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The soft jingle of the alarm filled the room as light filtered in from the blinds. The screen from the phone was bright, displaying the alarm set for 7:15 am.

7:15?! I’m so fucking late, what the fuck!

Bakugou’s mind raced and raced as he launched himself into a sitting position, his chest feeling heavy. What the… Was all he could manage when he reached for his chest, and ended with his fingers groping his own breasts.

What the fuck! He immediately looked down, his other hand also going to reach for his chest, and did indeed find that that his chest was not his own.

“What the fuck is going on?!” He screeched, but it was not his own voice. His hands went to cover his mouth, as he rocked in the bed. He reached to run his hand through his hair, and as it fell back towards his face, he saw that it was a chestnut brown.

He slipped his legs out from underneath the covers, and pushed himself to the floor. The cold was immediate, and would be eye opening, had he not got a handful of his own breasts. Slowly, he walked toward a mirror he noticed on the wall, hesitating to see what would be looking back at him, but he pushed forward anyway.

In the mirror was none other than Uraraka Ochako.

“Hah?” He screeched, inching closer to the mirror, bringing his hands to his face.

He touched his nose, which was smaller than he was used to, and the mirror reacted the same. He touched the pink spots on his cheeks, and the mirror copied him. He reached for the hair on his head, and was reflected the same image. A blush crawled across his cheeks as he again, reached for his chest, and felt the heaviness that began this discovery.

“Holy shit.” Was all he could muster when it finally hit him.

He was not in his body, and this was no dream. He had somehow swapped bodies with his classmate, Uraraka Ochako.

As if on queue, there was a gentle buzz coming from the spot he left the phone on the sheets. Bakugou sauntered over, unprepared to face what could be on the other line.

But to his surprise, he recognized the number, and answered immediately.

“What the fuck?!” Was all he could use as a greeting at this point.

His own voice echoed back to him, “I don’t know what’s going on either, but I’m so freaked out!”

“What the fuck is going on? How do we fix it?!”

“How should I know?!”

Hearing his own voice was a new experience to him, especially since it wasn’t his words.

“Bakugou-kun, I’m so scared.”

“Ugh, don’t say my name in my voice, it’s fucking weird.”

“Quit swearing in mine!” Uraraka yelled, her voice boisterous and deep, but still cracking from sheer desperation.

He pinched the bridge of his nose between his index finger and his thumb, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Look, we need to discuss what’s going on.” Uraraka’s voice was barely above a whisper, “I don’t know how to be a boy.”

Blush rose again over Bakugou’s face. He had almost forgotten he was not only in Uraraka’s body, but in a girl’s body. He had barely even considered it until the pain in his lower abdomen began, and he noticed the empty glass of water on her nightstand. Fuck!

The morning proved difficult as the two of them tried to aid each other in their morning routines. Uraraka stressed the importance of brushing her hair and keeping it neat, and how to tuck the shirt in. Bakugou threatened that if she did any of the same to his body, that he would flash the class.

“So how do you even use your quirk?” Uraraka asked, keeping Bakugou’s body’s palms open and faced upward, giving them a concentrated stare. Their walk to class together was picture perfect. A spring day, with a gentle breeze pushing the blossoms off the tree, and they danced.

He only sighed, “You’re thinking too hard. It’s not an on and off switch, you have to just feel the sensation running down your arm. Use the sweat to ignite the spark.”

“Sweat?” She turned to him, and raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t know how my Quirk works?”
A mischievous smile spread across the body’s lips, and Bakugou’s throat went dry. Only he could make that look.

“Your quirk?” His voice spoke back to him, “It’s my Quirk, fuckface.”

The smile trembled, and his body was quick to follow, along with it turning red. Blushing was so unbecoming for him.

“Nice try, angel-face, but you couldn’t act like me if you tried.”

“Like you could do any better!” Uraraka challenged, and it almost sounded as if it was  Bakugou speaking himself.

