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Canned Chicken Soup for the Soul

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His head hurt. Really. It hurt as fuck.

Katsuki tried to say something but his voice was long lost. The training sessions they had been carrying out over the week were thrilling, but they only served to make worse the stupid cold he had caught. Now he had to walk around with seven layers of clothes and a bag full of meds, like a moron. Katsuki coughed and tried to curse but only a weird noise, a mix between a high-pitched whine and a hoarse grunt, came out of his mouth.

“Just lay down and rest.” Kirishima said, forcing Katsuki back into the blankets with a solid hand. The blonde tried to speak again. “Stop it, man. Just stay here and sleep, you'll feel better in a few days. We will be back tomorrow so don't worry.” Katsuki grunted.

“I think he is complaining because he wants to come, not because he’s going to miss us.” Sero said, and Katsuki nodded effusively while sitting up again.

“I don't care.” Fucking Hair-For-Brains.

“And neither do I.” Ashido forced Katsuki into the blankets the same way Kirishima had done it just a moment ago, and the blonde protested. A voiceless groan and a few kicks against the mattress, but the idiots standing by his bed paid him no attention. Katsuki looked at Sero asking for some goddamn help but the asshole just shrugged, as he was having lots of fun with the situation.

“I know you want to keep joining the training, but dude you cannot even talk.”

“He cannot breathe either.” Kaminari said, and Katsuki held his middle finger at him for not helping.

“Exactly. So, what are you going to do? Just sit there looking at us with that horrible face of yours and all that snot coming down your nose?” Katsuki rubbed his nose self-consciously with his jumper's sleeve. “Yeah, that's what I thought. Lay down, sleep, rest, get better, then you'll join the activities again.” Ashido finally smiled at him when Katsuki threw his head against the pillow. “Good boy.”

“Oi man!” Kirishima held his thumbs up at him, standing next to Ashido by the bed. “Call us if you are feeling too shitty, right? Or if you need anything.”

“There is no point, really. He cannot say a word so everything we’d hear over the phone would be the noise of a cat spitting out a hairball.” Katsuki threw one of his pillows at Kaminari’s stupid face, but the guy was too fast, or maybe Katsuki was too slow, and he simply caught it in the air.

“Kaminari is right, and we won't be able to do anything anyway.” Sero agreed, while Kirishima held his chin with one hand and looked at the wall thinking about a possible alternative. Katsuki tried to disregard their concern with an abrupt movement of his hand, but while doing so he started coughing madly again, little tears forming at the corner of his eyes.

“Oh Bakugou...” Ashido patted him softly on the back. “Guys, I don't want to leave him like this.” she said, and so Katsuki put on his best pleading eyes hoping that the girl would have some form of sympathy for him and would take him along to the training session. Katsuki just hated to feel sick and useless, even if he had to stay sitting quietly in a corner with snot coming down his nose while the others trained, it was preferable than being a dead potato on his bed. “Oh!” She suddenly exclaimed, startling everybody, and the other men looked at her. “Honey, you just go to sleep, right? You need to rest. We are going. Come on, guys, let him sleep, come on.” and before Katsuki could try to say anything else, Ashido had kicked the others out of the room along with herself.

Katsuki sighed and closed his eyes, feeling how the pain in his head decreased slightly now that the lights were off again. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to stay in bed for one day after all. Just for one day.


“What is wrong with you?” Sero asked, and Mina shushed him so that Bakugou wouldn't hear.

“I had an idea. But Bakugou-kun is not going to like it.”

“Interesting... Tell me more.” Sero tapped his fingers together, clearly finding the situation extremely amusing.

“What is it, Mina?” Kirishima asked.

“Well... you know how we cannot leave him all alone here since he might need some help getting out of bed, or he could get a temperature, or choke on his own saliva...”

“To the point, Ashido!”

“I've thought that there is one other person in the group that is not scheduled for training today, who I bet would be delighted to come help a friend out.” Kirishima, Sero and Kaminari looked at each other without understanding her point, then looked at Mina again for answers. “Midoriya.”

The evil spark in the three boys’ eyes was so obvious that Mina had to roll her eyes.


Katsuki rolled on the bed trying to hide his face against the pillows. Why the hell was the room spinning? Which kind of joke was this? He growled and moaned, touching his face with both hands and realizing how warm he was. His mouth was excessively dry and his eyes were swollen, he tried to breathe but his nose was too clogged to allow it. Katsuki made a wild noise resembling a whimpering and almost had a heart attack when his bedroom door opened in front of his eyes and a black silhouette appeared under the frame.

“Kacchan? Are you alright?” even if he hadn’t heard the name, that hesitant voice was unmistakable. Katsuki knew immediately who was awkwardly standing at his door even though the light didn't let him see his face. The figure took a few steps towards him and Katsuki shook his hand in the air asking the other boy to close the door again. The fucking light was blinding him and making his headache worse, even when Katsuki thought that was impossible.

Deku closed the door as instructed, and moved uncomfortably around the dark room trying not to step on anything. He ended up walking directly onto one of Katsuki’s slippers and tripped over it, making much more noise than what Katsuki’s head could possibly bear. Katsuki groaned. Who the hell asked fucking Deku to come here? And why? He hadn’t really talked to the guy for months now, so then why did he have to come and annoy him precisely today? Right when he was feeling like shit? If there was one person in this entire dorm that Katsuki didn't have the patience to put up with right now it was fucking Midoriya Izuku.

“I am sorry...” he said once he steadied himself. Katsuki groaned again. “I bet you are wondering what am I doing here...” Isn't it obvious, nerd? He thought. “The others told me you were really sick, and they didn't want to leave you alone. So, I came... to help.” Deku cleared his throat and played with Katsuki’s slipper on the floor, kicking it so it would roll over. Katsuki closed his eyes and facepalmed himself mentally. He would find out who was the fucker that had the brilliant idea and would make them regret it for the rest of their life.

