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I'm Not Yours Anymore

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After sangwoo said I could go i crawl to the door as fast as I and went to the nearest store. The cashier was so nice she let me borrow her phone and called my nice uncle to pic me up by the store.

While waiting i saw Jieun past by. I felt to bad for her but I'm so thankfull that she came and change sangwoo.

*A year later*

"Daiki come on we gotta go or we're gonna be late" I pleaded

We were inside the a college and Daiki and the Generation of miracle have a game with the basketball team but unfortunately Daiki didn't wanna play so i was assigned to look after him we were ask to stay and explore a little bit in this college well I mean they do not me cause i finished college last september in Japan.

That's right in Japan my uncle earned a vit money to send me to Japan and he had a good friend of him who was so kind that he said he'd take care of my college fees all i need to do is get a good grade which i did.So you might be asking why am I going to college again, it's because Mr. Aomine asked me to look after his son Daiki for this time and so I did.


Here we are in Seoul International College we were assigned in to different class that we were ro attend for the next 2 months.

Daiki went to class and decided to leave me behind.

I started to run as fast as I can to reach the class i saw the room which we were supposed to go.I grabbed the handle and saw a guy with two guys talking to him. A girl who have her ear plugged in and a bunch of girls in the middle of the class and lastly Daiki in the top right conner beside the window sitting .

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I instantly ran to Daiki, I passed the group of girl who was surrounding a guy. Honestly that made me think of Sangwoo buuut that aside I sat down beside Daiki. "Daiki you have to play you know Ryota can't play yet he's still injured and you out of all people know that Tetsuya can't play the whole game so you have to play." I tried to convince him once again but gain not for the reply.







as always sluts be throwing themselves at me they were asking if we could grab a food at lunch.

Nothing is the same...

Not until I let him go...

I was so stupid to think that one girl could satisfy me one girl that is very pushy,picky,clingy,demading and worst of all annoying...

How could i think that , that bitch Jieun could ever be enough she's so confident that I love her she's so confident that i would never cheat on her like she was a god and I was just a follower of hers.

Well one thing she got wrong is that she thought i could never live without her.

That's fucking dumb cause not even 2 months after I let Bum go for that bitch I started to get bored and realized how much I missed him that I needed him in my side for every second of my life.

God I'm so stupid to let him go that's why next time we see each other I'm making you mine again but this time I would give you more love .

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw a guy with the same looks passed the girls who was surrounding me...

Could it be?

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*Yoon Bum*


The door opened widely to reavel a old guy and not to be mean but he was obviously wearing a wig but ignore that fact he was holding a lot of paper The guy who was surrounded by the girls stand up and walk to the old guy

The guy who was surrounded by the girls had a blonde hair like him and built body too...



Could it be...


No that can't be him


... If he wanted to find he could have put in his basement the moment he wanted to torture me...AGAIN.


Everything stopped even my breathing. My sorrounding moved at slow pace.


Everything and Everyone disappear except for him.


This is nuts that can't be him...


I think The gods must have hate me...


Why did you...


Why did you have to come...


Why now that I have a good life...


Why... WHY WHY WHY!!..


My thought were screaming so loud that I thought everyone could hear what I was thinking. The guys turned aroud look into my direction my direction only and gave a big smile ,I forced a smile out of my trembling lips...



It's him.





When I saw a black haired guy passed by the girls who was surrounding me...


Everything went flashing back from the moment when I first met him , the moments that he said he would never leave and that he loved me ...


And the moment when I told him to go.



I stood up as fast as I can but to me it seem like it was taking forever...


But I would wait I would...


Just for him..


I'd do anything to to get him back


And when I meant anything...

I mean I would kill anyone who tries to get between us.


I walked to the steps that seem so so so long and it felt like...


I was stepping into broken glasses...


But if it's for Bumie I would do it...


Cause he's worth it...


And he's the only one who can truly...


Make me happy.


The steps that seem so long was finally finished...

I have finally reached the person with black hair...


I took a deep breath and hold it in and let it out.


I was never this nervous before and i wouldn't be if it's just for anyone but it's...


Bumie so I'm fine with it.


I grabed the shoulder of the guy and when he turned aroud...


It was...