“I have to. Your so damn loud all the time with that fucking nerd and class representative, I can’t even force myself to ignore you. At least I’m usually quiet in class, you just need to work on telling people to ‘fuck off’ if they talk to you, and you’ll be fine.” He went to stuff his hands in his pockets, only for them to graze the skirt and legs and miss completely. He groaned, unable to fall back into his habits, and feeling very alien in the tiny body.

“Right! So you can’t swear so much! And-” But she began to laugh, and the laugh was full and hardy. It had honestly been so long since Bakugou genuinely laughed, that the sound surprised him.

“What the fuck are you laughing about?!” He demanded, wanting to slap her to get her to stop, but held back when he remembered it’s still his body, which he was hoping to be back in sooner than later.

“You- you!” She could barely choke out, “Y-you’ll have to be nice to Deku-kun!”

His vision went red at the thought of having to be nice to his sworn rival. But his anger was soon soothed at a hilarious thought of his own.

“I may have to be nice, but you have to be me.”

The realization for Uraraka was enough to keep her from buckling over in laughter. She would have to be rude and cruel to the person she liked and admired the most. Would she even be able to? But if she doesn’t, that could lead to another issue.

“And you better learn how to use my Quirk quick, we have training today, and I won’t let you ruin my progress just because you’re an idiot.”

“Not like you can use mine, either!” She yelled defiantly, hoping to catch him in a similar situation.

He eyed her up and down, which was strange to see from within his body, and watched as he walked over to a trash can in hers, pressed the finger pads to it, and the trash can lifted into the air.

He touched the fingers together again, and uttered a quiet, “Release,” as the trashcan crashed back into the earth. She could only stare in disbelief at how quickly he was able to pick up her Quirk’s abilities.

“How did you…?”

“Quirks may be different in ability, but they all work the same,” He began in her voice, and continued their walk together to class to catch each other up, “They’re an extension of your body, and I’ve watched you long enough to pick up the gist of it.”

Uraraka scrambled to catch up to her own body, truly in awe at the boy in her body. He’s so smart… Her awe soon turned to mischief again, “So you’ve been watching me, huh?”

Bakugou froze in his tracks, the hot blush on him again, “No! Shut up!”

Uraraka chuckled, too feminine a sound to come from his body, he thought. “Stop with the giggling, remember who you have to be today.”

She only nodded though, deciding it better to not agitate him further. “So explain the sweat thing again?”


Class went smoothly for the most part, with Uraraka remaining quiet and only giving quiet “Fuck off”s to the usual classmates that surrounded Bakugou on a day to day basis.

“Having a bad day, bro?” Kirishima asked her, straddling the chair in front of the desk.

“U-uh, y-yeah… Stomach…” She tried to avoid talking as much as possible. She knew she had Bakugou’s voice, but it still felt strange to her, and tried to lower it still.

Kirishima only tilted his head, “That sucks, bro. Especially with the training we have going on today.”

Uraraka lowered her head, What am I going to do about that?! I still can’t use his Quirk, I’m going to ruin everything!

“Hey, Kirishima?” She asked, still keeping her head lowered.

“Woah, Kirishima? Not ‘shitty-hair’, or ‘piece of shit’, or ‘extra’? Damn, you must really not be feeling well!” Kirishima only laughed, no trace of malice to be found.

He calls them such mean names, but they still like him. What is Bakugou-kun like outside of class? With his friends? Is he actually kind?

“How do you...use your Quirk…?” She asked, finally raising her head to look at her classmate.

“How? What do you mean? You’re the one that helped me improve! I’ll never forget your advice!”


“Yeah, don’t you remember? ‘Your Quirk is an extension of your body. It’s no different than breathing, exercising, or eating. So treat as a natural thing, and your body and your Quirk will work for you. Now fuck off and leave me alone!’” The last sentence Kirishima mocked in his most ridiculous Bakugou impression he could manage, causing himself to laugh.

“Hm…” Was all Uraraka could hum, removing the hand from her lap, and staring at it. This isn’t foreign, you’ve used your Quirk your whole life. It should feel the same, even now. She took a deep breath, and shut her eyes, imagining the feeling and the sensation of a firecracker going off in her hand.