“So... if you need anything just give me a shout.” Deku then laughed softly. “Well, actually you cannot give me a shout because you have no voice.” and laughed again. Katsuki just wished he could pass out right at that precise moment so he wouldn't have to put up with fucking Deku for another second. An awkward silence filled the room. “Ok, so if you need anything let me know. Uhm... are you hungry or...” Katsuki shook his head ‘no’. “Ok. I'll be outside. Uhm... take some rest.” once Deku had left the room, Katsuki moaned quietly.

His face was burning and he felt like screaming. The point of sleeping when you are sick is that it’s supposed to make you feel better, right? Then why was he feeling like he had just been run over by a truck? Before Katsuki could really think about a plausible answer, he had fallen asleep again.


By the time Katsuki woke up, the first thing he noticed was that his face was no longer burning, or at least not as intensely as it had been before. It was when he reached his forehead with one hand that he noticed he had a wet towel on top of it. Katsuki used the towel to rub his whole face, and covered his eyes with it. Had Deku placed it there? It couldn't have been anyone else. Katsuki groaned and the sudden noise coming from his desk scared him to death.

“Oh, Kacchan? Are you awake?” he placed a hand on his chest, trying to control his heartbeats and recover from the shock. He had been about to activate his quirk and detonate the whole room. He looked at Deku with threatening eyes and the other stuttered. “Y–you were... ah... having a difficult sleep, so... so I p–preferred to stay near, you know? J–just in case.” Deku gesticulated wildly with both hands, looking everywhere in the room but at Katsuki.

After a few seconds, he stood from the chair where he was sitting and approached the bed, placing a hand on Katsuki's forehead. The blonde froze, the feeling of Deku's cold palm against his skin soothing his headache. When the other boy pulled his hand away, Katsuki felt the urge of asking him to leave it where it was just for a few seconds longer, but he restrained himself.

“You are still burning. Take this.” Deku grabbed a few pills and a glass of water from the bedside table and helped a reluctant Katsuki to sit. The blonde felt dizzy once he was in a sitting position, and had to hold on to Deku to regain his balance. “This is not good, Kacchan. Have you gone to the infirmary?” Katsuki shook his head. “Why not?” Katsuki shrugged. “Aren't you taking care of yourself?” and Katsuki wanted to say, 'It's not your fucking business', but couldn't. “I'm going to prepare something for you to eat. Do you want to sleep? Or would you prefer to sit in the common room?” Deku was talking gently, in soft whispers, and for some reason the sudden intimacy made Katsuki feel really weird.

It was the first time, in a very long while, that he was in such situation with his childhood friend. He still saw Deku around every day. Talking to his friends, sparring with their classmates, laughing and smiling distractedly and just being Deku. But not with him. Since they both finished their house arrest after that one fight in school grounds, they had hardly shared any words with each other. The awkwardness he felt around Deku was too intense for Katsuki to ignore it, and so he had avoided to be left alone with the green-eyed boy entirely.

But now he had no option.

And there he was, face to face with that side of Deku that always made him feel so uneasy. The nerd’s full attention and undivided devotion all poured over him. And Katsuki was pretty sure it was only because of the fever, but he was kind of okay with it.

Katsuki gestured towards the common room, at least if he was out there he could sit on the couch and watch some shows while Deku was cooking.

“Ok, let's go then.” the boy threw the covers to the side and helped Katsuki getting out of the bed, passing the blonde's arm around his shoulders and slowly walking out with him. Katsuki pointed at his desk with a lazy finger, Deku grabbed the laptop and carried it under his arm. The laptop wasn't even Katsuki's, he had borrowed it from Kirishima the night before, but it was probably the only entertainment he had right now.

The moment they crossed the door frame and stepped out of the room, Katsuki groaned and instinctively hid his face in the crook of Deku's neck. The gleaming light blinding him for a moment.

“I'll close the curtains, but you need to make it to the couch first.” Katsuki felt weak and useless, and so he had to be dragged by Deku to the couch. The other shot him a very sweet, very annoying smile when Katsuki finally sat down but didn't let go of his hand. “Kacchan, if you keep grabbing me I won't be able to reach the curtains, and you will have to endure all this light. Is that what you want?” the blonde huffed and roughly set him free. “Lay down, okay? I'll warm up some canned chicken soup.”

Katsuki turned Kirishima's laptop on, placing it on his lap, and started to scroll down through the list of movies and shows the other had stored there. After only a few minutes, Deku appeared by his side again with a massive glass of orange juice. Katsuki looked at the juice, then Deku, then the juice again.

“Yeah, I want you to drink it all before we eat, or you won't have a single scoop of my soup.” Katsuki knew he was lying but didn't really care, the dryness in his mouth was begging him to drink that whole glass in one gulp, and so he did. He selected a random movie from the list and laid down on the couch, placing the laptop over the coffee table, next to the empty glass.

He hadn’t realised he had drifted off to sleep until suddenly the movie was no longer making any sense at all. Who was that woman? Why was the main character's brother trying to kill him? What happened to the city and why was it on fire? Katsuki tried to roll over, but then he noticed that the table was all set and, most importantly, that Deku was at his feet, sleeping with his head tilted back and Katsuki's legs over his lap.

The blonde remained still and wondered for a few minutes if he should wake up the other or not, since he looked so peaceful sleeping like that. Katsuki finally decided that he was way too hungry to actually wait for the nerd to wake up. He kicked Deku's chest, perhaps a little bit stronger than it was really necessary, and the other instantly opened his eyes. Deku stood suddenly and approached Katsuki in the blink of an eye, placing his hand on the blonde's forehead and then grabbing his whole face with both hands.

“Kacchan! Are you ok? Are you feeling bad? What happened?” Katsuki snorted, removing Deku's hands from his face with a smack. He then rubbed his stomach in a circular motion, and brought his hand towards his mouth as if saying 'feed me'.

Deku let go of the breath he had been holding. “Jeez, Kacchan!... You scared the hell out of me.” He closed his eyes and leaned his head between his arms on the couch, right next to Katsuki's chest. The blonde smirked for the first time in what felt like days, and stared at Deku's messy hair for a couple of seconds.

