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Just Wanted to Tell You That We Might Have Shrunk the Heroes

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When the day starts with HR behind a computer, NOTHING is going to be okay.

It all started when Team Arrow (no Diggle or Thea), The Earth-2 Wells family, and Kara came to visit S.T.A.R. Labs. Team Flash was surprised, to say the least, but they made do. It went a little downhill when Iris suggested that they get coffee at Jitters. Those who hadn't had their coffee followed, leaving Barry, Cisco, Kara, Felicity, HR, and Wally at S.T.A.R. Labs. 

Barry, Kara, and Wally decided to go into the Speed Lab to get a little training in. Cisco decided to tag along. Which left Felicity and HR in the Cortex (bad idea). With HR being the weirdo he was, he looked at Felicity, who was busy trying to catch herself up on The Flash's recent take-downs. Suddenly, HR blurted out, "Did you know Cisco has some of that alien tech?"

Felicity's reaction was instantaneous. She whipped around and grabbed HR's shoulders excitedly. "Show. Me." She commanded and HR jogged off excitedly, with Felicity hot on his heels.


~45 minutes later~


The 4 superheroes decided to take a break, not wanting Caitlin and Iris to chew their heads off for "overexerting" themselves. The speedster duo and alien were currently eating the protein bars that Cisco had made while, said man, was guzzling down his third bottle of water when suddenly, they heard a loud explosion. Springing to their feet, they looked around for the source of the noise. Too bad, they should've looked up, because they would have seen the odd pulsing light before it zapped all of them. (Oh well)

This rendered the heroes unconscious and in a very strange physical state.


~in the control room~


"Uhm...HR? Just WHICH ROOM did you just ZAP?!?!?!" Felicity snapped. HR chuckled nervously.

"Quite possibly the Speed Lab...maybe..."

*Frantic Typing Noises*

"Oh no...Nonoononononono, this is NOT HAPPENING!!" 

Felicity rounded on HR, pointing panicked at the screen. "LOOK!"

HR blinked. And blinked again. And again. And again. One more time.


"CHILDREN!!!" Felicity yelled. "What are we going to do?!" 

"We have to get them and put them in proper clothes, that's what we have to do" HR stated, "And might I add, they are adorable."

Felicity slapped the back of his head. "You moron! We need to turn them back!" HR nodded in agreement. "But we also need to dress them, if they wake up, that's not going to go well." HR pointed out.

Felicity sighed, "Fine, you get the boys, I'll get Kara." She then looked back at him. "You do know how to dress a kid right?" HR just shrugged, "How hard could it be?"

(Turns out it was very difficult) 


~all kids are finally dressed and sleeping in the Cortex~


Felicity and HR were currently looking at their 4 miniaturized heroes. Finally, they looked at each other. "You're calling them!" they said at the same time. 

"Why me?" HR asked, "You know them all better."

"Yes, but you work in this lab, and technically I wasn't supposed to know about the tech." Felicity countered.

"But they trust you  more!" HR reasoned.

"Fine! We'll rock, paper, scissors to see who's doing it." (Felicity, always the diplomat)

HR nodded. "Rock. Paper. SCISSORS!"

HR had rock.

Felicity had...scissors.

"HAHAHA!" HR yelled triumphantly, while Felicity groaned.

They both walked over to the Cortex's phone, and Felicity slowly dialed Oliver's number.


~at Jitters~


Oliver's phone rang. Slipping it out of his pocket, he looked at the caller. "S.T.A.R. Labs? What's going on?" Oliver thought to himself as he picked up. "Hello?"

"Hey babe" Felicity replied.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Just wanted to tell you that we might have shrunk the heroes, no biggie." She said so nonchalantly, that Oliver almost missed the importance of that message, key word being almost

"You...wh...what?" He stuttered.

"Yah, Oh! Dammit, they're waking up, call you later!" she then hung up.

Oliver stared at his phone, trying to process what he just heard. "Hey guys?" he said, grabbing their attention. "I think we should head back." Harrison seemed to pick up on Oliver's urgency because he stood and began to usher the others out.


