule.

The mogul looked at Clarke with defeat in her eyes as she watched her walk out of the room, with her head held high, and as she walked wiggled her hips a little more than she normally did, evidently with all intent, something that she immediately distracted Lexa from her disappointment, as her lips curved, bringing very hot memories of the last 36 hours in which she had greatly enjoyed those hips without any clothes on.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Parisian city, Indra entered the office of Dr. Paul Ferrand, to receive the results of some tests which she had done a couple of weeks ago, after not feeling very well for a while. Although her first thoughts were that it was probably due to her age, she was already age 60, she should expect wear in her body. But she had suffered more and more frequent dizziness, and she felt too tired very often.

- Mademoiselle Trikru, please take a seat. - the doctor said as he greeted Indra, as he put his reading glasses on.

- Thanks, Doctor Ferrand, do you have the results of my tests?

- Yes, Mademoiselle, I have them here, and I'm afraid they are not good…

Half an hour later Indra left the doctor's office with her mind thinking a thousand thoughts. Thinking about how she should proceed after hearing the news of her illness that was quite progressive. She was not worried about her life, her concern lay with the only person she considered her family, her protégé, her daughter, her beloved Heda.

It had become clear to her that soon she would not be able to continue with her personal assistant duties, handling so many things for her Heda, therefore she needed to immediately look for someone as effective as her, someone young, intelligent, trustworthy, and if she could, distant of feelings, and not tied to some form of family.

She knew it would not be easy to find someone like that, and also that she would accept her fate. Indra knew that easy days were not waiting for her. Although that time that her Heda would be admitted to rehabilitation would be ideal to find that perfect replacement. But at the same time something strong oppressed her heart, and it was that beyond her responsibilities as her Heda's personal assistant. She loved that girl, even if she was an adult woman. To Indra, Lexa was still that girl she taught daily her old tongue, how she should conduct herself in public, how she should walk, sit and observe people.

Indra had taught her so much, and without a doubt, she had done a good job, for which she then had to face in life. Specially when she suddenly inherited such an empire from her parents at the very young age of 20.

One thing was certain, she didn't want to worry her Heda at that happy moment of her life. Her adopted daughter deserved to enjoy that true love that Dr. Griffin gave her, and who in the not too distant future would be her wife, something that internally moved Indra upon receiving such news of her Heda, the same day she had acquired the ring for her future wife.

Her daughter's eyes told her about eternal and beautiful love, about a long-awaited union, a union that Indra believed was perfect. Dr. Clarke Griffin had shown her in many ways how much she had been wrong in her first judgments about her, when all the crazy history had been unleashed between her protégé and the then simple blonde waitress at the hotel bar where they were staying in Chicago.

With the passing of the days and all the events that happened in a very short time, Clarke had shown her firmness, power, extreme responsibility, and an enormous, sincere interest and true love for her Heda, as she had never seen in any other woman that had been romantically involved with the famous CEO. Clarke had shown that she was not a woman who used people and that she was also not attracted to money and power, rather it was one of those rare cases of humans who working hard to reach their goals, lived their lives based on their ethical principles and simple needs and were happy.

In addition, Indra admired the loyalty Clarke had had for her Heda during the years in which they had been separated. And also of the clear fact of overcoming and growing as a woman and as an excellent medical professional, she was today. Undoubtedly, her dear Heda had found the perfect life partner, and that made Indra's heart very happy, although she didn't show it much, but Lexa knew that her assistant and almost mother was someone rather of few words, and of few affectionate demonstrations, but she had no doubt of her love and loyalty.

The days flew for happy lovers, visiting every corner of Paris, Lexa Woods style, of course. Clarke soon fell in love with the magic of the French capital, with romanticism and art everywhere. Her eyes never ceased to fascinated with everything and made it even more special the fact that she held Lexa's hand in public, they kissed shamelessly everywhere, attracting the attention sometimes of some curious tourists, who looked at them enjoying the romantic show, and also some others disgusting with the image of two women kissing in public, but Lexa and Clarke were absolutely aware with the fact that will always be people that simple dont accept the fact that love is just love. Parisians were not so much catched buy the romantic scenes, they were already more accustomed to those love birds everywhere. For some reason Paris was call the capital of love…

Unfortunately, they were unable to avoid the paparazzi for long, and they were soon captured in some places and the photos began to circulate on the press media and internet social media like wildfire. Some headlines were somewhat frivolous and derogatory with respect to especially the famous CEO Lexa Woods and her recovery from such a vivid experience a few weeks ago.

Some of the media even tried to defend the famous French actress Madeleine Bouchard, who had been found guilty of conspiracy and attempt on the life of the tycoon, and also for being part of the operation that had ended the life of the bodyguard of Lexa Woods.

The actress was a favorite of the press and the local public, and beyond being astonished at having been part of such crimes, they felt that her sentence had been too harsh, giving her five years in prison without the right to appeal.

Lexa was not bothered about public opinion, but she was worried about the time she had disregarded her responsibilities to Woods tech & Co. in recent months, and about deteriorating profits in general. But she needed time to recover physically and mentally, from her addiction to alcohol and the loss of her friend and bodyguard. She knew well that the company needed her to recover those losses worldwide, but it was something she could not do at this time.

The board of directors was not very happy with the fact that the CEO had announced that she would temporarily retire from her duties until further notice and that in her absence, the board of directors itself should take control of Woods Tech & Co.

Lexa felt the pressure of the board of directors on her shoulders, but she did not want to explain her personal problems or her unfortunate addiction to the members. So she had used her determination and power to confront them and make it clear that she was not resigning from her post, that she was still and always would be the CEO and the absolute owner of the Woods empire, and that she delegated a huge task and responsibility that she expected to generate profits to the company, as she had achieved in all the years that in which she had been actively leading. It was a tough meeting that lasted just over an hour in the Central Building of Woods Tech & Co. in the center of the Parisian city.

Lexa felt that she had been freed from an enormous weight, when she stepped her outside the building of her empire and found herself wrapped in the arms of her beautiful fiancee, who was waiting for her, leaning on the black car next to Echo, chatting animatedly on a beautiful sunny day.

When the bodyguard and driver saw her boss leave the building, she immediately proceeded to open the car door while Clarke took a few steps towards the tall modern buildings to greet her elegant and sweet Lexa, who had a big smile on her face.

They kissed without caring about the passers-by, or even Echo who immediately curved her lips looking across the street, thanking herself for wearing her dark Ray-Bans. She immediately saw a photographer trying to hide behind a leafy and huge tree, and warned her boss and her fiancée of the unwanted presence, cutting the effusive kiss of the couple, who sighed in unison then entered the car with tinted windows.

This day was one of Lexa's last days in Paris, it was a Wednesday, and on Monday morning she should be at the rehabilitation institute in Zurich. Clarke had insisted that she wanted to accompany her and be present at the talk prior to her hospitalization with the director of the center, Dr. Madison Clark, and the doctor that would be her personal psychologist, Dr. Ofelia Salazar.

Lexa had tried to make Clarke see that it was not necessary for her to accompany her, but Lexa knew that she could do little to change her girlfriend's determination, so she didn't waste too much energy trying, and she finally agreed to allow to accompany her.

Lexa thought it would be nice to spend the weekend in Zurich, in a luxury hotel located in the Swiss mountains, near the famous city, where they could spend a pleasant time together, and say goodbye until Lexa finished her treatment and be able to follow Clarke traveled to Sydney. Unfortunately, they did not know how long Lexa’s rehabilitation would take since it depended on each person. But Lexa was confident in herself that it would not be very long, or so she wished with all her heart.
It was distressing to know that she would soon separate again from her beloved Clarke. Although this time the situation was different, and this time there was a clear commitment that the couple had taken when promising marriage, something that lessened Lexa’s sorrow at leaving her fiancee.

Lexa had had the idea of staying at a luxurious spa hotel that she knew well, since she had been there a couple of times, but when she told Clarke about the idea and the place, the doctor refused flatly, asking Lexa for a little time in which they could feel like a normal couple, and that meant "no excess of luxuries and servitude." Clarke asked Lexa to change from staying at a hotel for a cozy cabin in the mountains, where only the two could fend for themselves, in the middle of nature, far from the world.

Although Lexa did not totally agree, the idea seemed much better than her’s. Lexa understood that Clarke was someone that luxury, money and large mansions did not suit them. She immediately filed a question for Clarke away for when they met again in the near future, and eventually became a happily married couple.

Lexa loved Clarke for that, because she did not impart what had happened, and the time that Clarke was able to spend the money and live the life of a millionaire, she had not changed and had returned to her usual life. Lexa admired Clarke’s integrity, her personality that was not influenced by material things that money could buy. Clarke was pure in her essence, a fact that Lexa loved with all her heart and soul. she was proud that Clarke would soon be her wife.

They finally left Paris on Thursday at noon, accompanied on the private plane by Echo and Niko. Indra would stay at the Parisian palace, taking care of it, until her Heda was discharged from her rehabilitation. Indra would use that time Indra to find discreetly find her replacement.

When they arrived in Zurich, Lexa asked Echo to hire a black Range Rover Evoque for her, in which she would drive Clarke from the airport to their final destination, a beautiful cabin that she had rented in the mountains. During the almost 45-minute tour, they were closely followed by a car in which Echo and Niko were traveling, who after leaving them in the cabin and checking that everything in the surroundings was in order, would stay at a hotel in the small town, a few kilometers from where the cabin was, and would be in permanent contact.

Clarke seemed a little upset with the excessive security, but after Lexa explained that even the mafia case was over, it was necessary to make sure they were safe. Lexa knew of the consequences of her participation in such an operation, although Inspector Dijón had assured her absolute anonymity. Lexa knew that she could never be completely sure that there would be no leaks of information about her help in catching Niylah Winter and bringing down such a global criminal organization.

Clarke became aware of that fact and somehow felt nervous and insecure, thinking about what could happen in some detail. But Lexa assured her that everything was under control and that they would be closely guarded even if they did not see the security. Lexa would communicate with Echo and Niko regularly, and they would check and control the surroundings a couple of times a day.

The beautiful cabin had a spectacular view of a lake, and that was what Lexa used to find the balance between the luxury she was used to and what Clarke was used to. It was the perfect home for a relaxed and romantic long weekend, away from everything, enjoying their own paradise.

Both Lexa and Clarke immediately fell in love with the two-story cabin, with a winter garden and also an ideal summer terrace, with a total of 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. the ground floor consisted of a large living room where there were armchairs, a rectangular table for six people and a large fireplace. The kitchen was huge, with an island in the middle and chairs. The ground floor also had a bathroom and two bedrooms for guests.

On the upper floor was the master bedroom, much larger than the bedrooms on the ground floor. The room also had a balcony overlooking the impressive Swiss mountains and a jacuzzi for two people. the adjoining bathroom was giant, with a modern shower that included hydromassage and also a modern bathtub.

On that first floor, there were also two more rooms, one transformed into a kind of small gym with a treadmill, a stationary bike, bars, and weights. The remaining room was a living room with a very comfortable white leather sofa, which faced towards the huge window that overlooked the imposing bluish-green lake, which seemed to reflect the combination of lovers' eye color. In the cozy room, there were also two long individual beige armchairs, very modern and anatomical, where you could lie in the sun and perhaps enjoy a good book.