Katsuki realised how different Deku looked from this angle. His broad shoulders were noticeable under his plain white shirt, sharp collarbone distractingly exposed, and his two arms covered in scars from his many battles looked somehow stronger and meatier in his current position. Katsuki shook his head. Since when did words like 'strong' and 'meaty' have been applicable to Deku? He smacked the boy's head with a slap, and the other finally straightened and opened his eyes.

“Sorry, Kacchan! I'll bring the soup. You fell asleep before and I didn't want to wake you up. I will be here in a second.” then stood and left.


They ate in silence at first, until Deku started insisting Katsuki to pick a movie for them to watch together. Now that Katsuki was unable to speak a word, and had no other thing to pay attention to but fucking Deku, he started realising how much things had changed between them over the last year. How long had it been since Deku last tried getting closer to him? Deku just had that innate ability to get on Katsuki's nerves. That was one of the main reasons he had consistently pushed him away. The reason for the awkwardness and the growing distance between them. Deku was always so fucking bright and weird, and that just made Katsuki feel extremely uncomfortable.

After the heart-to-heart fight they had the night Katsuki confronted Deku about the source of his quirk, he purposely decided to keep a safe distance between the nerd and himself. And fucking let him tell you he had been remarkably successful until now. Oh yes. Because now he was just paying more attention to the spot where his thigh brushed against Deku's. Or the way the other's lips moved rather than paying any attention to whatever he was saying about the movie. And Katsuki wondered again, how long had it been since Deku last tried getting closer to him? Months by now. And did Katsuki notice that before? He didn't really know. But he was sure about something, there was this annoying uneasiness – emptiness even – inside his chest whenever he saw Deku just existing around him, and at that moment, while they both sat on the couch, eyes fixed in some shitty movie Katsuki couldn't remember the name of, the hole in his chest was somehow filled.

Katsuki had fallen asleep once again, while listening to Deku as he talked. Deku's soft voice became his lullaby and Katsuki enjoyed the ticklish sensation it ignited inside his chest. Little by little the words became meaningless as he relaxed, but the whispers coming out of the other's lips didn't leave him until he was fully asleep. It was also Deku's voice that woke him up after what felt like a couple of minutes later, but this time it didn't sound anything like the peaceful and serene voice that helped him to sleep.

“Kacchan. Kacchan wake up, please.” Deku's voice was desperate, and although the blonde wanted to tell him to stop making a fuss and let him go the fuck back to sleep, he simply couldn't. And this time it wasn't because of the lack of voice, but because he had started shaking like a leaf, and quickly bent over to throw up on the floor before he could even open his eyes. Deku stroke his back with a trembling hand, holding the blonde locks of his hair back with the other hand so that it wouldn't bother him over his face, mumbling reassuring words. Katsuki's eyes started watering from the convulsions and the effort of throwing the little contents of his stomach up, and at the sight of tears running down his face Deku just pulled him against his chest, caressing his sweaty hair and whispering in his ear.

“Shh... everything will be alright. You'll be alright. I am here, Kacchan... I'm here.” Katsuki let his eyes close and he clung to the other's t-shirt, not caring at all about dirtying it with tears, sweat and vomit. He was feeling like shit. And what the fuck was happening to him? Only a couple of hours before he had wished for Deku to just disappear, and now he was clinging to him like his life was depending on it. This flu was turning him into a whining little bitch and Katsuki utterly hated it. “It's okay, Kacchan... It's okay...” Deku put enough space between them to take Katsuki's face between his hands, and cleaned the tears he shed with his thumbs, rubbing one down his nose and slowly caressing his philtrum.

Not once did Deku look at him in the eyes, probably too close and scared to actually do it, but Katsuki never took his eyes off the other boy’s. He looked straight at those big green eyes, searching for all the unknown things that laid behind them, and waiting for Deku to just cross his gaze, expecting for it all to make some sense. Just for a moment, for a single heartbeat, Katsuki thought that Deku was about to close the few inches between them, and he unconsciously parted his lips. He felt like receiving a punch in the stomach when the green haired boy pressed his soft lips against his forehead.

“At least you are not warm any more. That chicken soup was shit, I am sorry.” Katsuki shook his head. “I will take you to bed and clean this mess. Now that you got everything out you should start feeling a little bit better again.” Deku smiled widely and blindly like the fucking ray of sunshine he was, and re-positioned himself on the couch, just so that Katsuki could get on his back. The blonde stared at him for a few seconds and Deku had to pull him by the hand for the other to move. Reluctantly, Katsuki let his body rest against Deku's back, throwing his arms over the other's shoulders. Deku hooked his arms under Katsuki's knees and stood, carrying him down the corridor with no effort.

Katsuki buried his face in Deku's neck for the second time that day, and this time he sniffed the scent of his shampoo. That was creepy. Fucking creepy. Creepy as fuck. He was acting weird. But wait, no. Deku was weird. Deku and his stupid lavender scented hair, and his big sparkly eyes, and his hideous chicken soup. Katsuki snorted and the other tried to look at him over his shoulder.

“You alright back there?” Katsuki nodded, head still deep buried against the crook of the nerd's neck, and felt Deku's soft shiver when he sighed against his skin.

Once Katsuki was laying back on the bed and buried in blankets, Deku took the towel that they had left in the bedside table and went out of the room, coming back after a minute and placing it freshly wet on Katsuki's head. When the blonde moaned in pleasure from the cool sensation against his warm face he noticed Deku blushed fiercely and tried to repress his laugh.

“Kacchan! Don’t make that kind of noise!” the idiot said, and Katsuki tried to punch him in the arm without success. “You are still shaking. Are you cold?” Katsuki nodded, not seeing any point on lying. “The bed still needs to warm up, wait a few minutes and you will be fine. I will be right back, okay?” Katsuki nodded again and Deku left the room quietly, closing the door behind him.

