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Teenage Crisis~

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Waking up in U.A. dorms was a surreal experience even after being in them for as long as Kaminari has. He was awoken by the sounds of his classmates doing their morning routine. Most were loud while others were quiet but with the amount of space, they were cramped into they may as well been in the same room. Luckily for Kaminari, he was on the same floor as the quieter ones of the class. Sure the class president could be a bit loud but that was only if someone from the other levels were being a bit rowdy. People expected the blonde to be the loudest on their floor but he was pretty chill when kept to his own devices. Unfortunately, the amount of time he spent alone by himself in his room brought him to think… a lot! So after staring at the ceiling for a good half hour, the blonde’s thoughts strayed down a path he never thought once of.


I’m in the wrong body .


The boy shot straight out of bed, a scream choking him in the back of his throat only to be coughed out with a gross amount of saliva and tears. He felt hazy and warm, his mind was completely numb, limbs were completely unresponsive and he heard himself murmur unintelligible words this was all something that he did when he overused his quirk. All that could be heard throughout the dorm was a mix of yelling and groans. It only confirmed that he did, in fact, short-circuit everything in the dorms. Hopefully, he wouldn’t get chewed out too much this time but his stars lucky stars were usually outnumbered. A knock at the door signalled his attention, slowly focusing all his strength he walked towards the sound. Looking down at the knob he tried to move his hand to open it instead of making his stupid default of a thumbs up. Just as he was about to open the door it slammed right into his face knocking him out of the hypnotic state.


“Ow fuck!” he gasped out as his butt hit the floor.


“Kaminari what happened,” Jirou’s voice was cut off when she saw him on the floor in nothing but a white shirt and heart printed boxers, “Why are you still in your pj’s?!”


Looking up from his spot he stared at her until the words processed his mind, “G-Get out! Just because I gave you a spare doesn’t mean you could barge in here! What if I was doing something?!”


She let out a scandalous shriek and yelled even louder, “I didn’t need to know that!”


“I meant changing my clothes you pervert! Get out!” he got himself off the floor and pushed her out the door, slamming it shut and putting and leaving the computer chair to barricade the door.


Sighing when he was sure she was through trying to barge her way in he got ready for school. Changing into a new pair of underwear, manlier looking ones so he wouldn’t be teased, of course, he stared at his reflection on the computer monitor. The boy's mind wandered into his previous thoughts that made him freak. What did he mean he was in the wrong body? He knew he was Kaminari Denki, future stun gun hero, the dorkiest boy in class, a real ladies killer, Jirou’s pain in the arse, so why did he feel like he was in the wrong body? Suddenly he felt very naked. Which he wasn’t he did have underwear on but he felt the need to cover up his chest. Feeling a blush come on the boy quickly changed into the school uniform. Relief overcame him once, nodding to himself a couple of time he turned on the computer’s camera to style his hair. He gelled it where it was necessary only brushing it where it seemed needed. Tugging on the school tie abit he felt like he couldn’t breathe. Panic took over the blonde, his breathing got heavier, his palms were sweaty, and the whimpers in his throat got louder and louder. Was he having a panic attack? Knocking on his door got him to focus before the haziness took over again. Making his way quicker this time he yanked it open and hugged the first person he could.


“Whoa! What’s going on?” the voice didn’t match the body, in fact, it sounded a lot like Sero.


“Get the fuck off of me Pikachu!” Bakugou reached out to tug the smaller blonde off of him.


“P-please,” Kaminari whispered out making Bakugou freeze up.


“What’s going on bro?” Kirishima guided his friend into his own arms, rubbing the top of his head to soothe him.


“I-I don’t know,” he mumbled into his chest.


“You short-circuited the building earlier and Jirou wouldn’t tell us what happened when she went to check on you. Did something happen between you two?”


“I don’t want to talk about it,” he was thankful his face was buried because the blush on his face would’ve made them question him further.


“..Come on then let’s head to class,” Bakugou yanked him off of Kirishima eyeing him weirdly.


He must’ve seen his blush. Shit.


“Are you okay to go to school today?” Sero walked up to him, his usual triangle smile was quirked upside down, it made Kaminari feel a bit unsettled.


“I think so, I don’t want to miss today's testing.”


“Mmmkay. If you say so, but if something comes up I’ll vouch for you!” Sero motioned his arm into a right angle and clasped his hand on his bicep.


“Thanks man,” his tongue felt dirty.


Why did it bother him to say man?


“You sure you’re okay? You’re making faces..”


“Huh?” shit, “Oh yeah, no, I just,” think of a lie, come on, you can do this, “I forgot I didn’t brush my teeth so like I’ll catch you guys-” he winced, ”-later!”