Lexa immediately raised her eyebrows looking a few extra minutes at those unique individual sofas, imagining how to use them in a more pleasant way, is that they were perfect, she said to herself mentally, while her lips curved with malice, but she still wouldn't reveal her sensual thoughts to her fiancee, who was fascinated by the incredible view of the lake.

- Hmmm… I think it's a beautiful place to spend a short honeymoon, don't you think so, my love? - Lexa said sensually almost kissing Clarke's left ear, whom she held by the waist, joining her body to that of her fiancee.

- I think so... it's amazing! Maybe a little extra luxury than I am used to, but we agreed to have a balance, so I won't complain about using everything that this house have this weekend with you

- Well I already have some very tempting ideas.

- (Clarke laugh knowing her girlfriend dark sexy ideas) Ms. Woods, you are terrible... although again I swear I will not complain, I know that I will not.

- Oh, I am sure of that... come here... - Lexa pushed gently pushed Clarke towards that nice armchair, her desire to try it was enormous, as she heard the uncontrollable laughter of Clarke, who fell on the comfortable chair, but she immediately put her hands on Lexa's strong shoulders, stopping her hungry advance toward her neck.

- Wait...! wait...! – Clarke laughed a lot, in that way Lexa loved to see and hear in her girlfriend so much.

- What? What happened? - Lexa looked up at those sparkling blues, somewhat worried.

- I want us to go for a walk by the lake first, it's a beautiful afternoon and I just want to walk with you and enjoy nature - Clarke asked, surprising Lexa, who rather wanted to start enjoying the interior of the cabin.

- Hmmm.... What about enjoying a little first of the nature of our bodies? this armchair inspires me, you don't know how much - Lexa answered raising her eyebrows, with a provocative look, while one of her fingers descended dangerously from Clarke's neck to her breasts.

- Nop! The armchair will have to wait, see Ms. Woods, we need to get some air - Clarke was able to free herself from the other woman’s grip, since Lexa didn’t resist, opening her arms, with a face of defeat and suffering.

Lexa couldn't do more than letting her girlfriend pull her by the hand, leading her out of the beautiful cabin to embark on a walk by the imposing lake, under the afternoon sun and a sky that began to change colors, to an imminent red, yellowish, orange sunset. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets Lexa and Clarke have ever seen in their lives.

They walked for a long time, passing roads and paths surrounded by leafy trees, green meadows covered with wildflowers and colorful mushrooms, descending towards the bluish-green lake, where a couple of white sailboats could be seen sailing in the distance.

The two lovers held hands all the time or hugging when they stopped for a moment to rest and enjoy the incredible view of the wonderful Swiss nature. The wind was blowing a little which made them feel cold, it was mid-September, and the autumn could clearly be felt, while the dying rays of the reddish sun slowly hid behind high, white mountains.

They returned to the cabin, where while Clarke started the fire with some logs, Lexa had moved into the large kitchen to prepare dinner for them, after serving two glasses of coke, Lexa hated herself at that time for having fallen into such addiction, and not being able to enjoy a good wine in those moments. While she was wearing a black apron she wandered around the kitchen like the expert cook she was. Clarke's surprised and smiling eyes watching her closer, seating in a confortable leather brown chair, while she drank her soda. Something she found a little strange, but they had banished all traces of alcohol for obvious reasons and she was more than fine with it.

Although Lexa was handling her abstinence better in recent days, she still had difficult moments, especially at night, suddenly waking up with her body shaking and bathed in sweat. Clarke knew withdrawal symptoms, since sometimes in the hospital they had inpatients suffering from alcoholism, and those symptoms were very common. Clarke knew how to calm Lexa, helping her to breathe, to recover. Without a doubt, she was her rock, her support, her inspiration not to be overcome by the great temptation.

They talked about different things, their lives, details, memories of those three separate years. Clarke told Lexa about her best friend Marny and her husband Peter, about to be parents of the twins who will be her godchildren, of those they already knew were a boy and a girl. And when she touched on the issue of names that Lexa already knew, she also got excited again about her friend Marny wishing to call the girl Costia. The mogul smiled with damp eyes, but asking Clarke to extend her thanks to her friend for choosing that special name in honor of her ex-girlfriend, now a beautiful Angel who Lexa could still feel very close to her.

- And what about you, beautiful? Would you like to have children? - Lexa’s question took Clarke a little by surprise since Lexa had never really raised the issue. But Clarke had always gotten along well with children, and that told her that she wanted to have children of her own someday.

- Yes, I would like to be a mother someday and I would definitely like to have them with you, so I hope you want it too.

- I wish to have children with you my love, and although I cannot say that I am someone who has been in contact with children in my life, I think I would be a good and responsible mother. But I am sure of something, I would not want to carry a pregnancy. That would be more suited to you, beautiful. And you don't know how much I wish I could get you pregnant myself. - Lexa suddenly expressed, making Clarke almost spit out the sip of coke she had just taken, opening her eyes wide, starting to laugh.

- What are you saying Ms.Woods?! Although I must confess that I would love that you could get me pregnant, I will be content with the science helping us in that little detail. - Clarke answered, wiping her lips with a napkin, winking at her beautiful fiance who smiled mischievously.

- Yes, we have no other option, right? And how many would you like? - Lexa asked.

- Hmmm... let me see, if I will only be the one to carry the pregnancies, then three? Maybe… I don't know, we'll see how it goes.

Clarke was a little fascinated an at the same time a little strange to be talking about her and Lexa’s future children, but she felt sweet, happy, and as if a part of her, deep inside her, clung to that precious dream with that woman she loved so much, who looked at Clarke with eyes in love in complete silence, with an illuminated smile on her face.

- What? What's up Lex...?

- It is just look at us... in a beautiful house, away from the world, me making us dinner, you lighting the fire in the fireplace... and now we are talking about our future children... it's so crazy and so beautiful... You have no idea, Clarke Griffin what you have done to my life, but I assure you that it is good, it is magical and I feel that I am living a dream that I never want to wake up from.

Clarke felt that each word from Lexa penetrated her soul with heat and light, illuminating her whole being, filling her with something she could not explain, something that did not even allow her to respond to such a beautiful statement from the depths of the beating heart of Lexa Woods. She simply stopped breathing for a moment, losing herself in the warmth of those green and sparkling eyes that hypnotized her.

Neither woman moved from their place, they only remained lost in each other's eyes, with a huge smile reflected on their faces. It was the moment when they knew that no matter what happened from that moment they were the same essence.

The sharp sound of the oven clock suddenly sounded in the room and they both jumped. Dinner was ready, and their destinies united forever, even if it sounded crazy, but it felt so good. Lexa, finally reacting from the spell, hastened to remove the venison with vegetables from the oven.

Clarke did nothing but move closer to Lexa and hugged her from behind with force, resting her chin on the left shoulder of the excellent chef. Once Lexa rescued their dinner from burning and placed it on top of the oven, turned her body to find the most delicious flavor that was her downfall, Clarke's sweet lips, which received her with tenderness, warmth and some hunger.

- Never doubt how much I love you Lexa Woods, never!

- And neither should you, Clarke Griffin. Loving you is my reason for everything.

- God! You're a super poet tonight

- Well, when I have the best inspiration in front of me, what else can I say... Now we better have dinner, this must be enjoyed now. I'm also dying to get to dessert…

- AHA! I knew that was your motive!

- It is but as I said, you are my source of inspiration Dr. Griffin, and I am not immune to your wonderful physical charms. So don't blame me.

They had dinner by candlelight, between smiles, looks full of tenderness, enjoying an exquisite dinner, and with the special voice of singer Ruelle filling the background atmosphere.

After they finished dinner, they sat near the fireplace in the very comfortable white armchairs placed very strategically, and that was when Clarke wanted a picture taken. She had brought her Canon camera with her, it wasn't the most modern model of the famous brand, but she liked it.

Some time ago Clarke had found a new hobby in photography and loved it. Lexa was very interested in her fiancee's new hobbies, and after the proud and also somewhat shy doctor showed her some shots she had taken here and there, the tycoon was surprised at the talent Clarke seemed to have to see those very special details that only good photographers can see.

Lexa was more than happy to hear about Clarke's new life, her new tastes, her new hobbies, her friends and colleagues from work in Sydney. She could not deny that the change of place and environment had had a very good result in the young doctor, and not to mention her body, now firmer and even more muscular. Lexa adored that new, athletic body, as hers was a few years ago.

The brunette knew that she was about to start a long journey to recovery, but she had faith because she definitely wanted to spend the rest of her life next to this wonderful woman, who never ceased to surprise her and fascinate her. Love is undoubtedly the greatest power on this earth, and Lexa Woods had learned it thanks to the former Chicago waitress, now a Sydney surgeon, and her future beautiful wife Clarke Griffin.

Clarke prepared her camera to take the picture and ran to stand next to her beautiful girlfriend. That would be the first of many photos that Clarke would take of her life with that incredible woman, who was undoubtedly the woman she belonged to, who she adored and who she gave so many thanks to heaven, destiny, for making their paths cross that night in the hotel in Chicago.

Clarke thanked the arrogance of the famous client, who had proved no other than her boss. She thanked her insufferable boss for allowing her to approach her. Clarke gave thanks for Lexa’s personality, and she thanked for somehow the woman who held the title of frozen heart and cynical mind, had been lost in her simple charms, allow her to show her and proof that life is about more than just surviving.

After taking the photos, the couple moved to the chairs beside the fireplace and continued chatting with a cup of aniseed tea, as they watched the fire burn, as in the background the soft melodies of the young British singer Freya Ridings played. Clarke was surprised that Lexa's musical tastes were more varied than when she met her in Chicago, when she was a big fan of George Michael, and it was almost the only singer she listened to.

Lexa looked at Clarke with so much love in her green eyes that it shook Clarke's soul to the depths. At the same time that the brunette caressed her face, her hair, her shoulders, it was like she couldn't stop touching her, feeling that she was real, right there by her side. At some moment, Clarke took Lexa’s soft hand and kissed it, or stroked it against her cheek and smiled at her enamored fiance.

Suddenly the notes of a beautiful guitar began to play, and Lexa stood up extending her hand out to Clarke, inviting her to dance with her. It was a very special song that she wanted to dedicate to the love of her life.

- My beautiful lady, will you give me the pleasure of dance with me? – Clarke nooded without doubts while a bright smile shine in her face.

- I would love that my love… - Clarke smiled at the Lexa’s proposal, standing now beside her, letting her guide her, resting her head on Lexa's right shoulder.

The magical voice of the singer led them to lose themselves in the lyrics of the song "Unconditional"

"... Stay with me, darling
Stay with me, darling
Let us lose ourselves in the moonlight
Lose Ourselves
As we find
That there's nothing I Could Say
That would make you go away
I was in no danger
You would not step in the way
I'm not alone anymore
this love's unconditional... "

Clarke felt her eyes get wet and she didn't want to cry again, it seemed that whenever Lexa invited her to dance with her, her body became so vulnerable, her feelings became stronger. But this time there was no fear, there was no sadness, it was not the same thing that happened three years ago. But just thinking that unfortunately they needed to separate again was something that made the heart of the young doctor feel sadness, and Lexa's heart, who clung to Clarke’s body so tightly that Clarke could almost not breathe, when Lexa’s sweet and harmonious voice began to sing softly in her ear, the heartfelt lyrics of the romantic song, something that ignited Clarke’s body completely.

