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“Good morning Taemers,” Taehyung greeted his viewers with a cheery voice, the small camera in his hand pointed at his face. “Today is the first day of GamesCom!”

He did a little dance, which resulted in the camera getting shaken around quite a lot, and then proceeded to turn around to show Jimin sitting on one of the beds, tiny mirror in one hand and an eyeshadow brush in the other.

“And look who’s here with me,” Taehyung exclaimed, basically sticking the camera into Jimin’s face, making Jimin lean back and frown. “The famous ChimChim!”

“Don’t do that,” he grumbled, but the corners of his mouth turned upwards a tiny bit. “I’m trying to do my makeup.”

“Oh, someone’s grumpy because they didn’t get enough sleep,” Taehyung teased and laughed as he dodged Jimin’s hand.

“Yeah, well, someone couldn’t shut up about how excited they were about the new Call of Duty game.” Jimin sent Taehyung a pointed look before reaching for his eyelash curler. “And I distinctly remember someone clinging onto me like a frigging koala during the night.”

Taehyung turned the camera around so that it was pointing at his face again. “I have no idea what he’s talking about,” he said dryly, making Jimin laugh in the background. “But speaking of CoD, I can’t wait to test it. I’ve heard it’s fucking amazing and the graphics, man. I’m sure you guys have seen the trailer already - if not, what’re you even doing with your life, seriously. But yeah, let’s hope the graphics are as good as in the trailer.”

“I can’t believe you’re this excited about a war game,” Jimin scoffed, but contrary to his words there was a fond smile on his face.

“And I can’t believe your No. 1 anticipated game is Super Mario Odyssey of all things.”

“Mario’s a classic,” Jimin replied, packing away his makeup after a final glance in his pocket-sized mirror. It wasn’t ideal to do his makeup with - Jimin was too used to his vanity with the huge mirror above it - but the light in the bathroom was downright horrible and since it was summer, there was enough sunlight falling in through the hotel room window for him to do it this way instead.

“Mario is for kids,” Taehyung retorted, shaking the camera unnecessarily as he sat down next to his best friend.

“That would explain why you’re so good at Mario Kart.”

It took a second for Taehyung to understand that Jimin had not complimented him but when he did, he stared at his friend, his mouth having fallen open.

“Park Jimin,” he started and pointed the camera at Jimin again, who was hiding his smile behind his hand, his eyes crinkled from grinning. “I cannot believe you’re finally showing your true colours on my channel.”

In response, Jimin just laughed. Not his full body laugh but it was close enough.

Taehyung chuckled. “You know who also enjoys Mario?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Who?” Jimin asked distractedly as he lifted up the white covers to look for his phone. He’d thrown it somewhere in the direction of the bed earlier and kind of regretted not having simply put it on the nightstand.

“GoldenKookie,” Taehyung replied, grinning. He knew exactly how that simple name was going to affect Jimin.

Jimin’s reaction was instant. He stopped what he was doing and turned around to glare at Taehyung. “You’re editing that bit out,” he said, his voice offering no room for argument.

“Ohh, are you afraid Jungkook is going to find out about your little crush?” Taehyung cackled when Jimin threw a pillow at him full-force.

“I don’t have a crush!” Jimin yelled, far too defensive for it to be believable.

“Sure, and the universe revolves around the earth.”

Another pillow came his way, which he effortlessly dodged. It was way too easy to rile Jimin up when it came to Jungkook. Taehyung obviously had no intention of outing Jimin this way, but it was too good of an opportunity to tease Jimin for Taehyung to pass it up.

“Let’s just go,” Jimin grumbled, finally having found his phone, but just as he’d almost passed Taehyung, he grabbed one of the pillows off the floor and smacked it straight into Taehyung’s face.

Honestly, Taehyung should’ve seen that coming.





Being at GamesCom was a dream come true. At least for a gamer such as Taehyung who basically spent every waking minute either in front of his computer or his PS4 and literally earned a living that way. For Jimin it was simply overwhelming since he was a ‘GamesCom Virgin’ as Taehyung had so eloquently put it after inviting Jimin to come along. Apparently, it was too boring to go alone, even though Taehyung would see every single one of his YouTube Gaming friends the entire five day duration of the gaming convention.

Honestly, Jimin didn’t care that much about games. Sure, he’d played Pokémon when he’d been younger and he was crazily obsessed with both Animal Crossing and every single Mario game, but other than that, he didn’t really get the hype. The only reason he knew at least a little bit of gaming lingo was because he lived with Taehyung, who wouldn’t shut up talking about games ever , and because of a certain good-looking and annoyingly cute YouTuber that Jimin would never in a million years admit to being subscribed to. (Who was he kidding; literally everyone knew he had a crush the fucking size of China on Jungkook.)

Walking up to the large fairgrounds and up the huge metal stairs after the security check, however, was an experience that made even Jimin excited for what was to come once they had their tickets scanned and could finally set foot in the first proper hall. To say it was overwhelming was an understatement. Jimin spent the first hour in a daze, unable to fully process everything that was happening around him, while Taehyung bounced from one stall to the next, dragging Jimin with him. The convention itself luckily wasn’t that crowded - although Taehyung had warned him that that would change the next few days - but every single hall was its own overwhelming experience, darkness pierced by spotlights, loud music resounding in the big venue.

To top it all off, they’d already met so many people that Jimin only knew from the dusty screen of his laptop that he honestly couldn’t keep count of all of them. The only person who made him stop short, causing Taehyung to ungracefully bump into his side, was standing in the queue for a game that Jimin had never heard of - which wasn’t very surprising, to be perfectly honest.

Jimin had thought that Jungkook already looked stunning in his videos - even in crappy webcam quality and when he was hiding his obviously unshowered hair under a beanie - but seeing him in real life, he realised that Jungkook was nothing short of mesmerising.

“Yah, what are you doing?” Taehyung grumbled, rubbing his side where he’d walked straight into Jimin’s elbow.

When Jimin didn’t answer - he was too busy trying to tear his gaze away from Jungkook’s muscular biceps - Taehyung followed his gaze to the stall with the massive banner of the new Kingdom Come game. For a second, he was confused as to why that of all things would make Jimin stop, but then he noticed what, or well, who had caught Jimin’s attention.

Taehyung smirked and grabbed Jimin’s arm, dragging him towards the person wearing their trademark outfit of a white t-shirt and classic Timberlands.

Taehyung,” Jimin hissed once he caught up with what his friend was doing, but at that point it was already too late. Taehyung, being the loud and energetic person he was, loudly called Jungkook’s name, causing more than one person to turn their heads to look at them. Suddenly, Jimin wished he’d put a little bit more effort into doing his makeup this morning or that he’d chosen a nicer outfit. He could already feel himself starting to blush as they came to a stop in front of Jungkook.

“Hyung.” Jungkook grinned as he and Taehyung started performing some sort of secret handshake that involved too much clapping and high-fiving for Jimin to keep up with. When they were finally finished, Jungkook’s gaze wandered over to Jimin, who was trying very hard not to do anything embarrassing in front of Jungkook. (And Taehyung, who would tease him for it until the end of time.)