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I'm not yours anymore by unnie_is_crazy




It was Ryota

Member of generations of miracle



It was loud guy and very talkative...

Very complete opposite of Bum

What a waste of time he ain't even as beautiful as Bum.

Urgh I started to walk back to my seat just on time when this useless bitch who tired to take me home last week came in the room Disgusting; for fuck's sake she's a teacher and I'm a student.

If Bum was a teacher he would never do that.

Ah if I have a chance to take Bum home again I would do it at all cost.

Thinking about Bum sleeping beside me, eating with me or I could just eat him and still live , taking a bath with me and lastly sitting in my lap...

Oh shit my manhood couldn't take it anymore and now wants to get a taste of that sexy little as of Bum. Oh Bum where are you I need to have you here beside me.


time skip at Sangwoo's house

As soon as I got home I rushed to my bedroom and opened my closet searching for Bum's dirty undeadwear the one that he last wore before I told him to leave...

I sat down on the floor and unzipped my pants...

I put Bum's dirty underwear on my nose and started sniffing it...

Smells delicious now how would Bum smell like these days.

I started moving my hand up and down slow at first going faster and faster every time i think about Bum riding me or asking me to fuck that little pretty ass of him.




When I saw it was ryota I felt a relief wait but he's not in the same class as me and Daiki...


I walked up to him and asked him if he knows which classroom he's in, he shook his head omfl .

I told him just go home for now and we'll find out where his class is tommorrow.

Why did I agree to this I'm basically baby sitting kids.

Why you ask.

First of all there's 3 decent people in there group of seven who was the Generation of Miracles.

Who were they
Akashi Seijuro
Shintaro Midorima
And Tetsuya Kuroko.

All the rest are ... Urgh I don't know weird.

Daiki skips practice and goes to the roof top to take a nap or read some dirty magazines.Atsushi always gets lost and when hungry he could to me and eats my cheek ... I know weird.Taiga eats 50x more than me and freaggin tall af.Ryota as you guys now is alway surrounded by girls and because of that he always gets lost and he sometimes act like a girl too.


Oh lord save me

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It was lunch this morning passed like it was a bullet train so fast and powerful why you ask because it drain my brain so bored anyways I'm on my way to the cafeteria walking with the generations of miracles.


They're so beautiful I feel like I shouldn't be with them.

We were going inside and a guy who claimed to me Ryouta's new friend invited us to their table. Ryouta told him that we'd go sit with him and his friends after we buy our lunches. He sat down to a table which had a lot of peopl urgh people in them but as soon as he sat down the girls started to call him names and such and the guy with blond hair just makes it worst by saying "yeah why you so ugly"

Is it really ok to sit with them...


But then again he might just want a actual friend to sit with him.

Not friends who makes fun of you and all you could do was laugh...

Daiki got his lunch first and rushed to the guy who claimed to be ryouta's friend. I got mine and followed Daiki. The blonde dude still makes fun of the guy so I grab his shoulder and...




We were at the cafeteria and Jimin as always trying to fit in with us which annoyed to the bone so I always call him ugly and he never really denies it and just laughed at it so he can fit more in.

That is until I felt a frail hand grabbed my shoulder



Bum grabbed his shoulder and

the person turned aroud....


It was Bum's worst nightmare



The older man spoke with confidence even though he was shaking...


"Not because you're good looking that doesn't mean that you can call people ugly"

But Sangwoo could not hear him he can't because he basically went off to his own fantasy world where he and Bum would meet again.


He went back when a girl tried to grab Bum by his hair.Sangwoo was bout to stop the girl before he could reach Bum but a light brown arms stopped the girl's attempt to hurt Bum which annoyed Sangwoo.


"Dare it and you'll reget it" said the tall brown guy with his dark blue eyes that could send someone running in any second looked at Jieun


That action annoyed Sangwoo even more than he was already annoyed.

"And who might you be?" Asked Jieun with a digusted voice

"The one who might just rip out you and your fake lashes bitch" said the tall blue haired guy

"Jieun enough Bum was right in the first place" said Sangwoo trying to hide his anger behind his so called flashing smile


"Long time no see, is this the way you treat your old roommate now?...Bum" said Sangwoo facing the tiny older man

"If you weren't being mean to Jimin then I might have greeted you with a smile" said the shaking Bum which sent a weird erection into his manhood.