And sure enough, the smell of gunpowder rose to her nose, and she could hear the crackling of tiny explosions going off in her hand. But to see it was another experience.

Her eyes grew wide as she took in the sight of the explosion. Her heart swelled as what looked like a firework releasing in her hand, and she could almost swear she saw the sparkles like she would in the night sky. All of a sudden, she knew. Bakugou’s Quirk is very powerful, and more so than she could ever imagine. He could easily be a villain, and he could demolish cities and frighten the masses. But, he was here. At U.A. learning how to be a hero. Claiming he would be the number one hero, at that. How many sides of Bakugou was there that no one knew about?


Unfortunately, Bakugou did not have a near as pleasant experience. He was surrounded by not only all the girls of the class chattering, but also that damned nerd Deku, and the class representative. They prattled on and on on their own, without him saying a word. And my god was it hard not to say anything.

“What do you think, Uraraka-san?”

The voice was enough to make it feel like his ears were bleeding. Damn Deku!

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening. I don’t feel well today.” Bakugou managed through gritted teeth, avoiding any sort of eye contact.

“Oh… I’m sorry, Uraraka-san. What’s wrong?”

“Midoriya!” The class representative seemed to announce, “You can't just ask a young lady about her illnesses! She could be experiencing very specific womanly-issues.” The last sentence was a whisper, but Bakugou heard it all the same.

Bakugou wanted to scream and yell and cause the desk to explode, but all he could do was grin and bare it. How the fuck does she manage to stay sane around these fucking losers?!

Bakugou stole a glance at his desk, and saw himself talking with Kirishima. Don’t say anything to reveal what’s going on. But Kirishima only laughed, as he did constantly, and Bakugou’s worry lessened. She might be better at this than I thought.

Training time had finally arrived, and Uraraka’s stomach twisted and turned. Her nerves grew and grew as they approached the field, knowing there was no way she could use his Quirk at its full capacity, or even enough to keep up with his progress. But what was worse, was that Bakugou was first, in her body.

She watched her body walk up to Aizawa slowly, noticing how stiffly he walked with her shorter frame.

“Alright, Uraraka, we’re going to test you ability to lift this weight, and the time you keep it afloat,” He only mumbled, adjusting his device to the timer. “Whenever you’re ready, you can begin.”

You can do it, Bakugou-kun!

He touched her hand to the weight, and the class watched on as it floated into the air effortlessly. He set his hands in his pockets, and although his back was turned to the class, she knew that his face had to be twisted in concentration, but, without a doubt, with a smirk plastered across her lips.

After a little while, Aizawa looked on in surprise, “You’re definitely holding on much longer than you have before. That’s great improvement.”

The scoff was audible, and Uraraka grew hot. Stoooop… He removed his hands from his pockets, touched the pads together, and released the weight, forcing a loud thud the echo out.

“That was nothing.” He scoffed, obviously proud to out do her own records, despite being an outsider in her body.

“Wow, Uraraka-san! You’re so amazing!” Someone from the class called out, “When did you get so good!”

Bakugou turned, the eyebrows furrowed together in a tight knot. “What do you mean ‘when’? She’s-” He began, but quickly caught himself, “I’ve always been this awesome! It’s a damn shame you didn’t notice before!”

Everyone was stunned silent, but none more so than Uraraka. What?

And like clockwork, Bakugou doubled over and began to wretch into the grass.

Aizawa only sighed, “But you still can’t do anything without getting sick. There’s still much to work on.” His bored tone was beginning to aggravate Bakugou, but he went back to releasing the contents of his stomach into the grass. “Someone take her to the nurse.”

“I’ll do it,” Uraraka shot up, pushing past the students to her own body.

The class murmured together. What was Bakugou doing? Why was he being so nice? He must have ulterior motives.

Uraraka’s face grew hot as she dipped to hide it. Can he do nothing without severe criticism? She ran over to her body, and leaned down to brace Bakugou against her, but he crumbled almost immediately.