“I can wait-”


He cut off the tape user, “No, no. I don’t want you to be late because of me! Go on without me guys!”


Before Sero could protest the blonde dashed back into his room and ran down the hallway to the communal bathrooms. If he could help it he’d avoid any of his friends today or at least he could get his bearings straight. Something strange was going on. He kept flinching every time he thought about his body. It was really unsettling and it made him more uncomfortable if he thought about referring to himself as a male. He was probably going through an identity crisis of some kind. He knew around this time of age teens were more likely to be making self-discoveries. Sorting out from what little he knew there was a possibility he could feel more comfortable using she/her pronouns. He still wanted to use he/him terms just in case it didn’t work out and because he knew that’s how everyone was going to address him as. Maybe he could go online to research some more after class. It wouldn’t hurt. Also, he could probably find some open discords where he could test out the waters. Yeah, that seemed like a plan alright. Though it did bother him he knew there was a word to his duelled gender. He was a girl today even though he felt like a boy yesterday so this obviously meant he was… maybe he was… maybe...


Maybe he was genderfluid?


A voice called out to him ripping him of his thoughts.


“Kaminari, we need to talk.”

It was Jirou .

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“Kaminari we need to talk.”

The boy in question was laughing nervously. Confronting one of his best friends was not something he planned on doing. He needed to get her out of his hair somehow without her being even more suspicious of his behaviour. Thinking about it he’d try to use some excuse of this morning’s incident but decided against it. He did not feel like being embarrassed for the second time in a row today. Settling for a vague answer he turned to her, “Kind of busy here Kyo. Can we talk after school or something?”

“I would’ve suggested lunch but I think we should talk now.” her voice was thick in concern, no intentions of budging.

“Why?!” the blonde sighed in frustration, whipping around to face her completely wondering why she couldn’t leave him in peace so he can get on with his day.

“Well for starters, you’re standing in front of the girl's bathroom,” Jirou crossed her arms and motioned her head to the cutesy decorated door the girls thought would be a great idea.

“I’m what?” he furrowed his brows and took in the designs.

“Denn I know you’re an idiot but that can’t save you from pretending to be a perv-”

Kaminari freaked as he put two and two together causing the girl in front of him to flinch. He somehow had run to the girl's side of the dorm in all his deep thinking. Instead of feeling uncomfortable about the situation he felt like this was completely normal but it wasn’t, at least not to the raven-haired girl. His brain swirled with thoughts of confirming that he did, in fact, feel like a girl today if this was the outcome. The blonde could handle that answer but now he faced the problem of having to explain such a thing to his friend. There was no way she wouldn’t let him go without explaining himself. He just hoped she could handle his situation. Did she even know what genderfluid was?

“Kaminari snap out of it! Why are you looking at me like that?” she waved her hands in front of his face, “It’s creeping me out dude-”

“I’m a girl!” he blurted out making them both flinch, “I-I mean.. Today at least I am- uh?”

How was he going to explain this to her?

“You? Kaminari Denki,”  she emphasized, “are a girl today?”

“Y-yeah you know, uhm..” he shrugged, “I-I’m genderfluid,” he fiddled with his fingers avoiding all eye contact. He cursed in his head knowing he screwed up and that she wouldn’t understand. The whole thing was stupid why didn’t he just say that he was being a pervert instead, it would’ve been more acceptable. He swallowed down on his saliva and peaked over to the other.

“Ah I’m sorry Kaminari,” she bit her lip looking down in shame.

“Huh?” The blonde looked at her confused as to why she was apologizing.

“I assumed your gender?” she looked at him like he never heard these words before.




“Kyo it’s fine I mean, I barely started to realise it myself so,”  he shrugged but quickly added to the sentence, “Please don’t tell the others.”

“I won’t but you should be glad it was me who found you here. Ashido and Asui have been attacking Mineta every time he comes around so who knows how they’d react to finding you here.”

He should count his lucky stars again and thank them, “Y-yeah well I should be grateful it was you then. Heh..”

“Did I make you uncomfortable?”

He shook his head.

“Good,” she sighed, “Umm when we’re alone now I guess should I address you by a different name?”

“Different name?”

“Yeah? Well you know I thought for when you’re feeling more like a girl you’d change your name but if Denki is still okay then I won’t change it!” she smiled at him.

Oh Jirou was definitely too good of a friend for him. He felt like tearing up- no he actually was. His best friend wrapped her arms around him, he felt warm drowning in the scent of vanilla and lavender,  it was awkward for the both of them but these occasions rarely happened so it was fine. After letting him have the comfort he needed she let him go and wiped her sleeve over his tears that were staining his peached cheeks.