Time have passed for quite awhile they fixed their problem and Sangwoo and his hyenas apologized to Bum and Jimin.

Right before the lunch end Sangwoo asked Bum to talk to him which Bum did not agree but was scared for his life to even say anything and Sangwoo took that as a yes so.


"Come to my house or I will kill your friends" he whispered softly but deadly to Bum's ear which he agreed with no hesitation.


They arrived at Sangwoo's car ,Bum was obviously gonna sit in the passenger's seat but what was weird is how Sangwoo opened the door for him.


'He probably want to look like a gentlemen in front of the people who's watching right now" Bum thought but he thought wrong because as soon Sangwoo started the car...


He made Bum took of his pants and leave him in his underwear.


He was rubbing Bum's thigh

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ㄴ Bum ㄱ


I could feel Sangwoo's warm breath in my manhood it has been nearly an hour since Sangwoo have pushed me into this position yet he hasn't hit me or throw me to the basement. I gather all my strength to speak up.


"Wh--at d-do yo--u want?" i asked trying to sound mad but it came out as scared


"What do I want?" he repeated my question

"I want you but this time I'm gonna make sure that you will never ever leave me again"

What i never left you told me to leave you crazy pysco !!!! As i open my mouth Sangwoo saw a opportunity to pushed his light pink lips to mine.

My mouth was forced to open by his tongue at first he was moaninv I mean moaning a lot as he enter my mouth he began exploring my body he starts with my shoulder to my back and one of his hands started to pump his .... *gulp* giant cock , his hand went to my thigh to my ass lasting i knew Samgwoo has open the door to the room and started tying my knees and wrist together.


Sangwoo looked satisfied with me tied up.He went to the kitchen and came back with IS THAT BUTTER !!! HOLY WHAT THE HELL IS THIS .


Sangwoo started to put the butter in the rim of my ass

"Sang--wo-o wha-t are you do-doing" i asked

"Getting you ready silly" he said sounding like a child

One of his hand forced my mouth open he began exploring my mouth as the a other hand continue to play with my ass.

One of his finger went in my ass just like that guys this is the power of butter and then another .

After the second finger he crawl up while his fingers were still inside me.He has reached my mouth he looks, i don't know he has lust in his eyes but he looks gentle too what the hell is happening

"Ah~~!!" he started to open both of his finger with that he rushed to my mouth and explore it once again


After more than 10 minutes of playing with my ass and my mouth he said

"You're ready" no no I'm not funk you do you know how big your manhood is

"Sangwoo-sshi please please let me go" i pleaded but nothing happens according to my plan instead i got this as a response

"Say my name again" with that he pushed inside me just like that


Thrust thurst thrust thrust thurst ,he thrusted none stop he didn't even give me time to adjust he just kept thrusting


"SangAH!!!!-Sangwoo!!" i screamed hoping he woud stop but no he didn't.

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His hard manhood is still inside me...

My back hurts...

I'm out of energry...

We started 5 hours ago...

He came more than 3 times now...

I lost count how many times I've cum...

Yet he's still thrusting...

Like he doesn't want to stop...

He's smiling...

Like a crazy idoit...

Who just won a lottery...

I hope he stops now...

He slowly...

Took his manhood out...

Faced me with a bright smile...

"Bum does it feel good" he asked

'No you crazy pyscho it doesn't feel good' that's what my brain says but I know and you know that I can't say that he'll kill me if I do

"Yes..." he looked at me with a more bright smile.He slowly kissed my forehead with such a tender and loving expression ... I think?

"Bum promise me you'll stay with me forever" he said

'Who the hell would want to stay with you pyscho' I thought, I wanna answer him honestly this time.

"And if I don't promise?" I asked I know it's a stupid question but as I said it's stupid so i did it anyways.

"Then I will kill everyone who knows you so that I will be the only one left, then we can stay together forever" he smiled


" then I'll just stay then" He smiled and pulled me more closer to him not that he could pull me more closer to him I'm like taped to him already.

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what the hell, why the hell would you even ask when you're gonna leave me with no choice anyway.

"Sangwoo I'll make a deal with you," I said he looked at me with amused eyes I don't know if I should continue this because we already know that this man who's holding me right now is a crazy serial killer.

