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Shot's Fired

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*Y/N point of view*

The threats towards Jimin were coming more rapidly now and on more than one social media site. It was time for us to take action. I discussed a plan with management and they decided to let me take the lead.
We were two days away from the concert in California where the tweets said Jimin would be killed. You could tell he was extremely nervous and he had every right to be. Before I could set my own plan into action, I had to let the boys know what was going on. I gathered them all in a room at once and they sat down in a semicircle around me. I placed myself right in front of Jimin so I was talking directly to him the entire time.

"I want you to know first of all how important you are not only to the people in this room, but to the entire company and to the entire world. There is a lot of hate and a lot of really scary things going on out there and I understand if there are any kind of nervous or fearful emotions running around inside your pretty little head. But what I want you to know is that everything is going to be alright. You are going to be fine and I am personally going to make sure of it. You are a beautiful human being with so many different talents. I know everyone else here can vouch for you and tell you the exact same thing. They threaten you and they say all of these mean things because they are scared of your talent and success. This girl is a fan of another group and you all are becoming more popular than I think they have ever been. And for someone who is that unstable, news such as this can be really detrimental. So she is taking it out on one of the members whom she sees as a threat. In a way you could take it as a weird backhanded compliment. But enough about that. Just know you are special and you are going to be fine.

More specifically, the procedures will follow similarly to when Namjoon was the one in trouble back in 2015 . We have quadrupled the security everywhere, especially inside of the stage. Bags are being checked along with personal. However, if any time during this process, whether it's at the airport or 20 minutes before you are on stage, if I feel like something is off then the show will be canceled. No ifs ands or buts about it. Does everyone understand?"

The boys looked at each other intently as they began to shake their heads. Namjoon meets my eye and holds it, giving me a very concerned and worried look. I try to give him a reassuring smile but at this point I wasn't sure if I even believed it myself.

After a while the boys left the room, leaving me to think alone. In reality, the plan was to double security. They will have men walking up and down the isles and the boys will not be allowed to cross a certain part of the stage. To make sure of their safety, if anyone sees anything suspicious when they are walking around or if there is any notion of a gun... I am to run out into the stage in a bulletproof vest and hood and make sure Jimin is safely behind me. I am going to literally use my body as a human shield because we know that he is who they are coming for.

I think the idea terrified me even more than this whole thing did to him... especially since Namjoon isn't allowed to know...

20 minutes before Jimin's solo song I began pacing back and forth in the walkway. I can see him doing the same on the other side of the stage. He has been directed to keep his dancing to a minimum and to just sing so he isn’t moving around too much in case I need to go and grab him. I'm decked out in a bulletproof vest, mask and hood that is supposed to help protect my neck and head in case of actual gunfire.
Jimin goes on and halfway through the song I get shoved from behind, this was it. They found something or someone.

I ran into the stage as fast as I could with this armor on, grab Jimin by the arm and turn him around so he is facing the back of the stage and my back is towards the audience. A total of 5 shots ring out as we move towards the sides. After that... everything is a bit of a blur. I remember pushing Jimin hard enough for him to get behind the wall. I remember feeling my knees buckle and I remember falling to the ground. I remember a sharp pain in my shoulder and my leg and a force so strong on my back that I thought something had broken. By then I had hit the concrete stage floor. I tried to keep my face down so no one would see who it was. I can't let Namjoon know that I did this. Then the world went dark…


Our worst nightmares have come true. The other members and I were waiting anxiously backstage as Jimin sang his song, watching it on the closed circuit television they had set up for us so we wouldn't be too close to the stage, just incase. Then for just a moment, time stood still. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. A black figure darts out from the side of the stage to grab Jimin and turn him around just as the shots were fired. We could see the black figure wobble, push Jimin to the exit and then fall to their knees like a scene from a movie. We all run to Jimin to make sure that he is okay. He immediately fell onto his knees and into Tae and Jungkook's arms in a shaking ball of tears. From the looks of it, he was not physically hurt at all, if anything some bumps and bruises from being pushed. I was concerned about whomever was dressed in black. They hadn’t taken off any of the garments yet but they had them on a stretcher and they were being taken onto an ambulance. I get down on my knees and turn my attention back to Jimin, who was now hyperventilating on the floor with Tae and Jungkook. A nurse came around to check out his condition. He was alright; whatever plan Y/N created had worked. Jimin was safe and hopefully they were able to apprehend whoever was trying to shoot in the first place. I stood up and looked around and realized for the first time that Y/N wasn’t here. This was her plan to begin with, shouldn’t she be the one checking on Jimin? I walk over to a group of crew members huddled in a corner.