“Jimin, right?” he asked.

Jimin’s heart stopped for a short moment and then resumed beating faster than before. He could feel himself blush with Jungkook’s attention on him.

“Jimin-hyung,” he blurted and immediately wanted to facepalm. Great, now Jungkook probably thought he was arrogant with the way that had come out.

To his surprise, Jungkook laughed.

“You’re too small to be my hyung,” he said with a familiarity as if this wasn’t the first time Jimin and he were meeting.

“Yah.” Jimin glared at him. “I’m not even that small.”

Taehyung easily placed his elbow on Jimin’s shoulder and looked down at him with a smirk on his face. “You were saying?”

Instead of answering, Jimin just grumbled under his breath about how disrespectful tall people were these days. If he’d known his best friend and his crush would gang up against him, he never would’ve agreed to come. Even if Jungkook’s teasing made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside (not that he was going to openly admit to that).

“I get what you meant,” Jungkook said, raising an eyebrow and grinning at Jimin but not addressing him. “He’s really cute when he gets mad.”

Jimin spluttered over Taehyung’s loud laugh while Jungkook simply looked smug. And that really wouldn’t do.

“I’m not cute!” Jimin protested resolutely, but then the full meaning of Jungkook’s words sunk in.

“Wait, you talked about me?”

“Uh,” Jungkook started but at that moment one of the staff members came up to them and asked to follow them inside. Jimin, who wasn’t particularly interested in the game - he didn’t even know what it was exactly - still followed the other two Youtubers inside, much to Taehyung’s surprise. So far, Jimin had only played a few games, often opting to simply watch Taehyung and laugh if he was particularly bad at one. But he couldn’t just stand outside now after hearing that Taehyung and Jungkook had talked about him.

Jimin had always thought that Jungkook didn’t know about him. After all, Jimin’s channel mostly consisted of Get Ready With Me’s and occasional haul videos, not to forget the extremely rare song covers his viewers begged him to do all the time. But he also hadn’t known that Taehyung and Jungkook were apparently close enough to make up their own special handshake. Jimin was aware that they’d met once or twice but had thought that had been the extent of it. He would really have to have a serious conversation with his friend once they were back in their hotel room.

Taehyung knew of Jimin’s crush on Jungkook - honestly, who didn’t at this point, Jimin could hardly shut up about him - and Jimin very much hoped Taehyung had kept his pinky promise and not told Jungkook about it. But with the way the other Youtuber kept smiling at Jimin throughout their short briefing on how to play the game he suspected the worst. Not to forget the flirty - had it been flirty or was Jimin being delusional? - way Jungkook had treated him. Taehyung wouldn’t do that though, right?  

There was no time to continue their conversation before or during the gameplay but that didn’t stop Jungkook from leaning over to look at Jimin’s screen and softly - well, as softly as he could while talking loud enough so Jimin could hear him through his headphones - telling him what he could do to improve his gaming experience. It was endearing, and a completely new side to Jungkook that Jimin hadn’t seen in his videos yet, not even in the rare vlogs he’d uploaded.

It made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially when the soft touch of Jungkook’s hand appeared on his back as they were being led outside again. Jungkook immediately dropped his hand when Jimin turned to look at him, but he swore he was able to see a light blush on the other’s cheeks.

“Now that I’ve found you, we can finally go check out the new Overwatch map!” Taehyung exclaimed, jumping up and down with an excited grin on his face.

“Also, you totally have to be in my vlog!” he added, already grabbing Jimin’s tiny black backpack - or blackpack as Taehyung liked to call it - to retrieve his camera. He didn’t even ask Jungkook for permission before starting to film, too excited to remember that not everyone was fond of vlogs.

“Hello again! You won’t believe who’s finally decided to show his face!” Taehyung stepped next to Jungkook, pointing the camera at their faces while Jimin stood just outside of the camera’s focus. He could see the exact moment Jungkook slipped into his professional mode, not quite a fake persona but also not as soft as he’d been a second ago.

“Jungkook aka GoldenKookie aka Overwatch-Enthusiast-No.-1!” Taehyung almost shouted. To Jimin’s surprise, Jungkook didn’t even grimace and instead smirked.

They started walking as Taehyung kept blabbering on about what he’d heard of the new addition to Overwatch, sticking closely to Jungkook’s side. Jimin, for his part, used that Taehyung-free time to look at everything around them. They exited Hall 8, sunshine enveloping them from outside, only to be immersed in dim light once again when they stepped into the next hall. Jimin didn’t know what he’d expected but it was as overwhelming as it had been in the last few halls. He was glad there weren’t as many people around, otherwise he probably would’ve gotten separated from his friends as soon as they stepped inside.

He could only gape at the massive Playstation banner over their heads, when he suddenly felt a hand on his back, the touch subtle but there. He was about to tell Taehyung that he was soon going to have sensory overload, but when he turned his head, it was Jungkook looking down at him instead. The words got stuck in his throat.

“You shouldn’t make the mistake of looking up while walking,” he said, smiling softly at Jimin. “Unless you want to bump into people, that is.”

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh, his heartbeat speeding up at the close proximity to Jungkook. “It’s my utmost desire to run into people, didn’t you know?”

“Oh, sorry,” Jungkook said dryly, the corners of his mouth quirking up even more. “I’ll leave you to it then.”

Despite his words, however, his hand remained on Jimin’s back. It felt grounding, in a strange way that he’d never experienced before. With everyone else Jimin probably would’ve found it restricting and quite annoying - he was able to walk without someone else deciding where to go, thank you very much - but Jungkook wasn’t so much as simply walking with him, his warm hand only there to ensure he wouldn’t lose sight of Jimin. Which was cute, Jimin wasn’t going to lie.

Well, until Taehyung caught sight of it and started grinning, making ridiculous faces at Jimin when he thought Jungkook wasn’t looking. Sometimes Jimin really asked himself how he’d put up with Taehyung this long but then he remembered the time he’d accidentally embarrassed Taehyung in front of his crush and he was glad that Taehyung still tolerated him .

Jungkook’s touch slipped away when they arrived at the Overwatch booth, his excitement finally showing when Taehyung started jumping up and down again. Jimin knew how much they both loved the game so he only settled on smiling fondly at them as they queued up. This time, however, Jimin didn’t join them.

It felt like ages until Jungkook and Taehyung emerged again, both with matching grins on their faces, Taehyung immediately launching into a detailed description of the map.

“Hyung,” Jungkook interrupted him after a few minutes of non-stop rambling. He shoved his phone back into the pocket of his pants.

“Yeah?” Taehyung turned towards Jungkook, as if he’d completely forgot he was there.

“I have to go,” Jungkook said, looking displeased. His gaze shortly strayed over to Jimin but then focused on Taehyung again. “I have an appointment in hall 5 in, like, 10 minutes.”

“Oh.” Taehyung frowned, the corners of his mouth dangerously turned down. “We’ll see you later though, right?”