“Denki or Denn is fine,” he sniffled, “but I feel like changing my name still to something else,” he bit his lip and looked at the ground.

“Well we can figure it out at lunch if you want but for now I think you should go brush your teeth missy,” she had her nose covered with a teasing smile.

“Wah-! How rude!” he flushed at her use of ‘missy’ and acknowledgement of morning breath.

“I’m just being honest.”

Her shrug was playful but still feeling embarrassed Kaminari rushed into the bathroom to brush away his small problem. Jirou entered the bathroom after him staring at the blonde as if deep in thought. He let her have her stare until he met her eyes in the mirror. She quickly dismissed it and waved him over to the door. They grabbed their school bags and headed down to slip on their outside shoes to head to school. He hoped today was going to go by smoothly.


He was absolutely cursed ! As soon as they got into class they were already marked late, he shot an apologetic glance at Jirou but she only brushed it off with a sigh and a ‘ It’s fine ’ which always usually meant whatever . Then when homeroom ended Mineta was being a pervert like usual and asked how steamy was it in the girl's bathroom, which completely threw the blonde off and made him ask a number of questions. All questions were brushed off as he showed him a live video of what appeared to be in front of the girls bathroom on his phone. It seemed like there was no sound to it but it made him turn pale and want to hurl into the nearest trash can- Mineta’s face appeared to be one because he emptied out his stomach of last night’s dinner onto it. The girl’s faces were a mix of horror and pride at the scene and as for the guys, it was hard to tell if they were laughing or concerned, mostly for Kaminari’s sake, but that all hushed down when Midnight came in and threw up herself from the horror that Mineta was drenched in. No one entered back into class until everything was cleared. Come English class he ended up bombing the test from feeling jittery and Mic let him go visit recovery girl. Lunch never came his way and his time with Jirou never happened. To say the least, he was bummed out and moping on the bed.


“Do you think you’ll be alright to head back to class? I think you should skip out in hero training today, so I suggest heading back to the dorms after if you’re going to modern literature.” Recovery girl’s voice was gentle but still made him feel like crying because of the mess that became today.

“Y-yeah,” his voice cracked, “I want to take notes at least, don’t worry I’ll get some more rest.”

“Hmm… you better, you have dark circles under your eyes,” she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small packet of crackers, “Eat this before you go, stick to dry foods for a bit until your stomach can handle other things.”

“Yes ma'am.”


When he entered class his face was hot from all the staring received, the squad was questioning if he was okay to come in, Mineta whined about not coming near him, bastard , and all his other classmates swarmed him about what was wrong. Feeling trapped he walked backwards until he tapped the classroom door, he wanted to cry and go home, he didn’t want to be on school grounds right now. He still didn’t even get to figure out his name for when he was feeling… p-pretty(?) .


The class went silent when Jirou’s voice ripped through and they all faced her. She looked utterly pissed ready to kick anyone’s ass if they dared to say anything, “Leave him be, he just came back from Recovery girl. All your babbling just made him turn shitless,” she pointed out him trying to blend in with the door which made everyone look apologetic, “Ask him when he looks better...” She licked her lips and raised up his bag (so that’s where it went), “Hey dork, go back to the dorms, I’ll take notes for you,” she tossed his bag.

“Thanks Kyo,” he mumbled while booking it out of class not hearing the murmurs of, ‘ Kyo?


Shutting the door to his room the blonde launched himself onto the bed. A loud groan erupted from his throat followed by a hiccup gasp from loose strands of hair shoving into his mouth. It was gross, leaving a bitter aftertaste in his mouth, hair gel definitely didn’t taste good as it did when he was a kid. Kaminari let out a sigh then fished out his phone from his pocket and scrolled through the Mus* suggestion wall. There seemed to be a buzz today with a new song added to the overused music people got fond over. It was pretty bizarre to hear an alternative genre catch this much attention, an indie band no less, maybe he should check out the full song. Scrolling a few more times the blonde boy caught onto Tetsu’s version of the audio. He had lifted weights on screen and gave a small wink at the end of the lyrics. Needless to say, Denki was a blushing mess, it wasn’t fair for people like the silver-haired boy to be that attractive while being sweaty. Hell if Denki did it he’d turn more girls away than when he opened his mouth to flirt. Shaking his bitter thoughts away he switched to youtube to listen to the full song. Not very impressive to his taste but it was quite catchy, in fact, he felt himself swaying side to side. Shrugging to no one in particular he got up and set up the boom speaker to the phone to blast the music. Restarting the song the boy began to jam out, swaying hips to side to side, snapping his fingers when appropriate, bopping his head to the lyrics, and dipping when he felt the need to after hearing the repeated lyric of ‘made’ being dragged on. He got really into it when hearing the saxophone solo almost ignoring the incoming text from his phone. Sighing to himself the boy picked up the phone and switched over to V*ne [INTERNAL SOBBING].