It had to be the fever. There was no other explanation. It was definitely the fever what made him want to kiss Deku back in the common room. It was the fever what made him want to brush those soft pink lips against his and taste them. It just had to be the fever what was making him find the other so attractive all of a sudden. Fuck. But this wasn't really the first time Katsuki had thought about it. Oh no. But he was way too ashamed to acknowledge it. The awkwardness that unfolded between him and Deku could be one of the main reasons why Katsuki felt so extremely uncomfortable around him, and therefore one of the reasons why he decided to keep his distance.

But it was clearly not the only one.

It was some time during hero training that he had locked his eyes on Deku’s moving figure, quirk activated, scars glowing shades of red over his skin. Katsuki had replayed their fight in his mind over and over again, but it wasn’t really until that very moment that he mulled over how he had touched, grabbed and scratched that body he was now staring at. The sudden realisation of the way he had sat on top of his childhood friend evoked a hot outburst that went directly to his crotch. That’s how their fight ended, with Katsuki capturing Deku’s hips between his strong thighs, grasping his wrist with a hand and holding his face with the other. And then Katsuki noticed that the memory was turning him on.

That just made no practical sense, because Katsuki had never felt attracted to men. Or anyone for that matter. Well. Okay. He was not sexually impaired, he was able to objectively enumerate a few people he would be okay to bang, but he’d had not yet the chance to explore his personal kinks. The whole point being that, after that day, he just wouldn’t stay in the same room alone with Deku.

Sexual tension.” Kirishima had joked once.

And Katsuki would be damned before admitting he was right.

And just like that, everything that Deku did or said around him provoked some reaction on Katsuki’s body, and that made him mad. Like properly angry. And that’s how he stopped talking to the nerd entirely.

And now? Well. Now Katsuki just felt like shit, and had thrown up on the common room’s floor. And the main reason for his sexual frustration was cleaning it up. Pathetic. And the stupid bed wouldn't get warm, so Katsuki was still shaking like a lost puppy in the rain. Fucking pathetic.

He sighed.

“Ok. All done.” Deku placed a glass of water on the bedside table. “Drink this whenever your stomach feels better, ok? The orange juice was all over the floor, but you need to stay hydrated.” Katsuki felt his cheeks flush, so he grunted and covered his face with both hands. Deku laughed. “Don't be embarrassed, Kacchan. I’ve even seen you take a poop before.” Katsuki groaned loudly and threw the blankets over his face feeling it burn in embarrassment. Deku laughed hard from the bottom of his stomach, and the mirth that filled the room made Katsuki’s heart pound against his ribcage. He wondered why this nerd was still trying to get closer to him after all those years, and still cared about him from a distance, even when Katsuki had always been a dick to him. The blonde peeked over the covers and found Deku’s massive green eyes staring directly at him.

“I am sorry.” He mumbled with much difficulties and a husky voice, and Deku’s eyes widened.

“Don't be. And don't talk. That won't make you any good.” Deku stroked Katsuki’s hair with his fingers, and the blonde hid under the blankets once again so that he could cover his flushed face. “You won't stop shivering, will you?” He didn't confirm nor denied it, but Deku was right. He was still cold, and for some undetermined reason his whole body was shaking uncontrollably, lips parted just enough for him to breathe through his mouth. Katsuki held his breath when he felt the weight of Deku’s body climbing over him and laying on his bed. Deku laid on top of the blankets, while Katsuki was still buried under them. The other boy moved around for a bit until he accommodated to a comfortable position, spooning the blonde from behind. “Ok. Let's see if this helps.” he whispered, and it took Katsuki at least twenty seconds to ease the tension in his muscles.

He felt Deku’s warm breath caressing the back of his neck, his strong chest tightening against his back, and the rhythm of his heartbeats. Katsuki swallowed the lump in his throat and released his lower lip, which had been abused with his teeth for a while now, before letting the words come out of his mouth.

“Get inside.”

And the few seconds that took Deku to process the words made Katsuki extremely anxious.

“W–what did you say, Kacchan?”

“Fucking get inside already, Deku.”

It felt like an eternity, but suddenly the other was clumsily making his way through the layers of blankets and sliding his body under all of them. He pressed his chest against Katsuki’s back and hesitantly encircled his waist with his arms, pulling the blonde closer. Katsuki’s heart thumped painfully against his ribs, and he forced himself to control his breathing.

He must have gone insane. Yeah. The fever must have screwed his brain completely. Because there was just no other plausible explanation on why he had slowly turned over and pressed his face against the curve of Deku’s neck.

“Feels better?” his soft voice whispered and Katsuki felt the other’s Adam's apple vibrate against his lips.



Katsuki woke up to a warm feeling, but he was not sweating, nor boiling, so it couldn’t be the hell of a fever he had the last few times woken up to. It was just warm. Every single muscle in his body was as relaxed as it could be, the sound of another heartbeat that wasn't his was welcoming him to consciousness. Katsuki felt the touch of a hand caressing his back and groaned weakly, which sounded pretty much like a cat's purr.

“Are you awake?” the soft voice asked.

“Nh-nh” he denied, and would remain in denial as long as he could, so he refused to open his eyes just yet. Fuck, it had been ages since Katsuki had slept so well.

“Oh, I see. So that means you are still asleep?” Katsuki didn’t have to look at him to hear Deku’s smile in his voice.

“Mhmmh.” he confirmed.



“Silly Kacchan.” he muttered with a giggle. Katsuki felt a hand on his forehead for a few seconds, then fingers tangling through his blonde hair, pulling it back tenderly. “I have to go.” Deku said, and Katsuki’s stomach tightened. Why did he have to wake up and fucking come back to reality so soon, when the only thing he wanted was forget about it for a moment?

“Mmh..” he groaned, and Deku giggled again.

“The others will be back in a couple of hours, Kacchan, you'll survive.” but Katsuki was not complaining about being left alone. Katsuki was complaining because Deku’s warmth was about to leave his bed. Those were two different things. “You don't have a temperature anymore. Take a shower and eat something, okay? Aizawa-sensei won't let you skip the training tomorrow and you are going to need energy.”