"... Sway with me, darling
Just sway with me, darling
Let us lose ourselves in the moment
Lose Ourselves
As We Both find

there's nothing you Could Say
That would make me go away
No danger you were in
And I would not step in the way
You're not alone anymore
'Cause this love's unconditional

Oh Lord, when Will I Breathe Again?
And when Will I stop smiling?
Somehow you made me believe again
That this is love

And this love's unconditional
Oh, this love's unconditional
this love's unconditional ... "
When the song ended Lexa separated from Clarke’s body after leaving a sweet kiss on her shoulder. Lexa’s face was moist, and she was unable to contain the emotion that she felt in her heart, and Clarke smiled stroking Lexa’s face, drying her tears with kisses and caresses, in silence, since words were too much and Clarke did not think she would be able to speak without crying.

But Clarke’s blue eyes transmitted everything she felt and Lexa got lost in them once more. Their lips met sweetly, with a passion that grew immediately, with hands finding the fiery skin of the other, of the beating and lighted bodies ready to love each other, to surrender once more to the powerful love that united them.

Both women knew that they could survive any obstacle from now on and that their destinies were joined for eternity. The universe became very small for the fiery lovers, and they immediately found the pleasure of earthly paradise in their immense and unconditional love.

Chapter Text



- Come on Marny! Come on! Once again - Obstetrician Williams encouraged Dr. Kennedy as she gave one last push to get the second of her twins out. She had been in labor for hours and was exhausted, but she was using the last of her strength to give birth to Jake, her second child.

- AHHHHHHHHHH! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! - Marny screamed with all her might as she was supported by her husband Peter at her side holding her hand, breathing with his wife, marveling how much work the woman whom he loved dearly was doing.

- My love, my love... He’s here... - Finally, Jake was born screaming and bawling like his sister, who were both placed into their father’s arms, who cried tears of happiness brought his children to their exhausted happy mother.

(Marny laughed despite being covered in sweat) - Oh my God! Peter! I want to see them.- A desperate Marny asked to hold her babies for the first time.

- Here my love, here are Costia and Jake. Come on guys stop crying and say hello your Mom - said a very proud Peter with his babies crying in his arms as he approached his wife's side.

- Oh my God... my love... - Marny sobbed now smiling while her husband placed her babies onto her chest, who were both crying. But as Costia rested her little nose on the breast of her mother, she was consoled immediately starting to calm down. Her happy and very tired mother held her two children with trembling hands stroking their heads. But Jake still seemed upset and continued crying even though he was lying on his mother's chest next to his sister.

- They have arrived?! - The voice Dr, Griffin was heard in the room, as an out of breath Clarke entered. She had run to reach the delivery room in time for the birth of her godchildren, but she had been delayed by an emergency that she had to attend to, cursing the bad moment, knowing that her friend Marny was already in labor.

- CLARKE!!! 'Come meet your godchildren!! - Said a very excited Marny as she showed her children to Clarke who didn’t believe those two still angry and crying wonders had finally arrived, especially the boy.

- Oh my god, Marny! Peter!! They are beautiful... - Was Clarke all could utter as she stood fascinated by the twin babies, watching them with moist eyes, as she stroked the forehead of her friend Marny.

- Clarke, take Jake, see if his godmother can calm him a little... he is pretty angry, more than his sister. - Marny told Clarke she trembled but immediately laughed approaching to take the angry baby from his mom.

- Oh my God... Jake... We'll see…. Hey... come on... Shuuuuuuu... That's it, my love... Your godmother is here to spoil you as much as possible so you better be nice to me and calm down okay? - Clarke took the child carefully and held him against her chest and gently started swaying, patting him on the back, making Jake almost immediately begin to calm down.

Marny and her husband laughed watching Clarke holding their son, who seemed to be paying attention to her voice, as he immediately took refuge in her chest, as his crying began to subside like his sister’s. Marny shook her head, she could not believe it, while a Clarke surprised turned towards parents and raised her eyebrows smiling stroking the baby who was calm and almost asleep on her chest. When one of the nurses approached Dr. Griffin and the new mom to take the babies and carry out measurements and cleaning them, Costia and Jake complained immediately at the loss of the warmth from their mom and godmother’s body.

- Oh Marny, they are beautiful! Congratulations to you both !! - Clarke was very excited, with tears of joy in her blue eyes as she hugged Peter hugged and then Marny.

- Clarke, you just calmed your godson! And that just makes me imagine a future full of moments like it... - A smiling Marny said but very exhausted from the birth of her twins.

- Well dear you know, these pillows are infallible - All three laughed at Clarke’s joke, as she pointed to her large breasts, making Peter blush a little.

- Oh, Peter,excuse me! For God’s sake… - Clarke said when she noticed the red cheeks as he shook his head as he laughed.

- No, it’s fine Clarkie, we already know you do and if you have any doubt let me say it - that remark cost the man a slap on his arm by Marny, although no one could stop laughing.

A few hours later in the hospital room, Clarke knocked on the door to find out how her friend was recovering from childbirth. When she opened the door opening, after no one answered her, Dr.Griffin sneaked in and found an empty bed and the babies cot beside it, where both newborns slept peacefully. Her friend Marny surprised her by returning to the room after visiting the bathroom, walking slowly toward the bed.

- Clarkie!

- Marny! Let me help you- Clarke said as she approached her friend to help her back to bed.

- No, it’s fine, I'm going slowly... they had to give me some stitches down there and they feel like shit - Dr.Kennedy complained.

- Where is Peter? - Asked a surprised Clarke.

- He has gone home to take a bath and change clothes, he has a night shift in a couple of hours. I feel sorry for him that he has to work after staying with me since last night, and got almost no sleep. - Marny lamented as she slowly settled into bed again, feeling painful and annoyed more than anything with these stitches they had given her between the vagina and anus because she had a tear during the birth of the twins.

- Yeah, I imagine... but tomorrow he will be able to rest a little, we’ll send him home to sleep, I have a free morning so I will come and help you with the children.

- Thanks Clarkie, that it would be great. Now come, sit here and tell me how everything is going. I've noticed that you seem a bit downcast lately. Has something happened with Lexa? How are you doing? - Marny wanted to know, she was a little worried about her friend, as she took hold of Clarke’s hand as she sat on the bed beside her.

- Well, Lexa is finding it more difficult than expected and does not believe that she will be ready to leave the center in a month’s time. The psychologist who treats also does not think it's a good idea for Lexa to leave the center in a month. So it will take longer than we anticipated. - Clarke explained, in a sad tone of voice. She had hated receiving the bad news when her fiancee told her, and Clarke was sad as Lexa.

- Oh, and how do you feel about that?

- I have also felt something different... maybe... maybe it is the distance... but I don’t like it - Clarke confessed to her friend, who could see the conflict between the couple immediately, because of the distance between them.

- Clarkie, I think you should relax a little... look, I think that Lexa’s therapy will be quite intense, and maybe a little upsetting as it brings up feelings, the past and how traumatic it was for Lexa, and what happened three years ago, and the recent loss of someone so special to her as was that bodyguard of hers. I can asure you that Lexa will need time to face her demons and feelings that have been brought to the surface again... I don’t think it is the distance between you both, or that she has stopped loving you, or that she regrets asking you to marry her. It's just that she is struggling with many things of the past and present...You shouldn’t take it personally, I'm sure when everything is over you'll have a loving bride, and Lexa will want to marry you as soon as she can. - Marny understood her friend and knew she was finding it very difficult, more than she had expected to. She tried to cheer her friend up, but she was not succeeding, as she noted Clarke’s lost and serious expression.

- Yes... maybe you're right... I miss her too and I can't help but feel fear that something is going to happen and that everything will again be a whirlwind of drama - Clarke couldn't get away from the ghosts from the past that at any moment could create a new drama with Lexa.

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust the brunette, or Lexa’s commitment to marry her, but so many things had happened that such a deep therapy that Lexa was undergoing, where many things from the past were removed, dark, heavy, Clarke feared that something would change in Lexa and not for the better.

- Clarkie... stop thinking about the negative, don't attract it. You will see that everything will be fine, and I am being sincere with you girl. Personally I prefer it that will Lexa leave that place when she is ready, and not half-heartedly in a rush to come looking for you. That would be a mistake, my love. Give her all the time she needs, that will be much better, be confident, don’t be discouraged. - Clarke greatly appreciated having Marny by her side, and that positive energy she always had to face everything in life, no matter how bad or dramatic it was, Marny had the ability to find the light in the darkness, cling to it and carry on. Clarke admired her a lot and wished she had her friend’s personality.

- Yes Marny, I have no doubt about that... Thanks for helping me calm my nerves... I know I'm a fool fearing the worst all the time - Clarke apologized

- No Clarkie, you are not, after what you have been through with Lexa I don’t blame you; on the contrary, even I would be nervous and fearful I assure you, and more hysterical too.

Clarke nodded, smiling slightly at her friend, who had taken her hand and squeezed it, trying to infuse strength to her. Suddenly her phone began to vibrate in her pocket. She took it out immediately thinking that it could be Lexa, since sometimes she called her at crazy hours, needing to hear her voice, her love closer in those difficult moments she had lately at the clinic.

Clarke frowned upon discovering that it was Indra calling. That fact gave her even more concern, because when that woman contacted her it was only for something serious and that often had to do with Lexa. Clarke’s heart began to race without her being able to stop it, under at Marny's attentive gaze, who she did not understand why her friend had suddenly turned white.

- What's up, Clarkie? Who is calling?

- It's Indra - Clarke was in a trance, answering without looking away from the phone screen.

- Indra? Isn't the woman who is something like Lexa's private secretary? - Marny had a good memory because Clarke had talked about her once in her stories about how it all started with that CEO.

- Yes... I hope nothing bad has happened... she never calls me, unless it is something do to Lexa, and last time it was not good news.

- Go, answer her call, and Clarkie, calm down, okay? Maybe it's good news.

- Yes, well I will come back later Marny.

- Sure lovely, I will see you later... I'm going to see if I sleep a little, and take advantage of this moment of peace with my babie ... I'm exhausted.

Clarke was already leaving the room feeling like her heart had exploded upon seeing that it was a call from Indra. She couldn't help feeling something bad had happened, and it had something to do with Lexa. Clarke tried to calm down before answering the call, she finally did it, hoping that it was not something to do with her fiancee.

- Indra? Hi, has something happened with Lexa? - Clarke needed to get straight to the point if it was bad news she wanted to hear it without delay.

- Hello Dr. Griffin. Forgive me if my call has startled you, but stay calm, everything is ok, and I am not calling about anything concerning Lexa. You see, I'm in Sydney visiting some relatives a few days and wanted to meet you if I could at some point in the coming days. - The fact that Indra was there in Sydney did nothing but surprise Clarke as she let out a relieved sigh as her attention turned from Lexa to why Indra was calling her.

- Oh my God! Indra, you almost gave me a heart attack when I saw that it was you calling me! But it's ok, it's just that the last time you called me know.... - Clarke explained feeling relieved, also Indra regretted causing Clarke to worry, but she really needed to talk with Dr. Griffin and explain her medical situation and future.

- Yes, I understand and I'm really sorry, Doctor Griffin.

- No, it’s all right Indra, don't worry, I’m just surprised. I didn’t know that you have family here in Sydney. And of course, I would love to meet you. How about tomorrow night at my house? I would love to have you to dinner, well, if that is ok with you?- Clarke suggested.