> Yo

> I got your notes

> I’m dipping from heroics

> I’ll see you in a few


Wah <

Boi! <

You’re going to get so much shit from Aizawa <


> Oop

> Oh well   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“This queen bee, I swear,” he shook his head then set his phone down on the computer desk and saw the door open.

“I can literally hear your music from downstairs, I didn’t know you listened to this guy,” Jirou smiled and bopped her head, “he has some pretty cool songs-”

“It’s the new rave on Mus*,” he cut her off and snorted when she pulled a disgusted look.

“Not even indie music is saved,” she sighed, “Anyways, here are your notes and here’s a list of names I thought you’d seem interested in.”

He took the notebook and paper with the list of names. Quickly scanning over them he hummed and handed back the list, “Okay let’s see what it sounds like, call me by each one and I’ll stop you if interested,” he grabbed his notebook from his bag and began to copy the notes.

“Asami, Ayeka, Chika, Denika-”

“I- wait!”

“Hmm? Oh did you like that name?”

“I-I was actually too caught up in copying, heh. S-sorry? Umm I don’t understand this sentence, did you mean to write a 575 example? You only have 4 for the last sentence...”

“Dude I literally just copied whatever Cementoss wrote, I was zoned out for this lesson just to take notes,” she snorted but quickly added, “Don’t feel bad- I just… wasn’t in the mood to pay attention today but I wanted to get notes for you.”

“Hmm okay, I’ll have to email Cementoss though, he’ll end up teaching this whole lesson wrong to his other classes.”


“You sound like Blasty,” he chuckled.

The raven-haired girl cringed at the statement and crossed her arms, “God no, he’s so fucking rude.”

“He’s socially constipated-” he flinched at the laughter erupting from the other.

“S-sorry sorry- I just,” she giggled harder making him blush, “I didn’t think anyone else knew that term.”

“How dare you! I’m smart-”

“It’s not even a real phrase!”

“So?! It’s still something people use, why do you always gotta tease me Kyo,” he whined.

“Because I love you~”

“I- What?!”

They both flushed at each other then looked away the room seemed to drop into an awkward silence. It was rare for one to admit it but it wasn’t like they already knew it, they had been through thick and thin, the bestest of friends, they’ve even changed in the same room- well they weren’t exactly staring while they changed but it was something to add on to the fact that they should feel comfortable saying a platonic, ‘I love you’. Clearing his throat the blonde felt to change the subject murmuring an ‘I love you too’, back.

“S-so those names for me, yeah?”

“R-right! Okay so I have Asami which means morning beauty, Ayeka meaning they have a quick and analytical mind, Chika which is filled with wisdom and intellect-”

“Are you making fun of me?!”

“Aww you caught onto my teasing, yeah,” she giggled then mumbled but Denki couldn’t understand it.


“Nothin’ anyways then we have Denika which I thought sounded close enough to your male name so you’d probably pick up quicker with. It means morning star-”

“I like it.”


“Yeah,” he smiled and pulled her into a hug less awkward from this morning, “thanks Kyo, you’re the best!”

“Dork, I better be the best, it wasn’t fun holding back the other stupid names I found during lunch.”

The blonde pulled back with a smirk, “Can we look them up anyways?”

“Heck yeah!”

The two jumped onto google searching up the list Jirou had found, laughing at the most ironic and absurd names to call a child, Miho was the funniest out of the list so far. It had meant problem child in Burmese, Jirou side commented on how Aizawa could use it for Midoriya discreetly. They ended up on the floor cackling from Jirou’s impression of their homeroom teacher. Denki- Denika had acted as the greenette boy by rambling and fake crying about his bones being broken. It was probably mean but it happened so often that the boy in particular started to make himself a meme of the situation. The two went back to searching up names and finishing the little homework they had gotten. They didn’t end up hearing the others come back to the dorm but enough was inferred from their classmates that they shouldn't interrupt the couple .

An hour before dorm curfew the two were discussing times they’d hang out to try Denika’s name and pronouns. The blonde still was iffy about bringing it up to any of her friends, she wanted to make sure this wasn’t a heat of the moment or just another eye-roll situation they’d give her. Telling Jirou was easy as awkward as it was but she’d want to have solid evidence and a good explanation as to why she knew she wanted this. She wanted to be taken seriously.

“Hey Kyo, wanna have lunch with squad and me tomorrow?”