“Mmh...” that was his failed attempt to shut the nerd up.

“You can come back to sleep later, but for now...” and at sensing Deku’s intention to stand up, Katsuki tightened the hold around his waist and the entanglement of their legs. Deku laughed again. “Kacchan... I have to go. I need to be at the front door to meet the others for my training in about forty minutes.” the fingers came back to his hair, then caressed his face, and Katsuki resisted the urge to tilt his head and kiss them. Deku sighed. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” he murmured, and before Katsuki had time to think about what that truly meant, Deku had softly pushed him away and stepped out of the bed.

Katsuki opened his eyes, but he didn't move. He was facing the wall, and before him was the empty space that Deku had occupied only seconds ago. He didn't move a muscle, listening to Deku moving behind him, looking for his sleepers, then wearing them, drinking from the glass of water, picking something up from the floor, putting it on top of Katsuki’s desk, and stilled. Finally, he cleared his throat before speaking. “Well... see you around, I guess.” but Katsuki didn't move, didn't make a sound, just laid there and blinked at the still dark wall. Deku waited a couple of seconds for a response, before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. Only then did Katsuki release the breath he had been holding.


By the time he sat back on the common room he noticed that there was still a slightly sour smell of vomit in the air. He could bet that Deku had tried his best when cleaning the mess, but the malodour had not yet disappeared. He was too hungry not to find the sandwich delicious though, and knew very well that Ashido would most likely slap the back of his head if she found out he had been throwing up only hours ago and was now eating a huge roasted ham and mustard sandwich. But Ashido was not fucking there anyway so who cared?

“Bakugou-kun!” as if summoned by the mention of her name, the door opened and no other but Ashido Mina herself came inside. She stopped in the middle of the room and wrinkled her nose with a disgusted grimace. “What the hell is that smell? Did Kaminari arrive yet? How many times do I have to tell him not to walk around with his sweaty, dirty, stinky socks on?” Katsuki snorted.

“It's not Pikachu. I threw up.” he hadn't spoken for almost three days in a row and although his voice was still husky and his throat hurt like hell, it felt good to let a few words out after all that time.

“Oh babe!” Ashido hurried to his side and held his face between her pink hands, examining him for any signs of fever. For some reason Katsuki thought that it didn't feel the same way as Deku’s. “At least you have no temperature. Are you feeling better now? You weren’t too mean to Midoriya-kun, were you? You didn't fight with him again, did you?” and Ashido’s judgemental face made Katsuki angry. Did everyone assumed he would have fought Deku just because?

“No. I didn't. He left a few hours ago.”

“So, he took good care of you?” Ashido smirked like a little shit and Katsuki just growled and concentrated on his sandwich. “I am glad~” she singsonged, and laid against the armrest of the couch, dropping her legs over Katsuki’s lap, who quickly smacked them off.

She clicked her tongue and readjusted herself to lay comfortably, and started telling Katsuki all about the training session. She talked about the quick travel by bus, how tired she was, how the other students had asked about Katsuki, how Kaminari had tripped over himself in front of everybody, how Aizawa-sensei had scolded Kirishima and Sero for not taking the training seriously… at some point during her monologue Katsuki was back to his own thoughts and the memories of a warm bed. Deku’s hand caressing his back, his hair, his soft breath against his face.

He felt stupid and disgusting for sounding just like a school girl in a shoujo manga, but for once he didn’t have the will to fight against it. Katsuki had been so lost in thought that Ashido was fast asleep and snoring loudly the next time he looked at her. Suddenly, the door opened with a bang and the outrageous voice of fucking Kirishima Eijirou made both of them jump.

“Where is he?! Bakugou Katsuki! Where...? Ah! There he is! There he is!” Eijirou was covering his mouth and nose with one of those white masks you can get in a pharmacy, but what really got Katsuki’s attention was that half of the students from his class were standing under the doorframe of the common room, and they were all wearing those masks as well.

“What the fuck?” murmured Katsuki.

“YAH! Dude! Just take him to his room!” Kirishima shouted, pushing Kaminari into the common room.

“No way! You do it!” Kaminari ran back to where the rest were standing, but Kirishima kicked him with his foot at the same time as Sero pushed him back. “Hey bastards!”

“No, man! You knew the deal! We've played a game, and you lost. Now lock him!”

“Let's make another game, the worst of three does it!”

“No!” Sero pushed him again and Kaminari waved his hands comically.

“Jirou! Help me!” but Kirishima was standing in front of Jirou, blocking the door, and for the look on the girl’s face she had no intentions whatsoever of helping him anyway.

Ashido looked at Katsuki, her sleepy face asking for an explanation. Katsuki shrugged and turned his attention back to the bunch of idiots struggling under the door frame.

“Oi! Fuckers! What is going on?” he felt a piercing pain across his throat, but ignored it.

“YAH! DENKI! DO IT NOW!” Kirishima kicked the idiot again, and Kaminari fell to his knees right before the two friends sitting on the couch.

“But Ashido can do it! She must be infected already!”

“DO IT!” and with that last shout Kaminari abruptly stood up and ran over to Katsuki’s side, pulling him from his arm and dragging him violently towards his room's direction.

“What the fuck are you doing?! FUCKING LET GO OF ME! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?!”

“Don't try to resist! I am doing this for the wellbeing of my comrades! I am being a hero! Mother, I am doing this for you!” he shouted to the ceiling in the most dramatic possible way, and Katsuki heard the others laughing their asses off from down the corridor.

“Oi, bastard! Stop pulling my shirt! What the hell is going on?”

“Bakugou-san, I am afraid you will have to remain under quarantine until further notice.” he said, before pushing Katsuki into his room.

“Quarantine? What the fuck?” he turned to look at Kaminari with his most terrifying face, but instead of his friend he just found his door being closed with a bang.