Jungkook smiled reassuringly at him. “Yeah, of course, hyung.”

“Great!” Taehyung exclaimed, pulling Jungkook into tight hug and patting his shoulder after letting him go. “Bye!”

Before Jimin could say something, Jungkook had already turned towards him, a soft smile on his face. “See you later, Jimin.” With those words, he abruptly walked away, leaving Jimin to stare at his retreating back.

He couldn’t even be mad that Jungkook hadn’t called him hyung. All he could think about was that he’d be seeing Jungkook again later. God, he wasn’t going to survive GamesCom, was he?





Jimin did not see Jungkook again that day. Well, unless you counted watching one of his videos (which Jimin didn’t).

He didn’t even have time to be properly upset about it since Taehyung had dragged him from one game to the next, not to forget all of his appointments for interviews and such that Jimin had an interesting time witnessing. Of course, living with Taehyung, he saw him working on a day to day basis, but watching him give interviews was something Jimin rarely had the pleasure of observing. He was about ninety percent sure he’d get bored of it after a maximum of two days but for the time being, he was going to enjoy it as much as he could.

It was only when they were back in their hotel room - both lounging on their respective beds that they’d shoved together to form one big surface to relax on - that Jungkook popped into Jimin’s thoughts again. Well, who was he kidding really? He’d been there the whole time, but Jimin had just skillfully ignored him.

“Jungkook just texted me,” Taehyung announced out of the blue, not even looking up from his phone. Quite suspiciously. Usually he was more excited than Jimin at the mention of Jimin’s crush.

“So?” Jimin asked, trying to not sound too eager. Judging by the way Taehyung’s lips curved into a smirk, he’d failed.


Jimin frowned, turning his entire attention to Taehyung. “It’s definitely not nothing if you say it like that.”

“Also,” he added, “how come you never told me how well you actually know Jungkook, you traitor of a best friend?”

Taehyung finally looked up at that. After a beat of silence, he turned onto his side, resting his head on his hand and raising an eyebrow. Jimin narrowed his eyes at him.

“Jungkook has the hots for you.”

“You didn’t- wait, what?” Jimin screeched, hopping up out of his lying position and landing on his knees. Jungkook liked him? Or well, thought Jimin was hot? What?


Taehyung laughed, while Jimin could only stare at him with his mouth wide open. He actually rolled up into a ball, laughter wracking his body as he tried to get words out that ended up getting lost in his arms.

You,” Jimin started and grabbed his pillow. He couldn’t believe Taehyung actually had the guts to play him like this. Jimin had honestly thought Jungkook might just like him back for one second.

Oh, Taehyung would have to pay for this.

Without further ado, Jimin started hitting Taehyung with his pillow, as forcefully as one could with something as fluffy as hotel pillows, which was to say, not forceful at all. It seemed to get the message across though when Taehyung spluttered out “Mercy, mercy” in between his seemingly never-ending laughter.

Jimin, however, had no plan of stopping. He threw away the pillow, giving Taehyung a short glimmer of hope and then started a tickling attack. It soon turned into a blind fight of trying to poke his fingers into every part of his friend he could reach, until, like the climax of a poorly shot drama, they both rolled off the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thump.

“Ow.” Taehyung rubbed his side where Jimin’s elbow had dug in during the fall.

“That’s for getting my hopes up, you asshole,” Jimin said, but offered Taehyung a hand after he’d successfully gotten up off the floor. Even though he wanted nothing more than a horizontal surface after the strenuous day he’d had, he rather prefered the bed over the floor.

“I wasn’t lying.” Taehyung pouted and settled back on the bed, searching for his phone that had gotten lost in the covers during their fight.

Jimin’s traitorous heart gave a lurch of hope.

“About what?” he asked tentatively.

“Jungkook liking you,” Taehyung said like he was reading the weather off an app. Like Jimin hadn’t watched every single video Jungkook had ever uploaded - even the ones he’d deleted.

“I- no- what?”

Taehyung sighed put on. “God, do I have to spell it out for you?”

“But, but,” Jimin stuttered over the words, not able to form a single coherent thought. Jungkook liked him? Actually liked him? “How?”

“Have you looked into the mirror recently?” Taehyung asked with a raised eyebrow. “Actually, that was a stupid question, don’t answer that. What I wanted to express with that was that not only are you exceedingly beautiful, you’re also clever and funny. I mean, next to me you obviously look like a potato, but Jungkook probably hasn’t seen any of our joined vlo-”

“Yah!” Jimin shoved Taehyung’s shoulder, interrupting him harshly and making his friend giggle.

“Don’t make fun of me,” Jimin added then, his voice softer.

Taehyung must’ve seen the insecurity written on Jimin’s face or maybe he just knew Jimin like the back of his hand at this point, because he shuffled closer and put a hand on Jimin’s bare thigh.

“Look. I know you think Jungkook wouldn’t look twice at you, but believe me when I say he stared at you the entire time today,” Taehyung said, a reassuring smile on his face. “It was kinda creepy actually, but anyway, you remember when I had that meeting last month?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“I met Jungkook there. I mean, it wasn’t the first time we met. You know I’ve seen him before. But we got talking during one of the breaks and he saw that picture of us I have as my phone background and-”

“Wait,” Jimin interrupted, holding out his hand. “Just to clarify, is that the one where we’re lying in bed together and I’m only in a pair of underwear?”

“Duh,” Taehyung answered, obviously not fazed by Jimin’s sudden distress caused by that revelation. “Anyway, he immediately asked me if we were an item. Honestly, you should’ve heard his voice. You know when he gets all distressed when he fails a level right before completing it and then his voice gets all high and whiny. He asked it like that, like it would be the worst thing ever if we were doing the dirty. As if we don’t look hot af together. Honestly, we’d be couple goals, like-”


“Right. Anyway, he was really relieved when I told him we were honestly just best friends,” Taehyung continued and shrugged.

“And then he asked if he could have your number.”

What?” Jimin screeched. He would’ve felt sorry for the people in the adjacent hotel rooms but there were more pressing matters at hand. For example, finding out why Taehyung had withheld such vital information from him for so fucking long.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this? Are you actually crazy? And why did he never text me?” The questions came out rapidly.

“Because I never gave it to him,” Taehyung answered nonchalantly.

“What? Why?” Jimin tugged at his hair, frustrated beyond belief. He’d obviously forgotten how difficult it could be to be Taehyung’s friend sometimes.

“Look,” Taehyung started to explain. “It was all cute how he blushed when he asked, but like, I’m not gonna give out your number to random guys who ask right after they’ve seen a shirtless photo of you.”

“But he’s not a random guy,” Jimin argued, but at the same time he could understand where Taehyung was coming from. They both didn’t know Jungkook that well - Jimin only through what he put online of himself and all of that might as well be fake - and Taehyung had obviously only wanted to protect Jimin. Even if it had happened in the worst moment possible.

“I told him he could ask you himself,” Taehyung said proudly.