~back at S.T.A.R. Labs~


"Felicity!" HR yelled.

"Yah, Oh! Dammit, they're waking up, call you later!" she spluttered out before hanging up. Running over, she saw that HR was carrying a confused Barry and Cisco while a hyperactive Wally was speeding around and Kara just kept on sleeping. 

"Wally!" Felicity spoke in her best mom voice and the toddler stopped. "Science lady!" he squeaked and tackled Felicity with a hug. She fell over with an oof and looked at the toddler. "Hi!" he giggled. Felicity groaned a bit as she stood up with Wally. Barry and Cisco were a little calmer than Wally, but soon they were trying to get HR to put them down. "I gotsa go see my lab! There was a boom!" Cisco told HR, wiggling around more. Barry just tried to avoid Cisco's flailing arms. 

Felicity put Wally down into the make-shift crib and went to rescue little Barry. With him safely on her hip, Barry looked around in awe. "Down please?" he asked Felicity politely, looking at her with his big brown eyes. "Aww, you're so cute!" Felicity squealed, ruffling his fluffy hair. Barry pointed down again. "Alright," she smiled putting him down. 

The moment he touched the ground he sped over to free Wally and together the boys ran off, laughing as lightning trailed behind. 

"I should've seen that coming," Felicity sighed. Glancing back at HR, she asked, "You good?"

HR had a bruise on his jaw and was visibly struggling to get Cisco under control. "Yup, I got it!" he said before another hand, smacked him in the face, "You go." Felicity shrugged, slipping off her heels and dashing after the speedsters.

Problem was, which way did they go?

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Barry and Wally, we're giggling like hell as they sprinted throughout the facility, playing a hyper version of hide-and-seek tag. "Gotchu!" Barry yelled triumphantly as he slapped Wally on the back. "No Fair! You cheated!" 


"Uh huh!"


"Yah you did!"

"I followed all da rules!"

"Fine" Wally grumbled. Barry pumped his fists in victory. Wally walked to the nearest wall and covered his eyes. "One. Two. Three..." Barry tiptoed quietly away from Wally, and when he thought he was far enough (a meter lol) he used his speed and zoomed around the corner.

While he was counting, Felicity had found them and slowly crept behind Kid Flash. "Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine. Thir-HEY!" Wally yelped as Felicity scooped him up and tied him into a little burrito with her sweater. "No Fair! I didn't find Barry yet!"

"Doesn't matter, I'll find him later," Felicity replied walking back to the Cortex. The lab was on lock-down so he couldn't get out anyways.

(Barry, was currently inside Cisco's lab swirling around on Cisco's wheely chair.)

"Ah! You found one!" HR congratulated, keeping a firm hold on the leash, while Cisco dashed around looking at the Cortex. Felicity then deposited Wally into their make-shift, speedster cage (for kids of course). She then walked over to HR. "Where'd you get the leash?" She asked looking at Cisco's little torso. It was covered in several buckles. "I don't think I've seen one this complex," Felicity smirked.

HR heaved a sigh. "He kept un-buckling the one I put on him so I had to tangle a bunch together and strap them randomly to his chest. Luckily he hasn't figured it out yet." 

Felicity giggled.

"Where's Barry?"

Felicity's smile lessened just a bit. "I gotta go find him." HR looked at the 3 kids in the Cortex, then back at Felicity. Wait a minute. Watch 3 super kids. Or 1 super kid? HR smirked. "You can watch them, I'll go find Barry." HR suggested, handing her Cisco's leash. He then dashed out of the Cortex. Felicity sighed, doing her best with one hand she closed and locked the Cortex door, just in case Wally got out again.




"HERE BARRY!" HR called down the hall.

"C'mon out bud!" he added, racking his brain for something a kid might be tempted by. He searched through his pockets. Candy!

"I've got some candy! It's yours if you come over!" He waved the candy around as he walked.

Barry, on the other hand, heard HR and snuck over to the door. He carefully weighed his options in a way only a 5-year-old Barry could do. Get the candy? Or don't get caught? Barry frowned in concentration.

"Hey, Speedy! I've got 2!" HR's voice came again.