“I am sorry! This is for the common good!” he said from the other side.

“What the fuck does that mean?!”

“Go and shower you idiot!” Kirishima shouted. “And Mina, you should do it too.”

“I’m going! I’m going!” Katsuki heard Kaminari’s quick steps as he ran towards the bathroom's direction. He could hear Ashido’s voice from the other side, but he couldn't understand what she was saying. Then Kirishima. Then Ashido again.

“What the fuck is going on?!” the blonde shouted.

“Bakugou-kun!” that was Ashido. “I am going to take a shower now, I'll talk to you later.”

“Now she is also running away, fucking fantastic.” Katsuki murmured. “HAIR-FOR-BRAINS! Explain to me what the hell is happening!” he tried to open the door but the assholes had placed some object on the other side, making it impossible for him to open it. “LET ME OUT OF HERE!”

“Stop being so noisy, jeez!” Sero dared to open his stupid mouth. Why the hell was he telling Katsuki to stop making noise when they were the ones that appeared out of nowhere, making a scene and turning the quiet and calm dorm into a jungle?


“Hey man, what’s up?” greeted his asshole of a friend, and his casual tone made Katsuki even angrier than he was before.

“To hell with your fucking ‘hey man’. Speak. Now.”

“Uhm… we went to see Midoriya before coming back here, you see? Mina was too worried about you though, but we just couldn't wait to hear all about how you were a total brat and kicked poor Midoriya out of the dorms. And we really wanted to make fun of you, you know, the normal stuff.” Katsuki clenched his fists. So that's why Ashido had asked him about Deku as soon as she arrived, because the fucking idiots had probably spent the whole journey talking about the many ways in which Katsuki had blown up Deku’s ass. “But when we arrived at their training camp, Uraraka-chan told us Midoriya wasn't feeling too well and that she was worried he wouldn’t endure the whole training session. I mean the thing is pretty intense, man. Anyway, when we walked in to see him…” he laughed stupidly. “He had this awful face and couldn't speak a single word. He even had snot hanging from his nose man, just like you had a few days ago. At least we laughed for a long while.”

“Deku is sick?” Katsuki sat crossed-leg on the floor, staring at the closed door.

“He is not only sick, dude. He is an awful mess.” Kirishima laughed again. “The worst part is that the poor Midoriya cannot quit the training now, so he will have to endure it until the end.”

“Yeah, and he told us that you didn't shout at him or anything, what happened to you Bakugou? You are not fun anymore.” Sero said.

“Shut up ass-tape!” Katsuki shouted, slamming his hand against the door. “So... he is still in training now?”

“Yeah, looks like he will be there at least until midnight, man. That sucks!”

“I see...”

“That's why we decided to put you under quarantine, because you are the source of the flu and we cannot catch it now. Not in the middle of such a busy schedule.”

“But I am better now, dickface! So, what’s the point?”

“Well tell that to Midoriya! Aizawa-sensei agreed on letting you rest for another day. And we promise you we will bring you medicines.”

“And food and water if you behave.” Sero said, and Katsuki just wished he could open the door if not only to smack his fist against that idiot’s face.

“Hey Bakugou.” Satou said. “Just take some rest and get better.” What the fuck? How long had that one been out there for? “I am going downstairs now guys, this was fun. And Kaminari?”

“He went to hit the showers.”

“That's fine then. I will see you later guys.”

“Yeah, see you later man.”

“Bye dude!” Sero said last.

Katsuki grunted and crossed his arms, gazing at the ceiling and trying to come up with a strategy to get himself out of there. In reality, he could just easily explode the door, or the whole wall for that matter, but Katsuki had already gotten in troubles for mistreating the school properties. Moreover, now that he was finally feeling better from the flu, he didn't want to miss the rest of the training week just because he had been stupid enough to get himself in detention again. When looking around the room he caught sight of the untroubled object resting on his desk. Katsuki smirked.

“Hey! Kirishima!”

“Yeah man?”

“I still got your laptop in here, y'know?” and a long silence followed Katsuki’s words, only to be broken by the excessively loud chuckles of Sero.

“...Idiot! ...Idiot!” he managed between guffaws.

“Shit! No. Shit, shit, shit. Sero, please, you have to lend me your laptop.” but Sero just kept laughing obnoxiously. “Sero! Man! I am begging you!”

“No way, dude! I am so using it tonight.”

“That's not true! You told me you were going straight to sleep, let me borrow it!”

“I said no!”


Katsuki stopped paying attention to the idiots outside and went to lay face up on his bed, spreading his arms to both sides and looking at the ceiling.

So Deku was sick, huh? Not only sick but like disgustingly sick. And it was most likely his fault.

Katsuki wondered if the reason might have been the glass of water they had shared, or Deku's contact with his vomit, or maybe the fact that the two had been breathing the same air for hours like a pair of morons. Katsuki slapped his forehead and closed his eyes. He hadn't considered, not even for a second, the possibility of infecting Deku with his flu. Hence why he had closed the distance between them as much as he was able to, and on top of that he had shamelessly enjoyed it.

Always the stupid, inconsiderate and ungrateful Bakugou Katsuki. Although it wasn't like Deku had thought about that either, was it? The nerd was just as guilty as he was. Katsuki sighed deeply. If only his stupid friends hadn't locked him in the room...

“Hey.” but nobody answered. “Hey!” he threw the first thing within reach against the closed door.

“What?” Sero asked, so the assholes were still out there.

“Let me out of here!”


“Come on idiot, I am not going to infect you! Just let me out!”

“You are a captive princess now, Bakugou. You are going nowhere.” Katsuki buffed.

“At least let me take my phone!” a long silence followed, but right before Katsuki started to shout again he heard Kaminari's voice.

“Where is it?” So the idiot was now back from his emergency shower.

“I don't know, somewhere in the common room I think. Just let me look for it.”

“Hah! Good try, dude. You will not trick this genius called Kaminari Denki.” Katsuki heard Kirishima's laugh at the other side.