“Give me his number,” Jimin demanded. He was done waiting around. If Jungkook actually liked him, then Jimin would take the very first chance he got to communicate with him. Even if that meant he had to ask Taehyung for Jungkook’s number like a fucking teenager.

Taehyung frowned. “No, he’s supposed to ask you for yours,” he said stubbornly. “Make him work for it.”

“Tae, that makes absolutely no sense. Now, give me your phone.” Jimin held out his hand for the phone, which Taehyung immediately clutched protectively.

“But,” Taehyung protested in a whiny voice, “it’s not supposed to be like that.”

“Taehyung. I will literally start beating you if you don’t give me your phone right this second,” Jimin threatened, his eyes narrowed at his friend. When he wiggled his hand, Taehyung finally gave in.

“Fine. You can have it. But if I catch you sneaking out to him tonight, I’ll put you under house arrest for a week.”

Jimin scoffed as he scrolled through Taehyung’s contacts, all of which had the most ridiculous names. “You’re not my mum.”

“But I can call your mum.”

Jimin looked up. “Don’t you dare involve her in this. She doesn’t need to know about my thirst for gamers.”

“Not counting you,” he quickly added before Taehyung could say something.

When he arrived at J, one name caught his attention.

“Jimin’s future boyfriend?” he read aloud, lifting an eyebrow as he looked up from the phone. Taehyung smirked.

“I have faith in you two,” he said and laughed when Jimin hit him.

Jimin shook his head as he sent himself Jungkook’s number from Taehyung’s phone, noticing that Taehyung had changed his contact name again. This time, he’d been saved as human tangerine. Maybe Jimin should get Taehyung’s mother involved.





It took Jimin the entirety of Taehyung’s shower to pluck up his courage and shoot a message to Jungkook. Taehyung showered no less than thirty minutes. It was quite pathetic really, if Jimin thought about it. After all, he kind of knew now that Jungkook liked him back. But just because he’d asked for Jimin’s number a few weeks ago, didn’t really mean he was still interested, right?

Jimin shook his head as he remembered the soft touch of Jungkook’s hand on his back. It had to have meant something. Before he could think more about it and send his brain into overdrive, he pressed send.

Jimin [21:56]
Hi, it’s Jimin :) Taehyung gave me your number, hope that’s okay!

It didn’t even take a full minute until there was a reply lighting up his screen.

Jungkook [21:57]
hey! yes of course

Jimin grinned at Jungkook’s fast reply and then frowned. How was he supposed to continue the conversation? There were a million things he could’ve said, but at that point in time, he couldn’t think of a single thing. Fortunately, before his head broke trying to figure out what to say, Jungkook sent another text.

Jungkook [21:59]
how was your day? did you get a chance to play the new mario game?

Jimin [22:00]
It was good, thanks! :) wbu? I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in one place, though
And we didn’t have time to play it today, but Tae promised it’d be the first thing we’d do tomorrow

Jimin leant back against the headboard of his bed, trying to calm his rapidly beating heart. He was actually texting Jungkook, his crush, and he was praying that he didn’t accidentally fuck up and sent Jungkook something embarrassing.

Jungkook [22:01]
mine was good too, since I saw you
lots of interviews but the first day is always the least stressful
also, I feel like taehyung hasn’t told you this, the halls are gonna be packed the next few days

Jimin stared at the text. Then stared at it some more, as if it would somehow tell him the answer to everything.

Had Jungkook just casually said that his day had been good because he’d met Jimin?!

Oh dear, Jimin was dying. His heart was trying to jump out of his chest and he was actually dying. Jeon Jungkook had just ended Jimin’s life like it was nothing. And no, Jimin was not overreacting.

After a few minutes, Jimin realised that he probably shouldn’t leave Jungkook hanging like that, when another text from Jungkook arrived.

Jungkook [22:05]
anyway I’m sure you’re tired after such a logn day, I’ll leave you alone have a good nigth

Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle as his eyes flitted over the words. Even though this was his first text conversation with Jungkook, he could tell that the message had been hastily typed, especially judging from the amount of mistakes and lack of punctuation marks. It made Jimin giggle even more, happy that he wasn’t the only one being affected by them texting.

Jimin [22:06]
I’m not tired, Taehyung just distracted me, sorry

Surely a little white lie wouldn’t hurt. It’d probably be weirder if Jimin actually told Jungkook that he hadn’t been able to contain his inner fangirl and freaked out over his message for a few minutes. But maybe he should let Jungkook know that he was interested, too?

Jimin bit his lip as he stared at the message he’d typed and then squeezed his eyes shut as he hit send, not ready to see if Jungkook was replying or not.

Jimin [22:06]
What does your day look like tomorrow? Would you have time to see me?

When he opened his eyes again, there was a message from Jungkook already. Jimin stopped breathing for a second before a huge grin overtook his features.

Jungkook [22:06]
I can make some time for you

Jimin’s heart started beating faster as he read the message again. Jungkook actually wanted to see him, too. God, how would Jimin ever survive this? He was already a mess and he’d only met Jungkook once .

To Jimin’s absolute pleasure, they continued texting and Jungkook showed interest in what Jimin was doing, asking questions about his YouTube channel and even mentioning that they should collab sometime in the future. Jimin absolutely did not squeal out loud at that. Definitely not.

Just as Jimin was typing out a reply to Jungkook, Taehyung finally emerged from the bathroom, hair still wet and clad in a bathrobe. He stopped short when he noticed the smile on Jimin’s face.

“Is that gonna stay there permanently?” he asked, gesturing to Jimin’s mouth as he walked over towards the bed.


Taehyung groaned and let himself fall on the bed face forward, his head bumping into Jimin’s thigh.

“I have to listen to you rambling on about him even more now, don’t I?” he said, words muffled.

“Definitely.” Jimin laughed, ruffling Taehyung’s hair.

The only answer was another groan.





Jimin was standing next to the sofa Taehyung was currently sitting on, about to be interviewed again, when he felt warmth at his back. Before he had a chance to react, the person that had come close spoke up.


Jimin turned his head and looked straight into Jungkook’s eyes. He almost choked on air at how close they were - he’d never let himself dream this would someday happen -  but managed to smile instead.

“Hey,” Jimin echoed. He wasn’t quite sure how to react now that he was close to Jungkook again. Flirting over text was one thing but seeing him in person basically fried all of Jimin’s brain cells. Thankfully, Jungkook seemed to not have the same problem.

“Having fun?” He grinned knowingly.

Jimin rolled his eyes and groaned. “Don’t even ask. I feel like I’ve been standing here for hours.”

Jungkook chuckled and stepped to the side so that Jimin didn’t have to keep looking over his shoulder. With the change in position came the warmth of Jungkook’s hand settling on Jimin’s lower back, the soft touch a calming presence.

“Does he have interviews scheduled for the whole day?” Jungkook asked with a nod in Taehyung’s direction.

“I don’t think so,” Jimin said. “He did say something about a lunch break earlier so I hope that’ll happen soon. I’m hungry.”

