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The nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say

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It was fairly obvious what Chuck had meant, but that didn’t mean Raleigh couldn’t have fun with his blunder.

Well, that is one way of taking my mind off things though.

They’d met through Mako and at first Raleigh had wanted to punch the kid and it wasn’t too long before they had ended up rolling around the floor throwing actual punches. Mako had pickpocketed both of their phones, exchanged their numbers and refused to talk to either of them until they apologised and acted civil toward one another.

“You don’t have to be friends.” She had said. “Just please refrain from violence when you are around each other.”

Raleigh was the first to send a message in the attempt to make peace and Chuck eventually responded with a stiff and sarcastic response. It wasn’t the greatest start but at least he had actually responded. They didn’t form an instant bromance and their replies were few and short to begin with. But they would send the odd message occasionally; Chuck usually complained about something or Raleigh would send terrible jokes just to get a reaction. Eventually their messages increased and brief exchanges became full on conversations.

They had been texting about finals when Chuck made his typing error; Raleigh had been stressing out about his upcoming test since it was a huge chunk of his grade. It wasn’t as if it hadn’t happened before either. They’d both been a victim of autocorrect in the past but so far nothing with this level of embarrassment.

Raleigh checked his watch. His phone had been silent for a full forty-five minutes; Chuck must have been really struggling with the witty comebacks today. Another ten minutes passed. He couldn’t have actually taken him seriously he thought. Shit, he might have. Chuck always got weirdly quiet or performed a complete u-turn in the conversation whenever the topic of sex came up. Raleigh’s boyfriends or casual flings were something he had learned to avoid since Chuck’s replies were instantly reduced to one word responses. He wasn’t homophobic, was he? Shit, shit, shit. Had he just scared him off?

Raleigh’s phone alerted him to a text.

Your place or mine?