- Dr. Griffin, that will be fine with me, but you don’t need to cook dinner for me.

- Of course Indra, and please stop calling me doctor. To you, I'm just Clarke.

- Well, you know how I am with these things Doc… Clarke, but I'll try. What time would you like me to come to your house?

- Let's say at about eight o'clock? I will send you my address in a text message when we end this call.

- Excellent, I'll be there at eight. And thanks for having me.

- Indra, it will be my pleasure. Okay, so now we will end the call and I will send you my address.

They ended the call and Clarke sent Indra her address, she was left with a strange inner feeling. Although the woman had told her what she wanted to talk about had nothing to do with Lexa. Clarke sensed that something was up with Indra and that it was not good. But as her friend Marny had said, there was no need to think negatively when she didn’t know what the hell was going on. Clarke decided to follow her friend’s good advice, but she still knew that her hunches were usually right, unfortunately very rarely wrong.

It had been two months since Lexa and Clarke had parted in Zurich, at that luxurious clinic, where Dr.Griffin had felt like she was in another dimension at how modern and special was that place. It was very different from what she knew psychologists institutes, or psychiatric private clinics to be like. The Swiss clinic was something out of a futuristic movie.

A smiling Lexa watched Clarke who had not been able to close the mouth and her beautiful blue eyes widened as they looked everywhere. The famous CEO always loved to see Clarke’s reaction, she never got used to her multimillion life she thought, but honestly she didn’t care, Lexa was willing to do what it takes to remain next to the woman she loved dearly, and if that meant living in a cave if Clarke wished.

They had a long private meeting with the director of the clinic, Ms. Madison Clark, and the psychologist Ofelia Salazar, who would personally treat Lexa. Clarke found both women very professional and serious too. They had barely smiled during the meeting, where they discussed Lexa’s medical issues. Clarke had given them an extensive report on the operation Lexa had three years ago when her tumor was removed, even if it upset her a little talk about it, those six months that the brunette had lost her memory, creating a new personality.

Clarke's heart clenched when talking about Alex, though she tried to be very brief, as did not want to go into great detail about those six months, and Lexa saw that Clarke was upset, also making her heart clench, noting with regret how much it cost Clarke to even speak about Alex.

The other woman who noticed the conflict in Clarke when she spoke about Alex, who was for six months, the other personality of Lexa Woods. Was Dr. Salazar who asked several detailed and deep questions about it. Clarke immediately felt annoyed with the woman, as the psychologist seemed to think that she was the one in need of therapy, more than her fiancee.

Clarke’s body tensed and she frowned, which made Lexa feel that she had to intervene because the questions where traumatic for Clarke. Doctor Griffin still had that wound in her soul from the time she lived and loved Alex, and Lexa feel a little frustrated that she could do nothing to heal that wound in Clarke’s soul. She knew that she still couldn’t until she left that place, and she wished with all her might that she would be able to help the love of her life, finally heal that wound in some way.

Their goodbye or "until we meet again" as they wanted to say to each other, was enough for both Clarke and Lexa, and although they didn’t want to have a farewell full of tears and despair as it had been the last time they parted, their hearts tightened and their eyes were filled with unshed tears. They embraced in what seemed an endless embrace, and kisses as they held each other’s hands, as they looked into each other’s eyes, vowing to keep in touch daily.

Lexa especially said that she would always call, since they had agreed that it was not a good idea that Clarke would call Lexa. It was an agreement advised by the psychologist and the blonde who did not like very much, not after she was so insistent with her, to talk about those six months that she had lived with and loved Alex.

The first week went well, Lexa called Clarke daily, sometimes spoke of her treatment, others she asked Clarke and her life at in that hospital in Sydney. But slowly the blonde noticed the change in the moods of her fiancee, turning slightly less happy as the weeks went by. There were times when the brunette had called a crazy times, sometimes in middle of the night in Australia, crying desperately, asking Clarke to come and get her out of there.

Clarke had to learn very quickly not to get carried away by the urge to get on a plane and rescue her love from that luxurious prison. But the next day the brunette called again and she was back to her normal self. It was an exhausting time for Clarke both mentally and emotionally, as she had to deal with Lexa’s phone calls, while her shifts at the hospital were sometimes exhausting and even though she had not slept, she listened to Lexa desperately telling her that she needed to to get out of there, to feel her next to her, to sleep in her arms. It was really hard for the doctor stand firm, and just to instill love and determination into her fiancee.

But Clarke was uneasy with the few calls in recent weeks from Lexa, who also listened to her as she became distant and cold, which reminded Clarke of that CEO Lexa Woods, who she had met at the luxury hotel in Chicago, where she worked as a waitress. Lexa’s attitude worried Clarke and she felt fearful, she didn’t understand what the hell happened to Lexa, but hoped that as Marny had said they were periods of moods and feeling low, as Lexa dealt with her feelings and issues.


Meanwhile, at the clinic in Zurich…

Lexa was not having a very good time especially since receiving the news that her time at the clinic should be extended. She was disappointed to have received the news from psychologist, Ofelia, as professional had asked her to call if she wished to. Lexa felt she had worked hard removing much shit from her past, crying, talking about hard memories, those stories from her past that exposed feelings and deep wounds and guiltyness, but at the same time, she felt that everything was slowly healing in her mind and heart.

When Lexa thought about her heart, she could not get away from the pain of being away from the woman who had managed to make that muscle in the middle of her chest beating again, feeling the warm of love, the woman who save her, whom she loved dearly, and who Lexa hoped would soon be her wife and companion for life.

Lexa had experienced a very difficult period, where she had been calling Clarke at times that she knew was very early n Sydney, but she was so desperate sometimes hear the voice of her beloved, to feel her somehow close, and during that phone Lexa cried like a child and had hated herself for it. She was struggling with the change in personality, it was like Lexa and that Alex had had half of her brain and heart and somehow was what had led to psychologist Salazar to not discharge Lexa, noting the conflict in her personality still very deep in the patient.

In the exclusive clinic, they were not many patients, about fifteen or twenty. They all belonged to the richest families in the world, since the fees of the place was very expensive, but had very effective results. That was why Lexa had decided to go to the famous clinic where she had her own room.

The place also had a gym, massage therapy, and spa with heated thermal pools. The clinic was in the center on the outskirts of the famous city in Switzerland, on a mountain of many surrounding Zurich. Therefore patients could hike the trails surrounding the clinic, but always under the supervision of some nurses or nurses, to ensure that patients did not give in to their addictions or try to hurt themselves.

Lexa loved to walk through the mountain trails every morning, almost like a routine. In addition, already she had begun to feel physically fit as well, training in the gym an hour a day, and sometimes running the afternoons, after dinner and before going to sleep early, as required by the clinic with all their patients. The only thing Lexa hated was being monitored at all times by staff of the place as was the case for all the clinic’s patients.

A time ago a new patient had arrived and who seemed problematic, named Sophie Ehrhart, she was quite young, was about twenty-three years old, came from the south of France, and belonged to a wealthy family which owned huge vineyards in this privileged area of the country, producing the best white wine and Moscato. Sophie had apparently tried to suicide and was addicted to drugs, especially cocaine and heroin. She was a bit isolated from other patients, as the doctors dealt with her addiction, and they didn’t want to mix more serious or problematic as this patient, with cases like Lexa’s.

Lexa had seen the arrival of this troubled young woman a week and a half ago, she was a very beautiful girl with long blond hair, and had the face of an innocent girl. The brunette could not believe that someone who looked so fresh and radiant had such a serious addiction, and had even tried to kill herself.

Lexa had learned that thanks to Maya Ewing, a woman of the same age as she was, with whom she had become some kind of friends, was a very especial woman who Lexa learned of all the gossip of the clinic from, because Maya was the typical woman who inquired about the other patients. Maya and Lexa they had also come to the clinic at the same time, and where in those starting groups theraphies together where they met for first time and started talking.

Maya was a woman from the United States, more precisely Austin, Texas. Like Lexa, the woman had problems with alcohol, but also drug abuse and apparently she was unable to stop fucking every man who crossed her path. Even though she was a woman married to a man from an oil-rich country, who sent her to the Swiss clinic for help with her alcohol and drug problems, as a sort of ultimatum, either she go to rehab or he would divorce her. Maya was not stupid, when she married the oil tycoon it was the only damn good thing that she had done in her life, to escape the poverty in which she had always lived.

Lexa immediately loved Maya’s great sense of humor, her funny Texan accent, and her unstoppable quests to know everything that happened at the clinic, because she had already told Lexa more information about the other patients than the employees of the clinic had done. For Lexa Maya was her only entertaiment in that luxury prison, someone that was taking her out of her drama, feelings and questions unsolve yet. Was like a breath a little out of a box.

The brunette CEO liked to keep herself informed of the details of the clinic, just in case. Although since she had never had observed anomalies of any kind. Everything seemed very professional in the clinic, though Lexa had sensed something coming from the psychologist Salazar, her approach seemed to be a personal one, and was one that had caught Lexa’s attention. Although Lexa was limited to working with Ofelia every two days when she had her session with the psychologist, and Lexa was able to get through the session without thinking too much about the personal approach of the psychologist.

Ofelia had offered to accompany Lexa in the mornings on those long walks that she liked to do in the mountains, but the famous CEO had rejected her offer with great respect, and she wanted to be just alone in those moments where her heart and mind battled those the demons she faced, and the company of someone disturbed Lexa’s efforts. But definitely, the offer in a very friendly way from the professional had somehow set off alarms in Lexa’s highly sensitive mind.

The CEO knew those sneaky moves very well. She was used to women being trapped by her natural charms. But she was surprised that it had occurred there, and that the professional has been drawn to her, as she had never flirted with Ofelia, and she was not really interested whatsoever in the possibility at all. The truth was that for Lexa she had no interest in having another woman in her life that was not Clarke, and of that, she was more than sure.

When Lexa watched from afar the problematic arrival of the young French, she stared a bit fascinated by the beauty and the character of the girl, and that character that seemed similar to the one of her fiancee, causing a slight smile to appear on her face.

During the following days her friend Maya brought her up to date with the new addition to the "luxury madhouse" as the Texan woman called the clinic. Lexa had met in the hall with Sophie, who had given her a couple of insinuating glances, and she had even winked at her once, when she met her in the heated pool, where Lexa had been grateful to have been with Maya, who immediately noticed the boldness of that wink. Lexa felt restless and annoyed with the fact, immediately getting out of the pool. She wanted the blonde to stay away from her, she didn't need any problems to keep her in that place longer than necessary. She wanted tranquility and wanted to defeat her demons once and for all, and reunite with her beloved doctor.

One night that Lexa could not sleep, as she battled with those ghosts of the past, she slipped into the lounge room, where there was a beautiful Steinway & Son black grand piano. When she saw it, immediately wanted to try to play it a little. Lexa’s hands no longer shook from her alcohol withdrawal, and although she had not touched drink for a long time, she was still tempted to drink.

Outside it was raining, and without knowing why, when her fingers rested on those familiar black and white keys, the theme of one of her favorite composers, Chopin, and his famous Nocturne Op.9 No.2 came to Lexa's mind, making her lips curl a little.