“You know,” Jungkook started without looking at Jimin. He touched the back of his neck before he continued. “You could always come with me. I’m free right now.”

Jimin’s heart started beating faster. He tried really hard not to freak out; Jungkook just asked him to spend time with him. Alone. He was not going to survive this.

“Yeah, I could do that,” Jimin answered hoarsely. At this, Jungkook looked at him with wide eyes.


“Yeah.” Jimin smiled unabashedly, happiness turning his insides to goo.

“One sec,” he said and bounded over to Taehyung when he saw that the interview had been paused for a short moment.

“Jungkook just asked me to spend time with him,” he whispered to Taehyung.

Taehyung immediately perked up, a million watt smile lighting up his face. “Jungkook asked you out?” he said loudly, with no restraint whatsoever.

Shush.” Jimin hit Taehyung on the arm, hard. Trust his best friend to make the situation super awkward. Jimin suppressed the urge to see if Jungkook had heard. Well, there was no way he had missed that, but Jimin wasn’t sure he wanted to see Jungkook’s reaction.

Taehyung pouted. “That hurt,” he said, before leaning to the side and waving at Jungkook.

“Kookie,” he yelled, making at least twenty people in close vicinity turn their heads. Jungkook awkwardly waved back but Jimin could spot him rolling his eyes.

“Good,” Jimin said and grinned. “And now excuse me, I’m about to have the best day of my life. I’ll text you later.”

“Use protection!” Taehyung shouted just as Jimin turned around. He couldn’t help but grimace at the antics of his best friend but Jungkook shot him an amused smile. It was probably good that Jungkook had already got to know Taehyung before meeting Jimin. That way Taehyung couldn’t scare him off.

They made their way through a sea of people while wandering through different halls. Jimin had no idea where exactly they were going and he was pretty sure that if Jungkook were to leave him right this second, he would never in a million years find his way back. Fortunately for him however, Jungkook’s hand found its place on Jimin’s lower back again so they wouldn’t get separated. Eventually, they made it outside to a small open space between two buildings. There were several food stalls, most of them advertising one of the games being at the convention this year, amongst patches of grass that were covered by people sitting down on them.

Jungkook turned to Jimin, squinting against the harsh sunlight. “What do you feel like eating?”

“Oh,” Jimin breathed, looking around to see what was offered. If there was one thing he liked more than make-up, it was probably food.

“How about a burger and some fries?” he asked eventually. There were so many options that he still wasn’t sure if that was what he actually wanted but he supposed this wouldn’t be the only time he’d eat here.

Jungkook, to Jimin’s embarrassment, insisted on paying, despite Jimin being the older of the two. He wouldn’t listen to Jimin’s complains though and didn’t even give him a chance to pay, already handing over the money right after they ordered. (Jimin wasn’t gonna lie though; he felt flattered that Jungkook wanted to pay for him.)

They settled down on a free patch of grass, the sun beating down on them to the point that Jungkook took off his jacket. Jimin tried hard not to stare at his bare arms.

“How’s your day been so far?” Jungkook asked right as Jimin had taken a big bite of his burger, go figure.

He willed himself to chew slower which made Jungkook laugh at the, probably, very stupid expression on his face. Jimin couldn’t help but smile stupidly.

“Good,” he said finally, launching into a description of Taehyung dragging him across half of the convention, from one interview to the next and introducing him to people he’d only ever heard of or seen on the screen of his laptop.

“What about you?” he asked eventually. Jungkook had finished his burger in the meantime and kept eyeing Jimin’s fries hungrily. Jimin silently offered him some.

Jungkook hummed around the three fries he’d just shoved into his mouth. “Okay.”

Then he tilted his head and grinned. “Better now.”

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh out loud at that and hit Jungkook lightly on the arm. From watching Jungkook’s vlog and the short time they’d been texting, Jimin had been able to tell already that Jungkook was mostly straight forward. Even if he did get a bit shy sometimes.

Point in case:

Jungkook scrunched his nose and said, “You’re so pretty when you laugh.”

A second later, when his own words seemed to catch up with him, he blushed heavily and looked away. His hand came up to scratch at his neck and Jimin almost keeled over at how cute Jungkook was.

“Thank you,” Jimin breathed, also feeling his cheeks heat up as Jungkook looked at him and then quickly averted his gaze again, biting his bottom lip.

How in hell was Jimin going to survive this.

Simple, he wasn’t.





They’d just stepped onto the escalator, when Jungkook nervously pulled on his hair. Despite only having spent three hours and roughly twenty-four minutes with the other today (not that Jimin was counting), Jimin could tell that Jungkook wanted to say something but was too shy to do so. Jimin understood.

It wasn’t that Jungkook’s company made him uncomfortable or anything, it was more that the butterflies in his stomach felt the sudden desire to poggo dance whenever Jungkook did anything . It sounded violent but was actually quite nice. Probably because Jimin had the sneaking suspicion he wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

When Jungkook turned to him, Jimin smiled reassuringly.

“I heard that there's a photo booth in hall 10,” Jungkook said and this time, he didn't lower his gaze. Instead, he looked determined. “Wanna try it?”


As if Jimin would ever say no to sitting in a cramped space with his long-time crush.

The way to the hall took a bit longer than Jimin had anticipated, mostly due to the overwhelming amount of people in the convention centre. Jungkook really hadn’t lied when he said the halls would be packed. It wasn’t just the halls though, everywhere was full of people, to the point where Jimin had to grab the back of Jungkook’s jacket so he wouldn’t lose him. He wished he could’ve held Jungkook’s hand instead.

Fortunately, the family & friends area was less crowded and there was only a handful of people standing in a queue in front of the photo booth. The booth, as it turned out, was actually an old VW Bus.

When it was their turn, they climbed inside, immediately realising that the bus wasn’t made for men their size. Especially Jungkook, who was taller than Jimin, had to duck his head in order not to bump into the roof. It really was cramped, to say the least.

Jimin wasn’t quite sure if he liked it or not. Sure, being near Jungkook was nice (more than nice if he was being honest) and he smelled incredibly good, but not only were the butterflies in Jimin’s stomach wrecking havoc, it felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest any second now.

Naturally, Jimin was totally unprepared for the first flash of light since he was trying his hardest not to freak out. Judging by the shocked look on Jungkook’s face, Jimin hadn’t been the only one caught off guard.

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh and soon enough the second flash went off, with Jimin bent over, leaning against Jungkook. When he resurfaced, he could see on the display that Jungkook was making a silly face, so Jimin followed suit and managed to not start laughing again before the photo was taken.

He felt a short and light tug on his shirt and when Jimin’s gaze flitted down, he could see that Jungkook was holding onto his shirt. He stopped laughing and raised his eyes, only to look directly into Jungkook’s eyes. It almost felt as if time stopped then, everything suddenly insignificant except for them, as Jungkook stared at him, a whirl of emotions in his gaze that Jimin wasn’t able to pick apart.

The moment abruptly ended when the flash went off for the last time and Jimin quickly looked away. He could feel his ears getting warm, embarrassment taking ahold of him.

