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The nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say

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Unlike Chuck, Raleigh was an early riser and would usually leave him drooling on the pillow for an hour or two before Chuck finally crawled out and joined him. And even then it took a shower and coffee before he was functioning as a human being. Raleigh had become more and more fluent in Chuck’s morning grunts and had given up entirely in expecting a higher level of communication.

And then there were the mornings Chuck did not make getting out of bed an easy task for him. Raleigh always woke with Chuck’s arms wrapped around him and he would simply dislodge himself from the tangle of limbs. But sometimes Chuck’s grip would tighten like a vice and refuse to let him go and he would nuzzle into Raleigh’s and neck, placing soft kisses down to his shoulder. Raleigh would put up a half-hearted struggle and mumble things about responsibilities and obligations but he always gave in within minutes.

As Raleigh began to stir Chuck pulled him back against his chest and kissed along his neck. He was not getting out of bed this morning. He rolled over and kissed him. Chuck’s fingers brushed along his chest and down his side before coming to a stop on his hips. Raleigh’s ran his fingers through Chuck’s hair and gave the occasional gentle tug which pulled quiet moans out of him.

Chuck nipped at his bottom lip and Raleigh opened his mouth in compliance. Very few words were exchanged in these wakeup calls; they communicated through touch and taste instead. Raleigh moaned when Chuck sucked lightly on his tongue. The kisses became deeper, messier. Hands roamed all over, tracing every inch that had become so familiar. Chuck knew every part of Raleigh’s body just as well as his own; knew just where to caress, kiss and bite to draw those enthralling sounds out of him.

Chuck pushed Raleigh onto his back and climbed on top of him. He pushed Raleigh’s legs apart and slid between them and ground against him slowly. Raleigh gasped and bucked his hips into Chuck’s.

Raleigh’s hands were just sneaking into Chuck’s boxers when the sound of knocking made him freeze.

“Dad!” A muffled voice called through the door.

“Daddy!” A second joined in.

“Aw, crap.” Raleigh sighed and withdrew his hands from Chuck’s boxers causing him to let out a low growl at the loss of contact.

“We should probably–”

Chuck silenced him with a kiss. “Don’t let them in.” He continued downward, peppering Raleigh’s throat and chest with kisses.


“Just pretend we’re asleep.” he murmured between kisses. “They’ll get bored eventually. Go watch cartoons or something.”

“What if they –”

Chuck covered his mouth with his own again. “Door’s locked.”

The knocking continued. “Open up!”

“Angie’s hogging the remote!”

“Yancy’s being a dumb butt!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

There was a sound of scuffling followed by Max barking and scratching at the door. Chuck groaned and buried his face in Raleigh’s chest.

“S’not fair.” He whined.

Raleigh chuckled and stroked Chuck’s hair in an attempt to sooth. “Duty calls.”

Chuck merely grumbled incoherently into his chest and refused to let Raleigh out from under him.

“Feed the kids first.” Raleigh said. “And then…maybe we go take a shower.”

Chuck was off him and falling out of the bed in an instant. “Kids, come on, breakfast!”