Lexa’s mind returned to that moment, in that suite of the luxury hotel in Chicago, three years ago, when on a rainy night like this one right now, she played that melody masterfully, and a beautiful blonde waitress, the owner of those Mediterranean blue eyes, shyly entered her suite with the champagne she had ordered and her strawberries, standing there watching her so fascinated, as she marveled at the music, and Lexa’s excellent performance.

Lexa's fingers were still not still enough to play the way she had done that night, and she hadn't played the piano in all three years. She cursed herself when she didn’t achieve those correct tones, causing her jaw to tighten and stop playing within a few minutes, hitting the top of the beautiful piano with fury, disappointed with herself, with the pathetic woman she had become.

Her mind began to wonder if she really was worthy of someone as special as Clarke was. She was still lost in a sea of sensations that she couldn't stop feeling, or at least start to deal with and that frustrated her, she didn't even have her usual powerful personality at this point, and made her feel so weak and stupid, making her hate herself and her existence. Lexa had never felt this way before in her life.

- Oh... that was nice, although I will tell you that you need to practice a little mon ami. - The young Sophie said, as she approached where Lexa was sitting, who looked at her with a cold expression on her face. Wasn't that girl going to stop chasing her? Had she followed her there?

- And why the hell do you think that you can tell me what to do? Why do you care? - Lexa responded with her old attitude. She wasn't really in a good mood at the time, she wanted to be alone, and that young woman who was clearly interested in her was the last thing Lexa wanted to have to deal with that night.

- Hey, hey má chérie... are you having a bad night? Hmmm... I understand you... this place is a fucking prison considering the money we give them to help us? Well, do you want one? - Sophie said casually taking a pack of cigarettes from the pocket of her blue jeans and offered Lexa one, who just looked at her like she was a rather annoying insect. Lexa was not in the mood to talk, and much less smoke.

- I don't smoke and I don't want your company, so go back to where you came from. I don't want to waste my time with you. - Lexa replied, still sitting in front of that piano, as she turned her intense green eyes to look at those of the young woman, who not only ignored her words but smiled unconcerned, circling the piano until she stood beside it under Lexa’s gaze who did not like how insistent the blonde was.

- Well, it is nice to meet you too... My name is Sophie, and let’s see if i can remember how to play our old friend Chopin... - Sophie said as she smiled at Lexa then sat beside or at least trying to, but Lexa didn’t move an inch and her body tensed up.

- I said no...

- Pretty woman... come on, move along a little and don’t be so rude and tense. It costs nothing to be a little friendlier. Just chill a little, I must say that you seem like you have a stick in your ass ma chérie…

Lexa didn’t know whether to laugh or commit her first homicide, while her body had made the decision to move a little on the seat, without stopping intensely observing Sophie, who simply ignored her. Suddenly the hands of that young woman sitting next to her began to play the famous theme from her friend Chopin, that Lexa had tried to and did it with the mastery that the brunette had done that night in front of Clarke.

Lexa did not know why but she let herself be carried away by the melody of Chopin, and the beauty of that young woman sitting beside her. Lexa’s demons dissipated at that moment, as she was entranced by the melody and the hands that moved over the piano keys as she would have done if she could have. It was as if the woman by her side had calmed her inner demons, her frustration, and Lexa let herself go for a few moment.

Her green eyes soon noticed on the wrists of that young woman the marks of the demons she faced, which were apparently quite strong in Sophie to the point of having reached such an extreme consequence, in cutting her wrists sometime in the recent past, and so young. Lexa couldn't help thinking about Costia for a few seconds. But at the same time, those scars brought Lexa to the present. This woman who was keeping her company in the darkness, in that room, playing the piano masterfully executing that piece of Chopin, while the rain fell hard outside, hitting the large windows of the clinic, was a young woman with serious psychic problems who needed help to beat her own demons, and without not knowing why Lexa felt sorry for her.

Suddenly the young woman's brown eyes found hers without stopping playing the piece, as if she had read Lexa’sthoughts. Her smile finished waking Lexa from the momentary trance, and she immediately had to get up and away from Sophie as if she were the same demon that Lexa fought.

Lexa didn't understand why the hell she cared what happened to that young woman, and why she let it bother her in her lonely moment, and why seeing Sophie play Chopin so well had transported her somewhere far away. The young woman ignored Lexa’s abrupt reaction, she simply smiled while still playing the piece, turning her eyes to the piano to finally finish playing it.

Lexa, who was now standing to the side, watching her in amazement, because somehow it had been like looking into a mirror of the past, seeing the arrogance on Sophie's face and that smile, it was like seeing that old Lexa a little, at that time when she just wanted to sleep with that beautiful young blonde waitress, on that rainy night over the city of Chicago. There were really too many thoughts in Lexa’s mind and they made everything made it more complicated.. But Lexa was sure of something, she was not attracted to Sophie, it was simply that her actions and reactions made her see many things about herself, her past, her personality.

Sophie, on the other hand, finished playing and stayed a few seconds looking at the keys, biting her lips. She liked that brunette with green eyes, so arrogant and grumpy most of the time, she really liked her, as she had not liked a woman for a long time. Sophie was attracted to her from the first moment she met her in the corridor of that damn prison, from which she wanted to flee as soon as she could. That beautiful face and those very special green eyes seemed familiar to her, but she wasn't sure why, although she only had learned that her name was Lexa, and she would do whatever it took to attract her to her body.

- Hey pretty, why did you move away from my side so suddenly? Have I forgotten to put on deodorant?. Don't you think your reaction is a little abrupt?

- Leave me alone, go back to your room where you can act like a spoiled girl, but do not bother me, I am not free to date and you do not interest me. So you better look for someone else. - CEO Lexa responded she needed that young woman need to have some things very clear, and go away from her. Lexa felt that Sophie could cause problems for her that she didn’t need.

- Seriously you are pedantic but I like you all the same... Surely you attract women to your bed like honey bees. - Sophie answered Lexa, as she up with eyes full of mischief, dangerously approaching Lexa who was looking at her in a very threatening way.

- It seems that you do not listen very well... I am not interested, now stop bothering me little girl, find someone else to bother in this fucking place. - Lexa repeated again now, taking her one step closer to the young woman who did not look away, she simply smiled unconcerned, as if she was not intimidated by Lexa, and the brunette hated that.

- Okay, calm down darling... You are getting hysterical like my mother, and I'm sure that you are much younger than she is... Just let me propose something to you... - Sophie said as she rolled her eyes at Lexa.

- I'm not interested! - Lexa responded by raising her tone of voice, trying to use all her weapons of intimidation, but the young woman seemed not to be bothered by them

- Ok, listen... I understand you, you are not interested in anything intimate with me... But what about a young and cheerful friend? That's it… - Sophie proposed putting on her best pleading face, looking at Lexa with her honey-colored eyes full of mischief. Lexa couldn't believe she was so insistent.

- I am not interested, I don’t live here in Switzerland and soon I will leave this clinic. Find someone more like you and good luck. - Lexa finally said then turned on her heels ready to get out of the room, apparently, she had to, since the young annoying blonde would not leave.

- Hmmm, you are a difficult woman, aren’t you…? Lexa... Nice name, by the way, it suits you... - Sophie in a last attempt suddenly held Lexa's arm making the angry and surprising CEO turn her head and look first at Sophie's hand holding her arm and then her intense green eyes, full of anger rose to those honey-colored and carefree honey eyes.

Sophie felt for first time really a little intimidated, waiting to be slapped, those green eyes seemed to catch fire with anger, and the looking could kill, she would be already dead. But she didn't let go of Lexa’s arm. When a slight curve of the brunette's lips surprised the blonde.

- Good evening - was the only thing Lexa said as she looked at the blonde and then made her release the grip she had on her arm, then walked towards the door with determination.

- Yes, of course... see you later, Lexa... - Sophie replied biting her lips, feeling the electric shock that last look and that slight smile from Lexa had given her. She knew that was the beginning of something.

Chapter Text



It had been three months that Lexa believed she only needed to be at that clinic, but when she received the news that she was not yet ready to face the world, and even if Lexa knew that her doctor was right, her initial enthusiasm at recovering and leaving the clinic was diminished, and she was becoming distant with her fiancee.

Lexa had begun to suffer a mild depression, which was immediately treated by Dr. Salazar. Also, the brunette had become more secluded in her own world and in her room, making little contact with other patients such as her new friend Maya. The Texan woman always tried to cheer Lexa up by telling her the latest gossip of the place on her few visits, although most of the time Lexa asked her to leave from the other side of the door since she was not in the mood to talk or was tired. Maya knew how to respect Lexa’s space and requests to leave her alone, although the woman worried about her sudden change.

Dr. Salazar began to worry about her patient's condition and had an idea that the director of the institute, Ms. Clark, was not very sure of approving. But Ophelia, her long-time friend, finally convinced her, having studied the two very particular cases of the Woods and Ehrhart patients, whom she wanted to somehow unite, not romantically, but to consolidate a kind of friendship. It was an unusual professional method, but Dr. Salazar was almost convinced that good results would come out of that friendly union.

- Ophelia, I really don't know if it's a good idea, I know you're very sure of this and I've never doubted your methods, sometimes very particular, but try to bring these two patients together so they can help each other. I don't know my friend ... Especially for Miss Woods, I am sure she is going to be annoyed with the attention that she will get from Sophie, and we run the risk that she will decide to leave without giving more reasons than our lack of professionalism and seriousness. - Madison replied quite worried sitting in front of her old friend in her office after Ophelia explained her idea.

- Madison, I know, believe me, I know the high risk we run, especially with Ms.Woods, but I know this is going to work. Ehrhart is going to move the floor of Woods, in a way that we never could, and that is what she needs to get out of that world in which she has become insecure. Lexa needs someone to test her, someone to help her remember who she was, and why she was like that, and then to accept who she was then and who she is now. And for Ehrhart, Woods will be her motivation to see that there are still people in this world who can be inspired, interested, and help her overcome her feeling that she is worthless. Madison, I’m telling you this will work for sure. Let these women meet and you will see the positive result in a short time. - Dr. Salazar explained with more certainty, which made the director of the clinic realize that her colleague's plan might work, although she still had doubts that the result would be so positive like Dr. Salazar hoped.

- And how do you intend to do this Ophelia? There are rules that we have imposed and we have followed for many years and you know it. Rules that our exclusive patients like Miss Woods appreciate, and are the main reason for choosing us to recover.

- There are ways to make my plan happen, Madison, we will give them more freedom to meet. I also know that Sophie Erhart is already interested in Woods. I saw what happened between them the other night in the lounge, in an interesting piano practice and a brief chat.

- I see... and have you noticed that these two patients breaking rules and you didn’t say anything Ophelia…? - An annoyed Madison complainer, not believing what she was hearing from her friend.

- Yes, I know it wasn't right not to talk to them about it, but that's when I could see how positive it would be to let them interact with each other. I have noticed how Erhart was able to control the situation and Woods simply let herself go a little, and so I know that she is the only one who can go into Woods's mind, make her react, much more than we can.

- Yes, but Woods confined herself to her room a lot in the last few weeks, she has taken it quite badly that she has to stay here for a while longer.

- Madison, that’s why we need to take a risk with this method, that woman needs an incentive, something or someone to push her, to tell her who she is, who she has been, and based on that, when she finally makes peace with her past she will be ready to return to the world. Ehrhart is the one to push her to jump into the void and take the risk ...