“Oi! Come on assholes, then look for it yourselves! But give me my goddamn phone!”

“Aren't you guys being a little too harsh on him?” Ashido asked, which meant that she was also back with the others.

“Nope.” Katsuki just wished he could grab Kaminari's slim neck between his hands. “It must be somewhere around there, let's just go take a look.” for the noise he heard, Katsuki assumed that someone had left he corridor to go back to the common room, while the others stayed guarding the door. He stood from his bed and paced around the room, checking in case he had left his phone there somewhere, but Katsuki was ninety nine percent sure he had taken it with him to the common room earlier. If only that fucking Pikachu hadn't dragged him to his room in a rush...

“I've found it!” quick steps ran across the corridor, stopping in front of his door.

“Good! Now give it to me!” silence. “Oi! Fuckers!”

“Shut up! We are trying to think!” the four idiots were muttering something unintelligible that Katsuki was not able to hear.

“Think about what, fuckface? Just open the door and give me my goddamn phone!”

“There is no way we are opening that door for the next twenty-four hours, man. Sorry!”

“Then what, geniuses? Are you planning on dropping it from the fourth floor and have me catch it through the window?” silence. And Katsuki slapped his forehead once again because he could totally sense the idiotic faces of his stupid friends smiling at each other after finding the brilliant idea they were all looking for. Why couldn't he just shut his big goddamn mouth for once?

“We are going to look for a basket, just give us ten minutes and then open the window!” and they all ran away from his door, giggling like a bunch of seven years old.

“Why the fuck is this happening to me?”


Katsuki had to stop for a second and take his time contemplating the brilliant device his friends had come up with so that they could hand him his phone. And please notice that he just couldn't be any more sarcastic when saying the word “brilliant”.

“What in the actual the fuck?” he asked himself.

Balancing in front of his face was one of those All Might action figures, embracing the mobile phone between his plastic arms, which had been wrapped in sellotape. There was a rope made out of shoelaces all tied to one another, circling the doll's head which presented a very disturbing image of All Might hanging himself.

“Wasn't it easier just to put it in a bag, morons?!” shouted Katsuki, sticking his head out of the window and looking up, finding Ashido, Kirishima, Sero and Kaminari all looking down at him from fucking Half-and-Half's window. Kaminari the one holding the shoelaces end. How the hell did they get in? Fucking strawberry shortcake wasn’t even in the dorms, since he was scheduled for training. So how the fuck did they get in there?

“Yeah! Easier indeed, but less fun!” and the four of them laughed like the bunch of idiots they were. Katsuki rolled his eyes and grabbed the All Might figure, ripping the 'rope' from Kaminari's hold, and closing the window. It took him fifteen minutes to finally set his phone free from the unnecessary and exaggerated amount of sellotape. If only the assholes put the same amount of dedication on serious stuff…

He lifted the action figure to his eye level, and All Might smiled at him. The stupid thing reminded him so much of fucking Deku, and for a moment right there Katsuki could have sworn that the doll actually laughed at him. He threw the thing across the room, haphazardly losing it somewhere, and laid on his back to start playing on his phone.

It took him another fifteen minutes to ultimately open the contacts list and hesitate around Deku's name lighting up the screen. He opened and closed the list several times, scrolling down to find the name then scrolling back up again. Calling Deku was a terrible idea anyway, since neither of them could properly talk and the conversation would not only be awkward as fuck but unintelligible, so he finally pressed the text message option on the screen. He hesitated for another fifteen minutes, writing 'hi' like a thousand times, only to delete it right after. He felt stupid, but what the hell was he supposed to say? The mere idea of talking to Deku was so nerve wracking, and for God's sake! It was fucking Deku! He should be able to talk to his childhood friend without feeling a lump in his stomach, just like he had done it all his life! But the truth was that Katsuki had never texted Deku before.

I heard you are sick.”

And after long minutes just staring at it, he decided that it was the best thing he could come up with. But as soon as he pressed 'send' he completely regretted it. “No! No, no, no, no. Shit. Fuck! Shit.”

Nerd” he hurried to add on a second message.

And there he was, sitting on his bed. Playing with Kirishima's laptop, pretending he wasn't looking at his mobile phone every twenty-three seconds to see if the light on the top blinked eventually. But the damn light just wouldn't blink. And Katsuki unlocked the phone a few times, or more like a few hundred, to double check just in case a message had come through and the light had simply decided to stop fucking working. But nothing was received. And by the time Katsuki's frustration was making him want to pull at his hair, the little device vibrated and the light appeared right where it was supposed to be.

Yup. Guess I wasn't careful enough ^^'' you feeling better?

Katsuki felt sweat all over his palms, and rubbed them against the blankets.

Yes, but the assholes I have for friends locked me in my room. Quarantine or some shit. Fucking unbelievable.”

Hahaha. Can't really say it surprises me. But I'm glad you are feeling well, Kacchan.”

Thank you.” “Thank you? What the fuck am I saying?” he asked himself out loud.

Did you eat? ^^”

Yes. You still at training?”

Yes TT. Can't go back to the dorms until 12 but i'll survive ^^”


Don't feel sorry Kacchan, it wasn't your fault~”

What the fukc deku?? whos fcking sorry im not sorry you fucikng nerdc”

Katsuki didn't care about the typos, and just threw his phone on the bed, growling into his hands. He waited for a couple of minutes, and even though they had been texting each other back and forth only a minute ago, Deku's response just wouldn't come. He finally couldn't resist his anxiety any longer, and took the phone to type another message hurriedly, before he could regret it.

i didn't think you'd get sick”

And he threw the phone back over the bed, and sat on his desk to play some game in the laptop. But he was fooling no one, since all his attention was on the phone lying next to him.

Finally, the annoying device vibrated and the screen lighted up.

I wouldn't mind catching a thousand colds if I were to catch them all like this.”

Katsuki blinked. Once. Then twice. He couldn't ignore the lump in the pit of his stomach tightening. He so desperately wanted to ask, “what do you actually mean by that???” but he kept it to himself.

