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Miles Edgeworth is NOT a Fanboy

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“Are you watching that Steel Samurai again, Miles?” Dick asks as he walks into the living room.

Every weekend, Miles spends a large chunk of his free time watching that TV show. It’s not that bad for a kids show by any means, but Dick has to wonder why Miles likes it so much. And he never really thought someone as serious as Miles would like a TV show like that anyway.

“Of course, Richard,” Miles says without looking away from the TV.

Dick sighs. “Don’t call me Richard. Only my mom calls me Richard.”

“Yes, of course,” Miles says, but Dick knows he’ll call him Richard again later. It’s just his thing.

He crosses the room and sits beside Miles on the couch. His partner seems transfixed with the TV, the only other thing he’s doing is twisting that Tangle thing around his fingers. It’s what’s called a stim toy and Maya Fey gave it to him.

“So, is this a good episode?” Dick asks, trying to make conversation.

“It is episode three of season two, which concludes one of the most important story arks of the whole series. So yes, it’s definitely a good episode.”

“Um… that’s good,” Dick says, sighing.

“Look, I will talk to you properly once this episode is finished, I promise,” Miles says. “But I really need to watch this. It’s important.”

Other people might find this sort of thing annoying, but this is normal for Miles and Dick. And Dick doesn’t really care. After all, this how is quite good anyway, and at least he gets to spend time with his partner.


“Have you bought the new box set yet?” Maya asks, sitting down next to Miles.

Miles looks at her, still confused by his friendship with Maya. It seemed incredibly unlikely that two people as different as them would make friends, but it happened. And it’s more than the fact they’re both autistic and love the Steel Samurai; they seem to have a genuine connection (for some reason).

“Yes, actually,” he says. “The special features were well worth buying the entire collection again.”

“Really?” Phoenix says from the other side of the room, still looking slightly puzzled by Miles’ presence in the Wright Anything Agency; to be fair, it still surprises Miles that he is friends with Phoenix, so he isn’t the only one. “But that box set was, like, eighty dollars.”

“You don’t understand, Nick,” Maya says. “It’s important. Those special effects are over twenty hours of footage, all new and never released before. It’s well worth the money.”

“If you say so,” Phoenix says.

Miles raises his eyebrows, twisting the Tangle again. “Honestly, Wright, you’re so naïve.”

“Me, naïve?” Phoenix says.

“Of course you’re naïve,” Miles says. “You fail to realise the wondrous series that is the Steel Samurai. If you watched the show, I am certain you would want the Ultimate Box Set too.”

Maya laughs. “Yeah, Nick.”

Phoenix pulls an expression that says, ‘why is everyone ganging up on me?’

But then he smiles and says, “You’re a right fanboy, you know.”

And Miles glares at him. “I am not a fanboy, Wright.”

Maya giggles. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m a complete fangirl. I write fanfiction!”

Miles rolls his eyes, hoping no one will make him talk about the science-fiction fanfiction he used to write when he was a child.

“You totally are one, though,” Phoenix says. “You’re obsessed with a show and get way too into analysing everything that happens in it. I think that makes you a fanboy.”

Miles sighs. “I am NOT a fanboy.”

But Phoenix has that irritating grin on his face, and Miles knows he won’t let this go. “Are you sure about that?”


Phoenix starts laughing. And Miles glares at him, folding his arms across his chest.


One night, when Miles and Dick are getting into bed, Miles finds himself humming the Steel Samurai theme tune.

Dick smiles. “That’s a catchy tune, isn’t it, pal?”

Miles stops humming, but a small smile crosses his face. “Yes, it is.”

They lie down in bed and Miles switches the light off. But, just as Miles settles down to go to sleep, Dick says something.

“Miles, what’s a fanboy?”

And Miles groans and covers his face with his pillow, cursing Phoenix Wright (and the person who invented the term ‘fanboy’).