“Do any of you know where Y/N is? Im sure she would like to know that Jimin is okay.”

No one answered me. They looked back and forth at each other very quickly, no one meeting my eye. This is where I begin to freak out just a bit.

“Guys, what's going on? Where is she? Did something happen?”

My manager appeared at my side and took me by the arm, “Namjoon come here with me for a second.”
“Where is she?”

“Namjoon, I need you to calm down.” he said as he sat me on the couch. By this time, the other members have diverted their attention from Jimin and are now closely listening to what has happened with their friend.

“Let me fill you in on what happened. Y/N’s plan was a success.” My manager began, “We have apprehended the shooter and Jimin has come out without a scratch. Maybe a bit bruised from that shove at the end, but the job was done the way that it was intended.”

He paused for a moment, unable to look me in the eye. “There were many ways that this sitting situation could go. The best way possible was for our security to apprehend the suspect before they entered the stadium. However, we were not able to do that. So we had to go to plan B which was extra security walking around the stadium at all times to keep an eye out, especially during Lie. As you might have seen, there was someone who was dressed in all black whose job it was to get Jimin off the stage if we were to get wind of any trouble.”

He paused again, this time allowing the members enough time to gather around namjoon.
“Please don’t tell me what I think you’re about to tell me…” I said with tears burning in my eyes. “Please don’t tell me she was in the suit.”

“Someone we trusted had to go out…”

“NO!” I screamed as i stood up to face my manager. “HOW COULD YOU LET HER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?” Suga and Jhope had to hold me back so i would do anything to that manager that i would regret later.

“Where is she? Was she shot? How bad is it? She didn’t get up off the ground after the fire, was she hurt?? What’s going on?!” I said getting in his face as much as I could with Yoongi and Jhope at either side of me.

“She has been taken to memorial Hospital down the street. Apparently the gun went off 5 times. We don’t know how many times she was hit yet or where. She was in a bullet proof jacket that had head coverage so hopefully there isn’t too much damage.”

The tears were pouring down my face now. My legs felt like jelly, they would no longer support my weight; I ended up falling on my knees with Suga and J-hope on either side of me, trying my best to comfort me. I couldn’t hear a word that they said at this point. I was crying so hard that i could barely breathe. The only thing that i could do was replay that scene on the TV over and over again, now knowing that it was my girlfriend, the love of my life, risking her life to save Jimin from gunfire.

“It should have been me. It should have been me.” I repeated over and over again through my breathless, tearful cries. How could she have done this?

The world seemed to be rushing around me. After the manager had told us all the news, the other members helped get me to a car that would take us all to the hospital. The cameras were already there when we arrived. I didn’t even wait for our body guard to open the door, i rushed out and pushed my way past everyone. They probably got pictures of me with an angry and tearful expression, being more violent than I had ever shown but I did not care at all. Once i got inside i ran up to the desk and spoke to the woman behind it breathlessly.

“Y/N. She should be here. Ambulance, gunshots. Where is she?”

“Sir I’m going to need you to take a step back-”

“Where is she!!” I said a little louder then I had originally intended.

“Sir,” said the young women in a calmer manner than I deserved, “She got her a few minutes ago. She is currently in surgery. The doctor will be out when they are finished. You can wait in the waiting room to the left.” she finished her thought with a sweet, sympathetic smile.

I deflated. I couldn’t even go see her, all i could do was wait and I knew it was going to drive me insane. I took a couple steps back away from the desk and found myself leaning up against a wall. My knees felt weak once again and i slid myself down to the floor and put my head in my hands. How could I have let this happen? How did I not know?

By this time the rest of the members had made their way into the hospital. They came in silently, i hadn't even noticed that they were there until i felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Suga crouching down next to me. He gives me a small smile, similar to the one that the receptionist gave me a couple minutes ago. He stood up and offered me a hand so i could stand as well. Once I did they all walked in a semicircle around me as we made our way to the waiting room.