" what kind of deal are me making Bum?" he smiled in the most disturbing way as possible.

"I'll play this game of yours and I will stay with you forever IF you will let me go outside the house" His smile disappeared and soon his eyes became dark he looked at me with those dark eyes of his.

" and If you disobey?" he asked voice was stern and dark I held my head up high to show none of my fear.

"That is for you to decide" my voice was loud and clear and there was no sign of fear in it. Then a smile formed in that disgusting lips of his again.

"Then if you disobey I will kill everyone you know and every person who talked to you " he smiles, my throat became dry if I said no then I'll be stuck here forever an never be able to see the light of the outside world just like before.

"Bum there's no need to rush I can wait, tell me when you finally decide" he went to the washroom with that evil smile of his.


*Next Day*


I woke up early and started to make breakfast for me and Daiki. I took out a pan and looked for an egg in the fridge I saw it on the side of the fridge door and saw a bacon laying there I took both out and started making breakfast. Everything was done until I realized that I'm not in the apartment we rented, then it hit me and it hit me had, I was taken by Sangwoo, as I was about to throw the food out I heard the door being opened so I went to the door to see the man that I hated the most Oh Sangwoo.



I saw bum holding a plate and food were in the table he looked at me while I looked at him unknowingly a smile formed in my lips I walked to him and held his shoulder I didn't even know that I was kissing him until I felt the sweet lips of him

" so does this mean you agree to the deal that we both arrange yesterday?"

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should I say yes but if I say yes then I wrong move that I do will get everyone who's important to me killed and I will suffer more...

But if I don't agree I will not have any more freedom.

"yes" I unknowingly said without even thinking.

"Great" his smile was priceless but I've seen those smile, those beautiful smile that could turn into a deadly grin in one second. I placed down the plates on the table and sat in opposite of sangwoo. He looked at me for a moment then spoke.
"Bum come here sit on my lap," he said, I obeyed and started making my way to him. I soon reached him and sat on his lap.

He pulled my food closer to us.

"Bum what are you doing start eating silly" he sounds so childish but I no longer thrust those emotions that he shows to me because I know, hell I hope everyone knows how he really is.

I started eating, I could feel his eyes on me watching every move that I make, should I ask him or just leave it.?

Nah screw it YOLO,

"Sangwoo why are you staring?" I asked because you know what YOLO

"Ah you caught me, you just look beautiful I can't take my eyes off of you," he said but while he was saying that he was grinding on me, soon I realized he was hard like HARD, he kept grinding, I didn't know what to do.

This feeling, I can't explain it but I'm not letting this get into waste. I kept grinding on Bum so he could feel how hard he's making me just by sitting on my lap. I grabbed bum's arm and rushed him upstairs.

I took off my pants and underwear at the same time, my dick sprang out it bounces a bit and Bum's mouth slightly opened, he just had this inside him this morning and it's going in him again ha.

Bum got a hint of what we're about to do and started undressing but I stopped. I slowly pushed his pants and underwear down, it showed his not hard cock and that didn't sit well with me so I took it to my mouth and worked my tongue around it, bum wasn't big, to be honest, he's really tiny. I started to bob my head and my hands worked itself into Bum's now hard nipples, then bum went crazy he started moaning really loud like as if he was screaming but he was screaming in pleasure.

"San..woo cum, gonna cum, GONNA CUM, AHHHHHHH" He came in my mouth I didn't mind it he was a pure sweet. He was panting I think he thinks we're done but sorry love I'm just getting started.

I work my tongue in his ass without spilling any of his cum. I drenched his ass with his own cume and started spitting him, I opened his ass and spilled his cum inside him his eyes were wide open. I stand up on my knees and pushed my wet cum dripping dick inside him, he had his mouth wide open so i took this opportunity to push my tongue inside him,his eyes were already rolled back to his head before I even started thrusting inside him. But this got me more turned on so without going easy i started to thrust fast and deep to bum, his moans were muffled in my mouth , my hand itself still hadnt move from his nipples but my other worked it ways to his other nipple now Bum was just a moaning mess. I keep thrusting till I felt this so good spot, Bum pushed me and started screaming.

"Ah ah ah more more MoRe" he screamed want more? Fine ok my love.