- Look Ophelia, this will be really risky but I leave it in your hands. If it goes wrong I will have to fire you immediately, you do know that right?


- I know Madi, don't worry, I'm willing to take that risk, and I'll understand the consequences of it. Now tell me that I have a green light to let those patients help each other...

- Gosh! You have it... but I hope you are not mistaken or this will greatly affect the image of this clinic. Please don’t make me regret this decision…

- You sleep peacefully, I'll take care of it ... Don't worry, I'll be closely monitoring them.

For Sophie, she felt something had changed in recent days with her freedom, which the clinic watched her for almost all the 24 hours of the day, due to her suicide attempts. They did not let her go outside in the sun or sit in the shade, and they restricted her contact with the other patients. But in recent days something had changed, they had given her more freedom. Her carers moved away from her for long periods or were not directly seen by Sophie.

The other patient that Sophie had not seen for a long time was the pretty one, Lexa, and from what she had managed to find out from the other patients, some bribed with money, was that the green-eyed brunette was depressed, and had confided herself in her room. Sophie needed to see Lexa and carry out her plan, it was the only entertaining thing in that damn luxury prison, and for some crazy reason feeling attracted to Lexa had somehow led Sophie to forget about her mental dramas, those demons with whom she had fought since she was a child.

During one of her sessions with Dr. Ophelia Salazar, Sophie had dared to ask if she also treated Lexa. The professional refused to answer the question, although inwardly Ophelia grinned from ear to ear. But Sophie knew that she did also treat Lexa. So she kept questioning the doctor, as to why Lexa had been confined in her room lately, another question that the professional refused to answer, although deep down Ophelia wanted Sophie to keep asking about Lexa. It was obvious to the doctor that Sophie was very interested in Lexa Woods, and that was great for her plans.

- Oh come on doc, it's not so difficult to answer such a simple question, right? I just want to know if she’s okay. - Sophie asked with pleading eyes, although she knew it was very difficult to get information from the professional since it definitely went against the ethics she had to maintain.

- Sophie, this is none of your business. Tell me, why are you so interested in Miss Woods? - Ophelia wanted to know, to see if she could get some deeper information from Sophie as to why she was so interested in Lexa Woods, although she knew that she would probably find herself against a well-armed wall of the young French woman, who immediately smiled with sparkling eyes.

- Oh no ... you won't get that info from me ... I'm only interested in why she hasn’t left her room in a while - Sophie replied smiling, knowing perfectly well that the doctor was trying to investigate more deeply where her interest in Lexa came from.

- Well, you should worry more about working with the tools I've given you. I mean, in yourself, instead of worrying about other patients. You need to focus on your problems Sophie ... otherwise.

- Yes, doc...... don't start with the speech as you bore me with it - Sophie said reclining in her sofa seat, gesturing with her hands and rolling her eyes. It was when Ophelia decided to give her a little bit of information as well so that she would not give up her interest in Lexa.

- Miss Woods will be fine... she is only going through a period of emotional turmoil, something that can happen with any patient under treatment. It is a matter of time and acceptance of the situation. - Sophie was very interested and listened very carefully.

- You know... I understand her... I mean, Lexa... I imagine she is depressed because she was not discharged in the time she had hoped she would be... - Sophie said quietly looking at her nails, making the doctor smile a little at the same time with her simple but correct opinion of Lexa’s situation.- Well... Doc... you know... sometimes it is not possible to keep out secrets in this luxury prison... Now if you'll excuse me... our appointment today is over... - Sophie answered as she got up to leave the office of the nice doctor Salazar, who followed her with her smiling eyes but trying not to smile too much.

- Sophie... please remember what you should work on for our next appointment. - Ophelia simply said returning to her notes, while Sophie was smiling somewhat victorious, after all, she had achieved some extra information about Lexa.

- Ok, doc, don’t worry, I assure you I am working on my problems.. - The young woman answered before leaving in an ironic tone, while still smiling mischievously, making the doctor shake her head, unable to contain her smile at the irony of the answer.

- Take care Sophie and please don't get in trouble - Ophelia asked raising her dark eyes from her notes to Sophie who opened the office door to leave.

- Bye Ophelia.

Sophie felt an enormous need to get Lexa out of her room, no matter what it took. So at lunchtime where most of the staff gathered in the dining room with the patients, Sophie took the opportunity to pack a couple of sandwiches and some sodas that she put in a backpack and went to room 540 of Lexa Woods.

Sophie knocked on the door a few times, but apparently, there was no one in the room. So she tried to open anyway, but when she turned the handle she noticed that it was locked. Had the beauty finally left her lair? Sophie was impressed that she had. Especially a day as cold as it was, where the first snowfall had already fallen on those beautiful mountains that surrounded the clinic.

Sophie began to walk down the hall, to continue looking for Lexa in other areas, but when her eyes looked out of the large windows, she could see that a light snow fell slowly, almost like in slow motion, feeling somewhat fascinated by the sight, Sophie approached the window looking with sparkling eyes and a slight smile on her face almost as like a child.

- Sophie? What are you doing here? This is not your area - Nurse Katherine Barrell asked, who knew Sophie very well. The young French woman felt a little surprised, turning immediately to meet the face of the nurse she knew very well.

- Kat! Merd mon Amie, you almost killed me from fright! - Sophie expressed herself bringing one of her hands over her agitated heart chest. She was so absorbed in watching the snowfall so slowly that she hadn't heard the nurse approach her. And her sudden voice really made her jump in fright.

- Sophie, i asked you what are you doing here? You cannot be in this area of the clinic, your room and the allowed area is on the other side of the clinic and you know it. - Kat seriously rebuked her with her hands on her waist.

- Shush... yes, hell Kat, I know... but you must help me mon amie... - a pleading Sophie asked bringing one of her hands cover the mouth of the nurse who looked at her surprised with her attitude, ignoring the fact that she was really in trouble.

- Help you? Yes, of course, I will show you the shortest path back to your area so that my colleagues do not find you and report you. - Kat carefully removed Sophie's hand from her mouth, but she was upset.

- No ma belle... don't worry, I'm leaving and I know how to come and go without being seen. - Sophie replied calmly with confidence that continued to surprise Kat.

- Yes...? How interesting... Come with me please… - Kat simply took Sophie by the hand and pulled her along to keep her leaving that area as soon as possible. The young French woman kept rolling her eyes.

- I know you're not going to betray me, you're not mon amie... Now what I need is for you to help me with the beautiful Lexa Woods... - Sophie replied as she walked alongside the nurse who’s hand encircled her wrist. Kat upon hearing Sophie’s request smiled to herself after Dr. Salazar had told her about the plan to help her in order to unite those patients. What Sophie had just told her confirmed the doctor's suspicions without a doubt.

- Lexa? What do you want with her? - Kat asked trying to hide her smile.

- Well if I tell you, you will kill me... - Sophie laughed as Katherine raised an eyebrow and stopped in her tracks, releasing Sophie’s wrist and crossing her arms over her chest. - Nothing bad, I swear... I have learned that Lexa has been in her room lately, because she was not discharged when she expected to, and I have come to cheer her up a bit... But she seems not to be there... do you know by chance where she has gone? Where could I find her?

- Sophie, I can't... - The nurse needed to be convincing so that Sophie did not learn of the plan of Dr. Salazar. She needed to act as if Sophie was really asking her for something she couldn't help her with.

- ¡S’il Vous plait mon amie !! I know I am asking a lot of you, but I swear I'll be quiet and will tell them that you never talked to me... S'il Vous plait! I need to find her... - Sophie pleaded with her best pleading face, making Kat's lips finally curl. Sophie was very cute when she pleaded.

- Hell Sophie! Anyway, I've been looking Ms.Woods myself... A few minutes ago I saw her heading towards the road up the mountain north of the clinic. I warned her not to be outside for too long, because of the snowfall and poor visibility due to fog. She told me that she wouldn’t be long, and that she needed some fresh air, and since you know very well that she has recently been staying in her room secluded away from the world, and she suddenly wished to go outside for a while, which I'm glad she finally wanted to, so let her be calm and enjoy the quiet - Kat explained in detail, not noticing that she had given more information than she wanted to, since the expression on Sophie's attentive and fascinated face said it all. The young woman immediately threw herself into the nurse's arms, surprising her with two affectionate kisses on each cheek.

- Oui! You are a soleil ma belle !! I owe you one.

- Sophie! Please be careful, and don't bother Lexa, she doesn't want anyone's company when she goes on those walks. If she tells you to go, do it immediately. - Kat seriously warned the woman, she didn't want Sophie to screw up and end up bothering Lexa too much, making her return to her room to try to escape Sophie’s harassment.

- Yes, yes... I will be careful... I know the grumpy woman very well... But we are something like friends... Au revoir ma chérie... Merci beaucoup.

- Yes... see you later... Good luck, you're going to need it... - Kat indicated letting Sophie finally go, while smiling and shaking her head, noticing the joy that this young woman just knowing where to find to Lexa.

Kat just hoped she wasn't getting too excited about the green-eyed brunette, who she knew very well was engaged to a doctor who lived in Australia.

Sophie went back to the dining room again, and swapped the sodas for a coffee thermos and two cups, then went to her room for a couple of blankets and put them in her backpack, and finally headed to the path Lexa had taken. Sophie had dressed very well, knowing the cold she would face in the mountains, with her new thermal Monclair jacket, a thick scarf covering her neck, a nice winter hat with pompom on the top and ski gloves. Her boots were not exactly made for mountain climbing, but she had no other ones, so she could have to walk carefully up the hillside.


The day was very cold at the end of November, and the snowfall was now falling harder. But the sun broke through the clouds at times, and the completely white landscape with some green pines, and a beautiful blue lake in the valley were the typical beautiful Swiss postcard.


Meanwhile in the clinic…

- Very well Kat, I really hope we are not wrong about this - Dr. Salazar said a little worried to the nurse after she told her about the possible meeting in the mountains. Dr. Salazar hoped that the results would not be bad ones.

- Yes, I hope so too doc... but as I said, Sophie has taken care to find out everything about Woods, to the smallest detail, she is very interested in her.

- That's what I want, now we'll see if she manages to get to Woods. Although I have confidence in Sophie, she is persistent and I like that.

- Well, if you need me for anything, you already know doc, that you can count on me.

- I will Kat, thanks for your help.

- You're welcome Ophelia, it's a pleasure to help if that means helping a patient and in this case two at the same time.

Sophie walked for several minutes up the road from one of the mountains bordering the clinic, where Lexa had supposedly gone. But the snow was making it difficult for her to see what was in front of her. Sophie’s feet sank deeper into the fallen snow which had accumulated on the road, as she climbed, making her journey harder and harder, and she released puffs of air that transformed into a white smoke coming out of her mouth at the effort of several minutes of walking.

She was about to give up, and a little tired of seeing only white around her, when finally on one of the sides of the mountain she managed to see what was the figure of a person sitting on a rock. It was supposedly Lexa, her dark hair playing in the wind which was already stronger at that height, sticking out from under her sports wool cap, confirmed it. Lexa’s eyes were lost at some point in the magical landscape completely snowy as if her mind was really far from there.

Sophie looked at her for a moment, she looked so calm, so peaceful that she really envied her. Apparently, that brunette loved loneliness and Sophie understood why it was easy to notice how comfortable she looked at that moment.