The minutes seemed like hours, sitting in an old rust brown chair that creaked every time that I moved, waiting for some sort of sign that everything was going to be okay again. There was a big white door on one side of the waiting room. I imagined that this was where the doctor was going to emerge from.

The picture in my head was a lot worse than what actually happened. In my head I pictured the white doors swinging open, doctor coming out with an intense mask on his face and scrubs covered in blood to tell me slowly that she had died; this was a result of the fact that Y/N and I watch too many K-Dramas. In reality a very clean cut woman in bright blue scrubs walked into the waiting from form the same direction that we had come into the waiting room all those hours ago. As soon as we noticed her all of the members stood. Suga went up to her first, he was closest and my feet decided that they didn’t want to move from the position that they were in.

“Our friend, Y/N, is she alright?” he asked intently.

“Is there any family here?” This time I am the one who actually spoke. “Her family is from America, but I am her boyfriend, does that count?”
She smiles and crosses her hands gracefully in front of her stomach. “She just got out of surgery. She took two shots to the shoulder and one to the upper thigh. One grazed her back but the bullet itself was caught in the vest she was wearing. There is a pretty nice bruise on the skin and the bone but there was no spinal damage.”

“But wait,” I interrupted, “What about her shoulders? Her arms and hands? She’s a writer, will they be alright?”

“There is no way to tell at the moment,” she said with her unwavering sweet tone, “We have to wait until she wakes up and the ligaments heal before we will know more. Would you like to see her?” We all nodded our heads vigorously “We can only have two at a time. Please follow me.”

The large group followed behind the doctor, only inches away from stepping on her heels, anxious to get to the room to see where Sarah was. When we got there, the doctor turned and told us again that only two could go in at a time so the patient wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

Suga and I volunteered to go in first. Before she let us in, the doctor warned us as to what we were going to see. She said that Y/N had been in distress during the surgery and that she had gone into cardiac arrest in the ambulance, that she was not awake and they were not 100% sure when she would wake up again. We both nodded, anxious to get into the room but at least I was not fully prepared for the sight that I was about to see.

Y/N was there, laying on the hospital bed dressed in hospital robes. She had tubes in her nose and needles in her arm with wires stretched out connecting her to various machines that were scattered on either side of her bed. It was silent, the only thing you could hear was the soft beeping of the heart monitor and the pressure that came out of a tank that was helping supply her with air.

I froze. You could see the intense wrapping on her shoulder from surgery. Her leg was wrapped up as well and sticking out from under the blanket while the other was nicely tucked inside. The noise of the shots fired rang through my head as I dropped to my knees. Images of the figure in black collapsing to the ground flashed in front of my eyes as I looked at her lying lifeless.

Suga walked over to her bedside, sat on the bed and took her hand gently in his. The doctor had mentioned that she wouldn’t be awake, but there was a possibility that she could hear us if we spoke to her. So Suga spoke. He talked to her about the concert and how Jimin was safe, how her plan had worked and how thankful that we were to have her there protecting us. Even from where I was sitting, unmoving from my position on the floor, I could tell that Suga was crying. He didn’t cry often and I myself had only seen it a couple of times, but right now it seemed justified.

After Suga was done speaking he got up off the bed, cane back over to where I was and crouched down, laying a hand on my leg as he spoke. “I’m going to trade out so someone else can come in. You stay here okay? I’ll come back and check on you in a little while.” I nodded. He left the room and Jimin came in next. From the look on his face you could tell he had been crying as well. He went over to the bedside and sat down just like Suga had done just moments before. This time, when Jimin spoke he was talking through his vigorous tears. “It’s all my fault,” he cried as he took her hand and placed it on his forehead as a sign of respect, “Please forgive me because this is all my fault.” He sat there for a couple of moments before he came and sat down next to me. At first, he wouldn’t look at me. Then all at once he wrapped his arms around me and collapsed in a fit of sobs, apologizing as best he could with bated breath taking on all of the blame for this incident. “When she said she would personally make sure I was safe, I didn’t know this is what she meant…” he said with a whimper, “I’m. So. Sooorrrryyyyy” he cried, taking in a breath after every word. “It’s. All. My. Fault. Pleaseforgivemee.” He went from a breath after every word to speaking without breathing at all.