God, he’d just stared at Jungkook and his feelings towards the other had no doubt been glaringly obvious. Taehyung always called him out on his heart eyes whenever he was watching one of Jungkook’s videos or talking about him.

When he’d climbed out of the bus and Jungkook was standing next to him while they were waiting for their photos to be printed, he couldn’t help but chance a glance at Jungkook. His heart temporarily stopped when he saw the subtle blush on Jungkook’s cheeks and the way he was nervously playing with his hands.

It got even worse when Jungkook looked at him then, a smile appearing on his lips and if it hadn’t been for the people who were loudly clambering into the bus next to them, Jimin didn’t know if he’d ever stopped staring.

“Here,” Jungkook said, handing Jimin one of the photostrips. Despite having his own, he peered over Jimin’s shoulder to look at the result after they’d stepped away from the bus.

As expected, the first photo was terrible. Neither of them were looking into the camera and they were both slightly turned away from each other. It made Jimin snort quietly.

The second photo however, was what made Jimin blink slowly as he tried to comprehend what he was seeing. There he was, basically leaning onto Jungkook’s chest, laughing, and Jungkook. Well, Jungkook was looking at Jimin, unguarded fondness in his expression.

“We look good,” Jungkook said quietly, lightly resting his chin on Jimin’s shoulder.

Jimin hummed. His gaze flitted over the next two pictures and got caught on the last one.

Of course, Jimin already knew that they’d been staring at each other; he’d been there after all. But it was impossible to ignore the connection between them, even in such a tiny picture, the way Jungkook looked at Jimin, as if he was his entire world. It made Jimin feel hot and cold all over and if he’d been on his own, he definitely would’ve squealed and possibly thrown himself onto the ground.

As it was, he stepped away from Jungkook to store away the photo strip and calmly asked what they were going to do next.




Jimin [13:19]
I am dying

Taetae [13:20]
You looking at his ass rn? Or his thighs?

Jimin [13:20]
He’s more than just his ass or his thighs tae!!
He’s so goddamn cute with his stupid smile and his dumb jokes and he smells so good and his hair looks so soft and he’s too nice and too warm and TOO MUHC

Taetae [13:21]
I see
You cannot be helped, I’m sorry my friend
I’ll see you on the other side

Jimin [13:21]
I hate you

Taetae [13:21]
You love me ♥♥♥

Jimin [13:21]

Taetae [13:22]





Taetae [13:40]
Chim chim

Taetae [13:41]

Taetae [14:30]

Taetae [14:35]
Light of my life

Taetae [14:38]
I really hope you’re not lying dead in a ditch somewhere
Or in a hotel room

Taetae [14:39]
Please tell me Jungkook isn’t a serial killer

Taetae [14:41]

Jimin [14:53]
Sorry!! I was distracted

Taetae [14:54]
I see how it is… you’d rather stare at kook’s ass than spend time with your bestest friend in the whole wide world

Jimin [14:54]
Please, as if you wouldn’t be the same in my position

Taetae [14:54]
I would never
When have I ever stared at anyone’s ass …… whaaaaat

Jimin [14:55]
Where are you?

Taetae [14:55]
Almost the same place you left me at
Meet me there in 10?

Jimin [14:55]


“Tae’s still where we met earlier,” Jimin said, turning to Jungkook.

They were sitting outside on the ground of the terrace, soaking in the sunlight, but Jungkook, same as Taehyung, didn’t have a week full of free time and fun before him. He had several interviews scheduled for the afternoon.

Jungkook nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

He got up and offered Jimin his hand. Jimin hesitated a second - only in concern for his poor heart - but took it and let himself be pulled up. Once he was standing, he didn’t want to let go of Jungkook’s hand but he wasn’t quite sure if it was okay for Jungkook and he definitely didn’t want to ask. His heart could only take so much.

Slowly, they made their way back to Taehyung. Both because there were so many people they basically had to fight their way through and because Jimin wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to Jungkook yet. He was sure that they would see each other the next day and the day after that as well, but still. He wanted to spend as much time in Jungkook’s company as he could.

They had to look for Taehyung for several minutes when they arrived at the same spot, because of course he wasn’t where he said he would be. Not that that was anything new to Jimin.

When they finally found him, Taehyung took one look at them and started wiggling his eyebrows. Jimin really wanted to strangle him.

“Anything exciting happen?” Taehyung asked with a grin.

“Um,” Jungkook just said, and Jimin wanted to strangle Taehyung even more.

Instead - because murder probably wouldn’t go down well with Jungkook and was illegal - he discreetly kicked Taehyung’s shin. Hard.

Thankfully, Jungkook looked down at his phone at that exact moment, turning towards Jimin with an apologetic expression on his face a second later.

“I really need to go.”

“Oh,” Jimin said, not able to keep the disappointment out of his voice. Of course he’d known this moment would come, but that didn’t make it any less shitty.

“I’ll see you later?” Jungkook asked, sounding hopeful.

Jimin had never nodded faster in his entire life. His insides turned to goo when Jungkook slightly ducked his head, like he was mildly nervous, and smiled at Jimin, his teeth showing, making him look like an adorable, overgrown bunny.

“Yeah,” Jimin murmured, and before he could react in any way, Jungkook had lightly touched his hand in a silent goodbye and turned around.

Jimin watched his retreating back.

“Ah man,” Taehyung said next to him, totally unhelpful. “You’re fucked.”





“Guys, I want to show you something,” Taehyung whispered towards the camera. “This is top secret, alright? So no telling anyone about this.”

Slowly and as quietly as he could, he tiptoed to the end of the short hallway he was in. He held the camera in front of him and around the corner, so that it could capture what was happening in the room.

In the viewfinder, Taehyung could see Jungkook and Jimin sitting on the sofa next to each other. There was no amount of space between them as they were both leaning into each other and watching something on the phone Jungkook held in his hands.

Jungkook said something that wasn’t loud enough to be picked up by the camera’s microphone and Jimin laughed loudly in response and, if possible, got even closer to Jungkook.

Taehyung turned the camera around again and made an unamused face.

“I shouldn’t have introduced them,” he said, not bothering to be quiet anymore. It wasn’t like the two paid him any attention anyway.

He fake cried for a few seconds before dropping the act, shutting off the camera and walking back into the room with a grin on his face. Jimin looked up for a short moment as Taehyung settled down in front of them and shot him a smile.

Taehyung smiled back. He was genuinely happy for his best friend, even if he acted like Jimin and Jungkook ignoring him annoyed him. He lived with Jimin after all and saw him all the time, so if he wanted to spend a few hours of his day with someone who wasn’t Taehyung, who was Taehyung to judge him? Especially if that someone made Jimin smile the way he did at the moment, leaning into Jungkook and looking for all the world like he belonged there.





Jimin was lounging on his hotel room bed, listening to his Big Bang playlist, when his phone vibrated, signaling that he’d received a message. Immediately, he scrambled to dig his phone out of his blanket and smiled when he saw who’d texted him.

He could feel Taehyung judging him from next to him.