Speedy! A lightbulb popped into his head. Crouching into a runner's starting position he figured out where HR was coming from and slowly counted down. "Three. Two. ONE!" Barry zipped out of Cisco's lab and crashed right into HR. HR collapsed in a groaning heap and Barry grinned victoriously. Snatching the candy he ran several meters away and sat down nibbling on his treat. HR slowly sat up and looked at the child.

He was happily eating the sweets and grinning like a goof. Barry waved at HR.

Damn this was going to be tough.

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Oliver was standing rigidly while the elevator took them down to the Cortex. The others looked at him but said nothing. "Why are we back early?" Iris asked aloud. The others shrugged while Harry continued to study the vigilante. Finally, the elevator dinged, opening them up to the hallway. Oliver was the first one out, striding purposefully towards the Cortex. Everyone else walked at a much slower pace, choosing to make small talk. 

Suddenly, a startled yelp could be heard and the team rushed towards the sound. They were astounded, to say the least.

Oliver Queen. Was sitting on the floor with a child in his lap. Said child had big brown eyes and fluffy brown hair that was covered by what looked like H.R.'s fedora. He looked up at Oliver in awe, the hat covering part of his face adorably. Oliver stood up, the child secured on his waist. 

"COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE RASCAL!!!" came the tired voice of H.R.

The man came stumbling into view, his hair messed up and vest askew, a candy wrapper was stuck to his shirt and what looked to be pink bows tied to his drumsticks. H.R. blinked. "Oh, hello" he stuttered, "you caught him! Thank the lord you showed up, I have been chasing him for 2 hours! What took you guys so long? I'm pretty sure we called you a long while ago, oh well, nevermind, just don't put him down or let go of him, he's gonna bolt outta here faster than a jackrabbit in a cabbage patch."

H.R. was rambling now, pulling the candy wrapper and bows off.

The team just gawked at the child. Finally, Iris spoke up. "Is...that...Barry?"

H.R. looked up. "Oh. Yeah, that's him. Cisco, Wallace, and young miss Danvers are locked in the Cortex with miss Felicity. Speaking of which, we should go help her, Wallace may have escaped again."

They all blinked. Barry giggled. The team fully looked at him and all the women cooed. "Aww, he's so cute!" Caitlin smiled. "Can I hold him? Can I hold him?" Iris asked eagerly.

Oliver made to hand the child off, clearly uncomfortable with him when suddenly Barry began vibrating. "Uhm...he's vibrating. Why is he vibrating?" Oliver asked, worry slightly overcoming his emotions. "GAH!" H.R. yelped, "Don't let go of him!"


One minute Oliver was holding Barry, then the next he was speeding away. "I got him!" Jesse laughed, zipping off after him. 5 minutes later, Jesse returned, slightly out of breath and an arm full of wiggling speedster scientist. Barry was laughing and smiling at the group. "Where are the dampener cuffs?!" Jesse groaned when Barry made another breakaway, this time, his plan was foiled by Harry, scooping him off the ground and clicking the cuff around his neck (fyi it's super loose, it's like a necklace. Dun worry, I ain't gonna choke my little baby).

Barry tried to dash off again, only to realize he had no super speed. He pouted at Harry. "Why?" he whined, tugging at Harry's pant leg. Harry crouched down. "Sorry, buddy, can't have you run off and hurt yourself, can we? That wouldn't be fun, would it?" Barry shook his head. "So you're gonna wear this for now, ok?" Barry nodded and leaned into Harry, raising his hand in a hug please gesture. 

Harry glanced at the people in the room, then back at Barry. He sighed, opening his arms, Barry leaped into them with a wide grin. He wrapped his little arms around Harry's neck, snuggling in close.

Everyone, (except Oliver) outwardly awed. (Oliver just awed on the inside, but he wanted to hug Barry too)

Clearing his throat, Oliver looked at everyone, "Let's go see Felicity, shall we?"