Hearing the pain in his voice made my eyes tear up as well. I wasn’t sure how long it was, time seemed to pass in slow motion in this hospital room, but Jimin and I stayed on the ground crying for a while. It wasn’t until Yoongi came back in to check on us that we had even thought about anything except this overwhelming emotion.

“We should get going. Namjoon, the nurses said that they can bring in some blankets if you wish to stay.” I nodded my head yes. The boys and other members left, nurses brought in blankets and a pillow like they said they would and I set myself up on a chair next to her bed. Half the time I couldn’t bare to look at her, the other half I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked so helpless; I had never seen her helpless before. Y/N was always so strong, much stronger than I am, and never ever asked for help even when she knows she needs it. Its supposed to be my job to know when she is in trouble so I can help her even when she doesn’t ask for it. Looking at her lying in a hospital bed, clothed in white as if she were dead, made me feel like I had completely failed her.

For a while I was afraid to talk to her; afraid to look silly or to stumble around and seem dumb. After a while I couldn’t help it, it seemed like the right thing to do in order to fill the space instead of listening to that incessant beeping from the monitors.

“I can’t believe you put yourself in this situation,” I began, listening to my voice echo throughout the silent room, “Why didn’t you tell me? Probably because I would have freaked out and told you not to do it. It was irresponsible and you could have gotten yourself almost did...damn. When I heard that you went into cardiac arrest my heart fell through the floor. Hell when I realized you were the one who had been shot… I had no idea what to do. My legs couldn’t hold me up anymore. I felt like I was losing the thing that was most important in my life; more important than music or my career or anything. I wished nothing more than to be in your place. It should have been me, I am the leader of this group and I should be the one who is working to protect them not you. I would do anything to take your place. I am so sorry…” I took Y/N’s lifeless hand and laid my head down on the bed.

I felt a small squeeze to my hand, some sort of small movement,a twitch that made my head jerk up. I watched as her eyes fluttered slightly, I got up from my chair and sat on the edge of her bed. “Jagia?” Her eyes fluttered open, they looked glazed over but at least they were open. I felt a smile spread across my face. I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before leaping off her bed and running into the hallway to the nurses station yelling “she’s awake she’s awake!” until someone humored me and followed me back into the room.

A nurse followed me inside the room and went directly to Y/N, checking vitals and moving tubes around in order to make sure that she is okay. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her blue eyes that were normally so bright seemed dim, almost dull. There was no color in her face at all, her lips were pale and her eyes seemed to droop as if they were about to close once again. I walked over to the side of the bed, trying my best not to get in the nurse's way. They gave Y/N a positive nod and said the doctor would be there shortly to discuss what we were to do next.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, taking her hand and placing it in my lap with the idea that I would never again let it go. I smiled down at her and used my free hand to brush a stray hair away from her face.

“I must look like a mess.” her voice broke and crackled, sounding as if she had been smoking for 20 years. Her eyes met mine and my smile never faltered.

“You look beautiful as always. Even more so now that I know you are safe and with me. You’re going to be okay.”

“What happened?” she tried her best to move but to no avail. There was a stiff set of wrappings over her shoulder and upper arm, similar to the one that bound her leg, that kept her from doing much.

“You saved Jimin. He is okay. You were shot and hit 4 times: two to your shoulder, one to your upper thigh and one grazed your back and left it bruised but didn’t have too much damage. Everything is going to be okay.”

She looked back at me with defeat and sadness in her eyes, “You keep saying that word, okay. It is not okay. I can’t move, Joonie.” The anger was rising in her voice, “I can wiggle my fingers and toes but that is about it at the moment. I’ll be lucky if I can bend my elbow or sit up.” Y/N let out an exasperated sigh as her head sank deeper into her pillow.

“You’re right.” My words seemed to surprise her. She raised an eyebrow and met my gaze with confusion. “You will be lucky if you can do any of those things. You will be extremely lucky if you can use your hand and walk correctly again. You jumped in front of a bullet, Jagi. You were shot, don’t you understand that?” I interlaced her fingers with mine and used my thumb to make small circles on the back of her hand in an effort to comfort her. “You’re lucky to be alive and I couldn’t be more grateful that you are. We will talk about the lack of thinking later.” She let out her first small laugh, finally giving me a smile. “For now, I’m just happy you’re alright.”