I took my hand off his nipples and held his waist but i pushed my mouth back to his. I started working on my pace and i kept going faster and faster.

"SAnGWoo, I'm gonna cum again stop" he said but was muffled by my mouth sorry love i want to milk you dry. He soon came spurting on our stomach but i didn't stop me from chasing my own organasm i kept going till I came inside him but I didn't stop i kept pushing deeper to him. I wait for a while till i finally pulled out. Then Bum stood up making his way to the shower.

"Where are you going?" I asked

"To the shower to clean myself" he did with the duh tone then i couldn't help it but to laugh.

"Bum were not done. We still have to do it in the couch, the table,the sink, the window, outside and in the car you know"

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I'm in Sangwoo's lap we were watching a tv show. His hands were in my thighs just slowly stroking it up and down, he suddenly stopped so I looked at him.

"Like that Bum?" He asked and continue stoking my thigh but now also nipping on my neck.

"Oh Bum I want us to do something new" he said, whatever this new thing is when it comes to Sangwoo I know it won't be good so I give him my attention and looked at him.

"I want to film us having sex" his hands are now in the inside of my thigh I don't know how to react I don't know if I should just agree to avoid being beaten, oh why am I even thinking about this he won't give me a choice anyway.

"Whatever you say Sangwoo" I smiled at him and held his hand that was in my thigh planning to move it away from my thigh.

"Great now we should set up the bedroom" he cheerfully said dragging me to the bedroom with him

He went to the cabinet to get something then I hear shuffling then he returned with a big duffel bag that was obviously filled with something.He opened it to only reveal a great amount to toys, when I say toys I mean sex toys, there was a dildo that was as big as Sangwoo's, there was this bullet vibrator, a rabbit vibrator, egg vibrators and bunch of dildos that's the same size or bigger than Sangwoo's.

"Bum come here" he said he was sitting down on the edge of the bed with his pants down and just his manhood in open. I came to him and he passed an oil and me this egg vibrator and a approximately 12 or more inches rabbit dildo.


"Put them on" his eyes were filled with excitement and happiness, I don't know whether to be relieved that he's happy or to be scared because he's happy. But soon I had to put the oil on my ass because I stil want to live I don't want him to kill me. But before I could even slide a finger in he stopped me and pulled me to lap once again, he climbed to the bed to be able to lay down on the bed. He pointed at his face and I looked at him confused, waiting for instruction.

"Do it on my face" he said and grabbed the camera that was from the duffel bag and turned it on and was getting ready to film what I was about to do. I did what I was asked. I played with myself right in front of Sangwoo inserting finger per finger till I had three fingers on me. I looked at Sangwoo and he was drooling he was pumping his manhood hard and fast but he ain't coming.


He handed me the egg vibrator, he was telling me to use it I slowly took my fingers out and replaced it with the egg vibrator, Sangwoo took the controller and put it into the highest I felt my whole body shaking my legs giving up wanting to have a rest but Sangwoo's legs caught me, my eyes were closing when I felt a warm hands around mahood, I opened my eyes and here was Sangwoo with camera still in his hands while the other hand pushed him up and was now pumping my manhood hard

"SangwooOOO NOOO I-I-ima-ah ah come if-ha ha ha keep doing thath" I told him and his smiles just got bigger,he moved that camera that was focus on my face to my manhood that's really hard and shaking from the stimulation that it was getting.


"Bum forgetting something?" His hand was gone and back in a flash but with the rabbit dildo this time.

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I woke up with a banging headache, what did we do last night? oh, right we fucked till dawn. I put my hand to the side to only feel a muscular arm, he's still here? what time is it? I felt a sudden movement, which caught my attention I looked over to see this blonde man openly staring at me.

"You look good in those love marks, " he said I turn my attention to my body to only see hickeys close to my hips and my collarbone full of them too

"Sangwoo get up we have class I'll make our breakfast and we can get going," I said trying to get up from the bed, I made my way to the bathroom not caring that I had no clothes on

as I was making my way to the bathroom my steps soon was followed by another set of another step I looked behind me to see Sangwoo following me behind.