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Felicity was slumped over the main desk in the Cortex. Groaning, she lifted her head slightly to peek at the children. Kara was still sleeping, she shouldn't be but thank god she is. Cisco was wearing his vibe glasses and gloves and looked so adorable!!!! Felicity was internally squealing at the absurdness of little Cisco and his ginormous gear. Finally came Wally, who was still completely burrito wrapped and locked in the makeshift playpen. 

"Sleepyhead! Wake up! Wake up or I'm gonna blow up da door to go outside!" A small Cisco voice yelled. Felicity leaped out of her chair and spun around (luckily she wasn't wearing her heels). Felicity was about to scold him until a thought struck her. She stood tall and crossed her arms. Smirking, she said "Cisco, you wouldn't blow up your own base. You love it too much."

Cisco frowned.

Felicity grinned. "Now come back here like a good boy and I might just let you play with Barry's back up Flash suit. Cisco's eyes widened. (it seems he forgot that he's the one who built it?) Cisco nodded furiously and sprinted towards his little chair and desk and sat as still as possible. Felicity giggled and turned to go grab the spare suit. (Luckily Cisco had it out for maintenance that very morning.)

Passing it over to Cisco she awwed at the sight of little Cisco delicately taking the suit, his eyes sparkling with delight. Seeing that he wouldn't be moving for a while, Felicity walked over to the other two heroes. "Now" she started, looking sternly at Wally, "If you want to come out you have to behave. Understand?" Burrito Wally nodded. She slowly opened the door and unbundled Wally, releasing him from his confinement. 

The moment he was freed he bolted. Sighing, Felicity turned and looked as Wally tried to pry open the door. "IT'S NOT OPENING! NO FAIR!!" He zipped back and tackled Felicity. Felicity groaned as she sat on the floor with a hyperactive Wally in her lap. "Open! Open! Open! Open!" Wally pointed at the door. 


"BUT I wanna see BARRY!" Wally whined, slumping onto Felicity's chest. She patted his head. "Sorry bud, no can do. H.R.'s gonna bring him back real soon." 

As if reading her mind, H.R.'s voice came over the PA. "Is this thing on. Uh, hello? Miss Felicity? Are you still alright?" Felicity laughed, "Ya, I'm fine, Wally's out of the playpen so don't open the door yet."

"Felicity, honey. You locked it manually so we can't get in either way." Oliver's voice added over the speakers. "Hey, Oll! Right, I'll open that in a sec, I just gotta put Wally back in the pen." "NOoooOOOOoOO" Wally wailed sprinting out of Felicity's reach. "I wanna see Barr!"

"Hi hi!" came a higher pitched voice over the speakers. "Barry!" Wally yelled. "Wally!" Barry added, just as enthusiastically. There was the sound of a mic being moved and Oliver's voice came back on. "Babe, Harry says that there's a spare power dampener in the cupboard. You can put it on Wally and then open the door."

Felicity nodded before remembering that they were in another room. She added a verbal response, "Thank Oll, tell Harry thanks too." She then proceeded to the cupboard and snatched up the object. Sneaking over to a distracted Wally, she carefully leaped and grabbed him before he could run. Expertly placing the cuff around his neck (loose like Barry) she then went over and opened the door. Offering a wide innocent smile at the group as they came in. 

Oliver came in first and did a quick survey of the room. Joe and Iris went straight over to Wally squashed him in a giant hug. H.R. looking tired stumbled in and flopped down on the med bed and promptly went to sleep. Harry came last holding Barry with Jesse right behind, cooing and ruffling his hair.

Felicity smiled at Oliver as he sighed. "What are we going to do now?"

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Oliver looked at his beautiful, smart, currently trying to escape girlfriend and sighed. "Do we want to know what happened?"

Felicity grinned sheepishly. 

"Well," she turned to H.R. for help but found him passed out, arm draped over the little super. She turned back to the group reluctantly and opened her mouth to explain when Cisco's head popped out of Barry's backup suit.

"WE twainin' den zip zap zop we here."

Barry and Wally nodded in agreement. Joe shrugged, "makes sense." They all looked at him.

"What?" he asked, "This isn't even the strangest thing that's happened to these guys in a long time."

"H.R. toldmeaboutthealientechandicouldn'thelpit."

