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The nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say

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“He’s late.” Yancy said. He was leaning against the jeep and kicking at the dirt.

“I’m sure he’ll be here soon enough.” Raleigh replied as he rummaged around in his backpack for bug spray; he’d gone out and bought it in bulk when he found out he and Yancy were going to be doing a show in Australia. Not that he thought the bug spray would be very useful from what he had heard of the wildlife here.

“We could just leave without him. It’s not as if this is our first time staying in a hostile environment.”

“Yeah, but we’re now in a country where pretty much everything around us can and probably will try to kill us.” Not to mention that he was the one who somehow ended up with injuries on their excursions while Yancy always got through them without a scratch. “Look, there’s Mako with him now.”

A car pulled up and Mako climbed out. As always she was clutching her trusted PDA with Yancy and Raleigh’s entire lives stored at the touch of a button.

“I am sorry to keep you waiting. This is Chuck, he will be your guide.” She gestured to the man emerging from the passenger side of the car.

“Well fuck me, if it isn’t the Becket brothers.” The man said as he approached them.

Raleigh stared. “No way, you’re our guide?”

“Aw fuck.” Yancy groaned. “Of all the Australians in this country and you pick the most annoying one imaginable.”

“Fuck you, Becket one.” Chuck shot back.

Mako glanced between the three of them. “You know each other?”

“Unfortunately yes.” Yancy replied. “This asshole used to live near us back in Alaska.”

“Fuck. It’s been so long.” Raleigh continued to stare at Chuck, appreciating how much the other man had bulked up over the years. He was definitely no longer the self-conscious and awkward teenager who used to make out with him and gave him his first hand job. Chuck stared back with a predatory grin on his face. Yancy was not liking where this was going.

“We should go over the schedule once more, Mr. Becket.” Mako said gesturing to the PDA. If she had noticed the charged atmosphere between Raleigh and Chuck, she was ignoring it. Wise choice, Yancy thought, but then again she wasn’t the one who was going to be spending three weeks in the middle of nowhere with the two of them.

“Right.” Yancy reluctantly turned away and listened while Mako listed off items from their itinerary. He found it difficult to concentrate when flashbacks of walking in on Raleigh and Chuck fooling around half naked started cropping up. He had only wanted to borrow a video game, not have the image of Hansen’s ass assault his retinas.

“Since when did you become a travel show host?” Chuck flicked Raleigh’s chest. “You, of all people? I seem to remember a kid who pissed his pants when a baby bear came sniffing round our tent all those years ago.”

“I didn’t actually piss myself. And it was an adult.” Raleigh frowned. “Besides, we’re adventurers, survivalists, whatever you want to call it.”

“Whatever, I’ve seen your other shows. You guys are glorified travel guides. Your audience probably consists of tourists who’ve never set foot in anything remotely resembling actual nature.”

“Yeah well, that’s why we’re here. To show them the adventurous parts of the world most people don’t experience.”

Chuck snorted. “You got a camera crew following you around and me babysitting you.”

“You’re our guide. All you’re doing is showing us the lay of the land so we don’t get lost.”

“That isn’t adventuring, mate.” Chuck folded his arms. “Throw me out into the wilderness with nothing but a knife. Now that’s survival.”

“You know, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was an accurate description of your childhood Crocodile Dundee.” Yancy said on his return to collect his brother and their guide, and to make sure they both still had their clothes on.

“Oi, fuck off with the nicknames.” Chuck glared at him.

Oh yeah, thought Yancy, this trip was going to be so much fun.

“Still, I am glad you’re our guide.” Raleigh smiled at Chuck.

Chuck eyed Raleigh in return and took a step closer to him. “I don’t think this trip will be a complete disaster after all.”

“Mako!” Yancy called. “I want my own tent!”