But the French blonde was there not to observe Lexa, she reminded herself, emerging from the trance of that stupid fascination that she had watching Lexa sitting there. So carefully Sophie moved closer to Lexa, although the snow accumulated on that hillside did not make it easy to walk without alerting Lexa to her presence before she was ready, and in addition, her boots were not meant for walking on the slippery surface.

Finally, she could not avoid slipping and falling to the ground, rolling a few meters between some shrieks that she let out in fear of not being able to stop her fall. But she felt like a hand caught her arm suddenly, helping her to stop her descent, which surprised Sophie but she was really grateful to receive that help in time.

When Sophie was able to recover from her fright, while cursing in French, she raised her eyes to the person who had saved her, meeting those beautiful and very intense greens with which she was already somewhat obsessed with. Lexa immediately gave her a look that really shook her, one that she couldn't really define but that made her feel well beyond that mountain, still sitting in the snow.

- Sophie, what the hell are you doing here?! Look, you almost got yourself killed... don't you have anything to do at the clinic, that you want to kill yourself in the mountains? - Lexa expressed in a rather irritated tone while pulling Sophie’s arm to help her up.

When Lexa said those last words, Sophie couldn't help the look of anger that appeared in her eyes. It was a topic she really avoided, having attempted suicide not once but three times, all unfortunately for her without success. Although the last one, she was almost successful when she cut her veins in the bathtub in the style that television series that had impacted her and she had liked called "13 reasons why", which also, unfortunately, somehow had inspired her in her suicide attempt, but her mother arrived just in time to take her to the hospital making sure that her life continued.

On the other hand, Lexa when seeing the change of expression in Sophie’s honey eyes, and those marks that she now could see again on Sophie’s wrists, felt stupid saying what she said to the young woman. Lexa realized that Sophie was the wrong person to use those words with. Lexa cursed herself, but almost at the same time she shook off the feeling of regret. She had not looked for that young woman, nobody had made her come, and no one made Sophie almost fall down a precipice because of a stupid choice, like slipping in the snow and wearing the wrong boots.

Lexa looked at Sophie in silence with a strange mixture of mixed feelings, not knowing whether to apologize or continue to scold her for being so stupid. She also didn't understand what the hell Sophie was doing there? Or how had she found her?

- Always so gentle... You can keep the comment between your beautiful buttocks ma chérie. And no, I didn't try to kill myself for the fourth time. Ironically it was a stupid slip... - Sophie replied annoyingly shaking the snow from her pants, piercing with her lit eyes those of the brunette who was watching her with that strange look on her face that the young French could not decipher.

- I... I'm sorry but you still haven't answered my question... what the hell are you doing here Sophie? Don’t you get tired of harassing me in the clinic that you also have to harass me outside too? And where the hell is your nurse? - Lexa spoke with an authoritative and annoying tone of voice after her brief apology, which confused Sophie, who looked at Lexa defiantly.

- That you are sour seriously belle! I'm just worried about what was happening to you... it's been days since you left your cave... Mais je vois that j'ai I made an idiot! (But I see that I have been an idiot) - Sophie said in her perfect French which Lexa immediately understood

- What the fuck do you care about me? We are not friends or anything, so if I interest you... I already told you that you don’t interest me, so go back where you have come from please... - Lexa responded harshly bringing her face to Sophie's in an intimidating move. Lexa watched Sophie’s body posture become defiant, as she curved her lips into a smirk.

- And here we go again... seriously, you make people feel terrible to meet you ma chérie... Why don’t you relax a little and sit down for lunch? Surely you haven't bought anything, right? Look I have...

- I said I have no desire to be with you, Sophie... go back to the clinic... I want to be alone that's why I came here - Lexa replied as she stared at the younger woman with her intense green eyes. Lexa was irritated that Sophie did not flinch under her gaze and her posture that so many times had managed to affect many important people from all over the world. But Sophie was a really incredible case.

- You know... I think what makes you bitter is yourself... Just look at yourself, you look like a grumpy old 70-year-old woman... What do you think you'll achieve with your crappy attitude? - The impudence with which that young woman was talking to her shocked Lexa.

- That they leave me alone, but apparently it is not having the same results with you unbearable little girl...

- Nope... You know, I know people like you very well... They hide behind a hard-wrought iron mask, with those cold attitudes, trying to show absolute intimidating authority... But deep down they are screaming for help... only their pride prevents them from asking for it correctly or letting someone help them... - Sophie spoke without hesitation, pointing her index finger at Lexa who had no response, cursing how well Sophie had described her.

- Fuck, I didn't know you were one of the psychologists at the clinic... Look how young and experienced you are with people... So what the hell are you doing here as a patient like me? - Lexa answered with irony, already somewhat tired of the young woman who simply smiled daring at her.

- Oh my dear that is another story... my demons are other more complicated matters, and I know psychology because all my life my parents have taken me to "mental health professionals" - Sophie said wryly highlighting those quotes in the air, rolling her eyes - So stop acting like a pedantic old woman, and let's sit down to have some delicious hot coffee, and eat some cheese sandwiches... Look up I have blankets too... Come on ma belle, you will not get rid of me so easily and you know it, so give up and be nicer... - Sophie replied as she took hold of Lexa's arm, surprising her with her response and her attitude.

The brunette looked her up and down shaking her head, while rolling her eyes, releasing the air from her lungs. Lexa really didn't have the energy to keep fighting with that young woman, and the coffee and sandwich had also convinced her to soften her response.

- Shit! Why do I have to endure this...?! - Lexa complained walking carefully next to a smiling Sophie who was firmly holding her arm.

- Oh, stop it... Come on... nothing will change while you have lunch and coffee with this annoying girl.

They approached a huge pine tree, which somehow made a natural umbrella, against the snow that was still falling more intensely now. Sophie spread an extra blanket on the floor, and told the still not convinced Lexa to sit next to her while taking out a pair of thermal cups and pouring an exquisite steaming coffee. Sophie ignored Lexa’s bitter attitude, while now she distributed the sandwiches, and finally give Lexa a blanket so that she could cover her legs.

Lexa didn't really want Sophie’s company, she didn't want any company, or talk to anyone these days. She had entered into a seclusion mode in some ways, and that same morning she also had a little discussion with Clarke, since the blonde was worried about her change of mood, her distance, and coldness. But Lexa could not explain what was wrong with her, she was very confused, she was tired, and the effects of detoxification were still ravaging both her body and mind. On those days she was dying have one drink at least, to soothe those demons that roamed in her head, those that told her how weak and stupid she had become.

There was nothing left of the Lexa Woods that had been before the police operation. Now she was not even the shadow of that strong, intelligent, determined, successful woman. She was just a soul in sorrow, an undefined personality, someone who did not know what course to take. Lexa was really annoyed with her personality and couldn't really find her way out. She felt like she was trapped in a maze, not knowing where to go, how to find her way out, or rather back to her true current self. But despite being stuck in that mess, she was still certain of only one thing in her life, something that hadn’t changed and that she knew would never change, her enormous love for Clarke, the one that her heart was beating only for that precious blonde. But that also led her to that point of feeling so little for that wonderful woman that was Dr. Griffin,

Sophie remained silent for some time sitting next to Lexa, something that the brunette was thankful for while eating her sandwiches that were very nice, and that hot coffee that Lexa was thankful, holding that thermal metal cup, warming her icy hands. But the silence, unfortunately, did not last as long as the CEO would have wanted...

- Tell me ma belle... do you have a partner? - Suddenly Sophie asked taking a bite of her sandwich, surprising Lexa with her question so intimate and direct, so relaxed as if asking what time it was.

- That’s none of your business... - the CEO replied without looking at her, sipping her coffee.

- Oh dear... it's a simple question Lexa...

- Yes, I do, and soon she will be my wife. - The brunette finally answered dryly.

- Oh merde! You sound serious about that... hmmm... well, your fiancé is a very lucky woman... - Sophie said very sincerely feeling a little envious of that woman without a doubt.

- No, she is not... I am the lucky one... she is an extraordinary woman, and I don’t know why in the hell she’s still with me... - Lexa said bitterly surprising Sophie with her answer, who stopped all her movements turning to look at Lexa for a moment.

- Mon Dieu ma chérie! You are so in love with your woman... and believe me I understand why she is by your side... I don't have anyone... well, it's not that I didn't have a chance to find someone, but that’s not for me... you know... I am one of those people who are not tied to anyone... I am not going to commit to a woman or man, to, and if haven’t told you, by the way, I am bisexual - Sophie said making Lexa smile to herself, but she managed not to let it show on her face. Lexa was finding that the young woman's words were overcoming her, and almost made her forget her mental dramas for a few moments, helping her without knowing how to breathe and relax a little. But she wouldn't give Sophie what she wanted, she wouldn't show her the kind and friendly Lexa.

- And who asked you?

- Uff... you know... you must be someone who manages a lot of power... you can tell, it flows through your pores ma chérie... that authoritarian attitude, that...

- I don't feel like listening to you Sophie... if you want to be here invading my personal space, at least keep silent. - Lexa ordered, rather than asking the young woman who was wondering who the hell Lexa Woods was, and hit herself mentally for not having noticed before.

- Hey... wait a minute... No... wait... you are... Oh, mon Dieu! Merd! You are that famous CEO who dated that actress that ended up in jail...?! Heavens! But you are her - Sophie said excitedly raising her voice, irritating even more Lexa who now cursed the time when her image had been so famous for having a good time in France. Sophie knowing who she was would definitely not help her get away from the young woman, who now looked at her as fascinated as if she were looking at a famous movie actress.

- Sophie, that is enough....! Leave me alone...! - Lexa ordered with determination and was about to stand up and move away from the young woman, but Sophie stopped her holding her arm immediately.

- No, don't go, wait... I've read about you in a magazine... Merd! I just can't believe it... is it true about all that stuff that happened to you in Paris? And how the hell can you say that woman is extraordinary when she is in jail after having...? - Sophie was excited to talk and Lexa wanted to get away, she didn't really want to talk about it and especially how she had finished that damn operation that had taken her away for three long years from her beloved Clarke, plunging her into an addiction to alcohol, and for which she was where she was now. Sitting under a gigantic pine tree, next to an annoying girl who kept talking.

- She is not the one I was referring to... she is another woman whom I love and with whom I will marry as soon as I get out of here - Lexa finally cut Sophie off to clarify her point.

- Oh, mon Dieu, this gets better... tell me about her Lex... now the curiosity bug has bitten me... because in the magazines I read that you had even committed to that actress.

- Do not call me "Lex" and do not believe everything you read... 99% is pure advertising bullshit from the press - was Lexa’s answer.

- Well, then tell me... tell me about your woman... the real one... the extraordinary one… - Sophie kept insisting, but Lexa was not in the mood to tell Sophie about something as special and personal as it was Clarke in her life.

That Angel of Light who had crossed her path three years ago that night at a hotel in Chicago where she was staying. Lexa remembered that moment without being able to prevent the corner of her lips from curling, but it was something very light and short, and she returned to the reality of where she was and with who.

- No

- Hmmm... I must tell you that you are the most difficult person I have ever met in my life! We definitely need to work with your communication and a little kindness.

- And that makes me special?

- Well, yes... that attracts me even more to you... so if you don't talk I will be even more unbearable. - Sophie clarified without making Lexa finally smile, there was nothing in the world that seduced the CEO more than the fact that Sophie thought that she could challenge her in any way.