“I can’t, you’ll have to carry me.” He whispered, holding on to the grass, turning his knuckles white.

She effortlessly managed to pick him up and cradle him in her arms, and they made their way back into the school building.

“Don’t take me to the nurse.” Was all he could manage in between dry heaves.

“What, why?” She panicked. She knew it was just slight nausea, but he was getting really sick and she started worrying about dehydration.

“Just take me to the bathroom so I don’t make a bigger fucking mess.”

She ran into the girl’s bathroom, and placed him in a stall, as he stumbled and dropped to the ground to empty his stomach further into the toilet.

“How-” He was interrupted with another heave, “How do you deal with this shit?!” He coughed out, burying his face further into the bowl.

“Crackers, water, how everyone does I guess…” She mused, not even realizing this is not something most people deal with constantly.

“This is-ugh- this is a serious disadvantage in battle,” He groaned, clutching his stomach, “How can you manage to do anything if you spend your whole day vomiting?”

“I haven’t gotten this sick since I was younger,” She admitted. While it was true he had definitely held up the weight longer than she probably could have, he was now hit harder than she would have been.

Minutes passed of the sound of heaving, and every now and then a toilet flush, before Bakugou was able to lean back from the toilet and rest against the stall wall.

“This is insane, we’re going to work on this.”

She didn’t respond, but recalled what he had claimed back on the field.



“Do you really think I’m amazing?”

His face grew hot again, “Dammit, why does your body blush all the time!” He reached up and ruffled his hair.

But she only laughed. Blushing was a constant for her, that it never crossed her mind. But he scowled back at her, a very defining pout soon taking its place.

“You’re crazy fucking strong, but you don’t trust yourself to push out of your comfort zone and be fine. That’s what’s holding you back. I can…” He pulled his knees up to his chest and hugged them, hiding his face onto them, “I can help train you.”

Her eyes lit up as the words began to make sense. “Can you really? Will you?!” She excitedly rushed over to him, gripping on to her body’s arm.

He pulled it away, “I’ll consider it.”

“Thank you, Bakugou! I promise I’ll be a good student!”



“Uraraka-san!” The sound grated against Bakugou’s ears. Deku ran up to both Bakugou and Uraraka exiting the bathroom. “Are you feeling alright?”

Bakugou doubled over in her body, hiding his face from Deku the best he could. Uraraka could only stand by and watch, unsure whether or not to say anything. “Yes, Deku, I’m fine.” Again, he managed through gritted teeth, clenching his sides until they ached.

“Well,” Deku smiled, “That’s great.” Deku turned toward Bakugou’s body, and immediately began to shake and stammer. “Th-thanks for t-t-t-taking c-care of her, K-Kacchan…”

Uraraka wanted to smile and assure her green-haired friend that everything was fine, but she remembered whose body she inhabited, and tried to muster a scowl. “W-whatever, fuckface…” The last word barely passing through her lips as a whisper. There was no way she could manage to be even the least bit rude to the person she admired so much.

Her body went into the heaving motions again, and Uraraka rushed to his side. “How are you so sick?” She whispered into his ear, trying to help him stabilize himself.

“How do you manage this shit?!” He hissed at her, brows furrowed. “We need to get out of here and avoid any others asking about.”

Uraraka nodded, and lifted her head to look at Deku. “I, uh, I’m going to take her back. Tell Aizawa nothing.”

“W-Well, he class is over for the day so I won’t-”

“Good. Bye.” Uraraka responded curtly, gathering up her body in her arms and walking back toward the dorms.


“We need to figure out how to switch back…” Bakugou paced back and forth in the room, gripping his chin, and occasionally running his hands through his hair.

Uraraka was laying in her bed, Bakugou’s body feeling huge in it. She wanted to cuddle up with the plush animals on her bed, and under her blankets, but she refused to be so vulnerable in front of Bakugou. And, if she was honest with herself, she knew that it would embarrass him to see himself so vulnerable. “How am I supposed to know?” She was disappointed, and wanted to be in her body again so badly. She turned over to face the wall, her back towards the pacing invader in her body.