Kookie [19:24]

Jimin [19:25]

Kookie [19:25]
you doing anything rn?

Jimin [19:25]
Not really. You?

Kookie [19:26]
I was about to watch a movie. would you want to join me?

Jimin definitely didn’t squeal at that. And he certainly didn’t hear Taehyung snort either.

Jungkook wanted to spend time with him, just the two of them. It wasn’t like Jimin was stupid; he knew Jungkook liked him. It was impossible not to have picked up on the subtle (and not so subtle) ways Jungkook showed his affections for Jimin. Still, that didn’t stop the butterflies in Jimin’s stomach from freaking the fuck out.  

He tried to calm his racing heart and write an answer that didn’t give away how fucking ready he was to combust.

Jimin [19:26]

Kookie [19:27]
cool. I’m in room 438

Jimin [19:27]
I’ll be there in ten

Kookie [19:27]

Jimin looked over to his friend, who was staring at his phone and not moving. It was almost as if he were asleep with his eyes open.


Taehyung visibly flinched and blinked several times before turning towards Jimin.


“Would you, ah, would you mind if I watched a movie with Kook-ah?” Jimin asked. He felt stupid asking Taehyung for permission, as if he was his mum, but he’d come here with Taehyung and he wouldn’t leave his best friend alone if Taehyung didn’t want that.

“You mean, like, in his room? You two? On your own?” Taehyung’s eyes widened and he leant closer to Jimin.

“Uh, yeah?”

“My son,” Taehyung said, putting his hand on his chest and making Jimin grimace. “I will not stand between you and your one true love. Go get him.”

“I appreciate the pep talk, but please don’t ever call me your son again.”

“Okay,” Taehyung said, nodding. “My son.”

Typically. Jimin rolled his eyes fondly. He got out of bed and walked into the bathroom to quickly check what state he was in. He’d taken off his make-up earlier and there were dark circles underneath his eyes, but he didn’t think Jungkook would particularly care. He kind of managed to fix his hair by raking his fingers through it, but apart from that there wasn’t much he could change about his appearance. Not that it mattered much anyway, after all, they were just going to watch a movie.

Right. He could do this.

After grabbing his keycard, he bid Taehyung goodbye and made his way to Jungkook’s room, which was one level above his and Taehyung’s. The whole way there, he couldn’t stop his hands from shaking slightly out of anticipation. It was only when Jungkook opened the door after Jimin had knocked on it, that he somewhat calmed down. The sight of a smiling Jungkook in sweatpants and a big white t-shirt made Jimin feel warm.

“Hi,” Jimin breathed, smiling back.

“Hey, come in.”

Jungkook stepped to the side to let Jimin into the rather small hotel room. A laptop was lying on the bed and pillows were placed against the headboard, the duvet lying at the end of the bed. It was slightly bigger than the single bed Jimin had had before he moved out of his parents home.

God, they were really going to be rather close to each other sitting on there. Jimin wasn’t sure if his poor heart was going to survive this.

“Uh, the wifi is kinda shit,” Jungkook said, having followed Jimin and walking over to his laptop, “but I have some movies on my laptop. I just need to save this first.”

Jimin could see him save a video he must’ve been editing before he came over. It looked like a vlog but Jimin had only seen Jungkook film something once or twice so far, which wasn’t so surprising considering the low amount of vlogs on his channel.

Jungkook looked up at Jimin from where he was sitting on the bed. He patted the space next to him and Jimin slowly sat down, trying not to let his nervousness show.

“Okay,” Jungkook said, clicking on a folder creatively titled movies. “I have Indiana Jones, Iron Man, um, The Avengers, Kimi no Na wa-”

“Oh,” Jimin said excitedly, making Jungkook look up at him. “I’ve always wanted to watch that.”

“You haven’t seen it yet?” Jungkook asked, gobsmacked.

Jimin shook his head.

“Right, we need to rectify that right now.” Jungkook got up and dug a set of bluetooth speakers out of his gigantic suitcase, throwing them onto the bed. He set everything up, turning off the big lamp and only leaving on the one on the nightstand, and they both settled down at the headboard, only a bit of space between them.

Jimin was acutely aware of Jungkook next to him, the warmth of his body noticeable despite the tiny gap between them. He subtly wiped his hands on his pants and then, while trying not to think too much about it, let his hand rest next to his thigh.

God, he felt like he was in 8th grade again, with how nervous he was about sitting next to his crush. It was utterly ridiculous. Taehyung would probably laugh at him if he saw him like this.

And yet, despite feeling like a 13 year old, they hadn’t even made it ten minutes into the movie when Jimin could feel the nudge of Jungkook’s fingers against his. Jungkook’s skin was pleasantly warm against his when Jimin turned his hand around to let their fingers intertwine.

“Is this okay?” Jungkook murmured, slightly turned towards Jimin.

“Yeah,” Jimin breathed, and, simple as that, they went back to watching the movie.

Except, Jimin couldn’t concentrate one bit. It was like his entire senses were trained on that one contact point he had with Jungkook, where their palms rested against one another. It got even worse when Jungkook’s thumb started rubbing circles onto Jimin’s skin, effectively making Jimin lose focus of the movie entirely.

He turned his head only to find Jungkook already looking at him. His eyes looked big in the dim light, nervous even but there was something else there too, something that Jimin wasn’t quite sure how to interpret.

They stared at each other for a moment, the movie completely forgotten, before Jungkook lifted the hand that wasn’t intertwined with Jimin’s and gently, almost with no pressure at all, let his fingers glide over Jimin’s cheek.

Jimin might not have been in many relationships in his life and he hadn’t dated much either, but he definitely knew where this was going, so he wasn’t surprised when Jungkook spoke up, unexpected shyness but also determination obvious in his voice.

“Can I kiss you?”

“A hundred percent yes,” Jimin said without hesitation.

Jungkook chuckled breathlessly and leant in, fitting his lips to Jimin’s. Jimin’s stomach did a violent flip in response. He was glad that they were doing this while they were sitting, otherwise he was pretty sure his knees would’ve given out on him. That would’ve been a memorable first kiss.

Before he could think more about how his body was slowly betraying him, Jungkook kissed him again, still just as gentle as the first time but with more confidence. Jimin let go of his hand and instead let one hand slide to Jungkook’s neck while the other grabbed hold of Jungkook’s shirt.

Rather quickly, the kiss became more intimate, Jungkook licking over Jimin’s bottom lip and then gently prying Jimin’s lips apart, their tongues touching. Jimin was pretty sure he was about to have a heart attack when Jungkook moaned into the kiss and it was only then that Jimin noticed he’d slid his hand into Jungkook’s hair, pulling on the soft strands.

They were both panting when they parted and Jimin felt like he’d just completed a marathon with how fast his heart was beating. Jungkook rested his forehead against Jimin’s.


Jimin snorted. “So eloquent,” he teased, smiling. “But I agree.”

Jungkook lightly shook his head but started smiling as well. Jimin couldn’t help but press another lingering kiss to his lips.