I grabbed my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth, Sangwoo came in seconds later and soon I felt one hand on my hips I looked into the mirror to see Sangwoo grabbing his toothbrush while one hand was resting in my hips, we went to our separate ways after, I went downstairs to cook our food while Sangwoo went to the shower.

I grabbed the pan and went to the fridge to grab the eggs and veggies in the fridge and started making my way to get the chopping board and knife, I stared at the knife for a moment thinking what would happen if I shove this knife in his back right now?, Would he notice?, did I literally asked that stupid question, of course he would notice he's Sangwoo after all. I cleared my mind and started chopping the bell pepper into tiny pieces.

the omelet was done, I fixed the table and started making my way upstairs

creak creak creak sounds coming from this old brown wooden stairs, which reminds of me when Sangwoo used to drag me down these stairs hitting my hips and legs every step he makes and bruising because I have been pulled roughly down these stairs, I got a chance to leave yet here I am again in the very same position that I was last year, why can't I just make a run for it?, what if I run he kill everyone who helped and support me when I was nothing, here I am held captive this this psycho killer and his very own house, except this time this guy is telling me that he loves me, why can't he just get a pretty girlfriend that fits the mask that he wears every single day and be like a normal couple so I can get out of here.

I reached the door and opened it to see Sangwoo half-naked looking for a shirt to change into, he must have felt my presence because he turned around with that very same smile that he does every single time, for a person who has not seen him kill anyone it would have looked like a Greek god had smiled upon you but for me who have seen this smile, it's disgusting, imagine a murderer smiling at you right after he 'made love with you'. 


Sangwoo started making his way to his lover, Bum, and Bum just stood there like a good little house-wife he is. Sangwoo spread his long and full of muscle arms to hugged Bum, he held him really tight, seconds have passed and they're still in that position but soon the hug was cut but Sangwoo who has taken Bum's lips, slowly exploring every bit of his mouth, their tongue was crashing fighting for dominance, drool was coming out from their mouths with their faces flushing with the tint of red

"forget school, Let's make love again, after all, it's been a year since we did these kinds of a marathon" 

"but sang-" Bum was cut off by a tall frame standing in front of him and soon his mouth was once again claimed by none other than Oh Sangwoo

"ah uhhn uhhn mmhnn" Bum moaned from the hot and wild kiss that they were having Sangwoo was pleased with the sounds that Bum was releasing so he started moving his hand to Bum's manhood but at the same time they were also moving their way through the bed .few more steps and they have reached the bed. Sangwoo grabbed the oil from the lap table and quickly took Bum's clothes just like that and it was off.


"Love spread your legs" bum hesitated but he was slowly spreading his legs but for Sangwoo it was so slow so he did it himself, he grabbed Bums knee and opened them wide, Sangwoo was fascinated by what he sees, Bum's manhood releasing an incredible amount of pre-cum. Sangwoo reached for Bum's manhood and stroking, soon his face has reached Bum's and a heated kiss is now at it again.

"I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna cum!" bum screamed 

"Don't you dare cum, you can cum when I put my dick in that tight asshole of yours, love" Sangwoo said with a smile but all threatening looking in that damn beautiful face of his. After a few more pumps Sangwoo has finally positioned himself in Bum's hole

"Like that baby ah ahhh? You like it when you feel me entering in slowly or do you like it more when I enter you fast and deep?" Sangwoo looked at the sweating and half eyes lid open Bum, Sangwoon did not actually got an answer all he got was moans, soft and lovely moans coming from his soon future wife Bum

Bum reached for Sangwoo's broad shoulder bur all his tiny arms could reach was those strong biceps so he clawed his tiny fingers in those.

That was a big reaction from Bum at least for Sangwoo that was big, It was so big that he thrust inside Bum without a warning just a fast and deep thrust that made Bum mewl in pleasure and pain.

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I was lying on the bed, while Sangwoo showered, he asked if I wanted to join him in the shower but you already know what will happen if I did, my lower back was burning with pain sometimes I forget that I'm getting old you know, I wanted to enjoy my freedom but I guess that would never be case now, now that Sangwoo found me. I heard the shower stop and turned my head to see a half naked wet Sangwoo, if I didn't know what he could do I would have thanked the gods for giving me this chance to see this heavenly body but that body just reminded me what he can do.

" Like what you see, Love?" he asked with a seducing smile, yes I like what I see but it's too much I can't handle another round.