“What could have caused it?”

“I don’t know…”

“Could it be the result of someone else’s Quirk? Are we being used as an experiment?”

“I don’t know!” Uraraka finally snapped, turning violently to face him.

They stared at each other for what felt like eternities, her breathing ragged, and his posture still. Hot tears built in her eyes, and her lip began to quiver. The hiccups started. And the sobs came. She threw herself back over to face the wall and cried into her pillows.

The room was quiet besides the muffled sobs. Was there anything they could really do if they were at the mercy of someone’s Quirk? And if so, who’s spell were they under?

“What if,” Bakugou began, using the softest voice he could muster, “we tried, uh… physical contact…?”

Uraraka turned over, her eyes puffy and sore. “What…?”

“I was just thinking that maybe we need to connect our bodies to…” And he placed the finger pads together, concentration distorting her body’s features. “Fuck, I don’t know! I’m at least throwing ideas around!”

Uraraka flinched, her nerves on edge. But she had to admit, she didn’t have any better ideas. She sat up, nodding solemnly, and wiped away all the tears, “Yeah, okay.”

“Hold out your hands.”

She did as she was told, remaining seated on her bed. The sheets and the comforter still beckoning her back into them, the image of hiding away forever becoming more and more enticing. But still he approached her, and reached his own hands out. The finger pads of each of their hands brushed, and immediately, a spark sent shivers up their arms and down their spines.

“Did you feel that?” She was excited now. This was a clear sign they were heading in the right direction, and she reached out again for another touch. “Bakugou-kun, come on! I think you were right!”

But, he hesitated. He studied the hands, brows furrowed. “Are we sure though? What if it was just static?”

“Well,” She stood, finally, towering over her body. This is so weird… “There’s only one way to find out.” She reached her hands out in front of her again, pleading with her eyes for them to try again.

Apprehension was still visible on his face, but was it really about the static? Or was it the spark that he knew, deep down, was not static, but something else entirely? He wasn’t even sure if it was related to their weird circumstance, or if this was something beyond them.

But he conceded yet, and reached his hands up to brush against hers again. The spark was there, and Uraraka’s smile continued to grow. She jumped up and down, excitement permeating the air around them, and he couldn’t deny that he was starting to get excited too. But that wouldn’t excuse her using his body in such a way.

“Can you fucking stop?”

The jumping stopped, but her smile remained plastered over his face. It was a weird look on him. He huffed, and pressed his hand against hers so that the palms were touching, and again, another spark. They both jumped, surprised that the sparks continued.

“Should we keep going?” Panic rising in his voice.

“Of course!” She pushed on, “Quit being a baby. We’re so close I can feel it!” She quickly grasped her body’s tiny hand in his body’s, and the spark turned into a pulse. Glee spread across her face, and his eyes grew wide. “We have to keep going!”

The physical contact was beginning to make him feel ill again. The stomach acid bubbled and churned as they now clutched both pairs of hands together. She made a move forward, and he backed away instinctively, and pulled his hands away.

“Bakuguo, what are you doing? We’re making real progress here!” She pleaded, reaching out again.

And again, he backed away, casting his gaze down.

“Why are you being so weird about this?” She asked, again coming forward.

“Why are you so okay with it?!” He screeched. He was shaking, his hands clenched tightly into fists.

She scoffed, “What are you talking about? Touching? Having physical contact? You know, the thing you suggested?” How could he be backing down now, when he was the one to suggest they try this method. “Something is clearly working if we can both feel that... whatever …we’re feeling between us. We just need to figure out how it’s working.”

“Uraraka, stop.”

It was sharp. It was stabbing. Her gut wrenched. We’re so close… But she stopped. She froze in place, confusion radiating off of her like a visible aura.

“What… Why?”

But he refused to answer. He only continued to shake, although the tremors were growing weaker and weaker.