They didn’t watch the rest of the movie.




When Jungkook was in the bathroom, Jimin quickly pulled out his phone, opening his chat with Taehyung.

Jimin [20:49]
ajfhagkadljfhakldjfkl we kissed

Taetae [20:49]
I’m so proud of you, my son :’)

Jimin [20:49]
I’m just going to ignore you said that bc there are more important things rn
Like me DYING

Taetae [20:50]
At least you’ve finally kissed jk
You can die in peace now

Jimin [20:50]
Rip me





Jimin [12:07]

Kookie [12:10]







“Hi guys,” Jimin said, smiling and waving at the camera. “Today I have something a little bit different for you. Something that has been avidly requested over the last few weeks.”

He made a short pause for dramatic effect.

“I think you all know what this is going to be. Someone very special is joining me today, someone you might have seen on my channel before. And no, it’s not Taehyung.”

Jimin heard a scoff and looked to the side where it had come from. He couldn’t help but grin.

“Guys, please welcome my amazingly handsome and incredibly talented boyfriend, Jungkook,” Jimin exclaimed and spread his arms.

Jungkook jumped in from the left, almost knocking Jimin off the bed in his enthusiasm. “That’s right, guys! I am incredibly handsome and talented!”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “I take it back,” he said, at exactly the same time that Jungkook exclaimed, “No take-backs!”

Jimin shook his head but couldn’t help smiling at Jungkook, who was grinning right back at him. He could already tell that he was going to smile a lot during this video.

Jungkook turned back to face the camera and Jimin could see him smirking obnoxiously in the viewfinder. “So, you might be asking yourselves, what is Jungkook doing on Jimin’s channel? Will Jimin finally do Jungkook’s make-up? Will we finally find out how well Jungkook can rock a smokey eye?”

Jungkook shuffled closer to Jimin and put his arm around his shoulders, the warmth of his skin bleeding through Jimin’s shirt. “The answer is no, but we’re doing something much better, something you’ve not seen us doing before-”

“You’re making this sound way better than it’s going to be,” Jimin interrupted.

“Babe,” Jungkook said and turned to him. “You don’t have enough faith in us. We will put all the other tag videos to shame.”

Jimin shook his head and rolled his eyes. Jungkook could get really cocky on camera sometimes and apparently today was one of those days.

“Don’t make me regret this,” he threatened, making Jungkook smile.


Jungkook leant closer and quickly pressed a kiss to Jimin’s cheek, then to the corner of his mouth.

“Kook-ah.” Jimin sighed. “Don’t do too much stuff that I’ll have to edit out. That’s only making me lose time that I could spend otherwise.”

“You mean with me?” Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows.

Jimin ignored him, otherwise they would never get to the end of this video. And while he liked filming with Jungkook, or generally spending time with his boyfriend - obviously - he had other things to do after this. Like sleep, for example. (Truth be told, he knew he would actually spend the rest of the day editing videos.)

“Let’s just start.”

“Right,” Jungkook said, grinning, and turned towards the camera again. “Today we’re doing the boyfriend tag!”

“Is this the part where you’ll force me to add in some sort of sound effect?” Jimin asked dryly, not able to help himself.

Jungkook just wiggled his eyebrows again. “You know me too well.”

Right. First question.”

Jimin grabbed his phone and pulled up the document where he’d saved all of the questions. There were way too many because he hadn’t been able to decide which ones he liked the most, but they would have to edit some out anyway.

“Okay, let’s start with the most obvious one. When did we first meet and where?”

Jungkook snorted quietly. “I think everyone is already aware of this, but we first met at GamesCom last year.”

“Do you still remember when you first saw me?” Jimin asked, smiling as he thought back to that moment and how nerve-wracking it had been.

“Of course. As if I were able to forget the moment my life changed forever,” Jungkook said, overly dramatic, and put his hand on his heart.

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh and hit Jungkook’s arm. “Stop being so greasy,” he managed to get out in between giggles.

“Honestly though, I do remember,” Jungkook said once Jimin had calmed down. “I tried so hard not to freak out when I saw you. My heart, like, dropped into my ass, I swear.”

“Okay, okay.” Jimin laughed again. He could definitely see the romantic sentiment in what Jungkook had said - despite the exaggeration - but he wanted Jungkook to answer more than one question and if he continued, Jimin wasn’t sure if he could stop himself from kissing Jungkook breathless.

“Next question. Describe me in three words.”

“That’s not a question, but okay,” Jungkook said and lifted his hand, putting up one finger. “Breathtaking” - another one - “kind” - and another one - “short.”

“Yah, Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin exclaimed, immediately making Jungkook cackle when he hit his arm again. “I’m not short!”

“Aw, hyung, it’s not a bad thing. You’re the perfect height for me to kiss your beautiful eyes.” Jungkook leant towards Jimin, a teasing smile on his lips, like he was actually going to kiss him.

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” Jimin muttered, pushing Jungkook away from him. Jungkook continued grinning.

“Next question. Do you think we’re soulmates?”

Jungkook frowned. “What kind of question is that? Of course we are.”

A few months ago, a statement like that would have set off a frenzy of butterflies in his stomach, but all that Jimin felt now was warmth filling every nook and cranny in his body. The corners of his lips pulled upwards against his will. He probably looked very stupid gazing at Jungkook like that.

“You really think so?” he couldn’t help but ask, wanting to hear it again.

Jungkook turned towards him, his gaze softening. “Yes. You make me fall more in love with you every single day, Jimin.”

Jimin let the lack of honorifics slide, just this once.

“From the moment I first saw you I knew that I would spend the rest of my life with you, and I promised myself that I would make you the happiest I could, every single day. And I intend to keep that promise.”

“Kook-ah,” Jimin breathed, swallowing heavily and blinking a few times in an attempt not to spill any tears. Of course, he knew that Jungkook loved him, but hearing him say it so honestly made Jimin incredibly emotional.

“I love you, Jimin.” Jungkook gently swiped away a tear rolling down Jimin’s cheek with his thumb, his hand pleasantly warm against Jimin’s skin.

“I love you, too,” Jimin murmured. He leant forward, their noses bumping together and making them laugh quietly before Jimin gently pressed his lips to Jungkook’s. The kiss was short and light but Jimin didn’t waste any time in leaning in again, feeling Jungkook’s warm breath ghosting over his skin. Jimin let his hand wander over Jungkook’s neck to his hair, burying his fingers in the short strands at the back.

Jungkook hummed softly, kissing Jimin again and then pressing his forehead to Jimin’s, simply staring into his eyes.

“I don’t think I’ve said this before, but I really think we should send Taehyung a gift basket for forcing you to go with him,” Jungkook said eventually, his eyes crinkling from how hard he was grinning.

Jimin laughed. “He would love that too much. He’d literally never shut up about it.”

“True.” Jungkook snorted quietly.

“I am glad though,” he added then, biting his lip and smiling, “that you went with him.”

“Me, too,” Jimin replied. “Me, too.”


(They had to edit out a fair bit of footage.)