- Do you think you can threaten me? As soon as I return to the clinic, I will make a complaint to keep you away from me... what do you think of that? - Lexa replied raising an eyebrow looking at the woman with challenging eyes and very sure of what she said.

Sophie had no doubt about it, although she was not going to be intimidated by that woman, even if she wet her panties in the way she did every time she looked at her in such an intense way, and on top of that Lexa curved her lips barely. Sophie stopped feeling they were surrounded by snow and a cold mountain wind swirled around them.

- You’ll miss me if you do... come on... admit it, Lexa, at least my company entertains you a little... even when you get annoyed... And let me tell you that the rabble of your friend Maya is no better than me ma chérie... if I was you, I’ll be more carefully to talk with her about your things... you know, how she tells you about others, surely among them, she tells them about you.

- So should I say thanks for something I already know? You don't tell me anything I wouldn't have imagined...

- Tell me why have you been staying in your room lately?

- I don't feel like leaving it, and now if you allow me... I want to go on my way. Thanks for the coffee, the blanket, and the sandwich. Go back carefully, the road is more difficult downhill and with those boots you wear.

- Well, it would be a great help if you accompanied me on the descent and so I don't feel tempted to try my fourth attempt of trying to kill myself.

- Sophie, don’t be a girl who needs attention... You will not get it from me I assure you…

- I am not doing this for your attention, old grumpy Woods... You interest me, I don’t know why in the hell, but you do. Why the fuck do you want to stay up here? To freeze the nice butt you have? Come on, come back to the clinic with me, if you want to go to your room you can, but if not… what about practicing the piano a little in my annoying company? I'm sure your hands have played the piano masterfully not long ago, they just need a little practice to do it again. - Sophie enthusiastically proposed in a last attempt to keep Lexa by her side.

- I don't feel like playing the piano, less in your annoying company.

- Well, ok, do whatever you want, but come with me and help me down this damn mountain, I really want to continue getting to know you and bothering you from time to time.

- Why should I? I didn’t ask you to come here.

- Let's say that you can do it out of kindness? Or to show your gratitude for the hot coffee, sandwiches, and blanket? Not to mention my beautiful and cheerful company brightening your bitter and boring lonely time up here on the mountain.

- (Lexa couldn't help finally laugh) You're insufferable... God danmit! Why in hell me?!!

- Oh I am, and please don’t make a complaint s'il Vous plait... Seriously this place makes me fed up and you are the only one that makes me want to stay here... - Sophie said for once being sincere with the brunette.

Sophie's words somehow impacted Lexa, as she could read the sincerity of the woman’s words in her honey-colored eyes. But she didn't want to give any hope in the young French woman, that she would achieve something with her. Although listening to her made Lexa’s heart somehow felt for Sophie. For a few moments, she forgot her demons and frustrations and got carried away by the motivation to help the young woman, even if her mind was still in conflict about it. She finally rolled her eyes and began to walk down the hill, followed by a smiling Sophie.



Meanwhile, in Australia, Clarke had received Indra's visit a month ago, unexpectedly, and unfortunately to inform her of her incurable illness, which would mean that she would have to leave her post as Lexa's personal assistant. Indra suffered from Alzheimer's disease, and was quite progressive. Soon she would forget many things, people, situations, everything would disappear from her mind.

Clarke tried to convince the woman that she should tell Lexa as soon as possible, even though the brunette was in the middle of her treatment. It was important for Lexa to know that terrible news and to prepare for the future.

But Indra was adamant that she would tell her Heda about her illness when the CEO left the clinic and was in better mental and physical conditions to accept the status of her condition. Indra believed that informing Lexa of her condition while she was in treatment would only affect her recovery, or extend it, and she had already heard that her Heda had not reacted positively to the extension of her stay at that place. Indra knew that Lexa was fighting an internal battle, and she didn't want to add any extra for Lexa to have to deal with.

Clarke hated the situation that she found herself in, she did not like to keep such a secret from her fiancee. Lexa had just lost Gustus, who had been like a father to the CEO, and now she would lose Indra too when her mind no longer recognized her, and she would have no memories of her Heda. It was terrible for the blonde to keep that information from Lexa, and she was so sorry.

Clarke honestly couldn't believe what Lexa was going through right now. It seemed that life was beginning to hit the brunette hard. Indra’s news had undoubtedly moved Clarke a lot, she knew it would be devastating for her fiancee as soon as she found out, and she feared for the results of it. She wondered how much more could Lexa take? How many more losses her life could Lexa cope with? Clarke felt helpless with the situation.

Clarke had talked about the difficult situation with her best friend Marny, during the days she helped her with the twins, who grew strong and healthy, and who made her days wonderful without a doubt. Marny advised Clarke that she should respect Indra's decision, whether or not she agreed with it, even if it hurts her to keep the news from Lexa. And that she could only have to be there for her fiancee when she received the terrible news.

Clarke also struggled as she tried not to lose faith in Lexa's recovery, but she missed her love, her warmth. She had noticed how much that extension in the clinic had affected her fiancee and she feared for the consequences.

Clarke was desperate to take the first flight to Zurich and visit Lexa, but when she talked to Dr. Salazar, she told her that it really wasn't the best idea, since Lexa was going through a difficult stage, and perhaps seeing her would make Clarke want to take Lexa with her, which would only hinder Lexa’s recovery and might damage their relationship.

The doctor asked Clarke to only keep in touch with Lexa by phone or video, text, but to forget the idea of visiting her. That had depressed Dr. Griffin a little, she was afraid that her relationship with Lexa would already be affected and she couldn't do anything being so far away, but she also understood what Lexa’s psychologist explained to her and accepted of course to don’t do anything that could be more negative for Lexa’s recovering.

Marny helped her cope with the hard time she was having being separate from Lexa, she was really like the sister Clarke had never had, besides those two angels of godchildren also brought light to her dark days. Clarke really felt grateful to have them in those moments.

She had also resumed her friendship with Dr. Victoria Mitchells, who had given up on her attempts to have a relationship with Clarke, especially upon learning that the blonde had returned with her old love, and they had become engaged. The news was not what Victoria wanted to hear, but over time she got used to it, she didn't have much choice in the matter, and at least she still could be a good friend to Clarke.


As the months passed, Dr. Mitchells remained friends with Clarke, after talking to her and apologizing for her behavior, before Clarke traveled to Paris. She apologized and Dr. Griffin accepted the apology, understanding Victoria's position at the time, and how difficult it was for anyone to understand her crazy story with Lexa. Clarke also was thankful that Victoria had seen her only as a friend, and without hesitation accepted her in her circle of friends in Sydney. Although her best friend Marny was not very convinced that Victoria had given up on her attempt to be more than friends with Clarke, and let the blonde know, so she would always stay alert.

Those midsummer days were the days when hurricanes and tidal waves hit the southern area of that part of the world, countries like Thailand or India, were the places where unfortunately summer storms always raged in countries with such poor populations. As expected, suddenly the Australian news was filled with the terrible news of a catastrophic hurricane that hit the coast of Thailand and those small islands that made it up, leaving thousands of evacuees and victims in its path. The Australian government was calling the volunteer service to help the devastated country, among them they obviously asked for doctors and nurses who were willing to travel and help.

A desperate Clarke looked at the terrible images of the hurricane and the dead on the beach and without hesitation, she enlisted with the volunteer doctors to travel and assist those poor people. Dr. Mitchells immediately joined her, and although Marny and her husband wished with all their soul to also be part of the help, they could not because their twins were so small.

Clarke had obviously told Lexa of her decision in a phone call earlier that morning. But the result of her call was a pointless discussion. Lexa disapproved of Clarke’s decision. She did not want Clarke to go to such a devastated area, where she would not only be putting her life at risk, but she would face heartbreaking scenes that could also cause her some psychological harm. Lexa was adamant that she did not want Clarke go to Thailand, but Clarke was not going to change her decision, even if her fiancée ordered her not to go, because Lexa was not pleased with her answer, she was determined and sharp... "Clarke, you're not going and that is final. You're my fiancée and I don't want you to go to that country. This is the end of the discussion."

Of course, Clarke did not give into Lexa’s demands, her fiancee’s attitude made her even more determined. Lexa was wrong if she thought she could make decisions for her, or tell her what she should or could do with her life, just because she was her fiancée. Clarke didn't want to imagine what that meant when they got married, and she would definitely have a long and serious talk with the brunette as soon as she left that clinic, and make it very clear that she would not lose her ability to decide things about her career or her life, just because she was Lexa Woods's wife.

With a bitter taste in her mouth, she let her fiancée know with great determination in her voice that she had already made her decision, and that she was not changing it, since she did not need her approval. Clarke just hoped Lexa would send her good luck for the difficult tasks that she would face in the next few days, and that perhaps the possibility of communicating daily would be hampered by the emergency situation. But Lexa refused to give her fiancée her support, she was furious that Clarke was so hard-headed, and risked her life foolishly when many other medical colleagues could go instead.

Lexa went into protection mode and was carried away by the impulses of the old authoritative CEO Lexa Woods, trying to stop Clarke from her crazy decision, ordering her to remain in Australia. But obviously, her order was simply ignored by Clarke, and Lexa felt an idiot for not being able to take care of her future wife. She just wanted to leave that damn clinic as soon as possible and fly to stop Clarke from that crazy adventure she wanted to go to. But she could not, she knew that if she did she would not return to the clinic and she would never recover, therefore Lexa ended up shouting and cursing at her fiancee on the phone, and abruptly cutting off the communication.

Without thinking Lexa left her room and headed as if the devil himself took her to the exercise room to start hitting the boxing bag with fury, releasing all her frustration, her fears, her helplessness in the face of the facts. She was too far away to protect her Clarke, and the blonde was very stubborn.

In her run to the clinic’s gymnasium, Lexa had met with nurse Kat, who did not have time to ask her what happened to her that she looked so upset. Kat just followed her a certain distance, so as not to disturb her. Another person that saw Lexa run past was Sophie who was going to see her in her room, so she just followed worried behind the nurse.

When both Kat and behind her Sophie reached the door of the gym, they watched as Lexa let out all her fury against that punching bag, screaming and even crying, cursing the entire world including herself. Neither of the women dared to interrupt her, they simply stayed as silent and surprised spectators.

The young French woman signaled Kat not to speak and to let her approach Lexa, and that she could leave without saying anything. Kat wasn't really sure about leaving Sophie alone, Lexa looked very unstable and Kat feared she could turn that fury onto Sophie if the girl bothered her too much. But on remembering what Dr. Salazar had told her, Kat decided to let Sophie take control of the situation. Although she immediately thought of the security cameras in the sports hall, with which they could watch what happened there. Obviously, she would have to immediately tell Dr. Salazar so that both of them could observe the situation.
Finally, Kat left the room nodding her head towards Sophie but approached her to give her advice...

- Please, Sophie, do not take too much of a risk, we don’t know what has happened to make Lexa so angry and I don’t want Lexa to take her fury out on you.

Sophie simply nodded and smiled confidently, patting Kat’s shoulder as if to tell her everything would be fine, although Kat wasn't really sure of it, as this was the first time she had seen Lexa so upset.

As soon as Kat left the room, she called Dr. Salazar on the internal radio, then went to the security camera control booth to monitor what would happen there, and begged Sophie not to expose herself too much. They didn't know how Lexa would react in that state of the tremendous angry state that she was in.