“Are...are you okay, Bakugou-kun?” She approached him again, but slowly, reaching her hand out as to not startle him, like an animal backed into a corner.

“I’m fine!” He shouted, “I’m fine…”

Her expression softened when her fingertips brushed along her body’s shoulders. He jumped slightly at the touch, but didn’t back away anymore. Something is clearly bothering him.

“What’s wrong?”

He clenched and unclenched his fists over and over, and although she couldn’t see his face, she knew it was twisted with indecisiveness. Was he debating on whether or not to tell her something was bothering him, or was he trying to find the words? But her questions were soon answered.

“Just...not used to... this… ” He gestured.

“I mean, I’m not either,” She scoffed again, “Your body is so tall and-”

“Not that! Fucking…! Ugh…” He groaned, “...touchi…”


“Touching! God fucking damnit! I’m not used to physical contact besides in combat, fucking got it?! This is,” but he paused, unsure if he should continue, “This is much more...overwhelming than I thought it would be…”

And it was then she understood. Yeah, he had friends in class, but did he really have friends growing up, besides Deku, or just admirers? People interested in him for his Quirk? Had he ever hugged his parents? And she realized she took for granted how affectionate her parents were. They always praised her, helped her whenever she needed, offered her all the emotional support in the world. Did he never have that? Was that why he was so brash? Or was he this way, and it lead to not having any closer relationships?

But it didn’t matter. She could question and analyze all day, but it wouldn’t accomplish anything. It didn’t matter if he was that because of or in despite of his relationships, because she was going to be that relationship for him. She decided then and there that she would make a conscious effort to become closer to Bakugou, and to be the support he needed, if he would let her.

“I’m sorry, Bakugou-kun. I forget not everyone likes or is used to the same thing. We can take it slower, but I do think we need to press on.” She made sure to talk in a softer voice, using his voice’s deep timbre in hopes it would settle his nerves.

He finally lifted his head and looked at her, his brow furrowing again. “It’s so weird to hear your words, but see my body saying them.”

And at last, she giggled, and it released all the tension that was slowly increasing in the room. And, he conceded, and began to giggle as well. He hadn’t laughed in so long without it being at someone else’s expense and, he would never admit it, but it felt good.

When they finally calmed, she held her hands out, and offered the softest smile she could on his lips. And again, he hesitated, but he reached regardless. The sparks flew at their touch, and the pulse returned as their fingers laced together, and palms pressed. Uraraka approached her small frame staring back at her, lowering her head a little.

“I think we need to get closer…” She whispered.

“What do you mean?” The familiar blush she knew so well crept across her body’s face, and it made her heart warm a little.

“Let’s try hugging.” She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. Was it hers, or was someone else speaking on her behalf?

“What?! Are you fucking insane?”

“Maybe! But I really do think this is working, and I miss my body,” She whined, wanting desperately to take a shower and wash the day away.

He avoided her gaze and looked every which way. But he had to admit, what was the worst that could happen? They were neither closer, nor further, from figuring this out than they were five minutes ago, and what would a hug change?

“Fine…” He grumbled, loosening his grip on his body’s hands, which were rougher than he remembered.

She opened her arms, and inched forward as he did the same. When their bodies were inches apart, she closed the distance by gently wrapping her arms around her body, and bringing him in close. She could feel him stiffen in her grasp, but slowly returned the hug, although very loosely. The pulsing was deeper, and could be felt in their core. And it was...warm. Not only between their body heat, but a comforting warmness rose in their guts. Bakugou began to panic, but stayed still. Maybe that was a natural feeling, and he just never knew.

But Uraraka knew. Yes, there was usually warmth in a hug, depending on who it was shared with, but this was different. This was deeper. This was encompassing. This was something she didn’t know she craved, but couldn’t get enough. She gripped her own body tighter, and tighter, never wanting to release this feeling, and was surprised to receive the same grip from Bakugou.