If I wasn't fucking locked...”

He typed at last, not sure how that sentence was supposed to end.

If I was there we would probably be put in quarantine together ^^”
“You know what, Kacchan? Your bed is worryingly comfortable.”

Katsuki thought it through. He did. He really fucking did. But in the end, he didn't give a fuck any more, and just pressed the ‘send’ button.

It was warmer with you in here.”

No response was received for the next ten minutes, and Katsuki thought a million different ways of getting over this very uncomfortable situation. Most of them involved him running away to Canada. Why Canada? Well, who the hell would look for fucking Bakugou Katsuki in Canada?

Kacchan, are you sleepy?”

“Are you fucking serious?!” he looked at the screen in disbelief when the answer finally came.

“Man! What are you talking about?” Kirishima shouted from the other side, but Katsuki didn't reply. Were the idiots still out there? Regardless, at that moment Katsuki just couldn't think about anything else, just reading Deku's message on his phone over and over again. What the fuck was he supposed to say now? He was very tempted to throw the phone through the window and curse fucking Midoriya Izuku's sin into the deep night, but finally opted for a quick reply.


And that was everything Katsuki would give him. “Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this nerd?” Katsuki clenched his teeth, and his annoying friends kept asking him from the other side of the door just who the hell was Katsuki talking to. But he did not reply.

Would you wait for me until I'm back?”

Katsuki's mouth went dry, his heart pounding heavily against his chest.


Good ^^”


Nobody had ever felt two hours could last so long. Katsuki had sat on his bed staring at the closed door for the whole time. He read the conversation on his phone enough times to memorise it. It didn't matter how many times he wondered if this had really happened, or if maybe he had a fever again, or if maybe he had fallen asleep, because every time he looked at the phone the words were still there, lighting his face up in the dark room.

Sero went to bed at eleven thirteen. Kirishima had been playing with the other's laptop since then. Kaminari had come to pick something from his friend's bedroom at eleven twenty seven. Kirishima went to pee at eleven thirty six. It was four to twelve when someone walked down the corridor again and stopped in front of his door. Katsuki's heart skipped a beat, but it was only Ashido this time. She talked to Kirishima until twelve fifteen. Kirishima laughed at something she said. Ashido giggled. They may have kissed at some point. Katsuki made a face. Every second was more painful than the previous one, and the more he looked at his clock the slower the minutes went by. Twelve twenty three and no signs of Deku yet. Katsuki wondered if he should text him, if maybe he forgot, or if maybe he had gone straight to his room because he was feeling too sick. Ashido left, and Kirishima went to his room at twelve thirty two, carrying the laptop with him. And Katsuki felt like a fucking idiot for staying awake.

The clock struck sixteen to one when he heard movement at the other side of the door. Someone swore, but he didn't recognize the voice. Whoever was out there was moving whatever it was the idiots had placed in front of his door to block it, and Katsuki felt nervous, anxious, excited, then the door opened and a freckled face appeared through the doorway. Once they made eye contact, Deku hurriedly sneaked into the room and closed the door behind him.

“Your friends are really witty. They put the common room's couch in front of your door.”

“I told you I was put in quarantine for good.” they both whispered, and a few seconds of a very awkward silence followed Katsuki's words, until he dared to speak again. “Hi nerd.” the blonde said.

“Hi, Kacchan.” replied the other boy, a shy smile adorning his face.

“I didn't hear you coming.”

“I tried to be quiet, you know? Everyone must be sleeping already.” Deku rubbed the back of his head, looking everywhere but at Katsuki, while Katsuki just couldn't take his eyes off him.

“Did you eat something already?” Deku nodded. And Katsuki muted a “Good” that sounded more like a grunt.

“Sorry that I came so late.” he murmured, but Katsuki heard him just fine.

“Whatever, I wasn't sleepy anyway. And I've been... you know, playing around.” he lied.

“Good.” and the awkward silence was back.

Katsuki forced the gears in his brain to work. Fast. How the fuck did they overcome the awkwardness before? Deku had come and touched his face, helped him out of bed, made lunch for him, did all the efforts because Katsuki was utterly feeling like shit... and now Deku was standing before him, just barely breathing, his eyes were swollen and his nose was red from blowing it too much. It was Katsuki's turn to say, 'to hell with the awkwardness' and fucking make things right. For once.

“You look like shit. Let's just go to sleep.” he said, and Deku finally looked at him, smiling like the fucking sun. He wasn't wearing a jumper, only a plain blue t-shirt and a pair of grey sweats, while Katsuki wore his usual black tank top and some sweats himself. Deku hesitated for a second, before approaching the bed with small steps, bare feet sliding softly over the carpet.

“Should we...” but before he could finish whatever he was about to say, Katsuki climbed into the bed and hid under the covers. When he felt the presence of the other next to the bed, the blonde lifted the covers so that Deku could get inside. Once settled, they both stayed still in the deep dark room, trying not to breathe too hard, trying not to move too fast. A thousand thoughts crossed Katsuki's mind. What to do? How to do it? Could he? Could he not? But then he felt Deku's hesitant fingers slightly brushing his under the blankets, and that was just the boost he needed to turn on his side and encircle Deku's waist with his arms, bringing the boy closer until he was fully pressed against his body. Deku immediately grabbed the blonde's tank top with both hands and looked up, trying to find his face in the darkness even though his eyes weren't used to it yet.

“I don't want you to get worse because of me...” Deku whispered, and Katsuki realised their faces were closer than he thought they were, Deku's breath warm against his chin.

“What do you mean?” he whispered back.

“Y–you know... You are finally recovering and I... I just caught the flu. I d–don't want to be the reason you catch it again.”

“Stop worrying.” Katsuki lowed his head, his eyes finally meeting Deku's green ones in the darkness. “I wouldn't mind catching a thousand colds if I were to catch them all like this.” he echoed Deku's words from before, and slowly lowered his head just enough to make their lips touch for the first time.