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The nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say

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Raleigh stared down at his phone, not quite sure how to respond to the most recent text from Chuck.

I may have accidentally handcuffed myself to the stairs.

It was astounding that his genius – Chuck’s words, not his – boyfriend could display such feats of pure stupidity sometimes. A certain incident involving a broken window, some bagels and a live goat came to mind. The Wei triplets were a bad influence.


The details aren’t important!

Chuck had been sitting on the staircase when he opened the package containing his newly arrived gift to Raleigh. He had frowned at how flimsy the handcuffs looked and thought they couldn’t possibly stand up to what he had planned for Raleigh. Deciding to test them out Chuck handcuffed himself to the stair railing and gave them many rough experimental tugs.

And then he had dropped the key through the railing when he went to take them off. With yet another violent tug Chuck had come to the conclusion that the handcuffs were indeed fit for what he had originally intended to use them for.

Why do you even have handcuffs?

Max had trotted over when he heard his master roaring profanities at inanimate objects. Chuck had tried coaxing Max into retrieving the keys for him but the dog had only wagged his tail and titled his head in response. His attempts to turn Max into a rescue dog ranged from promises of treats and new toys to threatening to have him neutered. Max had ended up sitting on the keys and, because Chuck refused to come down from the stairs and play with him, eventually falling asleep on top them.

My old man is gonna be home soon!

The scene played out in Raleigh’s head: Herc returning home and laughing his ass off at the sight of his very red faced son. It was almost worth leaving Chuck to the mercy of his father, but he knew Chuck would punish him for it. He’d once made Raleigh go three weeks without so much as a touch in retaliation for allowing Yancy and Tendo to duct tape him to a table after he had passed out at one of the Wei’s parties. And all the provocative photos Chuck had sent him in those three weeks were nothing short of cruel and vindictive.

It was going to be a surprise, dickhead.

You’re not helping your case here, you know.


Raleigh could see that pleading look on Chuck’s face that had succeeded in making him give into his whims on far too many occasions and felt his will bend to Chuck’s once again. Also, he really didn’t want to go a month without sex.

I’m on my way.