They had been through so much in their time at U.A. They were so tired, so exhausted. So starved. While Bakugou had not really known physical affection, Uraraka had simply forgot how good it felt to share something so intimate with another person. Her hugs with Deku were shallow, and it felt forced at times. Her hugs with Tsuyu and Mina were nice, but never contained so much intimacy. This was something she needed for her soul.

Bakugou was simply overwhelmed with the feelings within him. It might have been her body reacting to the stimulus, but he ached for more. His fingers curled in the school uniform on his body, and he gripped as tight as he could. He began to tremble again, and his throat was tightening quickly. His eyes grew hot, and soon tears were quickly flowing from them.

“Fuck…” He whispered.

“Hey,” She chidded, growing tired of hearing him swear in her voice.

“Fuck!” He called out, holding on as tight as he could, allowing the tears to fall, “What the fuck! Goddamnit…”

“Are you okay?”


She hummed in question, allowing him to claw and grip on her back.

“Why… Why does this feel…” But he couldn’t finish his sentence.

She smirked. She knew what he was wondering, and what he was trying to convey, but she didn’t answer. They just continued in their embrace, lost in the feeling, and the connection. The pulsing growing deeper and deeper.

Bakugou pulled his face away, and Uraraka did the same. “I know it’s a lot, but-” She began, but was immediately cut off by him crashing his face into hers.

The feeling of her body’s lips on the body she inhabited sent shivers up and down her body, and her gut wrenched. What is happening? Her eyes were wide with surprise, and stared down her own face, which was calm and relaxed, eyes closed.

Sparks. Explosions. Fire.

They were surrounded by the Big Bang, they were the center of the universe. They are creation, and destruction. They were a supernova.

She finally shut her eyes, and she could swear this kiss felt like floating. She had dreamed of that feeling, when she would be able to make herself float without issue, and be able to reach the heights she set for herself.

He felt the explosions blinding him. The destruction he held in his hand was now something bright and beautiful. It was the light at the end of his tunnel, the end of his struggle, and his journey.

They pulled apart, finally looking at each other. She smiled at him, “It feels like we’re floating…”

She went to pull apart, and realized she, was in fact, not standing on the floor, but instead they were both floating to the ceiling. Panic took over as she immediately went to pressed her fingertips together, whispering “Release” over and over again. But Bakugou had already taken care of the situation, having released the Quirk, and lowering them both to the ground.

The panic soon subsided, and was immediately replaced by exhaustion for them both.

“I’m super tired all of a sudden,” She broke the silence first, “I guess we should go to bed, and pick back up tomorrow?”

Bakugou only nodded, and she turned and headed into her bed. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Going to bed…?” She replied, giving him a quizzical look.


Then she realized. “Oh. Right. I’ll see you tomorrow?” She made her way to her room’s door. Again, he nodded, getting into her bed.


The next morning she was greeted with the familiar surroundings of her room, and the gentle hum of her phone buzzing under her pillow. The display read 7:15 AM, and the alarm flashed over and over. She padded the snooze button, and rolled over on to her back and shut her eyes.

Back in my own body… I wonder how Bakugou is feeling…

Her stomach turned, her body still recovering from the bout of purging it had experienced the day before. Her joints ached, as did her throat and eyes.

“You really did a number on me, eh, Bakugou-kun?” She whispered to herself as she brought a fist to her face and rubbed her eyes.

Her phone began to buzz again, and she reached for it instinctually to shut off her alarm. Her background was a pastel pink, matching the shade on her hero outfit. Maybe…

The phone number was still in her recent call log. The tick tack of the on screen keyboard filled the room as she typed out the message:

Wanna get dinner tonight before we start training?

She hit send, and placed the phone on her chest. Where did this new confidence come from? But a buzz broke her train of thought, frantically reaching for the phone.

I fucking guess. But I’m picking where we’re going. And don’t fucking worry about money.

She laughed, pressing the phone to chin. She padded out a quick reply confirming their excursion, and sighed. The phone fell to the bed beside her, and she shut her eyes.

How many secret sides of Bakugou are there? And can I get to know them all?