Jesse laughed whilst the others just stared. They turned on Jesse to get an explanation.

"Oh c'mon guys, it wasn't that fast," she snorted, "Felicity said that H.R. showed her the alien tech and she couldn't help herself."

Felicity nodded. Harry walked over to the computer and typed in a few keys while still holding Barry in one arm. Barry, on the other hand, bobbed his head adorably to imaginary music and occasionally stuffed his head into the crook of Harrison's neck. Harrison paused his typing to pat the brunette before typing again. Harrison frowned in annoyance when his typing took too long. He turned to Barry.

"Hey Allen, I'm going to have to set you do-"

"No please."

"Alright," he agreed immediately.

Everyone gapped except Jesse (again) she outright giggled and Harrison sent his daughter a frown. He looked back at the child and saw that he was pointing at the chair. So Harrison sat and pulled close to the computer. Barry's right hand stretched out and Harrison placed his left-hand back onto the keyboard.

"Go!" Barry giggled and together they managed to type at a relatively quick speed, pulling up the statistics that they needed. When they finished, Harrison seemed to forget that there were more people in the room and gave Barry a high-five.

Jesse wandered over and placed her hand on his shoulder. 

"Aww dad. That's adorable."

Harrison sighed and Barry just tucked his little arms around Harry's neck and smooshed his cheek into Harry's cheek, squeezing with all his five-year-old might. Harrison sighed again.

"You're lucky you're cute."

Barry grinned.

"And what dad meant was, he likes you Barr."

Barry's eyes sparkled at that and he grabbed Harry's face in his little hands and gasped.

"You wike me?"

Harry groaned and everyone else chuckled.

"Anyways," Harry tried, changing the subject. "According to your lab, the effects should wear off in the next couple of days, so we just have to wait."

Oliver nodded.

"Alright then team, let's get this together. We'll each take a kid to watch over until the effects wear off. Report in when they do."

"So which one do we want babe?" Felicity asked cheekily, grabbing his arm and grinning.

"We'll just take Wally home. We can take Barry too if you guys want," Iris told the group, handing Wally to her dad and looking at Harry. Harry moved to hand Barry back, but Jesse spoke up first.

"We'll take Barry off your hands."

Oliver's frown deepened just a bit, but only Felicity saw it and she giggled.

"Jess. We can't just take somebody's child."

Jesse pouted and Barry looked between the two before pouting at Harry as well. Harry frowned at Barry.

"Oh yeah? And what do you have to say about all this Allen?"

"Jess, zoom zoom!" he beamed.

"Come on dad. Pleeeeease."


Iris finally decided to come over and pat Harry on the head (since he can't murder her with hands full of super kid) and said, "You can keep him with you, it's not a problem."

Harry tucked Barry's head into his shoulder before glaring daggers at Iris. Felicity also decided to jump in on this and with an evil smirk towards her boyfriend she looked at the group and called, "but Oliver wants Barry too."

Everyone turned to stare at the archer and it was only his training that stopped him from turning beet red.

"It's fine, we'll take Cisco or Kara."

Caitlin looked at the two groups and then made eye-contact with Felicity. The two women shared a smile and then Caitlin spoke up. 

"We'll take Cisco, we probably have the longest relationship with him."

Oliver shrugged, "Then we'll take Ka-"

"What's going on?"

They all turned to see, a fully grown, Kara using H.R. as a human shield. H.R. to his credit was dead to the world, hanging limply in the super's hands. Felicity squeaked and the rest of the women scrambled to retrieve Kara's clothes, which were nowhere to be found. So Caitlin grabbed her sweats and handed them to Kara while Felicity, Iris and Jesse formed a wall between the men and Kara.

The rest of them, finally realized what was going on and all whipped around to stare at the very interesting wall behind them. As she changed Kara laughed. 

"That alien tech must be from my homeworld or something. Clark may have a better idea."

"So it's settled!" Felicity clapped. "We'll take Harry, Jesse, and Barry to Starling with us! It'll be great."

Jesse and Felicity high-fived while Harry and Oliver sighed.

This was going to be a long week.