" I'm gonna take another shower." I said as I tried to stand up but my legs gave up the moment I moved them. I fell on the floor and all I could see was Sangwoo rushing to me.

He started to laugh not a fake one but a real actual laugh. He looked at me with all the love showing in his eyes, I know I should feel something but I don't I just look at him with the same face I wore everyday, I feel nothing.

" Looks like I went to hard, didn't I, Love?" he asked all I could do was fake a smile and nod.

" You know we could skip and just cuddle here, if you want" he said. What the hell is this, this looks like a straight up scene from a romance movie, and we know that that's not how it works with me and Sangwoo, but what can I do, I can barely feel my legs so it's not like I could go to school like this now can I.

We laid in the bed for a good hours and in those hours Sangwoo just kept talking about sweet nothing to me.

" You know , I love you"

"we're the perfect soulmates"

"We ride or die"

"you're the only one that makes me feel like this"

"We were made for each other like yin and yang"

"I won't let anybody get in way of our love"

yes they were sweet but also threatening, It's Sangwoo who's talking he literally means every word that he said. His arms were tight around my waist, until we heard the door open and heard foot steps coming to us. I looked at Sangwoo with a worried eyes and he stands up, still half naked, all I could do was stay in the bed my legs could not move in anyways , the footsteps were getting closer and closer Sangwoo grabbed a bat out of the canbinet and was ready to swing until Jieun appeared with a frown in her face.

"what the hell are you doing here, this is my boyfriends place" she said and walking toward Bum when Sangwoo stopped her.

" I thought I made it clear that we're done" Sangwoo roughly pulled Jieun so she could face him.

" Oppa you're just confuse I know you still love me" Jieun tried to hug Sangwoo but she was pushed away.

"Listen here you delusional bitch, We broke up because YOU are too clingy and I hate how you act cutely and nice but in reality, you're the one who bullies people, thought I didn't know how you burned that poor girl's hair" Sangwoo looked at her with a smirk.

"OPPA, she was trying to steal you way from me!" She screamed making Bum flinch which did not go unnoticed to Sangwoo.

" YAH! what part of I don't want you, don't you get?" Sangwoo raised his voice making Bum and Jieun flinch together. Jieun turned to Bum with burning eyes.

" Yah! you bitch what did you say to Sangwoo" She was screaming and Bum did not undertsand what was happening, last time he was here Sangwoo was all over Jieun, so this was all new to him.

" He didn't do anything, I just saw you for what you really are" Sangwoo replied with a scary calm voice. Bum knew what danger was coming but Jieun didn't, she kept going on about Bum stealing him away from her and Sangwoo was not having any of it.

" get out NOW!" Sangwoo screamed and Jieun looked smug, I started to try to walk over so I could leave.

" I meant you, JIEUN" He raised his voice once again and Bum stopped everything and turned to Sangwoo with fear in his eyes.

" what!" Jieun screamed once again.

"when I say get out get out" Sangwoo repeated his words but now dragging Jieun Down stairs to the door while Bum was still trying to catch up to them. When Bum finally catched up to them, they were both screaming at each other but the difference Jieun was begging Sangwoo to stay with her, while Sangwoo was screaming how he had enough of her and all her drama life.

For a good hour they were fighting while Bum was watching until Finally Jieun left sobbing while Sangwoo reached for Bum. Bum was once again stuck in Sangwoo's arm but this time there was a lot going on Bum's mind, Bum was wondering what had happen between Sangwoo and Jieun. They were walking backing inside Sangwoo still had his arms around Bum as they were walking but Bum was lost in his thought that he didn't feel Sangwoo kissing his jaw and they were wet kisses too so Sangwoo thought that Bum would have noticed but Bum was still lost in his thought about what had happened between Sangwoo and Jieun, Sangwoo viewed this as Bum being shocke/ scared as to what had happened just now.

" Don't worry Bum, I'll protect you " said Sangwoo as he snuggles in the crook of Bums neck, Bum finally snapped out and was trying to gather up his courage to asked Sangwoo about their break up, but his fear getting beaten by Sangwoo was taking over.

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I heard a ring coming from my bag, I looked at Sangwoo, he stared back at me , so I went to reach for my bag and gladly my body agreed as I could finally stand, I moved my hand inside my bag searching for phone, I could feel the vibration getting closer so I moved my hand to where the vibration seems to be coming from as my hand could finally feel my phone, I took my phone out of my bag and saw who was calling, It was Akashi. I took a deep breath and answered it.

"Aka-chan, what is it?" I said feeling my anxiety creeping on me.

"Bunny, you been gone since your friend took you away, is everything okay?" I could tell he was really worried and I felt happy since he was worried, I mean not a lot of people would worry about me.

"Yeah, the other day I felt sick so I stayed in my friend's house and right now we're just catching up so, we're probably gonna skip, I hope you don't mind," I said, I heard him sigh out of relief.

" Okay, then I guess I'll see you tomorrow then, I'll tell the rest of them not to worry too, Aomine had not had any sleep since you left with your friends, he was worried you know." I heard a disappointment in his voice but I supposed he is disappointed on me for leaving them without any warnings or even just a goodbye would be nice.

Aka-chan ended the call and I made my way back to the bed as I slowly lifted the blankets and made myself comfortable beside, this pyscho.

" So who was that?" He asked I took a deep breath before answering.

"A friend he was asking me why I haven't been to school lately," I replied I didn't really want Sangwoo to know who I am hanging out with.

"Hmm interesting, " was all he said before he turned to me and placed a hand on my waist.

"Is he close with you?" he asked, urgh that tone, that tone always scares me, he always he uses that when he's about to kill someone for the pleasure.

" I wouldn't say close more like we talk because his family is helping me and my uncle back home" I'm sorry Akashi, I really don't want you to be in danger just in case.

" Home?" shit, wrong word Yoon Bum, wrong word.

"Yes, my old home at least before coming back here" I tried to stay off of his bad side these days or for the following, I don't know how long just to keep my family safe. I turned to him and saw a grin right on his pretty face.

"You know, I been planning to go on a date" His head falls over my shoulder as he drew circles in my stomach, making me more interested in this date that he been planning.

" Hmm, what can of date are were you planning" I smiled like a moron, but he still takes in, I wonder how crazy had he went, after not being able to kill for a year, I bet he has lost his mind. I smiled thinking how crazy he went but that pulled me to the reality that this crazy bastard has the ability to fool people and the ability to act normal, which scares me more.

"Jeju..." that's all he said before he closes his eyes. Jeju Island, but the trip there is expensive though, how would he get that much money when he doesn't even have a job?

"Sangwoo that's sweet and all, but how are we gonna pay for the expenses?" I asked but in return, I got an eye smile.

"You worry too much... Just like a perfect housewife" He replied still not answering my question. He must have seen my reaction because he replied right after.

" you know, my dad worked a lot but I never told you about my mom's side of the family did?" I nodded as an answer.

" Did you know that my mom was kicked out of her family by my grandfather because she was such a slut" I had no idea what's going on but I thought hard how would a person who doesn't know that Sangwoo kills for pleasure react to this kind of personal story. I turned around and lifted my hand on his face and let my head fall a bit.

"I'm sorry," I said with all the feelings that I could muster.

"You're so sweet, so kind and perfect, I wonder what thought did I have when I let you go" He grabbed my hand and kissed it, in a return I smiled.

" But that's not it though My grandmother found and wanted to have me back as the heir of their company that they are running right now" This bastard, he has everything, why the fuck would he need me when he has everything right on his palms.

" Yes, you must be shock, but that's not all I have cousins too you know and they all want that position, I didn't want it, so what I did was if those boomers die and they give me the company I would transfer the ownership to them as long they give me ten percent of what they make, which is about 930 million won yearly " I smiled because I had no idea what else to do, the new that Sangwoo still has family shocked me but him being a grandson and their heir of a multi-million company has already told me that I have no chance of escaping him.

" But right now since my Grandfather is still alive they spoil me with money hoping to actually set me straight on my path" I don't know how I replied but he continued his story.

" You know, when I broke up with Jieun, the day before we meet my grandmother and she called Jieun a slut and slapped her right in that fake-ass birthmark of hers and after that we fought and I realized that we were never meant to be, It has always been you and me" He laughed as he told me the story of how Jieun met his grandparents.